La Ragazza Nella Nebbia (2017) Movie Script

Okay, I'll be right there.
- Thanks for coming.
- How is he?
The EMTs say
his general condition is fair.
- Unhurt?
- Unhurt.
He can't recall what happened
before the accident.
Did he hit his head?
Does he have a concussion?
So why is this urgent?
You'll see.
Good evening.
Rough night, huh?
Been here long?
- And you?
- 40 years!
But I retire in two months.
My wife and I have seen you
on TV tons of times.
When I tell Sara I met you,
she'll never believe me.
I'm Flores, I'm a psychiatrist.
What shall I call you?
Detective or Mr. Vogel?
As you wish.
I saw the accident.
You were lucky.
The fog.
The fog is to blame.
I didn't expect to see you here,
did you come alone?
May I ask why
you've come back to Avechot?
Still looking into that girl
who disappeared?
Why am I being kept here?
What does the Police want from me?
Why do I have to speak
to a psychiatrist?
Mr. Vogel,
you got into an accident tonight.
I know that!
You were driving alone,
there was no injury.
I'm fine,
how many times must I tell you?
So whose blood is that
on your clothes?
You're right.
I suppose I owe you an explanation.
I wasn't even going to open up today.
I thought, who on earth
would come here on Christmas?
A few years ago it was different:
families, kids...
Then no one set foot up here anymore.
This is the last hotel left in Avechot.
Here about the girl?
- Know her?
- I know her parents.
The Kastners are lovely people.
They didn't deserve
what happened to them.
May God forgive us.
I should shut this place down
for good...
If I were you I wouldn't.
people will be flocking here.
Detective Vogel?
Sir, everyone is here,
it's all set as requested.
Where does this road lead?
Nowhere. The valley is a dead end.
You mean this is the only way
in and out of town?
Basically, yes.
Sir, the briefing starts in 20 minutes.
They can wait.
Take me to the Kastners.
Anna Lou was always so responsible,
even as a kid.
She helps out at home,
looks after her siblings,
all her teachers sing her praises.
She recently became a catechist
in our confraternity.
They say it's normal
for kids her age to rebel.
My daughter didn't.
We're very close, she's a lot like me.
She made this for me,
she gave it to me a week ago.
Did you notice any recent changes,
even minor, in Anna Lou?
Did she eat and sleep?
Was she aloof, grumpy, more cheerful?
No, she was the same old Anna Lou.
Did your daughter
meet anyone recently?
A new friend?
She would've told me.
Anna Lou confided in me.
Did Anna Lou have a cell phone?
Did she use social media?
The confraternity
looked down on the Internet.
It's full of perils,
especially for youngsters.
Ever been threatened?
Is there anyone,
a relative or acquaintance,
with whom you have bad blood?
All the better.
You'll have to make a public appeal.
Feel up to it?
Borghi, wait in the car.
Let me be frank with you,
the media got wind of this story,
they'll be flocking here.
At times reporters are better
than cops in digging up clues,
and investigation details
aren't the only thing they televise.
Not knowing where to look,
they'll look at you.
So, if you have something to tell me,
anything, now's the time.
Tonight at the confraternity church,
we'll be asking the Lord
to bring back Anna Lou.
We'll include your name
in our prayers, Detective Vogel.
Reassure them that nobody
will have to work on Christmas.
Welcome, I'm Amanda Mayer.
Do we actually need
a space this big?
We can discuss that later.
Someone took her.
Let's stop tiptoeing around it
and call a spade a spade,
or we'll waste time
and that time belongs to Anna Lou.
It's December 23rd, 5:00 PM...
Anna Lou leaves to go to
the confraternity church.
She never arrives.
She's not the type to run away,
as we're told by townsfolk
and as we see by her lifestyle.
She only had six numbers on her phone:
mom, dad, home, grandparents' home,
confraternity, best friend.
Anna Lou's cell phone was shut off
7 minutes after she left home
and never turned on again.
Teens who run away from home
usually only last 24 hours
with their phones off,
so we can usually track them down.
The answers lie
in these 300 meters.
None of the neighbors
saw or heard anything.
Her kidnapper was familiar
with the neighbors' routines.
He knew how to go unnoticed.
The gas station's CCTV
monitors the only road into town.
- Is it functioning?
- Yes, sir.
- We have the footage.
- Who came in and out of Avechot?
Focus on those with a violent past
and former sex offenders.
Will we be paid overtime?
We'll be working on Christmas...
Our culprit isn't a duffer,
he's shrewd and clever.
When this is over, agent Borghi
and I will go back to the city.
But you'll be stuck here,
you'll have to look Anna Lou's parents
in the eye every time you see them.
Show us the way
and light our journey.
Anna Lou is 1.60 meters tall,
she has long red hair.
She was wearing
a light colored duffel coat,
a green scarf,
a track suit and sneakers.
She had a pink backpack on.
Our daughter is a kind girl,
everyone knows she has a big heart.
Anna Lou likes cats
and she trusts people.
That's why we're here
appealing to those who never met her
in the first 16 years of her life.
If you've seen her
or know where she is,
help us bring her home.
Anna Lou...
mom, dad, and your siblings love you!
Wherever you may be,
hope our voice and love reach you.
And when you come home,
we'll get you the cat
you've always wanted.
May the Lord protect you, darling.
Thank you.
Tell me about the confraternity
the Kastners belong to.
Is it a religious sect?
It's a self-managed group
with very strict rules:
creationists, pro-life, anti-gay,
and against pre-marital sex, of course.
Fucking fanatics.
They've been tailing us
since yesterday, even at the Kastners.
They're waiting for a photo
they can sell of the monster.
- Shall I do something?
- Like what?
We barely have enough cops
and they're inexperienced,
our control room is a pool,
and my office is in the locker room.
- We can ask for...
- Quit dreaming, Borghi.
They won't send back-up,
nobody will help us.
Unless we convince them to come here.
Detective Vogel wants you
to wear these and go to the river.
Painting coveralls?
What'll we be painting?
Anna Lou Kastner, age 16.
Until this morning,
it was assumed she'd run away.
But that changed when Forensics
arrived in Avechot
to assist local police in the search.
The specialists inspected the area
along the river.
We don't know what they were looking for
or if they found anything.
Heading the case is Detective Vogel,
who, in the past, handled sensational
cases like the "mutilator" case.
the Alpine rescue squad
scoured the northern crevices.
Good, have them check
the eastern ones too.
- Where's the helicopter we requested?
- It's coming soon.
Hang up and keep hounding them
till you get an exact time.
How's it going?
I managed to get 10 more agents
and 30 Alpine guides to help
with the volunteer search team.
- It worked!
- Our TV ratings are up.
News shows will be opening
with our case. Where's the helicopter?
It'll arrive this afternoon.
I'll send it east.
Good... let it hover over the town,
I want everyone to see it.
Sir, he's been waiting for two hours.
Come in...
we can talk in private here.
Sorry to bother you.
I heard what they said on TV.
You think someone took my daughter?
Is that it?
Are you looking for him?
- Can you tell me that?
- Yes.
This morning my wife found this
while she was cleaning
Anna Lou's room.
Her diary?
Why her?
There's never a why.
I've done something I'm ashamed of.
The other girl in the picture...
is Priscilla.
She's Anna Lou's best friend.
One day I got her number
from my daughter's phone
and started calling her.
As soon as she answered, I hung up.
I don't know why I did it.
Mr. Kastner, why don't you go home now
and we'll forget about this story?
Borghi, drive him home please.
What am I doing here?
Even TV reception sucks here.
And it doesn't match my shoes.
Stella, I'm pleased
you've decided to join us.
Where's your girl-thief, Vogel?
I don't see him.
Just think, Anna Lou Kastner
never left this place.
Carry on.
A valley, how can I put this?
That was once charming,
then all of the tourists vanished.
A town in the middle of nowhere
where nothing happens
and everyone knows
everyone's business, or not...
February 23rd. I went with my friend
Priscilla to take her cat to the vet.
September 9th.
Me and the confraternity kids
are staging a show on Jesus' childhood.
November 23rd.
I learned how to make bead bracelets.
Jesus, cats, and bracelets?
Expecting something different?
Her mom read her diary.
Anna Lou knew it so she had two.
That's fake, where's the real one?
I knew I was right.
Religious family, upright daughter.
Are we sure that's the truth?
16-year-olds have secrets. Maybe
a boyfriend who is older, who's an adult!
Viewers love shady situations.
Rule one: sanctify the victim.
Monsters seem less monstrous
if people think:
"She was asking for it".
Don't you agree?
I thought you were still upset
about the mutilator case.
No, I'm not one to hold grudges.
I'll give you a 25 minute head start
on your competitors.
25 minutes is nothing!
Actually, it's an
eternity and you know it.
And what do you want from me?
Do your job well.
Someone left a white cat stuffed animal
in front of the Kastner home.
As of then, a silent and spontaneous
pilgrimage began.
Dozens of people come here,
stop, leave a gift, say a prayer,
a strong sign of hope
that Anna Lou Kastner
will soon be reunited,
safe and sound, with her loved ones.
Keep an eye on males
who have come here alone.
Everything's under control here.
He could be here tonight...
and he knows we are here too.
But he's aching
to stroll about undisturbed
amongst the people hunting for him.
If we're lucky,
he'll want to take home a souvenir.
My husband and I want to thank you.
It's a trying moment,
our faith comforts us
but so does your affection.
Anna Lou would be honored
by all of this.
The Lord is watching over our girl.
Jesus is looking after her.
The Lord is great.
The Lord is merciful.
The Lord watches over
the souls of the righteous.
His Word belongs
to his chosen children.
His prayer protects
the pure of heart.
The Lord has the power of compassion,
the force of mercy.
To my right,
the boy with the sweatshirt,
with the hoodie, took something.
- I see him.
- Shall I stop him?
- No.
- Why not?
He took a souvenir like you said.
Imagine what would happen
if the reporters saw it.
He's just a kid,
he won't be going anywhere.
You think the people
of Avechot are hiding something?
I'm saying
someone isn't telling the truth.
Why aren't the police
searching house by house?
- Let's take another call.
- I agree with the other caller.
The townsfolk
are protecting the monster.
What the fuck?
You think this is a spectacle?
You come here, convince us there's
a monster, and treat us like suspects!
Have you ever tried to see it
from another perspective?
I've known these people forever,
I can vouch for everyone's innocence.
- I see, I'm just wasting time.
- You're an asshole.
Not one scream.
Anna Lou didn't scream when she was
taken, or the neighbors would've heard.
Merely clapping my hands
caused them all to look outside.
You're saying she willingly
went with someone?
She trusted him.
Then she must've known him...
If she knew him...
Then Anna Lou is already dead.
They'll never forgive us.
You realize this, right?
People won't understand,
they'll blame us.
Before a body shows up,
we need a culprit.
So, attorney,
you don't believe there is a monster?
We've forgotten the lesson
we learned from the mutilator case.
I think about Mr. Romeo
and what he was unjustly subjected to.
- That man was innocent.
- Indeed, he was.
I think it's time to say enough.
We're tired of Detective Vogel's
magic tricks,
their only aim is to distract viewers
and the media from the facts,
since the rest is hot air.
Someone always falls for it
and someone always pays the price.
Attorney Levi, you defended Romeo,
did you ever have doubts...
The boy's name is Mattia.
He lives alone with his mom.
They moved here last year.
Listen to this.
In the past, Mattia was caught
filming lovers together.
He takes psychotropics
and sees a psychiatrist
in Avechot named Flores.
doubt is a moral duty.
But also an inviolable right
for the suspect.
Innocent until proved guilty.
Proved, not suspected.
Proved. That's all.
Thank you.
Something might happen tonight.
25 minutes before
your competitors, as promised.
happy new year!
I'm not going to hurt you.
Actually, I want to offer you
a possibility.
I'll make you famous.
Viewers are crazy about this.
You'll have all the attention
you deserve.
We just have to get out of here.
Take me to where Anna Lou is.
How about this?
We'll go there together with a TV crew?
What do you think?
You know who it is?
Oncorhynchus mykiss, better known
as redband trout or rainbow trout.
Native to North America.
Year ago, someone
brought them to Europe as well.
They require cold,
well oxygenated water.
They can be found in mountain lakes.
Tell me about Mattia...
he was brought to Avechot too,
but never settled in,
like the rainbow trout.
He came here every Tuesday.
His father beat him and his mom,
so they ran away.
The camera he always had with him
was like his shield,
a way to secretly observe
an unknown and hostile world.
His videos showed us
who was following Anna Lou.
In a way,
it's good his father beat him.
It's all connected, doctor.
It all is. It all has meaning.
Even bad things.
That's a bit cynical.
Want to hear something cynical?
Anna Lou probably died quickly:
hostages are messy.
She knew her kidnapper,
that's why she went with him.
Why did the girl keep a fake diary
for her mom? Why?
Why are we still talking about her?
What's the point?
Why not tell me about the blood
on your clothes?
What happened tonight
before the accident?
There's one word that sums it up.
You thought you were safe
in these mountains.
You weren't ready to face uncertainty.
You were sure the monster
came from outside.
But deep down in your hearts...
brewed the suspicion that evil
had always been amongst you,
lurking in silence, protected.
And this terrified you
more than anything else.
Crows get lost in the night fog.
In the morning there are dozens
dead in the grass.
I know what you think about me,
I was just doing my job.
- What would that be?
- It's obvious.
Making viewers happy.
Because evil is
the real driving force in a story.
Nobody cares for a videogame or story
where everything ends well.
The bad guy makes the story go.
Remember that. The bad guy...
If you think about it...
Calm down... I'm not assigning homework,
since you won't do it during break.
But I want you to find the time
after smashing windows
and robbing banks,
to read at least one book
on this list, all right?
Merry Christmas!
Try not to be too slothful.
Merry Christmas!
I'll be on TV tomorrow.
I'm drawing the numbers
for the charity lottery.
It's just a local channel
but we all have to start somewhere.
- I'll end up on the big screen.
- Does your mom know?
- She's against the idea.
- Because she's worried about you.
Since she joined the confraternity,
she criticizes me a lot.
But she wanted to be a model,
so it's not fair!
Take real acting classes,
then maybe you'd convince her.
Why? You don't think my looks alone
will make me famous?
I took acting classes in college.
- Then you can teach me.
- No way.
Please, yes, please, yes!
But you have to take it seriously,
don't waste my time.
I promise, you won't regret it.
That's my number.
There's no excuse now.
- Merry Christmas, Teach.
- Merry Christmas.
How long have you been there?
A while.
I feel asleep without realizing it.
- Why didn't you wake me?
- You looked so lovely.
What's this?
- Mining law.
- Mining law?
I doubt they need more lawyers here
but it's best to stay up to date.
It was my choice to come here.
So stop it!
We're a family.
I was thinking about going for a hike
tomorrow, want to come?
- Tomorrow's the 23rd.
- Yes, vacation!
- No, I have an interview.
- Oh right, silly me, I forgot.
You said you'd fix the gazebo
during Christmas break.
Right, I'll stay home.
No, go.
The neighbors invited us
to lunch on Christmas.
What'd Monica say?
She's convinced we made her
move to hell. So it doesn't matter to her.
Who do you think she takes after?
Her father.
- Where are you off to now?
- To the east slope.
So we'll see you at lunch on the 25th!
- Yes, Clea told me. We'll be there, thanks.
- Bye!
- I'm back.
- I tried calling you.
Sorry, my battery is dead.
A girl went missing.
- Where?
- Here.
Who told you?
A lady at the supermarket,
everyone's talking about it. Nothing on TV.
She must've run away,
maybe she fought with her parents...
She goes to your school,
Anna Lou Kastner.
I don't know her,
she's not my student.
- She's our daughter's age.
- Stop worrying about everyone.
Once she's out of money,
she'll go right back home.
What happened to your hand?
Nothing, I slipped
and grabbed on to a branch.
- Let me see.
- It's nothing.
Just a scrape, I'll clean
and bandage it.
- Monica?
- Downstairs.
Bad day?
Go shower.
Dinner will be ready soon.
- I'll go bawl her out.
- Don't, she'll come up.
We've been waiting for 20 minutes.
- She has no respect.
- It's just a phase.
I was worse at her age.
Here she is! Hi, honey.
- What did you do today?
- Same old...
I went hiking on the east slope,
you should come, it's amazing.
We could get some mountain bikes,
sound good?
You can't sit in your room
until school starts up again.
Do some activity.
Go skating or learn to play guitar.
Who'll pay for my lessons?
- We'll find a way, right, Loris?
- Of course.
Of course.
You can't be alone all the time.
I can go to the
confraternity, that's free.
We moved here 6 months ago, and you
haven't found the time to make friends!
I had friends!
But I had to leave them all behind.
- You could make new ones if you tried.
- I want to go back home.
Like or not, this is your home now,
got it?
It's all your fault.
I hate it here, so does she.
She won't say it because she pities you.
Stop it, enough!
Well? Find it?
She'll be thrilled
when she opens it tomorrow.
What do you want for a gift?
- No need, thanks.
- Come on, what do you want?
We can't afford gifts
right now, can we?
Monica! Open up!
Come on, Monica!
She's been in there for an hour.
She was invited to a new year's party.
- Really?
- Yes.
Great, then get dolled up.
- Where are we going?
- Nowhere.
We'll order pizza and drink,
we can at least afford that!
I'll never practice law again...
I'm sure of it.
Maybe I should look for another job.
As what, a salesgirl?
We can get by on my salary.
Monica is growing up,
she has certain necessities.
- Her schoolmates have everything.
- It would've been different with him.
Why did you stay with me?
Because you're a good man.
How do you know?
If he were you,
he wouldn't have forgiven me.
Okay, honey,
text me when you get back home.
Monica, don't forget.
- Well?
- Her friend's driving her home.
- Remember it?
- Of course!
It was playing when you told me
you were pregnant with Monica.
I thought my mother would kill me.
- You were so young.
- I still am!
You should shave your beard.
You're the one
who wanted me to grow it out.
I like you better without it.
I'll stop and get gas.
Thanks, bye.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You're from around here, right?
That obvious?
People are coming and going
from Avechot, nonstop.
But my boss is thrilled
about this invasion.
It's the media's fault.
They'll be gone soon.
Hope so...
How much?
It's him! It's him!
- What's going on?
- Go inside.
Go to Monica,
we'll discuss it later.
The footage the Police
are looking at...
was filmed by chance
by an amateur camera user...
That's our jeep.
It's ours.
I don't understand.
Do something, call them,
tell them you didn't do anything.
We're waiting for an update...
to find out
where the investigation stands...
We've been told
we'll be given an update soon.
Avechot Police.
Hello, I'm Loris Martini, I own the jeep
that's being shown on the news.
- I wanted to ask...
- Hold on, I'll transfer you.
Agent Borghi, who's this?
I'm Loris Martini, the white jeep
you're looking for is mine.
We're aware of that, Mr. Martini.
Then you know the reporters
are making a mistake, why not intervene?
I'm sorry, there's been
an unauthorized news leak.
A news leak?
That's all I can say.
Find yourself a lawyer...
and please don't call here again.
What'd they say?
It must be a mistake.
Where were you
the day she disappeared?
- It's a mistake.
- Loris, look at me.
You have to recall every detail,
it's crucial.
Where were you
the day that girl disappeared?
I was hiking in the mountains.
- Remember?
- Yes.
You were gone all day,
you came home at night...
You're right,
it has to be a mistake.
There he is!
Where were you on December 23rd?
Wherever the girl was, your car was...
Why did you move here?
Coward, shame on you!
Martini! Martini!
Answer us, sir!
Are you hurt?
- No. Who are you?
- Attorney Giorgio Levi.
What do those lunatics want?
They just want give fear a face.
- Clean yourself up.
- Thanks.
On TV they said I'd been following
Anna Lou for a month, it's insane.
Not you, your jeep was following her!
You need to watch your words
from now on.
The footage only shows your jeep,
that's it.
Where were you going now?
To explain to the Police
that I'm innocent.
You're free to do that
but it's useless.
If the footage were proof,
you'd already be in jail.
But your real problem is
the detective who is after you
is Vogel.
He's not interested in things like
forensic findings and DNA.
He likes to use the media
to reach his aim.
He must've given the TV reporters
that footage.
I don't understand,
what does Vogel want from me?
To stress you out...
to make you mess up or give
yourself away so he can arrest you.
Isn't he afraid I'll run away
in the meantime?
- Run away?
- Yes.
Where to?
Your case
is on every news show nationwide.
The whole country knows your face now.
I see.
Professor, I'll be frank:
yours is a highly publicized case
so you can imagine there's no way
to estimate the cost right now.
- I'll have to discuss it with my wife.
- I'm at your complete disposal.
Use this to contact me.
- Really?
- Let's not take any risks.
What's there to be afraid of?
You don't get it,
this is just the start,
the storm has yet to come.
Let me make it clear:
we will ensure that Professor Martini
is granted every legal guarantee.
Is that why you haven't arrested him?
Or is it because, footage aside,
you have no concrete evidence against him?
You're right. The only certainty is Anna
Lou attends the school Martini teaches at.
Detective Vogel, will this end up
like the mutilator case?
What you reporters call
"the mutilator case"...
was an excellent
investigative undertaking.
But a court ruled against you.
Excuse me, Ms. Honer...
till yesterday Anna Lou was the focus,
now she's vanished
from your crosshairs
and you're focusing on Prof. Martini.
I've come to Avechot
to find a girl who disappeared.
What have you come here for?
I'll give the floor to Chief Mayer.
- I thought Honer was on your side?
- That bitch is on nobody's side.
I want to reassure you that we are
committed to solving this case
and we're doing it as a team.
- He's odd.
- In what way?
Evasive... unpleasant.
We need that lawyer.
Maybe you could defend me.
- Me?
- Yes.
I know nothing about criminal law.
We'll stop paying rent for a while
and I'll ask my parents to help us out.
Good evening.
- We have a search and seizure warrant.
- What's this?
We also need to take your prints
and DNA samples.
Can we do this here
or shall we take you to the lab?
Mr. Martini, did you hear me?
Can we do this here
or shall we take you to the lab?
Fine, we can do it here.
Open your mouth, please.
The jeep was recently cleaned,
but only inside.
- Interesting.
- It's normal for mountain dwellers.
Find any blood?
You really thought we'd find blood,
Ms. Mayer?
Some DNA, how else will we know
if Anna Lou was in this car?
There's some DNA.
Of a cat, or rather cat hairs.
A red and brown calico cat.
There was lots on the seat and rugs.
There's a problem.
Get rid of them!
Stop, leave!
Mrs. Kastner!
Remember me?
It's cold, why don't we go inside?
- I need to tidy up here.
- Let's go chat inside.
That man? That professor?
Do you really think he did it?
He doesn't seem bad.
I think he's innocent.
Or you'd already know
where he's holding her prisoner.
We're watching him.
But time is ticking...
and Anna Lou might be hungry!
And if you're watching him,
who'll bring her food?
Let me.
Take her home.
Dr. Flores had warned us,
it's the sleeping pills she's taking.
"He's innocent."
What's happened so far
doesn't surprise me.
I'd say it's rather predictable.
You mean, this persecution?
It's like they've already decided
my husband's guilty.
Why haven't they called me in
for questioning, attorney?
I can to talk to Vogel and explain.
Because he doesn't need that.
He just wants to feed the media
and viewers gossip to buy time.
So he can wait until they find
something concrete against you.
What if they find nothing?
Professor, do me a favor,
do yourself a favor...
forget that you're innocent.
Remember the mutilator case?
For years the Police
were after a unabomber.
He hid small bombs
in supermarket products.
A jar of mayonnaise,
a box of cereal...
filled with explosives
and placed on the shelves.
Those devices wounded
and mutilated several customers,
but never killed anyone.
Before anyone did die,
Vogel finds a harmless bookkeeper
with a passion for model building,
Mr. Romeo.
Again there was no proof
but lots of clues.
Vogel managed to stage
quite the show for TV channels.
He somehow managed to convince
a judge to indict him.
Moral of the story:
Mr. Romeo was fully acquitted.
So Vogel is a phony
and I'll be let off.
Yes, but at what price?
Mr. Romeo spent 4 years in jail
waiting for the trial against him
to come to an end.
He was handsomely compensated,
one million to be exact...
but in the meantime he had a stroke,
lost his family, friends, wife...
every element of his former life
was destroyed.
Priscilla, tell us what happened.
I was downtown with friends,
the day before Christmas.
I suddenly noticed
I got a text message.
From Professor Martini.
Why did this surprise you?
I trusted Professor Martini,
he seemed like a good person.
But after what happened...
Can I ask what the message said?
"Want to come
to my place this afternoon?"
We reporters are often accused
of only presenting certain things
in order to manipulate
the opinion of viewers.
But this is not media fabrication,
this truly did happen.
The girl is just doing this
to be on TV, don't you get it?
Well that girl cost you your job.
- Now what will we do?
- Listen, I know Priscilla!
Those clothes and modest air
are an act.
We're deep in debt!
And you flirt with
a student, a little girl?!
She had asked me
to give her acting lessons.
If I wanted to take advantage of her,
I wouldn't bring her here!
I've known you all my life, so I know
you're a good man but maybe not innocent.
You're smart enough to know
the difference between the two.
Even good people make mistakes.
I'm met with hostile stares
all around town.
I'm afraid someone may hurt us.
Monica won't go out,
she lost the few friends she had.
I promised to stand by you and I will,
but she shouldn't suffer the consequences.
I'm taking her away from here.
At the cemetery in 30 minutes.
Go out the back door
and make sure nobody sees you.
What do you want?
Months ago you found out
your wife was having an affair.
You moved to Avechot
to make a fresh start.
I know she left with your daughter now.
When this is all settled,
our life will go back to normal.
- You really think so?
- I'm innocent.
Nobody gives a shit
if you're innocent, don't you see?
People have made up their minds
and the cops won't back down.
They're spending a fortune
to solve the Kastner case.
They can't afford another investigation
and certainly not another suspect.
That's how it goes.
If I'm doomed,
then why would I need you?
To capitalize on this story
as much as possible.
An interview with you is like gold,
and I want to buy it.
The offer stands only while you're free,
once you're in jail you'll be worthless.
Is that why Attorney Levi
made me come here?
What'll become of your family
when you're in jail?
How'll they make ends meet?
Sorry, this is all so strange.
Everyone considers me the monster
without a shred of proof.
Even my wife doubts me.
Isn't that insane?
But I know who I am.
So it's out of the question, I will not
exploit the suffering of a family.
You can tell my attorney that too.
"He's innocent."
Why are you calling so late?
I hear you're into lawyers
now too.
I don't recall ever getting
a marriage proposal from you, Vogel.
Your little pal has his greasy
hands on my case already,
you used to be better
at picking sides.
I pick facts,
that's how I sell my product.
Find proof to nail the professor,
you'd do us all a favor.
Is that why you texted me
from an anonymous number?
I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.
Want to face off with me again,
like on the mutilator case?
Fuck off, Vogel.
You and your silly paranoia.
Before running your mouth,
try calling that anonymous number.
I know where that is.
At 11:00? Okay.
Tell him I'll be there.
Why did you want to meet me here?
For once, no microphones
or cameras,
no pesky newshounds,
just me and you.
I want to give you the chance
to convince me I'm wrong,
that your involvement in this story
is a big misunderstanding.
Where shall we start?
You have no alibi for that day
and you wounded your hand.
I see the wound hasn't healed yet.
It was an accident, I slipped
and grabbed on to a branch to not fall.
We examined the inside
of your jeep,
we found no DNA from Anna Lou,
but oddly enough, we found cat hairs.
We don't have a cat.
What would you say if,
thanks to that animal,
I were able to place you
at the scene of the crime?
Anna Lou had a sort of guardian angel...
a boy named Mattia.
- Mattia?
- Yes.
He followed her everywhere
and filmed her, he's probably in love.
Thanks to his video,
we were able to spot your jeep.
Upon further examination,
we found other details too.
Days before her disappearance,
a cat was wandering
near the Kastner home,
a stray cat...
See what's on his neck?
Anna Lou put that on him.
The kidnapper used the cat as bait.
He left it there a few days before,
let it wander the neighborhood freely,
knowing that Anna Lou,
who loved cats but couldn't have one,
would've spotted him.
So, professor Martini,
I will stop persecuting you.
If I manage to find that cat,
it's done.
Someone once said
the devil's dumbest sin is vanity.
During our last class,
I explained that all authors
are inspired by something
someone wrote before them.
The first rule for a great novelist
is to copy.
I also told you that evil
is the driving force of a story.
We must find a sacrificial victim,
preferably someone who's innocent.
The leading character must be evasive,
everyone should suspect him.
In literature people kill for hate,
but in real life,
the motive is usually money.
Nice words.
We found Anna Lou's backpack.
Not her body though,
but we don't need it...
because your blood
was on her backpack, professor.
Now we really must be going.
Tell me, what's a psychiatrist
doing in a quiet place like Avechot?
Suicides. Overly quiet places kill,
didn't you know?
It wipes out the fear of dying.
You're not afraid to die?
Every day, for 30 years.
Three bypasses, a sudden heart attack.
I was already a husband and father,
I was young.
You don't expect it at that age.
But I survived.
It seems to me
that you're not afraid of death.
Those surrounded by others' deaths
don't think about their own.
Is that why
you don't feel bad about Romeo?
You don't feel responsible
for the stroke he had in jail?
A court decided
that Mr. Romeo was innocent,
he was generously compensated
for the injustice he endured.
An amount of money
that you and I will never see.
Fine, I'm willing to admit it.
It's my fault.
But tell me this, why did the mutilator's
bombings stop after he was arrested?
No more explosives, no more victims.
You did it, didn't you?
Someone once said
the devil's dumbest sin is vanity.
You tampered with the evidence
to nail Martini.
Justice doesn't boost ratings.
Nobody cares about justice.
Even if Anna Lou Kastner's body
hasn't been found,
the magistracy is charging
Loris Martini with homicide.
The professor
was put in solitary confinement
due to death threats received
from other inmates,
who abide by
the so-called "code of honor",
hence will not tolerate
someone who killed a minor.
- Took you long enough.
- Who are you, what do you want?
I'm Beatrice Leman, a reporter.
- How'd you get my number?
- This'll only take a minute.
Martini is innocent and I have proof.
Listen, I don't have time to waste.
Is there a computer nearby?
Look up "The fog man".
Still there?
Who's the girl?
Katya Hilmann,
she disappeared 30 years ago.
There's something I need to show you.
Fine, let's meet.
- You come to me.
- Why?
You'll see.
Newshounds deal with hundreds of cases
in their careers,
but there's always one
that sticks with you.
Maybe the same is true for you cops.
At times.
Well, the case that still keeps
me awake at night...
ended with the disappearance
of Katya Hilmann.
Katya was the last of a series.
There were five before her.
The disappearances occurred
over a wide area
at a fairly steady pace.
The Police always preferred
to believe they willingly left.
But you put all the cases together,
hypothesizing obsessive behavior.
Age, between 14 and 16,
red hair, freckles,
are the elements
of his obsession, clearly.
But nobody believed you.
The fog man kidnapped them!
I am certain this is all of his doing.
It can't be the professor,
he lived elsewhere then...
and more importantly,
was just a kid.
So you think this fog man
waited 30 years
to resume his activity?
Why now?
All this time,
I thought he had moved or had died
but as I mentioned on the phone,
I have something to show you.
It was sent on the day
Anna Lou Kastner disappeared.
Your name is on the envelope too.
I opened it, sorry.
What do you want for this?
Money? A scoop?
The truth!
For 30 years they considered me
a delusional nutcase.
The time has come for them...
to at least apologize.
"July 19th.
I met a cute boy at the beach.
We only spoke a few times,
I think he wanted to kiss me.
But he didn't.
Wonder if I'll see him again next year.
His name is Oliver, what a nice name.
I've decided to pen his initial
on my left arm, the side of the heart.
It'll be my secret."
"Area sealed off"
Detective, what are you doing here?
Destroying that VHS? Is it evidence?
What do you want?
Leave me alone!
Does it have to do with
Anna Lou Kastner?
Your fish all look alike, doctor.
Oncorhynchus mykiss, as I said
are redband trout or rainbow trout.
- That's all you collect?
- It's odd, I know.
Why do you do it?
I could say I think
they're a fascinating species,
hard to catch,
but that wouldn't be the truth.
I already told you
about my heart attack.
I was at a mountain lake
when I had my heart attack.
Something had just taken the bait
and I was pulling it up
with all my might.
I thought the pain in my left arm
was just a cramp.
Then I fell backwards.
While I was passing out,
I recall that next to me
was an enormous fish staring at me.
We were both about to die.
Strange, right?
- What's the moral of the story?
- There is none.
But every time I catch
a rainbow trout,
it ends up on these walls.
I'm now that bitch's rainbow trout.
I shouldn't have believed that gimp.
She sold me to Stella Honer
to redeem herself.
Her scoop wasn't the unlikely
comeback of the fog man, it was me.
I became her trophy.
It's so unlike you
to be duped that way.
- Oliver.
- Who?
The boy Anna Lou mentions in her diary.
The one she met in the summer.
In secret...
with a pen she wrote his initial
on her left arm,
the side of the heart.
I often thought about that little "O".
And it's the first time in my life
that I felt...
Your presence in Avechot
tonight is not happenstance,
but your accident was.
When you drove off the road,
you were running away.
It's not true that you are in shock
or lost your memory.
You remember every single thing.
How would you feel if...
I tell you I know who did it?
Because I killed the monster tonight.
There he is!
- What do you have to say?
- Please.
Give us a statement.
How does it feel
to be done with this nightmare?
Are you nursing a grudge against
your accuser?
We'll hold a press conference soon
to answer all of your questions.
Now the professor needs to rest,
- Dad, want something to eat?
- No.
- A drink?
- No, thanks.
- Everything okay?
- Yes.
- Attorney, some coffee?
- Some water, please.
We need to talk about something.
The Police will compensate you
for every day you spent in jail.
Plus, the media slung mud
at you for weeks.
What am I supposed to do?
- Sue them.
- Sue them?
Yes. They know that,
that's why they want to interview you.
They'd pay you hefty sums
and you could repair your reputation.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
I know how you feel about this,
but you wouldn't be exploiting
the girl's disappearance.
What do you think?
I'm not sure...
A publishing house called.
They want a book about your story.
You could talk about it on TV,
it's a good idea.
People would understand,
everyone should know, Loris!
As of now,
a new investigation is underway.
Will you be looking for "the fog man"?
We're examining the disappearance
of the six Avechot girls.
Despite the fact
that it's been 30 years,
thanks to Anna Lou,
maybe they too will see justice.
You can't be here!
An investigation is underway,
you can't take anything.
I saw you on TV.
Good job dodging the reporters' traps,
you learn quick.
Hand me what you took
from that cabinet.
- It's private.
- Don't make me ask again.
Now please leave the premises.
I heard about your promotion.
Kudos, you have your own show.
No, I don't want to fight.
Remember our deal?
25 minute head start
on your competitors.
You'll have to sign a form
swearing the diary is authentic
and relieving us
of legal responsibility.
Have you found Oliver?
He didn't want to be on TV,
but he'll be calling in.
Are you sure the professor will come?
I did my duty,
and it wasn't easy to convince Martini.
I heard that thanks to this mishap
he'll have enough money for a lifetime.
That topic isn't part of the interview,
don't you dare bring it up.
What's wrong,
don't you trust me anymore?
I never did!
Mr. Romeo,
tell us how your life changed
when someone declared you
a "monster"?
What hurts more than
a horrible accusation like that
is the fear of not being believed,
that fear stays with you.
For years someone put
explosives in supermarket products
and many people got hurt,
including a little boy.
That's why you lived through
such trauma:
you went to jail, stood trial,
and were acquitted in the end.
In the end I got my family back.
Due to this miscarriage of justice
you'll be compensated one million.
How does this make you feel?
During our last class,
I explained that all authors
are inspired by something
someone wrote before them.
The first rule for a great novelist
is to copy.
The fog man kidnapped them!
I also told you that evil
is the driving force of a story.
We must find a sacrificial victim,
preferably someone who's innocent.
Anna Lou had a sort of guardian angel,
a boy named Mattia.
The leading character must be evasive,
everyone should suspect him.
In literature people kill for hate,
but in real life, the motive is usually...
Did you happen to see a calico cat
around here?
Yes, I did.
Good, can you help me find him?
I can't,
I have to go to the confraternity.
Please, it's my daughter's cat,
she's crushed.
We've been looking for days.
I know you,
you teach at my school.
All right.
Here's the kibble and milk.
- I'll go look over there.
- What's the cat's name?
The text message
sent to the girl to fuel suspicion,
the blood left intentionally
on the table so I'd use it.
In the end,
I don't think he picked Anna Lou,
no... he picked me,
and I find that somewhat flattering.
But it was all planned so that
the fog man would seem guilty.
Who knows if he ever existed...
or was just a figment of
the imagination of a crazy reporter.
The mechanism revolved around
a simple idea.
Nobody was ever to find
the body of Anna Lou.
That was the trick.
No body, no proof.
That's why he got away with it.
And the initial on the arm?
Why run the risk of getting caught?
A killer normally commits
twenty errors,
but is only aware of a third of them.
Most of them are due to
carelessness or inexperience.
But there's one type of error
that we can consider deliberate.
It's a sort of signature.
"The devil's dumbest sin is vanity."
But where's the fun
in being the devil
if you can't let anyone else know?
After the show, you followed
Martini all the way to Avechot...
and killed him.
Yes, we're done, you can come in now.
A fisherman who only catches
one kind of fish.
It was a real pleasure talking to you,
Dr. Flores.