La cordillera (2017) Movie Script

Hello, I've come about
the electric panels.
I. D and vehicle registration.
What happened,
did I jump a red light?
I beg your pardon?
Entering: Carrizo Emiliano.
I. D: 7331926
I have Emilio.
It's Emiliano.
It says Emilio, here.
Are you sure?
100 percent.
Read me the I. D.
No, it's not perfect.
We have Emilio,
your name is Emiliano.
It says Emilio, here.
It's a mistake, they already
resolved it at the entrance.
The ID is correct.
Is this all you have?
Yes, I've come to do an inspection
and give a quote.
During the work the supply will be cut
and the house must be empty.
The house empty?
It's never empty,
there's always lots of work.
Yes, naturally.
This way, please.
Did you have breakfast?
No, I don't eat breakfast.
- Why?
- I don't know, it's too early.
I'm going to have breakfast.
The bread arrives now.
Perfect, can I make a start?
Come with me,
it's bad to work on an empty stomach.
- Hello.
- How are you?
Good morning, Mario.
Take these two bags to the storeroom
and prepare the trays.
Get it to the main office in 10 minutes.
Thank you.
Good morning, doctora,
would you like a coffee?
No, thank you.
- I'm just leaving.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry, I don't understand,
start again, please.
So he hasn't filed the complaint.
But he is going to?
He spoke to that lawyer,
told him he had something,
but not what.
From which year?
He handled it all,
even the contact with the Spanish?
Did he say what he wants in return?
let me think it over,
I'll call you in two hours.
What's the matter?
And do you know
what he's talking about?
They're threatening
to file a complaint against us.
What for?
Overpricing, in 2006.
We weren't in government in 2006.
You weren't,
but we were in local government.
How and what amount exactly?
The amount isn't clear
but it seems it's over 5 million.
What happened to this cash?
It must have been spent
on putting out fires and the campaign.
Did the president know about this?
Does that matter?
I don't think it's serious.
Provincial campaign funds
from 10 years ago...
- Who would be interested?
- Everybody might be interested.
They told you?
They told me yesterday.
Why is this nonsense
such a big deal?
The guy filing the complaint
is Esteban Camao.
- Husband of our president's daughter.
- I know who he is.
Ex-husband, sorry.
Husband, they never got divorced.
It seems he's got something else.
He wouldn't say.
- Why is he doing all this?
- Blackmail.
Isn't it a bit suicidal?
It'll harm him as much as us.
Not as much.
The 2 houses, the 2 cars,
the apartment he lives in now,
it's all in Marina's name.
If they prosecute him,
they'll prosecute her soon after.
This is news, don't you think?
How much
of what he has is true?
Apparently everything.
What do we do?
What we must do is very simple:
the summit starts tomorrow,
so the only thing
that matters is the summit.
This cannot appear.
Is that clear?
It's clear.
It's not happening.
Only the summit.
- Marta?
- Only the summit.
- What do you think?
- Let's see.
Matelli, Ricardez, Delguer,
fourth, fifth, perfect.
Take him out, him too.
- Ready?
- We've prepared 10 questions.
10 questions? Then...
Put Bravo 6th, and I'll string out
the answer until they're bored.
Let's go.
Good day.
Good day to you all.
Welcome, journalists.
Before starting with the questions,
I'd like to mention
the presidential summit
that's starting in Chile, tomorrow.
It's vital to our country
as the heart of the debate
is the energy autonomy of our region
and its subsequent
future economic development.
This will be implemented
through the creation
of a multinational oil company,
a kind of OPEC-Organization
of the Petroleum Exporting Countries,
but a Latin American one,
driven by our dear Brazilian brothers.
The provisional name
of the company will be
the Southern Oil Alliance.
Did you sleep?
I tried.
Are you worried?
It's nonsense, Hernn,
it'll have blown over in one week.
One week is too long,
we must resolve it, now.
That's impossible,
it's the summit now.
- Stay calm.
- I can't stay calm.
You have to.
I spoke to her.
She was calm.
I spoke to the psychiatrist.
He said she was anxious but stable.
He's an idiot.
Shall we start?
Hernn, shall we start?
Let's start.
It'll all be fine.
Let's go.
- We're starting, boys.
- Ivn, let's go.
Front page of the 3 papers,
there's not much.
The summit: "President
travels to Chile for the oil summit."
"High hopes for the oil conference..."
No mention of you.
Not even one line?
There is something:
"The president's first challenge",
something like that.
"President Blanco faces his first
major international commitment."
They treat you like a kid.
Or like an idiot.
It's all praise for Oliveira Prete,
Dell Priore is drooling.
- Read me some of that.
- It says:
"The president of Brazil knows
that history is knocking at his door.
"The whole world is watching him.
"As rarely before, the president..."
They obviously sent it
direct from the embassy.
What else?
Not much in the papers,
praise for our austerity.
One positive note.
You are mentioned 15 times,
Oliveira 10 times,
Mariano 8 times and Luisa 4 times.
- You're joking!
- I swear.
"The omnipresent Luisa Cordero".
"The indispensable Cordero...".
- And Hoffmann?
- Very little, 4 times.
Dell Priore just calls him
"the foreign minister".
Pastore says: "The ever slightly
inefficient minister Hoffmann".
Spot on, that sentence.
OK, carry on.
The biggest deal today
is Donatti on the radio.
It's been retweeted by everyone.
I can put it on, if you like.
Did you hear it, Gallego?
Some of it, in the car.
It's harsh.
- Go on, put it on.
- It's long...
Go on.
Radio program by Augusto Donatti.
It's seven o'clock in Argentina
and we bring you the news from:
Rise and Shine, with Augusto Donatti.
the President is off to
his first international summit.
We've played dumb so far,
pretending, giving him time,
he's not been in power for long,
as you know.
Now, the whole world will realize
that Argentina has
an invisible president.
That the Argentine people
voted the invisible man into power.
The oil summit,
the Southern Oil Alliance,
is the most important event,
for the countries of South America,
of the 21st century.
The president of Mexico knows this.
The president of Chile knows this.
And the president of Brazil knows this,
because Oliveira Prete is not invisible.
And who are we sending?
Hernn Blanco, ex Mayor of Santa Rosa,
La Pampa province.
A simple chap...
- That's enough.
- Turn it off.
No, leave it.
Shall I put the last part on?
It's Mariano Castex that I see
each day and I wonder:
did anyone vote for Mariano Castex?
We should tell the head of Cabinet,
the strategist,
the puppet master,
that 'the common man' approach
was a bad idea,
that when it's time
to talk to Oliveira Prete,
whom all the international
politics specialists consider
one of the five most influential
people in the world,
who will sit down to talk with him?
Hernn Blanco?
Son of a bitch.
You have to respond.
Then he gets to react,
he'll be the star of the summit.
Nobody says a word.
Not a word.
Not here, not there, nobody.
Not our journalists either.
Nobody responds.
I don't know if we can let this pass.
We can.
Let's see if we all understand.
This summit
is important for everybody.
And it's very important for us.
If the Brazilian
plays his cards right,
he becomes one of the most
important people in the world.
He's right, Donatti is right.
But this, for the Brazilian,
could be a problem.
So we support Brazil.
Everything Brazil says, we support.
What the pharaoh
Oliveira Prete says...
We do.
Is that clear?
Ivn, send the schedule out.
We'll go over it on the ground.
Listen to me.
Put her on a plane
and bring her here.
To Chile? To the summit?
Yes, it's urgent.
You've gone crazy, Hernn.
You don't know Marina.
She doesn't want to be
at a presidential summit.
I know, but she can't be alone
in the middle of this scandal.
Listen to me, bring her.
I don't know if can.
You can.
- Well?
- The president is there.
She's looking smart,
she loves you.
Hoffmann is there.
Moreno Hueyo,
best buddies with Hoffmann.
The Chilean foreign minister's there,
ring any bells?
Ramiro Anwandter,
you met him in Cartagena.
He was Foreign Trade Secretary.
You played tennis, remember?
Who won?
I don't know.
You played for 15 minutes,
for the photographers.
I think you said he wasn't bad.
- What was his surname?
- Anwandter.
Ramiro, keep it simple.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
Welcome to Chile, Mr. President.
Thank you very much, dear Paula.
- What happened?
- A mishap in the kitchen.
I'm so sorry.
I appreciate your punctuality.
Thank you, you're looking so pretty.
If you look this good now,
what about tomorrow?
Stop flattering me, it's suspicious,
you're up to something.
I swear I'm not.
- Ramiro.
- President.
- I hope there's time for a rematch.
- What?
You want to be the loser of Cartagena?
Time brings wisdom.
You're the local, find us a court.
Welcome Mr. President.
My dear Hernn,
do you remember Moreno Hueyo?
How could I forget,
I appointed him.
Do I need to remind you
who appoints the ambassadors?
- Your Excellency.
- Welcome to Chile.
- Welcome to Chile, Mr. President.
- Natalia.
- All clear, sir.
- Thank you, Ral.
My head is spinning.
How high up are we?
Over 3,000 meters.
I'll get you something to help.
- Are you hungry?
- No.
- I'll order you a hamburger.
- With cheese.
I know.
In one hour's time,
it's the bilateral with Ecuador.
Tell me,
what about Marina?
I'm working on it.
Get some rest.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening,
I'm here with miss Marina Blanco.
Marina Blanco?
She's not on the list, sir.
She's the president of Argentina's
Let me explain, sir...
Hi, Luisa. I'm here.
They won't let me in.
What do I do?
Thank you for coming.
- You've changed your hair.
- A long time ago.
It suits you.
- I've not seen you for ages, Luisa.
- Yes.
How are you?
Tired, I had to leave in a rush.
I know, I'm sorry.
Who are all these men?
- Welcome, darling.
- Thank you.
I'm here if you need anything.
It's a mistake,
we're being excluded.
Don't annoy me.
You set up a meeting with Mexico
and got us into a mess with Brazil.
I'm foreign minister, my role is
to establish links between nations.
No, your main role
is not to screw things up.
Your 2nd role
is to work for your country,
not for the Mexicans.
They're using you as a secretary.
Won't you say something, Hernn?
You knew I was meeting the Mexicans.
You're getting us
into trouble with Brazil.
The president could ask
for your resignation.
- Don't threaten me, Gallego.
- I'm not. I'm not threatening you.
I've got things to say, too.
Then I am threatening you!
From now on, you shut up.
If you're making a press statement,
you come to me.
If you're meeting someone,
you tell me.
Hernn, Marina's here.
You're on the bench for this match.
- Gentlemen.
- Why didn't you tell me she was here?
My darling.
- Thanks for coming.
- That's OK.
Come in.
Hi, how are you?
Marina sweetie, how are you?
- We're chatting.
- As usual.
How are you?
- How was the journey?
- Good.
- The boys?
- Good, they're with Andrea.
Do you know why he's doing this?
No, but I can imagine.
Does he want money?
No, he has money.
He's just panicking.
Could he be taking drugs again?
I've no idea. Probably,
but that's got nothing to do with it.
He's paranoid, that's all.
Marina, we need
to ask you some questions.
They're for your own good.
We need to find out what you know.
Is that a question?
If you're referring to my ex-husband's
accounts, we never shared our money.
I've been independent
since I was 18, luckily.
Yes, but most of the properties
are in your name.
Is this an interrogation?
Have I broken the law?
No, nothing like that.
That's not it,
we want to know where we stand.
I don't stand anywhere.
I don't have any problem.
I'm separated.
If my ex has a bone to pick with you,
it's your job to resolve it.
That's not really the case.
Yes, it is the case.
It is the case,
and if it's not,
then it's your job to make it the case.
I am no part of this problem.
It's your problem,
your government's problem.
I am not part of this government,
I have a family connection to it.
- Is that not clear for anyone?
- It's very clear.
Very clear.
We're done.
- Good night, sir.
- Thank you, see you tomorrow.
Hi Nati.
How are you?
She's fine.
I missed you a lot today.
A lot?
Of all the presidents at this summit,
you are definitely the one
who raises the highest expectations.
Your political profile
has grown immensely in recent years.
You've reduced poverty levels
as never before in your country;
unemployment and illiteracy levels
are down to single figures.
But, on the other hand,
you've doubled the defense budget
and tripled the advertising budget.
I've heard you referred to
as "the Emperor".
A supposed 3rd emperor, whose aim
is to reestablish the Brazilian empire.
Everybody believes that
this summit could mean
your long term conquest of the continent.
Miss Klein,
I'm not an emperor.
Nor am I a Caesar.
I am not out to conquer anything.
I'm the president of a country,
a huge and complex country,
with a dramatic history
of injustice and inequality.
I can't indulge in metaphoric games.
I'm a statesman,
not a visionary.
I perform a role.
My role is for one of the earth's
most unequal regions
to start turning its history around
and become a decent and fair place
for those who live in it.
I don't want us to refer
to what is happening here in Chile,
or to my government,
in poetical terms.
I'm surprised
that you take offense, President,
given that the media
never refers to you in any other way.
Excuse me, miss Klein,
I accepted this interview,
despite not being a fan
of personal interviews,
taking into account your prestige
as a serious analytical journalist.
But allow me to reiterate,
I'm not a friend of metaphors,
miss Klein.
Metaphors have done us much harm.
Even with our enemies,
the United States.
They are no 'Great Satan'.
They just have a dark
and violent way of handling business.
Satan doesn't exist.
Dirty business does.
My role, as President of Brazil,
is to prevent those who do business
with the state from doing more harm,
lining their pockets at the expense
of the people's hunger and dignity.
This is a very difficult mission,
miss Klein.
There's no time to play the emperor.
Why isn't Mexico here?
- Mexico is missing?
- Call the Mexican president.
President Sastre,
President of Mexico, please.
Here's Mexico!
Minister, how are you?
Come and find me.
- We were waiting for you.
- Sorry.
Don't worry.
How are you?
Your place is next to
President Serrano.
I'd rather swap
to be next to my friend Hernn.
And Paula, of course, if I may?
I follow my head of protocol's orders,
can he?
But he's next to President Serrano...
Don't worry, my pal Osvaldo
will swap with me.
Osvaldo, can we swap places?
- How are you?
- It's all yours.
I'll look more handsome
above you all.
How are you?
Thank you.
I don't think it's for you.
President, we were waiting for you.
- President, how are you?
- President.
You're always welcome here.
- Go ahead, please.
- Thank you.
- How are you, Blanco?
- Well, and you?
Will you have a drink with me
after this?
What, now?
Yes, but alone.
You and I, nobody else, get it?
I'm not sure I do.
Without Castex.
Hands up, Presidents.
Look at the cameras.
That's it.
Hernn, how are you?
- Good, and you?
- Good.
- What'll you have?
- A whiskey "Black label".
Hey, I'm sorry about this,
but we're starting this dance
on the wrong damn foot.
Don't worry, I know Hoffmann
was a little clumsy.
I'll be straight with you.
About the gringos...
You know that I hate them
more than anything in the world.
Even more than you, dude,
as they're right next door.
But I don't want to think
with my heart or my balls,
I want to think with my head.
And if I think with my head,
I feel that the gringos' offer
is far better
than that bastard Brazilian's.
Better for all
or better for you?
I'm not going to mess up
this lousy summit alone.
I'm not a suicidal prick.
But it's what I should do,
if I could.
- No.
- Yes.
No, I assure you,
you shouldn't do that.
This is a fucking circus,
for Oliveira to get everything
and you're being his minion, you fool.
I'm talking to you now because
I'd rather discuss this with you
than those bastards Cerezo or Serrano.
I'd rather do it with you
because everyone knows
those two are assholes.
But nobody knows anything about you.
I'm asking you a favor.
But I'm also doing you a favor.
I'm doing your country a favor
and I'm doing you a favor.
On one side are the gringos,
on the other,
the fucking emperor of China.
I know the gringos,
I know how far they'll go.
Do you know how far
Oliveira Prete may go?
I think you're jumping the gun.
If you say gringos,
I say no.
If you mention the word gringo again
I'll get up and leave.
Is that clear?
It's clear.
Then let's start again.
- Let's start again.
- OK.
The damn summit starts in 30 minutes
but there's going to be a hitch
because the foreign ministers
decided to include on the list
the admission of private companies.
Brazil knows nothing,
they're about to find out.
Oliveira will threaten to screw up
the damn summit,
they'll say that if the private
companies join, they'll leave.
Argentina will support them.
This won't benefit you,
it'll only benefit Brazil.
It's the only country
with a powerful oil company.
Too powerful.
I know, you don't have to tell me.
This dude is screwing you over.
Brazil is our strategic ally.
is nonnegotiable.
Think it over, dude.
You're a good man, Hernn.
I'm off, to talk some more bullshit.
Is everything going OK?
- OK?
- Yes.
Chile is honored and proud
that such important countries
have chosen to carry out
this crucial summit here.
If we do things well,
and can interpret the signs
of these turbulent times,
we'll see that the consolidation
of a common undertaking
in subjects so vital and strategic
as oil...
You're not going to tell me anything?
About what?
Did you sell your soul to the devil?
But he's quite nice.
Is he going to break the bloc?
I don't think he'll dare.
Did Marina wake up?
We said we'd have lunch.
- Forget it, you've got the journalist.
- What?
The interview with the Spanish
journalist, for the book.
It was set up ages ago,
I told you 100 times.
We'll cancel it.
Impossible, all the others said yes.
Oliveira Prete said yes?
I shall now read the subject list
and order of the day.
First: the countries
that will be part of the initiative,
those that will form
the Southern Oil Alliance.
what are the joining requirements;
only public companies,
or will there be a place
for private companies?
And third...
Excuse the interruption,
Madam President.
I'd like to make it clear
to my colleagues,
that Brazil didn't agree
with this order.
For our country,
for my government,
it is vital to first discuss
the ownership of the company,
to avoid confusion between
public and private interests.
We are here, the nations...
to create the first multinational
state owned company.
And if we don't clarify this point,
it's impossible to discuss the others.
I'd like to take the opportunity
of my friend's interruption
to remind you
that this subject list,
read by president Scherson,
was agreed on by all
the ministers of foreign affairs.
So I suggest we respect
this democratic process
and continue to read it.
First, however,
I'd like to thank and acknowledge
such extraordinary organization.
Thank you, Paula.
Thank you to your nation,
for such openness,
and for such generosity.
Thank you very much, too.
Things have heated up.
If you were expecting this summit
to be boring, you were wrong.
I want to thank you
for accepting the meeting.
You know I've worked on this
for a long time
and I appreciate your support.
Sastre and the others were all
very happy with the meeting.
I think it's a good option,
one we could discuss.
I don't report my meetings to you.
You report to me.
I just wanted to know
whether we agree on this,
and if I have permission
to go ahead, that's all.
Do your work well, Minister.
Of course.
File: President of Argentina.
So sorry, I came as soon as I could.
- Lots of work?
- Yes.
Can we talk about that?
- About what?
- Work.
Please, let's not talk about work.
My personal life
is far more interesting.
Well, your personal life...
I don't really see
that there's much to talk about.
You may not believe me,
but that's a compliment.
I believe you.
It's the basis of your political persona:
"A man like you".
Someone whose personal life
is free of scandal,
who just does their job,
who works.
Mr. Blanco, do you believe
that being President of the Republic
is a job?
That depends.
If I think of a worker,
I don't think of someone like me.
Who do you think of?
My father, he was a worker...
A railway worker.
And your mother a textiles worker.
Anyone who followed
your political campaign knows this.
Where were we?
I asked you whether
you consider what you do a job,
if you think of yourself as a worker.
Work is the most vital thing
for a person and a country.
I learnt that a long time ago.
To defend it is my main task.
Perhaps we could say
the "worker president"?
So, you believe that yours
is a job like any other?
Let me try to remember...
"is the activity
"in which man modifies nature
"to satisfy his physical
and spiritual needs."
In that sense, it's a job,
it's The job, par excellence.
- Do you know something, President?
- What?
If I'd had to bet on who'd be the first
at the summit to quote Marx...
I'd never have bet on you.
Who then?
I don't know, anyone but you.
Anyone but...
The common man.
The common man doesn't quote Marx.
He doesn't quote anybody.
Least of all, Marx.
The common man
is one of Marx's characters,
he doesn't know he exists,
or that he's "a common man".
Exactly, but you aren't a common man,
you're a president.
You're at a presidential summit.
Your name will make history,
your face will appear on banknotes.
That's definitely not
my main ambition.
You're also the first
to dare mention that word.
- Ambition?
- Yes.
What's wrong with that?
It's not a dirty word.
There's nothing worse
than a politician without ambition.
Let's talk about ambition.
About Mariano Castex.
If I'm not mistaken,
he was twice a presidential candidate.
He clearly had ambition.
But you went from governor
of a province like La Pampa
to President of the Argentine Republic.
Miss Klein,
if I hadn't wanted
to be president...
Excuse me,
I must interrupt you.
We had 45 minutes.
Yes. Something's come up.
I suggest we reschedule the interview.
I'm sorry.
What's happened, Luisa?
Good afternoon, miss.
How are you?
Do you feel OK?
Can you hear me, miss Marina?
Do you know why you're here?
Do you know where you are?
How do you feel?
Can you hear me?
What do you mean she's OK?
She doesn't react or speak.
Mr. President,
your daughter doesn't have
any physical symptoms.
Don't get me wrong,
she is able to speak.
If she's not doing so
it's due to a psychological
or emotional reason.
In view of her mutism, I'd recommend
psychiatric evaluation and treatment,
to find the cause
of the event that brought her here.
Yes, Marina is OK.
To the hotel.
Hang on...
wait a moment.
- Thank you very much.
- OK.
I was speaking with the Chileans.
They know someone who can help.
- Who?
- Apparently he's good.
He has treated Scherson's husband
for 10 years.
Can he come right now?
He's on his way.
She's being splendid.
Great. Thank her.
- Good evening, Doctor.
- Good evening.
Thank you for coming all this way.
Sorry for the urgency.
Don't worry,
I know how these things are.
Did they explain the situation?
Twice, in great detail,
but you can tell me your version.
Come with me, please.
Is it the first time
this has happened to her?
We're on our way up.
Marina had a few disorders.
What do you mean by disorders?
Let's say...
she had a difficult time
as a teenager.
A few episodes of confusion.
But she recovered
and hasn't had any problems lately.
In the last month?
Let's say in the last 10 years...
roughly speaking.
Is that enough?
- Good evening, Doctor.
- Good evening.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you for trusting in me.
Here are the analyses.
As I said, everything's normal.
Nothing in the blood, nor any
neurological damage, but do take a look.
I'd like to see her first.
She knows I'm here?
Yes, of course, I told her.
- Where is she?
- In the bedroom next door.
- Come with us, please.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry, but I need
to be alone with her.
That won't be possible, Doctor.
I understand.
I'm Doctor Garcia,
I'm here to help you.
I need to know if you can hear me.
I'm going to snap my fingers, gently.
Tell me with your eyes
if you can hear me.
Thank you.
I fully agree
with what the doctors say.
Marina is lucid
and knows exactly what's going on.
But she's not speaking.
Would you prefer that we talk alone?
No, this is fine.
Are you familiar with strategic therapy?
Not at all.
It's not a theory or an approach.
It's when various therapies are used,
with the same aim.
Her silence is clearly a symptom
of distress.
I need to get her talking again
to discover why she's in this state.
What do you suggest?
Therapeutic hypnosis.
I know it's a little old fashioned,
but it has very good results.
You want to hypnotize my daughter.
If you agree.
And if Marina agrees too.
It's the only way
to get her out of this state.
Hello, Marina.
If you agree, we'll start
hypnotherapy treatment.
First, I need to examine your eyes.
To check that your pupils
are contracting.
If the light bothers you,
shut your eyes and we'll stop.
Very good.
Now, I need you
to look into my eyes.
Don't ever take your eyes off mine.
I'm going to sit down.
But don't stop looking at me.
Very good.
That's right.
Very good.
I'm going to take out this pendulum.
on my eyes,
don't let anything distract you.
Your shoulders will feel heavy...
Your arms will feel heavy...
It's normal.
Very good.
I'm moving in closer to your eyes.
Very good.
Alright, Marina.
We will now go into a trance.
On the count of three...
Will you tell me what you're feeling?
I understand.
You need more time.
Are you cold?
Shall I cover you?
I can't see anything.
It's dark.
I want to open the window.
You can do what you want.
You can say what you want.
I'm going to open the window,
I want to see.
Where are you?
In my bedroom.
At my grandfather's house.
I want to see Peach.
Who is Peach?
My horse.
- A horse?
- Yes.
Why do you want to see him?
He was given to me a month ago.
Who gave him to you?
I don't know.
Think, Marina.
Who gave him to you?
My dad.
Where is this horse?
In the corral.
Go to the corral,
and tell me when you get there.
I'm there.
Is the horse there?
Someone left the gate open.
Be careful!
What's happening?
He's going to be run over.
A truck might run him over.
Did the truck run him over?
He crossed over.
He managed to cross over.
That's a relief.
Yes, it is.
Where is the horse now?
At Arturo's place.
Who is Arturo?
Arturo is a neighbor.
He works with my dad.
I never saw him again.
The horse?
Yes, I never saw him.
And Arturo?
I never saw him again either.
It all caught fire.
What happened?
You don't want to carry on?
I don't know.
Do you want us to take a break?
Are you tired?
A little.
Are you sad?
Very sad.
We'll stop.
- My head hurts a little.
- That's normal.
I think I need to sleep.
She'll probably sleep for a long time,
she was very tired.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
Excuse me.
I'll need to see her again
before you leave.
Something was left unresolved.
A second session would do her good.
I'll come back tomorrow evening.
that never happened.
Everything she just said
isn't true.
It never happened.
When her grandfather died,
we stopped going to that house.
She never had a horse.
That never happened.
Don't worry, Mr. President.
Everything a patient says
in a hypnotic state
might not be true,
might not be a memory.
Doctor, you don't understand me.
She spoke of the house,
the corral, Arturo.
That did all exist.
But she was never there.
Because she wasn't born yet.
How do you feel?
Do you remember anything?
Being confined
doesn't make us free, comrades.
I don't understand why,
when we have the opportunity
to form an alliance with a bigger,
more diverse market,
a market that will favor trade
with the whole world,
we close the door on them.
In the name of what nationalism?
Who wins and who loses
in this adventure?
Are we so sure we'll all win?
Are we so sure,
President Oliveira Prete?
We must acknowledge,
that our countries, our region...
we must leave.
We must get up and leave, now.
It is not through
declarations of principles
that we will change
the terrible economical inequality
suffered by all countries
of our region.
It is through
steady economic development...
do you need anything?
Did you hear me?
I'd like to drive.
Go to the other car.
I can't do that, Mr. President.
Yes you can.
Trust me.
Is there a problem, sir?
- Don't worry. I'm going to drive.
- As you wish.
Come sit up front.
How long since you last drove?
A long time.
Since you became president or before?
Since becoming president, surely.
I drove in Santa Rosa.
You liked being on the road.
I like it.
Do you still drive?
Very little.
I prefer not to,
I don't like driving as you know.
Of course.
But you have the car, don't you?
- Yours?
- Yes.
Yes, of course, but I don't use it.
Because it's embarrassing, Dad,
everyone knows it.
It's Blanco's white car.
"Blanco's white car."
"The color of victory is Blanco!"
"With Blanco,
there's no black market!"
"He's not in the red, vote Blanco!"
"No blank votes, only Blanco votes!"
The one I liked best was...
"Argentina, pale blue and Blanco!"
They really went for it!
Like you, a man like you...
Don't torture me with that.
He wants the best
Like you, a man like you
A new dawn
Like you
A man like you!
I don't have time.
- No time for a girlfriend.
- Correct.
How long since you've
been with someone?
- What?
- Sexually.
- Go on, tell me.
- No, it's none of your business.
- Yes it is, I'm your daughter.
- Exactly.
What a fraud.
And you?
- I'm not telling you.
- See? You don't dare either.
- If you do, I will.
- No.
Go on, if you do, I will.
No way.
We could say how long
but not who with.
It's no big deal.
Just say how long, that's all.
Go on, tell me.
You're lying.
Who with?
It's your turn.
I'm waiting.
One week ago.
One week?
Yes, you think that's a lot or a little?
That depends. With whom?
No, don't bother asking.
- Tell me who, right now.
- No, you're breaking the pact.
I'm the president.
I won't tell you.
Every now and again I see him, too.
- Camao?
- Yes.
It's difficult, with the boys and all...
- This conversation is ridiculous.
- I agree.
I don't think you should see Camao.
He's a dangerous guy.
No, Dad.
Esteban is a country guy.
Now, his father-in-law is president
and he feels like an idiot.
And he feels abandoned,
that he no longer has your trust.
Sharing your secrets
was important for him.
I think that's all it is.
He was always the same.
I've known him since I was 15.
I've known him
since I was 15 years old.
He's always been the same.
He liked going out
with his rugby pals, being the leader,
who'd seduced the mayor's daughter.
You met Camao in La Plata.
He's from La Plata.
You became his girlfriend
when you studied in La Plata.
He played rugby there.
He came to Santa Rosa
when you graduated.
Dad, you're scaring me.
I didn't study in La Plata.
I don't even know La Plata.
Do you remember the house?
The Orange Trees?
Yes, of course.
- Did you ever go there?
- Many times.
What else do you remember?
I remember the house,
the orange trees,
the horse.
The horse?
Mum gave it to me.
No, you did.
It was in the corral,
I liked to look after it.
But I couldn't ride it,
it was very big.
I remember the day it escaped.
Mum was already ill.
I went out to find it and got lost.
A neighbor had it.
He never gave it back.
He was quite a good pal of yours.
He worked with you at City Hall,
you did business together.
He had a son my age.
Arturo Valbuena,
worked with me at City Hall,
a long time before you were born.
I never saw them again,
they left, I don't know why.
Where do you hear all this?
Who are you talking to?
- You set his house on fire.
- I didn't set anyone's house on fire.
Yes, you set it on fire.
I didn't set any house on fire.
I remember it all, Dad.
- Go in.
- Thank you very much.
I'll leave you alone.
Thank you.
Good afternoon, Doctor.
Good afternoon, Mr. President.
It's not a good idea
for you to see her today.
How is she feeling? How is she?
Take a seat, please.
Thank you.
More strange things have happened.
False memories.
As if she were inventing
a life she didn't have.
It's common, after hypnosis,
for these "strange" things
you mention to appear.
Reality is no longer
a safe and stable place.
The subconscious, to avoid suffering,
to heal old wounds,
can create dialogues
about a different reality,
otherwise known as fiction.
But these things didn't happen to her.
They are things I never told her.
With all due respect, Mr. President,
how can you be so sure?
I'm sure.
Absolutely sure.
Then what are you worried about?
My daughter's health, Doctor.
If you'll let me hypnotize her
more deeply, one more time,
I can confirm, with certainty,
the origin of these memories.
But, this would of course mean...
that I get involved with your secrets.
I told you
I don't want you to see her.
Is she better than yesterday?
Yes, she's better.
I think that's enough, don't you?
It is.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
I trust you'll be discreet.
Absolutely, don't worry.
It's unbearably hot in this hotel!
They're sending someone.
- What are you talking about?
- The Yankees.
Washington D. C.
are sending a guy over.
Here, to the summit?
No, to Santiago.
What do they want?
To negotiate.
Are you sure the Mexican
didn't tell you anything?
To negotiate what, and with whom?
That's what's interesting.
They want to speak with you.
As far as I know,
they're not meeting anyone else,
but they want to force matters,
to join at any cost.
The Mexicans are with them.
They can have Peru
and Venezuela in a flash.
But it's you they want.
- As a playoff.
- Of course.
What if Brazil finds out?
If Brazil finds out...
They'll be scared.
- And they'll want to negotiate.
- Exactly.
Set it up.
Set up this meeting.
Mr. President,
do you believe in evil?
What kind of a question is that?
It's a question.
Do you believe that
good and bad exist?
If I didn't believe in good and bad,
could I be involved in politics?
I don't know.
For almost 15 years,
I've been trying to understand
how politicians determine our fates
from their position of power.
It's the first time I ask this question,
because I realized
that in most cases,
politicians have a concept
of good and bad
that is different
from that of other citizens.
It's as if...
as if they could manipulate them.
As if their duty weren't
to choose between them,
but instead...
to employ them
in the most useful way.
It's the first time
I've been asked this.
And how would you answer?
Evil exists, miss Klein.
And one doesn't become president
without having seen it,
a couple of times, at least.
And not just in others.
I'm going to tell you something.
Once, when I was 4 or 5 years old,
I had a dream.
I saw a kind of red fox, with horns,
and he attacked me.
I woke up very scared, crying.
I ran to tell my grandfather.
My grandfather used to tell me stories
about ghosts and monsters,
that kind of thing.
They scared me.
Although, deep down, I knew
they were lies, I liked to believe.
But, when I told him my dream,
my grandfather told me
that the fox I had seen
was the devil.
"The what?", I said.
"The devil."
It was the first time
I had heard that word.
I said: "What is the devil?"
He said:
"A very bad man, who lives in hell."
"In hell", he said.
He they way he spoke was different
from when he told me his stories.
He told me not to tell anyone.
He said: "It must be a secret."
I felt so scared.
This wasn't one
of my grandfather's stories, this was...
It was hell...
and it was right there.
For over one year,
each time
I went to bed at night,
I feared that if I went to sleep,
the fox would come back...
and attack me again.
And did he come back?
A few times.
Mr. President,
it's an honor to meet you.
I'm Derek McKinley, civil servant
at the U. S. Department of State.
Take a seat, please.
Thank you.
First of all,
I apologize, on behalf of myself
and the President...
It's what we thought.
They want to join.
With their companies.
They're offering us priority
in the oil prospecting.
They want to join, at any cost.
Anything else?
Nothing else.
Hello, Mr. Wagner.
Yes, I can hear you perfectly.
The president had a meeting
outside the summit.
It wasn't on the schedule.
Excuse me,
can we stop for a minute?
Stop here, please.
I'm losing the signal.
It worked.
What did?
The Brazilians.
They want to meet now.
No, without Oliveira,
but it's the same thing.
I think I can negotiate
the permanent headquarters
of the Alliance,
the first 4 years of presidency,
and part of the initial oil prospecting.
Let's wait a little.
No, sorry, we can't wait.
We wait a little, Gallego.
What's going on, Hernn?
Cancel the meeting.
Cancel it.
I'll go on alone.
- Has something happened?
- Yes.
- Bad news?
- Yes.
Camao is in intensive care.
They think he had a stroke.
He fainted in the street.
A clot in the left carotid artery.
All of his brain tissue is damaged.
- Does Marina know?
- Yes.
She's in a state,
doesn't want to talk to anyone.
She wanted to go
straight to the airport.
I did what I could to stop her.
You'll have to go there.
We need this photo.
He's the father
of your grandchildren.
He's going to die?
Most probably.
I'm going to speak to her.
When did it happen?
A few hours ago,
while you were at the meeting.
- You left her alone?
- She really wants to leave.
- Why didn't you call?
- We can't get near her.
She mustn't be alone.
What do you want to do?
I'm going.
I want to go, let me go.
My love...
I'm so sorry my darling.
Why did you have to do it this way?
How did I not see it?
- See what?
- That this would happen.
- What are you talking about?
- Esteban, my husband.
You all know what I'm talking about.
You're all accomplices to this murder.
What are you talking about?
Wasn't it easier to buy him off?
Why did you have to kill him?
He's alive...
Yes, but he's going to die.
It's what you wanted,
it's what you all wanted.
Don't say that.
Let's get out of here, now.
Why did you do it?
I didn't do anything.
Marina, calm down.
Let me go!
My love, calm down.
I understand, we all understand
what you're going through.
But you've not been well.
The doctors examined you,
you were hospitalized, remember?
You broke a window with a chair.
Try to remember.
You're saying things
I know you don't mean.
I'm saying what I know.
I know what you do.
I spoke to the doctor, it was a stroke.
You can't provoke that.
It wasn't me.
You're blaming me for...
- I know you and what you do.
- Don't say that.
Trust us. I'm making sure
he has the best doctors.
I've seen worse cases than Camao's
who've made
a complete recovery, Marina.
Plus the analyses showed
he'd been taking a lot of drugs, lately.
It may not be the cause, but...
Darling, look at me.
Calm down, breathe.
Everything will be OK.
Trust me.
Trust me, my love.
It'll be OK. I promise you.
You're a murderer.
- What are you saying?
- You're a murderer.
Don't do this to me.
- You're a murderer.
- Don't do this to me, please.
- You're a murderer.
- Don't do this to me.
- You're a murderer.
- Don't do this to me!
- You're a murderer.
- Shut up, shut up!
You're a murderer!
Shut your mouth!
A psychiatrist
is coming from Buenos Aires.
They'll go with her to Santa Rosa
so she can see him.
She insisted
and I thought it was for the best.
You did the right thing.
They mustn't let her
out of their sight.
Not for a second.
Send Rafael.
I spoke to Andrea.
She'll stay with the twins
until Marina is better.
they'll come to live with us.
Castex went to Buenos Aires.
He won't answer his phone.
That's his problem.
What happened, Hernn?
You know what he's like.
He's an idiot.
Get ready to take over.
And now relax.
Everything will be OK.
Concentrate on the summit now.
It's the summit now.
Are we ready, Presidents?
We'll make a start.
It's been two days of intense debate.
But because yesterday
the President of Mexico
made an alternative proposal,
that complicates the agreement
surrounding the oil alliance,
I suggest we do
one more round of statements,
in which each president
puts forward his opinion.
If we still can't reach an agreement,
we'll proceed to a simple vote.
If I must adopt
the unpleasant role of pointing out
that the opinions here at this summit
are tainted with prejudice,
tainted with errors,
you can be sure, fellow Presidents,
I will do so.
Let us not be afraid!
We are behaving
like faint-hearted countries.
Scared that the class bully
will come and threaten us.
Let us not be afraid, Americans.
Let us not be afraid
to call ourselves America.
Let us be America,
one single America. The time has come.
President Sastre,
You want us to say yes.
But we can't say yes.
How long have we been saying yes?
How long have they
been saying yes for us?
Do you know what?
This is the time to tell them No.
"No", Presidents.
Listen to how good it sounds:
On this point I'll agree
with the President of Argentina.
are not our brothers.
They are our neighbors,
not our brothers.
Don't be mistaken,
President of Mexico.
A neighbor isn't a brother.
And when I say
that there's a leg missing
from this great family table,
I'm not referring to the United States
of North America,
Mr. President of Mexico.
Where is Guatemala?
Where is Nicaragua?
Where is Honduras?
You are asking to bring
the Trojan horse into the city.
This horse is full of enemies!
now isn't the time for new ideas.
It's time to stand strong,
it's time to defend
what we've built so far.
What we built
was built by us.
Not Nicaragua, nor El Salvador,
nor Costa Rica.
It was us, us!
In the face
of these opposing standpoints,
we'll move on to the vote.
For the motion
of a continental alliance
that includes the countries
of the three Americas,
North, Central and South America.
Who votes in favor?
Only Mexico?
Very well.
We will now vote
for Ecuador's proposal:
to add to future talks
about the alliance
the Spanish speaking countries
of Central America and the Caribbean.
Let us vote.
All those in favor?
And Argentina.
Therefore, with 6 votes to 5,
the winning vote is the proposal
to include in this alliance
the countries of Central America
and the Caribbean.