Labor of Lies (2021) Movie Script

[Babies crying]
[Soft music]

Taking a look
at what's to come?
I kind of over-prepared.
My husband's always
making fun of me for it,
but we really wanted this baby.
So I wanna make sure
I'm doing everything right.
Well, I'm sure you're going
to make a wonderful mother.
[Phone rings]
- Oh, excuse me.
Hi. Yeah, no, I'm fine.
Just another hour to go and
then I'm ready for margaritas.
[Babies crying]
It's my favorite spot.
[Ominous music]
[Babies crying]

I have been there before.
It's not that far from here.
No, whatever you want to do.
Look, it's your birthday.
[Chuckles] Okay?
I'll be there. Promise.
Hey, what are you doing?
- Hey, hey!
Hey, stop!
- Hey, lady!
Someone stop her,
she's taking the baby!
Code pink!
She's taking the baby!
[Alarm blaring]
[Babies crying]
Just another hour to go.
It's on me.
[Suspenseful music]

Ma'am, what are you doing?
Were you taking pictures?
Yeah. Yeah, the babies
are just so cute.
No, you were taking pictures
of the security cameras.
Do you have a badge to be here?
Okay, you better come with me.
Oh, that's not necess...
Okay, okay. Um...
We were like, "so you
never went on another date?"
Oh. Hey, can you
drive me home?
Definitely not drinking.
I'm so awful.
Taking advantage
of my best friend
when she's with child.
It's fine.
Hey, I have a ton of baby
shopping to do this weekend.
Will you come with me?
It'll be so fun.
We can go to the little
boutiques and...
Never mind.
Oh, gosh,
I know you're super busy.
Do you guys want to check out
that new wine bar on Saturday?
The one Tessa's husband
is managing.
[Gasps] I'm in.
I've been wanting
to try that place. So fancy.
Oh, no. Oh, gosh.
No, you guys have a good time.
- Thanks.
It's like literally...
- Cheers.
- One.
[Glasses clink]
[Somber music]

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Your text said you'd be home
20 minutes ago.
I know, but Jake
finally got ahold
of the Canadian financiers.
But I'm home now.
And this looks great.
Thank you.
I wanna talk to you
about something,
and I really don't want
to get into fight about it.
I feel like I've been going
through this pregnancy alone.
- Like my mother.
Honey, your mom
was a single mother
whose husband walked out on her.
I hardly think that's fair
to compare that
to my crazy work schedule.
I just... I don't
feel connected.
Honey, I'm so excited
to have this baby with you.
This is just a very
pivotal moment for Jake and me.
What about a pivotal time
for us?
And honey, no one supports
your business more than I do,
but we worked really hard
for this baby
and I just want
to experience it together.
We will.
We'll get through this
just like we've gotten through
everything else.
Hey, we got through
ivf together.
And look at us now,
we're doing better than ever.
But an ivf, that was not cheap,
and that drained
our entire savings, everything.
And raising a baby
is going to be expensive.
We have school, college,
everything else.
I just want to make sure
we're prepared.
Hey, we will be prepared
for anything
as long as we're a family.
[Phone rings]
Ah... it's Jake.
Hold onto that.
I have to take this.
Yeah. I'll be right back.
What did they say? Seriously?
[Somber music]

Mr. Wynn will see you now,
Ms. Williams.
[Dramatic choral vocalizing]

Come closer.
[Scoffs] Okay.
So how are you feeling,
my dear?
Do you really care?
- Of course I care.
And not just about
our investment, but about you.
I know this isn't ideal,
but there's no reason
not to be pleasant.
Look, let's just get
this over with, okay?
The terms,
exactly as we discussed.
And I just sign right here?
Wouldn't you like
to read first?
What's the point?
I need the money.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
And the money, please?
Twenty five thousand.
Per our agreement,
you'll get the remainder
of the 100,000
once the baby
is delivered to me.
In excellent health, of course.
You're sticking to the regimen
our doctor prescribed?
And I know how to be a mother
better than any of you men.
Of course you do.
We just want
what's best for the baby.
Okay. Great.
Just one more thing, Jamie.
I hate even having
to bring it up,
but I'd be remiss not to.
If you should break
our agreement, well,
we don't really have access
to normal forms of redress.
- Yeah, I've got it.
You have a very classy way
of threatening people.
You don't need to worry, okay?
I've got this.
Free to go?
[Tense music]

She's smarter than
she wants us to believe.
Thank you, Daryl.
Keep an eye on her.
[Somber music]

[Warm music]

[Computer chimes]
Hi. Can you hear me?
- Yes. How are you?
I'm good. I'm good.
I'm Jamie Williams.
Lara Collins.
- Hi.
Jamie, do you mind
if I ask where you are?
I'm actually... I'm in my car
right now.
Yeah, my husband was sleeping
and I just...
I didn't want to wake him.
I've never really been
a good sleeper myself.
So I am just sitting
in my driveway.
That's funny.
I have to say, Jamie,
I've never actually connected
with anyone on the site.
Me either.
What made you change your mind?
I think it just really wanted
to meet someone
who's going through everything
at the same time as me.
My husband tries hard,
but he's so busy with work.
And with their first kid,
my friends are waiting
to have children.
So they're living
that footloose lifestyle.
Most of mine are more
interested in Tequila
than baby formula.
But I mean, I guess I hear
that's what happens,
friends split into groups
with babies and ones without.
So when are you poppin'?
I'm due August 18th.
No way! Me too.
I guess we really
are bump buddies.
Hey, Jamie, I was actually
going to head to bed,
but maybe we could
reconnect tomorrow?
Oh, my gosh, you have no idea
how much I would like that.
Someone who finally understands
what I'm going through.
I look forward to getting
to know you, Jamie.
Yeah, me too.
- Goodnight.
Okay. Goodnight, Lara. Bye.
[Ominous music]

[Soft music]

- Jamie?
Yeah. Hey.
- Hi.
I'm so glad you could make it!
Yeah, me too.
It's so nice to hang out
with someone
who actually understands
what I'm going through.
Have you noticed that everyone
wants to touch your belly
like all the time,
but they don't want to know
about the morning sickness
or the swelled ankles?
Oh, no, no, of course not.
My gosh, look at you.
Oh, no, no.
- Low like a basketball.
You must be having a boy?
Do we know?
No, we're keeping it
a surprise.
Oh, me too.
- Yeah?
Yeah. [Chuckles]
Okay, I think they're
probably ready. Are you good?
- Okay.
Yeah, let's go.
Let's do it.
Hey, you guys,
good to see you.
Have you met her before?
- So weird.
Oh, I'm so excited
for this class.
I've heard so much about it.
I'm so excited.
It's so good.
[Upbeat music]

Oh, so cute.
Mm. She makes me so excited.
I know.
- You better be that cute.
I have to tell you,
it is so nice
to not have to come here alone
after class anymore.
I mean, I don't know if you
noticed when we were walking
and those other women kind of
gave me the cold shoulder.
Sort of.
I've tried to connect
with them.
It's just being a single mom,
they're sort of been less
than welcoming.
Wait, I thought you said
that you had a husband?
I did. I did.
I, um, I kind of lied
about that.
I'm so sorry.
It's just... I don't know,
people sort of tend to
reject me when they find out.
Oh, Jamie,
you could have told me.
It would have been fine.
Yeah. Oh, gosh,
I think... I don't know.
I don't know. I think I was
kind of embarrassed.
You have this
supportive husband,
and all I have is a guy
who ran out on me
the second things got serious.
Besides, I also I know what
people think about single moms.
So then, you weren't hiding
from your husband in the car?
No. Sorry.
I was I had just run out
and I was getting green tea.
And then I saw your text
come through.
And I was just... I was so
excited to talk to you.
Honestly, I've been feeling
so alone throughout
this whole process,
and I just didn't want
to seem weird.
But this seems weird.
This is totally...
No, no, no.
Hey, no, I get it.
This all can be
really overwhelming.
Yeah. So what about you?
What made you feel like now
was the time for a baby?
You know,
we always wanted kids,
but we were actually
really career-focused.
And then Sam's business
started taking off,
and I was like,
"what are we waiting for?"
Then I wanted a family
more than I wanted my career.
So we just went for it,
and, god,
then it was just
fertilization problems
and this devastating
miscarriage, so...
I actually had one too.
Yeah, they destroy you.
Yeah. We ended up trying
in-vitro fertilization.
That's so hard.
Yeah. No, they tell you
about the costs.
They tell you about the odds.
They don't tell you
about the strain
that it puts on a marriage.
It's just... it all worked out
in the end, though, so...
I mean, look, I know having
a baby's a lot on a marriage,
but at least you have a husband.
Really, I can't tell you
how hard it is without one.
I kind of do understand.
My mother raised me by herself
and you know she did...
God bless her...
The best she could.
But it just made me
really determined to do better.
Hey, look,
I know that we just met,
but I can already tell
that you're gonna do better
than she did.
So sweet.
- Yeah.
I've made a lot of mistakes
in my life,
but if there's one thing
I definitely know,
it's I need this baby.

Can we do this again soon?
- Okay.
You know, I would love
to have you
to the house for coffee.
I'm getting the baby's room
all set up.
Yeah, that sounds great.
- Yay. I will see you soon.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry.
[Suspenseful music]
My fault. I, uh...
I hope you and your sister
had a nice time.
Oh, no. She's not my sister.
Ah. Sorry. My mistake.

So it's just you
living here, huh?
A lot of house for one person.
Yeah, well, two, pretty soon.
You know, I do take checks.
Even a credit card is fine.
I have an app on my phone.
I actually prefer cash. Look.
I am going through
a bad divorce right now.
My husband has access
to our account,
so I just really don't want him
knowing where I am.
You'll like the neighborhood.
Very quiet, very safe.
[Phone dings]
Sorry, I really need
to deal with this.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
You can let yourself out?
- Have a good one.
[Tense music]

[Doorbell rings]

- Hi! Come in. Come in.
Thank you.
Oh, thanks. - Cute overalls.
Oh, my gosh, this place.
Yeah. Well, come on in.
Make yourself at home.
Have a seat.
Oh, are those your sisters?
- Oh, no.
Those are just friends.
I don't really see them
that much anymore, though.
Oh, this must be the jerk, huh?
Tony's not a jerk.
Oh, I didn't mean it
like that.
No, he's definitely got
his issues for sure,
but he's not a terrible person.
Hey, why don't we just
forget our problems,
and you give me a tour
of this gorgeous house?
And then I'm... and then I'll
help you with the baby's room?
Yes. I love that plan.
What's in here?
Oh, that's so cute.
It's just so much harder
to move now.
I feel so old.
- Oh, seriously.
Oh, before I forget...
What is... what is this?
- Open it.
Oh, my god, what did you do?
I can't believe you...
What is this?
It's a baby wipe warmer.
So nice of you. You didn't...
- What is it?
I wanted to get
something like this.
I just... I kind of put
everything into just being able
to get the house, you know?
I just want to give him or her
a nice life and grow up
around people like you.
It's my gift.
It was so funny.
I know.
- Thank you so much.
Oh, my gosh.
Thank you so much for coming.
Yes! Bye.
[Foreboding music]

[Phone buzzes]
- Hey.
Hi. What time is it there?
I don't know, 7:00 A.M.
it's still pretty early.
So you're having a boy.
A boy? Wow. That's great.
How are you?
I'm fine.
You're not fine, all right?
That's why I left.
You know that.
Look, just prove to me
that you're getting some help.
Tony, I've got to go.
[Suspenseful music]

Careful. We don't want
anyone getting hurt.
How the hell
did you get in here?
Well, that's not important.
What's important is that
you remember that I can.
Okay, you are breaking
and entering now.
What do you want?
I'd like to know a little bit
more about your friend.
That's none of your business.
that's where you're wrong.
It is entirely my business.
So I have to ask myself,
why does Jamie have this friend
who looks almost exactly
as pregnant as her?
Because I was thinking
that maybe you started to get
attached to the little one
inside you.
It's only natural
that the motherly instincts
would kick in.
So then I suppose you thought
what's the difference
between one baby and another?
Unfortunately for you,
our deal was for your baby.
Yeah, I will get you
a healthy baby.
What does it really matter
where it comes from?
Surely, Mr. Wynn wouldn't care,
but he doesn't even have to know.
What would it matter?
I don't like it when people
change the deal, Ms. Williams,
and neither does Mr. Wynn.
So I think it's time
that we paid him a visit.
But no, no, wait, what if
I make it worth your while?
Your while.
$10,000 just for
keeping your mouth shut?
I guess we have a deal.
[Phone rings]
It's her. Can...
- Mm-mm.
Go ahead. Work your charm.
Lara. Hi.
- Hi.
Meet again for our yoga date?
I would love that.
First thing tomorrow?
Yes, definitely.
- Okay, that sounds great.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.

[Upbeat music]

- Okay. Lara!
Oh, my god.
Oh, you have to get this.
Oh, really.
Okay, well, there's almost
nothing too good for my baby.
Oh, you ready?
- Okay.
It's the sneakers
that do it for me.
They're tiny.
- They're just so cute.
I'm just like, "what do you
need the sneakers for?"
What do you need them for?
- Uh, oh.
You okay?
- Yeah.
You know, just
the occupational hazard of
having a pea-sized bladder.
Oh, yeah. Take your phone call.
Yeah, I'll be right back.
Tony, hi.
Hey, can we talk?
I'm actually with a friend.
Yeah. Just did you get that
DNA paternity test done yet?
Oh, um, well, the baby's
not born yet.
I know the baby
isn't born yet,
but you could get
a prenatal test done.
But you have to stick
a needle in you for that
and it could cause
a miscarriage.
I will do it if you force me to.
I just I really
don't see a reason why.
There's no reason.
'Cause there is a reason.
There is a reason, okay?
The reason's for me.
You know, you dropped
this news on me today
that I was leaving town
after we just barely even
touched each other for months,
and you just expect me to
believe that this baby's mine.
Yeah, newsflash, Tony.
It only takes one time.
It actually really hurts that
you think this isn't your baby.
It's your baby.
It's a our baby.
Look, I'm coming home early.
My conference got moved up.
So I'll be back on August 16.
You said August 18.
- Yeah, I know. Things changed.
So I will be there
when the baby's born.
And then we can just get
the test done then.
Look, I've got to go.
You forgot this back there.
The onesie. This is so sweet.
I love it, obviously,
but too much to do that.
Please, nothing's too good
for my bump buddy.
Hey, do you ever think
about what you'll do
if the baby comes early?
Actually, Sam and I
are thinking
about having the baby
at home with a midwife.
Oh, I didn't... I had no idea
you guys were considering that.
Taking a little convincing,
but I showed him some stats
on how safe it is compared
to a hospital birth,
and he's coming around to it.
I just really need him
to be a part of this,
and he's not.
Actually, I have an idea.
So I'm testing out
this new lasagna recipe
for my catering company.
What if I came over tonight
and I cooked for you guys?
Three-course meal,
we'll do tiramisu, candlelight.
I mean, I do love lasagna.
- Right?
Honestly, I would love
to do it.
Are you sure?
I mean, that sounds really fun.
But like okay, let's do it.
For reals?
- Yes, it's happening.
[Tense music]

Honey, I'm...
Grape juice.
You'll get the real stuff.
You really outdid yourself.
Actually, she did.
- Jamie?
Oh, no.
Tonight, it's Francine.
I am your master chef
and hostess.
Now just relax, have a drink,
and for the next hour,
you are going to be in my hands.
Okay, I will be right back.
Okay. Cheers.
This is amazing.
Okay, we have a watercress,
crumbled blue cheese,
and candied walnuts.
Oh, the water's
in the kitchen.
Let me top you off.
- It's okay. I still have some.
Nonsense. I will top you off.
[Ominous music]

Did you plan all this?
- No.
No, she was so sweet.
She thought of everything
on her own.
She practically begged me
to let her do it.
It thought it'd be good for us.
Feels like you're barely here.
I am really sorry. I'm here.
And I promise I'm going
to be more present, okay?
[Phone buzzes]
I can't just ignore them,
you know?
Our server went belly up and we
need all hands on deck tonight.
I'm sorry.
This really is wonderful.
Please tell Jamie I'm sorry
I missed her dinner.
I'll be back, okay?
Don't drink too much coffee.
- Okay.
Okay. Now for the...
Lara, what's wrong?
Did he leave?
[Clears throat]
Did I do something?
Was it like too much
with the whole...
No, no, no.
No, it wasn't you.
It was... no, he just got
called to work, again.
[Somber music]

It's so exciting.
- You're so special.
You are so special.
I am the woman of the hour.
So many good things.
Oh, Britt, I love it.
Thank you.
Okay, ladies, I think
we're ready for some cake.
Oh, well, my midwife speaks,
I think we all better listen!
Thank you.
- Hey, Christine.
Sorry, can I talk to you
really quickly?
So I was thinking,
as long as everything's good
with my pregnancy,
I'd really love to be there
to help Lara deliver.
Hey, you have one more.
- Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
I just couldn't get away
from the office.
You remember what it was like.
Have you spoken to Lara
and Sam about this?
You know, they've just done
so much for me already.
I feel like it's kind
of the least I can do.
Yay! Okay, so anything
you need, you just let me know.
[Tense music]

So you're getting really
close to Jamie.
Yeah, that's good.
I'm glad you have someone who
know what you're going through.
So she threw this for you?
That's what our friends do,
throw showers for each other.
Oh, god!
- Lara, you okay?
[Gasping] Oh, yeah.
Lara, are you okay?
Lara, you okay?
You know,
I just am feeling off.
Maybe you're dehydrated.
You wanna sit down?
I've been drinking the tea
you gave me all afternoon.
It doesn't... oh, god.

Hmm, I see.
Everything looks good
with your baby, Mrs. Collins.
Are you sure you don't
wanna know the gender?
No, no, I think we still
wanna keep it a surprise.
Okay. Well, it was just
a Braxton Hicks contraction.
They can be quite painful,
but they are not
at all uncommon at this stage.
I do need you to rest
for the remainder
of your pregnancy, though.
I can take care of her.
- What will that entail?
Will I need any
special equipment?
No, that shouldn't
be necessary.
Just don't overexert yourself.
We don't want this baby
coming too soon.
Don't worry.
I can take off work.
I'll make sure
she gets plenty of rest.
That would be great.
I will see you next week
for your next appointment.
Yes, thank you.
Are you sure?
- Yes.
I wanna take
care of both of you.
And Sam, I'll be around
if you need anything.
Even if you just need
to take a break,
or if you have stuff
you have to do.
Jamie, you're so sweet.
Don't worry about it.
You have your own baby.
Oh, no. Honestly,
I'm more than happy to.
After everything you two
have done for me, it's...
Thank you, Jamie.
Kind of the least I can do.
- Yeah.

[Doorbell dings]
- Hi.
Hi. Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah. It's great.
Actually, it's your lucky day.
Very nice home.
- Thanks.
Wait, what are you doing here?
Lara noticed how interested
you were in her decision
to have a home-birth
and she's so appreciative
of all the extra
help you've been giving her?
- Yeah.
And she thought maybe
you didn't have all the support
that you deserve.
So she hired me to come
and give you a wellness check
and thought maybe
you might consider
having a home-birth as well.
With you?
[Chuckles] Me.
So come on,
show me to the kitchen.
Let's have a chat about it.
Okay. Yeah, right over here.
Christine, I've go to tell you,
I feel a little funny about this.
It's just so generous.
Well, you'll have to take
that up with Lara,
but I have to tell you, she's
pretty adamant about this.
So come on, let someone else
help you for once.
Okay, who's your Obgyn?
I actually don't think
that you would know him.
You'd be surprised;
I work with pretty much
all the doctors in this area.
We midwives
work in conjunction
with them all the time.
It is Dr. Hamlin,
George Hamlin.
He's a family friend.
Oh, okay. Well, as long
as you're happy with him.
When is your due date?
Your due date?
[Laughs] Uh, right.
Sorry, I just I thought
that you already knew that.
It's the same as Lara's.
We're bump buddies.
Right. And when is that?
August 18th.
You know, I never met a woman
who didn't know her own
due date before.
Well, I just told you,
it's August 18th.
Same as Lara's.
What a coincidence!
Yeah, no, I know.
That is actually
why we are bump buddies.
Okay, so the next thing
I'm going to do
is just your basic exam,
just to make sure
that your doctor and I
are on the same page.
Is that all right?
Yeah, if that's
what you have to do.
Okay, you'd probably be
more comfortable on the couch.
No, no, I'm good here.
Feeling any discomfort?
I need to have a quick look
at your stomach.
Is that okay?
[Ominous music]

[Suspenseful music]

Everything is looking
pretty good.
You're resting as prescribed?
- As much as I can.
Well, whatever you're doing,
it's working.
The way things look, I actually
wouldn't be surprised
if you're a few days late.
This little guy or gal
isn't quite ready yet.
So is there anything
that we can do
or that she can do for that?
Oh, no.
Just don't overexert yourself.
That and stress are the two
biggest instigators
of premature labor.
Most of all,
just don't worry about it.
You'll both be fine.
[Exhales] Yeah.
Hey, do you have anywhere
you have to be here right now?
Yes, at home resting.
Oh, yeah.
But you also need fresh air.
'Cause... okay, so I read
this article about this guy
who he makes custom baby
furniture out of beechwood.
And I think his place
is really nearby here.
I'm telling you, oh my gosh,
his stuff is so cute.
I really think I should
just be home resting.
Are you sure?
I mean... it's... I think
it's like right up the road,
and the doctor didn't say
you should never go out.
- Sure.

Ah, that's weird.
- Hmm?
I haven't been able to get
in contact with Christine.
Oh, that's weird.
She kind of flaky sometimes?
No, that's what's worrying me.
She's not
the irresponsible type.
By the way, did Christine
ever contact you?
Your midwife? No, no. Why?
Just... she never like came over?
Why would she come over?
I hired her as a gift for you.
But I really wanted it
to be a surprise.
I haven't been able
to contact her ever since.
I mean, last time I saw her
was at your baby shower.
It's really not
like her not to call back.
[Suspenseful music]

[Brakes screeching]
What... what... what's wrong?
I... I... damn.
I mean, I'm giving it gas,
but it's slowing.
I... I don't know.
What happened?
I think maybe we overheated.
The thing is in the red.
Yeah. I don't know.
Maybe it's something else.
Here, let me... I'm going
to hop out and check.
Why don't you get
in the driver's seat, okay?
[Tense music]

Tell me when.
- Just a sec.
Okay, crank it!
Yeah, nothing.
Can you try it again?
I'm trying.
Hang on.
It's dead.
It's completely,
completely dead.
Okay, so what do we do?
Do you have any bars?
- No!
Me neither. I guess
we're gonna have to walk.
- Yeah.
Are you... are you
out of your mind?
I'm not in a condition to...
We are in no condition
to walk, Jamie.
I know. I mean, it's too hot
to stand out here.
Who knows when someone
will come by?
And with no power, no ac,
it's gonna be a hotbox in here
in no time.
You just heard my doctor said
that I needed to take it easy
and then you dragged me out
into the middle of nowhere
where we have no cell service...
Lara, I didn't know
that this would happen.
Look, this is gonna be
really hard on me too.
But what choice do we have?
Okay. Okay.
Do you have any water?
Sorry. Iced tea.
I guess it's formerly iced tea.
I guess this will have to do.
Oh, my god,
this is such a nightmare.
Got everything?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
[Tense music]

Oh, how you feeling?
I'm absolutely exhausted.
I think I might faint.
You're not going to faint,
Lara. Let's just go.
Oh, jeez. Oh, god.
Oh, no, no. Please...
Lara, we have to go, okay?
Okay, now
I really need to stop.
I'm really cramping.
Lara, we have to stick
to the road
and keep walking, okay?
I think it's a car.
What? There's no car.
[Laughs] Hey!
Lara, we have no idea
who that even is.
So? Anyone is better
than being out here.
Okay. It just it's not that...
We can't just get
in the car with anybody.
Okay, you know what, Jamie?
If you want to stay,
that's fine,
but I'm going, okay?
Okay, let's go.
[Tense music]


Are you feeling any better?
I'm gonna get your water.
Okay, here you go.
Lara, I'm so sorry
about all of this.
I didn't mean for any... here.
I didn't mean for
any of this to happen.
Jamie. Jamie.
- I need to be alone right now.
- Okay. So I'm gonna call Sam.
And I'm gonna have him
come pick you up.
[Gasps heavily]
Lara? Lara?
Lara, what's wrong?
[Lara continues groaning]
- Hey, what is it?
The baby!
It's coming. It's coming.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
We need to get you to bed.
Let's get you upstairs
and let's get you into bed.
I need to call Sam and I
need to call Christine.
I will call both of them.
Do not worry about it.
Let's just concentrate
on getting you upstairs, okay?
- Okay, I got you.
You're okay. You're okay.
- I got you. I got you. Okay.
All right. You're okay.
You're okay.
Okay, please, please, Jamie,
please call Christine.
I am. I am. I'm going.
Just lie down flat
and keep breathing, okay?
Deep breaths, okay?
Breathe, Lara.
Hi, you've reached Christine.
Leave a message,
and I'll call you back.
Hi. It's Jamie Williams.
Lara Collins is in labor
right now.
Yes, we need you
to come immediately.
Okay. Right. She is on her way.
I'm calling Sam.
I'm just going
to grab some towels,
and I will be right back.
[Lara groans]
I know. Just hang on.
It's okay, Lara, I'm coming.
Jamie where are you? It's
coming, it's coming
just keep breathing, okay?
Just one second.
I'm gonna come. I'm coming.
I need you, it's coming! [Phone
- Okay, hang in there.
Sam, hi.
Lara is having the baby.
Get home immediately.
Jamie! Jamie, where are you?
It's coming.
I'm here. I'm right here.
You're okay.
Just keep breathing, okay?
Keep breathing, Lara.
This is not supposed
to happen right now.
It's all right. It's okay.
Everything you're feeling
is completely normal.
I just need you
to breathe, all right?
It's too soon. Something feels
Just keep breathing
in and out.
Can you scooch down?
I need you to scooch all the way
to the end of the bed,
all right? Okay?
Ready? Scooch down
as far as you can go.
There you go.
Oh, no, no, no.
Something feels wrong.
- Something feels wrong.
No, it's okay. You're okay.
You're okay.
You're fine.
It's gonna be fine.
I just need you to push.
Where is everybody?
- They're coming, okay?
Look, they're coming,
but we can't wait for them.
This little one
is ready to go, okay?
You need to push on three,
one, two, three, push!
What's wrong?
I can tell something's wrong.
Still nothing.
It's just the baby
is a little out of position.
Oh, no, no, no,
we need Christine here!
No, we don't.
You've got this, all right.?
Lara, one more push. Go!
Oh, you're so close, Lara.
You're so close.
[Screaming] I can't!
I can't do it!
You can do it. You can do it.
Just one more big one.
Ready? Ready? And push!
[Baby crying]
Is everything okay?
Is my baby okay? What happened?
It was supposed to be a boy.
- I have a girl?
You did it. You did it.
A girl. Let me see!
You did it.
You have a baby girl.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
[Laughs] Emma.
I'm just gonna clean her up,
and then I will
bring her right back.
[Baby crying]
Jamie, is she okay?
- Yes. I'm coming. I'm coming.
I'm just getting
her ready for you.
Jamie, where is my baby?
Jamie? Jamie, where is my baby?
Jamie, where is my baby?
Jamie? Jamie?
Jamie, answer me. Jamie!
[Dramatic music]

- Wait, is that...
Yeah. I was... I was just
cleaning her in the sink.
Lara's upstairs.
- Okay.
She's... she's okay.
- Is that... can I?
Yeah, uh...
[Baby cries]
She's absolutely perfect.
She is.
[Warm music]
[Both crying]
Come here.
Hi. Oh...
[Baby crying]

I love you so much.
- I love you too.
How are you?
Did this literally just happen?
I'll tell you later.
It was such a nightmare.
I'm so glad
that she got ahold of you.
What do you mean ahold of me?
- What do you mean?
I heard Jamie call you.
I never saw talked to Jamie.
[Baby crying]
She didn't call me.
I didn't talk to Jamie.
Well, then why are you here?
Well, 'cause
I couldn't reach you.
I've been trying
to call you for hours
and then your location
pin disappeared.
And I just came home
hoping you'd be here.
And I was freaking out.
Well, then where's Jamie now?
I saw her on the stairs
and she had Emma,
cleaning her up.
Listen, I don't know
what's going on.
But I feel like we should
get you to the hospital
and make sure you two are okay.
- Okay, yeah.
- Okay. Okay, come on.
[Tense music]

[Dramatic music]

I guess we really did
underestimate you.
What are you doing here?
Do you seriously think
that you're the one
who gets to ask questions
when that's lying there?
- That's quite the commitment.
Now where's our baby?
So she had the baby.
I just need to wait for him
to come home
and, you know, settle in,
and I will get you the baby.
If this was your plan,
why don't I have
that baby right now?
There were complications.
Not my problem.
We had a deal,
and your time's running out.
I don't care how you do it,
but you're getting me a baby.
And I'm thinking half
of your payday now.
Okay, I just need a few days.
Anyone who
could pull that off,
can figure out
how to get one little baby
in less than a few days.
Let them get home
from the hospital.
And then tonight,
I will go in the house
and I will get you the baby.
- Okay, yeah.
Oh, no, you're going with me.
Are you forgetting something?

How's she?
- She's sleeping.
[Warm music]

[Baby fussing]
I'm so tired.
You've been through
a lot today.
[Tense music]

[Phone buzzes]
[Suspenseful music]

We're exposed out here.
I can't get the latch to work.
Mothers do this every day.
How hard can it be?
Why don't you give it a try,
father of the year?

- [Gasps]
Oh my god!
- What?
Did you just hear that?
- What?
I think I just someone
scream "Jamie."
No, I didn't hear anything.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
[Screams] Oh, my god. Where is
Oh, my god. Downstairs.
Downstairs. Come on.
All right, check the back door,
I'll check the front.
[Dramatic music]
It's still locked.

- What?
Are you ready, little Sophie?
Yes, that's what
we're gonna call you.
We're gonna go see daddy soon.
Yeah, and then you're gonna
bring us all together.
We're gonna be
one big happy family.
[Dramatic music]

Okay. Okay, Sophie, it's okay.
Let's go.
We have to... we have to call
the police, Sam.
We have to call them.
But you saw this.
If we go to the cops,
we'll never see her again.
I know who took her.
- But... but who?
Jamie, your friend, Jamie?
How? The note says "we."
Jamie has a baby of her own
coming any day.
That doesn't make any sense.
After everything that's
happened, it has to be Jamie.
We need to get our baby back.
- Yeah, let's go.

[Shushing] Okay.
I'll go talk to her,
but would you stay outside
and stop her in case she runs?
Okay. Just please be careful.
I will be.

Jamie! Open the door!
I know that you're home, Jamie!
Jamie, come open
the door right now.
I swear to god!
Jamie, open the door!
Lara, what are you doing here?
Where is my daughter?
I don't understand.
Okay, what... I honestly
have no idea what...
Don't lie to me, Jamie.
Was this just a setup
from the beginning?
A setup?
Oh, Lara, I'm so sorry,
but I can't handle this
right now.
My daughter's in the hospital.
Oh, you had your daughter?
Really? That was fast.
Yeah, contractions came on
really quick at your house.
That's why
I had to leave so fast.
I called an uber.
When I got to the hospital,
she came out jaundiced,
and they had to put her
in an Incubator. So I came...
Jamie, I'm going to look
around your house.
Lara, you have gone
completely crazy.
I look around your house,
or I call the police.
You just lead the way then.

I told you.
Lara please, I really need
to get back to the hospital.

No, no, no.


No, no.
- Sam!
Hey, what's
going on out there?
Sam? Sam!
Oh, my god, Sam, what happened?
That guy just stabbed me.
Son of a bitch just stabbed me.
Hi, 911.
Yes, my husband
has been stabbed.
I need an ambulance immediately.
Yes, 481 sumac Lane, please.
Please hurry.
Sam, I think that Emma's inside.
Go, go in, go! I'll be okay.
It's okay. Go away, go.
Go and get our daughter.
I love you so much.
- I love you too. So be safe.

[Dramatic music]

Wendy, it's Lara!
Wendy? Wendy, it's Lara!
[Phone dings]

You're going to bring us all
together, Sophie.
[Dramatic choral vocalizing]
Wendy? Wendy, it's Lara!
Wendy, it's Lara!
What the hell?
Wendy, please, it's Lara!
Lara? What's wrong?
We're in trouble
and I need your help.
Trouble? Where's Sam?
Where's your baby?
I can't explain right now,
but my baby girl's life
is at risk.
Oh, my god, why?
I just need to find Jamie,
but I don't think
that's her real name.
Do you think you can help me
find her real address?
Do you have a photo of Jamie?
I thought you might ask.
- Perfect.
That's why I love you, girl.
Come on.

Tony, hi.
- Hi.
I've got someone back here
for you to meet.
Hey there.
You said we were having a boy.
Oh, I know. I know.
Those ultrasounds though,
they're just not
always accurate.
Isn't she so beautiful though?
Yeah, yeah, she is.
Okay, so are you ready?
Are you ready to go?
Oh, yeah.
Will you pop the trunk?
She probably posted it
to Instagram
or something in the past,
and this page can match photos,
Lara, I wanted to apologize.
I wasn't there for you
when I should have been.
It's okay.
I'm just glad
that you're here now.
I love you.
And we're gonna
get through this.

Whose car is this?
Oh, it's my friend's,
Ours is just in the shop
right now.
[Phone dings]
Who was that?
Oh, no one important.
[Phone buzzes]
Hi, this is Jamie Williams.
Leave me a message.
You have one more chance
for this not to end badly.
Bring me the baby.
Hello, Susan ash.
I knew I wanted to punch you
in the face of when I met you.
Okay, okay.
1817 Whitehorse Lane.
Owned by Anthony and Susan ash.
You know where that is?
- I'll find it.
I'm coming with you.
No. Sam's already been hurt.
I called an ambulance,
but will you go to the hospital
and be with him?
Make sure he's okay.
I'll stay there until you
come back with your baby.
I promise.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Do me a favor and take this.
Got it from
a self-defense class.
This will get her attention.
Go bring your baby home.
[Dramatic music]

[Engine starts]
[Dramatic music]

Here we are, home sweet home.
Okay. Let's get you over here.
So can I get you anything?
Susan, I need the baby's DNA
for the paternity test.
I have the kid right here.
We'll do it now.
You can have a seat.
Let's see. Okay.
Okay, good girl.
There you go.
Okay. All done.
All right, well,
we'll take it to the doctor
and you will see you have
nothing to worry about.

[Clears throat]
So what do you think
about a mimosa?
Just relax after your flight?
Yeah, sure.
That sounds great.
I am kind of dying
to have one myself.
It has been months.
[Phone dings]

Whose baby is this?
Oh. Tony, it's...
Tell me whose baby
this is right now.
Or I will call the police.
Honestly, what does it matter?
She's ours now.
Please can you just... can you
please think about how much
we had to go through
with the miscarriage
and then you left for Europe?
Look, I left
because of you, Susan!
I left because of you!
Our marriage was falling apart
and you were dragging me down
with it.
And you know... you know what?
I gotta be honest with you.
When you dropped the bomb
and said that you were pregnant,
I didn't even believe you.
But you begged and you pleaded
and you swore to me
that you would get help.
You didn't get help, Susan.
You only got worse, and now...
And now you've stolen some
poor families baby from them?
You know what?
Too bad, because you
already made a vow.
You made a vow
to love me forever.
Just give her to me!
- No, no!
You're sick, Susan.
And this baby deserves
to be with her mother.
- I'm calling the police.
No, Tony.
I am calling the police.
Just let me.
I will bring her back.
I will bring her back
to her mom.
Hi. I just got back
from the airport.
I'm here at my house
and a baby's stolen.
I don't have...
- Tony!
- No!

[Baby crying]

Hi Sophie, you're okay.
It's over. Give me my baby.
No, I am taking her.
I swear, I will kill you
if you try and stop me.
How could you do this, Jamie
or Susan or whoever you are?
I let you into my life.
Look, I need her, okay?
I've lost everything.
You are not taking my baby!
You're both wrong.
I'm taking the baby.

Emma. Oh, hi.
Yeah, I'm here. Hi, baby.
[Sobbing] Hi.

It's gonna be okay now.
It's okay.
I love you so much.
I'll never let you go.

[Playful vocalizing]
Okay. It's time to give her up.
Aunt Wendy is here.
Just one more minute.
I could get used to this.
Yeah, are you sure?
You don't want me to buy back
my half of the company
so I can get out of your hair.
I like you in my hair.
So this is
the way parents flirt?
Okay, give you
my little sidekick.
I'm gonna pass you over.
Go to Wendy.
- Okay.
Hi, mama. It's me aunty.
What do you two have planned?
Just a fabulous
date night out while we can.
Dinner's in the fridge.
- I know. I know.
This isn't my first rodeo
with this one.
Wait, what do you mean
while you can?
Well, we couldn't
believe it either,
but in six months,
you're going
to be babysitting two.
One suggestion.
- Yeah.
This time maybe keep
the due date to yourself.
that's a pretty good idea.
[Uplifting music]

[Ominous music]