Kuthiraivaal (2021) Movie Script

Sleep climbs over the walls
Of time and lands in a dream
On waking, a tail twirls between his legs
A cigarette-burnt finger
A forgotten dream
Where did this tail come from?
How can I go out with this?
Maybe only I can see it!
Be quiet, boy.
Shut up.
Get inside. Come on!
A tail has grown out of nowhere.
Everyone's staring at me!
Can women ever
have peace of mind?
-Pervert! Who do you think you are?
-Catch hold of him!
What do I do now?
Last night, I went to sleep.
I don't know what
happened when I was asleep.
I woke up with a tail grown on me.
But I won't meet a psychiatrist.
Whatever comes in
my sleep is just a dream.
But I can't remember anything!
Is the dream a problem?
My strange dream has
caused me a lot of suffering.
It has left me confused.
The dreams within
dreams has crippled me.
The taste of madness is stuck to my tongue
and I would often
grind my teeth at night.
My wife complained that she
couldn't sleep peacefully at night.
I will still not meet the psychiatrist.
If I meet the psychiatrist and
tell him about my dream,
they'll just make up some disease,
chain me up
and brand me a madman.
I was tortured by the dream's evil
energy and consumed by darkness.
At that time, I saw a titled
house under a banyan tree
near the Kelambakkam Bus stand.
There lived a soothsayer
who interprets dreams.
My wife's younger brother said that
her predictions always come true.
Who's that?
I came to see you.
Why did you come to meet me?
I heard that you interpret dreams.
That's what the blog said.
What does a "blag" mean?
It means, a computer.
Why do they write about all this?
No one needs to know.
We want to stay hidden.
I heard that your interpretations
are always correct.
If my children found out, they'd kill me!
Why are you squirming?
That's my problem.
That's why I came to see you.
What is your problem? Tell me.
Do dreams come true, Grandma?
Of course!
Dreams are nothing
but the world's desires.
By interpreting dreams
they were able to save an
entire country from famine.
What are you saying?
During Biblical times,
there once lived a king.
He had a strange dream.
He dreamt of seven fat
buffaloes who were grazing in a field.
And out of nowhere, seven
famished-looking buffaloes appeared
and swallowed the
seven healthy buffaloes.
No one knew its meaning.
The ministers racked
their brains but it was of no use.
Then, a fortune-teller
who had heard of the
king's predicament
listened to the dream
and gave an interpretation.
The seven fat
buffaloes signified
seven years of prosperity.
The seven starving
buffaloes represented
seven years of famine.
The past seven prosperous years
will be swallowed by seven
years of famine.
Through this, they were
able to prevent the famine.
Instead of looking at
dreams as disorders,
they searched for its meaning
and solved many problems.
Why are you squirming continuously?
That's the problem, Grandma!
I was sleepy last night.
I fell asleep.
I think I had a dream.
I woke up with a startle!
I woke up and realized
that I'd grown a horse's tail.
Look here!
Yes, Grandma!
There's no tail!
What are you saying, Grandma?
Can't you see the tail?
It's right here!
It isn't visible to me!
Even while you are talking to me,
the tail is thrashing from head to toe!
How did the tail grow?
What was your dream?
I can foretell only if
you tell me your dream.
I can't remember anything.
Close your eyes and think.
See if you remember anything.
"Atop an endless wall,
embedded with shards of glass,
walks elegantly, a word called "cat".
Yes, a word.
When it is followed for a while,
it turns into a sentence.
And if the sentence's motion,
were pierced by a shard of glass,
the blood that trickles down
the wall and can be read like a poem.
If you expect it to be a poem
about a cat, you will be fooled."
In an affluent apartment
building in West Mambalam,
a middle-aged man was found
dead along with 200 syringes of blood.
The man, identified as Babu,
is survived by his
wife and daughter.
I am the oasis
That quenches thirst wherever you go
Hello, sir. Are you off to work?
I am the tune sung by waterfalls
In the mountains
Look at them.
The dogs aren't like humans.
They express their
deepest feelings by licking.
That's the reason why
their tongue is always moist. Hey!
-Give me a clove cigarette.
-I survive with whatever I find next
Where are you going?
-And satiate my hunger everyday
The scene changes even as we see it
How mysterious is this life?
With no goal or yearning
I am the wonder that lives on
Don't get me wrong, sir.
I didn't steal the flame.
I just shared it.
Loneliness is not a good feeling.
We only see doors having
conversations in apartments.
Loneliness is a never-ending spiral.
It goes on and on.
Once when I was sleeping,
I woke up and saw that all
the loneliness in my heart
overflowed in the form
of tears from my eyes.
That's when I got the frog.
By "frog", I don't mean
the actual frog but him.
This leash
is not meant to control him.
This is the bond between us.
Let's go.
You haven't filled the
account holder's name.
What's the account holder's name?
Please fill it.
Why do you need the name?
Why are these stupid formalities needed?
I can tell you the account
number, and you can verify it.
I've filled the branch
name correctly, right?
You can check it with the same.
Why do you need the name?
You've labelled everything
with numbers, right?
If I deposit a large sum of cash,
you'll ask for my PAN number.
If that isn't enough,
you'll ask for ID proof as well.
Everything is marked in numbers anyway.
Token number--
Isn't name a pointless identity?
Counter number two!
aren't you Professor Stuart Koteeswaran?
Sir, I'm your student!
How are you?
I tried to draw your name
from the vault of my lost memory
by scratching my head.
It's been ages, right?
One minute, sir.
Get back to work now.
Visit me at home later.
Definitely, sir.
See you, then.
There is a gap over there.
Why isn't a gap here?
Maybe humans are used to
seeing everything through a window.
Token number three.
Counter number two.
Token number five.
Counter number two.
The account number is wrong.
The account number is wrong!
Did you hear what I said?
Hello, Mr. Saravanan?
Sorry, wrong--
Sir, isn't this flat 11-B?
What do you want?
Sir, I'm from IDB Life Insurance.
-Don't your remember me?
Sir, the nameboard
reads Saravanan a well.
Is today a holiday?
I'm a bit stressed.
I can see that, sir.
Sir, we had a premium plan six months ago
and I had come as a
representative of my company.
-Sorry. Something seems wrong.
-There's no one here by that name.
-No, sir.
I spoke to you on the phone yesterday.
Excuse me. Didn't you
explain this yesterday?
Tell me the formalities.
Let's get it over with.
Definitely, sir.
Sir "Saravanan."
You need to fill the name as "Saravanan."
Please fill the application
and sign on the places I've marked.
I think you don't remember it.
It's Saravanan, sir!
Sir, you had filled your
name as "Saravanan"
in the previous year's
application as well.
I remember it.
My name is Freud!
No, sir. Your name is Saravanan.
I'm sure about it.
Counter number five.
Mrs. Kowski Kirupaakaran,
can you manage my
counter for ten minutes?
-Wait a minute.
Please process my transaction first.
Token number one--
I got a call from the apartment.
I forgot to close the tap.
Can I go out for ten minutes?
I'll just close it and come back.
Okay, who will look after your counter?
Mrs. Kowski Kirupaakaran
said that she will handle it.
Okay, make it quick.
Thank you, sir.
He is always careless!
Token number one.
In the fire accident that occurred
at Ervadi's private sanatorium,
more than 30 mentally
challenged patients were killed.
After this, the High Court passed a rule
to not chain the patients.
Though the practice was abolished,
but situations have changed recently.
The practice of chaining patients
in mental institutions is resurfacing.
Amazon forest is home to
over one million people.
Their representatives
cite capitalist greed
as the main reason for these fires.
Corporates plunder natural resources--
Oh, no!
I'm late.
Ms. Kowski.
Token number three-six--
Counter number five.
Sir, I'm at a client's place.
The client's name is Saravanan, sir.
But he says it's Freud!
His previous application
reads the name as "Saravanan."
I think maybe he changed his name.
What's your name, mister?
What's your name?
Would you like it if
I changed your name?
You're trying to
destroy my identity.
-Sir? You're getting me--
-You're all in on this together.
No, sir. I'm just a marketing--
What proof do you
have that I'm Saravanan?
-Aadhaar-- Sir!
-Tell me!
I have your government ID!
If you show me your Aadhaar card,
we can clarify this once and for all.
Sir, I'll call you back.
No problem, sir.
Here. Have a look at it.
The cheque will bounce!
What are you doing?
You're filling it wrong--
It says "Saravanan" here!
Your company is trying
to erase my identity.
-Come on, sir--
-You're trying to erase my identity.
You're that company's henchman.
How would you feel if
I changed your name?
That's not possible--
Do you think you can band
together, erase my identity,
and turn me into a madman?
Of course not, sir!
I think you're worked up.
You're worrying for no reason.
Are you making me a
refugee in my own country?
Sir, I think you're upset.
Sir, I work for the private sector.
You can't treat me this way.
I can't hear you!
Speak a little louder.
Listen to me, sir!
-I've been waiting for so long.
-Sir, listen to me.
-The manager will be here.
-Saravanan, everyone's watching!
-Sir, what are you doing?
-Stop that.
-He is not answering me.
What the hell!
The customers are waiting here,
and he's playing with a ball!
What's happening here?
Customers are waiting
and he's playing!
Saravanan? Do you
know what you're doing?
Can you hear me?
Why are you doing this?
Please maintain the decorum
of the bank, Saravanan!
This is definitely going to be
a black mark on your track record.
Saravanan, this is incorrigible.
Just give me the ball!
Saravanan, this is incorrigible.
Saravanan, just give me the ball!
-What happened?
-You don't know?
What do you think?
-It's nothing, sir.
-Where's the security?
Did he call the police?
-What are you doing? Call the police.
Where the hell were you?
I am coming, sir.
Slave of America's autocracy!
You traitor! I'll kill you!
Burn to ashes!
Stop mumbling! I can't hear you!
Do you think you can drive me crazy?
You American mercenary!
You erase my name and wage psychological
war for the sake of an incentive!
I'll meet you at
the International Court of Law.
-This is a psychological war.
-You shouldn't be spared!
Psychological war.
I'll win this war against
the multinational corporation.
I'll sue this establishment
for defamation.
Conspiracy! Betrayal! Psychological war!
Psychological war!
Sir, calm down.
Take this pill.
-Sir, please don't. Don't play here.
-Dude. Stop that!
-Please stop playing here.
-What is wrong with you?
Please don't, sir. Calm down, sir.
-Just watch what I do to you.
-Listen to me.
-I can't wait to kick you out of here!
Catch that mad dog!
If you try to lift me,
you'll be here all day.
Go, catch him instead!
-Sir, please give me that ball.
-Call the police.
Wait right there!
Get hold of him
and take him to the police.
Call the police.
Get a hold of him!
-Sir, why are you behaving like a child?
-I won't spare you!
-Mr. Saravanan.
-Get him!
Holy Mary Mother of God.
What did he do?
Sir, he was playing with a ball.
What? Playing with a ball?
-Is this why you called the station?
-No, sir.
-You have--
-Sir, excuse me.
We have a final process to complete.
Confiscate his ID card.
Sir, hand over your ID card.
Sir, this is your dismissal order.
I had a steady income of 35,000 rupees.
Why did I do that?
What will I do for a living now?
It's good that the police
let me go with a warning.
Or else I don't know what
would've happened.
Don't you dare come here again.
Go and bounce that ball
on your father's head.
Sir! I'm the policeman here.
Let me do my job.
Would they have hung me?
Give me the ball!
Hello, Mr. Babu! Sir!
Sir! Mr. Saravanan!
He's angry. Please leave.
Ask him to give me my ball.
Go there.
-Don't let him in! Throw him out!
-I need my ball, sir.
-I'll take my ball and leave.
-I need my ball.
-Are you listening to me or not?
-Don't try to pacify me.
-Why aren't you listening to me?
Throw him out of office!
-Can you please stop shouting?
-You scum! Get out!
You only have the right to fire me,
not to confiscate my ball.
-Give my ball back. I'll leave.
To heck with you!
Now you're here?
Chase him out!
Don't ever let him come in again!
I can see what I missed.
But I just saw it!
How can it go missing?
What are you looking
for outside, Mr. Babu?
Frog and I had been
for our evening walk.
You came walking in
the opposite direction.
I greeted you
but you must've
been lost in thought.
There's scotch. Will you have a drink?
It all depends on the accompaniment.
It's nothing great.
We will have a conversation.
Should I mix water?
Have you heard of the
Irish actor Barry Fitzgerald?
Do you know what he said?
"When I drink water, I drink plain water.
When I drink whisky,
I drink whisky alone."
Thank you!
What are you searching for, Mr. Babu?
The moon disappeared, sir.
That's not something you
should search outside
but in phantasm.
the way the "person" Babu
hidden in the name Babu
is personified by you.
When I see myself in the
mirror, I only see my opposite.
That's the case with those
who see face-to-face as well.
That's how you appear to me.
That's because
seeing me in you,
and you in me
is why all of this is happening.
Where's Frog, sir?
Oh! She's sleeping.
I am sorry to have disturbed you.
Can you hear it speak to you?
Can you understand what it says?
You told your memories.
Now tell me your dreams.
I can't remember anything.
The termites of time aren't satisfied by
just eating our corpse.
So they gobble up our
stories and manuscripts
and all the hidden
papers and burp it out!
As though that wasn't enough
they've started to eat
our dreams as well.
How can they eat that?
An unplucked fruit has
worms inside it, right?
It's the similar case.
Others may not believe
that you have grown a tail.
But I believe you!
Your tail and dreams are connected.
You were a horse in your previous life.
What are you saying?
This tail has grown
to remind you of that.
So? Why would a tail grow?
You've wanted to turn into a horse.
That's why the tail has grown.
And now in a few days, you'll
turn into a horse!
Earlier you used to
sit up straight, right?
-Now you sit hunched, right?
Yes, Grandma.
Now, your hands
and legs will shrivel up
and turn into a horse entirely!
What do I do now?
What if her words were to come true?
I used to walk straight.
Now I walk with a hunch.
I don't know if others can see
this tail or not
the tail has indeed grown.
I won't turn into a horse.
Why would you say such a thing?
You mad dog! How dare you do that!
Get out!
-Useless fellow!
-How can you say that?
Lunatic! Good-for-nothing!
Get out!
Come this way again
and I'll cut your tail off.
If it is true that a tail has grown,
my prophecy will come true.
Such a beautiful horse!
How does this
horse not have a tail?
This horse is so beautiful.
But it doesn't have a tail.
What happened to its tail?
I lost something in my memory,
and am searching for it in dreams.
Excuse me.
What was my question?
I asked why there's no tail.
And you're saying
something completely random.
I just said I'm searching for
my lost memories in my dreams.
this could be a hybrid horse.
Is this a hybrid horse?
Hey, who are you?
How did you enter my house?
Who said this is your house?
How could this
house be only yours?
I've been here for ages.
Get out of my house!
I just told you.
How could this house be only yours?
The rat that preys at night,
the cat that hunts them,
the moth that circles the
light, the lizard that eats them,
the cockroach that
comes seeking novelties,
the spider that casts its net
and makes a home in the nooks
all these lives have been living here
a long time before you came along.
I've seen all of these before
but I've never seen you.
You have just seen the
world behind mirages.
That's why you can see me.
Why does your ear look so grotesque?
You all are the cause for that.
My name is Vaanavil.
People call me Van Gogh.
That's me.
I announce the joy of rain to people.
When it rains, thunder
and lightning scare you.
It is I who shows that
there's nothing to fear.
That rain makes the earth colorful.
I express this through the
seven vibgyor colours.
Only if I hear the
sound of rain will I arrive.
But now the trees and
mountains have all been destroyed.
One of my ears got burnt because
of global warming and pollution.
Even now I'm listening
to you with only one ear.
Who's there?
I came to see
Professor Stuart Koteeswaran.
Who are you?
I am one of his old students.
Did you study in the school
where he taught for six months?
What did you see in him
that you've come this far?
For 20 years, he's been
scribbling numbers everywhere
in the name of Maths research,
and talking to himself like a lunatic.
All this while I've been
running the house.
Who's there?
It's one of your student.
Someone called Freud!
I never had a student called Freud.
I remember all my students' names.
Okay, send him down.
Go on.
Sir, remove the lens and look!
How did you find your way here?
My name isn't Saravanan, sir.
It's Freud.
Hey, your name is Saravanan.
I remembered only after I
returned from the bank that day.
This is my problem, sir.
For a while now,
everyone's been saying this.
Didn't you say that Math
has the solution to everything?
That's why I came to see you.
What are you saying?
When did I say that Math
has a solution to everything?
Sir, you said every problem in
the world has a solution in Math!
Yes. Every problem in the
world has a solution but--
Hey! Come this way.
If you're able to identify the problem,
then Maths will have the solution.
Maths isn't what you think it to be.
There's an entire illusion
theory running inside it.
All deemed me unfit for society and
ostracized me just because I said this.
That's not right.
There's only one thing I can do.
I'm I'm going to
create a new world.
Maths will be the only language there.
What? Why are you squirming?
That's my problem, sir.
That's why I came to see you.
No, thanks.
Is there a solution for
my dream in Maths, sir?
I saw a horse in the dream.
The horse was so beautiful.
Everything was fine
until I went behind
and saw that the horse had no tail!
I was confused. So, I asked this
girl who was around
as to why such a beautiful
horse had no tail.
And she threw a tomato at me!
I suddenly woke up.
What's the problem here?
I told you the horse
didn't have a tail, right?
When I woke up, that
tail had grown for me, sir.
Every time I think, it
keeps thrashing about.
That's why I'm squirming so much.
Where? There's no tail!
A tail's grown on my back, sir!
Others may not believe you.
But I believe you.
Maths is
an illusion theory!
The psychology of dreams
is also an illusion theory!
You won't understand all this.
What you've got is an illusion theory.
If you find out what your
tail is you'll reach eternity.
You know what eternity is, right?
An endless world!
I didn't understand any of this, sir.
It's simple.
Where do numbers begin?
It begins with one!
Okay. Where do they end?
it goes on and on.
How far does it go?
It goes beyond what
the eyes can see, sir!
It keeps increasing.
It keeps going on and on.
What does that mean?
Maths has no end.
We don't know where
it begins or ends.
If you understand this,
you can see everything.
Has it arrived?
Has what arrived?
Your dream has
arrived inside this.
Your dream has arrived in Maths!
You drew it, sir!
We have arrived at
a solution to your dream problem.
What solution has arrived?
The horse is here.
Well, yes, sir
but you drew it!
So what if I drew it?
Has it arrived or not?
Yes, sir.
But I don't see a tail.
If you'd connected
it with that number "two"
the tail would
have appeared as well.
"Two" is all the way over there!
A horse's tail should be like this.
How can it connect there?
A horse's tail should be here!
This is your dream!
As per Darwin's theory,
humans evolved from monkeys.
We grew hands, legs and even a face.
But what about the tail?
Yes, sir.
As per Darwin's theory we
should've gotten the tail, right?
Where did the tail go?
We got hands and legs with the
help of evolution but not the tail.
What does everyone say when
children are too naughty at home?
"Too much of a tail."
When they get too naughty
they say "Cut the tail clean".
Why? They could have said
anything else, right?
The tail is an illusion.
Maths is also an illusion.
Your subconscious is the tail.
You talk in riddles, sir.
The horse is a symbol of sex.
How is the horse a symbol of sex?
Have you seen that Tamil song
video that goes "Hold me, hold me."
Yes, I have.
Why is there a horse neighing
in that song for no reason?
Yes, sir!
A horse is a symbol of sex!
In a way, it's a symbol for a girl.
The girl is the horse.
That's why it's standing there.
Have you seen
a horse's tail closely?
A falling cascade of hair.
It's like the hair of a beautiful girl.
the horse is a symbol
for a girl you have
forgotten in your life.
She's waiting for you somewhere.
And through this dream
she's reminding you of her
in the form of a horse.
Have you read the book
Interpretation of Dreams?
Yes, sir.
What does it say?
Everything in real life comes to you
in the form of symbols
in dreams. Correct?
Yes, sir.
The tail that's grown
Your desire for that girl
has grown out as a tail!
I soar through the sky without wings
I become a poem with no words
But there's no girl in my life, sir!
Think again! I'm sure there's someone!
Maybe this tail is a sign that
you should go look for her.
I come by myself
I give without asking
Why are you singing now?
No, sir.
There's no girl in my life, sir.
You've forgotten your own name!
How would you remember the girl?
Someone is calling you
to an eternal world.
If you figure it out,
you can solve anything.
Are you mad?
Who's that?
Who are you?
I met Mr. Babu.
He said he could see me as Mr. Babu.
He kept a conch to my ear
and asked me to listen.
I could hear the waves.
I tried to separate
the words from that noise--
His life was the three knots
of matrimony around my neck.
But now those knots
have come undone.
I have become a colorless rainbow
Sorry. Forgive me
if I said something wrong!
When your memories wash over me
I blossom everywhere
When did you see my dead father?
My mother had finally
started to forget him.
But then you mentioned him
and she's miserable again.
She's crying!
I just saw him!
How could he be dead?
We've just realized
the "him in me" and "me in him" theory.
You bloody asshole.
What the fuck do
you think about yourself?
Because of you,
my mother is crying.
Why do you always look
at normal things so intently?
I'm looking at the world
that runs within me.
How? I don't understand.
"The whole can be seen in its parts."
I finally understand
what Siddha is saying.
Water flows beneath the earth's skin.
Blood flows under the human skin.
Just like the mountains
and trees support the earth,
bones and nerves
support the human frame.
Just like the ocean breathes
the waves in and out,
human lungs breathe air in and out.
When the earth opens its eyes,
it becomes green and colorful.
Only when humans open their eyes,
will the world seem colorful.
Where did Van Gogh go?
I don't know, you mongrel!
Did she tell me?
Or did I tell her?
I need to speak to her about that.
You piece of shit!
My mother is weeping!
Look at her crying! Can you hear her?
One second!
Have you looked at a candle?
Look at it!
You can see the sunset in it.
I'll bring a compass
and stab you to death!
I have the compass that killed Pinky.
I'll bring a needle and
stitch your mouth shut.
I will kill you!
Bastard! I will kill you! I will kill you!
She has the compass
that killed Pinky.
She'll kill me with it.
I open myself when the sun smiles
I let go of myself in the raindrops
Rivers from the past
Might break down barriers
Reality of the dreams
Might seek answers in the wind
I become the hills that stretch
I become the seed that sprouts
Roots might search for me
And the wind might turn into a cyclone
There's a big forest
MGR won the elections here, right?
Did he come to your house often?
Apparently he used to eat here.
They said he used
to talk to you freely.
MGR! Grandma, MGR!
When villains like Nambiar
return, MGR will return as well.
I saw myself in him,
and he saw himself in me.
That's what I told her.
Why would she kill me for that?
The mind is the cause for everything.
Is the demon's head hanging
from the building next door?
That doll is to ward off the evil eye.
No, that's no doll.
It's a demon's head.
A demon?
In the war between the
Pandavas and Kauravas,
a demon fought bravely for the Kauravas.
Lord Krishna appeared
and asked for his head as a boon.
The demon offered it to
Lord Krishna, and said
"I'll give my head but I want
to witness the war till its end."
Then, they went to the tallest
mountain and planted his head there.
He's still watching the war
in the form of the evil-eye doll.
The war is still going on.
The mind is the
cause for everything.
Is it Mr. Varuna Sidhar?
Live long and prosper.
I saw your number on TV.
Are you Mr. Varuna Sidhar?
Live long and prosper.
Sir, I heard you interpret the
significance of lizard falling on humans,
crow droppings and
dreams, that's why--
Can you come at 4:30 p.m.?
Okay, sir.
Oh, our guardian angel!
Our leader!
Oh, my dearest!
My leader has disappeared!
Hold me, hold me!
Hold my body tight, baby
Which is the spot
Where you feel most pleasure?
Oh, I've found it
I have found it, girl
Live long and prosper!
Live long and prosper!
What are you looking at?
Look over here.
What's happening?
You're digging your ears, scratching
and, constantly tossing about.
Just say, "Live long and prosper."
All the problems in
the world will come to end.
If I say, "Live long and prosper",
will I stop hearing this symphony?
"Om" and symphony are merging!
What? Merging?
Okay, sit.
Come. All your
problems will get solved.
Live long and prosper.
Give me your horoscope.
When there's a
tongue sticking out
isn't that a symbol for suicide?
This demon, and Goddess Kali
always have their tongues sticking out.
Give me your horoscope.
I sneezed even on that day.
A thousand legged centipede
I saw it move.
My mother's tongue was sticking out
and she was hanging on the noose.
Oh, was it a dream?
This was no dream. This is real.
Then tell what the dream was.
The dream is stuck
somewhere in memory.
Give me your horoscope, please!
could you please
turn off that sound?
What? Turn off the mantra? Get out!
Get out!
What did you think?
That's my mantra!
Get out of here!
Dogshit! Mad dog!
I remember the dream now!
A brown horse was grazing.
The horse's legs were white!
Like it had socks on with shoes.
MGR was petting
it and went behind--
What? MGR?
Why is the horse's tail missing?
I'm talking to you.
The horse is so
beautiful but it has no tail.
Where is the tail?
I lost something in my memory and am
searching for it in dreams.
She randomly said that and
threw a tomato at MGR's face!
Then I woke up.
Then I saw that the
horse's tail had grown on me!
There's no tail!
Memory must have
swallowed the dream.
You have to separate
the dream from memory.
Sit down.
Are you angry?
Why should I get angry?
Watch it.
I'm trying but
But I'm not able to
If you feel a gap in your body's
sensations due to weakness,
then Musli-Prash is for you!
The complete solution to
all your sexual problems.
Well, are you satisfied?
What a player you are!
Only if we play Cupid's game
do you accept us as men.
Super Musli-Prash.
Super Musli-Prash.
What did you see in this?
A man and a woman
are trying to have sex.
I know that. What else do you see?
Next to that,
there's a box of pills.
Forget about the box!
Something related to you
is running! What's that?
A horse is running!
What is a horse?
I don't know.
You don't know what a horse is?
The horse is a sex symbol.
Are you talking about that?
I know that!
I thought you'd
say something else.
You said MGR came in your dream.
MGR represents you.
You mentioned a hybrid horse, right?
Hybrid means gene recombination.
Gene recombination
means becoming a woman.
Hybridization in you means you're
turning into a woman from within.
This means your penis will twist and
fall off. That's what this dream means.
What are you saying, sir?
Will I become a eunuch?
Yes, that's why your
wedding is getting delayed!
You're 38 now, right?
At this age, you're still not married
because of erectile dysfunction.
You desire every
woman you lay eyes on.
But you can't do anything about it.
No. You've got it wrong.
-Aren't you one?
No. Wrong!
I'm not wrong. You are that!
You scum!
Do you dare to hit me!
Get out.
You devil! Mongrel!
Give me my money.
Get out!
Get out, you mongrel!
Could "eunuch" signify
a persona without lust?
According to the professor
a forgotten girl
a childhood affair can
only be love without lust.
That bird outside the window
must be flying in that same spot now.
I got burnt!
That same bird
it's still flying out there now.
God caused him to
die for a hundred years
then raised him up and asked,
"How long have you been here?"
"A day or part of a day", he replied.
Things were different back then.
Back then there were
mountains stuck to the village.
The sun would rise from the
mountains and set in the mountains.
When the sun rose over the mountains,
the villages got abundant rainfall.
The water was free to flow.
But when the man touched
the mountains and the rains stopped.
The sun got angry
and ran to the skies.
When it got angry, the ozone got
punctured and the rains stopped.
The navel and the spider are one.
The spider, perched on its
intricate web, waits for the prey.
And so does the navel.
A human's first
creation is the navel.
Like the web has convoluted weaves,
the human body has clusters of nerves.
Like the linear weaves on the web
are the bones supporting the body.
All that touches the center of the web,
become the spider's prey
much like the food that touches
our body's center, the navel.
You came to fetch water,
but left the pot behind, sister!
Here you go.
You useless woman!
Who will ever respect me again?
Don't hit my sister, father!
Stop lamenting first
thing in the morning!
All this is happening because of you!
She's just standing
there like she's stone deaf!
Can't you speak?
Son, let her go.
Let go!
This is not her fault.
All this has already been
written in the manuscripts.
Who are we?
A dynasty of soothsayers!
Even incarnations like Jesus
were conceived through dreams.
Look how arrogant she is!
You didn't raise her right!
I wonder who she slept with!
She is just like you!
Not everyone is like you.
Abandoning the family
to be with the mistress!
I'll slap you! That was my past!
Why bring it up now?
She's pregnant and apparently
the answer to it is in dreams!
-Die, you wretch!
-Don't hurt her, father!
Father, please don't hit her!
Tell me who you slept with!
I'll get you married to him!
You can't figure out
whose child it is, right?
I'm leaving.
This is wrong.
I can't be here any longer.
I'm leaving.
Where are you going?
There's no place for me where a
soothsayer's words aren't heeded.
I am leaving.
-Where would you go? Please stop!
-I am going.
Don't cry. Even I feel like crying.
My father has bought candy.
Come, let's go eat it.
Die, you bitch!
My love, my lord!
We can't bear hunger!
This crazy woman lives only for you.
Why have you left me
alone, and left, my dearest?
Even if it pains your heart, I
thought you will forgive your son!
You have abandoned me with no warning!
When you spoke, the whole
village was under your spell.
Mother! Come inside and eat.
My son has now struck my dearest.
He'd be lying somewhere
in the forest. He'll come back.
Stop blabbering and eat.
Who do I have left in this world?
Without food or water
you roam the forests.
Father, that girl is
eating with her left hand.
Father, she's eating
with the wrong hand!
What do you care which
hand she eats with?
My dearest! My Lord!
Is she awake?
Did she eat anything?
She is giving us the silent treatment.
He'll be fine. You eat.
Are you going to eat or not, Mother?
It's been 15 days since she came
here, but she doesn't speak to anyone.
Come, let's try speaking to her.
What's your name?
-Ramu. What about you?
You're cheating! How long
will you keep the same name?
I kept my favorite name.
Isn't that what we agreed on?
Neeli fell into the well,
grew wings and flew away!
I want to fly into the sky as well.
What's your name?
Is that a God's name?
No, it's the name of a place.
A place? Where is it?
That's what I'm searching for.
Where did you lose it?
I lost something in my memory,
and am searching for it in dreams.
I don't understand, sister.
I ate with my right hand,
but it looked different to you.
Why are you always
looking at the mountains?
If we climb the mountains,
we can touch the sky.
If we climb the mountains,
can we touch the sky?
How's that possible?
Do you see that mountain over there?
Isn't the sky stuck to it?
Oh, yes!
Neeli, she's lying!
She's just bluffing.
I came here to climb the
mountain and touch the sky.
How can you touch the sky?
You can't touch it!
If you climb that mountain, you can.
But there's a catch.
When humans try to touch it,
the mountain moves further away.
How can mountains move?
She's lying!
Why don't you climb the
mountain and try touching the sky?
Do you see that
beech tree over there?
The sky is just behind that tree.
Let's go touch it! It's right here.
She's been lying all this time!
We sent her to school to study,
but instead she got pregnant.
And now she's had a miscarriage as well.
So humiliating!
She was with me all day yesterday.
I even comforted her
when she was tossing in her sleep.
I'm sure she was home the whole time.
She never left home.
I don't know how she managed to do it.
I don't know what's happening.
How did this happen?
Did you do it out of fear?
-Tell me!
-Open your mouth! Speak up!
Why is all this happening to me?
The old man's words have come true!
Everything is already written.
She slept with
someone in her dreams
so she delivered the baby
in her dreams!
Her swollen belly is proof that
she slept with someone in her dreams.
Listen to me.
This is just like a dream
that gets stuck in the memory.
The old man disappeared somewhere!
Why don't you get lost as well?
Weaving stories all the time!
Do you know why this village
is called Yaazhi Mandapam?
During the Chola rule
they made up the creature Yaazhi
and would battle with it in their dreams.
What do you think of yourself?
We belong to a caste of soothsayers,
who interpret dreams.
It's not right for us to speak like this.
Have you gone mad, Mother?
This is not the time or place!
Who will marry her now?
Yes, that girl was telling the truth.
The mountain is indeed
moving further and further away.
So, we can't touch the mountain?
Father must be looking for us. Let's go.
Someone's going to get it today.
Coming, Mom!
Hey, come here.
Your sister died
and you weren't even here! You dog!
Ever since this girl came here,
he's been running around with her.
Where did she go?
Where did she disappear now?
This is a miracle!
She just disappeared,
like an illusion.
That girl came from a dream.
She vanished as soon as she woke up.
Oh, stop that, Mother!
You'll drive me crazy.
Everyone's weaving stories.
Ramu, we are going to watch
MGR's film again. Will you come?
Get lost! As if there isn't
enough to mourn here.
I'll come there and spank you!
Stay away!
She has spoilt you.
You're always roaming around!
Your sister died and
you were out gallivanting!
You dog!
Why are you behaving like this?
Why don't you listen to us?
Can you please fetch
water from the well?
Please get it.
I'm going to the Radio tree.
Fetch me some water, please.
No, sister loiters as a ghost
near the well. I won't go!
There are no ghosts there.
I'll give you money for sweets.
Hurry up!
There are ghosts, granny! I won't go.
I'll take the money though.
My darling, haven't
I told you the story?
Those who fall in the well turn
into Neeli, grow wings and fly away?
-Then how can there be ghosts?
-Oh, yes.
Take your friend and go, child
We saw an MGR film yesterday!
Come, let's go to the
well and fetch some water.
I won't come!
It is said that those who go
there, will vomit blood and die!
Hasn't your father
told you the story?
Those who fall in the well,
they turn into Neeli and fly away!
Isn't that why you call yourself Neeli?
Then let's go!
Guess how many stones do I have?
Two in this hand, one in the other.
Didn't you see the
ghost near the well?
Hasn't your father
told you Neeli's story?
Those who fall inside the well turn into
Neeli, grow wings and fly away!
But didn't we see his sister's corpse,
covered in sores where
fish had bitten her?
They're lying.
No, we don't believe you.
His sister grew
wings and flew away!
Why didn't you jump
and fly away then?
We'll jump! We will
grow wings and fly away!
We're going to jump tomorrow.
If you jump, you'll die!
Tomorrow, you and
I will jump together.
You and I will go over
there and get married.
Don't talk to these guys.
Oh! These two are
going to get married!
To a dog, a bone has
more value than a pearl.
Neeli, my foot!
Chinnasami! Ayyadurai!
Our leader is no more! Everyone, come!
What? The "revolutionary leader" is dead!
It can't be true.
What? MGR died?
But I saw him on the
screen only yesterday.
Everyone's going to the
Radio tree. Come, let's go.
The man who was so generous
our revolutionary leader,
MGR passed away
at his residence in Ramavaram
due to cardiac arrest.
His body is kept at his residence for
the public to pay their final respects.
Tamil Nadu is immersed in grief.
They are lying on the radio!
We saw him yesterday on the screen.
Don't cry!
-Old lady! Keep quiet.
-He even sang and danced.
How could he have died?
They're lying on the radio.
Shut up!
If you say anything more
I'll cut your tongue off!
Yeah! Even we saw the film yesterday.
How could MGR be dead?
Yeah, even I saw the film yesterday.
MGR was singing and
dancing and fighting on screen.
How could he be dead?
Yeah! Even I saw.
MGR didn't die.
These people are jobless.
They are blabbering some rubbish.
Oh, leader!
They're believing the lady
on the radio and weeping!
To pay final respects to MGR
Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi,
is coming by chartered flight.
How could MGR have died?
Maybe he fell in our well,
grew wings and flew away?
They've got it all wrong.
Yes, MGR's cap and
glasses are right here!
See! Even the bullet that was
struck in his throat is now in this glass.
After growing wings and flying, he
must've screamed in happiness
and this must've been in the
way, so he must've coughed it out!
Okay, come. Let's go down.
Wait here. I will go ahead. Follow me.
Let's also grow
wings and fly away!
Of course! If we wear
that cap and glasses,
even we'll grow wings,
and fly above the sky!
Come, let's get it.
Why does it keep
going further away?
Maybe it isn't our time yet,
that's why it's going away.
The sun has gone down.
That's why it won't come.
Let's come back tomorrow
and see if our time has come.
My father will get worried. Let's go home.
-Will we grow wings tomorrow?
-We'll even fly!
It's getting late. Let's go home.
Father would get worried.
Oh, tender spring
That shows its face in a wavy mirage
The mirage that recedes into
The distance with every step
The soul here stands
Taking pain as its shape
Should the high skies be
Searched for a glimpse of you alive?
To divide the lands, the heart shrinks
I survived, recite the dead people
The dead people
What's your name today?
-Ramu. Yours?
You're cheating! How long
will you keep the same name?
I kept my favorite name.
Isn't that what we agreed on?
Neeli fell into the well,
grew wings and flew away!
I want to fly into the sky as well.
No one should mourn this death.
Oh, God!
It was jouissance that caused this death.
She died because she
felt intolerable happiness.
Her nerves have popped from sheer joy.
This is how saints attain nirvana.
One in a million people
get this good fortune.
There was a girl in my life as well.
We were going to fly
away and be happy.
Is all this real or a phantasm?
He said he'll come
but he still hasn't.
Perhaps his father
gave him some work.
Who are you?
It's me you were waiting for.
No, you're lying.
He doesn't look like you.
You're big, like a buffalo!
He will be here now.
But your tail is pretty.
He said he'll come,
but he still hasn't come.
Perhaps his father
gave him some work.
He said he'll come,
but he still hasn't come.
Perhaps his father
gave him some work.
He said he'll come,
but he still hasn't come.
Perhaps his father
gave him some work.
He said he'll come,
but he still hasn't come.
Perhaps his father
gave him some work.
He said he'll come,
but he still hasn't come.
Perhaps his father
gave him some work.
He said he'll come,
but he still hasn't come.
Perhaps his father
gave him some work.
He said he'll come,
but he still hasn't come.
Perhaps his father
gave him some work.
He said he'll come,
but he still hasn't come.
Her age will not accept me now.
He said he'll come--
What is it?
Why have you come
unannounced now?
You're always acting weird.
If you have nothing--
Killing someone with syringes
isn't something a
thug or a thief would do.
He must have done it himself.
So, you're saying it's suicide.
Two hundred
syringes? All by himself?
The cop who closed the
case was better than you.
You're a fake detective!
Sorry. Hear me out.
I didn't mean "him".
I meant the "him within him".
"Him within him"?
Do you still mean suicide?
Leave before I throw you out.
No. It's not just that.
Hear me out completely.
When I say "him" I don't mean him.
I mean his reflection.
You sound like an idiot!
Get this straight.
By reflection, I don't
mean your husband.
Are you saying he
killed my husband?
How is it stuck in the same place?
The other day, the moon
was moving when I saw it.
I saw it so clearly!
Do you hear it speak to you?
Can you understand what it says?
You just said reflection, now
you're saying something else.
I am correct.
Your husband's name was Babu, right?
What is the connection between
Babu's murder and this man?
I made this connection based on
what he said to you the other day.
Me. Babu had come.
He said he could see
me in the name "Babu".
He kept a conch to my
ear and asked me to listen.
I could hear the waves.
I tried to separate
the words from that noise--
How does that make him a murderer?
Are you crazy?
According to Jacques Lacan's
concept of the mirror stage,
when a child sees
a mirror for the first time,
its psyche sees its reflection
as someone just like itself,
but which can survive destruction.
So when two entities
face each other,
one will kill the other.
So, that's my basis.
He came here as Babu
and left because you cried.
The two of them had referential mania.
That's why they listened
to the conch and felt the same things.
You don't get to
decide my name! How--
Loneliness is so cruel.
Have you grown a tail?
The tail is your subconscious.
If you find out what your tail is--
The mind is the cause for everything.
With my imagination,
I'm able to stop the moon from moving.
Similarly, I can construct
my childhood from my thoughts.
Should I be stick with the dream?
Or should I lose myself in the memories?
To glow with color?
Glimmer in the dark
Get lost in the mirage
Or stay in the present?
And blossom in
My flawed existence
You are here!
I was scared that you'd never come.
Father had given me some work.
Can we pull it now?
Come, let's try to pull it.
What's your name today?
Your name?
My name is always Neeli.
I am always Neeli.
How I wish to
Liberate my thoughts
Do I surrender myself to you?
Or open my wings wide
To fly like a bird?