Lady of the Damned Forest (2017) Movie Script

Lady of the Damned Forest.
I couldn't wait to get out of the car.
I fancy going for a walk.
We've still got a long way to go.
Let's get our things.
How was the journey, Lidia?
Fine. A little bit long.
But it was worth it, right?
It's beautiful here.
Well, yes. Very nice.
How about you?
Cristian, where's my bag?
I told you last time we stopped,
it's in the trunk.
Allan, my love.
Tell me.
When are we going to tell it others?
This very night, Ok?
I'm so excited
I want everyone to find out!
Me too.
I want to make you happy, Always!
And this trip will be unforgettable.
You're going to love it!
It will be wonderful, Surely yes!
Well, let's go. They're waiting for us!
Let them wait a little longer!
Did I interrupt?
Come on guys! Adventure awaits us!
There is no signal here.
Forget about the phone!
Fooling around as always...
Watch out!
Be careful with the bushes!
Come, carefully!
Give me your hand, darling! Come...
Come on!
We've chosen a very difficult path
to access, Cristian.
What about that knife?
My grandfather gave it to me
just before he died.
It's really cool - Yes it is.
A great adventurer, my grandfather!
Come on! There's still a long way!
Clara, Wait.
This is for you.
Let's go!
Please wait!
I'm very tired.
I don't understand why we've had
to get away from cars so much.
We must cross the forest, Lidia!
It's the only way to get there.
I hope that's worth it!
Hey, where is Marta?
- She stayed behind... Right?
- I don't know.
Yeah, I think she's right there, look!
Well, I'm going to look!
Ok. Here we wait, honey!
Do you think we'll arrive before dark?
I really don't know.
We're moving too slowly man...
Hey, something wrong?
No, nothing... Let's go!
Don't stay behind, next time...
Don't ever scare me like that, okay?
I need to stop now!
Fuck, All day the same, Lidia...
I'm very cold, and my feet hurt!
Well, maybe is not such a bad place...
I will let them know...
Let's camp here, guys!
Very well, because it seems to be
getting dark very quickly
Alex, honey!
I can't wait to be alone with you.
Why do you think I chose this place?
Come on, dude! We'll never end up...
Come on!
Yes, we can handle this...
Look man, this is done this way.
Take this. Is the last string...
You need another one here.
Strike hard, my friend! Look at that!
That's perfect, buddy!
What are you doing, Lidia?
Are you alone?
Well I'm ordering all this...
Can you come with me?
I want to show you something.
Ok... What's about?
Where we go?
Come! Follow me...
We've almost arrived.
Be careful where you step on!
This is beautiful!
Just like you.
You're making a mistake...
Marta doesn't deserve something like this.
Come on, Lidia.
Don't do this to me!
For real?
Do you remember that?
I'm sure you have also done it before...
Whatever, dude...
Eat something!
When you go to bed or when you wake up?
Speaking of this, a hard day...
aren't you guys?
It was a good idea to stop and rest here.
Tomorrow we'll continue our journey.
Yes, tomorrow we'll get there, Don't worry!
I'm sure you'll really love that place.
I don't know why, guys, but
this forest scares me a lot.
My grandmother told me
a story about this forest...
Forget about that, Marta!
Nobody believes that.
Why not? They should know it.
Look Cris, she told me that story too...
Many people said that really happened
I don't know what to say,
but it's quite scary...
I think I've wet my underpants...
You're such an idiot...
Where are you going now?
I'm going to water fireflies...
Anyone coming?
No thanks...
Oh my god, how rough he is...
You know...
Here, sweetheart.
- Are you cold?
- Yes.
Take the blanket.
Come Marta tell us that story...
Right, tell us, please!
What the f?
All right, There it goes...
It's a story I know from my grandmother.
It's the legend of "Lady
of the Damned Forest".
A sad and impossible love story.
She told me that in these lands
there was a small village.
Here, in the midst of this forest,
were living several families
of humble peasants..
Jazmn was an innocent young woman...
infatuated with one of
the boys in the village.
Even though she never had the courage
to talk to him about her feelings,
Jazmn was a very brave girl.
Her love for that boy
was her great motivation.
So much that, every few days,
She went up to the ancient temple,
in the top of the mountain
to invoke the spirits of her ancestors,
those she asked them
to achieve her purpose
to conquer the heart of the one
who had stolen hers one.
Nothing of that dark
forest could scare her,
because the strength of her prayers
always accompanied her,
and the nature around her was her ally,
and nature itself protected
her of any danger.
But in the middle of that
quiet, serene place
something terrible was going to happen
and peace would cease to reign forever.
The innocent Jazmn
was deceived by that boy,
whom she had allowed to own her heart,
but the truth is,
he was just playing with her.
He convinced her to go with him
into the woods,
and there, they were waiting for her,
boys of her own age from the village
who just wanted to have fun...
Damn witch!
Jazmn lay dead in the
middle of that forest
and the guys had no clue how to react
so they decided to leave her there
in the hope that some wild animal would
make the marks of crime disappear soon.
Many years after what happened,
there are people who claim to have seen her
and say that she's still alive
wandering through these woods.
No one ever heard about those boys again.
Some legends say that it was the forest
that came to her aid and punished the boys,
or maybe, shortly after dying,
she came back to life
and punished them,
turning all her hatred onto them
and damned them to become wild beasts.
From that moment the village disappeared.
They all fled, since fear seized the people
and everyone left this place.
The ancestors of that time were sure
that the forest was cursed,
in this wood dwell the witch and the
fearsome beasts that accompany her,
They help her in carrying out her revenge.
Her revenge? Against whom?
Against men...
no man could tread on these lands...
She was the one who
dictated the laws here
and the obedient Boskols
hunted the men, at her orders...
How scary, huh!
Tell me, Marta.
Do you think that anything about
this story could be true?
I really don't know.
My grandmother told me the story
when I was young. It scared me a lot.
Well that makes two of us.
Why did you have to tell her?
You know what she's like.
What's the matter, Lidia?
I'm worried because
Alex hasn't returned yet.
- Yeah... So strange...
- I don't understand why he takes so long.
Cristian, Let's go find him!
Ok let's go. If there's no choice...
Where are you man?
I go back to the tent,
to see if he has returned...
You didn't find him, did you?
He hasn't come back here... Right?
Look! There he is...
I'm going to kill them...
They could have let us know,
don't you think?
- Let's go to our tent... Come!
- Let's go.
Can you tell me what happens to you, honey?
Slow down, honey.
What's going on with you?
Wait... Stop...
Stop, please, you are hurting me!
Wait. Stop. You're hurting me!
Stop now!
Did you heard that?
Cristian, What was that?
Must be them...
I swear God, I heard a scream.
No way...
Cristian, please.
Does that sound came from
the tent of Lidia and Alex?
Yes, I think so.
Take this.
I'm scared.
Don't worry.
All that happened last night
was very strange...
Yes, it is.
The girls are very scared.
How cold this morning is...
I knew it!
We shouldn't have come here...
I knew it... and I warned him!
Calm down. Don't worry...
Do you want me to calm down?
So tell me, what's happened then?
Well, I'm sure the boys will find him...
I hope this is another
bad joke of Alex...
Let's go!
Are you sure?
Come on!
This is his tent...
The trail ends right here.
What can we do now?
Do you realize how strange this is?
What do you mean?
Too much silence...
I haven't heard a single bird
since we arrived here...
You're right.
There's not a fucking insect around here...
Yeah, this is very weird.
What's the matter, Cristian?
Doesn't matter.
It matters to me, my friend.
Because we're friends, right?
You can tell me anything that worries you.
You have a great girlfriend and
you look so happy together.
But me...
Yeah, that's true, Clara and I
share so much love.
I feel so blessed to
have her in my life, and...
Oh God! I can't imagine
what I would do without her...
I would be lost...
But Marta is also a very special girl,
She loves you so much,
She is really great.
Don't screw it up, man!
What the hell is wrong with you?
Come on, dude...
I don't think we'll find him...
We must keep looking...
Come on, let's go!
Where they are?
I will take that direction...
Agree! Be careful, man!
Where are you girls?
"Creatures that lives here,
The locals call them Boskols".
Let's move on.
Come on, honey.
Don't stop. Come!
What was that?
I don't know.
I was very scared
I was alone there...
It's ok. I'm here
I don't know where the girls are,
I went to the tent, and when I came back
they were no longer there.
Come honey,
we have to get away from here!
Come on!
Come on, keep running!
Calm down, don't be afraid!
Hold on baby!
Clara, listen to me baby!
Don't look at them!
You better don't look at them.
Nothing will happen to us. Ok?
Have you seen that?
They're leaving...
Holy shit!
It was true after all...
Let us go!
How dare you enter in my forest?
Clara, listen to me!
Stay close to me!
Clara, give me your hand!
Let her go!
Take me instead, please!
Tell me, boy...
Do you really love her?
More than my own life!
Prove that to me then!
Come for her!
At the top of the mountain,
before the sun falls,
If you don't,
you'll lose her forever!
Where are you, Clara?
My love.
I thought I was losing you...
Are you ok?
Wait, let me take this off...
Calm down!
What's happening?
It's almost done...
Behind you!
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
I wish you, my love,
Happy birthday to you!
Good morning, my sleeping beauty!
Good morning!
Make a wish, before the sun comes out...
Wait, I have one more thing for you.
Now you have my heart in your hand...
Don't lose it!
I would cross hell for you, if need be...
Knowing that my heart is yours,
and you take care of it.
I will protect it with my life!
So, would you marry me?
Of course, my love.
It would be an honor to be your wife.
Come on, you bastards!
Get out of where you are!
Come on!
Come for me!
Come on!
Here I am!
Did you heard that?
It seems we are not alone...
How are you?
Tell me something Lidia,
Are you ok?
It's ok...
Calm down!
We have to go, Lidia!
We have to get out of here, now!
Come on!
Untie me, please!
Give me a moment.
Are you okay?
I'm very cold.
Sure, you are soaked...
Here, put this on.
Thank you so much.
Are you alone or did you came
here with someone else?
Don't leave me alone!
I'm sorry, it's too dangerous...
I can't take you with me.
Are you going to leave me here?
There must be some path near from here,
If you return on the same path you came,
surely someone will find you soon...
You will be safer than coming with me,
Believe me!
Look... the place where I am going...
Look at me!
What does she has that I don't? Tell me!
Stay with me!
Go away!
Get away from me!
Kiss me!
I want to know what it feels like...
I want to know how she feels
when she kiss you...
Get out of my head!
A kiss has no flavor,
if there are no feelings...
You will never understand that,
So sad...
A whole eternity looking for
something you'll never find...
That is your damnation!
You again?
Did you miss me?
Come on, Show your true face!
Tell me boy,
How did you get this dagger?
It's all yours...
Release Clara!
I've come as far as you wanted, right?
Well, no...
She is not here.
I think you made a mistake...
My boys are taking good care
of her on the other hill...
Stupid human.
Damn you, with your dirty tricks...
Poor girl...
You have failed her.
What do you think will happen now?
Listen to me, you damn witch!
If anything happens to her,
I swear to God
I will chase you into hell to make you pay!
How much hate is in your words...
It will consume your heart, boy!
This is how it starts...
You're wrong.
In my heart there is only love,
and I'm willing to
sacrifice my life for her.
Choose then!
The dagger,
or the girl.
Your time is running out, human!
I'll cross your heart with that dagger...
and I'll send you back to that hell
you should never have left.
Here it is.
Catch it!
Clara, sweetheart
Clara, are you okay honey?
Tell me darling, are you hurt?
Don't worry, we'll get out of here...
We have to go.
Come on!
We have to get out of here!
Hold my arm.
We have to jump, now!
Run Clara!
Go now! Go!
Run away!
Follow that passage to the end!
Come on!
Come on. Where are you hiding?
Come on!
Where are you?
Damn you ugly bastards!
Come for me.
I can't believe what I'm seeing.
You have my dagger...
Drop it. Come on!
And now,
get outta my way once and for all!
Stupid ignorant human!
You have no idea the power
that dagger has...
It should never have
fallen into your hands.
I must admit that you had
a lot of courage facing me...
Nobody has gotten so far until now...
You'll be at my service, boy...
and who knows,
You may become one of my best
Boskols warriors...
Die! God damn you!
Stupid girl...
This shouldn't have happened.
I'm so happy by your side.
I love you.
And I don't ever want to lose you.
Of course not.
Our love is above everything.
I could not live without you.
"There is no fear or dread,
when for love you fight,"
"and if taken from you,
your heart, be petrified."
It's over.
You will never kill again!
I was wrong about you, boy...
You really loved her.
Of course yes.
But you should know that
you are also wrong about one thing...
Even if you kill me,
You will never be able to break the curse.
Come on Lidia, keep it up!
We are already on the way.
La Ktana Films presents.
A Film by George Karja.
Lady of the Damned Forest