Lady Cocoa (1975) Movie Script

- They're waiting
for you, you ready?
- Cocoa's always
ready, but I ain't
moving until I get
some decent clothes.
Now I thought I made
that perfectly clear.
Hey, I gave you $200
for some clothes.
Where'd you get
these, at Goodwill?
- Decent clothes is
what you asked for
and decent clothes
is what you got.
- Elfonza King.
What's this bit at calling
herself Cocoa Delange?
- Everybody's got his
thing to do, Sergeant.
- I sure don't envy you boys at
the Attorney General's
office trying
to look after this
hot piece of cheese.
Turning state's evidence
and a Harlem racketeer
don't lend to living
very long, does it?
- Well what the hell does?
Christ, if you
don't die of cancer
or a heart attack,
you go through
the windshield of your car.
- She's got a mouth.
- For sure.
Look, she's in here only
for contempt of court,
so if she's got
such a big mouth,
how come she wasn't
willing to testify
against her boyfriend
before now, huh?
- Running half the
rackets in Harlem, New York
and trying to buy a
piece of Reno, Nevada,
is two different things.
She knows you guys are gonna
get him sooner or later,
so why should she keep
taking the wrap for him?
- Can't see why some
people wanna stop a
little honest enterprise
just 'cause it's black.
- The man's a racketeer.
He doesn't exactly do
everything legal, Lieutenant.
Things they're trying
to nail him for
are not my idea of
honest enterprise.
- So you never
heard of racketeers
in Nevada before now, huh?
Besides, they can't prove
anything on this kid,
all he's doing is
the same as groups
who send in white guy to buy
a house for a black
family in Beverly Hills,
now what the hell's
wrong with that?
- Well if it was
my neighborhood,
I wouldn't like it.
- Is that all I have to sign?
- Don't get upset, Lieutenant.
All you need now is the body.
What a body.
- Yeah, yeah.
What's the holdup?
You ready?
- Yeah, and who are you?
- Lieutenant Ramsey Miller.
Attorney General's office.
For your protection.
You just call me Ramsey.
- Sounds cozy.
- Yeah, let's go.
- A year and a half without
even committing a crime.
Lady Cocoa,
Where have you been
Come out and meet the people
Welcome back to
the game of life
Called pop goes the weasel
Strange you smile
just like a child
Delivered from all evil
Don't you hear
that drummer playing
Pop goes the weasel
Get in the
back of the car, Cocoa.
- You smell that, Lieutenant?
- I don't smell anything.
- It's the smell
of pine and balsam
It's the smell of freedom.
- Let's go.
And if you ask me what is life
I'd sketch it on an easel
And then I'd name
that masterpiece
Pop goes the weasel
The body aches, the body cries
The poor rich are regal
Hey mister won't you satisfy
Pop goes the weasel
- Sure hope that matron had enough
smarts to give me a fingernail file.
- If she didn't, we'll
get you anything you need.
- You goddamn
right 'cause that's
the way my deal goes, right?
- I said we'll get
you anything you need.
- Hey tell me
something will you?
- What?
- What's that?
- This is Officer Douglas Fuller
of the Carson City
Police Department,
now he'll make
sure that you show
up at the hearing tomorrow.
When we get to the
hotel, you two will
register as husband and wife.
- Oh yeah?
Well that should take
care of an immediate need.
Well does it talk or is
it fully automated yet?
- Very funny.
- Doug?
- Got nothing to say.
- It does talk, congratulations,
Ramsey, I see that
raises standards
on your civil service test.
Lady Cocoa,
where have you been
Come out and meet the people
Welcome back to
the game of life
Called pop goes the weasel
Strange you smile like a child
Delivered from all evil
Don't you hear
the drummer play
Pop goes the weasel
If you ask me what is life
I'd sketch it on my easel
And then I'd
name my masterpiece
Pop goes the weasel
The body aches, the body cries
Poor, rich, or regal
Hey mister, won't you satisfy
Pop pop pop goes the weasel
Yes sir, may I help you?
- Mr. and Mrs. Cornell.
- Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Cornell,
reservations have
been made for you,
will you please sign in?
You have room 1010.
Your baggage please?
- It's on its way.
- Fred!
- I'll take the key, sir.
- Good afternoon,
sir, can I take this?
- Is there anything else
I can do for you, sir?
- No, that's it.
All right, let's
go boy, I know what will do it.
- Hey, this the
biggest you could get?
- It's big enough
for you, little lady.
You're only gonna
be here one day.
- Well in that case I'm
gonna need a few things.
What kind of things?
- You know, little girl things.
Hair stuff, nail
stuff, perfume stuff,
that kind of number.
- Okay, later.
- Now!
Okay, later.
- I don't want it
tomorrow, I want it now!
-All right, all right!
- Tell that yoyo I
want some conversation.
When Cocoa talks,
everybody talks!
- I'll be back in awhile Doug,
and don't open the
door to anybody but me.
Lots of luck, Dougie poo.
- I hate modern.
- Let's get it straight.
My job is to make sure you get
to the hearing in the morning.
Now I could think
of a lot of things
that I'd rather do than
play nursemaid to you.
But as long as it
has to be this way,
we can make it
easier on ourselves
if you'll cooperate, okay?
- Ain't we the man of duty.
I don't need your protection.
- The Attorney
General thinks so.
- The Attorney General?
He don't know his ass
from a hole in the ground.
I'm hungry.
- Tell me what you want.
- Well I think I'll
have some vichyssoise
some escargot, asparagus
with hollandaise,
cream spinach, oh and
some mashed potatoes
with butter, lots
and lots of butter.
Chateaubriand wine, some
strawberry Shortcake,
two strawberry
shortcakes with tons
of whipped cream
and a milkshake.
- Where do you want
me to send the body?
- Ha ha, just order
it, I'll eat it.
Hey my man, you're gonna have to
do something about
this confusion
on the wall, I can't
eat my strawberries
with this staring
me in the face,
now one of them has to go.
- Strawberries would be easier.
- You're right.
No you're not right.
Strawberries are aesthetic,
but this painting's a fuck up.
You see, the basic
difference between
abstract, modern,
and traditional art
is a quality and
time not valued.
That's Percival Reeds,
London art critic in
his book Understanding
Art published in 1963.
- You want the
strawberries or not?
- Yes.
Emphatically yes.
But that excuse for
art has got to go.
See if they've got a Meticiliani.
That would go just great
with my strawberries.
- Who knows, she might be right.
Well I brought some
of the things she wanted.
Fingernail polish, eyebrow crap,
that sort of thing.
- Well my man, I didn't know you
were hip to that sort of thing.
- When you get to be my age,
if you ain't learned
it, you ain't gonna.
- There's something I
wanted you ask you, Ram.
- Well don't sit there
chewing it, spit it out.
- This is an
important job, right?
When that little
broad spills what
she knows to the grand jury,
it's gonna blow the lid off half
the rackets on the East
coast, especially Eddie.
And him and a lot
of other creeps
will be leaving
this country like
a Sunday morning Christmas rush.
- Yeah, well that's
just it, I mean if
this job is so important,
Why'd you pick me?
- 'Cause you're a good man.
Aw don't bullshit me.
I mean you got no black officers
in the DA's office, so you come
across town and you
get one off the beat.
But why me?
I mean why a
patrolman instead of
a detective with
some experience?
- Captain said you
had a good record.
Anyone who could handle
themselves on a beat like yours.
- You mean in the ghetto.
- It's a tough place.
Down there you have
to think for yourself
and that's what I want here.
Don't worry about
it though, Doug.
I checked you out all the way.
You work hard.
Ain't nothing glamorous about
our work, it's simply duty.
But you're like me.
You know how to do it.
- You trying to tell
me we're brothers, Ram?
- God, I don't give
a damn whether you're
black, green, orange,
lemon, or banana.
You've got character.
You're the one I wanted.
Besides, you can
run faster than me.
- You got that
right, buster brown.
- Look at this shit!
- This snot rag
excuse for a dress.
That's what.
- You want another one?
- Spare me, Ramsey,
with your taste
you'll probably
bring back something
from 3 Sears catalog.
- I gotta check into the hotel.
- Thought you just
went to do that.
- No, I had to, you know--
Yeah, who is it?
Room service, sir,
your order from the kitchen!
Good afternoon, sir.
And a very good
afternoon to you, sir.
Aha, hmm, hmm?
- That'll be all, you can just
leave it here, okay?
- Well I hope you enjoy it, sir.
- Well he'd better because he's
certainly gonna have to eat it.
- Say what?
- Well you didn't
ask me if I liked it.
- Well do you want it or not?
- No, I changed my mind.
- Would the lady
care to reorder?
- Yes she would.
You see, after a hot shower
one needs something light.
Like a royal Caesar
salad with a light wine.
- After a hot shower?
But of course.
Caesar salad.
- That's right.
I mean it's really
not healthy you know.
- What ain't healthy about it?
- Eating hot things
after a hot shower,
it slows down the body process,
makes your skin flabby.
You see, the vital
juices in animal
spirits are directed affected by
the amount of
sustenance invested
into the corporal body.
Rene Descartes in
his autobiography
in 1630, published in 1938.
He was a French philosopher
and he once said any--
-All right, all
right, I believe you.
Get her the salad.
- Oh, right away sir.
- I'll see you later.
- You know, the
trouble with most
of us is we ignore our instinct.
You take liver,
if you don't like
it you shouldn't eat it.
If you don't like
spinach you shouldn't
stick it in your
mouth and taste stuff
that's good for you,
probably choke on it.
Take cigarettes for instance.
You like tobacco
you should smoke.
- Everything you want to do is
not necessarily the
best thing for you.
Doctors say smoking
causes cancer.
- A doctor, did you ever see a
doctor live past 60?
You tell a doctor you
got health insurance
and you get paid, he'll take out
every fucking
organ in your body.
What's so funny,
don't you believe me?
- That's just it.
I do.
I remember when
I got it at 'Nam.
- 'Nam?
- Yeah, in Vietnam.
We were on patrol in one of
those dinky little villages.
I don't remember the
name of the place.
I got stupid, stepped in a hole
with a tiger trap.
Bunch of bamboo spikes
nearly tore my leg off.
By the time they got me
back to the base hospital
this doctor thought
gangrene had set in.
He wanted to take my leg off.
I told him if he touched my leg
I'd blow his head off.
I'd rather die than be crippled.
- Well sounds stupid to
me, I'd rather live myself.
- Forget it.
I didn't think you'd
understand anyway.
- What's to understand?
So a soldier loses an
arm or a leg or whatever!
You ever think of
what you people do
to people when you bust them for
a traffic ticket, possession
of a little grass.
You don't just take
away an arm or a leg,
you take away their
whole freedom!
And you wonder why people always
screaming fuck the pigs!
- I think you got your
values a little mixed up.
A solider has no control
over his destiny.
The people you're
talking about do.
- Freedom's just
another word for love.
Janis Joplin, Colombia
Records, 1971.
This ain't gonna get it.
I wanted my day's freedom
to have some time out,
that's what was
promised me and that
don't mean a mental jerk
off between you and me!
- Okay, what do you wanna do?
- I wanna get out of here!
I want you to take
me back downstairs
to that dress shop so
I can buy something!
- I can't do that.
- Oh not to worry, I
won't be any trouble.
I just want the fun of
putting on a new dress.
I've got my orders.
- Fuck your orders,
you're paranoid!
Obeying orders almost
got your leg blown off.
I just wanna feel
like a woman again,
and I won't be any trouble.
Now why don't you break
down and have a heart.
- Pigs don't have
hearts, remember?
- And you creeps ain't
got no honor either!
Now I was promised
I could do and have
and say what I
please, remember?!
- Within limits.
- Limits my ass!
It is the unwritten
bylaws of the
American cop out creed!
I only regret that
I have but one
cop out to give to my country!
Nathan Hale, 1776.
And they hung his ass.
- I think you've got your
quotes a little mixed up.
- 40 feet with that
bull, buster brown!
- Will you stop
calling me that?!
- It'd save yourself
a lot of trouble if
you'd just let Cocoa have
what they promised her.
- Well that's not the
way I read the orders.
- What did they do, huh?
What did they do, take
away your fig machine
when they said shit,
you stupid grunt?!
- Get your clothes on.
- Really?
- Yeah really.
- Oh wow.
Wow, we're gonna have fun,
we're gonna have a good time.
And I'm gonna look so pretty.
Oh thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Don't thank me.
Thank the tiger trap.
And remember!
No trouble, right?!
I'll be good!
- And another thing, no
more philosophy, okay?
- Philosophy's just another word
for discretion,
John Sheldon, 1615.
And no
more bad language.
- But Madam, surely you're not,
your order from the kitchen.
Viola, Caesar salad!
- Yes, but it's not spaghetti.
- But madam, you ordered
the Caesar salad.
You see?
With the Zinfandel wine!
- You made a mistake there.
And I know just what you did.
When I said spaghetti,
you thought of Caesar,
so you bought me a
salad instead of pasta.
But I forgive you.
It's a natural mistake.
Come on, Doug.
- But sir!
- That's okay, I
forgive you too.
- Ooh, you forgive me too?!
Oh that is wonderful
that you forgive me!
You are so noble!
- Put it under.
He's got six.
- Hit it.
- Give me my money.
- You know you got
lucky that time.
- Okay.
- You gonna play it all?
- Do it again.
- Hit it.
He's got 10, hit it.
- Oh when your right your right.
Little greedy here.
Whip it on me.
Get off of my money.
- You're not splitting 103.
Can she do that?
- Marker for 80 please!
- $80 marker!
- Can she do that?
Stay out of this.
Pay the lady!
When you hot, you hot honey.
How many?
Okay, one more time, my man.
- Wait, Cocoa, wait a minute.
- Be kind.
- We got you.
- Blackjack.
Pay the lady, sweet cake.
- We played that one good.
- I played it good, you dummy.
- Try again?
- No!
Be greedy, can't be
pushy in this life,
you gotta take you, here
hold this for me please.
My $20.
No, this is...
This for my man Ray.
- Thank you kindly.
- You have a good
night with it, honey.
- Thank you, honey.
- Come on, we got
shopping, honey.
Gotta buy me some new clothes.
Come on.
- What happened here?
What the hell happened here?
- You wouldn't believe
it, that broad's
gotta be the luckiest
stupidest broad
I've ever seen, she
made every dumb play.
- Yes ma'am, can I help you?
- Yes, I want to
buy some clothes.
- Anything special
you'd like to see?
- Yeah, everything.
No, I would like
to see that dress
there in a size five.
- I think the one in
the window is a five.
- How about that, Dougie?
- You didn't win
that much money.
- Would you have a
cute pair of pants,
a nice little top for me?
- Yes, I'll bring it into
you in the fitting room.
- Okay, thanks.
- Straight ahead.
Faye, would you please?
Can I help you?
- Yeah, my chick would like,
I mean my wife would like to...
Honey, you tell her.
- Some night clothes.
- Surely, I have just
the thing for you.
Come with me.
Hey, how you doing
buddy, what's happening?
Just get married?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, me too.
Can you believe it?
I'm living with
her for three years
and we never wear a
stitch of clothes.
And now we get married she gets
shy and she wants to
wear night clothes,
man can you dig
that, brother man?
- That's kinda silly, isn't it?
- Oh man, right on, brother.
Hey by the way, my
name's Arthur Orwell.
My Chick's Marie.
You can just call
me Artie, buddy.
- My name's Doug.
My wife's named Cocoa.
- Oh Cocoa, I like that.
- Oh that's nice.
It looks beautiful on you.
- Thank you.
- I'll be back in just a minute.
In the meantime, try this on.
- Okay.
- And we finally decided
to make it legal.
And what the hell, if it doesn't
work out, Reno's only
30 miles away, buddy.
All right!
Are you staying in the hotel?
- Yeah.
- Right on, us too,
that's hip ain't it?
- Hey, you like this?
- On you, but I don't
look good in orange.
Do you think he'll
like this on me?
- right.
- We just got married.
We lived together
for three years.
I didn't dig it,
but it's the only
way he could handle it.
It's really strange
now, now that it's legal
I'm getting so scared
all of a sudden.
- Not to worry, it'll
work itself out.
- I don't know, now that we have
that piece of paper I'm getting
so insecure around him.
- Just chomp around
in your beaver, honey,
and don't worry about it.
- You just get married too?
- Yeah.
Hey Doug.
- Huh?
- What's that?
- Where?
- There, bulge in your pocket.
Oh how beautiful, what a
shiny thing, surprise for me.
- Cocoa, you didn't.
- Oh well they'll never miss it!
Just want to get the
swing of things here.
- Hey.
Finish all your shopping?
- Yup, did good.
- Me too.
- Yeah, she nearly finished off
the bankroll, I'll tell you.
- I didn't, honey.
- Nah, she really didn't.
So what are you guys
doing tonight, man?
- We don't know yet.
- Oh wow, man, there's a great
band in the dining room.
- Well we don't know.
- Oh come on Cocoa, why don't we
all have dinner
together tonight.
- I don't know really.
- Oh please try.
It'll be a lot of fun.
- It's no fun eating all alone.
Sorry, honey.
- Yeah, thanks a lot.
- Well we'll see
you later, okay?
- Oh come on, want
us to pick you up?
- No, don't bother.
Maybe we'll see you later.
- Oh no, I can dig it.
It's the same scene
as our pad, man.
Right on, brother.
- Where you going now?
- Well if you must
know, I'm gonna shit,
shower, and shampoo.
- Hello?
How's it going, Ramsey?
- Smooth.
Is the little
bird in her golden cage?
- That little bird's got a mouth
on her like a hawk.
Well take
good care of her.
She's a valuable
piece of property.
- Jim, I ain't lost
one in 18 years.
I don't intend to have
anyone pluck her feathers.
Well stay with it.
- Yeah.
- Hey I got a problem.
- Doesn't everybody?
What's your problem?
- Well I can't get
this on my back.
- So?
- Well would you?
Just the back, okay?
That feels good too.
Wait a minute.
There, now you
can get all of it.
- Who does this for you
when I'm not around?
- It doesn't get done.
- How many showers
have you taken today?
- Not enough.
Did you ever try
to wash the stench
of a prison off of you?
100 baths wouldn't be enough.
- You seem to have had
it pretty comfortable.
- Sure, they can buy you frills,
but they can't buy freedom.
It's like a disease
eating at me.
I had to get out of
there just one day.
He should've known that.
- He?
- How did you get mixed
up with him anyway?
- How does anybody get
mixed up with anybody?
It doesn't figure.
You're hard outside, Cocoa.
But I think you're
soft on the inside.
Why'd you prostitute
yourself like that anyway?
- Prostitute my ass, it was fun.
Besides, he was good to me.
Besides, how else would
I get a chance to get
the kind of things he
could get me, you know?
Clothes, jewelry, respect too.
- Some respect, he's
just a cheap hustler.
- Cheap?
He was only the first black
man to buy into Nevada.
How many black men you
know buy into the cream?
That's why they want his ass.
- They want?
We want him because
he's a criminal
who defied the state
laws of Nevada.
Black hasn't anything
to do with it.
- That's the biggest bunch of
horseshit I've ever heard.
Boy, got you so
brainwashed it's pitiful.
They wash away everything
except your blackness,
but you sure damn
will try hard enough.
- Cocoa, I don't think
you're that stupid.
You've got a lot to learn.
- Well not your kind of lessons.
Establishment bullshit.
With your yes sir, mass a
Ramsey, lift that barge,
tote that bail, yes sir shit.
Your black loyalty is
a bunch of bullshit.
At least he took care of
me when I was in the joint.
- If you're so loyal,
why are you testifying?
- Because I...
You know I haven't been
this close to a man in...
- I know.
- No you don't know.
You don't know.
It's like when the softest thing
around you is a shower.
And you gotta share that
with a lot of other girls.
And their bodies are bouncing
and rubbing against yours.
After awhile, you kinda like it.
And at night, you lie
awake in a hard cot.
And you know what?
You toss, you roll,
you rub around.
'Till there's hot pain
aching between your legs.
And it never goes away, it just
continues on and on and on.
And you lay on your
back 'cause if you
lay on your stomach,
the rough sheets
just rub against your breast.
Drive you out of your mind.
- Had enough?
- If it's all you're gonna do.
- How long have
you been in jail?
- Too long without, if
that's what you mean.
Hey what's the matter?
Doug, what's wrong?
- What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's right?
Tell me what's right about it.
- Doug, I don't understand.
- You better get dressed.
- All right then,
I'll get dressed!
But I wanna go
downstairs for dinner!
- That's out!
- Out my ass, I wanna
go out for dinner!
- No way!
- I wanna go out for dinner.
That was part of my
bargain, one free day
to do as I please,
you don't think
I bought these fucking clothes
for the members of
the committee do you?!
- It can't be done,
Cocoa, it's too dangerous.
- Dangerous for you,
but a necessity for me.
- Get the menu and
order anything you want,
but you eat it in the room.
That's it.
- You just blew
it, buster brown,
this birdie ain't
gonna sing, so you just
call your boss and
tell him I wanna
go back to the Slammer!
- But Cocoa, be reasonable!
- Fuck you!
I was better off in the Slammer,
at least I was
first cabin there!
'Cause Eddie saw to that!
- Who is it?
What bit you?
Where's Cocoa?
- She's in the shower
again, it's her escape.
- What the hell's
happening here?
- She wants me to take
her downstairs to dinner.
- That's out.
- Yeah, well tell her that.
- I can do that too.
- She copped out on us.
- What?!
- She copped out on us.
She wants to go back to jail if
she can't get what she wants.
- Christ.
- It's a simple
case of blackmail.
- 18 years on the
force and now this.
I got retirement coming
up, but she's not
gonna fuck that up.
Take her to dinner.
- I can't do that, Ramsey!
- What do you mean
you can't do that?
- Well I couldn't
control a situation
like that, what if
they try to hit her?
- Hell, I'll be there.
- Well that's not enough Ramsey,
what if somebody--
- What's with you?!
You fall in for
this broad?
- No!
Look, I just don't wanna
see her get killed.
- All right.
All right.
We got the other choice.
We take her back to jail.
Either way we lost
what we started out with.
It's never an easy
business, Doug.
Dinner awaits.
- Hey, I'll be with you
nice boys in a minute.
Thank you.
- I'm going downstairs.
- I still don't like it, Ram.
- There's no other alternative,
I want to check
the place out and
make sure there are
no creeps around.
What time do you plan
on taking her down?
- Half hour, all right?
- All right, now relax.
My instinctive nose tells me
there's nothing to worry about.
Nobody knows she's here.
See you later.
- Shoot.
- What'll it be?
- Plain soda water, my
indigestion's killing me.
- Got it right here.
Damn that feels good.
Seen any funny
looking people around?
- Nope.
- Who's he?
He's probably an...
- Where, from Sicily?
Pardon me, but I
seem to know you.
I can't place the face.
- Never been there.
I'm from San Francisco.
- I'm sorry, I
thought you were someone else.
- Stick around, I'll
buy you a drink.
- No thanks, I don't drink,
it's bad for my complexion.
- Bitch.
- Can I show you
to a table, sir?
- Hi.
- How you doing?
- Okay.
- You look beautiful, lady.
Oh Doug, what's
happening brother?
Hi, Marie.
How you doing?
- Glad you guys could make it.
This is great, honey,
honey come here.
Same as we're having here.
They're great, you'll love them.
- I'd rather not drink.
- Well I would.
- Don't you think you
should eat something first?
- Uh uh.
- It's been some time you know.
- I know it.
- Would you like
a cocktail, sir?
- Oh.
Oh, the band is popping.
- Hey, have you ever
danced to Greek music, man?
Oh wow, it's something else.
Speaking about something else,
you guys wanna come
up to my room, man?
- Why?
Do you smoke?
- Yeah!
I got some of the best
shit in the world.
And it's from Turkey.
Hey Dougie, do you smoke man?
- No, no, I don't smoke.
- Well whatever's fair.
Hey Cocoa, let's
go dance, come on.
- I'd love to.
Is that all right, Doug?
- No, I don't--
- Come on Cocoa,
let's go dance man.
- Is he always so lively?
- Yes.
- Let's dance.
- Huh?
I don't think so.
- Let's go.
- Hey, I gotta get to the little
girl's room, will you show me?
- Huh?
- I gotta get to
the little girl's
room, will you show me?
- Sure.
- Hey, where are you going?
- Oh, to the ladies room.
That's all right, isn't it?
With Marie, she's
coming with me,
come on, Marie.
Hey Marie, I've just
seen an old boyfriend
and I gotta talk to him
without Doug knowing.
- You haven't!
You cheating on Doug already?
He's too cute.
- No, it's nothing like
that, it's just that
I just gotta let
this dude know that
it's over, you know,
the persistent kind.
- Yeah, don't I know.
- Women, man.
Hey listen man, relax,
she's okay, come on.
Hey you know, you can't
be too possessive.
We're only married to
them, we don't own them.
- She makes me a little nervous
running around like that.
- Are you gonna help me?
- Sure, what do
you want me to do?
- I'm gonna get to a
phone and page him.
I'll go to front desk.
- Hell, why don't you come up to
my room and telephone
him, then you can
have some sweet privacy if you
want him to come up and see you.
- Yeah, that's good.
- Come on.
Hey, this one's the
hot one, come here.
Oh wow!
- Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
- What happened, where'd she go?
- She stepped onto the
elevator with the other girl.
Where are you going?!
- I'm gonna ask Arthur
for their room number.
- No no no, I'll
do that, you go up
to our room in case
they're headed up there.
Go, go!
- Marie!
- Cocoa!
- Marie!
Oh Eddie, what are
you doing here?
I thought...
Jesus, when I saw
Big Joe downstairs,
I should've known
something was going on.
What are you doing here?
- Hey, look, look,
after you've been
locked away for a
year and a half,
you think I'm not
gonna take advantage
of a chance like
this to see you?
- Aw gee.
- Come on, baby.
- You know you
shouldn't be here,
you really shouldn't, if they--
- Hey now look, look
woman, if my girl can
take all those
chances you've been
taking for me, go
through all that shit,
well I can take a
few chances for you
to make sure you're all right.
You are all right aren't you?
- Oh yeah, I'm all right now.
I just wanna get
out of the stinkin'
joint and be back with you.
- Soon, baby, soon.
You know I spent over 100 grand
trying to get the courts to get
off their butts and try and make
a decision on your appeal?
My people say it
should be this month.
- Yeah, well you tell
them to hurry it up then.
- Yeah, well I wish
they'd hurry too.
- I just can't stand that place,
just messes with my mind.
Not being able to see you.
Blaming you, hating
you, loving you.
Not being able to tell
you what I'm thinking.
- Hey now baby, don't.
Baby, please don't do that.
I'm here now.
- Just gives me
the chills, Eddie.
Now I had this brilliant idea to
bullshit my way out
of this, I let them
think that I was gonna
testify against you.
Boy did they eat that up.
I've been dining,
dancing, new dress.
Do you like it?
- Mmm, yes.
- On the state.
You're too
much, you know that?
There ain't nobody
else for me but you.
You know that don't you?
- I just wish I
could've told you.
I'm so glad you found me.
You and those honeymooners.
- Oh, well I was
a little confused.
But you know me
baby, I always like
to check things
out, cover myself.
- Yeah I know.
- I've been watching you.
- You have?
- Mmmhm.
That's pretty good
looking company
they got you traveling with.
- You mean Doug.
You don't have to
worry about him.
He's just a little Boy
Scout doing his duty.
You're the only man that I know.
Well baby, this Boy
Scout, has he been
asking questions about me?
Wanting to know
about my business?
- Cops always talking.
They always wanna
know something.
But I didn't tell him anything.
- You didn't?
- Hell no, why should I?
- Well you know how
tricky they can be.
Maybe back up in the
prison, somebody,
anybody asking
questions about me
or the things that
you've seen me
do since we've been together.
- Hey Eddie, I'm your woman.
Now I've been in that cell block
for over a year protecting you.
Now I haven't and I
won't say anything.
- I know that, I know
that, it's just--
- Just nothing.
Now I need you.
It's been so long.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
I needed you too.
There ain't no time now.
- Please.
- Hey now, look, you
gonna be missed, girl.
And you know I don't like
to rush those things.
They're gonna have everybody and
the scout pack up here looking
for you if you
don't hurry up and
get back to your room.
- But Eddie
- Uh uh uh.
Soon, baby.
- Okay.
- Cocoa.
I'm always close.
Just you and me.
Remember that.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Yeah yeah, page her please.
Ram, yeah, they're
not even registered
in the fucking
hotel, I just called
the desk, they
never heard of them.
What about Arthur?
You lost him?
No, she's not here.
Okay, I'm coming right down.
- Excuse me, can I get
in my room through here?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Hello operator, would you page
Mr. Douglas Fuller please?
- Something's starting
to smell around here.
- Yeah, and I'm
getting the same odor.
Douglas Fuller, telephone call.
Douglas Fuller, telephone call.
- This is Douglas Fuller.
- Hi, Doug?
- Cocoa!
Where are you?
- I'm here in the room.
- Stay there, we'll be right up.
She's up in the room.
- Come on.
Excuse me.
Would you like me to?
-Aw, no that's all right.
Why, why?
I wasn't gonna talk.
I wasn't gonna say anything.
- What?!
- I wasn't.
I wasn't gonna testify.
He should've trusted me.
Damn his black soul.
I just wanted to get out!
He was here, Doug.
Doug, get him he was here!
- Here in the hotel?
- Yes!
- Whoever did this is
probably in Reno by now.
- Not if I can help it.
- Don't be impulsive,
Doug, you'll get reckless.
- Watch her, Ram.
- Get him, Doug, you get him!
- Hey, you see a little redhead
and a guy with long hair?
- Yeah, they went
out to get their car.
It's crazy around here.
And I danced with him.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, hey!
Where you going?
- What happened, Doug,
you catch 'em both?
-Arthur out in a pool and
she, he's in the bathroom.
- Marie?
- Some dude in drag.
- Well come on.
The lid's coming
off here and I wanna
get her down to
the police station
in Carson City where
she'll be safe.
The vacation's over
and I left word at
the desk for you
to follow us there.
- Well let's get the hell
out of here, come on.
Cocoa, I'm sorry.
- Hurting doesn't
have to be forever
and this one won't be.
- Especially if
that car catches us.
- What?
Oh shit.
- Eddie must pay pretty well.
These people never
quit, do they?
- Can you lose them?
- Well it's 30 miles
to Carson City.
Look, I'll drop you off
around the next corner.
Now can you find
some place to hide
until I can bring help?
- Yeah, I've got a friend
that's got a boat at the marina.
Slip 42, The Seagull.
- Got it.
- Hey Ramsey, let
me have your gun.
I got an empty one.
- What if they catch me?
- You got a hell of a lot more
padding than we do.
- Get ready.
- What are you gonna do now?
It's too cold to walk and I
ain't swimming Lake Tahoe.
- We have to walk.
What are you doing?!
Not to worry, you
ain't any Boy Scout around here.
- What?
Oh it pays to have a little training
Okay, I started this mother,
let's see if you can drive her.
I hope this dingy's
got a hot shower.
- I think it does,
but if it doesn't,
I know what we can do.
- It's hot, huh?
- Yeah, feel better?
- I will I hope.
- It's been a pretty busy day.
- Yeah.
'Cause everything
changes so fast.
I thought I understood Eddie.
You know I could've turned
him in a million times.
Why'd he think I'd do it now?
- Maybe he didn't know that.
- Yes he did.
He knew me.
I never really knew him.
You know, all those times in
Harlem I've seen him in action.
Cold, practical.
I've seen him hurt
people for far less
than what he thought
I was gonna do.
I thought he knew
I was different.
I was his woman.
- A businessman like him can't
afford the luxury of sentiment.
- You're a nice man, Doug.
- Just doing my job.
- Is that all I am to you?
Your job?
- Do you want me
to commit myself?
- If you don't...
I Will.
- Don't turn around.
Keep your back to me.
Your other friend is
floating out on the lake.
- What the hell are
you talking about?
I thought you were dead.
How'd they miss you?
- Wrong boat.
We were on the other one.
This one didn't have a shower.
How much, Ram?
What'd you do it for, 40?
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- You're never gonna get
a chance to spend it.
- You've got
nothing on me, Doug.
I'm betting my 18 years,
clean years against you.
- You were the only one
that knew we were here.
Not true.
I called the precinct which
is why they're responding.
Headquarters isn't
gonna believe you.
You've got not proof and they'll
never believe the cunt.
- Why you murdering bastard!
Hold it, Cocoa.
He's right.
That's one thing about
the letter of the law.
You've got to have facts.
That right, Ram?
- You got it right, kid.
- The son of a bitch knows
we don't have any proof.
Shoot him, Doug.
- Turn around, Ram.
What do you think
Eddie will do now?
Would he go according to
the letter of the law?
- What do you mean?
- You know Eddie, baby.
What would he do if
Ramsey crossed him?
- He'd have his
balls for breakfast.
Give me my gun back, Ram.
Here's the one you
killed them with.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna make you a hero.
18 Year Veteran Slays Mobsters.
Wait 'till your employer
reads that little gem.
- Now wait a minute.
- Lieutenant Ramsey just killed
a couple of men in a gun fight.
You'll find one
below and the other
one's out on the lake.
He saved our lives.
Lieutenant Ramsey's
a damn good cop.
Let's go, Cocoa.
It's getting light.
You have a lot of talking to do.
Just about an hour.
- So what else is new?
You know something,
this is the first
time I've felt really
clean in years.
I'm finally gonna be free.
- Freedom's just
another word for love.
If you ask me what is life
I'd sketch it on an easel
Then I'd name my masterpiece
Guy gets girl
The good guys win
Hooray for flag and eagle
Well that's the
way the story goes