Laatu (2018) Movie Script

These amazing songs have made
the morning even pleasant.
I've a fantastic playlist
awaiting for you.
So, the next song is...
Yes, I am talking about you.
The one who's smiling right now.
It's for you.
Guess the song.
-Hey, Laatu!
Give me the thin comb.
Use the one you already have.
It's not like you need to remove lice.
Look at him, Dad!
Pass me the bottle.
Isn't it too early for that?
-Hey, brother.
My hair is rough and dry.
What should I do?
-You should apply eggs.
You cannot make scrambled
eggs for your father...
and you advise others to use eggs.
Do you know that he drank
a little too much last night?
Greetings, Dad.
Sprinkle some water on the streets.
As if the streets are going to faint!
"Sprinkle some water."
Dad, charge him
for a haircut and a massage.
Give it to me.
Hail the Goddess.
It isn't Diwali that you
have put up so many lights!
Switch them off.
Yes. I'll switch those lights off,
just let this let me live on.
It doesn't cost me much to have you
around anyway. Don't worry.
Laatu, do I pay you
to play with the switches?
No, you don't pay me at all.
Should I slap you?
Laatu, switch on the light.
Dad, I might injure someone.
Are you going to cut the hair
with scissors or with a light bulb?
My father is crazy.
He switches lights off
even when we are bathing.
Do you need lights or
water while you bathe?
Brother, my grandpa is
doing much better now.
When we were kids...
he used a lantern instead
of a light bulb while teaching us.
What did you become then?
I became an officer.
Can't you see that I am a hairdresser?
Keep your head straight!
Son, you don't know...
about the battles that I had
to fight for a light bulb.
Battles? Are we talking
about a light bulb or the Red Fort?
There was a time...
when light bulbs were available
only in foreign countries.
I am talking about the time
when they used to come
all the way from Kolkata.
Unlike today when it is
available at every shop.
The house which had a light bulb...
was popular in the town.
It felt like they were
having a wedding at home.
-Gajjan Singh's house is shining!
-Yes, I agree.
He actually did it.
Bring some sweets for me as well.
Sweets are delicious.
Give it to me.
Hello, Aunty.
Have some sweets.
Thank you.
Please have some sweets.
Heartfelt congratulations to you.
-God bless you.
-God bless you, Ginda.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, son. God bless you.
Hey, serve some hot milk
with the sweets.
It will be shining here at evening.
I've had more than enough.
Thank you.
Thank you for your presence.
Hail the Lord.
Today, the light bulb will brighten
this place for the first time.
Sir, how long before
the light bulb arrives?
If there is time, can I go
for the evening prayers?
Wait for some more time.
Waris! Go to the boundary
of the village and find out.
Okay, Grandpa.
Grandpa, he's here!
Hail the Lord.
Jat Mirza Khan, while leaving...
Beware, don't fall.
Move aside.
-Wait, let me pour some oil first.
Then you can get in.
-Go ahead.
-It's an auspicious task.
Let me pour some oil.
The most awaited day is here.
Now put your right leg forward.
I'll put my right leg forward,
but tell me
which tire of the cycle should
I get in first, the front or the rare?
I think the best would be
that you carry the cycle on
your shoulders and get in.
Get in.
Move aside.
-Move aside.
Move aside, everyone.
-Dad, it looks like a turnip.
-It's shiny.
This is what's called
a light bulb.
-Gajjan Singh?
You have bought it,
but who will install and run it?
Sir, the Executive Engineer
is here for a reason.
He will be here soon.
He'll come and install it.
I think he is here.
Hello, officer.
How are you?
Come in.
Come this way.
Move aside, everyone.
-Move aside. Come here.
-Please come.
-Hello, sir.
-Move aside.
-Hello, officer.
-Hello, sir.
You sent this idiot here.
I wondered what took you so long.
-You are late.
-I can't help it, sir.
It's a huge department.
I have a lot of responsibilities.
I must handle everything.
-Oh, my God, Mom.
-Look at the light bulb!
Lord Almighty.
What happened, sir?
-This way.
-Move aside.
This way please. Up there.
Be careful, sir.
Here you go.
There the light bulb is in its place.
Look over there.
Shall we switch it on then?
Look up.
Sir, if you want to really enjoy it...
-...then wait till it gets a little dark.
Shall we switch it on now?
I want this light bulb to be
switched on by someone
whose face shines like the moon.
Dad, why don't
you just say that
your darling daughter,
Jeeti will switch it on?
It's incomparable! Great brightness!
Pass me the sweets.
Here, Grandma. Have it.
The devil is asleep.
Continue the story that
you were telling me.
What happens next?
Son, what is this trouble
you have created for me?
There she goes.
Grandmas tell stories
to their grandchildren.
Here, the grandson tells
stories to his grandma.
you have been fighting
with grandma all your life.
Aren't you tired yet?
Don't worry, son.
I had consoled myself the moment
I saw her after the wedding.
Let it be.
Tell me the story.
Grandma, then the jinn
tells the princess--
Don't you dare!
Don't you dare mention jinn.
Don't you have any shame?
Making fun of your mother!
I mean the beast.
He tells the prince to
answer his three questions.
"If you do, then you can
take the princess with you.
If you don't, I would turn the princess
into a fly and stick her to the wall."
When you were young and grandma
used to tell you a story,
it would take five-six nights for
the prince to reach the beast.
You've cut the story so short.
Brother, I am cutting it short because
the lamp is running out of oil.
Don't worry, we will add
more oil to the lamp.
But at least tell the story properly.
Forget the lamp.
We have only enough oil that your father
can apply to his mustache.
You don't know the importance
of a man's mustache.
Tomorrow everyone at the fair will see
the wonders of this mustache.
When I will bathe with a fragrant soap,
apply oil and set my mustaches,
and roar at the first light...
Grandpa, get jalebis for me.
Okay, dear.
How about I get you those sweets
that your grandma used to?
Will do.
-Coming, Dad.
You're looking very handsome today.
Let's take you to a cockfight, darling.
No, you go ahead.
You can tolerate the
noise they make
but you won't be able
to tolerate the one I'll make.
-Look at this, Grandma.
-Come here!
-Bless you.
-You also come, dear.
They get amazing sweets there.
-I'll be right there.
-Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.
-Let's go.
-I am going to the fair
It's rightly said that
you never get what you deserve.
It's the same right here.
A rooster is getting dry fruits
and Dholan is getting grams.
Enough now. You've had enough.
Let me have some as well.
Gobbling everything hastily.
If eaten in excess,
it increases heat in your body.
More heat means more aggression.
Don't stare at me.
You just need to win
the competition.
You don't have to kill
the other rooster.
Deck this one up as well.
What do you want me to do,
cut his nails?
You must be idle, I am not.
How are you, sir? All set?
I am ready, Phaggu.
You tell me, how well has
your son prepared my rooster?
I make him go to the gym every day.
Now you can make the scoundrel
pick up his opponent.
You cussed Karnail Singh Randhawa's
You should show some
respect to their roosters.
What do you expect me to do, Dad?
Bow down to them?
I mean he isn't elder to me.
Dholan, did you look after
him as you were paid for?
Uncle, he has had more almonds than
I had grams in the past three months.
And as far as looking
after him is concerned,
I gave him a warm water bath every night
a leg massage before he sleeps.
I mean he is so ready that once he enters
the cockpit, he won't back out.
That's better.
Let's go.
You can even ride on it if you want.
It is very strong.
Come here, you fool.
This boy is very naughty!
There you go.
A tiff between mother-in-law
and daughter-in-law.
A war between generals.
Races between horses
and fights between roosters.
And it is a fight which
makes you stop and watch.
There you go, friends.
Today the competition will take place
between Sardar Gajjan Singh of Dodra
and Sardar Karnail Singh
of Salempura's roosters.
So, shall we begin the competition?
I would suggest you don't risk it.
Why do you want to get their
rooster killed by our ace hunter?
Ginda, tell them you don't address
domesticated animal as hunter.
He must be a leader of hens
in your village.
He has never come across
anyone like my rooster.
Take him away if you
want him to live.
Why do you two fight
with each other, sir?
We want your hunters to fight.
Come on, Dholan.
There you go, champ!
Enter the pit.
Move a little.
-Move your legs.
Go on.
Start walking.
-Kill him.
Very good.
Why are you behaving like this
after having so many dry fruits?
Be like a tiger.
Let him stay a rooster,
just make him fight.
Start moving.
Why are you backing out?
Go ahead.
-My rooster has won!
-We won!
My rooster has defeated yours.
-We won!
-This rooster got us defeated.
Why are you pulling your
mustaches, Karnail Singh?
Your rooster's grains
made your mustaches fall off.
Go away.
Everyone talks about
Karnail Singh Randhawa's mustaches.
These aren't just mustaches,
they are my pride.
You are talking about grains?
Even the berries won't make...
my mustache fall.
Oh, really?
Is that so?
Then let's do it.
Let's try that as well.
The cockfight is over.
Now there is a new competition,
my friends.
Today we will have a
new competition
which was begun by
Sardars from Salempura and Dodra.
Now the competition will
be between their mustaches.
There you go! We will begin
the competition with cardamoms.
One, two, three.
It's a tie!
Well, the cardamoms are
too small for their mustaches.
Now we have almonds.
One, two, three.
Well done.
It's a tie once again.
One, two, three.
Sardar of Salempura, Sardar Karnail Singh
has defeated
Sardar of Dodra, Sardar Gajjan Singh
and won the competition!
So Gajjan, how was that for your ego?
Go home with your head held low.
You didn't leave yet?
Go home slowly.
Get lost, you drum-faced idiot.
Don't you fear anyone?
When the drum plays,
it can burst your ears.
You should be scared if you want
to send a marriage proposal
or accept a marriage
proposal from the family.
Dholan is a free bird!
This is how you repaid
me for feeding you dry fruits.
You have changed my caste here.
I too have become a
chicken like you.
Look here!
Why are you looking away?
He was claiming too much.
I would say even if he moved,
he wouldn't back out.
-But he didn't move ahead.
-Shut up.
You made the rooster lose
and now you are making excuses.
It's okay, Karnail.
You were wrong in the mustache game.
I didn't do anything wrong.
It is like the saying,
he invited the trouble himself.
-He had no idea who was he messing with.
He didn't know...
you nurture your mustaches
better than your sons.
You too are nurturing well, Aunt.
-Your mother just keeps on expanding.
If you get to spare
time from your mustaches...
think about getting your son married.
All the boys of his age
are already married.
We will get our son married.
But we will find him a family
where there is someone who can
compete with my mustaches.
-I don't want to get married now, Dad.
-Not now?
You won't be able to get married later.
Mom, I'll be going
to attend my cousin's wedding.
I'll show him a girl there.
Let me see how he refuses then.
I think you should
have a look at her.
You won't get charged
for looking at her.
Your father might get himself a
daughter-in-law who has a mustache
so that both of them can
participate in the competition.
Don't worry, I'll talk to him.
Aunty, I'll be back.
-Have some sweets.
-What is this?
Sattu, come here.
Yes, sister-in-law.
The girl I wanted you to meet...
is wearing a yellow dress.
The girls are going to come out to dance.
You can have a look at her.
Sister-in-law, I don't
like to watch girls dance.
Don't feel shy for no reason.
I know you two quite well.
he keeps eyeing girls, not me.
Yes, he has a cataract.
He can't see clearly.
You too listen to me carefully.
-Don't just keep hogging at the wedding.
Give others a helping
hand as well.
Your parents haven't
made anything special.
Shut up.
Talking nonsense!
-Let's go.
-Come on.
Come fast.
What have you done!
I had to wear this dress
for my brother's wedding.
You have ruined it.
I am sorry, ma'am.
Oh, God!
Whenever I start moving, many hearts stop
They stay at a distance,
Too scared to talk
Whenever I start moving, many hearts stop
They stay at a distance,
Too scared to talk
They stay at a distance,
Too scared to talk
Whoever looks at me
Whoever looks at me, get mesmerized
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
I'll say yes only if
I get a suitable proposal
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
I'll say yes only if
I get a suitable proposal
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
What do I do? How do I handle it?
My beauty is uncontrollable
Once I lose my beauty
It won't be coming back
Boys keep peeping through the wall,
All day long
There are many ruffians
With guns chasing me
There are many ruffians
I always fear
I always fear I might end up
Being with one of them
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
I'll say yes only if
I get a suitable proposal
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
He is no good if his mustache is sparse
No matter how handsome they think they are
He is no good if his mustache is sparse
No matter how handsome they think they are
It is not blood if it doesn't get agitated
What's the use
If his face doesn't command?
He should be brave
And shouldn't show off
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
I'll say yes only if
I get a suitable proposal
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
I have got marriage proposals
From seven villagers
Dance, oh, girls
Sing, oh, girls
Dance, oh, girls
Sing, oh, girls
You won't get to sing and dance
Anymore once some rustic old Jat
Once some rustic old Jat
Once some rustic old Jat marries you
-Yes, sister-in-law?
-Did you pack the food?
-Yes, sister-in-law.
It's a long journey.
Be careful.
It's a long way home.
Yes, sister-in-law.
Listen... I'll come in the morning...
after fixing your marriage.
No, sister-in-law.
Let it be.
I know that you like the girl.
-Look at him pretend.
-Lift that.
-Come on.
-Excuse me, sister?
What is it?
Your brother-in-law is
going back to the village.
-These girls are alone.
-Let's go, girls.
-Ask him to drop them on the way.
Yes, sister-in-law?
Drop these girls at
their village on the way.
Sister-in-law, why should we carry
extra burden in this cart?
Extra weight hurts the cattle as well.
But these girls are all alone.
-We will drop them, sister-in-law.
-Okay, these girls are alone?
Don't worry, our cart is empty. It won't
hurt the cattle, they have eaten enough.
-They will move like a bullet.
-Let's go, girls.
Come on.
We are decent boys.
I know how decent you are.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Bye. Have a safe journey.
-Bye, sister-in-law.
Two peas of the pod
Love is a disease
Cure for which no doctor has got
Two peas of the pod
Look at us, it will cure
Whatever the diseased have got
It's a golden nail
Wherever I place my feet,
Boys place their hearts there
It's a golden nail
Forget my heart you can take my life,
If you agree to be mine
I respect my parent's honor
More than my life
I am the son of a Sardar
Don't worry, dear
I am here to safeguard the honor
Don't worry, dear
I am here to safeguard the honor
Come on, get down.
Come on.
You are quite entertaining.
Then how about another round?
That boy with red turban sings so well.
-What's that light?
-What is this, Dholan?
Looks like it's daytime.
Sister-in-law said she
is one of her relatives.
But sister-in-law has no relative
staying in this village.
Then you have ended
up liking the wrong girl.
No, Dholan.
I have chosen the right girl.
But we told sister-in-law
about the wrong girl.
What happened then, Sattu?
Then the prince saw the princess and
he couldn't take his eyes off her.
The princess was so beautiful
that he was mesmerized.
What happened next?
Then the prince made the princess sit
in his cart and started riding it.
They kept on going.
On the cart?
But didn't the prince have a
chariot with five horses earlier?
Mom, his prince
must be poor like him.
The prince had a cart.
This is the story of
a real prince and princess.
Sattu, it would be better if you
can arrange for a chariot.
Because Karnail got married and
brought your mother home in a cart.
The cart's wheel broke on the way.
There it is.
It was overloaded.
You are always criticizing my weight.
Congratulations, Dad!
I have fixed his marriage.
-Here, have some sweets.
-Give it here.
Here, you too have some.
First go and give some to him.
-There's your brother-in-law.
-Open your mouth.
-I don't want it!
-You have vowed never to talk sweetly.
You have not vowed
not to eat sweets.
It's okay. Don't force him.
Let it be if he doesn't want to eat it.
Give it to me instead.
Mom, you should refrain
from consuming a lot of sweets.
You always have mean things to say.
Your marriage has been fixed,
how can you deny? Stupid.
Here, Mom. You too have some.
-Congratulations to you.
-Congratulations to you too.
Dad, the sweets are delicious,
aren't they?
-Have some more.
-No, Dad.
I wanted to say something.
We have found a match, but what
about your mustaches pride?
What do you mean?
I mean... if you get both your sons
married into the same family
then the villagers will say that
Sardar Karnail Singh's
mustache is no longer honored.
No one else is ready to get their
daughter married in his family.
-You are right.
Sometimes two sisters get married into the
same family and end up being enemies.
Dad, why are you listening to him?
Relationships formed in
a hurry often get called off.
You idiot, you don't look good but
you can at least do good things.
The entire village knows
that he is a well-respected man.
Do you think he doesn't have the money?
You were supposed to disconnect
someone else's electricity supply
and you ended up disconnecting his.
Don't you have any shame?
Cast your eyes down.
Sir, you tell me,
how should I punish him?
Let it be.
He must have done it by mistake.
What can we do?
How can he make such a mistake, Dad?
He got us embarrassed
in front of the village.
Ginda, calm down.
No, sir. Not you but
we feel humiliated.
Go home. I'll come there
personally and reconnect it.
-Okay. Goodbye.
-Let's go, son.
-Let's go.
Sir, don't you think you've gone
overboard while cussing this poor soul?
Listen up, you poor soul.
You can ask for a nice gift
when he marries Sardar's daughter.
-Right, sir?
You are making fun of
your senior officer?
Prepare to get it reconnected.
There will be...
-two connections.
One to the light bulb
and the other to the heart.
Dholan, I am so fortunate
to have a friend like you.
Tell me, what do you want?
The thing is, I have managed
to get father on my side.
On whose side was he first?
Stop it, Dholan. Just do these
two small jobs for me.
First, find out which family
does that girl belong to.
-Second, whether she likes me or not.
Look, I can manage
to do one of these two.
The other one, which involves getting
thrashed, you can do that on your own.
Brother, we are talking about a girl here.
They will beat me black and blue.
-Do that on your own.
-Don't do that.
Look, it won't be right for me to meet the
girl in this situation.
Like you have already
booked a chef for the wedding.
That reminds me, here
are the jalebis.
I wanted you to have some jalebis.
You will buy me jalebis?
I thought you would make me
get thrashed today.
-There, I'll buy them right away.
-Go ahead.
Give me a quarter's worth.
I knew you would somehow
manage to convince me.
Do one thing, borrow a
bicycle from Lali's husband.
I get out of breath
if I go walking.
-Is that all?
I twist my mustache and shape them
Oh, no! what is this
dimwit doing here?
Hey, you stupid!
-You are talking to me, brother?
Did you have any work, brother?
You look familiar.
Many came to see me,
but none agreed to marry me.
I mean, where could you have seen me?
This is the first time
I have come to your village.
I've seen you somewhere.
-Do you want me to clean your stables?
-Do you want me to debeak your chickens?
Then why are you wasting my time?
You mind your own business
and I'll mind my own.
Let's not give it more
importance than it deserves.
He looks familiar.
Let's go.
-Come on.
-Take this, brother.
Did you recognize me?
We had met at the wedding.
We had dropped you
to your village as well.
And we were singing...
Two peas of the pod
We were quite entertaining.
Do you recall?
-Yes, okay.
-So then?
-Then nothing.
You sometimes get
to meet people by chance.
That was unintentional
and this is intentional.
Back then it was you and this lady.
And I had my friend with me,
who was wearing a black turban.
And I was wearing a red turban.
Are you asking us or informing us?
Actually, I intend to ask,
but I don't know how to ask.
You know... how a boy can ask a
girl whether she likes someone?
Don't worry, I'll let you know.
-She likes him.
-What? Really?
Thank you very much.
-Let's go.
-Sattu, you are a lucky man.
I'll go to the village
and give you the good news.
Start moving, why don't you?
Two peas of the pod
-Watch out!
-Oh no!
Pass by my lane, my beloved
Damn you!
-You blind idiot.
-Damn you!
Can't you see? Trying to kill me
with this elephant like vehicle!
Are you blind? Can't you see?
This is no elephant.
It is called a jeep.
That doesn't matter. Even I am called
uncle, but I am still single.
Why are you blabbering unnecessarily?
He is an officer.
What do I do with your officer?
He is the one who hit my cycle.
What's more expensive,
the cycle or the jeep?
He is a senior officer
at the electricity department.
He is an Executive Engineer.
What is an Executive Engineer?
You mean Patwari?
You better leave.
Go away. Get lost.
Shut up. Stop your lecture.
-Mohan Singh?
-Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Why are you getting angry?
You never know when you might
need the help of an officer.
His help?
Like he'll make fritters for me!
Dholan is a free bird.
Get lost from here.
-Mind your own business.
-Great officer!
We have come across
plenty like you.
Forget him, sir. You shouldn't
bother about such people.
Here, have some milk.
Thank you.
It will take only a few moments more.
Malirama, did you reconnect it?
Yes, sir. It has been reconnected.
Switch it on.
Go on, little brother.
Let's find out. Switch on the light bulb.
There you go.
There you go.
It has come to life again.
Sir, I would like
to apologize once again.
No, no. It's fine.
What will you have for lunch?
No, thank you.
I've done my job here.
So, see you.
-Okay, goodbye.
Let's go. Hurry up.
-Goodbye, sir.
As a gift, I've installed a light bulb in
your courtyard, especially for you.
He hasn't returned yet.
Despite eating the
jalebis I bought for him.
I even borrowed a cycle for him.
I hope they haven't kidnapped him.
Come here already.
This cycle too feels as heavy as a cart.
I cannot push it any further.
My friend is back.
Give it here.
-What happened, Dholan?
-What could have happened?
My thighs are swollen,
my calves ache.
You got such a useless
cycle from Lali.
Forget about that.
Come to the point.
-What happened there?
-Look, the jalebis you had fed me...
got digested while riding the cycle.
Now tell me, what are you
going to feed me next?
Dholan, you can eat
whatever you want.
Don't throw it, it's not ours.
Your father didn't buy it.
Listen to me, Dholan.
At least tell me something.
Give me some good news.
I have two news for you,
one is good, one is bad.
Which one do you wish to hear first?
Tell me the good news first then.
The good news is that
that the girl likes you.
-My best friend!
-Stop kissing me.
When you'll hear the bad news,
you'll be thrashing me.
-Why so?
-The bad news is that...
there are no chances that you'll
be able to marry her.
Why are you discouraging me, Dholan?
I am just discouraging you.
If you enter her
house even by mistake...
then they will skin you
just like one skins a sheep.
You will never get heat rash again.
She is the daughter of
Sardar Gajjan Singh of Dodra.
The one your father defeated
in the mustache competition.
I am begging to you, Dholan.
Find me a solution.
What more can you
expect me to do?
There is one person
who can help you.
And that is my father, Phaggo Singh.
Uncle, you have been the
one responsible for
fixing everyone's
marriage in our village.
But son, there are some
traditional steps involved.
They need to be followed.
It's not like the cat
drank his share of milk.
-Why don't you give him some?
I see.
I don't understand.
Will your father accept a marriage
proposal from the Dodras?
I heard that he had some mustache
competition with Gajjan Singh.
It's not a big thing, Uncle.
Hobbies and family needs
are two different things.
-He doesn't want to marry Gajjan Singh.
He wants to marry his daughter.
She is smart.
-This is what my father says.
My father is also smart.
I don't understand. Since when did
your father become that smart?
When I got Nahar's marriage fixed,
I was promised a ring, but I had
to fight even to get a blanket.
You are right, Uncle.
My father has also taken it personally.
I am a witness to that.
He said he won't talk to Phaggo till
I don't get a ring ready for him.
-Will you go there, Uncle?
-Of course, I will. Why won't I?
I will go running. It is like
asking a barber if he will cut hair.
No, I'll braid them.
Okay then, I'll go there tomorrow.
No, Dad, you should
go today itself.
Okay then, I'll go today itself.
Go and get my turban from inside.
-You can use mine.
-Don't be so hasty.
-Go and get my turban.
-Go, go. Hurry up.
-Go, hurry up.
Go and tell everyone in the village
to start preparing for your wedding.
-This time I will get a ring for sure.
-You have made me so happy, Dholan.
I started feeling cold in summer
After spending an afternoon
Under the shade of her tresses
I swear, I am excited
After I saw your love
I started feeling cold in summer
After spending an afternoon
Under the shade of her tresses
When veil shifted from your head,
Exposing your face
Only God knows my state
Only God knows my state
Your eyes mesmerized me
What a sight it was, oh, God
I started feeling cold in summer
After spending an afternoon
Under the shade of her tresses
I have heard that
you make good matches.
-Keep it there.
-Then you must have already heard that
all the matches made
by me are happily married.
No one has ever complained.
They have only good things to say.
-The family my daughter goes to...
-...they will praise her a lot.
Now tell me,
whose match have you brought?
Sir, you don't need to ask.
I make matches between two equals.
Salempura's Sardar Karnail Singh.
His younger son is still single.
How dare you!
First of all...
if I knew you were
here to talk about them...
then we wouldn't have
let you enter our house.
Secondly, even after
you told us why you are here...
we didn't throw you out.
Because Gajjan Singh Garewal
is polite even to his enemies.
Leave once you're done.
Sit down.
-Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Okay, I'll accept what you're saying.
Go and tell them to
come on Sunday morning.
Wear your shoes at least now.
Why should I bother, sir?
It will get dirty. Let it be.
It worked out well.
Hats off to you, Dad.
This is what's called
the power of your mustache.
They sent a marriage proposal.
-But, Sattu.
-Yes, brother?
This fact doesn't make much sense to me.
Why is it so hard
for you to understand?
He lost that day.
But only a man whose
mustache values another...
-...must have understood that
he wouldn't find a better
family for his daughter.
There is no one in this area
who has a mustache like mine.
-Right, Sattu?
-Of course, Dad.
Now do one thing.
Gather all those who were with
us on the day of the competition.
Okay, Dad.
I am eager to see you,
I have worn a new turban
I have worn a new turban
I have worn a new turban
I am eager to see you,
I have worn a new turban
I have worn a new turban
I have worn a new turban
At the crossroad close to your house
I stand whole day organizing
Like community watch
I started feeling cold in summer
Don't come home empty-handed.
After spending an afternoon
Under the shade of her tresses
I think Dad will let Sattu leave
only after fixing the marriage.
-There you go.
-Let's see.
Sweets are here.
Enjoy the sweets.
Take this, my boy.
Gajjan Singh!
Do you want me to hold
them on my mustache?
Karnail Singh,
everything else about you is fine.
But your behavior forces me to think...
that marriage should indeed
take place amongst equals.
You are absolutely right.
I came here thinking that
I should ignore a few
flaws I found in this family.
Who is flawed, you or us?
-You are.
-What do I lack in?
Do you have this
kind of a mustache?
You are still stuck on mustaches?
Do you know what we have?
-What do you have?
-Should I show it to you?
Switch it on.
Stunned, aren't you?
Switch it off.
Switch it on!
This is called a light bulb.
We have a light bulb.
Do you have it?
Gajjan Singh...
relationships command respect.
And these things help you gain
respect, not mustaches.
-Right, Ginda?
-Absolutely, Dad.
Ginda, why don't they have
electricity in their village?
How will they get electricity
in their village, Dad?
They are paupers.
They have small pieces of land.
They spend their days doing nothing.
And they have nothing
to do at night as well.
Oh, I see.
So, why should they have electricity
when they don't need it?
Not one but everyone
over there are idlers.
Gajjan Singh!
Did you call us here to discuss
the alliance or to insult us?
Dad, I guess they understand.
But not much.
Otherwise, they wouldn't still be
sitting here like stubborn mules.
Damn you!
What if Sattu gets
a light bulb installed as well?
Sattu, come with me.
Tell me! Give us three months.
What if he installed a light bulb by
Chet's sangrand?
Go away!
It is not his cup of tea.
And what if I do it?
Sattu, I said, come with me.
Wait, Dad.
Let me talk to them.
What did I tell you?
You don't need to talk to them!
The man of the house invites me home
and then insults me
in front of so many people.
Karnail Singh Randhawa, wouldn't even
pee in such a person's house.
Get lost.
Everyone's here.
Give me your word
in front of all of them.
If I get electricity in
my village in three months...
then you will let us get married.
Get lost!
Why would paupers get electricity?
-Don't you have it?
-Shut up.
No, son.
He is in your house.
You should be polite even to
the enemy who comes home.
He claims that he can
get electricity in his house.
And you are sure that he can't.
Then why don't you let him try?
He shouldn't feel that
he could have got electricity.
Give him a chance.
Three months.
Chet's sangrand.
Fine, you can get your
misunderstanding cleared.
You can try your best.
Let's go, Dholan.
They think they will get electricity!
Uncle, so, everything got
messed up because of a light bulb?
He will get married if he
manages to get electricity.
If he doesn't, then he wouldn't
get the girl. Right?
You are the one who fixed
the time line, Dad!
It wasn't easy to get
electricity back then.
Go on, Uncle.
What happened next?
Then what? You are done.
Leave and vacate the seat.
He is so short-tempered.
Grandpa, you didn't learn
anything from your story.
I mean you ended up taking
help with the ones you fight.
Who knows you might need
his help tomorrow.
What if he becomes a Deputy Commissioner?
Does he look like one to you?
Don't worry about the face.
It will take 700 rupees for a facial.
And he will start looking
like a Deputy Commissioner.
Do you want to look
like a Deputy Commissioner?
Take 700 and do the facial.
I don't look that bad though.
I am paying 700 for his story.
And not because I want
to look like a Deputy Commissioner.
Go on with the story, Grandpa.
What happened next?
What happened?
We told them that we would have
electricity by Chet's sangrand.
Sattu's father got upset.
He wasn't easy to convince.
Give me something to eat.
Go ahead and feed
this useless son of mine.
This is why I had brought you up?
Stop it.
Nobody dares to interrupt me today!
I am warning you guys.
If anyone does,
it'll be the last of anything they do.
This is the first time I got insulted in
front of a crowd because of him.
The one I was so proud of.
Dad, I didn't know they would
invite us home and do this.
Did they invite you?
I know what you did.
With Phaggo and with our family.
And what did you do when
they misbehaved with our father?
Why didn't you come with us?
Brother, it's not like
I have begged them.
They spoke about the light bulb...
then I said that I'll get both,
electricity as well as his daughter.
I can let you stay single forever.
But I shall never form any kind
of relationship with that family.
Do you understand?
My name is Karnail Singh Randhawa.
What I say is the final word, son!
And I am Karnail Singh Randhawa's son.
We will get electricity in our village.
We will also get a light bulb here.
And Gajjan Singh's daughter will enter
this house as a daughter-in-law.
I will not let the person who
said that stay in this house.
Get lost from here.
Go away!
Dad, if they take the water's
turn first then I'll hit them.
Keep quiet and eat.
-Here's your dinner.
-What's wrong?
Why don't the greens taste like
they were made by my daughter?
-She is upset with you.
-Why is she upset with me?
How would I know?
You can ask your darling daughter.
Let it be, Mom.
I am not his darling daughter.
There was a marriage proposal for
me and I didn't even know about it.
It's not like we fixed it, stupid.
And for your information,
we never intended to either.
We didn't invite them
home to fix the alliance.
We had to show them their truth
and that's what we did.
And what about the promise?
If he manages to get a light bulb
then you will get me married to him.
What makes you think those paupers will
manage to get a light bulb installed?
But you have promised.
Oh, my daughter is angry!
Come here, dear.
Come here, sit with me.
If my daughter is upset
then I shall apologize, okay?
Smile for me.
Smile, my dear.
And she smiled!
Bhagga Singh,
electricity must be some evil.
The boy just mentioned it
and his family went against him.
I wonder what else shall
happen in this village now.
Yes, it is evil.
It caused a rift between
a father and a son.
Whether they get electricity or not,
the way Karnail Singh
treasures his pride...
he won't let his
son enter the house again.
Let's wait and watch.
-Dad is here.
-That monster is asleep.
Don't address him as a monster.
He is my father.
It's not like I ever called
him with respect.
There you go.
Come on.
Open it.
Fill it.
Fill it up.
-Keep an eye on him.
Oh, no.
He's still asleep.
He's still asleep. Come on, get up.
Fill it.
Take it.
I hope we don't lose all our energy by the
time we get electricity in our village.
-We have been walking since a long time.
-You won't lose all your energy.
What is he doing here?
I had insulted him.
-So, what brings you here?
-We are here with gifts.
Why are you hiding your face?
I talk sweet,
so flies tend to sit on my face.
I thought you cannot show
your face out of disgrace.
Anyway, forget it.
What brings you here?
We want a light bulb.
-Whom do we meet?
Assume that I am your
first person of contact.
We will anyway have to assume it,
you don't look the kind.
-Listen, I am the lineman.
And you cannot go inside
without my permission.
I give permission only when I am happy.
-And how's your mood right now?
-I am not happy.
So, should we beat
you up to make you happy?
You idiots don't know how to please the
person you need help from.
-Okay, a gift. Wait.
-No, we know. Here you go.
-Here you go.
-Well done, boys.
This is pure clarified butter.
-But please return the pail.
That's better.
-Now listen to me.
-There's an officer named Mohan Singh.
He's the Junior Engineer.
-Now make arrangements to make him happy.
And it has to be done
in the same way.
-Is he greedy as well?
Yes, we will. Goodbye.
-Wonderful, it's heavy.
-Let's go.
All of them are the same.
Where is your village located?
Yes... okay.
The government has ordered
to provide electricity there.
It will take more than a year
for it to reach your village.
Do one thing, apply to
initiate the process.
Can't we get it any sooner?
No, not possible.
You see, this department
follows the government's orders.
We thought you are a senior officer
so your orders would work.
Even if I try my best...
it will take around six-eight months.
-Try a little harder, please.
Get it down to two-three months.
-We have given our word to someone.
Son, you have promised
and not the government.
-Do you understand?
-Yes, we know.
The government doesn't promise anything.
-No, not you. You are very good.
-We are in a hurry.
If you are in a hurry, then I have
a light bulb with me. Go ahead, take it.
Use it.
Will it work on kerosene?
No, it will work on mustard oil.
Do you understand?
Fine, then we will have to massage
the light bulb for it to run.
Get lost! Go away.
He is also like a light bulb. Let's go.
This isn't working out.
They want electricity.
I don't know whether
or not we'll get electricity...
but we will surely
end up losing everything.
-Come in, Sattu.
It has been two days,
no one fed me anything sweet.
I've brought sweets for you, Grandma.
Here, have some sugar candies.
-Sugar candies?
-How sweet of you!
Uncle, you didn't complete the story.
Did the prince get the
moon he was supposed to?
Dear, the prince is facing a difficulty.
-What is it?
-The difficulty is that...
he can get the moon in six months...
but the princess's father
asked for the moon in three months.
Now the prince doesn't
know what to do.
I think this prince is
crazy just like you.
Do the prince and the
princess love each other?
Then he should ask the princess to
buy some more time from her father.
-Why didn't I think about that?
I mean, why didn't
the prince think about that?
Who is that?
It's Jeeti with a mustache.
Are you sure she passes from here?
When I was inquiring about her...
I heard that she learns
embroidery from some old lady.
-But I don't know for sure.
That means it's in the hands
of the destiny now.
Yes, I know how fortunate you are.
I'll slap you.
No brother,
you are indeed very fortunate.
There comes your beautiful princess.
-I got that dress stitched.
-Go and talk to her.
-It is very beautiful.
-Go, go!
Oh, no!
I wanted to talk to you.
I don't want to talk to you.
I know it is not right to meet like
this in a newly formed relationship.
A newly formed relationship?
As if my father gave you a gift
as a token of our betrothal.
We have no relationship.
Why are you getting angry?
Everything is finalized.
It has been finalized
by my father and not me.
So, go talk to him.
The elders will talk to each other.
But you like me, right?
Like? You?
Who told you that...
I don't like you.
You must be dreaming.
I have left my family.
I am running from pillar to post
to get electricity.
And I will get it.
If not in three months
then in six months.
But I will get it at any cost.
Whom am I doing all this for?
For you.
No, for my father.
You had told him.
And my father has given you his word.
I have always respected my father's word
and always will.
I'll even get married
to the worst person in the world
if my father's word is at risk.
And if you cannot keep to the
promise you made to my father...
then you should forget me.
Let's go, Maano.
I cannot forget you.
Here's your tea with
lots of milk in it.
I hope you were generous with sugar.
Yes, the packet was open.
Yes, I don't like it
when it is closed.
-Here's your extra strong tea.
-Give it here.
I've kept your tea with extra cream here.
You can have it later.
Give me the straight razor.
-The straight razor.
Yes, I am asking how
do you want it.
With the blade and sharpened?
Keep quiet, Laatu.
Uncle, you had said that
the girl likes him.
Then why did she refuse?
Forget it, I am feeling shy.
The age at which he should be
coughing, he is feeling shy.
Uncle, I'm leaving after my shave.
No. Uncle, tell him. He perhaps
might stay back for a spa treatment.
Yes, his hair is unhealthy.
-A spa worth 1000.
-Do a spa or whatever you want.
Uncle, you continue with your story.
Drink your tea and continue, Dad.
Maano and I were just like
milk and tea leaves.
Maano was milk...
and I was the tea leaves.
Tell me, why are you following me?
What if anyone in the village
had seen us together?
Let them see. I don't care anymore.
Oh, my God!
Look at him going crazy.
Not crazy, I am angry.
That too on your friend who is fooling
people with her twisted words.
Which friend?
The one you roam
around with every day.
-Yes, Jeeti.
Whom did she fool?
My friend.
That day she said that she likes him.
And when he took things forward,
she backed out.
Oh, no!
She said yes on my behalf.
-On your behalf?
You like Sattu?
No, you idiot.
I like you.
Move aside.
Why are you interfering?
Destiny has caused
a big obstacle between us.
-What's the obstacle?
-The light bulb.
You know not just Jeeti's family but
the entire village has decided that...
till the time your friend doesn't
get electricity in his village...
forget them, no one else from
either village will marry each other.
We will solve that issue eventually.
First, we need to solve
my friend's issue.
-How do we do that?
-Look, I know my friend very well.
He can light up the whole world with
a light bulb, let alone a village.
But first, there needs to be a
light of love in your friend's heart.
And only you can do that.
Otherwise, you can assume that
we got separated even
before we could come together.
I don't know that.
Tomorrow we are going to the city
to dye our veils on a horse cart.
Now come up with some idea, okay?
-Remember the guy from Salempur?
He is after my life.
Forget about him. I'll dye
my veil in pink color.
Which color are you
going to dye it into?
Honestly speaking, I don't know which
color to dye it into this time.
Look, the horse cart is here.
Hurry up.
I don't want to go in that horse cart.
-The horse looks quite weak.
I don't think he can drive it well.
Let's go, brother.
Look, it got filled.
Now who knows when the
next horse cart will come?
It will come.
Look! There comes a horse cart.
Passengers for Fatehgarh,
Gandhuan, Daska
-and close by villages.
Stop! Stop!
-Why have they covered their faces?
I have cough.
Him as well?
I contracted from him.
We have covered our faces
so that no one else gets it.
-Forget that and let's get on.
-Please come.
-Come on.
-Climb up.
Let's go.
Be careful.
Jeeti, we'll take time
to reach to the city.
Let's sing a song in the meantime.
You first.
Two peas in the pod
Everlasting colors are
The colors of love
Two peas in the pod
You reside in my eyes,
Spring brings gardens to life
Some are riding a horse cart
One is set, the other is trying hard
You have a very sweet voice.
-We're doomed.
He is my friend.
-Stop the cart.
-It's okay.
-Let's go.
-Listen to me.
-Maano, hurry up.
Jeeti, please listen to me.
Forget talking, don't even
mention my name again.
If you want what's good for me then
never come in front of me.
-Move aside.
Try your luck.
Now you will get these veils dyed.
First, learn her likes and dislikes
then think about the rest.
Sattu, you can put up
20 light bulbs in the village...
but you can't make her love you.
I am so confused
I am lost in my own world
I sit and weave a blanket of love
A blanket for my beloved
A blanket for my beloved
Oh my dear, dyer
Find me a nice color
A color which stuns the eyes,
Which calms the soul
Why don't you understand what I said?
Find me a color that my beloved likes,
Which will always stay with me
Find me a color that my beloved likes,
Which will always stay with me
Oh my dear, dyer
Find me a nice color
When you start preparing
By boiling the water
Put a few drops of love in it
It shouldn't be bland,
It should be bright
It should touch the soul
Don't use your own brains
Don't ruin the color I made
It's drenched like a lover
Thinking about his beloved
Find me a color that my beloved likes,
Which will always stay with me
Find me a color that my beloved likes,
Which will always stay with me
Oh my dear, dyer
Find me a nice color
I wish I find, my beloved
The color that I want, my beloved
Jeeti, now that I have got you,
I have found my God.
I am still not yours.
I thought your love was true.
Now you need to prove
that to my father.
I have dreamt about being with
you for the rest of my life.
But I also represent my father's honor.
I want you to fulfill what
you promised to my father.
I will never ask my father
to give you more time.
Because I like you.
I will pray that God may
bring us together...
while keeping my father's honor intact.
I will get electricity in this place and
that too by Chet's sangrand.
His hands are weak but his
legs are as thick as a pestle.
Young men, you can massage
my legs every day.
But your work will go as per
Junior Engineer's mentioned schedule.
Sir, you are such a nice man.
Find a solution.
I can't find a solution.
But I can guide you.
-You know the Executive Engineer?
You should try talking to him.
Not like that.
Don't worry, we will give
him a hug when we meet him.
A hug?
First go and make arrangements
to make him happy.
And make arrangements
according to his post.
When my brother got married
He had his brothers with him
His hair was so shiny
Oh, my handsome brother,
When I saw you on the horse
Well done, Malirama.
You have pleased us.
-You were great.
Young man,
why are you hiding your face?
What is wrong?
Is there a problem?
Well, I learnt to cook from my wife.
She used to cover
her face while cooking.
This way the food tastes good and my
spit also doesn't get into the food.
He is right, sir.
Here, sir.
-Son, your alcohol is pure.
-Yes, sir.
Now let's taste the chicken as well.
Sir, we have marinated
the one we loved more than our lives.
He was a member of our family.
Yes, I remember. His father had
adopted him when he was just a chicken.
His name was included
in the family identification card.
Yes, sir.
Please do my job.
Everyday, we meet people
who want electricity.
But I think you are
in love with electricity.
I am in love with her.
They have a light bulb
in their house.
And I want to see her beauty radiate
under its light.
Yes, the girl's father
has put up a condition.
If he doesn't have a working light bulb
in his house by Chet's sangrand,
he will not get his daughter
married to him.
Oh, I see. That means
like Farhad formed a river...
you will bring home electricity.
You are great.
Which village does the
fortunate one belong to?
Dodra village.
Sir, he wishes to
be your brother-in-law.
Only Gajjan Singh has
electricity in Dodra.
You are talking about his daughter?
You know them?
Get up.
I know them and I am
the one she is going to marry.
You should get lost.
And stop dreaming.
About the electricity and the girl.
Sir, I can't stop dreaming.
She will be my wife.
I'll pull your tongue out
and wrap it around your neck
if you take her name again.
My friend is the one who
will take her name.
Try to stop him if you can.
Do you recognize me?
I am the same guy who had insulted
you while you were in your jeep.
Forget about getting electricity,
if we want, we can make
anything possible.
Get lost. Get out!
Who are you to throw us out?
We will go on our own.
-Go away.
-Here's your chicken.
-Go away.
-Sir, we won't be able to eat it now.
Eat them, if it doesn't give you
a stomach ache then tell me.
-Are you crazy?
-Let's go, Sattu.
You pruned face!
They show up whenever they please.
Sir, thieves have reached
even before the camp was set.
Sir, I think you should hurry up.
You should go to Gajjan Singh's house
and talk to him about the marriage.
-Don't waste time, hurry up.
Lift it up, son.
Hurry up, they will be
here any moment now.
Where is Ginda?
Ginda is right here.
Ask Jeeti to get ready quickly.
Jeeti! Come here, quickly.
Come here, my child.
Jeeti, come on, hurry up.
Wear nice clothes and
plait your hair.
Get ready quickly.
Okay? Hurry up!
Pammi! Heat up the milk.
Keep them over there.
Move them a little. That's it.
I am going to make it up
to my daughter today.
That day you were
upset with me because
I had talked about getting
you married to that boy.
Today the Executive Engineer is coming
here to ask you for marriage.
He belongs to a good family.
He is well educated.
I'll give him my word.
My father's word is
the most important thing for me.
Just remember that you have already
given your word to someone.
What do I say about Gurbir?
We get a marriage proposal
for him every day.
-I see.
-But you are smart enough to know that
matches should be made between
families of the same stature.
-You are right.
And God makes such
matches in heaven.
Look at this,
we have an officer at home.
A slight difference
can be easily ignored.
You are almost like an equal to us.
With God's grace you have everything.
Well, it's Lord's blessing.
And we always need His blessings.
Look at us.
My son is such a big officer.
In two years, he'll get promoted and
shift to Patiala.
Son, which post will you be promoted to?
Right, that.
If the name is so difficult, imagine
the power the post will hold.
That is great.
-Better than great.
People will say that your
daughter is blessed
to be getting married in such a family.
You should finalize
this alliance right away.
Consider it finalized.
-Right, Dad?
-Of course.
We don't need to think
twice about it.
Well then let's get them engaged...
on Chet's sangrand.
There is a lot of time left for that.
If you don't agree with
this match then--
No son, we have no reason to deny.
Like some people keep a gap between
the engagement and the wedding...
we won't do that.
We'll get you guys married right
after the engagement.
It's just three months away.
-Lord Almighty.
You keep doing that
sitting over here.
The Executive Engineer
had come over today.
He has asked my father for our marriage.
Did your father agree?
He did.
But I convinced him...
to give you time till Chet's sangrand
to get electricity.
From the time I met that officer...
I have asked only one thing to God.
If I had to be so unfortunate, then
why did He make us fall in love?
We will have to do something
about our fate, Sattu.
What should one do when the officer
himself becomes your enemy?
Sattu, he isn't the
most senior officer.
There is an officer senior to him
who chairs the office in Patiala.
-What is he called?
You should pay him a visit,
for God's sake.
Let's go, no one is here.
-Let's go.
-I can't see anyone either.
Let's go.
-Don't make noise, you scoundrel.
Come on.
Over here.
Quickly fill this up.
-Here you go.
-Fill it up.
Here you go.
It's the two of you!
I'll teach you two a lesson,
you scoundrels.
It was his idea, not mine.
I just came to help him
in this good deed.
Good deed?
Are you offering free food?
Dad, don't you dare
hit my friend with the stick.
So, you are going
to hit me with a stick?
No, I mean,
you could use this instead.
That will break his head.
He is leaving, Dad.
There goes your friend.
What do I do?
He's your son after all.
He left his friend alone.
Now you will definitely get beaten up.
Damn him.
That lanky old man is very strong.
Dholan, you survived, my friend.
Stay away.
"My friend!"
Where were you?
You ran away like a coward.
Now you are calling
me your friend.
You should be grateful
that I gave him that stick
otherwise, he would have used his
stick and cracked opened your skull.
And what about these bruises on my body?
-"Cracked opened your skull."
We are going to Patiala tomorrow.
We will take medicine
from a senior doctor there.
Who said we are going to Patiala?
Don't we have to
meet the Chief Engineer?
Let it be, brother.
Your father has a lot
of electric current in him.
Why don't you put some
wires in him and make the light bulb work?
Entire village will light up.
Fine, I thought our
friendship was unbreakable.
I don't know about that.
But your father certainly
broke a few bones of mine.
I also heard that friends keep
getting upset with each other
but they never stop
supporting each other.
Fine. I'll get going.
Stop this nonsense and sit down.
We will leave in the morning.
Get a sack full of
potatoes from inside.
I won't take a sack full
of potatoes from your house.
Why? Do my potatoes
have skin made of brass?
I am scared of your father.
Don't worry.
If he wakes up, this time I'll run
away and you can get beaten up.
Your father had beaten
me up with a stick.
My father will peel your
skin with a straight razor.
Today the Prime Minister of India,
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,
while inaugurating
the Bhakra Dam said that...
the dam will resolve Punjab
and regions surrounding it's...
Hello, sir.
What is it, Mohan Singh?
Sir, sign this file.
Please do.
What is it?
This is the list of
places where electricity
will be provided in the
next four-five months.
I hope the village, where those
idiots live, is not on the list.
It won't if sir does nothing about it.
What do you mean?
I think they are quite passionate
to get their work done.
And passionate people can do anything.
Do you understand?
That's why you shouldn't believe,
trust or keep faith in passionate people.
What can they do?
Generate electricity at home?
Mohan Singh, I am in charge
of this office.
How can there be electricity
where I don't approve?
I am sorry, sir.
There are officers above you as well.
And they too are just
like you and me.
God knows, even they take bribes.
Do you get it?
-Bye, Labh Singh, the horse cart is here.
Where will we make him sit?
There is no place.
Who says there is no place?
You have placed a sack on the seat.
Lift it or I will throw it.
Don't say anything about the sack.
Why? Does it scold?
-Yes, and more to old men like you.
Do one thing, take the next horse cart
if you manage to stay alive by then.
Otherwise, four people
will put you to your grave.
Look at his body. Not four,
he will require ten people.
Wait, I'll tell you. I am the
Head of this village.
If you are the Head then why
don't you travel on your own horse?
-Wait, you scoundrel.
-Let's go.
-Carry on.
-You are troubling an old man.
None of the things you want will
work out, you scoundrels.
Shameless fellows!
Damn you!
You ruined my clothes.
Are you blind?
I think you've drenched him.
Whatever you just called me,
you're exactly that.
-Wait, you scoundrel!
It has been such a bad day so far!
I am coming across the
worst kind of scoundrels.
Sir, we went to your office.
We learnt from there
that you are at home.
Please accept these ordinary flowers.
But you said you brought potatoes.
Sir, you are rich.
These are nothing but
ordinary flowers for you.
I'll think about it.
Don't think, sir.
-Just do it.
Give us electricity as soon as possible.
I'm begging you.
Begging won't work.
It's an official thing.
It involves a lot of paperwork.
Don't worry,
I'll still see what I can do.
Tell me something, why are you in
such a hurry to get electricity?
-It's a matter of heart, sir.
Matter of heart?
Our heart aches when we see
other villages having electricity.
We are jealous of them.
We cannot tolerate it.
The children of those people
who have electricity,
study under a light bulb
whereas our children
study under a lamp.
They inhale a lot of smoke.
Their nose looks like
a silencer in the morning.
Stop it.
You seem like nice people.
Yes, that's what our
villagers say as well.
I'll help you.
But before that, go and keep
this sack of potatoes inside.
-It is full.
Don't you have any servants?
Should I hire a servant just for you?
Mokhya, where are you?
Oh, no! Where did he come from?
There he is.
Sitting peacefully!
Dad, how come you are here?
I seek your blessings, Dad.
Everyone is cussing me,
why don't you also do that?
I am a senior officer's father
but I am not at all respected over here.
What happened, Dad?
Don't get me started.
Listen, me being the village Head is
better than you being an officer.
The villagers respect me,
people salute me.
They must be saluting out of fear.
He looks like a monster.
The one whose mother
wouldn't respect him...
-also disrespected me.
-You keep quiet, I'll talk to him.
-Dad, will you tell me properly?
Why are you so upset?
-Hello, sir.
Sir, I was going to the office
but then I realized that
you must be home today.
So I thought I should
pay you a visit.
What brings you here?
Sir, my wedding has been finalized.
I have brought the first
box of sweets for you, sir.
-Have some sweets.
-That's good, Gurbir.
Dholan, the way our
enemies are gathering here
I think soon my father
would show up as well.
-You have come at the right time.
Come, let me introduce
you to my father.
Dad... he is Gurbir,
the Executive Engineer.
He is a very nice boy.
Don't you dare eat the sweets.
Throw it back on their faces!
Give them to me.
Get lost, you scoundrels!
-I'll beat you black and blue!
What have you done, Dad?
Shut up!
What does this sack contain?
Forget the apples,
he'll beat the shit out of us. Run!
You two! Scoundrels!
You are such an idiot.
You cannot do anything right.
Why did you have to misbehave
with a senior citizen?
I didn't know he would
be that officer's old man.
What do you mean by old man?
Call him his father.
Same thing.
Fine. Father.
Even if he wasn't his father,
is it right to misbehave with him?
Go apologize to him.
I am sorry,
I am not going to apologize.
He is very stubborn.
He won't give in.
Okay, can you find out where he lives?
He lives in...
We met him in Gannu.
He said something
about being the Head of a village.
Yes, dear.
How can I help you?
First you need to promise me
that you won't refuse.
Don't worry, dear.
Tell me everything.
We never let daughters
leave empty-handed.
Please forgive those boys.
Which boys?
I'll break their bones!
-Where is my stick?
-Oh, no!
Uncle, you just said that you don't
let daughters leave empty-handed.
Don't worry. I won't let
them leave empty-handed either.
They will get blessed
by my stick.
Tell me something.
How are they related to you?
They are useless.
I am going to get married to him.
What? With which one?
-The one on the right.
-He is no less.
Dear, is your family
forcing you into this?
They are forcing him.
He has been given a condition.
They will let us get married only if
he gets electricity in his house.
That's why he misbehaved with you.
That means... I will have to forgive him
and help him get electricity as well.
Don't worry.
My son is a senior officer.
Getting an electric connection
is not a big thing for him.
Dad, that day you
told me not to help them.
Now you are helping them.
That day I even said that you being
an officer doesn't help me at all.
Should I believe that is true as well?
Try to understand, Dad.
This is an official task,
it will go as per schedule.
Do it in whatever way you can.
I don't know about schedules.
I have given them my word.
Dad, you should have spoken to
me before giving them your word.
Dholan, this officer is very stubborn.
He won't agree.
This old man is his father
when it comes to being stubborn.
He will convince this crooked nose.
What are you two whispering about?
Keep quiet.
What did you say?
I should have spoken to you?
Am I your father or
are you my father?
If there is no benefit
after getting you educated
and help you
become an officer...
then I should donate
everything I have to the poor
and settle down in a gurdwara.
You can keep being an officer.
Sit down, Dad.
You are very stubborn.
So, boys...
Dad, this is not possible.
-Should I leave?
-Sit down.
Have some water. Calm down.
So, boys...
-I'll do whatever I can.
But you too will have
to work hard for it.
They will work hard, right?
We will do anything you say.
They will do what they need to do.
You just sign the documents.
You may go now,
your work has been done.
My brother's horse
Returns from the forest
Sisters stop him as he leaves
And asks for a gift
What is it that you have been
looking at so affectionately?
It's called a card.
It's something new.
Specially for rich people.
Then why don't you explain about
it to poor people like us?
My wedding's invitation
will get printed on it.
And I'll give it to
my relatives and my friends.
I see.
These cards are not meant
for people like you.
It is like the invites a King
would send to other Kings.
Okay, fine.
Hello, sir.
Hello, Mohan. How are you?
You've got orders.
-From the head office.
Sir, Chief Engineer has ordered
to supply electricity to Salempura.
Sir, I am looking at such an
order for the first time.
It states that wooden and the mainframe
work will be done by the villagers.
You just need to provide connection.
Sir, we will have to work
on it quickly and revert.
It is an order.
Here, have a look and understand it.
Sir, I don't understand.
Has this increased our
problem or decreased it?
This is beyond your
capacity to understand.
The request for electricity
that the government received from you...
has been granted.
The government has ordered
our department to provide
electricity to this village.
It will take around a year's time.
Even if we try our best, it will
take another six months or so.
And as per your request,
you want electricity in your
village within three months.
As an officer, it is my duty to
give you the right information.
You should be hasty only if you
want electricity immediately.
If you want electricity in six months,
then the government will
bear all the expenses.
You don't need to worry about anything.
And if you want it
in three months then...
from cutting the trees, plotting-charting,
digging to putting up poles...
you will have to
make all the arrangements.
The time you will spend not
making money is another thing.
Now you need to decide.
Do you want the government
to spend its money
or you want to spend
money from your own pocket?
I want consent from all
of you on a piece of paper
with your thumbprint
or a signature on it.
He is right, Uncle.
Karnail Singh's boy is
causing the trouble.
-We'll not sign it.
-It is not so easy to get electricity.
No matter how high you fly,
I'll be always one step ahead
of you to chop off your wings.
-Junior Engineer?
-Yes, sir?
Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
Go play.
I am from a family of barbers
but he is the one with scissors.
Hurry up or else
the village will leave.
-Sit down everyone.
-You too sit down, Uncle.
Please listen to me as well.
We know what you
want to say, son.
We have already heard beyond that.
Uncle, he is just bragging.
He doesn't want to give electricity
-to our village.
Tell me, has the government
ever done anything on time?
They just make promises.
Right, Dholan?
Even if not on time,
they can take a few more months.
Uncle, it is not a bad thing
if we get electricity sooner.
-It will make things easier for the kids.
It will be helpful
to the women as well.
Tell me honestly...
isn't electricity a good thing?
Yes, it is good until
you touch live wires.
Damn it, he is already
talking about death.
Let us electricity, Uncle.
Two electric shocks and it might
clear your voice as well.
Coming back to the point,
how can we listen to
someone who has been
thrown out of his house?
Do one thing,
first convince your father.
If your father agrees then
all of us shall agree as well.
-They can only talk.
Why aren't you saying anything, Sattu?
Will you be able to
convince your father?
Will you be able to
get your father's thumbprint?
-Tell us.
-Answer us.
You are never tired of looking after me.
And then there is your younger brother,
-who never behaves.
-What's taking you so long?
-Get me a blanket.
-And there's him.
-I'm getting it, Mom.
-Massage properly, son.
God bless you.
-Come here.
-May God bless you with long life.
Massage all the way from
the calf to the feet.
Well done, son.
You should massage like this.
Yes. That's much better.
You should talk to the
one who left his father
and is stubborn on fulfilling a bet.
Please don't say that, Dad.
I've missed you all this time.
-Oh, no.
When did you come here?
Where's my stick?
Where's my stick?
Give me the pestle.
-Stop it.
Your son deserves a second chance.
Mom, I know why
he came here at this hour.
And I know why he is massaging my legs.
Dad, then...
please put your thumbprint
on the application.
My thumbprint?
I'll keep a guard
to protect it at night.
You cannot be trusted.
You might chop off
my thumb while I am asleep.
-Get lost from here.
-Stop it!
You are interfering again?
Henceforth, it is the matter of
Karnail Singh Randhawa's honor.
We will not have a light bulb in
this house as long as I am alive.
And no one can make me
do what I don't want to.
He should stop dreaming about it.
Get lost.
Go away!
Don't you think
Sattu is just like you?
He is stubborn just like you.
He won't back out.
I was thinking...
why don't you give it a thought?
Whether is he being stubborn
over something right or wrong.
That's it.
This is what was left to be done.
Don't bother explaining
it to him, son.
He has been stubborn
ever since he was a child.
Once he went to
the animal market with his father.
There he insisted on buying a calf.
His father kept telling him that
we already have a couple at home.
We don't need a calf.
But he didn't give up. He made
sure his father bought it.
Stop lying, Mom.
I don't remember any such thing.
You were a kid then.
You didn't even have
a mustache back then.
Listen, I know you
will scold me...
but tell me something.
Does your pride hold more value
than your son's desire?
If the son...
intends to dishonor his father
then too you'll ask the same question?
Mom, won't Dad be more respected
if we get electricity at home?
Think about it.
Hey! Get up!
I had no idea where His Highness
has been spending his nights.
It seems like you are having a good
time after leaving the house.
No, Dad.
I think you want
me to beat you up.
Don't you have anything to do?
That you are lying down over here.
-Come here.
What do you think of yourself?
You think this light bulb
will work on its own?
Or that electricity
will come home on its own?
Will the light bulb work?
-Will we get electricity?
-"Will we get electricity?"
"Will the light bulb work?
Will we get electricity?"
Now behave yourself and come home.
In the morning, we need
all the villagers' signatures
and thumbprints on the application.
We'll take thumbprints
from villagers, Dad?
Stay away!
Look at the drama!
My dear
Everyone gets stunned looking
At the bright light bulb on the wall
Everyone gets stunned looking
At the bright light bulb on the wall
It fills dark nights with light
It's like a firefly inside a jar
Something unique burns without any fuel
Even the moon's brightness feels weak
Where there is a light bulb switched on
Where there is a light bulb switched on
-Hello, sir.
You seem to be in a hurry.
I hope everything is fine.
I had to take Mom
to a relative's place today.
Sir, how about taking care
of new relations first?
They are cutting trees and making poles
there as quickly as a chef makes sweets.
These sweets don't contain
any sugar, Malirama.
No one's going to eat them.
If it was so easy to
set up poles then the government
would have brighten up
the whole of Punjab.
Go on and do your work now.
Soon lamps will be things of past,
People say
Everyone is talking about it
This is a great invention
Villagers are going to the city to see it
Even the moon's brightness feels weak
Where there is a light bulb switched on
Where there is a light bulb switched on
Sir, you should do something.
They have planned the poles already.
Don't worry.
They'll need the wires to get electricity.
And working with the wires
isn't a child's play.
Late in the night
Light bulb talks to the moon
You spread light in the sky
While I do so on earth
It is the truth and
You have to believe it
It is like the sun and the moon
Have risen at the same time
Even the moon's brightness feels weak
Where there is a light bulb switched on
Where there is a light bulb switched on
The transformer has been installed?
Sir, you have already asked that twice.
When is sangrand?
What is wrong with you, sir?
You are asking that
too for the second time now.
Sir, the wiring has been done.
The tables have turned, we have lost.
The game's over.
Gurbir Singh Bajwa,
Executive Engineer.
He won't let the
game get over so easily.
What's left to be done now, sir?
They have already
installed the transformer.
They will get the connection by tomorrow.
Even the moon's brightness feels weak
Where there is a light bulb switched on
Where there is a light bulb switched on
A light bulb shines brightly
A light bulb shines brightly
A light bulb shines brightly
A light bulb shines brightly
A light bulb shines brightly
A light bulb shines brightly
The officer will soon be here.
Then it will be time to celebrate.
The electricity department
officer is here.
-He is here?
There you go.
Here's the light bulb, spread the
brightness across their courtyard.
Go on, sir.
This way, please.
-Yes, there.
-Thank God!
What happened?
It caught fire!
Get buckets of water
from the pond, boys!
-Hurry up! Go get it!
-Oh God!
-Get it!
-Sattu! What happened?
It caught fire, brother.
-Oh, no.
-How did this happen?
The transformer got burnt.
It happens.
If the wiring is not right and
connection is misplaced,
then this is a common occurrence.
-Yes, sir?
Today is Chet's sangrand, right?
Yes, sir. It is.
Let's go then.
I need to go and
prepare for my wedding.
Fate spread broken glasses
On the path of my dreams, on purpose
I'll have to sleep on thorns
Assuming them to be flowers
Look at the faces of those who got
Defeated after being so close to victory
Our relationship is lost
Before we could embrace it
Our relationship is lost
Before we could embrace it
Our relationship is lost
Before we could embrace it
What do I do with my shattered feelings?
What do I do with my shattered feelings?
I cannot spend the nights counting stars
I cannot spend the nights counting stars
I am being made to embrace rejection
Our relationship is lost
Before we could embrace it
Our relationship is lost
Before we could embrace it
Our relationship is lost
Before we could embrace it
Here, look at this.
It is such a beautiful veil.
You look so beautiful wearing it.
Right? Here you go.
My daughter looks so beautiful.
May God protect you against all evil.
Look, our daughter
is looking so beautiful.
even the clothes must feel
honored of their color.
As they got to adorn my daughter.
Are you happy, my child?
My happiness doesn't matter, Dad.
What are you saying, dear?
I don't say anything.
I've never said anything.
I have always been respectful and
I'll continue to do so.
I'll respect my family,
our family pride,
my father's honor.
I have nothing to say.
Someone challenged you
something in front of me.
You accepted the challenge.
I agreed to it because
I would like you to keep your word.
Your honor was at stake.
I never liked him.
Then he met me.
I didn't even speak to him.
Then I saw how crazily
he was in love with me.
But I didn't accept his love.
I... fell in love with him eventually.
Still, I told him that
I will not listen to my heart.
I'll do what my father says.
Because I am your daughter,
your pride, just like an ornament.
And ornaments only beautify
those who adorn them.
They don't have their own identity.
Karnail Singh!
Karnail Singh.
You must be feeling quite restless.
You were quite proud of your mustache.
But you got embarrassed
in front of the entire village.
Karnail Singh, I always did and always
will feel more prideful than you.
Not because you couldn't
get electricity at home.
But because you don't know
the true meaning of pride.
And you don't even know
what makes it prideful.
People like you count on land,
position and number of animals.
Oil their sticks,
twist their mustache...
and have a misunderstanding
that this is what true pride is.
True pride is having
well-nurtured children.
And I have one such daughter
because of whom boys like your son
leave their houses
and claim to conquer the world.
My daughter said, "I reject such
lovers when it comes to your pride."
You will never be able to compete
with such a daughter's father.
Come here, son.
Your efforts finally paid off.
Here's your gift.
Give me your hand.
Why are you feeling shy?
It's a gift from your father-in-law.
Come on now.
Come here!
-Come on!
-Come on!
-Now twist your mustache.
-Of course.
I am the father of the groom after all.
Ward off the evil with water,
Oh, groom's mother
The bride and the groom are at the door
Your wish has come true
The bride and the groom are at the door
Uncle, your light bulb story
was great today.
You are absolutely right.
The story was
quite an attraction this evening.
Try this next time, Grandpa.
Get Maano and Dholan married
in the story next time.
That will complete your story.
My friends are here.
Grandpa, give me that.
I'm going to watch
a movie with my friends.
-I'll be late. Bye.
-Be home on time.
Bye, Dad. I'll finish some
work and then go home.
I know you're going to a bar.
-Drink less.
Otherwise, you will
keep throwing up all night.
Uncle, how about increasing my salary?
How about increasing your height first?
So that's a no, I guess?
Here you go.
Is that all?
Here, take some more.
It's less.
I am sure it is two inches
more than your height.
-Fine. Bye, Uncle.
My family and others think that
this is just a story of
an ordinary light bulb.
But they don't know that
this is the story of
how I and Maano got separated.
My friend.
He got settled abroad
after his wedding.
These are the memories of the best
and the most carefree days
of my life that I spent with him.
They are the ones
I cherish the most.