La mome (2007) Movie Script

New York,
February 16, 1959
Hurry! She collapsed 10 minutes ago.
The ambulance is on its way.
Saint Theresa, dear God,
do not forsake me...
...give me strength. I want to live.
Restore me to life.
Paris, Belleville, 1918
Why are you crying?
-Get the hell out of here, scum!
I'm so lonely and miserable.
Life is so hard.
But it's all I know.
What more can I say?
What are you doing here?
Why are you crying?
Are you on your own?
Where's your mother?
Wherever I go,
in chains,
There is nothing but pain.
Nothing to accomplish.
My life is so hard.
I've known nothing else,
I'm all alone and miserable.
A fine mother YOU are!
Hanging's too good for you!
I have to live too. I'm a singer!
-She should be looking after your daughter!
I look after her very well!
Louis, I can no longer wait here for you.
Belleville is horrible.
My agent says that someone with my talent
should go to Constantinople...
...just like Frehel the singer...
Good news for our acrobat?
Sure, and Clemenceau sends his regards.
I left Edith with my mother.
She'll take care of her
till I'm on my feet again.
Louis, I can't wait for you any longer.
Anybody home?
I'm taking her with me.
Bernay, Normandy, 1918
And who's this?
Your granddaughter: Edith.
That's a peculiar name.
She's a sickly looking child.
Come with me.
What are you doing here?
What a angel!
What's your name?
Back to work, Titine!
-There's someone in the toilet upstairs.
What lovely blue eyes you have.
I'm listening...
I have to be getting back.
I'll be demobbed soon.
Then I can work as an acrobat again.
I'll return for my little angel.
-Not now!
I'm finished, Mama Louise.
-Watch the door.
Where's her mother?
No idea.
Would you want her to stay here?
People will talk.
-People always talk.
Isn't she going with us to Mass?
We'll be late for Mass.
-The world doesn't revolve around her.
It appears we have a baby.
-May we see her?
It's a little girl. Would she like some bread?
-All right, everybody leave, please.
Come on, ask her if she'll sing for us.
A shame that communists aren't allowed on the stage.
One night I went swimming
in my birthday suit,
Nobody could see me,
Only the night itself.
Until the moon suddenly appeared,
I felt like saying: shine on me.
Then I heard close by
A heartfelt cry.
A man stood on a rock,
Low enough to see me.
The man cried "Oh!"
And from the water,
I cried "oh" back.
He saw me naked,
Nothing to cover me,
I blushed the whole night long.
He saw me naked,
Completely naked.
Out of respect for the poor man,
I covered up my face.
But now I know
that by doing so
I ended up showing
my charms below.
He saw me naked.
Titine! Open the door.
That's enough now.
What's the matter?
- She has Edith with her.
Open up I say!
-Whatever is the matter?
Nothing. Get a move on.
The customers will be here any minute.
Open the door! Otherwise I'll...
-I don't want to work.
I don't want to work.
-Oh, you don't want to work?
What do you think this is, a hotel?
-Edith is staying here with me tonight.
That's what YOU think.
It's me. Open this door.
The soldier is here.
I couldn't care less.
That liar with his lies and alibis.
Stop your nonsense and get yourself out here.
Otherwise it's the street for you.
I'm tired of you playing the drama queen!
I don't want any nonsense.
New York, May 8, 1959
What, are you jealous?
I'll send the Billie Holiday records
to the hotel.
Thank you, Loulou. Billie and I were born the same year.
Is that not something?
I've brought my drawings.
You want to see them now, or later?
Later. First I have to sing that shmuck's song.
That's before your time...
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
That's Jeanne!
What's the matter?
Blood everywhere...
-Tell me about it!
He wanted to play doctors and patients,
with my instruments.
The filthy swine!
We'll have to tell Madame.
-She'll kill me. It hurts!
I can't see anything.
Well, doctor?
-It's not good I'm afraid.
It's her cornea.
Is she blind?
It's an infection.
Patience. This sort of thing can last for months.
Take this to the pharmacist.
My thanks.
Whose child is she?
Lisieux, Normandy
Theresa, I never ask anything of you.
But I'm asking you to listen to little Edith.
Please, Edith.
Say it. She's listening.
Theresa, I don't want to be blind.
I want to see.
She bumps into everything.
Go on.
I want to learn how to read, and to run like I used to.
I don't want to be blind.
Saint Theresa, please ask baby Jesus
to take care of Edith.
Go on.
Thank you, Saint Theresa, Jesus.
-Thank you.
She can see...
She can see!
Titine, get up!
Whatis it?
-He's back. He's come for Edith.
Get dressed.
They can't do this to me!
How can you keep on doing this?
She'll see a lot of the world.
Don't take my little girl away.
Let her go!
She's crazy!
Stop or I'll throw you out!
You've no right!
Don't do this to me!
It's over! I'm ending it all.
Here we are at Orly airport.
The passengers are disembarking...
...I see Edith Piaf!
With a young man in tow.
What have you brought back from America?
-An American.
What's his name?
Edith, for God's sake!
Just as in her song, she's carried
'by the crowd.'.
She's stepping into her amazing
black-and-white automobile.
She looks exhausted, but she's dazzling all the same.
Quiet, please! I wish to propose a toast ...
You're drunk!
You're one to talk!
Help the invalid.
Look out, accordion player, or I'll get you.
Perfect timing.
Get the manager.
I demand champagne on the house.
I'm Edith Piaf,
and I've made a mess of things.
Kiss one another! Even those who don't like each other!
Kiss me, Claude.
Who's that slapper?
-No idea.
The spicy beef tartare?
-Where's your handsome friend?
Don't embarrass her...
-Cool it. Who asked you?
Miss Piaf, what an honour!
What can I do for you?
A lot. I'd like a present.
-But of course.
I wanted champagne, but I prefer a ring...
...a large ring studded with diamonds.
Don't bother. We'll have the champagne.
Here's to the love I feel for all of you...
...for which I stand. Help me up, someone.
A toast to Marguerite.
My composer and most loyal friend in the business.
Oh, don't blush so.You're making us weep.
What about a photograph?
-I don't think so.
Bubbles and alcohol, perfect!
That's Claude's doing.
You're such a bore, Loulou.
We've just returned to Paris, and we're having fun.
Stop playing the unhappy lover.
I'm waiting for someone.
Don't forget you've responsibilities.
There's more than you.
Remember the first night in Gerney
I looked like a bag lady.
You thought I was a princess.
You WERE a princess.
My princess!
To Marguerite.
To all those who wished
to see me come a cropper.
They think I don't know!
What's the matter, Louis?
-He's in bad form.
Go away. We're busy.
You're not here as decoration.
Get to work.
To work, you.
This is no child's play.
You'll earn your keep. Enough!
Stupid child!
You're in everyone's way!
Go to the trailer.
See to the meal.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it
for Louis, the Human Snake!
What a little angel.
How old is she?
No mother?
What do you mean?
You be so lonely.
What about a calvados
in your trailer?
Let's go.
Do you know who I am?
I'm Theresa.
Are your eyes all right, sweetheart?
You're so adorable.
Whom do wish to pray for?
I want to pray for Titine.
Very well. I shall look after you.
Never forget that.
Whenever you feel lonely,
remember I'm always here.
Right, that's it!
You were supposed to change that wheel.
We're all in the same rotten boat!
I don't care!
-No? Then screw you!
You shouldn't let
that kind of thing get you down!
I can't stand Caroli!
You're drunk.
-I'm going solo.
Fat chance of that!
There aren't that many circuses.
I'll manage.
Just when I was getting used to you.
-You'll do okay without me!
Saint Theresa, please make him change his mind.
I don't want to leave the circus.
He's completely messed up.
Is the girl part of the act?
Hold on.
Do something.
Before they go, do something.
Come on, do something.
That's my daughter!
Grasse. October 1963
I'm sick of this carrot juice.
-You'll drink it as long as I'm nursing you.
I like it dark.
-The sun will do you good.
It's hard I know,
but you need a lot of rest...
...and patience.
Your husband phoned today...
-No point.
What bothers me
is that I exaggerated.
The past 3 years were awful.
You're a performer.
I suppose I'll never sing again?
Paris, Montmartre.
October 1935
What's up with you?
I'm hungry.
First we sing, then we eat.
Sing alone and you're a beggar.
When you're a duo it's a show.
I want to sing here.
Hey, you!
No street singing allowed.
Is that a fact?
How old are you?
What's that?
She's had hardly anything to drink.
-Come here.
Do you know 'Du Gris'?
Oh, sir...
-Shut up!
If you sing that, I'll let you go.
That's my beat.I'll look the other way.
Next week it's our 21st.
Sisters for 5 years.
What do you prefer, working with me
or in the factory?
I'd rather cut my own throat.
How about you?
What do you mean?
Killing yourself in your little milk shop?
-Shut up! Not while we're eating.
Anetta, no moaning, okay?
Look, it's your drunken mother.
Do you have any change?
That's all?
-I haven't much money.
Give me some bank notes.
-I don't have any.
I'm your mother.
-Go to hell!
Shall I sing a song?
-Throw her out!
I'm a performer. What about you?
You'll find out!
What'll I find out?
-When you're lying in the gutter.
Keep it down or leave!
-When you're in need...
Fuck off!
...don't depend on your daughter
giving you a bite to eat.
That's enough.
-I'm off. Have the rest if you want.
You're no singer, you slut!
-Leave her alone or you'll answer to me.
Oh, don't bother with that lot!
Fuck you!
Go and prostitute yourself on the street!
While you still can!
Thanks very much.
You'll ruin your voice doing that.
-I have to eat.
Of course you do.
I'm Louis Leple.
Here's my card. Come round to Gerney's,
tomorrow at two.
Are you a singer?
-No, but I have other talents.
Bring your music with you,
whatever you intend singing.
What if I don't come?
That's up to you, my girl.
This is all you have to show for a whole day?
This is how you reward my belief in you?
I've put a little aside for my father.
He's sick and he's broke.
I'm not a social worker.
-No really. He's sick.
If I toss you out on the street
maybe you'll get it.
Let her go!
Never! I'd rather starve than be a whore.
If you die, it's your own fault!
-Shut up!
I want MORE, is that clear?
Or you spread your legs, just like the rest.
You first.
Albert, I'm sorry...
Please stay!
-Leave the bastard.
Give her something to drink.
Are you coming to the Chinese?
-Who else is going?
The two Italians.
Plenty of snuff and tobacco.
And the warmth of another body...
Because we did it once,
doesn't mean I wish to do it again.
Don't start.
-Shall I explain?
I care not a jot for you,
and you want to know why?
No, I'm too stupid?
Because I'm an artist.
I'm going to the top. I know it.
I've always known it!
It's the Little Flower...
...Saint Theresa,
I foresee great things.
Seen her clothes?
She looks ill.
Where did he find her?
She's unbelievable.
The boss is crazy about her.
-What a voice!
She's really something, Louis.
-Spare me your jealousy, Josette.
What's your name again?
-Edith Giovanna Gassion.
Hmm, not very impressive.
-I have other names:
Huguette Helias, Tania...
...Denise Jay.
You've had a manicure!
-That wasn't the question.
You're just like a bird.
-You think so?
Is 'Little Bird' taken?
-Yes, it's taken.
A sparrow...
Would you call a sparrow 'piaf'?
Is that how you say it?
The Little Sparrow.
It's stupid.
-What would YOU know?
The Little Sparrow.
You'll need a suitable repertoire.
Bruants 'Les Mmes de la Cloche'.
I know it.
-If necessary practise it all night.
We'll start you on Friday.
Show's beginning.
Take care of your protge.
She's a slow starter.
I'm on my way.
Philippo, no more alcohol backstage.
What are you doing?
-I'd no time to finish it.
I'm knitting the sleeve.
-Now! We've a full house.
All the more reason!
She can't go on like that!
Look, our star is dressing the newcomer.
That's fine.
-Girls, let's go.
I have to throw up.
-Not now. Hurry up.
A day or two ago, on my way home,
Lady Luck led me... the artist you'll see tonight.
Here she is, exactly as I first saw her,
an unpolished jewel:
From the street to Gerny's:
The Little Sparrow.
She's like a sister to me.
Did I lie?
-She's extraordinary.
This is the great Jean Mermoz.
This is for you.
Thank you.
Come along, Edith.
You've won them over.
And you'll continue doing just that...
...I'm introducing you to someone
who can help your career along.
I'm Marguerite Monnot.
I'm a pianist.
If you need music, I'll gladly supply it.
Thank you.
Edith, this is Mr. Jacques Canetti.
Artistic director of Radio Cit.
Miss, I was under your spell.
-Thank you.
Please, join us at our table.
-I can't. I have to go.
What can be so important?
Thank you.
What's the matter?
Wonderful, wonderful...
Get out right now or I'll...
-Hit him in the kisser!
I've waited an hour for you!
Go to hell, you bastard!
Stop it.
Miss, you're wonderful.
My hand's about to fall off.
More bubbles.
Give me the bottle.
I said you should listen to me. Radio is
a powerful medium, am I right, Coquatrix?
But don't underestimate the Music Hall.
-Of course not.
I've something for you.
A song?
-Of course.
Mireille, fetch Raymond !
Somebody here for you.
That big guy wants to see you.
This is Raymond Asso.
Writer, composer, poet.
I'll be right back.
I love your work.
I don't love your face.
I've seen you often.
I haven't seen you.
Midnight, everyone on their feet!
You're a big star.
-Yes, I wear high heels.
If you wish...
Call me. I'll be waiting.
Papa Leple!
A toast to Papa Leple,
my saviour.
Grasse. October 1963
He was a very discreet man...
Were you here yesterday?
-Yes, but I didn't see him.
So he was at home.
-Perhaps. Too bad.
He was discreet,
so lovely and attentive.
You bring bad luck!
It's her fault!
Are you the Little Sparrow?
Come with me, please.
This way.
Let me through.
I'm talking to you.
Have you ties with the underworld?
Leave me alone.
And Henri Valette? And George, Johnny the
Sailor and Albert? Never heard of them?
Those are friends of mine.They've nothing to do with this
Being an accessory is a criminal offence.
-I'm innocent! I've done nothing.
I've lost everything.
-Where were you last night?
I told you: partying...
Bastards, swine!
This is disgusting!
We're not in the theatre now.
It seems you have a couple of nasty friends.
They're not like that.
-Sure, and I'm a cretin.
Have you an explanation?
-Not at this time.
It's a disgrace!
Go back to the gutter, slag!
-Leave her alone!
She didn't do it!
-Have you named names?
This is a funeral.
Have a little respect!
Just one more question.
-Vultures! Go away!
Out of the way!
Get the hell out of here!
It's over. I'm dead.
I've been dragged through the shit.
Forget it.
I haven't done anything!
-I know that.
Open up!
-Simone Berteaut?
Miss, please come with us.
Your mother has arranged with the court
for you to be placed in a boarding school.
Pack your things.
No! She's staying here.
-This has nothing to do with you.
For the last time: go and pack.
You want to see me dead!
That's it, isn't it?
Let me go!
-She's staying here. Momone!
Edith, don't let them!
My things! I don't have any things!
Do you hear that, you shit?
Momone, no!
Papa Leple...
Oh, Papa Leple...
You killed him.
Where's the money?
What can you expect from
a former whore?
Everybody out of the dressing room!
Mamy, you stay.
I need a shot for the pain.
Get the American.
You can come in now.
A triumph. You were magnificent.
I need fresh air.
I'm going back with you to Chlons.
But that's 400 kilometres away.
You can go to hell!
I'm sick of you all!
You're exhausted.
It's a long journey.
No, no, always no!
Drop dead!
Let's go back.
Turn around!
You've ruined it for me!
-What's this...
The blood test is a catastrophe.
She has two broken ribs we're unable to set.
This is going to take weeks.
I'd cancel all engagements.
It's tight enough. Please leave.
Doctor, give me an injection so I can sing.
My admiration knows no bounds.
That may be, but I have none.
Cancel the concert.
You're risking your life.
What's life without risk?
What would you say to a new life?
Change your surroundings.
My what?
-Your surroundings.
Why didn't you call me sooner?
I was busy. I didn't know
what you wanted of me.
I saw you sing.
You have much to learn.
No one's ever said that before.
In three months' time you won't be that'girl'any more.
Your bar days are over.
He had clear blue eyes
That flashed like lightning
in a storm in the night
He had clear blue eyes
Are those words or noises?
What do want of me?
-Perfect diction!
I sing as I speak.
You shout the words
and they lose their meaning.
More slowly, Marguerite.
We've been at it six hours.
Can someone open a window?
We'll be doing breathing shortly.
From the top.
He had clear blue eyes, that flashed
like lightning. In a storm...
You're not paying attention!
You're not creating.
You must become the woman in love.
Think as an actress.
He's making fun of me.
We're all tired. We'll take a break.
He makes me feel as if I can't sing.
Who do you think you are?
Don't be satisfied with half measures.
I've been singing since I was nine years old.
Take it easy.
This is new and difficult.
You're interpreting something, understand?
You must LIVE the song!
No one's ever had a problem
with my diction before.
No one... like whom?
The riff-raff in Gerny's?
Or on the street?
Do what I say or go back to the gutter.
Here's to my girl who never forgets her vader.
To my little one!
Your mentor, is he rich?
Not a cent... He does it
for the love of art.
For the love of your arse you mean!
Come on, little one, sing.
-Sing for us!
That's the way to treat her.
I let her have her own way.
I was too good to her!
You're too stiff.
Like a bare-knuckle fighter.
Performing is an art.
You have to grab the audience.
You have lovely hands.
Use them.
Sing with them.
Again, Marguerite.
Move them.
The hands!
That's it.
I look stupid.
Put this on.
That's not what people want.
It's my voice they wish to hear.
How can you be so talented
and at the same time so dense?
Open the door.
-I have to throw up!
Is she drunk?
-She's in panic.
The audience is waiting.
For weeks you've been pestering me for this gig.
For God's sake take the stage
before the tear the place apart.
She's on her way.
Three minutes.
This isn't a bar, it's a theatre.
What am I doing here?
Stage fright.
It's a good sign.
This is it.
This is what we worked hard for.
You can't back down now.
Open the door.
No, I can't do it.
Please, open the door.
On your feet.
Ladies and gentlemen, Edith Piaf!
...Edith Piaf Triumphs...
...Fame for Street Singer...
...The Little Sparrow Premieres...
...The first man
Who Helped Me...
...Piaf On Tour...
...Edith Piaf's Appearance
in the A.B.C. Theatre...
The Little Sparrow is Dead
Long Live Edith Piaf!
"I was hurrying home,
needing your love to lean on,
...only to find an empty room.
Waiting and waiting; I know that room."
I can't wait to see you in this piece.
Look out, here comes Canetti.
The conductor's been waiting three hours.
The premiere is less than 48 hours away.
Do you know many people whom
Cocteau's written a piece for?
-Yes, Suzanne?
Meurisse called.
Dinner with Mr. Cocteau at eight.
You see?
Ask him to come back at midnight.
-Are you sure?
You're worse than Raymond.
Do this, do that.
That's why you fired him.
-Stop it.
Do you wish to see the gowns?
-Yes, the gowns.
That's all of them.
Careful with those pins.
The simplest one, without the collar.
There's a man at the door...
He has something for you.
Who is it?
-A soldier.
I told him you were busy.
He's outside in the corridor.A bit embarrassed.
Have him come in.
Will you come this way?
Here she is.
-Much better without the collar.
My name is Michel Emer.
I'm a corporal.
This isn't the army.
What do you want?
I have a song for you.
Not another... I've enough already.
I have a premiere in two days' time.
I wish this one.
Tomorrow I leave for the front.
There's the piano.
You have five minutes.
We shall have to wait.
I want it.
Everybody out.
You can't mean that.
We're already late.
What can't she mean?
Play it.
I want it for Bobino.
You can't do that.
Edith Piaf can do whatever she pleases!
French, please.
She's too hopeless, too poor...
-Help us out here, Charles.
I'm no translator.
'Miserable. And not in the French
tradition of the Can-Can and Gay Paris.'
A complete flop.
This isn't the first time I've had to fight.
The Americans want pretty girls, not me.
I'm not the Parisian sex bomb
you were hoping for.
Can you picture me in a ballet?
With a feather in my arse?
Go ahead and laugh.
I'm not what they want.
They think I'm too doleful, THEY are stupid.
-Yes, too stupid.
You made the front page.
-Two columns.
I can't read it.
Translate it.
He says that she shouldn't let you go.
That it would be a mistake.
The Americans don't deserve you.
I knew something would happen!
I have to change...
...Ginou, help me help me choose a dress.
I'm going out tonight. I have a date.
What's this, Marcel?
-Beef...try it.
It smells like damp dog.
Your English is as good as the meat.
Don't you like it here?
I was taken a bit by surprise.
I didn't expect it...
...when you phoned to say that as two French people
in New York we should have a meal...
...I didn't expect this.
-I come here all the time.
You sure know how to spoil a girl.
Have you decided?
-Twee broodjes pastrami.
I'll handle this: two Tournedos Rossini,
and a bottle of Chateau Langelus 1938.
Are you hungry?
-It's better than cooked dog.
I'm sorry.
Let's start over. Okay?
How long have you been in New York?
-Eight weeks.
And do you like America?
-It doesn't interest me at all.
I don't understand them,
and they don't understand me.
You must miss Paris.
What do you do when you're not singing?
Your like the police with your questions.
I knit.
Give me your size and
I'll knit you a sweater.
No, but thanks all the same...
Those people recognized you.
They said: 'That schmuck lost his
recent fights. He's washed up.'
I'll show them who's washed up.
Relax. I was joking.
It's fine.
Can we be less formal to each other?
-Of course.
What do you do when you aren't boxing?
-I train and I run...
And after the training?
-ln Morocco I work on my farm.
You have a farm?
I breed pigs.
Well, why not?
Absolutely. Why not?
It's a fine farm: modern, with superb, fat pigs.
Who takes care of them when you're boxing?
-My wife.
You have...
...wonderful hands.
Did you hear what I said, Momone?
-You have really beautiful fingers.
What colour are your eyes?
He leaned over...
-And his breath smelled.
You can be such a bitch!
-He is of course a pig breeder.
He said...
-Violet blue.
Of course, violet blue.
It was the way he said it.
As though he was a child.
Then he said:
-You're just like a fairy.
A bit of an exaggeration.
Did you kiss him?
-I didn't dare.
It was a wonderful evening.
-Too short.
Will you come and see me box?
-Of course.
Did he try to kiss you?
I don't know if he even thought about it.
And I'm supposed to believe that!
I'll come to see you sing.
He's the love of my life...
You were superb.
Mr. Lucien Roupp,
Mr. Cerdan's manager.
Mr. Jameson,
of CBS television.
Good evening. I'm sorry,
I just wanted to say something.
I haven't been in Paris in years.
But this evening, when you sang
I was right back there again..
...on her streets, beneath her skies.
Your voice is the soul of Paris.
You took me with you on your travels.
You brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
-Thank you.
Come on.
I'm beginning to like this city.
The stars are out tonight.
Let's go.
Marc, do you know how long
a frog lives for?
In fairytales or in real life?
No one ever read me fairytales.
You never had the chance to hear them.
That's true, but all the same...
Dreux. 13 December 1959
I'm a little tired.
I'll be right back.
Lay her down there.
I'll go back on in a minute.
-Out of the question.
Nobody tells ME when to stop.
What are we going to do?
-Sorry, you'll have to clear the house.
I'm going back there!
-No, Edith.
I have to continue.
-It would be suicide.
You're going to hospital.
No, I'm begging you!
She left hospital only three weeks ago.
There'll be more galas.
Take me back to the stage.
I have to sing.
I have to sing, Louis.
I have no choice.
Edith, please...
Can't you hear them?
Shut that door!
Take me back there, Louis.
If I don't sing tonight...
If I don't sing one song at least,
I'll lose faith in myself. Do you follow?
Doctor... what you have to do.
Not this time, boys.
You think I'm going to collapse,
but I'm in great shape.
Don't you dare write that this is my suicide tour!
Saint Theresa,
first of all my thanks...
I know you're behind it all.
You sent him to me.
I've found love,
thanks to you.
Baby Jesus,
protect Marcel.
Come on, Marcel!
It's too early, Edith.
-He's going to win. I feel it.
If things go wrong, you've a problem.
-What do you mean?
If there's no problem,
I'll call you. Now go.
Hurry up!
Come on, Marcel!
One more round!
Come on, Marcel!
Finish him off!
What's happening?
-Zale is sitting it out.
Did he do it?
Is he the world champion?
You look like an angel.
Not a fairy any more?
You're my champion.
I want to be with you always.
There was nothing before I met you.
All that is in the past.
Stay with me.
My dearest, before going to bed last night
I crossed off a day...
...a day that was long and short.
Such pain, that plane flew away with my heart.
My life, my breath... sweet boy,
my child, my dearest love...
...your scent is still on my sheets,
and my heart sleeps without waking... the arms of sadness.
Darling, I love you.
What have you done to me?
I miss you.
I'm depressed, lifeless,
as though I'm waiting for something...
...hold me close against your heart and
know that nothing means more to me than you.
Bring me back my heart.
Whenever I'm in a restaurant and
hear 'La Vie en Rose'...
If I see, my love, how devoted you are
to your wife and children...
...I have the urge to go far away...
...and perhaps one day you'll be
grateful for what I've done.
I can't have you to myself
and I can't live without you.
As God is my witness, I ask nothing for myself...
...and am prepared to sacrifice everything.
'If life were to take you from me...
...if you should die or be far away,
and you were to love me, I too would die.'
In three months' time,
wait for it, in April...
...I'm going to star in L'Olympia.
Full house and then we're back again.
Your liver is damaged...'ve been ill and need rest.
It's serious this time.
I'm only 44.
I'm not dead yet.
Because of all the cancellations
we're broke.
Oh, so it's my fault?
I didn't say that.
The taxman is breathing down our necks.
We have to pay 120.000 franc.
I only have jaundice! That won't last
100 years. Don't exaggerate.
I want to sing in L'Olympia.
Anything else?
-We shouldn't give in all the time.
I can't watch her all the time.
She discharged herself too soon from hospital.
L'Olympia is in 3 months.
That's going to be a disaster.
She needs this sort of challenge.
-This is hopeless.
In that case I'll have to tell the insurers
that we're cancelling everything.
We have to make the decisions for her.
Whether she likes it or not.
I said to myself,
'Edith, it's over.'
There's someone else. You've lost him.
-Did he have an affair?
I he did have, would I be telling you?
He left the restaurant.
I followed him.
My Marcel walked the whole of New York
to eat with an old blind boxer...
...whom he'd met a couple of years before.
Can you imagine that?
Men like that are scarce.
-My Marcel...
...that's all you ever talk about.
That's the only thing that counts.
But listen, Ginou,
I'll never have him.
He'll never be mine.
He'll remain with his wife and children.
He phones her every day.
I pretend I don't know what's going on.
I want him to be happy.
I'll be right back.
I could have been Edith Piaf.
There's more in life than chansons.
It's been too long, Marcel!
Call Orly. Book a flight this evening.
SUCH a long ocean sailing:
I'd never survive it.I miss you, Marcel.
I can't bear to be apart from you.
Perhaps I have to return to Paris.
-Hold on.
I'm no more than Madame's lapdog.
-Stop it...
Rum, coke! Whisky!
People think I'm rubbish.
Getting drunk in Belleville was better.
You abandoned me.
That's enough, Momone!
Take her away from here.
I'm taking the boat.
To your career, Edith!
Marcel, leave tonight. For me.
You won't be sleeping if I'm not there.
-Thank God for that, Marcel.
I'll make you coffee.
You stay where you are.
Let me serve you.
What are you doing here?
I knew you'd come.
Lucien found it hard to get tickets.
I've a gift for you.
You don't look too well.
You could do with some sun. You're pale.
I'm looking for that watch!
Wat nou?
I'm looking for that watch!
In the red Cartier box.
Shit, it was right here!
What's the matter with you?
I'm looking for Marcel's watch!
Where is that watch?
I'm looking for Marcel's watch!
Louis? What's the matter?
I want you to be brave, Edith.
Is it Marcel?
The plane crashed...
What more can I tell you?
They say you're the best clairvoyant there is.
This is your third visit this week.
I've told you all I know.
Why do you keep coming back?
So you can tell me again.
So that I know why I should continue living.
He died in the air, so that is where he must be...
California, August 1955
Jack Peals! Can we go any faster?
I need air.
I love the heat.
It makes me dizzy.
Step on it.
Our pin-up is melting!
I'm getting a sore throat.
Then you can take care of me.Like a good husband.
The best I've had.
-The FIRST you've had!
Are you going to spend the day gawping at up?
I'm feeling nauseous.
Look out, you'll drive us off the road.
Let me drive. Stop, I'll drive.
Then Ginou can throw up.
Go on, Ginou.
May I, Madame?
Go ahead, Ginou!
Very good!
Bye bye, Ginou!
Wait for me!
My, you're some driver.
Our journey hasn't been wasted after all.
We just murdered a tree.
My God, the service here is awful.
Can nobody take our order?
Take it easy. You're no star here.
Mocambo is tonight.
Remind me who invited us.
Marlon Brando, Ginger Rogers,
Mr. Chaplin...
What's this?
We didn't order that swill!
-That's your cocktail.
Don't touch me!
I said don't touch me!
Here, wipe it off.
We should get a divorce.
How many times a day are you shooting up now?
About ten.
Excuse me for being so direct,
but why do you do it?
So that my body doesn't protest.
When did you start injecting every day?
Five years ago, after the plane crash.
I contracted rheumatism.
I couldn't knit any more.
You're very dependent on it.
It's an addiction...
I want my wife to kick the habit.
I want to be well again. I can do it.
October 1960 - 5 years later
Danielle, a chair!
Here you are.
Sit down now.
...there won't be another
I understand.
The composer Charles Dumont and
the lyricist Michel Vaucaire are here.
They wish us to hear their chanson.
Quickly then. I'm tired.
no, no nothing at all
no, I regret nothing at all
not the good times I had
not the pain
it means nothing to me
I love it. Carry on!
with my souvenirs
I build a fire
my sadness, my pleasure
I don't need it any longer
the loves are gone
the traumas as well
erased for ever
I must start anew
You're wonderful!
That's precisely what I was looking out for.
Unbelievable. This is so ME!
That is MY life.
That is me!
Call Coquatrix. L'Olympia is on!
Play it again. It's exquisite.
no, no nothing at all
no, I regret nothing at all
You're doing well, my dear.
Your friend, Marguerite'
Everyone's here: Aznavour,
Mr. Cocteau, Yves Montand.
Montand's here?
I read that he wasn't coming.
He's come for you!
They've been waiting a half hour.
-The room is jumping.
Not too tight?
Who's that?
-A friend.
Let's go, Edith.
Up you get.
My crucifix?
My crucifix...
My crucifix?
I forgot. I'll fetch it.
-I won't sing without it.
Everybody out!
Grasse, Oktober 1963
The Final Night
See you tomorrow.
I'll do it.
I'm afraid, Simone. I'm losing my memory.
It's serious this time.
My brain is confused.
I try to remember things but they won't come.
Things do come, but not the things I want.
I wanted to see his watch.
Don't you remember? Marcel's watch?
I'm afraid not. I never knew him.
-I wanted to see his watch...
What a face!
You have wild eyes.
I like the little one.
-Yes, Edith?
I haven't said my prayers.
I must get down on my knees and pray.
No one will think less of you
if you don't get down on your knees.
I wish to pray for my papa.
Marcelle... little ghost...
Only Momone knows.
I must tell you about my ghost.
Take it easy, Edith.
Marcelle, go to bed. Enough for today.
And I'm supposed to look out for the police
- and your child! What Louis up to?
It's your father.
Has she eaten?
They're saying you were on the street with her.
-Who says that?
You only have her twice a month
and you can't even do THAT right!
I told you: not on the street!
Come quick.
It's Marcelle!
Come quick!
She's in the hospital!
Are you her mother?
Meningitis. We could do nothing. I'm sorry.
I have the crucifix.
They told me you were on the beach.
Thanks for agreeing to this interview.
-My pleasure.
How strange to meet you so far from Paris.
I'm never far from Paris.
I have a list of question.
Just say the first thing that occurs to you.
What is your favourite colour?
Your favourite food?
-Roast beef.
Would you like to live sensibly?
-I already do.
Who are your most loyal friends?
-All my genuine friends.
If you were unable to sing...
Then I could no longer live.
Are you afraid of death?
I'm more afraid of loneliness.
Do you pray?
-Yes, for I believe in love.
I don't want to, Simone.
Where's Theo? I want my husband.
Theo will be here in less than an hour.
What was the finest part of the show for you?
When the curtain went up.
And as a woman?
My first kiss.
Do you like the night?
-Yes, with lots of light.
The morning?
-With a piano and friends.
The evening?
Because that's our morning.
You see, you're breathing.
I can't go back.
I can't.
What advice would you give a woman?
To a young girl?
To a child?
Whom are you knitting for?
For anyone who'll wear my sweaters.
That's it. I hope it wasn't too long.
Thank you so much, madame.
-Thank you too.
no, no nothing at all
no, I regret nothing at all
not the good times I had
not the pain
it means nothing to me
no, no nothing at all
no, I regret nothing at all
it is done,
wiped away
erased, the past
interests me not at all
with my souvenirs
I build a fire
my sadness, my pleasure
I don't need it any longer
the loves are gone
the traumas as well
erased for ever
I must start anew
no, no nothing at all
no, I regret nothing at all
not the good times I had
not the pain
it means nothing to me
no, no nothing at all
no, I regret nothing at all
because my life
and my joy
begins with you.
Edith Piaf died on 9 October 1963.
She was only forty-seven...