La ragazzina (1974) Movie Script

What's the matter? Start the movie. Sergio.
Come on. Sergio.
- Stop talking.
Watch that!
What a boring movie.
Now it will be interesting.
They take their clothes off.
Its getting hot.
Watch that.
Does it make you hot, Claudia?
You make me hot, Silvio.
Maybe he jumped down from the wardrobe.
I don't know why people watch that.
You are a real hot girl, Monika.
Hands off!
I don't like to be touched by you, Leo.
- Really not?
- If she is too prudish. I like to be touched.
Come to me. If you like it.
You was very tough when you gave
Leo a slap in his face.
This guy is persisting.
Well... He is not.
I tell you: he is a sly dog. - Yes, he is.
But he is a gentleman:
he always takes my books to school.
Don't be impressed by that.
He does it for every girl.
I know it. He likes every schoolgirl.
Yes. And there is a reason for that.
He even asked me for a date.
But I said no.
Leo is just a sly dog.
-Just schmooze and loose living.
I don't know. He already did it with
a lot of the schoolgirls.
I wasn't the one who hold the light.
But Ive heard some stories.
I was told that the he should be a pimp
who fixed up young girls with old men.
I like Leo. He isn't such a boring one
like the other boys.
If you think so...
Hello? Lawyer Mr. Mauroni.
- Its me, Sandra.
Who is the one you accommodated in the
A very serious man.
Marietta didn't tell you? - No. She didn't.
He is a remote relative of the mayor.
Its so... - Don't get aggravated!
How long will he stay? - Not for long.
He is a teacher at the secondary school.
- Tell me, Massimo.
Can I close up the door?
Yes. The mansarde has a separate
entrance. Bye.
Good morning. Here is your bath robe.
What a whirl at the market this morning.
I walk to the kitchen... - Marietta? -Yes?
Who is the one in the mansarde?
-A nice guy.
Your husband called me early in the
morning and told me to let him in.
In the house? - No. Just in the mansarde.
Your husband said,
he will stay there for the next 2 weeks.
I will prepare the lunch and
then I will go home.
Yes, okay. Do it. See you tomorrow.
- Bye. Have a nice day.
See you later at our meeting. Bye. - Bye.
On moment, please! - Yes?
- Maybe, we should...
All the men are like neutrons.
Much weight and no energy.
I think the men are sweet.
One day there will also be
the right one for you.
I would like Leo.
And you let him go? - I don't.
But I don't like it when he touches me.
- Don't talk...
No. I don't like it. Because I am still not
ready for sex.
But I am ready for it.
Pay attention that your virginity won't be a
problem some day.
I will not be an old maid.
I am just waiting for the right time.
The right time is here.
But not the right man.
But when I will find him...
Time to go to bed.
I don't worry about it.
You don't, because you are a great
I think you have to watch the men twice.
I can't watch them, because I am
Laughing my head off.
Hello. - Hello. What are you doing here?
We would like to know how long
the strike will take?
3 days. But you were already told. - Yes.
But it could be 1 week,
if they ignore our claims.
What will be the end of it?
I hope there will be an end with a
rise in salary.
Wow! What a man.
I could fall in love with him.
Calm down. Leo is waiting for me.
He must be in love with you. - No jealousy.
You can get him if you want him.
Hello! - Hello, sweetheart. - Hello, Leo!
Stop talking. I have to go.
Do we make a trip? - What about me?
Walk on your feet. Let them alone.
If you don't like me.
Bugger off!
Daniela is in a huff now.
Where do we want to go? - To the coast.
A buggy is such a crazy car.
Yes. I like to drive at the beach.
Yeah. I would like to drive.
I will take the steering wheel.
And you will accelerate. - Okay.
You are a crazy girl.
Stay on the beach. It is no swimming car.
More faster. More fun.
Its so crazy. What a feeling!
Yes. Its great! - Fantastic!
Monika, you are my dream.
Maybe I would even marry you.
-You are just kidding.
Touch the brake. - I can't break any longer
if you are sitting on my knees.
Don't talk nonsense.
Wait! Come on and catch me!
But I will catch you at once.
Again a slap in the face, Leo?
Drive me home.
Hello, my little dog.
I know that you are happy to see me.
Oh, my little sweetheart.
Okay. Let's stop it. Bye.
Hello. - Hello, Monika. - Hello, mum.
You could be sisters. - Thank you.
Mum. We are on holiday for some days.
I know. The teachers go on strike.
They want more money. - Yes.
Al want to get more money.
But where to get from?
The workmen in my factory
want more money too.
You can take it. - I don't know.
If the Japanese will become leader of the
market, I will go bust.
Close the factory. - Its not as easy as that.
Right. The trade union would be in revolt.
You can't close your factory as easy as this.
Do you want something to drink?
- Yes. Something fresh.
Paula! - Yes, madame.
What about the development of the
microchip? - No problems.
Sorry, but I will take a shower. - Okay.
Did you hear about Rivietti?
He is in big trouble.
Yes. His farm isn't profitable any longer.
Well. I don't like to sell my manors.
It is a wonderful manor.
This is the granary.
You have already seen that all is in
good condition.
The price for the farm is very low.
- Let's not exaggerate!
What about the deal? Say Yes!
Remember the 400 pieces of livestock.
One piece better than the other.
I addition 5 horses. They are worth a lot.
It is the deal of your life.
800.000.000. And the garden as a present.
You don't have to give me a present.
I will give you 400.000.000 Lire.
That's a joke. - No. No joke.
I am the owner of all your bills of exchange.
I could give them to the bank already
tomorrow morning.
You are the one who bought all my
exchanges? - Yes.
You knew that I wouldn't buy them back.
Okay. No other chance to me.
You will ruin me, Moroni.
- I am moved to tears.
Listen. I just do a favor to you.
And you know that.
Its my financial risk.
Yes. I know.
And now?
Good. But you have to pay cash.
Agree? - I agree.
Bye. See you later. - Bye, Mr. Lawyer.
Thanks for the trip. - Don't mention it. Bye.
Why are you standing here?
Come on, Daniela. - Wait...
Elisa, I must tell you something.
I am in love with our teacher.
I have already noticed it. - Really?
You can leave...
Attention. He is coming.
Bye. - Bye.
He is nice guy. - You must talk to him.
Ask him for a trip. -You think so?
I will tell you later about it.
Lisa, come on! - Okay. Im coming.
Would you give me a trip? -Yes. Of course.
Its very nice of you. - You're welcome.
Stop! Stop! Ive lost your map!
That's no problem.
Oh, very nice water colors and draft
You think so? - Yes. I do.
Really. Very nice.
Who did it?
Do you want to know who painted them?
Or who owns them?
Who painted them?
It was me.
You have a great imagination.
And you prefer naked women.
- I like them.
But just in the artistic way.
I painted them at the academy.
The models are all full figured.
Do you like thick women?
No. But you don't always have the choice.
Should I be your model?
Your paintings are on the abstract side.
But I like your paintings.
In which way? Do they turn you on?
No, they don't.
- But they turn on your imagination.
That's what I wanted.
Because of the impressions to the viewer.
I don't like things in the straight way.
There must always be a mystery in it.
That's the way love has to be.
Yes. You are right. I am amazed.
And you are so young.
Listen. I will be 16 years old in 2 weeks.
Okay. Time to treat you like a woman.
Here is the thing I wanted to show you.
I am very interested in that thing.
Please. Come over here.
Hard to look through the glasses.
You can look through. Come on.
Now I can see.
Its a kind of youth center. Right? -Yes.
Come on, tell me why I should take a look.
Because I wanted to celebrate
my birthday here.
But my mother wants to celebrate at home.
Did you know? Cesare is on heroin.
Ringo! Come here.
I am sorry, Sergio.
Hello. - Hello. Get in the car.
What about Marina? Yes or no?
My clients like this kind of girl.
Hello Leo. Come to the Bluebird this
What about her? - No. She is still a child.
No chance, Leo.
What a pity. Old men like this kind of girl.
We could earn much money with her.
If I could sell her to someone.
100.000 Lire. - Really? - Yes.
Who is it? - My best client. - I know him.
Of course. It is Moroni. He is a lawyer.
He has big bucks.
In addition he has a beautiful wife.
Moroni is a dead sure source of income.
- Right.
He always needs a new girl.
That's why I need your girls. Understood?
I will do my best.
I hope that Elvira will be nice today.
- Let's hope so.
Get away from here. He mustn't see you.
Hello, Mr. Moroni. - Hello.
Here is the key to paradise.
Here are 50.000. Okay? - Okay.
Good morning.
Good morning...
You told it in a very sad way.
Why I never see you laughing?
You don't know if I am laughing.
Its just the second time that we meet
each other.
Believe me. You can't see me.
But Im watching you more often
than you think.
Okay, that's the way it is.
You are watching me in a secret way.
Are you a voyeur?
No. Not at all.
Yesterday you were wearing a green
dressing gown.
This color isn't very becoming to you.
Maybe you should be my personal designer
as long as you are living here.
I am your advisor.
But most of all I like to see you naked.
You are bald-faced.
But thanks for the compliment.
And I will swim naked in my pool
in the future.
I don't object...
Don't be so vain about it.
I will not change my habits just because of
a stranger who came here.
Yes. You are right.
And it would be nice if you would leave this
house as soon as possible.
You try to look like a cool woman.
But deep inside you are violent woman.
How do you want to know that?
I can feel it.
Are you happy? - Of course.
You are telling me a lie.
Who do you think you are?
You are very unhappy.
You are quarrelling with your husband.
This marriage is a pain to you.
Stop it and live your own life.
You are still so young and desirable.
Give your self a chance and live your life.
What should I do? Search for a lover?
Why not? One possibility.
Moroni is coming.
Wait for me.
One Campari-Soda, please. - One moment.
Here it is.
One cola, please.
Did it work?
She made me nervous.
But why? There were no problems.
What did happen? - Nothing. You idiot.
The girl did cry and run away.
Im sorry. Do you want your money back?
I am not interested in the money.
But the girl may not talk about it.
Otherwise you will be hurt.
Don't worry. She will not talk.
Otherwise I will teach her some lessons.
Isn't it Monika?
- Yes. If you like her, I could arrange a date.
Let's have look to my horoscope.
An eventful week is waiting for you.
Somebody ensnares you with
Don't believe him. The person is a liar.
But who tells the truth in our days?
Don't make any decisions in this days.
A relative of yours will soon be back again.
You will be surprised by a present.
Your health could be better.
Go to the doctor.
These horoscopes. In each journal is
written something different.
You can't choose the best.
I don't look sick at all.
But my mother always tells me
to go to the doctor.
In a strange way I wear strange panties.
There are so sexy panties.
But mum and dad don't like sexy pants.
Such bourgeois parents.
If I should pin up my hair to the top?
Nonsense. Looks terrible.
No. The men love my long blonde hair.
I am a sexy girl.
Its all at the right place.
Now it should happen with the right man.
Monika! Take the phone. Its dad.
In a second, mum.
Hello. Dad?
Where are you?
In Genua?
When will you come back? When?
Why you have to fly to Milan?
Okay, I understand.
But you will be home on my birthday?
Swear to me.
You already have a present for me?
What is it?
Good. Surprise. You're great.
No. It isn't raining here.
Okay. We stop talking. Take your flight.
Call me if you are in Palermo.
I love you too. Bye.
Monika! Its me. Moroni.
Please come here.
Hello, Mr. Moroni. How are you? - Fine.
We haven't seen for a long time.
Did I disturb you?
- No. I am on the way to doctor Banti.
Okay. I will give you a ride. Its on my way.
Come on. Get in the car. - Thank you.
And how are you? What about your dad?
He is alright. He is on a trip.
- Yes, the business.
I always have too much work.
That's why I didn't visit you.
But we will change that thing.
- Visit us. - Of course.
May l? - Of course. Watch the tapes.
What do you like to hear?
- Something smart.
Okay. Let's listen to smartest tape I have.
As I see you like the music.
Its okay. Normally I listen to another
Do you want a chewing gum? - Yes.
Attention. We are followed by the police.
Hello, Mr. Moroni. - Hello, Benetti.
Well... The police is my friend.
If you should have any trouble, tell me...
Here we are. - Thank you.
Bye. - See you later.
Okay. Take off your clothes.
Okay, Monika. Sit down here.
No, no... Don't lay down.
Get up. I want to auscultate your lung.
Okay. Inhale and exhale.
Take a deep breath.
Okay. Now you can lay down.
The arms down, Monika. Relax.
Hold your breath for a moment.
Good. Okay.
Does it hurt? - No.
Does it hurt here? - No.
And here? - Not at all.
Do you have any trouble in this area?
- No, doctor.
You are ticklish.
Good. You can get dressed.
You are okay, Monika.
Everything is alright.
I prescribe just some vitamins.
Get it at the pharmacy. - Thank you.
So. Take one pill every day. Okay?
- Okay.
Greetings to your parents.
Bye, doctor.
You were waiting for me. Nice.
Do you have so much time? - Yes.
No more clients today. Get in.
And? What did the doctor say?
The doctor really stared at me.
This old lady killer.
Did you have to undress?
Yes. Nothing but my panties.
Its a wonderful day. Time to go to the sea.
Why we don't go there? - Okay.
Let's go to the beach.
Are you worried about my hand on your
knee? - No.
My wife and your mother will go shopping
for your birthday.
A historical day.
- Finally I get 16 years old.
16? A fantastic age.
Well... I would like to be 16 again.
It is very nice here at the marina.
If you like we could do a boat trip. - Yes.
My advice to search for a lover was taken
Sometimes time could go faster.
I wish I would already be 20 years old.
You would regret it.
You would loose essential years.
Life is too short.
That's why you must enjoy your life.
When you are young you often meet the
wrong kind of people.
You fall in love, get married.
That's the end of the beginning.
Watch these boats. - Wonderful.
Yes, they are all wonderful boats.
But they are different.
Like every person is different to the other.
For you... - You can talk frankly.
What are the most important
things in life for you?
Don't do anything wrong.
Be always sure what you want.
Sometimes your luck is near by you.
But we often can't see in the dark.
Maybe I can't see in the dark.
But we could change that.
Come on. Let's go walking.
Come on. Let's go walking.
Kiss me...
Come on.
What a wonderful view. - Yes.
Watch that!
Look at this beautiful mussel. - Yes.
You make me crazy. - Catch me!
Such a foolish girl.
Are you angry about me? - No.
Do you know that Ive got the Revetti farm?
Such an old pig.
What did you say?
Did you see my lighter? - No.
Sorry for my burping.
But my nervous stomach.
I got very annoyed.
- I know your bad manners for years.
But that you are responsible for Rivetti's
ruin, is really ugly.
You are a real hedge lawyer.
Don't talk like that to me.
I haven't stolen the manor of the Rivettis,
I have paid for it. And he agreed.
He didn't have any other chance.
You had all his exchanges.
Yes, that's right.
These are the rules of the business.
I am not the social welfare office.
You like the luxury too.
You always wear expensive clothes.
And I pay for it.
Is just for your vanity.
To show it to the others.
You only like your money and your power.
Your wife is just a person for
Stop that. Its boring.
Just your bad conscience.
You don't want to hear the truth.
Nobody else would tell you the truth.
You would like to shut my mouth.
Then you could do more dirty business.
Don't threaten with anything.
You are so boring.
I have to go to the office. Put on your
clothes if you want to come with me.
Why do we always quarrel?
Because you are the reason.
I told you of a deal.
But you call me a criminal.
Under moral sense you were a criminal.
You bought his manor for an underprice.
You were humbling him.
You are humbling me.
You are a violent person.
Even in our bedroom is your brutality.
That's why I don't want to sleep with you.
It doesn't make fun to me.
- Do you have a lover?
A lover? No. I have not.
You marred my joy of sex.
But don't worry. I will be your happy wife.
That's what you want, right?
-Yes. Keep up appearances.
I wouldn't accept a divorce.
- You are so bad.
Look at Moroni and the girl.
Look at Moroni and the girl.
He has arrived. Don't make any trouble.
I hope that he is a normal guy.
Don't worry. Just a quick fick.
Have fun. - Okay.
Don't disappoint him. Do your best.
Hello, Monika.
- Hello, master. I am here for fitting.
Finally. I waited for a long time.
Anna... Please, bring the dress of Monika.
Why don't you like green?
Looks wonderful.
No. I don't like this dress.
The color makes me old.
- Maybe a red one?
Can I help you?
No. Thank you.
- Put it on, Monika.
This one is a model of...
- I can't make any decision today. - Okay.
Tomorrow we will get a new collection.
We will get back tomorrow. Bye. - Bye.
Greetings to your husbands.
- My husband don't like to hear your name.
Maybe because he looses a lot of money
in your boutique.
Nice to meet you. Please follow me.
Good evening.
- Professor Boldin and his wife.
Too much old persons.
Let's leave this place.
We will be back soon.
- No. I have to take care of my guests.
Its too much stressful.
- Let's say hello to the teacher.
Monika likes him.
But he could be her father.
Good evening. - Hello, Monika. A present.
All the people are dancing.
What a nice party.
Good evening. - Good evening.
This is the teacher. Mr. De Angelis.
How are you, Massimo?
Hello darling. Do you like to dance?
-Yes. Good idea.
Hello, Mr. De Angelis. What about school?
Doesn't Monika look wonderful?
Wouldn't she be worth a sin?
I would like to dance.
- What about you, Monika?
No. I don't want to dance. First the guests.
Massimo. I thought about it. I buy the
manor of Rivetti for 500.000.000. - Okay.
Monika. You look so beautiful.
Would you like to dance with me?
- Yes. Of course.
I am sorry for my yesterday's behavior.
Do we go outside? -Attention. - Why?
Maybe there you get bad ideas.
That would be a big scandal.
Oh, Monika. I always think about you.
No need to try. Monika is in the arms of the
lawyer. - Dream on.
Old men are good-looking to young girls.
Late, but I am coming.
Hello, Giuliano. Finally.
Hello, daddy.
My best wishes to you. Happy birthday.
Did you miss me?
- Yes. I missed you so much.
Hello, Massimo. - Hello, Giuliano.
Where is the surprise?
I did forget it. It is still in Milano.
- No. I don't believe you.
But let me do some magic. Here it is.
A little piece of jewellery.
Watch this. I bought in Palermo.
Just one of your overstatements.
- Its a capital investment.
Thank you very much.
Once again. My best wishes to you.
- Thanks.
Well... - I don't like this present.
Listen... Please stop talking.
-Always these overstatements.
Let's have some fun tonight.
Let's dance together.
- But I must tell you one thing...
Come on. Let's have a party.
They know how to make a party.
Enough. Stop it.
You are always treading on my toes.
Its my private situation. Come to my office.
Its too extreme for me.
Come on. She is hot.
Its show time, baby.
Don't worry, ladies and gentlemen.
Just one moment.
Anthony. Look at the fuse box.
Leo. Take your hands off.
Don't be so prudish. - No. Hands off.
Come on. The party is getting hot.
Stop. I don't want to dance in that way.
No. Get your hands off.
Take your hands off.
No. I don't want it.
Show us your ass. - No. Stop it.
Come on. Show to us.
You bloody bastards.
It was a nice evening except this ugly
But there are always teenagers who flip out.
The result of the modern education.
They get away with everything.
Don't tell any stories about a naked ass.
Its not only because of the naked bottom.
Its because of the teacher's behavior.
He didn't do anything.
What should he have done?
De Angelis should have finished that thing.
But he is too weak and stupid for that.
The teacher De Angelis is not weak,
nor he is a stupid person.
You don't know him.
You are intolerant.
I am not intolerant, but I know this man.
A man like De Angelis is neither fish
nor fowl.
But I think he is a good-looking man
at this age.
He has a motorbike. And is doing sports.
That's what the teenage girls like.
They are stupid.
You also would like to be successful.
Why me? Who said it? - Nobody.
Why should teenage girls be stupid?
- They are stupid.
They are stupid and without experience.
When we married I was also a stupid thing.
Because I was 16 years old.
You were already 35.
Even if it was like that...
Come now, that's different.
You were no stupid girl. Very intelligent.
Sometimes a little bit too intelligent.
That's our problem.
Today we have this disaster.
Good night.
Alberto had too much alcohol yesterday.
What about school?
Are you still angry about me? The panties?
I am sorry. We were blind drunk.
It was really a terrible thing for me.
-Yes. My fault.
I am really sorry for that.
And I don't know how to make up for it.
You are a sly dog. - I know, but I like you.
Let me tell you. I love you.
Its like thunder.
I just think about you.
I love you, Monika.
-And you can't live without me.
That's right. The truth.
No story, just the truth. I swear.
Think about it. Together we are wonderful.
It could be our fantastic show.
I have enough money.
I am a good-looking man.
I know the way to go.
Because I am always a winner.
You can trust in me.
And I am a great lover.
I will prove it to you.
Stop the nonsense! You talk to much.
You may think you're the greatest.
But you are not. Not to me.
I liked you.
But no longer since yesterday evening.
Its you, Monika. - Hello.
What are you doing here?
- I go for a walk.
Sometimes I am here for fishing.
Did you already catch some fish?
-Just some small fishes.
May I take a look? - Yes.
Not bad.
A short while ago somebody made me
an offer.
So what? You were shocked?
The truth: no. Because I liked the guy.
Do you often get such offers?
Yes. Most of the time by old men.
I don't think that these are always offers.
Maybe they just like to watch you.
You are a beautiful young girl.
Men like you.
Young men and old men.
That's the way it is.
Well, Mr. De Angelis...
- Stop this official talk.
Don't be shy!
But in school, I call you teacher.
- Okay. Otherwise they could think...
That we have a private affair.
You would loose your job.
But we don't have an affair. Don't worry.
Do you want to have an affair?
I just want to be together with somebody
who loves me. No adventure.
Ive had many possibilities to do that.
But I need love and tenderness.
And I must trust in that person.
Especially the first time.
I will do it without scruples.
- No need to have some.
But for all that I am afraid of the first time.
Maybe it is ridiculous.
- No, it is not, Monika.
You think: What a stupid teenage girl.
- No. I don't think so.
Its terrible hot. I put off my jeans.
I don't want to make you hot.
I still wear a bikini bottom.
I didn't think that you would be naked.
Am I a type of girl you could imagine...?
- Forget it, Monika.
A fish!
A big one!
- Wait! I will help you to pull him out.
Maybe it is a whale?
Pull harder!
The fish has unsnapped.
That is bad luck! - I don't think so.
The fish was our fortune.
Did you often fall in love as a teenager?
Very often.
The boys were crazy about me.
And I liked it.
But on the other side.
Teenage loves were short-time affairs.
Tell me, Sandra. - What?
How does it feel if you are in love
the first time?
The feeling is hard to describe.
It makes you feel crazy.
Sometimes you die because of your desire.
- I don't want it.
You will not, but you feel like
you would die.
I leave the pool.
It is nice. A wonderful life.
Are you still in love with your husband?
Yes. But not so much.
If you are married for a long time, it's
getting boring.
The desire, the tenderness...
That's everyday life.
But don't worry about it. Daily routine.
I hope that will not happen to me.
- Everybody is hoping for that.
Come on. Let me dry you.
Would you like something to drink?
Or something to eat?
To eat... - Okay. I will get a sandwich.
Do you know, Sandra...
Its a strange phase of my life.
I am not a master of my feelings.
It is irritating me.
Are you in love with somebody?
- Yes. And I want to sleep with him.
Nothing special.
Wait. First I get your sandwich.
Then you will tell me all about.
Here's your sandwich. Take it.
- Thank you.
Well... Tell me... Who is it?
He is super. - It must happen sometimes.
And if you have sex with him. Enjoy it.
- Should l? - Of course.
Don't you want to tell his name?
His name is Bruno. You know him.
I hope you are not shocked.
I can't concentrate.
I have to think about you, Bruno.
The painting you gave me as a present,
make me thinking about you.
I still know the day when our love began.
It was the trip to Rome.
In the catacombs you took my hand,
because I stumbled in the dark.
When you kissed me,
my heart was beating so fast.
If you would know what I wish
to do with you.
Even you would be shocked.
I am such a stupid girl.
All these feelings.
Monika. Go to him.
Monika? Are you sure that you want it?
- Yes. Sure.
Let me tell you the truth. I am not head
over heels in love as you are.
I like you very much.
But I don't know if I love you.
Okay. No problem at this moment.
You are an amazing girl.
Do you really want me? - Of course.
I am crazy for you.
You are very beautiful.
It was wonderful, Bruno.
Did I behave like a real woman?
Yes, you did.
I never had the feeling that you could be
I felt safe by your side. No worry.
I don't feel ashamed, because I love you.
Listen to me, Monika.
Love doesn't mean just sex.
Yes, I know.
Bruno, you are older.
It doesn't mean much to you.
But for me it was something special:
the first time.
Mr. De Angelis! Where are you?
Excuse me...
Hello, Mrs. Moroni. What a surprise.
How are you?
You fool. What are you talking about?
Give me a kiss.
Please, be quiet.
There is a schoolgirl upstairs.
I give some private lessons.
Maybe lessons of sex for Monika?
No. The daughter of the pharmacist.
I send her away.
First give me a kiss. - Okay.
She has left the house.
Monika! What's the matter with you?
Why are you crying?
Tell me what happened.
Did somebody hurt you? - No.
Trouble in school? - No.
I understand. Much worse than that.
Come on. Tell me.
Come on.
Let's drive to another place to talk about it.
Watch out, Monika.
A big farm with a big barn.
It will be a goldmine.
In 2 month this manor will be No. 1.
Originally Panti should have been the new
owner of the manor.
But I think I should be the owner of the
manor and a farmer.
Come on, Monika. Don't worry about him.
Forget him. Don't cry for him.
But I understand.
It was the first time.
Anyhow you should better forget him.
In the future you should better choose an
older man.
For example. Me.
I know how to treat a girl like you.
My promise to you: paradise on earth.
By the way.
I have a surprise.
A present to you.
A place of refuge.
Don't be so shy.
What do you think about it?
Isn't it a nice place of refuge?
Of course you will get a key.
And if you like it, I will visit you sometimes.
Its a little bit too dusty here.
Tomorrow I will call a cleaning lady.
Of course you can throw the furniture out of
here. Order some new.
I want you to be happy.
I will be the one who makes you happy.
Come on. Don't look so sad anymore.
I want you to be happy. Laugh.
Come on. Sit down. Monika.
Let me be your comforter.
Don't think for longer about this bad guy.
Believe me. You will forget him.
You didn't understand anything.
He is no bad guy.
It was so nice. I liked it.
- Okay. You liked it?
Take your hands off!
I want to have sex with you. - Hands off!
Don't be so prudish. - No!
Don't do it! Let me go!
No! Don't do it! - But I must do it!
Stop it! No!
I give you all the money I have.
As much I want?
- Yes. Tell me the amount.
500.000 Lire.
Too much for me, Massimo?
I would have paid 1.000.000 Lire.
500.000 Lire. Massimo Moroni.
You are crazy. Such a foolish thing.
You would pay 500.000 for this little
You are totally crazy.
Yes. Laugh. Think that I am an idiot.
But I want you like he did.
Even if I have to pay for it.
Do you want to know his name?
Bruno de Angelis. My teacher.
Do you know who is the other woman he
has sex with?
With your wife!
Bloody bitch!
You bloody bitch! You are a liar!
Don't run away!
I am so sorry! Monika!
Wait for me! I really was crazy! Sorry!
The story about my wife made me
Put down your hands. I will not hurt you.
Come on. Get up.
Let's talk about it.
Monika! Please stop!
That's what you've got, lawyer Moroni.
Now you are here on the cemetery.
You were a liar. You were a swindler.
But you have lost your dream by a
little girl like me.