Lady and the Tramp (2019) Movie Script

Silent as the snowflake in the night
Holy is the spirit of this night
All the world is calm and peaceful
All the world is bright and joyful
Spirit of love and child of peace
DARLING: Can I open them yet?
JIM: No.
JIM: Keep them closed.
-(CHUCKLING) What is this?
-Keep them closed.
-(CHUCKLES) What is it?
-No peeking. No peeking.
And... Open.
Oh. Great.
You think I need another hat?
-(SCOFFS) Guess again.
A scarf?
You think I'd make you
keep your eyes closed for a scarf?
-What have you wanted your entire life?
Besides me, of course.
Oh, so modest. I don't know...
-(GASPS) Oh.
A puppy! Oh.
-Hi! Aw.
-Well, Darling, what do you think?
Oh, Jim Dear, she's a perfect little lady.
-Welcome to the family. Hi.
Hi! Mwah!
JIM: (GRUNTS) And that should be nice.
DARLING: Sweet dreams.
JIM: Oh, and one more thing.
-That should do it.
JIM: Oh, you silly, silly girl.
Sleep tight, Lady.
DARLING: Goodnight, Lady.
No, no, no, no, no.
All right. Come here, baby.
Come on. All right, go to sleep.
(LAUGHING) How did you do that?
How did that happen?
-Okay, Lady, that's...
Okay, now watch.
See, this is where you sleep, all right?
See how daddy does it? Just like this.
Come on, Jim.
Look at her, please, let her stay.
-All right, just for one night, Lady.
-Get him. Go, get him.
Huh. Another perfect day.
Better get them up.
Oh, who needs an alarm clock
when they have you around?
Oh, hello, Lady.
All right, I'm up.
Today's your big day.
Lady, let's get you ready. Come on.
Here you go. Yeah, that's a good girl.
DARLING: Let's get you clean.
Does that feel good?
Now you're official.
You wanna go show Jock and Trusty?
I got it! I got the...
You! If you don't want trouble,
and I think you know
what trouble looks like,
then you better... Hey!
I hope I made myself clear!
Trusty? Are you over there? Hey!
Trusty! Trusty, guess what?
Huh? What's all the commotion?
That rat came back, you know the...
The rat? (SNIFFING)
-No, it's actually...
-Stay calm.
-Trusty, it's all taken care of.
Me and Ol' Reliable
will pick up the scent.
But he... But he's... He's gone, actually.
Hey, guess what, okay, I just...
Shh. Can't rush the process.
Trusty, focus. I gotta tell you something.
Where's Jock?
She's working.
-Detective work...
JOCK: (SIGHS) What is going on over there?
What're they talking about?
(SING-SONGY) Uh-uh-uh.
Don't fidget, my sweet Jacqueline.
(NORMAL TONE) Stay still,
just a little bit longer. We are finished.
-What do you think? Bellissima, huh?
Oh, all right, you can go
play with your friends.
But for five minutes, Jacqueline.
Mommy needs a new canvas.
(CHUCKLES) Five minutes!
-I have so much to do.
Wait for me! What's goin' on?
Oh, sprinting in this sweater
was a big mistake.
Your mistake was putting that thing on
in the first place.
-You've got incontinence from your mouth.
-Guys, guys, guys,
something very special
happened this morning.
Something you won't believe.
-I got...
-You got your collar!
I got my collar. Yep.
(CHUCKLING) I got it!
(GASPS) Oh, Lady, it's beautiful!
-I told you it would happen.
-You were right.
Here I am, officially part of the family.
You've earned it.
You know what would go great
with that collar?
-A twinkly tiara to sit upon your head.
-And that's my cue.
I'm gonna go track that rat.
Which is what you should be doing
instead of playing dress-up. (SNIFFING)
Ay, ay, Officer Trusty.
Oh, yeah, he's not gonna find anything.
-Well, not intentionally.
-TRUSTY: Found the gate.
Oh, Jocky-Wocky! Jacqueline!
Where's my little model?
Who's the greatest magician
in the world? (GIGGLES)
Well, I have got to go.
Congrats on the new collar.
Crivens, good family you've got there, eh?
I know. Really couldn't get any better.
This feels nice.
JIM: Mmm.
And it's only gonna get better.
HEAD WORKMAN: Clear the line!
Clear the line!
WORKER 1: Come on. Keep it moving!
WORKER 2: That's good. Hold it there.
WORKER 3: Put it out of the wagon, boys.
-Get to work.
-Yes, sir.
WORKER: All right,
you need a hand with that?
Ah! Looks like it's gonna be
another perfect day.
Hey! I thought I told you,
you can't sleep in here!
TRAMP: Ah, perfect. (BARKS)
WORKER: Hey, Spot.
WORKER 1: Coming behind you.
WORKER 2: All right, go ahead then.
Come here, you mangy mutt!
I'm tired of kicking you
out of here, street dog.
Get back to work!
WORKER: All right, hold on!
TRAMP: Whoa!
Time to steal some breakfast.
-Ooh. (WHINES)
-Hey, there, sonny boy. See you around.
TRAMP: Hello!
Pfft, this is too easy.
-How dare you!
WOMAN: Your mother
would be ashamed of you!
Aah! Ow! Ma'am!
TRAMP: I'd feel bad if I wasn't so hungry.
Ugh! Let me guess, left in a box
by the side of the road?
You know what?
I've heard it before, so beat it.
-You gotta earn your lunch.
-(BABY VOICE) I hungry.
There is no way your voice is that cute.
-What's your real voice?
That's your voice?
All right, you know what? Fine.
Look, I'm not buying the hustle,
but I respect the effort.
But take it from me, in about six months,
that voice is gonna drop
and the bit's dead.
-That was too easy.
TRAMP: Oh, no. My favorite dog catcher.
There are other dogs
in this town, you know.
PEG: Hey! Over here!
It's Peg and Bull. Wanna talk to ya.
Oh, man! (SIGHS) Maybe if I just act
like I don't see them...
Oh, don't act like you don't see us.
Help! We got caught!
Good day, sir. Just posting bills.
No need for alarm.
I already cleared this block
of dangerous animals.
But I'm still looking
for a cunning street dog.
-May I hang this on your window?
-No, you cannot.
-There's no charge for helping me.
ELLIOTT: He has demon eyes
and teeth like a shark.
SHOPKEEPER You still talking about a dog?
All right, what happened?
-We robbed the butcher shop.
-(CHUCKLES) Again?
Bull ate seven pounds of beef,
four lamb chops, and a whole meatloaf.
-I threw up everywhere.
Best day of my life!
God, I keep telling ya
the butcher's shop's a one-man-job.
You're always gonna get caught
if you don't learn to split up!
Are you mad?
We'd rather be locked up together,
than out on the streets alone.
Alone? Uh, I think you mean free?
See, while you're locked up together,
I'm free to be myself,
and I'm free to be by myself.
-Yeah, yeah, we know.
-Ya say it all the time.
Since you feel so free,
feel free to bust us outta here.
Oh, no, no, no. You guys don't understand.
I can't mess with this guy again.
Oh, but ya love
makin' him look like a fool.
I'm sorry, guys, you're on your own.
Oh, you can do it.
Just bust. Bust. Bust.
-Bust. Bust.
-Bust. Bust.
-Okay! I'll do it. Stop yelling.
-PEG: Yeah! He's gonna do it.
-BULL: Yeah! He'll do it, Peg.
-No... (STAMMERS) Shh! He's coming over.
I don't feel so good.
-What's he doin'?
-Don't ask me. I can't see anything.
ELLIOTT: What is that?
Well, well, well,
just the dog I was looking for.
What are you, sick?
Oh, no, he's sick. Just throw up.
You'll feel much better once you eat it.
-I got you. (GRUNTING)
They never thought I'd get ya.
-Hey. Hey. Hey! Hey!
-Hey! Not again!
That's it.
I'm giving up the life of crime.
Or we can go back to the butcher.
I could eat. Yeah.
ELLIOTT: Come back here! Hey!
TRAMP: Whoa!
Hey, excuse me! Hey!
Hot stuff, coming through!
Hey, hi. Are you two, uh, twins?
-I'm her husband, pal.
-ELLIOTT: Clear a path! Halt!
-Yeah. Yeah, well, congratulations!
Hey, come back here!
-Grab him!
Somebody stop him! Come on! Dirty mangy...
WOMAN: Phil, watch out!
-WOMAN 1: You have got to try this.
WOMAN 2: How's it going?
WOMAN 3: Yeah.
LADY: Mm, isn't it time for my walk?
DARLING: Look at these cute booties I got.
WOMAN 4: Oh, wow.
WOMAN 5: So pretty!
WOMAN 6: I didn't know you were coming.
MAN 1: There's gonna be screaming,
crying, vomiting.
MAN 2: And then, there's the baby.
-Here let me top you off. Fair enough.
MAN 3: Congratulations is in order,
to the father to be.
MEN: To Jim!
JIM: Cheers. Everybody.
LADY: That was weird.
DARLING: (GASPS) Oh, thank you!
WOMAN 5: You're welcome.
It's not a rattle. Don't worry.
-Oh, it's adorable.
-You like it?
-Oh, my goodness.
-That is not gonna fit her.
-SARAH: Where is my favorite niece?
-Could you just? Yes. There you go.
-Oh. Sure.
Oh, where is she? Oh, there she is!
DARLING: Aunt Sarah! You made it!
SARAH: Of course!
-This is for you.
-Oh, you shouldn't have.
-I know.
-Oh, wow. Oh, it's...
-Yes, it's an original Majolica.
Oh, it's gonna do wonders for this room
and I knew Jim couldn't afford one
with the salary of a, uh...
-If you say so, dear.
-Thank you.
-I'm sure the baby will love it.
-This is priceless!
-Down, down!
-No! Bad dog!
That dog needs to be trained.
DARLING: She's, uh, normally really good.
SARAH: I think you're thinking of cats.
TRAMP: No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We're stopping? Ugh.
Some getaway driver you are.
-DRIVER: Here we go.
All right, I'll hop out here.
Whoa! Snob hill. Huh
Oh, my gosh! This guy's obsessed with me.
All right, I gotta lay low for a while.
"Bad dog"?
What did I do wrong?
Hey, Trusty!
LADY: Trusty?
Uh... Um... Yeah? Yes?
Something strange is going on,
and I really need to talk to a friend.
All these people are in the house,
there's a bunch of toys,
none of them are for me.
I haven't even been brushed
since this morning.
I'm getting tangly.
And my afternoon snack was cold. Cold!
Oh, boy. Sounds rough. (CLEARS THROAT)
And, I can't even remember the last time
that Darling gave me a belly rub.
Speaking of bellies,
Darling's tummy is getting really big.
I'm pretty sure it's gas, too many treats.
(CHUCKLES) We've all been there.
Oh, wow.
And Jim Dear, I don't know,
he seems normal but...
You know what?
I smell fear on him all the time.
-So, I guess that's not that normal.
-I don't know.
-Yeah, that sounds bad.
(SNIFFS) You sound...
-Hey, you're... You're not Trusty.
-Correct. But, you...
-Did you just hear everything that I said?
-Where is your collar?
-Yeah, long story.
-Where is Trusty?
Um, Trusty, I'm sure, is somewhere.
-What are you doing in there?
-Trusty? (WHISTLES)
-Get out of there!
Hey, I'm gonna warn
my people inside.
What? No, no. Hey. Whoa.
Let's not warn the people, okay?
Now, I would get out but I can't,
and I'm not here to make trouble,
I'm the one in trouble
and you could help me out here.
-I'm gonna bark.
-No, please just... I can explain.
-Just gimme a second. I'm comin' over.
What do you think you're doing?
-Hey! I'm gonna bark.
-No. Please, do not do that!
-I'm gonna bark.
-Don't bark.
-Stop. Hey, hey! Shh! Stop it!
Don't tell me what to do. (BARKING)
-Wait... Hang on!
All right. You know what?
I heard what you said back there
and you're not overreacting.
Come on. Please, please!
Look, if you keep it down,
I will tell you the truth about that baby!
That... What?
Oh, man!
Everything all right, Lady?
ELLIOTT: That your dog barking?
-That your dog barking?
Yeah. She's mine.
Seen anything else? I'm looking for
a dangerous animal around here.
Like a bear?
Worse, a stray dog.
Grey male, about two-foot four.
-Mangy, dirty, dangerous.
-Please, don't.
You barking at a stray, Lady?
I'm begging you.
Everything seems to be fine.
You sure now? He's mangy, and dirty...
-And dangerous?
Yes, right.
Actually, you know, we've been having
a bit of a rat problem, recently.
A rodent?
He's been getting into the yard,
and spoiling our food, things like that.
The neighbors too.
I don't associate myself with vermin.
They carry disease.
Ah, right. Well...
Then, um... Then thank you.
Whatever this was.
JIM: Okay.
Oh, my!
JIM: Hmm.
-TRAMP: Phew!
Thanks. Well, can't say it's been fun.
Oh, not so fast. What did you mean
back there, about the baby?
Oh, so now you want my help?
Do you want me to bark again?
Oh, fine. How can I put this?
You're the center
of your people's universe, right?
-You could say that.
-They shampoo you in the bathtub,
-let you sleep in the bed?
-(SCOFFS) You mean, our bed?
-Build you this 40/40 bathroom right here?
-Gross. I have walks for that.
-Well, that's basically all over now.
You're about to be replaced.
-Replaced? Me?
I don't think so. You can leave.
JOCK: (PANTING) Lady! Are you okay?
-Stay back, mongrel!
-What is that?
JOCK: I'll be right over.
I'm callin' the cops!
I think you can be on your way now.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks for your help.
Whoa! You asked for my help.
Now look, you may not wanna hear this,
but I know people, okay?
And people are not loyal,
and the sooner you start looking out
for yourself,
and I mean, only yourself, the better.
Wow, that is incredibly depressing
and also not true.
So, thanks for nothing. Bye.
TRUSTY: Lady, you and your friend
better be careful.
I smell an intruder afoot.
(SIGHS) That's him, Trusty!
Leave the police work to me.
Oh, no! It's Officer Trusty, help.
Just in the nick of time. (CHUCKLES)
-Hey! Don't push it!
-Keep your scarf on, killer.
Okay, you two, thank you for the back-up
but he was just leaving.
Weren't you, street dog?
Street dog? Oh, I got it.
I'll go, but only because
I'm free to leave
while all of you are stuck
behind your fences.
Just remember, when the baby moves in,
the dog moves out.
I'm stealing this by the way.
LADY: Hey, I let you steal that!
Replaced by a baby?
(SCOFFS) Makes no sense.
-No way.
I mean, can a baby fetch slippers?
-Don't be daft.
Or pick up the paper.
-Not a chance.
Can a baby provide Jim and Darling
with the sense of wholeness
and a reason to live?
My point exactly. (CHUCKLES)
Oh, uh, Doc, actually just wanted to say,
thank you so much.
-I just can't believe it. Did you see her?
I just can't believe how perfect she is.
I mean, have you ever seen
a more beautiful baby girl?
No. In my 38 years of delivering babies,
your baby is the most beautiful baby.
-Good night!
-Oh, uh, I'll walk you out.
-No, thank you.
-Darling, did you hear that?
I still can't believe it.
Good luck.
La la lu, la la lu
Oh, my little star sweeper
I'll sweep the stardust for you
La la lu, la la lu
Little soft fluffy sleeper
Here comes a pink cloud for you
La la lu, la la lu
Little wandering angel
Fold up your wings
Close your eyes
La la lu, la la lu
And may love be your keeper
La la lu, la la lu, la la lu
-Lady, not now. This is the baby's room.
PETE: That's a good boy, Trusty.
Want some?
One for me, one for Trusty...
How's that, buddy?
JOCK'S OWNER: Commander of
the entire British army, yes, she is!
What adventures is Jock going to get into?
Here we go. And one, two, three...
And! Oh, that was it, Jocky!
-Oh, that's my good girl.
Oh, give mommy kisses. Who's my big star?
I love you, too. I love you, too.
Oh, no.
Lady! The baby is sleeping!
When the baby moves in, the dog moves out.
JIM: Coming.
Ah, Aunt Sarah. Thank you for...
Oh. Oh. Oh!
-There she is! (CHUCKLING)
-JIM: Yes, of course, don't mind me.
Looking just like her mommy.
Positively glowing.
And you. Only a month
and your figure's already returning.
-It's just lovely.
-(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
And you look the same.
Uh, thank you, Aunt Sarah,
for watching Lady while we're gone.
I thought I'd be with little Lulu.
Well, Jim's sister, she was insistent
that we bring her along.
Was she now?
Thank you so much for your help.
I mean, if we could've bothered
anyone else, believe me, we would have.
-JIM: Right.
-But thanks again.
-Uh, yeah.
-Goodbye, Lady.
You be a good girl.
I didn't even get to hold her.
DARLING: Come on, dear. Bye!
Hello. Bye-bye.
Are you coming back?
-DARLING: Bye-bye!
SARAH: Dog-sitting.
You've got to be kidding me.
I'm not even dressed for this.
They just took the baby?
Cats. Okay.
Ugh. Look at this place.
-Yeah, we'll need to make some changes.
-What a shame.
Okay, we have a few rules here. Oh, boy.
Now sit right there and take a seat
I'm sure you're glad we came
But we've got some cleaning up to do
We'll need to rearrange
That tickles.
We'll take care of this furniture
If to you it's all the same
No, that...
That's not something that we do...
But if you don't like how we decorate
Well, that's too bad, what a shame
No, no, don't.
Please, those are fragile. Don't!
Well, that's too bad
What a shame
Okay. That's it!
I think that we could reupholster here
This figurine is so last year
Lady! Quiet!
These tables need refurbishing
These curtains need a change
But if you don't like our artistic flair
Well, that's too bad, what a shame
LADY: I'm telling! (BARKING)
Lady! I said be quiet!
Cat got your tongue?
Why are you so miffed
We gave your living room a modern twist
And we gon' want some credit for this
Not blame
Are you mad?
What a shame
-Hey! That's mine.
-BOTH: Yes, and?
-That's better.
It really holds the room together
LADY: No, no, no.
Flowers, really?
The color scheme in here is cuckoo
Aw, did we make a boo-boo?
It's time to break this thing on down
As soon as we get done
then we'll bid you auf Wiedersehen
-But if things go wrong
-Then we'll be gone
And that's too bad, what a shame
I gotta do somethin' about this vase
Hey, get down from there!
Yeah, it's just a tiny bit out of place
-Oh, don't let it fall on your face
-Oh, yeah
No, no, no. Don't. (GASPS)
-Oh, no. Oh, no.
My babies. (SHUDDERING)
MAN: Howdy?
SARAH: Excuse me. Hello.
MAN: Good day.
WOMAN: Yes ma'am.
I can help you with that!
-Good afternoon, ma'am!
-Good afternoon.
Welcome. Don't mind Polly. May I help you?
-I hope so.
Who is this precious little angel?
Her name is Lady, though I daresay
the name doesn't suit her.
I need to keep her
from terrorizing us any longer.
Ah, yes.
Well, how about a training harness?
-Woof, woof.
-She can't be trained.
-Well, then how about, uh... A chew toy?
-You think she needs to be rewarded?
What about that?
No, no, no. Are you sure
that's absolutely necessary?
Oh, yes.
Right away.
All right, then. Here, sweet thing.
-I know.
-(CLEARS THROAT) Be a good girl.
-Oh! Ma'am, she doesn't want it.
-I want it!
-I know. I'm so sorry.
-Well, hold her!
-I'm doing my... Whoa!
-Can you hold... Aah!
-SARAH: Get her!
-My birds! Sorry!
SARAH: Why do you please...
Catch everything...
-Catch everything... Ahh!
-Oh, no!
Do you sell birds? Oh! Oh! Oh!
-MAN: All right, everybody, here we go!
DRIVER: Hey! Watch out there!
-MAN: Watch out!
This is crazy. This is crazy.
Of course. A dead end. (SIGHS)
Hey! (GROWLING) I own this alley.
Oh, hi. (CHUCKLES)
At least you don't live here.
I also live here.
I am so sorry.
Looking at it again,
it's a beautiful space.
Back away from my stuff, thief.
Thief? I have never stolen
a thing in my life, thank you.
And I'm not gonna start
-with this garbage.
That's my food.
Food? Oh, okay...
You trying to make a fool out of me?
'Cause that's not easy to do.
Oh, okay. You know what,
I'm just gonna go.
I realize I've been an imposition.
-No, you're not going anywhere.
-Just stop.
Oh, great. It's the tramp.
Don't make any sudden moves.
You're dealing with a killer here.
Yeah, lap dog. A killer.
-Stay calm. I'm not talking about you.
-I'm talking about her.
-Don't let those floppy ears fool you.
Aren't you wondering
-why she's wearing a muzzle?
Why such a tiny, annoying,
little dog would come into your home?
-Yeah. You know,
I was wondering about that.
TRAMP: This dog is rabid.
She's a rabbit?
-You know what rabid means, right?
Like, rabies, you know?
Like, when you act dangerous
-and contagious and scary.
-Like, you're gonna kill someone.
Oh. I have rabies!
-I am acting dangerous!
-Oh, my goodness!
-Easy, easy.
-And contagious!
And sometimes, it's even a little more
subtle than that.
-Rabies! Rabies! Rabies!
-And sometimes, it's not.
-She's got it bad, doesn't she?
-Look out! She's headed for your stash!
-I am?
-Yes, you are.
Oh, right! Yes, I am!
I'm getting rabies everywhere! (GROWLING)
Even the sausages?
Oh, yeah!
-Yes, especially on the sausages.
-These are rabies sausages now.
-What do we do?
Quick, run! Save yourself!
What about my sausages?
-Just go! Just leave it!
-Here she comes!
-Wait, stop! I think she's got me!
-ALLEY DOG: Sorry, you're on your own.
Wow. (CHUCKLES) I feel alive.
Rabies! (CHUCKLES)
Wait, I seem to remember
you calling me a street dog,
but here you are out on the streets.
Strange. Let me guess,
baby moves in, dog moves out?
No, not at all!
This here...
This is not what it looks like.
Uh-huh. You're welcome
for saving your life, by the way.
And in exchange, I got you a free meal.
So, I think we're even.
That's the craziest "thank you"
I've ever gotten.
Maybe you do have rabies.
Hilarious. Okay, well,
seeing as I'm the reason
that you got that garbage,
help me get this thing off my face.
(SCOFFS) Fine. I'll see what I can do.
I think I got a friend who can help.
Now, he's a little stiff.
Kinda reminds me of you.
LADY: I'm already regretting this.
This is your friend?
Please. Don't be ridiculous.
This is my friend.
-LADY: Of course it is.
-Come on.
You just need to hook that wire
onto his teeth.
-Is your plan for him to bite it off?
-Would you just do it?
Like this?
-This doesn't feel like progress.
-Do you want me to help you or not?
Just lean back
so this thing doesn't move...
Just make it quick.
...while I work this thing loose.
What is this?
-That's my ear, please.
-What? Could you stop moving so much?
-Ow. You stepped on my paw.
-Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to.
-This is not awkward at all.
On my count, we're both gonna need to pull
as hard as we can. You ready?
-LADY: Yeah.
-One... (GRUNTS)
-My count.
-LADY: Okay.
-Two... Three.
-Told you it would work.
-Yep. Well, thanks for your help.
-Thank you. I mean, yeah, you're welcome.
-Yeah... Thank you, too.
Have fun at home, baby.
I mean, with the baby.
No, uh... Never mind.
Well, this is goodbye, I think.
WOMAN: I'm thinking about
getting one for us.
MAN: Maybe tomorrow?
WOMAN: Yes, why not?
You, um... You look lost.
I think I am capable of finding
my own way home, thank you very much.
Oh, okay.
I guess I won't bother telling you
that's the, uh, wrong way.
I mean, if you're going home,
that would be the wrong way.
No, I know. I just wanted to see
what was over there.
-Now, I'm going home.
That's also the completely wrong way.
(GROANS) Okay, yes, I am lost.
So, you just gonna stand there and mock me
or are you gonna help me out?
Is that an either or question?
Because ideally...
Just point. I'll be on my way, okay?
It's that way. Now, listen,
this isn't a backyard.
There are rules. Lesson one.
Always look both ways.
-Catch up!
-Lesson two.
-Cars are heavy and they hurt!
Don't you know any shortcuts?
We're taking the scenic route.
I would like to get home eventually.
Why do you even want to go home?
I told you.
-This is just one big misunderstanding.
Jim Dear and Darling must be worried sick
about me by now.
Uh-huh. Yeah, no, sure.
What is that look?
Look, I hate to break it to you,
I'm just not seeing
a lot of "lost dog" posters up...
You may think that you know people,
but you don't know my people, okay?
They would never let me
wind up on the streets.
Not on purpose.
Okay, fair enough.
But you're walking around on the street.
You have no collar.
You are off leash.
You smell a tweensy bit like trash.
-Which means, to that dog catcher...
ELLIOTT: I'm looking for a street dog.
-Really scruffy face. Unpredictable.
You're a street dog, so that's why
we're sticking to the scenic route.
Come on. You might even have fun.
Floppy ears?
-That's the one.
-Yeah, I know that dog.
-That dog's a menace.
Sleeps in my train yard.
-Show me.
-Come on.
-MAN: Go ahead and just stow it all away.
Come on! We gotta get across the river.
On that?
Have you never been on a boat before?
I've never seen a boat before.
How are we supposed to get on?
Come on, follow me!
Here. Just a quick little jump.
LADY: No way.
Oh, come on, it's easy. I'll show you.
(GRUNTS) Ow! Ow!
Yeah, it's totally safe.
Careful about the wet spot.
-Someone might've spilled something. Ow.
-Yeah. I'm not gonna do that.
TRAMP: Come on!
You know how to swim, right?
Welcome aboard.
WOMAN: How do you do?
TICKET COLLECTOR: Hello, ticket please?
WOMAN: Thank you.
Oh, good afternoon, ticket please.
Well, aren't you just lovely?
-And such gorgeous ears.
WOMAN: Goodbye!
MAN: Bye now! Have a nice trip!
Not bad. Maybe I was wrong about you.
Yeah, maybe next time
you should ask me if I have any ideas
before you risk your life unnecessarily.
Ooh. Was this your way of saying
that you don't want me to die?
I didn't say that.
-Oh, so now you want me to die?
-(CHUCKLES) And I didn't say that either.
-Not buyin' it, kid.
-It's Lady.
Oh. Nice to meet ya, Lady.
Nice to meet you, too...
Oh, I never asked you your name.
What's your name?
Oh, I get called a lot of things.
You know, I get Buddy or Pooch
or Spot or Butch or Scram
-or Hey, get out of the trash.
Who needs a name, you know?
I'm free to be whoever I wanna be.
Free to be myself
and free to be by myself.
Sky's my roof. Walk wherever I wanna walk.
I walk however I wanna walk.
You're crazy.
You don't know the half of it.
-Hey, you wanna hear something great?
(CHUCKLING) Wow! They're amazing.
Oh, yeah? Well, the singer's even better.
Listen to this.
-Self-taught, by the way.
I'm not the best technical singer.
But sometimes it's not
about pitch or tone.
-It's just about...
Volume. Volume helps. Obviously.
-'Cause you want people to hear you.
-Well, you have that part down.
-That's about all you have down.
-What? How dare you?
It's an A for effort, I think...
TRAMP: See? Being a street dog
isn't so bad at all.
-And it comes with a view.
LADY: Okay, you can stop now.
See, there's plenty to do out here
in this big, old world.
Yeah. I'll bet there is.
Hey. That park is pretty.
Ugh, there's a lot of bones
buried in that park.
Dogs died?
No, that's just where we used to bury
all our bones.
TRAMP: And on your left
is the oldest fire hydrant in the city.
-Kind of a landmark around here.
-Why is that?
Seriously? It's a fire hydrant.
-(GASPS) Oh, right. Gross.
-Dogs, fire hydrant.
And just beyond this bridge here
is where I had a run-in with a skunk.
LADY: Do you smell that?
No, no, no. This was years ago.
I was, like, a puppy. It was...
-No, no, no, no. Whoa!
What is all this?
This? This is, like,
my favorite part of town.
It's Restaurant Row.
LADY: Restaurant Row?
TRAMP: Yeah, they got French scraps,
Chinese scraps, meat and potato scraps.
-They got it all.
-And they just give it to you?
No, not just anyone. But to me, yes.
Well, let's give it a try.
Don't we have to get you home?
Yeah. Home.
You okay?
I, uh...
What's wrong?
I'm not so sure
I still have a home to get back to.
Hey, I'm... I'm sure it'll be okay.
No, you were right.
Baby moves in and the dog moves out.
It happened just the way
that you said it would.
I know you probably think
that's what I wanted to hear, but it...
It wasn't.
You know what?
-Let's get something to eat.
And I think I know just the place.
TRAMP: Tony's. My favorite place in town.
LADY: It smells amazing.
Do we just walk right in?
(CHUCKLES) Actually I kinda use my own
private entrance. Follow me.
Wait up.
Wow, I am so hungry I could eat a shoe.
-Ugh. Done it before. Overrated.
Okay, you stay hidden. Dinner's on me.
Oh. Hey, Butch. I'm sorry, my friend.
Bad timing.
It's a full house in there, you know?
-Who is this?
-Hola, mi amor. Buenas noches.
Oh, wow. Okay, let me see
what I can do for you, okay?
TONY: Joe? We got tables waiting.
Yes. Sorry, boss.
-(STUTTERS) We're dying in there.
-I know, I know! You think I don't know?
Are you kidding me?
Why didn't you say so?
(GRUNTS) She's way too good
for you, Butch.
She's a Cockerel Spanish girl, huh?
-Joe, listen, I...
-Uh, way ahead of you.
Bones! What's the matter with you?
Tonight, Butch gets the best in the house.
JOE: I love it, best in the house.
Come on, we can do this. Go on.
One moment, please.
What's happening?
You're asking me?
TONY: Come on!
JOE: Okay.
Hurry up, hurry up.
What do I do... What do I...
TONY: Get a candle. Bread sticks.
JOE: Uh-huh.
I got it.
All right.
-Can you light the candle?
Light the candle.
I'm-a going. I only have-a two hands.
The best table in the house.
And now, your table is ready.
-Take it from me,
-you'll want Tony's speciale.
Joe, Butch says
he wants two spaghetti special.
And heavy on the meatballs.
Are you silly, Tony?
Dogs don't talk. Yeah?
Well, he's talkin' to me.
-Eh? Eh?
-Two specials coming right up.
I'm so sorry. Yeah I'm going.
Street life, huh?
Oh, yeah.
You know, I won't even eat unless
I have a table, and a table cloth,
and a candle, and a menu.
-This is because you're here.
TONY: Come on. Come on.
For our boy, Butch,
and his nice new lady friend.
-Come on. Come on.
-Come on.
Buon appetito.
They told me they were out of the special.
God, I thought those two
were gonna sit down and join us.
Ah, don't worry. They won't bother us...
-And they're back.
(SINGING) Oh, this is the night
It's a beautiful night
And we call it
Bella notte
Look at the skies
They have stars in their eyes
On this lovely bella notte
Side by side
With your loved one
You'll find enchantment here
The night will weave its magic spell
When the one you love is near
This is the night
And the heavens are right
-On this lovely bella notte
-Lovely bella notte
CHORUS: This is the night
It's a beautiful night
And we call it
Bella notte
Look at the skies
They have stars in their eyes
On this lovely
Bella notte
Side by side with your loved one
You'll find enchantment here
The night will weave its magic spell
When the one you love is near
Oh, this is the night...
Come on, I wanna show you something.
...heavens are right
On this lovely bella notte
TRAMP: Lady, the world.
World, Lady.
I think you two are gonna get along
just great.
I sleep over there in the train yard
so, you know, sometimes I come up here
just for the view.
'Course you see more in the daylight but,
you know,
there's something about the night,
outside, under the stars.
I've seen them from the yard before,
but this is... This is something else.
Now you try.
I don't know if I can.
Of course you can.
I've never howled before.
Okay, look, you just
gotta reach down deep,
and you gotta find
that inner wolf inside you.
Go ahead.
Okay, give me a minute.
It might be buried deep.
That was... That was great.
That was great. Was that a real attempt,
or were you just kinda warming up?
Uh, hey!
Come on, I've never done this before.
Not coming to me as naturally
as rabies did.
-Let me try again.
There you go! Did that feel good?
-That felt pretty good.
I think we just need to work on your...
My volume? Is that what
you were gonna say? (LAUGHS)
I've never seen the town
from this high up.
I wonder if I can see my...
My house.
Hey. (STUTTERS) It's not so bad.
Look at you now. You're up here,
you're howling at the moon!
Yesterday, the only experiences you had
were from behind a fence.
Yeah, I know! I know.
But there was a lot behind that fence.
You know?
My life was full of love and meaning.
I was a part of something special.
We were a family.
It doesn't matter how much howling I do,
I feel bad about leaving them.
You don't have to worry
about leaving them.
They already left you. I mean, look,
I know how much it hurts...
No, how? How would you know?
I just do.
You do know.
You did have a home, didn't you?
I did.
I had a home.
I had a family.
Oh, I had it all.
They loved me.
And I loved them.
And then one day it all changed.
I waited in that spot all day...
And all night.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know.
Eh, forget it.
Every dog's gotta learn someday, right?
People just don't do loyalty.
Not like us dogs.
And if I were still with 'em,
I wouldn't have met you.
And we wouldn't have had this amazing day.
Every day could be an adventure.
You and me, no leashes or fences...
No loyalty to anyone.
ELLIOTT: He's gotta be
around here somewhere.
I found you!
-He found me!
TRAMP: Run! We gotta run. Right now!
Hey, get back here!
You're not getting away this time!
Not this time!
TRAMP: Come on! Through here!
We need to split up. Quick. Go that way.
What? No, that's crazy.
We have to stay together!
He's after me anyway.
We're better off alone.
Trust me! You are wrong about this.
Hey! Hey! (GRUNTS)
ELLIOTT: You see anything?
ELLIOTT: Let's split up.
We're gonna flush him out. Be ready.
HEAD WORKMAN: Oh, I will be.
(SING-SONGY) Here, boy.
You're all alone now, street dog.
Come on out.
Aren't you tired?
Wrap it up. I'm closing shop.
WORKER 1: I'm almost done.
WORKER 2: Let's get out.
-Come on.
-HEAD WORKMAN: Let's go.
TRAMP: Wait, wait, wait.
HEAD WORKMAN: Shut the door!
Don't run away from me.
He's heading your way.
HEAD WORKMAN: I don't see him.
Here, boy.
Come on out.
Dang it.
HEAD WORKMAN: I got him.
ELLIOTT: Don't let him get by.
HEAD WORKMAN: Not a chance.
ELLIOTT: That's it, nice and easy.
HEAD WORKMAN: Hey, hey, hey!
ELLIOTT: What're you doing?
Lady, let's go!
ELLIOTT: Get her!
TRAMP: Run for it!
That was incredible! We made it!
-ELLIOTT: Quit your whining.
Lady, I'm gonna...
I'm so sorry, Lady.
POUND DOG: You lost, kid?
She looks scared.
PEG: Don't let 'em scare you, honey.
We're all friends in here.
Arko, is that how you treat our guest?
You know better than that.
First time, love?
Don't get many family dogs in here.
Ah, smells like she's had a bath, too.
I can't remember the last time
I had a bath.
This is the pound, isn't it?
Not used to digs like these,
are ya, honey?
January! Just remembered.
Don't worry.
Here they've got two types of dogs.
Adoptable, which is you,
and the rest of us.
Why aren't you adoptable?
Baby, we're street dogs.
We're strays.
Some of us are criminals.
Hey, you guys, listen. The boat's back.
How did you end up here anyway?
Well, a friend and I ran into trouble
and got split up.
Hang on. Did you say friend?
Like a "friend" friend? Or a "friend"?
Well, I went back to help him,
but I... I...
I guess he couldn't help me.
Couldn't or wouldn't?
Does this friend have a name?
He said he had a lot of names.
Oh, boy! Let me guess. Butch? Spot?
Or, Hey, get out the trash?
PEG: Did you have to split up?
Or did he just say
you're better off alone?
Wait. How did you know that?
PEG: 'Cause the guy we know...
He's a lone wolf!
BULL: He's a solo act!
(SINGING) He's a tramp
but we love him
Pulls a new scam every day
He's a tramp
We adore him
And we know he'll always stay that way
-He's a tramp
He's a charmer
He's a sly one
And he's a ball
He's a tramp
And we love him
Oh, just don't expect him
at your beck and call
Listen, you can never tell
when he'll show up
-He gives you plenty of trouble
I guess he's just a no 'count pup
Who will ditch you on the double
He's a tramp
He's a loner
And there's nothing more to say
If he's a tramp
Then who needs him?
Oh, I know he'll always stay that way
-He never changes
-Listen, darling
We know he'll always stay that way
We're trying to help ya
We know
He'll always stay that way!
Huh. A tramp.
ELLIOTT: Come on. It's time to go.
It's Nutsy.
Is he going home?
Where're they taking him?
Through the one-way door.
ELLIOTT: Come on, it's time to go.
Lady! Are you okay?
DARLING: Lady, we're so sorry.
JIM: I'm so glad to see you.
Oh, you must've been terrified!
The street's no place for a dog.
Don't worry. We're going home.
JIM: Let's get you home.
DARLING: I'm glad you're okay.
Home, sweet home.
DARLING: We're not a family without you.
DARLING: Oh, look at you.
I can't believe
you've been running around town all alone.
That's just awful.
SARAH: Welcome home.
-I tried my best to tidy up.
Oh, you found her!
Thank goodness she's safe and sound.
Wish you hadn't run off like that, Lady.
You upset everyone.
DARLING: Oh, that's okay, Lady.
What Aunt Sarah meant to say
was she's sorry.
And she was just leaving.
Tsk. Oh, well you know what?
Just so happens that I do have
a very important engagement to attend to.
You know, if I were you,
I would think long and hard
about letting that dog get close
to that sweet baby.
-I mean, next time we can...
-Oh, there won't be a next time.
Excuse me?
-How dare you!
Aunt Sarah does have a point
about letting you get close to the baby.
It's all right, Lady. Come on.
-Come on, Lady.
-Come on.
Lady, this is Lulu.
DARLING: She's part
of the family now, too.
JIM: Go on.
-DARLING: Oh, there you go.
Are you playing?
Oh. Hey!
Isn't it nice to have everything
back to normal?
Says the dog in a dress.
Oh, for goodness sake, watch your drool!
I've already had a bath today.
Oh, I really missed you guys.
And things with Jim Dear
and Darling are, uh...
Well, I'm not
the center of their world anymore,
but our world is just bigger.
That's all. We have Lulu now.
Oh, sounds exhausting.
We're just glad you're off the street.
Away from that dirty street dog.
Yeah, guess you all were right about him.
Although it wasn't all bad.
You know, street dogs,
they're just like us.
They just aren't lucky enough
to have homes.
That's all.
Then it's a darn good thing
you made it back to yours, innit?
I cannot imagine life on the street!
Scrappin' about for your next meal,
no fences to make you feel safe.
It is the oddest, most bizarre life
I can imagine.
(SING-SONGY) Jock! Jacqueline!
Who's ready to entertain the court?
That's my cue. Hope I break a leg.
Yeah, wouldn't that be a shame.
Don't push it, Mister. I may be small,
but I am mighty.
Good to have you home, Lady.
Look what the cat dragged in.
I don't know. This guy, he looks too blue
to be the Tramp.
Oh, hey, guys.
Why are you wearing collars?
Turns out we're adoptable.
There's my two. I hope you're hungry.
Here you go.
Just a little snack before dinner.
Save some room. Stay.
You believe that? (SNORTS)
-The butcher just gives it to him.
Hey, wait, wait. Hang on.
You two, adopted?
Never really took you two for family dogs.
In a way, we've always been family dogs.
At least to each other.
What is the world coming to?
Everybody's living with people!
Easy. What're you so upset about?
This wouldn't have anything to do with
that girl we met in the pound, would it?
What? Who? Lady? But, did you meet her?
No. I'm not thinking about her.
I'm doing good. I'm doing really good!
Are you sure? 'Cause you seem
like you're doing terrible.
No, Bull, you got it all wrong.
He's doin' great.
He got what he always wanted,
and was right about everything.
Are we looking at the same dog?
Yep. He's free to be himself,
-and free to be by himself.
-By myself.
-I screwed up, didn't I?
-Yep, sure did.
What's goin' on, Peg?
Doesn't matter. It's...
It's too late.
Her family came back for her.
You mean like she did... for you?
Oh, man.
I gotta fix it. I don't know if I can,
but I... I gotta try. I have to.
-We get it.
-I don't!
Just let her know how you feel.
-TRAMP: Okay!
-Peggy, fill me in. What just happened?
TRAMP: I'm stealing this, okay?
No, it's not okay! Thief!
(SIGHS) What do you know? It's the Tramp.
Brought you somethin'.
Picked it out, special.
Did you steal that one, too?
It was a gift.
A borrowed gift that, um...
Okay, yep, I stole it.
Look, um...
Back at the train yard...
I'm so sorry for, um...
I never should've left your side.
You said it yourself.
Nobody else is loyal,
so why should you be?
I should've just believed you.
No. You shouldn't have believed me.
Whatever I said about that, about,
you know, being free and...
That was not true.
Because being free without you there,
now it's just...
That's just... being alone.
Look, um, you know I'm a street dog.
And I don't have much value to anyone...
Don't you say that.
You have value to me.
I missed you.
Missed you, too.
Sometimes I come outside at night
just to howl at the moon.
(CHUCKLES) Well, that...
That doesn't have to end.
We could howl again. We can run free.
Have more adventures.
It's... It's not too late for that.
Is it?
Sorry... but it is.
I belong here... with Jim Dear,
and Darling, and Lulu. We're a family.
They depend on me.
And I'm loyal to them.
Yeah, you're...
You're right.
You deserve it, Lady.
You deserve it, too.
You deserve love.
I'm just sorry that it can't be with me.
JIM: Lady! Come inside.
I'll go.
You belong with your family.
Lady! Come in out of the rain.
The stray I'm after was running around
the streets with your dog.
JIM: Lady!
ELLIOTT: I know he's coming here.
And she knows it, too!
-Whoa! Lady!
-It's all right. You know what?
-No. Please.
-I'm gonna let her calm down. Come on.
ELLIOTT: That's obviously
why she's barking.
There, there. It's all right.
DARLING: No, actually I think she's still
upset about her experience at the pound.
ELLIOTT: Well, clearly she learned nothing
from her time there.
-JIM: Just for a minute, Lady.
(SIGHS) So strong. She...
It's so late.
It's a good thing we heard the door.
-We were about to get into bed.
-Oh, yeah.
It sure is, ma'am.
Safety can't wait till morning.
TRAMP: Lady?
Lady? It's me!
Thank goodness! You came back!
Are you okay? What's wrong?
There's a rat in Lulu's room.
But I can't get out of here.
-I'll take care of it.
-You will?
Okay. But be careful.
The dog catcher's in there.
Don't worry. I got this.
ELLIOTT: I've been tracking
this street dog for hours.
If he isn't here already, he will be.
This is the same stray
that you were looking for before?
The very one.
And you still haven't caught him?
Is that the back of your property?
-What... What... Please, come right in.
Uh, what's... Hold on.
(WHISPERS) What? I'm sorry.
And you're sure he's headed this way?
ELLIOTT: Yes. And for your safety,
I better wait for him.
And you'd better make some coffee.
DARLING: Jim, you heard the man.
JIM: Right away, Darling.
ELLIOTT: Coffee without cake
is the devil's work.
(GROANS) What is going on up there?
ELLIOTT: I'm telling you, I had him...
Inches from custody.
And keep in mind, this dog is mangy,
dirty, dangerous.
Ow! Get off me!
No! Stay away from the baby!
In the trial...
Oh, you're okay.
Wait, is that Lulu?
JIM: Oh, God.
(SHUSHING) Hey, hey!
Get away! Get away from her!
All right, stay back! Get back! Back up!
-JIM: He's here!
JIM: Get the baby!
-Is she all right?
-DARLING: I don't know!
-JIM: Stay! Stay!
We're okay. He's here! The dog's here!
ELLIOTT: You got very lucky there.
This one's a real menace.
JIM: Careful.
Uh, are you sure you've got him?
ELLIOTT: Don't worry.
He's not going anywhere.
This is so strange. I've never seen
this dog before in my life.
I don't know how he got inside.
Dogs can be dangerous.
This is exactly the kinda thing
we try to prevent in my profession.
Of course.
You know, I must say, I...
I didn't take you seriously at first.
I get that a lot.
But you're safe now.
He's off the streets,
and we've got strict rules on what happens
to dogs that attack humans.
Well, thank you very much for your time.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-Did you hear all that ruckus?
JOCK: Do you really think he went after
the wee baby?
I never trusted him,
but I never thought he'd do that.
Lady, I'm so sorry.
You were just trying to warn us
about that dog...
Oh. Lady! Lady!
-Hey! Lady!
-JIM: Darling!
Jim, come here!
-Oh, God. What is it?
It's a... It's a rat.
Oh, no. I've...
Where'd he go?
Dog catcher took him to the pokey.
-I've gotta stop them!
-What happened?
-It was the rat!
Trusty! Maybe we misjudged him.
Lady didn't. We gotta help her.
I can't run in my kilt!
You're gonna have to try.
DARLING: Oh, no!
What is she doing?
BOTH: Lady!
-Let's go get her!
Let's go get her. Come on. Come on!
LADY: We've gotta stop that wagon.
JOCK: I'm not built for speed, you know?
TRUSTY: You can do it, little doggie.
JOCK: Oh, my wee legs!
ELLIOTT: Everyone thought I was crazy.
But I don't look so crazy now, do I?
LADY: Come on! Keep going!
(GROANS) In the name of the wee man!
I'm naked.
Nah, you're just faster.
What has gotten into her?
Why would she be chasing that stray?
Jim, Lulu's fine.
Did we actually see that dog attack her?
-Which way did they go?
-I didn't see it!
Fear not, the bloodhound
sees with his snout.
Not this again!
LADY: You can do it, Trusty.
We believe in you.
JOCK: We've no got time for this!
-Quiet! I can't hear myself smell.
LADY: This is your moment, Trusty.
Come on, Ol' Reliable.
LADY: You can do it, Trusty.
TRUSTY: I got somethin'.
Snapper! Darn it!
Sorry, Lady, I'm wrong.
Truth is, Ol' Reliable is old
and not that reliable.
Trusty! Now you listen to me!
I want you to focus on me.
I have not listened to you witter on
about "Ol' Reliable"
for half of my short life just
to see you quit when we need you!
Now if I can run through the streets
stark naked with these wee, tiny legs,
you can smell a dog in a wagon!
Now, do it!
Yes, ma'am.
-Use your skills, bloodhound!
LADY: Come on.
TRUSTY: Banana peel... Trash...
LADY: You can do it, Trusty.
TRUSTY: Cat dung.
LADY: Smell hard!
TRUSTY: I did it?
I did it! This way. Come on!
LADY: Come on!
JOCK: Oh, well. Here we go.
LADY: Look, there it is, Trusty!
You did it!
TRUSTY: Ol' Reliable strikes again!
JOCK: I never doubted you for a second!
LADY: Come on! Through here!
TRAMP: Lady...
No! What are you doing?
LADY: Come on!
Don't worry, we're gonna save you.
TRAMP: Lady! No! It's too dangerous.
ELLIOTT: You crazy dog.
What are you doing?
ELLIOTT: Easy! Whoa!
Slow down! Whoa!
Easy! Easy!
LADY: Come on!
JOCK: My legs can't go any quicker!
TRUSTY: Sorry, Lady...
LADY: Oh, no! We're losing them.
Lady! No!
No! No, no, no! No!
-Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, come on.
You're okay.
Get up.
Come on. Please?
Just wake up.
You can't go.
We... have places to go,
adventures to... take.
Just wake up. Please?
Pretty good, kid.
We still need to work on your volume.
Ah, he's okay.
Oh, I think I might faint.
-DARLING: What happened?
-Oh, no! Lady!
Is she hurt?
-Hey. It's okay. It's okay.
-It's all right. We're okay.
-Jim, he's bleeding.
Oh, he got hurt
protecting Lulu from the rat.
How'd this happen?
-Come on. You're still coming with me.
-JIM: Whoa!
DARLING: Jim? Hey!
-Hey, Lady, it's all right.
-Calm down, calm down.
-Hey! Let him go!
I don't care what it takes.
I'll walk you to the pound if I have to.
What? Okay. Okay.
-We have to do something.
Stop! Stop it! You can't do this!
What? He was attacking your baby!
No, he was protecting our baby.
Ma'am, any unlicensed dog without a home
will be immediately impounded!
He has a home.
He's a street dog!
No, he's not. He has a home.
That's our dog, sir.
He's coming home with us.
(SOFTLY) Hi. Come here, boy.
Hey, buddy.
-Come here.
-Hey, buddy.
-Hey, come here. Come on.
-It's okay.
-It's all right. Come on.
-Good boy.
Hi. Hi.
DARLING: There. That's better.
-JIM: You're okay now, boy.
Thank you for helping Lulu.
DARLING: What a good boy.
I just figured out what I'm gettin' you
for the holidays.
PUPPY: Auntie Jock, come play with us!
Well, who do we have here?
Now this is a look I approve of.
Thank you, Trusty.
They're from the pound.
Sally was inspired by Lady's new friend.
I wasn't so sure at first but,
you know, it's like Lady said,
"Our world is bigger now."
And I must admit,
-they are... very, very soft.
Hey, cadets. I'm your Uncle Trusty.
Hi, Uncle Trusty.
Y'all wanna hear a tale of Ol' Reliable?
About the time I sniffed out
a dog catcher?
Saved a poor stray with a heart of gold.
Yeah! Tell us, Uncle Trusty.
Yeah, tell us.
Gather around, pups.
-PUPPY 1: Yay.
PUPPY 1: Story of a Ol' Reliable.
-PUPPY 2: No. Old Reliable.
JIM: Okay. I wonder who this one is for?
Look at that.
Wow, look at that. What is it?
All right. Come here, boy.
It's time we made you official.
Look at that.
-Welcome to the family.
-There you go.
Hey, what do you think, Lady?
-You like it?
-Yeah, Lu?
Why don't you open Lulu's present?
Wow, look at you with a collar.
-You almost look like a family dog.
Can you believe it?
Well, you'll always be the Tramp to me.
Ha, ha.
So, how does it feel?
You know, it kinda feels...
What, too tight? Too itchy?
No, um...
Might take some gettin' used to.
LADY: Hmm.
Was gonna say, it kinda feels, um...
like home.
Silent as the snowflake in the night
Holy is the spirit of this night
All the world is calm and peaceful
All the world is bright and joyful
Spirit of love
And child of peace
Love unending
That shall not cease
Peace, my children
Of goodwill
Peace, my children
Peace, be still
WOMAN: (SINGING) Two times is good
Twice the beauty, twice the fun
More than for once
'Cause inside, we're cooking up
A lifetime of adventures
Mischief and romance
That's the good stuff
That's enough
Never mind your pedigree
You and me, babe, that's a match
Let's make new memories
Think of schemes that we can hatch
Make magic out of simple things
A few bones, our home and some pups
That's the good stuff
That's enough
So, I was thinking
If you and I could take the day off
Go around town
Visit some of our favorite spots
'Cause there's nothing like
Spending time together
You know, you and I
How about we get into some big trouble?
You know that kind of trouble
Oh, come on, yeah
Better than ever now
While we're howling at the moon
Feeling invincible
'Cause you and me, we're in cahoots
Now, the thing that I would switch up
Some black cat couldn't change my love
I got you, babe
Oh, we've got each other now
That's the good stuff
That's enough