La linea (2009) Movie Script

Police! Help me!
Help me.
They're going to kill me.
Help me.
What're you doing?
They're after me!
Help me.
I got it.
You're 20 minutes late.
Well, you've seen the traffic
around here? It's worse then Bagdad.
Take a seat.
you said you've come up a few
pay grades, Billy, last time...
I saw you, you sat in front of your
desk at Langley trying to nail that...
dirty blonde secretary
with the nice ass.
What was her name?
Last time I saw you, you and your
boys were getting your asses kicked...
all over downtown Medellin
by Escobar.
Yeah... I remember.
These two men, we're not even
sure of their real names.
They're poppy farmers, from about
60 miles outside of Kabul.
And they'll be
very willing to produce...
about a billion dollars a year
high grade black tar Heroin.
The deal is, that they'll supply
the Salazar kartel with Heroin...
well under market price, in
exchange for access to the line.
The line?
The drugs routes from this side
of the border to the U.S.
They're bringing a suitcase,
probably smuggled from Pakistan.
- So, what's in it?
- We don't know.
What we do know
that it's hermetically sealed,
and we can't x-ray it.
This suitcase is a test.
If they can get through
with that thing,
we've got a...
a big problemen.
The bottom line we can't guarantee
that something won't make it through.
By the end of day what we're
talking about is the Taliban...
with a pipe line
for whatever they want...
to the U.S, nukes, drugs,
bio-weapons, people...
That will be all for now,
Randall. Thanks.
who would be stupid enough
to let this happen?
I thought you people had this
whole area under control.
And Salazar... he's dying.
Numero two is taking over.
Pelon, that piece of work.
If this deal goes through,
that makes him the biggest
drug trafficker in the west,
even bigger
than our buddy, Escobar.
So... huh, now what? This all
sounds like a local problem to me.
No, until 6 hours ago,
it was mine... officially.
Now it's yours.
No, no, I retired in 96.
Whatever, why don't you start
by giving us some idea...
what your units
operations are in this area.
- My unit?
- Hm.
How close are you?
Pelon is a paranoid psycho.
He keeps moving from one
safe house to the other.
He won't be easy to track, but we'll
give you all the intel we have.
So, you have some one inside?
Yes, one, but I'm not
gonna give you that.
Why not?
Too deep, and... besides,
I don't trust you.
So, what's the verdict?
Did you ever nail...
that dirty blonde
with the nice ass?
Just get the job done,
clean, if possible.
- Yeah.
- Mark Shields? Crossover.
This bread, is the body of Christ,
and this wine, is the blood Christ.
This bread, is the body of Christ,
and this wine, is the blood Christ.
This bread, is the body of Christ,
and this wine, is the blood Christ.
This bread...
is the body of Christ,
and this wine,
o sangue de Cristo.
This bread, is the body of Christ,
and this wine, is the blood Christ.
This bread, is the body of Christ...
You take of that thing
we've discussed?
It's done.
Do you know... the new guy?
What's his name?
There's always some new guy, huh?
I took care of him.
That's good.
It's good to get your hands
dirty some times, huh?
Let's go.
...and this wine,
is the blood Christ.
The Arabs?
- On their way to his house.
- What?
Go back to your house.
I'm gonna be a minute.
- Entertain 'em.
- Hey, Pelon...
- Can I help you, sir?
- Ola, Marin, Tim Marin.
Yes sir, your room is ready.
Have you, uh... seen this guy?
I don't know this guy.
- I need a room.
- It's 5 dollars for 15 minutes.
I need one for 2 days.
You don't wanna stay here,
there's no hot water...
Just give me a room,
the corner if you got one?
That's... uh,
3 visits in 4 months.
You must need something.
I need you...
to see if someone knows about
the Afghanistan deal.
Of course the do, Rene,
I told you.
I warned you.
Then I got a leak
in my organization.
but that's not the point.
Well, what is your point?
The point ist, that no matter how much
money you start to make on this deal.
The Americans will not
let you deal with terrorist.
Even if they're not terrorists.
I didn't ask for your advice,
the deal is going through.
It's my show now.
Sit down, Rene.
Why do you show me
such disrespect?
Sit down.
You know... uh,
people thought I was crazy...
when I turned over the family
buisness to a none family member.
But I always knew
I was doing the right thing.
Because you have
a steadiness about you.
And I believe in you, but...
use your brain.
And you must be smarter
then your enemy.
What're you trying to say?
The Americans...
they're very smart,
but sometimes they can be
incredibly stupid.
They spend all this...
money, time and energy
on so called war on terror.
They put satellites
up in space.
They can ram a smart-bomb
up a camel's ass...
from a situation
5 thousand miles away.
And everytime the U.S.
Kills an Al Qaida leader,
what happens? There's a new one
before the body is cold.
They do it a million times,
and never get it...
because the real solution,
always eludes them.
Do you know what that is?
Why don't you align with me.
Do nothing.
If you want it shut down
the fundamental flaw system...
all you gotta do
is step out of it's way...
and it'll shut itself down.
Nature has a way
of correcting itself.
You're going to church
like I told you?
Almost every day.
Father Antonio is a good man, you
should always be straight with God.
If you turn your back on God,
God might turn his back on you.
Then you're in trouble.
- You mind checking that out for me?
- Yeah, I'm gonna check it out for you.
And next time don't make
such a dramatic entrance.
Remember I'm dying.
They're here.
I grew up here.
20 years of work,
2 years in Mexico City.
And here I am, a babysitter
for fucking Arabs'.
They're Afghans'.
Welcome, Gentlemen.
"As-Salamu Alaikum".
- "As-Salamu Alaikum".
- "As-Salamu Alaikum".
I'm afraid my Spanish
is deplorable, Mr. Juarez.
And the Spanish translation books
are scares in my country.
With that said, it would be good
to know, that we're safe here.
In English, if you don't mind.
You're completely safe here.
Please... you've come
a long way, let's go inside.
Manhattan bar, ask for Jos.
I'm looking for Jos.
This is Mexico, brother.
Everyone's named Jos.
Wait here.
Want to buy me a drink?
Uh... no.
Want a woman?
No, I'm good, I'm fine, thanks.
Why the fuck
did you come here for then?
This isn't a good time,
come back a little later.
I think you should take off.
You haven't seen any
piece a shit bounty hunters,
have you?
Why don't you two guys
grab a couple beers, huh?
I said, have you seen...
Second floor.
Knock once.
Go back home, fucking Gringo.
Something tells me,
you've never done that before?
It is not commonly, acceptable
behavior... in our culture.
I thought it was stoning,
you know, stoning for fucking.
Isn't that what you guys do?
We're civilized people.
We don't stone people anymore.
Oh... "civilized", I see.
I assume you are
Mr. Cantons' Lieutenant?
I do work for Don Salazar.
Yes, if I am correctly informed,
Mr. Salazar has fallen ill.
Yes... he has.
We're simple farmers,
Mr. Juarez.
We have a... product
that has a market demaind...
the product
happens to be heroin.
So, that makes us all
common criminals...
in the eyes of the
American goverment, doesn't it?
Does that scare you?
Their goal is
to crush Islam, Mr. Juarez.
Their goal is
to make our people slaves.
For their imperialist interests,
so frankly, sir,
we to say to them,
as we said to the Russians.
Fuck them!
So... just some odd question...
what if Pelon,
sorry, Mr. Canton...
what if some terrible faith would
to befall him, in the next few days?
How would that effect the deal?
I don't anticipate that.
So, we wait...
and see what happens.
In the meantime... enjoy.
They get one whiff of pussy
and they crack.
It's like they're starving.
How's our special project
coming along?
Pablo didn't check in.
- Did you try his cell?
- I've been calling all day.
No anwser.
Maybe it's just rumor.
But someone said
you was trying to kill me..
Some big elaborate plan.
Is that true?
I can't hear you.
So, maybe it's just
a rumor then.
- You dirty bastard!
- Just stop it, man.
I want a little respect.
This is my town.
Let's go home.
I'm gonna be late for church.
I think he would understand.
I mean, does he really
care about, like details?
God is not going to bless
a drug deal... Rene.
Whether you understand this or not,
You can not buy... God's favor.
You can not buy mine.
I wouldn't be so sure
about that, father.
God's work is...
is many things.
But he's not free.
It is the wish of Salazar,
that I give you this...
spiritual guidance, so...
I am here
out of respect for him.
Forgive me father,
for I have sinned.
I gave you 80 pesos.
No, you didn't give me anything.
How stupid do you think I am?
That bullshit worked last week.
Not today.
That's all the money I have.
I'm not interested.
Give me that.
- Damn bitch...
- Hey, look!
A god-damn piece-a-ass
finely gets you smoked.
You know,
you almost got youself hurt...
Oh, yeah, that was close,
Let's go get a drink.
I'm surprised
you didn't take that Irak deal.
A lotta guys making
a furtune overthere.
Ah... to much competion.
Of every nickel and dime
including their mother overthere,
trying to make a name
for themselves.
Killing farmers, putting AK-47's
on their labs, Jesus Christ!
And fucking
getting paid to do it too!
They ain't got dick
for night-life overthere.
I think I just my sit ass
in Mexico City,
get a new job here and then.
Woman are easy.
they're quite desperate.
Desperate works for me.
- When did you get in?
- 3 days ago.
I was surprised
to get the call.
To tell you the truth,
I didn't think I hear from you
after that Bogota situation.
Oh, well, past is the past.
Oh, yeah...
One moment.
You and Iraq would have
never mixed...
you're completly right
by staying here.
- You couldn't have done it.
- Ah'ah, no.
What'd you find out?
Strange world down here.
- It ain't gonna be easy.
- Remember this, it never is.
We'll go there tomorrow.
You just be ready.
Hey... uh, Schields,
give me... uh...
What happened to the money
I send you?
Come on, man.
Thank you.
Someone went into the Manhattan.
He tore up Hector and his boys.
Who was he?
Some Americano.
Probably a bounty hunter.
It's a contract.
- Who's paying him?
- You know who.
He will never except you!
And now he's hanging out
with that Gringo all the time.
You know my mother...
she tried to cross from the
La Linea hills when I was 9.
Everyone told her
it wasn't hard.
She just left it all.
the sun wasn't even up.
They never found the body.
She was the only family I had.
Diablo is like family to me.
Keep your fucking theories
to yourself!
Oh God, forgive me.
He will.
I know why you're
keeping us here.
Tempting us... with this...
barbaric lust and sin.
Buying yourself time,
so you can do the unthinkable.
Oh, it's thinkable, Mohammed.
And I'm not the only one
who's had such a thought.
I've been trying to do busines
with Mr. Salazar for some time,
he was never interested.
Another scared puppet
of U.S interests.
I respected him.
Everyone respected him,
and trusted him.
now we have a friend here.
Pelon is no friend...
to anyone.
You should know that.
Leave us alone.
He's really bothering you.
- Real bad.
- This fucking Queer...
he's trying to take my deal.
Don't use that word around me.
It angers me.
Call him off.
He's the least of your worries.
If the DEA and the CIA
put a contract out on you,
you have more problems.
You're on an exclusive list.
Eskobar, Norjega, they had, uh...
whole armys to protect them,
and look what happened to them.
You're needed here...
to start things up,
and be careful.
Be careful on who you trust.
Let me get some rest.
Be careful with that.
Or you gonna pay for it.
220 yards if he comes out
the front door.
Oh, Jesus. These chocolates
down here killin' me, man.
7 seconds.
Take him.
You gonna lose a good shot.
It's cancer.
There was no shot.
Go back.
All right.
I don't know Schields,
you don't look so good.
Maybe you oughta think
about taking some time off.
You gotta have a bunch of cash
stashed by now.
All right.
Hey, it's fine,
keep me steady... it's fine.
I don't know about
this thing, Schields.
I'm starting to hear
Mexico City calling me.
If you have damn doubts, then go.
- It ain't that.
- Then what?
Nothing... You know I always
got your back, I'm cool.
I call you in the morning.
It's part of the buisness, man.
It happends.
Don't talk to me...
about the buisness.
You don't understand.
I tell you what I do understand.
I worked in a lot of places,
and this place is a fucking mess.
It wasn't always.
ran this line with dignity.
There was order here.
So, what happened?
Pelon... and that Mario
ass-hole from Mexico City.
They planned it all out.
Planned what out?
To take over.
They killed the right people
at the right time.
Salazar got sick,
he grew weak... fast.
He tought that he was saving
his holy life...
by putting Pelon in
charge of the buisness.
But he was dying anyways.
He was selfish.
- Yeah?
- I'm going home today.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Okay, I'll be ready.
At 4 o'clock,
I'll meet you there.
You have oxycodone?
(pain reliever)
No, no, no, give me... give me
the bot... put it in the bottle...
put it in the bottle.
My range?
Too much activity, we need
to wait and hold off on this.
- Environment?
- You don't have schot.
- Het is niet veilig, you copy?
- No, I'm taken him.
I'm sick of this place,
I'm going home.
- Schields?
- I'm taking him.
He's awake, mama.
Anna, get off the bed.
Go, go and play
in the other room.
How long have I been here?
Two days.
You had a hundred dollars
in your sock.
I gave fifty to the 2 guys
who carried you here.
That's your change on the table.
- I'm not a thief, you can count it.
- Where am I?
4 blocks from your hotel.
Just lay down.
I need a phone.
No phone.
Just try to get some sleep.
Don't you know that
that cigar is gonna kill me?
What, this? No. I got this from...
Castro's private stash.
It's... uh,
not gonna hurt anybody.
You know, my dad...
he died in 93.
He was involved back then,
in all a this shit when he died.
He was a tough son-of-bitch...
and it was...
hard to see him go like that.
Is that what you here to do?
Relieving me out of the
disgrace of dying like this?
No, Salazar.
Now my Bidders seemed to be able
to work with you in the past.
Mainly out of respect for
your father and grandfather.
We let that
Nicaraguan thing pass, and...
let you make all a that money
of... uh, that pig, Eskobar...
and then when you had
your troubles... in Mexico City,
we took care of those for you.
Feel thankful we don't...
care what you animals...
do to each other down here.
The user line stays open.
You didn't think for a minute...
that we were gonna let you
make a deal...
with some corain thumping...
towel headed terrorist now,
did you?
I'm not in charge anymore,
it's not my show.
- Really?
- Really.
Now will you tell...
Napoleon, that...
Mr. Water and Loo are in town,
and they don't miss.
Your other kid, the Fairy...
he... has a team
of his own in town, too.
So, I don't think your...
boys long for this world.
He seems like some else,
doesn't he.
That's a shame.
I'm looking for Jos.
Good morning.
Oh, thank you.
I took the rest of the money
this morning... for breakfast.
I have to go.
I figured that.
- Drugs?
- What?
You in drugs, guns?
You're not a Pimp,
I know pimps when I see them.
Okay, don't tell me.
But when you do what I do,
you get to know people, quick.
You... are not as bad
as you look.
Probably you're not as bad,
as you need to be.
And Anna likes you, she thinks
you might be her father.
Where is he?
I can tell you the truth,
or a lie...
- the same to me.
- The truth.
I have no idea.
I never really knew him.
It was Meth.
There were a lot of men.
- Your still on it?
- Meth, no.
It's been five months.
You have family?
Yes and no.
If you know what I mean?
Thank you.
Be careful.
Say good-bye, honey.
- Let's go for pancakes.
- Okay.
It's too late,
your friend's dead.
So, where we?
I can't hear you.
Who hired him?
Who hired You?
Huh, was it Diablo?
It was Diablo, huh?
Was it DEA?
Who send you?
I think we should stop
tickling him.
What do think, Mario?
Grab his fucking legs.
He's gonna talk.
You need something, man?
Hope you boys
are being careful.
I was down here in 82...
I had the runs for a month steady.
It's a toss up really,
food is... unlike the pussy.
Something that looks delisious,
could only be a dream.
And make it neat.
There's a lot of eyes
on us down here.
So, no collateral damage,
no civilians.
We're always neat.
Call that neat?
Well anyway,
you gonna do what you do...
at his warehouse.
Call me when you're done.
And... be careful,
runs wasn't the only thing
I got down here in 82.
How did you get in here?
You didnt hurt that poor kid
who's taking care of me, did you?
Did you love my mother?
That's the passed, Eduardo,
I don't wanna get in to it...
Did you love her?
I don't think so.
It's more complicated then that.
I had a wife,
there was too much to lose.
I don't think love like that
exists anywhere.
- Then you killed her.
- No, her illness killed her.
You were her illness.
I'm gonna win this.
Don't get in my way.
There's no winning
against Pelon.
He's too... focused,
too single minded.
He's dead.
I'm not gonna see you again.
And you know that.
I know.
You cannot win this, Eduardo.
Cover me, go! Go!
Go! Go!
Sniper! Right there!
We have a problem, sir.
There was another shooter!
We missed the target.
What the fuck is going on, man?
- They keep coming!
- Bounty hunters!
And they knew we be here!
Why do you say that?
I'm saying
someone is ratting us out.
Come on, pick up! Pick up!
Pick up!
Pick up!
Finely... what the fuck
is going on here?
There's some guy
shooting around here.
He is your friend?
Move, move.
You busy?
Who're you talking too?
How long...
how long I know you?
All my life.
Go to hell.
You first.
You have to get outta here now.
Not you, Brandy.
What happened to your eye?
It's always the small ones.
The small ones... the ones
that are so small inside...
by hurting you
make them feel bigger.
Oh, nothing lets you
feel bigger.
I didn't think
that I would see you again.
My friend was killed.
I'm sorry.
And I wasn't there.
I don't have
a lotta friends to lose.
I killed a woman.
It's a few years ago.
It's not...
it's not as if I haven't
killed people before.
it's that I killed this woman.
And nobody cared.
that is what you do?
You... kill people?
Yeah... that's what I am.
No... no it's not.
- Yeah...
- No, it's not.
You're just broken...
like me, like this place.
You just...
you just fell apart.
I... have been trying
for a long time too.
You wouldn't give me
the respect to kill me yourself.
You hire Gringos and bounty hunters
to do what you should do?
You're a coward.
I'm not scared of you.
You should know...
I'm man enough
to kill you myself.
What're you waiting for?
Are you
a fucking coward too, huh?
Kill me!
Keep going.
What you doing?
Where're you going?
- Hey!... Come on!
- No!
What happened?
You let me down, Renesito.
I trusted you, you let down.
What's going on?
You... you're not sick.
Hm... I feel much better now.
You really think I was gonna turn
the family buisness over to you?
That my grandfather build
and my father died for.
Money's by the door.
- I... I can't...
- It's alright, thank you.
Thank you.
what the fuck's going on?
How'd you know this guy?
Padre, help him out.
That's your friend.
Help me.
Take that off.
I was raised Catholic.
I don't want that image in my head.
Look at me!... Renesito.
Look at me!
Nature has a way
of correcting itself.
You should have let me know
that you had your own shooter.
We almost had a real mess here.
After all these years...
where is the trust?
Next time.
You should know this is not
some great day for me.
I took no pleasure in this.
Je hebt wat je wilde, ik
I'll be happy.
We are unreasonable
ass-holes, Javier.
The ugly American...
We are never happy.
I'm happy.
Why not?
I gotta go see a family.
Let's go clean this mess up.
Anna! I don't hear you
getting ready!
get your things together now.
Anna, come on.
What, mommy?
Don't we have to go?
No, sweetheart.
We don't have to go.