La horde (2009) Movie Script

Sorry about yesterday when
I saw his body at the viewing.
I should have controlled myself.
No, you had no reason.
Helene did not deserve to see
how you cried over his body.
Do you think I did on purpose?
I'm not stupid!
She knew that you slept with him.
I thought that you were more mature.
If you had to sleep with someone,
an outsider could have kept the family
Is that why Ouesso and Tony are angry
with me?
How dare you come?
Does Jimenez know?
- No.
I don't think he'd let her come
if he knew.
- We should tell them.
- Forget it.
Jimnez knew she had a relationship with
Rivoallan, and doesn't need to know
- Yes, but don't you think ...
- What?
Aurore is one of us,
you're not. So shutup!
We made a mistake, but today we
must be united.
I only have you.
So I said nothing.
I know Ouesso would never understand.
- Ouesso has his principles.
- No.
He has a lot of anger.
Mathias was everything to me
and that bothers you.
No, it's you who bothers me.
You do whatever you want, I don't give a
But lets make you the victim.
I need a soldier, not a crybaby.
Impeccable, as always.
What's this?
- A medallion that was my aunts.
For protection.
I know what you do.
It's not what you think.
- Ouesso, don't lie to me.
Not to me.
I know what you do.
I lost my husband.
And I don't want to lose my family.
Listen well, Ouesso.
You're the one I trust.
So promise me one thing.
Bring everyone back.
I promise.
You'll be OK.
You don't think I knew
about Aurore...
I'm not stupid.
He slept with her for 20 years.
But I knew my husband better than you.
Listen to me Frank.
I trust in you.
You have to promise me something.
Promise you will kill the
pigs that did this!
Promise me that you will
kill them all!
What do you want from me?
- Where are they?
- I don't know who you're talking about!
- Where are they?
- I don't know who ...
- Where are they?
- I'll ask you again!
- I don't know what you mean.
Where are the Markudis?
Where are the Markudis?
I don't know what you're talking about!
Where are they?
- What's happening?
- Leave him alone!
- Tony, get rid of them!
- What are you doing?
- Out!
- Pigs!
- Don't mess in my private affairs!
- Get out at once!
They have spent two days in hiding.
- I didn't get it from Rivoallan.
- Do you want to stay with us?
In the northern area.
- What?
- In the northern area.
In the district Charonne.
They are hiding with his men.
Rivoallan ...
was like our brother.
The Markudis killed him like a dog.
I'm not being sentimental.
I just want to kill those bastards.
I want to see ...
how they beg for their lives.
I thought this place was deserted.
We'll be seen.
So what? We eliminate anyone that gets
in our way.
Come on!
Skounade, Nabil, go home.
- Don't tell us what to do.
Stop bother us.
Around the back.
Jimenez, I didn't come here for a
Well does it make you feel better?
You don't understand.
We'll have to play dirty.
We're just here for Markudi.
Ouesso, you're a good guy,
I know that.
But do not forget
why we are here.
Today, we came for a bloodbath.
Come on!
Ouesso, they are the enemy.
Remember that.
Ohh ..! Quiet!
What's going on?
Who are you?
Relax, I'm the lookout.
Well, I was. There is nothing more
to lookout for in this sty.
Is this a bust?
It's for the immigrants upstairs?
- How many?
Seven, eight.
Not to mention the security guards.
- Anyone else upstairs?
The building is condemned.
The damned bourgeois and we are poor.
Some poor families are here.
Never thought to see it in France.
- Get lost. You didn't see us.
Go on!
Who do they think they are?
This building is mine.
Get rid of anyone that appears.
Tony, take care of the door.
You two
are on opposite sides.
Nobody moves until
I give the signal.
We will teach them "The Marseillaise"
We have to go.
Finish him, Ade.
He is no longer good for us.
Able to catch them with it.
- Get out.
Believe me, its better than their
pellet gun.
I'll fill you with bullets!
Don't move. Give me that.
What is this?
Let me see your face!
How beautiful.
Who are you?
I'll blow them all away.
- No.
Go on!
Go on!
Come here.
Go tell the others.
Do not let anyone enter the building.
Let me go, damn it!
Let me go!
Shut up.
I said shut up.
Look at me.
I said look at me.
What are you doing?
How many more are out there?
Look at me!
They came looking for someone?
That's why we are here?
Shit Ball!
My suit!
Shit, I'm not your maid.
You piss me off.
I don't understand a word
you're saying.
Shut your mouth.
Drop it!
Whether you end up like him?
Look at you cops, so pathetic,
with your toy guns.
They hoped to catch us?
In our country, we would have
had you hung by the balls.
What will you do?
They can't be alone.
Let's get out of here,
before we are surrounded.
We're not leaving ...
...while these cretins
don't say what is out there.
Upstairs went all wrong
block everything.
Forget it!
They don't want to talk.
He is right,
let's finish them off.
There's nobody out there!
We came alone.
Don't lie to me!
Don't lie to me.
You alerted the entire police station?
Answer me!
Answer me!
I don't know who they are!
You can show that gun
all you want.
We came here alone
Rivoallan paid for it.
Kill. Kill everyone.
All this for a fucking cop?
What is happening, Ade?
What the hell is that?
Step aside!
Son of a bitch!
It's not possible.
What's happening?
I just killed him.
And he stood up?
Don't move!
My goodness!
Come on!
Come on!
Its unreal!
The bar!
Get the bar!
Hurry, up!
Hurry the bar!
They devoured the Czech.
They ate the Czech.
What's happening?
What the hell
is going on Ouesso?
They're coming.
They're coming to get us.
I guess we can leave.
We have to try.
You saw what they did
with the Czech. Ate his face.
Don't be a sissy, Ball.
I'll bust their heads in.
There is nothing to do.
Absolutely nothing.
The judgment is final.
Look at them.
They broke down the doors with one hand.
They rip out your guts
with their teeth.
Bullets don't stop them.
You can't kill them,
because they are already dead.
There are thousands of them.
We're screwed.
It won't help if we do anything.
It's a death sentence,
Don't you see?
We'll all die.
Shut up!
Whatever you want,
we'll leave.
What will you do,
get down wth a rope?
That's the only way out.
And the bodies are everywhere.
How you doing?
Don't listen to him.
Come at once.
Listen, Markudi.
You, your brother and idiot friend...
...are three.
Don't count on these suckers here.
But together we have a chance.
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
You seem to disagree.
You can't do that.
Shut up.
Shut up. We agree.
Listen, I'm not your friend.
I don't care for you.
But I want to get out of here alive.
And our chances
are better with you.
Or don't you agree.
Or we split up now
on this damn roof.
No time to think.
We'll go down together
then we'll part ways.
He is deceiving you, Ade.
His girlfriend
knows how to use a gun?
Don't worry about me.
Control your group.
Control yours.
We need guns and drugs.
Do you have a cache?
Guns, yes.
I can't help with the rest.
Don't move.
They're gone.
They took Jimenez's body.
- Help me.
That's all we have.
Forget your homemade remedies.
This is what he needs.
Stop, Ouesso it hurts.
He is right,
This will end the pain.
Are you sure?
He knows what's good for him.
Where're you going?
- I'll be right back. Rest.
He's worse than you.
Why did you join with
these cretins?
I know you don't like it.
Neither do I.
But we have no choice.
See Tony.
This is bullshit, Ouesso.
We can't trust
those bastards.
You got us into this mess.
- What?
Was it you who got us into this.
No that was you
with fucking Rivoallan.
Calling him every night crying.
You said you were pregnant.
When he was looking for
these assholes.
Tony told you that?
No matter who, Aurore.
You messed up his head.
This mess is your fault.
When you're finished,
we can try it out.
You know this building.
What's the plan?
Avoid leaving traces of blood.
- That's your plan?
This building is rotting.
The elevator only goes to the fourth
floor. And you can't use the balconies.
The service stairs were never
finished. Understand the situation?
Have a better idea, then?
That's what I thought.
Lets get another ladder.
They should be at the entrance.
"They should be at the entrance."
What was that?
Go, Ball.
We need to go, Jo.
Come on!
Come on!
- Wait!
Don't shoot!
Don't worry about it.
My leg!
Hands off!
What would you do without me?
Aurore! Tony!
They need us.
Let it go!
It's too late.
I know these calls.
Go ahead.
What is stopping you?
Two cops killed, and we
are stuck with the lame.
You think you're funny?
Shut up, Ball!
Back off.
This is how it keeps track
of your group?
You're alone now.
If you want to work with us...
you better stop
being so sensitive.
I'm sure she's alive.
If so,
hope that she has courage.
Are you okay?
Show me.
The bleeding has stopped.
The dog bit my shoulder.
Can you walk?
Holy shit!
Don't move!
Lower your guns,
I'm not one of them.
I told you not to move.
You gave them a good beating.
Its good, no?
Like the battle of Dien Bien Phu!
How many do you smoke?
How many do the Chinese smoke?
I didn't say.
A half dozen, I think.
I'm getting rusty in my old age.
What are you doing here?
Keeping the post.
They saw the mess on the ladder?
I blew them to smithereens.
Handmade explosives.
I ran out of grenades in '64.
You live on this floor?
You were bitten, weren't you?
Need to take care of it.
I get around, come with me.
Don't trust this old man.
Take his gun.
We will try to find the others.
They got you good.
Who's the pussy now?
Let me see.
Move your hand!
Quiet, monster.
We have to avoid gangrene.
What did he call me?
- Forget it.
A cop is sometimes helpful.
- What?
Why is he taking care of me?
Do I look like a nurse?
Want to be alone?
Screw it.
Hey Grandpa. Is there anything
stronger than this to drink?
It hurts.
What are you doing?
I'll have to cut the leg off.
Are you kidding?
If it rots, that won't help get
the Chinese out there.
Cut, cut.
Try it.
- Easy.
Stay out it.
- He's right.
Shut up.
- I have to amputate the leg.
Nobody touches my leg.
Back off, grandpa.
I have to amputate his leg.
- He's crazy.
What did he do?
Say it to my face.
- You're crazy!
We must cut off his leg.
No way.
- Stop it.
- We have to amputate.
The old man is crazy.
- Amputate, amputate!
Nobody touches my leg.
- Stop it!
We have to amputate his leg.
Ouesso should not have said that.
Rivoallan was not your fault.
You shouldn't have opened
your mouth.
I know.
When Ouesso knew you
were pregnant, he thought ...
- What that I did it on purpose?
You all think I'm a bitch.
I never said that.
Not my fault.
Not my fault.
I regret what happened, that's all.
Think you have time to regret?
What happened?
Want to know?
Damn his apologies.
He can swallow his words.
I owe nothing to anyone.
You mean nothing to me.
Ouesso means nothing to me.
I don't care about anything.
What are you doing?
That's all that matters.
Cuff yourself.
You can't do this to me.
- Cuff yourself.
If you leave me here, I will die.
I beg you.
Please Aurore,
don't do this to me.
Cuff yourself now!
You can't leave me here.
If you leave me here, I will die.
I don't want to die here.
- Cuff yourself.
I don't want to die.
I beg you, Aurore.
Don't let me die.
You're already dead, Tony.
Don't worry, it's broken.
- Shit.
You better take care of the monster,
he needs help.
He is fine,
and he's not a monster.
As you wish.
But I know what I'm talking about.
When your friend turns Chinese
we have to take him out.
Those things are contagious.
- You tire me, old man.
See how he speaks, his worm.
- Leave him, Ball.
Ok, forget it.
I was young once.
He is insignificant.
And now?
- Hold it, guys?
We are safe here, I locked the door.
I have a pear brandy.
Fifteen years old.
What do you think?
I can't drink alone.
Their religion does not allow it?
- I don't believe in God.
Call me Rene.
Take it.
Religion is just death insurance.
And I badly need it now.
Am I right?
This shit is hardcore.
- What?
"Hardcore," brutal.
I'll pass.
Good to see that there are still
men like you.
To your health.
Say there, soldier...
you did not learn
to make bombs here.
How did you survive?
I have a good hiding place.
I received good training
on the front.
If my wife Clemence
was alive, you would have seen.
120 pounds of sagging,
udder banging against her knees...
...hands like hams.
You would think twice before
putting your hands on her ass.
We laugh, but...
A big girl.
You can say that again.
But it must be tough here.
You have to have balls.
And there always comes a sucker
wanting to rule the henhouse.
I see.
- I'm not complaining.
Clem could not stand it here,
but I never cared.
There seems a lot more...
but after Indochina...
no Chinese will keep me, agreed.
Depends on who.
- Don't ruin it, cop.
What? Are you kidding?
You're a cop?
What are you doing here alone?
I came here for justice.
Came to lessen the injustice.
- Didn't go as planned.
Look around you,
the world is upside down.
The Chinese are not the first to
cause problems here.
We've been eating shit
for 30 years.
Just like Mother Teresa
but getting nothing.
Want to know the truth?
You came because you're like us.
You want to be in the forefront.
Turns you on, no?
Excites you.
Excites you.
We do not know if the epidemic
is spreading ...
Turn it up, I can't hear.
Outside is a mess.
I'm with a group survivors.
It's a massacre;
Hundreds are dead.
The army ordered an evacuation.
Downtown is inaccessible.
Hundreds of survivors were
assembled outside the capital...
...and sent to
the military base of Villacoulbay.
The capital?
Where is our evacuation?
This reminds me of Abuja.
Going down the stairs, is impossible.
Do I have to spell it out?
The fact that its an entry,
doesn't make it an exit.
You guys really want to
wander around, waiting...
...for these freaks who want to
eat us? We should go straight out...
...and run for it.
- Let me get this straight.
Go up the elevator shaft
with my friend Jos hurt?
Run into these bastards
who want to devour us?
And then run to some military base ...
to end up in a shower
with other soldiers...
Who look at my ass
like I'm some chick?
Goofing off in my face?
- If we stay here, we die.
Are you deaf?
We don't know how many
of them are out there.
Theres probably alot
after what I did.
I'l take care of the elevator doors.
- You do not give up?
Want to save his skin?
Then listen.
Listen to you. You couldn't even
save your friends.
Ball, not now.
- He's your boyfriend now?
Tell this asshole to
leave me alone.
I'll kill this damn cop
too old and decrepit.
Come on.
Give me the Coke.
Give it to me!
I can't get it.
I'll help.
Smell a little.
- Really?
Don't need it.
This is sugar compared to
what I took in China.
It's time for your suppository you shit!
What happened to the ones I killed?
They take the bodies.
Give me your lever.
Well done, lad.
Where is your spirit?
What you gonna do now?
Who's the idiot now?
What will you do?
It's time for a wheelchair.
You found a way into it.
We'll kill the bitch.
What about boys?
I know what she wants.
Give a kiss to Rene.
Look what that bitch is capable of.
The teacher of the second floor?
You gave it to him?
Go on.
Kiss it.
Kiss it!
Kiss it, come on!
Kiss it, bitch.
Come on!
You want Rene's salami?
Think this is funny?
What's gotten into you?
Answer me!
Think this is funny?
You think you're it?
You think you're it?
- Stop by Ade. -
You think you're it?
You think you're it?
Remember what they did to us
in our own land?
Have you forgotten?
His brother is a problem.
- I don't like how that sounds.
He can't talk to you that way.
You have to fix it, Ball.
She has a beautiful corpse.
You scare me, man.
- How so?
I'm fine.
Aurore ...
- What?
Where is she?
She tried ...
- What?
What's gotten into you?
Are you mad?
We can't trust him.
You're crazy.
- Let me go.
He was changing.
- He was not dead.
You shot him in the head.
He was part of the family.
Leave her alone.
She did the right thing.
- Fuck you!
Let your feelings out!
We need everyone.
Let go.
He won't hurt me.
I am part of the family.
Come on help me.
I'm not a kid any more.
What are you doing?
- Go on!
Calm down, children.
- Shut up.
What are you doing, Ball?
You want to die with
these idiots.
Then die with them.
Take their weapons.
That idiot turned his head?
I have no brother.
You treated me like garbage
for years.
Not anymore.
Mom was right.
You only think about yourself.
You only think about yourself.
You are weak, Ball.
You know it as well as I do.
Without me, you'd have been dead.
The lame monster
can not save you.
Forget it, Ball.
I'm your only brother here.
You won't last long.
Did you know that?
Shut up, you old fart.
You can't go on without me.
I can, Ade.
Without you I will.
Without you.
We should have amputated his leg.
He wouldn't have gotten very far.
We can't stay here.
We can't stay here!
We need weapons!
The watchman has a stock.
This way.
We will not win without them.
Now you're alone, Markudi.
If you want to work as a team ...
you have to trust me.
Come on!
Come on!
It's like it is
asking for help.
They're hungry.
Don't waste time.
Come on.
Didn't I say so? It's enough
to supply an army.
I'll smash the lot of them with this.
My love ...
let's make mincemeat of them.
Hey, girl ...
you look like
a shrew, now.
Calm down, dear.
Open your eyes, Markudi.
I didn't forget why I came here.
Neither did I.
Come on.
Just a minute.
I will not need the
protector of my balls, now.
Come on, folks.
I'm ready.
They were here!
What are you doing, Markudi?
Get off it!
Come on, get up,
you bastard!
You killed my brother,
you bastard!
You know who I am?
I'm a damn Nigerian.
A Nigerian!
Come here!
Get up, you bastard!
You killed Ball,
I'll kill you.
Think you can play with me?
Think you can play with me?
I'll kill you.
I'm a damn Nigerian you bastard.
A Nigerian damn you!
You killed Bola!
The door!
The exit is around here.
Come on. Its over.
- Leave me alone.
Wake up!
Oh, no!
I can't believe it.
We're trapped!
I need to find it.
The basement!
Come to the basement.
Come on.
I'll keep an eye on them.
You can't.
Let him.
You don't need it.
Come on!
Take care of her.
Get the fuck out of here!
Eat me, you bastards!
They are everywhere!
I'll cover you.
I'm looking up!
They are worse then
flies hungry for shit.
Shut up!
Where is the exit?
There is a door downstairs.
Are you sure?
The cop died
because of their conversation.
Don't need him.
He gave his life for you.
I don't care.
You bastards!
My God.
They bring the bodies here?
It looks like a mass grave.
It's their pantry.
Have enough food.
Good work!
Let's get out of here!
They're getting up!
Help me!
Help me!
My God!
The path is clear.
Come, children. Hurry!
The lady!
Hurry, girl!
Get ready, kids.
Hell begins!
I'm running out!
Quick, boys!
Tear down that damn door!
I'm out of ammunition.
Give me the grenade, quickly.
Hurry up!
Fuck that. I won't die
of a heart attack.
Alls fair in love and war.
What are you doing?
What is this?
Shit, playing soon!
Come to Daddy, its fucking time!
I'll show you what is "hardcore".
Relax, relax, relax.