L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Fashion Show (2022) Movie Script

What's up, B.B.s, queens,
and everyone in between.
It's your favorite
model/intrepid reporter,
Twist Queen, coming at you live
from the biggest
fashion event of the year,
Winter Fashion Week.
This year, Fashion B.B. Magazine asked me,
the Queen of tea,
to be their Winter
Fashion Week correspondent.
I hope you're ready,
because I'm bringing you
all the breaking news
from backstage to the runway.
We are getting up close and personal
with designer royalty.
We'll show you
the most sought-after stylists.
You'll meet some
of the most graceful models
to ever walk the runway.
And if we've got the time,
we might even stop by the salon
to get our hair done by the one,
the only, my very best BFF, Lady Braids.
Who else needs a new do?
- Pick me.
- Me, me, me.
But we are just spending time
with familiar faces.
This year's debut designer
was selected to show
her collection on the runway
and compete for the coveted cover
of Fashion B.B. Magazine's
Fashion Week issue.
Who is this lucky designer?
And more importantly,
will she show up and show out?
Or will the pressure
be too much to handle?
I know I'm hoping
for a little bit of both.
Get in!
Suitcase, check.
Fashion collection, check.
Debut designer--
Okay. This is it.
And now I'm getting super nervous.
I wanna blow minds
and make a good impression.
But what if I choke?
Don't worry, Neonlicious.
You've totally got this.
- Yes, girl. Get it.
- Bye.
This will be us, Neonkitty.
We're getting that magazine cover.
You know you're not
supposed to be up there, right?
Sorry. I, um-- I got lost.
Hey, you're this year's
debut designer, aren't you?
Is it that obvious?
That you're new around here?
A little, but only because I've
been to enough fashion weeks
to recognize the regulars.
-I'm Stylez.
Are you a designer, too?
Stylist, actually. You make the clothes.
I turn them into outfits
for the fab and the fierce.
I'd tell you all about it,
but I'm kinda in a hurry.
Right. Of course. I'll just get going.
I have to drop this off really quick,
but if you need a guide,
I can show you around after.
As long as you can keep up.
We're going into a live photoshoot, okay?
I need you to be cooler than cool.
I'll be ice cold.
Very seasonally appropriate.
My gosh!
That's Missy Frost and Sashay!
They're iconic.
So cool you're ice cold, remember?
Stop everything.
-What's wrong this time?
That's a little dramatic,
don't you think?
I am the drama. And this, this is not.
What do you think?
I think you can change
the jacket and add a belt.
Not you, LaRose. Stylez, ideas?
Let's try a belt.
I have a couple
that'll make everything pop.
I think it's the clothes, actually.
Excuse me.
My designs are perfect.
Well, I'm not feeling the fantasy.
You want me to be fierce?
I can barely move.
I'm woozy because I missed
my mid-morning smoothie.
I can't work like this.
I have an idea.
Who are you?
Um, I'm Neonlicious. I'm a designer, too.
-I'm new.
If you need more movement,
what if you just adjust the skirt?
By all means.
Let's try this.
I love this.
You said you're a designer?
I am. I'm this year's debut designer.
Well, if your collection
is anything like
this look you just created,
I'd love to walk in your show.
We'll figure out the details
tomorrow at model auditions.
Now, I'm ready for my close-up.
Fabulous. Let's get back to work.
Unless anyone else
would like to alter my clothing.
We'll get a few shots
with the experimental skirt for Missy.
And then back to the original design.
Did you see that?
Did that really happen?
Is Missy Frost
actually walking in my show?
That was a super fab trick.
I've never seen anything like it
and I've seen everything.
I'd keep a low profile, though.
Sashay can be a little prickly.
Prickly like a cactus or like a rose?
Good. I caught you.
Sashay wants to make sure you're coming
to the kickoff party at
the Fashion B.B. loft tonight.
She wants to
chat with you one on one.
Yeah, of course.
Wild ponies couldn't keep me away.
This is the best day ever.
Fashion B.B. Magazine, here we come.
Arrival day is almost over,
and I was lucky enough to catch Fab Diva,
the star-making editor
of Fashion B.B. Magazine,
making her usual fashionable
entrance just minutes ago.
But that diva
isn't the only queen
making a grand entrance today.
Dapper B.B. arrived,
ready to prove once again
that she's got mad design skills.
With the dance moves to match.
Coming in with the drama, La Crystal.
But no one can compete
with the show-stopping, spectacular,
sensational, Fancy Heart.
Meanwhile, I snagged
an invite to the ultra-exclusive
Winter Fashion Week kickoff party,
and I have to look my absolute best.
So, dust off your dancing shoes
and get ready for an epic night.
Stay tuned, stay sparkly,
and I'll see you there.
It's like you were born for this.
Twist Queen, fashion correspondent.
This is my big shot to snag
a full-time reporting job
at Fashion B.B. Magazine.
I can't waste it.
So, will you let me
experiment with your hair this year?
No way. My look is my brand.
I can't just change it.
It's like holding Winter
Fashion Week in the summer.
Can you imagine all those models
walking down a beach in winter coats?
It'd be confusing and sweaty.
It's like you don't even trust me, B.B.
Please, as if I'd let anyone else
touch my hair before a big event.
At least the party
tonight should be interesting.
I heard Sashay invited Neonlicious,
if you can believe that.
No way!
Sashay never bothers with new designers.
I know.
I guess this Neonlicious queen
must be something special.
I'd better charge this, then.
Don't wanna miss any fireworks tonight.
Well, you all know the drill.
This is the party of the year
and it will be perfect.
Prism, get us started.
Let's turn this place
into a Winter Wonderland.
You heard her, B.B.
Guest list.
You made sure Neonlicious is coming?
Yup. Also, I was thinking
about your fashion show
and I had an idea for the finale look.
I can't believe Missy Frost
thought the new girl
was something special.
She made a bubble skirt. So what?
She's rude and impulsive.
That's why we have to
teach her a lesson tonight.
What lesson?
That she can't embarrass me
and get away with it.
That lesson.
I'll make sure she gets the message.
And then maybe we can
talk about the finale look.
Sure. Whatever.
Okay. There's nothing to be scared of.
Just a room full of the most
important people in fashion.
No big deal.
You're supposed to push.
There are two queens
you have to meet, come on.
I was hoping to talk to Sashay.
Trust me, when she wants to
talk to you, she'll find you.
Stylez. It's good to see you.
Neonlicious, this is Lady Braids.
And the B.B.
with the phone is Twist Queen.
Wow. Say hi, Neonlicious.
Hi. I'm just gonna--
She's so mysterious.
Love her!
I mean, hi, again.
I just wanted to
thank you for inviting me.
We throw some great parties
at the House of Surprises
but this is next-level amazing.
Neonluscious, is it?
I'm so glad you made it.
Everyone in this room
worked hard to get here.
They deserve it.
But I'm not sure about you.
Your perkiness screams no.
They wouldn't have selected me
if I wasn't a good designer.
Why don't you show everyone
what you've got, then?
Hello, my beautiful B.B.s.
I have a surprise for you.
Earlier today, I met Neonlicious,
the lucky designer debuting this year.
And guess what?
She agreed to do a demonstration
of her incredible design technique for us.
Don't be shy.
You've already worked
with some of my pieces.
Why don't you give me
the same little transformation
you gave Missy Frost?
We'd love to see it.
I couldn't.
Don't be shy now. Fix my outfit.
I see.
Not so bold when you've got
this many witnesses, are you?
That's okay.
If you ever mess with my designs
or show me up in front
of one of my models again,
this will be the last
fashion week you're invited to.
Enjoy the party.
Not okay.
The more not okay something is,
the bigger the story.
Good morning.
It's time for model auditions
and that means we are
one day away from the runway.
I'm up extra early
and armed with
all kinds of piping hot tea.
Amateur fashion shows
kicked off all over the world
in honor of Winter Fashion Week
as the best strut their stuff.
Fashion newbies, watch and learn.
And while most queens served looks,
some models showed us
that the best fashion
comes with a little compassion attached.
And B.B.s, I'm obsessed with Neonlicious.
I'm hoping to get an exclusive interview
with the newbie designer today
and get all the juicy deets
we're all desperate for.
So stay tuned and stay sparkly.
I think I made a big mistake,
and I don't know how to fix it.
Hey, everyone makes mistakes,
but a real queen acknowledges it
and faces it head-on.
Apologize if you need to.
But don't let it freeze you in place.
I guess you're right.
I know I am.
You're a star, B.B.
Now go show them how bright you can shine.
We'll see you soon.
She's right.
I can still put on
an amazing fashion show,
get that magazine cover,
and then maybe I can
make things right with Sashay.
We're going to have a great day.
Hey, you're in a good mood.
I was worried when you left last night.
I'm fine. I've been to worse parties.
I mean, none come immediately to mind,
but I've heard my first birthday
was a disaster.
Anyway, it's a new day,
and I'm gonna make the most of it.
That's the spirit.
Why don't you show me
what you're working with?
Where's my collection?
No. No.
This can't be happening.
What am I gonna do?
Somebody probably moved it by accident.
Did you see anybody
moving Neonlicious' collection?
No, I don't think so. Why, is it missing?
Did someone steal it?
No one stole anything. It's just lost.
It has to be somewhere, okay?
We'll find it. Come on.
Wait up. I'll help you look.
There's nothing here. What do I do?
I'm missing model auditions,
and I'm supposed to meet with Missy Frost,
like, any minute.
-I can put the word out.
-No way.
I already embarrassed myself last night.
I don't want more people to
think that I don't belong here.
We can call Lady Braids.
She's my primary source.
What about Missy Frost?
Just keep the meeting short and sweet
and try not to worry.
We'll be right there with you.
We will?
For moral support, no streaming allowed.
But this is
the scoop of the year.
Everything will be fine.
I can handle this. No problem.
Who am I kidding? I'm freaking out.
My career hasn't even started
and it's already over.
my favorite new designer.
I want to hear all about your collection.
What's the vibe? The color palette?
Most importantly,
what will I be wearing?
Well, my collection is bold and colorful.
A lot like me.
But what's the story?
What makes a design
a Neonlicious original?
Sometimes you wanna
be able to change up your look
whenever inspiration strikes.
Do you trust me?
Depends on what you're about to do to me.
Just need to give you a little makeover.
Fashion is all about
expressing yourself, right?
But what if you wanna express something
just a little different
from your usual self?
You could buy a new outfit,
or you could take what you already have
and make it new.
You're never in the wrong outfit
when you're wearing Neonlicious.
I love it.
It's the future of fashion.
Now, I can't wait to see
what amazing garment you've got for me.
Well, that's the thing.
I can't show you my collection just yet,
it's kinda sorta missing.
-It's not lost, I hope.
-No, of course not.
And I have a fabulous outfit
planned for you, I promise.
I can't commit to walking
in your show without fashions.
You've got a great future
ahead of you as a designer.
Call me next year.
Ooh, I love this.
It wasn't enough.
Will you let me help now?
If we get the story out
someone might know something.
I'll do anything
to get my collection back.
Yes. You won't regret it.
Let's get this search party started.
Buckle up, B.B.s.
I'm bringing you breaking news.
Last night, someone took Neonlicious'
entire fashion collection,
and now it's missing.
Now, maybe it was a mistake,
but after seeing how Sashay
put Neonlicious on blast
at the party last night,
I'm a little suspicious.
If it was stolen,
and I'm not saying it was,
there's only one person I've seen
who isn't a fan of our debut designer.
I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
Let me know if you've seen
anything fishy at Fashion Week.
Stay sparkly.
Meet me at the salon in half an hour.
I think I cracked your case.
Did you find it?
Please tell me you found it.
Whoa! I love your salon.
But did you find it?
I was shampooing City Babe
and she said that Miss Glam said
that Mystery Queen noticed
some boxes had been mixed up
with the delivery this morning.
And ta-da!
Crisis averted.
Only one box?
This is just the extra fabric
for my collection.
My Fashion Week is completely ruined.
Hey, it's not that bad.
You made it here, and that takes skill.
And one of my followers
might still find something.
What's the point?
There's no way I can win
the magazine cover now.
It's over.
Girl, I know you didn't come all this way
just for a magazine cover.
You came because you're a designer.
Because you love making clothes
and you're good at it.
Neonlicious, if you
give up now, you'll regret it.
I can't do it.
It's impossible.
-I've got it.
-Got what?
All weekend,
I've been transforming fashion
Missy Frost, Stylez.
So that's why you're looking
extra fierce today.
- I do look fab?
- Love it.
I'll just do
the same thing to my collection
and make a fashion line out of this.
-You can do that?
-It'll be a little tricky.
Okay, a lot tricky, but I'll make it work.
I just need my sketchbook,
a sewing machine,
and a banana keelberry splash smoothie.
You're right, Neonkitty.
Emergencies like this require smoothies
and hot cocoa.
Let's get to work.
But my brand!
Please, it'll make for a great story.
Twist Queen helps save fashion show,
a reporter/intrepid model.
Wait! You work with Sashay, right?
What are you doing here?
Just my usual midnight jog.
I don't get that much time to myself, so
you know, gotta work out what I can.
Are you spying for Sashay?
What? No.
Why would you think that?
I just wanted to see how you were doing.
That's so nice.
Teeny question.
Did Sashay steal my fashions, LaRose?
Of course not.
Sashay is way too self-obsessed.
Plus, she has a no-distractions
policy for Fashion Week.
No phone, no social media.
Definitely no stealing.
She sounds pretty tough.
You don't know the half of it.
I wish I was more like you.
You got her to pay attention to you.
I can't even get her
to listen to my ideas.
I help her with her designs and styling.
I do everything she asks
and she still treats me like-- like--
like an assistant.
You're not an assistant?
I thought I was her student
and she was my mentor.
That's why I wanted to work for her,
so I can be just like her,
model and designer.
I already have ideas, like picture this.
A model on ice skates.
But Sashay won't listen.
-I'll listen.
-You'll help me?
Watch this.
Love it. You just need a look to match.
Let's see.
It's perfect!
That was amazing.
You've got super unique ideas.
Gets Sashay's attention.
Make her see how talented you are.
You're right, I won't let
Sashay ignore me anymore.
I'm done.
I'll never let anything
happen to you ever again.
Next up--
Girl, you need a nap.
Okay. Maybe a little nap won't hurt.
Good morning.
I'm sure you're all
ready for Neonlicious update.
But first, the art museum
opened its doors to fashion this year.
And my favorite work
of art was on the runway.
Agent B.B., curator extraordinaire,
has one requirement for this exhibit.
You wanna walk
you gotta be extra.
It wasn't elegant,
but it was definitely fun to watch.
As for the missing fashion collection,
that's one case
we haven't managed to close.
But Neonlicious has a surprise
planned for us tonight.
Hint, you might see it on the runway.
Happy runway day.
Notice anything different?
Let's put Western honey in the ice blue
and try that sparkly
top and bottom on Kitty K.
I think you might need
a new look after Kitty K.
Something totally unique,
something with some movement.
I've been planning this show for months.
I'm not changing it last minute for--
What are you doing?
So, I was spying
on Neonlicious last night,
and I think her new collection is gonna be
even better than the one I stole.
But if I skate down the runway,
everybody will remember
your fashion show, not hers.
Hold, please.
So, in the finale, I wear ice skates.
No, the other thing.
I was doing what you asked.
You said we had to
teach Neonlicious a lesson,
so I stole her collection.
I thought she'd get the message
-she's not welcome here.
-That wasn't what I meant.
You were super vague and I had to
figure it out on my own, like always.
Doing everything you ask is a lot of work.
Does anyone know you did it?
Nope, I covered my tracks so well,
they think it's someone else.
Who do they think took it?
Do they think--
do they think I did it?
Only Twist Queen and all of her fans.
Okay. It's fine.
You just need to come clean.
Find Neonlicious, tell her what happened,
give her the collection back,
and then Twist Queen can clear my name.
But then I'll look bad.
So? You've got a mess to fix.
Morning, sunshine.
Runway starts in an hour.
You're up second.
And someone left a note for you.
Who was it?
No idea.
They dropped it off while I was
doing a last minute shampoo. Gotta run.
"We need to talk.
Meet me in the walk-in closet ASAP.
- Dear.
- Wow.
My gosh.
- Hello.
- Sashay?
Well, can we get this over with?
Um, get what over with?
I thought you wanted to talk to me.
No, you said
you wanted to apologize to me.
No, I didn't.
"I wanna officially resign
from Winter Fashion Week
and say sorry in person.
Meet me in the walk-in.
Smiley face."
I don't sound like that.
And that's not even my handwriting.
Hey! There's a VIP in here.
Sorry, Sashay.
The door's locked on this side.
I don't think that would work.
Open the door.
No, no. I don't want to.
Neonlicious was right.
I can't let you ignore me anymore.
Why would you
listen to Neonlicious?
You stole her collection.
She stole my fashions?
Who else?
Honestly, you.
Ladies and gentlemen, B.B.
I am honored to be opening
Winter Fashion Week!
Where's Neonlicious?
I don't know.
Nobody has seen her.
I'll check the salon.
Enough talk from me.
Let's get this fashion show started.
This is all your fault.
How is it my fault?
It seems pretty obvious
that LaRose did all of this.
Because you ruined everything.
I spent all year planning
for Winter Fashion Week.
I worked my fingers
to the bone to make a collection
that I know will wow the crowd
and make anyone who wears it feel great.
It always goes perfectly.
Until the photo shoot.
Do you have any idea
how long it took to get
Missy Frost to notice me?
Two years. She fell in love
with your pink cheetah collection.
She's been your
number one model ever since.
I told you, I'm a huge fan.
I've read one or two or, like,
all of your interviews.
And you said, "The only reason
Missy Frost noticed me
was because I took a chance."
I don't sound like that.
I'm really sorry I barged
into your photoshoot like that, Sashay.
I can be a little impulsive sometimes.
I've noticed and I'm not a fan.
I guess I still have a lot to learn.
Like the best way to talk to my idols.
You're not doing too bad right now.
I'm sorry LaRose ruined
fashion week for both of us.
Maybe not.
I have a plan.
Operation Neonkitty get help, please.
Your cat can't possibly save us.
That's why I have a backup plan.
Where is everybody?
I have no designers on deck right now.
Where is Neonlicious? Where's Sashay?
Sashay never misses last looks
and nobody can find her anywhere.
First Neonlicious' collection goes missing
and now she and Sashay are gone?
I told you it was sabotage.
Um, what do we do?
LaRose, fashion designer/runway
supermodel to the rescue.
I'm here to put on a show
Winter Fashion Week will never forget.
What about Sashay and Neonlicious?
Who cares?
I mean, it's so sad.
We're all worried, super sick.
But the show must go on, right?
I couldn't find Neonlicious.
Well, LaRose is
about to hijack her runway.
That's not good.
I think we need to follow that cat.
It's not pretty, but I'm sure
it'll work better than your cat.
Let's find out.
Move to your left.
Your other left.
That's my right.
You know what I meant.
Now pull up.
You're kinda bossy.
And you're kind of annoying.
That's just my sunny disposition.
I think I hooked it.
Pull gently.
We did it.
We're out.
That was you?
I'm talking to a cat.
My heroes.
Thank us later.
We have to get to the runway.
Where's Neonlicious?
Maybe this is the halftime show.
That was supposed to be my show.
- I'm fired, aren't I?
- Definitely.
But even though the execution was flawed,
the skates were a decent idea.
You're here, thank goodness.
I thought I wasn't going to walk
a single run away this year.
What if we did the show together?
What was that?
Neonlicious deserves
to make her debut this year.
So, what if we did the show together?
How would that even work?
You're the idea queen.
Help me figure it out.
Okay, but you have to
let me be a little impulsive.
Okay, but you need
to follow some of my orders.
Time to slay the runway.
Please welcome, Sashay.
Thank you. Thank you.
I know you're all happy to see me
and well, I hate to be fashionably late.
Winter Fashion Week is about to witness
a collaboration between a legend,
me, and a debut designer, her.
I mean, Neonlicious.
You got this, Neonlicious.
Looking good.
My girl, Neonlicious!
- Come on, B.B.!
- Go, Neonlicious!
Show them how to do it, girl!
Well, B.B.s, that's a wrap
on another epic Winter Fashion Week.
This year had everything.
Drama, mystery, fashion collaborations,
and transformations.
And you didn't hear from me.
But LaRose is taking time
at her family's winter chalet
for some serious self-reflection.
But the biggest news?
Fab Diva chose Sashay
and Neonlicious for the cover.
That's it for me,
your newest fashion B.B.
runway correspondent.
See you next year.
Stay sparkly.
There's still one unsolved mystery.
Where the heck is
Neonlicious' missing collection?
I guess we'll never know.