La Maison Sous la Mer (1947) Movie Script

- Good night Capel.
- Good night Biale.
- What time is it?
- You ask me that every day.
My watch is always stopping
to look at the scenery.
And it's my way of saying hello to you.
Who put pepper in my coffee?
I know you can count on
another coffee.
I could really give you one!
- Just try it! Pass me the sugar...
- Careful!
- Anouk, how old are you?
- You already asked her.
You really know how to talk
to a person!
It's boiling!
You drink like a kid does.
You know that Terretot girl
had the effrontery to come back!
None of your business!
She makes me feel ashamed.
So think about something else.
Look the other way.
I'd like to be able to.
Hello everybody!
'Evening sweetheart...
a weak coffee for me.
- That's your eighth!
- So what if it is...
I deserve it tonight...
I'm going down tomorrow.
Going back to
what I do best.
- You say that every night.
- You can laugh!
Tomorrow I'll be in my uniform
and hard-hat.
You'll see a real diver.
You go down a mine,'ll see what's at
the bottom of the sea!
You're too old!
Good night.
You sure can go on!
One more!
- Tell me Lucien...
- What?
The house.
Are you carrying on
about a house?
Think if we had our own place.
I'm right about the choir?
- I spoke to Quoniam.
- You won't get it
You better think of home.
The house... the choir...
It's all nonsense.
Think about us.
So how's your love life
Mrs Terretot?
I'm in no mood for jokes today.
- Why?
- Never mind.
That old Mrs Terretot
is hard to get on with!
Her daughter's back.
So how's YOUR love life?!
That Lucien of yours
is a lucky guy.
If he gets tired of you,
let me know.
- Mind your tongue!
- I'm just teasing you.
That's a sensitive subject.
Just listen to
that endless coughing!
You'll end up
making yourself sick!
Quieten down, both of you!
I knocked back the Hochenot boy
who's joined
...the police force...
in Berckville!
Over 3,000 people.
I would have been a seamstress,
like my mother.
No!... I settled for a miner.
On and on it goes...
and the children have to hear it!
- I'm hungry!
- It's coming!
- You OK this morning?
- I'll survive the day...
There's already been
a centenarian in the family.
I've got a nice house, haven't I?
When it falls down,
I'll still be standing!
- I'll be back with the laundry.
- You act like you're not listening!
Hi Mr Maresquier!
Good morning, Mayor.
Hello Flore, my sweet.
My favorite Mayor...
is that how you treat me?
- I don't like nuisances.
- I just wanted to give you...
my ideas on navigation.
You might be able to repair
this little file for me.
Where did I put it?
The mayor has never
held a tool in his life.
His white hands give him away.
I'll have you arrested!
Come on now... Captain,
calm down... this is my house.
Until the day your daughter-in-law
kicks you out!
That's not right...
we want to buy a house.
- What with?
- What with?
It's the mayor's, actually.
Yes... At the bottom of the lane
in the dell.
Another one of your ideas...
Like sending my son
down the mine.
There was no more work
for two here.
I'll give credit terms on half.
You like to make a profit
out of your wife's money.
- All about money!
- Let's talk business!
And the other half?
Capel! Don't get upset!
We're asking you
not to get upset.
I'm not upset,
but I'm not paying a penny!
Capel, without putting up
any of your own funds,
...I'd be happy if you
just went guarantor.
Alright... we'll discuss it further.
Goodbye Flore, my sweet.
Are you eating?
It IS something I do!
I didn't want to set an example.
It's still your fault.
I never cheated on my husband,
but I could have.
When you have a daughter,
you have to bring her up right.
Come on... don't cry.
- Give me your washing instead.
- No.
Yes... yes!
- What does her ex-fianc say?
- He wants to buy a gun.
She deserves a slap in the face..
She needs something
to straighten her out.
Takes all kinds to make a world!
No... a woman is something special.
Men forget that too easily.
There you are Mr Quoniam.
Are you the foreman?
What do you want?
To find out if you're
taking people on.
- Where are you from?
- London.
On foot?
No, on horseback.
Anouk... orange bitters!
Alright?... I said one, not two.
- Do you have rooms?
- Yes, I'll show you 8.
...I'm hungry!
Anouk... wine!
Your reading at the table
is pissing me off...
What is it?
What the hell's
the point of that?
- I'm up to letter "B".
Don't go past "C"...'ll have reached
your destination.
- What did he look like?
- He didn't look like a conman.
Always get paid in advance,
...except when they've got
leather suitcases.
There's also the savings book.
And the 10,000 from my mother.
And the 2,000 we lent to Biale.
Hardly the time
to claim it back.
Do you want the house?
Even if we did get the 2,000
it wouldnt cover it.
Worst luck!
Next summer, we can
eat our own artichokes.
And have our own laundry.
I made a mistake about a zero.
No, that's right.
I'll get that house.
It's just a matter of willpower!
I'm taking Boby for a walk.
That concludes our concert.
I'm now happy
to talk about it.
You can laugh!
You don't really understand me.
You big kid!
The loving couple.
People are looking at us.
So they've nothing better to do.
Rotten like people.
Well, it's Flore!
Where are you off to?
To look at the pretty
red-tiled roof?
The one you'll never have, right?
Listen, Flore...!
Lie down under an apple tree...
...any house in the world.
My dog!
Hang on!
Thank you, sir.
Lucky I got to you in time.
Yes, another minute or so...
Poor Boby.
Was it your fault?
Your country's beautiful.
It's the first time
I've thought of it as beautiful.
You'd have to.
When you've just escaped death...
...everything is lovely.
That's probably it.
What do you do for a living?
I walk.
Every day?
No... in between...
Today is your Sunday off.
Thats right.
Tomorrow too.
Are you staying in France long?
I like apple trees.
Me too.
So... goodbye then.
Management offered flowers...
I demanded pearls.
You can see whose side
the bosses are on.
Can't trust anything
they say.
I'll have to stock up on grog.
Lot of drinking at funerals.
For Biale's widow.
She pissed off her husband
for 14 years!...
She shouldn't get anything.
It's for the kids!
For each of them...
and nothing for her!
It's for a wreath.
He was a union man
and a good pal.
That's for the union man...
...that's for our pal.
The Londoner!
Could I have my key?
Still Looking for a job?
Two orange bitters is the usual.
Mine straight.
- How about you, chief?
- I'll have the same.
But I don't drink.
I'll just charge you for it.
Thanks comrade...
thanks comrade.
You know the conditions?
More or less.
Shovel or pickaxe?
The pick's a bit easier.
Shovel then.
Same as Biale.
For Biale's widow,
What's your name?
Ever handled a shovel
in a mine?
Stoker on a ship...
it's just the same.
Another Calvados!
Come with me.
Very noisy machinery!
it's the pumps.
The galleries go way under the sea.
I've been listening to that noise
for 18 years.
Through here.
That's the lot there is.
Poor Biale,
if only he could speak.
Just to say thank you.
Don't be rude... say thank you!
Miner's children...
with no education!
See you tomorrow, Mrs Biale.
These are the instructions...
I haven't shown him yet.
It won't happen like that.
It is a pity nobody appreciates it,
except you.
The men have to work as a team,
don't they.
You deserve to be
in the union.
Good night.
Good night.
No, old chap,
don't smoke before 3am.
But we do share everything
down here.
I'm sorry about Biale.
As a friend yes,
but work was questionable.
I miss hearing the dog bark.
I'll go over to the cliff tomorrow.
No need.
Death... it's is not pretty.
You shouldn't have gone
walking so far.
It's dangerous.
I like the path that goes there.
It's beautiful through there.
It's just apple trees.
Why don't you go to sleep?
There's something
you're not telling me.
How's your love life?
There's always a dispute about
the count of the buckets...
...2 men should monitor
the loading dock.
But that'll have to be accepted.
Not very reassuring...
this mode of transport!
You just need to
keep fairly still, sir.
This monitoring will increase
profits by 10%.
There's also a 10% more
risk of an accident.
Maybe we could consider
a bonus.
100 francs per man.
Though we'd end up
settling for 50.
I'm offering drinks
all round!
But you pay for
the second glass!
You don't pay at meetings!
- We have our rights!
- Three cheers for our host!
- The worker has all the rights.
That's enough!...
Shut up and listen!...
Our comrade's widow
has to keep her accommodation.
Management wants
to take it back.
We'll take action,
if management persists.
- Anouk! Where the hell are you?
- Quiet!
Pass the Calvados!
Why don't you
marry her now?!
We're a miserable lot...
because we never know...
...when fate will take us.
So I'm going to open a library.
So is it unanimous?
I'm taking this opportunity
to discuss my choir project.
From all our discussions...
you know me well.
I've got management to agree
to a bonus of 50 francs a man.
Any volunteers?
- Don't all talk at once!
- You gotta be kidding!
- We're miners.
- Not flying-fish!
You can buy a drink.
Those aerial buckets
aren't meant for people.
Stick to your books.
- Is the 50 francs for sure?
- It's for sure.
Oh yes... then it's taken away!
Of course!
I'll volunteer.
- You're not a real miner!
- We've all the right to choose.
The boats rolling!
Don't knock my work...
I connected the platform.
No problem.
You can do it, my boy.
It's not an voyage
on the high seas.
- We wouldn't be scared.
- Can I join you?
I'm not selling myself
for a lousy 50.
So yes or no?
- Another volunteer?
- Work under the stars,
...plenty of fresh air.
- Nobody?
Who cops it for you,
from management?... I do!
When you're unhappy,
who cops it from you?... I do!
If you were offered nothing,
you'd all volunteer!
Shut up!
You're just another boss!
- An exploiter!
- I am!?
- Drop dead!
- You make people stupid!
I used to be a worker...
I made something of myself!
You can all go to hell!
- Mr Capel!...
- What?
You're needed at your father's...
it's serious!
Go and fetch Flore...
she'll be near the cliff.
So... will this be
our rendezvous place.
I'm not rendezvousing with anyone.
I'm just glad you came.
Me too.
You no longer need my house.
You'll have yours.
Is it good to be meeting like this?
You're not answering.
Speaking too soon can
stop things from happening.
There's the Liverpool Mail.
- How do you know?
- I came on it.
- You're staying here?
- I've found a house.
- A house?
- Yes.
On your own?
- There are no vacant houses here.
- That proves it.
- Is it big?
- I haven't worked it out.
- Near the water?
- The water's above it.
You'll see.
- Can I show you?
- Of course you can.
Mrs Capel!
Mrs Capel!
We've walked under the sea.
We still are.
Yesterday I climbed up there.
It's not easy, but if
you take your time...
And you come out in the middle
of Corbes Rock.
- Corbes Rock?
- It's an island.
Or rather an islet.
- Is it far out?
-800 metres, I'd say.
Ships have foundered
on Corbes.
It's the current.
Listen here.
Isn't that really something...
to hear the sea above your head.
Isn't it the most beautiful house
in the country?
Maybe in the world.
The Liverpool Mail might be
sailing over us.
People are peering at
the water...
Looking where we are.
Without suspecting we're here.
Way deep down.
Like after a shipwreck...
Aren't we both shipwrecked?
I should be going.
I really have to go.
Flamanville seems
so far away.
Have you done a lot of sea travel?
Yes, but not as a passenger.
As a stoker.
I know the ports.
Livorno, Madeira, Capetown.
How are the women
down there?
On any voyage,
women are much the same.
So I'm like all the others?
You're from a different voyage.
Have you never wanted
to stop somewhere?
Not even here in your
house under the sea?
Do I need say?
You're all alone?
Women never go all alone.
But here with you...
I feel I'm on my way already...
And have arrived.
That's true.
I feel I'm at home.
We're nowhere.
Where we should be.
Where I should be.
The first one goes
in the morning.
With the new man?
Yes, Mercier.
Capel's still hesitant...
but I'm making the decision.
I got them for 50 francs...
You know how to talk to the men.
Would you consider the petition
for Biale's widow... would help me a lot.
What game do you play...
...the bosses' or the workers'?
Sometimes one, sometimes the other,
I get confused.
Father's dead.
Luckily I still have you!
I'm getting messed up,
good and proper.
Funeral's cost a lot...
they'll understand.
Where are the people
in charge?
I'm the one who gets it started.
The switch is on the platform.
You can't stop after you start?
It takes 8 minutes.
50 francs for 8 minutes...
it's a pleasure cruise!
- You right?
- Off we go.
- Ready?
- Ready!
- Lot of mist.
- Like every evening.
I tell you...
it's a long 8 minutes.
Nice to be able to smoke...
...while you're working.
A bit creaky...
don't you think?
It's been like that
the whole way.
It's enough I've just buried
my father...
I don't want to become
fish food.
They could at least grease
their equipment!
But nobody gives a shit...
about a couple of idiots
swinging in mid-air!
It gives me the pip.
The bucket in front
is blocked.
- We're going to hit it!
- Wait on.
Wait for what?
It'll smash up... fall apart!
I can't stay.
Just sit there!
If you move,
I'll knock you out!
Where are you going?
Don't leave me on my own!
Not alone, Mercier!
Not alone!
How did your pleasure trip go?
I told you.
There should be a switch... stop it en route.
Such luxuries!
- Don't we get served over here?
- There you are.
- That tell you something?
- I've got better.
In the village?
You won't get far
with an outsider.
Who is it?
As you wish.
Is it serious?
Looks that way.
It's not about feelings...
it's more about...
It's both.
My wife is a housewife
first and foremost...
...famous for her cooking.
You'll have to come over for dinner.
You should meet her.
I wouldn't know what to say.
Don't worry... my wife
never stops talking.
Mine likes to sit
without saying anything.
If she stretches out,
she'll reveal her thoughts.
What does she think about?
Not mine!...
She thinks Cherbourg
is too far away.
She's not after your money?
We've each got the type
that suits us.
It'd be funny
if they knew each other.
Better if mine didn't know.
Neighbours have nothing better to do
than be nosey.
- I haven't said the wrong thing have I?
- Anouk.
No!... Keep your money!
See you then.
- See you tomorrow.
- Tomorrow.
G'day gents!
Hi, sweetie!
- Glass of white.
- And again.
- It's my round.
- Have you done the job?
I wasn't going to let Mercier
do it on his own.
Would he have been afraid?
Anyone who puts Mercier down,
has to deal with me!
We were scared witless up there!
But I'll go back with Mercier.
I knew you'd come back
to our house.
We can't stay away from each other.
And I barely know your name.
Names are for other people.
The ones who won't come here.
Howdy gents!
Howdy Captain.
I think we have a cuckold
around here.
- We all know about Maresquier.
- No... someone else.
Mum's the word. I've always done
the right thing by the ladies.
What are you drinking?
Want to get me to talk, eh?
When I'm drunk I tell jokes.
A calvados for the Captain,
another orange bitters for me.
If I talk too much,
grab my glass, Anouk.
Anouk's having a lie down.
What are you looking sad about?
Have I upset you?
I'm not asking you about
what's happened before.
I can see it in your face.
Nothing from the past
matters at all.
You still have to let me
go back home alone.
Tell me.
Answer my question!
Not today.
Why not today?
I want to know.
Constant, you've never asked me
if I was married.
No, I haven't.
Constant! Where are you going?
- Where are you going, Constant?
- To work.
- To the works?
- Where else would I be going?
- Constant...
- Get away!
There's no need to get angry...
it's not as simple as that.
- You got kids?
- No.
- So...?
- We've known each other since childhood.
It's never been
like it is with you.
I'm yours, Constant.
So you have to make a choice.
That's all I've thought of
since I met you.
Constant, look at me...
I'm not going to share you.
See me when you've decided.
Not before.
I'll wait for you tomorrow.
But I can't come tomorrow.
I can't come tomorrow!
- Hey, Chief...
- Yes?
- Some bubbly!
- Coming up.
The same sort as
that other time!
I'm bringing it.
That was before
we were married.
He gives me whatever I want!
The 4 of us...
my pal and his bird
...and I wasn't alone any more.
That pal of mine was a card!
When he opened a bottle he'd say:
"Here's mud in your eye!"
- Remember?
- Sure do.
- Have a drink with us.
- Thanks.
We don't get into town much.
- When were you married?
-2 years ago.
We're having a bit
of a honeymoon today.
Mud in your eye!
Long live the bride!
You seem all tense!
Make a quick wish.
A nice drop!
Shame we don't come
more often.
Drink up...
it's the real thing.
She doesn't believe
the 4 of us were here.
They broke a bottle of soda water.
It wasn't us.
It could've been.
What a character!
You should've worn
that woven hat inherited!
Come on... drink up!
We'll get some coffee...
...and liqueurs, Chief!
People are looking at us.
Would you say that
about that Terretot girl?
Whores come out at night...
They're forbidden during daytime!
I asked for a brandy.
Pay what's on your tab first.
- Can I use the phone?
- Yes, but don't sit on it.
This used to be a respectable place!
Is it any different?
It's not the same thing.
- Where are you going?
- To wash my hands.
Putting on airs, eh?!
Can you lend me 500
until tomorrow?
Yes... what?
I'll wait.
I didn't think you spoke to me.
Well, you can see that I do.
Lucien certainly carries on!
He doesn't understand things.
Yes... I'm waiting.
Take it... don't say no.
I'm still the same...
I'm not going to change for 500 francs.
I'm just asking you
to accept it.
You're the one who's changed.
Thank you.
'Evening, Chief.
Howdy, Captain!
- Been offshore?
- Yep.
Been diving?
Not yet... but I've brought you
some lobsters.
This lot will wipe
your slate clean.
Just tell me what
I was saying yesterday.
What did I tell them?
Come on... what did I talk about?
- Silly old fool!
- Anouk, he's being rude to me!
You were talking about Flore,
about Flore and Mercier.
I'm always saying the wrong thing
when I'm drunk.
You going to start again?
Now I have to forget
what I said.
Good night, Chief.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
We could move out...
...and then have the place done
with floral wallpaper.
I'm just teasing you!
- Come on... bed time.
- No, no!
Not before I've spoken...
Papa, come on... please!
I deserve to live longer.
Say Flore, you know
what happened to me?
I dishonoured a woman.
- Is Constant in?
- What do you want him for?
- I need to speak to him.
- Do you realise the time?
- He's expecting me.
- He's been working all night.
- I tell you, he's expecting me.
- He's asleep in bed.
He's not expecting anybody.
What's his room number?
You can't go waking everybody...
It's No. 8!
I'm so happy!
Feel better now?
It's so good of you
to come.
You weren't asleep?
You think I could've been?
I need a shave...
I need to look good...
now that you've chosen.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Haven't you chosen yet?
I'm here aren't I?
Do you have anything
to sew with?
Yes, there.
Don't worry about it.
It's no trouble...
The first time!
There are women
who know how to talk and dance
and show themselves off...
I feel sorry for them.
They know nothing
about a man.
Wait 'til you see your shirts!
Where are we going to eat?
The sort of inn you go to
before you're married.
You've been there?
No, otherwise I wouldn't
take you there.
- Only...
- I'll be looking good!
You don't have to get all brushed up
and shaved for that.
What were you saying?
To get to Sciotot,
you have to go through...
And that bothers you?...
...Since we're getting married?
You know... not even if
we're not married.
A penny for your thoughts.
My thoughts are far away.
The place we're going to.
A port in South America...
...where I once spent a night.
They give land... immigrants.
I'm not really interested
in being a landowner.
If we don't like it,
we'll go somewhere else.
And our house under the sea?
If we keep moving on,
we'll come back to it one day.
And we'll sail over it
in a ship.
We'll look down and say
"We met down there
at the bottom of the sea. "
I'd never known love like it, before.
I didn't know what it was.
That's rather nice... here.
Buy me something over there.
Tell your fortune?
Read your hand?
- You want to?
- No thanks.
I'd rather not know.
Here's your good fortune...
We leave tomorrow
on board the "Laura".
She had to leave her husband!
Like the fable of the pick and shovel.
- A little respect!
- Is my wife there?
- Have you seen her?
- We don't notice who goes past.
Wives are like a piece of soap.
When it slips out of our hand,
we find more.
- If you see her...
- Pick and shovel!
- What was that?
- Nothing.
Tell her I'm waiting for her.
One should keep one's dirty linen
in the family!
Ah, there you are!
- Going to be photographed.
- Me?
Yes. That's what I did...
when it happened to me.
The photo in my lounge
gets a lot of compliments...
There's a strong resemblance.
- Have you seen my wife?
- That depends.
- Depends on what?
- On you.
If you're ready to go crazy...
I can't.
But if you're in a good mood...
Where's my wife?
Don't talk to me
in that tone of voice.
I am Number 2
in this part of the world.
I deserve respect.
Where's my wife?
- She's gone for a walk.
- Whereabouts?
- Just gone for a walk!
What are you laughing at?
Maybe she's got a cousin...
a nice sort of cousin... like a mosquito...
...who makes music at night.
Goddamned filthy bastard!
Yes, yes!
I said much the same thing
on the first day.
But I've read Rabelais.
You know what he says
about women?
"Mad at mass, but a nice soft bum. "
You shouldn't have said that.
I'll meet you
after my night shift.
I'll be at our place.
The lamp is by the entrance.
There's bread and coffee.
You'd better talk
to your husband first.
I don't want to leave you.
I don't want to go back
to face him.
It would be wrong to leave
without warning.
It would be asking for trouble
Our first night!
And tomorrow we leave.
You're not to hear
what I'm going to say.
Constant, I love you...
I'll love you 'til I die.
Did you hear?
It was nothing.
See you.
See you.
Where've you been?
I'm told you've been
out walking?
That's right, Lucien.
You dare to say it's true?
Because it is true.
I should kick the shit out of you...
...I'm throwing you out!
No point in beating me up
over it.
I'll be fine on my own.
I'd already decided.
- That you'd leave?
- Yes, Lucien.
- You want to leave?
- It has to happen.
You want to become
like that Terretot girl!?
That's quite different.
And you're going
with some guy?
No... with a man.
So this is what I work for...
To pay for Madames gear!
Her wireless! Her hats!
You deserve...
When he ditches you...
don't come back!
The door'll be shut!
I shall never come back, Lucien.
Tell me now you don't
love me anymore!
Yes, Lucien.
I never wanted to hurt you.
Have you slept with him?
You whore!
Who is this guy?
Don't yell!
You know how the current
rushes around up at Cape Hague?
That's how I was carried away.
But who is it?
A fisherman? Some bum?
He works in the mine.
You've shamed me
with one of my workmates?
I'll smash his face in!
It's time to go to work.
What's his name?
You needn't cut any more.
I won't be sharing.
I'm going to ask you one thing.
The last.
Stay here until I come back.
Promise me?
I promise.
Well... goodbye, for good... eh?
People say they'll be back...
but this is different.
Goodbye, chaps.
'Bye Mercier.
I'll still be here.
Married, with kids... won't even recognise me.
'Bye sweetie.
Have you two drunk
and made up?
Bastard! Bastard!
What are you doing?
Get off me!
What's this about?
As if you didn't know.
I swear I don't.
That's not true!
What are you talking about?
Stealing a workmate's wife.
Flore... is your wife?
You're a rotten bastard!
On my word of honour!
You have none!...
You're not from here.
When we finish work, go after our wives!
If I'd known, I wouldn't have
looked at her.
It's too late now.
Don't I get any say in it?
What is she to you?
Me. I couldn't be happy
without her.
Too bad for you.
I'm your pal, Constant.
It was her choice.
Stop bugging me!
190, 191.
Why the 2 of them?
Mercier's not coming back.
- 'Night Terretot.
- 'Night Capel.
You saw him?
What did he say to you?
I asked him to explain.
He told me everything
he didn't know.
That's all there is to it.
Now that it's all over...
I promise I won't
mention it again.
I'm a nice guy... see?
He didn't say anything
else to you?
No. Nothing.
He's joined the freighter.
I don't believe we'll ever
see him again.
- The freighter?
- What?
Is it still there?
- Yes.
- I've got to get to it.
I'm waiting for Quoniam.
But I can't wait!
I'm begging you!
I've already hurt you.
I can't refuse you that.
Climb in.
Flora, a shooting star!
Make a wish!
Quickly... make a wish.