Ladies In Love (1936) Movie Script

how do you do I know that y'all so we're
the new tenants
I miss you sweetness meet back in please
one before you leave
thank you so much know some heavy I
didn't know if I could open by myself
she was only holding the door I was only
thank you important you never get out of
the front row the core front row I can't
even get out the back yes you don't know
me because I didn't kill with this - may
we have our tea I've already give the
keys to the other young lady and we turn
the burner on the Baroness Oh Sam is
grim yet oh I didn't know she was.
America but you very modest enough miss
a Baroness currently came in about an
hour ago
come along dizzy how do you do how do
you do miss French.
Hey Yoli who is the head how customer at
the shop she knows your model dear yes
what happened dear is it oh oh oh what
are we laughing you seem excellencies
taking about yeah aren't you just a
little bit tight one three girls like us
moving into a place like this I will
gotta love the kitchen you know maybe we
should have taken that furnished flat
though huh
so I gotta pay for that myself without
you and your friend I'm sick of being
driven home and great big expensive cars
to a moth-eaten tenement house see that
place I was doing a bloody minute food
fresh out of Austin believe me is no fun
gonna come to ask your special I meant
drop your hair they'll realize even
after something what good is that thing
then oh well most girls in the Cedars
have little dogs but I like this better
than a dog he doesn't barking I don't
have to feed him or take him out for a
uh he's really very nice mm-hmm you
could have this wall and your friend can
have that
what in her name who left this here
hiya hey I guess that's Marcus Marcin
your badness wouldn't be a street
peddler by any chance would she
oh just infrared but she is a Baroness
hmm well I've heard of beer burns coal
burns meat burns but never a necktie
oh no she's a real parent and family
lost everything they had in the ward and
she has to sell it well I hope she
doesn't drown herself in there close the
door everything will get soaked here for
you all right Missy palm oil
yeah beautiful not watering that open
the window for oh I can't even see the
window thank you Martha this is Julie.
Heidi how do you do how do you do I'll
be right out and one of you contrived
- only be careful of the mixer it's very
- unexpected.
Hope you told the bareness of our
agreement concise a half the rent you to
pay the other half I'm certain about
them at all if anybody fell down yet you
know superstition my gypsy nurse told me
when you're moving to a new home the
first thing you must do is count the
corners of a room and sit down first
that spoils it afterwards you sit down
and make a wish what are we sit on the
floor on you oh anything I'll go ahead
all right 1234 no wait a minute
567 8 nothing all right
I'm gonna wish for hecha
like the one I used to work in I'm tired
of a lot of silly men trying to make
I want to be independent with me
I'm very with her rich husband when you
buy me a five-story house lots of furs
and jewels - the bank one was not too
hard to repair
all right your turn much all right one
two three four
I'm going to wish for the impossible a
good home well I've bothered I might as
well push for a man someone to love and
look after and children no even if we do
get our beds in here this place still
gonna be pretty empty I don't know but
the sofa was there a table over there
the radio on it a big oriental rug
there's all this furniture in storage
but it's in different stores just
waiting for us to get some money
that's bad I think is that all you got
didn't it enough no no huh she means if
he got me left for food heavy now see a
clock yet is it Lots get happy before
supper is that letter where'd you get
that for my matter rabbits have you got
rabbits a doesn't happen what am I odd.
John makes me so mad I lost my them
today when you're up know one of my odd
job Oh mom's getting French thank you
for the last three weeks
oh very well it did only I don't speak.
what my conscience was clear I studied
the lessons every day before I gave in
to the children I didn't know it but it
seems the children have a French act for
the day the a derived and start ask
questions in French don't hurry up I'll
lose another job today.
I brought your lunch Imogene you think I
would ever come and how are we feeling
today mrs. Shingle finger and how are we
feeling today mrs. Shingle pink
template and how are we feeling today
mrs. Single thing gay what's better Oh
much worse dr. Emre yeah you're late
well I'm sorry but I've been awfully
busy do you think there's any hope for
mrs. Shingle fingers I was practicing my
bedside manner distant key have you fed
them well I'll finish right away they're
not fed on time can't give injections on
time well I bet he couldn't help it you
see I moved today different chains
reacting beautifully of that antiserum
thermometer give her seven and CC's more
tomorrow we'll see what that does what
do you mean you moved having an
apartment with two girls at sanity class.
T corral straight across the river
oh you mean you're not in the Attic
animals kill oh why didn't you tell me
well tried to tell you last week you
didn't see much interest before that was
when I was starting a new experiment
down below this week you've been away
every time I came to the pasture the
rabbit but what what am I gonna do
oh how come just the same can I get a
regular job up another times when I when
I need you to help me forward for
intravenous injections and then ran for
oh well you know I I thought you were
interested in my experiment I am only
the department has the most beautiful
bathroom all Palvin oh not very
considerate of you that's when you're
getting the knack of thing is I do need
looking after yourself well I'm
perfectly all right you're not either
look at your no color at all you need a
diet with a little iron in it I am on a
diet sort of one um dr. Emory do you
suppose you could give me the money you
owe me for taking care of the rabbit
certainly boy did you ever mine tomorrow
I'll be all right
uh-huh leave the money downstairs the
druggist don't you want me to feed them
tomorrow no the money daddy man that's
not the question I've reached the point
- where there must be an absolute accuracy.
- I'll have to do it myself
I think these are pets to play games
with but you realize what I'm trying to
do with these rabbits I can prove my
theory of molecular character of
everybody yes I can't let anything
interfere with them not anything you
understand what well please man I jump
from this district in ER I know I really
can't afford it but the three of us know
it's none of my business you have your
own life to live yeah well isn't there
anything else I can do mmm-hmm no no
thank you tomorrow
there's a very old Obon when you go into
a very old Lobby and open our very own
yoni how do you work this gadget John
you can
I don't seem to be able open the door
the cat open the door to you closing
so you have to close the door first
before you can open it John my name's.
Smith Judy Smith my name is Lanny Carlin
how do you do see how many times I told
you it isn't necessary for a girl to get
her name well I I think a young actress
ought to give the name after all this
here frozen doesn't the radio doesn't in
this bit but don't tell me I've got to
mention it
goodbye gentlemen my name's Smith well
kids wanted to gather justice laughing I
hope you don't mind our coming up of
course not only I don't ask you into the
furniture all over the place are you
doing up here now anyway we're not
supposed to be a band for about four
five yes I know
I wanted to talk with you hi wait
oh by the way I'm going to Ben's party
too you suppose you could get my name's.
Schmidt to come along ha ha ha.
I missed you so
wait can you see them you dress I mean
to wear oh I want to but I have a much
better idea why let's forget about the
last part in drive out to the cops for
dinner just stupid
but my life in Saudi they're always a
lot of fun oh yes I know but I want to
go with you
- well what about mine your dress that's
- why she gave it to me what Madame bana.
Gave me one of the new models to wear
when she did I was going to Ben's party
across the matter darling but have all
the rest of the evening together
why didn't you tell me about him before
oh you mean cos man you crazy you count
one of the few tattoos left in Budapest
with any money how would he care what
night he made me feel like a lady
evening I come on
miss my name Swift will be delighted to
join his Xmas Eve party as at mr. Benn.
what they shall I wear your other one
and your best manners which does not
include listening he'll show your office
what have we got to say the men will be
society and the women the women will be
the women that society men like to be
with when they're not with society women
is there somewhere a countess mm-hmm oh
you mean is he married no complications
the countess Elena read it oh she would
be I guess I want her to accept his
invitation this one
you're welcome
how do you do then live into the Schmidt
I so that God would bring you wish miss
oh thank you so much I hope he warned
you the first amount landing my more
- attractive guests with known as a visit.
- To the Jade room now getting out of cage.
That big concession you needn't come
alone will take your River this you know
where round and see you later
oh I got some good pieces in here last
unit uh-huh there really is a jet
collection when they admin it'll take
you to there just to look at it I have a
piece here taking on the tool of one of
the most famous of the Chinese emperors
the Ming Dynasty very handy for
protecting a favorite who was no longer
favorite correct guitar yes and here's a
piece of early man true long been your
five minutes is up moves it in here
about five minutes it really has an
- extraordinary history you see this
- little figure here.
Oh please go ahead I'm very interested
really yes I can see you are then the
lock him down thank you
the date is beautiful let's calm down
how long now we met at this afternoon I
can't remember where I've seen it before
hopefully of course the Oceania theatre
no it was the look in her eyes that was
familiar all women in love has the same
look those fields I would looking at the
ghost of someone else Yulia I haven't
seen you say that last party here that
fatal party so well you met John I
admire your taste but what happens when
you go to it
I still had my job there's talking to
you a few minutes before you're
introduced to him do remember we're in
- this room Timon what you said then I
- hope the rather pleasant things will.
Interests off at us
perhaps how'd you do then I said it was
a pity parties for you and young and for
me none we're just talking battle
wondering when you plan to go back to.
South America well you had at first to
wish people were asked no no no I might
have hoped that you'd never come back to
Budapest the last person in the world I
- wanted to go now much to interest in
- URis happiness.
Oh women always like to hear man say
that even if it isn't true aren't you
rather a hurry to choose my successor
then I our old friend no quotation marks
around that Island my support is not my
let's get out of here I've had enough of
Jory I don't know what it is but at a
party like this you seem like a stranger
what you want me to do follow you around
double I'd like a like a lovesick bride
why are you so anxious to come here
tonight so you're looking for another
adventure what were you looking for the
night that we met here someone like me
- wasn't it someone with whom you could
- enjoy your vacation someone you said.
Would understand that you'd have to go
away and wouldn't cry on your shoulder
when you did that's what you've got are
you complaining now I'm not complaining
I'm not shouting him merely trying to
tell you that I'm sick of your
everlasting frequency would you like to
go out to dinner with me would you like
to stay in the night mr. Horvath Jade
- how much aid you in your prison bed
- timber.
I want to say goodbye but you just drag
but I only planted up a plan minute
visually she's still looking at you Jade.
Oh master feel
Yuli who's coming for you goodbye then
what I must go I only plan to drop in
from over I should blow the bag.
I hope they play a childish you like
that better
I'm the village father Barnett's he
understands me new I didn't think you
were brought up in Budapest mmm
you see more like a like a peasant girl
that's what I am I don't know why I told
you that except I don't want to pequea
with you
hey I think I'll think so thank you I
Oh Ben I believe that it was simply
dreadful oh hello you hello John so glad
you could come
I've got new piece of jade I wanna
that's where the joke
so what are you doing here what game I
couldn't any defeating robbers and.
Harmelin all for Russian I thought maybe
you could introduce me to someone I
should sell my ties 201 or corresponds
but what about the eyes what about them
Shanna the magician why don't know him
I've hardly ever spoken to him I told
him Martha told him
told her what Karl I told him that I
loved him
I had this because I didn't think I'd
ever see him again only nine won't
anyway I'm glad I told him y'all think
I'm a fool but you understand don't you
no your power back honey all you had to
do was look at me to know that I want to
do so why shouldn't I tell him honey
don't get into my hair we see if all
those what about that one oh yeah
alright alright
she doesn't have time to say anything I
just I just told him a friend there Wow
I could only smile oh but see oh my god
you want sandal.
Oh could you just enjoy okay
either coming I'm sorry but I have no
time for autographs now why don't would
you like that what the letter you want
famous crap you had two weeks after the
could you find ice my friend wait Reggie
white bitch oh she's a person been
misgendered I would cut the pie
and now ladies and gentlemen I shall
attention illusion that I discovered
while stepping through the wilds of
India but I must have absolute silence
because the slightest noise might result
in injury or perhaps even death to the
young lady I ready
thank you and now there's and gentlemen
destra seek my illusions of their
mechanical tricks I shall prove to you
that even from the distance of a few
feet the hand is still tricker than the
now who will come up here and see for
themselves if they can
the young men in the gray suit was a
pretty girl by his Oh
no pet you're doing all right where you
ah the young lady that wanted my
autograph come down you look lonely
there oh come along well upset oh you've
got to early Peppard you're gonna give
me a little demonstration in magic have
a bit of a left it here someone might
- steal it she was afraid you'd next year
- someone might steal it.
I don't worry it will be perfectly safe
here well how careless of it it must be
around somewhere little not there that's
it isn't it
now what have you in this case neckties
what do you do with them try and tell
them clearly
I need neckties so supposing instead of
me showing you my magic you show me your
neck time well why not well any more
public than the sidewalk that is quite
an ingenious contraption
now here is a very lovely crepe stop a
crepe time does it shrink absolutely not
it's made by one of the best company it
doesn't shrink you'll find out
it shrank all right
that was too crowded to kroehner well
let me see is something a little more
here to my better time guaranteed
wrinkle proof wrinkle proof you'll find
out about that now I have here an
ordinary silk scarf which I playfully
called my wrinkle tester we fold it like
that again like that put the ties in
there that's still there walk cumple
them again Eddie
six Cronin pull up for my tie Oh your
time did you mind if I have a drink I'm
told you have one
would you mind tasting that for me just
a sip does that taste like a necktie for
you I don't know what a necktie tastes
like we have the videoed flavor we'll
find out
these are your Nick hey they're all
there yeah thank you very much
oh but aren't you going to buy them why
of course how much these are the H.
Cronin H Cronin may I have your purse
eight kronor two four six eight and two
four nuts
oh thank you very much mr. Chandler now
what shall I do with the time
just leave them with the stage
doorkeeper on your way
your business ookay look
magic how sure he's a magical at the
cheap trick
don't worry honey your weight all mixed
and ready take it one bit Oh cigarette
uh no stop yelling for blanket you fired
on two hours ago
well how am I to get out of this don't
ask me you're the magician and you're
funny don't understand steel
oh it's you they could do perfectly well
I had a supper party they'd have to
dress me lost ya everlastingly back my
white ties on back you laundry have left
ones all covered with makeup really
funny hey have you got a white tie for
you oh why didn't you say so at first
this Chi will cost you ten throne and
watch cause you might send out for one
if you think any the shops are open now
all right you let me have it and think
it pay when it comes back you don't
suppose think it will come back after
you're discharged Kim will you please
give me that time
I'm manservant didn't what you need give
me that tie yes you'll probably magic it
away from me anyway what makes you think
a magician can't tie his own tie if
you'll just stand still I can do it
perfectly what you need is a woman
around someone who understands taking
care of men someone who can keep a man's
place neat and clean I will have you
understand that think it work for Prince
Roger before he came to me for five
Charlie why was so lady too many other
servants tell you what I'll do I'll let
you have that tie for only four cronies
you'll give me his job think it's job
for you the bank it breaks me up in the
morning he cooks my views he acts as my
dresser in the theatre I even puts me
the big but I don't do it how long is it
since you've had a decent chicken
paprika thank you
what do you know about chicken paprika
my father taught me how to make it the
only proper way and grit Suzette's I
don't imagine think it could do much for
those crepe suzette cigarette
what is this all about anyway why do you
want the job what sort of girl are you
oh I know your stage star count you know
me naturally I'm fascinated seen you do
your tricks but you see I really need a
job I'm so used to looking after
children children that oh oh I mean it
would be wonderful if I could work for
shandur the great for you huh
you are stage-struck but I'll overlook
that there's a street number fall at 9 o
clock in the morning what about the 10
cronin you said 4 if you got the job
alright I'll make it 10 let me have your
purse 2468 and 2 for luck yeah we'll
discuss terms later meanwhile clean up
around here.
Oh Shandra about that time you don't owe
me for that it's yours
I found in the drawer hmm
that makes 10 cronometer Oh be then and
remember you're only here on trial good
night good night
somebody Schmidt.
Thank You Martha Knightley Susie I've
been waiting for you hi I'll Drive you
hmm you know the trouble with us is
trouble with you is you always know what
the term with somebody we talk too much
least you do always analyzing seen it
again always analyzing I survived with
that what we analyze I don't know just
analyze do I really love you do you
really love me so we do so we don't what
difference does it make as long as we
have such lovely times together just let
it go it there what being happy
mmm I suppose that's a very good place
to let it go it if that's how you want
me for you never talk about love again I
promise you from now on I'll be known as
sensible John
wait a minute
cousin John.
I'm Marie don't you remember me
I've run away from so asshole oh oh but
you've grown I only had money enough to
take the train to Vienna and I came
honey we revise from there
um this is Miss Mary Armand kind of
I'm not a cousin we are not related at
all except by marriage what are you
doing here
I found out it come back to Budapest
what when mother and I visited you five
years ago you were so kind to me and if
you seen that who's this oh this is mrs.
Yuri Hyden oh how do you do are you
engaged uh well we are uh don't worry I
understand your hands things differently
in Budapest what made you leave your
mother she saw on my orchard that I
planted myself and give the money to me
herb wha
I know they are going to get married
just a moment who is mr. Dubois he says
he used to be another potato but now he
only sees when he gets drunk and
mother's apricot brandy what am I going
to do with you I know all about raising
pigs and I cannot an attractor now
that's fine that's just the thing for
Budapest that's but I suppose I consult
with a boarding school or something kept
a bit a vest to go to school that's
where you're going to go just the same
in the meantime perhaps your cousin
would like something to eat tell you
your friend that I'm not your cousin
I understand yeah if you're hungry I can
make a print something yeah the coffee
house at the corner still open let's
take her there that's all right but but
afterwards oh I suppose I could send her
to a hotel though I won't be in the way
and beside they won't let me in without
any luggage that's right
well I am going to a hotel then come
along let's get something to eat yeah
that first cut here I'm glad work of my
engagement to him engagement to be
married it was not a real engagement he
had a motorcycle and he was supposed to
drive me here only got a friend you mean
we might have Monsieur Pierre be that's
now if he hadn't lost his now she's one
of those warriors what would happen is
your cousin John in the dare suppose I
can't get the job right would we leave
on many sick I feel a certain sympathy
for Pierre guru needle just haven't
gotten een initiation army actually
means initiative
no I said what suppose cousin John had
asked enough question then he never have
gone to South America right
I turned him but on him I had Mary he
sounded like you he was not afraid to do
I can't stand people don't ever do you
want wouldn't you like to have some more
schnitzel I certainly would
please inform at mizzou
with the shadow with the shadow no go
cold eyes do good yeah I think oh yeah
oh it's you about ready and very well if
you must know I was drunk last night
wheeling wriggling drunk and I see no
reason to regret it
after all I am an artisan is my
privilege to dissipate my talents as I
see fit
what is it no but you that'll get cool
after being here three weeks you should
- realize that my bath is accustomed to
- waiting for me.
Eggs eggs
take them away not happy in stem eat the
more what I make them disappear up your
sleeve did I ever tell you that you
annoy me intensely
36 we're pair ventricle make 57 groaning
you oh the liquor store for just a sweet
so how did you get in here anyway
we add you every morning with Mikey you
don't give me some money for the gastic
I turn it off tomorrow with sweet cronic
that's what I mean is how did you get in
here in the first place and 15 kroner to
be electric light you know my life was
very simple until you came and now
ceaselessly I hear on businesses I owe
that I owe debt you'll be telling me are
you something in the end you do walk row
in the last week at first I thought you
were infatuated with me there's more to
it than that although that in itself
should explain everything there's some
subtle plot afoot to undermine me it's
very simple I needed a job in Heaven's
knows you need someone to look after you
uh would you mind going back into the
bedroom I'd like to clean up in here is
my own home anymore
do you think you could ship me from room
to room like a piece of furniture I
asked you a question why did you get
ready to drop this in fresh air
alright alright
I admit that I drank too much last night
for nothing I say matters you know a
woman once told me that these were hands
that Chrysler would have ended it was
very easy for you to criticize my
drinking but you'll never bother to ask
me why I drink Wow
it would be a pity if the doctors were
right what I had meant to tell anyone
but well my family is cursed with a
strange affliction with the hapsburgs
atomo failure with us it affects the
nerves the vessel motor nerves get on
with your sleeping but Victor Shannon
what it's nothing important except that
perhaps tonight tomorrow or perhaps even
a year from now these hands might
suddenly lose their cunning Oh what are
you talking about it's nothing nothing
I had hoped the curse would not fall on
I miss to shandur don't you believe
those doctors nothing can happen to your
hands it would be too bad if you lost
your job because my hands failed we're
not thinking of my job here let me have
them who was the doctor you went to with
your really good ones what was his name
he's a specialist in this sort of thing
he he calls it a hereditary poly digital
itis poly did slightest straightest well
this is better than any doctor get that
bus land of little thing I haven't I
always told you how important that is
oh he that woman who told you Chrysler
would attend attend did she massaged
them too
yes as well as it she had finesse that's
what counts
oh uh what did you say it with what Poli.
Oh poly digit slightest what have you
got on your hair
it smells like shampoo ah good afternoon
your excellency hello Java now you just
telephoned you be a few minutes late oh
well thank you yes you shouldn't call me
your excellency as you wish your
activity I hope you wouldn't say that to
all young ladies how else would I
address a lady who enjoys a year the
admiration of count Lang you I know
you're flattering me Joseph but I like
it makes me feel as if I were never mind
just don't stop her anything I can get
for your excellency no thank you
oh yes Joseph will you make some of
those little NGO everything on the Bob's
you know the ones comes on you like so
Oh Joseph when count long here comes
with u-turn I couldn't wait no other
message no what is it now she's here
who's here miss her any who do you think
I meant she's up with the rabbits what
alright supposing she is here does that
mean you have to stand up grinning like
an idiot get out.
Thanks how do you like that one Martha
what are you doing here becoming vines
what I'd like to see the rabbit
Don one feeling perky perky might think
these are pets to be played with no cute
fine laboratory assistant you'd make I
always send them on time and gave him
- their medicine improving there's no
- doubt of that.
I think I better way him check his
I don't know why they stay so quiet for
you they've missed you Magnus game isn't
only the rabbits things seem different
to me since you went away really Rudy
yeah uh stethoscope tick I am was
wondering maybe in taken care of again.
I got a couple of patients last week
think I can make it for Chrome in a week
this time good like well I'd love to
because yeah I've got a job now I know I
couldn't come regularly well could you
come and visit us anyway I wasn't sure
you wanted me to naturally I what what
is this job how would you support an de.
Paul Chander you don't mean that the
magician the one that calls himself
schandle the great even what he calls
himself it's what everybody else calls
him what in the name of heaven kind of
work you're doing for him
why cook for him in the doctors
apartment and when he's up the theater
on sort of a dresser a dresser you mean
you only lots of active have women
dresses or you do it look after their
clothes and help them into them I mean
with their coats and I guess you don't
know much about life in the theatre no I
certainly don't
what were you thinking up to take a job
like that you told me I had to live my
own life I didn't mean you should go out
and be a ballot for it a cheap card
sharper he's not a card shopper what he
does takes just as much science is
raising rabbits I'm using these for
experiments that's not raising well you
started with only two and now you've got
24 but that's merely a biological
coincidence why it's preposterous that's
what it is you're working for the
student tokus focus artist he's not a
pocus hocus oddities a very fine
you're in love oh you must be crazy you
think I don't know the symptoms what
kind of a psychologist do you think I am
besides I've seen him on the stage I
recognize the type at once
it makes love everybody he meets he does
not make love to everybody oh so you
don't want to think that about him I see
jealousy reflex already you know so much
I'll pull over here just to see you you
say things like that to me now you said
you come over to see the rabbits anyway
all you talked about is Shanter all
right suppose I was in love with him
what business would it be of yours you'd
probably put it down on a chart are you
no look at you every time he's speaking
to me pupils dilated your face of use
tell me a symptom you haven't got it
why if I ever saw a case of emotional
malady can I tell you the symptoms I've
got I'm so sick of you and your science
why don't you give the head and dance
I'm all right here I'll take care of
your MP we'll take care of you
poor Suzy I want her to bear she
couldn't have listened to advice from an
what are you doing here alone fine.
Franz Brennan olicity man at the theater
has anyone ever warned you about me
Franz Brenda why aren't you in the show
I told him I wasn't feeling well she
came down with the mumps - it should be
alright with a matinee of the moon it's
alright I won't say a word
what's happened to his Excellency what
what kind of a publicity man wouldn't
know who's been calling for you at the
stage door every night did you get the
air shut up alright alright that's Dan
he's getting married tomorrow come on
we're alone I'm alone let's get together
you're right back with us common folks
now so you might just as well not be so
but you're the one who got Milly Frisch
kicked out of the cars because she
wouldn't go out with you mm-hmm
Brenda the cockroach my friends call me
it suits you
what'd he do to me if I didn't blow it
you're out with me now aren't you
let's go to the bar
you shouldn't walk off the floor leaving.
Stanley I'd like to crawl away quietly
somewhere and die I'm gonna play it the
tragedy I what do you mean what's a card
anyway this isn't before the war waiter
the double brandies on the double yes
what's about you and me Susie that's
what's about you you could do much worse
yeah I probably will be fine through hmm
brand-new please waiter excuse me how
did there
see let's get at her why did you wait
for me especially I I had another
engagement that I couldn't believe that
none of you Susie why now not to these
last few weeks I know so much about you
your niceness your sweet if you hadn't
seen me here tonight you just thought
yourself lucky
wouldn't you you that have to be men
then why didn't you leave me alone
Susie why can't we say goodbye
pleasantly there is sensible girl
principle Oh Karl you've been with me
every day for the last two weeks and
that's all you know about me I'm a
sensible girl so sensible it every night
I've dreamed of all the peasant girls in
satara books of Mary printed and all the
top girls in cinnamon who made
millionaires and hope and pray that
something like that would happen to me
you know now Karl but I love you so much
that earthing us by building a pardon me
they better bet your friends.
I just came back to the bar I'll join
you I'm just meeting reunion hm
I was just going back to you come on
still I thought you checked out it's
it's come along I'm sorry I'm Freddie
no no don't go yet countless we're just
about to get the big dramatic punch huh
titled villain pull back I'm not I don't
be idiot hang him on it you and I go
home huh let's unite why should we go
well we've written a leash off his.
Excellency the only this is mr. Brennan
is hiding you miss Potter
I met you at Benoit box do you remember
it didn't take something I picked up
your ham sorry
what do you mean you picked me up I
think you try to pick up there France
why don't you have some champagne well I
don't mind if I can thank you we were
just about to go away oh how - I'll go
would excuse me oh sure
alright alright Yoli I don't need any
lessons on how to behave like a lady
I've seen him and I I made a graceful
exit now he has nothing to worry about
my name is Joe Smith we can't go now
Kevin oh my head feet you don't mind if
we bucket you thought me to you there
you see John going practice been a night
well no of course not
thanks anyway.
Oh Kalamata hi Rudy I'm awfully glad I
ran into you because I wanted you to
know that I I didn't really mean all
those things I said this afternoon
that's alright what's sort of a shock to
me at first I mean you're working for it
well I I should have known that anyone
- that's nice and sweet as you I could and
- why understand Doody Martha I know a.
Place across the river
it's a Turkish restaurant I was
wondering you can stop wondering right
wonder what she's singing no I don't
understand Turkish she see the Barry
said song my mum come fooling love
always dad always you mean every month
she has yes very sad song
this seems a very unscientific sort of
play for you to discover yes I haven't
the slightest doubt it should be
reported to the Department of Public.
yeah I love it you the first time
anybody's ever taken me any place late
at night would you like some more wine.
Rudy can you afford it
I told you I have new patients as we
another bhavet okay yes the one thing I
don't want to talk about is patients I'm
so happy I don't need to talk at all I
can hear your heart uh-huh my heart
isn't on that side oh um Rudy what honey
did you tinnitus poet one how did
digital itis I never heard of it if that
makes me to share a drink you so much to
keep him worrying about it Oh Shonda
he's gonna ask about it this afternoon
was that the real reason you came to see
me mm-hmm poly digit to the lightest and
there isn't any such thing it's
something he made up to make him feel
sorry for it he could have made it up it
runs in his family Rudy uh let's just
sit quiet listen to the music huh you
you are sorry fine aren't you I
certainly don't want to see him lose the
use of his hand
oh so it's those tricky hands of here's
the fascinate you mean if not oh I see
it's not only his hands you're
fascinated by everything about it you
I don't know why I should get so excited
it was only to be expected oh Rudy a few
minutes ago everything was so pleasant
and friendly I'm only trying to discuss
it in a friendly way there's no reason
why we can't look at it calmly in the
first place a man like mr. shandur is
attracted to an entirely different type
woman but he wants his mystery and
glamour there's nothing to worry about
it I'm not merely thinking about his
feelings toward you I'm considering your
feelings told him are you going to try
and explain my feelings to me don't you
want to be able to understand your
emotional responses and I do understand
not thoroughly you see what we have is a
fairly common occurrence young woman
type B pronounce maternal instincts
comes in contact with masculine type be
temperamental exotic personality result
young woman is dazzled our original
desire to protect us transformed into
romantic love very simple I am NO dazzled oh yes you are but you don't
know it the important thing in
diagnosing cases like what I am Acacia
the important thing is to know what
classification the nation fits into I
was reading about a case just the other
thing you're worried because you can't
analyze your feelings you react me
swagga wait check check retain check
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so
long anything wrong no I hope mom could
be there to take care of her but I gave
her a sleeping tablet I guess she'll be
all right shall we go to my place over
where Kaplan 18 allomere seats yes
fixed I got to that your picture what
would I do in South America without it
yeah are you here is this her
oh they're the native use it under women
when they don't behave John what are you
going why I thought you didn't want to
know just to end well I didn't but that
was before I am taking the 6 o'clock
train tomorrow afternoon darling have
you forgotten what you said don't tell
me when you are going just say that you
have to go out to bait a letter or get a
haircut and don't come back and then
there will be no silliness about saying
goodbye did I say that yeah and a lot of
other very sensible thing
just because I said that in the
beginning doesn't mean that I like a 20
year old boy I'm so glad you didn't let
me make a fool of myself how much of a
fool would you have made her wonder oh
limit I get do you know what happy we
came back to be the best fans to find a
wife just what kind of a wife did you
hope to find Oh some substantial soul
that would spend life in a mining camp
in the Andes no you sorry you didn't
find her I would have missed all the fun
I've had with you yes has been fun
hasn't it you know I'd forgotten the
devil women like you know how to enjoy
love instead of making it a tragedy I'm
glad I could contribute to your
education is tonight goodbye no we could
have lunch tomorrow your train leaves at
6:00 yes why Ben Horvath asked me to
dine with him
I suppose he knew you were going yes
he's off he's got my tickets are you
going to dine with him why he wouldn't
want me to lose any time would you of
course not John why do I say those
things darling
help me doubt my heart you I want you to
know that that really I
this is getting to be a habit with her I
thought she was supposed to be away in
school she is what is it now
you aren't you are going back to South
America how did you get here I won't
walk from school 30 miles what should I
do with her this time
you might try different hotel last time
it was the Hungaria why not be Daniel
palace tonight there's no reason he has
to go to hotel oh excuse me I know there
do whatever you want sir I've been up
since 3 o'clock this morning and I'm so
sure poor kid hmm
what do you say oh I didn't say anything
imaginative walking or that way yes very
touching devotion I call it it is
sincere and I am touched by it
poor kid she must get some sleep that
reminds me
hi us two again Julie why I running away
like this I'm practicing so I can say
goodbye gracefully tomorrow at the
station I don't understand you tonight
no I'm afraid you never will
oh good night good night.
here he
she's just talking in her sleep
the partner hasn't yet to look for his
heaven all the things we hopefully
leading doing me a problem for something
wrong with her with me at any reason I
find you how to get along without my
sitting out was bothering you though
what after tonight I didn't think it'll
trouble me anymore
morning nonny now what do we do well
you've got to take the 6 o clock tray
everything was so simple and here you
popped up what is wrong at the school
did they beat you or did you know too
much of what hey you are not listening
do you remember the head waiter.
Edison Galya when he said and what would.
Madame design what that was the night
when we were visiting you and mother was
he ill so you took me out to dinner
alone this was five years ago yes twelve
not only the waiter calling me madam it
was trans being out alone who is you
that mid-mission own up up Marie I must
make you realize that I've
that was the night I knew what are you
talking about that there cannot ever be
anyone else for me thank you
nonsense yeah just a child in school and
it is not nonsense
I came back from school when I heard you
we're leaving
I would have got if I had to swim all
the way and you should go to South
I don't suppose I'll swim let's get to
you there somehow this is preposterous
what difference does it make if you
haven't thought of it before I have done
enough ginger but it's for both of us
but I'm leaving this afternoon at 6:00
see now you are thinking about it it
Budapest on your vacation you can find
plenty of elegant women who will share
your good times with you part in South
America where you work is you want
someone you can count on so when you
know we love you always and always how
do you know these things cuz I love you
I couldn't simply take you with me
it had to be married now what am I
talking about
oh and Johnny don't be so Judas what if
you would what is that about you'd makes
me believe everything you say only my
love for you but that can do anything
was it you I wanted I came back to
Budapest Oh fine.
I thought I had trouble enough being the
best man of cards reading and trying to
catch the train now I have my own
wedding to worry about our wedding hole
ready trick I thought you were gonna yes
sir um oh please egg go down imply
another talk yeah all right 7:30 goodbye
whoo I heard the telephone was it for me
no it was my bow uh-huh still waiting
for that call from me Martha
yeah bring me a glass of water coming
thank you did I ever show you this trick
hmm do it again do it again one spent a
lifetime perfecting a trick like that
you say do it again as though you were
reporting a clown in the circus well
after all perhaps that's what I am a
plan to amuse the rabble oh no mr.
Shandy don't say things like that
I suppose you envy me because of the
position I'm in yes out there in front
of the footlights with everyone's eye on
you it's it's fine enough it's a lonely
sort of life it's not until one gets
home that one realizes the empty mockery
of it all never do why I'm telling you
why I'm fine
how long have you been here now three
four weeks well it just shows how much
taken one can be about what well I might
as well admit it
I didn't engage you just because I
needed a servant there was something
about the way you looked at me that
first night I had a feeling that you
were a woman who would understand my
loneliness and that perhaps sooner or
later we well just didn't happen at all
what didn't happen
are you in love with someone ah there is
someone no there isn't anyone um can I
get you a cigarette mr. Chander
mr. Shantou Oh Martha has being here
meant nothing but just a job to you oh
yeah well what has it meant I've been so
happy doing things for you I haven't
felt like a servant at all good nice
knowing that was someone who wanted me
to take care of them is that all you
haven't fallen in love with me just a
little in love haven't you sometimes
hope for that Oh Martha have you no
feeling for me at all
I don't want you to be lonely lonely
you've never thought any more than that
about me yeah yeah at time you were sick
in bed with a sore throat and I read to
you and then you went to sleep and I sat
by your bed all afternoon
and you loved me then well it it gave me
a very happy kind of feeling watching
over you
no matter your do love me for a moment I
thought I was losing my grip but not her
comeback I I didn't mean Jewish
something in smitten it's another.
thank you
thanks really
why did you go there anyway just to see
how bad you could really make yourself
you know I went there because I wanted
to see if I'd imagined it right Bryan
bridal bouquet a bridegroom his
regimentals yes everything was just as I
except the bride she see John there yes
why I'm jarem today.
Jett always probably still busy hello
honey Oh brings you home so ready.
Tamara here take this you look as if you
needed it
thank come on son what I've left chander
what happened I don't know it would like
one of his stage trips why'd he make
this appear this turn himself I could
have told you it was no good you weren't
in love with him by any chance for you I
thought he really needed me you're not
worried about a man gets me all mixed up
I guess I don't understand love Oh
apparently members are very good at it
are we
you know they had a mark our report
cards attendance excellent arithmetic
fair failed in love except for Yoli who
knew enough not six no shut up oh sure
thank you a speech come ladies and
gentlemen yes if I mean ladies and
gentlemen ceressus mr. Paul Shonda
why not we'd make him appear just as he
makes rabbits appear come on a toast a
toast to SH and all the great who
condescended to raise the bareness.
Corinne yay from a necktie peddler to
his maid of all work did he start a
direct phrasing that may have all worked
from putting him to bed when he comes
home drunk to darning his socks and
cleaning his bathtub would she Peter the
princely sum the 15 grown under each and
on top of that mind you a lot of the
privilege of falling in love with him I
did not oh yeah
champagne to zero no not enough to make
to the very noble count Carlon yay what
some courts have been drunk to you today
your excellency no toasts quite like
this so all honours go to you you who
gallantly accepted the love of Suzy.
Schmidt best of all it led a dreamers
hell he dreams into it was time for you
to go away Suzy challenge Mr there just
one more toast mr. John bata
mr. bata who tried to break the heart of
your Lehighton but didn't succeed for
the simple reason that the young lady
- hasn't got a heart you don't have it all
- settled in poor John did you expect to.
Leave you only crying her heart out as
your train pulled away so she'd go out
to dinner with Ben Horvath with her eyes
all red oh it's still a John a lot you
know about the only hiding a lot you
know about it I thought too champagne
was supposed to make you happy I don't I
know about you you're you know all the
answers about man don't you never let
him know you love them and they won't
hurt you keep laughing at him and they
can't hurt you
what's go on and laugh yo Lee Jung I'm
travel without there's all we do is talk
about love where you going
I don't know South America maybe
how that makes it hard to booze in boys
three girls nothing do what happens if
you keep on drinking this you get sick
you go to sleep
alright with me yes
yes good sleep would tell everything
but do you suppose they talk about ooh.
Carl how is Helena
you may go forget them Suzy okay
just thank you
that's not enough for a toast and maybe
here your excellency
you better have a drink
big time
are you doing sorry Mai Tai's looks like
that's what I run back to
right now I think you're trying to put
this all in order thank you man I don't
know how I'd have made it without you
putting sticks broke hello hello dad
John I have something to say to you
before you tell me why you wanted to go
without saying goodbye
I want you to hear it no matter what
your reason why yes honey it's simply
it's Allah that I love you with all my
heart I meant to tell you so last night
only only my silly pride wouldn't let me
yeah yep though I wanted to say yeah oh
my god
you're on downing I need apart
John Downey I need to coolant for the.
thank you I believe you in a moment but
don't hurry I'm alright.
I am taking Mary to South America with
me we are to be married tomorrow in
it is not very easy to explain you don't
have to she's someone you can believe
when she says she loves using shit yes
a few weeks ago I would have laughed at
you but now I understand yep
I'm glad I could tell you how I feel
about you even though you couldn't
believe me and and even though it is too
late well I guess there isn't much left
to say is there
let you metallic
better let me send it on my car thanks
this is a standard track cherry topping
a magnet cocktail for articulate
hey wait honey is there something else
we can do you can't a guy get some more
coffee quick all right anyways wake up.
Martin oh please will you honey
come on that wait not to wake up please.
Marvin stay awake please mother mother
wake up please keep your moving come on
mom wake up please
come on darling please anyways don't
take Martin there thinking I only would
lost her I suppose I should want to
forget her over I know never loving him
and having him love me even for a little
somehow the remember will always make me
proud really independent men we've
learned a lot since we've been in here
we should put up a sign which reads
young lady school experience hearts
broken and scientific thing shows up
early huh good
and how would you leave tonight
mr. Shingle finger Rudy you done wonders
with your bedside manner why we're
getting popular I know what that is
it's your late employer I saw him the
desk downstairs in the lobby
mr. Chander shall I send them away he
probably wants to know where I put his
shirts mr. Shanker let him come in sure
you feel like my mother here yes mom my
poor dear Martha would you like sit down
who is that dr. emre oh the record man
when I telephoned the concierge told me
what had happened
mr. Dean I couldn't no it's very brave
of you to say that dear I know you want
to spare my feelings
hmm oh but don't let this upset you
it's a matter of fact this is not the
first time what I remember touching her
hair is at least better of the cold
marble slab it was still wick you mean
she because she was in love with you she
chose the river would you send would you
mind I want to see him I just did
walk a little lemon turn around there
must be something about that medicine I
took it's done wonders for my eyesight
just as though I could see through one
of your disappearing act shall I call
the doctor
I can't dear there's not another shoe a
dress dude great tie
sure well what's the matter with my
shirt yes but is really nothing there at
you're just an illusion like one of your
trick doctor doctor concrete what is it
old ninja keep talking about my suit my
shirt my time mind my hands well what's
the matter
mmm very interesting is there anything
the matter with my hand it looks like a
real poly digital itis but okay well
that's absurd that there's no such thing
I made that name up
well what how remarkable you made up
something it's taken years of research
to diagnose well well well
but you're crazy doctors it there's
nothing wrong with my hand I'll prove it
to you you ever seen me do this trick oh
that's bad you havin both hands now oh
really I wouldn't mind being sick for a
long time if I could sit here and what
you laugh like that
I love to see you happy I am happiest
day of my life what I'm trying to tell
you something they've appointed me to
the stamp the Institute it's a real job
you know what that means it means no
more mrs. shingle pink is to worry about
uh just misses Rudy give me my dad I was
an awful numbskull but when I got angry
and said stupid things it it was because
I was so ashamed not being able to do
anything at all for you but now oh look
at your pupils you need rest look at
your own pupils who how what would you
expect oh do you say it if you're going
to well there wouldn't be much money one
huh Rudy don't you get the words out
glamour I think we should be
married mom do I.
Susy yummy what what's the matter would
well that's better boys two girls one
I don't think honey this way I'm going
oh thanks Shelly I have a picture of
mrs. Ben Horvath pressing mr. Horvath
pen don't know how I just think a little
while we've been here in all that's
happened Ruth now we're leaving
what is she doing in there Martha hurry
How can we'll be waiting honest take a
shower ball no you know just seeing lots
of people live a lifetime in a place and
don't have so much happened to them only
things didn't happen just to do it hope
yes they did you wish for a hat chat
didn't you now you actually own one mm
thanks to your your gums nicely thank
Ben vo Lee's gonna have the Richardson
and what about you
I wished for a good home man to look
after and children well I got a man who
look after me the homes good enough
we're here and for the rest this is
sketchy that I'm discussing oh yeah
alright come on Susie time coming Oh
raise that thing from a queen don't
never mind.
Susie open OPP your I know it needs is a
new plot