La casa 3 (1988) Movie Script

Where are you, child?
Henrietta. You down there?
How could you do such a thing to
one of God's innocent creatures?
Answer me!
And on your birthday
of all days.
You have committed
a very grave sin, Henrietta.
And you deserve
a terrible punishment.
Therefore, you are going
to remain here in the dark
until I say you've had enough.
And pray the Lord
to have mercy on your soul.
Boy, I just don't know
what to do.
Something's come over her.
It's like she were under
a spell or a curse.
How can you say that?
She's just a little girl, Sam.
Our only child.
Holy Christ.
What's come over her?
Sam, what happened?
Oh, my God!
Roger, Sherry.
Just a little static.
Listen, I can appreciate
but your feelings about
Simon le Bon...
Jesus, you've been talking
about him for about a week now.
Listen, how does your boyfriend
feel about him?
Sherry, I gotta take a call.
I'll be back.
This is K1UR signing off.
- Hello?
- Hi.
Hi. I thought
you'd be here by now.
I got held up at the library.
I'll see you later.
what do you mean, "later"?
Listen, if you're doing
something you shouldn't be,
remember, you might
lose your scholarship.
I know, it's back to taking
tourists around Amsterdam,
I'm not that stupid.
Okay, okay,
sorry, I mentioned it.
- I made chili.
- Keep it hot.
I'll be there
in about two hours.
- And another thing,
- Yeah?
Keep yourself hot, too.
K1UR, this is WA1ZLQ calling.
You got a copy?
Yeah, I copy, John.
Hey, did you find out
who's more popular in Denver?
Kim Basinger or Kelly LeBrock?
It's neck and neck.
Hey, why don't you
ask your computer, man.
By the way, Paul, how are your
data processing exams going?
Well, I could use
a little help from Kelly.
Listen, John, I got some things
I gotta do.
I'll get back to you tonight
after the Celtics game.
This is K1UR signing off.
Okay, catch you later.
This is WA1ZLQ.
A penny for your thoughts.
Something really weird
happened last night.
Okay, out with it.
Well, it was about 11:30,
I was trying to reach Denver.
Where, all of a sudden,
the radio just went crazy.
I mean, completely crazy.
So what's so weird about that?
'Cause it never happened before.
I mean, all the circuits
just went haywire.
And then, all of a sudden,
I heard this voice
calling for help.
And then a terrible scream.
I mean,
a really terrible scream.
- Who was it?
- I don't know.
But whoever it was, he sounded
really scared to death.
I'm starving,
I'm gonna get some chili.
Get me some too, will you?
- Okay.
- Extra jalapeo.
Damn, I was supposed
to call K7ET.
K1UR calling K7ET.
You got a copy. Come on, back.
Let's try 1790 MHZ.
Martha, come here, quick.
Come here.
Get me that tape recorder.
Who are you?
What do you want?
For God's sakes...
Somebody help me.
K7ET calling K1VR.
Can you hear me, Paul? Over.
- Yeah, I copy.
- It's about time.
I've been trying to raise you
on any number of channels.
Uh, you got a glitch
or just choking the chicken?
Could it be
some stupid HAM operator
playing a practical joke?
No one would pull a stunt
like that. It's unethical.
- Besides it sounded real to me.
- Yeah. Real.
Somebody help me.
That's enough, Paul.
Please turn it off.
I think
we should call the police.
Yeah, and tell them what?
Hey, isn't any way you can
track down those voices.
Find out where they came from.
You mean, find the radio
that transmitted the signal?
Yeah, I guess.
Hypothetically it's possible,
but it's tough.
First I have to feed
the pile of frequency data
into the computer,
the sound wave variables,
calculate the distances
before I...
Okay, okay. Just do it.
I'll make some coffee.
Make it strong.
You couldn't let me
sleep a little longer?
We gotta find that radio,
a crime could've been committed.
Maybe even murder.
I hope your computer
got it right.
Is it much further?
I don't think so.
The signal's getting stronger.
Hey, watch out.
Why doesn't he
get out of the way?
I can take the abuse
as long as I don't have to walk.
You guys got room in there
for all of me?
Get in the back.
Thanks. You know, hitch is fun.
It's the hiking part that sucks.
Massachusetts sucks too, huh?
Come to think of it,
just about every place sucks.
Hey, you guys believe in ghosts?
- No.
- Well, I do.
Quit it. Would you quit it?
Great stuff, huh?
Will you cut the crap?
So long.
All right.
You should believe
in ghosts, pea brain.
Son of a bitch.
He stole $5 off me
with that stupid trick.
Are you sure?
Yeah, it was right here
in my pocket.
I bet he rips people off
all the time with that thing.
This is it.
Radio message had to come
from that house.
Nobody lives there any more.
Just rats.
We were just looking around.
Where are you from?
Boston. We're from Boston.
What are you snooping around
here for anyhow?
Well, we were looking for
a place to rent for the summer.
You see, I'm in data processing
over at...
What the hell is that?
He's really scary.
I thought, I don't know,
he was going to attack us.
You got some imagination.
Just a bum.
Okay, but why did he say
we were snooping?
We just got here.
Maybe that guy was right.
Really does look deserted.
Do you mean we came all this way
for nothing?
Paul, I don't like this place.
It's depressing.
There's something evil
about the house.
An evil aura.
Let's get out of here, please.
Come on, don't be silly.
Martha. Let's try
upstairs, okay.
So the computer was right.
An Yaesu FT, for Christ's sakes.
What are you doing up here?
I said,
what are you doing up here?
We were just looking for that.
Oh, yeah? It's mine.
- You live here?
- No.
We're here on vacation.
My Camper's parked
out in the yard.
I'm here with my brother
and his girlfriend.
Our sister, Tina's with us too.
My name's Jim Dalon.
Well, what about this?
Well, since the house was empty,
I didn't think
anybody would mind.
Get good reception up here.
Hey, who are you?
Just a HAM operator.
Like yourself.
You mind listening to this
for a second.
Who are you?
What do you want?
For God's sakes...
Somebody help me.
Well, what do you think?
We're thinking
it all came from here.
I don't get it.
It was your voice.
You can't deny that.
Okay, so it was my voice.
And the scream
sound like my sister, Tina.
It doesn't
make any sense though.
I swear, I don't get it.
When did you tape that?
Last night about 11:30.
No way.
I did bring
the radio up here yesterday.
But I didn't turn it on.
We went to bed early.
Come on, who're you kidding?
I'm not. Look, I can prove it.
I still have to set the aerial
up on the roof.
Come on, let's go take a look.
Wait here.
- Turn the motor off.
- What?
Susan, turn the damn motor off,
will you? Geez.
What the hell was that?
Where are you?
Over here, here she is.
Jesus Christ.
You're bleeding, what happened?
- Oh, Paul, it was horrible.
- What was? Come on.
Over there, the washing machine.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
All right. What the hell
happened down here?
Please take me out of here.
- Okay.
- I'm really scared.
Put your arm around me.
Give me some light, okay.
You're gonna be all right.
Come on.
Let's get you settled down.
Easy. Easy.
Paul's telling the truth.
I listened to that tape, myself,
about 20 times.
It doesn't mean anything.
It's just a bunch of nonsense.
Yeah, right.
And so is what happened
to Martha in the cellar.
But it did happen.
there's something supernatural
about all this, guys.
I don't know.
All I know are computers.
I just feel like
we're in some kind of danger
and we've got to do something.
Come on, you've seen
too many horror movies.
Same old bitch and know-it-all.
Always contradicting everything
anybody says.
You wanna mind
your own beeswax,
- you little brat or else...
- Or else what?
Or else.
For Christ's sake,
will you cut it out?
We got enough trouble as is
around here.
Okay. I'm with you. We gotta
get to the bottom of this.
You got any ideas?
My radio's in the truck.
All I can think of is
we tune in to 1790 MHZ,
we listen all night, say about,
two or three miles from here.
- Me too?
- Right.
You tune in
to the same frequency
but don't send any messages.
- You got it?
- Got it.
What do you think will happen?
We'll see.
Feel like keeping me company?
I don't want
to go back to Boston.
Okay, let's get organized.
By the way, Tina,
why didn't you tell us
that you went over the wall
at school?
I asked the headmistress
for permission.
Bullshit. I just talked to her
an hour ago.
- But, I...
- Tina.
If there's something
that really pisses me off,
it's your constant lying.
It's like you get
some perverted pleasure
out of making things up.
Idiots. You're all against me.
I hate you!
I hate you all!
I hate you.
Is it okay?
Yeah, it's okay.
We just have to wait.
You think it will work?
I don't know.
Maybe we never should've
come here.
This house is weird.
It's like something really
horrible happened here once.
Oh, you just think that
'cause nobody lives here.
Empty houses are always creepy.
Oh, yeah.
Well, how come
no one does live here?
Nothing's gonna happen.
This is getting boring.
It's already 11:04.
Oh, my God, what was that?
Listen, you stay here.
I'm going downstairs
to take a look.
Who are you?
What do you want?
For God's sakes...
Somebody help me.
That was Jim.
Just like the other night.
Jim! Answer me!
Oh, no.
Come on, let's go.
Mark! Help!
Mark! Help!
Mark! Help!
Help! Mark!
Get in the camper now.
Lock the door.
Jesus Christ.
Mark, you're hurt.
It's all right. I'll be okay.
Look, it's that man.
What happened?
The guy was attacking Tina
with an ax.
Thank God I got there in time.
She's safe inside the camper.
You're losing
a lot of blood, Mark.
We gotta get you
to the hospital.
We'll turn him over
to the police.
- Where's Jim?
- I don't know.
We got separated.
We heard these weird noises
like laughing
coming from the first floor.
He took off to check it out.
Help! Hurry!
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, sure.
He went that way.
Damn it.
- He just got by us.
- Forget it.
He's gone now.
- Did you tell Tina about Jim?
- Yeah.
You think she'll be okay?
I gave her a tranquilizer.
She's asleep.
Don't worry, I'll stay with her.
Come on, Mark, let's go.
Lock yourself inside the camper.
Don't open the door
for any reason
until I get back
with the police.
Listen, I know who did it.
I saw her.
I saw her plain as day.
Tina, what are you
talking about?
The girl in the white dress.
She was down in the cellar.
Near Jim.
- She had this weird doll.
- Doll?
Yeah, it was like
they understood each other.
I don't know.
Then I heard that song.
That stupid song.
Was it like
a children's nursery rhyme?
Then you believe me?
Oh, sure, I believe you.
Of course.
Thank goodness. Everyone thinks
I lie all the time, but I don't.
I know.
Now try and close your eyes
and get some sleep, okay?
Close your eyes.
Is anybody there?
Martha. Are you hurt?
The doll. The doll is in there.
422, 422 here. Lieutenant's
already on location
I'm done here, Ferguson.
I'll see you tomorrow
after the autopsy.
Thank you, Doctor.
I'll see you tomorrow.
How's your sister doing?
She's still in shock. We had to
give her a tranquilizer.
I'll have to question her
as soon as she's able.
Of course.
There's something you people
don't know about this place.
A terrible crime
was committed here
about 20 years ago.
Double murder. Husband and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Baker.
- They lived here?
- They did.
Excuse me.
They found him butchered,
one afternoon, in May, 1967.
I was on the case then
so I remember it well.
Did you find the murderer?
No, it was one of the unsolved,
I'm afraid.
Just like
the death of the little girl.
Little girl?
Yeah, the 11 year old
daughter, Henrietta.
First we listed her as missing.
- Then. ..
- And then?
Then we found her
down in the cellar.
Someone locked her in.
She was dead, though
there were no marks on her.
No signs of violence.
A total mystery.
And since then?
Since then
the house has been shut up,
left just as it was.
And nobody wanted
to live here any more.
Who owns the house now?
The county.
Strange, Tina saw a little girl
near Jim's body.
Tina has a tendency
to make things up.
Folks like to see ghosts
in every dark corner.
There's one thing, though.
If you people
weren't trespassing,
none of this would've happened.
Valkos was bound to go off
his rocker sooner or later.
- You think he killed Jim?
- There's no one else.
County pays him
to keep an eye on the place.
They subsidize him.
You see, he used to be
in a state mental hospital.
And in his twisted mind,
your brother must've looked
like a thief or worse.
So he hit him with a fan.
But he had an ax.
Well, in any case,
he won't get far, don't worry.
We'll see to it that he doesn't
hurt anyone any more.
You didn't buy it either,
did you?
Ferguson's full of shit.
He ought to be helping
little old ladies
across the street.
I'm positive Tina wasn't lying
about the little girl.
Now don't forget the picture
that we found in the trunk.
She could've seen it too, maybe,
just imagined the rest.
- Do you really think so?
- No.
So what can we do, Paul?
How should I know?
It's all just
one big horrible mess.
But since the police
are deaf and blind,
I guess we're just on our own.
- How's Tina, Mark?
- She's still asleep.
Listen, there's something
I want to try.
Only I need my computer.
Martha and I
are gonna go back to Boston.
You guys should
leave this place right away.
We"ll be gone
in a couple of hours.
All we have to do is pack up.
Why don't you just drop it?
You'll never decipher
the words of the damn song.
Okay, okay. The simple fact
that the computer doesn't know,
proves that I'm right.
Oh, yeah.
Don't you see? Those voices
had no logical explanation.
We picked up
a telepathic message
on the radio.
You can't know what's gonna
happen in the future.
Yes, you can.
Cases of precognition
have occurred.
Since when are you
into that stuff?
About 45 minutes.
I checked out this book
while you were in the shower.
Remember Jack the Ripper?
The psychopath
who butchered seven women?
So there was
this Anglican priest
who had a vision
of the last murder
a few days before it happened.
- Where?
- In the street car.
The murder took place
in a street car.
No, the minister
was on a street car
when he suddenly had the vision.
Are you getting stupid
or something?
Look who's talking.
Did you learn all that
while I was washing my hair?
Would you be serious?
Would you climb off
your high horse?
You know something,
I've had enough. Good bye.
Lieutenant Ferguson, please.
Oh, it's you, sir.
No, this is Paul Rogers.
You haven't caught him yet?
I was just wondering,
what did Sam Baker do
for a living?
Just outside of town.
I see. Right.
Thank you. Bye.
A funeral home?
Some joke, huh?
You asshole. Who are you?
What are you doing here?
My name is Pepe.
Just looking for a place
to spend the night.
Froze my buns off last night.
You in the camper over there?
Forget it, we're leaving.
Well, okay. Hey, want some?
- No.
- Come on, it's good for you.
Heard nobody stays
in this house any more.
Is that true?
You're not gonna sleep in there.
Sure, why not?
A roof's a roof.
You wanna come
help me explore it?
Okay. So long.
Tina! Tina!
Come on, Tina.
Hurry up, we're going.
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
The distributor's been
giving me some problems.
Boy, I hope
this is real silver.
Who's there?
You could say something,
you know.
You haven't said a word
since we left Boston.
Leave me alone.
Just hurry.
I don't wanna sit here
like an idiot all day long.
- Anybody here?
- I'm in the back.
Looks alive, doesn't she?
You should've seen her
when they brought her in.
Poor old thing.
She was hit by a bus.
I am at your complete disposal.
And may I offer you
my sincerest condolences.
No, I just wanted
some information.
About 20 years ago, did you know
a Mr. Sam Baker?
Why do you ask?
Just curious. Did you know him?
Well, of course, I did.
I used to work
for Sam Baker back then.
And I took over the company
after his death.
We didn't have this place here.
We had a little place
near the cemetery.
Can you tell me
anything about him?
Sam was a good man.
He didn't deserve
the end he came to.
- Even if?
- Even if what?
Well, let's just say
I didn't approve
of some of his practices.
For instance?
He had a real bad habit.
He used to take little things
off the deceased, you know.
Nothing important.
A locket. A little necklace.
Maybe a pen.
Can you recall
any particular object?
- It's been a long time.
- Yeah, sure.
Wait a minute. I remember.
It happened just before he died.
We had an argument about it.
Sam took a doll
that was supposed to be buried
with the deceased owner.
He said his little girl
would love it.
Did you say a doll?
I got really mad that time.
It wasn't valuable or anything.
That wasn't the point.
You can talk to Old Harvey
the cemetery custodian about it.
I'll bet he remembers.
How far is the cemetery
from here?
Less than two miles.
Right after you cross
the highway, on your left.
Thank you, Mr. Gaffey.
I don't know
that he'll be there today.
It's Saturday.
You better get on
out of here, Valkos.
The police are looking
all over the place for you
and I don't want any trouble.
What did
that son of a bitch want?
Nothing. Just some information.
You're all on this together.
All transgressors of God's will.
That's foolishness.
You just get on out of here.
You're in cahoots with them,
you scum.
You get out of here, right now
and I won't tell anybody
I've seen you, Valkos.
No. No!
No. No.
Okay, Doc, what have you got?
Well, I've done the autopsy.
You know, in all my years,
I've never seen a case
stranger than this.
- I just...
- Oh, not you, too.
Just got a call
from one of the kids.
The HAM radio operator.
He wanted to know
what poor Sam Baker did
for a living.
I wonder what those kids
have dreamed up now.
Look, I-I just can't go along
with your reconstruction
of this case.
What are you saying, Doc?
The wound appears to be
a clean incision.
There are no torn tissues,
no bruises.
And further more,
the blade severed the artery
on an upward angle
coming from below.
That boy
could not have been killed
by a blow from someone using
the fan as a weapon.
The only hypothesis that
holds up scientifically at all.
One of the fan blades broke off
while it was running.
Centrifugal force sent the blade
flying through the air
and it slices
through the boy's throat.
From an upward angle.
Are you joking?
You know as well as I do
that the fan
is not in running order.
I mean, it just doesn't
even have a motor.
How can it work without a motor,
without electrical current?
If you recall, 20 years ago,
when the Bakers were killed,
we had a lot of questions
we didn't have any answers for.
And people were wondering
a long time after that.
To hell with them.
People are susceptible,
they are gullible.
And don't you forget about
the Salem Witch trials.
This is good old
Massachusetts, Doc.
That's neither here nor there.
Have you picked up Valkos yet?
It's just a matter of time.
We set up roadblocks
throughout the entire county.
We should be quick about it.
I've got a bad feeling
about this.
I've got the feeling
that the worst is yet to come.
It's those kids.
Stop worrying.
They're not
in any danger any more.
They left the house by now.
I did so see him
going into the house.
He was this weird guy
and he had this skeleton arm.
- He had what?
- A skeleton arm.
Are you deaf?
Oh, come on, Tina,
give me a break.
He did and I saw it.
You never believe
anything I say.
- That...
- will you guys just cut it out?
Wait right here.
Look, there's nobody in there.
It's okay.
I swear I saw him, Mark.
I'm not kidding.
Sure, Tina.
Listen, why don't you go inside
and watch some television?
What can you do?
She's been making things up
ever since she could talk.
But this time
she's gone too far.
No, I think she's in shock
over Jim.
I mean, he was the only one
who could really handle her.
Listen, about Jim,
I don't believe in ghosts and
spirits and that kind of stuff.
This is almost the 21st century.
Let's face it.
That crazy caretaker killed him.
But if it was him, Susan,
why didn't he use the ax?
Okay, but what proof
have you got?
Your stupid sister's story
about seeing some ghost
of a kid dressed in white?
What about the message Paul
picked up on his radio
two days before Jim was killed?
And that's on tape.
How do you explain that?
Well, how the hell
should I know?
I know, I'm sorry.
Let's get our butts
out of here, Mark.
You could've sat down
and eaten something
instead of rushing me like that.
I wasn't hungry.
Neither was I.
I just wanted a minute to think.
I'm scared, Paul.
I just can't wait to talk
to that cemetery custodian.
What do you hope to learn?
I don't know. I just can't get
that doll out of my mind.
I saw it. It looked evil.
I'll never forget that look.
He's still in here.
I just know it.
And so is she.
Here you go. Do you mind?
I'm gonna go take a shower.
Sorry, but you can't.
Forgot to fill the tank.
Listen, I'll be back
in about half hour, all right?
Sure, you don't need a mechanic?
All I need is a part.
I can do the rest myself.
Listen, keep an eye on Tina
for me, okay.
She'll be okay. She's in denial.
Where are you?
Come out and let me see you.
Where are you?
Oh, Tina. Tina, thank God
you're all right.
Forgive me.
No, you stay here.
Better yet, raise Mark
on the radio. 1790.
God only knows where he is now.
I'm just afraid they're still
at that damned house.
And if they are,
they're in real danger.
They've gotta get out of there
right away. Now.
Mark, are you there?
Come in, Mark.
Mr. Harvey.
Mr. Harvey.
Mr. Harvey, please.
Mr. Harvey.
Mark, please come in.
Mark. Mark.
I copy. Go ahead.
Paul wants to know
where you are now.
Right next to the house
where you left us. Why?
You got to get out of there
right away.
Your lives are in danger.
Why? What happened?
What has Paul come up with?
He'll tell you everything
Just get moving
as fast as you can.
Martha. Martha, answer me.
What is it?
Bad things happen to old souls
that can't find peace.
I warned Sam.
Don't offend the dead.
That's sacrilege.
This has been going on 20 years,
you know.
- There's been other victims.
- You're kidding.
Five years ago,
kid from Mount Claire.
Last he was seen
walking by that old house.
Dropped out of sight.
Have you ever seen
the little girl Henrietta?
Uh, yes.
One night, I was walking
by that old house.
May God preserve us.
Susan! Tina! Answer me!
Martha! Martha!
Where are you?
Paul! Get me out of here!
I can't stand it here any more.
Help! Help! Help!
Someone get me out of here!
Help! Help! No!
Someone get me out of here!
Help! Help!
Get me out of here.
I can't stand it in here at all.
Someone get me out of here.
Someone get me out of here.
Martha. Martha.
- Martha.
- Paul.
It's all right now. I'm here.
Oh, my God.
Let me out of here.
You'll feel better.
Oh, Paul. I saw death.
Help! Help!
Let me out of here.
Right, Henry.
I'll keep the press away
until you get here.
What was that?
That's all nonsense.
The killer committed suicide.
We found him
hanging from a tree
about two hours ago
in the cemetery.
Sure, Henry.
There's not a thing wrong.
I'll see you later.
I know. I know. But that was
the District Attorney.
What can I tell him?
The truth?
- Why not?
- All hell would've broken loose.
people just wanna be reassured.
Believe me. I mean,
they don't wanna know
about ghosts and curses
and whatnot.
Can I go now?
I know how you feel.
But you're gonna have to learn
to live with this on your own.
Because you can't talk
about it with anyone.
They'll only think you're crazy.
I know, you're right.
I just wanna get out of here.
As far away as I can.
I understand.
Don't worry. You'll never see
Henrietta again.
Who was she?
Just an ordinary little girl.
Until her father
gave her that doll.
And that's where it all started.
How do you feel?
Much better.
You'll see. I'll be as good
as new before the week's out.