Kya Dilli Kya Lahore (2014) Movie Script

Long years ago we made
a tryst with destiny.
And now the time comes
when we shall redeem our pledge.
Not wholly or in full measure,
but very substantially.
It marks the fulfillment of
the destiny of the Muslim nation...
...which has laid great sacrifices in
the past few years to make Pakistan.
At the beginning of the partition of the
country people were migrating...
...from both sides of the border.
More than 25 lakh people had come from Pakistan to Delhi from Nirmal...
...Monkumri, Beerpur,
Lahore... through Amritsar...
...Ferozpur and Bikaner.
Whereas nearly the same
number of people...
...from India from Uttar Pradesh,
Punjab, Haryana...
...Himachal Pradesh and other different states had reached Karachi...
...Mirpur, Sukul and Lahore.
'Let the lines remain as it is. '
'Maybe someone had
drawn it in rage. '
'Make it a court and let's
play 'Kabaddi' (An Indian game).'
'Let the lines remain as it is. '
'You come to my side
and challenge me. '
'Smack my hand and run. '
'I will catch you,
cling to you, pull your leg. '
'And not let you go back. '
'When I come to your side,
you also catch me. '
'Don't let me touch
the boundary line. '
'That someone had drawn in rage. '
'Make it a court and
let's play 'Kabaddi'.'
'Let the lines remain as it is. '
'Let the lines remain as it is. '
Yes, sir.
Are you fine, sir?
- Shut up. Were you fleeing?
- No.
- File. I want the file.
- File?
The file of the tunnel
from Delhi to Lahore.
There... in the Indian post.
Wake them up.
Whom, sir?
Your scoundrel comrades.
They are sleeping.
Wake them up.
No, sir. They are Pakistani
soldiers. They are dead.
- Did you die?
- No. I am alive.
So go. Get the file
from the Indian post.
- Me?
- Who else? Me? You fool.
Can't you see? I have been shot.
I should go alone, sir?
You should have brought your father.
- Sir, I will bring help.
- Not help.
I want the file. I want the file.
Bring it, son.
This is your chance.
God has given you the chance.
To prove yourself a true Pakistani.
Show your country that
you are a true Pakistani.
Go. Otherwise I will prove
that your entire family is traitor.
A burden on our country.
Yes, sir.
Are you going...
Sir, the firing has been
going on for the past one hour.
Are you sure?
I am sure. I mean, why will I lie?
They must have gone for a stroll.
Exactly, sir.
They go for a stroll everyday.
But they return
within 15-20 minutes.
But today it's been
more than an hour.
Sir, I am scared.
Sir, did you hear the firing?
Sir, what do I tell you?
There are 'Dadu' in their backside.
In which language are you talking today?
What is 'Dadu'?
God bless you.
Sir, in Punjabi language
frog is called 'Dadu'.
There are many of them.
They fire at trivial matters.
And there are many
of them in this area.
- Shut up.
- What? Yes. Yes, sir.
Be alert. I will do something.
Sir, I am alone here.
How can I be alert?
A soldier is never alone.
Entire India is with him.
Yes. Fine. You are right. But...
But I am alone.
If you are afraid,
why did you join the army?
I have joined the army to cook.
- I am a cook. I cook food.
- Shut up.
- What?
- We will find out about your comrades.
- Yes.
- Inform me if you get any news.
A cook can't use his brains.
There is no water. I will fetch it.
What will he lose?
God, protect me.
O Lord. O Lord.
Why have they made it so far?
- Help! Help!
- He...
I think there is only one.
You have not come to drink water,
have you?
I mean, are you thirsty, sir?
Or have you lost your way?
Look, if somebody loses his way,
even if he is a Pakistani...
...I don't say anything to him.
I swear.
If you want, you can leave quietly.
O Lord.
I am telling you. Leave quietly.
I promise you.
I won't say anything to you. Leave.
And I won't tell anyone.
To whom will you tell, you fool?
I have killed everyone.
All are sleeping peacefully.
Are you listening?
I have not come to leave.
I have come to take the file. File.
Are you listening?
Give me the file quietly.
If you want to live.
Otherwise I will fire ceaselessly.
In a minute you will
go straight to heaven.
What file?
The tunnel file.
It has the map of the tunnel.
What file?
Which tunnel?
The tunnel that you are digging
from Red Fort to Lahore.
You have taken everything from us.
At least leave this for us.
Brother, I swear on God.
I don't understand anything.
Give me the file quietly.
What file?
The tunnel, the digging,
these are what officers do.
How will a cook like
me know about all this?
My job is to cook.
Not to dig a tunnel.
You fool, you are a cook?
Look. Unnecessarily I was scared.
Tell me.
Look, I don't argue with cooks.
Tell me. Where is the file?
I swear on my mother.
I don't know anything about the file.
Okay. What can you cook? Tell me.
Bitter gourd. Mince meat.
I can cook anything you want.
Fine. I will make you
cook in the Pakistani army.
Cook well.
Personally I love
potato stuffed flatbread.
I suggest join hands with me.
Come with me to Pakistan.
You will lead a luxurious life.
Are you listening?
Moron. You fool.
You... I am talking
to you affectionately.
And you are firing.
- You have showed you are a cook.
- Your father is a cook.
You will make me cook.
Call me a cook once more.
Change my name if I
don't teach you a lesson.
- Cook.
- You...
Come in front of me.
You are scared now?
You fool.
Scoundrel. Rascal.
You soldier!
Will you capture my country?
Why are abusing me? Am I abusing you?
I am talking to you so affectionately.
Where did you go, Harban Singh?
I called you brother.
You don't understand our feelings.
We gave you everything.
You didn't do any favor on us.
You loaded your pockets
and gave us a few pennies.
- On top of that bloodshed.
- Who did bloodshed?
Did you send a truck full
of dead bodies? Or did we send it?
Read the newspaper.
The first truck came from India,
bathed with blood.
You didn't even spare children.
You also read our newspaper.
Why should I read the newspaper?
With my own hands I have
picked up my kin's pieces.
Didn't we?
We are still searching
for our relatives.
You wanted to make your
own political parties.
What political parties
did we Hindus make?
Hindus and Muslims
are still living together... every neighborhood.
Come and count.
And they are happy too.
Happy my foot.
Why don't you come and ask them?
Some of your relatives
must still be here.
They are cowards who
are still staying here.
I will never even look at them.
Keep quiet.
Tell me. What do you want?
Right. My right.
What right? Tell me.
This land is ours. It's our right.
Come. It's in my pocket.
Come and take it.
Look, give me the tunnel file quietly.
I will leave.
Get lost.
Keep quiet.
Come and take it.
I told you. It's in my pocket.
Are your bullets over? Pakistani!
I have enough for you.
Nonsense. Nothing is enough for you.
Those whose intention is bad,
their lives are rancorous.
Give us our right. Equal right.
We gave it to you as per your stature.
Okay. What is our stature? Tell me.
Not a penny more than 45 crores.
We appealed.
That's why you got 65 crores.
We didn't get even Rs. 65.
Why are you telling us?
We gave it to you.
Take it from your fathers.
Who took the decision?
Even your Mr. Nehru never doubted
Mr. Jinnah's intention.
That's why we gave it
to you as an elder brother.
Had you considered
us your elder brother...
...Pakistan would
have never been created.
You know? He is so ill nowadays.
I know. I also read the newspaper.
When he was so aged,
what was the need to enter politics?
He would have taught you something.
He was more worldly-wise
than your Mr. Nehru.
We called him uncle Nehru.
But you turned out
to be his real nephew.
He had come to my school.
I gave him two roses.
Others gave him one.
He was a capable man.
That's why you also
gave him two roses.
You should have told your
relatives about his capability.
We wouldn't have had
to see this day today.
It was just a small issue.
But you were so stubborn.
Give it to us. We want this.
What small issue?
It all happened for political seats.
Ruined everything for that.
I lost everything.
Otherwise I wouldn't
have been standing here...
...and arguing with you.
I would have also not
been arguing with you.
I am not a cook.
I have a huge mansion in Lahore.
My father was a moneylender.
I had 100 servants like you.
They would massage my father's feet.
And here, my status is nothing.
Yes. Everybody was a moneylender.
Where in Lahore?
Anarkali Bazaar.
Go to Red Mosque and then
from Akbari lane go straight.
And ask anyone.
You will find Nehle Shah's mansion.
You captured Lahore.
And we are liars.
Okay. Fine.
I will find out right away.
You know Afzal Qureshi?
He is an aged man.
Give him some respect.
At least say uncle Afzal.
His son Rizwan and
I were childhood friends.
We have celebrated
'Eid'(Muslim festival)...
...and 'Diwali'
(Hindu festival) together.
What nonsense!
He had seized yours' colony.
He said, "I will give
it to those whom it belongs. "
When the matter will cool down,
they will come.
As if we will allow you to come.
We won't come. Get lost.
Take your Pakistan
that you have created.
You are talking about seizing.
It's not called seizing.
It's called maintaining friendship.
Listen. It's not friendship.
He wanted to give
it to his loved ones.
Yes. When he was thrashed,
he ran away.
Talk respectfully.
Uncle Afzal would have died.
But not let scoundrels
like you touch any of the houses.
We had handed it to him.
Saying we will come back.
What did we know?
We will have to stay here.
My father wrote to him
saying we can't come now.
That's how you got our houses.
Through custodian.
When you had so much affinity,
why did you leave?
You scoundrel.
Hey, Pakistani.
Are you sleeping?
Did you die during the night?
He is not talking.
The potatoes are delicious.
You are giving your
brother a measly meal.
You should have prepared
stuffed flatbread.
May God grant you 15 minutes of life!
What else are you feeding me?
Want bullets?
Tell me.
Want it on your face or on your back?
Is it your father's wedding feast?
You scoundrel.
You fool.
If you had any bullets,
would you have thrown potatoes?
Where is it?
Don't be under this misunderstanding,
I have so many bullets.
So many ammunitions.
How many ammunitions do you have?
Why should I tell you?
One bullet is enough for you.
Fine. Forget this account.
Tell me. How long will
you make me sit here?
If you are scared, why don't you flee?
Take your Allah's name,
race and reach Pakistan.
Otherwise you will die.
I won't leave without the file.
Change my name.
So sit there. What do I care?
Our troop has left from there.
When they are going to shoot your
backside, than you will see the tunnel.
Later don't tell
me I didn't inform you.
You fool. Even my troop is coming.
Not one.
But four of them. From all sides.
I am not afraid of any troop.
Scaring me with a troop.
Let it be.
You will have to pay a huge price.
Let me tell you.
You also will have
to pay a heavy price.
Why do you want to die?
Don't you get it?
Let's make a settlement.
Give me the file quietly.
You go to your home
and I will go to my home.
Look, I will give you nothing.
If you need it, you tell me.
What will you give me?
Look, listen to me.
I am not in the mood to fight.
Will you take my chain?
What chain?
It's my wife's.
I got it during my marriage.
You fool.
Is it silver or gold? Tell me.
It's silver. Pure silver.
Weighing 29 grams.
You can open your own hotel.
No. No. I think if
I have to open a hotel...
...I will need at least 70 grams.
If I had 70 grams,
what would I be doing here?
Okay. Tell me. What else do you have?
It's working?
It works 24 hours.
There are 12 hours in a watch.
Yours works 24 hours?
Yes. I mean the same thing.
Tell me the time.
It's 7:00 in my clock.
Your watch is not functioning.
Yes. You are half an hour ahead of us.
Thank God. At least you admitted.
That we are ahead of
you and you are behind us.
If you accept the deal, tell me.
Otherwise end the matter.
Fine. Do one thing.
Throw the watch and the chain.
First throw the file.
Why are you laughing?
Do you need the file or do I need it?
I do.
Tell me.
You or me?
What if you go back on your word?
Don't talk childishly.
I never go back on my word.
Soldiers are brothers, even
if they belong to different countries.
An upright father's
son is also upright. Okay.
Come on. Throw it.
Fine. I believe you.
Take out the file.
I also prefer peaceful means.
Have you found it?
Pal, the watch isn't that flashy.
Do you want to check
the time or some dance?
Come on, throw the file.
What, pal?
Throw the file.
What file?
Look, don't turn your back on me.
No, really. Which file?
We're brothers. Don't be a rascal.
I've always been
a rascal to you, isn't it?
So I have become one for real now.
You've showed your true colours.
Give me the file quietly.
Come. The file is at my back side.
Come and lick it a little.
You'll get it.
Come on, baby.
Damn you. I curse you.
So be it. I am ready to
get cursed for my motherland.
It's no big deal.
You can't get away with this.
You rascal.
I will. I will.
I saved you. So anything is possible.
We are really tough.
Damn you. I am calling you my brother.
Shut up.
Brother, my foot!
He was trying to buy me.
Killed me!
He wants me dead.
Spare me!
How was it?
You fake. Damn you.
It's just a bruise.
On my arm.
I took out the arm on
which you are wearing my watch.
That's why my time isn't good.
Your intention is not right.
You thug. God sees everything, son.
Minor injuries are a daily thing.
I am not budging.
Remember that.
Okay, son. Don't move. Good on you.
If you move, the poison
will spread in your entire body.
Your game will be
over in 15-20 minutes.
End of story.
If you want to live
for half an hour more then...
...come with me to Pakistan.
We're half an hour behind you guys.
Tell me something.
How will you cook food?
How will you pee?
How will you clean your bum?
Now tell me.
This is how I am going to clean it.
"'Stories are long. "
"'Talks are done with bullets. "'
"'Words hurt. "'
"'The stories are weird. '"
"'The blood is mixed in the mud. "
"'The saints lose their lives. "
"'Crazy men roam in the borders. "
"'An axe is hit on the legs. "
"'The doors are closed. '"
"'There is blood on the borders. "
"'There is no account of lives. "'
"'There is no account of lives. "'
"'Bits of destiny are found. '"
"'Hit the lines on the head. "
"'The lamps at the mosque
are extinguished. "'
"'The lamps at the mosque
are extinguished. "'
"'The terraces have broken
and fallen. "
Why haven't the potatoes
turned sweet yet?
This is being discussed in
the whole of Dehradun these days.
The bears ran away. And the potatoes
have turned out to be brilliant.
These days people
say so even in Faislabad.
This means you'll take
care of the yield there.
And I will take care
of the yield here.
The climate is the same.
Yes, pal.
Sukhnal, we've had good rains.
The sun too has been good.
But it rises half
an hour early in India.
Give me the watch. It's my father's.
And you don't want the chain?
Of your wife.
Don't you love your wife?
- You won't, isn't it?
- No.
Be happy. I give it to you as charity.
Get lost, ungrateful.
I know how charitable you are.
We fed you potatoes.
And you gave us bullets.
Weren't you ashamed?
As if you spared me.
The thick blanket saved me. I swear.
And what about the fact
that you've shot me. In the arm.
You almost took out my heart.
Those are the marks
of old Delhi's marbles.
Where did you live in old Delhi?
Chandni Chowk. Matiyamahal.
Where is that?
Follow the aroma of the
'Korma'(Dish) at Jama Masjid.
And you will be there.
Don't make me hungry. You rogue.
Here at the border,
all you get to eat are bullets.
Nothing else.
It's been so many days
we have been starving.
The 'Lassi'(Sweet buttermilk)
of Hal Bazaar, Lahore...
...and the meal to boot.
Have the tempered 'Nihari'(Dish)
and go to sleep.
Sleeping like a log
as if I have done...
...all the labour work of Lahore.
Read out the newspaper to the elders.
And get a penny as a reward.
And then go straight to Lal Kuan.
And buy a kite.
And we used to flirt with women.
I had wooed my wife with my couplets.
Tied it under the
sun in the afternoon.
And tied it to the leg of
the cot and went to sleep at night.
And we would find it
right there in the morning.
On the minaret of the Jama Masjid.
As if it had been talking
to Allah all night.
Kites looks good
under your own sky, pal.
The moon would rise on the
roof as if it would fall on my cot.
Lahore's moon always snubbed me.
Want to exchange your moon with mine?
Where are you settled in Delhi?
Not found yet.
I live in a camp as of now.
The vegetable market
near the ice factory.
Ishwardas has onions
buried in the ice factory.
He took Rs. 21 from my father.
He said he'll get
him a house in Pakistan.
Be wary.
This has happened to everyone.
My mother had kept 40
kilograms of pickle to dry.
Someone must have eaten it for sure.
Let everyone get a taste of it.
Okay, tell me.
Who all are there in your family?
Wife, my kid and father.
And your mother?
You guys had cut her into pieces.
You didn't spare mothers either.
Blood was shed
on both sides, isn't it?
A bit more on our side.
This is what everyone feels, pal.
I suggest.
Go back home.
Look after your father.
Shower your kid with love.
They need you more than the border.
Show yourself.
Come on.
'Border station. Border station. '
'The enemy has shown
his true colours. '
'Despite the ceasefire. Over. '
'We will be stationed here. Over. '
'The neighbouring
posts have been hit. '
'Many of our soldiers have
been killed. Over and out. '
I saw you.
And your bosses have
shown their true colours.
You all are not capable of trust.
Do you know the meaning of ceasefire?
If we hug you, you will stab
a dagger in our back.
You are dogs. Dogs.
He is quite an artist. That rogue.
Hey you. Pakistani.
You've ran out of bullets. Is it?
Is this what the Pakistani
army has taught you?
You forgot the bullets?
"My car has taken off.
Where has it stopped?"
Come. Come on, son. Come.
I'll feed you flatbreads.
Later don't complain
that I didn't explain to you.
You scrag.
Hey, Pakistani,
the game has turned upside down.
Come on.
Hey. Hey. Damn you.
Pakistani, if you hit us with drums...
...we'll hit you with bullets.
Come on out.
We are not cowards.
We are no less than anyone.
You are dealing with an Indian.
You knew that I was coming
to your place for a feast?
Mr. Harban had told
me that he wanted to have...
...flatbreads stuffed with potatoes.
That's why I had prepped up.
It's okay.
Brother has made it for his brother.
And the brother ate them.
You can't take one's
food away from him.
By the way, you're quite good.
Thank you.
Tell me one thing.
You shot me in the head.
What if I had died?
- Yes. Yes.
- What?
No. No. I mean I made a mistake.
- My wife is pregnant.
- Yes. Yes.
Give me some water.
Here's your flatbread.
Give me some water.
There is no water.
Come on, pick up the bucket.
You rogue. Is this a well or a tunnel?
- Pull fast.
- Done, brother.
Keep it here.
I had asked you to draw it.
Not to drink it.
Move. Move.
Damn it.
Walk straight.
You took all the files, right?
You fool. - I am talking
to you. - Yes. Yes.
- Sir, your watch and chain.
- Will take it later, moron.
- You are not going anywhere.
- Yes.
- I swear. Your 'Yes' is very sweet.
- Thank you.
Sir, God bless you.
I have something to say.
If you don't mind.
Look, I am unpredictable.
But still, let me tell you.
There is no tunnel in India.
Pakistan doubts India.
You dork. That's why you are a cook.
This is beyond our comprehension.
Son, this is all about
big officers and politics.
- Yes. Yes.
- Yes. Yes.
Brother, our captain.
I mean he is just about okay.
He is just like you.
Go meet him this 'Diwali'(Festival)
as soon as you go back.
No. I mean he seems authoritative.
That's why he roped
in soldiers like you.
Hats off to the Pakistan Army.
And look at ours.
What is the word you say? Dork.
- Dork.
- Yes. Dorks.
They didn't believe.
They didn't believe the cook.
I even informed them that the enemy...
I mean the enemy...
I mean we were enemies
when we met last night, isn't it?
We aren't now.
- I have decided.
- What the hell have you decided?
I will join the Pakistan
army as soon as I return.
Recommend me.
I mean even if we
don't find the file...
...I will dig a tunnel
from Lahore to Lal Killa.
I am telling you.
How are you going to dig the tunnel?
Damn you.
Drop your gun.
- Burfi.
- Drop it.
Burfi. Hello, brother.
Drop the gun.
Thank God. You are here.
He... He...
You saved my life.
Damn you. You want stuffed flatbreads,
don't you?
How about this?
And this.
Damn you.
- Brother you.
- Get up, you rouge.
Get up. Get up.
Pick up the bucket. Pick up the rope.
- Draw the water.
- No, brother.
- You shoot me. You slapped me.
- Come on, brother.
I am your slave.
You scrag. You thank you are the boss.
You scrag. Damn you.
Hey. Stop. Stop.
Burfi, my brother. You saved me.
Look. He has given me a swollen cheek.
You Pakistani. He is a postman now.
If he had been in the army,
he would ruin your lives.
Tell him. The rascal.
Shut up.
Burfi. What happened, brother?
You were singing praises of Pakistan.
- No.
- Our soldiers are no good.
And their soldiers are very good.
No. Wrong. You are wrong.
- And you took a you turn the moment you saw me.
- No. No.
You were taking our files. - No. No.
You were taking our files to Pakistan.
Brother, I was just pretending.
I swear. I was pretending.
Why did you join the army
if you are fond of pretending?
Damn refugee.
Half Pakistani.
Don't say such things.
Don't say such things, mate.
Mate. I am your mate.
That Pakistani is your brother.
Dear brother.
Girls have mates. Get it.
What rubbish, brother.
You are talking trash
in front of the enemy.
What did you do in front of the enemy?
You ruined everything.
I wish you had died. I so wish.
Damn it. You were taking
the files to Pakistan.
I swear.
He had a gun pointing at my back.
I would've never entertained
these dogs otherwise.
I am a hapless man.
- Who are you?
- No.
A two bit cook.
Are you the colonel?
Or the colonel's son?
Get lost.
Hug him.
Come on. Hug him.
Hug your brother. The Pakistani.
Damn refugee.
Burfi, how do I convince you?
I have fought all night all alone.
All alone.
Ask him. Tell him. Tell him.
Hey, what are you doing?
Sir, I guess the stuffed
flatbreads didn't get digested.
Stuffed flatbreads?
Where did they come from?
Brother made them.
You rogue. You never felt like
making stuffed flatbreads for us.
Brother. Get your sister married.
Brother, if I knew
I would've never told him...
...that you made stuffed flatbreads
for me with so much love.
You will not call me brother.
Let me tell you.
You fed the hungry.
So what should I call you? Sir.
You dog. I am not talking to you.
I am telling you.
Shame on you.
Don't spit, Burfi.
Believe me, brother. For God's sake.
Believe me. For God's sake.
You call me Khoya despite swearing
on your mother a million times.
My name is Burfi Singh.
That was a nickname, right?
He lies to even his parents.
He has told them that
he is an officer in the army.
He roams all over Delhi as a hero.
He has made me write letters.
Write to mother.
And tell her that I killed
four Pakistanis today.
One day, he said.
Write that I was unarmed...
...but I grabbed the Pakistani.
He wants me to believe him.
Hey. Come on.
Why the hell are you staring at me?
Get up.
Why are you grinning?
Why are you grinning?
Stop behaving like a kid.
You are behaving like a kid.
Have you gone mad?
Have you gone blind?
Can't you see? I have been shot.
I have fought all night all alone.
You kick me. Sometimes you spit at me.
Shoot me. End this.
You have turned me into a dog.
You have found your pal. Haven't you?
Shame on you.
Brother, I was not laughing.
You will not call me brother.
So what's my fault in this?
The captain wants the file.
I gave the watch. The chain.
Damn you. You rascal.
Betrayal is in your blood.
I will not spare you.
Hey... Hey... You rascal.
You sold our country
for the watch and chain.
You betrayed the country.
My spectacles.
Hello. Hello.
- Pass me the screw-driver. The screw-driver.
- Yes, sir.
You dropped the screw-driver.
You're insulting an Indian tool.
Respect it.
Say, "Forgive me. '"
- Forgive me.
- '"Forgive me, screw-driver. '"
Forgive me, screw-driver.
Give it.
I will repair it in a second.
- Hello.
- Hello, head-post 1.
- 'Border-post 1.'
- Border-post 1, sir.
- 'Is this Burfi Singh, speaking? '
- Yes, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
Burfi Singh speaking, sir.
- 'So, Burfi, is everything okay?
- I have been reached here. Yes, sir.
The receiver's been fixed, sir.
I fixed it in a minute.
Sir, I've big news.
I've nabbed a Pakistani intruder.
- 'Pakistani? Are you sure?'
- Yes, sir.
He's a Pakistani, sir.
We have him, sir.
Don't worry, sir.
Sir, he was stealing the
secret files from the check-post.
We're facing difficulties here, sir.
And, sir. I've also caught
a half Pakistani. -'What?'
'Burfi, speak clearly. '
Yes, sir. He's the cook for the unit.
We had our suspicion...
...that he was working
for the Pakistanis.
After all, he's from that side.
Send the force, sir.
And kill them both.
One of them is an intruder...
...while the other one is a traitor.
'Burfi, hold your position. '
Yes, sir. -'It's important
for that Pakistani to stay alive. '
- 'I'm sending reinforcements. '
- One more thing, sir.
Please make me a soldier now.
I will annihilate all the Pakistanis.
'I will recommend your name, Burfi. '
- 'Hold your position. ' -
Yes, sir. - 'Over and out. '
Over and out, sir.
Kumar. Damn post-master.
I won't spare you.
Just watch what I do with you.
And you, you got lucky.
Sir has said he wants
to question the intruder.
- Sir.
- What is it?
Sir, I need to pee.
Come on.
I've a son. A wife. A father.
I cannot defame them.
I will have nowhere to go.
- You forgot our brotherhood.
- Rascal.
Now's the chance.
Let your father find out...
...what his great son's
been up to out here.
Look, he's running.
Forgive me, sir.
Trying to run away.
You dog.
Samarth, water.
Brother, give me some water.
I don't have a bucket.
Where is it then?
Ask him who was running away...
...where did he throw it.
What will an officer
do if he feels thirsty?
Sitting there comfortably.
Sit like a rooster.
Sit like a rooster.
- He's there and he sent me here to die.
- Who?
My captain.
Where's your captain?
Across the border.
I think they'll dig my
grave before I dig a tunnel.
Sir, I didn't want to come either.
Then why did you?
And why did you try to run?
What were you thinking?
You can escape from Burfi Singh?
Mr. Samarth, Are you hatching
your eggs sitting over there?
Stand up.
If you dare sit in
front of an officer...
...then you will never
be anything more than a cook.
Salute me.
Salute me.
You came here for the file?
Sir, my captain wanted the file.
If everything is
needed by your captain...
...then have you come here
looking for a groom for your mom?
Yes. Yes.
A captain's order
is a captain's order.
Has to be carried out.
When I become an officer.
I am one.
Then you will certainly
follow my order.
Right, Samarth.
You will have to follow orders.
What are you staring at?
Don't stare.
I would've shot you two.
It's only because I received orders... keep you two alive.
That's why I spare your life.
I am sparing your life.
Sir, I will certainly
die under this hot sun.
You think you're that important.
My back's stiffened, sir.
Straighten up. Back has stiffened!
I am no less than a dog, sir.
Early in the morning father said
to me that he has to go somewhere.
And he did too.
But we could never
find out where he went.
So did mother...
...and my sister.
But I couldn't find out...
...where they all went.
What nonsense is this?
If you knew, Burfi...
...then all this
wouldn't have happened.
Someone asked for it, and we obliged.
We became dogs. Dogs.
From where are we?
We don't even know that.
Its wrong.
Forget all this.
Look, Burfi.
How will you understand?
You need a heart
to understand all this.
And you don't have one.
Shut up, you traitor.
You shouldn't talk about a heart.
You shouldn't be hearing it either.
Not at all.
Sir. Sir.
What is it?
Sir, you're very intelligent.
I don't want any file.
Let me go.
Who's giving you the file?
Not me, my captain.
Whether it's you or the captain.
You both are Pakistanis.
No, sir. I've lived
in Old Delhi for 0 years.
I belong here.
- I see.
- Yes.
- Come here.
- Yes.
Where from Old Delhi?
Matiya Mahal.
Do you know Majid?
- The Khamidi bread maker.
- Noor Ilaiyi's son.
Noor Ilaiyi's son.
You stayed here for 30 years.
In India.
And then you turned
your faith towards them.
Joined their army.
And now you're killing us.
You're a dog as well, just like him.
What are you doing?
What's in your bag?
What's in your bag?
Put down your bag.
What is it?
What else did you give him?
What? What is it in his bag?
What is this?
It belongs to my child, sir.
I thought it belongs to your mother.
You were saying you don't have water,
bucket, this, that.
Look, I don't want any file.
Let me go home.
Let me go home.
No. Don't let him go.
Hold him for 10-15 minutes.
The reinforcement's on the way.
They will deal with him.
I can't see a thing.
Get the medikit. It's in the bag.
I will die.
Sit down. Have courage.
- Have courage.
- Do what you want to quickly.
Don't lose hope. Don't lose hope.
- Don't tell my father.
- Just a minute.
- Your father has sent a letter.
- Don't tell my father.
Really. Your father has sent a letter.
Just a minute.
- Wait. Wait.
- Everyone will call my son a traitor.
Son of traitor.
- Just a minute.
- Everyone will call my son a traitor
Listen. Listen.
Father says '"Bless you.
May God bless you with happiness. "
"We're doing okay,
we manage to sell 20-25 bags a day. "
"'The paperwork has been completed. "
"'Room no 1056 in Old Delhi,
Chandni Chowk... "
'"... near the Town Hall,
we got back our home. "
"'We got back our home. "
"'You... you come back home soon. "
"'Son, now leave the army... "
"'... and spend the rest
of your life with us. "'
"'God bless you with happiness. "'
"'We should respect the Lord as well. "'
"'We've received news from Lahore... "'
"'... Uncle Afzal passed away. '"
'You know Afzal Qureshi?'
'At least say uncle Afzal. '
'His son Rizwan and
I were childhood friends. '
'"Tomorrow if you face Rizwan,
you won't be able to shoot him. "
"'This is not our job to do. "
"'We've kin on that side, and this. '"
Sister-in-law has written...
"'... I hope you're keeping good health. "
"'Everything is fine here. '"
"'Mother's not been keeping well. "
"'We took her to the physician. '"
"'Billa is mischievous all the time. "
"'He has also learnt to abuse. "'
"'Come and slap him. "
"'Come and celebrate 'Diwali' with us. "'
"'Billa's birthday's arriving as well.
Bring something for him. "'
"'Don't go back again. "
"My mind keeps racing,
and the heart's always restless. "
"'Lajwanti. "
'I felt like this letter has been
sent from my home. '
Burfi, go get water.
Or, he'll die.
Look after him.
What is the name of your child?
How old is he?
He'll turn four this year.
And your son?
11 years.
He studies... the fifth standard.
You didn't tell me your name?
Rehmat Ali.
Go back to your home.
Don't come back here.
- You go home too.
- Yes.
If... I survive...
He's dead.
Get me water.
There's no water, sir.
You've been here all night.
And what did you do?
You couldn't find a file.
There it is, sir. The file.
All these files are a waste.
Where is the file with the tunnel map?
- Where's that file of the tunnel?
- It must be in there, sir.
Hey, come here!
Sir, can I make a request.
Pakistan doubts India.
There's no tunnel.
Nor any file, maybe.
According to me.
- What nonsense is this?
- No.
All my soldiers are dead.
And you say there's no file.
Sir, the officers can make a mistake.
- What do you mean?
- I mean the information can be wrong.
I mean such an important
file in this small check-post, how?
I mean...
These officers...
These scoundrels
have made our life hell.
Yes, yes.
Exactly, sir.
They didn't even
let me celebrate 'Eid'.
It's all politics, sir.
Selfish scoundrels.
They sit comfortably
at home while we die out here.
Father wasn't well when I was leaving.
- Wonder...
- It'll be fine, sir.
Everything will be fine.
Both the nations were
talking about peace.
I thought we'll have
a few days of peace.
Some holidays.
But this border.
There would've been a file,
if there wasn't a border.
I put myself in line
of fire for nothing.
Why isn't there water here?
Sir, he's alive.
Siding with the enemy?
You turned out to be their supporter.
Finally you turned out
to be on their side.
officers can make mistakes...?
You'll betray my country?
Where is the file?
Where is the file?
Answer me.
I'm asking you something!
You won't tell like this...
"'You're not what you seem to be. "'
"'You don't look, like what you are. "
'"You say, it's all a lie.
You're not what you seem to be. '"
"'You hurt us. "'
"'And also heal them. "'
"'Ask me, not yourself. '"
"'You do what you aren't supposed to. "
"'You're a liar. "'
"'You're a liar. "'
Who shot him?
"'Stories are long. "
"'Talks are done with bullets. "'
"'Words hurt. "'
"'Stories are long. "
"'Talks are done with bullets. "'
"'Words hurt. "'
"'The stories are weird. '"
"'The blood is mixed in the mud. "
"'The saints lose their lives. "
"'Crazy men roam in the borders. "
"'Crazy men roam in the borders. "
"'An axe is hit on the legs. "
"'An axe is hit on the legs. "
"'The doors are closed. '"
"'There is blood on the borders. "
"'There is no account of lives. "'
"'There is no account of lives. "'
"'Bits of destiny are found. '"
"'Hit the lines on the head. "
"'Destiny is written on the borders. "
"'There is no account of lives. "'
"'Bits of destiny are found. '"
"'Stories are long. "
"'Stories are long. "
"'Stories are long. "
"'Stories are long. "
"'Hit the lines on the head. "
"'The lamps at the mosque
are extinguished. "'
"'The lamps at the mosque
are extinguished. "'
"'The terraces have broken and fallen. "'
"'Stories are long. "
"'Stories are long. "
"'Talks are done with bullets. "'
"'Words hurt. "'