LA Undercover (2023) Movie Script

(heavy wind blowing)
(synth droning)
(film crackling)
(punches thudding)
- Getcha ass up, boy.
- Nah, nah, nah.
I gave you multiple chances
to come up with my money.
- Come on, Keys, please.
- Nah, don't do that shit, man.
- I'll get your money, man, I promise.
- Look at your ass now, man.
Look at your ass now.
(gentle piano music)
- Please, please.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Now you all up in your feelings, man.
We ain't got time for
all that shit now, man.
This is about principles.
- Please, please.
- Fuck off, man.
- I promise, man, I'll get you your money.
Please, Keys!
- Rest in piss, motherfucker.
- Bitch ass nigga.
(flesh squelching)
(low drum booming)
("Lucid Dreams" by Lijah T)
Ha ha
Get the fuck up
I'm looking right at you
Why you lookin' at me
A nigga's stuck up
in these lucid dreams
While I'm asleep hangin'
on to this loose string
While young'uns move in
life at this fast pace
While niggas pullin'
fo', two with Sprite, man
Or a niggas droppin'
Xannie in that goddamn soda
And they just movin' like zombies
And they just can't comprehend
They were movin' at life
Through this fast pace
But we just on this marathon
through this life, man
While niggas gonna sit
While niggas gon' poke
While niggas won't smoke
While niggas go broke
While on the block
While niggas with the smoke
While niggas out and about,
you know I'm a bro but
Yeah, I been that top dog, nigga
Never been that fuckin' nigga
That's gonna follow other niggas
Yeah, I got some hollow tits
Bet that shake off, nigga.
So you better mind your business
while I break off, nigga
Ay, to a damn different tax bracket
Man, I'm tired of being broke
Man, I'm tryna live life
I's got a daughter to feed
So a nigga tryna eat,
Tryna to eat that Ruth
Chris on a Sunday's p but
Yeah, I'm kinda bougie and ghetto
Started rappin' with no
hope but the niggas said
Hello, fellow, mellow
I've been that damn
nigga with some balls
But I always been that smooth nigga
And you know I keep a fitty
strapped on my ball cap
And the gun on my
waistline, nigga, all that
Hey, hey, you 'bout it, 'bout it
'Cause all my niggas on my on my side
Yeah, we 'bout it, 'bout it
And we just up in the booth
them holds is Rowdy Roddy
And we just on this other trip
Gold slugs and bong rips
Taking trips on the ocean
Grown strictly from the
coast of the homegrown
Yet you know we ride
around with the chrome
My dialect is a process
We still in the circle, my
nigga, who just goin' next
Burning in the fire of the
circle where the chosen few
Can't even front this feeling
kind of hella different too
Hey, damn, we'll break it on down
Pass it around
Money just can't split
us now, my niggas
Hey, gonna break it on
down and pass it around
This money just can't
split us now, my niggas
(gentle piano music)
- You good, baby?
- Yeah, gotta go meet with the captain.
- You know,
I am so proud of you.
It's like having my very own superhero.
- Thank you, babe.
- I packed you some lunch,
left it in the fridge for you.
- You didn't have to do that, Sierra.
- I gotta make sure my man is well fed
while he's out here saving the world.
I'm just practicing to be a wife one day.
- I appreciate you.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
- I don't know what I'd do without you.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Go get ready.
- All right, I'll see you later.
("Rules of the Game" by Big JD)
- Hey man, you should have
seen this nigga out there,
beggin' and pleadin' for his life, nigga.
And then this nigga, Ty?
This nigga jumped out there
and finished his ass off like Blade, man.
- For real?
Man did homeboy like that?
- Yeah man, straight up, man,
you should have been there, homie, on god.
- Hey, hey, yo, yo, yo,
fuck all that shit, man.
We here to talk business
and to do business.
- Think we should do business
with Yaya in Compton.
- I don't need no help
from them niggas, man.
- Keys, I'm just thinking long term.
Fuck them Colombians.
Strictly for our niggas, you feel me?
- Nah, Ty, fuck Yaya.
Yaya's not good for business.
She's a sheisty motherfucker,
and I keep telling your ass
all money ain't good money,
do you hear me?
- I hear you.
She is a sheisty motherfucker.
- Speaking of new money though,
we do need to find a new distro.
Columbia is talking
about going up on price.
(group grumbling)
- What they talkin' about?
- Shit.
- These motherfuckers talking
about 40% of the profit.
- 40%?
- 40%, nigga?
We ain't gonna have shit.
- Exactly, exactly.
Which is why I need every
last nigga in this house
to keep their eyes and ears open,
and in the meantime,
let's make some stretch until
we find us some new deal.
- You know them niggas gonna
want to get it cracking though.
- Bust ass niggas don't
want it fucking cracking.
- Ain't nobody worried
about that shit, man,
we got enough soldiers.
We run this shit, man.
I need y'all to stay
focused and to be on point.
It's way too much money out there
for us not to be taking advantage of it,
and it's way too much
more money to be made
for us not to be running shit.
- It's real shit, nigga.
It's real motherfucking shit.
- Well let's get to it then.
- Say less, niggas.
Got you.
(gentle dramatic music)
(knocking on door)
- Come in.
- What's up, Captain?
- Corey.
Have a seat, my man.
You're one of the brightest
cops on the force, Corey.
I knew from the day you came aboard
you would be a great addition.
- Thank you, sir.
I appreciate that.
- Got a special assignment,
I think you'd be perfect for it.
Been asking for undercover work,
here's your opportunity.
Kevin Laos.
He goes by Keys on the streets.
He's been wreaking
havoc in our communities
for a long time now,
but we haven't had enough evidence
to pin something solid on him.
Something that would get him
locked away for a long time.
I think you'd be the perfect
candidate to get close to him,
and get the scum back
off the streets for good.
- I appreciate this opportunity, sir.
I mean this is exactly the opportunity
that I've been looking for.
- Now I must warn you.
It's a dangerous mission,
but I wouldn't offer it to you
if I didn't think you
could get the job done.
- Thank you, sir, I'm ready.
- All the information you
need on him is in the file.
Him and his crew have been
flooding Los Angeles with drugs,
and are responsible for multiple murders.
He's a true menace to our societies.
This job could take months, even a year.
Are you comfortable with that?
- I'm ready, I can handle this.
- That's what I like to hear, my man.
You'll have two detectives
watching your back at all times
so you won't be alone.
You'll be given an apartment
for the time being,
and your new identity
will be as Dray Jacobs.
- Will I be able to see my family, sir?
- Family doesn't exist
while undercover, Corey.
The last thing you want
is a psycho like this
finding out about the very ones you love
and using them against you.
I need to know that you're
fully committed to this.
It's not gonna be easy,
Corey, but we need you.
- I'm all in, sir.
- My God.
Hey, baby!
- What's up, babe?
- How was your day?
- It was good.
Can you talk for a minute?
- Of course.
What's wrong?
- Nothing's wrong.
Captain, he offered me a promotion.
- A promotion?
That's amazing!
- Yeah.
- That's great news.
- Mm-hmm.
- You don't sound happy.
- I'm going undercover.
- Wow.
Undercover doing what?
- I'm going undercover to take down Keys.
He's one of the most dangerous
criminals in Los Angeles and
it could take a little while.
- How long's a while, Corey?
- Could be a few months, could be a year.
- A year?
- Look, I know that's not
what you want to hear, okay?
No, it's not what you want to hear.
I'm doing this for us, okay?
- This isn't for us, Corey.
This is for you.
What the fuck am I
supposed to do for a year?
- Come on, Sierra.
Come on, Sierra!
= I didn't sign up for this.
- You can't just be happy for me, huh?
You know I love you,
girl, but this is my job.
- Your job is to be a
provider and a protector
for me and your baby.
- What are you talking about baby?
What are you talking about baby?
- I'm pregnant, Corey.
- Yo, wait.
I'm gonna be a dad?
I'm gonna be a dad.
I'm gonna be-
- I guess we both had surprises tonight.
- Babe, baby, this is-
- I need some fresh air.
- Oh, fuck.
("Every Single Flaw" by Jhamasa)
I knew it was you on our first date
I'm fuckin' witchu
on my birthday (day)
("SapioSexual" by Anthony
Gray ft. Jamarius)
- Here you go, king.
- Thank you, little mama.
- Can we go on a trip, babe?
- Where are you trying to go, shorty?
- Somewhere exotic, maybe Jamaica.
You know we haven't been
anywhere in a while so,
can we go?
- Mama, you know I gotta make this money,
you know how shit go.
- I know, I do love that shit.
But listen, one week in
Jamaica, on the island,
makin' love on the beach.
You know that sounds romantic,
and I love making love to you.
- You know just what to do
to get what you want, huh?
- Is it working?
- All right, babe.
Jamaica it is.
- Yes.
- But yo, you gotta gimme two weeks.
Gotta make some plays
so the empire is straight
while we're away.
- Okay.
Thank you, baby, that's
what I like to hear.
- Indeed.
You somethin' else.
(dramatic piano music)
- Corey, these are Detective
Rogers and Jackson,
they will be with you
every step of the way.
- Very nice to meet you.
- It's good to meet you too.
I hope you're ready.
- Doesn't look ready to me.
You sure about this guy, Captain?
- You got a problem with me already?
- Guys, calm down.
We have one focus and that's Keys.
Today Corey will be approaching
one of the people in
his inner circle, Strap.
- A dealer?
- Yes.
- We'll be in the area on
call waiting for your signal
in case anything happens.
Especially if you don't know how to act.
- Oh trust me, I got this.
- That's why I like to hear, my man.
(keys jangling)
Here are the keys to your apartment.
Address is in the files.
Go get settled in before
everything starts.
We're gonna need you to
be at your best, Corey.
- Yes, sir.
(dramatic synth and piano music)
(phone buzzing)
- Hey.
- What's up, babe, how you feeling?
- A little tired.
I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow,
my first checkup.
- Oh, make sure you get some rest.
I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you.
- You gotta do what you gotta do, right?
- Yeah, I'll be home soon.
You know I love you
and I miss you already.
- I miss you too.
How's the new place?
- It's cool, I mean it's straight.
It ain't home though.
- I need you to be safe out there, Corey.
This shit scares me.
- Everything's gonna be all right, babe.
- I hope so.
I can't wait for this to be over.
It's weird not having you here.
- I know, but I just need
you to take care of yourself,
all right?
I can't wait to be a father.
- You're gonna be a great dad.
I know you are.
I love you.
- I love you too, babe.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(rhythmic electronic music)
- Look, man.
I think you should wear a wire.
- Nah, I'm good on that.
I don't wanna blow the
operation before it even starts,
just in case they check.
- We're just trying to make
sure you're good out there.
You don't have to be Superman
and take 'em all down by yourself.
- And all I have to do is pass the test.
How hard can this shit be?
- You have no idea.
This ain't what they teach
you in the academy training.
Your whole life will be
on the line out there.
You need to take this seriously.
- Look, you two are starting
to get on my nerves.
I got this shit, aiight?
- These are the most dangerous
thugs in South Central.
You act like this is a game.
- Them streets is a game,
and I'm the player.
Crazy thing about me
is I don't never lose.
- That cocky shit?
Get you killed, rookie.
- Hey look, you just make sure
you have my back out
there, Rogers, aiight?
- Y'all two calm down.
If anything seems off, I
need you to get out of there.
Protect yourself first.
- Man, I was built for this shit.
Let's get to it.
- This fucking guy.
(electronic music continues)
- What's up, boy?
- Everything good?
- Everything smooth.
- Yes, sir, yes, sir.
- Hey, I see you over
here getting some money,
trying to do some business with you.
- Man, I don't even know you, nigga,
you walking up on me trying
to talk business, man.
Cop ass nigga.
This look like some cop shit to you.
- Come on, man.
Anybody can pull a little paper out.
Feds do that shit all the time.
- Look, I'm just trying
to bless y'all pockets,
working with me might
be beneficial to you.
- Beneficial, huh?
Nigga, where the fuck is you from?
- Bay.
- The Bay?
The fuck you doing down here?
- New opportunities.
Hey look, I'm gonna get paid either way.
I'm just trying to look out for you.
Matter of fact, I'll buy some product too,
and put a little extra on it.
- Man, you talking a good game, nigga.
The fuck's your angle though?
- My only motive is to get paid,
and if you with that, let's talk.
- Fuck they call you, man?
- Dray Jacobs.
- Nigga got business cards
and shit with his name on it.
Dray Jacobs.
All right, Dray.
If you serious, I'ma
be in fuckin' contact.
- For sure.
(low drum booming)
(rap music)
- I gotta take Kim on a little vacay.
Shorty wanna slide to Jamaica.
- That shit sound lit.
- Yeah, I'm trying to make
some connection with mafia
so I need you to hold it down
and keep these little niggas in check.
- You know I got them niggas.
When you leaving?
- Probably next month.
I don't know yet, gotta get
this last shipment off first.
- Say less.
- Is y'all niggas working or bullshit?
- Come on now, nigga, you know me, nigga.
You know I stay on point.
Fuck you talking 'bout?
- Good shit, little nigga.
- This nigga pulled up on me yesterday
talking about spending
some serious change.
- What'd he look like?
- Nigga look official.
- Is he a cop though?
- Nigga, you know I know cops, nigga.
This nigga ain't look like no cop,
this nigga ain't smell like no cop.
- What's his name?
- Nigga name Dray Jacobs.
- Dray Jacobs, Dray Jacobs?
- I don't know no damned Dray.
- Tell you what.
Ty, check this nigga out.
See what he talkin' about,
take him on a little test run.
Take this nigga Strap with you.
Make sure he get his hands dirty.
Some niggas over on Crenshaw
that owe me some money anyway.
- Them niggas already dead.
- Y'all niggas get back to work,
it's still daylight, man,
we got money to make.
- I'ma catch all of you later.
Got this drop to do in Long Beach.
- Ty.
No mistakes.
Mama, I knew one day
I'd make you proud
- 'Bout time, nigga.
What part of the Bay you from, homie?
- Vallejo.
- Hm, been up there a few times.
Niggas ain't getting real money up there.
Fuck you doin' in LA for?
- Like you said, there's
more money out here.
Besides it was gettin' a
little too hot out there,
you feel me?
Had to reset.
- Mm-hmm.
Feel you, my nigga.
We gonna see what you about.
Get this.
(car keys clattering)
(engine starting)
("Can't Depend" by 1TakeOcho)
(Yeah, I can't depend) On no one
I need a check, bitch, I
can't lay up (I can't lay up)
It's money on my mind when
I wake up (when I wake up)
Through all these long
nights I'ma stay up
To all these niggas dyin'
in my city I'ma pray up
Yeah, I can't depend on no one
Yeah, I can't depend on no one
And I won't depend on no one
Yeah, I can't depend on no one.
I need a check, bitch, I
can't lay with no one (no one)
Yeah it's my life, I can't
play with no one (no one)
Running up that score
to the day that I'm done
But I'ma leave it up to God
to let me know when I'm done
Don't be nothing else if
it ain't you (ain't you)
The devil in your ear trying
to take you (I'ma take you)
Just stick to the
script, gotta stay true
Yeah, I love when niggas
tell me what I can't do
- See them niggas right
there, Ox and Wayne?
Them bomb ass niggas owe Keys some money.
You strapped, nigga?
- Nah.
- Take this.
Time to earn your stripes, nigga.
Let's rock out.
- I got too many bitches anyway.
- Hey, this nigga Ty, man.
You're a week early, my nigga.
What's the deal?
Who the fuck is this nigga?
- Man, don't worry about me, nigga.
Time to collect.
- What type of fucked shit is this, Ty?
- Nigga, you know what it is, nigga.
Late payments, nigga.
- Hey man, you trippin', bro.
- Shut the fuck up, nigga,
get on your fucking knees.
- Hey, it ain't gotta be all-
- Nigga, I said get on your knees.
- All right, you got it.
- Motherfucker.
Bitch ass nigga shoulda paid up.
Matter of fact, drain your
motherfucking pockets, nigga.
Nigga ain't even have no fuckin'...
Bitch ass nigga.
This nigga has some...
Bitch ass nigga.
- Shit.
- Hey, fuck outta here, man.
(dramatic piano music)
- Fuck.
Come on, answer your
phone, answer your phone.
(phone buzzing)
- Hey, babe!
- I'm right here, babe.
What's wrong?
Baby, talk to me.
What is it?
Whatever it is, I'll listen.
- Look, I killed somebody
today, all right.
- I'm just glad you're okay.
- I don't know how long I
can keep doing this shit now,
I don't want to die.
- You're not gonna die.
Don't talk like that, Corey.
Let's pray.
Bow your head.
Father, we come to you today
to ask for your protection.
Protect Corey while he's
in his investigation.
Protect him from head to toe,
and make sure to bring him home
to me and our future child.
Keep his mind right, and his spirit.
Jesus name.
(soulful violin playing)
- How'd he do?
This nigga Dray handle
his business out there.
- Little nigga got heart.
He a soldier, but there's
somethin' off about that nigga.
I don't trust him.
- Did he seem timid to you, Strap?
- Hell no.
Nigga got down.
- Hm, okay.
Well, let's bring him in,
and if the ain't who he say he is,
you already know the deal.
- Yeah.
- Say less.
(low drum booming)
(melancholy acoustic guitar music)
- Great fucking job, bozo.
Caption, I told you this dude
wasn't cut out for this shit.
- I almost lost my life out there.
Dude tried to kill me.
I did what the fuck I had to do.
- Well, guess what?
Now you're a goddamn murderer.
- Didn't take you long
to turn into one of them.
You gotta be fucked up, Rogers.
I'd like to see either
of you do what I do.
You have no idea what it's like out there.
- All right, all right, that's enough.
- I knew this fucker was snapped.
- I said that's enough, Detective.
Everyone calm the hell down.
Now, I'm not a fan of
what went down out there,
but at the same time,
Keys and his crew will
respect you for what you did.
- Are you praising him for his behavior?
- I'm not praising shit.
But this is as close as we've ever been
to having someone on the inside.
In order for us to take these clowns down,
Corey over here has to
literally become one of them.
He passed the test of loyalty.
Can't pull the plug on us
now, we're way too far in.
You gotta see this shit through, Corey.
- Can't believe this shit.
- How are you feeling?
("GONE 4 A MIN" by LegendariMinds
ft. Anthony Gray & Alfpha)
- Why he say no to Compton?
- He said them niggas in
Compton ain't good for business.
- See, that's why you need
to be running your own shit.
- What you mean?
I am running shit.
Niggas definitely know
not to fuck with me.
- But you still answering to Keys.
- That's just the chain of command.
That nigga answering to somebody.
- Look, my cousin got a connect
with some with Inglewood nigga.
He could hook y'all up.
- Aiight, I'll tell Keys about it.
- Nigga, no.
This is for you.
And you'll be doin' it for me.
Here is so good and fuck being right
Moonwalkin' the line
we should never cross
(Moonwalkin' the line
we should never cross)
(Moonwalkin' the line we
should never cross mm)
- Dray Jacobs, my nigga.
Fuck what you did last night,
you earned your stripes.
- No doubt.
- Ready to go meet the head man?
- Let's do this.
- All right, let's get outta here.
("Ocean Beach" by Lijah T)
Ay (ay, ay)
Ay (ay, ay)
She says she like the ocean beach,
Ocean beach, ocean beach, ocean beach
(Ocean beach, ocean beach)
She like the ocean beach
The bong is packed, the smoke is gone
My thoughts is cleared
and visions near
That fire that burned
The niggas learned the game, discern
The tricks is turned
Their pockets flat and niggas hurtin'
Came up and I did my own thing
(then I did my own thing)
Turned around, doubled up,
like I'm sipping on lean
Niggas came in the game,
do a fifth first, nigga
Landed on my damn face,
pick myself up, nigga
Ay, clean that dirt off
your face, young nigga
Ay, got a long way to go, young nigga
Ay, light the blueprints,
gotta get the shit
- Hey, hit that door behind you.
- What's good, bro bro?
- What's good, what's good?
- Man, it's slow movin'.
Dray motherfucking Jacobs.
- My man.
- What's up, nigga?
- I knew witchu, nigga.
- Shit, I see you out there, some slight.
- What I'm talkin' 'bout.
- All ready.
- If it isn't the infamous Dray Jacobs.
What's up, my man?
- What's up?
- Been hearing a lot of
good shit about you, man.
- Shit, I've been hearing some
good things about you too.
- Is that right?
You been hearin' good shit
about me, they probably lied.
- Hey look, Keys, 'bout to go make a play.
- Do you thing, man,
handle your business, man.
Me and Dray need to get acquainted anyway.
- All right, say less.
- Have a seat, man.
You smoke?
- Hell yeah.
- You a real nigga
for the way you handled
yourself out there, man.
And as you can see,
I don't play when it comes to my money.
- Yeah, that's why I'm here.
Make some money.
There's too much money out there
for us not to be getting
to it, you feel me?
- Indeed.
But you need to understand
something about me
before you come work for me.
I'm completely self-made.
Everything I have, I earned that shit.
Nobody gave me a fucking thing.
My pops was killed by some punk ass cop
when I was a young'un,
and my moms wasn't shit.
She was too busy hoeing after
every Tom, Dick, and mo' Dick
to make ends meet.
So I had to learn early on
how to go get it for myself.
You understand what I'm saying to you?
- I feel you a thousand percent.
- And I expect the same thing
from the men who work for me,
'cause I know what it's like to starve,
to have nothin'.
I promised myself long time ago
I was not gonna be another broke nigga.
If somebody argue I don't
go about making my money
in the right way.
I don't give a fuck.
I say what the fuck is the right way?
Working a nine to five, slavin',
makin' another nigga rich?
Fuck that.
I'm not with that shit.
- Hey look, I'm rockin' with you dog.
Whatever you need, I got you.
You know what, Dray?
I believe you do, man,
and I can promise you one thing.
If you stick with me,
I will make you a very rich man.
Pour yourself a drink.
(glasses clink)
To more money, and more bitches.
We all fuck 'em, fuck 'em
'Cause we all, we all
You can't impede on my step, nigga
- Can we really trust him though?
He backed on his own homie.
- Let me read him.
- I got it.
- Hey, what's up, nigga?
- I don't fuck with you like that, nigga.
- See?
Now why you gotta come around
with all that hostility.
- Look, we doin' business
or not, you feel me?
- Keys let you off your leash, I see.
- Nigga, fuck Keys.
Ain't no nigga ego
gonna get in front of
me makin' paper, nigga.
- Nigga, I thought you weren't
supposed to do business
on this side of town-
- Nigga, I do business
wherever the I wanna do business.
- Hey.
- Yeah, get his little ass out the way.
- Man, what you got for me?
- I got two kilos every week,
you know what I'm saying?
Keep this shit at Compton,
a nigga ain't tryna start a fuckin' war.
It's all there, nigga, the fuck.
Where the fuck my money at?
- Hey.
- Hey, chill out, bro.
- Pass me the fuckin' money.
- Give it to him.
- Shit, nigga.
That shit better be there too.
- And that shit better be pure.
- That's the purest shit you got, nigga.
Snow white.
I'll be in touch.
- Key's gonna kill that nigga.
(low drum booming)
("Pulse" by Dexter Kelly)
I've been for a while (lost myself)
I wonder where I've
been (still tryna find)
Lost for a minute (all I know)
Find myself again (watch the line)
I don't know
Really don't know (I don't know)
Really don't know (really
don't know, I don't know)
Really don't know, yeah, I don't know
Really don't know, yeah, yeah
Lost my faith tryna
bear my cross (okay)
I feel dead, nigga,
check my pulse (okay)
Lost my faith tryna bear my cross
I feel dead, nigga, check my pulse
I don't know
I don't know, yeah
I'm still broken, I'm doing
my thing (whoa, whoa, no more)
Time for the seasonal thing
(whoa, whoa, I had to)
Recognize the smile within the pain
(Whoa, whoa, that's why I)
Go so hard in the pain (whoa, whoa)
Crown kinda tilted, I'ma
fix it, I'm straight
Get the fuck out my face
Feelin' my vibe, nigga,
that's what you gonna do
I got the job, but you
want me to live with you
Draining my life, now I'm
callin' you my dream boo
Killing myself, but you
want me to live for you
Yes, that was the street
Fuck y'all niggas,
I'm choosin' my peace
I say yes, that was the street.
Fuck y'all niggas,
I'm choosin' my peace.
Motherfucker, I'm gone
(gone for a while)
Yeah (lost myself)
Wonder where I've been
(still tryna find)
Lost for a minute, yeah (all I know)
Find myself again (must be behind me)
I don't know
Really don't know (I don't know)
Really don't know (really
don't know, I don't know)
Really don't know (I don't know)
Really don't know (really don't know)
Lost my faith tryna
bear my cross (okay)
I feel dead, nigga,
check my pulse (okay)
Lost my faith tryna bear my cross
I feel dead, nigga, check my pulse
I don't know (oh no,
no, no, no, no, no)
I don't know (yeah, yeah)
Let's play (let's play)
Time don't stop 'cause you
sit it on your ass all day
(All day, all day, all day)
No bullshit on the Cape if I say ol
- Okay.
That actually looks good.
- What's up, girl?
- What are you doing here?
- Hey, I missed you, baby,
I had to come see you.
It smell good in here,
girl, who you cooking for?
- For me and your future
child, that's who.
What's good, Corey?
Are you done with the case?
- Nah, I just needed to check on you.
- Corey, I'm happy you're here but
if it's not safe for you to be here
then you need to leave.
- What?
What, you don't want me to be here?
You got some nigga in here or something?
- You're on an active
undercover case, Corey.
You can't just jeopardize
our future like that.
Of course, I want you here.
I'm ready for this to all be over.
- So I come surprise you,
and this how you act towards me, yo?
Hey look, I don't gotta
put up with this shit, yo,
I could bounce.
- Who the fuck do you
think you talking to?
Don't let this undercover
shit go to your head.
Leave that out there.
I am your woman.
Your woman, Corey.
I didn't ask for you to
be gone all this time.
How do you think I feel?
I am here, wanting my man to be here,
worrying about him day at night
about whether you're gonna
make it home safe or not.
I'm here by my damn self
with your baby in my stomach,
and you got the nerve
to come at me like that?
You're out your fucking mind.
- You right.
I'm trippin', yo.
I'm trippin'.
This shit is fuckin' with me.
Honestly, I miss you, girl,
and I just wanna come home,
and I want this shit to be over with.
- I miss you too.
This shit is hard, Corey.
Is this really our life?
- Look, this shit-
- I don't wanna keep coming
second to your career.
- This shit not gonna last forever, okay?
And look, I know it's not easy right now,
and I know that you want me here
and I know you want me around.
And honestly, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry that I can't be
here for you right now.
I'm too far in, yo.
I gotta finish this shit,
and I'm this close to nailing them.
I promise you, baby,
I'm gonna be home soon.
I'm gonna be home soon, okay?
I miss you, man, I miss you.
Can't wait to be home with you.
- I miss you too.
(phone buzzing)
- Yo, what's up?
- Where you at, nigga?
- Shit, just slid by a little shorty crib,
nothing crazy, man, what's up?
- Nigga love them hos.
All right man, just a
couple drops we gotta make,
I'll meet you at the spot tonight.
- All right, for sure.
- Duty calls, right?
- I'ma see you soon, okay?
("Code Blue" by Jhamasa)
Watch out how you play
You walking away
And I know that you're fronting
("Hotiana" by William Prize)
Yo, bitches gonna bump you
I like bad bitches only
How the hell you tell that time
You got on the fake as drugs
Get us a mini drink, though
I wan to shoot with that little police
Drop six on my chain, Wayne,
and slap really froze me
Drop four in my cup
Walking trish while I'm pourin'
Gettin' head from a bitch
on the road, my life boring
True fans, can we see the
tents through the scoring
Pull up in a 2020 coupe
Might fly off like the DeLorean
Face it, man
I might take the fuckin' beat, kid
Don't even rap, nigga, you
don't even carry a heat
I just dropped a line
to test this shit
Look like some p
I might rob a nigga for everything
Everything, yeah
Ten bands in one week, nigga
You ain't making like me
And then they get mad at the track
- What's up, motherfucker?
PBS pointers
I dare you stare
Reach, nigga, we gonna take it here
Ten and finna fire seven
Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop
It's gonna cost you 27
hundred just to bite us
Pop, pop
Go off right on my head
Leave a nigga dead, staring at me
I don't wanna see him lead
Actually, mislead, I said it wrong
I don't want to see him starin'
Pop, pop, leave him down
I don't even really be carin'
Walkin' in the street
with a white bitch
Racist like Karen
I just copped some gallery department
RPs in the little inboxes
If you pop pills,
nigga, hit my inbox then
(shots firing)
Whatchu want, some lean, nigga
We can spill some then
There a nigga clot on me
I swear we really gonna kill something
Ridin' around with a brick
And dealin' 46 thousand
I'm the real fuckin' reason
Why it's really a lean droughtage
Yeah, shit
I kinda look like a
psycho (like a psycho)
Hit your ass with a thirty
like Michael (like Michael)
Zero zero, bitch, I ain't no
fuckin' typo (fuckin' typo)
All this water on my neck
like hydro (like hydro)
I was slashin' (hey)
Bitch what's happenin' (hey)
Pull up on you all black
like Batman (like Batman)
All right, mm, lemme hear that
Okay, I ain't have no
money for this studio
(low drum booming)
(punches thudding)
- Nigga!
You trip, nigga?
You been gone, nigga?
You out makin' deals, nigga?
Fuckin' kill you, nigga
- Enough.
That's enough!
Did you really think I
wasn't going to find out?
- Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Keys?
I didn't do nothing.
- Come on.
You was my mans.
My brother.
- I am.
- When I ate, you ate.
What the fuck, man?
This whole time you've been making deals
behind my motherfucking back?
And for what?
I was paying you, my nigga!
- I was gonna bring you in, man.
- Shut the fuck up.
This how you repay me,
with this greedy ass, grimy ass shit?
I ain't never expect no shit
like this from you, man.
Nigga, we grew up together!
- I was gonna bring you in, bro.
I promise.
- I know.
I know you was gonna bring me in.
But you didn't.
- Don't do this.
- Even when I told you not to.
Went and did the fucking deals anyway.
- I'm sorry.
It's like, "Fuck Keys," huh?
I got your "Fuck Keys."
- No, you don't have to Keys-
- "Fuck Keys," huh?
- Nah, man.
We brothers.
- You know what?
Have at it.
- Whatchu waitin' on, nigga?
- [Ty] Come on, man.
- Handle your business.
- [Ty] Don't do it.
- Captain, I'm telling you,
you gotta pull the plug on this mission
or you're gonna damage him forever.
He probably doesn't even
remember his name is Corey.
- I hear you, Rogers,
but we're this close to
nailing Keys for good.
We just need a little more time.
We have to get Corey to
meet the real connect,
and then we can shut it down.
- I'm with Rogers.
Cap, this shit is getting out of hand.
- Y'all done talkin' 'bout me or what?
- You know how to show up on time or what?
- I had some business to attend to.
- You see what I'm talkin' about, Captain?
- Listen here, Corey,
I don't give a rat's ass
what type of business
you had to attend to.
Your business is with me first.
Don't you forget that.
- Keys murdered Ty.
Tortured that nigga.
So what the fuck did you want me to do?
Be like, "Oh Keys, sorry bro,
I have to go meet with the Cap"?
Well this shit is getting real.
- What the hell did he do that for?
- For betraying him.
Ty was making side deals with
some dudes over in Compton.
It's pretty fucking clear Keys
don't play about his loyalty.
- Alright, that's it.
I'm pulling you out of there.
- No, Cap, what?
Yo, I'm too far in, yo, I'm
this close to nailin' him.
- It's not safe anymore. Corey.
- When the fuck was it ever safe, Captain?
Isn't that why you brought me in?
Because you knew that only
I could get the job done.
- You need to see a therapist, Corey.
You've been in way too long,
and it's clear you're
caught up in this shit.
Do you even remember your name?
- Have you talked to Sierra lately?
- Hey, keep my girl's name
out your motherfucking mouth.
I can worry about my damn self.
- We're just worried about
you, that's all, Corey.
This whole undercover stuff
can take a toll on your mental.
We care about that more than the case.
- How about all y'all learn
to mind y'all business.
And all that extra shit?
We'll figure it out when I nail a dude.
Look, I'm outta here.
- Stop right there, Corey.
I said stop right there, that's an order!
- You gonna arrest me or not?
I got shit to do.
- This kid's gonna get himself killed.
(tense droning music)
- This game is crazy, Dray.
It's hard to trust niggas nowadays.
And don't nobody give a
fuck about loyalty anymore.
It's every man for himself
in these motherfucking streets, man.
You can trust me, my nigga.
I'm rockin' with you a hundred percent.
- I know you are, and
you proved that shit.
But that nigga Ty was my mans.
- He fucked it up tryna cross me, man.
I mean I was feeding that nigga, man!
- Man, fuck that nigga Ty.
That nigga was a snake.
It was just a matter of time
before he revealed himself.
Put me in.
Enough of all that though, man.
You know I'm taking Kim to Jamaica, right?
- Yeah.
- I need to introduce you
to my connect before I leave
so you can handle business
for me when I'm gone.
Niggam is you ready to make
some real money or what?
(tense electronic music)
- Let's go.
- Keys.
My man.
- Ivan.
- And you?
- Dray Jacobs.
- Nice to meet you, Dray.
Don't make me regret this.
Of course not, sir.
- Bliat.
Don't call me sir, it's way too formal.
Pozhalusta, please,
have seat.
Let's go to it.
I'm going to supply you with ten new keys,
little bit more than your normal shipment.
But I have a lot more product coming in,
need to get this shit off the ground.
Can you handle that?
- Let's dispense with
the bullshit, shall we?
You know this is easy work for
me because you know my work,
which is why I'm here.
- I trust you'll bring
back all of my money,
just like you always do.
- Absolutely.
Dray here will be your point of contact
as I'll be on vacation with my misses.
If there are any issues or concerns,
and mind you, I don't
anticipate there will be,
Dray will assist you.
- Thrown to the fire just like that, hmm?
I like that shit.
Just don't fuck up.
- Of course not.
I got you.
- Vince, get the shit.
Need to wrap this up.
I'll see you soon.
- Yeah, no doubt.
- Indeed you will.
- We got him.
(eerie synth droning)
- Can't wait to be on the beach
drinking some long islands.
- What about making love
to your man on the beach?
- Of course, baby, you know I got you.
- Okay, all right.
Mm, you know what?
Let's shut this down right
now before somethin' jump off.
- Mm.
- Take the bag to the car,
come back and get yours.
- Okay.
- Get the fuck on the ground.
Get the fuck on the ground!
Turn around, put your hands on your head.
Interlace your fingers.
Kevin Laos, you're under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be held against you
in a court of law.
- Worry about this shit, man.
Y'all motherfuckers
ain't got nothing on me.
I am a working man.
- The fuck is this?
- This is Officer Shaw.
- Nah, man, this ain't no
motherfucking Officer Shaw.
This is Dray motherfucking Jacobs, my man.
(gun firing)
You motherfuckers-
- Get him outta here.
- You motherfuckers!
- Get him outta here.
- Man, you fucked up!
- No, you fucked up.
- You fucked up.
- No, you fucked up!
- Fuck you, man!
- Fuck you!
(low drum booming)
- Honestly, it hasn't been easy,
but I mean things are starting
to get a little bit better,
you know?
Gettin' back to my morning
routine, praying, journaling,
and just spending time with Sierra.
I'm just tryna make up for
the time that was lost.
- I'm glad to hear that
things are getting back
to normal for you, Corey.
How is Sierra reacting to you being home?
- I mean, she's happy I'm home of course,
but I can definitely
tell that the time away
has taken its toll on her.
She's irritable,
and it just seems like the
pregnancy is ramping things up.
- Well, just be there
for her the best you can
'cause she needs you.
There's nothing that you
can do about the past,
but you have every opportunity
to show her that you care.
- Yeah, it's just a little
hard sometimes, you know?
I really feel like I let her down
by not being there for her.
- Trust me,
things are gonna be
difficult for quite a while,
but you're gonna be all right.
You were undercover for quite a while
and you endured a lot mentally.
It's gonna be a process,
but I will be there with
you every step of the way.
- Hey, thanks Dr. Carson.
I appreciate you.
- Babe!
Babe, hurry up, we're gonna be late!
- Yeah, mac and cheese
just ran through me.
- See, I told you to slow
down on it, now look.
- I know, I know, it's too good though.
- Let's go, we only have
20 minutes to get there.
- All right, all right.
Hold on, hold on, just gimme a second.
I can't wait to be a father.
I'm just so thankful that God just
allow me be here with you.
- Corey, not right now.
- Baby, baby, just wait.
Just gimme a second.
I'm sorry I left you.
And I'm sorry I went and took this job
and we spent all this time apart,
but I can't make up for the
time, baby, and I'm sorry.
But I promise you
that I will devote every
waking moment of my life
to being the best father
and the future husband
to you and little CJ.
I regret taking that job and I'm sorry.
I really should have listened to you and
I pray that you forgive me.
I love you.
- It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- No, I love you.
- Love you too.
Okay, come on.
We only have 20 minutes to get there.
- All right, all right, all right.
- Oo, slow, baby.
- Okay, okay, I got you.
Notice I'm on the had.
- It's a girl.
- It's not a girl.
- It's a girl, baby.
- It's CJ.
If it's a boy it's a boy though.
- It's gonna be a girl,
it's gonna be a girl.
- You know I got you.
- Thank you.
- Careful, got you, got you.
- Okay, thank you.
- Oh, baby, I forgot
my phone in the house.
- Dang.
- Can you hurry up and get it?
We're running late already.
- All right.
- Your daddy is crazy.
- Come here, bitch.
- What, no!
- Shut the fuck up!
I'm not fuckin' playing with you.
- No!
- Man, hurry up!
- Fuck.
Fuck, fuck!
("Golden State" by Lijah T and Pat Savii)
Welcome to the Golden State
Cashin' fake checks
for them dollars, man.
(Dream alive)
Turf and them colors, man
Welcome to the Golden State.
Where niggas cashin' fake
checks for them dollars, man
Welcome to the Golden State
Where niggas killin' over
turf in them colors, man
Welcome to the Golden State
With niggas flocking in them
houses for the cheddar, man
Welcome to the Golden State
Welcome to the, welcome to the
Niggas claiming that
they're really young now
Flexin' on the Gram
with some Grammy tail
Now that's wild
And every time they
talk about my style
Niggas always said,
"That nigga T been wild"
And every time you rollin'
through the city with me
Everybody show me love 'cause
they really fuckin' with me
Never have to take
cover, brother, with me
'Cause trust me, bro, when I say this
All my niggas is g
So watch it, please
Like gang stars say,
you know my stage.
And I got discipline, baby
girl, yeah, you know T (okay)
So roll it with me, toke that
with me, smoke it with me
Grab that double cup,
sip this potion with me
Kissing on that pink,
now you slow with me
We on the 1, havin' fun,
pulled up to the beach
Now we soakin' in the sun
Rubbin' on your back
While you sippin' yak
and some rum, okay
Welcome to the Golden State.
Where niggas cashin' fake
checks for them dollars, man
Welcome to the Golden State
Where niggas killin' over
turf in them colors, man
Welcome to the Golden State
With niggas flocking in them
houses for the cheddar, man
Welcome to the Golden State
Welcome to the, welcome to the
Grown from the Gold Coast
I told you we supposed
to live this way
Invest myself to where my hope is
So I'm posted with my gang
Northside, Long Beach
Pacific Ocean in my veins
I'm with the OG smokin' drink
Can't show emotions
where I stay (be a man)
That be them cities with bad
traffic and gang violence
We only safe if we pray
the angels that hang by us
(Preach) I ain't biased, but
minus all of the dang sirens
Can't hate life when you in
state that just stay shinin'
Step in my hood, you a nervous wreck
You might learn your lesson
While cruising next to them
Cruising sets, bet you do be stressin'
But all the pressure's
A perfect method for birthin' legends
'Cause if you met me
You know I'm blessed from
your first impression