Laawaris (1999) Movie Script

What's the price of tomatoes?
- Rs.10 a kilo, madam.
And potatoes?
- Potatoes Rs. 12 a kilo.
Okay, give half a kilo of potatoes.
- Okay.
Hey, Bhai.
Protection money?
- Yes, protection money!
Come on.
Hey, where are you taking my car?!
Papa, what's going on here?
The same that the ministers
do in the parliament.
What customer you got early morning.
What bad luck.
What happened, man?
- We won't go ahead, sir.
There's trouble ahead.
- Come on. Nothing will happen.
What do you mean nothing will happen?!
They already broke.. windshield, moreover if
they set fire to my van..
..who'll pay for the damage?
Then, how will we take
the luggage home?
I don't care, I'm not going
ahead. That's it.
Beat up...beat up the idiot.
Beat up...beat him up. Beat up.
The idiot threatens us in
Romi's name! - Hey, get up!
Rahul. - This is not done.
Come here.
You'll hit me? Come on hit. Hit!
Hit. You'll hit me?!
Hey, let Romi come out of jail,
he'll deal with you. - Get lost!
Come on.
What are you doing, Son?
- Fight, Papa. Fight.
What's your programme, Son?
Is this what you'll do..
..when you grow up? Did you see him?
What's his fault in this?
goons are posing as heroes.
He'll imitate whatever
he sees won't he?
You could have imitated your father.
No, no, To imitate you, I'll
have to study a lot. - Is that so?
You've started speaking a lot.
- He's a lawyer's son after all.
Son, go and study or I'll
stop you from watching T.V.
I'll bring a stay order from mummy.
And you can't mess with mummy.
- Why?
Why I can't mess with mummy?
Because she won't kiss you.
- You cheeky fellow.
What did you say?!
- Run, run.
Scamp, what did you say?!
Catch him, catch him!
Hero...hero, save me from my
father. - This is our job.
Tell me, what you want?
Well, we've come from
Captain wadi friends' club.
There we celebrate Durgapuja,
..Holi, Dushera and other festivals.
So, we just came to take your
contribution for that.
But, now it's not the month
of Holi, Diwali or anything.
But, it's the month of getting beaten.
- What do you mean?
You're a lawyer, but what
the whole of Mumbai..
..understands you don't
We've come to take money for
protecting you and your family.
I know very well how to protect
my wife and my child.
I mean to say protection. Thank you,
very much. Thank you.
You might protect them from others.
But, how will you
protect them from us?
You're threatening me, you idiot!
- Hey!
Whom did you call idiot?!
- Hey, what's this going on?!
I'll kill you and bury here!
- Let go. Anand.
Anand, why do you talk with them?!
Listen, we don't need
your protection.
He called you idiot, I apologise
to you for that. Please.
Please go from here.
- Enough.
Go away.
- Enough!
Go away from here!
What were you watching, idiots?!
You were watching a drama?!
Enough. That's it. Idiot.
I didn't call you
here for time pass.
The matter is not of giving.
I've taken your land,
you understand?
Pick up the money and
get lost from here.
Anyway you've grown old.
If you wish, I'll leave a piece,
for your grave.
What did I say? - Mr. Kalra,
perhaps you don't know..
..that I served in the secretariat
for 25 years!
Mr. Khanna, you.. - I've been
senior-most officer, Commissioner!
Listen to me..
- I have connections in high places!
What the hell, you're
being smart with me!
You can't force me?!
I won't spare you!
Commissioner, I'll report
everybody! - You idiot..
I have connections in high places!
What have you done? I'd have
made him see reason. - Shut up.
You should have explained
things before bringing him here.
Because of such people I'll
lose my reputation!
I have value in the market, too!
Hey, Kiran, clean up the mess.
And give this commissioner
his commission.
And listen, send the
boys tomorrow and..
..fix the board of our friends'
club on his land.
Idiot. Lost life and land for free.
- How are you?
Hey, Hussain who are you dating now?
Karishma or Madhuri?
Idiot, you'll win with three?
- What, Uncle, what you say.
- Greetings, Uncle.
Hey, Babu. You're still alive?
Idiot, still threatening kids.
Hey, handsome. How are you?
Hey, Uncle, how are you?
First class.
- Absolutely quiet, any problem?
Had a little problem in
extortion today. - Why?
Didn't go through with it?
- Did, but a new addition has come.. the colony, he
refused to pay money.
I'd have killed him right there
but, his wife intervened.
And you got scared.
- Why would I get scared?!
But, should I beat a woman?!
- Hey, don't shout.
What does he do?
- He's a lawyer.
Make him see reason quickly.
You shouldn't talk
much with lawyers.
They play with words, tricks
with their gab. Got it?
Idiot. Take this.
That's it, keep feeding them.
You've pampered your henchmen.
Raj, I'm a hunter.
I hunt wealth, luxury, power.
And for hunting these,
I need my hound dogs.
Hence, I've to pet them.
Have to keep feeding them. Got it?
"Why are you staring at me secretly."
"Come in front of me."
"What are your intentions."
You fool!
Move. Hey, idiots, what are
you all doing here?! - Sorry.
How cheap all this is.
- I know.
I'm sorry for all this.
I wonder how these dogs get in here?
Hey, listen. Listen to me.
Enough of their drama, man.
Don't we have any respect?
- We also pay money.
"You drive around in long cars."
"And live in bungalows."
"You call us bad."
"But peek in your own hearts."
"Then you can ask us."
"Let's settle scores."
"You have something,
and we have something."
"You have something,
and we have something."
"The world's with you."
"The world's with you,
but their heart's with us."
You have something,
and we have something."
"The world's with you,
but their heart's with us."
"The world's with you,
but their heart's with us."
You have something,
and we have something."
"Who are you,
where are you from?"
"No manners how to talk."
"The world is at our feet."
"And you are nothing."
"Don't be so proud of your wealth."
"Someday your dreams
will come crashing down."
"You've plundered the world..."
"...but some day this guy will
steal your heart."
"Don't be too proud."
"Just wait for a few days."
"Don't be too proud."
"Just wait for a few days."
"You have something,
and we have something."
"You admit that you're a theif."
"And you call us bad."
"Why are we bad,
and why are you good."
"Why do you say what you say."
"You have something,
and we have something."
"You hide behind your decency."
"And celebrate your crimes."
"Whatever we did,
we did it openly."
"But did we tell anyone?
"Did we tell."
"What you did were all crimes."
"We did what we had to."
"We did what we had to."
"We did what we had to."
"Whatever we did,
we did it openly."
"Whatever we did,
we did it openly."
"And you did it in the darkness
of the night."
"And you did it in the darkness
of the night."
"You have something,
and we have something."
"You have something,
and we have something."
"The world's with you,
but their heart's with us."
"The world's with you,
but their heart's with us."
You have something,
and we have something."
It's out, boss tell him that.
- You go. Go back.
It always happens so, you
don't accept it, man.
Hurry up, Rahul.
Sit properly. Hold this.
Anand. Anand, just ignore them. Bye.
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Sir, this girl's been waiting
for you for an hour.
So what shall I do?! I didn't
giveanybody an appointment!
That is right, sir. But,
what shall I tell her?
Now that she has come,
send her in! What shall I tell her?
Madam, please. You go in. come.
Come. Sit.
Didn't you hear? I said
please sit down?
I'm sorry, sir.
Without an appointment. I'm sorry.
What's the case?
- Sir, I'm a graduate.
Is this your case? I'm asking
you what's the case?
I'm sorry, sir. Actually I want
to work. I mean practise.
Practise? What practise?
- With you, sir?
What do you mean with me? I'm
asking you what's the case.
And you're saying graduate,
work, practise..
..and I wonder what all
you're blabbering.
Are you deaf or a fool? Or both?, sir. I..
- What do you want from me?
Firstly you stop being
formal with you.
And secondly I want
to work with you.
I've done B. A. L. L. B. And
these are my certificates.
I want to learn from you, sir.
Why from me? There are thousands
of advocates in Mumbai.
Sir, I've attended your lectures.
I've read about your cases,
read about you.
You are our ideal, sir.
I'm sorry. Don't mind, but I want
to tell you why am I laughing.
In today's world, ideal
is just a far-off name.
Ideal is painful.
But, for me Anand Saxena is
the name of i deal, sir.
Your daring, your honesty
and your truth..
..are cited as examples in
the law college, sir.
The truth which is an example to you.. not enough
to run a house.
Neither it can pay the
office rent..
..and nor can it afford a
junior for itself.
You see, truth is absolutely alone
and his pocket is empty.
Even then truth is truth, sir.
I don't want a salary from you,
but just a chance to work.
I'd like to learn from you,
sir. Please, sir.
All right. If you want to ruin your
career, then welcome aboard.
Get started from today. What's
your name you said?
You didn't ask yet, sir.
- Oh, what's your name?
Anshu, sir.
Pushpa, you started drinking again?
Darling, when did I give up?
Uncle, I've to discuss something
important with you. - Tell me.
I've got a job.
- What? Why do you need to work?
This is great news, Anshu.
You're really lucky.
Now you don't need to be
dependedent on any man.
You don't give her ideas!
- I was just warning her.
For her security, a woman sometimes..
..has to pay a very heavy price.
She has to sell her freedom,
her dreams, her future.
You take the job, Anshu. Otherwise,
one day.., too, will have this glass
of alcohol in your hands.
Hey, don't forget, the alcohol
you're drinking.. bought with money
that I earned!
So it's good, at least Anshu
will drink of her own money.
Anshu, did I leave any stone
unturned in raising you?
Don't you get food at home?
What's the need to work at all?!
Uncle, I'm just trying
to be self-sufficient.
There's nothing wrong in it.
- You've taught her all this.
Yes I did. When elder brother and
elder sister had the fatal..
..accident, before dying, they
put this two-year-old baby.. my care and said,Pushpa,
be Anshu's mother.
I couldn't become Anshu's mother.
But, I won't let anyone ruin
her happiness as long as I'm alive!
Anshu, I'm very happy for
you. I'm very happy.
Rahul, home work done, Son?
Only two pages left, Mummy.
- Hurry up, Son.
What are you thinking?
- That how a beautiful, educated..
..and rich girl like you
got hitched with this..
..middle-class lawyer.
- What's there to think about this.
You represented yourself so nicely.
If you'd represented
your cases so nicely.
Then I wonder how many
cases you'd have won.
Well, I won you, that's enough.
- Let go, Rahul will come.
He's just Rahul, not anyone
from the censor board.
Tell me?
- I've finished my home work.
May I watch T.V.
- Yes, watch if there's any cartoon.
Go ahead. - They don't show
cartoons so late at night.
Shall I watch Baywatch?
- Watch what?
Baywatch. - Hey, you're speaking
more than needed.
If you can watch then
why can't I?
Because you're a kid.
- But I'm a manly kid.
You manly kid, go to sleep. We'll
talk tomorrow, manly kid.
Go to sleep, manly kid.
- Good night, Papa.
Hey, man, when is Holi?
- When is Holi?
When is Holi?
- When is Holi?
When is Holi?
- In March, boss.
In March, right? Lawyer
celebrated Holi a bit earlier.
It's Holi, Brother, it's Holi!
You burnt my bike?
I burnt your bike?
Hey, did anyone see me burning
the bike?! What?!
Who saw me?! Come on, speak up..
..Lawyer is standing
here! Who saw me?!
No, we didn't see.
- No.
You also didn't see?
- Oh, No, I came just now.
Nobody saw me.
The people aren't saying anything!
What kind of lawyer are you, man?
You should know that before
alleging you should have that.
What...what is it called?
- Proof...proof...proof.
You should have proof.
Lawyer, if you had
paid it that day..
..then this wouldn't
have happened today.
Now this happened and
you suffered so much.
Isn't it? But still,
it's not too late.
I'm giving you a chance.
You pay it by tomorrow.
Then this won't happen.
- I won't give you a penny!
Hey, get inside your houses!
- Hey, smart guy!
You there!
Remember it, Lawyer, I
can't guarantee anything.
Come on, you!
- Hey you stupid!
What are you looking at? Come on!
Hey, welcome! Hey, give
a drink to Lawyer.
Hey! Lawyer!
It's not done. You've come
to our party for the first time.
You'll have to take a little.
A little. A little.
I didn't come to drink beer, but
to make you understand.
I speak the language
of law in the court.. doesn't mean I don't
follow your language.
Once, I used to search
for troubles, too.
If the limit of one's misconduct
and my patience..
..gets broken, then I
could raise my hand, too.
You've come to threaten me?
- Only cowards threaten.
I've come only to give advice.
I know how to protect my
family and myself.
From others and from you, too.
- From me, too?
Shall we do it now, right here?
You're drunk now.
- Where are you going?!
If you're man enough, then fight me!
Hey, nobody will come in-between.
This is between Lawyer and me.
Come. Come on, advocate!
- Come on...come on.
Hey.. Captain..
- Move! You move! Let go of me!
Captain, what happened?
- Captain? Captain?
When he comes to his senses, tell him,
that, first, he should..
..learn to protect himself, then
talk about protecting others.
Leave it.
Eleven-and-a-half. -Take this, Batla.
Quarter to twelve.
Hey skeleton! You couldn't
build your body..
..why are you trying to kill yourself?
You watch, even Sunil Shetty
will be jealous of my body.
What kind of friends are you all?!
That lawyer thrashed me
up so badly last night!
I was drunk, but what did
you all do?! Let him go?!
What are you saying?
He didn't even touch you.
So then did I get these
wounds automatically?
Hey, you yourself fell
flat on your face. - Yes.
That was good for him.
- Is it?
Give me tea.
- Give him tea.
I thought that idiot lawyer
beat me up. - No.
So, hero?
- Why are you here?
I brought medicine, apply it.
You'll get well soon.
Thank you. You're very nice.
But, you people are not nice,
why did you burn our bike?
You know I've to walk to school..
..carrying a bag of fifteen kilos.
You must know how heavy
a school bag is.
School? Even my father
never saw a school.
What? You never went to school?
And you? You also never
went to school? - No.
My father never fights, but
you burnt his bike..
..that's why he beat you up so much.
What? Your papa beat me?
- Yes. Don't mess with him.
You know he's a boxing champion.
- Hey..
Listen. Listen to me, your
papa didn't beat me.
I fell down myself, got it?
And take your medicine and
get lost from here.
I don't want. Go...go. Go...go!
- You're threatening me?
Shall I call papa again?
- Hey, go away or I'll slap you!
Run! Run away!
- Go away!
Hey, where's Sardar? Call him.
Oh, Captain! I'm fortunate
that I got to see you.
I'm sorry I got late in delivering
your protection money.
What protection money?
- Your protection money.
That you demanded last week.
Okay...okay, money that I gave you?
- You gave?
No, sir. No, you demanded.
Wrong, wrong grammar.
Be quiet I don't want.
- How strange, you don't want?
How come you don't want?
It is your right, sir?
So you keep it. And get lost
from here. - No, no.
Please...please, don't chase me
from the store. I beg of you.
Look, sir I got late
by just two days.
Don't punish me so hard for
such a small mistake.
Who's chasing you, Sardar?
This store is yours, if you need
more money, then just tell me.
I need money, I should tell you?
What are you saying, sir?
The grammar is wrong.
I think you're not well?
I'll order chilled beer for you.
- You idiot, shut up!
If you talk of money I'll
thrash you the whole week.
Hey, what are you doing?!
You're stealing!
- You mind your own business.
What happened, madam?
- He's stealing.
Listen to me..
- Stealing?
Wretch, aren't you ashamed?
Shall I call police?!
Hey, what are you saying, friend?
- Friend?
Bad boys.
- Very good boy, sir! Very good boy!
He's our man.
- Shut up, Sardar!
You let hooligans come inside?!
You let them steal?!
Yes, sir.
- Do you fear them?
Yes, sir.
- Why? When I'm here.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. - They should
be handed over to the police!
Wow, wow, Captain. Now
the grammar is correct.
I say you deserve a glass
of lassi
Bring lassi!
Hey, cheeky, take out
the protection money..
..otherwise I'll thrash
you for the whole week.
Let it be, Captain.
You called me a thief
for the sake of a girl.
I've seen your true colours.
This is wrong, Captain.
"We'll never...break
this friendship.."
Stop it.
Gabbar, I already apologised to you.
Why...don't you stop now.
Forget it.
- I knew you'd say that.
Look Captain, these wealthy,
haughty girls are not for us.
That Night Queen is
good enough for us.
Bar girl.
- You're right.
Captain. Where are you hiding?
Come out.
Night Queen. Get her.
Come on.
What are you doing? Where
are you taking me?
Leave me, you wretches.
Papa, papa look.
That Captain is always
bossing around.
Bring her down.
He dare beat up my boys.
- Help. Someone help.
Now he'll come after
the girl. - Help.
Leave me. Leave me.
Take her along.
- Leave me.
Let the girl go. What's going on?
Who are you?
Are you her brother?
Get lost.
I say, let her go.
Better listen to my papa.
Or else I'll have to
get balm for you.
Oh, the pup's barking
along with the dog as well.
Beware. Don't you dare touch my son.
Madame is a smart one too.
What's going on here?
Move aside. Come on, move aside.
Hey, the lawyer's getting clobbered.
The other day he
was cribbing for Rs.500.
Now he'll understand the
true worth.
Just watch...just watch,
he'll come begging to us.
Don't be too sure. He's taking
on all of them alone.
It looks like he learnt
fighting in the club.
Not on the streets.
- Yes.
He's so strong. What a strong punch.
He's amazing.
You all are such cowards.
The lawyer saved me
from Romi's gang.
And you all sit
here, watching the fun.
Come on, run.
Papa, I never knew you
could fight so well.
You're even better than Captain.
Hi, hero.
- Come down.
Hold this.
What's the matter, Hero?
- Come on, bravo.
Whose is it?
- They are all yours.
- Really?
Now you won't have
to walk to school.
Rahul. Rahul, what's going on?
Come on, get off.
Papa, Hero has brought
us a new bike.
It's so smart, isn't it?
The reason for this favour?
Nothing like that, Lawyer.
You've done us a favour. saved Night
Queen from Romi's gang.
And, secondly we burnt your bike..
..and so Rahul had to walk
all the way to school. - So?
Please keep this bike.
- Where did you get this bike from?
From the showroom.
The owner owed us some money.
- What money?
The donation for
Ganpati festival. Happy?
So, the owner gave you this bike..
..instead of the donation?
He didn't give it happily.
I had to convince him.
Isn't it, Adha?
- Yes.
Yes, Lawyer.
Because our argument was strong.
Were your argument
strong or your punches?
Don't argue, keep this bike please.
Madam, please tell him.
We don't want a stolen bike.
Stolen? Did we steal this bike?
Steal? Not at all.
We don't want your bike,
thank you very much.
Hey, listen to me. You'll
have to take the bike.
How would Rahul go to school?
Inspector, these are the
goons, that broke into.. showroom and stole the bikes.
Constable, arrest them.
- Look, Inspector..
..he's Mr. Anand, our lawyer.
If you arrest us without a reason.. might be suspended.
Do you know him?
- Yes.
I know him very well.
Your job might be at risk..
..if you don't arrest him.
Because, I'll testify against him.
Come on. Come..
That wasn't right thing to do, Lawyer.
Come on.
Hey, easy, man.
Hey, Night Queen.
- Yes.
Ask Boss Kiran, to come
to the police station. - Okay.
Mr. Waghmare, haven't you
been promoted yet? - Quiet.
Constable, there should at least
have been a TV here.
We get everything in Tihar Jail.
Who do you think you are? VIPs?
VIP's don't come often,
but we're regular visitors.
Sir, they are all Kalra's boys.
- Kalra?
That's why I suggest, that you drop
the case right here.
You must be a busy man,
and it'll save me loads of trouble.
Look, I'm a lawyer, if
you don't file an FIR..'ll be standing in
the court tomorrow.
Fine, go ahead.
Captain and his accomplices..
Chhota Gabbar.
- Miranda.
- Patli Gali.
- I'm Patya.
Adha, alias Hath Kate Thakur.
Okay, stop laughing. I haven't
forgotten your names.
Mr. Kaul, you've arrested
my boys again.
Mr. Kiran, come, come.
- Hey, Boss.
Mr. Kiran, shall I order tea
for you, special. - No.
No need for the formalities.
Just set these boys free.
Mr. Kalra will be very upset.
Inspector, here are
their bail papers.
May I see the papers?
- Of course.
You can have them framed
and put up on the walls at home.
Thank you, for such an
invaluable suggestion..
..for the interior decoration
of my house.
But there are photographs of
Gandhi and Nehru in my house.
They must have never
imagined that one day.. the country whose freedom
they are fighting for..
..goons will be bailed out
before they can be arrested.
They must have never
imagined while bearing..
..the atrocities of the
British that the new generation..
..they are doing it for,
will take pride in going to jail..
..and aspire to become
pick -pockets,murderers and dons.
Inspector, I'll put
these goons behind bars..
..within 24 hours.
But I'd suggest that you
take Gandhi and Nehru's..
..photographs off from your walls..
..and put up Mr. Kalra and
Mr. Kiran's photographs.
Come, Mr. Bansal.
Meet me at my office at
10o'clock tomorrow.
I'll keep the papers ready.
Feel ashamed?
Tell me, do you feel ashamed?
Didn't you feel ashamed,
when the lawyer had you arrested?
And now you feel ashamed,
standing before uncle.
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you?
I told you to explain the lawyer,
didn't I tell you?
Didn't I tell you?
But you've started flying high..
Now that you get to eat and drink
for free, you think uncle is an idiot.
Go. go, rest.
I'll take care of this.
Uncle will take care
of this as well.
The court has given a date.
What should I do?
Shall I go and stand in the court?
Or, should I kill that lawyer?
Tell me, what should I do?
Is this why you all call
me uncle? Fine.
I'll do it.
I'll do this as well.
I'll look after you
as my children. Fine.
For you, I'll do this as well.
I will do this too.
You won't do anything.
I'll take care of this lawyer.
Who are you?
Where are you going? - Hello..
Why are you hitting him?
Leave him. Leave him..
Why are you hitting him?
Well done!
What a strike, man.
Has the husband sent his
wife to take revenge?
I don't hit women.
Don't provoke me.
Why? Why can't you hit a woman?
What happened to your decency..
..when ten of you were
beating up one man?
Had you come one by one,
you'd learn your lesson.
When life leaves you with no options..
..the difference between decency
and rowdyism ceases to exist.
But respectable people like
you will never understand.
You only know how
to detest from a distance.
But do you have the guts to.. give an orphan the same
respect as others.
You are an orphan, not a cripple.
Being an orphan,
isn't a licence to hooliganism.
Do you get the right to
threaten and abuse people?
It's easy to have these
reasons in life.
If people who detest are cowards,
you're weaklings.
If they're scared, you
are no different either.
You want to be like Anand.
You can never compete with Anand.
Try to live a life like Anand's.
He fights against injustice,
cruelty and fraud.
Try to live like these
common people.
Even with all the sorrows
in their life..
..they never stray from their path.
They don't resort to dishonesty.
You'll think of yourself as heroes.
He is the hero.
You are just a petty slave,
thriving on Kalra's mercy.
If you have the guts, the courage..
..then try to be a husband,
a son or a brother.
Give up these freebies
given by Kalra..
..and try to make an honest living.
Or else, go stand at the square..
..and dance like eunuchs.
Want to be like Anand.
- Yes.
What's the time? - 12:15. it's
time to take your medicine.
I didn't realise when I fell asleep.
It's the effect of the medicine.
- Where is Rahul?
Here. In the school. I'll
pick him up in the evening.
What did you tell him?
- What could I say?
I told him that you
met with an accident.
I'm going to teach
that Captain a lesson.
What's going on, Anand?
How long are you going
to continue this?
No Kavita..
- Again, you'll...
Why do you want to lock
horns with them?
That's what they deserve.
Last night I gave it a thought.
You all are good people. Educated.
What's the need to pick up a tiff?
You want to live in
the society, don't you?
We'll give you free protection.
But sometimes, for the Ganpati
festival or for the cricket team..
..give some donation.
Look, she's very nice, your
child is very adorable.
Get out of here, you loafer.
Get out of here.
- Anand.
Rogue, you want to
fight with me. - Anand.
You want to fight with me.
- Please leave.
Come one by one.
- Anand, please..
Come one by one.
Come on, fight with me.
Anand, please Anand.
Want to fight with me?
Fight with me alone.
Drop it, Anand. They are kids.
Unfortunately, they have
grown up before time.
They've been misled.
Excuse me, have you come
here to see someone?
Yes, obviously.
Then, please give these
flowers to your patient.
Why, your patient..
- He's fine.
If he could come out of his room..
..I'd be lying in
the general ward.
That means he's absolutely fine.
He's crazy.
- Why, doesn't he like flowers?
He doesn't like my face.
Thanks for the flowers.
Will you come back here
again tomorrow? - Yes, why?
Same time? - Yes.
If your patient refuses
to take the flowers..
..keep them for yourself.
What a piece. It's a beautiful car.
Give it here. - What?
The keys. - What keys?
The car keys,
that you stole from that girl.
I didn't steal any keys.
That's fine, I have one..
No one touches this car. - Why?
I said it, no one will touch this car.
What are you saying?
You know Gaflat will pay..
..a handsome price for this car.
"Gaflat is unique."
"Stolen goods are sold here."
What do you want?
- The screw of your brain.
Captain. With the entire gang.
What's up?
Order tea for everyone. Come on.
I couldn't recognise you at all.
Only thing missing is a moustache.
you look just like my sister-in-law.
I don't have a moustache.
- My sister-in-law does.
What's the matter?
You've changed yourself for the best.
Everything from top
to bottom has changed.
He's changed so much, Gaflat..
..that we've lost our peace.
You were cribbing over a mere Esteem.
Look there.
Move. Move.
Why are you blocking the way?
What say, Gaflat?
It's a nice piece, get it quickly.
How are you?
- Hey!
What brings you here?
What do I say?
The RTO issues a driving
licence to anyone and everyone.
A boy banged into me with his Jeep.
He banged into you.
- No, I mean he banged my car.
The light is damaged,
so I've come for that.
If he hadn't banged into you..
..then we wouldn't have met.
But you'll have to take a pair.
What will I do with the pair?
I only need for the left side light.
What will I do with the right side?
What will I do with it.
- Keep it, you might need it.
Next time when someone's
about to bang into you..
..ask him to bang on the right side.
Gaflat, how much will
I get for the body of this car?
Hey. Hey,
what are you doing with the car?
Why are you inquiring
about the body of this car?
This is my car, move away.
You'll scratch it.
Hey, I'm not going to touch you car.
I own a similar one.
We're discussing business here.
Yes, go ahead.
How much will I get?
- I'll...give you Rs.15,000.
You tell me,
how much should I get for it?
You should get at least 25,000 for it.
Not a single dent in here.
I won't give you a
penny more then Rs.15,000.
What are you saying, Gaflat?
Take a look. Look.
There isn't a single dent on it.
- Rs.15,000.
Give me the lights quickly - I will,
wait a minute.
Gaflat, what will I get for the seats?
Look, there's only a front seat.
No back seats
I'll give you only Rs.5,000 for it.
Gaflat, you cheat your friends.
I'm cheating you?
You tell me,
how much should I get for them?
You should get at least Rs.10-12,000.
See that? Rs.12,000. Tell him that.
He's trying to cheat me.
Why are you cheating these boys?
Take my advise,
and give them 7,000 for the seat.
Thank you.
I'll give you 25 grand for the car.
Don't waste my time.
I'll have to replace
the back light as well.
Take it, if you like
it or look for another garage.
Take it, why are you getting
into unnecessary argument.
Take Rs.25,000.
- Fine, I'll take it.
If you insist.
Deal fixed for Rs.25,000.
- Done.
Give me the light, quickly..
- Hey, hey..
What do you want?
- The car keys.
Why? - I'll park it safely.
What if someone bangs into it?
- Yes. You are right.
Do you have a licence?
- International.
Then it's fine. Here. - Park the car.
Come with me..
I want to purchase it.
Thief, thief. He's stealing the car.
Thief, thief, catch him.
My car. He stole my car.
My car, my car, my car..
- He has fled..
Quiet. Why are you'll
still standing here?
Go and file a police complaint.
Yes, come on follow him. - Come on.
You'll will defame my garage.
What will I tell my wife? - Tell her..
..that you saved the
money for the light. - Yes.
No need to be worried.
What are you doing?
Hello. - Hi.
Where are you looking, talk to me.
Park this model at the side.
Mind your language?
People these days don't
follow the traffic signal.
See, he has parked his
car in the middle of the road.
And he didn't even
thank you for that. - What?
"My friends, these days..."
"...I've lost peace and sleep."
"My friends, these days..."
"...I've lost peace and sleep."
"My only crime is..."
"...that I am in love."
"My friends."
"What do you I tell you about my heart."
"Do I tell you who she is."
"What do you I tell you about my heart."
"Do I tell you who she is."
"She's the song of my desires."
"The call of my heart."
"My friends, these days..."
"...I've lost peace and sleep."
"My only crime is..."
"...that I am in love."
"My friends."
"Since she dwells in my heart."
"It's been burning bright."
"My breath feels invigorated."
"Like the dawn of spring."
"My friends, these days..."
"...I've lost peace and sleep."
"My friends."
"Sometimes it feels she's close."
"Sometimes it feels she's far."
"Sometimes it feels she's close."
"Sometimes it feels she's far."
"I am not in my senses..."
"...and I feel elated."
"The call of my heart."
"My friends, these days..."
"...I've lost peace and sleep."
"My only crime is..."
"...that I am in love."
"My friends."
How is your patient?
I mean, how are you?
No, man!
I should first ask, how are you.
After that comes, how is your patient?
How are you?
How is your patient?
It doesn't seem right.
I didn't expect to
meet you again today.
Come to your senses, Captain.
She's an educated girl.
She'll see right through you.
One more time.
Did you like the flowers?
May I come in?
Greetings. - You?
I figured that you've
realised your mistake.. I came to meet you.
I made some carrot sweet at home.
Thought you might like it.
You came here at this hour..
If someone sees you,
they might think wrong.
Why? Are you such a bad person..
..that can no one come meet you?
You know the kind of man I am.
If you behave so delicately
and softly with girls..
..they'll think you're a sissy.
You don't have any courage.
When you do love her,
then why don't you tell her?
What do I say to you?
Actually...I...with girls..
You were speaking good enough.
How else does one speak with girls?
And if that doesn't work..
..then you can try the other way.
You can flirt with her,
you can whistle at her.
You can have her abducted.
What are you saying?
- You think I can do that?
I've never hit a girl.
Then why do you call
yourselves goons and hooligans.
What is your stubbornness
and hooliganism for?
It's just a sham to scare others.
Do you know why you frighten others?
Because you're scared yourself.
And you're trying to hide..
..behind your image of Captain.
No, no how can you say that?
What do you know about us?
No, I don't know you.
But I do know guys of your age.
What do you think,
my husband was born old?
What are you saying?
Was the lawyer like this too?
- He was worse.
I had to thrash him to
make him admit his love for me.
Otherwise, all he'd talk about was..
..the moon, stars, oceans, the sky.
The trees, flowers,
the dew on the flowers. You and me..
You laughter is just
like that of a child.
Won't you tell me
something about yourself?
My story is very short, madam.
Not madam. Sister.
Sister. - Yes.
My mother was 15 years old,
when I was born.
She was still in school.
Four people raped her.
To save herself from defamation..
..she left me on the streets.
Someone must have taken pity on me..
..and taken me to the orphanage.
They gave me more beating than food.
So I ran away from there.
I'd snatch bread from the dogs.
When I grew up,
I started snatching from humans.
I was jailed..
..but then uncle Kalra bailed me out.
And that's how I came here.
You're crying.
That's the problem
with you educated people.
You'll get emotional very soon.
But sister,
your tears won't change anything.
These things happen.
Right now, a 15 year
old must be being tarnished..
..and a new Captain will be born.
We don't regret what are are.
We became what life made out of us.
No one ever asked,
nor did we say what we wanted to be.
Come on, it's late.
I'll drop you home.
Don't worry,
it's nothing to worry about.
I've years of experience for this.
Don't worry, I'm with you.
- She's here. She's here. Run.
Yes, may I help you? - No, thank you.
Hello. - Hello.
How are you now? - What?
I mean, didn't your patient
come visit you? - What?
No, no I...I meant..
- I didn't understand what you meant.
Excuse me. Doctor. - Yes.
Captain. Captain. Captain.
Dr. Joshi,
the patient in room no. 203..
I've received his reports.
Nothing to worry about. I'll
discharge him tomorrow. - Thank God.
Your patient is getting
discharged tomorrow?
Yes. - Yes, absolutely.
But he should stay
a few more days. - Why?
Why not? - You should be
completely sure that he's fine.
You can discharge him only after that.
But he's absolutely fine.
How do you know?
- Because he's the doctor.
Okay doctor, bye. - Bye.
Okay mister, see you.
How will you see me? She left.
What's this?
You kept rehearsing it all night.
You didn't sleep,
neither did you let me sleep.
So, what happened now? She left?
Don't lose heart.
I'll tell you,
give her a lift. - Lift?
Her car won't start.
What's wrong? Any problem?
The car is not starting?
Open the bonnet, I'll check.
What's wrong?
- Your spark plug is missing.
Oh God, I'm in trouble.
I'll drop you. - No, it's okay.
No, it's not a problem.
I am free. - Okay, fine.
But where is your car? - My car?
Rustom, stop drinking so much.
Or else you'll die someday. - Yes.
Darling, this car is
the same model as ours, right?
Yes, darling and the
numbers are same as well.
Number? It's the same number,
that's our car.
Our car. - Thief, thief, thief.
-Hey man, why are you shouting?
He stole my car. - He stole your car.
Yes. - Then go to the police station,
don't shout.
This is a hospital. - Hospital.
Yes. - Do you remember something?
What? - Gaflat's garage.
Who's Gaflat?
Don't you remember my red car?
- Which red car?
You steal cars!- Hey man.
Rustom, relax.
What happened? - Are you blind?
Pick him up.
You didn't have to take the trouble.
Leaving your work..
- I'm doing my work.
What? - Yes.
I had to take this car to someone.
So. I'll drop you on the way.
That's my job.
I buy the car from one,
and sell it to another.
So, you deal in cars.
Do you like old songs?
- No, no, not at all.
But I love them. - Oh, you do?
I thought, you.. - It's all right.
Anyway, we're close to my home.
Take a right.
Police, outside your house.
My uncle is the
commissioner of police.
Thank you. - Thank you.
It feel weird. I'm giving
thanks but I don't know whom.
What? - I mean, your name?
Vijay. - Thank you, Vijay. didn't tell me your name.
Sorry. Anshu. - Anshu.
I'll talk to you later?
Hi, Aunt. - Who was he?
Who, Aunt?
- The one who dropped you home.
Vijay. He keeps bumping
into me every other day.
He keeps bumping into you.
Oh, God, is he a man or a car?
He's absolutely crazy.
The other day, he gave me the flowers
which he brought for his patient.
Maybe, he likes you.
He's so funny, Aunt.
When he heard that
sir is getting discharged..
..he was very sad.
And he was asking the doctor.. keep sir in the hospital.
The doctor was confused as well.
I didn't know whether
to scold him or laugh at him.
Tell me, Aunt.
If someone wants to keep a patient..
..who's been cured, in the hospital..
..even though he has
nothing to do with him.
How would you feel?
Isn't that strange.
Possibly, he's concerned..
..more with the patient's visitors.
What do you mean? - I mean, you.
Me? - Yes.
Why me?
Because he loves you, foolish girl.
Loves me.
Men do such things
when they are in love.
I think it's his first time.
But why are you feeling shy?
Aunt, I'll be very upset with you.
- Go ahead.
But you are smiling.
Anshu, you're in love baby.
What are you saying, Aunt?
Just what you want to hear,
and he wants to say.
No. I can't say it. - You can't?
Fine, I'll say it on your behalf.
I love you. - Don't joke.
Strange. You won't say it..
..nor would you let me say it.
Will you keep quiet?
The day you say it,
she might not listen.
It'll be too late.
Try to understand. Love is blind.
From Romeo to Majnu.
From Farhad to Gaflat,
everyone had to say it.
'I love you.'
Only then your story advance.
Baldy, who fell in love with you.
Gaflat, keep your
boring story to yourself.
Captain, take my advice.. her, and tell her everything.
Don't think Captain,
pick up the phone, call her..
..and pave your path of love.
Hello. - Yes.
Anshu. I love you.
I just wanted to tell you that.
I don't care how you react,
but I've said it.
I love you.
You are 20 years late.
Unfortunately, I am married.
I am Anshu's aunt, son.
Will she marry you?
I'm done for.
I proposed to her aunt.
Who is it, Aunt? - It's for you.
Here, talk to Anshu.
Hello. - I won't do it.
Aunt, it's either a blank
call or a wrong number.
It's the right number.
Then why is no one talking?
He was talking to me.
- Who is it?
The same one,
who kept giving you flowers..
..lifts etcetera etcetera.
- You mean, Vijay.
Hello, is that Vijay?
Yes. - Yes, Vijay.
I.. - Did he say it.
He isn't saying anything.
Vijay, I'm listening.
Do you want to say something?
Vijay, will you say something..
..or shall I disconnect?
- Anshu, I love you.
What? - Did he say it?
What did she say? - She didn't..
Its all your fault.
It wasn't my idea, it was his.
- Hey, Gaflat.
I'll break his head today..
Let me teach you a lesson..
Wow. My Anshu is looking
very beautiful today.
What's the matter? - Nothing, Aunt.
I'm going out. - Really.
I've never seen you dressing
up like this to go out. - Why?
What's so special?
One dresses up usually
to impress someone.
Aunt, I'm only going to the hospital,
to meet my boss.
Then your efforts went in vain. - Why?
Mr. Saxena has been
discharged from the hospital.
His wife called.
Anshu, why are you so sad?
It's the first time,
I've seen someone look sad..
..on hearing about
the patient's recovery.
When did she call? - Forget the call.
I was wondering if someone
else came to see the patient too.
How will he know,
where and how to meet him?
Anshu, I want to
apologise for last night.
Look, I didn't mean
what I said on the phone...
What? You didn't mean.. - Yes.
No, I mean...that was
not what I meant to say.
What did you want to say?
I wanted to say that,
but everyone was with me.
What? - No, I mean I couldn't think..
..of what to say.
I just did what my friends told me.
I love you.
You mean, don't you want
to say I love you to me.
When did I say that? - Just now.
You just said, that you
wanted to say something else..
..but you said I love you instead.
No, you are getting me all wrong.
Thief, thief, thief. You stole my car.
What do you think? - Sorry, son.
- I won't spare you. - Rustom.
I'll complain to the police.
- Leave him.
Anshu. That's why I'm apologising.
Why are you apologising?
- For saying I love you.
Oh, so it was a mistake
to say I love you.
I didn't make any mistake.
My mistake was to apologise to you.
You are so ill-mannered.
First of all,
you don't say what you intend to.
And then you talk
nonsense on the phone.
And you refuse to apologise now.
I don't apology, I want his head.
Quiet. Why do you always
interfere between us?
This is our personal problem.
This is our personal problem as well.
- Be quiet.
Rustom, be quiet.. - Acting smart.
What do you think?
Are you a fool. - Sorry.
You stepped over my feet again.
- I said sorry. - What sorry.
Listen to me. - Why should I?
What else do you have to say?
Why did you play
the joke on the phone?
It was not a joke,
I really wanted to say that.
So, are you trying to
fool me now by apologising?
No, I felt maybe you
are angry with me, that's why.
And you must have thought..
..I've come here to meet my patient,
and not you. - Yes.
Don't you know my patient
has been discharged this morning?
So, I.. - Shut up.
You neither know how to
admit your love nor to apologise.
You're right. I don't know
to admit my love, or apologise.
I only now how to try my best.
Then keep trying. - What?
You know, I was two years old..
..when my parents
died in a car accident.
After that,
my uncle and aunt brought me up.
What about your parents.
They are not here.
I prefer living alone.
No. - Why?
Your eyes tell a different story.
I'm scared.
I've always heard that truth is ugly.
What do you mean?
I don't believe, that you love me.
- You will.
Oh my God, I'm late.
There's still time.
Come, Rahul.
Hello, Sister how are you.
Give it to me... - Give it to me.
Long time no see.
Where have you been?
Even he doesn't know that.
How can he tell you?
What do you mean?
- I mean, it's a girl.
Idiot. - Affair.
You make such a lovely
word sound so cheap.
Affair and all. - It means the same.
Only the name is different.
Love, affair...what difference
does it make? - Fine.
I'll talk in that language.
Is she genuine.
I mean, do you love her?
Is she the girl,
you would talk to in the mirror?
You shy away at the
mention of her name.
So what did you tell her?
Or you didn't talk to her at all.
He has met her.. - Did I ask you?
Take Rahul home. - Come on, Shorty.
And you come with me,
I want to talk to you.
Captain, have you ever thought..
..what she'll feel
when she learns the truth.
What? - If I tell her the truth,
she'll hate me.
And I don't want to lose her.
If you lie,
you'll eventually lose her.
If your love is true..
..then she'll see
the love in your truth.
And she won't refuse to it.
And understand one thing, Captain.
She'll endure the truth
that you are a goon.
But she won't be able to
bear fact that you are a cheat.
I am not a cheat, Sister.
But you are a woman, you tell me.
If you find out, that Anand
is not a lawyer, but a goon.
What will you do?
I'd still love him. Really.
Really. - No.
But I'd have told him.
If he truly loves me,
he'll have to change.
And I'd help him as well.
Anshu, I want to tell you something.
First I want to give you something.
Ladies first.
What is this? - Me.
You? - Yes.
It has everything of me.
My past, my present, my dreams.
Who I am, what I am, it's in this.
When I didn't have you,
then this was everything for me.
I used to share everything with this.
Read it, Vijay.
Then you'll get to understand Anshu.
What Anshu wants.
What is she afraid of.
What does Anshu wants?
Anshu doesn't have big
dreams like other girls.
Only a small house, with big windows.. that a lot of
air and sun comes in.
And the door, open like Anshu's heart.
Lovely kids like flowers.
And your company.
And you're afraid of?
For the first time in
life I've trusted someone.
For the first time,
I've formed a relation.
With you.
I'm afraid that if you..
I'll always be with you.
"I heard...what you said."
"I heard...what you said."
"And weaved a dream."
"Don't ever break it."
"Don't ever leave me alone."
"I shall save you from every sorrow."
"Don't forget your promise."
"Hide you in my arms."
"Make a resolution."
"I heard...what you said."
"And weaved a dream."
"Don't ever break it."
"Don't ever leave me alone."
"I will always love you."
"Don't forget your promise."
"I shall be yours."
"Make a resolution."
"I heard...what you said."
"If there comes a twist in life..."
"...don't ever part ways."
"Whether its day or night,
joys or sorrows."
"I shall be yours forever."
"Don't ever break my heart."
"Don't forget your promise."
"Let's keep singing this song."
"Make a resolution."
"I heard...what you said."
"And weaved a dream."
"Don't ever break it."
"Don't ever leave me alone."
"Before I met you, I was unaware..."
"...about love."
"You're my life long companion."
"Do I have the permission."
"I will always love you."
"Don't forget your promise."
"I will make you mine."
"Make a resolution."
"I heard...what you said."
"And weaved a dream."
"Don't ever break it."
"Don't ever leave me alone."
"I will always love you."
"Don't forget your promise."
"I shall be yours."
"Make a resolution."
"I heard...what you said."
"I heard...what you said."
Hello, Anshu? Anshu?
What's the matter?
Who is the boy? - Which boy?
Did you see, Kavita how she blushed.. soon as I mentioned the boy?
Does her face hint at love?
Why are you teasing her, Anand?
I have that right on her,
she's my assistant.
What's the name of the boy? - Vijay.
The name is a bit filmy,
but it will do.
When will you introduce him to me?
- For what, sir?
So that you both could
be married at the earliest.
No, Papa.
First ask if the booty is original.
What did you say?
Yes, yesterday mummy also
asked Captain about his girlfriend.
When did I ask, Rahul? - I
..even started discussing
his girlfriend with you.
Our son is growing
up in very good company.
What's bad about his company?
Doesn't Captain have a right to love?
He's trying to change.
And if he needs my moral support..
..for that, then what's wrong in that?
Who is this boy, sir.
- That hooligan, Captain, the goon.
Anand, he's even apologised to you.
And he's changed a lot, he is..
- Stop it, Kavita.
I don't say anything to
you doesn't mean you'll do..
..just anything.
Stop your social service.
Sir, please.
Today is your wedding anniversary.
Why are you spoiling the mood?
Oh God, I forgot!
Here's your present. - Oh, thanks.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, ma'am.
So, what shall we do about her Vijay?
Let's invite him for
dinner tomorrow evening.
It's a great idea.
If he survives my questions,
then I'd..
..consider that he's
worthy of your love.
Hey, Kiran,
our hero is getting married!
Congratulations, Brother.
Well done. Well done.
Till now he was dominating..
..outside home,
now he'll dominate even at home.
That's good...that's
good...that's good.
Hey, Kiran, his wedding
should be a grand celebration.
This uncle will bear
all the expense. Happy?
Any problem? Come here. Come here.
You are getting married,
you should be happy.
Uncle. - Yes?
I don't want to do this job anymore.
Yes...yes...yes. No problem.
You do one thing,
you stay here with Kiran. Help Kiran.
You'll have to provide
for your wife as well.
No, you didn't understand.
I can't work for you anymore.
I want to survive on my
hard work and honest livelihood.
What did he say?
What did you say?
Look there!
They all work hard and earn honestly.
What do they get? What do they get?!
Look, look how miserably they live.
You're talking of hard
work and rightful earning.
He's talking of hard
work and rightful earning!
The idiot has lost his mind!
Uncle, that girl
thinks I'm a good man!
How can I break her trust?!
- But, you can leave me?
And for a girl that, too?
- Uncle, please don't talk like this.
I love that girl, I'm going
to marry her. - Okay. Okay. Go.
I was crazy that I picked
you up from the gutter. Go...go.
When you'll rot there again,
then you'll remember this uncle.
Go. Come on, Go!
You won't understand anything now!
Kalra, that amateur boy.
Why did you let him go?
Let him go, Kiran.
Now he has become useless.
That idiot has has got the itch.
The itch of becoming good man.
If he's going, let him go!
One will go, two would come..
..four would come,
ten would come. - Yes.
There's no shortage
of orphans in this city.
You talk to me the day
you'd have your own henchman.
And teach this counting
to someone else.
If this infection spreads then
the other henchmen will also rot.
Then put the chain around
your neck and move around.
Father, you better retire.
Kiran, pick up the hero's
girl and bring her here.
Now I'll treat his infection.
Sir, didn't I tell you,
he'll certainly come on time?
Hi, Vijay.
I'm Anand Saxena. Nice meeting you.
Vijay, why are you getting so nervous?
He's my boss.
If she has scared
you about me then relax.
I make people speechless in the court,
not outside.
Come on. Come on...come on.
I swear.
Come. Come...come.
Please come in. Come...come.
Come. - Where's Rahul?
Rahul has gone to
a child's birthday party.
Kavita, this is Anshu. - Hello.
This is Mr. Vijay, Anshu's friend.
Right, Mr. Vijay?
She's Mrs. Kavita Saxena,
my wife, boss and everything.
Boss. Boss, if you keep
standing surprised like this..
..then our guests
will starve to death.
Hence take off this look
of shell- shocked surprise..
..from your face and
keep it on the table.
Go to the kitchen and cook
something nice. - In a moment.
Please sit down.
When a woman says in a moment..
..then all the love,
all the affection..
..gets absorbed in this in a moment.
It sounds so melodious.
Unbelievable. Isn't it?
will you help me open the cold drink?
I'll help, sir.
So, Vijay what will you have?
- Anything.
Is this anything a soft
drink or the name of some beer?
Sorry, I was joking.
Anand, you're talking too much today.
I'm not talking much. Actually
our guest is not talking at all.
Well, what do you do? - Business.
He has a business
of import and export.
This is the age of business.
Otherwise one..
..could earn just two
loaves of breads with a job.
Milk for children, tonic for
us could be bought only with business.
Well what item do
you deal into? - Cars.
He owns many cars. - Oh.
But, perhaps he's feeling
shy in front of you.
Hey, what's there
to be shy about this?
Owning more than one
car is not any crime.
Yes, the car should be legal,
not stolen, right?
He drives a new car everyday, sir.
But, you know, he's not
proud of anything. - Very good!
You've gained much success
at a very young age.
Otherwise youth of this
age keep busy in hooliganism.
Beat someone,
threaten someone, burn someone's bike.
He also says the same, sir.
He has business in many cities.
And he says he'll go somewhere..
..far away after marriage,
away from this city.
Far away?
You will have to go away, Anshu.
After all,
how long can he hide the truth..
..that he's the Captain, the goon.
Captain, the goon?
- Yes, Anshu, he's not Vijay.
He's a hooligan, Captain the goon,
a worm of this colony.
His business is not
of import and export..
..rather it is hooliganism
and extortion of money!
He doesn't buy cars,
rather he steals them!
Stop it, Anand. That's enough!
Captain, why don't you say something?
Why are you quiet?
What can he say?
What has he ever said apart from lies?
Anshu, listen! I lied to you
because I didn't want to lose you.
I lied because of your love!
Anshu, this..
What else could I've done?!
Anshu, it's true that
I'm Captain the goon not Vijay.
But, it's also true
that I want to be Vijay.
But, you've already killed Vijay.
You broke my dream.
You finished my home,
my family, future.
Go away from here! I hate you!
Please, Anshu, believe me. - Go away.
Anand, this wasn't nice of you?
You invited him to dinner
so that you could insult him?
Stop, Captain!
I started the drama, right?
I'll finish it.
I invited you for dinner, right?
Take this, eat it and get out!
You should have told
her the truth earlier.
My truth was the same
earlier and is the same today.
An orphan is given bread in alms,
but not love.
He gets humiliation, but doesn't get..
..a chance to change his truth.
This is the truth.
You're narrating me
a story of a Hindi film.
No, no, Mr. Kalra. I saw that
girl with the lawyer earlier, too.
She's Mr. Mehra's niece.
And she lives with him.
So what? Father said to
pick up that girl and bring her.
So why didn't you bring her?
- You shut up!
It's good that God
called back your mother.
how could I've handled two fools?
He's not just a girl,
she's the commissioner's niece, too!
But, commissioner isn't our relative.
Yes, he isn't, but why don't
we make a relation with him?
Let's get you married to that girl.
- Have you gone mad, Father?
Didn't you get some other scapegoat?
Getting me married..
- Hey, as if you're going to..
..stay with the girl you'd marry!
Don't I know you?
Father, you better retire.
Your time has expired.
Kiran, make him understand
or else I'll get him do away with him!
What will you do away?!
- Hey, Raj, my Brother.
Agree to it. Agree to it.
I swear, she's a very beautiful girl.
- What beautiful girl?!
I'd marry just anyone
without seeing her?! Nonsense.
Come on, move! Move!
But, Kalra, what to do about Captain?
Kiran. You know where
I started my business.
I used to set cards in a club, right?
But, since I became uncle Kalra.. right hand itches a lot.
Itches a lot.
Now you watch,
how I set each and every card.
This hero Captain doesn't know.. this uncle will
twist the whole game.
Anshu, are you exercising
or punishing yourself?..
Consider it a punishment.
But why? - Excuse me, madam.
Your uncle has asked you to come to..
..the restaurant downstairs.
Anshu is not just my niece,
she's like my own daughter.
I've raised her like my child, Mr.
Kalra. - So?
I am with you..
Have you done a favour to someone?
No problem, don't worry.
You've to get your daughter married.
You'd get her married to
some policeman in the future.
And that policeman would live off me.
What do you mean?
Get your daughter married to Raj.
Your daughter will rule.
Father, I've not made any promise.
Don't make him daydream.
Hey, why do you address
him in such manner?
Now, call him dad. Dad.
He doesn't have a child,
so, should I become his son?
Hey! Don't be rude!
There, Anshu has come.
Come, Anshu. Come. Come.
Meet Mr. Kalra.
He is a renowned businessman.
And he is his only son Raj.
Hi. - Hi.
Please sit.
What do say?
Anshu is a member
of the health club here.
She comes here to exercise
every evening. Right, Anshu?
It's good. It's's good.
But, don't over exercise.
Your face looks good the way it is.
What are you saying, Father?
Uncle, I'm very tired.
If you don't mind I want to go home.
Okay, dear.
I'll drop you. - No thanks.
Let me drop you.
- No. I'm with some friends.
No problem, next time.
So, Mehra? - What do I say, Mr. Kalra.
The sons and daughters themselves
decide about alliances these days.
I'm not talking about alliance,
I'm talking about business.
Anshu. Anshu, at least listen to me.
Anshu. - Uncle?
Be seated. Be seated..
Dear, why do you look so dull?
Why has your generation
started being so upset?
You people should be happy and joyous.
You should be lively.
You should go to movies,
discos and clubs.
By the way, Raj called up.
He wants to take you to dinner.
Raj? - He was asking
for my permission on phone..
..that could I take Anshu out.
I said why not.
Now, your alliance
has been fixed with him.
If you don't meet and mix
up with each other, then how..
..would you get to know
each other before marriage?
- Yes. Didn't Pushpa tell you?
Anyway, dear.
I've fixed your alliance with Raj.
But, Uncle, I don't want to marry Raj.
You don't trust me, dear?
Wouldn't I care about your happiness?
Raj is a good boy,
he is from a noble family.
Dear, I've promised Mr.
Kalra. - Come on, darling.
Not merely a promise, you've
even sold your loyalty to Kalra.
Shut up, Pushpa!
You don't need to interfere.
Drink alcohol, that's it!
Uncle, you should
have at least asked me.
Which world are you living in, dear?
Girls are not asked.
- Don't talk nonsense! Get out.
And you will go out with Raj.
You are so wicked, Mr. Mehra.
You are sending your own
niece to Kalra as a form of bribe.
Just like the way I was sent to you?
- Pushpa!
Don't shout! I won't let
you become an agent of Anshu!
Don't cross your limits.
Did you forget the
beating of last night?
Aunt, I'll go with Raj.
Anyway, what do I have to lose?
All my dreams got broken.
Now I've to adjust myself
throughout life. - Anshu.
Dance? - No.
Let's have drinks.
You sit there, I'll get it.
I was standing outside
your house for two days..
..but you didn't even look at me.
Today, when you came out of house,
I followed you here.
Why? Why are you following me?
What do you want from me?
I don't want anything from you, Anshu.
I want only you.
I am suffering for the false claims
I made to you, Anshu! I'm ready to..
..suffer any punishment
you want me to subject me to.
But don't leave me alone, Anshu.
- Let go of me.
Give me some reply, Anshu.
- What are you doing here?
Give me one chance, Anshu,
I'll prove that I'm worthy of you.
Hey, come on...come on,
get out of here! Come on!
Are you refusing me for him?
- You idiot! How dare you!
She is mine. - Anshu.
What nonsense is this?
- What was all that?
That's none of your business. Go out.
Anshu, remember one thing.
Today onwards, my wish is your wish.
And I won't tolerate
it if anyone else eyes you.
Leave apart what
I'll do to that Captain.
But you... You understand, right?
Wash your face and come downstairs.
Lawyer. Lawyer.
This goon wants to ask something.
That day,
in your house, you had said..
..that I'm a goon, a hooligan.
You remember?
I agree, I'm a goon, a wicked.
I'm wicked.
But that Raj? That Raj of yours,
you won't say anything to him?
You won't say anything to him? Why?
Because he is rich, honest, reputed,
right? Why don't you answer me?
Auto. - What happened?
You don't have the courage
to answer me, isn't it?
You people are educated!
Educated people!
Is this what you learn at school?!
Hey, let him go! - You Come.
Let go...let go. - Let go.
Let's go inside.
Let's. - Come to the room.
You also come.
- Come. All of you come.
What's happening?
- Leave me! - What happened?
Get up, take him inside. - Leave me.
Okay. - Come on.
- Lock it. Lock the door.
Open it. - Let him stay in. Come.
You're friends, you idiots!
Is this friendship?!
Is this how friendship is carried out?
Where are you going?!
Go, idiots.
I don't want anybody's help.
How do you know, Anshu?
I know your father too. - Idiot!
Fool. She is my would-be wife.
I won't leave you capable
of thinking about her.
I will kill you! - come one, kill me!
You're beating me as I'm alone?
But remember, whoever tries to..
..snatch Anshu from me, I'll kill him!
Nobody can separate Anshu from me.
Anshu is mine.
I'll kill him. - Where are you going?
Whom will you kill?
I will kill Raj! - Yes, kill him.
Would that get you Anshu's love?
This is what you've
been doing till now!
You are always drunk.
You abuse people on streets.
If you want to win her love
then make her respect you first.
So that she at least has
the support of your respect.. endure the defamation
from the people.
Change yourself, Captain.
Anshu too shall change
her behaviour towards you then.
What do you know about me?!
- I don't even want to know.
Nothing! - Where are you going?!
"My heart's burning."
"The sorrows are melting my heart."
"The more tears I shed..."
"...the more my heart burns."
"What is this restlessness."
"What is this uneasiness."
"What is this deluge..."
"...that's ruined my life."
"What is this atrocity."
"I lost my love."
"I think my fate's ruined forever."
"What is this restlessness."
"What is this uneasiness."
"What is this deluge..."
"...that's ruined my life."
"Just me and images of memories."
"Life's filled with difficulties
and disappointments."
"Nothing is in sight."
"Just loneliness everywhere I see."
"The lamp that lit for me..."
"...have all doused."
"Tell me o life..."
" long can one live."
"What is this restlessness."
"What is this uneasiness."
"What is this deluge..."
"...that's ruined my life."
"Sorrows have surrounded me."
"The winds are crying, what to do."
"What was music to my ears once..."
"Are lost."
"I wonder where I go?"
"Everything seems faded away."
"I can't find my path."
"And footsteps are wiped away.."
"What is this restlessness."
"What is this uneasiness."
"What is this deluge..."
"...that's ruined my life."
Move aside.
Give me protection money! You idiot!
Give me protection money!
- Who are you?
I'm your father!
- Father? I understood.
Are you giving or not?!
- I understood.
Move! Come on.
What are you doing?
- fatso, move aside.
Who are you? - Take care of him.
Oh, my money..
- Hey, take this! Take!
What are you doing?
Protection money for what?
You are extracting protecting money?
- You idiot!
Hey.. - Uncle Kalra has
sent us to take protection money.
Move aside! - Hey, leave my hand.
Wait, I'll bring someone superior
to you. - What will you do, idiot!
Hey, Captain! Captain!
Move aside!
Open the lock! - Who are you all?
Are you all new recruits of Captain?
You idiot, we are old boys of uncle!
- Let go.
What are you doing?
Demolish his shop!
- Don't vandalise my shop!
This is my colony.
No protection money..
..will go to Kalra from here.
Captain, don't interfere.
Uncle Kalra will be very
angry to know this, understood?
Don't do it.
Don't do it I say...don't do it.
You hit me with a knife!
Come on, idiot! Get out!
I can kill you if I want to.
But I won't.
Go to Kalra and tell him that I've
settled the dues of my upbringing.
Leave. Leave. Pakya, take him.
How did he dare to come back?
- Leave it, Mr. Kalra. Leave it.
Captain is being arrogant these days.
If you say I'll get him done with.
- No, no, don't kill him.
Cut off his hands and legs.
Cut off his tongue and..
..throw him into gutter.
He won't even be able to beg.
To hell with him,
the idiot will pay my dues?
You are getting troubled in vain.
I'll take care of him.
What's his name?
What will you take care of?
Take care of your girl first.
That Captain keeps loitering around..
..that niece of yours, do you know?
We are policemen.
It's our job to mend offenders.
If we do our job, Mr.
Kalra, then we will see..
..who loiters around whom.
Cops. Come, come.
So, constable, you came after long?
What's the matter?
Hey, what happened?
- Hey, what's this?
What's the matter?
- What are you doing?
What's going on here?!
- Why are you taking him?!
Leave me. - Speak up.
Sir, you should have called
us over if you wanted to meet us.
We'd have come there.
Anand, I'm asking you
to fight only for the truth.
Get him freed.
Kavita, people like
Captain are supposed.. be in prison.
If they come out,
they'll spoil the whole society.
Anand, today,
I feel very sorry, that..
..your thinking has become so cheap.
And you don't want to
get Captain freed today..
..because you see your
victory in his arrest.
Kavita? - This is
not your victory, Anand..'s your defeat.
The defeat of your ideals.
Because you are robbing
Captain of his right today.
The right to change himself!
Come on, brother Gaflat, there
are many other lawyers in this town.
Kavita, there's no need
to be sympathetic towards Captain.
I'm sorry, sir, I accept I am too insignificant
to talk about something important.
Captain still doesn't
need anybody's sympathy.
But the Vijay inside him needs.
He needs your support.
Because he dreamed good
things in your company.
It's okay if you don't
think it's the right thing to do.
But don't expect any Captain
to become Vijay now onwards.
Come out.
Take him away. Take him.
These goons have made bail a weapon..
..with the help of some lawyers.
I'm sorry, inspector.
Before alleging others..
..have a look at people
in your department as well.
Kavita, take them away.
Come on, I feel suffocatedhere.
- Don't feel bad about what he said, Mr. Khan.
Actually I've met an honest
police officer for the first time.
Mr. Khan,
I accept that I got an offender free.
But he is not an offender of law,
but of circumstances.
There's a criminal
named Kalra in this town.
He misleads youth like
Captain with colourful dreams..
..and gets them into
criminal activities.
But Captain refused
him today and dreamt..
..of becoming a rightful man.
Mr. Anand, I've orders
from higher ranking officials.
I regret that, Mr. Khan.
Corruption is spread
from top to bottom.
Kalra has even the
commissioner on his side.
Why are you being upset?
Jail is not a bad place.
Jail and I go back a long way.
I love jail.
I swear on God.
It's a matter worth hearing.
My father was a petty thief. - Is it?
He went to jail a few times. - Yes?
And my mother was in police. - Wow.
My mother was a police constable.
My mother fell in
love with my father..
..during one of his journeys to jail!
They got married. They married.
My father went to jail once again.
- What are you saying?
And my mother was
travelling in the same van.
My mother was pregnant.
- Oh. - And I was in her womb.
And coincidently my
mother got labour pains..
..and I was born inside the van.
I was born in the police van,
I'm not joking.
I was born in police van.
My father was very happy.
Dad was very happy.
He distributed sweets in the court.
The judge was given the sweets to.
And I wonder what hit the judge..
..he pronounced imprisonment
for life to my father.
I got startled. - You got startled?
Hey, listen,
listen to the whole thing. - Yes?
I got startled,
I said he's a petty thief..
..why did you sentence
him to life imprisonment?
Later, I came to know that my father..
..had distributed spiked sweets.
You're being worried without any reason.
There's nothing bad in being jailed.
Big men, great men have been to jail!
I say one who doesn't go to jail..
..wouldn't value the freedom outside.
Isn't it?
Forget about jail, I'm very hungry.
Sister-in-law, I'm very hungry..
- Yes.
I'll serve food in a moment.
- We'll eat and life will be fun.
Come, Chhotu. - Get betel leaf, Gafur!
He's getting nervous.
Gaflat, come, the food is ready.
- Oh, how wonderful!
Captain, come on, get up.
Come and eat.
I don't want to eat.
You shouldn't refuse food.
- Food has always refused me, Sister.
I never refused food.
No, really, Sister, I'm not hungry.
I'll leave. - But..
You won't go anywhere.
Give it to me.
Here, eat it. - I am not hungry.
So, do you need a slap
from your elder brother?
One day I had misbehaved
with you in this same house.
Isn't it?
Won't you forgive me, Brother?
Hold tight!
A hooligan and a lawyer
seldom hug each other.
Wow, how wonderful!
No, sir. How can I believe that?
He cheated me.
Anshu, Captain has taken
a positive step today.
Towards becoming Vijay, towards you.
Your love has changed him.
If you don't give him
a chance today, then..
Anshu, what he says is right.
Only true love can change a person.
Why don't you meet him
for once and check for..
..yourself if Captain
has really become Vijay or not?
Anshu, tell him that you won't work.
You have got engaged.
Excuse me. I haven't
come to take her back to work.
I came to tell her that
Captain has changed himself.
When did goons start becoming..
..honest people, Mr. Anand Saxena?
When you can can make
a goon out of a modest boy..
..then love can certainly
make a modest man out of a goon.
And anyway, I've bailed out Captain,
Anshu. - Get out.
I say get out of my house, Mr.
Anand Saxena.
And you won't step out of
the house from now. Understood?
This wouldn't have happened
if I hadn't met Anshu.
What do you mean?
- Why did she come into my life?
Wow, how wonderful.
If Anshu had not come
into your life then..
..everything would have been right,
isn't it? - Yes.
I was happy being Captain.
This dream of Vijay is nonsense.
Why did you come into Anshu's life?
If you had not come
into Anshu's life..
..then she too would
have been happy today.
Why do you talk like a coward?
- Yes, it's all my fault.
I am wrong. - Stop it!
Stop pitying yourself.
You know what your problem is?
You've developed a habit
of getting everything easily.
But it's very tough to
live life like a common man.
It was you who made
Anshu dream, right?
Today, she is punishing
herself by marrying someone else.
A punishment for those dreams
that you both weaved together.
Why have you come here?
Anshu, why are you punishing
yourself for my mistake?
You are mistaken. - No.
You are cheating yourself.
You are marrying Raj.. avenge me.
- I'm marrying by my own will.
Anshu, you are just
putting yourself in trouble!
Why do you care?
Who are you to tell me
what to do and what not to?
Anshu, I'm not asking you
for mine but for your happiness.
You are punishing yourself.
- Yes, I am.
All right. Before you get
married to Raj, I'll kill him.
And will they spare you? - What will
they do? They will kill me, right?
Let them kill me.
But I won't spare him alive.
What do you think of yourself?
What did I ask for
that you didn't have?
What was the need to lie to me?
To make me have false dreams?
Why did you let all this happen?
Come with me, Anshu.
I didn't forget my promise.
All your dreams will come true.
Dream of your house.
Dream of our own house.
Stop it, you idiot! - Hey!
How dare you!
And where are you going?!
Beware if you beat Anshu.
- Patil! Suri!
I'll show you right now what I can do!
- Hey, let go.
Come on. - Take him away!
Now, I'll show you what's the
consequence of assaulting a policeman.
You goon, hooligan! Lock him up!
No, Mr. Mehra.
He will take Anshu away today.
Let him go or I'll shoot. - Pushpa?
Go, dear.
Take your Anshu away.
Pushpa. Pushpa! - I don't
care even if I kill you today.
Sir, you?
- Yes, Anshu. This is the only way.
But don't worry, law is with you.
I accept I don't do well as a lawyer..
..but I can certainly help you.
Lawyer, let's be quick or
police will come to help us too.
'Khan, I'm Mehra speaking.'
Just now Captain has eloped
with my niece from here.
He'll certainly try to leave the city.
Block all exits from the city.
Find him and arrest that idiot!
Okay, sir. - The lawyer who got him
bailed out, he too shouldn't be spared.
I want immediate action!
Bad luck, Commissioner.
We'll come to know
soon whose bad luck it is.
Anshu, I'll get you both
married in the registrar's office..
..tomorrow morning.
You both stay with Gaflat till then.
Police must be looking for you
both at the settlement. - No, Lawyer.
We'll spend the night on the streets.
Anyway, I've very old
relationship with these streets.
What are you up to?
This poor man also has a small house.
And my Mumtaz goes to sleep.
It's me who'll get disturbed.
Let me sacrifice a little
for my friend. Right, Lawyer?
Vijay, stop the car,
I'll get down here.
Gaflat, there's a road-block ahead.
- It seems police is looking for us.
Slow, slow, don't drive fast.
No need to get worried.
I'll deal with them.
Next. Next.
I'll manage them.
Hey, Captain.
To hell with you..
Speed up! Speed up!
Get down. Get down.
Speak up, idiot.
What were you doing in our area?
You were spying? - Listen to me..
You want to be an informer?
Speak up! - Hey, what's happening?
Speak up, idiot!
Now speak in front of Mr. Kalra!
What did you want to say?
- What happened?
I saw Captain fleeing with a girl.
- Hey, who was that girl?
The commissioner's daughter.
- Who was she?
Raj! - Commissioner's..
Father! - Raj!
Did you see,
that idiot Captain eloped with Anshu!
He insulted you and ran away!
- Be quiet.
Your father is still alive.
Don't shout.
Why shouldn't I?
You just keep drinking whole day.
I'll do something,
I won't spare that idiot Captain.
Are you telling the truth?
- Why should I lie?
I too have an old rivalry with him,
that's why I came to you.
Be quiet. Enough!
Call up Mehra, Kiran!
And tell the boys..
..inform the whole city,
uncle Kalra wants Captain!
"Let's go somewhere far away."
"Let's go somewhere far away."
"So far that sorrows never find us."
"Let's go somewhere far away."
"Let's go somewhere far away."
"So far that sorrows never find us."
"Let's go somewhere far away."
"In a jungle with flowers and leaves."
"We'll build a home
on the shores of a lake."
"We'll walk on the moist grass."
"Filled with colours and beauty."
"I will love you, sweetheart."
"And you love me back."
"Let's go somewhere far away."
"When the sun sets,
the stars shall awaken."
"When the night falls,
with a velvety darkness."
"When the reflection of
the moon can be seen in the lake."
"And feels shy looking at you."
"I will love you, sweetheart."
"And you love me back."
"Let's go somewhere far away."
"Let's go somewhere far away."
"So far that sorrows never find us."
I swear.
What's going on here?
Who's it? - Inspector,
I'm commissioner Mehra's niece.
Inspector, they fired at you,
still why don't you believe?
This is a trick of my uncle.
Vijay isn't at fault.
Madam, till the
investigation gets over..
..Captain will remain in my custody.
His lawyer will be here any moment.
You can go home if you wish to.
Whose house would she go to?
To that uncle's,
who wants to send her.. Kalra as bribe?
Sir, if they get me,
then they'd get me married forcefully.
What can I do about this?
- Yes, you can only.. us, beat us, sell us to Kalra!
That's all you can do, right?
I've to accept one thing, Mr. Khan.
You policemen have the
speciality to accept or reject..
..someone's trouble according
to your own convenience.
But you take care of one thing..
..that Kalra shouldn't
have any trouble.
Mr. Saxena, what do you want to say?
Do you think that all
police officers are corrupt?
If it was so then this country would..
..have been under dictatorship by now.
You'll be surprised,
but still there are many police..
..officers who are honest..
..and they will always remain so.
Perhaps you don't know,
I was going to get..
..them married in the court tomorrow.
That could be done any time.
But Captain will remain
here for the night.
I'll present him
to the court tomorrow.
Don't you think that their
lives are still in danger.
Captain's safety is my responsibility.
Hey, Captain!
Hello. - Hello,
Khan, I'm Commissioner Mehra speaking.
What's going on there?
I was about to call you, Commissioner.
To ask what's going on here.
- What do you mean?
Policemen get attacked
in the police station.
A constable gets killed
and I get wounded.
Some people here
believe that you can..
..put some special
emphasis on this incident.
Who are the ones who attacked?
- Mr. Raj Kalra.
You know him I suppose?
- What nonsense are you speaking?
Yes. Mr. Raj Kalra tried
to take away your niece..
assaulted us on being stopped and..
..Mr. Raj got killed
in the encounter. - What?
Raj got killed?
- Yes, your Raj Kalra got killed.
Mehra, what's he saying?
Raj got killed?
Khan, I'm Kalra speaking.
Who killed my son?
Who killed my Raj? Why don't
you speak? Why don't you answer?
I'm Kalra speaking! Uncle Kalra!
Commissioner, I won't spare any one.
I won't! Kiran!
Will you still talk about
police protection, Inspector?
I'm sorry for whatever happened.
And helpless for
the first time as well.
I know that you don't have much time.
You both are in danger.
And Mr. Anand, you too.
Because Kalra doesn't
like people like you at all.
Listen to me, leave this city.
May I speak to the I.G.?
Kalra's boys are looking for us.
The idiots even visited the colony.
And we left Addha at the
Lawyer's place. - Don't worry.
Go with Anshu.
The last train is at 11.30.
We're leaving town.
- And what about you, sir?
Don't worry about me. I'll
get Rahul and Kavita and come there.
No. We all will go together.
- Don't talk nonsense.
If you come anywhere near the colony..
..then Kalra will
be informed about it.
But sir, we can't leave you alone.
- Anshu, we are a family now.
And the responsibility
of this family is on him and me.
Vijay, take them to the station.
I'll meet you there, I promise.
- One minute.
You won't go alone,
Patya and Gabbar will go with you.
You've seen such situations..
..but I've lived through them.
Come, Gabbar. - Come.
Follow them, they shouldn't escape!
Come on.
You all leave! You all go, Lawyer!
No, Romi! Let go!
Let go.
Addha! - Mummy!
Greetings, Captain.
Captain, you go! To hell with you!
Captain, run! - Hey! Hey, get him!
Yes, Mehra. - Situation is very bad.
Don't do anything wrong.
I too wouldn't be able to save you.
Kalra, my job is in danger.
- And what about my reputation?
You don't need to do anything.
I found my dog.
Like the way some
people die for others.. the same way,
some people have to live for others.
Stay with Kavita and Rahul.
I'll claim the body and come.
Addha didn't die unclaimed.
Patya, we'll perform his last rituals.
Stop here, stop right here.
Come on, surround them.
Surround the whole hospital!
Patya, to the roof. - Yes.
Hey, where are you going?
From there. Upstairs.
Inspector, they have guns!
Yes, National hospital!
Please come soon!
What happened? Where is Rahul?
I've hidden him in the general ward.
Where are you taking me?
What are you doing?
Look, this is an hospital.
And you.. - Shut up.
Lawyer, I'm Kalra speaking.
I want Captain.
Come out and tell me where he is!
Otherwise, I'll kill everyone
here one by one. Understood?
As long you'd take,
so many people will die here.
This was the first one.
What will you do, Anand?
- I'll have to go, Kavita.
What? - I'll keep Kalra
engaged till the police come.
These educated people
lose sense so soon.
They own up to the suffering
of others. They get emotional.
Kalra, this is beyond your grasp.
Because you think the fear of
weak and helpless to be your strength.
To care for others,
one needs self belief and courage.
A coward like you doesn't have that.
Who asked you to help Captain?
Idiot. You think you're smart.
Okay, you're smart and I'm a fool.
Tell me where is Captain? Tell me!
He is beyond your reach.
Captain, look, someone is coming.
Where is the Lawyer?
- Romi stabbed Addha, Captain.
Sister and Rahul?
- They are with the Lawyer.
They have taken Addha to the hospital.
And Lawyer has asked you
all to flee from here. - No.
They will follow you. - No.
Take Anshu along with you all, I.. I..
Anshu, I can't go.
All this has happened
because of me, Anshu.
How can I leave Lawyer
in danger and flee?!
I too am well-versed
with violence, Kalra.
But it doesn't lead to the truth.
Even if you kill me,
you won't be able to reach Captain.
But he'll certainly come for you.
You taught him the lesson
of hard work and righteousness.
So, now, he too has
become a fool like you.
When he'll get to know
that you are here in my custody..
He will come back. Here.
Help me! Help me please!
Kalra, I'm commissioner
Mehra speaking.
I'm warn you not to do anything..
..that compels the police to open fire.
- Papa, save me! Papa!
I've an arrest warrant with me.
I'm giving you a last chance.
Surrender yourself.
He showed his true colours.
Come on.
What did I tell you?
There's nothing called truth.
Power is everything. Power!
Anand! - Kalra!
Leave me! Papa!
Papa! - Captain!
Leave me! Papa!
I swear.
Leave me! Papa! Papa, save me!
Papa! Leave me! Papa!
Chhote, not there, here.
Anand. Anand.
Didn't I say,
they'll find their path themselves?
No, Sister. We found someone
o show us the right path..
..otherwise we'd have kept straying.
- Thief! Thief!
I won't spare him.
I won't spare him! - Hey, listen..
Gaflat, are you also with him?!
I won't spare him!
I want compensation of my two cars!
My leg got fractured,
I want compensation!
I want compensation of my hand.
For my cheek.
Okay, tell me, whats the final amount?
Total? I'll kill him.
The police will catch
you if you kill him.
You will be hanged.
- What you say is right.
But what about the promise I
made to my wife that I would kill him?
Tell your wife that you were
just about able to save yourself.
"I heard...what you said."
"I heard...what you said."
"And weaved a dream."
"Don't ever break it."
"Don't ever leave me alone."
"I shall save you from every sorrow."
"Don't forget your promise."
"Hide you in my arms."
"Make a resolution."
"I heard...what you said."
"And weaved a dream."
"Don't ever break it."
"Don't ever leave me alone."
"I will always love you."
"Don't forget your promise."
"I shall be yours."
"Make a resolution."
"I heard...what you said."