Kuyang the Movie (2021) Movie Script

Ever since I was child,
I always wanted to be a doctor.
It never changed.
When I was only
able to become a midwife,...
...getting married to a doctor
was the only way to save my dream.
I tried all means
to make Adi my husband.
Despite all his flaws,
I really do love him.
We got married
when I was four months pregnant.
To protect our dignities,...
...Adi and I decided
to move to rural Kalimantan.
We will wait outside.
Sir, is the fridge spoiled?
It is very expensive
to get it serviced.
So temporarily we use it
to store rice or other food.
There are many animals here,
so it is safer inside the fridge.
The fridge belonged
to the previous doctor?
Before you, another doctor
stayed here but not for long.
So, the local clinic has not
operated in the past two years.
He went back to Jawa.
I am originally from Makassar,...
...but my wife is
actually from Kalimantan.
However she was born
and brought up in Bandung.
She has not been back
to Kalimantan?
She is closer to her Sudanese
aunt compared to her parents.
You met in Bandung?
When I was working
in a hospital in Bandung.
So you two are not.....
-What is that, sir?
-Yes, I mean married.
Okay, I see. Married.
How long have you and your.....
-What do you mean, sir?
-Yes, married. No.
What? Pregnant?
-Yes, right. Pregnant.
We have been married for a year
and she is seven months pregnant.
Yes, be careful.
There are many taboos here.
What kind of taboos, sir?
For me or for my wife?
Kid, come here.
Come here.
I have something for you.
Sir, before me, who attended
to the sick people here?
That's the problem.
What is wrong with you, Reni?
-Why is that broken?
The wind?
There is strong wind outside.
It might rain,...
But earlier there was.....
They are about to leave.
Come outside.
Sir, sorry that was just the wind.
Was anything broken?
-Just a display.
Was it a small wooden idol?
Yes, one of them.
The one with three pieces?
What do we do?
Suddenly Bagau has fever.
She is just tired.
This is for you but
please share with your brother.
Sorry, I only have one.
Bagau doesn't have a brother.
We are not able
to have more children.
Sorry, we have to leave.
Excuse me.
What's the story?
Dear, I am not
able to contact mother.
Mother must be worried.
You know how she gets.
Just send her a letter.
They said there is network
under the power pole...
...near the village clinic.
The metal pole,
not the concrete pole.
Mr. Menteng will send the letter.
You are not listening to me.
Power pole, water pump,
no network in your mobile...
...and you want to send
a letter to your mother, right?
I am listening.
Dear, tell me
about Mr. Mentengs family.
Still curious?
You promised me.
So, the story was, Mr Mentengs
wife had an affair earlier.
She even got pregnant.
The pregnancy must be terminated...
...by Manyang,
if I am not mistaken.
Her uterus was damaged
and had to be removed.
That is why they cannot
conceive another child.
How did you know about this?
I was chatting with them,
with Mr. Menteng.
Even men love to gossip.
Three hours on
a motorbike, how not to talk?
I can sleep if we were in a car.
Our child?
The baby is moving.
They baby is kicking.
Feel it, the kick is so strong.
He will be a soccer player.
When you grow up,
you will play soccer with daddy.
Dear, I heard
a child calling Umay.
What does Umay mean?
Can be mom, mommy,...
...or mother.
This should have been
our second child.
Ren, you better keep quiet!
Never talk about that again!
-Just forget about that!
I will not forgive
and I will not forget.
Yes, yes, yes,
we have to move on.
Ren, I am still talking to you!
I am leaving.
Daddy will see you soon.
Take care, dear.
Excuse me.
-How is she, doctor?
Everything is normal.
No need to worry.
Just take the medicine.
I better make a move then,
it is getting late.
I have the same idols at home.
All houses
in this village will have it.
This is called Jurong. Like.....
-An amulet.
Yes, amulet to repel
bad omen and black magic.
You can take it. Take it.
Keep it near the window
to repel the bad omen...
...and black magic.
Yours is already damaged,
so just take this one.
How did you know?
-Maybe the one at your house...
...is not effective.
I am sorry and thank you,
but I was taught not to believe...
...in superstitions.
Please excuse me. Good evening.
Dear, give him the Jurong.
He will regret it later.
Where is the doctor?
The doctor has arrived.
Good morning, doctor.
-Good morning, Mr. Menteng.
Good luck for
your first day of work.
Thank you Mr. Menteng.
Sir, good morning.
Good morning to all of you.
Let me get ready
and I will call one by one.
Madam, please come in.
From the data I have here,
your history shows that...
...you have high blood pressure,...
...your cholesterol is also high...
...and you have not
had a check-up for some time.
I will check everything again.
Please lie down.
Kindly help her, sir.
Let me take a look, madam.
Take a deep breath.
Look at me, madam.
Do you still get pulsating
headaches at the back of your head?
I guess your blood pressure
and cholesterol is still high.
I will help by prescribing
some medication. Please step down.
So madam, your blood pressure
and cholesterol is still high.
I will write down a prescription
for your medication, okay?
-Sorry, is this your son?
-I see, grandson.
Okay, I will
write the prescription.
Debt of blood.
Crazy woman.
Mr. Menteng, please help
take care of my wife.
Yes sure.
-Please get your wife to help too.
Please handle it
if there are any problems.
Take care of yourself
and be careful.
Take care, dear.
-I will.
Yes, be careful.
We have reached
rural Kalimantan safely.
By Gods grace,
my pregnancy is also fine.
Adi has changed.
You don't have
to worry anymore, mother.
After we got married,
Adi stopped beating me up.
Without a doubt,...
...I can say
that Adi is actually a good...
...and caring man.
It's just that sometimes
he can't control his emotions.
Please pray for everything
to go well and smoothly here.
I miss you,
aunty and Rudal meatballs.
Take care.
My regards to you and aunty.
Please put some flowers
on fathers grave for me.
Please don't let
aunty work so hard.
Pity her, she is old.
Madam, excuse me.
-What is the matter, sir?
Where is Grandma Manyangs house?
Oh, Grandma Manyangs house?
Go straight then turn right
and turn right again.
Okay. Thank you, madam.
Excuse me.
I am Manyang, the midwife.
I am going to Ngaju Village
to meet the new doctor.
The doctors wife
is due to give birth anytime.
So, you are Grandma Manyang?
That's a coincidence.
I was coming to meet you.
You know that I am
the new doctor in Ngaju village?
News spreads fast in the village.
Come, let's leave now.
-Let's go.
Dear, what happened?
I am fine. How about you?
Are you okay?
Oh yes, this is Grandma Manyang.
Yes, I am Manyang.
Where is Mr. Menteng?
Bagau is not well.
Someone came to get him.
It's the season.
Children fall sick very fast.
My child.
I really missed you, dear.
I will prepare some
hot water for your bath.
Yes. Thank you, dear.
Please come in.
What happened, Reni?
-No, nothing happened.
For more than 30 years,
Grandma Manyang has been...
...a midwife here.
Just call me Manyang.
During these years,
were there many cases...
...of stillborn and
death of delivering mothers?
In villages, people don't care
for their food and hygiene.
Yes, in Indonesia there are
many cases of stillborn babies...
...and death of
delivering mothers.
There are 305 death cases
in every 100,000 births.
Highest in Asean.
If you don't care
about food and hygiene...
...the mother and child
can easily fall sick and even die.
Reni, Manyang will take care
of you while I work in...
...the neighbouring village.
Looks delicious.
-No, don't, this is only...
...for pregnant women.
I made this traditional dish...
...specially for Reni.
So that she and
her baby remain healthy.
Reni, you must eat this,...
...so that you
and your baby remain healthy.
Go on eat it.
Good morning, doctor.
-Good morning, Mr. Menteng.
Please come in, Mr. Menteng.
Mr. Menteng, are you ready?
-I'm ready.
Dear, only two days,
not more. Promise?
You don't have to worry.
Grandma Manyang
is here to take care of you.
Where is Grandma Manyang?
-She is at the back.
Grandma Manyang.
Doctor, come or we will be late.
-Yes sir, lets go now.
I have to leave.
-Take care, dear.
Two days, promise?
-I promise.
Let's go, sir.
-Excuse me.
Come eat.
Come eat.
You were looking for me?
It's nothing.
I want to rest now.
Sir, madam, please take
good care of the pregnancy.
-Thank you, go ahead.
Mr. Menteng.
We need to order some
medication from the city very soon.
All right, Mr. Menteng?
I'll go tidy up then.
Excuse me, Mr. Menteng.
Debt of blood.
What happened, doctor?
What is it?
Debt, debt of blood.
-Debt of blood.
Mr. Menteng.
-Yes, yes.
Mr. Menteng, it is late
and I must go home.
Your wife is safe with Manyang.
Mr. Menteng.
Mr. Menteng, I have a bad feeling.
It is dangerous to go
through the forest at night.
I will take care of it.
God, please don't let my wife
suffer for my mistake.
Dear God, please forgive her.
If we go to rural Kalimantan,
I can officially become...
...a government employee.
Please, I'll do anything
for you in return.
Dear, my pregnancy is almost due.
Reni, darling.
All this is for our future.
You must not cry.
You should smile.
You are already
four months pregnant.
Do you know what that means?
...are not married yet.
Your pregnancy can ruin our lives.
It will mess everything up.
No need to worry, dear.
You can trust me.
Do you trust me, dear?
Do you trust me?
Answer me. Do you trust me?
I also don't want to lose you,...
...but there is no other choice.
No, I beg you please don't.
Please don't.
-There is no other choice, Reni.
You have to abort it.
We have to abort this child!
No. No, Adi.
I am begging you, Adi.
Do we have any other choice?
You have to abort this pregnancy.
It must be aborted!
Reni, are you all right?
Are you all right?
Our child? Are you hurting?
Is it hurting? Answer me, Ren!
I need
to tell you something, Reni.
Sorry, Mr. Menteng.
-Please excuse me.
Please come in for a while.
-I want to check on Bagau.
Yes, thank you, Mr. Menteng.
-Excuse me.
What happened dear?
There is network.
There is network.
-Please give it to me.
I need to call mother.
Yes, call your mother.
Thank God. How is your pregnancy?
By Gods grace, I am fine, mother.
It's difficult to get network here.
-Yes, I know that.
Adi sent a letter with
a long story about Borneo.
You didn't tell me that
you sent a letter to mother.
I gave the letter
along with your letter.
Yes mother. Yes.
Adi? Yes, sure.
Mother wants to speak to you.
-Speak to me?
Hello mother? Sure mother.
Yes of course,
I will take care of Reni.
I am watching what she eats too.
Yes mother, you can
trust me with all this.
Whenever we get network,
we will call you.
Sure mother.
Please take care of yourself.
Yes. Bye.
Who else should we call?
Since we have network,
lets search about Kuyang.
Kuyang? Dear, I told you,
I don't believe in superstitions.
The ladies here
often speak about Kuyang.
As if you are so brave.
You are also a coward.
Oh God.
-What happened, Reni?
See? Now we don't
have network again.
How come no network?
Its still there. Look.
What were you looking at?
Kuyang's picture?
These pictures
have been heavily edited.
IT people are experts
at making all these.
Trust me, they must have
edited this picture.
From a beautiful girls picture,
they must have added all these.
Let me see the video.
I am sure it is also edited.
There are lots of videos
about Kuyang here.
Dear, lets go home.
I am not feeling good.
Are you serious?
Wait. Okay, let's go.
Looks fresh. Sir, I want some.
-Sure, madam.
Give me a bundle
of kangkung as well.
I also want this fish,
just three pieces.
These just came in the morning.
So, which one, madam?
-Do you know who that was?
-The one in the black robe.
I didn't see.
Still want the carrots?
Yes, I want that.
Your items.
-Right. How much is the total?
Only Rp. 15,000.
Okay, wait for a moment.
Here is the change.
-Thank you, sir.
Mr. Menteng?
-Sorry to disturb on your day off.
Bagaus medicine is finished.
Mr. Menteng, you don't need
to give Bagau more medication.
Just wait for her to recover.
Bagaus mother said she still
needs to take her medicine.
Just give her some vitamins.
Okay Mr. Menteng.
I will get some for you.
Excuse me, Mr. Menteng.
Please wait, sir.
Thank you.
-Please enjoy.
Excuse me,
where is the medicine?
Please wait.
Why are the medicines
taking so long?
Smell of castor?
Typical newly weds.
See what happens in after 25 years.
It's getting stronger.
Kuyang is targeting this house.
Mr. Menteng,
you can meet me at the front.
Believe me,
the signs are starting to show.
Castor smell and crumbs.
Mr. Menteng,
I have told you earlier!
I don't believe
in superstitions at all!
Did you forget
what happened at the clinic?
You yourself mentioned
about the blood debt.
Those are the signs.
I have experienced it myself.
I am not able to have
another child because of Kuyang.
Do you want to lose your child
which is in your wifes womb?
That was what I saw at their house.
Is that the sign of Kuyang?
Actually, they are causing this.
Kuyang and anak Sibang
are just the scapegoats.
Help them, chief.
They have shed innocent blood.
They need to pay for it.
Yes, please help them.
Full moon is coming. Be careful!
This is not the time yet.
-Yes, but it is already so painful.
Let me find the scissors.
Come back fast.
-Yes, just a moment.
I will look at the back.
Come back fast.
Please come back fast!
Wait a moment, dear.
I found it, Reni.
God, please forgive my sins.
Please don't punish my wife
for my mistakes, dear God.
Please don't punish my wife
for my mistakes.
I don't want
to lose my child, please God.
God, I promise.
I promise to be a good husband...
...and be responsible
for my wife. I promise, God.
What do we do now, chief?
Doctor, I am sorry we are late.
My wife also experienced
the exact same incident.
No, this is different.
What do we do now?
So what do we do now?
There is one way.
Life will be at stake.
You must do it yourself. Here!
No, please don't do it.
Please don't do it.
Sir, let me kill Kuyang.
Let me do it.
The fetus mother
must do it personally.
Take this.
Thats the eagle!
Follow the eagle!
Watch it! Snake!
-Don't move. Let it go.
Mr. Menteng. Reni.
Hey, wait!
-The woman is missing.
Reni disappeared?
Where should we go?
Still that way?
I don't know. We are lost.
Lost? We are lost here?
We need to find Reni, Mr. Menteng.
Yes, yes, yes.
We must find Reni.
She must be found.
Doctor, are you mad? Stop it!
Stop! No problems
can be solved by violence.
I will slash your necks!
-I am not scared of you!
You defend the outsiders.
You have never used that
old saber. It may lead the way.
May lead the way?
Mr. Menteng.
Follow me.
Mr. Menteng!
Mr. Menteng!
What do we do now? Where is he?
What do we do now?
What should we do now?
-Where did he go?
Continue to find the Kuyang.
I am sorry, dear.
I am sorry, dear.
Adi. Wake up, dear.
Please wake up, dear.