Laal Kaptaan (2019) Movie Script

The day a man is born
Death sets out on a buffalo
to reap his soul.
A man lives as long as it takes
for the buffalo to arrive.
[ You will hang
by the neck till death.]
The world had never seen
a time such as this.
Death and destruction all around.
Armies upon armies.
And buffaloes everywhere.
[You're found guilty of conspiracy
against the Company Bahadur.]
Everything dies.
Heaven, Hell,
the Gods, the Universe itself.
Only to be born again.
Only to die again.
An endless cycle of birth and death.
Man endlessly crushed by
the grinding wheel of time itself.
Remember this tree, Rehmat Khan!
One day, you too will hang from it!
This is your story.
Thus it was. Thus it is.
Thus it will be.
Halt right there!
What do you want?
What could an ascetic want?
A little fire for my pipe.
Satiate my curiosity, Guv'ner
I have a question, if you don't mind.
What's the bounty
on Sangram Singh's head?
Eight gold pieces.
Pity. He's come down in station.
The Nawab of Banda had a 100 gold pieces
out for him just six years ago.
Alakh niranjan.
Forgive me, Gossain (Warrior-Monk).
God decides life and death.
And only he forgives.
Was that a gunshot?
An attack! Hide!
I'll look here.
You check the other side!
Where are the bastards hiding?
There's just the one, chief.
A Naga sadhu!
Naga sadhu?
Head towards the horses!
Hurry, let's go.
Eight gold pieces, Sangram?
You should have died of shame
and not my bullet.
Any word of Rehmat Khan?
That Commandant of Banda.
It's you!
You remember me?
Then you must remember my promise.
I said I'd come for this.
What are you?
Chief! The bandit Sangram Singh is dead.
Get off your horse!
I have a long way to go.
Pay the bounty so I can be on my way.
Looks like you've
lost your flock, Gossain.
Where do you come from?
I have neither flock nor master.
I have no interest in the
business of kings and princes.
I'm only interested in the money
you owe me for the man I killed.
You say you killed
the dreaded dacoit Sangram?
And all his men, too?
My reward, Chief.
Eight gold pieces.
The bounty was just four!
Four, then.
I must have heard it wrong.
But the reward is for
the man who killed him.
I think you just found his corpse.
and you've stolen his medallion too.
You had better leave, Gossain.
Get out while you can.
The wise measure their words carefully.
For like the rain and the sun.
Too much or too little
and the field is wasted.
All right, Gossain.
No man of god has ever
left here empty handed
Here. You can have these coins as alms.
You still don't get it, do you?
Your son isn't the idiot.
You are, Chief.
Put me down! Help!
His money! Give him his money!
Pick him up outside the village.
What news?
A lot of danger.
Which way did he go?
Think again.
There were fourteen of them.
He was alone.
They're all dead.
There's just six of you.
They were bandits.
We are warriors!
Right you are!
He went that way. Quiet as a snake.
Come on, warriors!
This really suits you.
When was the last
time you took a bath, Gossain?
I'm looking for Noor Bai.
This man is expected.
Many apologies, Gossain.
We had sent word over a year ago.
The lady has been waiting a long time.
I had hoped you would be here sooner.
Shiva's soldier is not at
the beck and call of any person.
I was in the area.
The moment was convenient today.
Shiva has no soldiers, only ghosts.
Some say, you are indeed a ghost.
You carry a burden from some past life.
Others say, no quarry ever escapes you
once you set your sights on it.
State your business, Noor Bai.
Why did you send for me?
I seek the head of a man.
A Rohilla chieftan.
For the past two years...
He's been serving Raja Hukum Singh
as the keeper of Munergarh fort.
You can't afford my fee
for a job this big.
I don't intend to pay a penny.
Your beauty has far repute.
But it doesn't entice an ascetic.
Twenty long years,
you have chased one quarry...
...but it still evades you.
Who will pay for this face?
My crime was that I flinched
for a moment when he came close.
You know this fort keeper I speak of.
Rehmat Khan.
Who's there?
Why do you hide, child?
Are you afraid of the soldiers?
I'm here.
You have nothing to fear.
Do you know what you just saw?
You saw my shame.
Don't come out until everyone has gone.
Got it?
We must stop at the Oracle.
I refuse to go anywhere
till my child's future is read.
The convoy is ready, Khan.
Move quickly. Keep walking.
What are you looking at?
Lower your eyes.
Let me go! Leave me!
Begum saiba,
I killed her as you ordered.
Begum saiba, let me go.
You evil, shameless woman!
You will never be happy.
I curse you!
You'll never be happy.
I curse you!
Do it now!
Is it wise to trust
the British again, Khan?
I trust only the winds, Adham Khan
And the winds whisper...
The English Company will swallow
everything, like they did Bengal.
The Mughals.
Awadh. The Marathas. Everyone.
You know the fort keeper I speak of.
What wounds did he inflict on you that
you have searched him these long years?
The deepest scars are those
that no eye can see.
Found it!
The sweet smell of horse dung
So warm, so wet
So fresh.
He was right here.
An hour ago... maybe two...
Be careful. He's danger.
I laugh in the face of danger.
You have been following
me for two days now, Afghan.
It's been a lot longer than that,
Don't you want to know who I am?
I would have loved to.
But I have other distractions.
What distractions could a dead man have?
A wise man once told me
Life is nothing but
a preparation for death.
Mazuk Khan.
Do you remember the name?
He was my master.
He was brave, fought well.
Died a warrior's death.
Tell him that yourself
when you meet him in hell.
I was just the instrument.
Your master's real killer is
the man who put the bounty on his head.
That man is long dead.
Then, your revenge is done.
You have proved your loyalty.
Turn around now, and walk away
with your head held high.
And I, too,
shall forget that we ever met.
We're not here to forget.
We're here to make you remember!
As I said, I'm just the instrument.
Your loyalty is what kills you today.
I told them.
You're dangerous.
My work here is done.
New master. New scent. New place.
This way! Come on, hurry up!
Keep your eyes down!
Nobody look left or right!
Unshackle them.
My son.
Don't be afraid, my son.
There is no need to fear death.
Life is nothing but
a preparation for death.
Every breath we take
brings us closer to our grave.
Leave my father! Let him go!
Who are you?
Don't you remember me?
You were lying there
wounded and delirious.
I brought you here.
Its been two days now.
Why is the fort empty?
This fort's Raja, Hukum Singh Bundela,
was due to pay a tribute to the Marathas.
The Raja had an agreement
with the Marathas.
Every year he was to pay
the tribute to the Marathas.
The Raja, neglected to
pay the tribute to the Marathas.
When he heard news of the Maratha army
marching north, the Raja panicked.
And sent a treasure
to be handed over to them.
But Rehmat Khan, the keeper of the fort,
betrayed both his Raja and the Marathas.
He disappeared one night
with his troops and the treasure.
Rest a little, Gossain.
I'll bring you some food.
We're wasting time.
Knowing our child's future is no waste.
I know his future. For I write it.
Laal Pari,
I come to you with great hope.
God gives hope.
Here, there is only truth.
The world goes round.
The journey comes full circle.
It ends where it started.
There, you will meet him.
He wanders the lands. Restless.
Who? Of what do you speak?
A ghost.
He is born from the ashes.
He comes to redeem his promise.
What promise?
Who is it, that you speak of?
He will write this child's
future with ashes.
The world is round, my love.
The debts of the father
are borne by the son.
The sins of the father
shall be visited upon the son.
Hold your tongue, you crazy hag.
Not in front of my child.
My tongue only speaks the truth!
She was speaking of that Gossain,
wasn't she?
I was born low caste.
Will you eat this?
One who feeds the hungry
is of the highest caste.
When did the fort keeper leave?
Six days today.
What about the others?
All the palace servants were killed
So they wouldn't reveal anything.
Where is he heading?
Why did you not leave with your people?
I have no one in this world.
Take me with you.
Wherever you go.
Go to Benaras.
Or Brindavan.
Your place is there.
Make me yours, Gossain.
I can be a caregiver...
I will wander with you.
I'll cook your meals.
Clean your chillum. Do everything.
Take care of the horse.
And the master.
Why have we stopped early?
The horses need rest.
You need to worry about us
instead of the horses.
We are eight days from the Yamuna
and not safe till we cross to Awadh.
The Marathas have
no clue about our route.
Once we get to the river...
It's not the Marathas that scare me.
And I'm too old to be scared of ghosts.
I left money and a horse for you.
You should have gone to Brindavan.
I'm not going to Brindavan!
Besides, if all I wanted was your money,
I'd have cut your throat while
you lay unconscious before me!
How did you manage to follow me?
I know the road that
the fort keeper has taken.
You're looking for him, right?
He plans to cross the
Yamuna river and reach Awadh.
Without knowing which road he took,
you will wander about, lost.
I can show you the way.
Which road has he taken?
If I tell you that,
you won't need to take me along.
You'll die in the cold, without a fire.
If a tiger doesn't get you first.
- Get down! Come on, get off!
- Leave me!
- Pull her down!
- Leave me!
Let her go.
She's ours, Gossain. We found her first.
Right. She's ours.
I won't say it again.
Get him!
Let's escape.
Yeah, run for your lives, coward dogs!
Ride with me till the Yamuna.
After that, you go your way, I go mine.
Okay, this fort's mine now!
I can smell a young woman.
But I can also smell 'him'
Dear Sir, can you explain why?
What have you dragged in here?
He's the only one we found in the fort.
But he says he can help us.
Where is everyone?
Times of war, your lordship.
Plenty of villages abandoned
these days. Towns even.
We have information that the
fort keeper ran away...
With a treasure owed to the Peshwa.
Do you know anything about that?
No. But I could find him for you.
How? He's been gone over a week.
I smell them.
I track their scent.
We have soldiers guarding every highway
and river crossing for two hundred miles.
That's why he will
take some obscure route.
Exactly! Through the wild.
Twenty gold pieces.
Pay when we find him.
You leave in the morning.
You don't seem the sort
interested in treasures.
So why are you following
the fort keeper?
How do you know which road he's on?
There were murmurs in the fort.
People spoke of it.
Don't touch that!
Why is he going to Awadh?
To be safe from men like you, I reckon.
Why don't you keep me?
I have no need of you.
Nor of any other woman.
Is that so?
Have you ever been with a woman?
Do you know how it feels
to lay your head in her lap?
What greater ascetic than Shiva?
But even he has a wife.
You're more interesting
asleep than awake.
At least then, I got to hear you speak.
What do you mean, he's asleep?
I was supposed to leave at daybreak.
Then I suggest you leave, sir.
With this lot?
These Pindaris?
Find and face the enemy
and recover a treasure with them?
Without orders,
this is the best I can do.
I take exception to that, Captain
In the battle at Malwa, I killed
dozens of men single handedly.
They were asleep, I presume.
Not all of them were sleeping!
Yeah, the rest were wounded and dying!
You shut your mouth
before I shut it for you.
Yeah? I'd wager to see you do that.
Just try and lay a hand on me.
The two of you shut up or
I will have you hung right here!
What have we got ourselves into, boys?
When will he wake up?
The party lasted all night, sir
Your guess is as good as mine.
When the Commander decides to wake up,
tell him not to blame me
If this thieving lot run away
with his treasure.
The sooner we leave,
the better the trail I can smell.
A bit young to be a Captain, aren't you?
Daddy must have pulled some strings.
Your dad's some hot shot, isn't he?
You need to be on horseback, dog man.
You're slowing us down.
No scent on a horse,
Grand Master Prince.
For that, you need to be here.
On the ground. Low.
So did you find anything?
Of course I did.
Three camel carts.
Fourteen horses.
Two women. One infant.
We'll be on them in four
days if we keep the pace.
Let's go!
You must have a name, right?
I have many names.
Which one should I tell you?
Don't tell me any.
If not a name,
surely you have family.
Everyone has family.
All men are born of women.
I had a family once.
A mother, a father.
A little village in Bengal.
Where now?
There must be a crossing
somewhere nearby.
You said you knew the way.
I do.
He's taken the old road.
What road?
How many more lies will you tell?
Do you know them?
The world is changing
But you seem unchanged.
I can see in your eyes
that your vengeance is not fulfilled.
How can one be timeless
if time itself wears you down?
We head north to Jaipur.
War looms.
Will you come with us?
Your vengeance is your pride.
It is not salvation.
It is attachment.
Everything that I know,
I learnt from you, Master.
But my path is different.
So must my salvation be.
What happened in Banda?
Was he not there?
He was.
Every Thursday he'd visit the shrine
with his wife, to pray for an heir.
Run! Bandits!
Who are you, brother?
You'll find a horse there.
Take your woman and go.
But who are you?
Go! I won't be able
to hold them very long.
Rehmat Khan!
When you die, it will be at my hand.
Rehmat Khan fled Banda
and his trail went cold.
It took me another six
years to find him again.
Finally, now I hear
That he is headed towards
Awadh with a treasure
If he crosses the Yamuna,
he'll be out of my reach.
Do you know of any old road?
Alakh niranjan.
Keep heading due east and
you cross the Yamuna at Shergarh.
The world is round...
Everything comes full circle.
Alakh niranjan.
All hail Shiva!
All hail Shiva!
Is the fort keeper your enemy?
Or is there a bounty on his head?
He is neither enemy nor bounty.
Wait! Wait!
Wait! Wait!
This is my treasure.
What are you looking at?
I spotted it first
Stop now or I'll behead all of you.
These imbeciles are your soldiers?
Uncouth animals.
Got their stink all over my trail!
Look, Gossain.
Now, do you believe me?
We'll camp here tonight.
He's still crying. Feed him properly.
I just fed him.
Then why is he crying?
What are you doing?
Watch his neck!
Where are you taking him?
It's cold outside.
He's a warrior's son
He will command an army someday.
This is all yours, my son.
Everything I do is for you.
The son of Rehmat Khan
will not wail like this!
Keep the horses ready.
Don't sleep. And don't move
from here till I'm back.
Do you hear my heart
beating so violently?
You will return, won't you?
Who is it?
Don't you recognize me,
Rehmat Khan?
I knew I would see you again one day.
Do it. Do what you came to do.
We'll meet again, Khan.
Surround him!
Who are you ?
Keep him alive. I want to know who
he is and who sent him.
Forgive me, Gossain but a mother's
love comes before any other loyalties.
Who are you, Gossain?
Why have you been
shadowing me for years?
Who sent you?
The Marathas?
Speak up!
He's the same man from Banda...
If you wanted to kill me,
you could have done it in Banda.
You had a chance tonight as well.
Why didn't you?
Get some rest, Khan.
We have to arrive at the
meeting place by afternoon.
We must leave by dawn.
I'll handle him.
I will make you tell me the reason.
It would be safer to kill him.
Keep him alive.
We must know who sent him.
If we kill this one,
they will just send more.
Why didn't you just die, you witch?
I knew it the moment that eunuch brought
only your hair instead of your head.
What harm have I ever done you, Begum?
Feed him.
The wet nurse's milk
doesn't suit my baby.
Look, he won't stop wailing.
Don't you dare touch him
That is an Englishman's coat you wear.
You grave-robbing dog!
They were here.
And they left at dawn.
Fort keeper, camel carts,
women, horses, soldiers.
We'll catch up.
We'll catch up with them before sunset.
No Mercy!!
Tell your father!
Tell your mother!
Tell your aunty!
What? What? What?
We found the treasure...
I said quiet!
We have to take them by surprise.
They shouldn't even get a whiff of it.
No one moves without my orders.
They have our friend.
And in not very happy
circumstances either.
Give him water.
How many more men will it
take to satiate your hunger?
Shameless woman.
Let me feed the baby.
He's not well.
His own mother's milk will soothe him.
I am his mother!
You're just the witch
who slept with my husband.
And bore him a son!
My breasts swell with milk for him.
And my blood runs through his veins.
Everything is according
to the agreement, Khan Saheb.
The Nawab and the Company eagerly anticipate
the pleasure of your friendship.
The English have disappointed me before.
There is truth in what you say,
but circumstances are different now.
Emperor Shah Alam's rule barely reaches
the borders of Delhi.
The Company realises the
importance of this alliance.
Fresh from England...
You must have heard the fate
of the Rathores at the Battle of Merta.
The army will be yours.
We'll provide 10,000 such guns
and training.
And all of Bundelkhand
shall be at your feet.
They are not here to sell guns for money
They want us to be the buffer
between them and the Marathas.
And 10,000 infantry?
What about horses?
You don't fire guns riding horses, Adham
These guns use a pre-measured cartridge.
That means, the re-loading time
is reduced to just 20 seconds.
What did I tell you?
We'll get them by sunset.
And we did.
We found it! We found it!
The treasure's right there.
We can just grab it!
You grab the treasure...
...I'll grab a woman.
Hey! If they grab everything,
what does that leave us?
Let's go.
Stop. You bloody idiots!
We're supposed to creep up on them!
And take them by surprise!
Stop! I said stop!
Come back, or else I'll have your heads!
- Who are these fools?
- Don't ask me!
Get back, you fools.
They look like Marathas.
They sent damn Pindaris after me!!
Seems we'll have a live demonstration,
Khan Saheb
Dragoons, present arms!
Come back!
They have more men than us!
Let them get closer.
Off with your heads.
The Devil!
What kind of guns are these?
I don't think that
lot is coming back again.
If Shinde sent them, they will be back.
Fortify the camp tonight!
Mr. Munro...
Good job.
Sadullah Khan Rohilla...
You're found guilty of the
crime of conspiracy and waging war...
...against the rightful governor
of Bengal, the Company Bahadur...
...and treason against
the Emperor of India.
You will hang by the neck till death.
You're found guilty of the
crime of conspiracy and waging war...
...against the rightful governor
of Bengal, the Company Bahadur...
...and treason against
the emperor of India.
You will hang by the neck till death.
Hell waits for you!
This fire of vengeance you carry...
Is burning you from within.
It will kill you.
I've been dead many years...
One only becomes a Naga after
completing his own funeral rites.
Don't sleep, Gossain.
Tell me his name.
And I will let you go.
You have Rehmat Khan's word.
Sadullah Khan...
What did he say, Khan?
Nothing. He's babbling.
Any more and he'll die, Khan.
No. Keep him alive. It's important.
Our deal was to find them.
Which I did!
When will you pay me my 20 gold pieces?
Very soon.
Wake up!
- Praise Goddess Bhawani!
- Praise Goddess Bhawani!
We ride under the flag
of Sardar Mahadji Shinde.
Are you the Captain of this group?
The Commander woke a
few hours after you left...
...and immediately dispatched
us to your aid.
Pardon us for the delay.
We lost our way a few times.
Is the enemy aware
that you're on their tail?
Get up.
Who are you?
Your past.
How do you know the
name you spoke last night?
That, too, is your past.
I remember you, Adham Khan.
You were there too.
In Buxar.
Take him away.
What name did he say last night?
And why does he speak of Buxar?
You worry about the Marathas.
I'll deal with the Gossain.
What happened at Buxar, Khan Saheb?
I proved my loyalty to the Company
Bahadur, is what happened at Buxar.
What are you doing?
Get on your horse!
You never did tell me
where you got that coat.
His ropes!
I took it from an ugly
Englishman, just like you.
After I stuck a dagger in his heart.
It's not your day to die.
Kill this man, Khan Saheb!
I have something better in mind.
Hold him down.
They're around here somewhere...
He doesn't need his eyes
to speak the truth
Speak, Gossain
Or spend the rest of your
life in darkness.
Light the fire!
Dragoons, come with me.
All Hail Shiva!
Get him.
What's the commotion outside?
It's your wedding party, Begum!
Take a look for yourself.
Hold him.
What's going on?
My child!
No man gets through.
Aim for their heads.
Good job, soldiers!
Heads toward the front.
Now, don't ask me to take you along.
I saved your life.
And sold me out too!
Score settled.
Understand my situation.
Take me with you.
We need to get backup!
The Marathas are retreating, sir.
Bring water!
The Gossain!
Where is he?
Rehmat Khan!
I will be back, Rehmat Khan!
Sadullah Khan will be avenged.
We lost five men, Khan...
And they lost fifteen.
But most of our carts are gone.
Find my son, Adham.
That woman...
and the Gossain.
They escaped on foot, Khan.
They can't have gone too far.
Come on!
Let me go!
How dare you...
I'll kill you!
Come on!
My son...
My son.
Hush, child...
I trusted you.
She was hiding behind some rocks, sire.
We heard the child wail.
Find the Gossain!
Our men are looking for him, sire.
There's no way we'll
find him in this wilderness.
Let's go.
It's a matter of pride
for the Marathas now, Khan Saheb.
They'll be back soon.
We should be going.
Not without that Gossain.
He's right, Khan.
It would be foolish to waste time here.
Mercy! Please, Khan.
I'm his mother.
Just one favour.
Let me hold my baby one last time.
Just once.
Give her the child.
Back! Stay back!
My son!
I'll kill him!
He's my son!
He goes with me!
Kill him.
I'll really kill him.
I mean it.
Go on, then.
Who is going to feed him now?
I'm the only one with milk.
I warned you!
But a stupid Pathan will never learn.
Watch your tongue!
These are Lal Pari's words.
Your hands are soaked in blood.
And now your spawn
shall pay for your crimes!
I said watch your tongue.
Those Marathas left.
And what did I get?
Jack squat.
You too?
We both got jack squat.
Fresh kill.
Will you eat?
Who is your master?
I have no master.
Then your quarry is your master.
Wherever he goes, you follow.
You're a slave to your quarry.
I need help.
I never do anything for free.
What can you give?
Master-less slave!
You look like you're in a soup.
These two were scampering around.
I caught them.
This one runs like the wind.
They are many...
They know you're coming...
They will cross the river tomorrow.
You are wasting your time.
I have nothing to give you.
But you do!
The wind changes.
The rains come.
Buxar. 25 years ago.
The East India Company on one side...
...and the Indian Forces on the other.
Delhi, Awadh, Bengal...
...people across caste,
creed, religion,
gathered from every corner of
the country.
With one common goal.
Crushing the English.
Mir Baksh...
5000 horsemen will be stationed here.
And wait for my orders to attack.
Your men will wait on this hill.
Sadullah, you will be
on the right of Mir Baksh.
- Not possible. Never.
- This won't be.
We will not fight alongside Rohillas.
If we cannot stand united today,
How will we win tomorrow?
Which group will I ride with?
You're still awake?
Do your feet reach the
stirrups, young cub?
Then you can ride with me
if your father will not have you.
Both my sons will fight
side by side tomorrow.
Where is he?
Where is Rehmat?
I've no clue, Khan.
- Father...
- Rehmat.
You showed up just in time, son.
- Father...
- Tomorrow you shall lead your men.
This is your first real battle, son.
May God be with you.
- But father...
My father gave this to me
before my first battle.
As did his father before.
And one day if God wills,
your son shall wear it too.
Father, listen...
Your brother will fight
by your side tomorrow.
You must protect him.
Father, I...
Lay down your weapons!
You too, father!
You have no honour, but you could
have at least shown loyalty!
My loyalty lies with our men.
Our Rohilla community.
These damn Mughals and Nawabs
are just waiting for an opportunity
to stab us in the
back and take our lands.
It's not only Mughals and Nawabs...
All India stands together today.
Your India, with its myriad peoples...
Who can't even agree to sit together.
Tomorrow, they will
either sell out to the English ...
or flee from the battlefield!
Wasting Rohilla blood
For them would be foolish.
So who is with me?
Adham is with you, my Khan.
Join us, father.
That night the siege on the camp failed.
But the next day as
Rehmat Khan had predicted...
the Company triumphed
in the Battle of Buxar.
Some parties sold out
while some escaped.
Only the ones who stayed
loyal suffered losses.
Give me water.
Hell awaits you!
You're next, Gossain.
- Come on.
- Child!
Avenge your father!
Avenge us all!
Take him away.
Let me go!
What shall we do with him, Khan?
His father thought that
he was old enough to fight...
So he's old enough to be hanged.
Take him away.
Remember this tree, Rehmat Khan!
One day you too will hang from it!
So Rehmat killed his
father and brother in Buxar!
But who are you?
At last, we made it to the river, Khan.
Head towards the front
of the convoy, men.
That Gossain is no
longer a danger, Khan.
But you still haven't told me,
Who was he?
You should tell me that.
You're one one who chose this route.
Then how did the Gossain find out?
But you agreed with me, Khan, that the
Shergarh route would be our safest bet.
I forgot...
That a place haunted by ghosts
can never be safe.
Only two men know the events of Buxar.
You and I.
Then how did the Gossain know that name?
I've loved you like a
brother, all my life, Khan.
That's true.
But you became jealous
when your brother got an heir.
Get back to work.
He wanted to snatch my son's legacy.
Hurry up.
See you on the other side, Khan.
Lift the anchor!
That way!
To me! To me!
Everybody fire at the smoke.
Stay under the cliff.
Fall back!
Keep firing!
Along the cliff.
Where is that Gossain?
Take the boat across, quickly.
We're done here.
Follow the stream! Quick! Move!
Hurry up!
Where are you, Gossain?
You don't intend to kill me.
What do you want from me, Gossain?
Little Prince Charming!
You look even smaller from up here.
And you look uglier from down here.
Ugly I am!
Where is the treasure?
The treasure!
The treasure!
It sank to the bottom
like a bag of rocks. Gone.
I'm taking off too.
New master.
New scent.
New place.
You still don't recognise me...
My brother!
Put this in your throat.
When they hang you, it lets enough
air in to keep you alive for a while.
Open your mouth.
My flock will come looking for me.
I'm dying anyway..
Don't cough, son...
This boy is alive!
One who dies and is reborn
becomes a true Gossain.
No one is ever free of the past.
I live that past every day.
One day, my son will come
seeking vengeance for my death.
That day will set me free from
this endless cycle of Time.
I will await you in hell, my brother.
Save a place for me, brother!
He has no one.
The day a man is born...
Death sets out on a buffalo
to reap his soul.
A man lives as long as it takes
for the buffalo to arrive.
Everything dies.
Heaven, Hell,
The Gods, The Universe itself.
Only to be born again.
Only to die again.
An endless cycle of birth and death.
Man endlessly crushed by
the grinding wheel of time itself.
This is your story.
Thus it was.
Thus it is.
Thus it will be.