La French (2014) Movie Script

Good evening. The settling of scores in
center Marseilles goes on...
Drugs are behind these score settlings.
The "French Connection" has made
Marseilles the world capital of heroin,
swamping the streets of New York as well.
These toxic products affect
mainly the young.
I need my shit back.
- No.
- I will die.
Of course you will die... shoot heroin.
- Cure me then!
- You don't wanna be cured...
- Who's your supplier?
- Who cares!
The mayor of Marseille is concerned
about his town's reputation.
Drug is a plague which
spreads death and violence.
We'll get rid of it at any cost.
Sit down!
We intensified the investigations
in order to give the police...
all the necessary means to get
this cleaning process done.
Tell me who's your supplier.
Give me one "trick"!
Give me one name!
Who gives a fuck!
Look! Look here!
Look! Look at this!
- You see, don't you?
- I feel sick.
Just a little "trick"...
A little trick, for me.
- We have to hold on, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Bye, Lily.
- Bye.
I've been waiting for an hour.
Sorry, I was in a hearing.
And coming to see the
prosecutor is not a priority.
You're a really stubborn man, Pierre.
Well, I made my decision.
You're no longer a juvenile judge.
How come?
I'm appointing you judge
of the organized crime.
It's a big promotion.
I understand but I can't
abandon those kids.
That's exactly why I've chosen you.
Over there you can both fight drugs
and help those kids.
How's a going?
So, you gonna save us
some speed ticket now?
No, but now I can send you
to jail if you don't pay them!
Easy with the sangra, Bernard!
The kittens!
- Simon! A little Champagne?
- Yeah.
It's amazing how far you've gone,
I'm so happy for you.
You can believe him,
he even skipped the
football game to be there.
- Stop it, you're embarrassing me.
- You enjoy being a little flattered.
How about putting 'em to bed?
They'll sleep in class.
Friends! With whom we gonna clink glasses?
With the new judge of organized crime!
Thank you very much.
Get some sleep or
you'll be too tired tomorrow.
Narcotics, good morning.
Yes... don't hang up.
Morning, do you need something?
- Commissioner Aim-Blanc.
- And you are...
- Judge, pleasure to meet you.
- Mine too.
Jos Alvarez, cadet of the squad.
- I'm very sorry.
- Follow me.
Sorry for the confusion,
judges rarely come down here.
Their bad.
One of the old brigade, Cpt. Ange Mariette.
- It's a pleasure, judge.
- Pleasure's all mine.
Pierre Michel, the new judge
for organized crime.
John Cusack, from DEA.
He represents the United States.
I heard about you.
- Good things, I hope.
- Yes.
My country invested a lot of money
to put a stop to French Connection.
Heroin is devastating the USA, you know.
Here as well, you know...
but we gonna take care of that.
And in concrete, how do you plan
to accomplish that?
You tell me.
What do we have about the French?
- Nothing.
- Why is that?
It's a bit more complicated on
the field than in your papers.
I'm listening.
You're not from here... I am.
I know this town inch by inch.
I spent 6 years in Paris,
in the Vice Squad.
After I was back, I felt more at home.
The French sets the rules...
and it's a goddamn octopus.
They started by taking over all
restaurants and bars...
Places where cash flows.
It's impossible to run a business without
them proposing you an "association"... which they mean "racket".
Once they own the place, they bring
back the slot machines.
But Bingo is not the only game
which amuses them.
They've put a "tax" on all the Casinos
of the coast, using an old trick.
A fight breaks out, then another,
then a third one...
Evidently, they're all setups...
Thugs keep starting fights until
the manager becomes afraid.
Then they offer some kind of protection...
...and nobody dares saying "no".
Then, at night, there's drinks and hookers.
They run the distribution of alcohol,
so that not even a dime slips through them.
The French has got plenty of money.
They reinvest this load of cash
in an even more juicy business,
the one that turns snow into gold.
They get tons of morphine-base from Turkey.
If we don't catch it in flight, it's gone.
They keep it for weeks into
clandestine labs.
Nobody knows where these labs are.
Their stuff is getting
more and more strong,
they have magicians as chemists.
The heroin is true carnage, 98% pure.
Hundreds of kilos leave for America.
Logistically speaking,
they have nothing to learn.
I never saw such organized people.
An import-export enterprise
to make Danone blush.
Those who interfere,
all end up the same way...
On the shelf of the unsolved business.
"Mob rules" have never been this violent.
Everybody knows who runs the organization,
who controls the traffic...
But who's crazy enough to say his name?
There's nothing on him... nothing.
Not a word... not a witness...
nothing to give us a lead.
The true power of an untouchable
is the silence he imposes on everyone else.
Your Vittel is already on the table,
Mr. Zampa.
Thank you.
- Gentlemen.
- Hi, Tany.
- Tell me the numbers, not the names.
- 9, 16 and 15.
What about the Corsicans?
- It's OK with them.
- Perfect.
The Americans want 100 kilos.
I put the cash for the half,
there leaves 7 kilos for each one.
- 7 kilos is...
- 140,000 francs each.
- That would make...
- 1,250,000 for each one.
That's Ok for me.
For me too.
If it doesn't bother anyone,
I'm in for the double.
The double?
I got plenty of cash around,
I'm not gonna leave it in some bank.
You should.
- Listen, we'll see...
- It's your decision.
Minassin, you take care of the courier.
- Robrt, you find a lab.
- No problem.
What about the new judge?
What new judge?
The new ones are always overzealous.
Don't worry, "Banker",
the judge won't make you no harm.
You worry too much.
Are we done here?
Let's go, Franky.
- Tany! How are you?
- Are we interrupting?
Are you kiddin? It's a pleasure to see you.
Hey, Franky!
Come in.
What a surprise.
What the hell does he want from me.
Peculiar in here.
- It's not mine, it's my woman's house.
- Dora?
- You know her?
- People talk, you know...
- Who's the asshole who talks about me?
- Stay calm.
The word is you pay the rent, but...
You don't have the right
to live like this, do you?
It's not that I don't have the right,
Dora likes her independence
and I respect it.
You respect it.
Did you hear, Franky?
- That's good.
- Yeah.
What about me, then? Me.
Do you respect me?
Why do you say that, Tany?
- Damn sure I respect you!
- Didn't you have something to do for me?
The chemist?
I found the guy you're looking for,
his name is Charles
Peretti, he's the best.
In 3 weeks he can turn a ton of morphine-base
into 100 kilos of pure heroin!
Trust me!
When will I see him?
Soon, in fact I know his nephew, Fabrizio.
We had to meet 2 days ago
but we couldn't manage...
but don't worry, I'm on it.
It's not gonna work for you this time.
Why you say that?
- Is something troubling you?
- No.
- Is it love?
- Well, yeah I'm in love, but...
- This isn't love.
- That's nothing, Tany!
From time to time, you know...
It's good for fucking, that's all,
you know Franky.
- Just throw it.
- Don't touch it.
Back in Naples, cause I'm from Naples,
you know it, don't you?
You know it.
Back there we have a tradition,
let's say a bit rude...
...but very effective.
Here, when a father sees his son
drinking alcohol, what does he do?
Gives him a little wallop
and that's all.
But back where I come from,
that's not the way it works.
Back there...
...the father sits his son at the table...
...and takes out a big bottle of grappa...
...and makes him drink the whole thing.
Glass after glass after glass...
The son doesn't understand.
He cries, he vomits his guts out.
And inevitably, short after...
...he passes out.
Not for long, 5 or 6 hours.
I can assure you after that, the kid
will never drink a drop again.
You see where I'm getting at here?
Not all of it.
- More!
- Come on.
Just finish this.
I can't take it anymore! Stop it!
Go on!
You have one night to get hold
of Peretti's nephew.
Then we'll forget the whole thing.
Sir, sorry to bother you but
a certain Lily Mariani wants to see you.
Let her in.
His name is Fabrizio Mandonado.
- How long have you been seeing him?
- 6 months.
What happened to your eye?
He's got a new friend.
An older one.
Yesterday Fabrizio wanted me
to go with him. I refused to.
I'll handle that little shit.
What's his name?
His name is Calazzi.
Is that Franck Calazzi?
- Why is Fabrizio hanging around with him?
- Franky promised him a club of his own.
It's absolutely necessary that you
get out from all of this, Lily.
I know but it's tough,
you don't know how that is.
Yes, I know.
I knew someone with the
same kind of problem.
No, it was gambling for him, but it's one
bitch of a drug that too, you know?
He loved those moments when
you can lose everything.
But he got out of it, and ended up
living a good life after all.
Are you talking about yourself?
- What's he doing here?
- Waiting for you, he insisted.
I have a feeling that guy is gonna
seriously be on our asses.
Charles Peretti,
does he tell you something?
I heard he retired.
So they say.
Do you know his family's history?
His father was in the Bastia mafia.
He invested money in
Marseilles after the war.
He went under several fake names, the
most known was Joseph Pietri, "Big Joe".
- Yes, a top class knucklehead.
- That's right.
He'd put his daughter in charge
of his business.
- Then what?
- I haven't finished.
Letitia, Charles' sister,
kept an eye on the business...
...along with her son, a cheap thug
by the name of Fabrizio Maldonado.
He made a new friend and they're
inseparable apparently.
He's the link between his uncle,
the chemist, and the clan Zampa.
The procurator authorized the tailing.
You stay glued to him, alright?
Gentlemen, good night.
Look at that.
How can you respect a girl who
goes around half naked.
Hey! It's OK, he's with me.
- Thanks, Franky.
- What "Thanks"?
We're happy to work with your uncle.
We'd like to show him our appreciation,
have you got any idea?
I don't know, Corsican sausages maybe?
- "Corsican sausages"?
- That'll be good.
No, YOU are good.
- Get yourself a drink, come on.
- Thanks, Franky.
Who's the redhead over there?
She's "Madman" s girlfriend.
I've never seen her.
Doesn't he know it's a private party?
Well, he's taking her everywhere lately.
From what I see, he's right to do it,
don't you think?
1.. 2.. 3!
Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary!
- Happy anniversary, my dear.
- Happy anniversary.
3,02 pm.
Don't let the green car through.
Go! Go! Go!
Keep the distance.
Commissioner Aim-Blanc to Station.
- Listening.
- We found Pedretti, he just got a delivery.
- Report to the judge.
- Alright, chief.
- Shall we keep following him?
- Let him go, who cares.
Look at that boat,
if Peretti sees us, that's his escape plan.
OK, let's go.
Ange, intervene right away.
To all units, get ready and intervene.
- Want one?
- Yes.
Unit B, advancing.
Entering the house.
Living room. Nothing here.
We hear noises inside the house.
We found the lab.
I'm sick of you, police!
I'm sick of you! Get the fuck out!
Ok ok, just shut up...
Shove that radio up your ass!
- We found Pedretti.
- "We found Pedretti!", sucker!
- Where's the morphine?
- Morphine? Here? Slow it down, OK?
- Where's the bags?
- What bags?
- I found 'em in the storeroom!
- Here they are.
What is this, a joke?
Take him away.
Are you locking me up
for sausage detention?
He found the architect.
I can't believe it.
He worked a lot on this house,
I wanna know why.
It seems that wall is over 1 meter thick.
Knock it down.
- What?
- That wall, make a hole in it.
As you want, Judge.
- So?
- I can't see much, except a large pot.
Tear it down.
Give me that.
Charles Pedretti, born on May 21, 1912.
63 yrs old.
You risk to end your days in prison.
Without hi-fi, without jacuzzi,
aren't you gonna miss all that?
I want my lawyer, you have nothing.
I quit that activity a long time ago,
too long to get arrested for it.
Some people have luck in their life,
but luck sometimes go either way and
yours it's a matter of 5 months.
What's this bullshit?
You take care of your business.
The dust has damages the material, right?
- The newspaper, Charles.
- What newspaper?
You wrapped your equipment with a newspaper,
which dates back to July 7, 1966.
9 years and 7 months ago,
but prescription time is 10 years.
Tell me what you know about Zampa
and I'll use this for barbecue.
- I don't know him.
- You must be the only one in Marseilles.
I don't go out much anymore.
Soon it will be from Baumettes
that you won't go out, ever.
I'll go get a coffee,
take the chance to think about it.
Alvarez, keep an eye on him.
He won't say a word about Zampa.
Jeannot, go take a walk,
you're a damn black cat.
Leave my brother alone.
It's almost like he's sending negative
waves to the players.
What a fool.
Tany... can we talk a minute?
- Go ahead.
- The Banker came to see me.
He asked me, as usual.
So what?
"So what" you say?
Don't you remember I was gonna
pay the double?
Yes, I remember.
So? You have nothing to say to me?
You send the Banker to me
and you don't say anything?
Tany, it's me...
It's me.
Since when I have to
explain myself to you?
Since when?
Forget it, it's nothing, it's nothing.
- Yes!
- Go, kid!
- Pass it!
- Come on, kid!
Come on! Yes!
I knew we were gonna score!
I knew it!
Come on, one more!
Let it go.
- So?
- We found Fabrizio Maldonado.
He won't talk anymore.
- Morning, ma'am, am I disturbing?
- No, come in, I was just making coffee.
- Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.
May I see Lily?
Weren't you told?
She overdosed.
I buried my little girl last week.
But I swear she had listened to you.
After the treatment,
she had quit everything.
I can't understand what happened.
I'm so sorry, ma'am...
I'm so sorry...
Not to be rude...
...but either you do as you promised, or
I'll cut your balls and make me earrings!
This city has become a fucking jungle,
swarming with blacks and cops.
They rob one another in the streets...
and furthermore they
fuck each other in jail.
The only advantage here is that they all
consume... whites, blacks, hippies, cops...
- You need more stuff then.
- Yes, but your prices, Tany...
- ...are off the market.
- The market?
I am the market.
You're not alone anymore, Asians deliver
at 30,000 per kilo, almost half than you.
But three times less pure.
You know once you cut it, mine will make
you earn much more than that Chinese shit.
And since we both like money...'s better if you buy my stuff,
at my price.
Fucking Neapolitan, in business
you're stiffer than a convict's dick.
What about delivery?
- Don't worry.
- I never worry.
I'm satisfied...
...or I am not.
How are you, Lucien?
- Redecorating?
- Yes.
I see just small fishes here.
- Small dealers, pimps...
- Small fishes keep the French moving.
If we can't hit the head of the octopus,
we'll hit the tentacles.
You pick 'em all up...
- even if you ain't got nothing on them.
- Alright.
- You forgot the names on these warrants.
- You fill 'em yourself.
It's illegal, you know.
But I like it.
Just a little message to Zampa,
to say "the party is over".
Huge series of arrests in Marseilles.
The one they call "The Gipsy" was
interrogated this morning by the narcotics.
Come on! Up!
Sit down!
- Good morning, I am judge Michel.
- I don't give a fuck!
I'll charge you the maximum.
This series of arrests was conducted
by judge Pierre Michel...
...who has become very much popular
in these last weeks.
No! Robert, no!
Isn't this yours?
Never saw it, fuck you!
Take note, Miss.
There, now it's yours.
Have it checked for fingerprints.
Two men were arrested today
for possession of 2 kilos of heroin.
- Will you turn it off, please?
- I'll switch station.
Look at here, isn't it sweet?
- I don't give a shit!
- Take note.
- Tany, they got Andreani.
- What?
They got Andreani at his house,
1 hour ago.
Firstly, don't put that on me!
We are thrilled to have such a brilliant
judge as your husband in Marseilles.
- Elisa Marcone, what about her?
- The woman of a gangster.
Is that a crime?
Her husband's business is
all registered to her name.
You're pushing the limits here.
A bit more clinched at the waist.
- Not too much, though.
- Just a little bit.
A little bit...
That's Lino, let him in.
A bit more clinched...
You go play there, darling.
- I'm sorry to have to disturb you.
- Tell me.
I can't get the base anymore.
- Why?
- That wackjob arrested my wife.
Your wife?
I'm left alone with the kids, gotta
wash them, feed them, change diapers.
I'd rather go to prison 100 times.
This judge is starting to piss me off.
He pissed of everyone,
he's fixated on you.
If this goes on, more people
won't be able to work anymore.
Be quiet there!
I need to pee.
Give me two minutes, my dear.
Go back to play.
I can't take it anymore, it's hell.
Will you stop it there!
Take these, Lino.
- Thanks, Tany.
- I'll get a lawyer for your wife.
- I'm sorry!
- Forget it.
Forget it, I said!
Come on, kids!
I'll end up kill them.
Robert, it's Tany.
Let's go through class,
I'm gonna interrogate...
No... no...
no, not you...
Ok, I'm listening.
What are you gonna recite?
- "I am what I am"
- By?
- Jacques Prevert
- Perfect.
"I am what I am, I'm made that way..."
- Yes.
"I love..."
- No! "I'm made that way..."
"When I want to laugh..."
...Then what? "When I want to laugh..."
Something's bothering your little head?
What's that?
- What's a "pd"?
- What? Where did you hear that?
At school two kids were talking about dad.
One said he's a cow-boy,
the other said he's a "pd".
People say a lot of things, you know...
sometimes dumb things.
Next time someone bothers you,
you do like this.
- Stop it, Pierre.
- Why?
- Don't.
- Alright then, you do like this.
Hey, we're working here!
Let's start back.
- Doesn't it bother you?
- What?
Well, all of it,
the girls, the school...
Everyone's talking about you.
In the hallways, people talk.
All these rumors, I don't even
wanna know what they say.
People will always talk... who cares...
OK, but can't we have a conversation.
Yes we can, but about that,
there's nothing to talk about.
Screw them.
Morning, everyone.
Having a good meal, judge?
I'll have a Pastis.
Something's been bothering me
for a long time.
Here it is, if I can help a judge...
Your first name is Andr,
why do they call you Robert?
Why do they call me Robert?
Cause I have a nice pair.
- Of breasts.
- Yes, I get it.
You have all your files memorized,
don't you?
My birth date?
April 15, 1935.
You do a lot of work,
maybe even too much.
That much work can kill a man.
Have some rest, judge.
- What is this, my slice of the cake?
- That's exactly what it is.
It's for the kids,
they always love cake.
You'll get the same every month.
You'll explain this later.
Shall we go, girls?
- Bye, dad.
- Bye, kittens.
Listen here...
"The popular judge Michel donated 10,000 francs to
the largest center of detoxification in Marseilles."
"The money came from his personal funds and he
stated the effort came natural and should be...
everyone's duty to do the same..."
- Alright! Stop it!
"The magistrate affirmed that he will continue
his relentless battle against heroin."
"He reaffirmed his will to
put behind bars Gaetan Zampa,
the man behind this drug traffic that
is spreading in the whole world."
Well, gentlemen.
I drink to this great man, judge Michel.
Lucien! Lucien! Lucien!
How you're doin?
You all know, I can't stand
the rain, the taxis...
...and PSG.
But a promotion to head of OCRB,
you can't turn it down.
I take the chance to thank everyone
who contributed to the nomination.
Starting from the worst assorted couple
of cops in police history.
Big mouth.
- Here we go.
- And The Mute!
You mean "Zorro and Bernardo"!
Ange! Lose the mask!
Show some respect for the new commissioner!
Also our judge here, who's willing
to give away everything for a just cause...
- His life, his time, his money...
- Well, actually...
- OK, someone else's money.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Too many interrogatories,
he talks like them now.
Seriously, Pierre.
I learned something, working with you.
That nothing is impossible, thank you.
I'm gonna miss you!
I hope you have a very
good reason for this.
I didn't call you for nothing,
you'll see.
- Whats going on, Franky?
- Seems like he's got nothing for us.
- How come?
- Tell him.
Tell him what you just told us!
Some other guys have come before you.
Tell him who came
to get the money!
- It was Madman!
- See? I told you.
Alright, why the hell
did you gave the money to him?
He said it's too dangerous
for you to travel,
with that judge after you all the time.
Then he said, that you are done.
I didn't say it! He did!
He said that I have to work with him now.
And you believed him
you stupid motherfucker!
What shall I do with him?
Nothing, that's not his fault.
Poor sucker.
Little asshole.
Wash your mouth and go back to work!
I am done, huh? Motherfucker!
Do you understand?
I was at the casino.
You gonna give me my money back now.
You forgot about that money,
it's mine now.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Judge, Michel, what brings you here?
- It's about that "Madman".
No, no, no.
Please, not this case.
- Why? You have nothing?
- Nothing at all!
No prints? No evidence?
Nobody saw anything?
If not for the wounds,
one might think it never happened.
They say Zampa is behind that.
- It's not with rumors that we'll get him.
- That's for sure.
So we worked for nothing.
We got better things to do,
this is a lost battle.
Of course.
- You got plenty of work to do.
- Over my head.
I guess you're right,
save your strength for fishing.
Why did he say that?
- Did you find it?
- Yes, bullet-proof car.
You wanna leave undercover,
just to be sure?
Of course I'll go undercover,
and you'll do the same.
- We're at war.
- No, I won't go undercover.
I'll go to the hospital.
You ain't doin nothing
except what I tell you to!
You think you gonna show up there
and have yourself a cigarette?
There's a guard at the door 24/7.
- We'll do nothing then?
- Nothing!
We pray, that's it.
If the Lord won't take care of him
we'll wait until he comes out.
Meanwhile, you won't set a foot outside.
Same for your son,
you won't go see him.
Got it?
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Yes!
Good, let's go.
There's a car following us.
Let's take him for a little ride.
Now! Now!
- Who was it?
- Go after him.
What the hell is he doing?
Are you lost?
I'm just walking.
A bit far from home, huh?
What do you want?
I step outside and you're
immediately on my ass.
Don't you have a woman for such things?
- Do you fancy me?
- You're not my type. I don't like punks.
You see punks everywhere, don't you?
Must be your profession.
That's not how I see myself, though.
You see, I give work to a lot of people.
I see myself more as... a trader.
Don't give me that "businessman" shit.
I make you angry, huh?
It always happens with
people like you.
I get that.
How much does a judge make?
9,000? 10,000 a month?
You need to wake up.
You think Marseilles is gonna
become like Switzerland?
I make the most of the
little time we have here.
You should do likewise.
"Make the most", your way?
An armored car?
A watch dog to protect me?
Everybody's after you.
Me, the cops and all your little buddies.
I've been here for 20 years, you know.
- I'm not afraid.
- Yes, you are.
You're not wearing that bulletproof vest
under your shirt to look pretty.
I'm sure you sleep with one eye open.
You wonder when your turn is gonna be,
or your wife's.
Be careful what you say.
- Don't disrespect me.
- I don't respect people like you.
You got some guts.
We better don't cross paths again.
Better for me or for you?
I'm so sick of being here, 3 months.
A tunnel.
- I'm going to bed.
- I'm coming.
You take care of the funerals.
I want floral wreaths,
beautiful ones.
Beautiful ones.
- Want something stronger?
- No.
You're wrong,
that would be good for you.
You think I'm wrong?
Find Madman.
- We have to put men everywhere.
- What for?
I got nothing, but...
We can't mobilize all units
for some settling of scores.
Zampa is gonna search everywhere,
he won't give up!
No, he's aggressive.
I can't send out everyone
on a simple supposition!
- Put the commissioner on.
- He's busy now.
I don't care! Put him on!
Call again later.
Are you going to do something now?
How many dead?
4, 5?
Don't bug me now, Michel,
I'm busy.
You are working then?
You have nothing to do here.
When I'm gonna need a judge, I'll call you.
- You saw it, didn't you?
- That's nothing, that's tasteless...
- He's jealous.
- Of what?
- Of John Travolta?
- Apparently, apparently.
A real mass execution.
In French criminal records, nothing
similar had ever happened.
The massacre in Marseilles seems to be
about a settling of scores.
That's one of the hypothesis.
The police wasn't able to recover...
- Are you gonna talk about the bar shootout?
- I've never seen a report this incomplete!
You might as well drop the case
cause it's not pleadable in court!
Bianchi, one might say
he's doing it on purpose.
If it was up to me,
I'd send him to prison.
Always with measure, Pierre.
They took 24 hrs to search the
houses of the victims. 24 hours!
I know, that's deplorable.
- I got something to ask you.
- I have a hearing.
Put the PJ on Zampa and Madman, we gotta
watch everything, the bar, the casino.
And with what excuse?
It would be an illegal surveillance.
I'll find something to charge them for
once we have them.
We cannot let them walk around free!
- It's a big risk doing something like that.
- It's a bigger risk not doing it!
Zampa just arrived!
Give me judge Michel.
He's coming.
- Let's go, Jeannot!
- No, we wait.
He's armed!
Go! Go!
I repeat, he's armed, boys!
Drop your gun!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Turn around!
Turn, I said!
- Don't touch me!
- Documents!
Hurry up!
Inspector, what happened?
We were on surveillance when we saw
Zampa arriving, then Madman came too.
Do you know that man?
- Zampa?
- Nothing.
- No gun? No vest?
- Nothing at all.
- Has he spotted you?
- No way.
From Mr. Zampa,
he said you were gonna need it.
You're defending criminals
and you know it very well!
You better watch your judges, Procurator.
Come with me, Pierre.
What's got into you?
Zampa pressed charges for arbitrary arrest.
I don't need this kind of trouble,
we got what we wanted.
I'm gonn ask 3 years for Madman.
Zampa will be happy about that.
Pierre, you're an excellent judge,
don't spoil everything.
I don't want anymore shortcuts,
no more illegal tailings, nothing!
Is that clear?
Very clear, sir.
Good night, my dears.
What are you doing?
I have to go.
- Again?
- Yes.
Enough! What you're doing all night?
I have a big case.
A case?
You spend all days in your office!
Shouldn't you stay home at night?
You haven't quit, have you?
- What you mean?
- You haven't quit!
Look at you, you're excited like
when you were gambling!
- I won't go through that again!
- You're delirious.
- You play with your life now!
- OK, we're not understanding each other.
- Aren't you putting your life in danger?
- I don't want Zampa to...
There it is! "Zampa"! "Zampa"!
That's all you talk about! You're obsessed!
You realize we don't see each
other anymore? We don't fuck anymore?
I know you!
You just wanna win the game so badly!
- It's not the same!
- Yes it is!
Look what the fuck is going on out there!
All the drug! All the junkies!
- I'm thinking about our daughters!
- I sure hope so!
If something should happen to you,
what will I tell them?
Are you gonna go then?
I feel alone, Pierre.
I'm tired of feeling alone.
That must be why you think
only about yourself.
Hey! What's with Ange and Zampa?
I don't know
- The hell you don't know!
- Ok, spit it out.
- A gang inside the police.
We call 'em "The Corsican Unit"
cause they're all from there.
Not here, please.
They infiltrated into PJ,
the urban security and narcotics...
Mostly the narcotics.
Ange is their boss.
Yes, he's an asshole...
...and he fucks up all the operations.
I'm sure he alerted Zampa about
us moving on Peretti.
We'll never find out anything,
we're constantly fooled around.
A boss for them as well!
When we got Madman,
Zampa knew you were coming.
He used you.
He used you to get Madman.
The Corsicans, what do they get
in exchange for that?
You are some character, aren't you?
- Money.
- OK, money, but what...
A LOT of money.
The Corsicans are associated with
The French in the drug production.
I'm sorry for having to tell you this.
How do I know you're not with them too?
Look at here.
Ange did it to me the day
I refused to join them.
That could be anything.
Yes, that's right, it could be anything.
I've been asking to be
transferred for 3 years now,
go ahead and check that out if you want.
Give it up, judge.
This goes too high.
What you mean "too high"?
Go on!
Do you know where Minassian's
brother is working?
- Michel, what can I do for you?
- What do you know about "The Armenian"?
The Armenian, the drug dealer!
Rings a bell?
Lower your voice here!
just like the guy in the next office!
- I got nothing to tell you, get out.
- Shall I have the city hall searched?
Who do you think you're talking to, Michel?
I've been mayor of Marseilles for 25 years
and you are going too far here.
You can't take me off this case.
The mayor has decided.
He wants a public announce for tomorrow.
- OK, then I'll call the press.
- You do nothing!
I'm gonna tell the press that
the whole city is rotten.
This time, just one flick
and I'll have you transferred!
You're leaving me alone then?
I have a life, Pierre.
Marie, it's Pierre.
Pass me Jaqueline please.
She's not here.
I know she's there, put her on.
- Put her on, I told you.
- Can't you give her some time?
- I'll look after her for.
- Please, Marie, let me talk to her now!
You know, you should...
I told you to put her on, goddammit!
Put her on, shit!
Please, I need to talk to her.
OK, Pierre.
What's going on?
Calm down.
What happened?
Answer me, tell me something.
I'm sorry.
Come back.
I need you, I swear.
I'm tired.
I'm so tired of being afraid.
I'm afraid all the time.
Good evening, Marseilles!
How are you?
Has it been a long wait?
Here we are! The opening of
the Krypton, the biggest disco in France!
DJ, music!
- Where's Tany?
- I don't know.
What you're doing here?
- Successful, isn't? Are you happy?
- Yes.
Come, all your friends are there.
No, not all of them.
Imagine Franky and Robert
how happy would have been here tonight.
You're good, my son.
F. Mitterrand's campaign is kicking off.
Mitterrand was in Gaston Defferre's town...
We can bring the left together
and we will bring French people together!
Today, Sunday May 10, 1981,
we are living a decisive moment
in the presidential elections.
5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
Francois Mitterrand is the new
President of the Republic!
The people elected the first socialist
president in 23 years.
- Mitterrand won!
- Who the hell cares?
And now, the new minister for
internal affairs, Gaston Defferre.
We proposed a dynamic program
tended to progress and change.
A real change and an achievable change.
A deep change.
How's a going, Minassian?
- Are you loading at 6 pm?
- Yes.
- OK, be careful.
- I'll call when I get there.
No one's answering.
Call back.
That's not right, why the hell
the driver is taking so long?
Still nothing.
I don't like it one bit!
What's this shit?
What is this, the Palace?
Do I pay you to play this shit?
Stop this thing!
Pierre, it's John Cusack.
Yes, good morning.
Sorry to disturb you,
I called the palace and...
I'm home now.
I need your help...
we made a big seizure in New York.
I gave up that case a long time ago...
Bullshit, no one knows them
better than you.
We arrested the driver... he was carrying
the heroin inside a paella truck.
He gave us the name of his contact.
It's Minassian.
- Pierre...
- Yes, I'm here.
So, what do you say?
- I'll think about it.
- Make it quick.
OK, thanks. Goodbye.
You do what you have to do.
My love.
- 92 francs, please.
- Keep the change, bye.
Have a seat.
Since when I got here, I started
drinking tea like an old lady.
Do you miss Marseilles?
The sun, yes...
the city, no.
- Lemon?
- No, thanks.
I must say your phone call surprised me.
What brings you here?
I've listened to your speech,
the night you were elected.
A lot about "change"...
...a word I'm interested in.
Get to the point, Michel...
what do you have for me?
Big titles, about a minister who doesn't
back down in front of anything.
I'm becoming interested in you,
my little Pierre.
- Go on.
- The DEA has got a concrete lead.
I want back the French Connection case.
I've put together a special unit,
officially you will be in training.
Training for what?
Criminology, marathon,
sewing, doesn't matter.
We're tailing Minassian and
we've put up a clandestine office.
How did you get Defferre
to agree with this?
He turned tables well before I arrived.
When he was elected minister,
you know what he did first?
He transferred Minassian's brother.
I call it a clear message.
- More wine?
- Yes, thanks.
Now that he's the first cop in France,
he transfers friends.
- You did this by yourself?
- Yes, my wife went out.
What, you wanna marry me?
No, no, thanks anyway.
You came all the way from America
to tell me this?
You see
I convinced him to give
you one last chance.
Lower your prices.
Last chance.
For me?
What do you wanna do?
Make war with Santo?
I can take down 5% on the next deliver.
Tell them to stop cleaning.
It's 15 or nothing.
Did you tell him to fuck himself,
he and his 15%?
Of course, what do you think?
I didn't tell him to fuck himself.
I had no choice.
Without the Americans, we are nothing.
They know it very well, without them
there's no money, that's how it is.
What about the Krypton, then?
The Krypton will get us nothing.
Everyday it costs me money, everyday.
The Krypton is a mirage to make
Christiane smile, that's all it is.
If we lose hero
we lose everything, that's it.
No more Krypton, no more Zampa,
no more.
No more.
It will be OK, Tany.
Gentlemen, this is judge Michel.
Richard, Stephane...
- Simon and Ludovic.
- Nice to meet you.
Come with me.
- What do we have?
- Nothing big.
We listened to 120 hrs of communications
but still nothing.
All about football, kids, soup...
nothing on Minassian or heroin.
It's like they know we're listening.
It's here.
Welcome to the DEA headquarter.
"A lot of work"
Good morning.
Shit, I can't believe it,
just you I needed...
I'm happy to see you too.
Since you know who I am,
you also know what I want.
Come on, I already said what I know,
I've been told it was OK, the house in
Canada under surveillance and all...
No, no... we have a problem...
Minassian disappeared.
- And you blame me?
- No, but now it's your problem.
Give me something more or you'll go to
prison for transporting drugs, your choice.
Shit. I should have never
been on that boat.
Normally my employees do these things.
After the noise you made in Marseilles,
no one wanted to go.
- You have no idea how much I regret this.
- Yes, yes, look at the photos.
- This tells you something?
- Not really, there's Marco Da Costa...
Da Costa.
Tell me about him.
He's been into that for a long time,
he knows each and everyone.
Is he connected with Minassian?
Yes? No?
I saw them together at the factory
one time, but it's been long ago.
Do you think Da Costa might be
working for Zampa?
I don't know... possibly.
I don't personally know the big boss.
Something else?
Isn't that enough?
What you want me to tell you,
who killed Kennedy?
Why? You know that?
- Canada is much colder than Marseilles.
- I'm aware of that...
Just saying...
Da Costa, no criminal record.
co-owner of Le Grand Large restaurant,
but he prefers to hang
around nightclubs and party.
Tell me something interesting, Jos.
It's coming.
Da Costa, Ange and Bianchi were all
part of the Civic Action Service.
Stephane, please.
They campaigned for De Gaulle and have
been friends for 15 years.
Da Costa must be the link between the
dirty Corsican cops and Zampa.
There you go.
What about the love department?
Does he like women? Men? Both?
Nope, he just loves Dora Meurisse.
Look for yourself, the curly on the left.
She holds him by his balls,
he does everything she says.
- What shall we do, then?
- We stay on him.
Dora, my baby.
Go take a walk,
we have to talk business.
- I know.
- Wait, are you serious?
- Come on.
- Alright, I'll go.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- You keep listening over there.
- OK.
- Judge.
- Richard, everything OK?
You're jumping on one foot,
like this, you see... it's not easy...
Unit 1 to base, he turned right.
Stephane, he's coming your way.
Unit 2 to base, he turned left.
He's heading to a big farm.
I said 42 and you give me 40?
Hello? I found the farm.
Meeting is for tomorrow in La Ciotat.
Judge, he's coming.
Things are moving, be ready.
The chemist got into Da Costa's car,
they're leaving.
It's clean, it's impeccable, I love it.
My theory is you have a restaurant,
you run it good...
Last time, Jeannot told me: "This place is
good in the summer". I said no...
I hear nothing!
We have a 250 meters range.
Speed up, we're losing 'em!
I get mad, but I don't really care.
I don't get enough sleep, I'm worn out.
At least I was on time.
What is that? A joke?
I don't wanna see where we're going.
If someone rats, that won't be me.
You look like Batman!
We're almost there.
If the farm is right for you,
we'll start in 3 weeks.
Hey! Miss!
Did you see her?
Of course not...
There's the farm.
He's leaving the main road,
shall I go after him?
We're very close to the lab.
Leave him,
we spot the farm and we keep going.
- OK.
- Great work, guys.
- Have you chosen the wine, Mrs. Zampa?
- Yes, Chateau Roubine, please. Thanks.
I really wanted sea-urchins.
- You got plenty here.
- I sure do.
Excuse me one minute.
- All is ready.
- Test the hero and prepare for departure.
- What about Minassian?
- There's no more Minassian, you go.
Alvarez to HQ.
It's not working.
I really liked that clock.
Trust your husband just one bit.
Yes, he's here.
OK, tell 'em I'm coming.
Don't worry, my beautiful.
I'll fix that later.
Judge, we are in position.
- OK, go!
- Roger! Come on, guys, we're on!
Keep me up-to-date, Jos!
Police! Don't move!
Jos! What's going on!?
Jos! Da Costa just got out!
Get up!
Drop the gun!
On your knees!
Don't move!
Give me your arm!
Your arm, I said!
You son of a bitch!
I'm done, shall we go?
What happened?
Talk to me!
What's going on?
Gaetn! Look at me!
Don't hang up, I have another call.
OK, Thanks.
The problem is Da Costa.
- If he talks, we're all screwed.
- I know him, he won't talk.
Don't underestimate this judge,
he's a bulldog.
Believe me, he's gonna break him.
What shall we do then, Ange?
Ange, don't...
Not Marco.
Da Costa is here.
Send him in.
What is she doing here?
Leave the cuffs on.
- We searched your house.
- You don't have the right to...
You're not in position
to tell me my rights.
This book is the evidence
I was looking for.
- What book?
- "What book"?
I checked and it's the right number.
- You still don't know Zampa?
- That book is not mine, I swear.
So it must belong to Miss Meurisse.
It's not hers!
It's nobody's then?
Surely it's not mine.
Listen, you been caught breaking the law
and you're looking at 20 years here.
And Ms. Meurisse risks
10 years for collusion.
- Give me Zampa and I will protect you.
- Protect me what?
You cannot protect me!
Nobody can protect me from Zampa!
You know it!
If I talk I'm dead and you know it!
If you don't wanna talk, don't talk.
Zampa will have you killed even in prison.
Testify and I'll send you to Canada
with a new identity.
- I cannot talk.
- Yes, you can.
I can't... I'm too scared...
I can't talk, dammit!
Please... tell him what he wants...
- Dora!
- Talk. I'm begging you.
Talk, don't be like that.
I beg you.
I want two passports.
Two passports and a letter
from the president.
After that, I'll talk.
It's over... we cannot reach Da Costa,
too much surveillance.
If he talks to the judge, we are fucked.
The Corsicans will bail on us
and we gonna rot in jail.
- Do you still have someone outside?
- Mmmh...
Then there's another solution,
but if we do this...'s Tany who will be prosecuted.
- Stand back, ma'am!
- Let me go! It's my husband!
Don't touch me!
"And then there's people who change
their mind like changing a shirt."
Jeannot! How you're doing?
"It's exhausting, the adventure.
If only we were willing to take a car..."
"There! Here's one!"
"No, it's a truck. Get in the back, boys,
I'll take you."
"Thanks, but I prefer..."
- Tany...
Judge Michel is dead, he was shot.
Go on.
"It's not possible to travel
in these conditions."
"I agree with you. I have an idea,
wait, I'll be back".
"What's really expensive in a car
is the engine."
"Vrooom... vrooom...
I advise you to hop in."
Why are you crying? Don't cry,
look at me.
You're a man now.
Stop crying, I'm going to hide.
Alright! Let's go!
Come out!
The house is surrounded!
Put that away.
You have 30 seconds to get out
or else we\x22ll come to get you!
Hands over your head!
I said over your head!
On your knees!
It's an historic day.
The triumph of justice on crime.
I'm happy to announce that Gaetn Zampa
is behind bars right now.
I take the chance to
sincerely congratulate...
...the police officers of Marseilles...
...who joined their forces
for several weeks... success in this operation.
While speaking these words... thought goes to
my good friend Pierre Michel.
The brave judge who gave his life... put an end to the French Connection.
His death is a great loss
for the entire France.
Justice needs to be done.