La demora (2012) Movie Script

Not now.
Mum, Nani doesn't want to get up.
If he's makes me go there,
I will kick his ass out of bed.
What's wrong dad?
Are you unwell?
Let me help you.
Go outside.
I'll finish myself.
What if you fall?
Who is going to look after you
if you fracture?
Use the light blue towel.
- Can I use the toilet?
- No.
- Please!
- Can I go?
It's busy.
Did you not heard me?
You can't.
Your clothes don't match.
- I can't hold it anymore!
- Think of something else.
- Go and piss in a bottle.
- Really?
If you can't hold it anymore...
I'll bet you 20 pesos
you won't get it in.
Brenda, give him a jar.
Not that bottle!
Mum, Nani pissed in the pot!
Shut up you retard!
Mom, Nani called me a retard!
Stop being silly you two
I said a jar.
- Pass me a towel.
- I did nothing wrong.
I don't care.
- I gave you a jar.
- It's your fault
- You owe me 20 pesos.
- In your dreams.
Stop messing around!
Put on your shoes!
- Have you got my jacket?
- No.
Tell your teacher that I will send
the money for the field trip tomorrow.
It was due last week.
Leave your brother alone!
I get paid today
tomorrow I'll send the money. Ok?
Give me a break, Brenda.
It's underneath Grandpa, you retard
Fabri you're so nosey!
Let's go, it's getting late.
Shuffle a bit Grandpa.
Bye Grandpa.
Your backpack.
Make sure you hold on Fabri's hand,
Do you remember Pereira?
Of course.
It was July of 1958.
It was the month we moved in
and the house wasn't ready,
But it was ok to live in.
Shortly after,
this guy shows up to
check the chimney.
Come Dad, sit here.
How crazy!
I was the middle of winter,
freezing cold.
this guy shows up.
Puts in paper and firewood
and lights up a fire.
the result...
Filled up the whole house with smoke.
Do you remember Pereira?
He died.
Poor Pereira.
From Cancer.
You never told me.
I did, yes.
It was some time ago.
I didn't know.
You've already put in sugar.
I know...
I like it like that.
I put these ones aside.
They're faulty.
You have to check them beforehand.
you could be charged for them.
New rule.
This time you're off the hook.
This makes...
1720 for today.
Minus the advance...
This asshole buys everything
He changes the labels
To make people think
it's all made here.
At the end of the month,
they might even dismiss some people.
I could ask to get fired.
I'll get compensation.
They won't fire you.
What they could do
is give you less hours.
That's what I'm going to do.
Don't bother, it's pointless.
This is all temp labourers
If we make a strike
they get paid double.
We, the temp labour,
Have been working here for over
5 years.
Under the table with no
And your union don't
give a shit about us.
No sister,
the collective agreement includes everyone.
Sister my ass!
I get off in Casal St.
Pato, do you know Casal St?
He has to get off in Hamburgo St.
By the petrol station, take
the school road and you're there.
I used to live with my wife there
long time ago.
How far is it?
Take a seat,
I'll tell you when to get off.
Your Mum is here.
Thank God!
He wasn't here when we came
back from school.
I asked everyone.
I saw him going out
but I couldn't imagine...
- At what time?
- Around 1 PM.
Granddad is not here.
Maria, your dad can't be left alone
I know.
Wait for Gonzalo to get here.
He'll take you in the car.
Where are you going in this rain?
Looking for him
Put your brothers in bed
Nani, don't be naughty
- Would you like me to come along?
- No.
Their names are different.
But the active ingredient is the same.
That's why is cheaper.
- Excuse me... is Ines here?
- She's finished for today.
Did my Dad came around to get
his blood pressure checked?
I've been here all day
I haven't seen him.
It was a terrible
game of football,
yesterday at Trccoli Stadium.
Plus the weather didn't help...
Bella Vista lost 3x1...
Bella Vista lost.
To Miramar.
It's cold, Agustn.
Are you waiting for somebody?
I just went out to buy bread.
Would you like me to take you home?
- You took the wrong turn.
- No, relax.
That's the empty section on the corner.
It's after that wall.
It's not here.
Its just had a few renovations.
They expanded and put on
metal bars.
- It's not this one.
- Don't be stubborn! That's your house.
See? They have added another window.
The other side is still the same.
- Are you sure it's here?
- Positive.
Thief bitch!
You're going to die in Hell!
Fuck! Stupid old man!
What are you doing?
Are out of your mind?
Everyone around knows my car.
We're going to end up in jail.
- Did you touched there?
- No.
Didn't move anything.
- Have you changed his clothes?
- I did...
He got lost
and Nestor brought him back.
Tell her Granddad.
Hi Nestor.
- Did he lost his ID again?
- No, he's got it.
Did he get robbed?
Has he fallen or something?
Did he have dinner?
He only asked for bread
and milk with coffee.
That's good.
Put him to bed, he has annoyed
enough people for one day.
We are going to have to
put a bell around his neck.
Like an animal,
So we know where he's going.
Mum, give him a break!
I'm going to head off.
I'll walk you out.
Bye kid.
- Where did you find him?
- Around the neighbourhood.
Thank you for bringing
him home safe.
It's nothing.
Lucky I still remember you address.
From that time...
Do you remember?
Your sister's wedding.
Of course you remember,
It's your own sister.
I took you home that night.
Fabri was a baby.
It was only a few years back.
You looked beautiful.
Still do.
I'm off.
You might be exhausted. Right?
I'll give you my number.
Just in case you need anything.
Dont hesitate.
Here's my cellphone
and the number for the barber shop.
It's mine now, I bought the business.
Thank you...
And sorry about the scene just before.
Sleep well...
These ones?
- 'Beronadona'.
- Yes...
The red pill as well.
And half an Aspirin.
Aspirin is good for
the blood flow.
Finish your milk.
What did Nestor come for?
He came to bring you back.
I know that.
But why did he wait for your mum
to arrive?
Get in Granddad.
Oh Shit!
What happened?
What's up?
Don't give me that face.
It's only money.
Listen to me.
I promised money for your
field trip and you'll have it.
Tomorrow it will be all dry.
Go to bed now.
- Is there something wrong?
- No.
What are you doing there?
Dad, it's late.
Nestor was wright.
Everything has changed
I struggled to recognize it.
House looks ugly now.
Come on, get out of there.
- Have you been there?
- Never again.
What would I go for?
Look how little you are
on this one.
That's Carmen.
And why did you go?
It's not good for you.
That's not our
house anymore, Dad.
It must have been sold.
It was never ours.
Yes it was.
I built it brick by brick.
And she ended up with everything.
That woman stole
the only thing we had.
This is not good for you.
You have to put a stop this.
If you go out you get lost.
You're making my life hard.
What do you want?
I'm thirsty.
Go and help yourself.
Shut the door!
This keeps my head occupied.
In what?
Not sure... the past.
In your mother.
If we had that house we wouldnt
be living so tight here.
Things are the way they are, Dad.
This one fits in your wallet.
Do you want it?
It was Leo who took that picture.
Do you remember Leo?
Leonor's husband.
Leo and Leonor.
It sounds funny,
But those were their names!
I do.
Come on.
Time for bed.
I was thinking to start
the paperwork.
Like we discussed.
Tomorrow, is that ok?
Let's go tomorrow.
Good night.
I can't sleep.
Come on, Nani...
Go to sleep.
I'm having ugly thoughts.
Come here.
Only for tonight.
Leave me alone!
Mum, Nani is hitting me!
Leave your brother alone.
Stop it you two.
- It's him!
- You make me nuts.
Here. Give it to your teacher.
Put it in a safe place.
- Inside my shoe?
- Don't be smart.
Stop it, Nani...
You are so difficult!
Put on your jacket.
You too, Fabri...
- Do you like Nestor?
- What are you talking about?
Stop messing around.
I saw how you kept his
business card.
He gave me one as well.
I reckon he wants
something with you.
He wants to fuck you Mum.
Have you got any idea what
you just said? That's nasty word.
- Words are just words.
- Don't you start now.
Good bye Granddad.
Let's go.
Hold on Fabri's hand, Brenda.
Is this too formal?
I reckon it's better this way.
So we don't get rejected.
Too much, maybe?
- Should I get changed?
- No, you're ok.
It's getting late. Lets go.
Dad, your shoes.
God, look how you carry your
It looks terrible! Does it hurt?
We don't have to go if you
don't want to.
I don't want this either, Dad.
But I'm just tired.
Very tired.
I'm not trying to blame you.
It's not your fault.
But with the kids and else...
I need to find a better job
out of the house.
Are you listening?
This is important.
Whatever you decide,
it's ok by me.
Sit down Dad.
We're not there yet.
- Can I go to the back?
- Excuse me...
It's not here.
- Where are we going? Home?
- No. Somewhere else.
Sit down...
I'll let you know...
Stay still.
Well, this is the form.
They only serve 50 a day.
We did well coming so early.
This might even be quick.
Yeah right, I've been
waiting for half an hour.
At least it's early
Can I have your ID?
I'll do it.
You write very slowly.
But we got time.
I'll do it.
It's no big deal.
No big deal for me either.
Don't be stubborn!
I only have one form.
If you make any mistake,
I'll have to queue again.
You could also make a mistake.
- Do you need a pen?
- Ok, you win...
I can't believe I lost a day
of work for this shit.
No, thanks ma'am.
What's your salary?
It varies, depends on the job.
I'll put down say, 5000 pesos.
Is that ok?
Any other income in the household?
Yes, my Father's retirement.
And Government help for my
three children.
That's ok.
I'm going to be straight up with you.
Because of you combined income,
there's very little chance
of accepting your father.
I loaded all your data in the
and we're going to start the
I need
a telephone number.
Right here.
And this is for you.
Have you considered a private
Our centers are reserved for
homeless people.
Individuals that have nothing,
and no one.
- Don't you have a cellphone?
- No.
No worries.
We will let you know.
But like I said:
Don't keep your hopes up.
Numbers are tight.
You might want to have a second
though about this.
Old people go depressed
being away from family.
He looks healthy.
He's not.
He forget things.
Sure, we will let you know.
You can't put me in the middle
of this situation.
Maria, think.
Where do you want me to put him?
Flavio is unemployed.
We're living with his parents.
I want a date.
- A date?
- Yes, when are you taking him?
I couldn't tell you.
I'll have to think about it.
Discuss it with Flavio.
Please don't do this to me, Maria.
You know I can't have him.
I can't deal with this
What situation?
The situation is your Father!
When he got sick, you didn't
even show at the hospital.
Have you got any idea how many
times he got lost lately?
No, of course you don't.
I'm the one that washes his
pissed pyjamas.
Maria don't go!
We're having a conversation.
Can we rest for a bit?
Wait for me right there.
I'm going to get you water.
Excuse me, is everything ok?
Do you need anything?
No, thank you... I'm fine.
People get sunburn even in
You would be better there.
Am I bothering you here?
I'm just trying to help.
Don't take it the wrong way.
What's the time?
3:30 PM.
Are you off?
I didn't mean to offend you.
I don't have a problem with you.
I saw you there
and got worried.
Would you be so kind to check
if my daughter is at the shop?
Her name is Maria.
She's slim, dark short hear...
I'm sorry to impose...
But if I go, and she came,
she'll think I'm gone.
- If is not too much to ask.
- Of course not.
There's no one there.
She might have had to do
something urgent.
I'm thinking she told something...
Yes. That she had to buy stuff
for the children.
I think...
Have a good evening.
Where's Granddad?
You bought chicken, good.
Did your brothers eat?
I took money from the drawers.
It's not time for TV.
- Did you do your homework?
- I don't have any.
Where's Fabri?
He's having a nap.
At the retirement home.
You could have told me.
What for?
To say goodbye.
You're mean.
Was that too hard to do?
You lied to me...
You said it was going to take a while.
I didn't lie to you...
We could go and visit
every week.
But I wanted to come along.
It's done, Brenda.
This is over.
- Go and buy some pastries.
- I don't want any.
I do!
Your jacket!
Hurry up!
I haven't spoken with him,
but he's been there a while.
No, he's alone.
He looks tired.
I reckon he's lost.
You people go? When do you go?
You're welcome.
Easy, Fabri... I'm coming.
Mum, look what I got for you.
Can you just wait a minute!
So, he said yes?
- We had to insist.
- He must be hungry.
Of course.
He spent all day there.
They're coming to pick him up.
Why don't you want to cooperate?
This is a public place.
I'm not bothering anybody here.
That's not what she said.
Good evening.
Was it you that rang us?
Somebody reported an elderly
man lost in the Buceo area.
- But I'm not lost.
- Do you take medication?
We could take him to a better
place, or to his family.
I understand. But this gentleman
is waiting for somebody.
My daughter Maria.
Can you confirm that you saw her?
That's what he told me.
Don't get me wrong,
but that might not be true.
I'm waiting for somebody.
Why don't you come with us?
We could take you to a
warmer place.
No one will compromise your
It's only until we find some one
I am responsible.
All right.
What's your address?
Your phone number?
- See? You don't know.
- Let him think.
Can you provide an ID?
We might be able to find your
address, a relative.
and problem solved.
I don't know what the issue is.
He's bothering no one here.
These are my grandchildren.
My ID...
I haven't got it.
I'm thinking Maria has it.
That's right!
She was filling up a form this
morning. The ID is with her.
- What form?
- Not sure. It's none of your business!
- Mister, were here to help you...
- Leave me alone!
Calm down.
He doesn't want to go you jerk.
Screw that, I'm just doing my
He's nervous.
That's all your fault for
winding him up.
We just want to help.
Excuse us, Sir.
Agustn Surez.
My name is Agustn.
Agustn, let's do this.
You're going to stay here.
If you change your mind,
these two will ring us.
Is that ok with you?
It is.
It's going get really
cold soon.
This man is elderly.
We don't know if he's unwell.
He could die from hypothermia.
Or have serious health problems.
I know.
But this's what he wants.
I can't decide for him.
Ring us, if you need to.
I live right there.
Will keep an eye on him.
Take care, Agustn.
Good night.
What is it like?
Granddads home?
Mum, what is it like?
Is it like a hospital?
I don't know...
Big... full of people.
It's getting late.
I have to finish these.
Was he happy?
Your Granddad is doing fine.
No need for hunger strikes.
The place is nice.
There's plenty of others like him.
Rooms are light.
He could even find a girlfriend.
It's shower time everyone.
Come on, Fabri.
I don't want to shower!
I thought you didn't want any!
It's late!
Go home.
I'm fine.
I know.
- I just came to keep you company.
- Thank you.
It's got some Brandy.
For the cold weather.
A bit of alcohol doesn't hurt.
Good idea.
I was thinking,
maybe something happened to Maria.
Maybe one of the kids
got ill.
An accident.
Don't take me wrong.
Tonight it's going
to be very cold.
You can't stay here in the open.
And I understand you don't want
to go to the Government's shelter.
But if you stay here you could
get sick.
Would you go?
I reckon I would.
I would be scared of being
alone in the streets.
When you can't remember where
your home is,
Feels like you don't even have
a home. Right?
I could take you.
Wait for me,
I'm going to get the keys.
Be right back.
What are you doing up?
He doesn't need those.
Granddad can't drive anymore.
He will need these.
The keys for his house
are here as well.
Honey, that's Mum's old house.
Keys don't work anymore.
It's the house of my childhood.
Can I come with you?
No, I'm going alone.
It's bitterly cold outside.
Give me the keys
I'll pass them on to him.
No, Fabri. You are too young
to understand.
Come, Fabri.
Mum will be right back.
She has to hand in stuff
to Granddad.
Would you send him my greetings?
I want to send greetings too.
I'll tell him, Fabri.
Listen to your sister.
It's an emergency!
This is an emergency!
Just a moment, we've a slow PC.
- So, he was admitted today?
- This afternoon.
Ready now. Name?
Agustn Surez Otero.
This is odd.
I'm here for his medicines
It's an emergency.
I forgot to bring them before.
He will need them in the morning.
He's not here.
Not in the list.
Maybe they wrote his name down
Did someone else come in today?
If you brought him in, how
could the name be wrong?
I'm sorry. I have
to ask you to leave.
Come tomorrow
during working hours.
There's got to be a mistake.
Could you check again?
I just did. Nobody came in
with your Father's name.
He must have come in
during the night.
He has to be.
I rang here to report an elderly
man lost in the street.
I abandoned him, all right?
I gave the area and they said
they will pick him up right away.
Please, he has to be here.
This is all very strange.
- I'm going to call somebody.
- Ring whoever you want.
You can't come in!
Did someone new came in today?
I reckon it's the new guy
in the other room.
- Aurora?
- I'm sorry Sir. Wrong person.
Are we going now?
My name is not Aurora.
I'm looking for my dad.
Please let go, I have to leave.
Have a little bit of decency.
I told you he's not here.
Go back to bed, Npole.
Here are the addresses of
other shelters.
Thank you.
Please forgive me
I'm not like this.
This is all I have.
Can you take me Downtown?
That's not enough.
Will give you my contact details.
I can pay you later.
Get a bus.
No, there's no problem. Where
are you?
Hang up, Nestor.
I need to sleep.
It's an emergency, from
Sure. I bet barber shares are
rising up in the Stock Exchange.
Let me write down the address.
Turn the fucking light off!
What's on your mind?
I was going to tell you
I'm married.
But in reality...
theres no love
between her and I.
Why are you smiling?
My son was right,
"You want to fuck me".
No! I have respect you.
For real.
We know each other since ages ago.
I was joking.
You are helping me,
and Im grateful for that.
For real.
You can check the names here.
Sometimes he forgets
the most basic things.
Even his name.
Can I come in and have a look?
Everyone is asleep right now.
Let me check.
Were you the last person
who saw him?
Where did he get lost?
He didn't get lost, Nestor.
I left him on the street.
You don't know me that well
after all.
I pissed myself.
So? What do you want me to do?
- Let me call Estela.
- Who?
The lady who lives across
the park.
No. Please.
What did you do that for?
Could you not have gone
behind a tree?
Or to a bar?
There's a bar open all night
down the road.
I'm cold!
Of course you are.
You're all wet.
I held it as much as I could.
But by the time I got up I was
all wet.
I peed my pants.
I can't leave this park.
If Maria came...
What do I do then?
Do you know Maria?
My daughter.
Would she be mad with me?
Could you ring her?
No, I don't know her.
I can only lend you a pair of
dry pants.
They're old and worn but
good enough.
Is that cool?
Don't worry. It's nothing mayor.
And if you need to go again,
let me know.
Urinate somewhere there.
While I look after your seat.
I can't feel my hands.
My hands.
You need to sleep under
an awning.
I can't leave.
- I'm waiting for somebody.
- Who?
Come on... Get up.
Get up!
I leave this underneath.
You'll feel less cold.
But you should sleep over there.
We haven't been to this one.
This one is for females only.
It's written right there.
We could try in public hospitals.
Could you take me to Buceo?
Sure, let's go.
He was by that bench.
I'm checking behind.
Those buildings.
You took too long.
I was going to go home, but...
I waited for you instead.
You did well Dad, did well.
Did something happened to you?
I had a feeling something
Are you ok now?
Yes, I'm ok.
And the children?
They're ok?
Let's go.
There's a lady that I'd like
to thank.
Let's go home quickly.
We come back another day.
I promise.
Are you cold?
You look very cold.
How are you feeling?
I'm ok.
Just a bit tired.
Let's go. Nestor is waiting
for us in the car.
- Cheked by Haydee Jean