Laaga Chunari Mein Daag: Journey of a Woman (2007) Movie Script

It comes to my heart
That I fly away like a bird
After eating grains
I can return back to my home in evening
Sister, look.
How much?
Five rupees.
I have just two.
Keep it.
Just two bucks in our pocket
But the world's Under our thumb
We care two hoots For joy or despair
Virtue and sin braided In our hair
While we frolic without a care
'Cause we are like this
This is how we are
Our style is bliss
This is who we are
Each lane speaks of A different God
One invokes Allah
One lane resonates Azaan
The next plays flute
While blood flows In others veins
The Holy Ganges flows in ours
The sun or moon without Our summon
Can't rise or set
I said 'hide'
Life's wheel in the Hands of a brat
'Cause we are like this
This is how we are
We're almost Voguish
This is who we are
At the riverside we float
Look, sis, a boat
Life's too short
So never miss a ride
It's time you taste Our city's flavor
Start with a dip in The mother's arms
Sweet rabdi melts Fingers and time
Noon brings intoxication Of bhaang
Lips blush with the Redness of paan
Simple pleasures Meant to disarm
Patna or Paris, whatever Your route
Swim here in your Birthday suit
Visit for comfort or for cheer
Before death's arms Carry you here
'Cause we are like this
This is how we are
This city is bliss
This is who we are
Hey, the match-maker
With her bag of proposals
Run with all your might
From her ungallant knights
Run quick!
Uncle Rajju's freeloading again.
His son is all muscle, no brain.
Greed is this duo's bane.
No. I hope God blesses them.
And keeps them far from us.
Your nagging makes me shudder.
You're more like a brother.
If you had a moustache so
Sis, I'd call you brother
If you, li'l sis, had a tail
You'd be a cow, just think I would call you a cow.
Wonder why sis quit school?
To fight with mom?
No. To help her, fool.
Why must mother toil this way
Grinding life's miseries away
While father waits At home all day
For money Goddess to smile his way
I won.
Not 7-2, dad.7-1 .
Lost by a number, what fun.
Life can be a sad abyss
But never give your smile a miss
'Cause we are like this
This is how we are
I often wish to fly away
Like a bird, free as day
And bring back with the night
A few grains and some light
'Cause we are like this
This is how we are
Another classic sold tothe recycling world.
This book by Mahadevi Verma,will probably wrap peanuts.
And this Premchandmight wrap spices...
This, Premchand had personally giftedit to father.
Think I'll keep it.
But the weight is less. Please give.
Chaucer's naval lint.
These classic gemsare light weight for you?
Which classics?
Anything is classic these days.
This is literature, you jackass.
Not your dad's graffiti.
Don't get personal.
My shoe will get personal with your bum.
Your father's an old buddy of mine.
So I know your tactics well.
You buy cheap and resellat triple the rate.
Here, keep your gems.
You talk like you're sellingwhole Benaras, not books.
-Bloody fool.-Control yourself.
And for God sake change beforethe film crew arrives from Mumbai.
Why bother?
I know what is goingto come out of it.
More than the treasure we getfrom your silly lottery tickets.
They're here.
-Greetings, uncle.-It's okay.
This is Mr. Taneja and Miss Sophiafrom Apex company
Wow. That's awesome.
Please sit.
Pink lace.
This is the latest fashion on MTV.
Hello. You're Mrs. Sahay's daughters?
And your names?
I'm Vibhavri and...
I'm Shubhavri.
Do you see shooting everyday?
Shooting is my job.
So you must be meeting Shahrukh Khan?
No, not till now.
But you must have seen himwhile coming and going
-In the market or during his morning walk?-No.
-Just look here.-Coming.
-But somewhere--I'll talk to you later.
Always Shahrukh, Shahrukh.
Pappu, hope you have explained to themwe don't want any breakages.
Look Aunt, they're paying you well,aren't they?
They just want uncle's room andchandelier and all in the living room
Your uncle will never agree.
I thought you needed money,so I got them here.
-But if it's a bother, I'll...-No, no.
I'll convince your uncle.
If you will, then it's okay.
I just hope they like this house.
Please don't show them other places.
When I'm here, why do you worry, aunty?
Mom, tea's ready.
-I want to shoot in the temple-It'll be done.
-Ma I'm serving. Sophia, tea?-Thank you.
My dear, please eat something.
Please take, they've got cream inside.
Aunty, this tea tastes very nice.What's in it?
Ganga Jal.
Ganga Jal?
Come on uncle. That's a joke, no?
-Funny, isn't he?-Mr. Sahay, I was saying...
The schedule's for 30 days...
So we'll pay you 50 grand.
Fifty thousand?
Just for you, I'll make it 75 thousand.Is that okay?
One hundred and seventy five.
This house is 175 years old.
There were 3000 books in it's library.
Most of it, my father donatedto the Banaras Hindu University.
We'll take care of the electricity bill.
-Okay.-I'm sure you have a phone.
Just get STD. It's quite cheap these days.
Even I have heard that.How much will that cost?
A buck per minute.
-Okay.-Very cheap.
So Banaras has a real Maharaja?
How pretty.
This is called a jhumka, right?Where did you buy it?
From a neighbor's lane.I'll get you a pair too.
Really? How sweet.
What else do you get here?
Our spicy Kachori lane is world famous.We'll take you there.
Here's 20 thousand, as advance.Please count.
Please sign the receipt, here.
SM, I need to seea traditional mujra for research.
-Mujra? -Mujras are illegal now.
Though Dulari Bai will have a privateperformance tomorrow at lawyers house.
-But ladies are not allowed.-Hey, what?
We'll take you there.
I lost my little pearl, O'Lord
Wow. Superb costume.
She's so beautiful.
You'd look prettier if we decked you up.
I lost my little pearl, O' Lord
I wonder where it could be
First the ancestral jewelry...
Now you're after this house.
I'd sell it all in an eye blink. But there's no such luck.
But Brother Rajju has a legalnoose around our necks.
I know we're going to lose our homewhen the hearing begins.
You're pigeon hearted.
All of Benaras knows thatRajju was thrown out by dad.
Will the court take thecity's word for it?
I know he is good for nothing.
But legally, he's elderand real brother too.
This house is like a white elephant.
At least earned us 75 thousandfrom the shoot.
Money, money, money.
Yes, money.
This is what troubles me day and night.
So, what can I do?
They stopped my pensionbecause I wasn't corrupt.
You tell me, should I have succumbedto dishonesty?
But you can only see chandeliers.
Not people. I sew through the night.
Badki had to quit school.
And have to struggleto pay the chutki's fees.
I lost my little pearl
Oh my, look at her swagger.
I lost my little pearl, Oh, Lord
Soaked in Kahwa
We're in Dulari Ji's room.
My eyes, my face seem the same.
So what is it that I have lost, Nasiban?
You must have lost that only...
that the rich seem to have gainedfrom you.
Come here, little mouse.
Come here.
What were you hiding and seeing?
Mother says, Dulari doesn't dance.
She makes the rich dance to her tunes.
But I saw you dancing.
Ma is right. Kiddo's blind.
Stop it, you two.
I apologize on their behalf.
Such crystalline eyes.
I hope the Lord protectstheir innocence.
Come on, sis.
Mother will eat you alive.
That's if she finds out.
How do I ask him, O' how I blush
O lord
Like we need another black sheep.
A bleating one at that.
Why did you go there?
Mom, father will hear you.
You keep shut.
Mom, don't wake father.
Father? No one gives adamn about the mother.
O how sis blushes
You brat.
Enough, ma.
It's really late.
Go to sleep.
How can I sleep with somuch work pending?
You sleep.
And tomorrow get the paymentfor the whole consignment.
May we get the wholepayment this time?
They're 25 medium and35 large petticoats.
I'll give you half now, half later.
But mother was hoping...
Sir, there's a bulk order.
Give her half the payment now.
-All right?-Yes.
Awesome digestion, bro.
Hogged the entire film crewmoney without a burp?
What do I know? Ask her.
I hope you know I'm still alive.
It's your addictionsand this roguish behavior
that compelled your fatherto throw you out.
-For him you were--Not dead yet.
This house is sub-judice.
When we win, you'll be out in a flash.
And remember, half the film money is mine.
How about half the expenses?
You claimed the house a minuteafter father-in-law died.
Do you really care so much for this house?
The house weeps in the monsoons.
The roof will probablyfall this time.
And this courtyard...
Enough, Sabitri.
Why don't you stop him for a change?
Chill, dad.
She only understands legal jargon.
The eviction notice will knocksome sense into them.
That film money will bringyou bad luck, aunt.
Let's go, dad.
Impudent boy.
I'm being bullied by the childI helped deliver.
And you're watchingall this drama silently?
If I had a robust son like himmaybe I'd have a voice today.
They're rascals, not relatives.
Rascals listen to money or muscles.
We have neither.
But there must be some way.
Mom, what's there to eat?
I'm hungry.
Did you get the entire payment?
No, ma. He said next time.
I'll set that fatty right.
Shut up.
I'll lose my only client.
Why are you always so scared?What happened?
Brother Rajju and Ratan had come.
So, what happened?
Stop lying. I'm not your step-daughter.
Didn't Ma tell you wefound you in a gutter?
Now I'm really hungry.
Stupid candles.
Where are the candles, ma?
ln the drawer.
Which one?
The consignment will be incomplete.
But other homes have power.
Did you pay the bill?
Can't we use some of thefilm crew money, ma?
Counter no. 2 will stamp the receiptafter you pay the money.
And you'll have power in two hours.
I'll do it, father.
What's up?
Lives in a palace, acts like a King.
And doesn't have a pennyto pay for electricity.
Cranky old fart.
How dare you? What did he say?
-Nothing, sir.-What do you mean?
What did you say?
I said nothing wrong.Beggars don't give speeches.
Worthless clerk.
Don't know your backsidefrom your head.
Don't make me humiliate you.
I know your class.
What a wretch.
What's the matter?
His power was cut dueto bill non-payment.
Showing us attitude.
Just take this money.
But, sir.
I don't want money.
I want an apology.
Mom, hurry. The rickshaw's here.
We were just going to the hospital.
What's the matter?
They have a problem.
Don't worry, I'm sure she'll understand.
Last night, some people protestedoutside our hotel.
I don't understand.
Mrs. Sahay, the shoot's cancelled.
We can't shoot anywherein this city now.
Ma, let's leave.
But the advance?
You'll have to return that, aunty.
I really feel bad.
So all your big talksamount to zero?
I'll get the money.
-The director's a coward.-How's that our problem?
Don't worry about a thing, father.
Mom will be here any second now.
I was in charge of crowd control.
Even got permission to shootat the river. What a waste.
Money seems a little less.
It's okay. I'll consider itcancellation charges.
Shall we leave, mom?
Good bye.
Sis, why don't you rest? I'm here.
There's a new problemat every step.
How much can I mend?
I can't do this anymore.
The film crew moneywas a slight relief.
I felt I could breathe for a while.
What will I do now?
It's my turn to do something.
Like what?
A job.
A school drop-out won't get a job.
No one cares about thatin Bombay, mother.
Alone, in that city?
No. With Sophia from the crew.
That tailess chimp?
Yes. It's all set.
They'll pay me eight thousand.
Eight thousand?
A job in Bombay?
Even I wanna go!
Eavesdropping again?
Don't tell dad, you snitch.
Where will you live, my darling?
I told you it's all fixed with Sophia.
All fixed and you nevertold me anything?
Never got a chance, ma.
How much could I earnfrom sewing petticoats there?
You have a petticoat for brains.
I'm not naive like ma.
-Tell me the truth.-You heard.
Tell me the truth.Did you really speak to Sophia?
I was with you throughout.
Tell me.
So l'll talk to her. Now sleep.
Hello, Sophia. It's me Vibha.
Oh. Hi.
The job is confirmed, right?
What job?
Thank you, Sophia.
And stay with you?
You out of your mind?
If you insist.
Mother will be so relieved.
See you. Thanks.
Totally crazy, man.
What happened?
I think that chick fromBanaras is coming here.
Will her father allow that?
You won't achieve a thingand will return a loser.
Wants to be a son.
Always wanted a son, right?
I'll become one.
And I won't return a loser, watch me.
Drink water after you've eaten.
Don't worry, Mom.
Say hi to Sophia for me.
Go in, daughter.
Study hard, li'l sis.And take care of father.
And tell him...
Nothing. Take care, ma.
I'll get there and call you.
Send me a snap of Mannat.
What's that?
Shahrukh Khan's bungalow.
Either I'm on cloud or have left my home
No, we are in full swing it's our day
Either I'm on cloud or have left my home
No we are in full swing it's our day
Who? Where?
To meet whom?
There's a Sophia here.
Sophia? Ten.
She returns at 10:00.
It's 10:00 p.m.
She hasn't called yet.
Train must be delayed.
That's it. Just stop here.
You have a visitor, ma'am.
Mine? Who?
I don't know.
Babe, you can't just landup without calling.
I had.
But that was...
Come up now.
What can I do? She just landed up.
Don't know how long.A week I guess.
Yeah, I'll handle it. Okay, bye.
I promised to get you earrings.
Oh, yeah.
How sweet.
Who is it?
Karan is my name.
What do you want?
Molesting girls is my game.
Sophia, open the damn door.
It's me Karan, man.
Wrong flat? Right flat.
Get aside, excuse me!
Hang on a sec.
I see why my name and passportnumber were being asked.
I'm Karan.
I live downstairs.
I'm Sophia's friend.
Where is she?
At a shoot.
And you?
Too many clothes.So can't be a model.
Not her type, so can't be Sophia's friend.
So you are Tina, Mina or...
Very good.
Just arrived from Banaras .
So Vibs, tell Sophia...
The beer has arrived,so let's party tonight.
Please give her the message.
Oh, yeah. Bottle.
Party, my foot.
Picks up free booze from officeand hogs a mini country at my place.
Do you know call centers?
He's a Group Leader there.
Gets 50-60 grand a month,with these perks.
I've got a job for you tomorrow.
Really? What do I have to do?
Where the hell is Sasha?
Get her fast.
Hey, where's Sasha?
She's in the bathroom.
For 45 minutes?
I didn't want to disturb her.
Why can't you follow instructions?
Sasha, open up.
What are you doing?
Hurry up.
Hey guys! Move.
I can't take you back.
You got in everybody's way.
lt was my first time,I was nervous.
In Bombay no one gets a secondchance or a training period.
No more shoots for you, sorry.
A friend of mine owns a salonNeeds a temp for four days.
You wanna?
Oh, yes.
-It's your sister.-Chutki...
Hello, Chutki.
Hi, sis.
Guess what. Three ruffianscaught us on the road...
And said vacate your house.
Why would we leave our own home?
Shut up.
Wasting precious bloodshould be avoided.
Or I could choke thissparrow with my pinky.
This city has gone to the dogs.
We should all come to Bombay.
Or you come back.
Stop your silly prattle.
Please don't listen her.
I've borrowed fromtoo many people.
We might need a lawyer too.
Can you send us some money?
Sure, ma.
Could you put sis back on?
Hi, sis.
You're afraid of ruffians now?
I wasn't scared.
But ma was there so...
Now tell me about your office.
My office is in a skyscraper.
Haven't seen Shahrukh's house yet.
But soon, I promise.
Loads of TV stars in my neighborhood.
What a city. And the people are lovely.
l'll get one real soon.
Lingerie, don't you get it?
No laundry here.
Can I help you, ma'am?
Why can't you hire Englishspeaking people?
I'm looking for the lingerie section.
l'll show you the right section.
Our salesgirls must know English.
You won't achieve a thing.
You'll return a loser.
Wants to be a son.
Always wanted a son, right?
I'll become one.
I won't return a loser.
Watch me.
It's me Karan.
Hi. Come in.
Hang on, buddy.
Vibs, this is Michelle.
Michelle, this is Vibs...
I mean Vibhavari.
The new inmate of Bombay prison.
-Do you know of any--Jobs?
No way.
I wouldn't inflict my weird boss on you.
But you know so many people.Help her out.
Have a resume?
We'll make one.
For now, take down thesecontact numbers.
We'll figure it out.
Not a graduate?
Any computer skills?
Not yet.
But I'm a very quick learner.
We'd shut shop in a day if we startedteaching everyone who walked in.
No qualifications, no skill.This resume is useless.
So you're clueless about Event Management.
Karan's such a weirdo.
We'll call if something comes up.
Please file this.
See you.
You're Shivshankar Sahay?
Court's notice for you.
'Shivshankar Sahay, son ofRudra Shankar Sahay
is served a notice of eviction
by Rajshankar Sahay, sonof Rudra Shankar Sahay,
to leave the premises by 7th March
and until a verdict is passed...'
-Ma'am?-What happened?
I don't know what's happening to him.
I try to find you
My heart heavy with dreams
Hello, ma'am.
Where were you?
My room mate's back tomorrow.
So you'll have to leave, ok?
But where will I go?
Figure it out, babe.
But where...
Relax. This is Bombay.
There's a solution for every problem.
By the way, your mom had called.
I need a job, now.
Need a job now. Wake up.
Let me meet your boss.
What for? Your qualifications--
I'd like to try once.
Vibs, if it's money, I can give...
It's not about money.
It's about a promise I madeto my family and myself.
I can't go back.
Please help me.
You'll get the papers for...
I'm K.K. Gupta and...
This is Vibha, sir.
I gave you her resume.
but you felt she's underqualified.
Come sometime later, okay?
No, no. It's alright.
Did you finish school?
No, sir.
There are always exceptions.
But, sir...
You have a problem?
No, sir.
Come into my office.
You should've attacheda photograph here.
Daughter, ask someone.
Vibhavari Sahay.
Knitting and sewing.
What else can you do?
I did some typing in school.
Used to get great marks in English.
But never got to converse in it.
But I'm very hardworking, sir.
I'll learn everythingin a heartbeat.
I like that. In a heart beat.
Anyone from the Sahay family?
We need one more oxygen cylinder.
Hang on, Ma.
All these medicines are needed?
Yes, and immediately.
Ma, give me some money.
Ma, think later...
200 won't be enough.
You get going, I'll arrange for more.
You don't have the qualifications.
But don't worry.
You have a lot more.
Come on.
I'm sure you understand.
Don't you?
We can make an exception,
if you wish.
lt goes like this.
I'm a lonely man.
So why don't you spenda night with me?
Do that...
And the job's yours.
Right here, right now.
Come on, it's a deal.
Don't you want the job?
Ma? It's me.
Now you call back?
Your father is really ill.
We've got a court notice.
Ma, I'm coming back.
People are wretched here.
Stop ranting.
'Nice' people don't exist.
Did you send some money?
Your father needsa better hospital.
Ma, there's no job. No office.
No job?
No, Ma.
You lied?
Your father was right.
How can you be a son
if you can't face a tiny hurdle.
But Ma, you're not listening.
I hear you.
They'll give me a job only if I...
My gold chain?
Spend the night with them.
There's nothing left to pawn.
-Ma, I'm returning.-No.
You can't.
You're an adult now.
Do what you think is right.
But Ma?
My gold chain.
Daughter, I'm sorry.
No, this is Sophia.
Is my daughter there?
Where is she?
Doesn't live here any more.
Doesn't live there?
Nope. Bye.
It's me, Chutki.
Yes, daughter.
Why haven't you left yet?
I'm waiting at the hospital.
I'm on my way.
Vibs, you don't have to do this.
You're not like other girls, dammit.
I hope Mr. Gupta doesn'tcomplain about that.
Hi. Come in.
Come on.
You are beautiful.
Why are you working in the dark?
What's the matter?
So what time tomorrow?
Same time, same place, if you wish.
I meant to work.
What time?
Oh, your job.
I'm so sorry.
Want a drink?
Well, Vaibhavi, Vibha.
I can't give you that job.
Not with your qualifications.
But you-
Company won't accept it.
But you promised me a job, sir.
So what?
A beautiful girl like youmakes a man promise anything.
No, sir.
You know how it is.
You can't do this.
Don't you worry though.
You promised me a job, sir.
I've got something for you.
Ten thousand rupees for two hours.
No, sir. I want a joblike you promised.
You can't go back on your word.
Bloody bastard.
That bloody piece of shit.
My child.
How's father?
Fine. How are you, child?
I was tense when you'd called.
I don't know what I said.
That decision has been made, ma.
Take care of father.
Now where? Sophia's?
Hello? Hi, Michelle.
I needed a favor, babe.
Could Vibha stay at yourplace for a few days?
If you don't mind.
Thanks so much, Michelle.You're such a sweetheart.
Key's in the usual place?
The usual place? Okay.
Come in.
This is Michelle's pad.
Stay for as long as you wish.
She'll be here soon.
Will you be okay?
See you.
I'm sorry.
You will return a loser.
Can't give you that job.
Wants to be a 'son'.
You can't return.
Wants to be a son.
You're an adult. Do what you think is right.
A beautiful girl makes a man promise anything.
Such crystalline eyes.
Do what you think is right.
May the Lord...
I'm so sorry.
Protect their innocence.
Go mad thinking about it, orplay their game on your terms.
You decide.
Come on, snap out.
Karan's told me everything.
-I've lost, Michelle.-No, you haven't lost.
Not yet.
Listen to me.
They can break your trust,breaking your spirit is on you.
You can't let them break your spirit.
The same spirit which broughtyou here to achieve something.
You will find a Gupta at every step.
But if you want you coulduse them instead.
And they won't be ableto touch your soul.
Do you hear me, Vibha?
Not Vibha.
If you decide to do thisyou'll need a new name.
Shaina or Natasha?
I'll talk to you later.Someone's here. Bye.
You forgot your money last night.
What is it?
Don't try those tricks.
Black mail and all.
I get it.
That's all I have right now.
Though you're worthmuch more, right?
You couldn't afford me if you soldyourself to the highest bidder.
Next time, pay the fullprice for your whore.
Don't break someone'strust with a lie.
My new identity will be Natasha.
Now remember.
You don't belong to the streets.
You're a high level escort.
Top of the heap.
Exclusive and very expensive.
Hey, hold on.
Are you out of your mind?
Do you have an ideawhat you're talking about?
Vibs, this is not your cup of tea.
You won't be able tobear a life like this.
You have no idea what this entails.
-Listen, Karan.-One sec, Michelle.
Hold on.
-Vibs, don't listen to her.-This is my decision, Karan.
In the midst of a storm, My feet are still
Each breath choked, My voice is mute
I fight to live, defeated By self
I am the mirror And it's drugged reflection
I've fallen from grace
How do I hide my tainted self?
I've fallen from grace
How do I find my way back home?
I've fallen
Like white noise, It echoes inside
Like the devil It snakes inside
As I try to piece My shattered soul
I am my modesty, it is my veil
We are tainted, we are torn
From untouched modesty Of an untouched self
I've fallen
How do I look them in the eye?
How do I find my way back home?
How do I hide my tainted self?
Hi, I'm Natasha.
Sis, has sent us so much money, look?
Father, sis has sent us money.
I've ended I've ceased
I'm black I'm white
I'm the sand in a rainless cloud
The black of the night The flicker of the flame
I'm a dream
An apparition
My own shadow I fear
Like a damp twig I burn I sear
I am illusion I am shade
I am flesh I am soul
I am still
I am mute
I am resolved
Like your new apartment?
It's really nice.
Not as gorgeous as you.
But I guess, it'll have to do.
See you soon.
That's what I call a lottery.
He asks about you daily.
Let me talk.
Shall I?
Hello, father...
How are you, daughter?
Just don't worry aboutmoney anymore.
We'll get the best lawyer possible.
All right.
Have the house repairs begun?
In full swing.
Please get marble.
But that's expensive, child.
Doesn't matter.
I've got to take another call, father.
Go ahead, daughter.
Wait till Brother Rajju meetsour hotshot lawyer in court.
The lawyer won't takeless than ten thousand.
But Vibha insists we go with him.
She's a son now. Our son.
Dad's hogged all the snacksCan I have some more?
What's up?
lsn't everything okay now?
I've fallen from grace
Your uncle has hiredthe city's top lawyer.
He doesn't have the balls.
He's grown them overnight.
What's the source of this windfall?
Putting marble in their courtyard.
Have you met my PR associate? Natasha.
I hope you'll join usfor the conference.
Of course, she will.
What conference?
The Patents and Trademarksconference is in Zurich.
You're coming.
But you didn't even tell me.
I was going to.
-Hello, Natasha.-Hi.
Hello, Sunil, my boy.
Are you going to tellus about your project?
I'm just about to makea short presentation.
Get to work, idiot.
Sorry for the delay, ma'am.
You're totally changed.
Looking damn good.
Why didn't you call?Maybe because I moved.
Clearly your life's rocking.
While I'm still stuckin the same rut.
I wish I had your luck.
Don't even wish that by mistake.
You're really lucky for me, Natasha.
You've made every contract, everycollaboration a success
Just a coincidence.
A businessman shouldn'tbe superstitious.
Businessmen don't like risks.
You'll get the Zurich tickets tomorrow.
Hello, Ma.
How are you, my child?
I'm well.
Any problem?
I hope the money reached you?
Your sister has graduatedwith flying colors.
She'll get a great job.
Your father's well too.
Everything's fine.
Come back, my child.
Come home.
What are you saying, Ma?
Haven't you understood yet?
I can never come back.
Has sis called?
Shucks. Got disconnected.
Victory to Hanuman who is the ocean ofwisdom and virtues.
Victory to the king of nonkeyswho is illuminating three worlds.
-Three worlds!-Three worlds.
You are the messenger of Rama.You are the abode of incomparable power.
-Son of Anjana and son of Kama.-Son of God of Wind.
I'm going to die becauseof your stupidity.
If I knew I was going to fly,I would've mugged up.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain.
We're experiencing some turbulence.
Kindly fasten your seatbelts.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
It's just an air pocket happens.
Is that why my hand is turning blue?
So you're here on work.
Yes. On a Trademarks andPatents conference.
-Your coffee, ma'am?-Thank you.
-Sugar?-No, thank you.
Life never ceases to amaze me.
Now what are Trademarks and Patents?
When big companies are donemanipulating developed countries
they start exploitingdeveloping countries
through Trademarks and Patents.
Good morning.
The city of Bern welcomes all thedelegates of the World Patients--
Patents and Trademarks...
-Hi there.-Hi.
How was your flight?
The renowned Patents andTrademarks attorney from lndia.
Mr. Rohan Verma.
Good heavens.
Good morning. It's a pleasureto see you all here today.
Everyone sees Patents andTrademarks in their own unique way.
But I heard an entirelyoriginal definition of this today.
We might understand developingeconomies slightly better.
When big companies are donemanipulating developed countries.
What happened? Do you know him?
Not really.
You're such a liar.
I don't even know you, Mr. Verma.
But I know you.
You like sugarless coffee.
Very devout.
I know how you look asleep.
I know everything.
There you are.
Have you two met?
Rohan this is Natasha, our new PRand Business Manager.
-Hello, Natasha.-Hello, Rohan.
I'll take your leave.
Have to go to Nice tomorrow.
So why don't you take a day off.
-Okay.-Just chill.
See ya later.
-Take care. Have a good flight.-Thank you.
So, what's the plan?
What will you tellChicky and Micky?
Your grandchildren.
I went to Switzerland
and I explored the hotel roomand the airport.
As opposed to?
As opposed to the real Switzerland.
The Alps, the churches.
The quaint restaurants.
Where you get the world'sbest cheese fondue and rosti.
That's it. I'm hungry.
Change. Meet you in five.
I hate these conferences.
Me too.
What else do you hate?
Pumpkin or banana?Bottle gourd or bitter gourd?
Litter bugs. Smelly cabbage.
And what do you like?
Hot tea in earthen cups.
Holi revelry.
The smell of wet earth.
A couplet maybe.
Evening by the river.The festival shiver.
Old film songs.
Maybe an ex-flame?
Your turn. Cricket or football?
None at all.
Blue skies.
Pine and maple.
Oh, come on. Bikini or shorts?
Anything blue.
Make a song
Smile along
A stranger in a strange land
Was your friend all along.
Make a song
Smile along
Steal a moment from life
It's time to play along
Make a song
In a juicy paan's medley
I was at the Ganges merrily
When a stranger came along
And struck my heart temporarily
To drown in mystic eyes was fated
Magic, mirage, or was I intoxicated
Such naughtiness in a Foreign land can't be clever
Behave, have you no Shame whatsoever?
Make a song
Smile along
Come along
Steal a few sunny beams
From your wild dreams
Make a song
It's a tiny happy drop In an eternity
That's life's ironic ditty
This is what will stay with you
So make it count, make it true
I was swept away by a rogue wave
The colors, the sights, The effects were grave
See this medley of colors, This incredible fusion
A new song, a happy confusion
Make a song
Smile along
A stranger in a strange land
Was your friend all along
Make a song
I'm craving hot ginger tea and pakodas.
Oh, man.
Kachori, samosas, jalebi and parathe.
Croissant, sir?
Oh, no. Yes, please.
Hello? Michelle?
Excuse me, may I haveyour pen, please?
Yeah, okay.
Excuse me.
Sir, ma'am says she won'tbe able to join you.
Enjoy your breakfastand have a nice day.
Ratan speaking.
Are you dumb or mute?
I'm right here.
Arrived before time.
Bless this swank car.
Your job's truly lucrative.
The chicks back homedance for peanuts.
Don't talk rubbish.
Well, that's the heartof the matter.
Now I know the sourceof uncle's windfall.
Don't call me that.
You didn't come all thisway to tell me this.
So I'll come to the point.
If the truth of your job wasto come out in Banaras
your father would be the first to...
What do you want?
How much? Take it and leave.
Not so fast.
Here's a letter to your bank.
instructing them to transfer 25 grandto our account every month.
Twenty five thousand?
It's not much.
I know your rate per night.
Now sign.
But no one back homecan know anything.
How do I know you willkeep your word?
No guarantees there.
But only a fool kills the goosethat lays golden eggs.
And I ain't no fool.
This city doesn't knowwhat's going to hit it.
Now that we're togetherwe're going to paint this town red!
How come you?
You're stammering outof excitement, sis.
I've got a job here.
I'm a management traineeat Matrix Advertising.
But how'd you enter...
I had to pleadwith the watchman.
And Ma tried calling you so much.
Look at your castle, sis.
You must get me a job likeyours in event management.
We're going to have a blast, aren't we?
'Cause we are like this
Are you going to bea brat at work too?
Sis, how did you finda mini Banaras here?
This is Baan Ganga.
Whenever I miss home,I come here. Do you like it?
Now this is home.
This is who we are
I welcome the traineesto their first session.
Lux. This agency's biggest brand.
Here's a sample of theirtarget audience.
For God sake, wake up, man.
Vivaan's dead. Death by boredom.
So your task is to capture theconsumer so tightly in your fist
that she doesn't dreamof another soap.
Sir. Not in our fist... In our heart.
What's your name?
Shubhavari Sahay.
Continue, please.
We can't win our target audience'sheart by not respecting them.
I mean, she's more than a statistic, sir.
We need to understand herdreams and aspirations
and make a place forourselves in her heart.
We're the ones in her fist.
She's got brilliant insights.
Vivaan can handle the creative.
As a team, they'll rock.
Oh, Shubhavari. Yes, sir.
Meet Vivaan tomorrow morning
and get a complete lowdown on the Lux campaign.
Okay, sir.
Good luck.
Babe, you're lucky.
I've been lusting overVivaan for two years
and you're already in.
God. He's hot.
Looks like he hasn'tshowered for a month.
And advertises soap.
So you give him a scrub.
This is his last campaign.
He's being posted to Paris after this.
You're so lucky.
He's the lucky one.
He got to work with me.
I floored those Bombayites on day one.
Weren't you nervous?
And where did you learn all this?
I wasn't flying kites in my MBA course.
Sis, where did you learnsuch fab make-up?
I wasn't flying kitesfor so long in this city.
But, sis be careful here.
This is not Banaras .
That's what's so great.
New city, new life, new people.
Anything can happen.
Exactly. Anything can happen.
So you haven't liked anyone so far?
Be honest.
Not in this city.
So where did you like someone?
I'm off, sis.
Come on. I've come and you're going.
You know event managementhas crazy time lines.
Everyone's in a rush, Ma.
Like they're in a race.
Oh, Lord.
And the city's full of loony characters.
You got me, dude.
The lndian woman herself, Shubh.
I'll call you Shubhi.
I'm Vivaan.
I'm sorry. I don't hugon my first meeting.
So, what's up?
What time?
Eight? Cool. See ya.
So you know all about themodern lndian woman.
What do you think about her?
Vivaan, please.
I know as much about her as you do
about this lady.
She's modern, but probably not Indian.
And this one's modern?
Sunita Jadli, MD Gynaec,runs her own hospital.
She's the modern lndian woman.
And the potential consumer of Lux.
The one you want tocapture in your fist.
Not in our fist.
Like you said...
In our heart.
Yeah. ln our heart.
So what's the differencebetween the two chicks?
One will spend five grandin an evening.
-the other in the entire--Want some coffee?
Two coffees, kiddo.
So they're coffee buddies now.
Vivaan is Vivaan.
Your Indian woman definition's warped.
These chicks are merely Indian,not modern.
It's so typical. Just like a man.
You judge a book by it's cover.
If clothes were the parameterthen you'd be a complete...
Yeah. You should be.
Who can tell that this mayonnaisedripping freak
is the creative directorof a big agency?
Where are the frikkin' coffees?
Why are you smiling?
I just figured you out.
You figured me out?
You're a male basher.You hate men.
I don't.
You do. You don't know it.
-I don't hate men.-Hello.
Today's Tuesday?
I'm in the car, man.
Alrighty, ma'am, gotta go.
May we continue your discourse later?
I hate men.
I told you.
You hate men.
I just love Bombay, Ma.
If we were all together,we'd have a blast.
It's beautiful.
No, I haven't been ableto see Shahrukh yet.
Yeah, sis and I are goingout for dinner.
Sis, look. Call girls.
Nothing, Ma. Talk to you later.
Look, sis.
I wonder where my pearl
Stop it. They're girls, just like us.
With just different circumstances,compulsions.
Sorry, sis. Nothing justifies this.
Choose anything but not this.
I don't agree.
How can you disagree?Of course, this is a date.
This is not a date.
So I was joyous for nothing?
I was sure the lndian woman'schanged when you asked me out.
What are we doing here?
My assignment.
Of course, your assignment.
I need to show you thereal lndian woman.
Though the Indian male is changing too.
He actually buys a new shirt sometimes.
-Nice?-Very nice.
Nice tags too.
-l'll do it.-No, I've...
-I've got it.-No, I've got it...
Look at her.
Nice. Hot. Sexy. Slim.
And works out like a beast daily.
Obsessed with one thing. Dieting.
I'm sure it's fat free.
Look at those ladies.
They're hands are in pizzas
but their minds are inyummy road-side snacks.
Yummy. Hrithik's yummy, isn't he?
No. John's hotter.
And her? ln a tearing rush.
Possibly late for her kid's PTA.
Excuse me.
Are you in a rush?
Yes. I've a flight to catch.
A vacation?
No. I'm the pilot.
Spicy, snappy and so aggravating
She hit me like a bolt of lightning
Spicy, snappy and so aggravating
It's not working, man.
Come on, guys.
Think out of the box.
One second.
Just let that hair fall natural.
A little giddy
A tad silly
With rare serenity
Casts her charm on me, This fiery chilli
All set?
Shall we see the presentation once?
I don't have a presentation.
What do you mean?
Don't know.
I'm blank. Completely confused.
-My first presentation, my job...-Okay, relax.
Look at you. Relax.
Go freshen up. Go.
But there's no...
No presentation. I know.
We'll figure it out.
Get yourself a cup of coffee.
Hi, guys.
The quintessential lndian Woman.
Who and where is she?
We looked for her for days,but in the wrong places.
She's actually right here.
But we couldn't see her.
Computer and cell phone savvy
but she never fails to pray.
On top of things at work
but family comes first.
She's groomed and dressedfor success
but her smile isher biggest asset.
Honestly, she's got it, andshe's got the face for it.
The new average Jane is abombshell with a brain.
Nothing and no onecan stop her flight.
And that's the Lux womanwe're looking for.
The one we wish to capturein our heart, not our fist.
This daft boy, half crazed
Has set my heart ablaze
This daft boy, half crazed
Has set my heart ablaze
An occasional stammer
Sings with such candor
Such a lying enchanter
Cast his net on me, silly gander
Sister, I'm going to Lugano.
Near ltaly, yes, on a shoot.
A wizard walked away With my senses
Stupefied I dropped my fences
Chatty, naughty and full of beans
She'll drive you nuts She's got the means
A little giddy
A tad silly
A prancing philly
Cast her charms on me This fiery chilli
Silly billy
Spicy, snappy and so aggravating
She hit me like a bolt of lightning
This daft boy, half crazed
Has set my heart ablaze
An occasional stammer
Sings with such candor
Such a lying enchanter
Cast his net on me, silly gander
A green chilli in a vodka shot
O' Lord what a nuisance I've got
'Cause we're like this
This is who we are
Drinking with him is such a bore
But he saves me from Villains galore
Usually grounded, he gets High like a bird
And hides his dimples, This bearded nerd
A little giddy
A tad silly
With rare serenity
Casts her charm on me, This fiery chilli
Spicy, snappy and so aggravating
She hit me like a bolt of lightning
Good show, guys.We have a winner.
Who's bike were you on?
Bike? Vivaan's...
I told you about him.
You've just steppedinto this city
and you're alreadyflirting with boys.
What do you know about him?
Who he is and what he's really about?
You don't know this city of wolves.
They'll tear you apartand you'll break into so many pieces
you'll never be able to heal.
You'll be left with nothing.
This is me your little sister.
What happened to you?
I'll tell you everything.I'm dying to talk to you about it.
How about some tea andVivaan post-mortem?
Sis, could you passme some of that?
-The dark stuff.-Mustard seeds?
No, that...
Nigella Seeds?
What's that? No.
That brown stuff thatturns dark later.
Cumin seeds, sis.
Thank you.
Our tuning's awesome, isn't it?
Cumin in pasta?
What do the ltalians know.
Taste pasta Vivaan ala mode.
I've never had a moredelicious cumin pasta.
So I'm pretty and talented
and a pretty talented cook too.
So if the agency kicks you out in Paris
you can always starta restaurant.
No, Paris is going to be tough.
Luckily Shubhi will be with me.
He's kidding, sis. He's gone mad.
What do you mean?
Nope, I'm serious.
I was thinking that we could marry
and go to Paris together.
With your permission, of course.
Have you gone loony?
Or we could live in sin there,what say, big sister.
You know what I mean.
You haven't even asked me yet.
I haven't?
Dear lady, forgive me.Allow me to propose now.
You've turned my wholelife upside down.
And I completely love this new life.
And I want to live in it forever.
Miss Shubhavari Sahay,
will you please marry me?
Are you nuts? Say yes.
What do I do?
Yes or no, babe?
Have mercy on my knees at least.
Yes, yes, yes.
Bless you.
First tell me.
How in God's name did you agree?
You sit with me, come.
This is the limit.
I can't believe this oaf haslanded such a lovely girl.
Gran, you've only met Dr. Jekyll yetwait till you meet Ms. Hyde.
If only you knewhow many girls pine for me.
My noble heart felt sorry forthis poor villager, or else...
Or she'd leave you too.
Welcome to our family, child.
Is that real?
Ma, this is Vibha here.
Ma, Chutki's got a proposal.
His name's Vivaan.
He works in her office.
With her?
Has a home in Bombay too.
Ma, his family's coming to Banaras .
But they want a quick wedding.
Vivaan is going abroad in 20 days.
No, daughter.
How can we manage this in 20 days?
Easily, Ma.
Don't you worry.
Chutki and I will manageeverything in Banaras .
And in no time.
I've already designed her trousseau.
But we'll buy her sarisonly in Banaras .
It'll be so much fun.
But, daughter...
Yes, Ma?
Tongues have started to wag.
They say we've becometoo rich, too quickly.
You understand, right?
I fear your coming here might...
You understand, right?
Yes, Ma, I do.
You're absolutely right.
I won't come. Don't worry.
I'll handle Chutki.
I'll make some excuse.
Chutki must take her vowsin our traditional sari.
You know which one, right?
I should go now. Bye, ma.
Where are my spectacles?
How do I hide my tainted self?
How do I find my way back home?
I've fallen from grace
I don't have patiencefor this wedding stuff.
Let's elope.
In this trolley.
-You know what I mean.-I do.
You do? Then listen...
-One last kiss?-Last kiss.
Vivaan, leave.
I'm waiting for sis, remember?
So wait on.
I'll check her in justin case she's late.
Okay, wait.
Really, come here.
Don't jump again.
-I'm gonna miss you.-I'm not gonna miss you.
I told you, you hate men.
I don't hate men. I hate you.
I love you, but...
Sis, where are you?
I was just about to call you.
Our flight's been-
What do you mean can't come?
Office work. Now?
But your luggage is with me.
Why can't you tell them something?
Come on, sis. Hello?
l'll be there in 45 minutes.
No, you don't need to send the car.
l'll be there.
Hurry up.
Your damn door's jammed.
Get the luggage. Sis!
Take this upstairs, please.
Come on quick.
Follow the black car.
Pick up the phone, sis.
-Drive faster.-There's traffic, ma'am.
-But that black car is zipping.-I'm trying to follow.
You're a crappy driver.
Come on.
Stop here.
-How much?-Ninety rupees.
Don't have change.
Just keep it.
Ms. Natasha.
Good evening.
Mr. Collins is waiting for you.
Who was that lady?
Miss Natasha.
Comes here often.She's a permanent guest here.
And meets her friends here often.
Like I said, she meets them here.
Isn't her name Vibhavari?
No. Not at all.
She's Miss Natasha.
That's what I call a lottery.
Crazy timelines in event management.
Look at your castle, sis.
Get me a job in event management.
How did you learn such fab make-up?
I wasn't flying kites for so long in this city.
Miss Natasha.
'O how sis blushes
You brat.
Li'l rat.
Stop the car.
Please listen.
You're disgusted, aren't you?
I know what you mustbe going through.
But I never thought...
Or wished for you to find out.
Believe me.
Just wished for you and Vivaan tomake a life I'd stopped dreaming of.
I didn't want the shadows ofmy world to fall on you.
That's why I wasn't coming to Banaras .
Forgive me, sis.
I've shattered your faith.
I've shamed you.
I'm sorry. Forgive me.
Shut up, sis.
Just shut up.
Don't you dare apologizeto anyone...
To me, mother or even father.
I ask for your forgiveness.
For all of us.
How could we have become so selfish?
So blind?
How could I not read your eyes?
Why couldn't I feel your pain?
I fight with the whole world...
But I couldn't save my own sister.
I'm so sorry. Forgive me, sis.
You thought you'd keep sacrificingand we wouldn't find out?
You'd keep selling yourself...
For the house...
For dad's medical bills...
For my education, my wedding?
Did you really think we'd buildour dreams on your grave?
Enough, sis. No more.
There will be no weddingwithout my sister.
No, Chutki.
You will come with me.
Come, sis. Let's go home.
Sis is here. Sis is here.
You've become so thin...
Chutki just wouldn't listen.
She was so adamant.
Just pray that everything goes well.
Oh, really?
I think Ms. Big Bucks fromthe big city should speak.
I don't have time for riddles.
Come to the point.
Then listen...
Ask your bloody lawyer to cometo an understanding with dad.
Pay us and we'll withdraw the case.
Got it?
We're winning and you want tocompromise with those devils?
By paying them?
Why? Explain, sis.
Explain what?
And to who?
We're away.
Ma and dad are alonein this legal mess.
What if they send goons?
Burn the house?
Who will protect them?
Reminds me of father.
He had the same tone.
And would toss his platein anger just like this.
Let's eat.
Is this still necessary, Ma?
Oh, hello.
Our respects.
She's quit everything eversince her patron expired.
Oh, the little rats.
Where have you been?
In Bombay.
Lets see.
Just the same.
They couldn't rob that innocence.
But they tried real hard.
It's my sister's wedding.
You must come.
Is the groom here?
They are here.
Ma, this is Vivaan.
Please meet my grandmother.
Please sit.
Bless you, son.
What a lovely family.
I pray that the Lord keepsthe evil eye away from you.
My elder brother, Rohan.
Bro, this is Shubha, her parents.
And her elder sister.
I believe the groom's here.
What the hell are you waiting for?
Savoring the silencebefore the storm.
Stormy silence.
Sneaking around?
-Get inside.-But...
Look at the tall rat I found, ma?
Pining for your bride, weren't you?
Go on, leave.
Here we go now
Sounds fresh
That's right
Now don't you go plucking buds
Or the gardener will Kick your butts
Now don't you go plucking buds
Or the gardener will Kick your butts
Ladies, we beg your pardon
We're here for the whole garden.
Ladies, we beg your pardon
We're here for the whole garden
Gardener, your blossoms Are too cool
Row after row, like A flowery spool
We're hungry bees, so love sick
We'll gladly get our butts kicked
Now don't you go plucking buds
The gardener will Kick your butts
Their cheeks are dimpled
Their ears have bells
Eyes have a drunken swagger
Eyes have a drunken swagger
But lips cuss like a sailor.
You're bulls, not bees
Your singing makes us flee
Tie them with a thick yarn
Take them back to Their stinking barn
Don't go plucking buds
The gardener will Kick your butts
Yeah, yeah
We the cool champions
Always number one
Never play with us
We the son of a gun
Try so hard to challenge us
Fall flat on your face Beware
I'm young and beautiful
Stay away
My eyes are magical
You'll regret it
Get away
Don't scream Don't shout
Be gentle with us
Break it down
Don't scream Don't shout
My delicate arms
We're on the hook We're on the line
You can't sing or rhyme
Time for some real music
And real rhyme
These bees cause upheaval
We know they're pure evil
Go gently
Go gently into that night Young bee
These bees cause upheaval
We know they're pure evil
They try to look so cool
With brains in their drool
Listen up, lovely buds
If it wasn't for us You'd be duds
It's 'cause we come here often
You stay green and not lonesome
Don't go plucking buds
The gardener will Kick your butts
Ladies, we beg your pardon
We're here for the whole garden
Gardener Your buds are too cool
Row after row, like A flowery spool
We're hungry bees So love sick
We'll gladly get Our butts kicked
Sis, the caterer is calling you.
Now what?
I'm coming.
Did you send for me?
No. But Jhurri was looking for you.
Not Jhurri. I sent for you.
What are you doing, Rohan?
Nothing yet.
I just wanted to say something.
Not now, Rohan.I should be with sis.
I know.
Look, I'm not good at this.
I'm very unromantic and
know nothing but Patentsand Trademarks.
I used to laugh at loveand mushy stuff.
But after Zurich.
I don't want to seeyou in my dreams
but by my side.
Rohan, please.
Messed it up.
I can do better. One sec.
I want to hold your hand throughevery air pocket in life.
Please, Rohan.
Don't even think this.
I fell in love prayingwith you that day.
Today at the banks of the holy Ganges.
I ask for your hand.
Even the logic is perfect.
No, Rohan.
You know nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Refuse if you wish
but I think we're friends enoughfor you to tell me why.
No, Rohan.
We're not friends enoughfor me to tell you the reason.
Has everything reached?
And the sweets?
Yes, mother.
What's the matter? Why so worried?
Nothing at all, Ma.
Don't you girls have to get dressed?
What is it?
Tell me, child.
Ma, there's a proposal for me.
What a proposal?
No, child no.
I'd told you.
I knew it.
It's for the main hall, okay?
I feared this very moment.
Why did you come?
Who were you stopping, Ma?
The daughter who saved us all?
Who saved father,
who saved you from crumbling.
Shut up.
Was responsible for my education.
Who saved everyonebut couldn't save herself.
You shut the doorson that daughter, Ma?
Don't interfere, Chutki.
I will.
Because you won't utter a word.
Such injustice?
You've carried the entireburden alone, sis.
Try to understand me.
He's asked for your hand.
What can you possibly do now?
If you refuse,
it impacts Chutki.
If you say yes...
Then both your relationships will have...
A sword danglingover them for life.
No, daughter.
Wait here. I'll do something.
No, mother.
You won't.
Sis, you have to do something.
For yourself, this time.
Say yes.
Then I'll have to tell him the truth.
So be it.
Don't worry about me.
If a bond can't bear the truth
then its best that it breaks.
Yes, sis. Now go.
I thought...
Vibha's wedding was not to be.
Thought I'd see you married at least.
I tried so hard
but I lost.
Enough, mother.
Used to see your tear-soakedpillow every morning
but I understand it now.
You'd toughen up forus every morning
and crumble every night.
Even met good newswith a sombre face.
Share the burden today.
All the tears.
Let it all out, Ma.
I failed as a mother.
I couldn't save my own daughter.
Mother and father.
You were both.
I left you alone in the storm.
You were all alone.
This is all my fault.
All my fault.
You sent for me?
You were right.
I think we're friends enough
for me to owe you a reason.
I'm not an event manager.
I'm an escort.
A sophisticated version of a prostitute.
That's it.
I won't insult you with any excuses.
I did what I had to...
To earn a living.
I don't regret it.
But why should you bear this cross?
Why should you be tainted?
But my sister's purer than the Ganga.
I beg you, Rohan.
Don't let this ruin her happiness.
I beg you.
I used to love you a lot.
But today...
I respect you more than that.
You think I didn't guess.
Back in Zurich?
I've seen your boss' newPR managers for years now.
But never one who prayed.
Cross to bear?
What are you talking about?
To me, you are the Ganga herself.
Rohan, you don't know.
I don't know anything.
Except that...
I dread living without you.
So if you can bear
living with someone
who doesn't even know his prayers...
If you can spend your life with me
then I think that lifeshould begin right now.
Just say yes.
Please say 'yes'.
The dude's not half bad, I assure you.
Say yes, sis.
Stop bleating.
You guys start whipping adrum at the drop of a hat.
This is not a wedding.
It's a shameful event inmy grandfather's house.
But you can't hide the truth.
Hear me out.
Then let's see how this wedding happens.
Not one, but two weddings.
Have you gone mad?
No, you have.
She's right.
Let me see who tries to stop us.
And speak with caution.
The women of this houseare its pride.
So beware when youutter something
You get it, right?
But bro, they're here to celebrate, right?
What say, Bro-in-law?
Shouldn't we shake our booty now?
I often wish to fly away
Like a bird free as day
And bring back with the night
A few grains and some light
'Cause we are like this
This is how we are
This is how we are