Kuttram Kuttrame (2022) Movie Script

Kuttram Kuttrame
[A Crime is a Crime]
Hey, spin it well.
Hey, do it right. Spin it well.
Spin it faster.
Oh, no, Chitra! Please look at
your mother, dear.
Oh, God, this is unjust towards us.
Dad, I'm leaving.
Go safe.
- Bye, mom.
- Bye, dear.
- I'll send across your lunch.
- Okay, mom.
- Mom!
Marimuthu, someone nicked
your kid with the car.
Hey, stop right there.
Don't leave.
Hey, that fellow is fleeing the scene.
- Don't leave, damn it.
- People come on, make it quick.
Doctor, how is my daughter?
Sorry, your daughter has lost
a lot of blood.
There's a clot in the brain.
To be honest,
she's in a critical condition.
As a doctor,
I shouldn't advice about this.
I have faith in god,
please pray for her.
Sister, is Kokila still asleep?
She never wakes up so early
in the morning.
She wanted to go to the temple.
Please wake her up.
Stop yelling, I'm waking her up.
Wake up, dear.
You've been asleep for a long time.
Koki- -
Priya, open the gate!
Watch your step!
Dude, come to the Police station
at nine 'O' clock, we'll discuss.
I'm telling you right. Hold on,
I'm getting a call from my sister.
Tell me, sister.
Naatraya, they're taking Kokila
to the hospital.
What happened to her?
Come right away to, GH.
- GH?
- That's right, please get there sooner!
Please make way for them.
Make way!
Please wait outside.
Don't go inside, sir.
Please, sir, wait outside.
Please co-operate.
Wait outside.
Kokila has taken sleeping pills.
She's in critical condition.
What are you saying, Pandi?
- Please get here soon.
- Are you at GH?
You're right. I'm at the
Government Hospital.
- What is the doctor saying?
- He hasn't said anything yet.
Fine, hang up,
I'll be there soon.
I'm sorry.
She took a lot of sleeping pills.
Even before we could start the treatment,
she passed away.
"My sweet dreams"
"My memories!"
"You complete me, love."
"You've left me in despair"
"And I withered away"
"It's enough if you're beside me"
Oh, no!
Sister, Eashwaran killed Kokila
and is posing it as suicide.
- Don't speak nonsense.
- Hey, get lost!
Uncle, it's him who has killed Kokila.
It's not the time to settle your
personal scores.
Uncle, this is all an act.
May be he can fool you and sister
with his act.
But I'm a Police officer,
he can't fool me.
You're wrong Naatraya.
Look at him, standing in despair,
after losing his child and wife.
- Eashwara...
- Uncle, please hear me out.
- don't lost hope.
- You carry on with the formalities.
- Sister, you just file a complaint- -
- Hey!
No matter how much badger us,
she won't sign it.
We will never go against, Eashwaran.
What has gotten
into your brother?
That's right, sir.
Have you informed everyone?
They'll be here soon.
Sir, as you spoke to the DSP,
we didn't carry out post- mortem.
The report states she committed suicide
by taking sleeping pills.
- Who's the husband of the deceased?
- That's me.
Oh, okay.
- Who is this?
- Sir, this is my father.
And that's my sister.
- What about them?
- They're my in- laws.
Naatrayan, how is the deceased
related to you?
- She's my niece.
- Oh!
Does anyone suspect that it was
a murder not a suicide?
Tell me.
Sir, twenty days ago my child passed away.
Kokila was in depression due to that.
We never expected that
she'll resort to this- -
We don't suspect anyone.
Fine, please sign this report.
"My dreams and memories"
"You complete me, love."
"I've been desperately looking for
your company"
"The obstacles since your departure..."
"I'm overcoming them by the day"
"'O' my love come to me"
"I'm longing for you, please come to me"
"If you're beside me..."
"there's nothing in this world
I would want"
"Will you follow my voice and find
your way back to me"
"When you left,
the essence of life was lost"
"My dreams and memories"
"You complete me, love."
"I've been desperately looking
for your company"
"The obstacles since your departure..."
"I'm overcoming them by the day"
- Did you get the garland?
- Yes.
Eashwara, be strong!
Don't worry, Eashwara.
How did it happen?
She's been depressed for a month,
since the death of our child.
Last night she took excessive
sleeping pills...
and committed suicide.
Son, but the story spinning
among the people, says otherwise.
Come with me.
Now tell me exactly what happened?
I will support you no matter what.
Tell me.
What are you thinking about?
Listen, even if you've done
something wrong...
I will have your back.
Tell me.
If I confess the truth,
four people will be affected.
But if I hide the truth,
only the guilty will be punished.
I don't understand.
That's about it.
If I confess the truth,
four innocent people will be punished.
But if I hide the truth,
only the guilty will be punished.
- Can't make sense out of it.
- Boss didn't understand.
Fine, you keep at it.
I'll be always there for you.
Okay, brother.
- Hey!
- Yes, brother.
Did you make sense of it?
If truth is told,
four innocent people will be punished.
If the truth is hidden,
only the guilty will be punished.
Idiot! That's what he said too.
Son, Kokila is not with us anymore.
In two hours I'll nab the person
responsible for Kokila's death.
Until then, keep the truth buried
under your conscience.
Date is eleventh!
Why did she buy so many
sleeping pills?
She has bought three strips.
There are two over here.
The third strip is missing.
- Must've bought these tablets yesterday.
- Okay, sir.
Check with all the pharmacies in the area
to check who bought them.
Okay, sir.
I want the details of the buyer and the
CCTV footage within an hour.
Okay, sir.
- Don't be late.
- Okay, sir.
- You can leave.
- Okay.
Six months ago,
Ramesh gave us all his birthday treat.
We partied at the Thendral Lodge.
While we were there, I saw Eashwaran
and Priya arriving at the lodge.
Both stayed the night at the lodge...
and left the next morning, Naatraya.
Are you telling the truth?
I didn't want to cause problem
in the family.
You're such an idiot.
Naatraya, I never expected this to happen.
I'm Eashwaran's neighbor.
- Eashwaran shouldn't know- -
- Don't worry, I won't tell him.
I think it was twenty days ago...
I came to pick a neem-stick to
brush my teeth.
- And I saw Eashwaran and his wife
fighting about something.
- While they were talking,
he gave her a tight slap.
I was sick to the stomach.
Poor thing, she fell on the ground
like a hapless soul.
- Vanakkam, brother!
- Vanakkam, boss.
Vanakkam, brother!
Vanakkam, brother.
Sir, this way.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
How did this happen?
Kaaliappa, Eashwaran is tight lipped
about the whole situation.
Please talk to Eashwaran in private
and get him to speak.
Okay, brother.
Listen, Eashwara...
don't hide the truth from me.
I'll take care of it.
Even If you had committed the crime,
I will have your back.
Hey, you don't worry about anything.
Be honest with me.
How can I--
Be brave and confess.
I'm here for you.
If you're going to hesitate
and hide the truth from me...
and if that Police guy badger you later,
then it'll be too late for me to help you.
You can leave now.
- Never keep company with youngsters.
- Why is he turning around?
I've been asking for long,
and he's hesitating.
- I'll tell you.
- Go ahead.
No matter how many times you ask him,
he's going to repeat the same.
Brother, if I confess the truth,
four people will be punished.
If I hide the truth,
only the guilty will be punished.
- Same dialogue!
- That's why...
He's never going to get it.
He's repeating the same nonsense.
I better maintain my dignity.
Fine, you're trying to make a point.
You keep at it.
I'll take care of the rest.
- You can leave now.
- Okay, brother.
Priya, meet me behind the house.
- What is it?
- Listen, Priya...
Naatrayan has been interrogating everyone.
He'll definitely interrogate you too.
No matter what happens...
he shouldn't know about the murder.
- Hello!
- Hello.
Am I speaking to Doctor, Shakthivel?
No. He's in Madurai on Corona duty.
- Who are you?
- I'm his wife, speaking.
If he happens to call...
inform him to call Sub- inspector Naatrayan.
I need to discuss something important.
- I'll surely inform him.
- Okay.
We got the CCTV footage.
They killed Kokila.
- Look at this.
- What are you saying?
Take a look.
Priya bought the sleeping pills for Kokila.
It's her who mixed it in the milk
and killed her.
Uncle, you were well aware.
That Priya is the reason for fights
between Kokila and Eashwaran.
A while ago when I went into
Kokila's room...
as soon as she saw me,
she burnt a piece of paper.
I've sent the residue to the forensic lab.
I'm waiting for the report.
She's denying it though.
It's not only that...
the neighbor Thirumurthy mentioned,
twenty days ago,
he had beaten up our Kokila.
But I'm damn sure about one thing...
the entire family is hiding a big truth.
I told them a million times...
that he's not the right fit for Kokila.
You never listened.
Kokila died in vain. Poor child.
I lost my god, people.
He always wanted to get married to
her sister's daughter.
He married Kokila,
just for her wealth.
They decided to kill Kokila,
way before he got married to her.
They killed her citing the depression
due to the child's death...
and posed it as suicide.
We too believed that she took this step
due to the depression.
Sister, you sign this complaint paper.
I'll make sure that the entire family
confess to the crime.
Janaki, hold on for a moment.
Listen, I'm not sure
whether you're right or wrong.
But I'm sure Eashwaran wouldn't done it.
Fine, I agree with you.
Agreed, that Eashwaran didn't kill her.
But there are chances that Priya might've
killed her to attain Eashwaran.
Listen, you can't just assume things.
We'll know the truth only after a
thorough investigation.
What else is left to investigate?
Naatrayan has investigated enough.
No one confessed the truth.
Only if we investigate formally,
they'll confess the truth.
But once we know the truth...
lock up the entire family
under murder charges.
Janaki, sign this paper.
I said sign it.
Sister, please sign it.
Hey, let go of her.
Naatraya, let go of her hand.
Hey, Naatraya!
I'm being respectful,
'cause you're family.
But you're being an arrogant police.
If you think you can take this
girl away from here...
my respect will diminish
and will whack you, damn it.
Let go of her hand.
- Hey!
- Hey!
How dare you disrespect us?
Brother, Inspector is on the phone.
Kaaliappa, you made a huge mistake.
You shouldn't have raised your hand
on a Sub-Inspector.
Your SI shouldn't have touched
our daughter.
We could've compromised the SI matter.
But you've damaged the department vehicle.
You'll have to face grave consequences.
Listen, Muruga. No matter who is it,
can't do squat about it.
We worship our women.
Go ahead and prove that she's guilty.
Then we'll get her surrendered.
If you try to demean us...
I'm sure you're well aware.
The folks in this village are
as wild as me.
The officer in- charge is a
wild one like you.
Retd. DSP, Muthukaruppan!
"Siva...Oh Lord!"
"God Almighty"
"Siva...The Destroyer"
"Siva...Oh Lord!"
"God Almighty"
Hey, sit down!
"Siva...Oh Lord!"
"God Almighty"
"Siva...Oh Lord!"
"God Almighty"
A Police should be the first one to strike.
But shouldn't be the one to
get stabbed in the back. Understand?
Sorry, sir.
"Siva...Oh Lord!"
Over there, sir
"Siva...The Destroyer"
"Siva...Oh Lord!"
- Vanakkam, sir.
- Vanakkam!
- Vanakkam, sir.
- Take your seat.
Sir, my name is Eashwaran.
This is my father.
- Vanakkam!
- Hmmm, Vanakkam.
Eashwar, I'm sorry that I have to
investigate under these circumstances.
You're the husband of the deceased, right?
Yes, sir.
I believe you have too much affection
for your uncle's daughter.
Wad off evil.
Son, why do you look surprised?
Come on, do the needful.
"'O' beautiful maiden"
"Saree fastened like a peacock"
"'O' beautiful maiden"
"Saree fastened like a peacock"
"Air smells like your scent,
so does the rock!"
"'O' dear, even my discourse
will tell a tale"
"My taste buds senses your scent,
and heart is filled with it"
"Your wild breath soothes my soul"
"The music from your anklet
just knocks me down"
"Sparkling fireworks in my heart,
'O' dear"
"Saree drape of yours
is extremely alluring"
"Your presence induces
rich culture in me"
"'O' beautiful maiden"
"Saree fastened like a peacock"
"Before the dawn, croon under the sheets,
you humming bird"
"'O' beautiful maiden"
"Saree fastened like a peacock"
"Before the dawn, croon under the sheets,
you humming bird"
"I'm head over heels,
'cause of your bangles"
"Each and every time,
I look for you, I lose myself"
"I'm floating like I was drunk"
"Million of thoughts lingering
inside my heart"
"The rain rages out to merge
with the sunlight"
"The song of humming bird
changed the course of the wind"
"While resting in your lap,
the feathers of yours caresses me"
"If we come together,
words can't describe that joy"
"'O' beautiful maiden"
"Saree fastened like a peacock"
"Before the dawn, croon under the sheets,
you humming bird"
"'O' beautiful maiden"
"Saree fastened like a peacock"
"Before the dawn, croon under the sheets,
you humming bird"
"'O' beautiful maiden"
"Saree fastened like a peacock"
"Before the dawn, croon under the sheets,
you humming bird"
"'O' beautiful maiden"
"Saree fastened like a peacock"
"Before the dawn, croon under the sheets,
you humming bird"
Becoming a widow at our age
leaves us with solitude.
But that's not the case with you.
You're young and might eventually get
married in few months.
Fine, Eashwar, where were you
when this incident occurred?
I was plucking tomatoes at the farm.
Last night, my sister and I...
along with few workers went to the farm
to pluck tomatoes.
So, your wife was alone at home.
No, sir.
My niece Priya was back at home.
Why didn't you take her along with you?
she's an educated young girl.
I've never taken her to the farm
to do any chores.
The affection towards your niece
is boundless.
- Yes, sir.
- Fine, forget about that.
Tell my why Priya went to the pharmacy
yesterday to buy sleeping pills?
Kokila is the one who prepares
monthly grocery list.
And I pass it on to Priya.
Priya buys the monthly groceries
all the time.
But this time everyone is making a big deal
about her going to the pharmacy.
Sir, Priya has nothing to do
with Kokila's death.
I'm damn sure about it.
Vanakkam, sir.
Mr.Ramanathan, I believe you cut ties
with your sister's family.
Yes, sir.
Then how come you got your daughter
married to Eashwaran?
What is the reason? Tell me.
I visit my sister's grave every year
on her death anniversary.
Gran, I hope you're doing well.
Welcome, uncle. Dad, uncle is here.
- Welcome, uncle.
- How are you, Priya?
Let's file a petition
and take action against them.
If they still don't take any action
I'll follow your lead.
- Kaaliappa!
- Brother, how are you?
- How are you?
- I'm doing well.
- I heard you're the President this year.
- That's right, brother.
You never turned up to vote.
I don't have the right to vote
in this village.
- How's everyone at home?
- They're doing well.
- Everyone's good, how are you?
- I'm good, uncle.
You come to the party office at 10am,
we'll return by cab.
Okay, Kaaliappa, I'll be there.
You can leave now.
- Bye, brother.
- Welcome, brother, take a seat.
- Sister, I'm leaving.
- Okay, brother.
- Take a seat. What brings you here?
- Today is sister's death anniversary.
So, I went to her grave
and prayed for her soul.
I totally forgot. Eashwaran did remind me
in the morning.
- How's work?
- It's going well.
- When are you retiring?
- In another four years.
I'm here to discuss something important.
What is it?
I'm planning to lease my Northern farm.
If Eashwaran takes care of it,
we can rekindle our family ties.
Also, it'll be helpful to
Priya and Eashwaran.
Sister raised me during the childhood.
But I couldn't do anything for her.
At least I can do something for Eashwaran.
- What do you say, Eashwara?
- I'll take care of it.
Fine, I can't make it though.
I'm heading to party office
and have work out there.
Since childhood, Eashwaran,
is well-versed with agriculture.
- He'll take care of it.
- Okay.
- I'm leaving.
- Bye.
Eashwara, please come over here.
- Baby, I'm leaving.
- Okay, uncle.
- Priya, bye.
- Bye uncle.
Oh, no!
The mobile phone is annoying.
I wonder why they keep coming back
every weekend.
Welcome, everyone, vanakkam.
Muthu, looks like you're having
the time of your life.
- Not as good as your bald head.
- Made a mistake by speaking to you.
He got offended!
- Hello, Papathi.
- Welcome, sir.
How's your wife and daughter?
You're inquiring as if I'm returning
after years together.
- We just visited.
- It's been three days though.
Eashwara, this is Papathi.
Even her dad used to work at our farm.
This is her only son, Muthu.
- Vanakkam.
- This is her daughter.
- Muthu, this is Eashwaran, my nephew.
- Vanakkam.
Ravi was not doing a good job
with accounts.
- I have fired him and settled his account.
- Oh, he's been fired is it?
- Eashwaran is going to handle now.
- Okay.
Papathi, you moved to the house
next to the farm.
Okay, sir.
Eashwara, you bring Baby and Priya
and move in here.
Okay, uncle.
Night I have to slog at the house
and during the day unload this stuff.
Hey, do you remember, Mala?
The entire village knows about
your affair with her.
Damn it!
I don't mind if the entire village
comes to know.
But her husband came to know
about the affair.
- Oh, damn!
- A huge fight broke out between us.
It was around eleven during the night...
he knocked on the door.
- I opened the door--
- You must've ran and hid.
- He ran away.
- Why did he run away?
I knocked on my door, moron.
I didn't spare him.
I chased him three kilometers
and caught him by the collar.
- What happened next?
- He compromised.
How come you guys compromised?
He cracked an awesome deal.
What kind of deal?
You can be with my wife on Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday.
And I'll be with your wife on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
- Awesome!
- What about Sunday?
Sunday, is the reason we're fighting
at the moment.
- You didn't get me.
- You're a shameless creature.
It's okay to compromise.
But not okay to compromise your wife.
You're not married yet.
You won't get it.
- Eashwara!
- How are you auntie?
- Give that to your auntie.
- I'm doing well, son.
I came down to hand over the accounts
from the farm.
This year, we made 8 lacs from
200 sacks of lemon.
After all the expenses and my commission,
here's the balance of 6 lacs.
- Okay.
- Detailed accounts are in the diary.
I've whatsapped bills to uncle.
- Did you get them?
- Yes, I got them.
- Great, please cross check once.
- Sure, I will.
- Fine, take a seat, son.
- Thanks, uncle.
In all these years no one has given
such detailed account of things.
Your aunt is very impressed
and respects your work.
Give it some time and ask my daughter's
hand in marriage.
- Uncle?
- It's your uncle himself saying!
Okay, uncle.
Welcome, Mama, how are you?
- I'm doing well. How are you?
- I'm good too.
- I'm running late for school, I'll leave.
- Okay, sure.
- Bye, dad!
- Okay, dear.
Eashwaran's honesty impressed me
and my wife.
To reunite our family ties,
I introduced him to my father-in-law.
Should we get Kokila married to him?
Give me a straight forward answer.
Son, you look surprised.
Why am I asking my staff for an opinion?
For generations,
her family has been working at our farms.
She was born, bred, married and
conceived on this farm right here.
Kokila was literally raised by Papathi
than her own mother.
If we get our daughter married
to strangers,
we'll be a guest at her house.
But we get her married within our kin...
it'll be like she's right next to us.
I feel...
it's a good idea to get her married to him.
Papathi has spoken,
there's nothing better than it.
Kokila is yours to marry.
Not sure, what went wrong
and led to this incident?
I heard Kokila and Priya
used to fight often.
- Is that true?
- I'm aware of it.
- Mama, look what she has done.
- Where are you taking me?
Look over here, she didn't even flush
after using the toilet.
What does she think of herself?
There was no water supply.
Did you just say no water supply?
People are worked up and constipated.
Why don't you cover it up with mud?
We are used to wiping it with stones.
- Come on, brother.
- Why do you have to mention that matter?
They need to know history
and we need alcohol now.
- Do you have snacks?
- Dude, you're running late.
I'll be there sharp at nine 'o' clock.
- Fine, get here soon.
- I'll be there soon.
Koki, I'm running late.
- Koki!
- I'll be right there.
- I'm running late, where's the plate?
- Just wait, I'll get banana leaf.
I don't want banana leaf,
get me a plate.
- I have to leave.
- Hold on a moment, I'll be back soon.
- You still didn't have your meal?
- I don't have a plate.
Aren't you getting late?
I'll get it for you.
She can't even pick up this plate for him.
Rice for breakfast? Fine, serve it.
Make it quick. First, serve rice.
She never understands emergency.
And now you're late.
She's totally irresponsible.
You eat properly.
Why did you even get married to her?
Calm down.
She'll eventually lean everything.
Mama, I said I was bringing you leaf,
Why didn't you wait for me?
I'm running late.
Murugesan has already called twice.
I'm sure, she did this on purpose.
As if he's a guest for us to
serve him food on the leaf.
I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to my husband.
- You don't interfere.
- Come on, calm down.
Okay dear keep talking to him.
Mama, why don't you talk to her too?
But please have your food
and then talk to her.
Yeah right, eat your heart's content.
Also stuff yourself with my woes.
Stop with the nonsense.
I'm getting a call. Hello!
- Eashwara, have you left?
- Not yet, will leave after my meal.
Keep having your meal.
Don't you stop.
Ask her to feed you too.
I slogged and cooked for you.
But she's taking all the credit.
Fine, you care only about your niece.
You don't even consider me
as a human being.
I have been noticing your actions.
Hey, where the hell did he go?
No one can be with you. He's gone.
He's gone!
Hey, I meant he's gone out for work.
When did he leave?
But his bike is still parked here.
Mama, I know you're hiding inside,
please come outside.
- Mama!
- You're a nut case.
What does she think of herself?
You're pampering her too much.
She's not even cleaning the plates
after the meal.
She doesn't even make her bed.
Why do I have to wash her clothes?
I'm not her maid.
Listen, I'll do anything for you.
But I can't do the same for her.
- Don't have bath right away.
- Okay.
Let the oil soak in for half an hour,
then take bath.
Hey, what are you doing?
Can't you see?
I'm giving him oil massage.
Only I have the right to oil massage him.
That's enough.
I was the first woman who touched
your husband.
- What?
- Mama, let the oil soak in.
What the hell is she saying?
"She was the first woman to touch me."
Did she really mean that?
It's not what you think, damn it.
She knows me since childhood
and have been giving oil massage.
I don't trust you guys,
you're up to something.
- You guys are trying to cheat me.
- Hey!
There's oil. Watch your step.
You're more concerned about oil than me.
Idiot, you're dress will get spoiled.
Still the dress is more important to you.
- You're not the same anymore.
- Lord Muruga, how did you manage?
Have you ever spoken to Priya,
Kokila or Eashwaran about this?
I spoke to Eashwaran about it once.
You head home.
I'll discuss and return.
Take this.
Welcome uncle and auntie.
- Did you guys have tea?
- We did, Baby served us.
- Son, take a seat.
- Sit down, auntie.
I'm going crazy!
I don't know what to do.
And these two are bickering like kids.
It's been three months since I had
a peaceful sleep.
Son, let's talk in private.
Excuse me, auntie.
I'll give you an idea.
Tell me if that suits you.
Priya is planning to pursue
Civil Engineering.
There are many coaching centers
in Coimbatore.
And Janaki has a own house
in Bharathi Nagar.
Let Baby and Priya stay out there.
There are people to help them.
They'll take good care of them.
It'll give Kokila some space too.
Also Priya will complete her education.
Uncle, I've already spoken to,
Priya about it.
Hey, what the hell is your problem?
You wanted to pursue Civil Engineering,
but now you're refusing.
You've been rejecting all your suitors.
Tell me something.
What exactly is your problem?
You're refusing to stay at hostel too.
Listen, you can't expect to have it all.
For god sake, get this into your head.
Listen to me and get married to that guy.
You'll have a good life. Go!
- Mama!
- What is it?
Please don't force me to get married.
Since childhood I wished to
get married to you.
I thought we'll get married.
And have kids of our own.
Just like how you took care me as a child.
I had dreamt to do the same.
When you suddenly got married to Kokila...
I was totally shattered.
I even thought of committing suicide.
I changed my mind,
so that I don't hurt you.
Listen, mama...
being with you is what makes me happy
right now.
And taking care of you,
that's it.
That's all I want.
Just a matter of few days.
Few more days,
let me live a happy life out here.
Until then, don't think of chasing me away.
I'm not going to send her away
until she gets married.
You'll eventually take Kokila to your house
after the baby shower.
Let her stay out there for six months
after the child is born.
I'll make sure to get Priya
married by then.
Fine, you do have a point.
I'll ask your aunt to speak to Kokila.
Stay right here, I'll be back.
Tell me something,
are you my mother or hers?
I asked to send her away,
but you want me to go away.
Get this into your head,
I won't even come home when I'm due.
Don't be so stubborn, dear.
For god sake, leave from here.
I can take care of my life.
She won't go away, but I have to.
When your daughter was at the hospital...
did Naatrayan,
asked you to file a complaint?
Yes, sir.
What is the reason, you didn't file a
complaint back then but now?
Earlier Naatrayan,
asked to file a complaint on Eashwaran.
I'm sure Eashwaran didn't do this.
I did not agree to it.
But the video evidence against Priya
was convincing.
That's why my wife filed a complaint.
So, you believe Priya might've
killed Kokila?
Sir, that was not my point.
But there's a possibility...
Explain this...
you and Priya had stayed a night
at the Thendral lodge.
We have proof.
What do you have to say?
Sir, let me tell you what exactly happened.
I won't stay here anymore.
I'm going back to my mothers' house.
You don't even consider the fact
that I'm pregnant.
She's making the rules out here.
Priya and Kokila used to often fight
with each other.
On that day,
the fight went out of control.
It's raining out here.
Let's go inside and talk.
- Come on, dear.
- I won't get inside the house.
As she was pregnant, my sister
tried her best to take her inside.
Kokila was hell-bent on kicking Priya
out of the house.
Fine, you don't want her here right.
I'll take her away.
You please come with me.
- You won't go back on your word?
- I won't go back on my word.
- Priya you come here. You go inside.
- Please listen, dear.
With no choice left,
I took Priya to our old house.
My father is a heart patient.
If I take Priya home so late,
he'll be shocked.
So, I took her to Thendral lodge
on the way.
I called my uncle from there
and explained everything.
Hello, uncle!
Please come home with auntie tomorrow.
The next morning my in-laws came home.
Fine, you can leave now.
I'll come back to you later.
- Naatrayan!
- Sir?
Ask Priya to come.
"Siva...the Destroyer"
"Siva...Oh Lord"
"God Almighty"
Take a seat.
Priya, don't be scared of Naatrayan.
You can be totally honest with me.
Sir, I really don't know about anything.
Why are you shivering like this?
Don't be intimidated by the
Police officers.
I'm just a commoner like your ancestors.
Tell me what exactly happened?
Like Naatrayan mentioned,
I have no connection to Kokila's death.
Fine, explain why were you tearing up
a white slip?
What was it about?
Tell me.
Sir, 20 days ago...
Eashwaran and Kokila had a small fight.
He still doesn't know that I took Kokila
to the hospital on that day.
If Naatrayan gets his hands on
the reports or the prescription...
it will unnecessarily raise suspicion
on Eashwaran.
That's the reason
I tore them and burnt it.
Eashwar, I heard you and your wife
got into a huge fight, ten days ago.
She incurred a head injury
as you hit her in rage.
You sister and Priya took Kokila
to the hospital and got her stitches.
And you're unaware of it.
Fine, tell me something...
what mistake of hers instigated
you to hit her.
On that morning
I was working in the farm.
Mama, these days I'm very restless
and panicked.
My heart seemed too heavy
and aches with grief.
At times, I even have trouble breathing.
Look, it's nothing but stress.
You're totally fine.
Don't confuse yourself.
If you still find it hard,
then take pills that doctor prescribed.
There's something else,
I've never mentioned it to you before.
What is it?
Priya met me at school before our marriage.
Why did she meet you?
For what?
You get to class, I'll join you.
Tell me, Priya, you wanted to speak to me?
It's nothing much, sister.
Since childhood,
I wished to get married to Eashwaran.
If your folks approached you
with the proposal, please reject it.
Sure, I will reject it.
Priya, what if Eashwaran wanted to
get married to me?
He would never wish for it.
In case, if he showed
interest in marrying me?
Have you decided to lock horns with me?
We're poles apart, dear.
Just answer to my question.
Listen woman, Eashwaran will never
wish to get married to you.
By chance if he does,
then I won't let it happen.
Oh, is it? Let's wait and watch.
It's a challenge!
Priya, hurt my ego.
Outraged by it,
I made the first move and took it forward.
Due to my ego,
I've spoiled her life too.
I never made an effort to understand her.
She's been part of your life
since childhood...
she knows everything about
your likes and dislikes.
Just in case, if something
unfortunate happens to me...
- Hey!
- you please get re- married to her.
Don't talk nonsense.
Listen, I killed Chitra...
- and the death of our child,
- You're rambling nonsense.
- Shut up!
- has destroyed my life.
- I feel very guilty about everything.
- Enough with it.
- I'm really scared!
- You're speaking nonsense.
- I often get the urge to commit suicide.
- What's wrong with you?
- I'm not able to take this pain.
- You're now pissing me off.
- I can't live like this anymore.
- Stop pissing me off!
- I warned you, damn it.
- Why the hell are you beating her?
If you repeat this nonsense,
I'll lose my temper.
Get up, dear. Please get up.
He's gone mad,
beating you up like an animal.
Get up, dear.
He has no regards to women
and behaving like a rogue.
Naatrayan never liked the fact that
Kokila was getting married to Eashwaran.
Why is that?
Sister, have you gone mad?
You've decided to get your daughter
married to a rogue.
Listen, you're destroying
your own daughter's life.
Why are you yelling at me?
This wedding is happening
as per Kokila's wish.
Don't you lie saying that
Kokila likes him.
Why would you lie about it?
If you don't believe me,
go and ask Kokila yourself.
- How do I ask Kokila about it...
- He's a very good boy.
That's not the issue.
- Kokila...
- What about Kokila?
- I'd like to marry Kokila--
- You wished to marry Kokila?
- Sister, don't shout.
- Why didn't you mention it earlier?
- Don't shout and forget about it.
- Let me go and ask her.
Don't shout and you don't have to
talk to her about it.
Listen, she likes him already.
- Let's do what makes her happy.
- So what?
- Hear me out--
- Sister, let's get her married to him.
- Hey!
- Sister, you calm down and listen.
She doesn't have any feelings for me.
- Naatraya, please hear me out--
- Sister, you listen to me...
don't utter a word about my feelings
about Kokila to anyone.
Especially, Kokila shouldn't know about it.
- What about your feelings, then?
- As far as she's happy, I'm good.
- Naatrayan!
- Sir?
As you're part of this family...
I'll have to interrogate you as well.
Can you please change into civil clothes.
- Okay, sir.
- Please!
Sir, Kokila is my life.
I always looked at her as an angel.
Suddenly her parents announced that
Kokila is getting married to Eashwaran.
Sir, I begged them not to get her
married to him.
No one paid heed to me.
He married her just for Kokila's wealth.
But he has always loved his niece, Priya.
He always cared about Priya's well being.
They decided to kill Kokila on the day
he got married.
They were just waiting for the right time.
If the timing goes wrong,
we might get suspicious...
they took advantage of the
child's death and killed Kokila.
And made everyone believe it's a suicide.
Fine, you go ahead and interrogate
the others.
Weren't you the first one who found
Kokila after her death?
Yes, sir.
Tell me what happened a month ago
when the child died?
Eashwaran loved kids.
And he always adored girl child.
He considered his daughter
as our mother's reincarnation.
But the God, had plans of his own.
Six months after the child was born...
Kokila suffered with lactation
and was not able to feed the child.
She believed grinding apple seeds
with the apple will improve lactation...
and had prepped the mixture to use.
Exactly at that time,
the child was crying in hunger.
She fed the mixture to the child
that had prepared for her.
Shortly after the child consumed it...
choked, gasping for breath and died.
How does grinding apple seeds
improve lactation?
- Whose idea was it?
- No idea, sir.
[NEWS] In Australia, a wife murdered
her husband feeding him apple seeds.
Apple seeds contains
a chemical called, amygdalin.
When this chemical reaches
the digestive tract...
it turns into cyanide mixed with hydrogen.
Fine, you can leave.
A month ago they tried to kill Kokila
with the apple seeds.
The child's cry saved Kokila's life.
Usually, mothers are bound to
save their children.
But in this case,
the child died saving its mother's life.
- Senthil.
- Yes, sir.
If we find the person who gave Kokila
this apple seeds idea...
we can nab the murderer
who killed Kokila.
Eashwar, come here.
It's already late and the final rites
are to be fulfilled.
For a change, let's speak the truth.
Sir, I've already told the truth I know.
Agreed, that Kokila's death is a suicide.
But what about your child?
Tell me the truth.
Sir, I'm devastated
by my wife and child's death.
The person who is responsible
for my child's death...
I'm in a situation where I can't
punish him.
I never caused harm to anyone.
One after the other,
my child and wife died.
Sir, now that it's clear that
Kokila's death was a suicide...
she's not going to come back
from dead.
I beg of you.
Please give me permission to
perform the final rites.
if I had been just the Police officer.
- Senthil!
- Sir.
- Proceed with final rites.
- Okay, sir.
Come on.
Listen everyone,
it's been confirmed that it's a suicide.
You can proceed with the final rites.
We're taking the
deceased to the cemetery.
People who haven't paid their respects
please come forward.
Where's Priya?
Priya- - I think Priya is...
I sent her to fetch water.
I'll check on her.
Eashwara, Priya is missing.
Are you sure?
I checked everywhere.
She's nowhere to be seen.
Let's go!
Hey! Hey, Pandi!
Buddy, Eashwaran is headed over here.
Hey, where's Naatrayan?
- Where's he?
- Must be around.
- He's not around. Tell me where's he?
- I said, I have no idea.
- Tell me, damn it.
- Hey, don't mess with me.
- I said, I don't know.
- Tell me the truth.
- Don't do it Eashwara.
- I'll kill you.
Tell me what did Naatrayan do to Priya?
Eashwara, it's not right.
You're causing unnecessary problems.
Don't mess with me.
Hey- - Hey, don't do it Eashwara.
- If you don't, I'll kill you.
- Eashwara, don't do it.
Fine, I'll tell you.
Naatrayan nabbed Priya
and went into the forest.
- Naatrayan!
- Hey!
Brother, please go and look for her
on the other side.
Okay. Let's go guys.
What are you looking at?
You people killed Kokila and posed it
as suicide.
Similarly, I'm going to kill you...
guilty of killing Kokila,
you committed suicide.
I'll close the case stating it.
Tell me the truth.
I swear, I have no connection to
Kokila's death.
Please spare me.
Don't keep repeating the same lie.
Hey- - Priya!
Don't harm her, Naatraya!
Please don't harm her.
I'll confess the truth.
I killed Kokila.
Let her go!
I should've killed you long ago.
Naatraya, just for two minutes,
hear me out.
Hey, come on.
I lied to save your life.
Come on!
Eashwara, take her away.
Let's go!
- Brother!
- Hey, he turned into a monster.
Naatraya, you're making a grave mistakes
without knowing what's the truth.
Don't do it.
Hey, have you gone mad?
Hey, why are you insanely outraged?
None of us are responsible for
Kokila's death.
You're solely responsible for her death.
Wondering why?
Our child died on March 9th.
Chitra died on the same day.
Do you remember?
What's wrong with you?
Aren't you and Chitra good friends?
She has scored 87%.
But you've scored 17%.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Stop staring and get lost!
- Sivakumar!
- Yes, teacher.
I'm sorry, Kokila.
I never laughed at you.
Only the others were laughing at you.
I don't want to talk to you.
- I didn't do anything wrong.
- Please leave me alone.
Sorry, Kokila!
Oh, God!
Oh, no, Chitra--
Kokila, don't make a noise.
Sssh... don't make a noise.
Hey, spin it well.
Hey, do it right. Spin it well.
Spin it faster.
Hey, Pandi, I paid you enough.
- Don't speak a word of it.
- I won't.
- If you even utter a word...
- I swear, I won't speak of it.
It was Naatrayan who buried this truth.
Since that day whenever I meet
sister, Papathi...
I've always felt extremely guilty.
It is Papathi, who raised me
during my childhood.
Papathi has fed me more than
my mother have.
That guilty conscience,
is killing me every day.
there's no connection to the death
of her daughter and our child's death.
It just happened naturally.
That's not the truth.
It didn't happen naturally.
It is God who punished me for my sins.
God punished me for my sins.
March 9th, is when Chitra died.
Our child died on the same date.
Exactly on the same date.
It's not coincidence for our child to
die on the same day.
By punishing my child...
the God has punished me for my sins.
I'm responsible for the death of our child.
I made this huge mistake.
Since that day, Kokila went into depression
and never ate anything.
We took her to see the doctor.
Doctor prescribed sleeping pills
to beat the stress.
She was taking the pills for last
twenty days, 'cause it helped her sleep.
But on that night...
we never expected her to
use all the pills at once.
You buried the truth about Kokila
pushing down Chitra.
That was the biggest mistake you committed.
If you had given her chance to confess...
it would've ended with a
small punishment.
She committed suicide
'cause of guilty conscience.
You're one of the reasons for her suicide.
Kaali, brother!
Oh, no!
Stop the vehicle.
Sir has asked for you.
Pull over the vehicle.
Sir, Eashwaran is here.
- Vanakkam, sir.
- Eashwaran, how are you?
- How is Priya?
- She's doing well.
Did you get married?
No-- not yet.
Priya is a poor thing,
she's a good soul.
If you keep wondering
what people might say...
we can never lead a peaceful life.
Don't keep delaying it.
Don't waste your time.
Get married soon.
Even though I don't care...
If I don't know answers to few questions,
I can never sleep at peace.
I hope you understand
what I'm trying to imply.
At least tell me the truth now.
- Are you serious?
- You heard it right, Eashwara.
I was pissed off with Naatrayan
for hitting me...
so I confessed to Muthu,
that Chitra's death was not an accident,
but was pushed by Kokila.
I blurted the truth as I was high.
Why the hell did you come over here?
You should've come to the Police station.
Here you go, two thousand rupees.
- Is that all you got?
- Hey!
I'll book you under peddling weed.
Get lost!
You guys are under the impression
that Chitra died in an accident.
- Yes!
- But she didn't die in an accident.
- Then, how?
- She died, 'cause Kokila pushed her down.
To hide this truth from you...
Naatrayan had threatened me.
Please forgive me to have hidden
this truth from you.
Please forgive me.
- I was told that you're not lactating.
- Yes.
This is mountain apple, hold it.
- Finely grind these seeds.
- Okay.
Then add four pieces of apple and drink.
You'll be lactating well.
It worked for my wife.
- Don't disregard this method.
- Thank you, Muthu.
- I'm leaving.
- Okay, Muthu.
Muthu schemed to kill Kokila
on the same date, March 9th.
He never expected that the child
will die in this process.
He never expected for your child to die.
Neither I did, Eashwara!
I'm also one of the reasons
for your child's death.
The guilty conscience is killing me
by the day.
It's been killing me.
Please forgive me, Eashwara.
Priya meet me behind the house.
What is it, mama?
Priya, Naatrayan has been
investigating everyone.
He'll definitely investigate you too.
No matter what happens,
he shouldn't know about the murder.
- Why?
- Understood!
Please understand the situation, Priya.
If Naatrayan comes to know
that Muthu planned to kill, Kokila...
but the child died in the process.
Naatrayan will definitely kill Muthu.
He's the reason for your child's death.
Also, he's one of the reasons
why your wife died too.
Why did you let him go scott-free?
If I had confessed the truth,
you would've arrested, Muthu.
Papathi sister has lost her daughter...
would've lost her only son too.
And Muthu's wife and child would've
been orphaned.
If they'd known that my wife was
responsible for Chitra's death...
it would've ruined my deceased
wife's reputation.
People would've branded her
as a murderer.
So, I decided just to punish, Muthu.
People who have committed crime,
can't lead a peaceful life.
Their guilty conscience will kill them
by the day.
Just like how Kokila deserved
her punishment...
similarly, Muthu will get punished too.
Dad, I'm leaving.
Go safe. Did you have your meal?
Do well in exams.
- Bye, mom.
- Bye, dear.
- I'll send across your lunch.
- Okay, mom.
Hey, who the hell bumped into the kid?
Hey, stop right there. Hey!
Hey, stop right there.
Don't leave.
Don't leave, damn it.
Oh, god, please save my child.
Doctor, how is my daughter?
Sorry, your daughter has lost
a lot of blood.
There's a clot in the brain.
To be honest,
she's in a critical condition.
As a doctor,
I shouldn't advice about this.
I have faith in god,
please pray for her.
Oh, god!
We never caused any harm to anyone.
Why are we getting punished?
God, take my life for the sins
I've committed.
Please don't punish my child.
'A crime is a crime
even if you are God'