Laal Rang (2016) Movie Script

It's been four days,
but he has still got high fever.
What is wrong with my son?
You'll be fine, son.
Are you blind?
His entire body turned black.
No one takes any notice.
I think...
Pass me a cigarette.
It's been 1O days.
I am nauseous, feel like throwing up.
Please Palaram, give me a cigarette.
Baba, you will die and
the blame will come on me.
There is hardly any
breath left in you.
And you want to smoke a cigarette!
Mr.Dhiman, it's a boy.
But you could've
fed your wife properly.
There is barely any blood in her body.
Only 5 hb
She will need 2 units.
And hurry up.
There is an outbreak of Dengue so,
there's a shortage of blood.
Take this sample.
Oh! Hold it. It's only blood.
You don't realize the importance
of the other's blood...
...until one of your
own doesn't need it.
"This red tinge...
Stole it from my heart."
"And coloured the hands in it."
"This red tinge...
Got so addicted to it."
"That I coloured my lips with it."
"This red colouring desires."
"It demands love."
"This red tinge...
stole it from the tears."
"That coluored the eyes in it."
"This red tinge... Got so fond of it."
"That it coloured millions."
"This red colouring hatred."
"It's spreading carnage."
"It flows,
runs and bleeds in the veins..."
"It gets lit, heated,
"...and listens to no one."
"This red colour...made me young."
"It beats and brightens
intensely in every veins"
"Gets restless, makes waves..."
"...and can't be controlled."
"This red colour...ruined me."
Oh! Brother Rajesh.
It's me, Suraj.
How are you brother?
Seeing you after a long time.
What brings you here?
Just like that.
- No one comes here without a reason.
How many units do you need?
Only Two?
You should've told me.
I would've supplied all you needed.
We're old friends.
No, I... I'll manage.
Your wish.
By the way, I met Shankar yesterday.
He is back.
I am sure you know.
You don't.
It's been 5 years, brother Rajesh.
Where have you been?
What are you doing these days?
- Nothing.
I have put up a small ice-cream factory.
- Great, brother.
Would you like to talk to Shankar?
Shankar once told me...
We humans are dummies...
...filled with 5 liters of blood.
Kept fresh by a 250 gram heart.
And this story...
is of that same bloody heart.
Listen, tell your uncle Fool Singh... check whether
your name is on the list.
Fine. Give me money.
Such a grown up boy.
Don't you feel ashamed
to ask money from your father!
I was getting you a
good government job!
Two peons in one family.
Isn't that thought
humiliating, father?
This peon is the one
that raised you into a man.
Oh father! I feel so blessed.
You forgot again... take the offerings, Rajesh.
Let him finish sucking
his father's blood first. does it feel
to be married to a peon?
It's a government
department after all.
Any amount of work
you do is never enough.
- Hello.
I wanted to meet Phool Singh.
Then meet him. That's me.
I am Shakti Dhiman's son,
Rajesh Dhiman.
I see...'ve grown into a man now.
How is Shakti? I hardly see him.
Thats just like him.
- I see..
Son, how about some tea...or cigarette?
No, just the list.
I see... The Lab Diploma List.
I see...
Did you apply for it as well?
- Yes.
I see...sit.
l'll go check the list.
Palaram, get him some tea
or something.
I am his uncle.
I'll be right back.
Baba...Palaram has been waiting for you.
Go on.
Praise the Lord!
Just go Baba! why do you
turn up this early in the morning!
I guess you couldn't
take a dump yet, Palaram!
Did you eat the medicinal
ashes I gave you?
What did you give me?
Earlier I couldn't do it
and now I can't stop it.
It's his Karma.
Will you take some medicinal ashes too?
- No I don't.
At least tell me my blood group,
I need to fill the form
for the government orphanage.
After all...
I am an orphan Baba (Godly man).
AB -ve
Now just leave Baba!
AB -ve
What a cute kid.
Do you want to be a
Baba (godly man) like me?
You are too arrogant.
You will see a downfall one day.
You are destined to be ruined by me.
Ramphad, throw this rascal out.
My bucket!
My bucket!
My bucket!
My bucket!
My bucket!
Praise the Lord!
I have seen the list.
Your name... is there on the list.
you have been granted admission.
Excuse me; you
know when will the list be out?
Where are you from?
What is your score?
- 75%
Go back to Saharanpur.
The cut off here is 95%
What brother, you don't need 95% to
appear for PIVIT also. I have given that test.
Then go to PIVIT.
- You are so rude brother!
One doesn't address
a rude person as 'brother'.
75 percent!
Can I come in, madam?
You have already come in.
I thought I should ask anyway.
If I had refused,
you wouldn't have come in, is it?
Making fun of me!
What do you want?
I wanted to see the
Diploma list, madam.
What "madam", "madam"
you are addressing me as
My name is Neelam.
It is a beautiful name, just like you.
Stop buttering me.
What were you whispering in
Mr.Pushpendra's ears?
I was watching everything from here.
I was praising you.
I have never lied till date Ms.Neelam.
Swear on my mom.
What do I benefit from all this?
I have already handed
your share to Pushpendra.
What is your name?
- Shankar Malik.
I'll read it out for you.
- No... I'll read it myself.
Your name won't disappear
if I look at the list!
I feel very shy...when a girl
reads out my name in my presence.
Your looks will surely
slay me today madam!
Thank you, Ms.Neelam.
Don't forget to tell Mr.Pushpendra.
I did his job.
You have done my job too!
How do I look?
Get lost, rascal.
- I'll show you!
- Stupid, fool. are
arrogant and a liar.
There is no 95% cut off.
I just enquired.
I am not your brother either,
didn't you inquire that?
Such a Dog!
That's 40,000, buddy.
You're sure I'll get in right?
Bro, my luck says that 101%
your name will be there on the list
Your luck?
Didn't I say your
admission will be done!
Now go.
Go eat an ice-cream.
Hurry UP-
Only an hour left
for the list to go up.
Subhash, Sanjog, Yogesh.
Our 1,00,000 rupees are roaming
around in this crowd itself.
Go on.
What is your name?
Rajesh Dhiman.
Do you want admission too?
I have already seen the list.
You should've told me earlier brother.
Unnecessarily I walked
all the way up here...
I am from Saharanpur,
where are you from?
Karnal itself
I really liked this place.
- Really?
Have you seen the entire place?
- Yes.
Me too.
What happened?
I called him a 'Dog'.
- And he is the one saying sorry?
That's how it works.
That one...
Let me see.
Take it easy!
stay away.
Move aside. Come on.
What are you doing?
For how long are you
going to see the list?
Go stuff your face in it.
Madam, let me take a look.
You're done, now go.
Oh, I got it! I got it!
Look...he is coming.
Hey girls... Beaming a little too much
Bloody cheapster.
You have many connections,
know many lists. Huh!
Are you jealous?
That's a very filmy dialogue, lad!
Want to go for a ride?
Should I say it in plain English?
I am jealous, that's why!
There's no point in
just knowing the list... must learn to share it too.
Sharing creates
stronger bonds brother!
ls this yours?
That's mine.
RX 100!
Stop staring at it..
You jinx.
Come on, sit.
Just giving you a lolly... pop.
I have them with me.
Let's go.
Before that day, I only
sat on the RX 100 in my dreams.
There was a "saying" that...
If a guy even says that
he owns an RX 100 to a girl...
"Then the girl will
surely become his."
No, sir.
Don't be silly. Keep it.
Sir, the guy is here.
He is already here?
- Yes.
Well brother,
I have something important to do
Your ride is over for today.
See you later.
Where are you heading?
Shiv Colony.
Get on that Harnaam's auto.
Shiv Colony, how much?
It's Shankar sir's command.
I won't charge you a dime.
ls he a Don or something?
No, he's a God.
And what does this God do?
Eventually he himself
will tell you everything.
Take a seat.
Where are you from?
District Chapra,
and my name is Harnaam.
What are you doing here?
You see, mister, my 'need'
to satiate my hunger got me here.
I was very happy seeing
the Diploma Admission Slip.
And the other joy
was of meeting Shankar.
Shankar who owned an RX 100.
There was something about him.
On Day One, Dr.Sabarval...
...gave us an orientation
of the entire Diploma.
Shankar and I were sitting together.
And by greater fortune Poonam
Sharma was also sitting next to me.
By now, she had stopped
addressing boys as "brothers".
The Diploma in Medical Lab
Technology was a one year course.
And as Dr.Sabarval told us...
...there were seven
departments in the lab.
Urine, Stool, Bio-chemistry,
micro-biology, pathology.
And the seventh and most
important one was "the blood bank".
Which was in the
hospital's new building.
Dr. Sabarval also said...
...that a group of 3 students each, will
work in every department for a week.
Through his sources,
Shankar found out...
...that our first duty would
be in the Urine department.
That put Poonam under a shock.
But when you have
a friend like Shankar...
...there wasn't going
to be any problem.
Urine is no fun, we want blood.
Please give.
OK, given!
Poonam had gotten
along with Shankar and me.
We had started going
to the canteen together.
Whoever is giving
the replacement blood...
...his name will
go in the Donor register
And the blood that we
give to the patient.
Hey hero, pay attention
That entry will go
in the Issue register.
Do not touch the "Master Register"...
That is my job.
Welcome, welcome,
your highness, welcome.
No, no, the Blood Bank's
Lab assistant is the real king.
I am just the Commander-in-chief.
What were you teaching the kids?
- Nothing.
Just giving them the orientation.
After all,
Blood Bank is a big responsibility.
That's true.
Kids, there is only one thumb rule.
Anyone who comes seeking blood...
...shold get its replacement too.
Without replacement,
no one gets the blood.
Right, sir.
- Yeah
Will you come to the
terrace for a minute?
What is the problem!
It's our anniversary.
Savita is making my life hell.
She is asking me to cook today.
Will you handle the
blood bank for tonight?
ls that all.
How about I handle it permanently?
And then what should I do,
open a confectionery?
You anyways do look like
a confectioner, brother!
Shut up!
Praise the Lord!
Child, your fate is about to change.
What else?
But there is a problem.
There is a mole on your private part.
Give me all the money you have.
And all your problems will be solved.
Have you forgotten that day Baba!
That day too you were trying to
sweet-talk me by calling me a "child"
I must atleast be
2 years elder to you.
Hey...don't be fooled
by Baba's physical appearance.
Baba has meditated
for years in the mountains.
Baba has been young since 100 years.
Don't laugh.
Don't laugh.
Your youth surely is clouded
under a black mole's shadow.
What mole are you talking about?
There is a black mole
on your friend's private part.
Tell me Baba,
where else does he have moles.
Why do you need to know?
Are you going to marry me?
Why should I marry any boy,
who has a mole on his private part?
Get lost...
Get lost, baba.
Learn to tame your anger, son.
How about I tame you Baba!
Only time will tell
who will tame whom, lad!
Get lost.
I'll Sting you!
Yes, Shankar?
Blood Bank Duty? Now?
Who will donate the replacement blood?
You see, mister,
I have got a vasectomy done.
I am physically weak.
My brother has just
recuperated from Tuberculosis.
If the wife doesn't get the blood,
she'll definitely die.
Look man, you have permanently
severed your connections.
Why do you need a wife now?
Let her go.
Brother, she is my wife.
I see.
2 units, AB +ve.
Rare group!
That Will be 5000.
Look, either choose your wife,
or the money.
Uncle, Vasectomy
doesn't make you weak.
The weakness is in your mind.
See, eventually who
benefitted from all this?
Bro, you didn't take
replacement blood.
They only come out at night,
to suck blood.
Naresh, I'll need two dummies.
I didn't understand
anything that night.
Without replacement, 2 units of blood
was given out in exchange of money.
Shankar broke his own thumb rule.
Hey vampire!...why
are you hanging on a tree?
Were the dogs chasing you?
Not dogs brother, the Police.
Right there, behind you.
- Hello.
You dog, get down now.
I know you haven't
give them their commission.
Hello, brother.
There is barely any blood
in your body, it's all smoke.
What will you give...
Bruce Lee?
When did you last drink?
It's been five days, brother.
Just day before yesterday
you drank with me rascal!
Gradually I was
understanding everything.
Harnam and Mithuniya were PDs
Means, Professional Donors.
When was the last
time you donated blood.
It's been 15 days brother.
Rascals, don't you say
my name on your death bed!
Show me both your arms.
Are those needle marks?
- No brother, they are mosquito bites.
Do you have a pipeline
of blood supply coming...
...that all the mosquitoes
come and stick only to you!
I'll see you both in
the blood bank's storeroom.
Yes, sir.
Start it up.
Blood bag.. and IV kit.
Hold his arm now... hold it tight.
Bruce Lee has got lot of blood.
Tighten it.
Next, you take this.
Put your head down!
This is how you put it.
You should learn it too. Huh!
Hold this.
See, brother.
Shaking it like this,
prevents the blood from coagulating... that there is no problem
while transferring it to the patient
Hey Bruce Lee...think
about your own problems first.
Your haemoglobin count is 3...
...I am sure even the patients
count is at least 6-7.
Want to give blood again!
Stop sighing, you won't die.
stop Dumping your fist.
I know you have been in this
line of business since a long time!
Hey compounder, why are
you sitting there like an otter.
Trying to increase your
blood count by laughing.
Go make the entry
in the donor register.
Yes, brother.
First at least ask what entry?
Yes, tell me.
Enter two fake names
in the donor register...
...against the two units
of blood we gave tonight.
And write Puspendra's
name in front of the entry.
And then?
Then get some chickpeas
for them mister!
After all you have sucked their blood.
Brother, get me the spicy ones.
Oh, patient!
Keep shaking the blood bag!
Don't try to take advantage.
Move the hand!
They are nice...
Brother, the salt is a bit less
Oh Mithunuya! The sodium
levels in your body are low.
Now listen carefully.
Don't be seen here
for 3 months from now.
Run away.
Open it.
Keep it.
It's Poonam's birthday tomorrow.
Take her out on a date.
On the RX 100.
Even I have been in love, lad.
Have you gone crazy?
You are praying to
your own photograph?
Shut up! You are crazy.
Haven't you ever heard
that there is God in every child?
Bye, sweety-pie.
What does this mean?
Why are we suddenly
going out like this?
Because it's your birthday today.
Happy birthday, Poonam.
Thank you.
And my gift?
- You will get it.
What are you doing?
Like this.
- This is how one sits.
Well... | never had a lady
sitting at the back like this before.
"What else will I think of...
other than you."
"You tell me."
"What else can I wish
for...except for you."
"You're my only wish."
"You're my only wish."
"My heart has fallen for you."
"Your intoxication
spreads with every heartbeat."
"My heart has fallen for you."
"Your intoxication
spreads with every heartbeat."
"My heart has fallen for you."
"My heart..."
"My heart has fallen for you."
"My heart has fallen for you."
"Your intoxication
spreads with every heartbeat."
"My heart has fallen for you."
"Your intoxication
spreads with every heartbeat."
Why are you crying?
The hostel gates must
have closed up at 9pm.
Where will I go now?
Why didn't you tell me before?
I was having so much fun,
that I forgot.
One minute...can I try?
You know bikes?
- Yes, my brother had an RX 100.
He would often say
something about the choke.
Yes, this one. Here.
How will I climb up?
I will give you a push
you from behind, how else?
Look, don't try to act fresh.
Just climb!
Oh no! I am stuck.
Move your hand from there!
Come on.
on, God!
Thank you.
Good night.
- Wait.
I have something for you.
Why didn't you give it earlier?
I was having so much fun,
that I forgot.
I Love You!
Its written with blood.
Where did you cut yourself?
- Forget that.
Come closer.
I want to say something in your ears.
"You are the beloved
daughter of the King"
" | am just a monk
wrapped in a loin loth.."
" | crush bhang and drink,
I own only a mortar and a pestle."
" | crush bhang and drink,
I own only a mortar and a pestle."
" | crush bhang and drink,
I own only a mortar and a pestle."
Brother, So many nails?
Ghosts and vampires live here,
the iron is to ward them off..
Don't be scared.
Take a seat.
So, how was the birthday?
- It was amazing.
I proposed to her.
- What?
You did?
- Yes.
What did she say?
I forgot to ask.
Bro, you forgot to ask the main thing.
Haw! now what?
First of all,
stop saying "haw!" like girls...
...and the next time you meet,
ask her the answer!
Come in. It's open.
Hello, sir.
Oh my, my, my...Delhi's Dracula.
No need to take off your shoes,
come in.
Brother Suraj, this is Brother Rajesh,
my class fellow!
And Rajesh,
this is Brother Suraj, aka, Dracula.
Government servant,
at the government hospital in Delhi.
So what is the news about Delhi?
Don't ask brother, huge chaos!
Delhi is in panic.
Dracula, sometimes get good news too!
What's happened now?
Brother, Monkey Man!
20 incidents in 4 days.
Oh, God. Tell me what happened?
Yesterday at midnight, the Monkey ivian
barged into the Blood bank of All India.
The peon was peeing, and Monkey
Man suddenly emerged out of nowhere!
He is still in the ICU.
- Who? Monkey Man?
The peon, brother.
It was good that you couldn't lay your
hands on the Monkey man, you leech!
Otherwise, you would have laid him there
itself, and sucked all the blood out of him!
What brother!
What do you mean by "what brother"?
You wouldn't spare your
father in the matter of blood.
And there, he was The Monkey Man...
Liters full of blood.
Oh, forget that.
How many did you get?
Oh my! This time Delhi's
Dracula has got a big heist.
ls it fresh?
Consider its still in the body,
it's that fresh.
Take it out.
You call this fresh!
I swear on the blood brother,
it's from last night.
Why is there an overdose of B +ve!
It's available everywhere.
Get a rare group
too sometimes brother!
Oh! Just keep it brother.
You will finish it in a jiffy.
As if I don't sell, but drink it!
What, brother?
Now quickly transfer
the blood to your bags.
I have to go to Arora as well.
Rajesh, just get the
bags from that box there.
Get the Cigarettes too.
Now go out and have a smoke.
Bro, give me your mobile as well.
You can keep the mobile...
...but this time don't forget
to ask Neelam for her answer
Brother, its Poonam, not Neelam.
Yes, her.
Don't forget to ask.
Go have fun.
Hello. Who?
It's me. Rajesh.
I forgot to ask you that day.
Your answer.
I couldn't sleep all night.
You are a little crazy!
Only for you.
I am too, a little bit.
I see, so what do you
like the most about me?
Your hair.
Your smile.
And your eyes.
OK, now tell me,
what do you like about me?
Do you have to think that hard?
According to what I have seen,
I really like your neck.
And your eyes too.
Only? That's all.
You haven't shown me the rest.
Shut up.
Don't forget your limits Rajesh.
I am hanging up. Bye.
It was like a Blood Factory
running in front of my eyes!
Shankar told me, that the blood
which comes to us from outside...
...has to be transferred
into our blood bags.
So that the theft is not caught.
Next, fake stickers are to be put on the
blood bags, which are then sold ahead.
Brother.. there must
be a huge margin in this work?
Brother... I want to do this work.
You got the taste of blood too!
But how will you finish
your diploma lad, and attendance?
Just like you are doing it,
without attendance.
By the way, Why do you need
a Diploma at this age?
You already know how to do the job.
I want a permanent job
in the Government blood bank.
For which I require a Government
stamped Diploma degree
But please take care
of my attendance brother.
It will be taken care of, don't worry.
Come, let's do your
ribbon cutting today itself.
There is 2 units of Blood in there.
Deliver it to this address.
You will get 8000Rs, bring them.
I guess the RX 100 has
fallen in love with you?
What are you waiting for? Go on.
Oh! You will kill me!
Your attendance was
getting registered.
Did you get the money?
Here. Your share.
Do you drink?
Hello, Vikas.
You have started thinking
of yourself as a Chief Minister huh!
Yes, come on.
You said you will sing a song for me.
Come over,
we will find a cure for your cold
You dress really well.
These are the ones which are showered
upon the poor as relief material.
Clothes of the dead white men.
One of my boys has the contract with them
Brother.. Why dint you meet me before
There is a right time for everything.
You were a kid before this.
Today you sold blood,
Had liquor for the first time,
And you also fell in love
Lad, you became a man now.
Just keep guiding me this way brother..
One day, this kid will make you proud.
But I fear one thing
What is that?
Your love should not ruin you, that's all ---
How will it?
she is a Punjabi girl
My childhood love.
I quit my studies for her.
Because I wanted to make money.
And when I did make money
through blood, she said
"I don't want to get married now."
"I want to study more,
become a doctor."
Go ahead.
She left me with a wounded heart
We meet when she wants to,
she is studying to be a doctor.
Bloody, as if it's not Love,
but a light bulb
On-off. ..On-off. ..
Bro, this is not done
I regret making one mistake, though
I never touched her
Always loved her from a distance
After all my blood group is O -ve.
How does that matter?
Everybody only takes from O -ve lad;
no one gives back
Then I realised, that this
world doesn't understand love.
What the.
Get it.
A little.
A well is dug only once.
then the water stays
trapped in the well itself.
It does not go anywhere else.
The 'thirst' keeps getting quenched.
I have an idea, if you don't feel bad.
My boy, the idea can be bad too.
No, no, no
You, and sister-in-law
Rashi go on a picnic together.
That is not a bad idea at all!
Oh Vikas! You!
Sir, sir
Salutations to you, sir.
I see, trying to use my tricks on me.
Bro you are the only
one like yourself!
"l have earned all
this money for you."
"Test me all you want."
"Don't give me attitude"
"l can squander millions on you."
"l can squander millions on you."
"l can squander millions on you."
"What Radha saw in Shyam."
"What Sita saw in Ram."
"You won't find anyone like me in this village..."
"...when l'll walk clown that aisle."
"l can squander millions on you."
"l can squander millions on you."
"l can squander millions on you."
That night never came again.
Shankar, with his quivering
hands finally called up Rashi.
Wow...everything is so beautiful.
And the smell.
Even I don't have a perfume like this.
ls it new?
Weren't you going to keep
me here after our marriage?
It must be quite expensive.
ls this why you were saving up?
You must be feeling very nice.
Stop making fun out of me!
Will you have some tea?
- Tea my foot!
You are a human being,
not some animal.
So stop living like animals, Shankar!
What a mess
Let it be, I'll do it.
"Says my stupid heart."
"Holding her hands silky-silky."
"Says my stupid heart."
"Holding her hands silky-silky."
"The wise have said,
thoughtfully that..."
"fruit tastes sweet
only after it's ripe."
"Let love simmer on a low flame..."
"..if you over cook it,
it will be ruined."
"Open the knot in your mind."
"Speak whatever is in your heart."
"Let two hearts converge into one."
"These are not the
days to be wasted.."
"Put a thoughtful foot forward"
"Let your paths be one."
"Says my stupid heart."
"Holding her hands silky-silky."
"Says my stupid heart."
"Holding her hands silky-silky."
"Sugar lumps are sweetest of all."
"But love is sweeter.
"Sugar lumps are sweetest of all."
"But love is sweeter than that
"Use your eyes.
" feel this sweet sight of union."
"Store it forever."
"Says my stupid heart."
"Holding her hands silky-silky."
"Says my stupid heart."
"Holding her hands silky-silky."
The jalebis are over.
Bring some lmartis.
Latoo, serve some lmartis to them.
How about a cigarette?
But I won't go to get it.
You are getting smarter by the day.
Make an FD out of it;
it will come handy for your marriage.
Prahlad, where is Shankar?
Ask him.
This seat is occupied.
We'll get up when he comes. are Shankar's
new admission, huh!
Were you the one who
delivered the blood to Arora?
- That is our area.
Blood has no area.
The one who supplies the blood,
it's his area.
I see.
The one whose area it is, is the
only one who supplies the blood kid!
Good afternoon.
How does it feel?
That was just a touch.
Now watch this shot!
I won't get it. Huh?
Say sorry to Rajesh sir.
Say it with some respect, Vishnu.
Sorry, Rajesh sir. Sorry.
Now make a clear
note of what Sir said.
The one who supplies the blood... is his area.
Prahlad, where are your Imartis.
Coming. Coming.
The Imartis are coming Sir.
I am Shankar, you are Vishnu.
How about a partnership?
I swear I will turn you into men.
Get up.
Bro, when you were thrashing them,
It felt as if Lord Shiva's
third eye has opened in anger.
I never get angry.
I even beat people with love.
Get that?
Go see what is wrong?
Sir, Mithunia was my friend.
He had parked his rickshaw,
and was having a smoke sir
then suddenly he fell
down with a thud and died
No one just falls down
with a thud and dies.
Something is definitely wrong.
Tell me what,
or else I will arrest you too.
I'm telling you the truth sir...
He was having a smoke sir...
...then suddenly he fell
down with a thud and died.
Swaraj, take him in.
He won't open his mouth easily.
It's not my fault.
- Come on.
Sir, No, I haven't done anything.
Please let me go.
- Wait, wait
Didn't I ask you to speak up... I'll turn you into a "Bat-man".
Take the body.
No, sir no
I haven't done anything wrong.
Let me go.
I have small kids. Let me go.
I haven't done anything.
Brother, Mithunia is dead.
Harnam said he fell down
with a thud and died.
I haven't done anything, sir.
Let me go.
Mithunia must have again
given blood without a break
I think someone has put a jinx on us!
Come on lad,
now let's get underground!
Shankar, back then joined hands
with you because I was scared of you.
But now, I want to be your friend
from the bottom of my heart.
Now you sound like a friend.
Brother, me too.
Prakash, you are
from my village buddy
You better give me a hug!
Brother, we are related now.
- Blood brothers!
Let's go, Prakash.
See you.
Praise the Lord.
Atleast you should have told me...
...that you bleed Mithunia as well.
I had to pay my son's fees.
I double-bled him.
How much load could he take...
At last his body gave up!
Brother, you became too greedy!
He was a human being,
not a buffalo after all!
I asked him, "When was
the last time you gave blood?"
he said "15 days ago."
I asked him again,
when I saw needle marks on his arms.
He said "they are mosquito bites".
Then his death was certain!
Forget Mithunia.
There is a blood donation
camp day after tomorrow at Jeend
And after Mithunia's incident,
SP Gajraj Singh has been patrolling
the hospital area thoroughly
I myself haven't gone
to work since five days.
So tell me,
are we going to heist the camp?
What if we get caught?
My boy, there is
a rule in this business.
Don't talk until
you actually get caught.
Volunteers will be the
Diploma students? - Yeah.
Five students and
four lab technicians.
Fine then, homage to Mithunia.
Let's do it.
Bro, how many units
will we get from the camp?
At least 25,000 units.
Blood banks from all over Haryana
will pour in for the blood.
We will have to appoint
Poonam on the counting job.
Otherwise, we'll have no chance
Tomorrow is the first
trial of your love.
What do I have to do brother?
You will be earning 1,00,000 rupees.
Do I still need to tell
you what you have to do?
You handle Sabarval.
- Don't worry about the doctor.
He is under heavy debt.
He won't go anywhere.
Madam, this is the discarded one.
- Put it in there.
Poonam, these are the B +ves.
Where have you been these days?
You don't even attend class.
Don't you want to finish your Diploma?
You are there, doing my share as well.
Please, help me now.
You have been working for so long.
Take a break.
And who will see the entry?
Shankar. Can you fill in brother?
Yes, of course.
You go.
I missed you a lot
in the past few days.
Liar - No, really
Then how come you are meeting
me after so long, since the birthday?
I was held up with
something important.
You say, did you miss me?
Look, Rajesh. I likes you.
But I want to study ahead.
Getting caught up in such things
will be detrimental for studies.
This world doesn't understand love.
I was thinking the same thing.
Afterall, we are
too young to fall in love
I don't want to hurt you.
Try to understand, please.
Where, did you learn English from?
Either we are girlfriend-boyfriend,
or nothing.
This is not right.
Why aren't you understanding?
- I am understanding everything!
Don't you get those feelings?
Which feelings?
Like these.
- Leave my hand.
Move or I'll scream.
- Go ahead.
I will really scream.
Sorry. Did that hurt?
Are you crazy?
ls the box full?
What were you saying?
ls the box full?
Get another box...
Prakash, have you got more
boxes for the discarded blood?
Check these.
How many units?
I haven't counted them,
but there are approximately 250.
5O of those are mine, brother
- Quiet!
Then Sabarvais share
is your responsibility.
Fine, you handle Vishnu then.
Brother, before the love
surge cools down outside,
we have to collect 70-80 units more.
Here you go, discard.
Here, is this the discarded one.
Put it in the box.
You're bleeding.
What are you two up to?
What filthy business is going on here!
Get out you shameless girl!
Get lost from here
A blood donation camp is
in process here, not a blue film!
Sorry, sir.
- Don't be seen here again.
See what I had to hear.
Don't try to get fresh with me again.
Was I doing it alone?
- You provoked me.
You will leave me once
you have had your fun.
Leave you?
Are you crazy, Poonam?
Be honest.
Honestly... I swear, I love you.
We must tell papa.
But you don't earn a dime.
How will we get married?
Why? Won't you marry me?
Let's do it now.
You are one crazy man!
Only for you.
Where were you?
Weren't you posted here?
Sorry sir.
- Come and sit here.
"Sorry sir."
Look at your entry.
We have got 350 units.
- 350!
I had Prakash take them home.
What's this?
Poonam bit me.
You two are getting pretty wild, huh!
Mr.Sabarval, there is definitely
some scam going on in the blood bank.
Scam? What scam?
Did you receive any complaint?
Well, the complaint died 10 clays ago.
According to the post-modem report...
There was almost
no blood in the body.
Only needle marks.
As if everybody just sucked.
..all the blood out of him,
like the juice from a sugarcane stick.
Who are they?
These are the diploma students.
There was a blood
donation camp in Jeend.
That is where they
are returning from.
You have quite
elderly students here.
Sir... there is no right
age to educate oneself.
But there is one to speak son!
Doctor, I have already posted
four constables at the hospital gate.
The CID is also patrolling
the place in civilian clothes...
...and I am sure,
so is Mithunia's ghost.
If anybody is caught...
...then I swear on the
constitution of India...
... | will turn him into a bat.
Batman By hanging him
upside down on a rod in the jail.
Okay, sir.
I will personally tell
you if I find anything out.
What is your name?
- Rajesh Dhiman.
He is a good boy sir..
I will find that out myself.
You were trying to act
too brave in front of that SP.
Someone had to brother, or
else he would have grown suspicious.
Boy.. now you have
spoken like a true smuggler
Brother... My 1,00,000 Rs.
They are lying right
in front of you..
First at least,
let them get sold my boy!
Brother, I am tensed!
Poonam is talking about marriage.
She is going to tell her family.
If I don't earn some money soon...
Lad, I told you before...
Love her... like an adult.
Then, whether you make money or not,
she won't go anywhere...
Your parents won't
come back home right?
I told you,
they are visiting my grandpa.
They will come only after two days.
Would you like a beer or vodka?
I don't know.
Enjoy both.
It tastes so bitter.
That's okay.
Gradually... it will get sweeter.
Why are you showing me this?
You like English, don't you?
This is a very popular English film.
It's so vulgar.
- So what?
Have a look's so nice.
Come on, let's lie down.
- No.
Come on, I'll help you lie.
- No, Rajesh.
I love you.
Not like this, Rajesh.
No. . .just a little.
Rajesh, slowly.
Slowly, please.
I can never forget you now.
I love you Rajesh.
"Love her.. like an adult"
Yes, Shankar.
- Boy.. you can get married now!
The first case of dengue has arrived.
It's the start of our season!
There is only one thing
in demand in dengue.
Blood! And that too, in tons
Brother, I have heard that
dengue is pretty dangerous.
It's a farm son!
That God has sown, for us to harvest
Come, let's start with the harvest!
Just like Shankar said...
...Dengue came like Diwali for us.
Due to this disease, the platelet count
in the blood reduces considerably.
And then the patient
is in the need of fresh blood.
Not one...not two...
...but we started getting
demands for around 10 units a day.
And that too, from various places.
There was no date
on the blood bags...
...that we stole from
the blood donation camp.
We started putting in dates...
...of the days on which
the demands would come in.
This made the blood fresh again.
Shankar and I had
distributed the areas.
We were giving a cut to every
lab technician of the hospital
which is why the demands
were coming only to us.
I had 10-15 hospitals
were under my responsibility.
And Shankar had around 30.
We didn't have the
fear of SP Gajraj Singh...
As the vvhole game was
being played out of Karnal
When the demand started coming
in for the platelets instead of blood
...our margin increased four times.
I really thought that...
...God had sent dengue
to fulfil our needs.
Even the police were
readily at service.
Like it always is during any crises.
The only difference was that...
...this time they were getting an apt
reward in exchange of their service.
In form of 500 rupees
a Parle-G biscuit pack.
Until the dengue season was over...
...Shankar had made around
1.5 to 2 million rupees.
I only got 4 lakh as my share.
I don't know why,
but I thought it was too less...
...compared to my hard work.
I could never say it to Shankar...
...nor did he ever understand.
Ha! So much.
This is just the beginning.
You can tell your family now.
I don't want to.
You go marry your Shankar!
I don't like it.
You are always spending time with him.
I spend time with him...
But I get dreams only of you
What dreams?
Of that day...
when we were at my home...
Naughty donkey-
Mummy- Papa are going
out again...for two days.
I don't care...
We won't do it before
our marriage now.
Because It's dirty.
But that's how love is
There is verbal love also.
- Come on, Poonam.
First learn it properly...
...then speak in English.
Will you tutor my home?
You want everything at your home.
Who is calling?
See, the Teacher calls again!
Why don't you ask him to tutor you...
at your home!
Want one?
You too have deserted me!
You don't answer my calls too.
- What's wrong brother?
Oh Dracula!
Want to die, eating so much?
Take him out for a walk.
Come on...stop eating. Come on.
Go on. Come on.
Come on, let's go out.
You want to eat the utensils too!
Brother... what's wrong?
She's gone.
Today we had a final break-up
Through a text message.
What did she write?
"My parents will never
be happy with you."
"And I can't see them sad."
"Hope you understand."
What will you do now brother?
- Understand.
She's a girl...
...will do whatever she says.
Come here.
A prophet used to visit my village.
He used to say "whatever
you do for love, it is never enough"
I now understand what he meant.
A job has come.
I can't.
Will you do it?
How much is it for?
I see, so now you have
started asking this too.
5 units.
Ah, God!
Okay, brother.
Close the door.
Hello. Ms.Rashi.
I have reached Rohtak.
He loves you a lot.
I do too.
Then what is the problem?
Look, Rajesh.
No matter how modern we become...
But in India,
marriage is a union of two families...
...and not just two individuals.
You know that right.
So run away with him.
Would you have said the same
thing to your sister?
Just meet him once, please.
Uncle, one double-filter.
Get down Blood Express...Shankar
is waiting for you. - Come on.
How did you get that bruise?
I took 8 blood bags from
Safdarjung and was about to leave
Just then, the crowd
caught hold of me
They thrashed the
hell out of me, brother!
Dracula, you are going
through a bad time bro!
Get on.
It's the police.
Stop. Stop Sant Lal.
Gajraj made a batman out
of Dracula on the road itself.
Oh no...
Shankar. Say something.
Don't go.
Please don't make me cry.
You are the one who is breaking up,
and you only are crying.
Leave something for me too.
How about some tea?
We are breaking up and
all you can think of is tea.
Because even after you leave me,
my tea won't.
No one can win an argument with you.
I will miss you...always!
Let it be.
After you leave from this room...
...your 'Always'
will fade away gradually
Have you sworn to hurt me today?
That your parents have.
It's not their fault, Shankar.
You say, why would anyone willingly.
marry their daughter
to a blood thief?
Then why have you come
to meet this blood thief?
Your friend begged
me to come here.
I had come to meet him. Thank you
Are you my mom or my dad?
when I dint shed a single
tear in front of her, why did you!
I was only trying to do it for good!
Dracula was arrested...on the highway!
Hello sir,
I am fine.
Sir, one of my men was arrested.
His name is Suraj.
He is also called Dracula.
Thank...thank you very much Sir.
Did you do the job?
Keep this.
Bro... only this much?
Since when did you start counting?
But I did the entire job myself.
I gave you.. what I always used to.
Stop nagging me. Get going.
We are equal partners on this job.
If you had asked politely,
I would have given you all of it.
This is what you get
for holding my collar.
Partners my foot!
And if that isn't enough,
you can keep this too.
Stop. Stop-
You are that boy...
who works at the blood bank right?
I don't work there...
I am a diploma student.
Student with a 30,000RS RXG?
Great style kid!
Live like a good citizen,
it's a Policeman's advice
I hail from Rohtak too.
I worked hard...
And now I am an IPS officer.
You also can do something
productive with your life
Let's go.
Yes, lrfan.
Why will I know where Shankar is!
Just tell me the job.
AB -ve. Two units.
Give me two hours. You will get it.
"l have earned all
this money for you"
"Girl, try me out"
"l earned all that money for you."
"Try me out girl"
"Don't give me attitude"
"l can squander millions on you."
"l can squander millions on you."
"l can squander millions on you."
"What Radha saw in Shyam."
"What Sita saw in Ram."
"You won't find anyone
like me in the whole village..."
"...when l'll walk clown that aisle."
"l can squander millions on you."
"l can squander millions on you."
"l can squander millions on you."
Baba is this new look.
It's Friday.
I can see omen on you.
Let me neutralise it.
Please go away.
Hey kid, better be careful.
Get lost!
AB -ve is a very rare group.
Tell Shankar. Where is he?
Stop talking about Shankar.
I have brought this demand by myself
So there is a new
company in the market now
Please don't forget about me.
That is the reason I am sitting
here with my first personal demand.
If we fulfil Arora's demand now..
We will have to dig
wells of blood in future.
and it will still get difficult
to fulfil the number demands.
What do you ask for, boy?
You are back again you cheat.
- Hey, better be careful.
Don't say that Rajesh.
He is a young Baba (godlyman) afterall
He might just curse you.
At this we don't need any curse..
we need the Blood!
At least tell me
my blood group Palaram.
AB -ve. Now just leave Babel.
Sir... check Baba's blood group.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Lower your legs.
Shut up!
We got your AB -ve..
Baba is God sent for us today!
Baba, will you give?
No, I won't.
You will get 200 rupees.
Take it son, it's your blood.
Then why did you create
such a fuss at the beginning!
You also cou | d've said
that I will get 200 rupees.
Let's go, Baba. To the donor room.
No Rajesh.
Not here.
- Then?
Come on.
what place have you got me to?
You want your money, don't you?
Come on, lie on the grave.
Lie here.
I'll go keep a watch.
You bleed him.
Quiet, Baba.
How much will you cry!
Fear God, son.
You are my God today Baba.
We need another unit.
Rajesh...Mithunia's case
has still not cooled down.
And moreover Baba is underage
He'll surely die.
This one has meditated
in the mountains.
He has been young since 100 years.
Nothing will go wrong! will be your responsibility.
- Fine.
...but we haven't run the tests on him.
You go get your piles
tested Pushpendra.
Baba is fit and healthy.
What are you doing?
- Move aside.
What are you doing?
- I said move aside.
I Will kill him.
Put it down!
Put it down.
Yes, I have piles!
So will he make a public
announcement of it!
Hold on.
How does he know?
I too took his
medicinal ashes once!
I wonder what more this
sickness will make me do.
Give your bleed and get lost.
Baba...the second
bag will fill up soon.
That's 400 rupees for two bags.
- Shut up.
Sip your Frooti.
Along with the 400 Rs,
you will get some strength too.
This is what my great India is..
Here the man donates blood
as he is lies on a grave.
Piles, piles..
What is he saying?
Oh Baba, oh Baba!
Get up, Baba.
Oh no...
He too fell down with a Thud!
Baba! Get up.
O Lord..
- Quiet.
Give him some more Frooti.
I think his sugar levels have dropped.
I had decided...
If he hadn't opened his eyes...
...I would've buried him
here itself with the Britishers.
Take your time and drink.
You guys have done a great job.
Balvinder Singh
urgently needed blood.
You keep sending the demands...
...and we will keep making the supplies.
By the way, where is Shankar?
I don't know..
Poonam told her family about us.
And soon,
the engagement day arrived.
I can never forget
Balvvinder Singh's name.
My first independent demand.
Mithunia's case had gone cold too...
...and the CID was called
off from the hospital.
The world was returning
to normalcy again.
Everything was going well.
So I thought I should
take mom and dad..
...on a trip to Haridwar.
They had toiled hard to raise me.
And now it was my turn.
Mom and dad never asked
where I got the money from.
Nor did I ever tell them.
Poor parents never ask the
source from where the money is coming.
Thinking that it might upset goddess
Laxmi, the keeper of possessions.
I was thinking that by taking
my parents to a pilgrimage...
I had reserved a place
in heaven for myself.
But life was yet to unfold...
"Here comes the postman
with the message."
"My beloved does not
like the distant land."
"My heart is..."
What happened here?
Its Baba's blessings, son.
But I am off to take a dump now.
Hold on.
Where are Pushpendra,
Harnam and others.
I can't reach anyone's phones
My antennas are saying...all
of them are hiding in their homes.
Pushpendra too.
Give Baba 10 rupees
and you will find them all.
Keep it.
Savita, check whether it's the police.
Take a look.
Who is it? Tell me.
- Shut up.
Who are you?
- Rajesh.
It's Rajesh!
- Send him back.
CID is keeping a watch.
Send him back.
Send him away.
What happened brother?
Why did you come here?
But brother.
It's all over!
Nothing's left now.
Tell me what happened?
Just like a new born gets a tonsure.
Consider, it's my rebirth too.
Remember Balwinder? AB -ve.
Yes, my first independent demand.
And that...underage godly man!
Yes, I just met him outside Arora.
You haven't got him along right!
- No.
On the contrary,
I gave 10 rupees and shooed him away.
Oh! you should have
touched his feet too.
What nonsense are you talking brother?
I was telling you that
day in the graveyard.
Let's run tests on Baba's blood.
Let's run tests on Baba's blood.
He is not a Baba (godly man)...
He is a walking-talking HIV shop!
- Then what?
Balwinder got Baba's blood.
And Balwinder got HIV.
When the doctors informed him...
...he hung himself from
the ceiling fan of his own ward.
His family got furious.
They destroyed the
whole Arora Nursing Home.
Police took Irfan in custody.
He asked for 10,000 Rs
to not spill my name...
...and 50 for yours.
I could only give 10 brother.
My niece was getting married.
He gave your name to Gajraj.
I tried calling you.
Where were you?
Taking a holy dip in the Gangas?
But you left your biggest
sin here in Karnal itself.
Look at me.
I had ten years before my retirement.
I even quit my government job.
Run if you can.
There is a warrant
issued in your name.
Gajraj is looking for
you like a hunting dog. Got it?
Be careful.
You are arrogant!
You will see a downfall one day.
You are destined to be ruined by me.
Only time will tell
who will tame whom!
It's off, it's off..
Look where you are hitting.
Don't tear the skin,
even if the bone slips its place.
Enough! Stop!
Look Rajesh, Harnam and
Irfan have already admitted...
...that you are the
chief of this blood racket.
But I
are not capable of it.
You are a decent man.
Look at your Father.
No, uncle, don't cry.
Don't cry for such a son.
Look brother, Rajesh.
I know...and so do you...
...that the chief is someone else.
If it was only for the records...
Then your name was enough
to close the investigation.
But I want to finish this
blood racket from its foundation.
See for yourself... you have two days.
Think hard and clear,
and tell me the name of your boss.
Then I will let you go.
Just tell right now!
No, uncle. Let him think through.
He has two days time.
Here. Take him home for now.
Swear on me... and say that you
are not the one behind this scandal.
I swear I am not.
Shankar got me involoved
into this scandal.
Then what are you thinking about.
Go and give Shankar's
name to Gajraj. - No.
He is my friend.
Shankar is no one's friend.
I always found him to be shady!
The dog like laughter of his...
...and being naive,
you got influenced by him
What do I do now?
Oh, my king of innocence,
put a "the end" to Shankar!
What if he gets me trapped instead.
He has got high connections.
You will be fine..
hasn't Gajraj told you so..
Now will you tell the SP or should l?
- No, l'll go.
On the way to make me proud?
Harnam said you have
made a deal with the SP.
What option did I have brother?
Don't think so much.
Lad, if I make one phone call...
Even Gajraj's senior
won't be able to save you.
Brother... please don't do that.
I am soon to get married.
"What Radha saw in Shyam.."
"What Sita saw in Ram"
"You will not find anybody
like me in this village"
"When I walk down the aisle."
Let's go for a ride.
Your first ride is still pending,
Let's finish that.
Come on.
My bike is a tad smaller than yours.
She doesn't say a word..
But, she misses you a lot.
Come on.
"You will not find anybody
like me in this village"
I made one mistake brother.
I let Pushpendra talk me into it.
Lad...all jobs, good or bad...
...should be done with honesty.
Why did Harnam take your name,
and not mine?
You must have paid him.
Harnam was a tested PD.
Professional Donor.
Every three weeks. ..
...I would personally get
all of Naresh's donors tested.
You learnt how to hold the collar...
...but not this trade secret.
Brother...are you not my friend
Save me, brother.
I messed up everything
in order to marry Poonam.
Save me, Shankar.
You have many high connections.
l'll leave Karnal, l'll leave Poonam,
l'll leave everything. I swear.
Lad, my name is Shankar...
...but I am not God.
Would you like to eat?
It's a family wedding.
My hunger has died brother.
Then let's go.
"O Lord... | set out
to surrender myself to You."
"l set out carrying
all my pain on my shoulder."
"Here I go...come with me."
" | am standing...on your path."
"O Lord...I set out
to surrender myself to You."
"I am dragging myself back to you."
"Here I go...come with me."
"Seeking for your | ove."
"Take Your arms."
"Either You show Yourself."
"Or You destroy me."
"Or just abandon me"
"Either You punish me."
"Or reward me"
"Or pardon me... O Lord."
"You set out towards
Me lost in my | ove."
"Why do you forget...
that I know it all!"
"Your life...belongs to me."
"Your soul too belongs to me."
"You began from me...
and you will end in me."
"You originated from me."
"Ask your benefactor...
and your prophets..."
...for My refuge."
" | can either make
you...or destroy you."
"Let me shower my love on you."
" | can either set you
ab | aze...or douse you."
"Come, let me kill you."
"I am God!"
You keep it. You will need it tonight.
If you go to Gajraj now...
... | will get you in
trouble for a long haul!
Then, you will have
no one to call for help, not you...
...nor your family..
Then what do I do brother?
Pay for it.
My marriage? Poonam?
It's time for the nuptial rounds.
The place where I took you today...
...was the venue for Rash's wedding.
Did you give his name to Gajraj?
I couldn't meet him today.
I will go back tomorrow.
Rajesh, someone is at the door.
No one listens!
I will only have to get up.
Coming. Coming.
Rajesh, someone is here to see you.
What happened?
Vishnu, lrfan,
Harnam, Suraj you, me...
We are all safe.
Completely clean.
Shankar saved us all.
He surrendered to Gajraj last night.
With one condition...
...that no one will
lay a finger on you.
And it also states that...
...Shankar has admitted to
giving blood to Balwinder Singh.
Without testing it.
I couldn't stop my
tears after reading this.
The entire fault was ours.
We have become such rascals.
But why?
He said...if I don't surrender... will all be arrested,
and I will get helpless.
So it's rather better
that one man gets arrested.
Here...he has left this for you.
Take a look.
"Lad, if I wasn't a lover myself...
then you would've been the one in jail."
No more thrashing.
Just give them a
warning and let them go.
I will surrender in two days.
You did me a big favour
by calling Rashi that day.
It was my fault.
But I am repaying that debt now.
Leave this job...Leave Karnal.
But don't ever leave Poonam.
It is very hurtful.
Last night was good
enough to open your eyes.
Now you stay out and
repent for your sins...
...and I will have
some fun and return
What have I done!
Hovv will I face Shankar now?
You are right.
Calm down.
Everything will be fine.
Congratulations, Mr.Dhiman.
ls it a boy or a girl?
Great! You have made
your mark brother!
ls this your house?
What do you do?
I have setup a small
ice-cream factory.
I was the one who went to jail,
and you are the one who got reformed.
I am truely jealous of you today.
You didn't come visit me in jail.
I was repenting for
my sins out here brother!
If I had come to see you...
.. then you would have pardoned
me of this repentance too.
I can't even say sorry, brother.
But you can make me meet your son.
Give him to me.
What a cute kid.
What's his name?
Shankar Dhiman.
You have named him after me...
...but I hope he doesn't
get my qualities.
That is the reason we
have named him after you.
Let that be!
Thank you, Shankar.
Mention not.
Even I learnt English
from Rapidex in the jail!
By God.
How about a hug?
Give me some salvation brother.
Balwinder's son wants
to become a doctor.
I gave him all I had.
You too give him whatever you can.
That's more like it.
You left doing the job?
I quit tea... cigarette too.
But this red colour doesn't leave me.
I have started an NGO with Harnam.
Now I give it for free...b | ood.
You must donate too.
But...on | y once in three months.
Otherwise... you will
also fall down with a Thud...
...and visit my dreams
to suck my blood!
"This red tinge..
Seeped it from my pains."
"And filled my wounds with it."
"This red tinge...
snatched it from strangers."
"And colored my own people with it."
"This red
colouring generations."
"It is living in the blood stream."
"It beats and brightens
intensely in every vein"
"Gets restless, makes waves
and can't be controlled."
"This red colour... ruined me."