La memoria del muerto (2011) Movie Script

There was once a seagull
who fell in love with the sea.
She'd moistened her legs
in the white and salty foam.
She'd fill the sea with presents:
Flowers, garland, shells...
...which she'd dropped from the air
in the middle of the waves.
But in the morning the deepest sadness
overwhelmed her... she found all of her presents
lying all over the sand.
She flew right into the sea
filled with pain and rage.
And so she drowned between
the waves and her own tears.
How long will you be
at the mountain?
One week.
So much?
So much?
Yeah, I don't want to
be alone that long.
It's a long time, I can go
visit you for a few days.
I'm going to a convent, Alicia.
To meditate, to blow off some steam.
To try to learn new things.
You can't come.
Huh, and you'll go right now.
Right now that... what?
Now that I'm trying to
get ahead a notch...
...that I'm a little weak,
that I need you, a lot.
Will you make it hard for me or
will you give me some good vibes?
I'm jealous.
Jealous of what?
Of everything and everyone.
Honey, are you OK?
Oh, God, you can't imagine the horrible
nightmare I just had.
Wake up, so you can tell me what it
means before I forget it.
Jorge, Jorge, what's wrong?
Jorge, what's wrong?
Hello. I need an ambulance
please. Yeah?
I don't know, he's bleeding, he's making
a weird noise, he's not breathing.
Hold on, they are on their way...
We have to visit a lot of places.
Please Jorge, don't go,
honey, don't go...
Honey, don't go, we have
to have children...
Come back, Jorge, please!
Come back!
Come back!
Hugo, my God.
How did you get in?
Let's go, they're about to show up.
- Yes.
- What a fright!
You asshole... what a jerk...
What a champ...
Poor man, he adored you.
He always wanted that his beloved little
cousin got to know his world.
- See? Isn't that something?
- I can't believe it, look at this!
My dad would take them while he
told us what we had to do.
Jorge always kept fond memories
of your old man, always.
See? Not everything about
families is horrible.
The exception that proves the rule.
You're Jorge's sister, aren't you?
No, but close, right Momi.
Stop that, bitch, the only
one who called me Momi...
was that fucked up husband of
yours, and I hated it.
- They were cousins.
- Yes.
Are we still playing or what?
Aren't you going to
share one with me?
This already has an owner.
- What about this one?
- This one?
This one is delicious.
If you touch that you'll get no drink.
Look at you playing it cool in
front of your friends.
My friend is the dead guy.
Not these ones...
How did you end up with this coprophage?
You look smart...
Human at least.
You're not at your best, are you?
I don't want to talk about it,
let's change the subject.
Honey, yes, I'm here already.
I'm missing you already.
Put my little thing on the phone.
You disgusting ass! Come on,
I want to talk to my daughter.
- Hey, Little Princess.
- She can speak?
Finally I'm here, complete.
Am I the last one to arrive?
Yes, all of us are here now.
Nicanor was on time, really?
He was the first one to arrive.
Jorge, Jorge...
How are you?
I don't know...
I feel very bad...
...sometimes I feel that he didn't leave,
that he's watching everything...
...waiting for me to lend him a hand
to bring him back here.
I don't know.
Thank you.
Thanks for being here.
As you know today is the 49th day
since Jorge's death...
...and it's very important for me...
...that here are those who loved him most...
...and whom he loved the most.
Before we take a look
at the portrait Nicanor painted...
...I wanted to tell you something.
Jorge knew that this time would come.
He knew that he'd die suddenly.
And that it'd be important...
...that the people who loved him
would gather around his absence.
As he knew all these things,
he wrote you a letter.
"My dearest, if you're reading this... means I'm no longer with you.
A dream revealed to me that
I will not grow up to be an old man.
Even though I don't know how or when
I'm going to die...
...I think it's going to be sudden
by accident, and relatively soon.
Which is why I'm writing this...
because I believe that for those
who remain there...
...the absence is more painful
than for us who leave.
This is a very personal letter.
And I want Alice to pass it on to you...
...with that voice of hers
I always knew was my own voice...
...but in an angel's body.
My partner at the time I wanted
to experience the most frivolous...
...the most promiscuous things.
He was there with me.
Fabiana, who taught me that
affection can last forever...
...and that it's possible
to love unselfishly...
...and be happy while trying it.
I'm tempted to call you Momi...
...but I will hold it back.
My beloved little cousin.
The joy of my childhood.
The joy of our family.
The joy at its purest form.
We were always opposite
but connected by the vertex.
And because of it ever since
first grade, we were together.
Hugo, who always knew
everything about me...
...without my telling him a thing.
Nicanor, my most recent friend.
Sent by the angels to keep an artistic
record of my passing about this world.
Who taught me that it's true
that there are many worlds...
...but they're on this one.
I know all of you are there.
I know that you think that your lives
are like bonfires dying in the wind.
And I'm happy.
This is what I want.
As my last narcissistic wish.
Vanity of vanities Solomon spoke about.
That you spend a night recalling me.
That I be the warmth
that bring you together.
That you be the lighthouse whose light turn
my path throughout the eternal friendlier.
Finally, to say goodbye...
I say thank you.
Thank you very much for having
been a part of my life.
And together let us be part of the absolute.
Forever yours, my eternal dearest.
Are you bored?
I'm quite touched by all this.
Though I feel a bit like an intruder.
Ivana, whatever happened to
you recently was terrible for you.
I can see it.
But you're going to overcome it.
You're sensitive, intelligent and strong.
It's a true pleasure to meet you.
My girl, my little girl...
Where's Alix?
- Who?
- Alice, Alicia, Ali, Alix.
You're very interested in in the widow.
What's up there, huh?
Mauro, you really outdo yourself,
you're the absolute worst.
- No, no, I have eyes, ears...
- Horns.
Momi, let's don't get aggressive,
all my ammunition is heavy.
Ah, right, let's all attack Nicky, who's
quiet and won't stand for himself.
If he thinks I want to fuck Alicia, let him
think that, I don't give a shit, anyway.
So, how are you guys doing?
How are you, Mauro?
Emotions make us complicated.
I loved Jorge very much.
I am sorry.
What's wrong?
What the fuck do I do with this, damn it.
What's going on here, Hugo?
Calm down, inside here we're fine.
Ow, I need to piss.
It can't be.
My girl, my little girl.
Ivana, it's possible you recognize someone,
but you can't go out.
It's important that everyone
understand this, nobody can go out.
My Sofi.
How long has she been dead?
What do you mean dead, what, is she dead?
- Not anymore.
- Ivana.
- Don't go out, don't go out, stay here!
- Let me go!
- Stay here, don't go out!
- Let go!
- Don't let her out...
- Stay out of this, asshole!
- Don't let her out!
- You motherfucker!
Sofi... Sofi my love.
What are you doing, Hugo?
Fabiana, what's wrong with you?
Fabi, what's going on?
You killed Ivana, you motherfucker.
Son of a bitch!
Fuck you, son of a bitch!
Mauro, this way!
No, not to the bathroom, please!
Fabiana. What is it?
Watching blood makes me sick.
Poor girl.
What's going on here?
We can't go outside, we can't even
open the doors. Have you listen?
What's going on here?
What the fuck is going on here?
- Explain this to me, dammit.
- Stop it!
What the fuck is going on here? Come here,
dammit, what the fuck is going on?
Explain this to me, dammit!
Get out of here!
Do you want to go out? Go out!
Try and get out!
I'm not stopping you,
come on, just try, go out!
Get out...
- Alicia, what happened to that girl?
- What happened to Ivana?
Ali, I'm asking you what happened to Ivana.
She walked outside.
But nothing will harm us indoors.
Tell me what's these people
around the house.
What happened? How did Hugo
know that that girl was dead?
Because everything outside is dead.
If you go out, you walk into death.
But we're protected here.
This is all to get Jorge back, we can have
him tomorrow back with us, let me out!
No fucking way!
It's true...
And if you really loved him
you can't deny his attempt to come back.
You can't fuck with something like that.
What do you mean, Alicia?
Jorge himself taught me this ritual.
If we all loved him.
If we all really loved him.
This house will be like a lighthouse
to guide him back.
Can we bring back whoever we want?
No, because Jorge has to
walk a different path.
For he'll be leaving this world.
Look at me, look at me...
Tell me it's true.
Look into my eyes and tell me it's true,
that Jorge can come back.
If I see him around here,
I'd piss my pants.
- Do you have to be so disgusting?
- Why don't you kiss my ass, fuckhead!
Son of a bitch!
Is something off?
Disgusting bitch!
You're so disgusting, Alicia!
You and that abnormal Hugo guy.
Excuse me?
Hold it, Mauro.
Yeah, stop it,
can't you see how she is?
She's alive. Ivana is dead
and this disgusting bitch is alive.
Why don't you let poor Jorge die in peace?
- You will never understand.
- What? Tell me.
- Love, Mauro.
- Love?
You're insane, Alicia, and even if you
dress it up as spiritualism, it's insanity!
- Mauro, calm down. - Yes. If you
can't hold your liquor, don't drink!
But are you all retards? Would you
have come here if you'd known about this?
That doesn't justify your
fucking attitude, Mauro.
Shut up, fake fag,
you're here for the leftovers!
What do you mean?
It's odd that you tell me all this...
...since it was you who dragged
Jorge down to the lowest.
Blow, hookers, booze,
angst, emptiness.
If it wasn't because I loved him, he would've
stayed with you on your path of destruction.
It's true, you were always the
worst influence Jorge could ever have.
If it hadn't been for you,
we wouldn't have broken up so painfully.
I'm sorry, little virgin. Jorge met
that sluts way before he met me.
You know Jorge cheated on you
from day one, don't you?
- Didn't you?
- I didn't know.
- Now you know, Jorge cheated on you...
- Why do I have to find out now...
You motherfucker!
Stop it!
I'm going to the toilet. I've been
pissing myself for six hours now...
Why don't you comment now
on how badly I speak, asshole!
Paraguayan shit.
Daughter, honey, I brought you something.
- Mom.
- Leave her, she's fine.
Mauro, I found you.
Is it you?
If I wasn't afraid that he'll kick my
teeth in, I'd break his face, I swear.
Don't let it get to you
he's sick.
Living like that burns you inside out.
You become pure shit.
You're right.
Luckily he wasn't seeing Jorge so much
during the last time, right?
Thanks to you.
Mauro is right.
No, you don't want to...
Why did you bring me here
if you don't want to?
Why are you wearing those clothes,
why did you put on that makeup?
She doesn't want to and
I have to believe her.
The fuck you don't want to,
the fuck you don't want to...
You love it, little girl, you love it...
I'll leave, I'll leave forever.
I'm leaving, I'm leaving, I'm leaving...
Why did you bring us into this nightmare?
A person just died!
I don't have to take your questioning!
I'm acting in the name of love...
while you do it in the name
of interest and comfort.
No, what you're saying is bullshit.
If you're afraid to love and to fight for it,
you don't even deserve to be alive, Fabiana.
Are you listening to yourself, freak?
You don't have to say anything
because you're a coward...
...who was always used to losing it all,
starting with Jorge.
Calm down, Fabi, don't listen to her,
she's too worked up.
Worked up? Let's see if you understand,
she's completely crazy.
Not crazy, overwhelmed by pain.
She couldn't take Jorge's death, poor thing.
Don't go too far with
that lenient view, huh?
It's dangerous to paint each landscape one
looks at with one's own feelings.
It's good I didn't understand what the
fuck you meant, or I would've argued.
Do we search for Hugo?
Do you think so?
The more we are, the better, right?
Cry, cry my little boy,
cry, cry with momma, yes...
There is no better place...
I won't let that little
Paraguayan shit use you...
That disgusting bitch.
You deserve better, my love, better.
Stay here with momma.
That's it, momma's going to take care
of you, we'll always be together...
Is that blood?
Why do you do this to me?
Answer me, Mumi, why?
- Is it a disease, where you born a slut?
- No.
What do you do when I'm not around?
Are you going about looking for fresh meat?
Huh? Answer me, little slut.
Go away, go away.
Now you tell me to go?
My baby cries so much,
so much she cries, cry please, cry...
Cry more for daddy...
Calm down, nothing's going to happen,
I'm with you.
I'm with you...
I'm with you.
Come with me, come.
Continue doing what
you were doing, it's looking very well.
Those years I worked in your house
were the best of my life.
To wake up with you in the morning,
to tidy up your things.
I don't care you didn't answer my letters.
What letters?
All the letters I sent you, after
your mother kicked me out...
...when she found out
I was pregnant of your child.
Mauro, my belly, Mauro,
my belly, help me...
Help me, it hurts, it hurts, Mauro!
Get in there, get in there.
Easy, easy, easy, easy...
- I heard voices, I thought
you were with Mauro. - No.
What happened, what happened?
Easy, easy, easy...
Did you have a crappy visit?
Yes, my old man.
That son of a
bitch fucked up my life.
Every Sunday he'd go to Mass...
...and prayed and then went to pick up
the girl to polish the cross.
And your old lady?
She did her thing, she didn't say a word.
She cleaned my underwear and
didn't say a word.
And she died three months after my dad.
Cancer killed that fucking bitch.
My old man died when I was 15
and I thought I'd been lucky...
...that it was the best thing
that could ever happen to me.
But then I started wondering because
I realized that every time he touched me...
...I gained more strength
to oppose him, you see?
And he went victorious for you
didn't have the chance to face him.
Yes. He went victorious.
See, now, I meet him here
I see him...
...and I collapse like a dummy.
Can you believe it?
Ah, Alicia!
Millennial art, passed on orally,
do you want me to teach you?
Sorry... sorry...
Do you really think Jorge can come back?
I do.
Imagine that the man of
your life leaves you...
...and you know there is a chance
that he will come back.
Wouldn't you try?
A great love?
The dead, coming back to life,
that I can buy.
But one man for me, nope.
I wasn't born for that.
Don't cry anymore, it's no use.
Don't cry anymore, it's no use.
You say that because you had Jorge,
but I never found anything like that.
Mnica, I know you were with him.
What do you mean, Alicia? No, No, no...
I swear I wasn't. He's family.
How can you say something like that?
He was my cousin, almost like a brother.
Mnica, Mnica...
He loved you so much.
I saw him and I understood.
You're not a common woman.
Alicia, forgive me.
I was with him and you invited me here,
and so many times I felt guilt...
I felt embarrassed to be in front of
you, at your place, in family gatherings.
You were always so...
a person, so, oh, please...
You know, what you were
saying about your old man...
- Perhaps this is all for the best.
- What?
Now you will be able to face him.
Perhaps so.
But I don't think he'll be back.
You can go look for him.
Calm down, calm down,
honey, calm down Fabi!
Look, it's my baby.
I miss you so much, granny,
I miss you so much.
I have to show you something.
Pretty or ugly?
Let's go down.
Grab it, grab it.
They're performing a ritual to
bring Jorge back to life.
To do that, they have to kill five people
who loved him very much...
...and fill this pond with
the victim's blood.
One of them is you.
You have to hide away and
leave when the sun rises.
Fabiana, please.
What was that?
Before I was born, I had
a sister who died.
My mom was obsessed with
that, guilt-ridden and all.
I did too. I always thought I'd
taken someone else's place.
Is that the reason you're a fag?
Son of a bitch!
Ali, I'm glad you're here.
That's her!
Nicanor, what's going on?
What's going on?
- No, no. Don't kill her
- Why do you stop me?
- He's in love with you.
- Who?
Mauro was right, this fake fag couldn't
stomach Jorge, he did it all for you.
The ritual doesn't work
If one of them didn't love Jorge.
We fucked it all up.
We failed.
Will you shut up for a second, please?
Will you shut up for a second, huh?
Will you shut up for a second?
Listen to me, shithead. Is it true, what
Hugo's saying? Is this true?
Yeah, it's true, it's all true
When I met you I became obsessed!
I even faked to be a friend
of that asshole Jorge to be close to you.
Shut up, you son of a bitch!
As you see I need no excuse
to kill anybody, you know?
If you think that you'll save your skin
by lying to me, you're dead wrong.
I'm going to kill you anyway,
son of a bitch!
I made all of those drawings
three years ago!
It's been three years thinking of you.
I don't sleep, I don't eat...
I don't exist. I can't breathe-
Enough, enough!
The ritual won't work if you don't care
about Jorge, you killed me, you fucked me!
What the fuck am I supposed to do now?
- What the fuck do I do? Son of a bitch!
- I don't know!
I'm going to perform the ritual anyway,
I'll do it anyway.
What will I do without Jorge,
and turned into a murderer?
It has to be five people.
Are you still on?
Yes, of course.
OK, let's go, help me with this,
after that we'll be next.
Stop it, no, you're
completely insane. No!
You bastard, you fucked them all...
Come back, Nicanor, come back, please.
You have to help me, you have to help me.
If you really love me,
you have to understand me.
I have to finish this but I can't do it
alone, and my life makes no sense anymore.
Do you understand? It won't be long.
When it's all over you can leave,
but we can't do it alone.
Can we continue, then? Please don't
leave me with this empty life...
...shattered like this. Please!
Can we continue?
Thank you.
Our turn.
No, Ali, I won't be able to do it.
I won't be able to.
It's easy. You hang me, and you cut
me open, nothing more than that.
How do you ask me to cut you up?
I love you, Ali, I can't.
Please, don't leave me like this, please.
I must have a terrible breath, right?
I can't believe you're here.
- Well, it's what you wanted, right?
- Yes.
Was it what you wanted?
Yes. I followed your wife, you know...
Then I cheated a little bit,
but it was worth it, wasn't it?
What now?
Now go and brush your teeth.