Lady Battle Cop (1990) Movie Script

Kaoru Mikoshiba:
Azusa Nakamura
Tadashi Saijo:
Kisuke Yamashita
Naoya Koizumi:
Tomoki Kitazume
Masaru Matsuda
Isao Shiroto:
Toshiaki Nishizawa
Henry Ohba:
Shiro Sano
Executive Produccers:
Susumu Yoshidawa, Toru Yosdhida
Nagafumi Hori
Junichi Miyashita
Eiji Kawamura
Akihisa Okamoto
Don't forget!
From now on this towm will be
under the control of the Cartel!
SenseIess fights won't be
allowed anymore!
lf you resist,
you'll have Phantom. the Cartels
command team, as your enemy!
You have to swear if you
want to live!
Swear an oath of allegiance
to the Cartel!
Speaking of the Cartel.
it bore dowm and absorbed the
mafia groups there in one blast.
lt became motorious for holdimg
America's gangs under its control.
It exerts strong influence on
police and military
as well as in the political and
financial community.
Some peopIe call it the
Shadow Government.
I'm in front of the Metropolitan
Police right now.
l have Captain Shiroto, an expert
on organized crime, with me.
Let's ask him some questions.
A, B and C block of Neo Tokyo
have already fallen
into the clutches of the cartel.
OnIy D block remains. but it
won't last much longer,
because the organization
which controls that area is not a
powerful one to start with.
However, we havent been idle
while we were watching them.
We already know who they are!
This is their command
team, Phantom.
They are the ones
who keep shooting
and leave a mountain of dead
bodies all over the city!
Hey, listen too me, Phantom!
We won't let you keep doing this!
We'll arrest you soon!
All of you!
I'll make you regret comimg
to this country.
Remember that!
Well, enough serious news.
Lets taIk about somethimg
cheerful now.
Kaoru Mikoshiba, who
represented Japan
at the Neo Tokyo Tennis Open,
finished in second place!
That will make her world
ranking much higher!
When I lost what was
precious to me
l felt I wanted to become stronger
My days of beimg treated
gently were over
I cast off my past llfe
Even if a thousand eyes
are aimed at me
Did l make you wait?
Congratulations, Kaoru!
Thank you!
No, no, no, no give up
Women were made for tennis
Now, stand up!
If you think about it, this
is quite a luxury,
especially ln theese dark times.
You know I won't forgive you if
you break her heart.
You and I both lost our parents
to violent crimes.
They got in the way of the gangs,
and Kaoru's also...
It's been more than ten years now.
It's getting worse and worse
in this country,
but I won't let those tragedies
be repeated.
Ever again!
Did you finish your work?
Yeah, between eighty and
ninety percent done.
If we can find a donor. we can
finish it anytime.
We can finally destroy them.
l heard that the robot will be
more powerful than ten...
No, than a hundred armed
police officers!
Everyone's talking about it
these days.
Does it have amy special weapons
or anything?
Im sorry. I shouldn't ask
these questions.
even if you are my best friend.
Hey, where you go!
- Here!
Here you go!
What are you two talking about?
Well, we're just taklking about
what happened to my best friend
Naoya Koizumi's brain.
He used to think about nothing but
his work, but look at him now!
Let's make a toast!
Kaoru, congratuIations on your
second place. and your engagement!
Developing a robot police officer?
The National Police and the
Metropolitan Police,
along with private high tech
chemical and military companies.
have put all their efforts into
this top secret project.
I heard that they've almost
completed the development.
If they really finish it. there is
no doubt that it will interfere
with the Cartel's future
because of its fighting ability,
maneuverability, etc.
Accordimg to my source...
Your source?
Do you have a mole within the
police? Or perhaps...
That's none of your business.
Your business is to destroy
that project completely!
Eliminate it!
Just in case,
summon Amadeus.
I'm sorry to drag you to
my office too.
l realIy need to make that
appointment today.
That's okay. I'll take you
wherever I want afterward!
Of course!
Let's go shopping first here, and
then more and then over there.
Then we'll eat lumch here and
have a cup of coffee there.
And then...
Hey. hey...
That's strange.
Shall we go inside?
Wait for me here!
No. l'm coming with you!
All set.
One minute.
Time's up!
It's going to blow!
Let's run!
Wealthy businessman Henry Ohba
makes huge donation for
public welfare?
It looks like you're having
a funeral here.
So. how much are you payimg the
Cartel as condolence money?
Don't play dumb!
You pretend to be quIet as if
you're having a funeral,
but I know you're secretly
as active as ever.
No, you're actually even more
blatant and clever now!
Because of your instructions
from the Cartel.
I guess you're lucky to hold a
funeral even if it's a total sham.
We couldn't even find the
bones of those two.
Hey, what are you so
upset about, honey?
I'll make you feel better!
Sorry, no policeman discount.
You offer a discount for the
Cartel policemen, right?
What do you mean?!
Are you scared of the Cartel?
Or is it Henry Ohba
you're afraid of?!
A forty-year-old business man
who succeeded in America.
Henry Ohba is also known as
a philanthropist.
But his real identity is the
Cartel's Neo Tokyo Section Chief!
We don't have any evidence yet,
but we know all about him!
Half a year has passed
since that explosion.
We know it was the Cartel. but
they called off the investigation!
The media shut up too, as if the
Cartel didn't exist at all!
But l won't do that.
Me or them?
Who do you think will let you
live longer? Think hard!
I'll keep coming back until you
give me the answer I want.
I'll have Ohba's neck if it's
the last thing l do!
Do you understand?
You haven't changed a bit, Saijo.
Mr. Yoda!
You shouldnt be surprised
to see me here.
After all, this is the kind of bar
where a fired cop might hang out.
You mean you're...
Dont worry! Im not
part of the Cartel!
That's why they fired me.
Have a drink with me.
I can see that you'll go
the same way.
Even if that's true,
l won't become a loser like you.
You're right.
l am a loser.
But l'm still breathing and
able to drink like this.
And its worth it,
don't you think?
Looking at you, it doesn't
seem to me
that youre enjoying your
drinks very much.
The age when cops Iike you can
push us around is over!
Go to Hell!
- I'll give you a good price!
Hey, do you want to play with me?
Hey. he's mine!
Whaddya mean, your guy?!
Find another guy!
You shouldn't disturb the peace
in this town like that.
You're supposed to protect it
instead, Mr. Policeman.
For the last half year,
we've been watching you.
you're Watching me?
Because we didn't want to see
someone die in vain.
But it seems that you want
to see it anyway.
Eliminate what is inappropriate
for this town!
This is the policy of the
Cartel. you see.
l'll warn you only once.
Surrender yourselves.
or l will shoot you.
I will elimimate what is
inappropriate for this town.
Let him handle it.
No need to reopen the case.
This is a high level decision.
Under the circumstamces, there is
very little possibility
of finding any survivors
of the National Science Laboratory
explosion half a year ago.
I know how you feeI. but
this is a fact.
But l saw the robot and
that's a fact too!
Someone must have survived that
explosion and finished the study.
or peopIe higher up must have
taken over the study. otherwise...
I would have known if they
resumed the project.
l beIieve that the project stayed
closed after the explosion.
What do you think that
robot is then?
l don't know.
Oh, by the way,
we've identified the guy who
acted with Phantom.
He's known as Amadeus.
Paranormal... He's an esper.
He can stop the target's heartbeat
or destroy his brain from a
distance with his psychokinesis.
He's literally a lethal weapon.
The military research
center for NASA
we're studying him as the ultimate
weapon after nuclear missiles.
And the cartel corrupted him.
A robot...
And a psychic!
The age of this
makes it past its prime,
doesn't it?
Stop digging. Leave it alone.
Is that what you are telling me?
That's what I'm telling you.
There is someone who
would throw away
Anything for love
l know someone who would
shut out everythlng
After her dream is over
Believe in my life
I am me
I live in the present
I can keep living alone
even after I was hurt
I was born as a woman but
I can't live as one
Dawn, will come soon
Or at Ieast, that's what I believe
Don't worry.
This is my private lab.
No one knows about it.
I'll take care of your wound soon.
in a way...
in a way...
I want you to use me
as your donor.
don't want to die like this.
Please. with me
as a donor
complete yeour research.
Please. Naoya!
I don't think I will
live long enough
to take care of you after
I finish my work,
wounded like this...
But I'll keep living within you,
and keep fighting
next to you.
Neutron Magnum, a neutron
radiation cannon.
We'll have no problem destroying
that tin monster with this.
We haven't compIeted our
investigation on the robot yet.
You can't just...
Do whatever you want!
But you wont have any
backup from Amadeus.
You'll bring this matter to a
close by yourselves.
Of course. That was my
intention anyway.
Someone call an ambulance!
Open the windows! The windows!
Who started this indiscriminate
genocide, and for what reason?
lt seems thhat the police don't
have any substantial leads yet.
The anxiety and rage citizens feel
towards a powerless police force
is building. Also...
Let me see too!
Find out who it is before we
send it to the scrap heap.
The boss wants to know.
Oh, l see.
l got it now.
That guy made you...
That means you're...
It seems we dom't need to
fear you anymore.
We'll break you down piece by
piece until we see your identity.
Hold them up!
I'll make scrap out of
you this time!
Where is Henry Ohba?
Where is the Neo Tokyo
Headquarters of the Cartel?
Answer my question.
Our cartel's
final operation in this country
will begin tomorrow morning.
We won't let anyone
interfere with us.
Summon Amadeus!
l can't believe it!
Mr. Yoda?
lt's not that surprising. is it?
The Cartel's been working its way
in the government for six months.
You shouldn't be surprised
to find out that they put a
plant inside this fence.
But why do they need such a
huge amount of weapons?
lt's a war.
A war?
They've aIready gotten Neo
Tokyo in their hands.
Now its time they took complete
control over the whole of Japan.
I wont be able to pull the
trigger with these shaky fingers.
You stop them, Saijo.
Stop thce Cartel for me!
Battle cop!
It must be...
lt's you. isn't it, Kaoru?
l knew it!
Naoya must have finished his work
with you as the donor.
Koizumi did it.
Damn you, you monster!
What are you doing here?
ls this a joke?
Stand up!
l have something to ask you
before l kill you.
Are you really
a part of the Cartel?!
Who told you about those weapons?
lt seems someone besides yourseIf
doesn't know when to give up!
Who is it?
l'm the one who will kill him.
When I lost what was
precious to me
l felt I wanted to become stronger
My days of being treated
gently were over
I cast off my past llfe
Even if a thousand eyes
are aimed at me
No, no, no, no give up
I won't extinguish the flre
of love and hatred
No, no, no, no give up
Women were made for tennis
Now, stand up!
Even if someone hurts me
or robs me
That time is always a new
beglnning for me
The silver suit that l
exchanged my dress for
I burn myself in order to fight
Don't come, Kaoru!
If I feel like crying
All I have to do is look
up at the stars
No, no, no, no give up
As long as I have tomorrow
My dreama will not be over
No, no, no, no give up
Women were made for tennis
Now, stand up!
I'm no good as a cop.
I have no right to arrest you.
Don't say anything.
It's over.
Kill him...
and Ohba.
Destroy the Cartel.
Avenge... avenge Naoya.
lf it is for the sake of love
Some peopIe will throw
everything away
When thelr dreams lay in rulns
I know some people who
closed their eyes
Believe in my Iife
I am me
I can live on alone, even
if l've been hurt
I was born a woman
But I can't be a woman,
I live for the present
I believe that the dawn
will come soon
Believe in my life
I am me
l can live on alone, even if
I've been hurt
I was born a woman
But I can't be a woman,
I live for the present
I believe that the dawn
will come soon