Kuthoosi (2019) Movie Script

Scared...got scared on first sight...
Looks like sweating out in rehearsal.
- Tell me, brother.
You're attending interviews
for 3 months now,
will you get a job at least today?
- I'll surely get it.
I'm dying with hunger.
- Let's have breakfast, brother.
Come, brother.
No chance, great, buddy!
You got selected by top company.
Friends, we drink every day in this glass.
But glass never drinks.
Though I've watched over
1000 American films.
I can never go to America.
But you can go! Congratulations!
Leave it, bro!
Your film's audio release
will happen in America.
Won't you come to London,
where I would be going?
If we both go away abroad,
how are you going to pay rent, bro?
You're going away, right?
Please send a Dubai bird or
Malaysia bird to this Vedanthangal.
You're going to home after long time,
tell my inquiries to your father.
His father created a scene when he
went to Kallakurichi to study class XI!
He's going to America now,
don't know what he would do?
Kalvarayan mountain valley...
Famous Mathur village...
Good man...great man...philanthropist...
Our Kandan's son Velu is going abroad!
May he earn well and bring laurels
to village, state, country and world...
May all good men praise him...
Let's sing a song!
Break into a jig...
Shake the earth with your dance...
Our Velu himself is a history...
He's always a winner...
This is your book!
Page 60...
Go to page 45...
Am I torturing you a lot?
Can I marry you, Alamelu?
Give my...
Like father like son...
Our man is crossing sea
to go abroad...
Happiness is writ large on
the face of his mother...
It's festive time for his friends...
Let music reverberate
in every town nearby...
Come quickly, mutton may get over.
I know.
Why are you carrying a box?
Shouldn't my father eat mutton gravy?
That's why! Come.- Go quickly.
We may not get bones also.
- I'm going, right?
Wait here.
- Where are you going?
Where is he?
- There. All are there only.
You go.
Our Lord Veerangi Ayyanar
with billhook moustache...
He grants boons immediately
on seeking...
Mutton delicacy is spreading
flavour all over the place...
When people eat together,
it's a festival day...
Friends, relatives join
to congratulate...
I told you get Tequila for everyone
but you got local brew.
My stomach is burning.
I drank a packet more than you,
but you say stomach is burning.
I'll buy you a packet.
What do you say?
Whatever it is,
you get intoxicated, buddy.
Punch line!
I'll smash your face.
Buddy, forgive me.
They forced me and
I gave you the drink.
Don't take it to your heart
and leave me behind here.
I'll take care.
Did you see he's booking a ticket
to America even after getting drunk?
Look at him staring like a ghost!
Your girl is coming!
Hide it.
You've become a big man!
But don't go overboard.
She says not to drink and
go overboard.
I'm coming....be quiet...
What's that game?
Is it broiler chicken?
Country chicken,
I've to chase and catch it.
What's this?
- Giving silly reason.
He's after you every day,
won't you ever consider him?
Let him dare come closer to me,
I'll take him to task.
Life....life...you're my life...
Tea and bun in the account of buddy.
You come, they're useless guys.
Oh no! She's looking at me!
You're shaking up this handsome man!
What are you doing near
a ladies institute?
Is it last, brother?
Better know this, boy!
Though waits all the life
near a chicken shop!
Street dog will never
get to eat leg piece.
Hey, behave properly.
If she comes to know,
she'll rip you apart!
He sells dead chicken
but wishes for silk!
Go, bald man! I'll get leg piece!
15 kilos, bhai.
- Leave it in the corner.
Total 153 kilos.
I'll check accounts and send cash.
It's okay, bhai.
- Start the vehicle.
Come, Kanda.
- Not seen lately, Poomala.
Come, Velu.
Pattu's husband?
- Yes, aunt.
Food was excellent.
Mutton was soft like cotton.
Keep quiet, mother.
Always thinking about food only.
I had been to Vellimalai that day,
so I couldn't make it.
You've to collect money, right?
Take money, got little late.
What's this account between us?
Welcome, brother.
No, thanks father.
Brother, stay and have food.
- Okay, thanks.
Good thing, Kandan.
Better to go abroad
like Velu to earn well.
How much ever we may struggle here,
we can't earn a rupee!
Then what?
I worked hard in the fields for years,
what could I save?
All I could manage was to educate him.
He's going away.
At least his children may not have
to struggle in fields like me.
They can live peacefully, right?
Yes, you're right.
- Let's go.
We'll take leave.
What happened?
- Flat tyre, uncle.
Why not leave it there only?
Okay, give some work to your father.
You don't have any problem
with that girl, right?
Nothing, father.
- Okay...nothing?
You say nothing!
- Nothing, father.
Okay, let's go.
Kanaka family is seeking
my daughter's hand in marriage.
Boy is govt. employee.
But I'll not give my daughter to him.
Drunkard! Whom will you give
your daughter in marriage?
Just open mouth to eat food only.
I know everything.
This has become routine,
blabber some nonsense.
It's waste to give daughter
in marriage to govt. employee.
No pension at all!
I know who can look after
my daughter very well.
You don't worry, dear.
The man who is going abroad
will marry you.
Father is telling you....
don't worry...
Mark that place.
Mark correctly.
Why are you cutting the tree?
Do I've to tell you everything
in detail, old man?
We paid for it,
so, we're cutting the tree.
How much you paid for it?
- Paid Rs.20000 for brick kiln.
Go away, you carry on.
You don't know the value of it.
This is not just a tree,
but life sustaining God!
What hasn't a tree done for us?
It gives us rain!
It gives air to breathe!
It gives us water to drink!
It gives food to satiate hunger!
It gives shade to sleep!
If we calculate all this,
can we put a price on it?
What a tree asks from us?
It says allow me to live,
I'll sustain all your lives!
Here comes an ideal man to advice!
Why don't you think about it?
Is it apple tree?
Support a fruit less tree!
Go...go...go away...
- Leave me.
Cut it, boys!
Listen to me carefully!
Men are just corpses without trees!
It has become routine to this old man.
Always tells everyone not to cut trees.
People are knocking down heads
for a quarter bottle of liquor.
Are you making this a big issue?
Did they exile you from village
for advising like this?
That's why your old woman
chased you out of home!
Old man, don't talk about
earth and tree, have a drink!
Imbecile old man!
- What's that irritating calls?
Silly faces!
Hey, get up!
Whatever you may say!
I'll not come to tie sugarcane!
Enough of hurting myself doing it!
Will your father deliver food at door?
He has done it for long already.
Your friend is going abroad, right?
You too go and earn money.
What are you saying?
What are you doing now?
Aren't you comfortable like Minister's wife?
You came to this house with one sari.
Now, youre changing sari now and
then like mannequin in showroom.
You were using hand grind to
make batter, I bought you grinder.
You were washing clothes in river,
I bought you washing machine.
You were cooking food in mud stove,
I bought you gas stove.
Moreover at evening 4 pm,
you have Punjabi panipoori.
Weekly twice, you've a go
at non-vegetarian food.
Did you know what TV was
in father's home?
Now you watch 300 serials
from 3 kms away using a remote.
Popcorn for passing time.
How do you get all this?
By cutting sugarcane!
Come with me.
Look at his cheap mind!
If you talk like this, I'll kill you.
Come with me.
- They're killing me calling like that.
Enough of it...must give up
this profession at the earliest!
Who is it?
- It's me, Kanda!
How come you're here?
- Shouldn't I come here?
You don't come without selfish need!
No men in village to cut sugarcane.
Came to pay advance to Muniyan.
Why have you left the well like this?
Do we've to maintain it well
for the work we do?
I'm going to give up,
let it be as it is.
You'll say anything,
you don't have any worry.
Do you've daughters like me?
Your son is going abroad,
you'll live like a king hereafter.
Are you going to serve me?
- I will!
Is it okay, buddy?
You've been trying for
3 months but no use.
Watch now, how I'll express my love!
- I'll watch it.
Hello, one minute!
You carry on, please!
Please look at me angrily.
Please go.
I said that just for fun.
- Must curse myself for helping you.
Sister, two rogues are after me
and torturing me.
Where are they?
- Dirty rogues are downstairs.
Come with me.
- What happened?
Come and see!
Blood rascal, I'll cut you into pieces!
Sister, leave me, Ill go...
- What the hell do you think of yourself?
Will you keep quiet if anyone
follows girls of your family?
What did he do?
- Are you supporting him?
All are watching,
why are you manhandling him?
Wait, please listen to me.
She's thrashing him!
Had I been caught, I'd be dead!
Please leave him, sister.
Leave me, sister.
Sister, listen to them, leave me.
Only then, you'll get sense.
They're behaving like this!
Though she knew Velu is getting insulted,
you know why she's leaving happily!
How long should I wait?
- Shouldn't I deliver milk and come?
Give it.
Why do you need money urgently?
- For right things only.
Take it.
Take it I say! Keep it.
Call me after finding job.
After taking so much money
from her and went to Madras.
Neither called her after getting job
nor answered her calls.
Won't she be angry or not?
Answer me.
She's here, stop the bike.
I'll stay away, get beaten up alone.
Unable to scold me directly,
using others to scold and watch fun.
No need for me to take others' help.
Ungrateful people get punished by God.
Why are you cursing like Kannagi?
Stop these indirect repartees.
He's going overboard.
Who is talking indirectly?
Those who do it know themselves.
Are you talking me like this
because I took money from you?
I'll earn Rs.3 lakhs a month.
How much you'd have
given me till now?
Tell me, I'll repay it with interest.
Did I lend you for interest?
You forgot the past in the
arrogance of bright future, right?
Don't you ever show
your face to me!
As if yours is fox face,
I'll see it every morning for luck!
Get lost!
Why these animal faces?
What's your problem?
I took 5 sovereigns of gold from her,
she's over doing things for it.
I thought she owed you money
and you were angry on her.
I asked a gram nose pin from my wife,
she kept me away for a month.
You should've asked 10 grams
instead of one gram.
10 grams? He's planning to make
me sleep alone for rest of my life.
So, both of you decided to go abroad.
- Yes, father.
Which country are you planning to go?
- How do we know?
You went abroad, right?
You must advise us.
To work in Singapore,
you need at least graduate degree.
If you know little computer,
only then, you can enter America.
You both don't know anything
other than agriculture.
Will you go to Kuwait?
- What should we do there?
Why did you ask like that?
Whatever work you may do,
you'll get paid well.
Right from petrol bunk to grocery shop,
everything will be cool A/C.
Above all this, if you work
a minute after 8 hour duty,
you'll be paid OT.
Extra income!
Everything is okay but it hurts me
to sell my land and go there.
Why worry so much?
Look at me, I too sold
my land to go there.
I'm doing fine now.
Lucky will know your door only once,
using it or not is in your hands.
That's why you need an experienced man.
You'll tell this perfectly.
We're boarding flight
in a month, buddy.
- Okay, bye.
I'm trying to send them also.
You advised everyone like this
and sent away every man in village.
Women sit in front yard after dusk.
Damn with your work!
Why will you not spit now?
You should've known this when you fell
at my feet to send your son abroad!
You're talking so harshly
brushing teeth with coal.
Can anyone control you
if you brush teeth with paste?
- Where?
That side...
- That side?
Listen to me, don't go hat side.
Snake may bite you!
Please listen to me, come back.
What happened, mother?
- Poisonous snake, such a long one!
What are you doing there, father?
Come here, father.
Bloody, can't get it.
- Come...come I say!
Leave me.
Must finish it.
How many times I've told
you not to work in fields?
Why don't you use workers?
- Where can we get workers?
Cattle need grass, right?
Mother, both of you eat and stay in home.
If you unnecessarily work here,
I'll really get angry.
I'm warning you.
He's like a guy who burnt house
to get rid of bedbugs!
That's not, buddy.
Just because the girl is beautiful,
can I open up easily?
I'm trying to impress her,
I think I'll succeed.
I'll tell you good news in near future.
Don't I know about you?
To avoid paying mess bills,
you trapped mess owner's daughter.
Won't you get green card using her?
Forget all about that,
when are you leaving India?
Fix few things in home,
I'll finish it and come.
Only then, I can live freely there.
Okay, bye, getting late for my shift.
Not yet in bed, son?
No, mother.
Not yet slept?
Not yet slept, son?
No, I was talk to my friend, father.
Okay, sit here.
I want to tell you an important matter.
What's it? Tell me, son.
- What?
Nothing, father...
Tell me, son!
I thought over it.
Enough you both spending life here.
Why not come along with me?
Why this sudden decision?
We're destined to go in flight,
who can change it?
What do you say?
Has anyone in your family crossed
the boundary of the village?
You can't get sleep unless
pass comments on my family!
Your mother has started it.
When entire family has decided to go?
What will you do with your land here?
He's educated,
that's why taken the right decision.
But uncle real estate business
isn't like old times.
Earlier, a pamphlet could get
a crowd of buyers.
Now, even advertisements on radio
and TV are unable to get a customer.
Moreover your land
is quite away from road.
I don't know how to sell it!
What's this?
There are so many in the village.
Why not fix a buyer?
You've decided to go abroad
with family, I'll finish the deal.
Make 3 tea, please.
No...no...just now had coconut water,
we'll take leave.
Let's go.
- Bye.
Cancel tea and make Boost.
Margosa tree to tie cradle...
Bamboo for funeral...
You've everything here...
You've to spend money for air...
You've to spend money for water....
Everything there is play act...
Life is showing red signs...
Even after facing danger,
still haven't got sense...
Didn't understand the
greatness of our country....
If you understand, there is life...
Come, brother.
I'm terribly angry,
remove the goggles.
Why did you do like this?
- What happened?
It seems you went to meet broker.
- Yes.
Can you buy land like that?
Why are you talking like mad man?
It's you who is talking like mad man.
What he did is right!
What's there in agriculture?
What a coolie earns,
a farmer is unable to get it!
I'm telling something and
you're talking about something else.
Keep quiet, always fighting like kids!
Boys, stop....stop...
- Run....run...run...
You escaped today, old man,
I'll not spare you, mind it.
Come on!
Who is he?
Can't you see? He's a mad man!
Your father too runs around in
a loincloth, can we call him a joker?
When they tell something,
we fail to understand it.
We'll know only when we face it.
He's like a saint!
Is he mad man?
Brother, greetings.
Where's your father?
Father is smoking, mother.
Is everything ready?
- Ready, brother.
Everything is fine, brother.
- Good.
Where's brother?
- Parked car here, here he comes.
Start the vehicle, let's go.
Let's go, brother.
- Let's go, brother.
What are you looking at? Come.
This is the land up for sale.
How many acres?
- Around 300 acres till that end.
How many owners?
- Around 100 to 150!
Some are here, we can talk to others.
Just tell me if you like the land,
I'll talk to them!
I said some are here, right?
They're the land owners.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
No profit in agriculture
Please help us, sir.
Leave it, you won't face losses anymore.
Sir will take care of everything.
That's why he's here.
No problem.
Give me.
Talk about rates carefully.
They're eager to give up agriculture.
Just show them cash,
they'll sign documents and go away.
Why do you worry about it?
I'll take care of it.
Okay, give me.
Rich have two stomachs and
poor has one stomach,
there's no difference like that.
Hunger is same to all of them!
Whether one owns 500 acres
of land or daily wage earner,
or take myself,
can anyone live without food?
Tell me, can anyone live?
- Impossible!
Food must increase our lifespan.
Our lifespan is getting shorter
because of food we eat!
Instead of using chemical fertilizers,
if we grow crops organically,
soil will be good, crops will be good!
Our health would also be good!
Don't get scared of organic farming.
Without spoiling air, soil,
our ancestors followed it.
If people listen to him,
they'll go mad like him.
It is known as organic farming!
I'll do agriculture in my lands,
I'll not sell it to anyone.
When lived like a dog in foreign,
I understood the value of my land.
He's talking too much!
I saved every penny
through my hard work.
Take money and return my documents.
Why are you so adamant?
Won't you care brother's words too?
I'll not listen to anyone.
Listen to me, if you want
extra money, ask and take it.
You mustn't become a hurdle
for registration, mind it.
If not you can't go out alive from here.
If you threaten me, I'll go to police.
I've talked to brother,
he's waiting for you only. Come.
Finished everything?
- Done.
Greetings, brother.
Greetings, sir. Greetings.
- Greetings.
They're the land owners of the last bit!
I brought them here to meet you.
Tell him.
-Tell me, what should I do?
They feel their land too interior...
- No problem, we'll take care.
Let's finish the deal.
I told you I'll finish the deal, right?
Come, let's go.
Brain less girl!
Will you stand before running bike?
I want to talk to you.
I'll sit in sugarcane fields,
you finish and come.
Stay here.
What's so urgent?
It seems you're selling land
and going away.
Were you calling me so many
times since morning for this?
You and your face!
Is it trivial thing for you?
At least you could've told him, right?
Why wouldn't I? I told him
but he chased and hit me!
Shut up!
So what?
You're selling land and
going away from here,
isn't there anyone here for you?
- No one here?
I'm taking my mother and
father also with me.
Who else is there?
My father doesn't have
a concubine too.
Do anything but mustn't sell the land.
Look, she's passing orders.
Selling land or not is my will and wish.
Don't go overboard in the
arrogance of education.
If elephants have a day,
cats too would get a day!
I'll see when it comes,
sit, buddy.
Man is dependent on tree...
Who depends on man?
Why the old man is circling the tree?
He thinks he's old film heroine.
Hello old man! Why are you alone?
Didn't any heroine come to sing duet?
Why do you always make fun of him?
Why do you always get angry
if I pass comment on him?
Is there any secret deal
between you and old man?
Shut up!
Sir, that's out tree,
my grandfather sown it.
Till now it hasn't borne fruits.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
Has your father left
a barren tree for so long?
Kandan has left it for sentiment
as it was sown by his father.
Be friendly with trees,
you'll get everything.
Let's befriend it.
This is Rajini and that is Shreya.
He's Solomon Papaiah,
come, let's get closer.
Come, let's befriend it.
You befriend it.
- Running a debate program, go away.
Mind your work, go.
Who is he West Indian monkey
in colourful flashy shirt?
Who is Govindan here?
Can't you guess?
It's this sick monkey!
- Not him, let's go.
You're the problem!
- Searching for you only!
Hit him!
Why are you hitting him
without telling the reason?
How dare you ask reason from us!
Hit them...hit them!
Can't bear it, right?
- I too can't...
How long are you following Komukhi?
Did you hit us for Komu?
- Komu?
Did you see, Velu?
He has pet name too for your lover.
What? Is my lover your lover?
You dirty nose, she's his lover.
Why didn't you tell me that earlier?
I could've saved money on petrol
for 3 months.
Did you buy bike on installments?
How old is your love?
6 months?
6 years?
Love her since birth?
But still nobody can erase
my divine love!
You fool! A bottle of acid
can erase anything.
There's a way for it.
Are you going to commit suicide?
Your love is very strong love.
So, if you buy me a chilled beer and
100 grams hot, spicy beef chilly fry.
I'll kill my divine love.
Greetings, brother.
- Greetings.
This month's commission, brother.
How things are going?
- Fine, brother.
Bye, brother.
- Okay.
Do you know I've been waiting
for you since morning?
How many times do I've to call you?
Won't you answer my calls?
- Did I ask you to call me?
Tomorrow people are coming
to meet me as bride.
Is it?
Is the groom from Singapore or Dubai?
Then, isn't there anything between us?
I didn't get you.
These text books you studied, right?
Making fun of me?
You will!
Why will you not?
You said that day, till date,
I haven't turned back to see any man,
I've been thinking about you only,
I deserve this,
because you're well educated man,
you're going abroad too,
I'm a local girl, right?
I know I'm nothing to you.
Be fine.
Hey stop!
Getting so angry!
Hey Goat Alamelu! Shall we marry?
Hey Goat Alamelu! Shall we marry?
I'll tell my grandma!
You don't love me, right?
Did I propose to marry you
without love?
Why did you ignore me till now?
I'm going abroad, right?
Just testing how you would
react to my separation!
I saw it as one with your one word...
I'm soaring high into air
because of you...
Union with you for
a moment is enough...
You're my breath...
I'm always lost in your thoughts only...
I don't want anything else
if you're with me...
My life is merged with yours...
I'm doing penance
since birth to be with you...
Our two hearts have merged into one...
I'm yours forever...
I've become a shadow of myself
because of you...
Melting away in your words
and breathe...
The distance we walk
together holding hands...
I can see bliss in your eyes...
I don't have any wish...
You're my world...
My heart is going wild...
My dreams are coming true...
I'll always be with you till the end...
Should've twirled my moustache!
How many times you may see it,
its the same face!
Is it going to change?
We saw the plane flying in sky only,
now we're going to travel in it.
You're talking as if you're going alone.
My son is taking me also
along with him.
Don't be so jealous.
Power cut!
Why dog is barking?
Power cuts are regular here!
Why dog is barking?
Who is there?
Where did he go at this hour?
What? Your ideas are too big!
You went hammer and tongs
on me for selling land!
How did you accept now?
If I've to choose between land and you,
I'll choose you!
Why are you looking at me strangely?
Shouldn't I look at you?
You can...but the way you
look at me is different...
I'm taking this village girl to America.
I was thinking if you can
adjust and manage things!
Am I any less than American girls?
Can you do everything they do?
Can you speak in English?
- I'll learn to speak.
Can you drive car?
- I'll learn to drive.
Can you use lip stick?
- I'll use it.
Can you give lip to lip kiss?
- I will...
I will kiss!
Village girl! I asked for English kiss!
That's after marriage only.
Even after marriage lips are same.
What's it?
Looks like something pierced!
Get the torchlight.
I felt something piercing into me here.
Check what it is!
It's a snake bite!
Make a call to son.
Son, your father has been
bitten by a snake.
I told you not to work in fields,
did you listen to me?
Nothing to worry,
let's go to hospital.
I'm scared, son.
Keep quiet, mother.
Come and sit on bike, father.
It's a govt. hospital.
Nothing will happen, mother.
Go fast.....faster, son!
Father, don't doze off...don't sleep...
Go fast!
- Go faster!
You may fall down from bike, son.
Watch out!
Father...father....you're fine...
Get up....get up, father....
Father, please get up....
Father, you're fine...get up....
Father, just some more distance only.
Get up, father...
Any vehicle here?
I'm sorry I can't come with you.
Nothing like that, father.
Be happy as you wished!
No....father, let's go.
We can reach, father...
Buddy....buddy...Father died!
Don't shave his head!
He's going abroad,
just a small cut for tradition.
If you think about what has happened,
nothing will change.
Sugarcane is ready for cutting.
Tell Muniyan to cut sugarcane
and then go from here.
Are you here for lease order?
You're too much!
What else can I get from
my brother-in-law?
If possible make a film with him.
Why are you making fun of me?
Be ready with make-up!
Come, buddy!
Where all should I search
for you since morning?
I came here for mutton.
- Why come this far?
This is beef!
- Yes, buddy.
For our work and eating habit,
can we afford mutton?
This is cheaper.
Put some brain also.
- Even if I do...
I know I don't have it.
Put some in my box.
Forget about him, shall we go
to cut sugarcane tomorrow?
If not would I go to Collector's
job from tomorrow?
I've to cut sugarcane, let's do it.
Looks like run out of stock.
Give whatever you have.
0Wait, I'll cut one more.
Hold the nose tightly!
Thank you very much.
- God bless you.
Leave it.....leave it...
That's my cow!
- So what?
We gave it to look after it,
why are you slaughtering it?
What about all these cows?
What happened to you?
Buddy, we gave the cow to look after it.
Tell him not to slaughter it.
People are here for beef!
Go away, don't spoil my business.
Ask the man to whom you gave it.
You embarrassed us.
- Come, buddy.
Tell him not to slaughter...
Tell him not to slaughter...
Ask the man to whom you gave it.
Leave me!
Hold him!
Leave me...leave me...
Leave me I say!
What are you doing? Stop it!
- Gave it to look after it.
Are you send it to slaughter house?
I gave it four injections
but still didn't get pregnant.
What can I do with a barren cow?
That's why I sold it.
Your wife too has no children
for 4 years, will you kill her too?
Just congee or gruel is
enough for hunger!
There's no end to taste!
You eat everything!
If this goes on,
one fine day man will eat man!
Go...do agriculture.
Will you brother's commission or not?
- No, I can't. You can go.
Why siren is on?
Factory will not run,
all of you clear out.
Had you told us this earlier,
we wouldn't have cut the cane?
If you announce strike suddenly,
where are we supposed to go?
How dare you question us!
When will it start again?
Not necessary to tell you that.
I'll call higher officer.
Will you? Come on, call him.
Will you call CM or PM?
Come on, call!
Bloody! How dare!
No, please....
may get into trouble with case.
You're going abroad.
He's big man to question him!
How can you dare question him?
No one can run business here
without his blessings.
Do you know that?
He has men to support him
from Kallakurichi to America.
You hit him!
Are you scaring him?
Will you fondle if sugarcane dries?
Outsiders can rule over us,
but should we locals be their slaves?
What do you say, dirty nose?
Why are you both fighting now?
- Is he right then?
We'll face when trouble comes,
you keep quiet now.
If you trust him, difficult to go abroad.
Tell me.
Where are you?
Father wants to talk to you.
Come to my home.
Okay, I'll come.
Cut the call.
Next is that goat man!
Do you behave like an educated boy?
You behave like a rowdy.
What will you do if they stop
you from going abroad?
It'll not happen.
Why did you call me now?
Let's go and meet Chokkan,
tell him it happened in an angry
outburst and say sorry to him.
I'll not say sorry to anyone.
This is my problem,
I'll take care of it.
Doctor, its paining.
- I've given you a shot of injection.
Brother, it's paining!
Did you leave him?
Shouldn't you've killed
and buried him?
Can't keep quiet with his big mouth!
I'll finish him.
- So quickly.
Filed FIR, sir...
got doctor's certificate, right?
Got it.
Brother...I'll come...
- Wait, man.
He hasn't signed it, if he refuses,
entire deal will be stuck.
Be little patient.
Is it you?
Study, find job in America
and settle down.
Why do you get involved
in unnecessary issues?
No, he started it...
I'm sparing you because I know you.
When is the registration?
- Next week, brother?
Shall we fix next week?
- Okay.
Let's go, brother.
Come, let's go.
I'll work in my own field only.
I'll not sell it to anyone.
Is he?
Go away!
What's this, brother?
He has gone mad after selling his land.
He's standing in the middle of the road.
Hail Lord Murugan!
Looks like people who sell land
will end up as mad men!
Forget about this mad man.
Hail Lord Murugan!
Problem is solved,
you can go abroad peacefully.
I too didn't expect this,
I expected he'll do something.
But it didn't happen.
Okay, I'll take leave.
My father will feed dogs
with my food, bye.
Go carefully.
Son....come here.
Tell me, sir.
I told your father something
before he died, did he tell you?
Didn't tell me, sir.
Why are you so happy, Kanda?
I'm selling everything here and
going abroad with my son.
Are you so happy for getting ruined?
Hey, mind it, I may shout at you.
You're talking inauspiciously.
You won't understand words.
You'll understand
if you experience like me.
What did you do?
I too had a son like Velu.
I sent him to college to avoid
him struggle like me.
He was brilliant in studies.
He wanted to go abroad.
I sent him selling my land.
He never came back falling
prey to comforts there.
I sent him telegram on
his mother's death.
He didn't bother to come.
I sent a telegram of my death too.
He didn't come.
You mustn't face this situation.
That's why I'm telling you.
My son isn't like your son.
All of us going together.
All of us get cheated like this.
You'll know the value of earth
only after you leave it.
Yesterday one leaves,
today he's an orphan.
One who leaves today,
he's an orphan tomorrow.
Don't become an orphan.
If you feel I'm right,
explain this to your son also.
Go, man!
Shouldn't any educated man
leave this place?
This country needs education
and intelligence of youth like you.
But you can't go.
Tomorrow a thing will happen.
You'll understand then.
It didn't flower for years,
today it has, it's God's blessing.
I told you that day, right?
Elderly man's word has come true.
It was planted by your grandpa,
it flowered now after decades.
We can stay here itself.
Think over it.
Pray to the world that world prays...
You're one of a kind...
Nature is God...
It's no hurdle...
No world without water...
You're not there...
You need water to survive...
Without air, there's no life...
Nothing moves...
If you live without realizing this,
your life has no meaning...
This is 'Kattuyanam',
paddy of King Karikalan time...
There are many varieties like this.
Search and find it.
- Sure.
Words uttered by the leaves of trees...
What are they telling us?
Life of birds...
What does it teach us?
Earth gives life and sings lullaby...
Sky fondles us with light...
Life is same to all,
just different in shapes and sizes...
Realize earth is equal to all...
So, you've decided to stay back here.
Then, I'll not give my daughter
in marriage to you.
Let's see.
Farmer Institute
There's no better meditation
than agriculture...
If we don't take to agriculture,
we'll not have food...
Who can be like a farmer...
Sing paeans about him...
Search God in life...
Is there anything equal to love?
Realize earth has no branches...
Do you want plot, elderly man?
Double or triple?
If you sell agriculture lands in plots,
will you go to Mars planet for food?
They always call nature lovers
as mad men.
But some day they've to follow you.
I'm single, if he goes away on job,
who will look after land?
That's why I've decided to sell it.
Good decision.
I'll finish the deal, you don't worry.
Is it okay to you?
This all we got from sugarcane crop
was carbon from burning it.
No profit at all.
Finish the deal quickly.
Why is he coming here?
He's staring at me,
does he know why I'm here?
Don't know what new problem
he'll create?
His looks are different.
Don't you've any other job?
Always on look to buy lands
or usurp someone's land.
He's selling land,
I'm fixing the deal.
Why are you interfering?
Go away.
Get lost!
I said get lost!
I'll go...go...
Sorry brother, I was also like you.
Change your thought first.
I'm selling because
I'm not getting profit.
Wait a minute.
Use these seeds and
follow our instructions to raise crops.
Okay, brother.
In future farmers with
fertile lands will be billionaires.
He's torturing me a lot.
He's stopping farmers from selling lands
and asking them to carry on agriculture.
Isn't it mistake?
Can't wait anymore,
where can I find him?
What are you writing so intently
without caring about me?
Give it.
Who are you abusing wildly?
Give it to me.
You often prove that you're Goat Alamelu.
Tell me, what they are?
I don't know, you tell me.
I didn't get a word of it!
These are names of our
traditional varieties of paddy.
In the course of time,
we lost these varieties.
I was writing about it with references.
Is it?
I know only IR20, Ponni, TK varieties.
Forget it.
Will you think about old only
in paddy varieties?
Stay away.
No way!
Cheeks are like wild elephant.
It's also a variety of paddy.
Brother, he's romancing girl there.
You go.
- What about you?
You go, I'll come.
I'll forget whatever you've done,
I'll pay whatever you ask.
Leave it.
Stop there!
Are you tailoring classes run so late?
I'm little lenient because you're girl,
are you taking advantage of it?
Enough of it, look after goats
and stay at home.
If she goes out, I'll cut your hand.
Useless girl, try to get smart.
Oh no! Leave me...
No sister....sister...
Her husband is out of station and
she's thrashing every man on street.
Excuse me, leave that man.
Why are you hitting a little boy?
Come, boy...get up...come.
Why did you hit him?
- He gave love letter to her.
Hey you monkey!
When she was born,
you gave her name, right?
You gave it to her,
no problem if you had given this lady.
- Will you give her?
Please go, he'll not come here again.
Still not yet reformed?
You found a good girl,
you'll marry and live happily.
Shouldn't I find a girl?
You silly dog, he succeeded
in love, take his advice.
Tell me.
Be truthful, love will come to you.
Okay, I'll go now.
Brother, give your phone...
no balance in my phone...
I've to make an important call.
Hey you...
How did you come here?
Had you been illiterate,
would've finished the deal long back,
sign the document!
Sign it.
Give him pen.
It's paining...can't bear this pain...
Stop it, you're unfit to be a husband,
unfit to hit a man too.
You enter into trouble unnecessarily.
Don't shout, brother is coming.
He may shout on you.
He cut finger only,
did he cut your hand?
Brother, it's paining.
You boasted about finishing him
with professional killers.
Look at his prowess.
Whatever plan we may sketch for him,
he's breaking it easily.
Can't we get his land till the end?
We must get his land at any cost, brother.
You failed to kill a boy!
What's the use of so many men?
He cut his finger now,
what guaranty that he won't
cut his head in future?
Shouldn't you've brought the finger,
we could've joined it.
You're crying here like a baby.
Are you a big man if you're in
white dress and keep a dot?
How many men may come
from any number of places...
Everyone will meet the same end.
Show your talent on these men
who drink from your hand.
I'll not let you buy a feet of land!
How did you get caught with them?
I shudder to think of it.
They told me you're wounded,
how can I stop myself?
How did you manage with your family?
That's okay, but I'm unable to manage
the groom my father is bringing.
You're not taking anything.
- I will...
Did you go out with him
despite my warning?
Bloody girl!
If I see you with him again,
I'll kill you.
Come, my dear...
I've managed to stop my wife from talking,
she'll not ask me to go to work.
Had you not been there,
I wouldn't have got this loan for cattle.
So, I'm thanking you
on behalf of my cattle.
What's it?
Would you like to have tea?
- No, I had it just now.
Give a half...health drink to uncle
- I'm going.
- No, thanks...- At least pay bill.
I said bill and he got smart.
I said I had it, can I go?
Okay, go.
One minute.
- What?
Not me, he called you.
Will you give your daughter
to foreign going groom only?
Don't you dare find a groom
and torture her!
Why did you come suddenly?
Not suddenly, I came with a plan.
Leave me.
Leave me I say!
Your fragrance is enchanting.
Leave me, mother may see us.
- I've already met her.
Hold on for minute, please.
Why did you come here?
I left my home forever.
Please don't harm her...
Look, what I'm going to do with you!
Will you come out or not, Komukhi?
Why are you creating a scene?
- Why are you shouting, brother?
What happened?
- You keep quiet.
If you don't come out,
consequences will be different.
If you've respect for your father,
come with me immediately.
I'm asking you for the last time,
are you coming with me or not?
I'll not come.
Won't you come?
- I'll not come.
Won't you ever come?
- I'll never come.
To hell with you!
Nobody must see her face again.
Come, let's go.
- Brother, please stop...
Did you create this drama for nothing?
You could've stayed in home.
Shut up, I should maintain
my honour in village, right?
Do we need this drama?
May you live long happily!
May you live long happily!
May you live long happily!
This vast stretch is our land.
I'm selling it for very low price.
Farming activity was there till
last year, now we've bought it.
Rajarajan 1000
Paddy variety.
I'm itching to have it,
wife's jewels are gold covering.
Give me an idea for drinks.
Do one thing, sell it off.
If you advice your old job,
I'll kill you.
Where are you going?
It seems rocket is hanging in sky,
we're going to catch it with rod.
Don't irritate us.
We're going to give electricity
to Prakash's farm.
If do it, we'll get Rs.100
Your farm's also good, if you pay us,
we'll cover your farm too.
If you keep live wires,
rats will not destroy crops.
That's why I've planted mint plants.
If we plant mint plants,
won't rats attack crops?
It won't.
- Is it buddy?
You're asking me, am I rat?
Current is new invention,
weren't there rats before that?
This is our ancestor's farm lessons.
Greetings, sir.
Greetings, bless me, sir.
May you live long happily!
Lord has become Tamil!
Is he original Lord?
He's talking Tamil like a Tamil.
What's this, lord?
This is your village.
Sir is going to do his
dream project here.
Chokka, you must be
very lucky to be his proxy.
What exactly lord is planning to do?
They sold their lands saying
agriculture is not profitable.
What new things are you
going to do in it?
I'm going to produce hybrid.
You mean?
What takes six months to grow
can be grown in one month.
What you harvest in 5 acres,
he'll harvest in one acre.
What decays in 4 days
will remain fresh for 4 months!
That is hybrid.
Can you do that type of
farming in my land too, lord?
All farms around here will
follow my farm techniques.
That is Athur soil.
There's a small glitch here, sir.
My brother lost his finger too in it.
All of them agreed to sell except one.
Who is it?
I got a job in foreign company, right?
He owns that company.
Why didn't you join even after
receiving appointment letter?
I'm doing an agricultural project here.
Soil of your land suits for
my hybrid project.
I can do this project only
if I get your land.
Chokkan said you rejected his offer.
You search for another land, sir.
I don't want to sell.
Be careful with him!
What to do with Velu, lord?
What's it, lord?
Children are playing there,
why are you going there?
Move away....stay away...
If you see a decent man,
you'll swarm over him.
Keep quiet.
Village children,
they'll behave like that only.
What's this?
Neem seeds.
Why is he taking it?
Lord, this is neem seed.
He's asking some more.
- Give me.
Take it, sir.
- What is he going to do with it?
What a glass!
You're rocking!
You can find them all over the place,
why did you give goggles for it?
Tell me what did you do since morning?
Got up, brushed teeth, took bath,
combed hair, had heavy breakfast,
then, I came to meet you lord.
There are seeds like this in everything.
No seeds, no production,
no world market.
Trees that grow here to save life
don't grow in my country.
If I get mother seed
for which I'm searching,
entire world will be in my pocket.
Why do you worry, sir?
Velu has collected
a lot of seeds like this.
Yes, sir.
I've seen it myself.
You come with me, lord.
Uthaman, listen and do as I say,
you'll go to the top.
Okay, brother.
Let's go and meet him,
you can ask whatever you want.
Lord, he's here.
- Greetings, sir.
Greetings, sir.
Kuthoosi Farmer Institute
Please come in, sir.
Look at this!
Look at them closely!
These are our traditional seeds!
Velu searched and found them!
It mustn't be shown to anyone, sir.
I brought you here on your request.
These are just few, there are many more.
What do you want?
I want to go to foreign, sir.
I'll take you with me.
Looks like you're in
for a windfall, Velu.
Goddess Mahalakshmi has come
to you in the form of dollars.
You got the chance which Chokkan
couldn't get in all these years.
Agree to it.
I said I'll not sell.
This is not for your land but for
organic seeds that are with you.
I don't have anything like that.
We've seen it all.
Accept, what is offered.
Such a big thing!
No way.
I want the rare organic seeds
which you've with you.
If I get those organic seeds,
it'll earn billions and trillions for me.
The world must depend on me for food.
So, give your land and seeds to me.
I'll give you 50% share in this project.
What do you say?
I don't have anything
like that as you say.
Leave it, your man has shown it to us.
Accept his deal.
If you don't accept now,
you won't go out alive from here.
Lord, you talk about seeds
and made me seedless!
He wanted to see, so I showed him.
He'll ask, what happened to your sense?
Don't you know what good is
and what bad is!
- Leave him.
We've to be very careful.
If they know the place of organic seeds,
all our efforts will go in vain.
- Greetings.
Our village officer.
I'll designate it as waste land,
no problem, I'll take care of everything.
Bye, sir.
I'll finish the deal, sir.
I'll arrest him on false case.
I'll kill him in 2 days.
Don't get avarice and
claim land as mine.
Don't think of ruining everything
because you're intelligent.
I'll take care.
- I'll finish the deal.
This is my place, my word is rule.
I'll take care.
Respect for organic farming
is increasing with every day.
It's our duty as farmers to
protect and save organic seeds.
Sow whatever I give.
You'll gain profit.
He's talking about organic farming.
Claim your product is also organic.
Who is going to check it?
He'll charm with plenty.
Don't get cheated by his false promises.
Nobody can win over nature.
If you think you can,
it's foolishness.
Don't lose your future for
present short term gains.
If you want big income,
use agriculture technique of sir.
If you do, you can go
to top in one day.
If we follow you,
I feel our lands will go barren.
Snake has poison, we avoid it.
There's poison in his food,
but we're still eating it.
Diabetes at 6,
girls maturing at 7,
heart attack at 30!
If you want to avoid this,
support organic farmers.
At least then, our next generation
will be healthy.
It looks like insecticide.
What's this, sir?
It kills slowly,
but this will kill instantly.
You've been generous to guests,
that's why you're like this.
Till people like you're here, cheats will
come in different names and shapes.
Avaricious selfish devils!
Why have you become
burden to this world?
Save our motherland!
Only then, your children will
have land to live.
Who is that old man?
- He's the guy who inspired Velu!
Why didn't you tell me this earlier?
Don't get cheated by foreigners.
Save motherland!
These are not just seeds
but your grandparents' property.
No grandpa, no father.
No father, we're not there.
Like how we came into
this world because of them,
likewise these seeds
must grow through you!
Teaching organic farming is more
important than sex education to students.
It can be achieved only
by teachers and parents like you.
All farmers have sold
their lands except you.
I'm a chugging train...
It's a smooth train with
foreigner on board...
You see one and two...
Look at my eyes...come to me...
I'm a moon in vast empty land...
Come on dig up to get the gold...
I'm here with passionate desire,
come and unite with me...
There's no girl without desire...
Man who knows it is wise...
If you touch, my sari too
would bear fruits...
If you come with me,
I would become mother...
Arrogance will not subside
for a girl without man...
No man is untouchable to me...
Come with me....see everything....
Thoughts are as many as hair on head...
Kiss my hand and have a ball...
Play, have fun and go berserk...
Enjoy all night with me...
See heaven in my body...
Close your eyes and
explore me in search of God...
Just looking at me will not unite us...
Buddy, they stabbed and
killed elderly man.
Old man, stop everything.
If not you'll go far away from them.
What will you do?
All you can do is kill me.
Can you kill my future generation.
You can't, can you?
Someone has burnt the crop!
Don't know who they are,
they entered after hitting me.
Go and see!
Look at your country's property
that you had collected.
Pick it up!
Bloody organic farmer!
Boys, thrash him!
You guys are always under our feet.
Come in any shape or form,
you can never rule over us!
We taught agriculture to the world.
Are you teaching us?
Anyone who thinks of destroying us,
this will be his end!
After jail term...
Our ancestors saved and protected seeds
that give us food in temple tower pots.
Even if entire village gets submerged
under water due to floods,
seeds were safe in
temple tower pots,
they did so to help save the
seeds for next generation,
since seeds saved in pots
had life of 12 years,
so, after 12 years, the pots
were filled with ne seeds,
they consecrated the temple
and protected the seeds,
Consecration of temple is
celebrated to save the seeds.
Thanks - Nammazhvar
This film is dedicated to organic farmers...