Kushi (2023) Movie Script

Dear students
on this event of
World Science Day celebrations,
may we cordially invite the
most knowledgeable professor
and a very popular atheist,
Dr. Lenin Satyam.
And may I now request him
to please say a few words.
Thank you.
Faculty members and my dear students
we seek an auspicious time
when we enter our new home.
We look for an auspicious moment
to step outside our homes.
We choose an auspicious time
of marriage or even death.
We seek a good time even
for sending rockets into space.
And the worst part is that
some doctors deliver the child by
cutting the womb at the auspicious time.
Can you believe this?
Is it science or dogma?
Is this all science?
We put lemons in the pockets
of a student appearing for exams.
And tie talismans around
the neck when he gets a fever.
From dawn to dusk, our world
revolves around astrology,
horoscopes, discourses,
and reincarnation theories.
Believe in science,
and search for the truth.
As an atheist, as a professor who
believes in science I am telling you,
if faith is suppressing the truth,
that faith is buried by blind faith.
Don't do it.
Praise the Lord.
Take blessings.
Won't you listen to me?
What if Dad learns about it?
You will directly go to
hell if you don't bother
about God and the devil, good and evil.
Mom, we are atheists.
It doesn't affect us.
It doesn't bother you but it bothers me.
You went to study in London and
came back with this white-skinned girl.
She knows zilch about
our customs and traditions.
Rajalakshmi! I have
such a beautiful name.
She mispronounces that as well.
-Yes, Rachalakshmi!
Come here, you white man!
Do you know what he did yesterday?
I sent him to buy lemons.
He brought the ones used on the road.
I used it to make puliogare.
I kept fearing day and night
the consequences of my actions.
You thief!
Why do I deserve this?
It's not your fault but mine.
See, what she is doing.
Here I spread the word that there's
no God and you keep visiting temples.
What will happen to me
if someone spots you here?
Don't worry about that.
I wear a double mask
so that no one sees me.
-I will kill you.
Dad, please sit down.
What is it, Mom?
-I am leaving.
-All the best.
-Thanks, Dad.
Why don't you join a software company?
Why are you taking up a government job?
Because it's a government job.
Bye, Mom.
Viplav Devarakonda!
May I come in, ma'am?
You are very lucky.
You're the only one to get
selected as J.T.O. in Hyderabad.
-How am I lucky?
I am bored with Hyderabad.
It's the same hi-tech
city, the same tank bund,
the same biryani, and the Charminar.
Please select something
more exotic, ma'am.
Do you think it's a government office
or a tourism company?
No! Please don't misunderstand me, ma'am.
I am still young and haven't seen enough.
-Send that new bridegroom in.
-Okay, ma'am.
Excuse me, ma'am.
He's newly married and
got posted in Kashmir.
-If you both agree mutually
-I'll gladly go to Kashmir.
I am fine with it.
Thank you, sir.
-You can leave.
-Okay, ma'am.
Why are you laughing?
Is he a fool, ma'am?
He wants to stay here instead of enjoying
government hospitality in Kashmir!
Do you think you can afford to
live there with this kind of salary?
It's not about if I can afford it or not
but all about the experience, ma'am.
The experience of listening
to A. R. Rahman's music,
plucking fresh apples
in snowy surroundings
I want to call you and
share the experience
and see how happy or jealous you feel.
Forget about my feelings.
I hope you are clear.
I am clear about it, ma'am.
-I am approving it.
-Go ahead, ma'am.
I told you, Rabdi.
A Telugu officer is coming here
where no one chooses to come.
If he doesn't come then they
will close the exchange here
and then I can be back in Kolkata.
Rabdi, the train is here. Stay on call.
I can't see him.
I can't see him.
He is not here!
Didn't I tell you?
He didn't come.
I will come to Kolkata.
What will we have when
we reach Howrah Bridge?
We will have rasgulla.
-What shall we eat?
-We'll eat apples.
Rabdi, here he is.
You can have rasgulla
and I will again have apple.
I couldn't notice you, sir.
I took the seat next to
the driver for a better view.
Really? You did that?
Oh God!
Please come.
You speak good Telugu.
I studied in Puttaparthi
until class tenth.
-Praise the Lord.
How far is the exchange from here?
We'll reach by evening.
No problem. Go slowly.
This is the maximum speed, sir.
Kashmir is so beautiful!
Looks just like a frame
out of the film Roja.
It's the same snow! The same feel!
Just Madhubala is amiss.
I swear in the name
of Arvind Swamy, Pito
I am madly in love with Kashmir!
Oh, sir! Oh God!
Sir, please take it out.
Be careful, sir.
Hey, R.K., look how beautiful Kashmir is!
It's so beautiful.
Stop the vehicle by the
side and have two pegs.
You will get a terrific feel.
I must have it!
If we slip here, even our
bodies won't be recovered.
-Hey, Viplav.
-Hello? R.K.?
To heck with the signal!
Hey, lift it.
This land
the hills
and the pure breeze here
Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
What's happening, Pitobash?
A war just broke out, sir!
Don't you get it?
Pakistan is on the
other side of this hill.
Yes, of course.
It's a bloody war going on!
Both sides keep hurling
bombs at each other, sir.
What do you mean, Pitobash?
Why did you come here, sir?
Who will take care of my Rabdi
if something happens to me?
Oh, Lord!
Hey, who are you?
What are you doing here?
Sir, we are BSNL employees.
J.T.O, Kashmir posting, sir.
Why Kashmir?
Sir, the location is beautiful here.
I've come to enjoy the scenery here.
I've come to enjoy here, sir.
We are risking our lives
for protecting the country
-and you have come here for enjoyment.
-Tell him that, sir.
-Just get out of here. Quick.
-Go! Go!
-Hail Mother India!
Hail Mother India!
This is our exchange office, sir.
Do we have to climb up
till there, Pitobash?
Or else, sleep in the car.
I will wake you up in the morning.
Sorry, sir.
Bring my luggage inside.
-Greetings, sir.
-What happened, sir?
The bathroom is stinking.
It's a government office.
That's how things will be, sir.
Why don't you go in the open?
What? Are you joking?
-Hey, get up.
I didn't mean that, Pito.
I can't pee in the open.
Let's find something more comfortable
nearby like a hotel or a restaurant.
Hey, Pito! Your song
doesn't match the situation.
It's very distracting. Stop it.
You need a fag to freshen up.
I need a song to perk up.
You are my boss in
office and not over here.
The tribals will be here anytime soon.
They may even shoot us
mistaking us for polar bears.
Wrap it up fast.
My Rabdi loves this song.
Poor Rabdi.
What's that?
Why do you get agitated so fast?
Everyone's got their talent.
-I am hungry, Pitobash.
-So am I, sir.
Let's go.
why are all the shops shut?
It's wartime, right?
So, there will be a curfew for a week.
-What next?
-There will be a war again.
What about our meal now?
We will have to beg for food. I
hope we find some kind people.
-Or else?
-They will abuse us.
-What are you staring at?
-Hello, sir.
It's curfew time. Just leave!
-Yes, we are moving.
-We are going. Jai Hind.
How do we ask in their language?
Ma'am, could you please
give me some food?
Ma'am, could you please
give me some food?
You have to beg for it
and not demand for it.
Ma'am, could you please
give me some food?
Okay. All the best.
Ma'am, could you please
give me some food?
Ma'am, could you please
give me some food?
Ma'am, could you please
give me some food?
Excuse me
Ma'am, could you please
give me some food?
I don't want apple.
Stop, guys.
I don't want this!
Bloody apple!
Have this apple, man.
-I don't want.
-I don't want.
Ma'am, could you
please give me some food?
Eat this.
Hey, do you think I am crazy?
Why is everyone giving me an apple
when I am asking in the
proper local language?
-Don't you have nothing else but apples?
-Get some idli or dosa.
-Get out of here.
-Why are you shouting?
-What are you saying?
-Auntie, we came from Hyderabad.
-Get the hell out of here.
-Don't bark. Are you threatening me?
-I will show you who I am.
-Hey, stop there.
-What the heck are you talking about?
Hello, stop.
-I didn't say anything rude to you.
-Don't bake my brains in the morning.
Don't you dare come back here!
-Viplav, how are you?
I came to the market to buy
apples at 250 rupees per kilogram.
And that's when I thought of calling you.
You must be plucking fresh
apples from the orchard there.
Ma'am, this is a different Kashmir.
There's biting cold on one side
and insatiable hunger on the other.
There's war and curfew everywhere
with nothing else but apple to eat.
I will come back to Hyderabad, ma'am.
Post me there.
How can I do that?
Oh, ma'am. We have to fend for
each other as BSNL employees, ma'am.
-Viplav, what are you saying?
-Ma'am, I know you can hear me.
I can't hear you, man.
Ma'am, don't disconnect!
Or else I will be doomed.
-She's at work now.
Will you have an apple?
Thank you.
But they won't pay you money!
Stop singing, Pito.
Why, sir?
We should ruffle up Mani Ratnam
and A.R. Rahman.
Why, sir?
He took us for a ride.
But there's nothing herein
Kashmir except snow and apples!
Then why don't you leave, sir?
I will get some relief.
Ara flowers
Brother, can we take those flowers?
Pito, it started again.
Rahman's background score.
Don't stare at them. They are
local Muslims. They will kill us.
It's okay if we die.
Someone's following us on that boat.
-Look over there.
Look at how he is staring at us.
He is just gazing at us, dear.
He is ogling at us. Can't you see?
Give that paddle to me.
Why do you want it now, sir?
-Give it to me!
-Give that! Here you go.
He is speaking in Telugu.
You are always hasty.
-Hail the Lord.
-Ms. Ara!
-I am coming.
-Not coming.
No, sir. Please.
Look at how he's breaking
the paddle and rushing to us.
He will get closer if he
figures out that we are Telugu.
Have you forgotten why we are here?
I will somehow avoid him. You stay quiet.
Brother, go fast.
Fast. Fast.
-Hey, Pito!
-She's leaving. Push!
-The paddle is with you, sir.
-Why don't you push with your hands, Pito?
-What a torture!
What are you talking about, sir?
Such a beautiful Kashmir.
-No, sir!
-Listen to me.
-Oh God!
-Begum, please stop.
-What? Who are you?
-What do you want?
-Can we speak to the Begum once?
-Please let them go, sir.
Which Begum?
Do you know where we are from?
I don't know about you.
But Begum is straight from heaven!
We are from Pakistan.
Perish the lie!
We're here in search of her
brother, Feroze who is eight years old.
She's come all the way
from Pakistan to Kashmir
in search of her eight-year-old
brother, Feroze who's gone missing.
Her relatives are all training
in different terrorist camps.
It seems her kin are terrorists, sir.
-If you go after her
-If you go after her
-They will skin you alive.
-Oh my God.
It seems they will skin us alive!
-They will skin us alive!
-Let's go.
-Can I fall in love with you?
Can we do that?
Sir, did you see the red
bag? She's a terrorist, sir.
Haven't you watched the film Dil Se?
You will be blown to bits.
So, what if they are
terrorists, Pitobash?
They are still humans and have feelings.
Feelings are unpredictable.
Here's my ID card.
It has my number.
-Keep it, Begum.
Think again.
Feel my love.
And do call me.
Yes, of course.
Let's go.
Am I his girlfriend or
classmate to call him?
No matter what place do we go to.
Men will always be men.
To hell with him. Ignore him.
Joy is when I spot you
Joy is when I hear you
My sweetheart
She cast a spell full of warmth
She tantalizes me like a cute dream
Her eyes sparkle all over like moonshine
The anchor's gone
Here comes a tidal wave
You and I together.
You are my only love
The groundswell of love
Showering a rainbow of colors
Joy is when I spot you
Joy is when I hear you
Joy is when we are together
Joy is when my body is stirred
How I fell in love with you
Intoxicated by you!
Walking in the air in a trance of you
Truth be told
You are my lover
And I swear
The rest of my life will only be with you
The heartbeat goes on
Once it catches up with your breath
A storm in my heart
The moment I feel your tender touch
My sweetheart
She cast a spell full of warmth
She tantalizes me like a cute dream
You and I together
You are my only love
The groundswell of love
Showering a rainbow of colors
Joy is when I spot you
Joy is when I hear you
Joy is when you and I are together
Joy is when my body is stirred
Dear, did you change
Chintu's diapers and feed Bujji?
I haven't come here to relax.
Look at how our HR is making us work.
Good morning, ma'am.
What is it?
I told you on day one of your joining.
If you are working under me, forget
about your family and the world.
The company planned it
for us to relax in Kashmir,
but this fellow is making us work.
-Where is Aradhya?
-No idea, sir.
-Where are you, Aradhya?
Sir, I mean.
He is driving me mad
on client presentation.
Chatur sir
Aara is embarking on a prayer
trip to Mamuleswar temple
for relief to her
grandmother from knee pains.
She is breaking
coconuts for Thanksgiving.
Break them on my head.
Where are they now?
The Anantnag road is blocked, sir.
We are traveling via Pulwama now.
That place had a blast recently.
If they figure out that you are
non-locals, they will kill you.
What about my presentation?
That's where we are wearing a burqa, sir.
If Aradhya is not back in
the resort in the next hour,
I am going to fire you both
after reaching Hyderabad.
-Chatur sir.
Need a vehicle to go
to Mamuleswar temple.
Will tonga be fine?
It's fine.
Yes, bro.
Okay. Come over.
Please go.
two girls are here who
are wearing a burqa.
They are inquiring about the
way to Mamuleswar temple.
She looks like an Indian
Officer on a secret mission, bro.
Nobody shall leave this place!
Sir what must be in Begum's red bag?
What else can it be, Pitobash?
If a girl is holding onto the bag,
it must be lipstick
and other accessories.
-That's all, right? Sure?
Thank God.
-I worried that it carried explosives.
Brother, how much will it cost a trip?
6,500 rupees, ma'am.
Why are you here?
-We are
-You're here for Feroze, right?
-Yes, for Feroze.
-Yes, for Feroze.
I know you're frantically
searching for Feroze.
Give me a chance.
Let me also try.
Instead of searching in this manner,
I will announce for Feroze.
-No! No!
I am here for you.
Brothers and sisters
this is Aara begum.
Her younger brother,
Feroze has gone missing.
If anyone knows about his
whereabouts, please inform me.
Who is Feroze amongst you?
Come forward. Don't be shy.
I am Feroze!
I am Feroze!
I am Feroze!
I am Feroze!
I am Feroze!
-I am Feroze!
-I am Feroze!
See brothers
all of you look like buffaloes.
That boy Feroze is a cute,
young boy, like my Begum.
Pitobhash, translate this.
Okay, tell me now. Who is Feroze?
I am Feroze.
Kill him.
Hey. Please stop guys.
Why are you using
swords? Let's sit and talk.
Begum, he is your man?
Please talk and sort it out.
I will smash your heads, bloody fellows.
I will break your heads,
I am warning you.
Hail the Lord. I am Feroze!
Begum, come with me.
Hail the Lord.
-Useless fellow!
I am Feroze!
Sir, come here. No, go
there! No, come here!
-Hey, get going!
Begum, don't get scared.
I am used to these kinds
of chases in Hyderabad.
We are safe.
Hail the Lord!
-Hold me, Begum.
They will chop your head off, Begum!
-What happened?
-Begum, two more to go.
We will get rid of them too.
Do not go into the water.
If you want something, you
have to give up on something.
-What does that mean?
-I don't know.
Hail the Lord! Please come here.
Hail Lord Mamuleshwara!
-We are saved!
You are a Muslim.
Why are you visiting a temple?
Ara can do anything for Feroze.
She prays to every God.
Aren't all Gods created equally?
Yes, all Gods are equal.
-Yes, all are the same.
-All are the same.
Yes, we'll go.
Hey, stop.
She wants to pray in solitude
inside. Can you wait here?
-We will go inside. Okay?
-Okay, please carry on.
A Pakistani girl.
Look how broad-minded she is!
My family will love her.
Don't perform a ritual here.
He may barge in anytime.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
-Hey, don't touch!
You look familiar, Guruji.
Looks like you never
prayed to God before.
You're right.
You will pray to God in the future
with folded hands.
Hail Lord Shiva!
You will do all the rituals
and break the coconuts as well.
Hail, God! Please relieve
my Grandma from knee pain.
You will also wear a talisman.
God, bless me with a happy life
without the hassles of marriage!
You will beg God to spare you from
the agony of hell let loose on your life!
God, bless me for the on-site job.
What? Will Chaturvedi allow it?
Hail Lord Shiva!
The girl is from Islamabad.
That's not possible.
-Tell him, dude.
-Yes, sir.
The lover is from Pakistan.
Oh, my dear love
She is from Pakistan
-Oh, my dear love
-Hey, shut up.
Stop all this nonsense.
Before you get ready
for getting trapped for life,
take this fruit.
It is good for your health.
Guruji, what about me?
You won't need it. He needs it.
Convey my regards to Rabdi.
Hail Lord Shiva!
He is very powerful, sir.
There is some connection
between this fruit and that girl, sir.
-There is, sir! Trust me.
Look at the way he is
standing like a tower.
-I'll manage him.
-Begum, all okay?
Thank you for everything.
We are leaving.
Please! Don't leave, Begum.
Please come to my exchange tonight
and enjoy our hospitality and dinner.
Both of you sleep with me.
What are you saying?
Is this how you talk to girls?
What did I say, Pitobash?
Why is she upset?
She is upset as you didn't
properly speak to her.
Oh, no, that's not what I meant, Begum.
What I meant was that,
both of you come to my place.
You can take some rest there.
And we will step out in
search of Feroze in the morning.
It is quite risky
to be surrounded by rowdies.
I feel this fellow is any
day safer than that mob.
But we know nothing about him.
I'll take care of it.
Okay. We will come.
-Please come, Begum.
-Please come.
Go there.
Don't worry.
Hope you had a good veneration, ma'am!
Everything is fine, sir.
Aradhya and I will
reach the resort in the morning.
Just tell me your location.
I will pick you both.
The place seems like a
Telephone Exchange, sir.
The place is
Hello, Chatur sir.
Is he abandoning us?
No way. You have the presentation.
He needs it to present to the client.
He will come to you.
Just wait and watch.
-Are you sure?
-Oh, no!
-He is back.
here's a special meal for you from afar.
What's this?
Your favorite dish.
Beef Biryani.
-You are an idiot!
Crazy fellow.
How dare he offer beef biryani
to a vegetarian Brahmin girl like me!
He will pay in hell for this misdeed.
I feel like throwing up, Deepu!
Oh, sorry ma'am.
I thought you loved beef
since you are from Pakistan.
Get lost!
Don't you have vegetarians in India?
We have vegetarians even in Pakistan.
Ara is a pure vegetarian
Pakistani Muslim.
Pakistan-- Vegetarian Muslim?
Oh God!
Where the hell should I
fetch spinach and lentils from?
Thank you, Lord!
Such tasty food after a long time!
I will devour it.
Do you know the meaning of gratitude?
Remembering the good
done by someone for life!
-I will remember her for life!
-Why, sir?
-Sir, I don't eat nonvegetarian food.
-Leave the pieces aside and have the rice!
feel at home.
Don't be shy.
Hey, Pito
Are you sleeping here?
Of course! Like every day.
Hey, Pito
That girl is all alone.
Their parents are not here.
It will be awkward for her
to sleep next to both of us.
What is awkward about
it, sir? She is like my sister.
Isn't she yours too?
She is my girl.
You sleep here.
I will keep vigil outside.
I can't bear the chill outside, sir.
Hey, let's go.
How do they say "Good Night" in Pakistan?
Shabba khair.
Shabba khair, Begum.
Shabba khair.
Shabba khair.
Shabba khair.
He is trying his best to seduce me.
If I am not careful, I will become an
easy prey to him in this snowy weather.
I have an idea.
Tell me.
Love with Aara
Beauty is her place
Sir is excited Begum is confused
Love with Aara
Beauty is her place
My heart wants more
Hey, come here.
You are my Roja
You are my dil se
You are my Anjali
You are my Geetanjali
You are my Roja
You are my dil se
You are my Anjali
You are my Geetanjali
He is her younger brother.
No, I didn't see anyone.
Did you see a small boy named Feroze?
Go and search there.
-Did you see a small boy?
-Please have a look at her.
Thank you.
Sorry, Begum.
In the ocean waves
You are my silent melody
In your divine torrent
A fight started
You are my partner
I am your commander
You are my friend I am your leader
I will accept whatever decision you make
Okay, sweetheart
You are my Roja
You are my dil se
You are my Anjali
Oh, God.
Let's get every orphan boy named Feroze
in Kashmir and present him to Begum.
-Get up. Let's go.
Nice name. "555" serves tasty stuff.
Are you Feroze? Oh no!
I am Feroze!
Useless fellow, Feroze!
You don't know how to do this.
Don't know how the world works.
Hey, Feroze, where are
you taking the flock to?
Hey, Feroze
Praise the Lord.
Come here.
Where's your mom and dad?
Not there?
Do you want ice cream?
Would you like to have one?
Come with me.
Hey, Mustak. Come here.
-Someone has kidnapped Feroze.
-He is an orphan but has relatives, sir.
-Who are you all? Someone stop them.
-Sir, we will get caught.
Who is taking Feroze? Stop.
Brother, give me two cups of tea.
Hey, Feroze.
If I slap you once, you
will come to your senses.
Did you see his cat eyes, sir?
He may not be Ara's brother.
Let Begum confirm that, not you.
-Ready. One, two, three!
-Praise the Lord!
-Chatur Sir, listen to me.
-Where the hell are you guys?
Stop scolding, sir.
-This is a hill station called Pampur.
Come on, boys. Hey, get them.
all of them are named Feroze.
Come here.
Who is your Feroze here?
No one.
Ma'am, just look at him once.
Look at him. He looks just like you.
Drop them back, Pitobash.
Come on. Let's go.
No, we won't leave.
Why won't you go? We
can't feed you food. Let's go.
If we go back, we will all get beaten up.
Yes, brother. They will beat us all.
It's all because of you.
He is roaming with us just
because you made up a story.
-Let me tell the truth.
Just stay silent for a day.
We shall leave tomorrow.
Chatur sir is on his way.
Karim, my friend is here from Hyderabad.
These are all the
boys who lost their way.
Please check the register and
call for any of their kith and kin.
-What's the name?
A boy called Feroze has gone missing.
If there's anyone amongst you
who is their parent, please come here.
A boy called Feroze has gone missing.
A boy called Feroze has gone missing.
My son!
Where did you go?
Where did you go?
I did all this to impress you
but looking at this
mother's separation pangs.
I promise you will find your
Feroze before you go to Pakistan.
At the beginning of my love
You became my continuity
To your heartbeat
I can become the echo
When our eyes meet mine
I dreamt of many dreams
I want to be in your footsteps in
your Journey and be in your shadow
I will agree to whatever you say
Is that fine, Begum?
Love with Aara Beauty is her place
Sir is excited Begum is confused
You are my Roja
You are my dil se
Chatur sir, where are you now?
I am near Pampur.
Something is wrong over here.
Please come fast.
Love with Aara Beauty is her place
Sir is excited Begum is confused
You are my roja
You are my dil se
You are my Anjali
You are my Geethanjali
You are my roja
You are my dil se
You are my Anjali
You are my Geethanjali
I want to tell the truth to Viplav.
What happened?
Aren't you able to sleep?
Please come, Begum. Please sit.
Please sit. Two minutes.
It's cold, right?
Even I couldn't sleep.
Do you know how I am feeling, Begum?
This looks like our home
where we are happily married
with two kids.
I feel as if we just served
them dinner and put them to bed,
and merrily chatting in
the balcony outside like this.
I can live my life this way.
And pass out one day
just staring at you, Begum.
I didn't understand at all.
I know!
Uncle, one special tea
with double cashew nuts!
You won't drink?
I will have it with Begum.
Just like Begum warmed up to tea,
she will take a liking
to me too in the future.
I hope you will come
to visit me in Pakistan!
I will if you are alive.
Thank you, Uncle.
Write in my account.
What's the point of
walking so far just to get tea?
My legs are hurting.
This tea can be had
Begum is sleeping.
Ara Begum!
please look there.
Begum has fled.
Keep munching cashew nuts now.
You were talking about Pakistan.
These days there's
no guarantee for lovers.
Whereas yours is from Pakistan.
She found her younger
brother and hence she left.
No problem. Let's go and sleep inside.
-It is biting cold outside.
-Begum still loves me.
I've seen it.
Didn't you?
Ours is an inter-nation marriage.
Maybe, she was skeptical
about it and hence she left.
If need be, I will even
take Sania Mirza's help
to reach out to her family to
convince her elders for the marriage.
Sir, the Begum would have
taken the Amritsar Express by now
to cross the Wagah border.
-Come, let's go to Pakistan.
Brother, did you see two Muslim
girls along with a young boy?
Michael, the presentation--
-Why are you blocking the way?
-Hey, you fool.
Why did you do this, Ara?
I fell in love with you
and you ditched me like this.
Oh, man! I can't talk in Hindi.
Do something, Pitobash.
Ma'am, please. Please go there.
I already told you, I am
with you till death do us part.
I know you have the same feelings for me.
Don't get scared. Let's go to Pakistan.
We need to get on to the
train to Pakistan, Begum.
-Not this one. This one goes to Hyderabad.
-Yes, that's right.
Let's leave now. I am coming with you.
Give the luggage, ma'am.
Where's Feroze? Look for him, dude.
-Tell me, Begum.
I am not a Begum.
did she just speak in Telugu?
She also said she's a Brahmin.
-Br Brahmin?
My name is Aradhya.
From Kakinada.
-What's happening here, dude?
What about Feroze?
And Pakistan?
We just made it up to
avoid getting followed by you.
You can make up words, but
you can't change countries like this.
Forget all that.
Do you love me?
I believe in God and destiny.
After passing all the
hurdles, I held your hand
and felt blessed after having
visiting Mamuleshwar Lord.
Those days spent with you at the Exchange
and the pains you took to search for a
Feroze who didn't exist melted my heart.
I fought hard to hide
my feelings towards you.
Without knowing anything
about me or my antecedents, you
were prepared to spend
the rest of your life with me.
That very moment I fell in love with you.
That's enough.
I will never leave your hand.
Hey, saint.
Can we stop that nonsense for a while?
I am discussing the most
important matter of my life.
-Nonsense! Don't talk like that.
-You can't call that nonsense, dear.
-Hey, it's all a nuisance.
It's a holy discourse.
Seek his pardon.
Do it, sir.
The discourse is by my dad himself.
Who is it?
Don't you know him?
The famous preacher from Kakinada.
Don't you know
Mr. Chadarangam Srinivas Rao himself?
Our religion is an eternal one.
It outlasted various invasions
and the attacks from atheists.
The path of devotion.
Don't you see the "Bhakti" channel?
Do you know my dad?
He is the president of the
State Atheists Association.
Lenin Satyam.
Are you his son?
Well, then both our dads hate each
other and are diametrically opposite.
Do you think this will work out?
I didn't give up when it was Pakistan.
I won't give up now
even if it's Kakinada.
Don't give up.
In two weeks, we'll witness
a complete lunar eclipse.
While the atheists are describing
it as a celestial spectacle,
the pandits are apprehending
it will bring in more doom.
We'll soon find out the truth.
Let's welcome our two seasoned speakers,
famous atheist, Mr. Satyam Lenin
and noted Hindu preceptor,
Mr. Chadarangam Srinivas Rao
who will debate this out.
-Welcome, Mr. Chadarangam.
Can we see the moon on new moon day?
The lunar eclipse happens
because of Rahu.
This lunar eclipse happens
because Rahu is swallowing the moon.
Is the moon chocolate
to be swallowed by Rahu?
Where is Rahu to be found
amongst our nine planets?
It's just a shadow of
the earth on the moon.
You are unnecessarily scaring the public.
Look here.
Our saints have determined the planetary
movements without the help of a telescope.
What do you have to say to that?
What's this crap about
saints and spirits?
It's better if such
people stay at ashrams.
We won't keep quiet if they have.
We cannot suffer their stupid
views corrupting the public.
You please share your
views Mr. Chadarangam
and the list of do's and don'ts that day.
Nothing dramatic.
You shouldn't have any food
or take a bath during the eclipse.
Can we take nature's calls?
Don't you go to the doctor
if you get a heart attack or an ache?
We should be ashamed of why we are
organizing such debates such as this.
-This is ridiculous.
-I will not talk to this brainless fellow.
-Mr. Satyam.
-Please, Mr. Satyam. Let's talk.
-What is there to talk about?
Why is he talking without decorum?
One minute. Please stop.
He talks only baloney. How
can he command any respect?
-Let's have a nice debate.
-Why are you barking like a dog?
Did the dog bite you
on the way to the studio?
Uncle, let's leave now.
We have to catch the train.
They are conveniently evading
us and running away from here.
We are not scared.
You are safe because
this is not Kakinada.
Step in Kakinada to see
who is more powerful.
-Calm down, son.
-Shut up and get out.
Why talk with such ignoramuses?
See how he is talking without
any etiquette and restraint?
Don't call me for a debate
with this fellow ever again.
It's over.
Sir, Viplav requested for an immediate
transfer from Kashmir to Hyderabad.
His mother has asthma.
His father has back pain issues.
He has to take care of his parents.
Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.
What a breezy love story in just a week
of seeing each other! And now marriage.
Is she so good-looking?
She is as beautiful as
the Kakinada beach, ma'am.
My granddaughter prayed for me
at Mamuleshwar temple.
I got fully cured after that.
Mr. Chadarangam.
This is our contribution towards
your discourse at Annavaram.
Oh, no!
I don't take money for giving discourses.
It's all in the service of God.
Mr. Sankarrao.
Did you see NTV last night?
My uncle gave a proper comeuppance
to that stupid atheist Satyam.
I saw that, sir.
He is the perfect antidote to such folks.
She is singing well. Are you
looking for a groom for her?
We should be ashamed of why
we are organizing such debates!
Why are you barking like a dog?
Did the dog bite you
on the way to the studio?
On the next new moon day,
all of us are going to watch
the lunar eclipse and
have our favorite biryani.
If we don't get harmed,
ask if Mr. Chadarangam
can keep quiet after that.
Call him for a debate.
I will not spare him.
Arrange discussion in
Kakinada if possible. I'll come.
Oh, no, it's you!
I dreaded if it was your dad.
Mr. Chadarangam's
discourses are engrossing.
Do you know Mr. Chadarangam's
daughter is even better.
What? Who are you talking about?
Your daughter-in-law.
She is so beautiful.
She is Mr. Chadarangam's daughter.
Her name is Aradhya.
We met in Kashmir and fell in love.
Only you can get us married, Mom.
I pray that it happens for real.
At least, she will address
me as "Mother-in-law"
instead of mispronouncing
my name like your sister-in-law.
Am I right?
Shall I call her?
-Right now?
-I will call her.
Talk to my mom.
Here you go.
Can you call me Mother-in-law?
One more time!
What a blessing!
Hey, who's this "Mother-in-law"?
In Kashmir
In Kashmir?
I fell in love with this boy, Grandma.
Who's this boy?
Did you take your tablets?
Son of Mr. Lenin Satyam.
Oh, my God! Son of Lenin Satyam?
Grandma, quiet!
He is coming to Annavaram
tomorrow to talk to Dad.
You must take care of the rest.
I can't?
Oh God!
Dad will censure us if hears this!
Let's do it before he comes to know.
-Don't involve me in this.
She will call you mother-in-law, Mom.
Tulasidas wrote this brilliant
line in Hanuman Chalisa.
It describes how Lord Hanuman
leaped into the sky seeing a glowing sun
mistaking it for a fruit and traveled
thousands of miles to kiss the Sun.
That's how powerful Hanuman is.
Hail Hanuman!
Hail Hanuman!
This is enough for my life, son.
Forget about the devotion,
focus on the main job, Mom.
-Come and talk.
-Salutations, sir.
Blessings to you. Who are you?
-I am your big fan, sir.
-Both of us are deeply religious, Guruji.
-It is quite self-evident.
But my husband is an atheist.
He doesn't even bow before God, Guruji.
-And chastises anyone who does it.
He even beats them, Guruji.
Everyone is different in a family.
Don't you feel angry
about such people, Guruji?
Why should I get angry with your husband?
Ask him, Mom.
will you give consent to your
daughter Aradhya to marry my son?
I am Mr. Lenin Satyam's son, Guruji.
Aradhya and I love each other.
We would like to get
married, if you agree.
With just a twist of logic, look how
they trapped our daughter, Uncle.
And the alliance is the
son of the noted atheist.
At least Aradhya should
have had some sense.
-Oh, Guruji is leaving.
How did you fall in
love with Satyam's son?
I didn't know that Viplav
is Mr. Satyam's son, Dad.
Mr. Satyam, it seems!
He is an educated fool.
He undermines the faith of people and
keeps hurting their religious sentiments.
Why should we have an
alliance with such folks?
We should have some discretion.
Love knows no discretion.
At least you should have had some sense.
Why are you defending her?
Well, haven't you seen the boy
and his mother in the temple?
They were so good and
the boy looks handsome.
We have seen many folks like him.
You please stop.
You wait.
Both, the boy and
the girl love each other.
Let's go as per our tradition.
We will wait for
Satyam's consent as well.
-What do you think?
-Why should we even talk to them?
Do we want to push our
daughter into that dungeon?
-We'll send her off. Who am I?
He is coming here because of his son.
He needs it now.
We will settle scores
with him right here.
Dear son, look at her face.
Uncle, please agree. We will needle him.
She is very keen on
him. He is a good boy.
-Uncle, accept this. It's a great chance.
-Agree to their marriage.
Okay, let's talk.
We will not go home but
meet somewhere outside.
Let's talk.
Dad, Aradhya is not like her dad.
She is very practical
and logical like us.
Mom, didn't you see that?
She is quite modern, dear.
Shall I put some powder?
After marriage, Chadarangam will change
your name from Viplav to Vipranarayana.
He is a fool who injects ignorance
and dogma into people's minds.
And you fell in love with his daughter.
Dad, I want to marry Aradhya,
not her father.
Anyway, they are visiting us
tomorrow to discuss the alliance.
Is he coming?
Let him come.
But let's meet them somewhere
outside and not in our house.
Okay, Dad.
According to my uncle, it's not the
appropriate time to talk about marriage.
Tell me.
Let me come straight to the point.
My son is in love with your daughter.
Don't stop this marriage. That's it!
That's it.
Can you give a good reason why my daughter
deserves to step into your household?
We are not fussy about
caste, creed, and religion.
We are not ritualistic.
We don't pick auspicious
moments for doing anything.
All we care about is they are in love.
That's all.
You may think that's enough.
But we need to match
their horoscopes as well.
We don't believe in them.
We are done here. Come.
-Viplav. Let's leave.
-What planet are they from?
-Let's leave.
-First, why should we get down?
It will look bad. Let them get down.
We look bad, Uncle.
Let's not do it then.
Sit down, Dad.
-Is this why you planned this in metro?
-Keep quiet.
-You're a genius!
-Sit down!
We don't want to check
the horoscope. What next?
Well, for whatever good,
I did cast Viplav's horoscope
when he was born, Guruji!
Give it.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
What are you doing?
It's the original, Guruji.
The girl's star is Uttarashada.
The boy's star is Rohini.
It is going to be opposites
like a snake and a mongoose.
They will fight till death, Guruji.
-It's a big defect!
If they marry, they will invite
untold misery and mayhem
and problems galore from
misunderstandings to miscarriage.
If they marry, they will have all the
mayhem that a marriage shouldn't bring.
What's the remedy, Guruji?
Both father and son should
do a remedial oblation.
An oblation?!
The boy should anoint a copper plate
with sacred mantras on the entrance,
chant the hymn Mahamrutyunjaya mantra,
donate clothes, food, and a cow to
brahmin priests and the cow dung
And plaster the cow
dung on the wall, right?
I don't care about you, but I
am not approving of this marriage.
Let's leave.
-Even we want that.
-Let's go, Uncle.
Don't mind, Guruji.
I am leaving, dear.
Come, dear.
-What are you staring at? Come.
-We made a total mess of it.
Let's go, Uncle.
Do you see their stupidity?
Do you still want to marry the girl?
Even if he had agreed,
I would have never approved it.
we need no permission from anybody.
I am going to marry Aradhya
So, you are already ready.
You stop.
Look, my dear Aradhya.
I am speaking to you not as a dad
but as Chadarangam Srinivas Rao
who's well-versed in scriptures.
He has a snag in his horoscope
because of which, your
future happiness is bleak.
Convince him for an oblation ceremony.
Or else, you will see hell in marriage.
I can't force this on him, Dad.
Viplav is a good boy.
He will take good care of me.
Just like you.
-Without him
-You can't live, right?
-But you can live without us.
-No, Dad.
-So, you can be without us.
-Dad, I didn't
So, it is fine.
Did you hear that?
-Dad, not that, dad.
-That's what you said. It's okay.
Dear, get that suitcase.
Finished packing?
Get it now. She will go.
Uncle, How can we let go like that?
-Let her go.
-You wait, dear.
We can explain things to others.
But some things must
be experienced first-hand.
She will come back in six months.
Watch out.
Uncle, please.
-Dad, I will stay for a while.
-Okay. You get going.
Don't worry. Give that to me.
Listen to me.
Take your laptop.
-I will stay here for a while, Dad.
-Take that also.
-Let her go.
-Pandu, listen to me.
You can leave as well.
Listen to me, son
-He is waiting for you.
Is that how a father behaves?
Why is he cursing his daughter?
Why is he slamming the door in the face?
If someone slams the door
on me, I don't bother about them.
-I don't want my family.
Then I don't want them either.
-Let's not take any sides, okay?
Okay. Let's not take sides.
Let's prove to the world
what an ideal couple we are.
Yes, we'll show it them.
We'll show it to them.
We will.
We will prove it to them.
We will prove it to them.
We will prove it to them.
We will prove it to them.
We will show it to all who
believe in horoscopes.
And to your dad.
And to those disbelievers.
-We'll show to everybody.
-Let's show the world.
What happened?
A black cat.
So, what?
Bad omen.
What is it?
We shouldn't leave immediately, Viplav.
Shall we stop for two minutes and go?
Everybody, clap!
-Who are the witnesses?
I hope you'll take good care of her.
Ma'am?! Me?
I know he will take care of me.
Look at how she's relying on you.
Now that you're married,
what will you call our boy?
Hello, husband!
-Oh. That's so boring. What's this?
-That's what I call him.
Anything else, Aradhya?
That's so cute.
Did you eat anything, Kanna?
Hey, the wedding is over.
What about the party, Pushpa?
Nobody should be seen around
-for the next three days!
The most improbable marriage between
the son of noted atheist Mr. Lenin Satyam
and the daughter of a famous Hindu
speaker Mr. Chadarangam Srinivasa Rao
happened at the registrar's office today
Look they are coming here!
-Hail for
Do your parents know about your marriage?
Or did you alienate your
parents for this marriage?
We didn't alienate them.
Okay, but what if both of you
spar in future like your parents?
-We don't want to give such a chance
-Then how will you manage?
With love.
Do you see any remorse
on her face, Uncle?
You better keep your mouth shut.
Pandu, if you keep these aspersions aside,
they both look lovely as a pair.
Then, why don't you divvy
them up with some lighting?
This won't last long.
Uncle did mention about the
defect in the boy's horoscope.
Both the uncles will forget all
their differences to cradle the babies
Thomas cooks tasty biryani.
But nobody knows the secret recipe.
Hey, I will share. Let me tell you
-Sorry, Viplav.
I wanted to surprise Zoya on the day of
our marriage with biryani made with love.
That's it! I stopped cooking since then.
-Can you cook, Aradhya?
-What are you talking, ma'am?
-Aradhya makes amazing puliogare?
It's the best puliogare I ate
in the whole of Annavaram.
The credit goes to her family.
Aradhya, you can learn
culinary skills from Thomas.
And then you can order Viplav
to do your bidding because
he will literally eat out
of your hands after that.
Do you both stay here?
Yes, we have a daughter, Lissy.
She stays in our native place Alleppey.
She loves nature, and silence.
We go there to meet her
on her birthday every year.
Have it
Serve them some biryani!
What are you doing?
Are you done?
Did you like it, Aradhya?
Take it home.
Aradhya, shall we leave?
Viplav, why do you
go to that old quarters?
It smells of fresh paint.
Why don't you stay back?
We don't want to disturb you.
That's all right.
We will manage.
The mosquitoes won't let you sleep!
Please give us the mosquito
coil, ma'am! We are used to it.
Why do you have to suffer?
Ma'am, just spare us a pillow
and a quilt. We'll manage it.
Hey, let them go.
Hey, why did you say that?
Only then will our work go smoothly.
Whichever leg we use
to step inside the house
it's going to
offend one of our dads.
What should we do?
I won't allow you to keep
your leg on the floor at all!
You are my sunshine
You are my moonlight
You are the stars in the sky
Come with me now
You have my desire
Come along
Just the way you are Aradhya
Waltzing towards you
The gait is yours
The body draped itself
Take hold of it
Heartfelt thoughts
My beloved star!
You plundered my heart
And looted the sandalwood beneath
-Amidst a multitude of festivals
-Hi, Viplav!
Viplav, I will get you some coffee.
Aradhya Aradhya
Seek nothing else but you
Aradhya Aradhya
Seek nothing else but you
Let my song reach you now
While this game of neck embrace is on
Who wins at the last
Is not clear to us
This moment should last
With you
which knows no bounds or shore!
Aradhya Aradhya
I seek nothing else but you
Aradhya Aradhya
I seek nothing else but you
Yearning to say something
And listen to your words
At every turn of your imagination
What's within my grasp
Is what I adore a lot
Thanks to your loving provocations
Just like you
I'm transformed
I must say
Can't see you and I as different
Heartfelt thoughts
My beloved star!
You plundered my heart
And looted the sandalwood beneath
Amidst a multitude of festivals
The full moonlight shines through
Aradhya Aradhya
I seek nothing else but you
Aradhya Aradhya
I seek nothing else but you
I need a baby Aradhya.
With the same features.
No, not with my nose. I like your nose.
She should resemble you
She should be as tall as me
and should be brainy like me.
If she's as tall as you, it's difficult
to get a boy for marriage.
Boys are bad!
I won't let anyone of them get near her.
Look who's talking!
She'll always be with us.
Doctor, how's the baby?
Does she bear the same
features as Aradhya?
We can't say that now.
Why are you whispering, doctor?
Say it aloud! Everyone in Kakinada
should also come to know about it.
Dear, such things are common
in a seven-week pregnancy.
What's common, doctor?
Don't make me tense.
Just tell me what's wrong.
It's a miscarriage.
Baby's heart is not beating.
Is there a history of any
miscarriage in your family?
But the pregnancy kit
shows that she is pregnant.
The pregnancy kit claims it
but the scan shows the actual report.
-Is your scanning machine working?
-Of course!
Hey, Aradhya.
Don't cry.
We can still go to
better hospitals.
We'll get another opinion
from better doctors.
-Excuse me.
-Please don't cry.
You'll get the same reports everywhere.
We have to for MTP.
-MTP means?
-It's a cleaning procedure.
It's a good time to sign the documents.
You will be settled for life.
Hello, who is this?
Mr. Shanmukh.
You're going to become an uncle
to Viplav's soon-to-be-born child.
So, tell your uncle
to junk the horoscopes.
Okay? Bless you.
-In one year
What happened, dude?
Why are you so dull, sister?
RK, do we need kids so soon?
It's been only a year.
We have so much more to do in life.
Don't we both need our personal space?
Luckily, the doctor said that she's
not pregnant.
What about the sweets?
Distribute to everyone.
Does he want me to distribute it?
Viplav, all this happened because
we didn't do that oblation.
Aradhya, didn't the doctor
say this is quite normal?
That's not a problem.
Shall I tell you something?
This is the time to be strong.
Everything will be fine. Okay?
Aradhya is pregnant.
Did you hear the news?
Aradhya is pregnant.
Didn't you tell us that the defect in
their horoscope will not get her pregnant?
In less than a year, they
proved your shastras wrong.
How do we face that Satyam now?
I was shocked when I heard about
Aradhya's pregnancy!
Just shut up.
There's no end to your horrible talk.
Shame on you to wish
ill for your niece like that.
The horoscope cannot dictate the
destiny that can be altered by the self.
Aradhya is lucky.
Let's go see her once, Pandu.
If her mother were alive, she
would have rushed immediately.
Let's go, son.
What's the matter?
I can't stop thinking about it, Thomas.
My feet trembled when
the doctor broke the news.
It blanked me out.
Zoya and I didn't want
to have kids for two years.
Later, Lissy was born.
But those two years were
the best time of our lives!
Put it.
You are still recently married.
You must enjoy every
moment of your lives.
Otherwise, Viplav will keep
devouring that lemon rice etc.
That fish.
One piece of fish.
Thank you.
Father? Is everything fine?
How are you, dear?
I can smell fish curry here!
You must be careful now, dear.
You always thought I didn't do enough.
Well, I convinced your dad to come here!
Uncle, look around!
There's no photo of any deity
or even a basil plant.
Look there, they put liquor bottles in the
most auspicious direction of the house.
He has done it.
He has converted Aradhya like him.
They have started
eating fish curry as well.
What a blasphemy!
Oh, no, Dad. Our neighbors
are from Bheemavaram.
They cook fish day and night.
Did you see how she covered it up?
He saw it.
Why don't you freshen up, Dad?
Where's the marriage photo?
My dear!
Come to me.
-Hey, RK, what are you doing here?
-Your dad is here.
-My dad?
He wants to congratulate you
on the verge of becoming a dad.
How did he come to know?
I couldn't hold the
news and told him, dude.
You can't even hold urine for long, man.
Forget that, dude.
Even your dad is unable
to contain himself here.
Watch the spectacle!
-What is this?
-You know your dad better.
-Come on, beat it harder and louder.
-My son is here.
-What is all this, Mom?
-Hey, Viplav.
You are going to be a dad, right?
My dear son!
You kept our flag flying high.
Well done, Viplav.
Chadarangam will hang himself
if he comes to know about this news.
My cute son! I can't believe
you're going to be a dad.
Even he can't believe it.
He can't believe it either.
Look, Viplav.
That Chadarangam family
is capable of rubbing all their
orthodoxy on the unborn child too.
Stay away from all that.
Don't worry about that, Dad.
Aradhya is a good girl.
She has even learned to cook
fish curry for me.
A fish curry by Chadarangam's daughter!
He's my son!
Auntie, you can't believe, right?
Hey, call Aradhya right now
and put it on the speaker.
Son, please call your
daughter-in-law once.
Mom and dad are coming home, can
you cook fish curry for all of them?
That's not possible!
Even my dad and mom are here.
I feel numb and can't think
of anything. Where are you?
I am coming, Dad.
Got him!
we're fortunate that Aradhya
is following our traditions.
Why don't you talk to her?
Just go and speak to her.
Talk to her.
-Hello, Mr. Chadarangam.
-A great man said
-How are you?
that you must do
oblations to beget children
and some nonsense about cows etc.
Now Viplav and Aradhya are soon
going to be parents
without any of these rituals.
Mr. Chadarangam.
There is a science behind
an apple falling from the tree.
It's called the law of gravity!
There is a science
behind a woman conceiving.
It's called the reproductive science.
It is something not ordained by
Gods or the shastras you believe in.
Admit defeat if you
have any iota of shame
and stay away from the to-be-born child.
Sir, he was just joking--
Otherwise, wipe that
sacred ash and be like us.
-Let me finish.
-Uncle, that's not right.
It's a miscarriage.
What? Oh, no!
What, dear?
What are you saying?
The fetus couldn't survive, Grandma!
My dear!
Oh, my dear!
Mr. Satyam
You said something a while ago.
Science, my foot!
That there's a science
behind an apple falling
and that there's a science
behind a healthy baby's birth.
But nothing happens without
the five elements of nature.
Science is born out of creation.
Creation is not born out of science.
-Folks like you won't get it. Leave it.
You will only conceive if
an oblation is performed.
I am saying this as your well-wisher dad
and not as Chadarangam Srinivasa Rao.
Let me console him, Uncle.
Take care of her.
Why did you rush to tell them the truth?
You could have withheld for a day.
-Are you angry with me?
-Not that, Aradhya.
Use your brains, sometimes.
You can't get emotional all the time.
Kanna, just listen to me--
Did you notice?
Yesterday was the first night
we missed having it.
You're looking fresh, baby.
What do you mean?
I've been crying the whole night, Viplav.
What happened, dear?
Why did you slam the door on me?
I didn't slam the door on you.
I let it slide slowly.
I am speaking--
-You deliberately did it.
-Hey, Aradhya, I mean it.
Why didn't you utter a word when
your dad verbally abused my dad?
Well, didn't we decide
not to take any sides?
Being silent also
tantamount to taking sides.
You were sleeping like a log.
What if I had taken an extreme step?
What if I had taken an extreme step?
Aradhya, why are you getting worked up?
You don't know what happened, ma'am.
Ma'am, we want to stay
away from both the sides.
How can I scold my dad
in front of her dad?
I didn't ask you to scold him.
I said you could've stopped.
Well, you stopped it
all by telling the truth.
As if you never lied to anyone.
What did I lie?
Forget it now.
It's okay, tell me.
When did I lie to you?
Terrorist camp.
She has lied to me as well, ma'am.
I was large-hearted
enough to accommodate her.
Stop it, Viplav.
Let's discuss later.
It's getting late for office.
Yes, I told all lies.
I should have also lied that I didn't love
you, would have saved all this labor.
I deserve this for
leaving everything for you.
Why are you behaving like a kid?
Is it right for you to intrude when wife
and husband are arguing?
why are you venting out on her?
You calm down.
Apologize to her.
Why should she say sorry to me?
Don't bother, dear.
Let's go to office now.
Please apologize to her, Aradhya.
Sorry, ma'am.
Aradhya is a girl with self-esteem.
She is hurt for sure.
Let it be, ma'am.
Nothing will happen.
She said she erred in trusting you.
That's an uneasy
feeling for any girl to get.
Ma'am, we should
keep them in their limits.
Hey, stop.
What happened, ma'am?
Get down.
What did you say?
We should keep them in their limits.
That applies to all the women, right?
That coconut seller, Aradhya,
myself, everyone, right?
What is the connection with
that coconut seller, ma'am?
Well, didn't you just say it?
Why do you paint every
woman with the same brush?
You're just like any other male.
Do one thing.
Walk to the office.
Yes, just think about what you said.
Don't leave me here, ma'am.
Why is Aradhya doing this?
The moment I stepped in
she said I slammed the door on her,
and she feels like committing suicide.
Even I am outside that door now.
What if I also commit suicide?
Marriage itself means
writing our own obituary.
You are a dead meat. RIP
Sir, shall I squeeze a lemon?
Who asked you to barge in like this?
We're talking about something important.
Get the hell out of here.
Keep them here and go.
You should always be kept in your limits.
Have you got any shame?
Why do you talk like a male chauvinist?
How do we treat women then?
You should think highly of them, RK!
Ma'am. Sorry. Please don't mind.
Please squeeze a lemon.
Squeeze one for him first.
Hey, wait!
-How many glasses will you break?
Why are you scared so much?
Relax. Come.
What do you think about me?
People may have their opinions about me.
But I am a feminist at heart.
Please sit.
Sit down.
Clean yourself.
Poor Aradhya. I can empathize
how she must be feeling.
I just wanted to draw her
closer, hug her and say sorry.
You can still do that.
Just imagine our maid Lakshmi
to be Aradhya for a moment.
You can hug her and show your emotions.
-I will also show my emotions.
-Dirty fellow!
Aradhya is the only woman
I have in my life.
Nobody else.
Okay, sir.
I can't stand these night shifts.
What are you wearing for
tomorrow's kick-off party?
I am not in the mood for it.
Hey, there's your husband!
Look, there.
Look at your eyes.
They are restless.
I am going to give up these night shifts.
Hold this.
Have this coffee.
I made it.
Baby! Hey!
Baby, have it. Please.
Dear, do you know him?
-Is this what you do?
No, Auntie.
I know her.
Move out. Go and stand over there.
-Baby, tell her.
-Here Leave.
Baby, what's happening?
If you hadn't caught the ball,
we would have lost the game.
We won it because Appu
hit a six off the last ball.
-Girl, shall I play? I play well.
I bet you'll like what I play. Listen
And he wants to bowl.
What else do we need?
That's enough
What else do we need?
That's enough
Hey, give it back.
Do you want me to call the police?
Hey, the teacher is upset.
Guys, it's finals tomorrow.
Let's be serious about it.
Hey, Delhi! She's the
girl from our colony.
Remember the one at the medical shop?
She's trying hard for
kids for over a year now.
you're tender like a baby.
Do you still need babies?
Why don't you give me a chance?
-I will fulfill your wish.
I've helped many aunties get pregnant.
I can assist you as well.
You can trust me.
Just give me a chance.
Please! Just give me a chance.
If a lady wears a nuptial chain and
toe-rings, then it means she is married.
It's your bad luck that you messed
with her right in front of her husband.
That's me.
Hey, if I hit, it will be a six for sure!
-Got it?
-Go and hit it then!
Hey, I am the best player
from Begumpet!
-Hit him, go on.
What else do we want?
We want nothing more, sir.
We smashed it at the ground.
And now we got smashed here.
Sorry, bro.
Baby, Sorry.
We didn't talk for two days.
I won't leave you until you talk to me.
I feel these rifts are because of
the defects my dad pointed out.
What are you saying?
I don't think so.
What about miscarriage?
That's a medical condition.
Didn't the doctor say that
it is quite common?
What about the fight on the terrace?
Oh, that's not a fight, Ara.
It's a miscommunication.
You will now see a different side of me.
Nothing will crop up between us.
Don't you believe me?
The world will see how good
a husband I am for the next 24 hours.
Let's both get tested.
If there's some issue, we will fix it.
Else, as my dad said
Why talk about your dad?
You want to get tested, right?
Aradhya will take rest
and Kanna will work.
Fix it!
Love you Kanna.
Isn't the doctor here?
Hello, brother.
My friend, Viplav is a fresher.
Five years seniority.
Why are you calling me out by name?
I will leave if you do all this.
Hey, just sit down, dude.
We're meeting Dappu Subhani,
the best sexologist in Bhongir.
But what's a Sexologist
doing in a fertility clinic?
There are deadly stories about him, dude!
But why are you embarrassing me, dude?
Keep quiet, bro.
I don't doubt my abilities.
I came here because of Aradhya.
Sit down, dude. Nothing to worry.
Thank you so much, dear!
Let's go.
Fill it to the brim.
Fill it to the brim
Hey! What happened?
Why are so many people here?
Doctor is quite famous.
Hey, get lost!
Hey, I'll handle it. Come here.
Uncle, move aside please.
-Why are you barging in like that?
-We are from the department, Uncle.
Which department?
How can you jump the queue?
We were ahead of you.
Uncle, my friend is from BSNL.
He came all the way from Chikkadpally.
-Don't tell much about me.
So, what? I've shut
my vegetable shop as well!
Then what are you doing here?
Get out of here.
I am going through the same problem.
Try to understand, uncle.
What do you want us to understand?
-What are you talking?
-What do you want us to understand?
-Don't we have anything else to do?
-He won't take long.
Hey, I am Viplav.
A BSNL employee.
Just wait for two minutes.
Let me fill it and come out.
-What nonsense is this?
-How can you let him go inside?
Fill it to the brim, dude.
For ten years of our company.
I am so impressed with your work.
You are a big support for me.
Thank you, Michael.
Hey, let me advise you.
Whatever happens in life,
never miss a party, dude.
Okay? Just chill.
Are you married?
Of course! Yes.
That's a bad news for me.
Otherwise, I would've married you.
-Do you want to marry him?
-That's okay.
Anyone can easily fall in love with you.
Hey, what happened?
That white fellow says
he will marry her if she was single.
Why is she cool about it
instead of giving him a tight slap?
I can't bear all this.
Let me go home.
Hey, dude.
The drinks are on the house.
Let's have some pegs and leave.
-Hey, I am leaving.
-Just two pegs, dude.
One peg for you two pegs for me.
-Hey, no. Let's go.
-Let me introduce my client. Come.
No need.
-Are you okay?
What happened to the test?
He must have failed the test.
He's surely down now.
Guys are very sensitive on these matters.
Don't ask him now, Aradhya.
You can discuss at home.
Be it whatever--
Aradhya, my uncle is a
famous doctor in Australia.
He has treated men
aged over 50 for infertility.
Let's consult him for Viplav.
I know a saint from Berhampur.
Let's take Viplav there.
How do all of them know about it?
Did you tell them?
Why will I tell them?
I thought he is a powerhouse.
Oh my God!
I'm going to kill myself.
-Hey, what happened now?
-I'm going to die.
Why is she telling everybody
about my personal issues?
Bloody hell! These wives can't
keep anything to themselves.
Hey, stop it. Are you crazy?
Make an announcement.
Announce it.
Greetings to everyone.
A humble request to all the folks here
who are agog with discussions
about my virulence and manliness.
I just got the lab test results.
I've got the certificate
about my virulence.
But my wife is spreading
fake stories to defame me.
Let me now share a story about my--
I mean, wives in general.
Just listen to me.
For the first time I have
Seen her in Kashmir
Without thinking anything
I started loving her
Without listening to my
father I came out for her
Got married to live happily with her
Then started struggling
She has changed day by day
My dear wife
I became really angry with you
Please stop dear
I am struggling like cuckoo
Before the butcher killing it
Listen everybody
Let me tell you something
Don't even dream to get married
Wife is powerful than gun
She will get you pissed
Listen every body
Let me tell you something
Don't even dream to get married
Wife is powerful than gun
She will get you pissed
They won't open the door
When we go home late
If we drink with friends
They will peel off the skin with words
They always keeps eye on ex-girlfriend
They can track their husbands
They are they pamper you with nick names
They will tell husband
Is more than her family
If we speak one word against them
They will bite with tears
Wife became a knife
My mind is blocked
Life has changed
My fate has burnt to ashes
Wives are ghosts
Ghosts are wives
Wives you are not good wives
Ghosts you are all ghosts
My dear wife
I became really angry with you
Please stop
I became a cuckoo in front of you
Listen every body Let
me tell you something
Don't even dream to get married
Wife is powerful than
gun She will get you pissed
Listen every body Let
me tell you something
Don't even dream to get married
Wife is powerful than
gun She will get you pissed
We've a fight in less than 24 hours.
Who said couples don't fight?
Couples always fight.
If both of us don't have a
problem, then where's the problem?
You tell me about it.
As my dad foretold, the problem
lies in that horoscope defect.
All this is because you
haven't done that oblation yet.
my dad has an image
to live up to in society.
I can't make him do all these rituals.
Please give some time.
Everything will get sorted.
Nothing will change for years, Viplav.
Do you remember that one day
we were talking about miscarriage
at traffic signal
and a saint threw holy ash
and said the same thing.
Everyone is trying to
nudge us to do the oblation.
Have you gone mad?
Why do you talk as if
you're possessed by a devil?
So, you trust the devil but can't
seem to believe in God!
Oh, Aradhya. Just leave me alone. Please.
So, do you want me to walk out?
No, I am asking you to
leave me now!
Let me go to sleep.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Have something.
Did you guys fight again?
It's Lissy's birthday in two days.
Thomas and I are going to Alleppey.
It's a beautiful place.
You and Aradhya need a change.
Both of you can come with us.
Oh, ma'am.
Why Aradhya?
We don't want to play
spoilsport in your party.
Don't make excuses, Viplav?
It's my daughter's birthday.
Please listen to me
You are coming with her.
Ms. Zoya and her
husband left for Alleppey.
I just dropped them.
It's Lissy's birthday.
They also invited us.
It will be nice to go to Kerala.
Look Aradhya,
Ms. Zoya has helped us
a lot since our marriage.
So, drop your ego
I mean,
let's drop our egos and go there.
They will be happy to have us.
Let us not be childish
and act more mature.
You are trying to be away from me
Blushing away from me
Sir, Kunjappan boat is the
best boat available in Alleppey.
If you are in love, you will tie the
knot when you got onto this boat.
If you are married,
you will have kids here.
How many kids do you have?
How many kids, sir?
How many kids, sir?
You drive it.
Go forward.
It's not what you think.
I am in my monthly cycle.
We would have canceled
the programme in that case.
Now, you say that.
But if I said this earlier
you would have put labels
on me, as a liar and an egotist.
Please don't start arguing with me.
-Am I arguing?
All I am saying is that
you should have told me before
we started. What's wrong with that?
Did you really ask me
if I was alright or not?
Why do you girls turn out like
this after marriage, Aradhya?
Always fussing about it.
If you didn't want to spend time with me,
you could've stayed back at home.
I came here for Ms. Zoya.
Superb! Thank you.
Just stay patient for two day for the
sake of Ms. Zoya without fighting!
Later, you can do what you feel like.
You can decide if you want to stay with me
or go to your house.
Let's stay away from
each other for a few days.
I am not at all at peace.
The moment
When my heart dissolves
In your nearness
Praising your name
With all my heart
Is all I want
Oh Lord
Who saves this world
With boundless love
In your world
My child's life is
Sweeter than the elixir
Let's celebrate Lissy's birthday.
Happy birthday, Lissy.
Thank you, Father for the prayer service.
Come on, let's enjoy.
Everybody, please enjoy!
-Viplav! Welcome.
-Hi, Viplav. Aradhya.
Hey, why are you looking sad, Viplav?
Don't you know it is
Lissy's birthday today?
Come, let's enjoy.
Lissy doesn't like gloomy faces.
It is Lissy's birthday, Viplav.
You must have a drink.
Come on. Cheers.
What happened to Lissy, ma'am?
Lissy Her time's up.
She's gone.
I still remember the
day I delivered Lissy.
She was a premature baby
with most features unformed yet.
When I picked her up,
the doctors warned that
she is extremely fragile
and may break her bones.
My heart sank
that very moment.
All the relatives who saw her
left without saying a word.
Doctors gave her just six months.
That was when Thomas patted me
and said
he will do everything in
his powers to save her life.
The confidence he gave me
helped us save Lissy for five years.
After that, we didn't want any kids.
We don't want to
trouble another life.
We just became kids to each other.
With or without Lissy
Thomas stood like a
rock of support for me.
Thomas is my courage.
Why talk melancholic
-when the mood is so upbeat?
Yes, Viplav.
romantic mood
-Come on.
Did you see Aradhya?
Aradhya? My wife?
Hey, Johnson!
Did you see sir's wife
traveling in a boat?
Yes, she left a while ago.
Sir, she left half an hour ago.
Kunjappan, take the boat out!
It's difficult to catch up in a boat.
Let's go on the bike.
where are you going?
As you wanted, I came for Ms. Zoya.
Now I am leaving.
Where are you going, Aradhya?
To my house.
Okay then, let me also join you.
Why do you want to come when
you wish to part ways, Viplav?
What are you talking, Aradhya?
You don't get what I want.
When I ask, you shout at me.
I am scared to even talk to you, Viplav.
All this while, I thought
you had a problem only with
my family and our orthodox ways.
Ma'am, will you come or not?
I am your only problem.
Dear heart
Biding goodbye to us
Amidst nostalgic thoughts
Can you feel it?
The heart is wounded
Wishing to end life
Ego is crushing friendship
Who really owns the other?
Heart is lost in anxiety
While silent pauses go up
The tight grip of the past ends
With a sense of loss of bonding
You stood by me
All these days like a loyal shadow
But now you desire to
Desert me for few days only
Every thought
In remembrance of you
Is a meditation in love
But even a moment of forgetting me
Makes me pine for you
The heart is wounded
Wishing to end life
Ego is crushing friendship
Who really owns the other?
Hello, Mr. Shanmukham.
It's common to see fights
between a wife and a husband.
My friend is pining for Aradhya, sir.
Please ask her to talk to him once, sir.
What's there to talk now?
There is no relationship between them.
Aradhya herself says it's all over.
It seems there's nothing between the
both of you. Aradhya herself said it.
Let's leave.
It's getting late. Let's go.
I can't stay without her, dude.
Like a Hibiscus flower
That burns in fire silently
I will remain with you forever
In your moments of grief
Whether it's a piercing arrow
Or uneasiness, or a dark vacuum
A boon from sweetheart
Or my last breath
Or an ocean of separation between us
The heart is wounded
Wishing to end life
Ego is crushing friendship
Who really owns the other?
Heart is lost in anxiety
While silent pauses go up
The tight grip of the past ends
With a sense of loss of bonding
Dear heart
Biding goodbye to us
Amidst nostalgic thoughts
Can you feel it?
The auspicious time needs to be changed.
I will consult uncle and revert.
Call me after reaching Kakinada.
I will do the sacred oblation, sir.
What about your father?
My uncle said that both of you
need to perform the oblation.
Is he joining you?
I still reiterate the same.
Is the hard-core atheist
Mr. Lenin Satyam coming to the temple?
We will talk about it only
after the oblation.
Oh, it's you, son! Come inside.
Why don't you call him in?
Does he really want to come inside our
home amid the cows and the rituals we do?
Carry on. We'll notify you later.
Do you want to do the oblation?
This is Chadarangam's scheme
to make me appear like a clown in public.
You can go for it, but
don't drag me into it.
I am warning you again. You can't stand
their nonsense for even ten minutes.
I am done with this discussion.
Forget Aradhya.
Dad, aren't you and mom
now married for 30 years?
Of course.
Mom never believes in your
philosophies and principles.
She still believes in God.
How did you stand her
for all these years, Dad?
Why didn't you desert mom?
She is my wife
and I
love her too much.
If your love for your wife
can stand for 30 years
can't I stand my wife for three hours to
sit for the oblation and oblige her?
The oblation is in Kakinada tomorrow.
It starts with me,
but it will get completed
only with your presence.
I am leaving.
Wear this dhoti and circumambulate
101 times around the temple.
Then you must sit for the oblation,
along with your dad!
If this Satyam fellow won't turn up,
the whole ceremony will be a waste!
Are we ready for the oblation, priest?
Dear, can you help me tie up?
You're such a grown-up!
Don't you know to wear a dhoti?
Turn around.
Hey, the boy is here.
Talk to him.
Talk to him.
I need to speak to you once.
Hey, Viplav.
Did she speak to you?
What's this attire, dude?
Can't you make out if the
damn thing is coming off?
Hey, need a holy cow. Go, get it.
What cow?
-Cow, dude!
-We need to gift one cow after the ritual.
Get one, son.
A cow?
Mom, where's dad?
You wished for too much
to expect dad to turn up.
For him, it is principles
before anything else.
Let me sit on his behalf.
I will convince the big man.
Mom, he won't allow.
It is complete only if dad comes.
But he won't.
He sees God and these
temples as mere stones.
But nobody is as heartless as your dad!
How did you think
he will mend ways
and come for the oblation
only for his son?
But I will do anything for you, my son.
Even if it means, falling at their feet.
Tell me
what do I need to do, son?
You don't worry
Uncle, Lenin Satyam has arrived.
Put saffron on the forehead.
Sir, hold your nose with
your hands and say "mama".
Pray to God to grant your wish.
Make a wish.
Dear, can I bring water for you?
Dad, are you okay?
It's okay.
If you place that in the sacred fire
then the ritual will be done.
Get up.
Uncle, come.
Dear, come.
Dear, come.
Viplav, come here.
Ask him to come in.
Please come.
Oh God! Why did it have to rain?
It's okay.
I'll participate in the ritual
however long it takes.
I am fine if you win,
and I lose it.
It's not a big deal.
But my son is going to prosper.
That's enough for me.
Mr. Satyam
when Viplav relented and
came home to commit to this ritual,
I didn't think we won.
We saw the depth of love
your son had for my daughter.
Even today, when you stooped down to
perform this oblation for your son's sake,
I didn't see my victory.
I only saw your love for your son.
While fighting for my
shastras or your philosophy,
we are forgetting humanity.
I know that even if I seem like a winner
by making you bend your
way to sit through the ritual,
I have lost it as a human being.
What's the point?
Before I called it off,
God intervened and called it off.
He will take care of both the kids now.
You can leave with my
daughter after the rain stops.
Aradhya I will do any
number of rigorous rituals
or change my attires
if you remain with me.
If this oblation can settle our love,
I would have agreed to it long back.
I wanted both of us to overcome all of
these and become stronger and hence
What does strong mean, Viplav?
Is it only to threaten
or to split ways each time?
I will ensure we will never
fight again, Aradhya.
Fights will happen, Viplav.
Fights will happen.
But if we are united,
we can say we are stronger.
While you reckon these
episodes as friction,
I see it as love.
We are girls, Viplav.
There are things we confess to God
that we won't dare sharing
even with dad or husband.
And I left that
God to be with you.
Where shall I go if you ask me to leave?
I am still learning, Aradhya.
I am still learning.
I can see the pain you went through.
And the affection towards me
behind your desire to do the ritual.
But when I was alone for ten days
I understood how it was like
living without you.
The way Thomas
stood like a rock for Zoya,
that's true love.
I promise to stand by you too.
Each and every day,
for the rest of our lives!
Let's complete this oblation
and get back home, Aradhya.
I don't want any more
of these rituals, Viplav.
All I need is to be with you.
Whether we beget kids or not,
or whether we spend our
last days in old age home,
we both must be together.
We don't give them a chance.
Let's send them to the hostel.
Let us demonstrate to the world
that we are meant for each other.
Let's prove it.
Let's prove it.
Let's prove it.
Let's prove it.
as I told you, Aradhya and Viplav are
happily married, and have a baby girl now.
Both of you
have become grandparents.
Hello, What's the matter?
You called me and now
you are making me wait.
What do you think of me?
Do you want to get your
child's ear pierced
under my presence or not?
-Where is the baby?
-She's coming, sir.
Aradhya, get the baby.
Wait! Are you going to
pierce her ear with that now?
Why does he dread me as if I am a
factionist wielding sharp weapon?
I make this ritual look
like a breeze! Tell him that.
It will prick like an ant bite, Viplav.
-Just give her to mother-in-law.
-Give her to me.
It's okay, Kanna.
That's all right.
I understand how much
you care for your baby.
Do we stop taking vaccine
just because it pains a moment?
Okay, I have an idea.
-To heck with all of you!
Sir, just be a bit careful. Please.
Just be careful. Please.
Please be careful.
We are just asking you to be careful.
Why don't you come and do this yourself?
Everyone is instructing me.
Not now. We'll do it
after the girl grows up.
Will you get her ear pierced
after she grows up?
Better do it after she reaches her age.
You can call me then.
I will do the needful.
Oh, no. Guruji, please don't mind.
Sit down.
-Son, will you agree or not?
-No, Mom.
-Just look into my eyes.
Look into my eyes.
It's fine. Close your eyes.
-Close your eyes.
-Please carry on, guruji.
Don't move.
Hold her.
It's over.
Look at how cute she is.
Now look at her.
Look how cute she is.
So much drama around this piercing.
All of you wanted me to be careful.
And you were saying
that we can do it later.
What did you name her?