Kyo Kii... Main Jhuth Nahin Bolta (2001) Movie Script

"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"This is the truth, stark reality.
A lie always wins."
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Lie, and your
problems will be solved."
"Lie, and your
problems will be solved."
"Work is done."
"Success is achieved."
"Work is done."
"Success is achieved."
"- Lie, and...
- ...your problems will be solved."
"- Work is done.
- Success is achieved."
"Work is done."
"Success is achieved."
"The spice of lie is very hot!"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"This is the truth, stark reality.
A lie always wins."
"Lie a lot, create an impact."
"Sing false praises,
impress everyone."
"- Lie a lot...
- Create an impact."
"- Sing false praises...
- Impress everyone."
"Sing false praises,
impress everyone."
"The whole world is crazy about lies."
Here you are.
Your Anand Mahal has arrived.
Anand Mahal and so filthy?
Brother, this is Mumbai.
Everything here is paradoxical.
The slum area is called
Sunder Nagar (beautiful town).
The tenement near the sea-shore
is called Dariya Mahal.
You're new here.
You'll understand everything slowly.
Not slowly, I understand everything
in a jiffy, Laddoo Singh.
I have understood that... friend has chosen this
place according to his worth.
Raj, my friend, my brother, my love!
When did you arrive?
Mohan, I came to this
dream city to try my luck.
- Give me this book.
- Why?
Luggage has to be removed.
Remove it from here and above too.
I see! You are a mastermind.
Laddoo Singh, what's the fare?
Rs.62.75 paisa.
Rs.62? You have the change of Rs.500?
Brother, where will
I get change so early?
- Mohan, do one thing.
- Yes?
Give him Rs.65 and give me Rs.35.
We'll settle it later. Okay?
He's up to his habit
as soon he arrived.
Here. Remove money from my pocket.
Yes. Just remove 100.
Raj is my friend.
- 100?
- Thank you, sir.
Mumbai! Took the tip yourself.
Open the door and enter the house.
What a low-grade house!
Mohan, you have a splendid house.
This television, telephone,
that fridge, glass and saucer.
This is my humble house.
Shut up!
It's a heavenly house, not humble.
You live in Juhu Tara.
Juhu Beach is in front of your house.
Stars in the sky above.
Film stars beside you.
I mean Amitabh Bachchan to the right.
Shatrughan Sinha to the left.
Dharmendra in front.
Jeetendra at the back.
Is this some joke? Is it some joke?
I never thought about my
house with this angle.
Hold this bottle-gourd on this.
Mohan, I say, even if I get to sleep...
...on a mat at such a beautiful place...
...I'll consider myself lucky.
Hello? Why mat?
Mat for what? There are beddings
and pillows at home. Then why mat?
You became emotional.
Okay, if you want me to sleep
on the bed and you on the mat...
...then it's your wish.
But one thing is certain.
I'll surely pay you Rs.500 rent.
- Rs. 500?
- Oh, you're hurt again.
Why do you get hurt
every now and then?
Yes? I know you
consider guests as God.
And if you wish me
to live like a guest.
Okay, I'll stay as a guest.
I fold my hands.
I committed a mistake.
I won't talk about rent in future.
- Make some tea.
- You are a mastermind.
And make it soon.
I have to go and see your office too.
It opened!
Raj, this is our place of work.
That is fine, but where is our office?
Office? Good question.
- This is my office.
- Huh?
Chair, table, typewriter,
books, umbrella.
One more chair! Office!
- This is your office?
- Yes.
Hey? Mohan, you're great!
I considered you to be a fool.
You prove to be very intelligent.
- Whose concept is this?
- Mine.
Get lost!
Move aside.
You're a very cunning man.
I thought you were a fool
and you made me a fool?
- It's a wonderful concept.
- Really?
I never saw such an office before.
No tension for the reception.
- No problem with a peon.
- Yes.
This means the client will get
down from the rickshaw there...
...and directly meet the lawyer.
No interruption at all.
Wonderful concept! Move!
Mohan, you'll see... just few days
this concept of yours...
...the whole world will follow it.
You'll find great men of the
world under this umbrella one day.
- Sit.
- Thank you.
Not there. Sit here.
Sit here with me. Sit next to me.
Thank you for inviting
me to my own office.
Here. I have sat.
- Mohan.
- Yes?
What is this called?
Not friendship, you fool.
This is called Raj
and Mohan Associates.
Move ahead. Go soon. Let us pass.
What's wrong? Why are they
running in such a hurry?
Mr. Tejpal's case will begin today.
That's why they are running so fast.
Who is this Mr. Tejpal?
The famous barrister of the city.
He's a very sharp person.
He'll argue his case in court today.
Come. Let's take some lesson from him.
We'll get to learn something.
Is our time so bad?
We'll have to learn from others?
One minute. Let me go ahead. Move.
Okay, if you say so,
let's go and see. Come.
Come on.
Wait! Let me close my office first.
It's shut. Come on.
Come. Come.
Your Honour, every witness
and evidence has proved...
...that Anthony Britto was murdered... this innocent
looking Vinay Parab.
This boy's age is 19 years.
Only 19 years!
The boy who dares to
kill at the age of 19.
What can he not do in the future?
Pal, the way this public prosecutor...
...has argued against this innocent boy.
No one can save this fool.
Nobody can save him, but Tejpal can.
We are in court now.
Your Honour, prosecution
is right about the accused.
He should get the severest punishment.
Death sentence or life imprisonment.
But before you announce
your decision...
...I want to show something
to the court...
...about this 19 year old
innocent murderer.
Your Lordship,
at the age of seven years...
...Vinay Parab won the
Nehru Child gold medal.
At 12, he got 1st prize at the
Inter-state debate competition.
At 15, he secured
distinction at S.S.C.
At 17, he scored highest marks in...
...Maths in the state in
Higher Secondary exams.
And the Anthony Britto
who was murdered.
At 12, he was alleged for
the first time for theft.
At 14, he became a black
marketeer of movie tickets.
At 20, he committed his first robbery.
And till he was 27, he had four
murder allegations against him.
Had he not been killed...
...he would have been a
very big gangster today.
He would've been smuggling drugs.
Or joined hands with the
enemies of our country...
...and become a traitor too.
But because of this fool...
...this country has lost a very
efficient hooligan, Your Honour.
Order! Order!
Your Lordship, this 19 year old
should get the death sentence.
Because what will he do by surviving?
He'll win some more gold medals.
He'll study and become a doctor,
engineer or a scientist.
And why does our country
need such people?
But for once put yourself
in the circumstances...
...when this murder was committed.
Anthony Britto used
to harass his family.
He used to tease his sister.
He filed a report with the police,
but police didn't take any action.
One day, Anthony Britto
reached his house.
Finding Vinay's sister alone,
he tried to rape her.
Co-incidentally, he reached home
at the right time and he did...
...what any rich or poor, powerful
or weak person would have done... save his sister's honour.
What you would have done!
What I would have done!
What every brother in
this court would have done!
He murdered Anthony Britto,
Your Honour.
Well done. Well done.
He's too good.
Mind blowing!
Mr. Tejpal!
Look here, sir. Please.
Mohan, Tejpal is really wonderful.
That's why he charges
Rs.100,000 per hearing.
- What are you saying?!
- Yes.
It's the duty of a good
lawyer to study a case first.
And that's my homework.
Who's the handsome type next to him?
His son-in-law, Adarsh.
He used to work in his office.
He fell in love with his daughter.
Then they got married.
After marriage he got
the position next to him.
Today he has everything!
That means he's a greater lawyer.
- How's that?
- It's a simple thing.
Tejpal toiled all his life,
got Rs.100,000 per hearing...
...and earned a lot of money.
Adarsh just got the
consent from his daughter...
...and got millions of rupees.
Isn't he a greater mastermind?
- Pal.
- Excuse me.
I have nothing more to say.
Thank you very much.
Sir, listen.
Please give us your interview.
Okay, you forget everything.
Just tell me.
Does Mr. Tejpal have another daughter?
He has. He has two daughters.
- Is she married?
- No.
But why do you ask?
For his second daughter,
I have one more lawyer son-in-law.
- Who?
- Me.
- Who is that?
- A very big man. You won't understand.
Oh! It means you.
But will you marry
her without seeing her?
You're a big fool. This is understood.
If she's a rich man's daughter,
she'll be pretty.
Raj, I'll tell you one thing.
You're a mastermind.
- Hi!
- Yes, ma'am?
This one please.
This one? Yes, sure.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What are you doing?
Though these goggles
are very beautiful try this one.
This will suit you better. Please.
Try this please.
- Don't mind. Please.
- Okay.
- Beautiful!
- Oh, my God! This is beautiful!
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Shall I tell you one thing?
If Mr. Guru Dutt was alive.
He would've remade,
'Chaudvi Ka Chand' with you.
- Pack it.
- Sure.
How sweet!
Hey, what are you doing?
Listen, excuse me.
Though this dress is very beautiful...
...try this one. Here.
- That's beautiful!
- Yes.
- Thanks.
- Please try it.
- Shall I tell you one thing?
- Yes?
If Mr. Raj Kapoor were alive...
...he would've remade
'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' with you.
- Yes?
- I mean, with these clothes.
- Okay.
- Try them. Please.
- Okay. Thanks.
- Yes.
Pack this too.
Hey, what are you doing?
If Mr. Kamaal saw you,
he would've become so angry.
Kamaal? Who?
Mr. Amrohi! He made
the film, 'Pakeeza.'
But why?
Seeing you, he must've given
these dialogues to his hero.
"Your feet are very beautiful."
"Don't keep them on the ground,
but these sandals."
"They look more beautiful."
Yes. Look how beautiful
they are looking.
This is wonderful.
Whatever you tried to sell me,
I purchased all.
You're a good salesman.
I'm a lawyer by profession.
Really? You're joking!
Raj Malhotra. B.A. LLB.
- Very nice to meet you.
- For me... Yes, nice to meet you.
I had come to buy
some stuff for myself.
I couldn't bear you
purchasing wrong stuff.
But I'm really sorry.
I thought you're a salesman.
Doesn't matter. Don't bother.
It's my face.
Yes. Not me, anyone can be deceived.
So you believe my face is like that?
- How sweet.
- Yes.
- Nice to meet you.
- Okay. Nice to meet you.
- See you.
- Okay.
Yes, you are going...
...but I'll come in
your life like old age.
Once it comes and it keeps on coming.
"I want a special girl."
"But she should be an M.A. grad."
"She should be a ravishing beauty."
"All the time she
should be around me."
"Her standards should also be high."
"I want such a hi-fi wife."
"I want such a hi-fi wife."
"I want a special guy."
"He should be LLBA pass."
"He should be a crazy lover."
"All the time he should be around me."
"His standards should also be high."
"I want such a hi-fi husband."
"I want such a hi-fi husband."
"Round-face and intoxicating eyes."
"Oh, God, send some stunning beauty."
"Round-face and intoxicating eyes."
"Oh, God, send some stunning beauty."
"Lord, show a miracle."
"Match my horoscope
with this handsome guy."
"His standards should be high."
"I want such a hi-fi husband."
"I want such a hi-fi husband."
"This is how the guy should be."
"He should be one in a million."
"Golden bungalow, silver car."
"Wearing an expensive
"I swear I won't miss the chance."
"I won't let her slip once I get her."
"Her standards should be high."
"I want such a hi-fi wife."
"I want such a hi-fi wife."
"I want a special guy."
"He should be LLBA pass."
"He should be a crazy lover."
"All the time he should be around me."
"His standards should be high."
"I want such a hi-fi husband."
"I want such a hi-fi husband."
Raj, you may dream about the moon...
...but in reality you can never
get married to Tejpal's daughter.
If I don't get
married to his daughter...
...I will give up my life.
I'll go under her car.
Scrap that. I'm already under her car.
Raj, what are you doing?
Fool! I've already done it.
Mister, how did this happen?
- Come on. Get up.
- Actually, the car was very fast.
A couple of bones must
have broken. Nothing much.
- Hurry up. Hurry up now.
- Yes.
- Come on.
- Raj!
- Yes?
- You sit in front. I'll sit at the back.
Why are you sitting back?
Am I going to watch a movie?
- I'm going to the hospital.
- Hey.
- No, you sit.
- Yes.
Mister, we'll talk later.
Come on. Hurry up. Let's go.
I will go to the hospital alone.
Get lost from here.
Raj, don't worry.
- Get in, madam. Please sit.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Got in? Close the door.
- Move from the way!
- Move aside.
- Move.
- Clear my way.
- Isn't it hurting you?
- Are you checking or breaking?
If I hurt this leg, how will
I feel the pain on the other?
I am so sorry. So sorry.
- Raise it. Raise it.
- Slowly.
There is nothing to worry about.
This is an ordinary injury.
I'll prescribe two days' medicine.
You'll fully recover.
Tell me your name immediately.
- Raj Malhotra.
- Raj Malhotra!
I've prescribed two days' medicine.
Take it morning and evening.
What's this?
Why these crutches?
I am hurt. I'm in pain.
I am paying you. He's still asking,
why these crutches?
This is too much!
Has he hurt his leg or his head?
"All my steps are in your way."
Oh, my God!
- You're still here?
- What happened to you?
Nothing serious. A hair-line fracture.
Doctor says I'll recover in 15 days.
Fifteen days?
You'll be on crutches
for 15 days because of me.
- Not because of you.
- So sorry.
This is a punishment for my sin.
No, I was driving too fast.
I am so sorry.
- You realised your mistake, right?
- Yes.
Do you want a punishment?
Sure. What can I do for you?
Please, take me to a taxi.
What are you saying?
- I'll drop you home in my car...
- Come.
- Carefully.
Hold on. Wait a second.
Careful! Stop!
- I...
- No, I'll handle it.
Come on.
- You stay here upstairs?
- Yes.
- Careful.
- Doesn't matter.
Come. Come.
You had to take a lot of trouble.
Sit here.
You sit. You sit.
- Just a second.
- Huh?
This photograph?
This is my guru's photo.
But I've never seen you with him.
I've never seen him either.
But in our world he's the king
of the legal system.
Without studying his case...
- one can ever become a lawyer.
- Yes.
But how do you know him?
He is my dad.
- Dad?
- Yes.
- Dad!
- Yes.
- Where are your feet?
- What are you doing?
Stand up. Get up. Please.
If not my guru,
at least I'll touch his daughter's feet.
Don't do this.
You recover first.
I'll introduce you to my dad.
- Will I be able to meet him?
- Of course.
He will meet me?
Of course, he'll meet you.
This means... How sweet of you!
Please sit. Please.
Not today, some other time.
I'll come again.
Take care of yourself.
- Come, I'll see you to the door.
- No, it's okay. I'll go.
- Really!
- Are you sure?
- Okay. Thank you. Bye.
- Okay.
See you.
Now watch, Mister.
Holding this crutch,
with the help of that support...
...if I don't make you my support...
...then don't call me Raj.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
- I had some work with you.
- What?
You are fighting
Navjeevan Society's case, right?
That case is against us.
We are the tenants of that place.
So what should I do?
We can't afford to
fight the case in court.
And it's very
difficult to win against you.
If you are so intelligent,
why are you fighting the case?
- Why don't you vacate the house?
- Listen, we...
If we vacate the house,
where will we go?
Did I advice you to come to Mumbai?
- You may go now.
- Listen...
Please don't do this, Counsellor.
God has blessed you with so much.
For some money,
don't take away our house.
I plead with you.
If you want to plead, go to a temple.
But now even God can't help you.
At least listen to me.
Hold on, brother-in-law.
They've come to you
with great expectations.
Instead of helping them,
you're driving them off?
Because I'm fighting
for the opposite party.
But making wrong people
win is injustice.
Oh, really?
Then you get justice for them.
Let me see...
These days, who fights for
and on the basis of truth?
There is one, brother-in-law.
I know such a man.
In these times he'll not only fight
for and on the basis of truth...
...but he can win too.
Wish you all the best.
Don't worry.
Your house is not a nest...
...that anyone will throw
while cleaning his house.
Just watch, I'll crush their argument.
By the way,
who's fighting the case against me?
My brother-in-law.
Why do you want me to win
over your company?
So what?
In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas
fought with their brothers.
You're right.
Anyway, great men say...
..."Anything can be
abandoned for truth."
"But you can't forget
truth for anything."
I will win this case.
Mr. Anand Mhatre,
the place you are living...
...when and for how much
did you purchase it?
In 1977, for a deposit of Rs.25,000.
This means you didn't buy it.
You've rented that place.
Who is Mr. Vachani?
He is the builder. I mean, landlord.
How much money has he
offered you to vacate it?
This means ten times more than
the amount that you paid him.
- There is inflation too, sir.
- After all what do you want, Mr. Mhatre?
A house in return of a house.
Okay, tell me how you
reached court today?
In a taxi.
After reaching court,
what did you do about the taxi?
- I paid the fare and left it.
- Why did you leave it?
Why you didn't seize it?
Why you didn't become its owner?
Why you didn't take it home?
How can I become the
owner of a rental taxi?
Exactly! Your Honour,
this point should be noted.
He just said no one could
own something, which is rented.
Then how can he ask a house
in return of a rental house?
My client has offered him Rs.250,000.
This is his generosity.
I want my client to get justice.
That is all, Your Honour.
Does the defence want to say anything?
Raj! Go!
Good luck.
Come on. Teach them a lesson.
Will defence say anything?
Get up. Get up!
Get up!
Mr. Malhotra, are you all right?
Order! Order!
Mr. Malhotra, I think you are unwell.
- Take some medicine.
- Yes, sir.
I think he didn't come prepared.
He's making excuses.
Court is adjourned for lunch.
Forget about it. Forget about it.
Sit down.
Raj, if you have it inside,
then bring it out.
Try to think.
When I fought my first case
for the first time...
- ...I had got diarrhoea.
- Mister, tell him.
Try to think.
Yes. We can make it, right?
Yes? No?
Raj, what's wrong with you?
You've given me a headache.
What has happened to him?
- I can do it.
- Yes, Mr. Vachani.
If you want to go to Delhi
from Mumbai, how will you go?
By plane.
Assume you're on a plane.
There is an emergency
landing on the way.
You're taken to Jaipur and they say...
..."Take double your money..."
"...but arrange for
some train, taxi or bus."
- Then will you go?
- No.
- Why?
- I've bought the plane ticket.
Why should I go by state transport?
Airlines should arrange
for another plane for me.
No! Why should they arrange
another plane for you?
Because how can airline authorities...
...leave the passengers mid-journey?
My Lord, if no one
can be left midway... a small journey
from Mumbai to Delhi...
...then how can anyone be
abandoned in real life?
Mr. Vachani, you only gave them
a house made of lime and bricks.
But they converted it into a home.
With their feelings and emotions.
With that house, is connected...
...the happiness of
their children's birth.
The grief of their elders' death.
The memories of their
daughter's farewell.
The echo of the music
played on their son's wedding.
And sir, if all the wealth in this
world is kept in front of their joys...
...they can't be of equal value.
Then how can one greedy man be given...
...the right to take
away someone's home?
And I can say confidently... won't allow this to happen.
- That's all, Your Honour.
- Well said! Bravo!
Raj, you're a mastermind.
What are you doing? This is a court.
Hug me.
Counsellor, you've not
only won a case.
You've saved our children's
home from getting destroyed.
I can't pay you any fees.
But this is a little money.
Keep it. These are our blessings.
Blessings are not valued with money.
Still in the memory of
victory of this case...
...I'll take this Rs.500 note.
Thank you.
As you wish.
My first earning.
Truth always wins!
But why are you giving this to me?
Because this is not my victory,
but from your trust.
You chose me for this fight.
In the future whenever
I'll fight for truth...
...I'll remember you.
And you keep
on inspiring me like this.
Raj! Raj, he is Rajat.
- Freelance reporter.
- Hello.
In his show, he exposes
the secret of great cases.
Rajat, he is Raj, my friend.
Most intelligent
lawyer of Hoshiyarpur.
I want you to congratulate him
and interview him.
Because today he has won a
case against a big lawyer.
He is my child.
No, he is my friend.
After many days this has happened...
...that after a court decision.
...I was not able to
say anything against it.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- Congratulations.
Would you like to say
something about your victory?
Actually, I didn't fight this
case with the legal tactics...
...or according to the
laws written in books.
I have fought this
case wholeheartedly.
And I believe whatever you
do wholeheartedly in life... is always successful.
Dear, I went to Delhi for a week...
...and my office lost the case.
That too from a rookie.
Dad, you should've been there.
The argument he made.
I mean, the speech
he gave in front of the judge...
...even brother-in-law was helpless.
- Dad.
- Yes?
He is your true disciple.
He worships your photograph
like Eklavya.
He really loves you.
Send him to office tomorrow.
I want to meet this
Eklavya who defeated my Arjun.
- Yes.
- You'll meet him!
You're the best dad in the world.
Thank you, Dad.
- Sir, may I come in?
- Yes, come in, come in.
Thank you very much, sir.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Hello, sir.
- What are you doing?
- Sir, I'm your greatest fan.
And believe me...
...even Neil Armstrong
might not have felt so happy...
...while stepping on the
moon for the first time... happy I'm feeling
while stepping in your cabin.
I am Raj, sir.
Raj. Oh, Raj?
Yes, Sonam was telling me about you.
I'm also very glad to meet you.
- Leave my feet.
- Yes, sir.
- Give me your hand.
- Okay, okay.
Son, have something.
- Have it. Eat.
- No, sir. It's my Monday.
- Monday? What you mean?
- I mean, I'm fasting.
Do you believe these things?
Sir, my belief is not only
to please Gods and Goddesses.
In fact, I believe...
...if the 500 million rich
people of India give up a meal...
...then 250 million poor
men can get two meals a day.
Brilliant! It's brilliant!
- Sonam was praising you a lot.
- Thank you, sir.
She was saying you're a great lawyer.
Sir, this too is your praise.
- Mine?
- Yes, sir.
- How?
- Sir, since my law college days...
...I've been taking references
of the cases you won.
And in this case of yours as well.
...I took reference of
your case won in 82...
...about Karlekar and
Khanna and I won this case.
Just wonderful.
This means you took
references of my case...
...and defeated my disciple.
Sir, there is a difference
between a disciple and a devotee.
And I am your devotee.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
I want to give you one offer.
You don't have to give me an offer.
You just order me.
I don't believe this.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Where are you?
- Here.
- Oh yes, from here.
- I run a social service centre.
- Yes.
- There I give free advice to poor people.
- Yes.
There I need an efficient
and true man like you.
Take out some hours
and help me out there.
- Yes.
- You won't get money there.
- But a lot of blessings.
- Yes, sir.
- I'll definitely do the needful.
- Okay.
- And I'll join it today evening.
- Okay.
- Goodbye.
- Okay. Okay.
Is anyone there? Hello?
No one becomes rich just like that.
He is a very shrewd man.
He wants me to work for free.
Wretched man didn't ask even once.
"Son, you're fasting.
Drink milk, eat fruits."
- Give me pani-puri (Indian snack).
- Yes, sir.
Before I become unconscious and
you have to sprinkle water on me.
- I'd better eat pani-puri (Indian dish).
- Here you are.
Just a minute. Stop the car.
- Raj?
- Yes?
Come, Uncle. Please come.
You too enjoy pani-puri.
But you're fasting today, aren't you?
I'm not fasting. I was fasting.
But I was compelled to break it.
- You had to break it?
- Yes.
This poor man's wife is sick.
When I told him to take my help...
...he refused.
He's a very self-respected man.
He says let my wife die,
but I won't accept alms.
I told him if he is
self-respected so am I.
I'll eat all his pani-puri today.
But I'll give him all the
money for his wife's treatment.
You're not alone.
I'm with you.
- Give me one plate too.
- Hey.
And listen everything
will be fine. Don't worry.
Prepare 25 to 30 plates.
25 to 30? What if his wife
recovers and we fall sick?
- That won't happen.
- All right.
Good begets good.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Yes, cheers.
Raj is a wonderful guy.
I just can't believe...
...there can be such an
idealistic guy in today's world.
He's a very honest and good boy.
I think we should invite
him for dinner some day.
Huh? That's great! Let's do that.
Horn please.
Who's walking in the middle of road?
Dad, I think that's Raj.
- Hi, Raj.
- What a pleasant surprise!
- Hi. How are you?
- Hi.
- How are you?
- How come you are here?
- What are you doing here?
- I had been to my client.
Okay, so you found a
client in my neighbourhood too?
Which house?
That green one over there.
- Okay, Mr. Chaturvedi's house.
- That's right.
No, the one behind
that green one. Red one.
I see. That red one.
That is Mr. Khurana's house.
He's an NRI. He comes here rarely.
- That's why I am going there.
- What do you mean?
He has given me a peaceful
place to handle my cases.
So that I can handle
my cases peacefully.
The bungalow next to it is ours.
Oh, wow!
- Great!
- Now you'll always be... front of our eyes.
- How's that?
- Believe me, even I wanted that.
After meeting him
I was praying to God...
...when he would make me
meet the great man again?
I am that great man.
And he answered my prayers.
I met him today.
Nowadays God is listening to me.
Whatever I ask I get immediately.
Should I ask something for you?
Son, God has blessed
me with everything.
Just pray for a nice groom for her.
- Oh! Come on, Dad.
- Sir, think she has got a groom.
- Really?
- Yes.
Come. Let me drop you
till Khurana's house.
- Khurana?
- You are going to his house.
Khurana? Sir, I'll go there on my own.
Walking and thinking I'll reach there.
- Please carry on, sir.
- Okay.
Sir, shall we have
the evening tea together?
Of course. Of course.
Thank you so much. Thank you, sir.
- Bye bye.
- Bye.
See you later.
- See you.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Come on. Hurry up.
- Bye.
- Bye. Take care.
Hey! Wait! Stop!
- Where are...
- Shut up!
Why is no one at the gate?
What were you all doing inside?
Where do you stay?
- We stay at the back.
- At the back?
You get the salary to stay
at the back or in front?
I'll tell Mr. Khurana
and get you sacked.
He's calling since morning.
Why weren't you receiving it?
Now what are you waiting for?
Open the bungalow. I'm his lawyer.
- And listen, is there a servant inside?
- There is.
Tell him to arrange
for my bath and food.
- Do you have any money?
- Yes, Mr. Khurana had given me.
He told me.
- Here. Hold my bag.
- All right.
You all stand at the gate there.
- You go inside.
- Yes, sir.
Wow! What a bungalow!
And its owner's name is Khurana.
Now what harm can the world do to me?
Dad, we did everything we could.
And yet the verdict was not
in our favour. What can we do?
We've always won. What difference
will a single defeat make?
The question is not
about victory or defeat.
The question is about getting
justice for an innocent man.
- Right, Dad.
- Think! Think about this.
Use your brains.
Dad, if a genius like
you can't do anything about it.
Then where do I stand?
Thank you for calling me a genius.
But you'll have to think.
- Sir, I'm thinking.
- Think. Think.
If you don't think,
we'll lose the case.
- Raj!
- Sir.
What are you doing? You scared me.
- Hi.
- Hello, Raj.
It seems you're discussing a big case.
If you don't mind, shall
I contribute something?
- Was it necessary for you to speak?
- Why?
This is not some tenement case
or drafting of partnership deal.
This is a murder case discussion.
And you're too small
for this discussion.
Pardon me for my arrogance.
But even Ravan mistook Lord
Hanuman as an ordinary monkey.
Then he burnt all of Lanka.
Wow! Well said.
never underestimate anyone.
Sir, you're worried
about Manohar Tambe case?
That's the problem.
I don't understand what to do.
It's the Manohar Tambe
whose partner attacked him...
...and he murdered him in his
Yes. Of course.
But sir, it's very difficult
to convince the judge on this.
The judge has bad opinion about him.
Because he's in jail since
three years for robbery.
All his witnesses are criminals too.
The point is this why will the
court believe a culprit's testimony?
You know the entire
history of this case.
Good! You are well informed.
Sir, I'm your disciple.
And a disciple should keep
full information of his Guru.
Thank you.
Nothing happens
by keeping information, Mr. Raj.
The question here is
of winning the case.
I have a solution for that too.
I have such evidence, which if
presented in front of the judge... can be proved that a man
can murder anyone in self-defence.
- How?
- Like this.
A snake!
What is this misbehaviour, Raj?
This is not misbehaviour, Mr. Adarsh.
This is evidence.
We just have to keep this evidence
on the judge's table.
- He'll react exactly like you.
- Plastic?
Then you just have to ask
one question to the judge.
If an intelligent man like him...
...sees danger on his life...
...tries to get rid of it first.
So if a man like Manohar Tambe
murdered someone in his self-defence.
- What's wrong in that?
- Excellent!
Well said, my child. Brilliant!
Too cool! Too cool! Deadly!
How do you get such ideas?
Sir, I'm your disciple.
If I don't think, then who else will?
What is it doing? Biting me!
What are you thinking, Raj?
Nothing. Upon seeing you,
I recalled something from my childhood.
- About me?
- Yes.
My mom always narrated
fairy tales to me.
And I used to always ask mom.
'Mom, will I ever meet a fairy?'
She didn't have any
reply to my questions.
If she were alive today...
...I would've introduced you to her.
And said, 'Look, Mom.'
'I've met a fairy in reality.'
Shut up.
Shut your eyes and make a wish.
Look, a shooting star.
Do you believe these things?
If you make a wish while
looking at a shooting star...
...your wish will be fulfilled?
I don't know till now.
But if I get what I've asked for...
...then you'll come to know first.
- Shall we go?
- Come.
- Madam.
- Yes?
This is Mr. Raj's diary.
I think he forgot it here.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
'Monday. Sona came today
at her usual time.'
'But she was not in
a good mood today.'
'I asked Sona, why such anger?'
'Tears welled up in her eyes.'
'She said, I know the reason.'
'I can bear anything...'
'...but not tears in Sona's eyes.'
Oh, no! No!
No! No! No!
Mohan, just assume that the biggest
lawyer in the city, Mr. Tejpal... caught in my trap.
Today, from morning to evening...
...he was calling me his son.
And I was saying in my heart.
Not son, Uncle.
Get used to calling me son-in-law.
You'll become a son-in-law
when the daughter agrees.
She will agree.
If the tree is shaken,
the fruit will surely fall on my lap.
Raj, don't dream.
Don't dream while you're awake.
It's very late. Go to sleep.
Not now. She's going to come now.
Why? Did you express your love to her?
No. Not yet.
So will she come so late
at night to ask the time?
No, actually she loves me very much.
But today she'll come to express it.
Okay, how much will you bore me?
Your sister-in-law is
about to ring the doorbell.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hello.
- Hello.
This... You forgot your diary at
our farmhouse.
Oh, thank you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- By the way...
- Yes?
Who is Sona?
If you want to know about Sona...
...then you'll have to have time.
Because this is a long story.
- Come.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- This is not Sona's, but my hand.
Oh, I am sorry.
I don't know. As soon Sona's name
is mentioned. Please come.
What happens to me.
Just think that if I am life,
Sona is my breath.
If I am heart, Sona is my heartbeat.
- If I am thirst, Sona is...
- Water.
Exactly! If I am a flower,
Sona is the fragrance.
If I am pain, then Sona is my sigh.
I understood.
If you are a TV, she is the remote.
If you are the shoe, she's the socks.
If you are a pressure cooker,
she is the whistle.
Will you say anything more?
Listen to me.
I don't know when Sona's name is
mentioned, why my world stops there?
Really? You love her very much?
Love? Huh!
My world lies around this name.
Is she very beautiful?
Don't insult my Sona by
calling her beautiful.
Please! Please!
Sona is very... very...
Look, I am leaving.
It's very late.
I'll come some other time.
Forget about one night...
...many nights can
pass praising my Sona.
I'll meet her some
other time personally.
You'll introduce her to me. Right?
Seems difficult. Still, I'll try.
By the way, I have Sona's photograph.
Want to see?
- No?
- Sure.
Don't see it in front of me. Please.
I... I feel shy.
This is Sona's photograph.
Not here.
Open it after you reach home.
My Sona is more delicate than flowers.
In the buds... in the buds...
I set my net and the
fish is not trapped.
This is impossible.
Sona is a fan, I am the breeze.
Sona is this. Sona is that.
Sona is like this. Sona is like that.
'Sona is just my imagination.'
'Try to find the part of this
imagination in this mirror.'
'Oh! Will you just shy away?
Or read ahead too?'
'Please read.'
'Apply a small eyeliner mark.'
'lf you see yourself
through my eyes...'
' evil eye will cast upon you.'
He loves me. He loves me.
Yes! He loves me.
He loves me.
How is Sona? Sona is like this.
Now Sona is very... very happy.
"A crazy beautiful girl."
"She took my heart away."
"Tell me, friends..."
"...what's my fault?"
"No. No. No."
"This happens often."
"This is called love, lover boy."
"Don't you know?"
"A crazy, beautiful girl."
"She took my heart away."
"Tell me, friends..."
"...what's my fault in this?"
"No. No. No."
"This happens often."
"This is called love, lover boy."
"Don't you know?"
"A crazy beautiful girl."
"I see her on my way everyday."
"She wanders waving her hair."
"Her lips are always smiling."
"She speaks with her eyes."
"If you ever notice her."
"Note down her address."
"If this is not possible..."
"...then give her my number."
"5-2-1-2... What it was?"
"I forgot the number too."
"Tell me, friends..."
"...what's my fault?"
"No. No. No."
"This happens often."
"This is called love, lover boy."
"Don't you know?"
"A crazy, beautiful girl."
"Oh God! What killer looks!"
"Her glance is lightning."
"Her figure is like a fish."
"She is little seductive."
"She is little alluring."
"She's a flame, I am the moth."
"Crazy about her looks."
"Bowing my head in front of her."
"I feel like burning silently."
"I feel like dying for her."
"Tell me, friends..."
"...what's my fault?"
"No. No. No."
"This happens often."
"This is called love, lover boy."
"Don't you know?"
"A crazy, beautiful girl."
"She took away my heart."
"Tell me, friends..."
"...what's my fault?"
"No. No. No."
"This happens often."
"This is called love, lover boy."
"Don't you know?"
Salute, sir.
Whose car is this? Who has come?
Sir, the one whom you sent.
That lawyer.
- I sent?
- Yes.
I didn't send any lawyer.
But sir, he has come since yesterday.
And he's living comfortably.
This is too much!
First, people claimed
their rights on the footpath.
Now they started capturing bungalows.
Let me see who he is.
Mr. Khurana respects me so much.
He doesn't drink a glass
of water without asking me.
This means if he doesn't
meet you for two days...
- ...he'll die out of thirst.
- Really.
Dad, you're too much.
He respects you so much?
Yes, so much.
I am his fan, philosopher and guide.
I mean, if he has
any problem in life...
...he weeps placing his
head on this shoulder.
Move your hand from my shoulder.
This shoulder is reserved
for Mr. Khurana.
- Excuse me.
- Who is it?
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Mr. Khurana?
- Yes.
What a pleasant surprise!
Pleasure is all mine.
He is your neighbour, Mr. Tejpal.
- Hi.
- Hello.
His daughter, Sonam.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Please sit down.
Please freshen up, sir.
I'll get ready and
come to get beaten...
- ...I mean to meet you.
- Yes. Let's do that. Excuse us.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
I know them.
Who are you? What are
you doing in my house?
Sir, my name is Raj Malhotra.
I am a lawyer by profession.
- Yes.
- I'm in love with Mr. Tejpal's daughter.
To make an impression on them,
I made a foolish mistake.
- I came to your farmhouse.
- Okay.
My love life was about to begin
and you came and interrupted.
Now my life will be ruined,
so near to the destination.
Will the client and
lawyer keep talking privately?
No sir, I was asking him if the
work for which he has come for... complete or he's
just loitering around?
Sir, thank you.
He is a very bright
and brilliant young man.
He'll definitely progress in life.
- Yes, I agree with you.
- Thank you, sir.
Okay dad, shall we go?
Now his client has arrived.
He'll get very busy now.
Who knows when he'll find time for us?
Please don't say that.
If luck is in my favour...
...I'll spend the
remaining time serving you.
Okay, sir. My evening
tea is final at your place.
Definitely, son.
- We'll wait for you.
- Okay.
- Come. Please come.
- Okay bye-bye.
- Okay, sir.
- It's all right. Carry on.
Mr. Khurana, you are a holy saint!
You're God. You're God of the world.
If ever my romantic story is written...'ll play the messiah's role.
It's enough. Don't flatter me now.
Even I've played many
such games in my youth.
Yes. I helped you
recollecting those days.
- Go. Be happy.
- Mr. Khurana, thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- You are very sharp.
Within seconds,
you reached my neck from my feet.
You'll make good progress one day.
Sir, I really want to be a big...
Not as big as you.
- But I really want to be a big man.
- I see.
And for that, I want your support.
- Support?
- No. Out!
Hey this is a Honda, not a taxi.
- What are you doing in this?
- Mr. Tejpal has sent a car for you.
He has called you to
discuss Sonam's marriage.
- What are you saying?
- Yes.
- Do you know a tailor?
- Yes Madhav, the tailor.
- Yes? Have any suit?
- I have this black coat.
You won't suit in my
marriage with this suit.
Wear some colourful suit and come.
I don't speak to people
walking on the street.
I have become a big man.
I have gone mad now.
Raj, you are a mastermind.
In my farmhouse, you know...
...two or three types of potatoes
are grown. From there, if you...
- Sir.
- Raj, I'm glad you arrived.
Sir, you called me?
Yes, Adarsh has brought a marriage
proposal for Sonam with his cousin.
- That's why they've come.
- Please have it. This is for you.
That day you prayed to
God for Sonam's groom.
God has answered you.
That's why I want you to meet the boy.
All this is because of your prayers.
- Adarsh.
- Yes?
- Please come here.
- Introduce Raj to the guests.
- Come.
- Hello, Mr. Raj.
Please come.
He is a very good chap. Very good.
Excuse me.
Raj, you arrived at the right time.
Mr. Raj Kapoor has written
one song on your situation.
'Humming bee bloomed into a flower.'
'One prince took away the flower.'
Here is the prince.
Please come.
Naren, he is Raj.
He's an ordinary lawyer.
He makes affidavits.
If you have any work,
tell him to do it.
I want our people to earn some money.
Am I right, Raj?
- Hi.
- Hi.
So how did you like my Sonu?
Handsome? Or very, very handsome?
- Will you come to my level?
- Sure.
He is a good boy.
Very good.
His nose is not straight like mine.
But it's good.
Didn't like?
- No, it's good. Okay.
- His nose.
If his hair were proper,
poor guy would have looked like a man.
- Yes.
- His hair is scanty.
- A little.
- Very scanty.
Don't you think he's very short?
At least he should be tall like me.
He's short.
When he stands with you...
He won't suit, right?
- I don't know.
- Wow!
After finding a dozen faults.
You say you liked Sonu.
Why don't you say you
didn't like him at all?
You don't want me to
get married to him.
You want me to reject him
and marry you.
You can make a wish
while seeing a shooting star.
You can have imaginations.
You can send mirrors.
You can utter all
sort of nonsense things.
But you can't say two sentences to me.
'I love you, Sona.'
'I want to marry you.'
No! You went in front of them.
'Hello. How are you?'
You just did this.
You didn't think...
...if you do this,
I'd get married to someone else.
Hey darling. No, Sona. No, Sona.
No. No. I love you.
- I am sorry.
- I love you too.
I love you.
- You are also at fault.
- How?
You took the mirror
and remained silent.
By applying eyeliner on your cheek... give me a hint that you love me.
Your dad is my Guru.
How can I tell him?
'I love your daughter
and want to marry her.'
So stupid!
You talk nonsense.
He is your Guru, but my dad.
- I can speak to my dad.
- Then speak to him!
- Sona! Baby!
- You shouted at me.
Oh darling, I am sorry. I am sorry.
I am sorry. I love you.
What's this? You like Raj!
You should have told me earlier.
Even I have no objection for Raj.
But dear, at least ask him once.
Does he agree to this proposal or not?
I agree to it.
I am ready for it.
- I am ready for it.
- Raj is also ready for this proposal.
- You too are ready.
- Thank you, Daddy.
You're too much!
The boy is present at home...
...and you are searching outside.
Come on. Serve sweets to everyone.
- Serve the sweets.
- I'll give it to him. Thank you.
Come on put it in my mouth.
Very good. Give me, dear.
- Live long.
- Thank you, Dad.
Congratulations! I've become
the son-in-law of this house too.
I know you must not
be feeling too happy.
But on your situation I remember
a good song of Raj Kapoor.
From film, 'Mera Naam Joker.'
"What if it catches fire?"
"What if it catches fire?"
"I have got your love."
"I'll never lose it now."
"I have got your love."
"I'll never lose it now."
"Oh my Sona, you are mine."
"Oh my Sona, you are mine."
"I have got your love."
"I'll never lose it now."
"I have got your love."
"I'll never lose it now."
"Oh my Sona, you are mine."
"Oh my Sona, you are mine."
"I see you with great desire."
"I search my place in your heart."
"My love will always say this to you."
"My heart is yours,
it will always be yours."
"My heart is yours,
it will always be yours."
"It sounds very good.
Darling, say it once more."
"It sounds very good."
"Darling, say once more."
"Oh my Sona, you are mine."
"Oh my Sona, you are mine."
"I am crazy for you."
"Make me yours."
"Adorn my dream in these eyes."
"I have decided I'll choose you."
"I swear, I'll become your groom."
"I swear, I'll become your groom."
"Tell me when will you bring
the marriage procession?"
"Tell me when will you bring
the marriage procession?"
"Oh my Sona, you are mine."
"Oh my Sona, you are mine."
"I have got your love."
"I have got your love."
"I'll never lose it now."
"I'll never lose it now."
"- Oh my Sona.
- You are mine."
"- Oh my Sona.
- You are mine."
You are looking beautiful.
Smile please.
- Mr. Prakash!
- Yes, sir?
Who'll pay for the photos
you're shooting?
You will, sir.
Will you just shoot photos of guests?
- Won't you take photos of family members?
- Of course I will. Come, sir.
- I mean there's still one thing.
- Please come, sir.
Family members! Let him
shoot one family photo!
Come. Come. Sorry. Sorry.
Smile! Smile!
- Smile please!
- Oh, my darling!
The Tejpal family is complete today.
Take one more. Dear, come closer.
Thank you. Thank you.
Did you see, Pyaremohan... despicable people
like us fulfil our dreams!
Raj, you're really a mastermind!
You've done what you planned.
Like Adarsh, your game
too has been successful!
Why are you comparing
Adarsh's game with mine?
See his wife.
It seems as if she's some
short banyan tree.
Poor guy! What a joke!
Adarsh hasn't got married.
- He has compromised.
- Oh, yes!
Look at me. I played blind...
But I got a girl that is
an international beauty.
Thank you.
Well done! Well done!
You've done me many favours, buddy.
I'd like to give you
a suggestion for free.
Give me. Please.
Buddy, dreams are fulfilled in life...
- ...only for people who see dreams.
- Yes.
That's why, see dreams.
If you can't dream in
that filthy tenement...
...come and sleep in my bungalow...
...because God has bestowed
such a blessing on me...
...that your friend Raj will
rest in luxury all his life.
Raj, you really are a master...
What are you doing?
There's a party going on...
...and you're touching my
cheek again and again?
Enjoy the party. Come.
- Come.
- You always scold me.
Hey, darling!
- Hi, baby! You haven't slept yet?
- No.
I would have awakened if I had slept.
I didn't sleep the whole night.
Why didn't you sleep, my baby?
Because the dreams I used
to see till yesterday...
...have all become reality today.
- Sona.
- Yes?
- Baby!
- No! No!
- Darling!
- No.
There's no need to become
romantic so early in the day.
I have to go and get ready.
Okay? May I go?
Let me go and inspect my property.
Let me see how many
things I own overnight?
Oh, my, my!
Where are you taking this juice?
- To Mr. Adarsh's room.
- Adarsh?
From tomorrow, bring breakfast to
my room first.
All right, sir.
Yes, sir?
Yes, sir.
I'm really lucky.
I used to drink cheap
tea at the tenement.
Today even orange
juice tastes bland.
What has happened overnight?
What's the matter? You're
smiling widely, father-in-law.
Didn't I tell you I'd enter your
house with your daughter as the means?
I have entered.
Haven't I kept my word?
Okay, tell me how
many bungalows you have.
Four? I have taken three of them.
I give one to you.
Now, about your office.
As soon I return from honeymoon... vacate your office.
Why are you so shocked?
I'll handle all your clients.
You've grown old.
Now leave your place.
Or you elders would make us
youth dance to your tunes.
Like this. Huh!
What nonsense!
He has parked a lot
of cars in his ground.
My father-in-law must have
been very romantic in his youth.
I'll keep this car
for going to office.
I'll take this for outings...
...with my darling Sona.
This car is good!
Yes! I'll give this car to my Sona.
I'll give that one to the servants.
The poor fellows will go
shopping for groceries in this.
Now for that Adarsh.
I'll send that
scoundrel in a rickshaw.
He doesn't own anything here!
Oh, wow! You're preparing
to go on honeymoon?
Why are you packing so many clothes?
No, darling, we aren't
going for a honeymoon.
We're going to our house.
In the tenement!
Really? You're going to the tenement?
You'll stay in the tenement?
Why will you stay in the tenement?
I mean, how will you
be able to stay there?
As you stay.
Anyways, after marriage,
a girl's home is her husband's house.
I know how much you care
for your self-respect.
You'll never stay here as a live-in
son-in-law like my sister's husband.
You'll live here
just like a son-in-law.
Now be a good boy and get ready. Okay?
Baby! Sona! Try to understand.
Listen... a girl brought up
in luxuries...
...can never adjust to poverty.
What will happen at the most?
People will say only...
...that I've become a
live-in son-in-law.
I'll listen to that.
I'll bear that.
For your sake.
For the sake of your love.
I had made a wish on a
falling star that day.
I prayed to get you as my husband...
...because you have
all those qualities...
...that a girl wants in her husband.
The understanding of responsibility.
Truth! Integrity! Everything!
And God answered my prayers.
That's why I'll stay
where you'll stay.
I'll stay as you keep me,
even if it's in poverty.
But I'll never compromise
your self-respect. All right?
Oh, come on, smile, baby.
I have to pack. Love you. Bye.
Uncle, have you heard
Sonu's childish idea?
I... I'm so proud of you, my son.
Sonam is so lucky she
got a husband like you.
She told me... have no interest
in my wealth and property.
Oh! You want to become a...
...self-sufficient and self-made man!
All my worries have ended.
Now I think I'll give all my wealth...
...and property to Adarsh and retire.
Actually, in my life... Drink water.
Drink water, son.
I've worked so much in my life.
Now I want to go to my farmhouse.
I'll grow potatoes
and ladyfingers there.
I'll send you fresh
vegetables grown by me.
Why? What do you
think of my plan, son?
What do you think of my plan?
What do you think of my plan? Tell me.
- Utter it with your mouth, son.
- I liked it very much.
- Excellent! Very good! Too good!
- Yes.
- I'll keep visiting, sister.
- Phone frequently.
- Sister.
- Yes?
- See, Sonu is going now.
- What?
She's leaving you all and going.
The house will become very
lonely without her, won't it?
It'll become absolutely lonely.
Even daddy will be left alone here.
- He'll become very lonely.
- Yes.
It's such a sad thing.
- No. What's sad in this?
- Huh?
This is a happy thing.
Sonam is going to her husband's house.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi.
You're crying?
- You promised you wouldn't cry.
- I'm not crying.
- You're crying.
- I'm not crying.
- Yes, you're crying.
- Okay, I'm crying.
Listen to me.
This bungalow, these cars,
this property...
...I've earned everything for you.
Think once again.
Do you want to go like this from
here? Or shall I give you some...
No, Dad. My husband will
get me all these things.
His dream is to be like you.
He wants to be a self-made man.
Yes, before going from here,
I'll definitely ask something of you.
- Shall I?
- Please.
Give me a tight hug, Dad.
- Wish me luck.
- Oh, my baby.
- I love you.
- Wish you all the best in your life.
See this.
People ruin merely their chances.
My wife has ruined my entire life.
Today the old man's
blessings seem a curse to me.
Well, Prince Charming?
So you lost everything?
- You seem very pleased.
- It's something to be pleased about.
You played well, but regrettably... got run out on the last ball.
And I got all this wealth.
Sometimes one card is thrown wrong.
It happens.
Sometimes Sachin
Tendulkar gets out on zero.
As for this wealth.
For the sake of a
loving wife like Sona...
...I can give away ten times more
wealth to a poor man like you.
And yes, the thing I came here for...
...I'm taking with me.
Mr. Tejpal's name.
One more thing.
I've come to this city not to
be a loser, but to make money.
Very soon...
...the biggest bungalow on this
street will be Raj Malhotra's.
In the building in which
you have your office...
...the biggest office on its top
floor will be Raj Malhotra's.
And the biggest car that
will park at the signal...
...will be Raj Malhotra's car.
And you know very well...
...I'm Raj Malhotra!
Darling, wait for two minutes.
I'll make
preparations for your welcome.
- I'll come with you.
- Don't hurt my feelings, darling.
You're coming home for the
first time after marriage.
All right.
Hey, Mutthu, send one tea.
Oh! What am I seeing?
- The prince is visiting the pauper?
- Don't joke, buddy!
You're the one who is joking.
Tejpal's son-in-law.
Owner of 3 Bungalows.
Why at my filthy tenement?
Is your bungalow being renovated?
Not renovation... revolution
is going on.
My wife is a self-respecting
and innocent girl.
She says after marriage, a wife's
place is at her husband's house.
Her husband is homeless.
How should I tell her this?
You mean you've
brought sister-in-law too?
Yes, she's waiting down in the car.
- She can't come up...
- What? She's sitting in the car?
Hey, sister-in-law!
I'm coming downstairs.
I swear! This world is
full of emotional fools, man!
Cycle-man, move.
My sister-in-law has come.
welcome, welcome, welcome.
Please come. Come. Chhote,
pick up her luggage quickly.
Hello, brother.
Hey, Chhote, bring two plates of
samosa (Indian snack)...
...cold drinks, sweets and everything.
Don't worry. I'll eat along with you.
Come on. Come on.
Sister-in-law, this phone,
television, fridge, gas..., bedroom, shrine...
...and this brother-in-law
are only yours from today.
Now don't say...'ll leave house and stay
on the train-platform. Okay?
Don't worry about me.
I'll stay in the balcony outside.
From today, only you will
play householder in this house.
- Sister-in-law, best of luck! Bye!
- Thank you.
Do one thing. Go down and
bring vegetables first. Go!
You're a mastermind.
Go. Go.
Now not only master,
he's headmaster too.
Brother Mohan is very sweet.
He's a top-level fellow.
Darling, after staying in my
father's house for 22 years...
...I feel wonderful
having coming to my own home.
I can't understand how
all this happened so soon.
I can't understand either... all this happened so soon!
Sister-in-law, sorry to disturb
your intimate relationship.
But will brinjals be fine for dinner?
It'll do! It'll do!
Now you both can come closer.
I'm going out.
I've gone out. I've disappeared.
Mr. Rajat, why is
the entire court empty?
Because Raj... lawyer wants to fight
Kalra's brother's murder case.
This is too much!
No criminal lawyer wants to
fight a murder case? But why?
He's not any ordinary man.
He's the brother of the biggest
underworld don of this city.
In broad daylight, he burnt
a man to death on the street.
Yes, when he's a don's brother,
who'll stand witness against him?
There is one.
An idealistic social worker Pangey.
Huh! At the time of the final
hearing, he'll be in hospital.
No, Raj, he has police protection.
All the lawyers know...
...Pangey will never
retract his testimony.
On his statement,
if Kalra's lawyer loses this case...
...then Kalra will shoot that lawyer.
And what if he wins?
Hide at Dongri. Hey, who are you?
Where are you going?
- I want to meet Mr. Kalra...
- What work do you have with him?
I want to speak to him
regarding his brother's case.
You seem to be an advocate! Come.
- Hello, sir.
- Fine.
Is there any other file besides this?
No, I want its copy.
Boss Kalra, this advocate has
come to meet you.
Hello, sir.
Who are you?
I wanted to talk to you regarding
your brother's murder case.
Oh! Talk to him.
Have you fought any
murder case before?
No, I haven't fought any murder case.
But I've handled many big cases.
Like robbery case, half-murder case.
I'll win the murder
case in a jiffy too.
Why, Kaala, you send just anyone here?
Get lost from here!
There's lot of work to be done.
- Mr. Kalra, listen to me.
- I'm already out of my senses.
I'll shoot you. Police
will send me behind bars.
They'll look for a
lawyer for me. Get lost now.
- Go!
- Listen, Mr. Kalra, one second. Sorry.
Anyway, no one is ready to
fight your brother's case.
When I'm ready to risk my life...
...why are you stepping back?
- Believe me, we'll win.
- Hey, you...
- What's your good name?
- Tara.
Ms. Tara, please try
to make him understand.
You aren't playing a cricket match
with Zimbabwe that we'll win.
- Come on. Come now.
- One minute. One minute.
Hold this. Leave my coat.
Mr. Kalra, give me only one chance
to fight your brother's case.
His destiny will change,
I promise you.
- Come along now.
- I'm telling you, sir.
One minute. One minute.
Mr. Kalra!
Give him this chance.
- Mr. Khurana, you?
- I'll guarantee him.
Yes, me. I convert the
boss's black money into white.
- Okay. Make him understand, sir.
- Yes, come, buddy.
Tell him. Try to make him
understand that I can do it.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Mr. Khurana...
You're a celestial messenger.
You're an angel. You're an angel.
And let me tell you,
you're great, sir.
I had forbidden you
before to do all this.
I did, didn't I?
Then why are you doing it?
Now go and make
preparations for this case.
Or I'll take this case back.
- No way, sir.
- Yes.
Mr. Kalra, I think
you've won the case.
- You've done it, sir.
- Okay.
- Tara, give him the case details... huh?
- Yes.
Ms. Tara.
Please come, come.
- Khurana!
- Yes?
- You know what you've done, right?
- Yes.
I myself have seen him fooling...
...a smart advocate like Tejpal.
This boy is smart.
He never got a chance.
Now he won't fight this
case for your brother...
...but to save his life.
Hi, sweetheart!
Darling, you're so late.
We were so worried.
- Raj, you took Kalra's case?
- Yes. So?
Do you know that he's a dangerous man?
At times, you have to
put your life at stake... achieve
something in life. Got it?
Before putting your life at stake... didn't even think about me
and our unborn child?
Sweetheart, I'm doing
all this for our child.
For a moment, think.
What did you get by marrying me?
This ramshackle house, this lowly
tenement that we call our home!
No! I don't want my
child to be born here!
And just watch!
I'll win this case in a jiffy!
Is that so? If this is so easy,
then hand over this case to me.
Whatever happens, it'll happen to me.
Mr. Mohan, it's my
dream to become famous.
So I'll pay the price
to make it come true.
Your Honour!
On the evening of the 26th
at around 5:00 to 5:30...
...tired after the
day's work, I was resting...
...on the bench at Lalubhai Park.
Suddenly, I heard somebody
screaming for help.
I turned around.
At the back road of Lalubhai Park...
...a man was running fast.
And this man was following that man...
...with a tin box in his hand.
The man running in
front dashed and fell down.
He pounced on him.
He poured kerosene
from the tin on him.
And he set him ablaze, sir.
He burnt him badly.
The defence wants to say anything?
Yes, my Lord!
I want permission to
cross-examine Mr. Pangey.
- Permission granted.
- Thank you, sir.
Mr. Pangey,
from Lalubhai Park you saw him...
...setting Triloknath jeweller ablaze.
Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.
Many people must have been
present at the time of this incident.
There were many people, sir.
So why didn't anybody
come to give testimony?
What can I say, sir?
Everybody is afraid of him.
They're scared!
You aren't afraid?
No, sir. I'm not scared.
You're saying you're a fearless man.
A man was burnt in front of you
and you didn't try to save him?
I did try, Mr. Lawyer.
But from where I was standing, the
park's gate was some distance away.
It took time to reach there.
By then, he was charred.
What was the need to go to the gate?
You could have jumped over the wall.
And you could have saved him.
Attorney, I think
you don't know that...
...the park's wall is
three to four feet high.
I'm old and my leg too has
been troubling me for some time.
- I...
- You're lying!
You didn't want to save him.
Otherwise, it's not a big deal to jump
over a three to four-feet high wall!
I'm not lying, attorney.
I couldn't jump over the wall.
You couldn't jump over
the wall, Mr. Pangey?
Or you've tried to play a ruse!
Using Kalra, you've tried to
improve your political career!
- Objection, milord!
- Let me complete, sir!
That's why using the sketch,
you tried to gain maximum mileage.
Your interviews are printed on
the front pages of newspapers!
You'll finish off Mr. Kalra!
You've spoken openly against
him in the press and media!
Before the court could
make its decision...'ve made him
a culprit in people's eyes!
And being a witness, you took...
...a decision against him as a judge!
Before misguiding the law like this,
why didn't you think...
...that your small lie
could cost a young man's life?!
Order! Order!
Your Honour, it's a shameful thing!
It's so unfortunate that a
man is burnt in broad daylight!
Because he refused to heed the goons!
He refused to part with
his hard-earned money.
Even after committing
this serious crime...
...this man pleads for mercy!
No, Your Honour!
Pitying such a man means...
...again endangering an
innocent man's life!
I think there's only one
punishment for such criminals!
The death penalty!
Mr. Malhotra! Do you
still wish to say something?
No, my Lord! I think...
I need a break of ten minutes, please.
Khurana, you've handed
the case to a fool.
If anything happens to my brother...
...then I'll shoot you and this fool!
Nothing will happen to your brother!
The decision has still not been taken!
He won't give up so easily.
Your Honour!
I've lost this case!
In front of his lie,
my truth has lost!
My career... career is over even
before it could begin!
Now nobody can save this
poor guy from the noose!
If he's hanged,
his brother will go crazy!
If he goes crazy, he'll shoot me! And I...
I won't die alone, Your Honour!
I won't die alone, sir!
I'll kill this old man too!
I'll kill him! I'll kill him!
What is he doing! What is he doing!
- I... I'll kill him.
- What is going on?
I'll kill him.
My Lord! My Lord! Stop him!
Run! Where will you run?
- Milord, save me! Save me!
- Stop him!
- He'll kill me!
- Stop him!
Raj! What has happened to you?
- I'll kill you!
- Are you mad?
- Save me!
- Stop him!
- I'll kill him!
- Fool!
Mr. Raj Malhotra!
What nonsense is this!
I'm sorry, sir!
I'm sorry, Your Honour!
But I didn't have any other
option to expose Mr. Pangey's lie!
Be it ancient times or modern times...
...truth has to give the test.
The man who couldn't jump
across a 3ft wall to save somebody...
... jumped from a 6ft
witness box to save himself...
...and a 8ft wall and he went there!
Your Honour, this
proves Mr. Pangey is a liar!
In this court, he has
spoken two more lies!
The first lie, many
people were present there!
If they were, then where are they?
Only three people were present there!
Mr. Pangey!
Mr. Triloknath, who was burnt!
And my client Mr. Vinod!
The second lie was that
he had tried to dowse the fire...
...and my client
Vinod set the man ablaze!
But the truth is he set him ablaze...
...and my client Mr. Vinod
tried to dowse the fire!
My friend Mohanpyare is the evidence!
His hands got burnt while
trying to dowse my fire!
Your Honour, similarly
Mr. Vinod's hands got burnt...
...while saving Mr. Triloknath!
Because those who
try to dowse the fire...
...only their hands get burnt!
Sir, those who set the
fire never burn their hands.
And of the three people present,
only one man's hands were not burnt.
And that's Mr. Pangey!
And that's all, Your Honour!
"Who says that lying is a vice?"
"Who says that lying is a vice?"
- You're really great!
- "Who says that lying is a vice?"
- "Who says that lying is a vice?"
- You're an emotional fool!
- You burnt your hands!
- It's nothing!
"Lying makes you prosperous."
Move! Move! Move!
Move back!
Excuse me! Excuse me, Mr. Raj!
Excuse me!
One second! I want to
ask Mr. Raj a question!
For today's victory,
did you toil for the truth...
...or did you use your brains
so that the lie would win?
Hang on! Hang on!
No comments please! Thank you!
That's bound to be!
Because everybody knows
who committed the murder...
...and who set the fire! Great, Raj!
For money, you sold out justice!
You got an innocent man punished!
And you got this brute acquitted.
You call my brother a brute!
Move the mike aside! You like
to explore the truth, don't you?
Your family won't even
recognise your body!
What are you doing, Kalra?
- You...
- Shut up!
Explain to him!
The press won't spare him!
- Come on!
- Scoundrel!
Today he saved your brother!
But... but remember!
God delays but doesn't deny.
You'll be brought to
justice in this court!
And with this camera,
I'll expose your deeds!
You're talking too much!
I'll thrash you!
Okay! Okay!
Sit in the car! Sit!
Great! I fool everybody!
And they fooled me!
He didn't pay me my fees!
- I'll give you your fees!
- Hi!
Any problem in taking
the fees from me?
There are many people here.
What about in private?
Let's go.
So you live here?
Yes. This is my address as of now.
But if you want,
tomorrow it could be...
...Cuffe Parade,
Pali Hill or Juhu Scheme.
Now you're in my company.
Say what you want and it'll be yours.
Are you sure?
"I've lost slumber."
"What should I do? What should I do?"
"I'm lost! I'm lost! I'm lost!"
"I've lost slumber."
"What should I do? What should I do?"
"I'm lost! I'm lost! I'm lost!"
"Come near.
Don't torment me, sweetheart."
"Otherwise there will be trouble."
"You've lost your slumber."
"What should you do?
What should I do?"
"I'm lost! I'm lost! I'm lost!"
"Come near.
Don't torment me, sweetheart."
"Otherwise there will be trouble."
"I've lost slumber."
"You braced your heart."
"Look, your sweetheart
is in front of you."
"You braced your heart."
"Look, your sweetheart
is in front of you."
"How could I know you
would come secretly?"
"What could I know you
would come secretly?"
"What could I know you
would come secretly?"
"You'll steal my
slumber and my solace too."
"Why are you quarrelling?"
"Love me."
"You're mine! You're mine!
You're mine!"
"Come near.
Don't torment me, sweetheart."
"- Otherwise...
- There will be trouble."
"You've lost your slumber."
"I'll embrace you and make you mine."
"I'll hide you in my heart
and take you far away."
"I'll embrace you and make you mine."
"I'll hide you in my heart
and take you far away."
"Oh, my God! You'll make me yours!"
"Oh, my God! You'll make me yours!"
"Oh, my God! You'll make me yours!"
"You're a tormentor!
How much more will you harass me?"
"You won't give up."
"You've gone crazy."
"You're mine! You're mine!
You're mine!"
"Come near.
Don't torment me, sweetheart."
"Otherwise there will be trouble."
"You've lost your slumber."
"What should you do?
What should I do?"
"I'm lost! I'm lost! I'm lost!"
"Come near.
Don't torment me, sweetheart."
"Otherwise there will be trouble."
You can't find the eyewitness?
If you can't find one,
then search for one!
In this city, there are many people...
...who are ready to become
an eyewitness for money.
I don't want to hear anything.
I want to win this case at all costs!
That's it, okay!
- Bye! Bye, baby!
- Hi, papa!
You'll win, Papa! You'll win!
Last night, I again
saw a falling star.
And I prayed that you would be
the biggest lawyer in the world.
My baby! You've
brought luck to my house!
You wish for your papa
on every falling star!
Then your papa will become a
famous lawyer.
- Okay!
- Enough! Enough!
Now let papa leave for work!
He has to become famous!
Hang on! Hang on!
Chintu, comb my hair.
Now I look fine. Okay!
Why don't you look in a mirror?
Because your eyes
are my mirror, darling!
- Listen!
- Yes?
Today return home early.
- Why?
- Why?
- Why early?
- Why?
- What is today?
- What is today?
- You tell me.
- I don't know! Yes! Yes!
How come you look so...
...pretty in spite of fasting for
Karvachauth (husband's day)?
Doesn't your face
become wan by fasting?
Today isn't Karvachauth, Daddy!
Today is parents' day in my school.
I know! I know!
But your mother is so pretty that...
...I can't believe
she has become a parent.
Enough! Enough! Enough!
Today, come to Chintu's school by 6 pm.
- Don't forget!
- At 6 pm? 5:30 pm!
Son, wager two chocolates.
Today your papa won't come.
I'll come. Don't fool with me.
I don't like it.
Come on!
- He won't come!
- I'll come!
Yes! I want all the papers
to be ready by evening!
My! My! My!
Did you go to the beauty
parlour during the lunch hours?
No, sir!
So, how come
you're looking so pretty?
Great! In the morning,
you look like Sridevi!
In the afternoon, you
look like Madhuri Dixit.
You don't veil yourself.
Otherwise, I would have told you...
...not to venture out unveiled.
The world is wicked.
Come on, sir! sir!
We'd bet two chocolates.
Your daddy didn't come, did he?
He'll come, Mummy!
Daddy likes to give surprises!
He'll come before my item begins.
He'll come! I hope so!
Yunus! Clear this file!
Great! You're a unique man!
You look fit all the time
like Sylvester Stallone.
How do you maintain yourself?
How do you do it?
You're so fresh and aromatic.
Are you a man or a beauty soap?
What a tie! What a nice shirt!
You're a good-looking guy, man!
Oh, my God! My wife's call!
Today, I had to go to
Chintu's school for parents' day.
The mobile customer you've dialled
is currently unavailable.
Please try calling later.
I'll try and call you later.
But your son is
waiting for you in school.
Could you please come soon?
Yunus, look after my work!
You all look after the work!
I'm running! I'm running!
Sir! Where are you going?
Parents' day is going on upstairs.
- Sir, you've come too soon.
- Why? It hasn't started?
Not started?
It got over two hours ago.
And you've come one year early
for the next year's function.
- What's your name?
- Sir, Baburao.
- You talk so little.
- Is that so?
- You'll reach great heights in life.
- What will I be, sir?
- You'll stand outside Hotel Taj's gate.
- Thank you, sir.
- All the best.
- Hello, sir.
- Okay.
- This fool is happy!
Aunt, today too,
dad promised and didn't come.
All my friends' parents came.
Chintu, your papa must
have got stuck in some work.
Aunt, earlier papa used
to spend time with us!
He would take us out for dinner.
He would take us for picnics.
He would drop me off at
school and pick me up.
Wish on a falling star!
You only wanted your papa to be
the biggest lawyer in the world.
Now pay the price.
- Hi, my baby!
- Hi, Daddy.
- He has come!
- I'm sorry.
Now give an excuse you
haven't already given.
What kind of a wife are you?
Before I say anything,
you say it's an excuse.
Seeing my face,
you should know my plight!
This innocent child was lucky!
His father almost died.
What happened, Papa?
I left in a hurry to
come to your school, son.
I slipped and landed
on the ground floor.
- Are you hurt?
- Yes!
- Where?
- On my knee!
- Where?
- Here! Right side!
What are you doing?
I'm checking. It's not swollen.
So bring a hammer from inside
and make it swollen.
Darling, I can't see it.
What can I do?
You doubt me so much.
- Mummy!
- Yes!
Don't cross-examine him.
Bring a spray from inside
and apply it on papa's leg.
Okay. I'll be right back.
Tell mummy the name of the spray.
Otherwise, she'll bring
a spray to kill bugs.
- Come on, papa! Come on!
- Yes, baby!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Get the ball!
Get the ball! Get the ball!
You had hurt your knee, right?
Yes. My son was saying to play
with him. So wouldn't I play?
- You lie so much.
- Sona!
Baby! Darling! I love you!
She doubts me so much! Sona!
- Go and get the ball! We'll play!
- Yes, Papa!
Mohan, why are you walking
so fast in your joy?
Giving up the legal profession,
you've started selling flowers?
I haven't come to sell the flowers.
I've come to give them to you.
Did you forget?
Today is your wedding anniversary.
Oh, my God!
I forgot the parents' day meeting
and she threw me out of the bedroom.
If I forget the marriage anniversary...
...she'll throw me out of the house!
Do one thing. Give me
the flowers and you leave.
How can I leave?
I have to wish sister-in-law.
Are you mad?
I have still not wished your
sister-in-law. How can you wish her?
Do one thing. Leave.
In the evening, bring another
bouquet of flowers. Leave.
I did it once. He did it thrice.
Sona! Darling!
Happy marriage anniversary!
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
What did you think?
Would I forget our
marriage anniversary?
Happy anniversary, darling!
I don't think I can
ever understand you. Come.
Come, dear. I love you.
Darling, you don't know.
You're my life. You're my world.
You're my earth. You're my sky.
I love you.
I've come to the attorney's house.
Today is his wedding anniversary.
British people have
invented a great word! Wedding!
Fusing the iron bars
together is called welding.
And marriage is also called wedding.
But goons like us
escaped from prison...
...because of this attorney.
Do one thing.
First remind the attorney that... is his welding anniversary.
- Wedding anniversary. But who are you?
- Kaala-bhai.
Now quickly go.
This bouquet is very heavy.
Wow, my brave child!
You like to play with a
manly toy. But why a fake one?
When I'm here, play with a real gun.
Is this a real gun?
Yes! Shoot it!
If your neighbours' milk
vessel doesn't fall down...
...then my name isn't Kaala-bhai.
I'll die. There. There.
What happened? Son, what happened?
Sister-in-law, I swear!
Your son's aim is great!
He'll grow up to be a...
Sona! What are you doing?
- Attorney! Attorney!
- He's Kaala-bhai!
She's my sister-in-law!
She's my sister-in-law!
- I'm really sorry!
- It's okay! She slapped me.
As her brother-in-law, I accepted it.
Had it been anybody else,
five bullets are still left in this.
Kala-bhai, I'm very sorry!
I'm really sorry!
I'm leaving, sister-in-law.
Happy wedding anniversary!
Thank you! Thank you!
- I'm really sorry. I'm sorry.
- No problem.
Sona! Do you know who he is?
He is Mumbai's don's right hand man!
Who else could he be?
What has happened to you?
Earlier, good and decent people
like Mohan used to be your friend.
And now, him... this goon,
this gangster is your friend.
- He came to the house.
- Sona, he's my client!
If he won't come to my office
and home, where else will he go?
But now this has
started affecting my son.
Today, he taught him to fire a gun.
In the future,
he'll teach him how to make a bomb.
- I can't live in this house.
- Sona.
- Come on, son.
- Sona. Sona!
Sona! Sona!
Pack your bags! Pack your bags!
I'm leaving and you're happy.
How can I be happy
if my wife leaves me?
Wife and children make
a home. Pack my bags... that I too can
live with you people!
I'll make do with some corner!
I don't understand
how to live with you.
I'll tell you. Live with me with love.
Look, I won't fold my hands.
Otherwise, you'll fall down.
- Chintu, you hold her feet.
- No! No!
My son!
- You never love me!
- My darling!
Listen, son. Are you sure
daddy was going to come here?
Yes, mummy. He said...
...he's going to Centaur
Hotel with his client for dinner.
Okay! Sit! Have your juice!
I don't know where he is!
Old habits die hard!
- I'm angry with you!
- Why?
Why didn't you meet me
before my marriage?
- Otherwise, you would have married me?
- Of course!
- Good that you didn't marry me!
- Why?
Otherwise, on my wedding anniversary...
...I would have been waiting
for you like your wife.
You won't stop joking!
Drink it!
Come! I often come here for my supper!
- Superb food you get here!
- Yes!
Beautiful place for beautiful people!
Mummy! Mummy! Daddy has come!
Come on!
Listen! Ma'am has left.
Who will pay the bill of this cake?
The bill is for me.
- So?
- So I'll pay it!
- Hi, baby!
- Hi, Daddy!
- Who was she?
- Tara!
- Tara who?
- Chadha's wife!
- Chadha? Chadha who?
- You don't know Chadha?
My client!
So why were you holding your client's
wife's hand in front of everybody?
You just saw me holding her hand.
Before that, my hand
was on her waist.
Yes and before that,
I forced her into my car.
- Son, go inside.
- He won't go inside.
Now when he has heard so much...
...let him hear the whole truth.
- Truth?
- Yes, truth which you don't know.
Tara and Chadha loved
each other a lot. Like us.
They both also had a
love marriage. Like us.
But Tara isn't lucky. Like you.
Because her husband is unfaithful.
Tara caught Chadha red-handed
with his secretary.
The matter reached to divorce.
And I didn't want somebody
to seek divorce...
...on our marriage anniversary...
...because Tara too has small children.
She has a son like Chintu.
She has a small daughter...
...who can't even pronounce
"mummy, papa" properly.
Now, tell me. Is it right that...
...two innocent children should be
separated because of their parents.
I forced Tara in the car.
And holding her hand, I came to the
hotel for a settlement with Chadha.
Now what did I know that by my
saving a family from separating... family would get separated.
And in front of my son,
his mother would call me a culprit.
This is like I went to
solve somebody's case...
...and I myself got into trouble.
I mean this is ridiculous, Sona.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, Papa.
- I shouldn't have doubted you.
- It's okay.
This shows how much you love me.
You're so possessive about me.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Let's go.
Let's have a blast.
"Listen, sweetheart. You're crazy."
"Listen, sweetheart. You're crazy."
"You love me. How do I believe it?"
"Tell me the truth. Don't hesitate."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Listen, sweetheart. You're crazy."
"You love me. How do I believe it?"
"Tell me the truth. Don't hesitate."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"I love you. Look in my eyes."
"I can't sleep without you at night."
"I love you. Look in my eyes."
"I can't sleep without you at night."
"I believed your sweet words."
"Sweetheart, embrace me."
"I give you my heart."
"Don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"I've seen a strange
glow on your cheeks."
"Come. I'll adorn your hair with flowers."
"I've seen a strange
glow on your cheeks."
I'll adorn your hair with flowers."
"Embrace me. Make me yours."
"I want to live with you.
Dwell me in your heart."
"I give you my heart."
"Look, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Listen, sweetheart. You're crazy."
"You love me. How do I believe it?"
"Listen, sweetheart. You're crazy."
"You love me. How do I believe it?"
"Tell me the truth. Don't hesitate."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Sweetheart, don't lie."
"Listen, don't lie."
So... you're acting up a lot.
You won't vacate the house.
Because of you, other tenants are
refusing to vacate their houses.
The gentleman was telling me.
For the past seven years,
you've been troubling him.
From one court to the other.
Now the case will be
heard in my court.
And hear the decision.
Take Rs.250,000.
Sign on these papers.
Sir, now the case is
pending in high court.
I'll accept the court's decision.
It means you won't listen to me.
Look, this matter is
between him and me.
It's better if you don't interfere.
Hey, Mhatre!
Hey, Mhatre! Do you know
with whom you're talking!
Aren't you afraid to die?
Take this! Otherwise, you won't
even get this Rs.250,000! Got it?
We need a house in return for a house.
Otherwise, I'll accept the
court's decision!
Let him go.
We'll meet in the court. Go.
Hey! Catch him!
He shot all this!
Nothing will happen!
Nothing will happen!
- But...
- Come on, sir. Nothing will happen!
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Who is he? His name is Rajat!
Right! Right!
- What happened?
- I'm sorry!
- I'm sorry!
- What happened?
I want to tell you something urgent.
- Tell me!
- Later! Later!
- Nothing! Nothing! Later!
- What happened?
Nothing! I'm fine!
Everything is fine, Raj! I'm fine!
- Tara! Tara!
- Coming!
A beautiful gift for the most
beautiful woman in this world!
- Gift? Suddenly?
- I felt like giving a gift!
Or did you go to buy
something for your wife...
...and got something for me as well?
Come on, darling! You took
the name of a boring woman!
You know, darling.
Wives are like TVs
in the drawing room.
Whenever you switch it on,
it's some old programme.
And I?
You! You're internet!
Whenever I switch it on,
I find a new site.
Put it on quickly, darling!
Raj! Whose cassette is this?
Cassette? What cassette?
Bhai, nothing is in this.
I've played it three times!
The cassette is empty!
It means nothing was recorded.
And that journalist
died for no reason.
Where is Kavita Mhatre's house?
There. The third one.
- Thanks.
- Okay. Come on.
Let's go.
Kavita, don't worry.
I'm with you.
Nobody can throw you
out of your house.
Raj will fight your case.
I'll get your
husband's murderer punished.
You'll receive justice.
- Hi, baby.
- Hi, darling.
Sit. I want to talk to you.
What's the matter?
You look so serious.
I want you to fight a case for me.
One case? I'm fighting
all these cases for you.
No! First, promise me!
That you'll not only fight this case,
you'll win it too.
Fine. You've won. Tell me.
Ask me. Whose case is it?
Yes. Whose case is it?
Kavita's husband's case.
His murder case.
Kalra's younger brother is accused...
...of Kavita's
husband's murder, isn't he?
Yes and if last time you hadn't
got him acquitted, then maybe... Kavita's innocent
husband would have been alive.
I've promised Kavita
that she'll receive justice.
Swear for my sake that
you won't break my promise.
You'll do it, won't you?
Come! Come! What's the matter?
Today the entire group has come here!
What are you doing?
Do you want to die?
Raj! What are you doing?
You're fighting a
case against Mr. Kalra!
Mr. Kalra gave you
such a big chance in life.
He supported you so much.
This is how you're repaying him.
You'll give justice to Kavita!
I'll kill you!
I'll shoot you!
Then who will fight your case?
Do you only know how
to use swords and guns?
Will you ever use your brain?
If I hadn't taken this case,
then somebody else would have.
And maybe he would have won...
...because the public
sympathy is with that woman.
You're lucky that
I'm fighting this case.
Mr. Kalra, your
brother is like my brother.
How can I let him get hanged?
I'll deliberately lose this case!
The only difference is that until now
I've taken fees from you for winning.
For the first time,
I'll take fees from you for losing.
Did you see that? I told you.
This man must have planned something.
We couldn't even think of this!
And he has planned everything!
- Great, Khurana!
- Keep this inside!
I'm sorry, Raj! I got emotional
because of worry for my brother!
- Never mind! It's okay!
- I'm sorry!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Bye! Take care!
You've got a great man!
But which lawyer should
I appoint to win the case?
Mr. Adarsh from Tejpal and Associates.
Is that so! Take this!
These charms!
- I think something is fishy!
- What happened?
Raj and Adarsh are enemies.
Raj and Adarsh aren't leaving
any stone unturned... humiliate each other.
Raj even gave your
brother's case to Adarsh.
I think something is fishy.
Talk to him.
Kalra here!
Mr. Kalra, what are you doing?
So many times,
I told you not to call me at home.
Stop this nonsense!
I've heard you and Adarsh are enemies.
Are you playing a game with me?
Yes. I'm playing a game with you...
...because my wife has compelled me
to take up this case.
And she knows that there's
tension between me and Adarsh.
So not even in her
dreams would she think...
...I'd deliberately lose this case.
Do you understand my game?
You're senior to me.
Please take care of me.
Henceforth, please keep this in mind.
He's intelligent.
He's intelligent.
Darling... Can I get a cup
of coffee? I'm really tired.
If I had my way, I would have
mixed poison in that coffee.
But I can't. I'm your wife.
Why? What have I done?
Lying, cheating.
Do you know anything else?
A helpless woman is
depending on you for justice.
And you arranged her defeat
before even fighting her case.
Nowadays you doubt me a lot.
How can you think like this about me?
I could never have thought it...
...if I hadn't heard Kalra's
conversation on the phone.
- Baby, I have to tell such lies!
- Another lie!
Your entire life is a big lie!
Do you remember this Rs.500 note?
You got this on winning
this same Kavita's case.
With your own hands,
you wrote truth triumphs on it.
You used to say... could give up
everything for truth.
But you couldn't give up truth
for anything in the world.
And today for money,
you only tell lies.
Yes, I lie.
You think your daddy doesn't lie?
And pardon me. Your brother-in-law!
He's a bigger liar than your daddy.
And why shouldn't he lie?
To look after his family
and to keep them happy...
...he's working as a lawyer.
So won't he do justice
with the client who pays him?
Why does a man work?
Whom does he earn money for?
For himself? Or his wife and children?
No. You're earning for yourself.
If money had been so
important for me...
...I would have never married you.
I married you seeing your honesty,
simplicity and sincerity.
And now when all these
virtues are no longer in you...'s useless for me to stay here.
I'm leaving with my son.
Sona, if you leave...
And yes! Today don't make any excuse...
...because I'm not going to stop.
Another thing!
You have to fight another case!
Of our divorce!
Such a big decision.
I know Raj has made mistakes...
...but he has a heart of gold.
You come with me.
I'll explain it to that fool.
No, Mohan. I don't
want any compromise.
I consider you as my brother.
That's why I'm here.
If you too take his side,
then I'll have to leave from here too.
What are you saying, sister-in-law?
This is your house.
But think about Chintu and his future.
By living with Raj,
neither can I be happy...
...nor can Chintu have a bright future.
So I have decided to divorce him.
Uncle, what is divorce?
Son, God makes marriage in heaven.
And the sin, which people commit
by breaking it, is called divorce.
If my parents separate,
then with whom will I live?
The court will decide whether
you will live with dad or mom.
Won't the court ask me with whom
I want to live?
It will ask you.
I'll say that I want to
live with both my mom and dad.
Then they won't get a divorce, right?
This is not so.
And your mom too doesn't want
to live with your dad.
She is fed up of your
dad's habit of lying.
Uncle, if my dad stops lying,
then mom won't leave dad, will she?
God, my mom is fed up with
my dad's habit of lying.
Anything can happen, if you will it.
Show me a miracle so
that my dad stops lying.
Even if he wants, he won't
be able to lie. Thank you.
- Raj.
- Yes.
I'm very happy today.
Because you got rid
of your boring wife.
Get up!
Do you think my lap is a chair?
You always come and sit on my lap.
Or do you think this is a bird's nest?
And you are so hale and hearty.
If you sat on a weak man's lap,
he'd become handicap,
And why do you call my wife
a bore? Are you interesting?
I got into a relationship with you
so that I could enhance my career.
I never loved my father!
So how will I love you?
Yes! And listen to me carefully!
My wife is not a bore!
But you are a thief!
Oh, my God.
What am I hearing?
Sona is fed up of your behaviour
and wants to divorce you?
But you love her.
You consider me as your guru.
Why did you do this, son?
All this happened
because of you, old man.
- And you are blaming me?
- Old man?
Yes, old man.
You raised your
daughter in your bungalow.
And after marriage,
you left her to stay in tenements.
She is insensible.
But you are sensible.
You could have stopped her.
But no! I considered you to be
my guru. What did you do with me?
You have made me a beggar.
You gave your company to
your elder son-in-law.
And what did you give me?
Social service centre?
Poor people will bless me.
You were not afraid
of my curses, old man.
You didn't retire after getting
your elder daughter married.
But after my marriage, you retired.
And you went to your
village for farming.
And remember?
You had patted my back...
And you had said, "Son,
I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you."
"My daughter is leaving
her house empty-handed."
If you don't give her something,
she's bound to go empty-handed.
You couldn't even give her
money to bear a month's expenses.
But no! You said now
you have no worries.
If you hand over
your worries to others...'re bound to be
left without any worry.
You can beget two daughters.
But you couldn't look
after two sons-in-law?
Oh, my God!
No, Uncle! Uncle!
Uncle! No, no!
Uncle! Uncle, I... I...
Why should I hit you?
You are elder to me.
Uncle, children tend to make mistakes.
Uncle, I'm sorry.
I am very sorry. I am...
Sir. What have you done, man?
Who are you to
interfere in my family matters?
Bull dozer. Dinosaur's egg.
Shut up! Get out!
I am sorry. I am so sorry.
No! Dinosaur! Egg!
You people do your work.
Your Honour.
Mrs. Kavita Mhatre has accused
my client, Mr. Vinod Kalra...
...that he abducted her
husband Mr. Anand Mhatre...
...from home and he killed him.
But this is not true, Your Honour.
In the train compartment,
a suicide note was found...
...along with Anand Mhatre's body.
It's clearly written that
he was fed up of the circumstances...
...and he committed suicide.
Yes, Your Honour.
Mrs. Mhatre has filed a complaint
on 13th October at 11 a.m....
...her husband was abducted.
But on 13th October at 11:05...
...Mr. Vinod Kalra was with me.
His car dashed with a truck.
He had come to file a report.
I lodged an FIR.
And I took him to Bhatia hospital
for his treatment. That's it.
Shirodkar, you're such a big liar!
Did you forget that on 13th October... were in court in the morning?
There was a case hearing on
you for accepting bribery.
Inspector Shirodkar, is this true?
Your Honour. Yes. But I...
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- Quiet!
Take Inspector Shirodkar
in police custody.
File a case against him for
giving false testimony in court.
Sir, I don't remember
with whom he had come.
But yes, he had injured his head.
And I had stitched it
up and sent him back.
Mr. Sardesai.
If you had treated Vinod on 13th
then there will be a grave problem.
Because between
12th and 17th October...
...Mrs. Sardesai was holidaying
with Mr. Sardesai... Goa's Marriott Hotel.
And if you are not that Sardesai,
then who was that Sardesai?
What nonsense! Just shut up!
She was with me, not
with somebody else.
Both husband and wife
had gone for a holiday.
So from 12th October you
were holidaying in Goa...
...then who treated
Vinod on 13th October?
Take Dr. Sardesai in police custody.
Cancel his medical
practitioner certificate!
The court is adjourned till tomorrow.
What has happened to me?
What am I saying?
Hey lawyer! Are you in
the mood to play cricket?
Two wickets in two balls!
What is your intention?
Slap you!
What has happened to me?
What has happened to me?
What has happened to me?
Why am I speaking the truth?
Good morning, sir!
Won't you say how I am looking?
Sridevi or Madhuri?
Sir, tell me. Please, sir.
You look like a devil! An atom bomb,
which can explode anytime!
Why don't you wear a burkha?
Do you know that children
get scared when they see you?
- How mean, sir.
- No, I am not mean.
When you sit down, it feels as
if a buffalo is sitting in water.
Go away. I resign.
Sir! Sir!
Sir, how do I look?
Don't I look like Dharam?
Dharam's insult?
You don't look like Dharmendra?
You look like a monkey!
You fatso, you eat whole day.
Someday you'll explode like a balloon.
Your body will be lying on the street.
We'll have to call
porters to carry you.
And do take a bath at times, fatso!
Your clothes reek so much!
The entire staff is fed up of you.
In the hospital, if instead of
chloroform, your clothes are given... the patient to sniff,
then he will slip into a coma.
Don't pull your stomach in.
Even after doing that, you look fat.
Cutting hen's feathers,
doesn't reduce its weight.
What nonsense am I saying?
What am I saying? Control...
Control yourself!
Otherwise, I will bite you.
Darling! Sona! Love! My baby!
What are you doing here? Just leave.
Nobody will meet me today.
Please. Please leave.
I've not come to talk to you.
I've just come to ask
you what you told dad...
...that he suffered from low BP
and I had to call a doctor for him.
So that old man survived?
I thought he would have died by now.
What nonsense!
I am not talking nonsense.
I am speaking the truth.
I clearly told him.
I married you because
of his fame and money.
I was after you because of this.
I played the ruse of jumping
in front of your car.
But you're such a foolish woman.
You couldn't catch my small lie.
I worshipped an ugly
man like your father.
Thinking that he will
shelter me all my life.
But you... you took away that shelter.
You made me a puppet in the name
of respect and self-esteem.
- No! I am sorry.
- Go ahead.
I am sorry. Sona, forgive me.
Sona, what should I do?
I'm speaking only the truth.
Are you done?
- I will give my answer in court.
- Sona!
Oh, my God. Now nobody
can stop my divorce.
What have I done?
Only my Chintu can save me.
Chintu! Son, I am coming.
Listen! Quickly take me
to St. Andrew's School.
Sir, you didn't recognise me?
Laddoo Singh! I'm Laddoo Singh.
- Whatever! Let's go quickly.
- Sit.
Laddo Singh! God knows
who this Laddoo Singh is.
Sir, not that one. This one.
Let's go quickly.
Sir, you didn't recognise me?
When you came to Mumbai
for the first time...
...I dropped you at Anand Mahal.
And you had advised me,
it's beneficial to drive a hired cab.
Don't ever buy your own car.
Firstly, are you Anil Kapoor?
That I will recognise your face?
There are 150,000 taxi
drivers in this city.
How can I remember their faces?
And secondly,
I must have advised you...
...because upon seeing your face,
I must have known...
...that you can't afford to buy a cycle.
So how will you buy a cab?
What do you eat? Food grains or what?
You are not aware of
your passenger's mood.
You started blabbering.
Your wife must be helpless.
She has to unwillingly stay with you.
Had I been your wife, I would
have kicked you out of the house.
And I would have divorced you.
- Fool!
- Oh, my God.
- Get down!
- No!
- Get down!
- I made a mistake.
- Get down!
- Hang on.
- Get down!
- Laddoo.
- Come on! Get down!
- You couldn't hear the truth.
Got sick?
Chintu! My son! My dear son!
Here everybody has worn
a yellow shirt! Chintu!
- I'm not Chintu.
- Chintu! Chintu!
- Dad!
- Chintu, come here.
Chintu! There is a grave problem.
I've started speaking only the truth.
Tell your mom not to leave me.
- Yahoo! God heard my prayers.
- What prayer?
Last night I wished on a shooting
star that you should never lie.
It would have been
better if you had wished...
...that your dad should die.
Since morning, half the
world has become my enemy.
Son, tell God to take your wish back.
Otherwise, your dad will be finished.
Dad, last night I wished
on a shooting star.
Now from where will I bring
a star during the daytime?
Son, you've thought of a nice plan.
Go and play.
- Bye, Dad.
- Play.
Wish? Is this possible?
In the court you were talking
nonsense in front of the judge.
Now you are trying to escape.
Come on. Boss has called you. Come on.
Hey, weakling man! A walking stick!
Look! Look!
Were you drunk in court this morning?
- You exposed my people!
- Believe me, Kalra. I can't lie.
Quiet! Quiet!
You're a big liar.
When you were born, then too
you must have faked your wails.
If anything happens to Vinod...
...I swear I will pump all
six bullets in your body.
You skinny man! Scrawny!
Why do you always threaten me?
Did you forget how that
day my wife had slapped you?
She showed you stars in daylight!
Still you didn't reform.
And why do you
always show me this gun?
Don't you ever use it?
- Get lost!
- Raj! What are you doing?
- We're your well-wishers!
- What well-wishers?!
You always make me
dance to your tunes.
And you call yourself a well-wisher!
Shall I be your well-wisher?
Don't shout!
You always scream like a dog.
What did you say
that day in my office?
"I will kill you!
Who will fight your case?"
Shameless! You don't know how to talk.
That day, why did
you call me at night?
Do you know? Because
of you, my wife left me.
Don't you even know
how to talk on the phone?
God made you a man when
He should have made you a donkey.
Fool! Stupid!
Your men are cowards
and you think you are brave.
- Look, brother Raj!
- Don't call me brother.
Always harping about brother.
First, consider me as
your brother. Hold this!
No! No!
I'll kill him.
- What are you doing?
- I won't spare him!
What are you doing? Are you mad?
If he dies your
brother will be hanged.
Didn't you hear what he said to me?
It's not his fault.
His family is shattered.
Because of us his wife left him.
And your man brought
him here at gunpoint.
Any man can go crazy.
Listen! He did so much for us.
He set himself on fire
to save your brother.
Let him do his work.
Just give me the gun. You relax. Okay.
Let him go. Come on!
Let him go. Relax!
Raj, are you mad? Are you crazy?
What's your problem?
You misbehaved with Tejpal.
You spoke to sister-in-law rudely.
You have become Mr. Kalra's enemy.
You lost your house, Your honour
and now you'll lose your life too.
The whole city wants to thrash you.
I'm not doing anything.
Everything is happening on its own.
I can't lie.
You can't lie? You are
speaking the biggest lie now.
Sit here. Sit here.
You think I am lying? Sit.
Ask me any question,
which I won't answer truthfully. Ask me.
Fine. Tell me.
Give me your opinion about me.
- Our friendship will break.
- Let it break.
Today tell me what you think about me.
We will become enemies. Let it be.
Let it be! Tell me what you think
about me.
Ask me another question.
No! Why should I ask
something else? First tell me.
What is your opinion about me?
Then listen.
I have not seen a
bigger fool than you.
In this city where
people are so selfish... let me stay in your house?
And then you thought I'll consider
you to be a kind man.
Right then, you lost my self-respect.
And I knew it then that
I have befriended a fool.
Then I came to know that in spite
of living in Mumbai for ten years...
...why you couldn't have
become a famous lawyer.
Shall I challenge you?
Even if you stay in this
city for the next ten years...'ll still be found
outside the same court...
...standing beneath the same pole.
Because you are not a man.
You're a pole.
- Hello.
- Can you please call later?
Sorry. Why am I only
speaking the truth?
No, no! I didn't feel bad at all.
Give me my phone.
In fact, I am pleased today...
...that you can speak the truth.
I wish you had started
speaking the truth a long time ago.
In such a big house you
wouldn't have been alone.
Sister-in-law wouldn't have left.
Chintu would have been with you.
Raj, I request you.
Save it. Save your breaking family.
Mohan, shall I tell you another truth?
When you do this,
I feel like giving you a tight slap.
Why do you do this?
You are a mastermind.
Hi, Dad.
Tonight I saw a shooting star.
And I took my wish back.
Now you can again lie
as much as you want.
No need for that, son.
Now I will fight my war truthfully.
Your Honour!
I admit that when
Anand Mhatre was murdered... client was in Mumbai.
But that doesn't prove
that my client murdered him.
Because the letter found
from Anand Mhatre's pocket...
...proves that he committed suicide.
Your Honour, Anand
Mhatre was a fighter.
He was not amongst
those who commit suicide...
...being fed up of circumstances.
And as per the defence
if he committed suicide...
...due to his circumstances...
...then I'd like to know
about those circumstances.
Your Honour,
Anand Mhatre committed suicide...
...because of his wife's adultery
and her affair.
Objection, Your Honour!
Defence is falsely accusing my client.
He is trying to defame a decent widow.
One minute, my friend.
Your Honour, I can prove it.
Mishra, are you late
Anand Mhatre's neighbour?
Yes, sir. I have been his
neighbour for the past 20 years.
Then you must know who
visited his house.
Any special person who
came there during his absence?
- Yes.
- Who?
That thin man sitting there.
Yes, sir. This man used to
frequently visit his house.
What time?
Sir, the time was not fixed.
At times he used to come during
day. At times, during the night.
Why did he go there?
Sir, what do I tell you?
After closing the door,
what went on inside the house...
...what did he do, I don't know that.
And when would he leave?
On Anand's return,
he would leave immediately.
Yes, Your Honour!
It's true that Kala visited...
...Anand Mhatre's house any time.
But he used to go there to
threaten him to vacate the house.
No, Your Honour. He used to go
to meet Anand Mhatre's wife.
I request the court to
call Kala in the witness box.
Yes, I used to go.
I have loved her and not
committed any crime.
No! He is lying.
Tell me something, Kala.
What was your relationship
with Mrs. Mhatre?
What are you saying?
Is there any limit to love?
Sir, we had crossed all the limits.
Your Honour, please.
This man is doing derogatory
deeds to save his boss.
Let it be, Lawyer.
Why do you want me to
humiliate a woman in this court?
Now hear this.
Call a lady constable and tell
her to go to a lady's bathroom.
And check.
On her back there is a mole
which only her parents saw...
...when she was a child.
After marriage, her husband saw it.
And I saw it while romancing with her.
Does the prosecution have
any argument or evidence?
Yes, Your Honour.
But I need a small
break to present that.
Okay. Time is granted.
Whenever he takes a break,
he does something.
We will have to keep an eye on him.
Mohan, this is a grave problem.
When I was fighting
with the help of lies...
...I had fake evidence and witnesses.
And today, when I am
fighting truthfully...
...I have become so lonely.
It's futile to regret now.
The way you saved Vinod
Kalra and framed Pange.
Similarly, Adarsh proved
Anand's murder as suicide...
...and he proved his
wife characterless.
This is what happens nowadays
with those who fight for truth.
Maybe reporter Rajat didn't meet
with an accident.
But he was murdered.
- Sorry.
- What happened?
I want to tell you
something important.
- Tell me.
- Later. Nothing! Nothing! Later.
Raj, whose cassette is this?
Mohan, wait here. I will just come.
- Tara! Tara!
- You? Why have you come here?
I don't even want to see your face.
So move aside. I've not
come to dance in front of you.
- I have come to take my cassette.
- Cassette? What cassette?
- I don't know any cassette!
- The same cassette which I gave you...
...that day in the gift bag! In it...
- I gave you this nightdress that day.
- Don't touch me.
- Get out of my house. Get out!
- Earlier you always used to call me...
...and ask me when will I come.
Now when I have come,
you are asking, when will I leave.
God save me from women.
Look, this entire cupboard
is filled with my gifts.
If I had given even half
of these things to my wife...
...she would have
loved me all her life.
But no! I never gave
flowers to my wife.
I don't know where it is!
Why have you kept these love letters?
I have only written lies in it.
I have not seen a
shameless man like you.
You won't see another one.
Men like me are rare.
Tell me something.
I was in love with you.
I was even thinking of marrying you.
Then later I realised
what I was going to do.
My wife, my child, yours,
everybody's life would have be ruined.
What about me? I am a shameless man.
Listen! Leave by the backdoor.
Hey, Lawyer!
Where are you going in haste? Court?
Hey lawyer!
Have you changed your mind?
I will nab you! Start the car!
He is running away!
He is running away!
Hey, thieves run, not lawyers.
What's this? Stand and listen to me.
- Shall I tell you something?
- Yes.
When ten men follow one man...'s important for all
ten to stick together.
- Otherwise, you know what happens?
- Am I alone?
You thrashed me badly.
Why am I using my body
instead of my brain?
- Run!
- My cycle!
He is fleeing on a cycle.
Don't let him escape. Nab him!
Hey lawyer, wait.
- You have come!
- Hey!
I mean, at last you have come.
Thank you.
You girls are so charming.
We are bound to get enticed.
Your Honour, this is a court.
Not a T.V. game show where we
can frequently take a break.
And how long will you give
a break to Raj Malhotra?
I request the court to
announce the decision...
...without any
further delay, Your Honour.
Thank you.
After waiting an hour for
advocate Raj Malhotra...
...the court has reached the decision...
...that now he has no argument
or evidence to present in court.
So the court announces the decision...
Excuse me, Your Honour.
Before the court
reaches any conclusion...
...I want to present this evidence.
This... What's this?
What have you done?
You killed him?
I told you to threaten him
and make him leave the house.
And you murdered him?
I won't spare you.
Order! Order!
Arrest him!
I will kill you.
You kill people like this.
Leave him.
Leave me!
Where are you running?
Hey, take him away.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
Well done, Raj.
"A lie doesn't last for long."
"A lie doesn't last for long."
"A lie is a vice."
"A lie is a vice."
Mom! Dad won the case.
Dad won the case. Mom!
- Dad won the case!
- Really?
My son! Where is your dad?
- Raj, you are really...
- What are you doing?
- I am wiping your sweat.
- Don't touch.
- You don't have any dignity.
- How can you say that? Strange man!
I can see that your sister-in-law
has come. Should I dance?
- Do you know how to dance?
- First, reform your life.
Now will you only smile and stare at me?
Or will you embrace me too?
She's embracing me as if
she's doing me a favour.
Control! Control! This is a court.
And listen. Beware if you
leave the house again. Got it?
For once, I was decent...
Control! Control!
This is a court. This is a court.
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"This is true.
Lying makes you prosperous."
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"You can look to your right."
"You can look to your left."
"You can look to your right."
"You can look to your left."
"Here people propagate lies."
"Here people propagate lies."
"- You can look to your right.
- You can look to your left."
"- You can look to your right.
- You can look to your left."
"Here people propagate lies."
"Truth is silent."
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Who says a lie brings infamy?"
"Lie, and your problems
will be solved."
"Lie, and your problems
will be solved."
"Work is done. Success is achieved."
"Work is done. Success is achieved."
"- Lie, and...
- Your problems will be solved."
"- Work is done.
- Success is achieved."
"Work is done. Success is achieved."
"The spice of lie is very hot."