Laapataa Ladies (2023) Movie Script

Subtitle Created By MeHeDi HaSaN
Rinku, what are you up to? Come fast!
This khoichha is for your
husband's well-being.
Don't lose it.
- Hey, Munna!
- Got it?
Come here.
Son-in-law, shall we leave?
My daughter will go now
Careful. Are you hurt, Phool?
Once you've adorned the veil,
learn to keep your eyes down.
Leaving my parents' home
With my beloved I go
It's his name that my
Hennaed hands' show
My face is veiled
His eyes never meet mine
But with my beloved, by my side
I know all will be fine
Come on! The bus is here!
There's no place inside, sit on top.
- Come on, hurry.
- Arvind, quickly get the bags!
- Phool
- Come on
take off your jewelry
and give it to me.
The bus is crowded.
Who knows, it could get stolen.
There's a saying in our village
"Jewels stolen lead to twice the misery.
First the theft, then the police inquiry."
My beloved, all suited-n-booted
Has bought us a ticket
For seven lifetimes
Our journey began the moment
He put his hand in mine
As we tread the unknown path
I'm restless all the time
But with my beloved by my side
I know all
- Will be fine
- Belpur-Katariya passengers, come forward!
Here's another couple sacrificed
on the auspicious Tritiya day,
as if that'll guarantee a happy marriage!
Brother, can you give the lady a seat?
Let her sit.
Come, sister.
Scoot over.
Pradeep's suit is better.
What did you get as dowry?
A motorcycle is common these days.
I got one, too.
With the tank full!
- Really?
- Yes.
We got a motorcycle,
- one lakh fifty thousand rupees in cash,
- Oh!
And a mobile.
Sure we got a mobile, but I'll be damned
if I can find any network!
Keep it.
So, what did you get?
Something must be wrong with the boy.
I'll use the loo before we arrive
at the next station, okay?
Stay right here.
Passengers, please pay attention.
Train number
- 1256
- Drinking water! Water anyone?
- Hey, water guy!
- Yes, sir.
Give me some water.
- How much?
- One rupee, sir.
- Watch out!
- The train doesn't stop here for long.
Water, anyone? Chilled water! Water!
What behavior is this?
Should've removed it beforehand.
Move on.
Piping hot peanuts! Cheap peanuts!
Can't you see it's empty?
- Come and sit here.
- Piping hot peanuts!
Scoot over, there's room now.
We can spread out.
Head in. You'll find one.
Look, that seat's empty.
Slide over, will you?
- Did you buy bottled water?
- Yes.
Damn it!
We were better off before.
Wake up. This is our station.
Hurry, we'll miss the last bus.
What's wrong? Come on.
There's an empty seat there.
Sit, quickly.
I'm getting married next month.
I am worried about
the wedding night.
When Deepu comes,
I'll ask him what I need to do.
Can we leave?
Shut up!
The song depends on you
and now you're saying
- The bus is here!
- Get up!
Let's go. Come on.
Start playing!
Mr. Groom!
Give it here.
What all have you brought?!
What a wild welcome!
How did you do it?
Stop asking so many questions!
1 K.M.
Greetings, uncle.
Meet the bride.
- Our new auntie is here!
- New auntie is here!
- Hey! Deepu is here!
- New auntie is here!
- Auntie is here!
- Be right there!
Your son has arrived.
Why did you leave without me?
- You stayed back with Auntie!
- Greetings, Father.
Bless you.
What took you so long?
Does anything run on time in India?
- Bless us, Mother.
- Bless you, son. Come. Come on.
- What about the bride?
- I forgot her. Come, dear.
I was getting so worried.
- Greetings, Grandma.
- Stay blessed.
Yashoda, light the lamp with ghee
for good luck.
Good luck?
No wonder there's never any ghee left.
- Poonam, get me the prayer plate.
- Seek Grandfather's blessings.
Light the lamp too.
Stay happy!
Grandfather, greetings.
- Stay alert!
- It's "stay blessed", not "stay alert"!
One can only hope!
Sister-in-law, has my brother
reached the city?
Deepu, come over here.
Poonam, give me the plate.
Yashoda, let me do the honors.
Here you go.
Make sure she does the honors
at my funeral too.
Never mind. You do it.
No, go ahead.
You may not be around
for your great-grandson's wedding.
No, you do it.
Okay, then.
My beloved
That's like my boy!
Lift your veil, my dear.
There's only family here.
What is it?
Uncover your face, Phool.
She's feeling shy!
Lift the veil.
Oh, my God!
- What happened?
- What's wrong?
- What happened?
- No clue!
What's wrong?
- Who is this?
- Who is she?
- Who are you?
- Who is she?
Your wife, who else?
Me? You
On the train
What happened on the train?
What's wrong? Come on.
Has Auntie been swapped?
- Auntie has been swapped!
- Auntie has been swapped!
- Auntie has been swapped!
- Hey, Bablu!
Poonam, stop Bablu!
He'll broadcast it to the whole village.
Hey, Bablu!
You lost your wife.
Oh, my!
Your blunder would even shock
our ancestors, Deepak.
How could you not tell who
was walking beside you?
You can be forgiven
for mixing up luggage, or shoes,
or taking someone's umbrella
or cycle by mistake.
But bringing home
another man's wife!
Similar red wedding saris,
similar height and build,
- and their faces veiled, so I got
- Be quiet!
Blaming the veils!
He's not wrong.
He isn't?
This veil is nothing short of a tent.
It conceals a lady's face
and doesn't let her see beyond
the shoes in front of her.
Then why didn't you recognize his shoes?
- Right!
- How did this even happen?
New husband, new shoes.
How was I to know?
For one, the train was so crowded.
Two to three newlywed couples
crammed in the same compartment.
Wouldn't it confuse anyone?
The bride who was left behind
was wearing a veil too.
She probably hasn't even realized
that her husband already left.
She must be worried sick there.
This is very unfortunate.
I'm going to the station.
- Go.
- Now he's coming to his senses!
Wait, Deepu!
- We're coming with you.
- Yes, go with him.
- Come!
- Let's go.
What about her?
Someone must be looking for her.
- Should we take her with us?
- Idiot!
You want another man's wife
sitting behind you on your cycle?
What's your name?
Pushpa Rani.
- Husband's name?
- What?!
Which good woman utters
her husband's name?
Yes, she's right.
Your parents' village?
Where's that?
- Chhattisgarh.
- Chhattisgarh!
And your in-laws' village?
I can't recall.
Do you have a phone at home?
Write the number down, Gunjan.
Poonam, she'll sleep in your room.
Make sure you leave nothing behind.
Wake up!
Don't keep it down. Keep it there.
- Careful.
- Where did she go?
- Yes.
- Jaya?
Careful. Enough.
Hey, Jaya!
Where is she?
I'm sorry. I mistook you for someone else.
Are you lost?
Can I help you?
- Let her come, I'll teach her a lesson.
- Found her?
- Oh, God, where is she?
- She's got the bloody mobile too!
- Rickshaw!
- Where are you headed, Brother?
- Rickshaw!
- You'll not get anything else at night.
- Rickshaw?
- Come! I won't charge much.
- Brother, rickshaw?
- Very cheap!
- Where do you want to go?
- Rickshaw!
All alone? Come!
- Where to?
- Come with me.
Come with me.
Where's your luggage?
- Sister, hear me out!
- Come with me
- Where the hell is she?
- Damn it!
You could've given the phone to me.
But, no.
As soon as you marry,
you forget your mother.
- Be quiet!
- Greetings, Uncle.
- I pay my regards.
- Yes.
- What's wrong, Pradeep? You look worried.
- God bless you!
- I can't find that bloody Jaya!
- Yes.
Go, look for her.
- Can't find her.
- Yes, I'll.
- Hey, Shambhu!
- Yes, brother?
- Take these two to Gokulpur.
- Yes.
- Come, Uncle.
- Let's go.
Make sure you find her!
She's wearing the gold necklace
and bangles I gave her
and has more than 150 grams of gold
from her dowry on her.
Yes! We already had such a tiring journey
And now the nuisance of looking for her!
- We'll find her. Don't worry.
- Of course, I'll worry.
- Must you always make things worse?
- Come on Keep going.
- You brought it?
- Yes.
- Well done! Go.
- Yes.
- Search properly.
- Sure.
Don't get disheartened, Deepu.
We'll find her.
Sister-in-law Jaya?
We looked everywhere.
No sign of her.
Let her go to hell!
If we don't find her by tomorrow,
- we'll inform the police and her family.
- Alright.
- Okay.
- Anyway,
the motorbike has already been delivered.
I'm off to see Dolly.
I have a right to enjoy
my wedding night!
- Let's go.
- Yes!
Stay alert!
Hey, girl!
Stop! Listen.
Hey, Abdul!
Why are you chasing her?
You scared the poor girl.
He fell off a train and lost his legs.
They found him on the tracks.
He's been here ever since.
He's not as scary as he looks.
Where do you want to go?
Are you lost?
I'll help you.
Come with me. Don't be scared.
"Mrs. Phool Kumari."
Husband's name?
If you don't say his name,
how will we find him?
Where did you come from?
From home.
From Gangapur.
There are hundreds of Gangapurs
in India,
even where the river Ganga
does not flow.
There are two Gangapurs
here in Pateela alone.
At which station did you board?
Where did you board the train?
It wasn't a station.
The tracks passed through a field.
That's where we got on.
Did you get off with your husband?
Then he disappeared?
So there's a good chance
your in-laws are in Pateela.
I'll name some nearby villages
to jog your memory.
Chhatihari. Garauni.
Jiul. Khabariya.
Banapuri. Riwal.
Netiyali. Mangatiya.
Lagauli. Silpainti.
Ring any bells?
My in-law's village is named
after some flower.
But your name means "flower"!
She doesn't remember any name
or number, how can I help her?
Chhotu, take her
to the police station.
No. I won't go to the police station.
He'll come looking for me.
I won't go to the police station.
Why not?
"Jewels stolen lead to twice the misery.
First the theft,
then the police inquiry."
You scared me!
Auntie, can you keep my jewelry
and clothes securely?
I'll take them when I go.
Deepu, hurry up.
- Coming!
- Wait, let me pack some food for you.
Never mind, Mother. I'm late.
It's almost done, son.
Come here.
Yes, Father.
Take off your watch and your new shirt
or the police will take them.
Don't let them think you're rich.
Yes, Father.
- I'll be back.
- Yes.
Come to the police station with me.
We can sort this out in one go.
I'm scared.
Well, the phone booths
were closed last night,
but I'll let your folks know today
that you're safe.
I'm so ashamed of my mistake.
Don't worry.
Whether we find Phool or not,
I'll make sure you get home safe.
I promise.
Here, son. Take the food.
Through my
Beautiful rose-colored veil
My beloved pierced my heart
With his eyes
My beloved pierced my heart
- With his eyes
- Sit.
Madam, I've reduced the fine
by 10,000 rupees for your singing.
Go, my sweetheart, go
Do not say another word
Go, my sweetheart, go
- Do not say another word
- Come on, let's go!
I am in the prime of youth
- Wow! Amazing!
- I am in the prime of youth
No drinking and fighting again.
Your mom ends up paying the price.
You may go.
Let's go.
I'm a close acquaintance of the MLA.
Sir this is my friend Deepak.
Deepak Kumar.
He got married three days ago.
On his way home last night with his bride,
he lost her, sir.
What's your secret?
I've been trying for years, but
my damn wife never gets lost!
Sir has a great sense of humor.
Fifteen thousand rupees.
This is five.
Where's the remaining ten?
Even he can sing, sir.
No, you sing.
Damn it!
I can't sing.
No problem. I'll teach you.
Sir, may I get the MLA
to talk to you?
- Dubey-ji.
- Yes, sir.
Get the register.
Alright. Talk.
I'm from Surajmukhi village.
Four days ago, on the 27th, I got married
to Phool Kumari at Gangapur.
The next day my family returned home,
but I stayed at my in-laws.
It was Phool's late grandmother's
dying wish that we
seek the Goddess's blessings
after the wedding.
So we stayed together for two days
at my in-laws.
So you spent two nights with her
after your wedding?
At least you enjoyed some perks
of marriage. Right, Dubey-ji?
Yesterday we headed home.
We boarded the Belpur-Katariya Express
and got down at Murti station.
There we caught a bus
and went straight home.
That's when I realized
the bride I brought home
was not my wife Phool.
Then who was she?
Someone else's bride.
You're simply great!
Not only did you lose your wife,
but you abducted someone else's!
Sir, I didn't mean to.
I couldn't have imagined it was
some Pushpa and not my Phool.
What name did you say?
Pushpa Rani.
Whose wife is she?
Some guy called Pankaj.
Why didn't you bring her with you?
I told her to, but the mere mention
of cops frightened her.
Scared of the police?
What's there to be scared of?
Do you have a photo of your wife?
Yes, sir.
It's the only picture I have.
It was taken on our wedding day.
She is very beautiful.
Any distinguishing features?
Moles or scars?
Yes, sir. She has a small mole
under her nose.
The size of a mustard seed.
Oh, I missed that in the photo.
Dubey-ji, write it down!
A mole under her nose.
The size of a mustard seed.
The jewelry that she wore
How much was it worth?
I asked her to remove it all.
The bride that you brought home
What is her jewelry's worth?
A fair amount.
Where is she from?
I tried calling her parents.
But I keep getting the wrong number.
Okay. We'll start our search.
You can go.
And yes
Bring Pushpa Rani tomorrow.
Sir, shall we charge him
with abduction?
We can arrest him under
Penal Code 363 and 366.
Did you see his clothes?
A born pauper.
What will we gain by arresting him?
The real golden goose is
that Pushpa Rani.
Let's see if she shows up.
Yes, sir.
The new auntie is missing as well!
- The new auntie is missing as well!
- What?
The new Auntie is missing as well!
The new Auntie
- is missing as well!
- Mother, what is Bablu talking about?
That Pushpa Rani
Once you left,
she went to the temple
and didn't come back.
Why did you let her go alone?
Do we have the time to be religious?
I looked all over the village.
She was nowhere.
What will people think of us?!
So irresponsible,
lost two women in two days!
I've heard such a story
for the first time.
That's why I told her,
"Let's go to Manju Maai.
She'll find a solution."
I've worked here since I was a kid.
Maai is very kind.
Wash the dishes.
If you knew the name of your
in-laws' village, we'd get you there.
She says the village
is named after a flower.
Gulaab, Kamal, Champa, Chameli,
Motiya, Kaner, Dhatura.
I've named them all.
I blurted out every flower
known to man but still
couldn't find the name
of her blooming village!
She doesn't even know
which Gangapur she comes from.
Even if we found out, she doesn't
want to go back.
Why not?
I'll get a bad reputation, Grandma.
They'll assume something's wrong
with me and
that's why my husband abandoned me
at the station.
How many samosas did you buy?
So why take chutney four times?
Chutney is a dip, not a drink.
Stop gulping it down!
Worry about what they'll say
after you get home.
Find your parents' address
and go back home.
One tea and a bread pakoda.
A respectable girl can't return
to her parents without her husband.
Here you go.
Know the meaning of "fraud"?
Cheating or making a fool of someone
is called "fraud" in English.
For centuries, women in this country
have been duped.
This con is also known as
"A respectable girl."
No one has cheated me.
I was raised with good values.
I had a good upbringing.
Chhotu, what's the film star
Salman Khan's address?
Galaxy Apartments, Bandra, Mumbai.
Chhotu will never go there,
but he knows the address.
And you don't even know the address of
where you'll spend the rest of your life!
Your mother didn't make you smart,
she made you a fool.
I am not a fool.
I'm good at household chores.
- I can sew, cook, sing, pray
- Do you know how to go home?
There's nothing shameful in being a fool.
But feeling proud of being a fool
is shameful.
Take her away.
Where will she go, Manju Maai?
- Let her stay for a few days.
- Get lost!
Do I look like I run a shelter home?
Give an inch, they take a mile.
All hail Lord Bholenath, Inspector!
What brings you here so early?
Did you beat up someone again?
I've informed my in-laws.
Thought I'd tell you too.
I was accused of burning my first wife,
now you'll say I swallowed the second.
Write up the report.
What happened?
I lost my wife.
Go on.
Found her! The new auntie is back.
Quiet! She's not your auntie.
Are you Pushpa?
Where have you been?
I said I was going to the temple.
I was praying in the temple.
For five hours?
Planning to go to your in-laws
or straight to heaven?
She makes excuses to avoid
going to the temple
but shouts at everyone who does.
I went to the temple,
but I didn't see you there.
I'm new around here, so I made
sure the veil covered my face.
This damn veil will be
the end of me!
You shouted at me because
I didn't know she wasn't Phool,
now do you see how it happened?
Don't you dare talk back to your father!
The offering.
Let's go in.
What are you staring at?
Go, make tea.
Get our donation back from
that bloody astrologer.
He said it was an auspicious time
for the wedding.
Mother, I don't want tea.
What did the inspector say?
He said he'd start the search.
How much did he ask for?
Fifteen thousand.
But we gave him five.
I called Pushpa's home.
I keep getting the wrong number.
The inspector wants to see you tomorrow.
You'll have to come, Pushpa.
Shall we send a wire
to Phool's parents?
To say what?
"We lost your daughter.
Forgive us."
Let's wait a few more days.
God willing, we'll find Phool soon.
The problem will sort itself out.
O sweet love
How do I pass these days
And nights?
I long to talk to you
Can't stop thinking about you
O sweet love
How do I pass these days
And nights?
How do I reach you?
Can't stop thinking about you
Shall I say something in English?
Yesterday, I got the binding
of the cooler's motor fixed.
I only know a few words in English.
But I am the only one in the family
who can say even this much.
Shall I say a full sentence in English?
I love you.
O sweet love
How do I pass these days
And nights?
I long to talk to you
Can't stop thinking about you
Dubey-ji, the fax
We just got this fax.
Give me the register.
"Belpur-Katariya Express."
"Belpur-Katariya Express."
"On 29th January."
"On 29th January."
- Hello. Pateela station?
- Mr. Tribhuvan?
- Yes.
This is Inspector Manohar,
from the Murti Police Station.
Jai Hind, Inspector Manohar.
- Tell me.
- Jai Hind.
I just got your fax.
About Pradeep Singh's wife?
Yes. Jaya's.
- Have you found her?
- No, we haven't.
But on the same night,
from the same train,
another bride went missing.
We've filed her report here.
Two brides from the same train?
Is this the work of
the Chandpur Bride Gang?
They have sham marriages
to rob the wedding jewelry.
It may be them.
The trouble is our Phool
had removed all her jewelry
before she vanished.
Our Jaya is on the run
with 150 grams of gold
and a mobile phone.
How much?
Hundred and fifty grams.
Did you put that in the report?
It's still a rough draft.
- Let it stay rough.
- Okay.
Can you fax me a photo of the girl?
Okay, I'll fax it over
as soon as I get it.
I'll hang up now.
- Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind.
We'll have to keep an eye
on this Pushpa Rani now.
Phool, have you seen the film Shaan?
The one with the villain "Shakaal"?
Remember, he sings
My name is Abdul
I keep an eye on everyone
You haven't?
- Abdul, you've seen it?
- Sure.
- That's why he's called Abdul.
- That's why Chhotu named me Abdul.
Nice, isn't it?
Everyone calls this room
"Chhotu's Palace."
You're my guest today.
Brother, come in.
All right, Abdul,
you're done for the day.
But he's
He does have legs and runs very fast.
They call me "The Hare" back home!
Come. Sleep here.
Okay, good night!
This world is very strange.
Don't be taken in by what you see.
Things are often not what they seem.
Go to sleep.
Stay alert!
Give it to Manju Maai
for safekeeping.
Can you keep this khoichha here
at the shop for me?
You'll protect your man
with turmeric, rice, and grass?
A man who couldn't protect you?
He must be looking for me.
Have faith in him, Grandma.
You have faith in him.
Why should I?
Don't even know him!
He's had his fun, taken your jewelry,
and dumped you.
Why would he look for you now?
Take some.
Have it just this once.
Take it!
So, what'll you have?
Two bread pakodas.
- Two teas, one samosa.
- On it.
Hey, Phool, are you just
going to sit and sulk?
Fry a couple of bread pakodas.
Hurry up!
Go on!
Gauri, why have you started mooing
at night?
is Grandpa awake or sleeping
when his eyes are half open?
Only he can answer that.
He worked as a night watchman
for 35 years in Calcutta.
Staying awake runs in his blood.
He's lost track of day and night.
Whether asleep or awake,
he's only got one thing to say
- Stay...
- Stay alert!
Auntie said your husband is a
night watchman in the city.
Does he live there alone?
Won't you join him?
I'm proud of him.
It takes courage to marry a mute woman.
I'm not mute.
I was just teasing you.
If you can talk,
why are you always so quiet?
Bablu's father isn't around,
so who else do I talk to?
Why don't you ever take his name?
Husbands' names mustn't be spoken aloud.
That day when you said
your husband's name before everyone,
my jaw dropped.
When the man has a decent name,
why not use it?
You say the strangest things.
What are you staring at?
Someone took Hari's sandals
from the temple yesterday.
So his father took someone else's.
That's not right.
He said, "Sandals don't have name tags.
They belong to the person
who is wearing them."
Hari said that that's why you're
my new aunt.
You don't have a name tag on you either.
Come on, Bablu, you're late for school.
- I don't want to go.
- Come on, hurry up!
Bela-ji is from the sports quota.
Answer me truthfully when
I ask you a question
or she will do the questioning.
Pushpa Rani.
Father's name?
Rajendra Prasad.
The number you gave us belongs
to a tailor called Satyadev.
Did you memorize your own number wrong?
Why have you covered your face?
Are you hiding something?
Lift your veil.
Nothing should be hidden
from the cops or doctors.
We're trying to help you.
Where's your village?
Ring any bells?
No one has heard of it.
First, it was Indirapur.
Then Atalnagar,
then Mayaganj.
Every time the government changes,
our village's name changes as well.
In Chhattisgarh?
A year ago, Chhattisgarh was
in Madhya Pradesh, sir.
The train you boarded,
Belpur-Katariya Express,
it doesn't go through Chhattisgarh.
So where did you board?
I was following my husband.
We had to change a few trains
before this one.
Why didn't you say so?
You didn't ask. So
What's the name of your
husband's village?
I don't remember.
You don't remember the name
of your husband's village?!
Tell me something.
You've been gone two days,
and your husband Pankaj hasn't
even reported you missing.
Why not?
How should I know why he hasn't
reported me missing?
"JAYA" IS TATTOOED ON THE WRISAny marks? Any tattoos?
If your name is Pushpa,
why does it say "Shreya"?
When I was a child, my grandfather
called me "Shreya."
He had it tattooed.
Bela-ji, take her photo.
Sir, Bela-ji has gone
to the police canteen.
The sports quota cops get eggs
and bananas there.
Dubey-ji, take a photo of her face
and her tattoo.
Send them
to the nearby stations immediately.
Go, madam. Get the photos done.
Pushpa ma'am, this is a camera,
not an X-ray machine.
It can't see through a veil.
I won't have my photo taken
without my veil.
- It will be a dishonor.
- Are you kidding me?
Dishonor scares you more
than being lost?
How can anyone identify you
without a photo?
How will we get you home
to your husband?
Dubey, lift her veil
and take the photo.
Dubey, take the photo!
Sir, villagers are very sensitive
about such matters.
A woman's honor is at stake.
We cannot force her.
Can she at least give us a thumbprint?
Madam, please give your thumb impression.
Then you can leave.
We'll take your leave.
Goodbye, sir.
My bangles
I left them on your table.
- Rickshaw?
- Where do you want to go?
- Sister, rickshaw?
- Get lost!
Come on, let's go.
- Come.
- Brother, come here.
- Come here Rickshaw?
- Rickshaw?
- Rickshaw?
- Rickshaw?
Come in.
Think it over.
Want to sleep here or at the station?
Hold on, I'll feed you.
Are you hungry?
There's some flour there.
Make some rotis.
Make one for me as well.
You live alone, Grandma?
I threw them all out.
My husband, my son. The lot.
Rascals used to live off me.
Then they'd get drunk and beat me up.
And then they'd say
"A man who loves you
has the right to hit you."
One day I exercised my right as well.
Aren't you scared to live alone?
Being happy on your own
is the toughest thing, Phool.
But, yes
Once you master it,
no one can bother you.
Shall I cook something tomorrow
for your stall?
Something sweet?
Do you think you can adjust to my kitchen?
Adjusting to other people's kitchens
is the one thing my mother taught me.
Why not get out of that bridal sari?
I don't have much,
but see what you can find.
No, Grandma.
When he comes, how will he recognize me?
Is "Mogra" the village's name?
You've turned us into bees.
Come here.
I didn't take any chutney today.
Have some kalakand. Here.
I only had five rupees.
I bought a samosa with it.
One spoonful is free. Take it.
Grandma, you taste it first.
Why sweeten my mouth? There's nothing
in my life worth celebrating.
First-class! It's delicious.
Have another spoonful.
Auntie, I'm going to the market.
Why is she at the temple this early?
Because it's the only place in the area
where you get a good mobile network.
She has a mobile!
Go, follow her!
What did she sell?
Don't sell it.
- We may need it later. Understand?
- Yes.
She's a very shady lady
Super smart and shrewd
She's a very shady lady
Super smart and shrewd
What new tricks is she plotting
To get us all screwed?
A real firecracker
Loves fanning the flames
I have this nagging feeling
She'll send us all reeling
I say it with a loud shout
This girl's a girl to doubt
I say it with a loud shout
This girl's a girl to doubt
My wife is missing.
Have you seen her?
What's there to see?
Her face is completely covered.
A face is everything.
Covering it is like
covering a person's identity.
A razor-sharp bride among brides
Where she's from, she happily hides
The CIA and CBI are after her
Bloody thief! She's deleted
the search history.
What was she up to?
Let's go.
A real firecracker
Loves fanning the flames
I have this nagging feeling
She'll send us all reeling
I say it with a loud shout
This girl's a girl to doubt
She's what they call a knock-out
This girl's a girl to doubt
I say it with a loud shout
This girl's a girl to doubt
I say it with a loud shout
This girl's a girl to doubt
This bird is planning to fly.
Sit. Sit!
I checked the next eight stations.
Even the trains here aren't
as frequent as we are.
What should we do then?
Should we stop looking for her?
All I'm saying is, that Gunjan is close
to that MLA Mani Singh.
Go and see him.
If Mani Singh calls the cops,
it'll put pressure on the Inspector.
You have a sweet voice.
- Are you a farmer as well?
- No, no.
I run a printing press.
Cards, posters,
I print everything.
I've printed all the wedding invites
around here.
Except mine.
How come?
I'm not married yet.
The campaign posters for the MLA
I print them all.
His publicity?
Did you finish high school?
You must've passed the exams easily.
I can tell by the way you talk.
If you're educated, why did you use
a thumb impression at the cop station?
- Actually
- You are here, Gunjan?
Stay blessed.
Bad luck is raining down on us.
The crops are getting infested
by insects.
Deepak is too preoccupied.
Ask your friends to spray pesticides
and save the crops.
Uncle, leave it to me.
Pesticides are poison.
It'll kill the insects
but ruin the crops as well.
There are many other ways
of destroying insects.
We can't go around swatting them, can we?
Not that, I'm talking about sticky traps.
"Sticky" what?
Take a used oil tin can, clean it,
and paint it yellow.
What good will painting it yellow do?
When the paint dries,
add glue to the tin can
and balance it on a stick
a foot above the crops.
That's it!
Insects are attracted
to the color yellow,
so they'll get stuck to the tin.
You must be watching documentaries
about farming.
my father owned a huge field.
The city people came and taught us.
Do you know a lot about farming?
Not a lot, just a little.
Was that "just a little"?
I grew up seeing my father forced
to sell off our land, bit by bit.
The land that could yield gold
forced us to sell my mother's gold.
In India, farmers depend on two things
hard work and faith.
When I began reading
books on farming,
I realized we must depend
on science, not on faith.
So, I started learning about farming.
You have a thirst for knowledge.
Her face is not clear
in any of these photos.
Have we got Jaya's photo
from the Pateela station?
Not yet, sir.
Fax this photo to the Pateela station.
Damn it!
Gunjan's friend Deepak is here.
Come forward.
Your wife is missing?
Yes, sir.
You vote for our party, right?
You get at least 20 votes
from his family of seven.
Hello. Check.
Sir, the stage is set. Come.
- Come, follow me.
- Mic check.
- I'll look into it.
- Mic testing. Hello.
Come on the stage with me.
Yes, sir.
- All hail
- The Jan Jagran Party!
- All hail
- The Jan Jagran Party!
The opposition
has turned politics into hooliganism.
They are using dubious tactics
to intimidate our party workers.
Look at him.
Send him here.
The thugs of the opposition party
What's your name?
Deepak Kumar.
Deepak Kumar.
The opposition party
has abducted Deepak's wife.
- Not only is his wife missing
- Sir
even the democracy is lost.
Socialism is lost.
The country's progress is lost.
The people's trust is lost!
That's a lot of "lost"!
- Yes.
- Repeat after me
Democracy will
Socialism will
Our party will be
- Re-elected!
- Sir.
I know all this is important,
but could you mention
my wife's name?
Deepak's wife is not just dear to me
but to the whole district!
That's why,
we must find Deepak's Jyoti.
- Deepak's Jyoti
- We will find her!
Deepak's Jyoti
- We will find her!
- Her name is Phool! Not Jyoti.
Her name is Phool! Not Jyoti, sir.
Sir, her name is Phool. Not Jyoti!
This is Bablu speaking.
- Bablu!
- Hey!
Where did this come from?
It's mine.
Why did you hide it?
Who said I was hiding it?
It was under the mattress.
Mother hides everything there.
Lemon drops, loose change,
even Dad's photo.
If you weren't hiding it,
shall I show it to everyone?
You little devil! Don't get up.
There's a very cool game on this
Here, take it.
Like this.
I'll let you play with it every day
if you promise to keep it a secret.
Do you swear?
I swear on lemon drops.
Now let me play.
Not now. Later tonight. Okay?
Off you go!
Come on, go.
Did you make this?
Is it Bablu's father?
Shravan Kumar.
I had only one photo of him.
It got used on the ration card.
I wanted to look at his face sometimes,
so I drew this.
What else have you drawn?
Nothing. Who has the time
for such futile things?
You think making art is futile?
Where did your talent come from?
I just got it.
Then everyone would have it too, right?
Talent is given by Goddess Saraswati.
Do you think Her blessing is futile?
I need to put up the sticky traps.
Look at her flirting.
One goat hasn't been slaughtered yet,
and another is being primed.
Sir, she sent five money orders of 5,000
each to some Hema Tripathi
in Alam Sarai.
Why send five money orders
to the same person, sir?
Dubey, just like
your brainpower is limited,
the government has limited
each money order to 5,000 rupees max.
That's why she sent 5,000 in five
batches or 25,000 rupees.
Sir, I have a gut feeling that
she can't be trusted.
Shall we nab her?
In court, the magistrate will make
a kite out of your "gut feeling"
and cast it to the wind.
What about the damn evidence?
Bend when you walk.
Come on.
Sold 112 teas today.
There's a notebook down there.
Write it down. Manju Maai
Do you know how to write numbers?
So write.
Now you've learned the ropes.
You learn by working. There was
no point worrying about it.
How long have you been working,
Since I was seven.
Are you an orphan?
No! I have parents and siblings.
I send them money every month.
Hey, Chhotu.
Why aren't we girls given
any opportunities, Grandma?
Why do they force us to be helpless?
Maybe out of fear.
Look, Phool.
Women can farm and cook.
We can give birth to children
and raise them.
If you think about it, women don't really
need men at all.
But if all women figured this out,
men would be screwed, wouldn't they?
Now do you understand how "fraud" works?
I've decided, Grandma.
When I go to my husband's,
I'll work. Even if it's something modest.
I will help him.
Help "him"?
First start by taking his name.
That'll be a giant leap!
Dark clouds gather
Bringing with them rains of yearning
This flood of feeling in my heart
Tell me how to hold it back
What is life without you?
O sweet love
How will I endure the nights
And days?
I long to talk to you
Thoughts of you torment me
Auntie, the lotus stem stir-fry
is well-made.
It's delicious!
Oh, please!
- Who goes around praising food?
- You can take it.
My mother used to make it
just like this.
- Really?
- Yes.
She seasoned it with onion and garlic.
I really love it.
Deepak and his father never touch it.
So I stopped making it.
But why?
You like it.
Make it for yourself.
Since when do women cook
what they like eating?
The trouble is,
I don't even remember
what I used to like.
Poonam, where's Bablu?
He's doing his homework.
He's studying a lot lately.
Watch out, Poonam.
He might become
a doctor or engineer by mistake!
- Dr. Bablu!
- I bought it for you.
It's been so long since I heard
Poonam laugh.
Ever since Shravan left
to work in the city,
she never even smiles.
Who can she have fun with here?
I bought this as well.
Mother, let's pray
when our Phool returns,
they both become friends.
Women get so tied up in their roles
and responsibilities,
they rarely become friends
with each other.
It's good, right?
can you and I be friends?
Let's try!
Deepak, did you find your bride?
Hey, what's your problem?
Get lost!
We'll find her.
Deepu, can I say something?
She's been missing for four days.
We've looked everywhere for her,
but we haven't found her.
So, what shall we do?
If Phool was trying
to find her way to you,
she'd be here by now.
Aren't I right?
Raghu, enough.
You're drunk.
I am drunk, that's why I speak the truth.
I doubt very much
if Phool is safe and well.
There are pimps everywhere.
Remember the film
Ram Teri Ganga Maili?
How they abduct
the fair and lovely Mandakini?
Right, Bilas?
As if Bilas watched the film
till that scene.
He got his ticket's worth
seeing Mandakini bathing in the waterfall.
What nonsense!
You're right.
People are becoming beasts.
They don't even spare
a three-year-old girl.
And she is
It's God's way of balancing the scales.
That's clear.
You should just accept the situation
and marry Pushpa.
Have you gone mad?
Is his marriage some joke?
Do marriage rituals mean nothing?
It's his chance to settle down.
Why are you getting hot and bothered?
He's sitting here drunk and morose,
there she may have found
a new squeeze!
- Stop, Deepu!
- Deepu!
- Deepu!
- Deepu!
Brother, no need to get so serious.
We were just messing with you.
Deepu, wait!
Get up!
- I drew it.
- Wow!
Can you draw something for me?
But don't tell anyone.
The next train will pull in soon.
Pour ten to fifteen cups.
It's been four days.
How much longer will you wait?
Let's go to the police.
What do you think, Chhotu?
I've been missing for days,
sleeping alone at the station.
Even if my husband finds me,
will he take me back?
He's the one who lost you.
Even if he takes you back,
you can be the one to reject him.
Keep this.
- No, I can't...
- Keep it.
Your kalakand is a big hit.
It's your hard-earned money.
Keep it.
Sir, look at this.
Holy shit!
Good Lord!
Jai Hind. Manohar from
the Murti Police Station.
We received the photo.
Thank you.
The gold bangle is also Jaya's.
Pradeep's mother has identified it.
Okay, I'll keep you posted.
Jai Hind.
This is called evidence.
- Call Bela-ji.
- Yes, sir.
Camel, fly.
What happened now?
Elephant, fly.
Cow, fly.
Bird, fly.
Why won't you let my bird fly?
I'm a police officer, how can I let
a bird fly away?
What's all this, sir?
Show him.
Mrs. Jaya Devi.
Married on the auspicious Tritiya day
to Pradeep Singh from Pateela.
A marriage only in name.
After the wedding,
the bride took all the jewelry
and went on the run.
Do you know why she was hiding
in your house all this time?
To avoid the police.
No! It's all lies.
She hid this.
You had a phone?
Then why didn't you call home?
Your father? Or Pankaj?
- Or your relatives?
- Mr. Deepak
all the characters in her story
are fictional.
There's no father.
No husband called Pankaj.
Nor is she from a village
called Sambela.
She's a professional thief.
No, I'm not a thief.
Deepak, listen
Why did you say your name
was Pushpa?
Why did you say your husband's name
was Pankaj?
Didn't you sell a bangle
to Agarwal Jewelers?
You sent the money to a gang member,
- Hema Tripathi. Didn't you?
- No.
- He's lying.
- Did you make Phool disappear?
Why would I do that? I followed you
off the train by mistake.
Why didn't you correct your mistake then?
You spun an elaborate web of lies.
One yarn after another.
Speak up!
I've been tormenting myself.
How could I mistake you for Phool?
- Deepak, even I made a mistake
- Enough!
Stop your endless lying!
Is there no limit to your deceit?
I didn't deceive you.
- Just listen to me.
- You've made a fool of me, Pushpa.
Jaya or whatever your name is.
I'm worried sick as it is,
don't mislead us anymore.
Sir, I've found the stolen jewelry.
That's my jewelry.
- Deepak, listen to me I am innocent.
- Inspector
Just hear me out.
- Let's go.
- Deepak, hear me out once, please.
You brought home a thorn, not a flower.
And I've pulled the thorn out.
Sir, what about my Phool?
The search is on, we'll keep you posted.
Inspector. Inspector, let me go.
I beg you.
Take my jewelry, the money,
everything, but let me go.
Inspector, hear me out once.
- Hello.
- Hello, Tribhuvan. Yes.
- You found her?
- Yes.
- Okay then.
- Okay.
- Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind.
Aunt Pushpa forgot this in my bag.
Hey, she's not your aunt.
Deepu, what's this I hear?
The police have arrested Pushpa.
Her name isn't Pushpa, it's Jaya.
She's a thief.
Auntie Phool was kidnapped by her.
Stop it!
Kidnapped, my foot!
If that were true, why would she be
looking for Phool?
See this.
Who drew this?
She asked me to.
Remember I saw Phool at the wedding?
She made the poster at the cybercafe.
She asked me to print copies
and put them up everywhere.
Stay alert!
What's going on?
It's all so confusing.
Manju Maai, is this her?
Read it to me.
"Phool Kumari.
If you find her, contact Deepak Kumar
at Surajmukhi village."
There's a phone number as well.
That's the name of his village.
- Surajmukhi?
- Chhotu, Surajmukhi!
Is that your picture?
- Show me.
- Look, Chhotu.
- Surajmukhi.
- Grandma!
No one is answering this number.
The Amreli-Katariya
Express just pulled in.
It goes to Murti.
It leaves in ten minutes.
Should we send her?
I'll keep visiting you, Grandma.
This station is my second home now.
- Bless you.
- Yes.
Stay happy.
Take Chhotu with you.
- You'll get lost again on your own, Phool.
- Quiet!
It's the ninth station from here.
Murti is the one after Bhairwa.
Keep counting!
Tell us.
Mother, I don't want to get married.
I want to study farming.
Are you mad?
You're getting married in a week.
Who'll do the cooking
if you're farming?
Your husband?
What about the land I sold off
to pay for your dowry?
Don't make me part of the herd, Mother.
I came first among 800 boys and 86 girls.
I want to go to Dehradun to study.
Mother, have you heard of
"organic farming"?
Jaivik kheti.
In ten years, everyone will be
talking about it. I guarantee it.
The registration deadline
is in fifteen days.
And you're getting married in seven.
The boy is from a good family.
He's rich.
Ask him sweetly,
maybe he'll let you study.
And what if he doesn't?
That's your bad luck.
If your marriage doesn't take place
in a week,
then my funeral will.
I swear on your father.
My home is in front of the Hanuman temple
in Ambrai village.
The wedding was all too real.
So was my sadness.
At the wedding, I overheard Pradeep's
relatives saying
his wife died in a fire because
she couldn't have children.
Was it an accident or murder?
God knows.
We were 10,000 rupees short
when paying the dowry,
so he insulted my mother
in front of everyone.
Would a man like that allow me to study?
If it was such a problem,
why didn't you run away
before the wedding?
Why escape from the train?
I never planned to run away.
I put on my veil and made peace
with my fate.
Then he grabbed my hand
and led me off the train.
Destiny was giving me a clear sign.
How could I turn away from it?
I am not that stupid!
As a policeman, you assumed that
I was a thief.
Hema Tripathi is my sister.
She's the only one
who understands me.
I sold the gold bangle and sent her money
so she could pay for my course
and the hostel.
I printed out the application form
at the cybercafe.
My course starts in three days.
Look. Here are my bus tickets.
Murti to Patna. Patna to Delhi.
Delhi to Dehradun.
My bus was for last evening.
Why did you have to lie so much?
Would you have accepted the truth?
Would you have let me stay?
What did I ask my own mother for?
For time.
Time for what?
To study. To become something.
Did she agree?
This is the way of the world, Deepak.
Lies are accepted.
But no one likes the simple truth.
I needed to hide for a week.
But you were all so insistent
on sending me home.
If I stole anything,
it was an opportunity for myself.
I was about to leave,
but Deepak was so worried
about Phool. I wanted to help.
I thought I'd stay a few more days.
I had the poster printed
in case someone calls
Where's my phone?
Someone may have tried calling.
- Where's my phone?
- Where's her phone?
Twelve missed calls.
Call the number back.
Did you call on this number?
Hello. That's right.
- Phool Kumari?
- Yes.
Yes, Phool Kumari.
Hello! Your voice is breaking up.
One minute can't hear
Yes, yes. Where?
From Pateela station?
Train Hello.
What about the train?
Damn it! The battery's dead.
Well? Did they find Phool?
Looks like the poster worked.
Phool is at Pateela station.
Go, run!
- Pateela station.
- Hey, madam. Where are you going?
You're not a thief,
but you are married.
You ran away from your husband.
He filed a report.
So the case must be closed.
Pradeep is on his way to get you.
Why did you call him?
Inspector, I told you last night
Take everything I have,
but don't make me go back to him.
I will not go with him.
I'm an adult. You can't force me.
She does not want to go, sir.
And she will not.
Before your wife goes missing again,
take yourself to Pateela.
Or shall I lock you up with Jaya?
Come on, Out!
I won't leave Jaya here
- Bela-ji!
- Sir.
Come on.
Sir, I Sir
- Deepak.
- Madam
- Listen to me!
- Deepak!
Listen to me. I stayed on
to help you find Phool.
Everything will be in vain
if you don't go now.
Go, for my sake.
- Hurry, Deepak!
- Damn it.
You leave.
Please leave. Sir.
Sir, please try to understand.
Are you waiting here for me
to order you ice cream?
Get him out. Out!
Inspector Manohar?
I'm Pradeep Singh. From Pateela.
Welcome. Have a seat.
- Dubey!
- Yes, sir.
I didn't want to give anyone
a bad name unnecessarily,
so I didn't file a report.
What do you prefer
I charge her with?
Running away?
Or getting lost?
Getting lost.
Bela-ji, bring Jaya here.
P.T. Usha.
When we get home,
I'll skin you alive.
That's just for starters.
Where's the jewelry?
She's already sold one gold bangle.
That jewelry belongs to me.
It has my father's sweat and blood.
My mom sold off our land to buy it.
The dowry belongs to the groom.
As for the bangle, we'll make sure
your mother replaces it.
Let's get you home, my queen.
Thank you, Inspector.
You've been very helpful.
No, no, I'm only doing my duty.
Let's go.
Mr. Pradeep, one minute.
My duty isn't done yet.
We know that madam ran away,
and you filed a report.
I found madam
and I returned her to you.
Case closed.
Now, it's one thing that she's been found,
but her not wanting to return with you,
is an altogether new
and separate issue.
You see,
madam is an adult.
She has rights.
You can't force her against her will.
We all saw how you were behaving.
Talking about dowry.
Daring to slap a woman.
Even threatening her.
These are crimes, Mr. Pradeep.
What is this nonsense?
It's called the law.
If she files a case of physical abuse
and demands of dowry,
we'll have to lock you up this instant.
Counting me,
there are one, two, three
four witnesses here.
Plus, there's that cold case of yours.
That could lead to a new investigation.
The file will be reopened.
We'll see if your first
wife died by accident
or was she set alight?
Get it?
I get it.
Inspector, I don't think you intend
to return her to me.
I only intend to close this case
once and for all. You don't get it.
This is your last chance to reach
a mutual agreement.
Either you go to jail and deal
with the legal system.
Or you let this girl go,
without making a fuss.
In exchange for her freedom,
I won't file a case against you.
You have my word.
But if you ever harass her in the future,
I'll personally track you down
from any corner of the world,
and handcuff you.
That's a promise.
I won't spare you. I'm warning you.
Threatening an on-duty officer
just got added to your charges.
Brother, why make matters any worse
for yourself?
- Let's go, Pradeep.
- Pradeep!
- Just a minute.
- Pradeep, let's go.
- We'll deal with it later.
- Hey, listen!
Where do you think
you're taking the jewelry?
Leave it here or you'll be charged
with theft as well. Give it here.
Out with it.
And my money?
Was that a bribe?
Hey, Dubey. This man tried to bribe me.
Arrest him!
- Lock him up!
- Hey! Come on!
- The hell he'll put me behind bars!
- We'll deal with it later!
Bloody losers!
Thank you.
Study hard.
This doesn't belong to me.
And now neither does this.
I'll take your leave now.
This girl will go a long way.
Yes, sir. Dehradun is about 800 km
from here.
Is this the train for Pateela?
- Tell me!
- It left a long time ago.
This train goes to Amreli.
- When is the next train to Pateela?
- Tonight, at nine.
What shall we do?
- We'll take the bus?
- Let's try. Come.
O sweet love
O sweet love
My sweet love
O sweet love
My sweet love
O sweet love
O sweet love
Auntie Phool has been found!
Auntie Phool has been found!
You've brought the bride home.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Stay happy, my child.
When I got off the train,
I was all alone!
Phool is home!
Phool is home.
- Chhotu, Phool is back home.
- She's home!
Phool is home.
Phool is home.
- Phool is home.
- Phool is home.
Even you have some, Manju Maai.
Here's your money.
Come, dear.
- Come.
- Jaya!
Gunjan, take the bag.
- Bilas, grab a seat.
- Yes, Raghu.
Come on.
I'll really miss you.
Me too.
Let's go. We'll miss the bus.
Stay happy.
When the crops grow,
we'll think of you.
The lotus stem stir-fry and rotis for you.
Let us know when you reach.
Alright, dear.
Hey, you little rascal!
Study hard.
Then get enrolled at my college one day.
What are you doing?
If it hadn't been for you,
I would never have been found.
If it hadn't been for you,
I would have never found myself.
Here's your ticket.
I've caused you so much trouble.
Forgive me.
Don't apologize for having a dream.
See you.
Come back soon.
This is like your home.
Come back soon.
This is like your home.
We'll be waiting for you.
We'll be waiting for you.
Keep writing to us.
Keep writing to us...
Just go with her!
This new journey, a leap of faith
Like birds building new nests
Lamps of new hope glow
A caravan of new dreams go
To greet the new dawn
To catch the new wind
And fly into the golden light
Softly blows the eastern wind
Whispering, "Hold my hand"
Come away with me
Don't be afraid
Softly blows the eastern wind