Laced (2023) Movie Script

- Hello?
- He made a detour to
King's after work.
I think he's drunk.
Remember, don't call.
Burn it in the window
when it's done.
I love you.
- I--
- Fuck all that.
Gorgeous, why do we
still live in this state?
Please, I am begging you
for an explanation.
Did you do that for me
or is your boyfriend
rolling through later?
- Yeah.
He's coming by around nine
so make yourself scarce.
- Oh.
Well, at least you're honest.
Don't worry, though.
I am way ahead of you,
as always.
- How were the roads?
- Oh.
You get a couple inches
and I swear to God
everyone forgets how to drive.
I'm serious.
If it keeps up like this,
please don't go out.
I don't need you getting T-boned
by some fucking idiot.
- Can't be worse than '08.
It's close.
God, you remember tubing in '08,
- What?
- 08! Tubing! Parker Hill!
- Hey, Charlie?
- Huh?
- Game isn't on until 6:20
and I don't feel like
going deaf in the meantime,
- so can we just...
- a little?
- Yes, of course, of course.
No problem.
Sup, buddy?
- Dude, the 70 looks like
a goddamn parking lot, alright?
I just...
I think I'm calling it a night.
- This is for the division.
You are not canceling.
- Don't guilt trip me, okay?
I would've been out by five
if you hadn't given me
the Anderson account.
I'm not even gonna make kickoff!
- You have a radio in your car,
don't you?
Just listen on the way over.
I mean, fuck it,
Molly's cooking.
I mean, I'm sure
she'd want to see you.
- I, I really don't know, man.
Traffic is...
I can see if it clears up but
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
- All right.
All right. Okay. Bye.
What are we having for dinner?
- Uh, Shepherd's pie.
I thought it 'd be nice if we're
getting snowed in for the night.
- Thanks for going through
all the trouble.
- It's no trouble at all!
- Molly.
What was that all about?
- Spoon was cracked.
It was making a mess.
- Um, listen.
I was, uh, doing
a little bit of thinking.
Why don't we get out of Dodge
for the holidays?
Go somewhere romantic
where it's just, um,
you, me, swim trunks,
tiny umbrellas.
- What do you mean?
- I don't know.
Ditch the turkey,
find some place that does
a nice roast pig.
- What about work?
- Your brother
can handle it for a week.
I mean, Austin is capable.
- You're being serious.
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm being serious.
Your dad would not want us
moping around this house
crying about
how much we miss him.
In fact, Old Bill would be
the first person to say,
"Go slap on that SPF and have
yourself a Hawaiian Christmas!"
- Yeah, well,
Old Bill did now know how much
his hospice stay
was gonna cost us.
- Yeah. Yeah, well, I mean,
still got the house.
I mean, it's too big for us
anyway's, gorgeous.
Creeps me out.
Doesn't make sense
for the two of us
unless you change your mind
about things.
- Charlie, you know that's
not in the cards right now.
- I'm not trying to start
something. Just...
- You're saying,
we fly off to the islands, we...
we start blowing money
like that? Then what?
- Then what? Then what?
Then, I keep busting my ass
every day until I eventually,
potentially get a day off,
or a vacation in five years.
Why don't...
I'm just trying to
take you away somewhere.
Why is that such a bad thing?
- Charlie, I'm not gonna have
another conversation with you
about tightening our belt.
Okay, Charlie?
- Okay. Okay.
Well, you're the one throwing
away perfectly good shit.
- The spoon was cracked.
- All of them?
Well, we 're starting the new
pick from Michigan.
So, see how that goes.
Hey! No.
- No?
- No.
Hey! Stop.
You think you got me
all figured out.
You just come in here and...
- Is that so?
- I'm a lot smarter
than you think, babe.
Well, that must be really hard
hiding all that genius
all the time.
- You're terrible
- The worst.
- What would you do
if you weren't so gorgeous?
- I don't know.
How do you manage?
- I love you.
- Well, it's official.
Cal Matthews is going senile.
- A hundred percent.
- You ever miss it?
- God no.
You remember how much
of my life was 6 a.m.
and two-a-days, you know?
Besides, only rich boys
get to try to do walk-ons.
- Yeah.
Probably for the best.
Couple more hits and I' d be
wiping drool off your chin.
- You would wipe
drool off my chin?
That's very, very kind of you.
- What can I say? I'm a giver.
- What the fuck!
Fucking call that, you asshole.
Where are you going?
- Just going to
check on the food.
- Molly, I work all day.
Can I just have ten minutes?
That's all I ask.
Look, I'm exhausted. I'm sorry.
You saw that.
I'll get some paper towels.
I'm sorry.
Do you want a beer or something?
- No.
I'm taking it easy tonight.
- What are you talking about?
You got red all over your--
- Stop it!
- What?
- It's fine.
- Smooth, man. Smooth.
Hey! Babe,
I think that's you.
- Thanks.
- Hey!
Uh, I can't reach Charlie,
um, so I thought I' d try you,
but you're not answering either
so just call me back .
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You didn't have to
do all this.
- Come on,
you've been cooking all day.
It's the least I can do.
And, before you say anything,
I'm doing dishes,
so I don't want to hear
any arguments about it.
- Thanks.
- Wine or beer?
- Uh, the bottle of red
is open in the kitchen.
- Perfect!
Hey, is this the, uh,
bottle the Hinsons gave us?
- Yeah, I think so.
- How is it?
- It's good.
Kinda gave me a headache.
- Why am I not surprised?
I mean, knowing Greg,
plucked it from the bargain bin.
You should see
this guy play poker.
It is painful.
- Sounds like he's
perfect for Janet, then.
- Mm. Want some?
- I'm fine, thanks.
Mm! God, I could eat potatoes
for every fuckin' meal.
It's super great, babe.
- I'm glad.
- I'm sorry, did you want to
say grace or something?
- No.
- You haven't touched your food.
- I'm just letting it cool.
Are you happy, Charlie?
- Jesus, that's kind of
a loaded question.
- It's not a loaded question.
- I mean, it's the definition
of a loaded question.
It's impossible to answer.
- How so?
- I mean,
nobody's happy all the time.
Show me someone who is grinning
ear to ear, 24-seven
and I will show you someone who
is fit for a straight jacket.
Are you happy?
- I don't know.
Sometimes I think I'm happy but
then I realize I'm just not sad.
It's not really the same thing,
is it?
I look around my life and I see
all these pieces of happiness,
but it's like I'm making a cake,
and somebody's just thrown all
the ingredients in a bowl,
and that's...
that's not a cake,
that's a mess.
- Could we stop speaking
in metaphors, please?
I feel like I'm talking to
the fucking Riddler.
- You're not as funny
as you think you are, Charlie.
- You know what I think--
- Of course,
I know what you think.
That's all you do
is say what you think.
How we 're gonna fix things,
what we 're gonna do.
But there never really was
a "we" was there, Charlie?
Just you.
- I don't need to
fucking take this.
- You okay, baby?
- Just,
my stomach's all fucked up.
My stomach.
- Want me to get you some Tums?
- No, I just, I just need
some fucking fresh air.
- I can get you some Pepto,
if you want.
- Molly...
- Oh my God, are you okay?
- No...
- Want me to just leave you be,
- No.
The couch,
I think the couch would be best.
- What?
- Jim told me to
never order tuna
when you're 1000 miles
from the ocean.
- You want the game on?
- That'd be nice.
- I told you
not to call.
Use the candle.
They can trace phone records .
- You told me it was foolproof,
You told me it would kill
an elephant after five minutes,
and my fucking husband is asleep
on the couch after 20.
- Christ. I'm sorry.
- God dammit.
- Look, I can't imagine
he's in the best shape
right now, correct?
- No.
- Now isn't the time to
lose our heads.
- Victori--
- No names.
Not over the phone.
Slow your breathing.
I made you a promise,
and I intend to keep it.
We need to act.
- I know.
- A pillow should be enough.
Do you understand?
- You told me
it would be painless.
- What do you mean?
- You told me it would be
painless, but he shook.
He seized. You told me...
- Painless for you, my love.
- It's okay...
- I, I'm...
- It was on your mind,
and you said it.
It's fine. Really
- Charlie...
- It's probably just a bug.
What's the score of the,
uh, game?
- Twenty-one to three, Broncos.
- Beautiful.
- Hi.
- Come in.
He's still alive.
I couldn't. Not like that.
- Where is he?
- He's on the couch.
I'm sorry.
- No, no, no.
No. You're right.
I shouldn't have put you in
a situation like that.
Come here.
- He can't leave.
- I know.
Everything's gonna be all right,
I'm here.
Why don't you introduce us?
- Charlie?
Baby, this is
my nurse friend Victoria.
I called her over to
make sure everything's okay.
- Gorgeous,
you didn't need to do that.
I'm fine.
- I was worried.
- How are you doing, Charlie?
From what Molly tells me,
you've had quite a night.
- I've definitely had better.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- It's a nightmare outside.
You came through all this shit?
- I'm an aid to
Mr. Burrows down the street.
So luckily,
I was in the neighborhood.
- Small world. How is Spencer?
- Legally I can't talk about
my other patients.
But he's back to
arguing with Mrs. Burrows
so I take that as a good sign.
- Could I get you guys
something to drink?
- I'll take a water, thank you.
No ice.
- I'm fine.
- After an episode like yours
you really should hydrate.
Do you mind
if I get your vitals?
- Look, uh, Victoria, was it?
I don't want to
tell you your business
but are you sure
that's necessary?
- Look, Charlie,
your wife sounded terrified
when she called.
Now between you and me,
I'm sure it's nothing
too serious.
Can you help me
put her mind at ease?
- Of course.
- Don't be sorry.
- Molly is a sweet girl.
- She's the best.
Well, that's a little slower
than I'd like like
but nothing
too out of the ordinary.
Thank you.
Have you had any alcohol
tonight, Mr. Oaks?
- A touch.
- If you were to put
a number on it,
would you say two, three drinks?
- I don't know.
I don't know. Molly?
- Um, a bit.
- I see.
Would you mind if I checked your
abdomen for inflammation?
Molly mentioned you'd
been throwing up.
- By all means.
- So how did you all meet?
- A baby shower. Janet's.
They've been friends
since college.
- You should've seen Greg.
Not sure he would agree.
When is she due again?
- February, I think.
- Lucky girl.
Are you feeling any chest pain?
- More of a burning than a pain.
- Hm.
Yeah, there's a bit of swelling
here on the right side
just below your rib cage.
All right.
I'm gonna say
a big scary sounding word
but I don't want
you guys to worry
because everything
is gonna be fine.
It's nothing serious.
Now if I had to guess,
I' d say you have
a mild case of pancreatitis.
It's when your
pancreas becomes inflamed
causing abdominal pain
and nausea.
- What's the cause?
- It can be brought on by
a lot of things.
Stress, smoking,
but we most often see cases
in people who abuse alcohol.
Not making any judgments,
just stating facts.
I'm prescribing
a very bland diet,
rice and breads mostly
and a ton of clear fluids.
- Okay. Thanks so much.
Is that everything?
- Look,
I really shouldn't be giving you
these without a prescription,
but here.
It's a painkiller
that should take away
that burning you
were talking about.
- Molly, I think you need to
take me to a hospital.
- Charlie, it's late
and the roads are gonna be--
- Molly, you take me to
a hospital right fucking now!
- Excuse me?
- You come any closer
and I swear to God it is the
last thing you will ever do.
- We 're trying to help you.
- You take 'em, then.
Molly, I'm gonna be okay.
Just please take me to
a doctor or something, please.
- We 're not going anywhere,
- Hey!
Molly, you will regret
bringing this woman
into my house, I swear to God.
- Flat on your back
and you still think you
can just bully her around.
- I trusted you.
- Tell me. How did you know?
- One, Mr. Burrows' name
is Frank, not Spencer.
Two, no nurse would give
a man painkillers
after he's been drinking,
and three,
anyone could take one look at me
and see I'm dying,
you dumb cunt.
- What can I say, Molly?
He's a charmer
- I'm tired, Charlie.
Tired of pretending that
every time you touch me
I don't feel sick.
I'm tired of sharing a bed with
the monster that shows up
in my nightmares.
- Oh, once a cheat,
always a cheat, right?
- Fuck you, you don't get to
play the victim tonight.
- Ten years I've been nothing
but faithful to you.
- You actually believe that?
- You know what, Molly?
You want to pretend
like I'm the devil?
That's fine,
my conscience is clean.
- Fuck you.
- You know what?
Who's this new girl, huh?
She tell you
about the other one?
- Hey, look at me!
Understand that you are
where you are right now
because I wanted it that way.
- I'll say I took it.
I'll say that.
I'll say it, I'll say
I was depressed for months
and it was only
a matter of time.
You're right, Molly.
I fucked up,
and I tear myself apart
every day for what I did.
But I tried to make it work.
And if you want a divorce,
you got it.
Go ahead.
Take everything.
Just please don't let me die.
- I hate you, Charlie.
- Looks like the paralysis
is kicking in.
Molly, go lie down.
You must be exhausted.
- Molly, don't do this.
Please. You can stop this.
Molly, you get back here
right now!
Just wait! Wait, wait.
Just stop.
Don't let me die, Molly!
Molly! Help! Help!
- Hey.
It's all right.
- What are you smiling about?
- You really have to ask?
- Guess I just like
hearing you say it.
- Well then maybe I'll just
leave you in suspense.
- It's a little late to play
tease, don't you think?
- I know.
I guess I'm out of practice.
- Well, we've got
all the time in the world.
- Sounds good to me, gorgeous.
What? I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to--
- No. No, no, no, it's fine.
Just, um, Charlie used to
call me that, so.
- Anything else I should avoid?
- Unless you plan on
slapping my ass
when I'm cooking dinner,
we should be fine.
- No promises.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I keep thinking
about how amazing
it'll feel
not to hide anymore.
That makes it better.
- You know, somehow,
this isn't even the worst
coming out story I've heard.
- You're joking.
- It's a cruel world we live in.
- I quit a month ago.
- Now seems like an adequate
time to make an exception.
- I don't want to start over.
- As you wish.
- When will I get to
see you again?
- Not for a couple weeks.
I'm gonna go back to the firm,
act like nothing happened.
- The cops are gonna
wanna talk to me.
- And you say nothing.
You say I want my attorney,
and that's it.
It doesn't make you look guilty.
It makes you look smart.
The last thing we need is for
your details not to line up.
As far as you know,
Charlie went to the liquor store
and never came back.
Ran off with some girlfriend.
- I know.
- Perfect.
Did you get to the SIM card?
- Yeah. It's down
the garbage disposal.
- That'll be how
they try to find him.
And the dishes.
You tossed out everything
that came into contact
with the Aconitum and scrubbed
the counters, correct?
- Everything is washed
and double bagged in the kitchen
just like you said.
- And the pills?
- Shit.
They're in my makeup bag.
Jesus Christ, Molly.
That is the kind of detail that
could send us both to death row.
We can't afford to
overlook anything.
- I know, I know.
I'm sorry, I just...
My mind's been in a million
different places tonight
and I've never done
anything like this before
so I don't really know how to...
- Okay, okay. Look.
I'm sorry, all right?
It's fine.
It's just,
we just have to be very careful.
That's all I'm saying.
I love you.
I need you to help me pack
Charlie's bag.
- Okay.
- What would he take with him?
- Um...
his watch.
He loved it.
He was always bragging about how
far it could work underwater.
His high school championship
plaque, probably.
- It's too bulky.
Wouldn't make sense.
- He cared about it a lot.
- I say we leave it.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Stop. Stop.
He would never pack that.
- What?
- His jacket. He, he hated it.
My dad got it for him
for his birthday
and he would only wear it to
family dinners,
and then my dad would be like,
"Looking sharp, bud."
- Sounds like he got in pretty
good with your parents.
- He's known Austin
since they were kids, so.
What if they don't buy it?
Him running off.
He had a whole life here,
he had a business. He--
- Look, Molly.
Your family won't believe you
had anything to do with it,
because they can't.
It would mean questioning
too much about themselves
and their lives.
People tend to shy away
from that sort of thing.
- And the police?
- To be transparent,
they always assume
it's the spouse.
But if there is no body,
then there's nothing
they can do.
- I guess we have nothing to
worry about then.
- This was self-defense.
Who knows what that fucker
was capable of?
- I'm gonna go get some coffee.
Do you want some?
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
It's gonna be a long night.
I think we 're all set in there.
- Where is he?
Where's Charlie?
- What?
- He's not on the couch.
Where is he?
- I put him away.
I didn't feel like you needed to
see any more carnage tonight.
You've been through enough.
- The door was open.
- It must not have closed
properly when I arrived.
- What if somebody heard?
What if it did close properly
and then somebody came in
and opened it?
- Molly,
you need to settle down.
- Maybe both of us
shouldn't be pretending like
everything is perfectly fine.
- It's nice.
- I'm glad.
- Look,
maybe you would feel more,
more comfortable if we laid
all our cards out on the table.
Walk through everything
one more time.
- When are we leaving for
Castlewood Canyon?
- Baby, we are not going to
Castlewood Canyon.
You are gonna
get rid of his truck
and I am gonna
take care of things here.
- That's not what we discussed.
- We still have three months
of heavy snow.
Meaning no one
is gonna be hiking up there.
If, and that's a big if,
they find him
it won't be until spring.
- How does that change anything?
- If they find him,
certain things are gonna have to
be done now to make sure
he's not identifiable.
Things I don't
want you around for.
You won't look at me the same.
- Baby.
You know that can never happen.
- Still, I think
it would make more sense
if someone did see the car.
To have you driving it
instead of me.
Follow me.
I've marked a route to
the McKinley scrap yard
that doesn't have
any traffic cameras.
Once you get there,
use this to take off the plates.
Just wait for me.
I'll pick you up
once I'm done at the canyon.
- And tomorrow
I'm the jilted wife
looking for her missing husband.
- Remember, wife, not widow.
- Thank you.
I don't think I've said
that this whole time.
I don't know what
I would do without you.
- You'll never have to know.
- Good luck.
- Hey, open up!
Molly! I can,
I can literally see you.
Can you just open the door?
It's freezing.
Oh my God, Molly.
I feel like a side of beef.
- What are you doing here?
- Good to see you, too.
- Sorry, it's good to see you.
- Chuck!
- I wasn't aware we were--
- Charlie!
Did he not tell you
I was coming over?
- No. He has a funny habit--
- Oh! What the fuck is this?
Why isn't the game on?
- Austin--
Okay, so,
Sutton catches a 72 yard bomb,
and this new guy, we have a QB,
he's like this five foot
- But he's scrambling
side to side,
and when he finds a pocket,
- Austin,
Charlie isn't here right now.
- What?
What do you mean he's not here?
His truck's in the driveway
with like 2 feet of snow on it.
- I mean, he's passed out
in the bedroom,okay?
He came down
with something after dinner.
Ok, well, I've seen him pluck
weeds with a fever.
He's gonna want to see this.
- No, he's really not
doing well, okay?
And he just dozed off
and he's gonna be pissed
if anyone wakes him up.
- Okay. Then if he acts up,
I'll kick his ass.
I don't fuckin' care.
- I'm serious. You gotta go.
- Molly, you'd kick
your own flesh and blood
back into that blizzard.
- Okay, now you're
starting to piss me off.
- Really? I'm pissing you--
You invite me out here,
I drive an hour and a half
through hell freezing over,
and just because numb nuts
can't handle a cold,
you're gonna kick me out?
- The whole sarcastic
sympathy thing stopped working
when I hit middle school.
- Okay, look, just hear me out.
Let me watch the Broncos
clinch the division,
and then I will let
Sleeping Beauty rest. Deal?
Hey, you don't think what he has
is contagious, do you?
- Maybe. I'm not sure.
- Well, as long as he's up
by 7:30 tomorrow,
cause we got driveways to clear.
Also, uh, the Henderson couple
has a leak in their roof.
- He seemed pretty rough.
He said he would have to
play it by ear.
- I'm not doing that shit solo.
- All right, you've got until
next commercial break,
and then I'm serious,
you gotta go.
- Oh, wow, how generous of you.
- Take off your boots.
You're dripping
all over the carpet.
- My god, Molly!
Look, I know we 're half German,
but don't you think
you're taking this
a little far, Miss Fuhrer?
- You learn that word
in your GED courses?
- Uh, no,
because who needs school
when you have the
History Channel at 3 a.m.
Oh, come on.
obviously I'm fucking with you.
I'm very excited to see you.
- I know. Same.
- Okay, how about this.
Next time, I will check in
with the boss before accepting
an invite from dipshit
over there, okay?
Look, I don't want to
step on any toes.
- It's just been
a long fuckin' day.
I was really looking forward to
just laying down for a bit.
- Molly.
You're a grown-ass woman.
How do you not know
how to lie yet?
- What? Lie--
- I thought marriage would've
given you plenty of practice.
- Okay, but lie about what?
- I dunno.
You tell me.
Or don't. Or don't!
Okay, it doesn't matter. Okay?
Look, I want you to know that
I'm always there for you.
Okay, I know Dad wasn't
exactly warm and fuzzy,
but you know, since he died
it's been hard for me, too.
I get it.
- Everything's just been
kind of weird, you know.
I used to love watching
Sunday football games
with you guys, and...
- Oh my gosh, yeah.
No, I, I even miss
his ratty old lazy boy.
Wait, wait. Ready, ready?
"Boy, if this chair's good
enough for Super Bowl 32,
well then it's good enough
for you, damn it!"
What a dumb ass.
Hey, what happened to
that piece of shit, anyway?
- Uh, right now,
it is sitting in storage locker
337 with the rest of his junk.
- What?
Whoa, who's paying for that?
- I am.
- Molly!
- It just felt wrong to
toss it out,
like I was gonna get cursed
or something.
- That thing is covered
with like 18 years
worth of Thanksgiving dinners.
It reeks to high hell.
- Yeah, but you know,
you toss it in a dump
and that smell is gone forever.
- Crazy old man.
- Like you don't have any
- Not a one,
thank you very much.
- Not even the Sunday jacket?
- Okay, that's so different.
I'm a fan,
I like to support my team.
Sue me.
- You got that jacket
when Tebow got hot
and you have not worn
a different jacket on Sundays...
- False accusations.
- Even wearing it to mass!
- Like it's against the law?
Like it's against the law?
It's cold in the winter, Molly.
People need layers.
Okay, You know what?
My team is great.
They don't need me to
wear this jacket.
- I know.
- As a matter of fact,
hold this for me,
because I don't even need it.
- Okay, I will.
- Oh! Oh! Okay!
Would you look at that?
Another Chiefs three and out.
Oh, by the way,
I'm not letting you pay for
Dad's stuff on your own, okay?
You're splitting
the bill with me.
- Thank you.
- It's time
for our guest to leave.
- He knows something's wrong.
- Charlie is dead
and you're talking to your
brother about a fucking chair.
- I can't be too obvious.
Let's just wait out the game.
- Baby,
I don't care what it takes.
Get him out of this house.
You can mend bridges later.
You are so strong.
I know you can do this.
- What are you doing?
- Oh, uh, do you guys have like,
is it streaming or cable, or...
- Uh, streaming,
I think. Charlie set it up
- Ok, uh, well the blizzard's
messing everything up
so I'm just gonna check on it.
- You're looking for
the Wi-Fi router, right?
- You know where it is?
- Uh, yeah. It's in the armoire
next to the dining room table.
I'll show you.
- Oh my God.
I'm so lost with all this shit.
- I'm sure we can figure it out.
- It's like they try
and make it confusing.
- Here,
this usually does the trick
Can you go see how it's looking?
- Oh, yeah, no, sure thing.
God damnit!
- Nothing?
- No!
It's not even
connecting anymore.
It's a little ridiculous.
You know what?
You guys, you need to upgrade
your situation out here.
- Perks of living in
the boonies, I guess.
- Well, lucky for you,
I know how to fix it.
- How?
- Whiskey.
- Austin, I'm really tired,
I really want to go to bed.
- I know, haven't you ever heard
of a night cap before?
- The roads are
just gonna get worse.
- Do you have any leftover--
- Jesus, Austin,
will you listen to me?
I don't need you here anymore,
I need you to leave.
- Did you make this?
- Oh my God.
I don't need to
hash out the past,
or commiserate or whatever
it is you have planned
for this evening, all right?
Good night. End of visit.
- Why are you acting like this?
- Because I don't need you like,
passing out
in my guest bedroom tonight.
- Okay. Fine.
Disappear. I don't care.
You don't come over anymore.
You don't call anymore.
what else am I supposed to do?
- And the lecture begins.
- Fuck that.
Fuck that, okay?
This, right here?
This is the most
we've hung out in months.
You're the last person
I have in my family,
and I'm, I'm worried.
All right?
I'm fucking terrified.
- I'm doing great, Austin.
All right?
I would tell you if I wasn't.
- Are you and Chuck
fighting again?
Because I'll straighten him out.
- We 're fine.
- Look, I--
He's got a great heart.
- We 're fine. We 're fine.
- Are you guys
still trying for a kid?
- Okay, leave. Now.
- Molly, please,
I was just asking!
It's just a question!
- No no no.
You know what, Austin,
I'm not gonna be interrogated
in my own home. Okay?
- Oh, okay.
Well, clearly I was
just imagining things.
Clearly you're doing just fine.
- Yeah,
I'm doing peachy actually.
- This is your problem.
This, what you just did,
this is the problem.
You don't want to help yourself.
And it makes it impossible for
people like me to help you.
- Thank you, good bye.
- Okay, you know what?
Fine. Tell Chuck
that I said good luck.
All right,
and I'm so glad I drove
an hour and a half
to see my sister.
- Yeah, stay warm.
- Okay.
- Where are you going?
- I'm getting my jacket.
- Where are you going?
- It's five degrees outside
and I don't want to hear shit
about my fucking superstition!
Hey, what did you take, buddy?
Look at me.
Hey wake up, buddy!
Come on!
Hey, come on, man!
Call an ambulance
for fuck's sake!
Chuck! Hey! Wake up, buddy!
Hey. You okay? Chuck!
- Austin...
- What did you do?
- Tell him, Molly
- Who the fuck are you?
- Austin, please.
- Did you do this?
Are you the one
who fuckin' did this?
- Austin, you have to be quiet,
People are gonna hear you.
- Good!
Good, my best friend
isn't fucking breathing.
We need help!
- Austin,
we need to all remain calm.
- You're gonna get
the fucking needle for this.
- Austin, no, please stop!
It was me, I killed him!
- Molly, shut up!
- I poisoned his food,
I killed him, I did it!
It was me.
I killed him.
Where are you going?
- Elizabeth Station.
- You don't want to do that.
- Lady, you have no idea
what I want to do.
- Listen to me!
He killed our son.
- You know that
was nobody's fault.
- It wasn't a miscarriage,
Maria was so gentle
and caring with Dad
and it was just, it was a kiss.
- Maria?
- A stupid kiss
and I didn't know Charlie
was coming home
- The hospice lady Maria?
and don't give me that shit,
You know.
You know what Charlie's
like when he drinks.
It happened right there,
on those stairs,
I felt his ring on my cheek
and the doctor said
that it was an accident
but I know the truth.
I know the truth
and you know it.
My husband killed my child.
And you didn't do anything.
- Okay.
Why didn't you call the cops?
- I did, I tried.
- Fuck that, okay?
Stop lying to yourself.
It didn't have to be like that.
- You don't know that.
Thousands of people
get divorced every day.
You could've just
fucking left him!
- I served him papers, okay?
I put them in his hands.
But that wasn't the end of it.
He wouldn't let it go,
he started following me around.
Like a fucking predator,
everywhere I went.
He kept pressuring me
to come back,
telling me
that he was different,
that he'd stopped drinking,
found God.
He kept begging me,
saying things would change,
but they never fucking did.
- I mean, you could've...
The cops?
- Two weeks ago,
I found a tracking app hidden in
my Utilities folder on my phone.
And that's when I knew.
One day you were gonna get
a call from some sheriff
telling you that I was gone.
And I wasn't gonna
let that happen.
But if you still want to
call the police,
go ahead.
No one is stopping you.
- I can't believe this.
- I'm sorry you had to
find out this way. I--
- I don't give a fuck
if you're gay.
Or bi. Whatever.
I love you.
No matter what.
And you can't tell me
for a fucking second
if you had told me he laid
a goddamn finger on you,
I would've put his ass
in jail that same day.
You made choices, Molly.
I was the best man
at his wedding,
now I'm gonna
carry his fucking casket?
He had more dinners
at our house since age 10
than our own father.
And now he's gone.
But I'm not gonna lose you, too.
- I think that's wise of you,
- Shut the fuck up!
We are not friends.
Everything I'm doing,
I'm doing for my sister.
You, you can fucking
rot in hell for all I care.
- I'm sorry you feel that way.
- I don't believe this.
- Austin, it,
it's not her fault.
Just listen to me.
- Okay. Okay, what's the plan?
Put him on the couch,
wait 'til morning,
say he had a heart attack.
- Twenty-six year olds don't
just die in their sleep.
The coroner would run
every toxicology test
before the jury
could say guilty.
- He has to disappear.
- If they don't have a body,
they don't have a crime.
Only one person in Colorado
history's been convicted
of first degree murder without
a body present.
- I guess that makes you the
brains of the operation,
doesn't it?
- Austin, you can just go. Okay?
You were never here.
- Chuck left without
saying goodbye.
That means you need
his truck gone, correct?
- That's the idea, yeah.
- Okay, so what's
your plan for that?
- McKinley scrap yard.
- That's a great idea.
We should take a dead guy's
truck to a scrap yard.
That'll keep
the cops up at night.
- Do you have a better idea?
- I do.
You remember Angel, right?
- Yeah.
He works at the company,
we went swimming
with his family.
- Yeah. They're going back to
Guatemala next week. Okay?
I'll give the truck
a new coat of paint,
new plates, give it to them
as like a going away gift.
They'll take it
out of the country,
never to be seen again.
- You're telling us
he's not gonna recognize
his co-worker's car?
- Listen to me. Hey.
We need that thing as far away
from here as possible.
All right, not just sitting in
some lot waiting to be found.
- I don't like it.
Too many variables,
too many unknowns.
- Okay, well I know for a fact
that Chuck isn't making it to
work at 7:30 tomorrow. Okay?
I also know, the cops are gonna
wanna know where his truck is.
- You're talking about having
an innocent man drive a hot car.
That sit well with you?
- Victoria.
If he says we can do it,
I think we should try.
- Look, I'm telling you, okay,
as soon as that
thing crosses the border,
you can kiss any chance of it
ever being found goodbye.
Now if you don't mind,
I know where Chuck
keeps his good bourbon.
I don't think
he's gonna miss it.
- I think--
- Shh.
Not here.
- Piece of shit.
- Three people can keep a secret
if all of them
have something at stake .
And right now he has
no skin in the game.
Austin may be loyal to
his family,
but Charlie was his family, too.
We need assurances.
Anything that happens to
Charlie's body
happens in this room,
and Austin is the one doing it.
- We don't need to do this.
- We all need skin in the game .
- That's not a thing.
- What do you mean?
- The quote you said.
Three people can keep a secret
if they all have
something at stake?
The actual quote is three people
can keep a secret
if two of them are dead.
- We 're almost free, Molly.
We can see the light
at the end of the tunnel.
Don't ruin it by
talking about a collapse.
Hey, hey.
- Oh, jeez. I'm so sorry.
I forgot to ask
if you wanted it on the rocks.
- Straight is perfect.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Molly and I were just
discussing our plan of action.
We agree that your idea to deal
with the car issue is inspired.
- Molly, do you have a smoke?
I left my pack in the car.
- No, I quit. I'm sorry.
- I figured as much.
- Here.
Have as many as you like.
- Much appreciated.
So, now I guess it's just
a matter of...
making it disappear.
- Unfortunately, yes.
- Okay, well, you've had a plan
for everything else so far,
so what about that?
- We 're burying him
in one of the caves
out by Castlewood Canyon.
- God damnit, look,
the ground is frozen solid.
It would take an hour to
break through the ground
with a shovel,
let alone dig a grave deep
enough for a fuckin' body.
- She's using the term
"bury" very loosely
Okay, we have no doubt that
Charlie will eventually be found
when spring rolls around.
But when they do find him,
they can't be able to
recognize him.
- What are you saying?
- I'm sorry, Austin.
I know this is difficult but
Charlie did horrendous things.
- Spit it out. Spit it out!
- His teeth, his hands,
his feet.
- You're a fuckin' monster.
- Austin, don't.
- It's fine, Molly.
My whole life, I've been called
worse things by men like you.
Dyke, cold, bossy, bitch, slut.
Believe me, the list goes on.
But one thing no one has ever
dared to call me is stupid.
- I don't feel so good.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
- Your sister's in trouble.
Are you gonna help her?
Or are you gonna cry
about your dead drinking buddy?
- Okay.
Okay, what about the mess?
I've watched enough TV.
CSI's gonna be
all over this place.
- Oh, they will be.
That is why everything we do
is absolutely necessary.
- Hey. Everything's
gonna be okay, all right?
You come with me.
So what do I, um...
What do I do about the blood?
- When I was a girl,
I spent summer's up on my
uncle's estate in Connecticut.
They had hogs.
And when he wanted to
impress company.
he'd serve one for dinner.
But you don't just chop it up.
That would make a mess.
You make a small incision,
just here.
And you let nature and a bit
of running water do the rest.
There's bleach
and black tarp in the shower.
- I hope you don't think
the Molly you fell in love with
is the same one
sitting on that fuckin' couch.
Not after tonight.
- Hey. Look at me.
One day, you're gonna look back
on tonight as a hazy memory,
because you know it was
a means to an end.
- I just want this night
to be over.
- It will be.
- I keep seeing him.
His face. His eyes. I...
I just thought that after
tonight he'd be gone,
but now it feels
like there won't be
a day I won't see Charlie Oaks.
- That will pass.
I can't promise you
it will be next week
or next month,
but it will happen.
The memories we hold close are
the ones we can't live without.
Like the first time I saw you
sitting in that little cafe
on Prince Street.
Austin loves you
and that will never change.
Take deep breaths.
Don't get lost in
what you're feeling right now
because it's just temporary.
Just breathe.
- Austin?
Where's Victoria?
- She's not with you?
- No.
- I'm so sorry, Molly.
- What?
- I spent the last
hour and a half
thinking about every camping
trip we ever went on,
every dinner.
I don't know, I just,
I don't know how I could've been
so fuckin' useless.
- Austin, it's...
It's too late to--
- You know, before Dad died,
I promised him
I' d be the man of the family.
That I'd take care of us.
And now we 're here.
'Cause I couldn't
ask you a question.
Why Castlewood Canyon?
I need to know.
- It's out of the way.
Doesn't get much traffic
during the winter,
so there wasn't
much chance of someone
seeing something they shouldn't.
- You're lying to me.
There's thousands of miles
of empty prairie out here.
You could've chosen
any out of the way spot.
Why Castlewood?
First thing that came to mind,
I guess
- You know the day
we went up there
and swam around in the river?
Pretty sure that was one of the
greatest days of my life.
- What was that girl's name
again? Like...
- God.
- Char... Charlee
- You know what? Charlene.
I know.
- Yikes.
- Yeah, it was really bad.
- Her parents really wanted
a Denny's waitress.
- Yeah, the four of us up there,
splashing around,
catching crawdads,
acting foolish, and...
I haven't had
many better days than that.
- It was so clear.
The water, I mean.
It was like sparkling.
- That was one of the
best days of my life.
And after tonight,
I can never go there again.
Molly, please,
what's the end game here?
Don't go down this road.
- We thought everything out.
Everything's gonna be fine.
- This is not--
- It's all gonna be okay.
- This is not you.
You are not this type of person.
Let me help you fix this
before it gets any worse.
Okay? Bible truth is
what we make it.
- Austin...
- She's your friend,
but also Chuck's lover.
She wanted Chuck to leave you,
but he wouldn't,
so she gets jealous.
One night she makes you guys
a poisoned dinner.
- Austin!
- Except you 're not--
except you're not feeling well.
So you don't eat it.
And when he dies,
she takes you at knife point
so you can't call the cops.
- Austin, this is insane.
I love her, okay?
I would never betray her.
- Molly, you are a good person.
The only thing
that's gonna come out of this
is more pain and suffering.
- We're gonna start over.
- You're gonna start...
If this is the start
of your relationship,
where do you go from here?
You want to start a life with
someone who's capable of this?
No! No, I'm not gonna
let that happen.
- It's not your choice, Austin.
Okay? It never was.
Victoria's the reason
I'm still here today
and if you don't understand that
then I don't know
what to tell you.
- Someone is going to
go down for this, okay?
Someone's gonna get caught.
I don't care what lies Victoria
has put inside your head, okay?
No one gets away clean.
- You don't know her like I do.
- That's the problem.
Right there.
I don't think
you know her at all.
Come on, you piece of shit.
- Molly?
- It's done.
- I scraped the ice
off the truck.
- Thank you.
- How's the smoke?
- I'll tell you what.
Can't say I've ever had better.
- Dunhills.
Costs me an arm and a leg
to get them over from England,
but they're worth every penny.
- We 're all set in there.
- Great.
I'll go get Charlie's bag
and we'll be on our way.
- I can get it, baby.
- It's all right, Molly.
You can be in charge of making
sure handsome over there
doesn't sneak a couple extra
cigarettes for the road.
Oh, and before I forget.
Austin, I'll need your phone.
- That's not gonna happen.
- I'm afraid it has to.
The last thing I need is
the police pulling me over
while I have our friend
in the trunk.
I'm just making sure
there's no temptation
for anyone to leave
an anonymous tip.
Don't worry.
You'll get it back
when this is all wrapped up.
- I'm begging you.
Please just let this night end.
- Okay, fine.
Molly, you have to nav.
- Unfortunately,
I'm taking Molly's as well.
- Are you out
of your fuckin' mind?
I couldn't see ten feet
in front of me coming down here.
- Really I don't
know why that's necessary.
- I can't take any chances,
Now, snowfall has cleared up
significantly in the last hour.
You've made this drive hundreds
of times before.
You'll be fine without a phone.
- You're being paranoid!
- Enough!
Both of you.
The sun is gonna come up, okay?
We're running out of time.
- Where's the phone?
- It's on the dining room table.
- You know, Austin.
Someday, I hope we can all sit
down under better circumstances
and really get to
know each other.
- You have no idea
how lucky we are.
- What?
- I was 30 seconds away
from driving straight home
from the office.
Maybe if I hadn't had
that last cup of coffee,
I'd have just called it
a night and never stopped by.
God wanted me here, Molly.
Turn back.
This is the last chance
we'll get.
- If God has had any sway over
the way my life has gone so far,
I can tell you
one thing for sure.
He hates me.
And I hate him, too.
- Shall we?
- So how do we handle this?
You sure
you wrapped it up tight?
- Nothing's getting out.
- Any leak will end us.
- If he said it's done,
it's done.
- Good.
We all take a section, then.
Austin, get the head.
Molly, the legs,
I'll support in the middle.
- And if somebody sees us?
What do we say?
- We don't. We run.
- Let's just do this.
- Okay.
On the count of three.
Ready? One... Two...
Austin! Oh God!
- Molly, get back.
- No! What did you do?
- Molly, don't look at him.
Look at me
- No, no! No!
- He left us with
no other choice, Molly.
- Oh my God, no,
we have to stop the bleeding!
- No, no!
- Listen to me.
He got to the phone.
He would've hurt us, Molly.
He would've fucked
everything up.
The second he
walked out that door
he would've gone straight to
them and sold us out.
Listen to me.
- No, please!
- I had to make sure you were
going to be all right.
- I took the phone.
I deleted the video.
- That was a very
stupid thing to do.
We can still make this work.
We run.
We run right now to the border.
Anywhere you want to go.
- Stay away from me!
- Don't say that!
You're confused.
You're letting right now
cloud our future together.
- Our future?
There is no future together.
If you don't understand that,
you really are as fucked up
as Austin said you were.
- You don't mean that.
- Stay away from me!
- No!
I am not gonna lose you.
I am not gonna let them get in
the way of what we have, Molly.
You can't love me now, fine.
But eventually you'll understand
that the sacrifices
I made were for us.
I'll pack you a bag.
Be ready to leave in five.
- Lower the price.
- I already did.
- By how much?
- Dude, the estate sale ended
a week ago.
- Okay, well just like put it on
Facebook for 25 bucks.
Some CU frat boy
will snatch it up.
- Who the fuck
still uses Facebook?
- Well are we sure about
this husband of yours?
He seems super chatty.
- Hey, uh, gorgeous,
where are we stashing
that ibuprofen?
- Is it your back?
- Listen, my back will be fine.
Cleaning out Bill's closet?
Permanent damage.
- It's in the guest bathroom
underneath the sink.
- Thank you.
- Hey, um, I thought we were
selling the house.
- We are.
Um, I was thinking Charlie
and I could live here
just for a few months,
til the Market evens out?
- I think that's a great idea.
- It's not gonna be a permanent,
it's just...
- I'm serious.
Go for it.
Seems like you guys
are gonna be needing
the extra space soon anyway's.
Austin the second.
You know, just kind of
rolls off the tongue.
- That's not how it works.
- Hey.
You okay?
- Yeah.
- Molly.
Hello? Hi, yeah, um...
My friend, she's...
she's taken something,
she's not breathing.
I don't know.
I don't know what she's taken.
Uh... The address is
6100 Prescott Ave.
Um, just please.
I don't want her to die.