Ladoo (2018) Movie Script

It is said that a girl is born
on earth when a star smiles.
And one day, one of the million stars out
there felt like smiling for some reason.
She started understanding the world
around her through her uncle.
In their journeys together.
Through their happiness.
Through their smiles.
You also want to go dear?
Oh no!
- Uncle! - Dear!
Hope the travel was comfortable.
She realized then, sometimes it can
hurt even without getting a cut.
Girls should be brought
up with some discipline.
But how, if the mother
herself isn't right..
The day that Laya didn't
return from college..
She still remembers
it with fear.
That's when the world
around her began to change.
Come here.
Come here.
- Today's Maths exam was tough.
- It was okay.
How was it for you?
I have no idea what I'll
do for tomorrows exam.
One by one, boundaries started
building up in front of her.
She started losing
her perspectives.
I have always felt that
every person is different.
I have always felt that
every person is different.
Sometimes undeserving luck
comes searching for them.
Some work hard to
get what they want.
Then there are others who do nothing but
still manage to live a comfortable life.
This is about how
his day starts off.
I have told you many times...
Don't come in front of
me with two shirts on.
Are you trying to make
me work twice as hard?
He has never got into work before
taking the attendance of all the girls
S.K. is an accountant at Ouseph's
wholesale shop at Ariyangadi, Thrissur.
The load is here,
go check it out.
S. K. also used to turn over commission
from the union members who came to work.
S. K. also used to turn over commission
from the union members who came to work.
Compromise talks between gangs.
Where are you from?
S. K. would play them using the name
of some big gangster from their area.
S. K. would play them using the name
of some big gangster from their area.
Our Tony's area.
Which Tony in Angamaly?
There is only one
Angamaly Tony for me.
'Vadivaalu Tony,' the one who murdered a
S.I. after tying him down a railway track.
And like that, they
all fall for it
And like that, they
all fall for it
Tell that I said 'Hi'
if you see Tony.
So it's a compromise right?
Now, where are you from?
Something happened yesterday.
Someone was troubling our Manaf's
sister on her way to tuition.
Some guy who knows karate.
Guess who it was?
Our Sijo, the one from Athani.
Which Sijo?
He was a bit bald.
Yes. Him.
I went straight to his karate class.
There were around 50-60 people there.
I straight away went for the
nose and started bashing it in.
I gave them a nice beating.
He's showing off his
karate skills on girls?
I won't allow this
This karate and all
won't work for us.
What are you sad about?
That Sunitha from
tailoring, right.
She has poked me on Facebook.
She has poked me on Facebook.
And I don't know
how to poke back.
S.K. set it up for him.
We'll see.
I'll set it up.
No issue.
Last years Thrissur Pooram,
I was going around
searching for him.
There were a lot of people.
There were a lot of gangsters,
police and many others.
And I find him sitting
on top of an elephant.
I went straight up to him and
pulled him down the elephant.
I pushed him towards a wall, spat on
my knuckles and started punching him.
- His game was over after that.
- S.K.
Why do you spit on your
knuckles before you punch?
It's just a style.
An ordinary style.
Is it okay to just rub
some spit on this finger?
- Rub? - Yeah.
Is this some Amrutanjan
to rub over?
If you don't get it,
go back to your class.
Go study something.
Apsara S.
She was the dream
girl of that college.
There were many behind her
but ahead of all of them..
Back then there was a question
S.K.'s friends kept asking him.
S.K. can't you just tell her?
This Anju, Manju, Kunju, Renju, Sanju..
Why do you think they come to college?
To see me.
They are coming just to see me.
I'm their only hope.
How will they bear it when they
come to know that I'm engaged.
That's right.
I should be a bachelor
till the college ends.
- But I'll say. - When?
Last day.
Come. S.K. is going to propose.
[Apsara singing in
the background]
- Tei?
- Yeah, sing something with Tei.
It's seems like Allu Arjun's
situation in Arya 2.
Ugghh! Who is this guy
spoiling the mood?
Who is this guy
- Where is he off to? - Bro.
What are you doing here?
- S.K. - It's been a long time.
What is it? Any problem?
Were you thinking about Apsara?
Which Apsara?
From Botony class.
In college?
Apsara S.
I haven't seen her
after college.
S.K. !
S.K. !
S.K. !
It's been a while
since you went in.
It's been a while
since you went in.
We are struggling here for water and
you are playing around in there.
We are struggling here for water and
you are playing around in there.
I liked you back then itself.
For some reason we never
talked about her.
Step back! Leave me!
I'll stab that fraud Vinu.
Leave me!
You feel relieved?
Should I say two more?
David! 2 chilled beers!
S.K. I don't have anyone.
No one udnerstands me S.K.
Can I drink this too?
Hey! Give me back my class.
Give the glass back.
- S.K. I'm lonely. - I'm sorry.
S.K. You know how relieved
I was when I saw you.
S.K. can solve everything.
S.K. is the only one
who can understand me.
S.K.! Save me S.K.!
A true friend is not someone who
leaves you behind during a bad time.
He is someone who sticks with
you in your hardest moments
Tell me. What's your problem?
S.K. it's not right of
me to tell you this.
Nothing good has come to
you from me till now.
Only sorrow.
That's not important.
That's not important.
It's not about when a relationship
starts between 2 people.
It's about when the relation
started becoming meaningful.
I'm here. Tell me.
Allu Arjun is taking
over his head.
I don't know why she said that?
What did she say? That
she didn't like you?
Or did she invite you
to her marriage?
Or does she have
cancer or something?
Whatever it is. Tell me!
Just shut up for a moment.
Give him a gap to speak.
Give him a gap to speak.
Tell me.
She will eloping by
tomorrow morning 11am.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Where will I take her?
Where will I take her?
I haven't even said
this to my parents yet.
My hands and legs are trembling
just thinking about it.
She's asking me something
for the first time..
Whether I come or not she
will leave her house at 11.
What I fear is whether she
would do something to herself?
This is trouble.
This is trouble.
All my friends bailed on me.
All my friends bailed on me.
Someone told me that I can
get some peace if I drink.
That the sadness will go away.
Can you get me some
liqour to drink?
It's 11:30pm, or we
could have arranged it.
Don't worry about that..
You have money? If you
do we can arrange it.
Let's try.
Let's try.
Put this aside.
What a fool you are.
If drinking solves everything,
everyone should be doing that.
The next generation will
be learning from us.
Don't drink and blabber.
Get lost.
Get lost.
We need to drink. Curse you.
Bro, it's not for us.
What if he drinks
and feels better.
Yeah right! Just shut up.
- We are with you.
- Us?
For sure.
Not me.
The troubles that
come finding us
We don't need you.
Who called you anyway ?
No need, I'll take
care of it myself.
I'm with you. Tell me,
where does she live?
She is actually
from Kothamangalam.
She goes to work from
her aunts house.
Thrissur? Where in Thrissur?
Some colony.
We will be sketching every colony
in Thrissur tonight itself.
Can't even hold a sketch pen properly at this
time and he wants to sketch every colony.
Get lost.
You tell. Which colony.
You tell. Which colony.
Ambedhkar colony.
Ambedhkar colony.
Ambedhkar colony?
Which house there?
It's like a white house that looks
like a scrambled match box.
Too many stripes, stair
ways outside and all.
Is it this house?
Is it this house?
This house exactly.
But all the girls in this
house are studying abroad.
No, this is her aunty's house.
She is going to work from here.
She loves this biscuit?
What did you say her name was?
Move, move..
Angelina Jolie
Nice name right?
Not Angelina, Angeline
Not Na, in.
I will bear that.
I'll tell you one thing.
I'm going to marry her.
Don't waste time
going behind her.
The second you get there.
Get lost.
I will follow her, flirt with
her and maybe even marry her.
I will follow her, flirt with
her and maybe even marry her.
Do idiots like you even have
the right to follow her?
I play the game not sit and
applaud at the gallery like you.
I will keep pursuing her. Have you
ever had a girlfriend in your life?
Have you?
Have you?
You get lost!
Have you?
Get lost.
This is definitely
targeted towards me.
This is something this brat
has been doing for years
First Apsara, now her.
No, I don't think so.
No, I don't think so.
I don't think any of
this is going to happen.
She hasn't even looked at me once in
all this time I've been behind her.
So there's no way she fell for this guy
whose not even half as good looking as me.
Either she is tricking him..
Or she is crazy.
There might be a chance.
This is actually true.
- He, knows that..
- That?
- What is that?
- Song.
His voice is like
some waxed eggplant.
That's enough for girls.
No, I don't think so.
Whatever it is, decide fast.
He hasn't stopped crying yet.
If you can't do it,
then just leave it.
Even took away the chance
of some free liquor.
Ittup come here, I
have something to say.
- Come.
- What is it?
- Just come.
- Is there some other liquor there?
Do you actually believe that our
Angeline will elope with this guy.
Do you actually believe that our
Angeline will elope with this guy.
Do you, no right.
Do you, no right.
That I don't.
So dear brother, take him and
deal with the bottle first.
So dear brother, take him and
deal with the bottle first.
Let that happen at least.
That S.K. is there, he might
scold me in front of his friend.
Yeah right S.K.
Yeah right S.K.
He can't even move a cat
from this room to the other.
He can't even move a cat
from this room to the other.
And he is going to
help them marry?
Do you believe all this?
Who, the one who talks
like that Telugu actor?
Will anyone actually go to that S.K.
for compromise?
What a tragedy that guy is.
Go back to your home.
This is her..
This is us..
This is her parents
This is her parents
Wait, not with this.
Do one thing for now.
Adjust with this jug for now.
You ruined the flow.
- I'm hungry.
- You say.
We go straight to her house.
With her we go to the
register office.
Marriage. Very simple.
We will definitely rock this.
But for this plan to work.
We need 3 things importantly.
That I know.
That I know.
The first thing is..
The first thing is..
The pepper bottle.
The pepper bottle.
Second the steel glass.
- Then a jug..
- Exactly.
Do you have any common sense. We
need to know about her parents.
Just ask him.
She is an only daughter.
Her dad, She has a father.
- Achan- Daddy?
- Mummy and then.
Then they have a lot of fields.
She must be experienced
in jumping off walls.
I mean you know a
lot about fields.
We are following each
other on Instagram..
We are following each
other on Instagram..
We are following each
other on Instagram..
You are not here for some real estate
deal, you are here to marry right?
This won't work out.
Do you know anyone
in Kothamangalam.
There is someone.
He might know.
Some goon or smuggler. Who else will
he know or maybe he's just bluffing.
Some goon or smuggler. Who else will
he know or maybe he's just bluffing.
This is not the time for you to
make jokes, It's a mans life here.
Whatever. Say who it is.
Whatever. Say who it is.
There is someone, but he might
turn out to be a headache.
Are you talking about
that Lovelesh?
I knew where this car
was driving off to.
Call him, do it right now.
It's not that big a deal.
Give me that mobile.
- No problem at all.
- Actually how is it?
He's a complete loser.
You know him right
I was talking about the beef.
Beef is really good.
Hey Lovelu, it's me S.K.
Are you busy.
Busy and me, say
what the matter is.
Busy and me, say
what the matter is.
- How is Angamaly Tony?
- He is fine.
- How is Angamaly Tony?
- He is fine.
Actually, I called you
for some information.
Do you know an Angeline
who lives near you?
Great, Angeline from Kothamangalam. There
might be around 10 girls here in that name.
She works at Thrissur,
Great eyes.
Nice smile.
Nice smile.
You are not the
one marrying her.
It's him.
He's making poems in between.
Are you the one marrying
that Angeline now?
No, I just called to
enquire about her parents.
Tell you the truth. Her
family is a bad batch.
The call was cut.
Try him once again.
It's saying out
of coverage area.
Is it?
That's a pity.
See, what he said was that the
parents are a little trouble.
- Is it.
- It's same with every parents with a girl.
Anyway we can't move anywhere
but forward with this, right?
Exactly, that's what I told.
- But things won't be that easy.
- Why is that?
It never will.
We need 3 things for
that importantly.
2 bouquets, 2 necklaces
and 50 ladoos.
50 ladoos, for what?
Where is this guy from, there should
be something sweet for such occasions.
- Is it?
- Then what.
- Is it?
- Then what.
Paysam for Hindus.
Ice cream for Christians.
- For Muslims...
- Pineapple.
A register marriage without laddo..
- Can't even imagine it.
- Then don't.
50 ladoos right?
I'll take care of that
- Okay.
- The ladoo is set.
Then what's the problem?
Yeah nothing.
No problem, everything is okay.
Not that..
Are we going in this
to Kothamangalam?
Us local audience
just asked a doubt
We can take the bus
till Kothamanagalam.
Then from them bus stop we
can take an auto, right?
Superb. Then there won't
issues with traveling light.
Then it would be nice to elope
in an auto rickshaw right?
Any problem?
Are you serious?
Most importantly we need a car.
Car... From where
will we arrange that.
- He can easily arrange it.
- Is it.
Then what.
He keeps saying he will
arrange cars for trips right?
Can you actually arrange it?
Will we get a car?
So since he said he'll arrange the car.
It's all set right?
So since he said he'll arrange the car.
It's all set right?
We will set his marriage.
Rahul Etta!
You have a big heart.
You have a big heart.
I'll never forget this favor.
Since the car is arranged.
Take this porotta in too.
Have you taken some pledge to
bring these problems to me?
But still she, how long
did we follow her.
You still believe all this?
You still believe all this?
She won't be coming tomorrow.
That's not what I'm afraid of.
That's not what I'm afraid of.
He seems innocent..
When he realizes
that she cheated..
When he realizes
that she cheated..
He suicides or something, we will
have to face the consequences.
I decided to come,
just in case...
To see her house and all.
Do one thing..
Do one thing..
Advice him when
you get the time.
Let your rotten psychology
be of some help.
I'm going, see you tomorrow.
I'm going, see you tomorrow.
Will see you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow - Okay.
Come early tomorrow. We have
to travel till Kothamanagalam.
I'll reach, move aside.
Will see you
tomorrow Rahul Etta.
- What a great human.
- He's superb.
You can sleep inside.
Rahuls bed is free.
I'll sleep here.
We don't have much time, we
have to early tomorrow right?
Then I'll also sleep here.
How did you guys
meet each other?
- Angeline?
- Yeah.
That's a long story.
Night are for stories. You tell.
We saw each other
at a parking lot.
I filled the petrol. She started the
scooter. It started and she left.
Then, we met again.Talked.
Got close.
With this bottle half
filled with petrol?
Yes. Why?
How long have you
guys been in love?
3 weeks and 2 days.
Around 23 days.
23 days?
Is there a problem with 23 days?
No, no problem at all.
Give that.
You sleep, have to
wake up early right?
You sleep, have to
wake up early right?
You have a spare pillow?
His half bottle
petrol and 23 days.
I'll show you.
See if you can understand this.
See if you can understand this?
- What is it?
- That Lovelesh send it.
Mammancy Auto
Mammancy Auto?
Maybe he's wishing all the best
or goodbye in his language.
You sleep.
I have to buy the necklace
and bouquets in the morning.
- Mamanaciaotto?
- Even the groom has slept.
Kids, the car is ready.
Bloody puppies.
S.K. wake up!
S.K. wake up!
Look at the time.
Stop playing around.
Stop playing around.
Sir, bro...
Don't you want to marry?
Don't you want to marry?
Wake up. It's 8:45am
Hey Ittup. Now where is this guy
Hey Ittup. Now where is this guy
Best,you were supposed to buy the necklaces
and bouquets and you are here sleeping.
I had to take the car
from around 50km away.
I had to take the car
from around 50km away.
Everyone here is just good
to make fancy dialogues.
Wake up man!
Let the sun shine first.
The shop has to open right?
We are going by car either way
We can stop somewhere and buy.
Let me lie down a while.
Wake up, made me get
up in the morning..
And you are sleeping here.
Arrange a wreath
with that bouquet.
Don't push.
Make it fast.
You have paste to brush?
You have paste to brush?
Stop making me laugh.
We don't have such bad habits.
We eat after we wake up. See.
This is just bubble gum.
This is just bubble gum.
I always brush. Get lost.
That's been in his
mouth for 3 days.
You check S.K.'s bag.
There might be paste in there.
You can't touch the bag!
Get ready fast. There's no time.
He might get divorced because of his
bad breath on the first day itself.
See this.
He's wearing the same
shirt from yesterday.
After all, he's a groom.
Give him one of the two
shirts you are stuffing in.
You are looking at me as if
I asked for your kidneys.
You don't have to
worry till I'm here.
You are sure that she
will come right?
Then this shirt is enough.
Come on, don't you want to go?
- What is this?
- Our ride
How is it?
What car is this? What
kind of loser are you?
Is this the car we are
taking the girl in.
What's wrong with this car?
What's wrong?
Why don't you attach a mike
set and announce our arrival.
The sun light too.
Are you guys all playing around. I have no
time. Where will we go for another car.
I don't know.
There's an innova.
Is that enough?
Yes, that's enough.
- That's enough - But..
It's in Bangalore. Will
take some time to take it.
I'll lay one on you.
He's taking in his
stupidity with pride.
Atleast I arranged this car.
Now you guys don't start. We
are off to do something good.
- There's a car.
- Where?
Of a friend in Moovatupuzha.
But his father won't
let us have it.
And he isn't that great a liar.
That's not a problem. The person I
called yesterday is best for all this.
Lovelesh. Hello!
My phone fell in cow
dung and isn't working.
This is my sisters phone.
What's the matter?
- Give me my phone back.
- I'll send you an address..
There will be a guy named Jinto.
Just tell him you are Vinu's friend.
- Give me my phone.
- Let me finish this call.
Who is this Vinu?
Who is this Vinu?
I told you yesterday. Angelins boyfriend.
His name is Vinu.
Forget all that. Go to that Jinto's
house and arrange Thar car somehow.
Arrange car?
- Bike - No car,
There is four of us.
- I don't even know how to drive.
- Take that Jinto along. We are on the way.
- To Angeline's house.
- Angeline's house?
- To Angeline's house.
- Angeline's house?
He hung up.
So like how we said. success.
So like how we said. success.
Who is this?
Come here.
Come here.
Don't pull.
What's the programme?
What's the programme?
Is Vinu actually going
to do register marriage?
- Yes.
- Superb.
I always wanted to sign witness
to a register marriage.
I always wanted to sign witness
to a register marriage.
That's happening now.
But I don't think my father
will give us the car.
- Why?
- I just told Vinu when he called.
- Why?
- I just told Vinu when he called.
Is it?
- What do we do?
- We'll find some way.
Creator, Infant Jesus, Savior.
Does your father have
any sort of weakness?
He does?
Is this the house of
Varghese the devotee?
This isn't Devdasan's house.
It's Varghese sir's house.
Child there is no boss or
worker in the eyes of God.
All are gods children.
All are gods children.
My name is Paul.
Im a brother.
Father Alexander told
me to come here.
Get something to drink.
If it's Tang. Then no need.
If it's horlicks, then take.
Ohh, okay.
Brother, please tell
me why you are here.
We had found a perfect mountain in
Kattapana and placed a cross there..
It's when we were planning to
arrange a wooden cross by easter.
and make this years
pilgrimage a bit stronger..
that the wild elephants
destroyed it.
We had also filed a
complaint against that.
There has been no
action taken till date.
So for this Christmas
We were planning on conducting
a huge protest in this matter.
That's great.
Not only that.
Instead of the old wooden cross.
We decided to make
one out of iron.
We can electrify it. There
is even a blessing ceremony.
We can electrify it. There
is even a blessing ceremony.
So, what should I
do about all this
So, what should I
do about all this
You should help us arrange
a car for the protest.
If it's a white car like
this, that would be great.
Why a white car?
You are standing here
without taking my horlicks.
All these years you have been
wearing this white attire.
Same color code for the priests.
Didn't you get from all this
what that color means to us.
Okay, I take everything back.
I'm leaving.
Brother, please don't
take it the wrong way
Go inside.
It's just because I'm busy.
Then to just give away
the car like that...
You can give it to your son..
Let him also participate
in the church activities.
He can also participate
in our youth wing.
But when you say white car...
It has been 2 years
since it was used.
It's for God. It
will turn out okay.
I'm also happy about that.
Then that is a very lucky car.
Oh lord! Thank you.
Oh lord! Thank you.
Only that it hasn't been used for 2 years.
Anyway you give it a try.
Son, bring that cars key.
Son, bring that cars key.
Then I'll be on my way.
May God bless you.
Please send my regards to Father Alexander.
Also tell him to pray for
our rubber and pineapple.
Why stop there? Will ask him to pray
for the ginger, pepper and all.
Brother, that's not our car.
It isn't?
That's our neighbors car.
They parked it here because
they have no space to.
So, this isn't our car?
Come, I'll show you.
It was my childhood dream.
To do something thrilling.
Is it?
S.K. do you watch wrestling?
There is a Rey Mysterio in that.
I like his spinning
kick and all.
But still what I like most is..
To see Lalettan's fights.
Super right?
- Then what.
- Right?
Then what happened?
What happened..
My father right.
He isn't interested
in me at all.
No interest at all.
Which wrestler is this?
It isn't about
fighting but peace.
He single-handedly won our
country's independence.
If you are coming to watch Mafia
come, just don't tell your dad.
Violence is not the
solution to anything.
Violence is not the
solution to anything.
If someone slaps you on one cheek,
turn to them the other also.
He is the real humanitarian.
Your grandfather followed
the path of peace.
Like Gandhiji.
Like Gandhiji.
So don't get into any
mess and ruin his name.
The way of peace.
That's our path.
Brother, this is our car.
He was in Bombay long back.
He was just shining over there with all
the robberies and crimes back then.
He's over with all the
blood shed back there.
But in 1996, he was
banned in Bombay.
My father brought him back
then at a cheap rate.
Everything changed once he came.
It was an agricultural life with
all the coconuts, cow dung, etc.
In the end. He himself
got left out.
Lovelu. You arranged
the car right?
Yeah, I got the car.
It's a complete mess here.
I got some real old junk.
Won't the car start?
Did you hear a sound now?
This is that car.
We are on our way there, we can't
use an auto rickshaw for this.
Find some way fast.
Find some way fast.
What will I do, what if there is
a police chase when we nab her?
Kidnapping, police, chase..
You guys go directly to the
register office along with her.
I'll buy the necklace
and bouquets.
Hello, we are almost there.
Hello, we are almost there.
What about the car,
is there any hope?
What did you think about me?
Everything is set here.
Just get an auto and come
to Angeline's house.
- We are on the way.
- We'll reach in 20 minutes.
- We are on the way.
- We'll reach in 20 minutes.
Come fast.
You know the house right?
Yes, he knows. Right?
He knows.
Drive fast, they
are on their way.
What's this?
This was one of my
biggest desires
To do something for the society?
It's happening today.
Is it that great to do
something for the society.
Then what?
Where did we reach.
There. Her house. Stop the auto.
Don't make a fuss.
How much is it?
Rs. 30
People are staring at us.
Don't panic. Be cool.
S.K. it's 11:30
Did she leave when she
couldn't find us?
If she can't understand a 30
min traffic block. Let her go.
We are the one who are late.
Why are you blaming her?
They are here.
Get in slowly.
What are you guys talking about?
Won't she get tensed if
she doesn't see me here.
You don't get tensed now.
Can't even stand properly
with my feet shaking.
Can't even stand properly
with my feet shaking.
Hello, bro.
- Here.
- He'll come
My dear bro, give me that hand.
I knew you would take some
decision like this earlier.
Isn't marrying her
a great decision.
Isn't marrying her
a great decision.
What's so important about her to
call the one who marries her great?
Because of her beauty?
Beauty is such a small issue.
I was talking about
her personality.
Then don't worry at all. I'm not
the one marrying her. It's him.
- Him?
- Not him. Him.
Who is that?
Isn't your name Vinu?
Isn't your name Vinu?
I though that Vinu was some name they
gave you because of your personality.
No, no, no. I'm Rahul.
Hi nice to meet you.
You were talking about her personality.
What's wrong with her?
- Is it?
- If that was the case. It doesn't effect us.
- No?
- Then?
- Don't take what I say the wrong way.
- Say!
- Say.
- She is trouble!
A goon.
- Look here.
- Looks like an itch.
- Look here.
- Looks like an itch.
Get lost.
Get lost.
She bit me.
Back when she was in school..
saying that I made fun of her..
She smacked me with
the water bottle.
then a bite.
- Yes, bite!
Get lost.
She is just like her family.
Her grandfather has a big gun.
They kill every bird that
enters their fields.
- I hear those guns are still there.
- Guns?
Then what. They
even have missiles.
Do we need to take this risk.
Let's leave.
Yeah right, missile.
Get lost man.
She is not going to come, call him.
Let's go.
- Get in.
- Let's go!
S.K. Let's go!
You live opposite our
Thrissur house right?
We have met before.
Who is this? Your friend?
How do you know them?
We studied together in college.
In the same bench.
Oh! Is it/
I don't need to introduce
myself, right?
I wanted to ask you. Why have
you brought them with you?
You didn't get anyone else?
- What's this?
- Hi.
Angeline. I'm Jinto.
Nice to meet you
They're here.
Ittupetta, is everything set?
Everything is okay. Where
is the bride and groom?
Fast. Everyone is
waiting for you.
Then tell them to bring
the Nilavillakku too.
We planned that first. But then
left it out because you are here.
You guys come.
Why are you calling them
like you signal ducks.
- Come, S.k. you should be there
- You go.
You got what you wanted.
Now what?
- Right?
- Go.
- We'll be inside.
- I'll come.
I'm not coming.
Her bloody attitude. She
said she doesn't know me.
All these years
of following her.
Am I your friend, she asks.
You are also relieved right? When she
you made you her brother next door.
Girls are all the same.
I can't bear all this.
You have to understand something.
Both of us didn't get her.
But 2 hearts are becoming
one because of us.
A great thing we
are going to do.
A great opportunity to prove that we
are not just the dialogues we let out.
Let her go.
Aren't there any
other girls here?
So you both were behind her?
Take it as a luck
that she's gone.
Just come.
Which ever country you have to go,
the law will move in it's own path.
So what should I do about this?
So what should I do about this?
Our children is the biggest evidence.
Please help us out somehow.
There is no evidence
that you married.
Is it from this office
you create those proofs?
How long have been saying
to you that we are married.
What more proof do you need?
You can come to our place and
enquirer if you have doubts.
It's trouble here.
Will they ask proof of whether
they are in love or not.
Even I haven't believed his half bottle
petrol and 23 days story. Then how will he?
Don't make up stories.
If you have proof, bring it.
Come, Let's go.
- Next - Move.
Is this a flower
shop or a bakery?
Take this away!
Must be love marriage.
Give it.
Hindi exam, Course completion, NSS.
Good there is catechism also.
Have you applied for a job here?
Should I arrange some job now?
First marriage. The
rest we can do later.
With what?
With what?
Where is the birth certificate?
Where is the birth certificate?
Forget that, do you atleast
have your SSLC book?
No, That's in mummy's cupboard.
There was no way to take it.
Let's do one thing.
Let's go home.
Let's do this marriage there.
Let's do this marriage there.
That is not necessary sir.
They have issues each
others families.
You will only make a fool
of yourself going there.
Here itself is enough.
You guys are educated?
You don't know what documents are
required for registering a marriage?
- Ladoo - Dear.
Bring that certificate first.
Then we can think about it.
To let this marriage
happen or not.
Sir.. Sir..
If by this we two people come together.
Isn't that a blessing for us?
Sir, some adjustment.
You guys have a thought..
That all government
employees are corrupt.
This is enough to report
you to the police.
So don't play around
much and leave.
Dear, shouldn't you
have taken all this?
My mom is like CCTV.
Where ever I go,
she'll follow me.
Isn't driving license enough?
But I don't have any license.
I doubt he'll even do it after
getting those documents.
How, you are to blame.
- His adjustment.
- What did you ask him earlier?
What language was that?
let me see how much did you
give for helping your friend?
- Rs. 170?
- Rs. 170
If he had seen this, he would
have reported us that instant.
Calling us bribers.
What a failure you are.
I don't feel so good
about all this.
They are here to marry
without any certificates.
I'll say one best idea.
After 2 days, when everything is settled.
We'll take the certificates and come back.
- Correct.
- No, I can't do that.
I need to do it today itself.
- Why today?
- It's like that.
If you leave documents back
home, will this marriage happen
S.K. lets call Suresh ettan.
He's good at such things.
Nothing will happen without
those certificates.
That's right.
The friend whose
last hope is S.K.
And the helpless face of the girl
he thought he would marry one day..
Created a new spark in S.K.
One idea.
- Angeline, please come outside
- Why?
Now it's 3pm
The register office
is open till 5pm.
we have totally 2 hours.
Half an hour to go
there and back here.
If she can take all the
certificates in this 30 minutes.
We can register by 4:30
Till that Ittup should make sure that
the Registrar doesn't go anywhere.
has he gone mad?
- To get her back to the house she ran away from?
- No other way.
How can we get them in 30 min what
they couldnt do all this time?
We can.
I'll take it.
Then theres no more
time to waste.
Let's make things fast. Those
who are scared can stay here.
Move aside.
Rahul, are you also leaving?
We are already 10 minutes late.
- We need a plan.
- Yes.
We can expect the same block on the way back.
So that's all the time we have. 10 minutes.
Are you sure you can take
everything in those 10 minutes.
Are you?
Are you?
Why aren't you saying anything?
What is it?
Whats the problem?
Don't make her nervous,
she will take it.
I'll come.
Be patient. Let her take it
Don't make me nervous. She
doesn't have this much tension.
Do they still have guns? They
have rented it to someone else.
Or else will I be this scared?
Or else will I be this scared?
If it was a double barrel, we might
get a gap to escape between shots.
If it's the other gun.
6 bullets and 5 of us.
We will definitely get shot.
Bro, don't scare us.
Even I'm scared.
Take this as a thrill.
This is all you are. Pity.
Should have done after 2 days.
He and his terrible plan.
Where are you going.
Where are you going.
You don't need to go through all this
trouble for me. I'll deal with it.
If so, did we have
to come this far?
I have told you many times not to
interfere in unwanted matters.
You should have left then
itself if you're afraid.
Let's go home.
Try to understand.
Just come here.
I won't come unless she is here.
We can't just bring her outside.
You just come.
I simply said those things.
Get in the car.
Get in.
- Take the car - Where to?
Forget all that. Take the car.
You leave him and get inside.
But I don't know how to drive.
Do everyone do this
because they know it.
It's just this far.
You get in and you get out.
You get in and you get out.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Get out, move.
There's nothing to
think about now.
We go inside, take
her and leave.
Don't off it.
- Mummy leave it.
- Where are you going with that?
Where are you going with that?
Why do you want to know that?
Enough! Stop!
Fast, bring her. Go.
The door isn't opening.
- I'm doing it.
- Get down.
You. Come here.
Get inside the car.
Open the door.
S.K. start the car.
- Don't call out the names.
- Take the car.
- Take the car.
- Go, go, go.
We are finished. These
people will murder us.
Take it. SK take the car.
What are you doing?
You go behind.
- How do we go in reverse?
- Do like this.
- Why can't you take it then?
- Move aside.
Fast. Move.
Oh lord!
Oh god! It's all over.
They must have definitely
noted our number plate.
Jinto. People will come asking
about this car right away.
That's not an issue. Lovelesh
ettan has taken care of it.
So you had decided
on all this earlier?
I'm afraid if her uncles
will for us with guns.
Guns? What guns?
We know all about your family.
- Rahulettan.
- How are they gonna kill us.
Will they light this
whole car on fire?
Say, you tell me. I'm
scared that's why.
My family won't do a thing.
They don't even own a pen knife.
Let alone guns.
There were guns, right?
My uncle is the
only problem now.
He might come at any moment.
Didn't you see the
message I send?
Her uncle is a CI.
You should have used
a space after uncle.
You idiot.
Which area CI did
you say he was?
I'll come.
Stop right here.
Finally they are here.
- Come fast.
- Get down fast.
I'll open, wait.
Are they breaking the door open?
Where were you?
Not me, they were late.
Ittupetta, do you know
who her uncle is?
You always talk about
that Tamizhan C.I.
That two eyed police?
My god.
My god.
I have a doubt.
Everyone has 2 eyes right?
Then why did you
call him two-eyed?
Not only 2 eyes, 2...
There is a girl here.
Who is this rabbit face?
His friend.
Not only mine, his too.
Go inside or he will leave.
- Come.
- Do we have to?
S.K. He's leaving.
- Come fast - Sir!
- Come fast - Sir!
- Sir.
- Please don't leave sir.
- Sir.
- Please don't leave sir.
Can't you understand
what I said?
By the time you complete the form
it will become around 5:30pm
We can do this tomorrow too.
Government offices have
to be closed by 5pm.
Sir, I'm sure you won't reach at 10:30am
so there's no problem doing this now.
So you are targeting me now?
Sir, please help sir.
- It's that urgent.
- It won't happen today.
Please sir, if this marriage doesnt
happen. It will be a huge mess.
I'll beg if you want
A van full of idiots have
come over with ladoos.
To marry your friend.
No matter what you do, this
marriage won't happen today.
- Sir, please don't say that.
- Then how should I say it?
Does the law work
around your comfort?
After registering according
to the special marriage act.
You see that notice board.
This one?
There will be a notice put on that board
for 30 days with both your photos.
Only if it's confirmed that no one has any
objections, will this marriage happen.
Sir, what if for
that 30 days notice.
If I say that I witnessed this marriage.
Won't this happen?
What's you name?
What's you name?
What do you do?
Right now, I'm trying to
do something for society.
I'm with lovlesh ettan now.
I'm with lovlesh ettan now.
With me?
Then you guys stand here.
I'll call the police.
Sir please sir, don't do that.
You guys still don't get it.
Get lost.
It's all over.
Now two-eyes might
know everything.
We are in trouble now.
The Tyre marks of the car.
Tata Sumo.
It was a big car right?
It was a big car right?
The car..
Was it big?
Sir is asking if
it was a big car?
A small car.
Small car?
Small car?
Just come, I'll
give you the rest.
What are you doing?
Isn't it a girls life?
Shouldn't all this
be done discreetly?
How do I investigate
without the details?
How do I investigate
without the details?
Evidence is very
important for police.
I might be your brother-in-law..
But when it comes to duty.
No one can stop me.
Co-operate with me by
telling what you know.
Evidence is very
important for police.
Again with the evidence.
All this fuzz to find a runaway?
I might just say something.
Atleast tell them
to off the light.
First of all, off that siren.
Off that light.
Off that light.
Ran away?
Ran away?
With whom?
I called you here to
find exactly that.
If I knew, would I
have called you?
Don't worry.
Even if I lose my life.
I won't let anything
destroy our family name.
I'll be back with her.
Why are you eating like this?
4 ladoos is all I
have had today.
This is just a trick.
That registrar just wants
to make money out of this.
What trick? Then why
didn't he take my money?
S.K. please don't talk more
about your bribe. Please.
170 rupees.
He will use that to marry
his elder daughter off.
Get lost.
We should have just called
Suresh ettan in the first place.
By the way, who is
this Sureshettan?
If it goes on like this, not only will this
marriage not happen but I might get a divorce too.
I'm off to see my wife.
Son, please stop.
I'll go to Thrissur and
clean up the house.
You try to do something
about them before that.
If nothing happens, come straight there.
They can stay there.
If nothing happens, come straight there.
They can stay there.
Head straight to Thrissur.
I was just joking. Head
to the next junction.
Will this work out?
- Suresh ettan, this is me.
- Who?
It's me, didn't you recognize.
It's me.
Who is this me?
Are you at home?
We are on the way there.
- Hello!
- Jinto, start the car. Let's go.
Black Nano?
They said it was a white car.
Who said?
This blue shirt.
Yes sir, white car.
Yes sir, white car.
Note down the color change.
Color change.
White Nano.
It wasn't a Nano. The car they use
as Ambulance in health centers.
- Omni.
- Yes Omni.
Bibin has taken
then photo right?
Who is this Bibin?
Here sir.
Where is the car in this?
If I ever see you
around here again..
You won't even have a
photo on Facebook.
Get lost.
Go to your home.
White Omni van.
White Omni van.
Let me see how it
crosses my circle
- Come.
- Yes, sir.
If he agrees then we are saved.
If he agrees then we are saved.
Then there's no looking back.
He has arranged around
2000 marriages.
He has a whole group just
for things like this.
He even set the marriage of
Chennai Minister's daughter.
No one questioned him.
- Do you know.
- Then what.
People in Tamil Nadu
call him Shahjahan.
Yes, Vijay's film Shahjahan.
Yes, Vijay's film Shahjahan.
It's about him.
But Sureshettan hasn't
told me any of this.
He's just bluffing. I don't
think this will work out.
You just keep quiet.
Say the rest.
There is nothing more to tell.
We have reached his house.
This one?
This one?
He'll come now.
We are here for Suresh ettan.
What is it mother?
Some runaways are
here to see you.
This mother is
reading our faces.
You better shut up or
that face will change.
It will look like Kabeesh
after the beating.
Sureshetta, they are the
ones I told you about.
If you are going to take
over such case then..
I know what to do.
You just keep quiet.
He never listens.
Off to help the people.
You guys come in.
It's not that I don't
understand what you are saying,
I have also done
marriages at night.
But there is nothing I can
do in this situation.
My life is ruined
because of all this.
And by the way I have
a job ready at gulf.
And by the way I have
a job ready at gulf.
The passport verification and
all will be happening soon.
The passport verification and
all will be happening soon.
If I get stuck between
a police case now..
It will be a mess. That's why.
It will be a mess. That's why.
Lovelesh. Please
find some other way.
Sureshetta, somehow..
See, if you are expecting tea..
Then don't..
There is no tea
powder or sugar here.
And I have no intention
of making Tang now.
Mom, just go sit
there somewhere.
Go watch that Karuthamuthu. Go.
Suresh, you are very innocent.
Please you just
get rid off them.
Just when my son is making
something of his life.
All of you get out.
All of you get out.
My dear mother, please. Go.
They just barge in.
They just barge in.
Don't take it the wrong way.
She is angry at me.
Nothing else.
It's okay sir.
It's okay sir.
Two love birds that
are moving away.
We are here to get
them back together.
we forgot that every leaf
will rot away in the end.
We had a small hope
when we came here.
It's okay sir. it's okay.
- It's because the situation is like this.
- S.K. let's not trouble him.
Like S.K. said, we had
lots of hope coming here.
But that's okay.
Whoever ditches us..
She is here because she trusted me.
I can't leave her.
I can't leave her.
It's okay brother. There
will be some other way.
Lovelesh, I have no other option. That's
why.. Or else I would have done it.
You saw all the trophies he got
from setting up all those marriages?
- Rahul.
- Stop bluffing.
I'm telling the truth.
Could have atleast considered
him if we got some bombs.
Could have atleast considered
him if we got some bombs.
Who is that?
Get straight into the Ar.
Must be Mufti police.
Mufti, escape.
How do you know that?
Didn't you see the socks
and boots he's wearing.
I still don't get it.
Socks and boots man.
S.K. stop overacting
and get in the car.
He's right behind us.
It's definitely Mufti.
Jinto, do something.
Take a right.
Just narrowly escaped from that
that officer's rings edge.
What ring?
I actually thought you
all knew about him.
I actually thought you
all knew about him.
We have just heard that he is ruthless.
We know nothing more.
Don't feel anything about me
telling them about your uncle.
Do you know how he
got that nickname?
A big gangster named Pulimala Sugunan who
everyone in Kattapana was afraid off.
A great fight between two
Tamilians in the market.
That's when her uncle..
Walks in smoking
cigarette in slow-motion.
What I don't understand, What did
we do Togo through all this?
In Bangalore, the police won't
interfere with our personal matters.
But we are not in Bangalore.
We are here right?
Jinto, just stop the car.
Jinto, just stop the car.
I'm getting down here.
All this for no reason.
I'm stopping all
this social service.
Don't say that. How can
we do this without you?
Get lost man.
It's their need and
we get into trouble.
Not only that, I can't
stand her attitude
- We had told you not to come if you are scared.
- Hey, Anju!
Who are you to decide whether
I should come or not.
This has been on for some
time, Jinto stop the car.
Don't make a fuzz.
Jinto stop the car.
You won't even get an auto here.
I'll manage.
It's my mom. She's calling to
see if I'll be home for dinner.
You stop the car.
Rahul. Rahulettan.
Rahul listen.
Rahulettan please.
I'm not coming,
I'll reach somehow
I'll walk all the way home.
My mothers love will get me there.
You leave.
Get lost.
- Hello, mom.
- Where are you?
- I'm on my way.
- Where did you reach?
I haven't eaten anything.
Save some food for me.
Good for nothing.
You get here first.
Papa is waiting for you.
Papa is waiting for you.
To hand you over to the police.
With which girl did you elope?
Police has caught
your friend Ittup.
I had already told you
not to mingle with them.
The police was here
searching for you.
Did you think about the family?
Did you think about us?
You just get here.
Just move over.
What happened? Isn't
dinner ready?
Don't make me say anything.
I hope you are happy that
you ruined everything.
Police caught Ittupettan.
Police has been to my house.
They are saying that I
kidnapped some girl.
If I go anywhere near my house, my
father will hand me over to the police.
Is your fathers
name Chacko Maashu?
Lovlesh you!
Don't use your rotten
comedies in such a situation.
If it's this big a problem.
I'll surrender.
Now what's the use of all that.
Getting beaten up
is almost certain.
Move aside.
Dear Jinto, Before we run into her
uncle, Take this car somewhere
Start the car.
Start the car.
Sir, he had given
Angel a rose before.
What is that mark on your face.
Did the rose's thorn cut you?
- Sir, when someone swung a knife.
- Quotation?
No, dad swung it when he was
off to cut down a tree.
He gave her a love letter
when she was in 8th.
Did you get a reply.
What is this, one
shirt over another.
I'm a driver sir.
Sir, he..
Just thinking about all these proposals to a
girl in our house. It does feel quiet great.
I was the one who
caught him sir.
He proposed to Angel too?
No, we haven't caught
him for loving.
There is a rental house next to
our girl's house at Thrissur.
He is the house owner.
In his house there are are
always two guys there.
According to the servant one
of the kidnappers were short.
One of the guys at his
house is also short.
Come here.
Where are they?
Where are they?
They have gone for a tour.
What tour?
Company tour.
Company tour.
Which company?
Not from his job?
It's when we all get together..
It's when we all get together..
- Where are you going to?
- What is it?
- Where are you going to?
- What is it?
This road leads to the
front of my house.
If you don't know, the
don't show him the way.
What are you doing Lovelesh?
I told you not to bring
such fools into this.
Stop hitting. The
phone is ringing.
It's Sureshettan.
Hello Sureshetta,
Hello Sureshetta,
I'll talk.
Sureshetta, It's a
complete mess here.
This idiot made us round back to the front
of her house. We have no idea what to do.
Do one thing.
Go further down that road.
The only place there won't
be any police will there.
We have no idea what to do.
You drive straight
down that road.
You drive straight
down that road.
No problem. I'm close by.
Which car are you driving?
A white color Omni, MGR BOSS.
How long will you stand here?
She'll come.
Come, let's go inside.
Let her come.
Then I'll come inside.
Then I'll come inside.
Stop here.
I'm opening it.
Get down.
You are here to save us at
the right time. Thanks.
I don't know if I
can save you guys.
Police came to my home,
the second you left.
They might have been there
on because of my past.
We saw a guy in Mufti.
Near your house.
Near your house.
Then they will be
right behind us.
Sureshetta, we have been driving
around with no idea off what to do.
If you could tell us some solution.
It would be of great help.
Theres a way.
Your town is Thrissur right?
There is a temple at Thrissur
They start conducting marriages
from 6 in the morning.
Just that one of you
has to be a Hindu.
If the groom is Hindu then
there will be no issues.
I know someone from the
panchayat near by.
We can get there and do the
registration before 9am.
We can get there and do the
registration before 9am.
But all we get is a temporary certificate
but it has a 6 month validity.
We can get this marriage
done in between that.
- Isn't that enough.
- Thanks chetta.
A big favor.
If all this has to happen. You
have to get to Thrissur.
This town is surrounded by police.
It's not easy to pass them
There's only one way.
You must hide somewhere
for 2 hours.
When they can't get any new information
on you. They might think you got away.
You can go to Thrissur
in that time.
We'll take care of that.
Whatever you did for us.
Is superb.
We'll take care of the rest.
We'll find a place.
Then you call me when
everythings set.
We have to find some safe
place like Sureshettan said.
Let's do one thing.
If there is any lodge near by...
We can stay there for the night.
We can leave in the morning.
That will be safe
I won't come to any lodge.
You have no issue if
we get locked up.
She can't stay in a lodge.
Are these your friends?
Are these your friends?
I have a friend. Her name is Honey.
Let's go to her house.
She will help me.
jinto, take a right
from this junction.
We can go to Honey's house.
Make it fast.
Jinto take a right
like she said.
Honey then,
We can go now.
her house will be safer
than this or a lodge.
Where did you say her house was?
That's okay. He know's
he'll drive us there.
My hair is okay right?
Not so much.
Then your's isn't
that great either.
Get lost, mine is superb.
Vinu come.
Don't create a problem.
I couldn't inform you.
But in the end I needed
your help itself.
Stay there.
- Go sit there - You come too.
- She wasn't talking about me.
- She said everyone.
Is this tension on your face
from seeing an unexpected host.
Are these the brave ones?
None of them looks
up to that range.
Or has your taste changed?
S.K. What if we slap him.
So how is it, shouldn't
we end everything.
Should we tell your friends
all the story or..
For God's sake. Leave him Alex.
I won't talk about
the number of years
- But I always had you here.
- Sorry.
Vinu come.
Let's go.
Come fast.
Come fast, we don't
need the shoes and all.
Run fast.
Vinu, get inside fast.
S.K. save me.
S.K. save me.
Get in.
Start the car.
Is this the safe place
you were talking about?
Isn't that the Alex who
studied in Nirmala?
Who is he to you?
Why did he confront us?
Why did he confront us?
If it's personal,
then no need to say.
What personal matter? We are here
because of her personnel matter.
This is all happening
because of her.
What personal matter?
Let her speak.
First you say who
Alex is to you..
First you say who
Alex is to you..
Or let him say.
He is the one marrying her.
Alex was my boyfriend.
To escape from the marriage
fixed with him. That's why I...
Vinu, come outside. I
have something to say.
What are you planning to do?
Are you going to marry someone
who is fixed for someone else.
Vinu, let me be open with you.
I was with you till this moment.
But i won't be tricked.
To get rid of someone shouldn't
be the reason to marry you.
Tell her to go.
We'll drop her home
and say good bye.
Just because her uncle is in
police, shouldn't we all live?
It's me who should
say sorry to you.
She had already
told me everything.
I never took it seriously
She must have done this because
she wasn't interested.
But please don't leave me.
I have no other way.
Leave? We didn't say
it in that sense.
Try to understand.
Like Rahul said.
Rest in a lodge.
Without taking any risk
we can go to Sureshettan
I'm ready for anything.
I'm ready for anything.
But you guys.
Shouldn't retreat
from this idea.
It's not that Vinu.
She has another love and all.
After knowing that, why?
We have all loved and
lost right Rahul?
I know.
You guys are talking
a huge risk for me.
But whatever happens.
Whatever happens.
I'll take the risk.
Why are we even living if we
can't help such a nice person.
Why are we even living if we
can't help such a nice person.
Like S.K. said police
will catch us anyway.
So then
Let it be after their marriage.
Now going any further is a risk.
Take the car to a lodge.
- But Angeline..
- Then what are we supposed to do?
- But Angeline..
- Then what are we supposed to do?
Should we run right
into the police?
- Should we?
- No need
take the car to a lodge.
Superb lodge.
S.K. superb.
Good setup.
Park the car in a way
that no one notices.
We'll go and buy some food.
From there.
- Why?
- Haven't had anything since morning.
Will you reach fast?
It's right next to this place.
If there's anything
just contact Vinu.
Okay. Come Jinto.
- Love, where are you going to.
- To this shop.
- Nearby right - 1km
Just shut up and come.
I'm hungry. Haven't eaten
anything since morning.
Awesome, great sign.
The current is gone the
second we stepped in
This is a routine here.
Is there a room here.
We need a room.
Did they go to buy something?
Medical shop is very far away.
Should have taken the car.
Just give us a room.
Don't talk too much.
Including them 5, right?
Do you need 5 rooms
or 2 rooms is enough?
2 rooms is enough.
2 rooms is enough right.
Okay then.
2 rooms is enough right.
Okay then.
Give it.
we'll find it.
The room is above.
- Which is the room?
- Let me check
- Which room?
-I'm checking.
Just say, we'll
also look for it.
This one?
We'll take this.
Let them take that
What is your problem?
Can't you speak?
Don't irritate me Angel.
I've been bearing all
this for sometime.
- Is S.K. there.
- He isn't, tell
- Is S.K. there.
- He isn't, tell
There is only porotta here.
Then with that either
beef gravy or sambar.
You eat beef?
Buy whatever you want.
I know all this anger
is targeted towards me.
I also know the reason.
I also know the reason.
I have hid many things from you.
I agree.
But I never intended
to cheat you.
Those are things I don't
want to remember.
Whatever happened in your life.
Did I ask you to tell
me everything openly?
Have we ever told that
we love each other?
No right?
you called me up one day.
Told me to come at 11am the
next day and marry you.
I never said a word.
I haven't even told my parents.
I came along with
you like a fool.
To a person like that. What would have
changed if you had told this truth?
I give too much
value for a word.
The word trust.
You might have no
value for that word.
There is police around us.
- What?
- A car has come that way.
Escape from there as
soon as possible.
- What is it vinu?
- Police.
- What is it vinu?
- Police.
- Police?
- Where?
Lovelesh called. The
police has reached here.
Lovelesh called. The
police has reached here.
Let's go fast. No time.
The police!
Come fast.
What will we do?
What will we do?
What will we do?
Sir, you leave.
I'll deal with it.
There's no way here. We will have
to jump down. What do we do?
S.k. go down.
S.K. get back.
you take the car.
Come. Get in.
Start the car., fast.
Start the car., fast.
Drive fast.
He's right behind us.
It's okay, they're gone. Keep driving.
Oh no!
I can't find my glasses?
Who switched on this phone?
Who switched on this phone?
I had told you to
off that phone.
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
Damn it!
Now check who is calling.
Might be Lovelesh.
Isn't it wrong to attend your
phone while driving Rahul?
Did you call me up at this
time to teach me the law?
Hang up!
You are standing in my circle
and yet talking upto me?
Who are you?
My name is Joseph Dhayanidhi.
My name is Joseph Dhayanidhi.
The circle inspector
to this area.
- Who is it?
- Two-eyes.
Oh my god.
Put the phone in loud speaker.
Is it clear who I am now?
I know who's driving your car,
how many of you are there.
I know who's driving your car,
how many of you are there.
What's happening, I know it all.
I'll give you two options.
Option A.
If you can..
If you can..
If you can. Try crossing my circle.
Option B.
Park the car to the side.
Drop her there and keep going.
I won't touch you.
I'll also leave all your
friends who are in my custody.
Hey, don't get nervous.
If you drive fast and get into some
accident. You have our girl in there.
I'm repeating. Listen
to me carefully.
If you park the car on the
side and drop her there.
If you park the car on the
side and drop her there.
I won't touch any of you and
I'll also leave your friends.
Is the girl important?
Or your friends?
You decide for yourself.
Hello.. Sir..
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
We'll do whatever we can
to cross this circle.
We'll do whatever we can
to cross this circle.
For sure.
There is no issue. They are just
threatening us. You don't be afraid.
There is no issue. They are just
threatening us. You don't be afraid.
Don't play a drama to calm me down.
I'm not a fool.
I know what Ittupettan's and
the others situation will be.
When they are trapped
among inhumane people.
Stop the car.
Why stop the car.
There is no problem.
I told you to stop the car.
Stop the car.
I'll stop. I'll stop.
Are you all martyrs or something?
You guys leave. First
save your friends.
Not just that.
What I came expecting. I have
realized that I have lost it.
- Vinu.
- She's leaving. Go call her.
Vinu just go!
What are you thinking about?
Go and call her.
Vinu she's leaving.
What happened?
It's all over.
That C.I. took Lovlesh and Jinto.
She's gone too.
What do we do now?
Whatever happened. You
shouldn't have let her go.
What else can we do?
We might have to give up
something to gain something else.
That's when certain looks
come across our faces.
Looks of small expectations.
I have stood in that situation.
I have stood in that situation.
But then..
No one was there with me.
I couldn't do anything.
It's not because you guys came
to my house or told stories.
Or because of your dialogues.
Before she left.
She glanced at me.
The same glance I
have seen long back.
That's when I saw in her eyes.
The pain of someone who
never wanted to go back.
The pain of someone who
never wanted to go back.
That's why I came.
Let it go. If there
is something call me.
Okay. Then bring her back.
They must have got her right?
They must have got her right?
So you won.
And my daughter as always lost.
What happened?
The car isn't starting.
Two hearts separate.
They part away
Two souls melt away in that.
It darkens.
It continues.
The heart breaks as we part ways.
Smile disappears
All those dreams destroyed
It spirals down
itself, far away.
The morning fades away in the distance.
The heart trembles.
Every day is the same.
The dreams that burn away.
The dreams that burn away.
It was my childhood wish to keep
staring at the oceans for a long time.
Staring at the oceans?
Yes. Why?
What's your wish?
To get a nice job.
To build a big house.
That's all.
Isn't this what 80%
people wish for?
Then is staring at the
ocean such a big thing
It's for me.
What is it?
What happened to you?
What good has your love and care brought?
I have become a worthless person.
I'm fed up in comparing the violence
and non violence in everything I do.
I can't take any
decision for myself.
When I do anything.
Will it hurt my mother?
Whether my father
will like it or not.
I can't even take
a decision now.
I can't even take
a decision now.
I'm scared now.
I have become a coward.
Aunty, is Vinu here?
Did you let Alex
take her for us?
Come here.
That too to a fool like him.
You come, We'll face
whatever happens.
- Come Vinu
- Vinu!
Now you don't need to check
violence and peace in everything.
Your grandfather.
That is my father.
Wasn't a freedom
fighter or Gandhian.
Thoothukudy Veera Lingam.
He was a great
smuggler in Madurai.
The leader of the poor.
The police murdered him
when I was 4 years old.
We left Madurai then.
In your childhood when we used to
see you hold sticks like a gun.
Then what will I do.
Many fathers in our country might
be using Gandhiji in such way.
I had no other option.
So son, don't be afraid.
Some action is allowed.
Some action is allowed.
Where ever she is.
Bring her back.
Sureshetta, we are coming back.
To save Angel.
To save Angel.
Go ahead. I'll take
care of the rest.
Let her go!
First dialogue, then fight.
Didn't you hear him. Stop.
Didn't you hear him. Stop.
Who touched my buddies?
Get down.
Suresh, come with us.
Suresh, come with us.
Get in the jeep.
Get in the jeep.
Sir, I have nothing
to do with this.
- We'll talk about that later
- I swear.
Get down here.
In front of us...
To the station
What did you do?
Was it some tablo competition. I
just told you to come to her house.
And for that all that drama?
That too in front of the police.
That's because...
When I worked at her house.
I followed her a lot.
That's why.
Are you happy after you lost
whatever dignity you had?
To shame gangsters.
Tony where are you sitting?
Oh no!
Haven't seen her yet. have you
told the lawyer everything?
My close friend is a criminal lawyer at
the supreme court. Should I call him?
Must be Maraar from Narasimham?
I'll be under that tree.
I'm going.
Don't leave me alone.
We can go together.
Crime No 218/17
Thrissur, Thalapilly Thaluk
S/O Gangadharan from
Kaarakattil house.
Vinu Gangadharan and his team
attacked the house of Angeline. D/O
Fracis, from Thotapillly house.
I heard about that case.
What is this?
One elopes from her house to avoid
the marriage with the man she loves.
That too with someone she
knows only for 23 days.
After abandoning her on the road.
He tried to attack her house and
kidnap her the next morning.
What is this?
Some Telugu movie?
They might have better
believable stories.
Is she the mentioned girl?
Aren't you educated people?
Should you shame the people who
took care of you all these years?
Can't you avoid
doing such things?
Whatever happens she
doesn't say a word.
Then when things get
serious she runs away.
Then when things get
serious she runs away.
The girls these days.
It was always pitiful for girls.
I have told you 100 times.
a disgrace to the family.
a disgrace to the family.
You are right. I
have been silent.
You are right. I
have been silent.
Even kept to myself.
But I did speak.
Every way I can.
I have tried my maximum,
I can't do this anymore.
I know why he's doing all this.
If its like this. I won't be
there for this Christmas.
Don't call me about this either.
My decisions might be wrong.
But the 23 days you mentioned.
There is a lot of meaning
to my life in that.
With a heart filled with hatred.
With a heart filled with hatred.
And then brush it all off with a smile. I
was fed up all that. Its around that time.
I met Vinu.
A good friend I lost long back
And some great day
where I felt alive.
It was like I got it all back.
It was like I got it all back.
I didn't say anything about
me to Vinu, not to cheat him.
I never wanted him to change
the way he looked at me.
But now I know.
Something that isn't
true never lasts.
I won't trouble Vinu
anymore with this.
Are you this Vinu?
To attack the girls house and try to
kidnap her after leaving her on the road?
Aren't you ashamed?
You don't?
We just went through a fight.
That's why all that happened.
You didn't mention nursery when
you said you were old friends.
Sir, not that.
Sir, not that.
Whatever you say.
It is all my fault.
But I don't wish to
lose her for that.
Now my parents are
interested in this relation.
Are you telling us
some kind of riddle?
Are you telling us
some kind of riddle?
Sir, I love her very much.
Sir, I love her very much.
I want to marry her.
Sir, please help us get married.
Please, sir.
Then go marry and live
happily thereafter.
Then go marry and live
happily thereafter.
Does anyone have any objection?
If so, speak now.
No sir.
Thrissur, Thalapilly Thaluk
Thrissur, Thalapilly Thaluk
Kaarakatil House
Kaarakatil House
S/O of Gangadharan.
S/O of Gangadharan.
S.K. you leave Allu Arjun
and go for Venu Nagavally.
Will marry lawfully.
Will marry lawfully.
Even she is gone.
Give me a handshake.
- Congrats -Thank you.
And after everything
was said and done.
Everyone was happy.
Smile please.
But at the same time
in a different place.
There was a gangster
named Pulimala Sugunan
I got my nick name
because of him.
You both have the same face cut.
Only the scar is the difference.
Since the day, sister introduced
you as the one to marry Angeline.
That Pulimala Sugunan keeps
torturing me in my dreams.
That Pulimala Sugunan keeps
torturing me in my dreams.
You are the one who had an affair
while in love with Angeline.
You dare hit a girl
from my family?
You know what my name is?
But for people like you.
Shall we start?
The Lovelesh that decided to do
whatever he can for the society.
Bought a loading rickshaw.
He let Jinto tag along to help.
Like every father, even Vinu
had a dream for his son.
So for him to play. He bought him guns,
tanks and boxing gloves and all.
But junior Vinu had no
interest in all that.
So like that S.K got
back in the game.
S.k. who decided he will
only marry out of love.
S.k. who decided he will
only marry out of love.
Started roaming around every park, beach
and mall he can find in his place.
What is she doing here?
Hi S.K.
Hi S.K.
What a surprise!
What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here.
- Just here for some fresh air.
I'm working at info park.
I just shifted from
Bangalore a month back.
I was all alone here.
Why alone, where
is your husband?
You can't bear that some
of us are still single?
You don't need to marry for that.
You might have a boyfriend.
Who will love a
girl like me S.K.
Who will love a
girl like me S.K.
So what's the programme?
Let's play Anthakshari then.
[Apsara starts singing]
[Rahul singing in
the background]
Is that enough?
I have told you not to interfere
in my private matters.
Do you know who she is. Apsara S.
We studied in the same college.
- Apsara S. She is Apsaras.
- huh?
The one that called me to chat yesterday.
That's her.
The one that called me to chat yesterday.
That's her.
When she couldn't get Ka from me,
she is here to get Mo from you.
When she couldn't get Ka from me,
she is here to get Mo from you.
Varghese who realized that agriculture
life was never meant for Phantom.
Sold him for what he could get.
He's off with his new
owners with hope.
He's off with his new
owners with hope.