L.O.L. Surprise: The Movie (2021) Movie Script

Come on, everyone!
The movie's about to start!
In a world where a super fierce,
fashionable queen
goes on a super fierce,
incredible journey...
leaving behind the only
life she's ever known...
for another one full of adventure...
and other totally spooky stuff.
It's the epic story of... Royal Bee!
And in the end, it all comes down to...
The movers!
The movers? That's not part of my movie.
The movers are on their way, Ava.
Do you still have my phone?
I'm finishing my movie, Mom!
Can't you give me a couple more minutes?
Not unless
you're all packed and ready to go.
Come on, Ava. Get packing.
What are you wearing
to the big movie premiere?
Lady Diva!
That outfit is gonna pop in the spotlight.
Swag, you always slay.
And Royal Bee, you know you're the queen.
Mom, did you buy me these glasses?
Ava, the movers are here!
Queen Bee?
What was that?
Swag? Hello? Hello!
What is happening? Where am I?
Wow, it's Queen Bee! Hi!
Wow, Queen Bee's waving at me.
Why are we doing
and saying the same thing?
I'm Queen Bee?
I'm dreaming. Somebody pinch me!
Ow! Not dreaming. I'm not dreaming?
Um... hello there. Can I help you?
Queen Bee,
she's saying you're late.
- You have to get to your trailer.
- I have to get where?
You're... you're... Fame Queen!
And that's the Super Sonix! You rock!
Yeah, we're filming our rock-umentary
here at the studio.
I can't wait to see
how you end your movie.
I'm making a movie?
Not if you don't
get to your trailer in time.
You're... you're... you're...
Fabulous and fashionably late as always.
Royal Bee! I'm your biggest fan!
Biggest fan?
- You're my sister.
- Sister?
Oh, yeah, sister. Right.
'Cause I'm Queen B. And you're...
Never gonna finish this movie
if we don't get to the set. Come on.
So, we're finishing a movie.
Yes! We're almost done filming
The LOL Surprise Big Movie Surprise.
And it has everything!
Action! Drama! Sci-fi! Scares!
It's the biggest thing I've ever done.
It's the story of one fierce,
fashionable queen.
Played by me, of course.
I go on an incredible journey to find
my voice for the very first time.
Wow! That sounds really fierce.
I mean, I totally remember that story.
But! The movie isn't finished yet.
None of my girls can decide on the ending.
So, today, we're filming four different
endings in four different styles.
But the movie premiere is tonight,
and without an ending,
we don't have a movie.
But I'm not really sweating it.
I was born to wear multiple hats.
And you know I look good in hats.
So, sis, I really need your help
to make this the best ending ever.
Are you ready?
Okay. Let's do it, Royal Bee!
I mean, sis.
Uh? Oh.
Uh huh.
Ah! Oh!
Whoa! It's like I'm in an old time movie.
How'd that happen?
Movie magic, of course.
And this is our art director
of our dramatic fantasy indie.
She makes movies look magical.
A movie is only as good as its set.
The environment around
you is everything, darling.
Royal Bee, ready for your close-up?
I was born ready!
Now, remember, you've just been
on your incredible quest.
You're in your house,
saying goodbye to it,
your friends and your old life.
For the very last time?
Yes, yes! You understand the vision.
Here's my mark. Neonlicious! Places!
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!
Set selfie!
- Fierce.
- No cell phones in the scene.
And Queen Bee, come. You're next to us.
Oh, I'm good... over here...
away from the camera.
Come on.
You'll just be an extra in this scene,
and you can hand me my props.
You've got this.
- Everyone ready?
- Yes.
- Kind of.
- Lights!
Camera. And action.
So, this is it.
But goodbye is not forever.
You'll always be the fiercest queens
in my heart.
But now, I must go.
My purse.
So, I'm going now
into a bright new world,
and I've learned so much.
Here's looking at you, queens.
- Goodbye.
- Bye!
- Farewell!
- Bye?
Whoa! How'd you do that?
I don't know, but I love it.
Every fantasy ending
needs a big fantastical moment!
It's my surprise to you, Royal Bee.
Everything in beautiful techni-color.
And... cut.
Ah... That was the surprise ending
this movie needed.
Oh, that's the crew calling.
We need to get to the next scene.
Perfect, darling.
I'll see you in the pictures.
Welcome to the most exciting
part of my movie:
the action ending!
Whoa, is this like indoor bumper cars?
No! Welcome to a world
filled with action-packed uncertainty.
On wheels!
- Who said that?
- I said that.
That's the voice of Ms. Direct.
Our super talented writer
and director of the movie.
Come on, sidekick.
Wait, what?
You're not just my sister;
you're my sidekick, today.
Remember, we wrote this role for you.
But what if I forgot all my lines?
You'll be fine.
Um, cool cars.
But there's no one to drive them.
I don't get it.
We're using a green screen,
which means we can be wherever we want.
And I wrote this
to take place wherever I want.
Three, two, one: Action.
You thought you could win, Royal Bee?
You thought you could
just move on with your new life?
You were wrong!
She's intense.
She is the supervillain.
I've captured your superhero!
And you're never, ever, ever,
never going to catch us!
Royal Bee, Queen Bee!
You're just the heroes we need.
You'll never get away with this.
You'll never get away with this!
Girl, I already have.
We have to help the superhero!
Hop in!
Seatbelts on.
This is actually kind of fun.
It's even more fun
when you open your eyes.
Oh! Ah!
You're braver than you think, Queen Bee.
I knew this was gonna be like bumper cars.
Royal Bee, watch out!
We did it! We beat the villain.
But where's our superhero?
Villain, come out.
What did you do with our superhero?
I have the superhero inside,
and she's not coming out. Ever!
Don't fret, citizens.
I have this situation under control.
See? Told you I have her.
Um. How do you both fit inside?
It's very tight, but we're A-okay.
Thank you, citizens.
Justice has prevailed.
Wait a minute...
The villain
and the superhero are the same person!
Ooh, foiled again.
And I would've gotten away with it,
if it wasn't for your incredible teamwork.
So, that is the story all about how
These two queens went kick, pow, wow
They beat the bad, and saved the city
Doing it all while looking so pretty
And that's a cut!
Amazing scene work. And Queen Bee,
you captured the villain,
the superhero, and the perfect ending.
Thanks, that was a lot of fun.
And Swag, it's cool you're here.
The only thing better than fierce timing
is my fresh rhyming.
Time for the next scene, Queen Bee.
I'm ready, sis.
Oh, oh, oh!
Are we on the right set?
Yup, this is the ending
from the movie's spookier side.
Well, that's good. I'm already scared.
And that's just the beginning.
This queen creates
all the sounds for the movie.
She's the sound designer.
I take my screams very seriously.
It's my job to make sure everything
is heard in spooky surround sound.
That was perfect!
Thank you. I've been practicing.
Lady Diva.
I'd recognize that scream anywhere.
I hired her as your scream double.
One more time, right into the mic.
Perfect to get us into
the spirit of this ending.
You all have stumbled
into this spooky factory.
The only way to escape
is by facing your fears.
And I did a rewrite this morning.
You're not gonna believe
what I have in store.
It's gonna be rah-rah-sis-boom...
It's gonna be okay, sis.
It's just a movie.
Thanks. I needed to hear that.
Time for something spooky.
Give me a light,
give me a camera, give me action.
Okay, queens.
We have to find a way to escape.
Is it just me,
or did it get spookier in here?
Sorry. I didn't mean to do that.
No, look!
- -3 - D glasses?
- Yes, awesome!
- Put 'em on.
- Oh.
Secret messages.
I'm gonna go this way.
Hmm. So, we need to find a way out.
Paw prints.
Queens, we just broke the number one
rule of any spooky movie: don't split up.
But I found a secret message.
I think I need to turn this machine on.
Me too.
Me three.
Let's make sure this isn't a trap.
Only one way to find out.
Nothing happened.
Okay. Let me try mine.
- Hm. Nothing.
- Same over here.
Together on three.
One, two, three!
Again! Keep going.
It's alive!
Um, it is alive. Look!
What have we done.
Lady Diva, now is a good time to scream.
I'm too scared to scream.
Come on sis, we can do this.
There must be a way out.
Okay. Maybe... I think I know what to do.
Oh, wow!
This must be the way out. Yes!
We did it.
We faced our fears. Amazing work, sis.
Oh, stop. It was all of us.
We couldn't have done it
without each other.
Now, all we need is a fabulous exit.
And C-U-T, cut.
Amazing timing.
Our fourth and final ending calls.
Huh? Hm.
What's next, sis?
Do we even need another ending?
The three we have are so good.
I know, but trust me,
this ending is gonna be fab.
My character has found her voice,
and her confidence.
And now she has to share that with others.
- Like who?
- You made it!
No time for touch ups, girls.
It's time to blast off into the future.
- We're going to the future?
- Roger that, Queen Bee.
This sci-fi western scene
is gonna be out of this world.
Meet our make up
and special effects queen.
I make everyone look so extra.
She's been working this whole movie
to make everyone
into their fiercest selves.
But in this ending, she needs our help
to find what she's looking for.
And action!
Wow! So, what is it,
we're looking for out here?
Not what... who.
Whoa! Lone Star!
We've traveled the galaxy looking for her,
but she's been on the run.
Legend has it, if you're ever
face to face with Lone Star,
it's a day you'll never forget.
Word around town is, she was spotted here,
at acoustic night at the BB Diner.
- What'd she do?
- It's what she won't do.
It's her! We found her.
Come on, girl.
This has gone on long enough.
You're not leaving here without...
a makeover.
Wait, so that's
why we've been looking for her?
We just wanted to give her a makeover?
You best move along.
This dessert ain't
big enough for all of us.
But, why don't you want
a makeover, Lone Star?
They're so much fun.
Lavender jeans and long lashes
That's me. It's right there in my song.
Can't change it.
But, it's good to change
things up every once in a while.
Things can't always stay the same.
Then how would they ever be surprising?
Listen to them.
They know what they're talking about.
And if you're up for the challenge,
I'll get a makeover with you.
Oh, it is on.
I'm serving cyborg realness.
Yipee kay-yay... Here to slay.
You call that a makeover?
I'll show you a makeover.
I'm setting my ray-blaster to stunning.
See? You look amazing!
Change can be good.
The space dessert does get
a little toasty in these sparkly jeans.
And that's what we're here for.
To help you figure out your
new look and really express yourself.
And you know the best way to do that.
Makeover montage!
Hey, I put on my shades,
I put on my shades
I put on my shades, and slay
When I do my hair with my shades
I feel like I can slay
With my crew, just good vibes
Nails on point, every time
Find that perfect look,
show us who you are
What's your vibe?
Switch it up, you're a superstar
Put that outfit on,
this diva is your time
Got my glasses and I'm ready to shine
Hey, I put on my shades
I put on my shades,
I put on my shades
And slay, slay, hey!
I put on my shades, I put on my shades
I put on my shades, and slay, slay!
This, and I'm stylish,
confidence, no you can't buy this
Got this fresh new look, new clutch
Always extra but never too much
Unique, a little outrageous
Hold my phone,
'cause I'm ready to slay this
It's an LOL style takeover
Mix it up, another makeover
Wow! That was so much fun!
Girl, you look amazing.
- This might be the best ending yet.
- It's like I always say:
"There's no intergalactic problem
that a makeover can't solve."
That was a supernova celebration of style.
That was thrilling!
- It had frights!
- And delights!
We did it! That was amazing!
Four endings, one movie! Best day ever!
Oh no. We've officially run out of time.
I have to pick an ending
or there's no movie premiere.
Which one are you gonna choose?
You know, I've been thinking all day, sis.
But I can't decide. I love them all.
I'm sorry, everyone.
I don't know what to do.
Well, when I make movies at home,
I combine the best parts together
to make one big mega-movie.
What if we don't need
to choose one ending?
What if we just choose them all?
That's a nice idea, sis. But...
I just don't see
how we can do that in time.
It's impossible.
It's not impossible.
And you all worked so hard.
I don't know.
Combining one, two, three, four endings
into one, that's frightening! Even to me.
But you're you! The crew!
You don't hang up
your leopard print capes and quit.
Whoa! Whoa.
Swag, you're the one
who slays all day and has no time to play.
Yass, girl. I'm hearing what you say.
you say, "Always extra, never too much."
So, let's be extra!
Lady Diva, you were born a star!
And a star never steps away from the mic.
You know it's true!
And Royal Bee, you're my sister.
I look up to you. Literally.
Well, not now. But usually.
And today, you helped me
do things I never thought I could do.
All of you did.
You helped me face my fears.
You taught me to be a real hero.
You showed me how bright the world can be.
And that change can be fabulous.
And the best ending
is the one that includes all of us.
We're all amazing.
But when we're a group,
we're even better together.
And if what I'm thinking does work,
we're gonna make that premiere.
But you're gonna have to trust me.
Where you going?
Snip that, cut to this.
- Help the superhero.
- Combine those two.
- Perfect.
- This is it.
Life is art. Art is life.
I'm running out of time!
Queen Bee, she's saying you're late.
Can't wait to see how you end your movie.
I got it!
Whoops! Whoa!
Royal Bee? Hello?
- Are you there?
- Ava, ready?
Ava, did you hear me?
Oh, honey.
You know, I'm gonna miss this place too.
I know you're
feeling a lot of things today.
Actually, Mom, I feel...
- really excited!
- Well, that's energy!
Are you sure?
You were pretty sad this morning.
Now, I'm one hundred,
a million percent sure!
I can't wait for the new house,
I can't wait for my new friends,
and I can't wait to play with my dolls
in the new house with my new friends!
- Where's all this coming from?
- I just had a really great day.
I love that. I'm proud of you.
And I got you something special.
How does two tickets to
the new LOL Surprise movie sound?
We finished the movie?
Of course it's finished.
They've been promoting it for weeks.
Oh, right. I knew that.
I'll be right back.
Ava, I mean, Queen Bee,
you look cute and fierce.
I'm ready.
Come on, Queen Bee, let's go.
In a world,
where a super fierce, fashionable
queen goes on a super
fierce, incredible journey.
It's the epic story of...
Royal Bee!
And in the end, it all comes down to...
A big surprise!
This is it! The big ending.
It's gonna be such a surprise.
So, I'm going now.
Into a bright new world.
- And I've learned...
- If you're ever face to face with...
- Something spooky...
- Remember...
- you're braver than you think!
- You've got this.
It's good to change
things up every once in a while.
You're fierce.
You're just the heroes we need.
- Woo-hoo!
- Whoo!
And so extra too.
You're incredible teamwork...
Is out of this world!
You'll always be
the fiercest queens in my heart.
We couldn't have
done it without each other.
Let's get up and dance!
Get up and dance
Nothing as special as you are,
get up and dance
We're always better
when we're together
Get up and dance,
just dance, just dance
And I feel the groove,
it's all about the fun, nothing to prove
No, no, grooving like
no one's watching
Dance your heart
out 'cause you can't lose
No, no, no,
and I got all my sisters here
All my sisters here,
'cause we're family
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we all have our own vibe
That's what makes us shine
Calling all our babies,
we know what to do
Get up and dance,
everybody come move with us
Get up and dance, strut your stuff
Show us who you are
I can't believe we did it!
I wish Queen Bee
was here to celebrate with us.
Yeah, where is she?
Making a fashionably late
entrance, of course.
No, no
Livin' like no one's watching,
dance your heart out
You didn't think
I'd let you celebrate without me?
Come move with us
Get up and dance
Strut your stuff, show us who you are
Get up and dance
It's always better when we're together
Get up and dance,
let's dance, let's dance, oh, yeah
It's always better when we're together
Get up and dance,
Let's have everyone get together
Get up and dance
It's always better when we're together
Get up and dance,
let's dance, let's dance
It's LOL, yeah.
Uh, let's go, yeah
Verse one, here we go
It's your girl, Royal Bee,
here to run the show
I'm a real boss queen, VIP you know
Always doing my thing,
check my video
Got my friends here,
and it's a vibe
Yeah, Help my queens
bring their dreams alive
Always got their backs
and they've got mine
This is how we do LOL surprise
Pose like you mean it
Energy, attitude, slay!
Pose like you mean it
Strut your stuff, BB see it!
Pose like you mean it
Work that runway, yeah
If you wanna feel it too,
come on sing it out
We've got that groove,
we run this
What we do, we're queens,
we run this
It's our crew, making magic
Strutting fierce just like the divas
that we are, My queens, we run this
We're superstars,
my queens we run this
Yeah, I'm slaying with my sisters
'Cause we're LOL
Your name, out on ride
Lady Diva, see my name in lights
So extra on stage, yes, I'm dynamite
My BFFs, yeah, we alright
It's Neonlicious, in the house
Got my nails done,
hair done, music loud
Got the bright city life,
watch me work the crowd
Better leave ASAP
get my bike and I'm out
Pose like you mean it
Energy, attitude, slay
Pose like you mean it
Strut that stuff, yeah, baby say it!
Pose like you mean it
Work that runway, yeah
If you wanna feel
it too, come on sing it out
We've got that groove, we run this
What we do, we're queens, we run this
It's our crew, making magic
Strutting fierce just
like the divas that we are
We're queens, we run this
Superstars, my queens we run this
Yeah, I'm slaying with my sisters
'Cause we're LOL
Get up on your feet, Baby Swag is back
You know I'm spitting that
heat when you hear me rap
I'm the baddest on
the block, and that's a fact
Grooving with all my sisters,
yeah, we slay the track
We got Royal Bee
and she runs the world
We got Lady Diva, she a star, my girl
We got Neonlicious
and she shines so bright
And you already know LOL's for life
Pose like you mean it
Energy, attitude, slay
If you wanna feel it too,
come on, sing it
We've got that groove, we run this
What we do, we're queens, we run this
It's our crew, making magic
Strutting fierce
just like the divas that we are
My queens, we run this
Superstars, my queens we run this
Yeah, I'm slaying with my sisters
'Cause we're LOL OMG
Slaying queens, LOL OMG
Slaying queens, LOL OMG
Slaying queens, LOL OMG