Kutch Express (2023) Movie Script

Has anyone seen us?
Everyone was awake,
but after a while everyone fell asleep.
Come on, let's go fast!
I am late.
- You come with the rest of the people.
- Okay.
What are you doing, Monghi? Come quickly.
- We are late for the 'Sisoti'
(Whistlers Club) meeting. - Come fast.
Give me space.
- Come sit here.
- Come fast.
Hey bring the fuel.
What are you doing standing there?
Bring something to burn!
Hey, the name tattoo is awesome.
- But who is he?
- She is also interested in seeing.
He is the one who told me,
'Jivi, girls like you are made for love...
...I would have surely lost
my heart for your smile'
But who is he? Tell us.
Hey, crazy girl is talking
of Ranbir Kapoor.
- But love, how will you answer your hubby?
- Tell us.
Only he is my husband,
rest are like brothers.
Hey, my birdies.
'The film isn't over yet, my girls.'
So soon our 'Sisoti' (Whistlers Club)
has already completed two years.
You'll have trusted leadership
and made me the head...
...and I thank you all for that. Keep it.
May you'll have a long life, my girls.
Even if we are belittled at home,
everyone is respected at the Sisoti.
That's true.
Our clandestine fortnight
meetings make us feel alive...
...or we would have jumped
into farm well long ago.
Hey, no negativity at the Sisoti.
She is a pessimist like my mother-in-law.
They can't see anything nice.
Lazy bum.
Have it.
I told you; I can't puff. You can smoke.
- Puff it once, you'll enjoy it.
- No.
Nobody has ever barred you.
your mother-in-law is the head of Sisoti.
Leader of Sisoti!
Everyone is a leader here.
We are all equal.
What is the rule of Sisoti?
Neither do we need pain, nor a man!
Do as you wish.
Come on, it's time for the lucky draw.
- Oh yes, I forgot.
- Come on.
Newcomers listen to me.
Every month you have to
deposit 1000 rupees at the Sisoti.
Once a month we pull out the lucky draw.
The saved money goes to,
whosoever's name is written on the chit.
This kitty money has helped in celebrating
many occasions in dire situations.
To cut a long story short...
it's always a woman who helps another woman.
Look the other way.
Here it is.
Whose name, is it?
- It has to be me.
- Shut up.
Whose name, is it?
Say it.
- Hey.
- Monghi.
It was in her faith.
- I didn't cheat, you'll witnessed it.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Come Monghi.
- Hold this.
- Thank you.
Take this, Monghi.
This month's money is yours, Monghi.
Baiji, I don't want it.
Why, don't you want it?
- It's your fate.
- Yes.
I have already got whatever was in my fate.
Money is valued if given to the needy.
She needs it for her mother
in laws knee operation.
- Here.
- Nice Monghi.
- You keep it.
- Wow Monghi.
The light of her lamp
will illuminate your house.
That's true.
Oh wow, let's drink tea.
- Yes, sure.
- Let's have tea.
- Sit quietly.
- I'm exhausted.
What is it?
In the entire town,
only Monghi has a smooth life.
- That's good.
- Of course.
Her husband loves her the same
even after 22 years. Dharmesh.
His hard work will bring
international fame to our village.
How beautiful mojiram he is making.
I have told you repeatedly,
it's called museum.
Yes, that's what I meant.
No, inform the minister the
inauguration is on 5th November.
5th November.
The dates can't be changed.
It's the inauguration of the museum.
I am Dharmesh Rawal, the museum curator.
Tell me.
Not guide, curator.
Guide tours the museum,
curator manages the museum.
Remember the date is 5th. Bye. Okay.
Nice. Woolen handicrafts.
But Soni, any idea how we can use the place,
after the season changes?
I have an excellent idea, sir.
Visitors will get hungry
touring the museum...
...we both have decided to have two
'Dabeli' (stuffed buns) counters here.
How can you visit Kutch and not eat Dabeli?
Yes, brilliant idea.
Thank you.
But for a mall, not for a museum.
Serving Dabeli!
Do you have any idea, Mamta?
Of course, I mean I have a suggestion.
Let's call this place, 'Your space'.
As Soni said,
there will be visitors touring the museum...
...They'll get ideas from it.
We will provide them the platform,
to create their magic.
Provide them with colors, crafts,
stencils, and embroidery material.
They can create whatever they want.
Wow. Brilliant.
Great idea.
In fact, we can even conduct workshops...
...invite local and
international artists and...
Continue, I am listening.
Sir, you can write to the
government and invite street artists.
If the town is beautifully painted
during the museum inauguration...
...then it will hype our museum.
Why? What happened?
I know, I am sorry.
It's the planning committee who decides.
- But...
- But why are you apologizing?
Isn't this your job, Soni?
- Did you hear Mamta?
- Yes.
- So, get back to work.
- Yes sir.
Get going, we don't have time. Hurry.
Please wait a minute.
I need your assistance.
Yes, sir.
Your ideas were really brilliant.
Thank you, sir.
What is this?
What's wrong sir?
Why are you behaving so formally?
It's always formal with the boss.
What's going on?
Exactly Dharmesh...
...that's what I want to know too,
what's going on?
We are together since the last 8 months.
I am tired of asking about our future.
You don't have an answer.
- Let's end it.
- What should we end?
Don't get me worried by saying such things.
You know I was trapped
in an unhappy marriage...
...you pulled me out.
My house seems more of a lodge than home...
...where my demands are fulfilled...
...but I don't have anyone to hear my heart.
With whom do I share my
dreams and passion with?
Yes, I do have a life partner...
...but have spent half my life in worrying
about having conversations with her.
Mamta, but it isn't so with you.
Everything has changed ever
since you came into my life.
It's true.
Even your good morning message...
...brings a smile on my face.
It is always about you.
But what about me?
If you are with me...
...then I can solve a million problems.
Please give me some time, please.
Okay listen,
the District magistrate is attending...
...and you'll be giving
the presentation to him.
- What?
- Yes.
- Presentation?
- Yes.
No way Dharmesh, I can't,
he is the District magistrate.
And you are Mamta.
I am assigning, as you are worthy...
...not because we are together.
Can I say something, Dharmesh?
Whatever, my complaints maybe...
...but I love the way you support me.
I love you.
And here is your favourite
'Shrikhand' (strained yogurt).
Stay blessed.
Mom, it's your birthday...
...we are supposed to pamper you.
Yeah sure,
then help me instead of sitting idle.
- Say. Why are you sitting?
- Why?
Where is your husband?
Why? Isn't her husband related to you?
Tell me.
Does dad even remember her birthday?
this is common after 20 years of marriage.
- Here.
- Moms have all the answers.
- Leave this aside.
- Hey, what?
- It's your birthday today.
- So what?
Come here, 'Happy birthday'.
- Thank you.
- Here. Have the dessert.
It's made well.
And this is for you. Gift.
What's this?
Baiji, look at this.
He has brought bird traits.
It's called a dream catcher.
- What?
- Dream catcher.
What's that?
It'll help you fulfill your dreams.
Oh my, then it isn't of any use to me.
- Why?
- Because I don't dream.
At times you can converse with dad too,
- Sit fast.
- It's your dad who pays your fees.
Hi dad.
What time is your train?
Tomorrow morning.
I'll drop you. Okay.
And you... take this.
Let me know, if you need anything else.
you need to raise my pocket money...
...Mumbai is an expensive city.
Son, though money is fluid,
yet it needs to be restrained.
You should be very wise
while spending money.
Isn't it, Baiji?
Can explain more,
if the mama's boy comes to me.
You know, at your age...
You were running the house,
doing multiple job...
...took loans to build this house,
got married...
...can rattle all this even at midnight.
Have heard it so often.
Avinash, what was that?
No, let him talk.
You all are the same, nobody cares for me.
Though, it's Monghi's birthday...
...but all our favourite
dishes have been cooked.
- Birthday?
- Yet you are cribbing.
Won't you even wish her?
Yes, come on say it.
Happy birthday, Monghi.
Thank you.
Just wished her, what about the gift?
- Baiji.
- What do I gift her?
- What do you want?
- No.
- Nothing.
- See nothing.
A gold chain.
- Baiji.
- Gold chain.
- Do you want Gold chain?
- No, no.
Tell me, what you want?
I watch recipes on the phone,
so data has been consumed...
...100 rupees recharge please.
By tomorrow morning.
Are you leaving already?
- Avinash, please wait.
- Wait.
I am getting late, mom.
- Doesn't matter.
- Wait.
- Baiji, please hold this.
- Give me.
You are the world's best mom.
I'll believe after I see the world.
Baiji, that's what I tell her,
'Travel the world'.
She hasn't travelled beyond Ahmedabad.
Enough of living for others,
now start living for yourself.
Very funny, this is the influence
of watching English movies.
Behave your age.
Mom, after seeing elders behaviour,
it's better to remain kids.
Shut up.
- Keep it in.
- Dad isn't going to come.
I'll grow up on the way to the station.
- Baiji.
- Bless you, my son.
- I'll miss you mom!
- Take care.
- Eat well, don't skip meals.
- Sure.
No pizzas.
- Okay.
- Eating only junk!
Let's go.
Wonder when he'll be back?
Listen you can start it right away.
We will zoom and roam around the world.
It can't be Baiji.
- Hey Baiji, please hold. Baiji.
- Yes. What to do?
What are you doing? Move off.
This isn't a toy, it's a Bullet bike.
Your leg.
Both were engaged without
thinking about anything.
This isn't for women.
Hey Bullet, can you know whether
your rider is a man or a woman?
Go call your son.
He left.
He has gone.
Yeah, I got late.
- Bring tea.
- Oh tea.
Wait a bit, I'll make it from fresh milk.
I have to leave for office,
can't sit idle at home.
Our cow is the happiest...
...no husband and no jolts.
Fight ensues when you work for others.
Yes, she agrees too.
Monghi, my lunch box?
Yes, coming.
- Take this.
- Yes.
You have it.
Hello. Switch to a video call.
But how? I don't have internet.
Please recharge the amount.
I want to learn to make pasta from YouTube.
Firstly, learn to
recharge your phone bills.
It has many plans.
And I need the internet to check the plans.
I can't do it.
If you behave like this,
you can never learn anything in life.
You guys are strange.
You'll laughed sarcastically at me...
...when I said I wanted
to learn to ride a bike.
I haven't forgotten that.
Sorry mother India.
Your recharged has done.
- Done? So soon?
- "Yes, mom."
- Oh wow. Okay, thank you.
- "Bye."
Mine taste yummy too.
What's this?
It's edible.
People eat this when they are hungry.
It's yummy. Delicious.
Thank you, Baiji.
- Wow.
- It's pasta.
It doesn't fill the stomach.
- A gruel satisfies the stomach.
- Yes.
My son wants Indian food
even while travelling abroad.
When Monghi cooks such fancy food,
it seems like Sunday.
Or else my son doesn't care for me.
- And now he has changed.
- Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop these emotional dramas, please.
- You want ice cream, isn't it?
- Yes.
I'll get it. Okay.
Take Monghi along.
It'll be a refreshing change.
Okay, fine.
- Hurry up, Monghi.
- "Coming."
- How are you'll?
- I am good.
- Hey Monghi.
- Yes.
Where are you'll off to?
To buy ice cream.
I insist him on learning a
few tips from Dharmesh.
But he just lazes around the entire day.
You've been married for 22 years...
...but yet he treats you like a new bride.
And look at him here, he just doesn't care.
- Hey brother Dharmesh.
Don't make things difficult for us,
by pampering your wife, Dharmesh.
We are chastised because of you.
A bit more.
Hold this.
You look exhausted.
Are you over worked?
Yes, lot of running around.
Couldn't relax even for a bit.
I was out the entire day.
Can I say something?
Can I ride back home?
The bike.
I don't want to land up in
the hospital instead of home.
- One plate pav bhaji.
- Okay.
One cheese dabeli and
one cone dabeli brother.
Make it quick.
Give it to me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- That's my wife, Monghi.
- And she is Mamta.
She works with me in the office.
She is a staff too.
My wife.
- Hello.
- How are you?
Fine, what about you?
Absolutely fine.
- Ice cream.
Come on, I'll get you some ice cream.
You carry on,
I'll chat with Mamta for a while.
Excuse me.
Sit down.
Since how long?
I mean, since when are you working.
Almost a year.
One year.
- Take this Mawa Malai.
- Give.
Sir Dharmesh.
The one who doesn't share
will have a tummy ache.
Mrs. Shobhna. How are you?
I'm fine.
- Alright?
- She is my mother.
That's Monghi, my wife.
How are you?
- Here you go.
- Fine.
So, which ice cream flavour for us?
'Mawamalai' is very popular here.
- Oh, is it?
- Yes.
Wow, do you often come here?
Yes, on every Sunday. Isn't it?
What would you prefer?
- Yeah, Mawamalai.
- Alright.
I'll have a Belgian dark chocolate.
Belgian. Okay.
You must be exhausted.
Lot of running around for work.
Wish it was as exciting as that.
Rather he made me spend the
entire day in the cabin flipping files.
I feel, unless you are under pressure...
...you don't perform.
I truly believe that your
work speaks for you.
Do you agree?
What are your academic qualifications?
Conservation of historic
culture and tradition.
Forget it Monghi.
I can't even pronounce it.
But honestly, Monghi.
I am totally relaxed.
I am at peace, as she works here.
People ask me about not worrying about
sending my young daughter to work.
My reply is, I don't have to worry as long
as she has a father figure like Dharmesh.
- Monghi, please try this.
- No.
- Come on.
- Try at least.
- Isn't it nice?
- Yes, it is.
All good at home?
Yes, Roopvati just delivered.
Our cow, her name is Roopvati.
Oh, the cow.
- Okay.
- She gives lot of milk.
We are getting late.
We have to leave. Baiji will get furious.
Come on, let's go.
- But?
- Let's go. Okay bye.
- Let's go.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Oh that's fine.
- Come on.
- Okay bye Mamta.
- See you again.
- Come on, let's go.
Yeah sure.
Okay bye.
Here, have this.
What happened?
- It's delicious.
- Yes, it is.
I ate it for the first time too.
And now it's my favourite too.
Mamta suggested to try it.
Belgium chocolate.
The girl must be very smart.
Baiji, she can speak fluent English.
And she didn't seem to fear anyone,
isn't it?
Yet very friendly and sweet to talk to.
So, we can invite her home for tea.
On the pretext of meeting her.
Yes, of course she'll come. Why not?
Dharmesh, you have never
mentioned about the girl at home.
Yesterday tea in the
office canteen was salty.
The recently painted museum wall must be...
...repainted because
the trustee did not like it.
Next week the trustee's
wife has a family ceremony.
The cashier is blessed with a daughter.
One of the staff has bought a new scooter,
the cleaner slapped the peon.
Okay take a breather.
No, let me recollect which other
office detail did I miss out on telling you.
Why are you so interested in
my office life all of a sudden?
I just that Mamta could
come for tea to meet Baiji.
Why would she come?
I don't mix work and personal life.
Please spare me.
He hasn't been angry since morning.
No worries,
he's exhausting his share of anger.
You want?
It's very yummy.
Listen, can I tell you something
if you won't mind?
Because you flare up very quickly.
So, I wanted to say that...
I felt you are working
very hard the entire day...
...so, you might be fed up.
But today I came to know,
why you don't get tired.
When there is a pretty
girl like Mamta at office...
...who would want to return home?
at home it's the same old Baiji...
...Roopvati and monotonous Monghi.
Today's meeting concluded,
yet nobody said a word to Baiji.
But how can anyone tell
anything in front of a crowd?
- But...
- Lower your voice.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Will talk when she is alone.
You just had to tell Baiji
and Monghi in seclusion.
How could I take them aside?
- But hadn't we decided that?
- This is wrong.
- We can't to that.
- Hey but...
What? Don't you want to go home?
What are you grumbling about?
I have been noticing for a while.
Have you forgotten the rules of Sisoti?
Listen Baiji,
it's about 'who will bell the cat'?
Baiji if you insist, then hear it.
Everyone is gossiping about your family.
- About my family?
- Baiji.
Dharmesh has strayed away.
Mind your tongue!
You are so feisty,
that we were scared to tell you.
Okay, shall we leave?
What's wrong?
Say it aloud. Let everyone hear.
Actually, the thing is,
my husband works as peon in museum.
So, he has seen it with his own eyes.
Her name is Mamta.
Dharmesh is with her as well.
What rubbish?
I've met Mamta.
She is a very nice and hard-working girl.
Don't talk rubbish. Let's go.
She knows her.
Yes, of course, it's hard work.
It's shameful for us to even think of it.
But she isn't ashamed, then why should we.
Calm down.
Listen Baiji,
we don't have anything against Dharmesh.
Not one but many people
have seen them together.
They have a romantic tryst
every Sunday at fancy places.
I've heard it too.
We understand they have to
spend time together for work.
But that's not an excuse to
hold hands and getting physical.
Then people talk nonsense.
"Youth doesn't last forever".
"Youth won't last."
- [HUMMING] - When you work on extra hours
on Sundays at the museum...
...who else is present along with you?
Baiji, you're on quiz mood early morning?
No, I was thinking, What's the
ratio of working women there?
Or is Mamta the only woman prancing there?
What do you mean by mamta?
Why are you talking like that about Mamta?
- She has done something wrong to you.
- Oh my, you got offended with me, for her.
Is this the way to talk to me?
So, she's more important than me?
But she can never replace Monghi.
As Monghi is only one of her kind.
What are you talking?
Did you hear that?
- What? - I don't want to talk
to the women of this house.
No wonder you have
made arrangements outside.
What are you even talking?
And you believe that?
you are more her daughter than my wife.
But I didn't utter a word.
That's the problem, you don't say anything.
Listen, take your lunch box at least.
Feed it to Roopvati.
No need to pack my lunch henceforth.
Please listen to me.
Let him go, no need to coax him.
He'll come back home when he feels hungry.
Who has Dabeli for lunch?
People eat Dabeli at any time of day.
Where is your lunch box?
Monghi has fallen sick.
Have this.
No let it be, it might become a habit.
And I wish that too. Good for us.
It was about the lunch box.
I meant that too.
Come on, have it.
Anyways Dabeli is quite boring.
- What have you got?
- See.
- Pasta?
- Yeah.
It's my favourite too. Have it.
- Now I'll have to make it my favourite too.
- What?
- Nothing.
- Dig in.
Come on.
Please eat.
Let me feed you.
- You have it too.
- Yes, I'll eat.
How is it?
Isn't it yummy?
"The days are desirable,
and the nights are special."
"As my favourite beloved is around me."
"Why is there a flutter in my heart?"
"Why are my eyes moist?"
"I can die for you."
"The days are desirable,
and the nights are special."
"What kind of love of this?"
"What kind of zest is this?"
"What kind of strange fear is this?"
"What kind of love is this?"
"What kind of zest is this?"
"What kind of strange fear is this?"
"The heart is hoping for you to return."
"The days are desirable,
and the nights are special."
"Yes, he'll be back, my heart knows it."
"Will bring back the new hues."
"New hues and new love."
"Who will fulfill our
hearts strange wishes?"
"I can live a lifetime
with you in a moment."
"The days are desirable,
and the nights are special."
"Why is there a flutter in my heart."
"Why are my eyes moist."
"The days are desirable,
and the nights are special."
"The heart is hoping for you to return."
- Excuse me, Dharmesh Rawal?
- Yes.
Actually, sir.
- Mamta.
- Was your appointment with him.
Oh ma'am, Monghi.
So relieved to see you,
or I would be lost in this huge office.
- Yeah, you carry on.
- Yes ma'am.
How are you? Hope you're feeling fine now.
Yeah, nothing wrong with me.
I've got lunch for your sir.
Sir is in a meeting; he will be late.
No worries, let him work.
I'll wait here.
Have you seen the museum?
Nobody showed me around.
Believe me, it's my first time here.
Oh, I see.
- You're not in the meeting.
- Then..
So why don't you give
me a tour of the museum?
Hey, I can make this too!
- You're looking very pretty.
- What?
Thank you, ma'am.
You can call me Monghi.
Okay ma'am.
Mamta, now a days your sir
is quite upset with me.
He is quite snappy with us at home too.
he is spending more time with you than us.
I mean, because of work deadlines.
Yeah of course,
as the opening date is round the corner.
Extra work at the last minute.
Work will go on forever, dear.
But I am worried about his meals.
He doesn't eat at home at all.
I know, he is very picky about food.
Within a few days even I
realised he only loves Gujarati food.
So, I had to change my menu.
I mean, I bring extra food for lunch.
It's sufficient for us, not less.
What's so special in your tiffin box,
that he doesn't eat at home?
What did you cook the day before?
And yesterday?
Noodles and Thai curry.
And today?
Feed him this today.
Its Dal Dhokli (one pot meal).
It's his favourite.
And yes...
...don't mention that I was here.
Sorry I got late.
I was about to but...
Dal Dhokli.
Wow, I love it.
It's my favourite.
I devour it all by myself,
when made at home.
Who made this?
I did.
You've cooked this?
Yes, Dharmesh.
But you can't cook Gujarati dishes.
My mom helped me.
Which lentil is used to make this?
- Green gram.
- Stop it.
I've been eating Monghi's
food for the last 22 years.
Can't I make out...
...who has cooked it?
She is my wife.
Exactly, and who am I?
You lied to me.
Your wife is not sick.
She toured the entire museum
and had coffee with me.
And left after saying,
you'd love to eat this.
So, sit alone and eat.
Where are you Monghi?
I am yelling since when didn't you hear me?
I couldn't hear you at all.
Yes, you never hear important things.
I am busy,
have to finish before Baiji comes.
You came to the museum today.
So, are you convinced?
Or you still have doubts?
Did you eat the Dal Dhokli?
To hell with your Dal Dhokli.
Monghi wait. Wait, I said.
Please come out of yourself and answer me.
Are you spying on me?
Do you think I'm having
an affair with Mamta?
Answer me honestly.
But I never said a word.
Don't act smart.
Who asked you to come to the museum?
Confess you came with
the lunch box to meet Mamta.
I am talking to you since long.
Has the cat caught your tongue?
Listen, when a man and a woman work
together its not always office romance.
Illiterates like you, can't fathom
about professional relationships.
I regret marrying a small-town girl.
Narrow minded!
Then why are you clarifying
your guilty conscience?
This is as good as casting
pearls before a swine.
I absolutely regret marrying you.
You've ruined my life.
Hey, Are you okay?
Hey, hey relax. Relax.
I'm not here to harm you.
I was just offering you a drag.
I thought you were going
to jump or something.
Stay away.
Yes, I know that word.
I've come from far off too.
- Listen to me.
- I said stay away.
I just want to show you something.
Listen to me.
Stop making me feel like I'm
trying to sell you a credit card.
How do I say this in Gujarati?
Please understand.
Hey, hey. Listen to me. Hey.
Do you want a slap (Lafo)?
Yes, I want.
But not one, many.
Especially if it is made in
pure ghee and all of that.
He's saying anything.
Oh, that's Ladoo. I am sorry. I messed up.
Hey listen, my Gujarati sucks right now...
...but I promise it will get better.
It's not my fault, that my Gujarati is bad.
I grew up out of the country.
Listen, 'Slap girl'. Please.
Look to your right.
Then you'll give me the
Ladoos instead of the slap.
Who drew these?
My team and me.
How did you come to know
about Sisoti (Whistlers Club)
That we all meet up?
It was a beautiful accident.
I came out for night photography
and heard sounds of laughter.
So, I just followed it.
Then I saw you'll were
giggling and chilling.
It was so beautiful to see
cleaning their own space.
Hey what are you doing?
- Woah, woah, please don't.
- Move away.
- Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
- With whose permission?
Listen I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset.
And I assumed you would... hey please.
Nobody knows about Sisoti,
- and should never know
about it too. Get it? - Okay.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I thought you would appreciate.
- If someone sees it,
- You'd like it.
We will be doomed. Do you know that?
Oh no!
Please, please.
You might like.
No, that's hurting. Don't do that.
That's a beautiful pair of eyes,
you made it black.
Please don't.
You know you have no right to do.
I'm sorry 'Slap girl'.
So, you're an artist.
Quite a cool one at that.
I'll break your bones if
you're ever seen around Sisoti.
Yeah, I didn't get it but that's a...
Avinash, you're awake? All good?
Oh yes, but why are you still awake?
Where are you back from?
I just went out to dispose the garbage.
So, tell me.
Nothing, I just felt...
...hope you're fine.
Why worry when I have a son like you?
Look, I am absolutely fine.
Hi babe.
Hey Avinash, there is a girl in your room?
She is a friend.
Friend or a girlfriend?
What are you talking, mom?
We are working together on a project.
After all I am your mom.
Come on introduce me. What is her name?
Come Stuti.
- Hi aunty, how are you?
- Absolutely fine.
- Avinash is always talking about you.
- Is it!
You won't believe...
...all his mom talks have
made me know you very well.
He is crazy.
Anything else?
But you guys have fun in Mumbai.
Wander all around.
We can hardly do that...
...as half our life is stuck in
traffic and metro constructions.
Actually, I want to visit Kutch.
Hey Avinash, next month is
your father's museum inauguration.
Bring Stuti to Kutch.
Oh wow. Definitely aunty.
I would love it. Right Avi?
Why don't you guys' exchange numbers?
You'll can keep chatting constantly.
- Avinash.
- Avi.
Okay don't worry. I'll bring her.
- Got to study now, bye.
- Bye.
Hey wait.
Please don't stop talking to me.
First of all, why did you lie to me?
Listen to me.
Why do you hide your
family conflicts from me?
I would rather spend time talking
about us when we are together.
Why would I bore you
with my domestic fights?
Honestly Dharmesh...
...I'm feeling guilty.
Keeping Monghi in the dark...
I feel sorry for her.
Listen Mamta,
all your talks really confuse me.
Why don't you ever take me seriously?
You always escape.
Are you going to remain like this forever?
I can't answer your
difficult queries right now.
But will answer gradually.
Actually, it's my first love affair.
Very funny.
I love it when you smile.
Honestly, even I enjoyed talking
to you after so long.
I really missed you.
Even you say, I missed you too.
Where did you disappear?
Mamta, I'll call you back.
- Okay.
- Is everything fine?
- I will call you back.
- Okay okay.
Throw it this side and pass it here.
- What are you doing?
- Serve tea to all.
- I will also drink.
- Catch her!
- Don't do this with her.
- Leave her.
Hey, she'll get hurt.
- What is she doing?
- Hey, leave her!
- What are you doing?
- Leave my hand.
What kind of dance is she doing?
- Tell her..
- Hey what's all this ruckus?
- Hey, she'll get hurt.
- Say?
How did he get here?
Why are you'll scared?
Baiji you too? Along with them?
Why not.
Do your husbands know that
you'll staining their reputations?
Even if they are aware...
...the world isn't going to be doomed.
Baiji these women...
Listen don't stretch the matter.
To cut the long story short,
just leave from here.
Monghi, let's go home.
Why do men feel that yelling
can make them coerce their wives?
Don't laugh.
Shameless women.
Off with veils and puffing away!
Monghi, are you smoking with them too?
Shameless woman.
Come on.
Had you worried about our health...
...we wouldn't have even touched it.
before you lose your honour completely.
And I'll break your bones
if you ever expose Sisoti.
Then don't complain that I didn't warn you.
- Come come.
- First tell me...
- I think that's the house.
- ...where will you keep them?
In your house?
Baiji, see here.
The people having camel
has come to sell salt, I think.
Hey you, what do you want?
Are you here to sell salt?
Where are your camels?
Hi, I am Madan, the street artist.
Is it a new kind of salt?
Not salt.
And this one...this doors.
- Oh the one who colours.
- Painter.
- Anyways, festival time is commencing soon.
- Yeah, she's the one.
- Right place right here.
- Come.
After you, please.
Let's go.
Come. This is my home.
And I am Baiji.
- This..
- Baiji. Baiji is world famous.
This wall needs to be painted.
- Right from here to over there.
- Guys.
From top to bottom.
Paint it beautifully.
- Colour..
- Holy cow.
Hey look at those cows.
- Hello.
- Hey don't harass Roopvati.
- How are you cow?
- Come here.
You are not here to play the coloring game.
- Hey girl, come here.
- Guys, let's listen to her. Come
Guys, come.
Come on, get started.
- Okay.
- And listen...
...I'll just serve you
tea and give you meals.
Nothing else for you labor.
I am making it very clear,
or else glory to Ramapir.
Glory to Ramapir?
Glory to Ramapir?
- Let's do it come on.
- Glory to Ramapir!
Wow, they killed it!
Are you going to fill
red color in the flower?
No. No.
You carry on. Fair lady.
Is this your work uniform?
So awesome to wear loose baggy clothes.
Tea time.
Hey Madan, tea for you.
- Wow, tea.
- Yes.
I love tea.
Oh sorry.
It's okay.
Burnt your hand?
- Hey.
- Amazing.
Can I also do something?
In school, I aced in doodling.
I got full marks for it.
- Okay.
- Can I draw something?
- Climb on it?
- Yes, on this.
Come, come. Now.
- Give me your hand and climb up.
- Let's go.
That's it.
How cool!
Are you fine?
Give me.
Glory to Ramapir.
How's it?
Go on don't stop.
Should I do more?
Yes, please.
What are you doing? Get down.
What are you doing here?
- Hey, Slap girl.
- Move away.
He isn't a thief.
- By his clothes, even I assumed so.
- Guys she is the one...
But he is a nice guy.
You don't know him.
- Lower your voice, he is doing it for free.
- That's her.
We won't find a painter like him.
- I'll kick him out once it's done.
- He knows about our Sisoti.
Even your hubby knows,
did it make a difference?
How can my daughter-in-law
always be so timid?
Be bold.
Meet my daughter-in-law.
Look, I drew the clouds.
Do you want to make the sun?
Yes, come on.
- It's super fun. Do it.
- Come on, go for it.
Monghi, where are you off too?
Oh god.
- No glory to Ramapir?
- May I?
- Sure, please.
- Give it..
Hi mom.
Hello aunty.
You'll left?
We are on the way,
we might get late, as train is delayed.
Oh no. Okay fine I'll inform dad.
Mom, I am coming for you, not for dad.
Hope you've packed formal clothes.
I don't want to see you in shorts.
Mom, it's not my wedding.
Don't worry aunty,
I've already bought a new kurta for him.
- So nice.
- Oh wow. Okay safe journey.
I'll hang up now, your dad is calling me.
- Bye.
- Bye, aunty.
Yes, say.
I might return late.
- And listen.
- Yes.
Baiji is refusing to come for museum's
inauguration tomorrow.
- So, could you please speak with her?
- Yes I..
Okay, I'll talk to her.
Okay. Thank you.
I'm planning to wear this saree and...
...this sleeveless blouse tomorrow.
Though I have never worn but,
Dharmesh might like it so...
What are you going to wear?
Oh my...
Who made you upset?
Let me tell you before you butter me up.
I'm not going anywhere.
Baiji. Museum is his dream project.
It'll be awful if you're not
present on his most important day.
Everything is incomplete without you.
Does this thought ever occur to him?
Irrespective of that.
But you're the mother.
You have to care about everyone.
I am not as large hearted as you.
You can go if you wish to.
Don't take his side.
'Like tree like fruit.'
'Like mother like daughter.'
Even I am not going anywhere.
We have to guide the
one who is lost his way...
...or he will stray away forever.
No, I can't do it.
- Minister will be arriving soon.
- Yes sir.
- Hope all preparations are done.
- Yes It's done sir..
- Please recheck it.
- Okay sir.
- Guests have already started arriving.
- Okay. - Okay sir.
- It'll be crowded soon.
- Okay.
- Please be very efficient.
- Okay sir.
Sir they have...
- You all can go.
- Okay sir.
Welcome Baiji.
God bless you.
So good of you to come.
You have done a good job.
Please come.
They have come along too.
- My birdies.
- Yes.
Cutie pie!
- Welcome. That's nice.
- Hey Madan, my man.
- Hope you didn't have any
difficulty reaching here. - No.
Be with me, I feel lost here.
She is looking very pretty.
Wow great.
And what about me?
Okay let me introduce you.
Hey girls, come here.
- Hey ladies, come here.
- Let's go.
- He is Madan.
- Hello.
- There is something stuck on your face.
- What?
You look very handsome.
Hey Dharmesh...
Wow, you're looking pretty.
Thank you.
- Something is happening there?
Why Baiji went there? - Who are you?
Baiji, she is Mamta.
- Oh, I see.
- Namaste.
I've heard a lot about you.
Hello sir, Dharmesh.
Mrs. Shobhna, how are you?
I'm fine.
Meet my mom.
And that's my mom.
Oh namaste, please have sweets.
Why? Is your daughter's wedding fixed?
I'll treat the entire town for that.
This is to celebrate museums inauguration.
You know, they both have
sloughed day and night for it.
Please have it.
This is for you.
- Thank you.
Sister Monghi, you also have it.
- Mamta. Minister is here.
- Let's go.
Go there.
- You should be there too.
- Move aside everyone.
- But what will I do there?
- Why are you standing with me? Go there.
- But..
- Please.
- But I...
- You will get time for press.
- Please go behind.
- Please move aside.
- Excuse me. Everyone move aside.
- Come please.
Please make space.
- Get away from the front.
- Welcome sir.
- Come sir.
- Run, don't stand here like a pillar.
Go run, go.
Why isn't Monghi picking up the call?
Where is she?
- Dharmesh, listen to me.
- Yeah.
Where is Monghi.
She isn't picking up calls.
- I saw her an hour ago.
- But where is she now?
- Dharmesh.
- Yeah.
Hope she isn't upset
and has left from here.
Maybe by seeing us together.
Don't over think.
And this isn't the right time for it.
Fine you tell me the auspicious time,
whenever I start the conversation...
I have to fetch my son from the station.
Hey didn't you have to drop
some of your guests to the station.
Let's go together.
I don't want to go with you.
Now what's wrong with you? Hey Mamta.
Listen to me, Mamta.
Why are you always chasing me?
The speed with which you ran from there,
I assumed...
That I'll run away?
Where can I run away here?
That's true.
Beautiful place.
Rann of Kutch, an amazing canvas.
Finally, Kutch.
Where is Mom? We are getting late.
Avinash. I am here.
- Let's go.
- Where is mom?
Your dad is here to receive you.
Let's exchange some pleasantries at least.
Hi dad, where is mom?
She might have returned back with Baiji.
- Might? But weren't you guys together?
- Yes.
How can you be so careless?
It's okay.
Do you need something dear?
The taxi stand is outside.
Dad, she is with me.
What do you mean by that?
She is my girlfriend.
Let's go, Stuti. Let's get out of here.
- Bye uncle.
- Hey.
What's this?
It's Johnny.
Who Johnny?
Johnny, the caterpillar.
Don't you know it's story?
Yeah, caterpillar.
So, Johnny dreamt...
...that it was flying.
He told everyone,
about his dream of flying.
Please help me to fly.
Please help me to fly.
But nobody helped him.
He slept and hibernated
and fell into a flower.
Then slowly and gradually,
Johnny kept flapping his hands.
Kept flapping and flapping,
and finally flew away.
It became a butterfly.
- You know, little butterfly.
- Are you done?
Didn't you like the story.
I detest everything right now.
What was the last thing that you liked?
Come on, tell me?
The other day...
...when I made the sun on the wall...
...and everyone clapped.
I loved it.
So, you should do what you like.
Carefully. - Avi,
that's not the way to talk to your dad.
- I was tired and I'm hungry.
- Still, that was very rude.
- Let me eat at least.
- Just met him at the train.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Whatever, how does it matter to you?
Fine do, let me go.
You don't tell me what to do.
- I will do what I want.
- Hey!
- Listen I have no interest in
talking to you. - Hey just a moment.
What's the matter?
Dharmesh, let's go from here.
Dharmesh? Let's go!
- Dad she...
- Dharmesh you.. Dad?
One minute.
You both know each other? How?
- How?
- He is my...
She is my school senior.
Oh, childhood friends.
- Since childhood!
- She is my ex-girlfriend.
But dad, tell me something.
How does she know you?
She is my... she is my office colleague.
- Yeah.
- Office!
- Yes.
- Dharmesh.
- Wait a minute.
- Office.
Oh, so Akash was talking about her.
- What are you talking about?
- Avinash.
What am I talking about?
- Just a moment, Avinash.
- What?
Please calm down, Avinash.
- You don't know her; she is very clever.
- Avi!
- Hey!
- Hey mind your language.
- Mind my language!
- Avi please calm down.
- What is this?
- Okay, sorry. Sorry.
- Please calm down.
- I can't keep calm.
- Please understand son.
- Where is mom?
But I am here to fetch you.
- Sorry uncle.
- Please explain him.
- What's this Mamta.
- Seriously!
I don't want to talk to you.
Hey but what's my fault?
Someone listen to me.
What would you like to
do at this very moment?
Like right now.
Right here.
- Don't leave it.
- You will not fall.
But I don't know.
Come on, you can do it.
- Okay. Okay.
- Hold it.
- You got to go now. You got to go now.
- Hold it.
I'll fall off.
Johnny, come on. You can do it.
Come on, you can do it.
Come on. You're a brave girl.
Put your legs down.
Come on.
Don't fall.
There was space in the car.
Mamta could have sat with us.
Whose bike, is it?
It belongs to... a friend.
Which friend?
Can't I have a friend?
Stuti dear, don't fear.
This is our daily routine.
Either you'll blend with us,
or we'll rub off on you.
If you need anything,
please let me know dear.
Don't worry be comfortable.
- Consider it your home.
- Sure.
- Want some more?
- Yeah.
So dear, tell me what are your hobbies?
I make vlogs, uncle.
- Actually, it's not just a hobby.
- Yes.
I make video blogs.
So, I travel to new places,
and explore their culture.
- Understand their life styles.
- Okay.
I love it.
Wow, that's very interesting.
Actually, I really like the
fact that you came to Kutch...
...and are exploring new things here.
That too alone.
Independent woman.
A woman should always
explore all the possibilities.
And I totally support women empowerment.
Stuti, pack your bags.
We can check into a hotel.
Young girls aren't safe in this house.
Hey, I am your dad.
Sit down.
Till I am alive,
nobody leaves their meals midway.
Sit down.
Don't desecrate food on an auspicious day.
Sit down.
Nobody is leaving.
Aunty, the pasta is very yummy.
Is it? I've also made dessert.
You got to eat it too.
How can everyone remain so calm?
Say something.
You are not being
captured on a CCTV camera.
So, speak out. Vent out the inner emotions.
Aren't you'll exasperated
by the happy family act?
Can I tell you a secret?
If you think the world is living the
life exactly the way you're leading.
It's not true at all.
So be real.
- Enough. Stop it.
- Let me tell you about today's incident.
My ex-girlfriend was publicly holding
dad's hands and calling him by his name.
God knows what that was.
And my mom, who is so predictable...
...suddenly enters with a
swag on a random bullet.
Baiji, you are feisty
and fiery for the world...
...but everything is happening
right under your nose.
But your eyes are shut...
...so, you're not aware of anything at all.
And you know, what?
Oh no.
This is the situation of our family.
And this is because of you.
- Hope you enjoy your stay at the Ravals.
- Happy...
Happy diwali to everyone one,
can I come in?
Oh, I'm already in.
Wow, everything is so beautiful...
Cutie pie.
Hello Slap girl?
Welcome, come in.
Yeah, your presence was being missed!
He is the painter.
You all appear stunning
and a little anxious.
Yes, you are right on time.
Sit. You can watch a hit movie for free...
...and have delicious pastas too. Join in.
No, I just brought you a gift.
My bullet keys please?
Happy Diwali.
So where are your jingbang friends?
- Waiting outside.
- Call them in.
- No, please don't take the trouble.
- My kitchen is always stacked...
...and Monghi can feed us all.
- Call them in.
- Are you sure?
Hey guys, come on, join in.
Guys, glory to Ramapir.
- Glory to Ramapir.
- Quickly join in.
Meet everyone. Say Happy Diwali.
Very nice family.
Lots of food is on the table.
- Happy diwali!
- Come.
Happy Diwali.
- Hey, how are you?
- Hii come here.
Come sit.
- What is it?
- Most important part of the evening.
Baiji this is for you.
And this is yours.
They are not shoes,
but an appointment letter.
Government has given our team
the contract to beautify the town...
...with traditional kutchi art and design.
For that we need more of
the slap girl and cutie pie.
Please join us.
You'll can carry on...
...but for me it's only my
family and the kitchen.
That's the only art.
Have you forgotten Johnny's story?
Hey you our women
folks don't step out to work.
Get out of here.
Come on, get out.
- What?
- But uncle...
Isn't this empowering women?
Okay, help me wear them.
Oh it is tight.
It fits me well.
"The desert may be salty,"
"The desert may be salty,"
"its water is sweet"
"its water is sweet."
"The land may be barren
but the people are happy..."
"Saw happy people."
"No stole is color less,
no handkerchief is colourless,"
"Today my heart is full of joy..!"
"No stole is color less,
no handkerchief is colourless,"
"Today my heart is full of joy..!"
"The small whirlwinds
do big amazing things,"
"Today my heart is full of joy..!"
"No stole is color less,
no handkerchief is colourless,"
"Today my heart is full of joy..!"
"She is in high spirits, her body is agile."
"Don't ask her, don't question her."
"Her tresses are flying,
her stole is fluttering."
"Her legs are tired with dancing,
he mind is in turmoil."
"Do not stop her, do not scold her,"
"The saffron has combines with the red.."
"With this new spirit with some new desire,"
"Dear Kutch reverberates,
it reverberates round the year..."
"The sky is spread with colors,
My sisters became kites..."
"The sky is spread with colors,
My sisters became kites..."
"They fly all around, they fly with speed,
On wings of hope..."
"They fly all around, they fly with speed,
On wings of hope..."
"Today there is a tumult
in the grains of sand,"
"The heart is full of joy..!"
"No stole is color less,
no handkerchief is colourless,"
"Today my heart is full of joy..!"
What is this?
My life.
So, am I supposed to applaud
at these filmy dialogues?
What's wrong with you?
Neither do you call me,
nor reply to my messages.
Oh, so you have blocked me.
So what should I do?
- I had to after what
happened at the station... - No no.
Please please I don't want to hear that.
I don't want to know anything.
I just know that I love you.
- And I can do anything for you.
- There is a difference in words and deeds.
I want to take this
relation to the next level.
I want to settle down.
I can't live as the
'other woman' all my life.
So, can you give me that life?
See I...
This is our future.
- Clueless.
- No.
That's not true.
But it's over now.
What is over?
- At least from my end it is.
- What are you saying?
What are you doing?
Dharmesh, leave.
No, Mamta. We will find a way.
Just give me some time. Please.
There is a way.
Leave them all and come to me.
So, tell me,
can you make this decision right now?
No? You can't!
Then let me stick to my decision.
No Mamta.
Don't make any decisions in anger.
We will think about it calmly. Okay.
- I've already made my decision Dharmesh.
- No.
Please don't do this to me.
Dharmesh, please leave.
Mamta, I...
Are you serious?
I'm sure.
Why are you sitting here all alone?
Tell me.
No, it's nothing.
Are you having a head ache?
Let me give you an oil massage.
I won't listen to you.
You need it.
You're working hard the
entire day without a break.
Oil massage will give relief.
- What are you doing?
- Wait a minute.
- I said no.
- You'll feel much lighter.
I don't need it.
You'll get a good night sleep too.
I said no, don't you get it!
Stupid woman, go away.
Irritating me!
Get lost.
Oh god.
Even if the frog saves the scorpion,
the scorpion will yet sting it.
Come on, puff it.
No, no. I can't smoke.
Why? Is it because I am not Madan?
Your difficult questions
really have no answers.
My dear,
that's a typical mother-in-law trait.
But Baiji, thank you.
How would I have survived without you?
Nobody is indispensable in this world.
Everyone has to travel their own journey.
You are not Baiji,
but an incarnation of the witty Birbal.
You have answers for everything.
My dear,
that's a typical mother-in-law trait.
Cover up.
- It's very cold.
- Yes.
Is it true that...
...that stars can predict our future?
I have heard it too.
God knows if it's true or not.
Wouldn't it be great...
...if we could realign the stars.
Women of our tribe believe...
...that even if your
life is plain and dull...
...your veil should always be colorful.
Why should we wait for the
almighty to change our lives?
By hook or crook...
...snatch away your happiness.
'Mamta, I want to meet you'.
What did you think?
That your beauty and fluent English...
...will pale me in comparison.
This isn't a puppet show.
But a marriage of 22 years.
You can charm in a snap of a finger...
...but can't break a home.
It's good that you came...
...I wanted to talk to you.
I wanted to tell you something too.
First your turn.
I'll come straight to the point.
Since the past 9 months.
Dharmesh and me were in a relationship.
And trust me,
it wasn't a frivolous relation.
Yes, I knew he was married.
And had a son.
But I don't know why...
Why I couldn't stop myself
from falling in love with him.
I wanted to take the
relationship to the next level.
But Dharmesh and you...
And I respect that...
...so I...
...broke up with him.
Please believe me...
...now there isn't anything between us.
Actually I...
...should be apologizing to you.
I am not sorry about my love for him.
Do you want something?
Listen to me.
Go ahead.
I met.
You met Mamta?
Don't tell her anything.
I didn't say a word to her.
See Monghi.
I should have told you earlier but...
I was waiting for the appropriate time.
- That's why..
- Let's forget the past and move ahead.
Moving ahead, means?
With whom?
With whom!
We both together.
Just a minute, Monghi.
We were never close to each other.
It was always, you and me...
...and never 'us'.
Please don't say that.
Accept the fact, Monghi.
You're living in an illusion,
that we are together.
- It's my illusion?
- Yes.
My illusion!
I've invested 22 years of my
life in your so-called illusion.
Given birth to a son.
I am the pillar of the family.
Suffered all the adversities,
for the betterment of the family.
And you think it's an illusion?
Listen, Monghi.
Mamta came into my life 9 months ago.
But even before that, we never had
any dreamy romance which is dead now.
Mamta has taught me
the real meaning of love.
She is the first woman
whom I fell in love with.
And now that she is gone,
don't even think of replacing her.
Please listen.
You're angry now.
We'll discuss again when you calm down.
And what are we going to discuss about?
How much milk does Roopvati give?
Your kitchen tales.
Listen Monghi.
You'll always remain the frog in the well.
There is no cure.
Monghi has lost her charm.
Others are easily available.
Why are you exaggerating and gossiping.
- Rather we should support her.
- What?
Lend her some support.
Rubbing salts on her wounds.
Hear how she is defending Monghi.
- You just said that she has lost...
- Hey you..
Hey look, who is here to meet us.
- Namaste
- My lovely birdies.
This is the first time we have
allowed a man into our Sisoti.
But this man has glorified women's work.
Yes, that true.
So, on behalf of each and every one,
and from Sisoti, a big thank you.
- Take it.
- Thank you.
Thank you to you, Baiji.
And to Monghi.
Because of both of you,
my Hindi has improved.
I wouldn't have met the others,
and worked together.
So Baiji if you permit,
can I come to the point.
- Can I?
- Yes, that's why you are here.
Okay, so I have envelopes with
each and everyone's name on it.
- For you.
Though art is priceless.
Don't open, I'll inform you about it.
But there is a price for
the hard work of the artist. - Yes.
If artists get a suitable platform...
...not only do they earn well...
...but are respected too.
- What is in it?
- Let me tell you what's in it.
What is it?
Baiji, this is for you.
This envelope contains your first salary.
- Your first project has concluded.
- What?
Everyone has received
a check of 25,000 rupees.
- 25,000. - This is your hard-earned money.
- Clap for yourselves.
Clap your hand.
I've seen for the first time in
my life this large amount of cheque. - Yes.
Go and take the cheque along
to meet the manager of the bank.
We haven't seen this much
money in our lives. - Open my account.
- Baiji see this fantastic three zeroes.
- 25,000 so much!
I cannot accept this.
- What has happened to her?
- Why she can't take it.
I broke what we had made there.
What's broken can be joined too.
It's upto you.
Oh, I too can't accept it.
- Wait I'm also coming.
- Then we can't accept it too.
Take it.
Why are you returning back the cheques?
Let's go.
Oh, so is it only your tongue that moves?
- Move your limbs for once too.
- Monghi wait I'm also coming.
Just now you were
preaching us to support her.
- So now we are with her.
- Monghi wait I'll also come.
- Let's go.
- Yes we will join her.
- Come fast.
- Where is she gone?
Hey, wait, I'm also coming.
Hey, I am coming. Take me along with you.
Did you see the women of our Sisoti?
They shade each other,
even under the scorching sun.
Such selfless women!
Tell me something?
Why have you named it Sisoti?
Why not society?
Society? Never at all.
Society remains mute.
We would rather whistle!
Hey wait for me, don't go away.
- Sisoti!
- I'm also coming.
"She feels happy with the colors,
she expresses her emotions."
"She feels happy painting the walls..."
"She celebrated herself,
and feels happy in her mind and."
"With tears flowing, she smiles..."
"She paints new stories on the walls."
"She gives small shrieks of joy..."
"Dear ladies-sisters-daughters,
little girls."
"They secretly colour their beloved.."
"They secretly colour their beloved.."
"They secretly colour their beloved.."
For your first salary.
Thank you.
I have got a gift for you too.
What's this?
Holiday package.
For Mumbai.
For both of us.
Now along with doing the household chores...
...I will also travel the world with you.
Pack your bags.
I have done all the preparations.
I don't want to go anywhere with you.
Avi, calm down. Okay.
Avi, what the hell?
- Who is it?
- What was that noise?
- Who is it?
- It's done. Let's go.
- Please.
- Please be careful.
How are you?
I'm sure,
you must be the only one enjoying.
Mom, please go in.
- But he...
- Mom...
...remain inside. I'll be back.
Why are you here?
Just came to check.
How does it feel to be a home breaker?
You must be getting a good night sleep.
Take it easy Avi.
Yes, I am taking it easy.
As easily she decided to
have an affair with my father.
So, after you were done with the son,
it was the father's turn.
Oh sorry, sorry.
You are fallen out of love from him too.
Is it over?
Exactly my thoughts.
I thought everything would
be over after our breakup.
But you took revenge.
Yes, I accept that I cheated.
...having an affair with my father! I mean.
What the hell where you trying to prove?
Hearing your dumb talks...
...I feel I wasn't entirely wrong
in breaking up with you.
Your childish behaviour still persists.
But you have grown up.
Indulging in adulterous affairs.
Avi, let's leave.
Just a moment. Just wait.
One last word.
You have done whatever evil you could.
Everything is ruined.
If you have any sense,
or any shame left, then leave from here.
Don't ever forget,
that you are responsible for ruining...
...a naive and simple woman's life.
And till you don't regret about it
you shall never be happy. Okay.
Don't forget.
Karma is a bitch and so are you.
Enough Avi. Let's go.
- Why did you meet her?
- Listen to me, mom.
What should I hear?
Should I praise you for it.
- You are over reacting.
- Behaving like a goon.
- This isn't my upbringing.
- Aunty please.
- She was the rift between dad and you.
- Shut up.
- Trying to solve parents' issue!
- Aunty please.
Have you grown up enough?
- That too in front of your girlfriend.
- Aunty please.
Good that she is wise,
or else what would you have done?
- Answer me.
- You want to hit me?
Fine, thrash me.
Yes, I am dumb.
I am an idiot.
And you? Aren't you very prudent?
Why can't you see what's visible to all?
I can't see you like this.
Please relax.
Avi please.
Please don't say anything...
- ...I am taking aunty inside.
- Your son is right.
The truth is evidently
visible to the world.
Baiji, it's a misunderstanding.
Dharmesh and I are still talking.
What exactly are you'll talking about?
You don't want to
disclose in front of the kids.
No worries, come here.
Sit here and write it down for me.
Hold it.
Fine, leave that.
Write down five instances where
Dharmesh and you were together.
Take this.
What's all this?
You want to clear the misunderstandings.
And we want an answer.
Come on write it.
Can't remember anything?
Fine, I'll give you the answer.
Divorce papers.
You would have never asked for yourself.
In this, we support you.
But you'll have to make the decision.
Baiji, I am guilty of hurting you.
If it's about finding faults,
then I am guilty too.
I am also liable for whatever has occurred.
I had chosen Monghi for you.
I asked you to marry her.
- But wasn't it for my well being?
- But..
But I didn't ask for your consent.
Though I support Monghi...
...but I can't forget that I am your mother.
Your nest has scattered.
This nest is still intact...
...just that the bird has made a new nest.
- Baiji.
- Stop crying.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Who is this?
I wanted to come here with you since long.
But never imagined it to be in this manner.
Whatever transpired between us...
...you might feel...
I mean, it's very sad.
Don't say anything.
Anyways we have always
been silent in our relationship.
Only after unclenching what
was precious to the heart...
...did I realize it was worthless.
I'll sign on the divorce
papers today itself.
You want a divorce.
Yes I want.
But not me alone.
Monghi, you have moved on very quickly.
To move ahead in life...
...you just have to take the first step.
"With the ocean in the eyes,
carrying dreams in the wings."
"With the ocean in the eyes,
carrying dreams in the wings."
"Want to remain in the space for a while."
"Then want to fly like
a bird in the horizon."
"I want to fly like a bird in the sky."
We'll all miss you.
Don't forget about us.
Come quickly again
and write a letter for us.
- Don't forget to write a letter for us.
- Yes.
- Oh my dearest son. My Madan.
- Baiji!
- Greetings Baiji.
- God bless you.
- I'll miss you a lot.
- I too will miss you cutie pie.
You didn't bring anything for me.
Didn't you think about me?
You have already forgotten me.
- Bye. Bye guys.
- This is right.
- Hey Instagram, bye.
- Bye.
Bye, Sisoti' (Whistlers Club).
Thank you for making my Hindi better.
- Go.
- Come on Johnny.
- Go sit on a train.
- Keep flying.
Baiji, let's click a selfie.
Thank you.
No space for that.
- I'm over packed.
- Click a photo.
- Thank you from my heart.
- Everyone come behind Baiji.
If you really mean it...
...then hop onto to the train.
Hop into the train.
- Please help her to get into the train.
- What?
- One second.
- Have you gone crazy?
My life belongs here.
Which life are you talking about?
The one that you just left behind?
Johnny can fly in Mumbai.
Can fly in the world.
Hey Monghi go.
Mom, that makes sense.
What sense? Where will I stay?
Everything will get sorted.
- Go Monghi.
- My luggage?
We will get it.
What? And ticket?
Just make your mind and hop in,
rest all will be sorted.
- Everything will be done, you go mummy.
- What about Roopvati?
- She doesn't give milk on seeing you.
- Come on aunty.
- Baiji, how can I live without you?
- Johnny, get on the train.
I am not a child, I will handle myself.
You go.
- Baiji, no.
- Go, my child.
What is this Baiji?
- "I want to fly like a bird in the sky."
- Baiji!
Like tree like fruit.
Like mother like daughter.
I don't want to go without you.
No, I can't.
Hey, no.
"I want to fly like a bird in the sky."
"Fly like a bird."
- "Fly like a bird."
- Glory to Ramapir!
"Fly like a bird."
"Fly like a bird"
"I want to fly like a bird in the sky"