Kuttavum Shikshayum (2022) Movie Script

-Police, go back!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live the revolution!
-Police, go back!
-Police, go back!
Police, go back!
I am warning all of you!
It will be good that--
-Police, go back!
-Police, go back!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live the revolution!
-Long live the revolution!
-Police, go back!
-Police, go back!
Come on, shoot me!
Long live the revolution!
-Why did you go there?
-It was not intentional.
Sorry, sir.
It was an act of self-defense.
Come on. It's 2:00 a.m. Let's go.
Do one thing.
Turn the vehicle.
We'll go there.
-Will Suresh's tea shop be open now?
-No. The shop opens at 4:00 p.m.
Suhail, aren't you a bit early today?
I'll be able to deliver
newspaper only if I start now.
-Hello, sir!
-Shall we move, sir?
Where are you?
Have you reached?
Start the vehicle.
-Okay, sir.
-Let's go.
We have got an information of a robbery
which happened in a jewellery
shop near Gandhi square, Kattappana.
Bravo team has already
set off to the scene.
The dog squad,
the team of finger print experts
and scientific experts are needed here.
Sir, he is the owner of
the jewellery store.
He is the one who saw it first,
-Haven't you taken his statement?
-Yes, sir.
Where is the dog squad
and the forensics team?
We have informed them.
They must be on the way.
-Check over there.
-Okay, sir.
Don't touch anything before
the forensic team arrives!
Sir, the main items are in the locker.
-Where is it?
-It's right there.
Where is the CCTV-DVR ?
It's out of order since some time now.
Mr. Siddique, can you call in your team?
Follow him.
-Do not touch it! Let them examine.
-Okay, sir.
Get me a flashlight.
Have a look.
Don't worry.
Let them finish their job.
Let's see what we can do.
Hold it.
-Have you taken the prints of the workers?
-I am on it, sir.
-What about the blood sample?
-Already sent, sir.
-Who was on night duty yesterday?
-It was me, sir.
All thanks to the Lord.
They could not open the main locker.
Around 15 kilogram of gold was in there.
How much did you lose?
We lost around 2.67 kilogram of gold
and three kilogram of silver.
Don't overstate it.
Tell me the actual weight.
As per records,
it's 1.870 kilogram of gold.
So that explains why your CCTVs
are not functioning.
-Sir, the prints are pretty clear.
-That's good.
-Do we have some prints?
-Yes, sir.
-Are they clear?
-What was the loss?
-We are assessing it, sir.
-Cameras are not working for some days.
-You're the store owner, right?
-Yes, sir.
You're also the district secretary
-of the association, right?
-Yes, sir.
It's a shame that you don't even
have a functional camera.
-Where is the locker? Let's go.
-It's inside, sir.
Get me the list of criminals with similar
modus operandi in the district.
I will send the report listing.
-Yes, sir.
I hope you have checked it thoroughly.
I shall inform the SP.
Sajan, I heard that
you are going through depression.
If one of us gets into trouble,
we take care of them.
That's how it works.
Don't forget as to how we
dealt with your case.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
We are here near Thankamani.
Yes, we are here for the Nedumkandam case.
Sure, sir.
We will be there in no time.
You may please inform the superintendent.
Look, Bijoy
it's true that he harassed you badly
but the punishment for
killing him is inevitable.
You are young.
If you cooperate with us,
then maybe we can help you.
Or else, you know the consequences.
Go easy on him in the paperwork.
Or else he would not survive in jail.
a lot of things happen in life.
What can we do?
Do you have any suspects in mind?
No one in particular.
But one of our employees
was terminated recently.
Could he be a
-Who is that?
-His name is Aravindan.
-Where does he live?
-He lives in Pathaam Mile.
-Who is this?
-He is my son, sir.
-What does he do?
-He has completed MBA.
-Didn't see you--
-I was in the night shift.
Hi, Bashir.
You do one thing
Take him to the station
and get a detailed statement.
-Okay, sir.
Come with me.
-Is that the owner?
-Sir, that's Rajesh, Rajeev and Abin.
Bashir, there was blood stains
on the main door.
-Please inform the local hospitals.
come with me.
Their CCTVs were down
when the incident took place.
Do you think
I thought the same but it's a
reputed jewellery group.
It seems unlikely to fake a theft
for the insurance money.
But we should think from that
point of view as well.
You should stay here.
I am heading to the station.
-Hi, sir.
-What's your name?
How many siblings do you have?
Actually I have a sister, Rajitha.
She is married and settled in the US.
So you are the only heir.
But you don't seem to be worried.
Sir, actually I am worried.
Sorry, sir.
What do you have to say?
This is done by him.
-Who is that?
-He was our manager.
Why are you so sure about it?
Until recently, I was not even
allowed to set foot in the store.
He was Dad's confidant.
Dad started listening to me only
after he was cheated by this guy.
He took almost 160 grams of gold.
Later it was me who settled the case
by attaching his property.
He knows the store more than my Dad.
-I am sure he is the one.
-So, you have confirmation on it?
We dont need to investigate, right?
You may go now.
You should come here
whenever we call you.
Got it?
-Yes, sir.
Freeze there.
Zoom it.
-Make a copy of it.
-Sure, sir.
-Was it them, sister?
-Yes, sir.
Satyanath is 55 years old
and Satheesh is 26.
They are from Matha city.
They came here with
a hand injury by 4:10 a.m.
The elder one lost a lot of blood.
He needed suture with seven
to eight stitches.
He was diabetic.
So the doctor had asked them
to stay until morning.
But they insisted for discharge.
Get her phone number.
Sister, please give your phone number.
-What's your name?
-We will call in case of a doubt.
-Yes, sir.
-I'll definitely do it, sir.
-Ma'am, please sign here.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
Ma'am, trace of blood was
found at the place of occurrence.
We have collected the sample.
The jewellery owner's son has
given a name as suspect.
He is Mr. Aravindan.
He was an ex-employee
who was fired.
Find him!
Also identify criminals with
the same modus operandi.
Check the whereabouts of all thieves
who have bailed out recently.
You should also check if
they are currently active or not.
There was a jewellery theft in Kunnukara
last year, with the same MO.
-But they are all fresh offenders.
They were local thieves
and no recovery was made as evidence.
This case won't hold in the court.
We are collecting all the CCTV
footages from that area.
-We can take all possible actions.
Is it possible to check all those
vehicles on road?
The thieves will be long gone by then.
I am sure this case will go undetected.
I don't think there will be many vehicles
on the road at that hour.
The owner if that jewellery shop is the
secretary of their association.
I am already getting
calls from Trivandrum.
Do something fast.
Carry on now, and let me know
if you need any help.
-Yes, ma'am.
This is Matha city she referred to.
Pull over here.
And this is Manian's shop.
-Hey, Manian.
Have a look.
That's Satyanath and Satheesh.
Do you know them?
Both of them live near the temple.
Take a left turn from there.
It's on the left-hand side.
The house is painted green.
The father and son live there.
The father is addicted to alcohol.
It seems like a usual brawl between them.
-The son is my friend.
Let's go.
Sir, we found nothing from the lead
we got from the hospital.
It was just a casual brawl
between the father and the son.
Rajesh's information is always credible.
Even though he looks fraud,
Varghese's son has a point.
Aravindan! What's his story?
His house has been locked
and his phone is switched off.
I have asked to check his antecedents.
Oh, no!
-Hello. Can you hear me?
-You need to go to Pathaam mile.
Okay, sir.
That's where Aravindan lives.
Leave right now.
-Okay, sir.
-Don't knock the door straight away.
Just get me the information.
-Alright then.
Pathaam mile
Where will Pathaam Mile be?
Do you know him?
Yes, he is Aravindan.
He is the son of our late teacher.
I haven't seen him here for some time.
I am not into that now, sir.
-Who are his friends here?
-Who is this new guy, sir?
Answer me! Who are his friends?
-Do you remember Mathew?
-Who is that?
The stout guy!
-The stout guy
-He is friends with Mathew.
-Is he from Puliyanmala?
-Yes, he is friends with him.
Got it.
Where can we meet him?
He will be there in the cardamom estate
at Vandanmedu.
-You seem to be well connected!
-Of course.
As a local guy, I had been
in the shadow squad.
-That's how Basheer picked me.
This is a different world.
Organized network, thieves, pimps,
prostitutes, goons.
They are no different from us either.
-You are always on phone.
-Will introduce you to everyone?
What's wrong in looking at my own phone?
He dared to question me.
I gave him one tight slap!
He then jumped and came to me.
And then I asked him about the issue.
He again ran from there.
I went in and looked.
Then, what?
That's okay.
We'll do something.
Is the only snack you have?
-Come on, run!
Sir, why are you here?
You have got good friends.
We were just having some drinks, sir.
Are you friends with this guy?
Aravindan! He is not a friend,
but he works here in the plantation.
-Where is he now?
-He must be at home.
Why would we come here if he were?
He might've gone to his
aunt's place in Kallara.
I don't know anything, sir.
-You mean, Kallara in Kottayam?
-Yes, sir.
I swear I am not connected to him.
I will call you back.
It's the sub inspector of Kallara.
Rajesh's informer was right.
-Aravindan is there in Kottayam.
-Shall we bring him in?
As per their information,
he is heading here.
We shall track his phone.
Varghese and his son seem
to be sure about him.
I do not think this
would end with Aravindan.
Why did you stop drinking?
It's been a while.
My kids are grown up as well.
It seems you are used to it.
Okay. See you tomorrow.
Didn't you buy anything?
Why have you come empty handed?
Sorry, I forgot.
Why don't you come in
and have a tea?
No, thanks. I have a program to attend.
-Did you watch my Tik Tok video?
Yeah. That was hilarious!
-I still have a lot to do.
Hello, what's up?
-He's reached Upputhara.
Aravindan is now at Upputhara tower.
-He may take another 15 minutes.
-Can I speak to Mr. Sajan?
-Sir, it's Rajeev.
-Tell me, Rajeev
-Sir, Rahul seems a bit off to me.
He seems to have made a call
around the time of occurrence.
It was a call that lasted for 23 minutes.
And in the morning,
during our time of interrogation
there was another call made
which lasted for 90 minutes.
What about the location of that number?
It was at Vannappuram tower.
The connection is in the
name of Aswathy.
Will have to verify the address.
Any text messages between them?
That number does not have
any messaging application, sir.
There is only a text message saying
"Call me back" in the past two days.
Get me the frequent contact
list of that number.
Not even a single call was made
to the other numbers.
-Yes, sir.
What about Aravindan's status?
He is still moving, sir.
You can use the front door as well.
Where are you coming from, Aravindan?
It's you, right?
-Come with us.
I knew that you would come.
Who informed you?
Sir, I got a call from the jewellery shop.
Why should I drag him into trouble?
I'd been working there since I was 18.
I ran that store single-handedly
for ten years.
Not even a speck of gold went missing
during the entire period.
-Then, why did you steal from there?
-I did not steal!
-You bastard!
-Rajesh, what's this?
-Don't you raise your voice at him!
-Rajesh, you step aside.
Leave it.
Aravindan, you tell me.
Sir, I don't have the need to steal.
I was happy with my salary.
I fell in love with a girl.
Had to give 20 sovereigns
for her sister's wedding.
They had promised to return the money
as soon as the bank loan was approved.
I was about to settle everything but
they could not return it.
I became the culprit when shortage
in the stock was found.
I pleaded them to give me some time.
But they had no mercy.
My Mom had ten cents of land in the town.
They forcefully took it from me.
Nobody spoke for me.
Sir, I work here in the plantation.
The people here will vouch for me.
I am telling the truth, sir.
It's not him, sir.
We need not even check his alibi.
This is Suhail's vehicle.
-Did you call the forensics?
-Mr. Rajeev did!
-Any luck?
-We have identified those vehicles.
We know who the owners are.
-Then, bring them in.
-Okay, sir.
-What about the forensics?
-They will call back, sir.
The festival season is round the corner
along with the party meetings.
-Yes, sir.
-Be alert.
-We should try to avoid problems.
-Yes, sir.
Sensational issues
should be dealt cautiously.
I am already done with explanations.
A lot happens at the Mattappally festival.
Last year 12 people were stabbed there.
We had to take the blame.
The festival is on Sunday, right?
Mobilize the station
for three to four days.
-Okay, sir.
Bashir, you are lucky
to not be working today.
Or else you would be troubled a lot.
I have gone through
the same phase as well.
My kids and wife felt
that to be a better life.
Sir, I just spoke to the forensic
and finger print experts.
Nothing was found in the forensic report
but the fingerprints are all fresh.
If they are fresh offenders
then we need to probe the
personal enmity angle in this case.
Keeping in mind the current scenario,
migrant laborers can't be ruled out.
Check from that point of view as well.
Has anybody been missing?
Have you noticed any strangers lately?
No, sir. We haven't come across
any such people.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, I am.
Alright, then.
Did you find any leads?
No. Let the agent get here.
We have the copies
of all the identity cards.
Nobody can leave from here
without our knowledge.
We have been very careful keeping
all the issues in mind.
Only four people have left
during this period.
Two of them are from Bengal.
They go home for two weeks
during Holi or Dussehra.
The other two are from Jharkhand.
They were granted leave after all
the pleading as their mother was dead.
They were good masons.
This is the only suspicious vehicle.
I haven't seen this van earlier.
That car belongs to Dr. Vanaja
of the district hospital.
The rest are all local vehicles.
Did you check it?
I'd seen one at Kundanpara
the other day,
but I am not sure if it's the same van.
-It was too dark--
-So, you are not sure?
I am not certain about it, sir.
I am not sure as there were
no street lights that night.
-Did you notice the number?
-No, I didn't.
-Try to--
-Can't we see the number plate?
I can't better the resolution, sir.
I think it's KL 38,
but it's not that clear.
Let's do one thing.
Let's send for Shafeeq.
He knows all the vehicles here.
That's a good idea, sir.
Make sure you inform us
if you remember something else.
-You may go now.
-Okay, sir.
-Are you still running that tabloid?
-Yes, sir.
What's the matter?
The inspector asked me to come.
Come with me.
Who is Aswathy from Vannappuram?
I don't know, sir.
Sir, Rahul doesn't know Aswathy.
We should let him go.
Let him go.
Maybe it's just Aswathy
who is responsible.
Have her picked up.
Seize his phone.
That's our only evidence.
-Give me your phone.
Just give it to me.
But who will be the one calling from
his phone to her's every mid night?
Sir, what's the problem?
Nothing. You may go, Rahul.
Sir, Aswathy knows nothing about this.
That means Aswathy does exist.
We are in love.
She is the daughter of Madhavan Nair,
the owner of Aswathy Jewellery.
Why does she call only to your number?
I bought her this phone
so that she could call me.
We can't call on her other number.
This seems to be a different case.
Call that girl and verify this.
We can nab him if this isn't true.
Give his phone back.
You may go now.
Okay, sir.
What about the taxi driver
you mentioned?
He is in Devikulam.
He will come tomorrow.
I am putting you on speaker.
-Sir, it's me, Rajesh.
-Tell me, Rajesh.
Manoharan and Stalin
are the main labor suppliers here.
They have the identity proofs
of the laborers.
We have personally verified those.
Sir, the four laborers who left the area
on that night are still missing.
Their are not reachable over phone.
It's possible that they are
at a deserted place.
Rajeev will be checking
the call data records.
Okay! Meet you in the office
at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.
-Good night.
-Good night, sir.
So, we are free for now.
Let's go somewhere
and have a drink or two.
You go and have.
I will go to the club
and play a round or two.
Don't do this to me!
Who will drop me home then?
You have many friends for that.
This is our vehicle.
This one is KL 37, 1217.
This too is local.
This is Planter Kunjachan's Jeep.
But this van
Sir, show me this one.
Stop there.
That van is not a local one.
I've seen it once or twice in the market.
We have six vans here.
I know all of those, but this one
This one
I have seen it.
They must be using the van
for marketing purposes.
I have seen it once or twice
in the market.
Shafeeq, you hit up the market
and let's find out more on this.
-Alright then.
I will take your leave.
Bashir, send the photo of this van
to Abin and Rajesh.
-Ask them to get the details the RTO.
-Okay, sir.
-Swathi works at the RTO. I'll call him.
Come to the station tomorrow morning.
SI will be here.
Yes, ma'am. No!
I will update you, ma'am.
Thank you.
-Rajesh, I am sending you a photo.
Please check it and call me.
It's urgent.
-It's urgent.
-Have you sent the photo?
-I will wait for your call.
-Let me see it. I am driving now.
Let me have a look.
-Nothing, that's not an issue.
-It's of a lorry then
I will check once I pull over.
-Got it?
-You got it?
Did you get your thing?
Got the numbers of
those migrant workers?
-Did you check the call data record?
-On it, sir.
Their tower location
is at Eranakulam North
railway station by 12 midnight.
From there it shows as
Erode, Salem, Guntur
Anyhow they've left the town
way before the incident.
So, it's not them either.
-Have you seen this vehicle?
-No, sir.
-Are you sure?
Sir, buy a lottery ticket.
You could be lucky.
-No, I don't want.
-Please, sir.
No one can predict the luck.
Buy one.
Take the other one.
-Where can we find Sreeraj?
-He must be sleeping down there.
Get up!
-Sir, you could have called me.
-So that you could just slip
Have you seen this vehicle?
Yes this belongs to those Hindi guys.
I mistook it for Mookkan's
vehicle the other day.
But it was those guys.
What's the problem, sir?
Does Mookkan have this kind of van?
Yes, he has many vehicles.
Who is Mookkan?
He gives loans and murders people
for the sake of money.
Sir, we got him!
It's Mookkan!
Mookkan Balan. He's a regular.
-Shall we nab him?
Rajeev, I want the location.
Confirm if it's the same vehicle.
We need to get Sumit, the
rickshaw driver to confirm it.
-Why him?
-He is Mookkan's right-hand man.
Pull over here.
There he is.
-Sir, let's move the vehicle from here.
-Wait, let them go in.
-Hi, sir.
-Start the vehicle.
-Sujith is our man.
This is Abin.
What is this about, sir?
Don't I cooperate with you?
-Where is your boss, Mookkan?
-He must be home, sir.
Why does he have a van?
Actually it belongs to Joanappan.
He is yet to pay a debt to Mookkan.
Mookkan took the van
as an insurance for the money.
I don't think anything seems to be wrong.
It's leased out to some North Indian guys
selling ready-made garments.
It's a decent family, sir.
Where is his house?
It's near Edassery.
Let's go there.
He will kill me if I go with you.
I will kill you if you don't. Go!
He is a tough guy.
Let's go.
He sounds loyal.
Okay, Rajesh.
Mookkan owns the vehicle.
It's confirmed.
Hello, Rajeev, Mookkan's
location is correct, right?
Shall I go, sir?
Give me the keys and be right here.
-Who are you?
-Is Balan in?
-I was told that he is here.
-He is not here.
-Where did he go?
Didn't I tell you that he is not here?
We are not here to nab him.
Just need to ask him some questions.
That's all.
How dare you trespass into a house
where only women live?
Hey, we are police.
We need to see him.
How can I be sure of that?
-Call him, now.
How can I call somebody
who is not here?
Do what I say!
Oh, God!
-Please look at this.
These guys are creating ruckus here!
-Please come here!
-Listen to me!
-Come and help me!
Get out from my house! Just go!
-Get lost, you dogs!
-Oh, God!
-Step aside!
Get lost. I'll show you!
Do you want to see?
-Come on! I dare you film me!
-Listen to me!
We have done nothing!
Don't blame us.
-Do you want to see?
-Stop it!
Mr. Bashir.
What happened, sir?
What happened, sir?
What have you done?
Don't you know them?
How could you make me act like a fool?
Useless fellow!
Come, let's go.
How did you meet those Hindi guys?
Which guys are you talking about?
How many Hindi guys do you know?
Those guys who took
the van for lease.
I know them.
Where is that van now?
It's there, in front of my house.
They left after a couple of days.
They said that somebody
has died in their family.
Why did you change the plate number?
I did not do that.
It was them who did it.
They thought it was bad luck.
They might not have known
that it's illegal.
Where do they live?
They live near Manjapra.
They live in a rented house
owned by one Mr. Paily.
He runs the ration shop there.
Bashir, get the forensic team
and fingerprint team to check that van.
-Take it in custody only after that.
-What's the case, sir?
-Where is Paily's house?
Do you know the seventeenth mile?
We need to move upwards
from that road.
What did you get in return?
Cash or gold?
I didn't get anything.
I took a hefty rent
from them for the van.
Did not imagine that
they would dupe me.
You may keep me in custody.
I can't go back home.
It's all messed up.
Take a left after that curve.
-There is a yellow painted building.
There it is.
Paily's house it adjacent to it.
That second house.
Yes, the white one.
That's Paily's house.
Bashir, you go first.
What's the issue, sir?
I am unwell.
I have blood pressure issues.
Nothing to worry.
We have some questions for you.
Where are your tenants?
They've gone home,
after a death in their family.
Has anything happened to them?
They are good people.
How do you know them?
Mookkan brought them here.
They were a family.
They were very prompt
in paying the rent.
And they maintained the house well.
-Do you have a deed?
-Copies of identity card?
Take those papers
and the keys as well.
Okay, sir.
Sir, don't frighten him.
He will die of a heart attack.
Sir, these are the papers.
Check it.
Sir, I am no troublemaker.
Haven't ever been to a police station.
Don't worry, Paily.
Just tell us what you know.
-They are brothers.
The elder one is about 50 years of age.
His daughter was also with them.
She was around 25.
She was well behaved
and very friendly with my family.
If somebody comes, she would go inside
cover her head with the saree.
They had two relatives as well.
They would not talk much.
What's the matter, sir?
Yes, there is a breakthrough, ma'am.
We have 90 percent confirmation on it.
Keep this.
Ma'am, it's a five member gang.
As per the information, they are in
Dhanaganj area of Dholpur district
of Rajasthan which is near
the Uttar Pradesh border.
They were living in a rented house
in Manjapra for the past four months.
-The house is owned by one Mr. Paily.
Names and their identity cards
are all fake.
Everybody knows them as
garment sellers traveling in a van.
There was a woman in their team,
who had been the homemaker.
The house owner says she is the daughter
of one of the elderly person.
But how can you be sure
about the location?
Ma'am, even though their
documents were fake
they had used a phone number
to get gas and TV connection.
The number was switched on
immediately after the robbery.
After that it is switched off.
They have used this number
rarely here in Kerala.
-Three numbers which were
in contact with this one
are now static under a tower in Dhanaganj.
Which means
they live in the same house
or neighboring ones.
The number we identified is switched off
now, but the contacts are active.
We have pulled the Google pin for those.
We can't have a conclusion
only because
the number was active during
the time of occurrence.
We'd conducted a search in the house
-where they were living.
We have recovered partial evidence
with the seal of the jewellery from there.
That's actually good.
So, you are confident?
-Yes, ma'am.
-What's your next step then?
We need to go there, ma'am.
The rest of the job is there only.
-Is this even realistic?
This is an interstate pursuit.
We struggle to catch the local thieves.
Suppose we catch them.
Can we recover the evidence?
It's impossible! This is nothing
but a waste of money.
Let's try, sir.
-Sajan, do one thing.
You process the application for
presidency passports.
-What's your team like?
I need Bashir with me. Then
We need two more men.
No way, Sajan. It's not happening.
This is nothing but futile
We hardly have enough men here,
to maintain law and order.
Sajan, you manage
with the existing team.
I shall call the SP Dholpur.
-Yes, ma'am.
All the best.
-Are you out of your senses?
The festival time is round the corner.
We will need to work extra hours and
you guys set off for North Indian tour.
Is it worth the effort?
This is just a theft,
not some murder case.
It's a mere show off!
-Sir, let us just--
We will see whom
could you nab from there.
-What a man!
-Leave it, he is just like that.
Hello, ma'am.
Sajan, I've spoken to the SP there.
He has offered us all the help.
But he says, the village is
slightly prone to violence.
A couple of officers had died
in a raid there some time ago.
-So, I think you have to be very careful.
-Yes, ma'am. Sure.
Where are you boarding your train from?
Eranakulam or Kottayam?
Ernakulam, ma'am.
Call me if you need something.
-Wish you all the very best, Sajan.
-Thank you, ma'am.
Sir, let's have a tea.
Sir, let's have a tea.
-Do you have tea?
-Do they have it?
-Less sugar for me.
-What about you, Rajeev?
-I just want a tea
-Give me four cups of tea.
What? Stop there.
What happened?
He ran away!
The area seems troublesome, sir.
Blow horn again.
-Who are you?
-Sajan Philip, Circle Inspector.
-Whom do you want to meet?
-We need to meet the SP.
-He is not here.
-Could you open the gate?
Sure, sir.
Haven't you taken the letter?
He is not here.
We are Kerala Police.
Can we meet the SP please?
Look, he is not here.
You can wait over there
-Brother, where is the wash room?
-Follow me.
Rajesh, do you have an extra cigarette?
-Yes, sir.
-Get me one.
Have a look.
-Jai hind, sir.
-Who are the guests?
They are from Kerala Police.
They want to meet SP.
Welcome, sir.
Myself Inspector Dinesh Pradhan.
-CI, Sajan Philip.
-Nice meeting you.
-Get them some tea or something.
-Yes, sir.
We just reached here.
We are waiting for the SP.
No, it's not cold out here.
Looks like he's come.
Okay, I will call.
-Sir, CI Saj--
-Sorry, I am late. Come.
It's a very crime prone area, and
every second person in the village
is a criminal
because of the strange nature
of this village.
Politicians appear and vanish
making huge promises.
Nothing has been done for development.
So everybody is indulged into crime.
Some years ago,
we had gone there for an operation
which resulted in police firing.
We lost a policeman and a villager.
There was huge chaos in the assembly.
The opposition demanded action
against the police and everyone else.
It's very difficult to go there
and conduct an operation.
But I have received the call,
will give you full support.
-I will help you with everything.
-Thank you.
-But you have to be very careful.
-Yes, sir.
-You have to be very careful.
-Yes, sir.
So, I can assure you that everything
will be given to you. Pradhan
-Jai hind.
-Jai hind. What's going on?
Everything is fine, sir.
-Did you offer him something to drink?
-Of course, sir.
-Did you offer him snacks?
-Yes, I did, sir!
-Did you have tea?
-Yes, sir.
Good. Make arrangements for their stay.
Take them either to Hotel Ganga
or somewhere better.
It's your duty to make arrangements.
-And make sure it is the best!
Thank you, sir.
Okay! Nice meeting you.
And you can come to me
anytime you feel like.
Thank you so much, sir.
Stop here.
-Is the room ready?
-Good evening, sir.
You must have got a call
from the SP office.
-Yes, sir.
-Get the keys.
-They are the Kerala Police.
-They should have a peaceful stay.
-Got it?
-Don't worry, sir.
Yes, sir!
-Okay, sir.
-Good night. Take rest.
-Thank you.
-Meet you in the morning.
Good night.
-Okay, sir.
-Good night, sir.
-Where is Rajesh?
-He has gone to buy something.
Oh, no! It's so cold out here.
I was about to ask you.
You didn't ask me until now.
Sit down. Where did you get this?
Rickshaw drivers are the same everywhere.
Pour one for me as well.
Have this, sir.
Good morning.
File an absent report
citing the investigation.
Yes, I will inform the SP.
You are ready.
How did you bath in this stinky toilet?
We policemen have to manage
with any kind of situation.
That's okay. I have booked rooms
in the hotel opposite to this one.
-It's small but tidy.
-Shall we vacate right away?
No! They have booked it for us.
Let's not vacate.
-Ask them to get ready.
-Hold this for a moment.
Let me take his bag.
Sir, I will take the bag.
I will bring it.
Go and order some breakfast.
Okay, sir.
-Didn't you sleep well yesterday?
-Yes, I did.
SP's vehicle is not here.
-Hello, sir.
-Good morning.
-He is inside.
Please wait for sometime.
Didn't I tell you?
The checking was strict there.
You drove straight into it.
These guys seems a bit off.
Are we being ignored?
You are here!
We are done with your work.
You may go to Dhanaganj Police Station.
Ashok Pankaj is the station house officer.
Meet him, and it will be all done.
Dhanaganj Police Station?
Use Google maps.
It's simple nowadays.
It's 35 kilometers from here.
You will reach there by afternoon.
-Off you go.
-Thank you, sir.
Okay, take care.
What was it's name, again?
-I have an upset stomach?
-What happened?
Maybe it's because of the kachori.
Yes, that's what I meant.
We will have to settle
for local food while on tour.
We can't look for beef
or pork everywhere.
Sir, better you don't talk
about beef here.
We may take some food
and an induction cooker next time
so that we can have our own food.
Right, sir?
No wonder the Deputy Superintendent
says we are on vacation.
Can you find some restaurant
where we can have some upma?
We can catch the thieves thereafter.
-What happened?
Where is the police station?
-Police station?
Go straight and take a turn.
It's on the left-hand side.
-Where are you from?
-We are journalists from Delhi.
You don't seem like you're from Delhi.
Let's go. Thank you.
Where are you going?
What did they say?
-Which way to go, Sir?
-We may go left and then straight.
Watch both sides.
We are Kerala Police.
Our Circle Inspector is with us.
-We want to meet your officer.
-Wait a minute.
Look, SP Sir has already
briefed me about the case.
There are 22 villages
under this Police Station.
The biggest of those is Dhanaganj.
The station's name too is Dhanaganj, but
I've not set foot in
this village till date.
11 years back
a team from Maharashtra had come.
Our local team was also part
of the operation.
We lost four constables in the shoot out.
It created quite a
furore in the assembly
but nothing happened after that.
After that we have literally no
dealings with that village.
Neither they trouble us nor do we.
That's how it goes now.
Have tea. Our officer will be here soon.
He is a local guy.
You may talk to him.
Here comes the tea.
Have it.
I will be back soon, after
finishing some work.
Do you have the photo of the thieves?
-Yes, sir.
-Show it to me.
Alright I will tell Manoj. Okay.
Somebody else will come.
Sir, can you come here for a minute.
Sir, please don't mind
but you must be aware
that you need to take good care
of Manoj to speeden the process.
Gift. Give him some gift.
What's it, sir?
Maybe you too like it.
We need to give some gift to that Manoj.
What a recommendation
from a Senior officer!
-Come on, have tea.
-I don't want. It's buffalo milk.
-You don't want?
-Where is Rajesh?
-Must have gone some where.
Abin, he's the guy.
-Are you Manoj?
-Yes, sir.
We are Kerala Police.
This is our Circle Inspector.
Jai hind, sir.
Manoj, we need your help.
How can I help?
These people are from Dhanaganj.
Do you know them?
They are not known to me, but
I guess they are from Dhanaganj.
I know somebody who knows.
Will talk to him and get back to you.
-Yes, sir.
What does he say?
He doesn't know them.
He will ask around and
tell us tomorrow.
What if he doesn't know them?
Was the location correct?
The location is spot on, sir.
Let's get them in the morning.
I've confirmed it by contact.
Are you sure? We will meet tomorrow.
Sure, sir.
-Jai hind, sir.
Jai hind, sir.
Sir, what about giving him the gift?
You keep this.
-No need, sir.
-Keep it, bro.
-Keep it.
-Sir, there was no need of this.
Keep it.
If you insist, I will take it.
You will work with us, right?
We need to get them.
Why not, sir? We are working together.
Don't worry, sir.
We will do what should be done.
How could they get away?
-We are with you.
-Thank you.
-Nothing to worry.
Greetings, sir.
So, Manoj is all set.
Rajesh, look here.
Don't forget that I am your
senior in the service.
You should call me "sir."
You know, I'm writing the SI test.
Once I clear it,
you will have to call me as "sir."
I will call it quit, then.
Don't do it.
It will be huge loss for Kerala Police.
What do you think?
Bashir, have you been here before?
I have been there, sir.
Could not even go out on the streets
with my name, back then.
-Is it any better now?
-Not really.
What's your plan, post retirement?
Have been thinking of it for a while.
Kids are still young.
I do not have any savings
other than the salary.
Will have to take up
some kind of job.
The only relief is that
unlike many of us
I do not have many foes.
Who knows how many
innocents have we shut away?
What if one of them decides to stab you
from the dark after your retirement?
God knows.
Hello, am I speaking to Manoj?
I'm Inspector Sajan of the Kerala Police.
What? Okay.
This is a very backward area.
There is nothing but milk.
Enmity between communities
often causes violence.
And because of this,
no one cares to help each other.
Manoj, this is Yadram.
He doesn't stay in the village.
-He works for Amit Sharma.
He might be doing thievery or dacoity.
Note their original names.
-Rajeev, mark those photos.
-Okay, sir.
This is Sandhu and he is Sukhram.
They are Yadram's relatives as well.
This one is Netram.
He is into hooch business
along with Bhajrangi.
-Netram, right?
Thanks, Sisodia.
You have helped us a lot.
-Manoj, what's this all about?
-This is a police matter.
Thanks for your help.
Sir, your work will be over by the day.
Netram will be in your custody.
Hey Bhajrangi, where are you?
We need to meet.
It's urgent.
When and where?
Come fast, I am on the way.
Hurry up.
Hey, Bhajrangi.
How are you, bro?
It's your lucky day.
Look, lady luck has arrived
at your door steps.
These people are form Delhi.
They want the stuff in plenty.
The only person I could think of was you.
That's why I brought them here.
-Can we trust them?
-Of course.
Believe me!
How much do you want?
200 to 300 liters for this week?
It's okay even
if it's little less than it.
I have to discuss with Netram.
Where is this Netram?
-Shall I call him?
-Do it.
-Where are these guys from?
Don't forget to give me my share.
-Hope we won't land in trouble.
Don't worry, I am with you.
Sir, they are smoking
and chilling out there.
I have a upset stomach.
Could we get some rice and curd?
Here he is.
-Is he Netram?
Haven't seen him in this area before.
-Where was he hiding?
-He was here only.
Have you talked to them?
What about advance payment?
If you pay upfront, then it's a deal.
-How much?
-Take 20.
Give me around 20 to 25,000 rupees.
Is 10,000 rupees fine?
Give it to them.
Hey they are coming after me.
They are police!
Stop right there!
Run or else they will shoot you!
They will shoot you!
Stay there, don't run.
Didn't I tell you that I would call?
Two of them?
Take them.
Yadav, get the keys.
Yes, sir.
Hurry up.
What's your name?
Did you rob?
Did you rob from Kerala?
No, I did not.
This guys say that you did.
Spit it out, you bloody motherfucker!
How many are there in your gang?
-I don't know anything.
-Talk, you bloody motherfucker!
Tell me.
Speak up, you bastard!
Better you talk!
Do you want me to tell, you motherfucker?
This is not going to work.
Rajeev, you go in
and ask the things we want.
Don't hurt him.
Netram, have you been to Kerala?
Have you?
Tell me.
It's better you talk.
Do you know what they
are going to do with you?
Moron, if they take you to Kerala
they would poke straw
into your orifices.
What's happening?
They are talking in Hindi.
I didn't get it.
That's why we say you should
have studied better in school.
My language is enough and
more for me.
His name is Netram.
Son of Nallaram.
Native place? Village?
-Where do you live?
Dhanaganj, right?
-Dhanaganj, right?
-What do you do for a living?
-Tell us.
He's into the hooch business.
What else?
-What's your line of work?
Mobile number?
-Your mobile number?
-Your mobile number.
Okay. What about your family?
How many people are there
in your family?
How many people are
there in your family?
A sister and two brothers.
What do your brothers do?
One studies in Delhi.
The second one?
Say it
What's his name?
-Is he your elder brother?
-Is he Yadram?
Sir, Yadram is his elder brother.
He is the elderly guy,
referred by Paily.
This is their vocation.
The other two, Sandhu
and Sukhram too are their relatives.
Amit Sharma from Gujarat is their leader.
He is the one who takes people
from this village to carry out thievery.
This is one of his investments.
He will manage the cases.
This guy says that Yadram has
gone to meet Amit Sharma.
His wife is the daughter of Bharonidevi,
who is the head of the village.
Mallika is the woman
who was living with them.
He says her sister is getting
married next day.
A part of the gold has already
been given to Amit Sharma.
-Let's go.
-Look, sir.
I need to go now.
Wife is calling repeatedly.
I don't have an option.
-Meet you later.
But what do we do with him?
We cannot keep him here.
It's too risky.
You have to take him with you.
He says that we have to take him.
Ask them to be careful.
He might be knowing Malayalam.
Get up.
-Sorry, sir.
-Come, get some sleep.
Come here.
Hope you got me.
Don't wander around. Be right here.
Sir, I can't do this with out
even knowing the language.
Let Abin do this.
I will come with you.
I don't know the language.
No, you are not coming.
You will guard him.
What the hell!
As if it's some joke.
He will manage it.
Good morning, sir.
Let's go, we are ready.
Sir, wear these identity cards.
You guys go inside.
I will wait here.
Two of my men will accompany you.
Okay, sir.
Come on.
Hey, where are you from?
We've just been going in circles.
We couldn't find anything.
I am from a news channel.
Sir, something seems off here.
I think we should leave now.
Bashir, you may go.
The three of us are here.
Yes, the thief is also with us.
They are asleep.
I shall call you in the morning.
What is it?
That was my wife.
Rajesh, it's your turn to sleep.
I'll sit.
Sir, those are the
women from that village.
Sir, please understand our situation.
Yes, it's them.
-Did you file a complaint?
-Yes, sir.
They said it's better to
approach the bigger station
and there would be quick
solution if we came here.
Please do something, sir.
It's harvest season, sir.
If we couldn't work now,
we will be in trouble.
There will be huge loss, sir.
Please help us.
We are poor women, sir.
Please help us, sir.
Don't cry.
We will do whatever we can.
We were working hard, sir.
My husband also works with him, sir.
I know you will help us.
This is my brother's wife.
She is pregnant.
-What's your name?
-Give me your number, I will look into it.
-Okay, sir.
-Yes, sir.
That's my number.
Off you go.
-Let me see what could be done.
-Okay, sir.
-Let's go.
Kamli! She is Netram's sister.
I think, we should conduct the
raid today itself.
We should go for
the raid immediately.
I will talk to SP.
One of you needs to be there.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
These guys are acting cold.
We are yet to get the
permission for the raid.
It will be great if you
can pressurize the SP.
Thank you, ma'am.
Everything is fine.
That's Netram's wife and sister.
They came to file his
missing person report.
The village folks have some suspicion.
We can't delay the raid anymore.
Hey, don't be nervous, sir.
These things are like this.
We will nab them for sure.
Be cool.
Bashir, you seem very cool.
Yes, sir.
It could be done, sir.
Today itself, sir.
Hey, sir.
Are you tired?
We got the permission.
We will raid there today itself.
We got the permission
tonight for the raid.
Rathod's special team will join us.
We can pack up from the hotel
and be ready
Okay, sir.
Let's go.
-Let's go, Basheer.
Rajesh, be careful
He could do a runner
Sir, this is not my first time.
Do you need to say this to me?
Be alert.
Come on.
Everybody, assemble here.
Come here!
Listen to me carefully.
We are the first police team
to raid this village in 11 years.
We should be careful in every step.
Got me?
Yes, sir
They are not scared of us.
The plan is to get inside the village.
There is only one pathway to the village.
We will have to get in
and get out through it.
Sir, once we are in,
we will split into four teams.
Two of our guys will be there
in each team.
One of your men should
be there as well.
It's our responsibility to
protect these men. Got it?
But, do not use any lethal weapons.
We should catch them unhurt
to accomplish the mission.
-All clear? Got me?
-Yes, sir.
-Let's move, sir.
-Come on.
Let's go.
Hello, were you sleeping?
No, I was not.
Have you reached?
We are about to.
Okay! Why did you call?
Anything in particular?
Bashir asked me to check on you.
Okay, then.
Hey, Manoj.
Where are you?
We will wait here.
Sir, they've started from the village.
-We shall wait here
Sir, I have stomachache.
Stomach pain.
Stomach ache!
How would I wash?
-How would I wash?
It won't be possible tonight.
The wedding ceremony is still on.
There are so many people there.
No issues, sir.
We will do it tomorrow.
Won't be possible tonight.
Let's try tomorrow.
-Come fast, help!
Where the hell were you?
Sir, I
Do you even know
the gravity of this?
How long have you
been in the service?
Do you think it's just another custody
escape? A simple case under 225B?
He has escaped! Do you get it?
And officially he was
not under our custody.
If something happens to him, you,
me and everybody else will go down.
If we lose our job,
you and me could get another.
Have you ever thought of this man,
who protects you every time?
He could lose his pension,
after all these years of hard work.
Just because of you!
You should have shown
minimum common sense
Go, make some tik tok video
Or report to your wife about the tour.
Why are you making a joke
of yourself?
Leave it, sir.
Don't be upset.
Come on.
We will catch him again.
Get some rest.
Haven't you had food?
Leave it. I said it in
the heat of the moment.
Sir, will there be a problem
for the job?
I've put a request before SP.
Hope it will be alright.
Go, have something
and sleep for a while.
Do you know that I have killed a man?
It was not our fault, sir.
It is what it is,
no matter who is at fault.
It was a day like this.
As silent as this.
All of a sudden additional sub inspector,
Johnie pointed towards the jungle.
They were coming to us
like bees from a hive
They had banners, flags
and even knives with them.
It was a big crowd, of men,
women and children.
They started pelting stones even before
we could understand anything.
Johnie was protecting
me with his shield.
The deputy SP was giving some instructions
through the megaphone.
But I had gone numb.
When Johnie fell,
I was caught in front of him.
That's when I saw him.
He was just a kid, Bashir.
He was coming at me
with a stone in his hand.
I shot him in his chest
and not even in his leg.
Who has the right to take a life, Bashir?
What gave me that audacity?
Nothing else, than being a policeman!
I thought over and over
and reached no where.
His death has been vanished
even form memories.
No evidence.
No one is responsible.
Our officers saved me.
I went on leave for many days.
It's killing me form inside
Manoj has come.
Everything is set, sir.
We could go in now.
Let's go, sir.
Come on.
You run!
Leave him, bro.
Please leave him.
Leave him!
Sir! Come with me!
Sir, it could be dangerous. Come.
He got caught!
Catch them.
Take them and move
to the station, hurry up.
Hurry up! Don't stop!
Sir, we can't go back.
We have to leave now.
Sir, Rajesh is coming.
Stop there.
Let's move.
Let's move! Run!
Come. Sir!
-Let's go!
To heck with all of you!
Come on! Get down.
Make them sit there. Go!
Sir, please check if they are the ones
you have been looking for.
Try to identify with their photos.
You will be taking them with you, right?
Let them finish their work.
The villagers will
set the entire village on fire.
They have seized something as well.
It's him.
He is Sukhram.
Sure? Take both of them to our van.
Congrats, sir.
You finally caught the guys.
Mission successful.
Thank you.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, Manoj.
Stop them.
Sir, it will be dangerous.
-Why are you so scared?
I will take care of everything.
Please make him understand.
Please try to understand, sir.
Alright. Fine.
-Where are you guys?
-Who is it?
Have you reached the hotel?
Tell me.
-Hello. Who's this?
-Where are you?
Answer me!
What's wrong? Hello!
-Answer the call.
-Hello! Who is it?
I am asking whether you have
reached the hotel.
-Give me an answer.
Sir, it's that woman from the village.
-It's them.
We need to get out of here.
We cannot go by the front gate.
Everybody is telling us the same.
We are searching for the last four days.
Where is Netram?
Sir, they have only a motor bike.
Hello, Balan. Tell me.
I am not there, Balan.
I've asked SI Biju to come
to the court with the draft.
You may call him.
So, they are out on bail?
It must be the usual gang
that got them out.
What about that attempted murder case
of Kuttikol under section 307?
Have they filed the bail application?
Sir, the guys from Dhanaganj got bail.
They will get out today itself.
Damn it.
That's such a shame!
We will never get them again.
I agree with you.
Advocate Sreedharan Nair from
the High Court spoke in their defense.
What can the poor magistrate do
in a theft case?
What are we risking our lives for?
That's how things work.
I could sleep well
without even having a drink.
Thanks to our trip to Dhanaganj.
Abin, we are almost there.
Call them up.
You are here.