Lady in White (1988) Movie Script

TWA Flight number 817,
now arriving Gate 12.
This is the final boarding call
for TWA Flight number 716.
-Where to?
-Willowpoint Falls, please.
You got it.
My wife's gonna have a fit
when I tell her that you were in my cab.
Because she reads everything.
She reads all the time.
She read your last book,
what do you call that, A Fog in the Night?
-lt scared the living daylights out of her.
I told her, "Take it easy. It's just a story."
-I hear they're gonna make a movie.
-Yeah, that's right.
That's great.
Small town boy makes good, right?
So tell me,
what's it like living in Los Angeles?
-It's different.
Would you pull in here for a minute, please?
You knew them?
Long time ago.
You don't really believe all that
spooky stuff you write about, do you?
Willowpoint Falls
was just like any other small town.
At least, that's the way it seemed to me.
Hey, Chuck, where's my paper?
Will you guys wait a minute?
I got this whole counter to take care of.
Why am I getting you coffee?
You should be drinking milk.
-Rosie, how about a fork?
-Use your wife's, okay?
Mary, she calls in sick,
I'm the one who's stuck here.
5:.30 I come in this morning.
These people don't care when I come.
Come on, will you.
-Where's my eggs?
-I'm coming.
What're you doing in here?
The city was 25 miles southwest of town.
And on a clear day, you could see
the skyscrapers reaching for the clouds.
It was Halloween, 1962.
That was the year she came into my life.
And Willowpoint would never be the same.
Frankie, where you going?
To school.
-Why you no eat something?
-I'm not hungry.
-Don't you want to take this with you?
-Thanks, Dad.
Bye, Dad.
You've got the prettiest brown eyes.
Come on, get up.
See you, Grandpa.
-Go easy on him, Ma.
-Where'd you get those cigarettes?
-What cigarettes?
I am on fire.
Hi, Mrs. Chuley.
Hey! Don't get run over.
-Hey, watch it. What're you doing?
-Get out of my way.
Ignore him. Children.
Get out of the way!
No, children, stop.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I'm sorry, Frankie.
What're you trying to do? Kill me?
-And don't swear!
-Don't be such a holy roller.
-Are you hurt?
-What's it look like? Ketchup?
Look, don't tell Dad. He'll kill me.
Good. Then maybe I'll get to
live a normal life!
Don't worry. I won't tell Dad.
-Where are you going?
-I'm gonna buy some toilet paper and soap.
It's Halloween.
I've got a reputation to live up to.
Now, children, settle down,
go back to your seats.
Stop that noise.
You go back to your place.
And now, class, Frankie Scarlatti...
has written a new story,
especially for this occasion.
"The Beast that Destroyed London
by Frankie Scarlatti."
Be quiet.
"Once upon a time, in a city called London...
"a horrible sea monster
terrified the citizens...
"just because he wanted to.
"One day, the prehysterical beast...
"rose from the watery depths,
covered with seaweed...
"and began to swallow the London citizens
by the dozen."
-Did he brush with Crest to prevent cavities?
-Be quiet, Donald.
"The London Bridge crumpled
under the monster's huge lizard feet.
"The citizens were trampled on
by the hundreds.
"And if I told you what that looked like,
you'd probably throw up.
"But just when everyone had given up...
"thrown in the towel
and really become depressed...
"a miracle occurred.
"The ground began to open up...
"and the monster,
who weighed at least a million tons...
"sank into the huge hole.
"Eaten up by the only thing bigger than him:
"the Earth.
"And the depressed citizens of London
applauded and cheered...
"and there was nothing
to be frightened about anymore."
"That is, of course...
"unless the monster had a baby.
"But that's impossible.
"Or is it?"
Thank you, Frankie,
for that very unusual story.
And now, people, you may go
to the cloakroom to get your coats.
Alphabetically. "A" through "E," please.
And have a safe and happy Halloween.
All right. Let's go.
Hey, what're you doing?
That's Frankie's cap.
Now we'll see how brave Frankie really is.
And remember to dress warmly on Monday.
They're installing a new furnace
and we may be without heat for a while.
You wanna go trick-or-treat?
I really liked your story, Frankie.
I wish I was as weird as you.
Thank you for helping me
after school today, Frankie.
That's okay.
So, when do I get
those greeting cards I ordered?
Mr. Lowry said...
since they've got to come
all the way from Nebraska...
it'll probably be after Thanksgiving.
Mr. Lowry's certainly been a postman
long enough to know.
Yeah. I had to sell 24 boxes.
It was hard, but luckily
my dad bought the last 10.
You should be very proud of yourself.
You're a very enterprising young man
for your age, and that's very unusual.
I know.
Thank you, Frankie.
And say hello to your father for me.
Ask him to call me sometime.
I'm in the book. It's under Grace.
Grace La Della. Page 39.
Would you like me
to write that down for you?
That's okay. I'll tell him.
Hey, Frankie!
Okay, here he comes. Just do
what I told you. Let me do the talking.
Hi, guys.
-Hey, Frankie, that was an okay story.
-Real cool, man.
Jeez, it's getting colder
than a witch's tit out here.
Yeah. It's cold enough to snow I'll bet.
Frankie, ain't you got something
to keep your head warm?
Yeah. My dad bought me
this new ski cap, and....
Oh, no.
-What's the matter?
-I must've lost it.
-What do you mean?
-I put it in my pocket, and now it's gone.
It probably fell out in the cloakroom.
How much you wanna bet?
I'm going home.
-Where's he going?
-I don't know.
Wait a minute!
-Where're you going? What about your hat?
-I'll get it tomorrow.
I can't go back in there now.
Miss La Della already left.
So what? The door's still open.
Besides if Williams the janitor gets it...
he might give it
to one of those nigger kids he's got.
-The word is "Negro," Donald.
-Sorry, "Negro, Donald."
Forgot that you're in love with one.
I mean, that's what she looks like to me
with all that Brillo hair.
Whose hair?
Who do you think, lover boy?
Mary Ellen Paio.
I wish I were in love.
I'm going to get my cap.
-Donald, get up, man.
-What is it?
-Come on.
-Where'd he go?
-He went back in the room.
-Come on.
-All right.
Hey, guys! What's going on?
Hey, guys. Let me out of here.
The bells of Saint Andrew's
were soothingly familiar...
even in those unfamiliar surroundings.
And it wasn't long before I drifted to sleep...
comforted by their ancient voices.
And I began to dream.
I dreamt of my mother's funeral.
-Marianna, is dinner almost ready?
-Yeah, Mom, I'm hungry.
Okay, just a minute, guys.
Show me your stuff.
There you are. Come over here, you.
Look at this. It's finished.
Try it on. Here.
Let's see.
You look very handsome.
Don't leave.
How could I ever leave you?
It was All Hallows Eve, and I...
still locked behind the cloakroom door...
suddenly felt a wind
sweep through the darkness...
chilling me to the bone.
Where is it? Where's my present?
Where did you hide it this time?
Of course I know
who gave me this dress. You did.
I know your favorite song, too.
Have you ever seen a dream walking?
Well, I did!
Did you ever hear a dream talking?
Well, I did!
Because you're always singing it,
that's how I know.
Did you ever see a dream
Who are you?
I'm scared now.
No, I don't want to play anymore.
I want my mommy. I want to go home.
No. Don't hurt her.
Please, don't.
Who are you?
What do you know?
I got locked in.
My friends locked me in after school, and--
The heart sound was fading,
becoming faint, more distant.
I was dying.
I could feel my eyes close shut
and yet I continued to see.
I saw my father waiting for me
to return home from school...
worriedly dialing numbers
to try and locate me.
I saw my brother Geno, sadly sifting
through my toys and clothes...
and finding the love letter
I'd written to Mary Ellen.
Why didn 't I give it to her?
And then I heard Donald and Louie
laughing at the clever joke they'd played.
But then their laughter turned to tears
as they stood before a gravestone.
Donald, Louie?
And then I felt the chill again.
And with it, came the little girl.
-Who are you?
Who are you?
Where are you going?
Where am I going?
Don't you know
where you'd like to be going?
To my home. In my own bed.
My mommy's lost and I can't find her.
Will you help me find her?
Daddy's here. It's okay.
Ray, do you read me? Over.
What's going on out there?
-What're you doing here, Willie?
-Nothing, Sheriff.
-You been here all night?
-I took a little nap.
What've you been drinking?
Does Matty know where you're at?
Take him to the station.
We'll talk when you get sober.
-I ain't done nothing--
-Go on. I'll talk to you in a little bit, okay?
All right, come on, let's go home, folks.
It's late.
How you feeling?
Feel better now?
Sure he's all right.
Just like my new wristwatch.
Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
Shut up, you.
Who cares about your wristwatch?
-Stop smoke, before you die, too.
-Who to die? Nobody to die.
Never mind. Go find your son
and say that Frankie is wake up now.
When I die, no smoke's gonna kill me.
It's you who gonna kill me.
Hey, Al.
Your son wants to talk to you.
Hi, Dad.
What am I gonna do with you?
Dad, it wasn't my fault.
Donald and Louie locked me in.
I thought I'd lost my cap--
I know all about it.
When you didn't show up,
I made some calls.
Your buddy Louie finally confessed.
Dad, something incredible happened
while I was in there.
-I know.
-You do?
Frankie, you weren't breathing
when we got there.
Do you have any idea who hurt you?
It was a man.
What did he look like?
It was too dark. I couldn't see his face.
-Something else happened.
-Get a load of this.
The toad's a celebrity, a big star.
Who told them I was 10?
Listen to that voice.
Now he even sounds like a toad.
Geno, how many times have I told you
not to call your brother names.
-I wasn't calling him names.
-You was, too, Geno. You called him a frog.
-I didn't call him a frog. I called him a toad.
-What's the difference?
I give up. Where's the food?
Charlie, go smoke a cigarette.
Stop making trouble. Go ahead.
First she tells me I'm gonna die from smoke,
and now she's gonna sing at my funeral.
Right. I'm not only going
to sing at your funeral...
I'm going to throw on top the dirt
so I get rid of you in my face.
-Bye, Grandpa.
-Shut up.
It's all there. Whole story.
Eleven kids molested and killed
in the past 10 years.
They're all from the city
except for the first one and Richie Cilak.
You remember Richie, don't you, toad?
We were in the sixth grade together.
He was the class brain.
Got "A's" with his eyes closed.
Probably would've been a doctor
or lawyer. Something brainy like that.
Just think, toad, you could've made it
an even dozen and really been famous.
That's enough.
That's it. No more crazy stories.
I was just kidding around,
trying to lighten things up.
-It's not funny, Geno.
-Don't you have chores to do?
Sorry, Frankie. I didn't mean it.
I'll get it.
Hello? Yes, just a minute. Angelo.
-Al, this is Ray. I'm down at the courthouse.
Yeah. They hit him with 11 counts
of murder, one assault. That's right.
Naomi, smile for your daddy.
The preliminary's this afternoon.
On top of that...
the D.A says they're gonna hold him over
for the grand jury. No bail.
They're bringing him out now. Yeah.
Hold on a minute.
Ray, what's going on?
"10-year-old Melissa Anne Montgomery...
"was the first victim believed
to have been murdered in Cliffside Park.
"Her body thrown to the waters below...
"from the notorious Widow's Peak.
"The Peak,
a popular spot with young people...
"is also the haunting ground...
"of the legendary Lady in White.
"Reported by city and local youths
to be a mysterious, long-robed woman...
"who roams the cliffs at night."
-We've got a surprise for him.
-ls he awake?
-I'll see, come on in. Let's go and see.
Let's go.
Look who's here.
Hey, Broken Arrow.
Hi, Phil. Hi, Tony.
How you doing, Frankie?
Phil, why you call Frankie
a "Broken Arrow"?
Because, Mama...
whenever we go for target practice
with that warped bow of his...
the arrow curves away from the bull's eye,
hits the side of the hill, and breaks in two.
So, from now on, no more Broken Arrow.
That's from me and Tony.
Thanks, Phil. Thank you, Tony.
You're welcome, Frankie.
At least he looks good.
What're you doing with all those papers?
It's a gold mine.
If Frankie autographs them...
I'll get 50 cents apiece.
He's a regular Howard Hughes.
They charged Harold Williams with murder
this morning.
-He's being held without bail.
-You're kidding me.
The janitor.
Ray Saunders just called. He said he was
hiding in the boiler room at the school.
-Been there all night.
-That black son of a bitch.
Unbelievable. I was just there this morning
to prep the furnace for Monday.
Willie claimed he'd gotten drunk
and had fallen asleep, that's all.
All these years of sending my kids
to that school...
watching them like a hawk,
knowing that maniac was still out there.
I thought they'd nail some guy from the city.
Willie says he didn't do it.
Of course that's what he says.
What else is he gonna say?
Why would he do it?
He's got children of his own.
Why do any of these bastards
who go after kids do it? They're sick!
I'm gonna go close up.
How's Frankie?
The kid's amazing.
He loved the bow.
I almost lost him, Philly.
He's gonna be all right. He's tough.
He's a fighter.
-He takes after you.
-You're like a brother to me, you know that?
What's "like a brother"?
We grew up together.
We slept in the same room.
We fought like cats and dogs.
Does that remind you of a couple
of other kids we just happen to know?
When we were kids...
nothing frightened me more
than the thought of losing my parents.
Then I watched it happen to you.
Both of them within a year.
If it hadn't been for your mother and father,
I don't know what I would've done.
It took a lot of strength
to deal with a loss like that.
It was tough. A lot of mixed emotions.
Eventually you grow up. You grow out of it.
I used to think fear was something
you grow out of like...
being afraid of the dark.
But now, with Marianna gone...
I'm more fearful than ever.
You know, Philly,
the thing that scares me the most...
is the thought of losing one of my kids.
In Mississippi, James Meredith...
the first Negro to enroll
at the all-white University of Mississippi...
will begin classes on Monday.
Meredith 's presence on campus
earlier this month...
resulted in full-scale riots...
and the deployment of 3, 500 Federal troops.
Dear God...
please bless Mama and Papa,
Geno and Dad...
and all the departed souls.
Please bless Melissa. Amen.
Did you ever see a dream walking?
Well, I did!
Did you ever hear a dream talking?
Well, I did!
"The eyes of the Lord
are toward the righteous...
"and his ears toward their cry."
Praise be to the Lord.
This morning, we have reason
to give special thanks.
Frankie Scarlatti is well and is still with us.
Our merciful Savior has blessed us
with his presence.
But what of the other children
who are no longer with us?
What has become of them?
They have found the eternal peace
which we all yearn for.
They are forever in one
with the Almighty Father...
in Heaven.
For the eyes of the Lord
are toward the righteous...
and his ears toward their cry.
I don't believe that.
Agnes, please.
It's Mrs. Cilak.
Why did our Richie have to die?
Why wasn't he spared?
Your boy's no better than mine.
That murderer of hers that killed him.
Now he's gonna die, too.
I spit on you.
I spit on your murdering husband.
I apologize for what happened
back there, Matty.
Weeks went by and the days grew shorter.
That year, time had a way
of dragging on forever in Willowpoint Falls.
Merry Christmas.
At show and tell, wise guy Donald
introduced Miss La Della to the limbo.
Now, do you know where the Caribbean is?
San Juan?
I told you, you have to keep the pole up.
No, that won't do.
Up. No, you don t understand. Up. There.
Christmas was coming
and all the preparations had begun.
Mama baked Christmas cookies
for the decorating ceremonies.
Hey, Mama, what's that?
Phil brought the tree,
just as he had every year.
-Will it fit?
-Y eah.
That's it.
Dad and Geno hung lights.
Tony was there, too.
Here, have a snowball, son.
And Papa?
Papa lent a hand wherever needed.
Ma, leave him alone.
You rotten kid.
As for me, I'd grown up just a little bit more
than I was supposed to, I think.
Responsibility had become
my constant companion.
And I was no longer
afraid of things that I could not see.
Help me find her.
Everybody's got to have a place to be alone.
I had my thinking tree.
It helped me think about things
and figure stuff out.
-Hi, Mr. Lowry.
-Hi. What are you doing up there?
-Just thinking.
You know, I dropped off that package
you've been waiting for.
You did?
All the way from Lincoln, Nebraska. Right.
Wipe your feet.
It's in your bedroom.
Look, Al, all I'm saying is...
unless Frankie can verify
that it wasn't Williams that attacked him--
Come on, Ray.
Frankie told you it was too dark to tell.
They're gonna put Harold Williams away.
I guarantee it.
-Where's their proof?
-He was in the building.
What the hell was he doing there at night?
He got drunk and passed out.
His goddamn prints
were all over that cloakroom.
And all over the rest of the school.
He works there for Christ's sake.
-He's the janitor.
-I'm telling you, that doesn't matter.
This case has been making monkeys
out of all of us for the past 10 years.
Harold Williams is a perfect scapegoat.
He's black.
There's something else, Al.
That little Montgomery girl.
Ten years ago,
we found blood in that cloakroom.
It matched her type.
I know that she was killed there.
What's going on?
Calm down, partner.
There was a little girl. I saw her.
She was killed in the cloakroom.
Sheriff Saunders knows it.
Then I heard something
fall into the furnace grate.
So I went back
and found some stuff down there.
-What kind of stuff?
-lt was kid's stuff.
Stuff that had fallen down in there.
It was all kid's stuff.
-Except for the ring.
It was his ring.
Maybe that's what he came back to get.
What are you mumbling about?
They were putting in the new furnace.
He knew they might find it.
Dad, I got to talk to you.
Mama's on the warpath again.
It's time to eat.
Tell her we'll be right there.
Frankie, go downstairs
and help your grandma set the table.
-But, Dad.
-Go ahead.
Frankie, pass the ricotta.
Thank you.
Somebody's been into my trunk again.
It wasn't me.
There's nothing in there that would
be of any interest to either one of you.
So stay out.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Where's Pa?
He's drowning himself
because I hide his cigarettes.
I hope you take off your new wristwatch
before you drown yourself.
-Son of a bitch.
-That's it!
-Come out and eat!
-Shut up.
You jerk.
Did you find your cigarettes?
I put them in the drain.
Mad Miss Amanda Harper
was the town recluse.
She used to give the kids piano lessons,
but that was way before my time.
Before she went crazy
and tried to burn her house down...
while she laid in bed,
laughing at the inferno all around her.
They put her away after that.
But she eventually came home.
I, personally, had never seen her...
but I often heard her playing the piano
when I passed her house.
Come here.
-Hi, guys.
-What's up, man?
We're going to the cottage.
You wanna come?
No. I promised my dad
I'd be home before dark.
Besides, I have to finish
delivering these greeting cards.
What's the matter?
Afraid the Lady in White will get you?
-Then what are you waiting for?
Hop on.
That's it.
That's where she lived
before she committed suicide.
What do you mean "committed suicide"?
I'd kill myself, too,
if I had to live in a spooky joint like that.
Donald. Where the hell are you?
Guys, look at this.
Look at what I found.
-What is it?
-It's the beast...
that destroyed London.
You asshole.
I got him at Newberry's. Say hello, Sam.
Come back here. Come back, Sam.
Shit. Where'd he go?
There he is.
Grab him! Get him, quick!
Help me find her.
-Okay, now start coming down real slow.
-I'm not touching that thing.
Would you just do what l--
What are you waiting for, Donald?
He's gonna get away.
Holy shit!
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
I want to bite your neck.
What are you doing here?
Dad told me to come find you.
Now call a doctor, quick.
-What for?
-To save my unborn child.
Guess you won't be doing it
under the covers for a while.
Shit, I thought you were asleep.
Come on, get up. Be serious.
-I saw her.
-The Lady in White.
Melissa's mother is the Lady in White.
-Who's Melissa?
-Melissa Montgomery.
Ten years ago, she was killed
in the cloakroom. I saw it happen.
You gonna tell Dad I do it under the covers?
If you do I'll tell him you went into his trunk.
I have proof.
Listen to me!
Mom used to say
sometimes when someone dies violent...
they can't rest in peace.
I heard something fall into the furnace grate.
That's what the person who tried to kill me
came looking for.
-Looking for what?
-I thought it was the barrette.
But it was this.
My God.
I must have lost it.
-Lost what?
-The ring.
That's what the killer came looking for.
It was in the grate.
What kind of ring?
It was a graduating ring,
like the one Chicky got last summer...
but very old.
Come on, Toad. We better get back
before Dad lynches us both.
But, Geno, I've got to find it.
-It's the only thing that'll--
-Come on, I'm tired. Let's go.
You know what? I heard the weatherman say
it's going to snow in Toben County.
-We might get lucky.
-Yeah. Lucky.
It's okay, Papa, it's Geno.
I thought Grandma caught me smoking.
-I won't tell if you won't. Deal?
-That's okay. That's good.
Don't scare her.
I'm trying my best.
What does she want?
She wants her mother.
You got her number? Let's call her.
I already told you.
Her mother is the Lady in White.
She's with him.
Where are you going?
It's 10:00. I've gotta follow her.
That's when she was killed.
I heard the bells ringing
when I was in the cloakroom.
That's where he's taking her.
I'm not staying here alone.
That's it. That's the cloakroom window.
-Let's go home.
Don't you see? He's taking her to the cliffs.
Toad, wait!
She's alive!
Melissa, where are you?
Come here, child.
Frankie, you okay?
-How you feel?
What time is it?
-33 o'clock.
That's what I said. What's the matter?
You no understand English?
-Why didn't you wake me up for school?
-Why? I'll tell you why.
You're so sick you don't remember.
You shook all over this morning.
I did?
I think maybe you got pneumonia.
God forbid.
Because all night the window was open.
-Where's Frankie?
-At school. Where do you think?
-Phil, you want more caff?
-Basta, Mama. I've had enough.
I promised your brother I'd pick him up,
take him for target practice.
-I want to come.
Are you crazy? You don't go no place.
Where's Dad?
What do you care where is your father?
You're sick.
So don't make me lose my temperature.
-It's temper, Mama. I've got a temperature.
-Me, too. So don't make me mad.
Too much talk. No work.
Come on, Geno. We try the other end.
-No, Mama.
-Come on.
Thanks, Johnny.
-What's up?
They're letting him go.
Grand jury refused to indict.
-lnsufficient evidence.
-Had to be. The D.A.'s mad as hell.
All right. Just take it easy.
Where's my Matty? Where is she?
-How do you feel, Mr. Williams?
-I feel just fine.
What are you gonna do now?
These men are gonna take me back to jail.
I'm gonna get my things,
and go home to my family.
-Thank you, Mr. Williams.
This is Jim Elliott, WGAC, reporting
live at the Gabriel County Courthouse.
Harold Williams, the accused suspect
involved in the Cliffside child murders...
has just been released by the grand jury
on grounds of insufficient evidence.
Stay in jail where you belong!
Where are you going, Agnes?
I want to apologize.
-I'll be home waiting for you.
-I'll be coming home.
Mr. Williams.
Hello, Ms. Cilak.
I just wanted to say...
I'm sorry...
for all the trouble you've been through.
Thank you.
That means a lot coming from you.
You're kind.
Very kind.
That's for my Richie.
Oh, my God!
-He's been shot!
-God, you're hurt. Ray!
-How bad?
Can you walk? Nice and easy.
Let's take you to the doctor.
She's in shock. Easy. Give us some room,
will you please?
It appears Harold Williams
has been shot and killed.
"Angelo Rudolfo Scarlatti."
"M.P T."
"Philip Terragrossa."
I'll never be that good.
It just takes a little practice, that's all.
You have to train your mind not to think
about else anything except your target.
It's getting late.
Mama's probably already made dinner.
I thought you and I were gonna talk.
I'm tired.
Okay. We'll talk on the way home.
But what do you say we have one more shot
at that bull's-eye before we go?
-All right.
Okay. Get ready.
I want you to keep your eye
on the bull's-eye and your left arm straight.
That's it.
Keep your eye on the target.
Pull back.
Hold your breath.
Yeah. Not bad.
-Not bad at all.
-I don't believe it.
We're gonna make a marksman
out of you yet, Broken Arrow.
Well, let's pack up.
You take these. I'll get the target.
Did you ever see a dream walking?
Well, I did!
Okay, partner. Hand me those keys.
I'll take you home and get you some chow.
Frankie, what's the matter?
Come on. Open the door.
Open the door!
Open the goddamn door!
Now, please. I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you. See?
Now, you got to listen to me, Broken Arrow.
That night in the cloakroom...
I didn't know it was you.
I mean, I couldn't see you behind the mask.
I mean, if I'd known it was you...
I never would have....
Frankie, don't.
Just tell me where it is, Frankie,
and I won't hurt you.
I don't want to hurt you.
I love you. You're a beautiful boy.
Please, give me the ring,
and I won't say anything about it.
Nobody has to hear anything about it.
Your dad doesn't even have to know.
Oh, God. I could never face him if he knew.
Where is it? Give me the ring!
Do you like my playing?
I could teach you. I've taught many children.
I taught her how.
And her mother.
How beautiful she was.
And how she loved her little girl.
She lived and died for her.
I wanted to die, too.
But they wouldn't let me.
What is the good of living
when all that you love is gone?
Even in death, she couldn't rest.
I know.
I see her roaming the cliffs at night...
searching for her little girl.
Calling out her name.
All these years...
how well I've kept her for you, Anne.
Her room.
All her little things.
I've kept them, all for you...
my beloved sister.
Now, now, child.
I've killed him.
Thank you.
I love you, Dad.
It's okay.
Take it.
Take it!
Philly, no!