Lady on a Train (1945) Movie Script

I killed him.
I had to kill him.
I thought I'd be safe.
"Over and over the words
droned through her mind.
"And yet, with a cold and
horrible certainty, she knew
that death was outside,
"and moving relentlessly
toward her out of the night.
"Somehow, she forced her eyes
to turn toward the window.
"What horror
she expected to see.
"What horror she expect...
Just a moment,
please, sir.
Take your bags, ma'am?
Take your bags, ma'am?
We're almost at
Grand Central.
Grand Central?
What's wrong, lady?
I just saw a murder.
Murder, ou-out there.
Say, porter,
how about my bags?
[Whispering] Bags?
Yes, we're pulling
into Grand Central!
Grand Central?
What's the matter
with you?
We just saw a murder!
In a building we passed.
An old man was killed.
With a razor.
No, with a crowbar.
I've got to find the conductor.
Thank you, sir.
Conductor, if we entered this
tunnel at 9:13, I mean 12:13...
My watch is still on
San Francisco time...
And the rails go "click-click"
every 21/2 seconds...
See? Click-click.
We're crossing one now.
And each rail is 21 feet long...
anyway, at 9:11
in San Francisco,
if it's 12:13 here,
it's, uh, 12:14 now.
Where were we?
Well, I was on my way
to the baggage car.
Oh, but you don't seem
to understand.
Grand Central.
[P.A. Announcer]
Leaving on track five...
[Continues, Indistinct]
...Lime Falls, Scoville...
Good heavens, no.
Merry Christmas, madame.
She must be on this train.
After all, it is the train
from Chicago.
It ought to be
the easiest thing in the world
to meet a person.
Oh! That'll only
confuse her.
Sorry. I am Haskell
of the New York office.
She's never met me.
I've never met her.
She's coming all the way
from San Francisco...
to spend Christmas
with her Aunt Martha.
This is just a favor
I'm doing for H.G.
A fine chap, H...
Excuse me.
That's quite all right.
He wired me...
Miss Collins!
Miss Collins, I'm Haskell
of the New York office.
See? White carnation.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Your father ordered me
to keep an eye on you.
It'll be a pleasure. Both eyes.
Fine person, H.G.
In good health, I trust?
Yes, thanks.
I've arranged
a lovely apartment for you
at the Park Towers Hotel.
I do hope it'll be
L-I say...
I hope it'll be
I'm sure it
will be, Mr., uh...
Haskell. Just think
of the New York office.
Now, Miss Collins,
you must telephone
your Aunt Martha right away.
We want a taxi
[Driver] Right here.
Take me to the nearest...
Park Towers Hotel,
Oh! Um, the radio.
The radio.
What? Oh.
Go ahead, driver.
The radio. Taxi! Taxi!
Young man, what are
you doing with my radio?
Park Towers Hotel?
Yes. Oh, no.
Take me to the nearest
police station, please.
Okay, lady,
but they got better rooms
at the Park Towers.
[Ornament Clinks On Table]
I'd like to report
a murder, please.
Look, could you come back
tomorrow, miss?
It's my day off.
You don't seem to understand.
I just saw a man killed.
Tomorrow, please.
Listen, I've just seen a murder
committed, and if you don't
report it, I'll report you.
Just a minute, miss.
Get me Inspector Quillan,
If you knew the cranks
we have to put up with...
Hello, Inspector.
This is Brennan.
I got a dame here says
she's just seen a murder.
Oh, I'll ask her.
Who was murdered?
I don't know his name.
She don't know his name.
I'll find out. Where did
the murder take place?
Right outside my window.
Right outside her window.
Oh, well, just...
Hold on, Inspector.
Where do you live?
San Francisco.
San Fra...
Well, never mind, Inspector,
I'll call you back.
Miss... New York
on Saturday night
is full of murders.
Why do you have to bother me
about one that happened
in San Francisco?
This murder happened right here.
I saw it through a train window.
There were two men in the room.
One had a crowbar.
The other was an old man
wearing an overcoat
and bedroom slippers.
The first man held the crowbar
over the old man's head
like this.
I'm sure I can identify
the body...
Just a minute.
The Case of the Headless Bride.
Bet that's exciting, huh?
Full of murders.
Yes, yes.
Ten people.
My, my.
Did anybody in this book
go to jail for malfeasance?
For what?
Malfeasance. That's makin' up
a murder and takin' it to
the police. Now get outta here.
But, Officer...
And the next time you dream up
a mystery, let him solve it.
I'm too busy.
I'll find someone
to listen to me.
And that'll never stay on!
But, H.G., I assure you...
Put those things on that chair.
But, H.G., l...
But, H. G...
Most decidedly, H.G.
I did meet her at the train.
I did.
I don't know.
I turned my back
and she'd gone.
Vanished into thin air.
Here she is now, H.G.
Right here.
It's your father. He's furious.
[Stifles Laugh]
What happened?
Oh-Oh, your radio.
I've had a terrible time.
That isn't my radio.
Where the devil
have you been?
What's happened?
Why, Daddy darling,
I do believe you're angry.
You've been quarrelling
with someone. Did Mr. Haskins
say something to annoy you?
Oh, but he didn't lose me.
I ran away from him.
But, Daddy, I had to.
He was stealing a radio.
Now, Daddy darling,
don't you worry about me.
I promise I'll go to
bed early, I won't talk
to any strange men...
and I'll call Aunt Martha
the first thing
in the morning, yes.
[Smacks Kiss]
I love you, Daddy. Bye.
Do you have the audacity to say
that I, Haskell of the New York
office, stole a radio?
Well, didn't you?
Really! When you said,
"Oh, the radio," and I turned,
you knew
perfectly well...
Oh, you poor man.
That eye. Tsk-tsk-tsk.
Oh, it must hurt terribly.
It is sheer agony.
We must do something to get
that swelling down.
I know!
Something cold.
Ah! Hold this against
your eye for a few minutes
and it'll feel much better.
Against it?
Oh, it is cold!
That's right.
Yes, it is.
Very comfortable.
That's fine.
Operator, I'd like to get
the telephone number
of a Mr. Morgan.
A Mr. Wayne Morgan.
That mystery-writing person?
Is he a friend of yours?
Huh-uh. I need his help.
It's about a murderer.
I have to get in touch
with him.
Murderer, indeed.
Pardon me.
Your father told the
whole office how you uncovered
a spy in San Francisco.
He had no right hanging around
the Golden Gate Bridge!
So you had him arrested.
Certainly! He had
buck teeth just like a Jap.
That man was
a member of the FBI.
cancel that call.
Now, you are not
going to telephone
the mystery writer.
Once again,
Roger's nimble brain
had come to the rescue.
Little did
Count Cuchini realize
that the deadly weapon...
Roger pressed into
his back... was only...
A pipe.
A pipe.
How did you know?
Mr. Morgan,
in all your books you...
Never mind!
Roger smiled.
He was quite handsome,
this fearless young man.
He had, uh,
piercing blue eyes,
strong white teeth,
and a bulldog chin...
that typified strength
and determination.
Roger's chin,
though some people
might call it weak,
typified far more strength
and determination...
than the proverbial
bulldog variety.
Mr. Morgan, there's
a young lady outside,
the same one
that's been trying
to see you for three days.
Oh, later, Maxwell.
As Roger stepped back,
the sitting room door
behind him slowly opened.
A shot rang out!
Then the shattering
of glass.
Roger clutched his side.
He fell to the floor.
No, wounded.
Roger raised himself
to one elbow.
He must get help.
Of course.! The phone.
Despite the pain,
Roger dragged himself
across the floor.
The phone.
He must get...
to the phone.
[Clears Throat]
My name is Nicki Collins.
How do you... do?
Where was I?
You'd just been shot
in the sitting room.
Oh, yes.
Later at the hospital,
Mr. Morgan, you've got to
help me. It's about a murder.
Later at the hospital, Ro...
Yes. It was on
a train at night.
Good. Very good.
It was snowing. I looked out
the window and saw a man killed.
No. You looked in a window.
Out the window's been done.
This isn't a story.
It happened!
And instead of a man,
make it a woman.
A mangled, life...
It happened?
Mr. Morgan, you know all
about murders. If you could...
Go to the police.
But the police...
The police!
Miss Fletcher.
Later at the hospital,
Roger had but one thought:
He must return
to the scene of the crime.
That's it!
What's it?
I've got to locate the scene
of the crime. I knew you
wouldn't disappoint me.
But we've got to work fast
before my father finds out.
Excuse me.
Joyce! I've been trying
to call you all morning.
Who was that?
Who was that?
I never saw her before
in my life. Type that up.
Tear it up?
Type it up!
Believe me, darling.
L-I never saw her before
in my life.
[Whistle Blowing]
Hey, look.
We're seein' things.
A dame!
[Horn Blowing]
[Bell Ringing]
Give you a lift, miss?
Just a minute.
There you are.
What're you lookin' for?
A room. I've been looking
all afternoon.
Got an extra one
at my house.
The room I'm looking for
has a dead man in it.
Come on.
Excuse me, miss.
Wayne! Wayne, darling,
do you want to see me
on the screen or don't you?
Sorry, dear. Thanks.
The doorman's wife
just had twins.
Newsreel theater.
Yes, sir.
[Horn Honking]
Mr. Morgan!
Follow that car.
[Newsreel Narrator] Who have
we here, lending her graceful
charm to our beauty parade?
LovelyJoyce Williams.
You see?
It's on already.
Miss Cafe Society oflast year
has the latest
fashion problems...
right in the palm
ofher hand.
No wonder Miss Williams
has that big smile on her face.
What girl wouldn't, wearing this
exclusive creation by Ducette?
The puppet master
pulls the strings...
and other members
of the younger set
pass in review.
This nonchalant ensemble...
Excuse me.
Mr. Morgan!
Notice the petal-soft
Angora Jersey...
Excuse me. Excuse me.
In its lovely shade
of aquamarine.
I've got to talk to you.
What a feast for the eye.
This scintillating display...
Excuse me.
Excuse me, please.
Ofbeauty a la mode.
How annoying!
I'm sorry.
[Packages Thudding]
Darling, who is that?
Mr. Morgan.!
Who is that?
No one, dear.
Well, see what
she wants.
What do you want?
I couldn't find it.
What? Not now.
The scene
of the crime.
You promised to help me.
I didn't say
I'd help you.
I didn't say I'd help her.
[Loudly] Go away!
Young man, please.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[Yelling] She'll
see you tomorrow!
[Newsreel Narrator]
The nation this week mourns
the death ofJosiah Waring,
world-famous ship magnate,
here seen in his last
public appearance.
Josiah Waring,
whose rise from steeplejack
to head of a great
industrial empire...
was terminated when he fell
to his death from a stepladder
at his Long Island estate.
That's him!
Here we see him...
at the launching of a few
of the hundreds of vessels
built by the Waring shipyards.
Passenger liners, destroyers,
freighters, tankers.
Mr. Morgan, that's the man...
Oh, excuse me.
Now, stop this!
Look here!
Oh, please!
That's the man...
Sit down!
That's the man
I saw murdered.
Josiah Waring
died on Long Island.
They could've carried
the body there.
It was in all the papers.
He fell off a stepladder.
It could've been a crowbar.
We've got to investigate.
- Shh!
- I've had enough!
Sit down, will ya?
Mr. Morgan!
But, Joyce, I never saw her
before in my life.
Mr. Morgan, wait a minute!
This was his home
on Long Island, the Willows,
the only newsreel shot
ever taken of this
magnificent estate.
Beyond this fence,
in utter seclusion...
[Owl Hooting]
'Pop Goes The Weasel']
[Dog Howling]
Goes the wea...
- Go away! Go home!
- [Growling]
Nice doggy.
Nice doggy.
[Barking Continues]
[Vehicle Approaching]
Good evening,
Mr. Waring.
What's the matter
with them?
I don't know.
Duke! Spike!
[Exhales Deeply]
Duke, Spike.!
Come here. Come here.
Come here.
Come right here... boy.
A fine way to receive...
They were just playing.
They like pretty girls.
Their father
must've been part wolf.
Say, how did you get...
There's no need to apologize.
Of course you're sorry.
[Dogs Snarling, Barking]
You should be. These dogs are
vicious. They're dangerous!
Why didn't somebody tell me
about them when I came through
that gate over... there? And...
I'll bet I know
who you are.
Oh, you do?
You're Margo Martin,
You sing at
the Circus, right?
And you're here tonight
because you think...
fortune, right?
Are you worried,
Miss Martin?
Oh, uh, the dogs.
Danny! Call the dogs.
You see?
Nothing to it.
You think I'd be used to
animals... from the circus.
They have animals there?
Oh, yes.
At a nightclub?
Oh, it's a...
Oh, well, yes, yes.
The, uh...
The head waiter has a...
has a... Pekingese.
Put them back in their kennel.
And the next time
you let them out...
I didn't let them out,
Mr. Waring. Stop it!
First I knew they were out,
I heard 'em barkin'
in the garden.
Don't let it
happen again.
Not very cozy,
is it?
It could stand
a woman's touch.
By the way,
I'm Arnold.
Arnold Waring,
the old boy's nephew.
Oh, yes, yes, of course.
I should've known.
Why? We've never met.
Oh, we... Um, well,
that's what I meant.
Of course we've never met.
I should've known.
You're, you're Arnold.
Aren't you going
to take your coat off?
No, you better not.
This place is like a tomb.
[Man's Voice, Indistinct]
...Or government bonds...
Hey, you.
[Man Continues,
Oh, there you are.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Margo Martin.
[Group Muttering]
H-H-How do you do?
They won't bite ya.
I don't think there's
a good set of teeth in the room.
You'll be all right.
Sit down, Miss Martin.
Where have you been?
Oh, I just...
Miss Martin.
Now that we're all here,
I will continue.
"And to the heir
or heirs thereof,
I do hereby give... '
My compliments
to the old gentleman.
You're not quite
what I expected.
I'm not?
My uncle had very bad taste.
You're good taste.
Thank you.
[Clearing Throat]
My Aunt Charlotte.
She'll say, "Jonathan."
Go on, Mr. Wiggam.
"To my dearly beloved nephew,
"Arnold Waring,
whose loyalty and devotion
I heartily reciprocated,
'I bequeath the large
and munificent sum of...
One dollar.
"One dollar.
"And to my other dearly
beloved nephew,
Jonathan Waring,
'who expected nothing
from me in life,
I bequeath the legal equivalent
of nothing: One dollar."
Aren't you
On the contrary.
He once threatened to cut me
out of his will entirely.
[Aunt Charlotte
Clears Throat]
"The rest, residue
and remainder of my estate,
"including... 3,000 shares
of common stock...
or full controlling interest
in Waring Industries,
[Wiggam Continues,
Does, uh,
the boss know?
Is he blind?
'... And also including the
real property on 52nd street,
'New York City,
"on which stands
a building generally known
as the Circus Club,
"where I spent
many a happy evening,
I leave to my dearly beloved
fiancee, Miss Margo Martin."
Why, Aunt Charlotte!
Slapping our only rich relative.
dearly beloved fiancee.
Young woman, how long
has this been going on?
Oh, uh, l...
Answer me.
How long?
Please, she's on
the verge of tears.
Poor Aunt Charlotte.
You've got to understand.
I'm sorry.
I'll be all right
in a minute.
come back here.
I'm disappointed in you,
Auntie. Really, you should
learn to control yourself.
[Aunt Charlotte]
Mr. Wiggam, let us continue.
'I, Josiah Waring,
in the city of New York,
state of New York... '
[Continues, Indistinct]
[Scraping Noise]
Mr. Saunders.
'It is also my wish
that the estate
consisting of 67 acres,
known as the Willows,
become the property of said
above mentioned Margo Martin. '
That dame!
I think she's in
the old man's room.
If anybody asks you about her,
she's left.
[Door Creaking]
Mr. Saunders.! Mr. Saunders.!
Where are they?
L-Isn't somebody calling you,
Mr. Saunders?
Where are they?
I mean, that is your name,
isn't it? Because if it is...
Saunders, I mean...
and somebody's calling you,
I think maybe you'd better...
He's up here!
Mr. Saunders is up here!
Mr. Saunders.!
Where the devil are you?
All right.
Jonathan, wrap your throat up.
You know how easily
you catch cold.
Yes, Aunt Charlotte.
I'll meet you with the car.
Haven't you
forgotten something?
Aren't you gonna kiss me,
Aunt Charlotte?
Nobody loves me.
Mr. Wiggam,
will you please
inform that woman...
that this house does not become
her property until tomorrow.
Oh, come now, Aunt Charlotte.
Lots of people open their
presents on Christmas eve.
Would you like
a lift back to town?
Yes. Yes, thank you.
Mr. Saunders,
could I see you a moment?
I'd like to talk to you
about the Waring securities.
Yes, they're in the safe,
I believe. I'll send them
to your office.
I'll turn the car around.
Now, don't run away again.
Uh, you forgot
your gloves.
Oh, yes.
Would you like a lift
back to town?
Your brother's
already asked me.
You'd be much safer with me.
I'm sure you're
both gentlemen.
My brother's irresponsible.
I'll bet I have my dollar
long after his has slipped
through his fingers.
You know, wine,
women, song.
Bad investments.
May I see you again sometime
Miss Martin? May I?
Really, l...
Excuse me. Good-bye.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Lookin' for somethin'?
No. No, l...
I mean...
[Horn Honking]
All set?
It was awfully nice
to have met you.
Uh, both of you.
Get in on this side,
Miss Martin.
It, uh, seems to have...
stopped snowing.
She's got them!
What if he finds out?
Think you could get
those slippers, Danny?
What do you think?
Take my car.
Thank you very much,
Mr. Waring. Good-bye.
We are going to see
each other again, you know.
Are we?
Oh, yes.
Good-bye, Miss Martin.
Good-bye. I mean, um...
When you said we were going to
see each other again, did that
mean we were going to because...
Well, I mean, when?
Maybe I can come
to the Circus Club
and hear you sing some night.
Oh, that's what I mean.
You come to the Circus Club
and... Oh.
Oh, well, um,
I'll be seein' ya.
But really, Inspector,
there must be something
you can do.
There must be. I?
Well, no, nothing.
I've been too busy.
Tomorrow's Christmas, you know.
Miss Collins has been missing
since this morning.
I have no idea.
No, she comes up
to about here on me.
To about here.
To my chin.
My chin.
Oh, well, of course.
[Chuckling] How could you?
She's about five-feet-five,
blonde hair, gray eyes...
Blue eyes.
Are they?
Oh, blue. Blue eyes.
A hundred and 15 pounds.
A hundred and ten.
A hundred and te...
My word, it's you!
Inspector, it's her.
It's she. Never mind.
Well, really...
Merry Christmas, Mr. Haskell.
Merry Christmas...
Miss Collins, I've been frantic.
Your father's been
calling all evening.
Oh, my.
First he telephoned the hotel,
then your Aunt Martha.
Then I call... Oh-ho!
Men's bedroom slippers.
Where did you
get those?
I... found them.
You found them?
On the street.
On the street?
You picked them up?
Miss Collins?
Yes! It's good luck
to find shoes...
on the street.
Um, you know, um, ah...
Find shoes before dawn,
have luck on...
the morn.
You never heard of that?
Never. I've heard,
find a penny in the well,
and all your troubles,
uh, disappear.
No, it's a rhyme.
It's the same thing,
only with shoes.
It is?
Oh, it's a superstition.
Yes. That's right.
Now, this is the present
for your Aunt Martha.
I'll wrap that.
And, uh, this little gift
is for you from Santa Claus.
Of the New York office?
[Phone Ringing]
Hello? Yes?
Oh, no, operator.
No, no, no.
No one here asked for
the address of the Circus Club.
Must've been someone else.
And operator, how about
that San Francisco call?
Miss Collins is here now.
Oh, I see.
Well, keep trying,
won't you?
Miss Collins, all the
San Francisco lines are busy,
but the operator will call.
Thank you.
See you in the morning,
Mr. Haskell.
Thank you. Pleasant dreams.
Find some shoes...
It does have a familiar sound,
that shoe poem.
Find some shoes upon the lawn,
and you'II...
be lucky...
I know, Mr. Morgan,
but it's very important.
But you've got to come over.
It's about...
But, Mr. Morgan, please.
Miss Collins,
I don't care.
Yes, dear.
Oh, it fits beautifully.
I don't care what it's about.
I'm not coming to your hotel.
Wayne, darling,
this is heavenly!
Oh, shut up!
Pardon me, dear.
Miss Collins,
I'll give you fair warning.
I'm going to... I'm not
coming to your apartment.
But you can't hang up on me.
[Wayne Continues,
But you've got to come over,
Mr. Morgan. There's a man
in my apartment.
Oh, he's got a gun!
He's coming closer...
and closer.
Oh, don't shoot!
Please don't shoot!
[Receiver Thudding]
Hello, Miss Co...
[Phone Ringing]
Oh, yes, operator,
put the call through right away,
will you, please?
Hello, Daddy. Merry Christmas.
I'm sorry I wasn't here when...
Oh, you did?
It's so Christmassy here, Daddy.
It's cold and windy...
and it's snowing.
How is it there?
Sunny all day?
Oh, that's terrible.
Yes. Yes, Daddy.
No, I don't mind.
I'd love to, Daddy.
Yes, Daddy.
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
'Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant
So tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly
Sleep in heavenly
Silent night
Holy night
Son of God
Love's pure light
Radiant beams
From thy holy face
With the dawn
Of redeeming grace
Lord at thy birth
Lord at thy birth
Thank you, Daddy.
Yes, I'll call you
tomorrow night.
Same time.
Yes, Daddy.
Mr. Haskell put them all
under the tree.
I'm gonna open them
in the morning.
Good night, Daddy.
[Haskell Moaning]
And now, suppose we call
the house detective.
Suppose we don't.
Stick 'em up.
That's a pipe.
Now call
the house detective.
[Shouting, Grunting]
Let me up!
Stop it!
Oh, hello.
Mr. Haskell, Mr. Morgan.
Mr. Morgan, Mr. Haskell.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Mr. Wayne Morgan?
Are you in the habit of visiting
strange young women uninvited?
Yes, if necessary.
In the middle of the night?
Wearing pajamas?
Yes, if her life is in danger.
Who's wearing pajamas?
Oh, yes.
Aren't you?
Mr. Morgan didn't come
uninvited. I asked him over.
You asked him?
Of course.
There was a man in her room.
Oh, no.
I just made that up
to get you over here.
- Then who hit me on the head?
- He did.
I was hit
on the head too.
There was no man...
Oh, I know.
You hit each other on the head.
He didn't hit me.
I was hit by a total stranger
with a slipper.
Believe me...
With a slipper?
And you call yourself
a detective-story writer!
You let that man hit you
and get away!
But l...
Those slippers meant...
just everything, that's all.
I lost a brand-new overcoat.
Why is she so upset
about a pair of slippers?
She thinks
they're good luck.
You know, find shoes before
the dawn and you'll be lucky.
Miss Collins?
Miss Collins?
- Where'd she go?
- I don't know,
but I know where I'm going.
Or is it, find shoes
amid the corn...
Thank you.
And you'll be lucky
in the dawn... or in the morn?
Or on the...
Mr. Morgan!
Has Margo gone on yet?
Not yet.
She's in her dressing room.
Thank you.
Pardon me. I'm looking
for Margo's dressing room.
It's just around the corner,
first door to the left.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Heh! Nice? Very nice!
I never could stand
that trick mirror!
Temper, temper!
Huh! That window.
Old Mr. Waring had
the most fantastic ideas.
Will you stop
talking about him?
Temper, temper!
Get out!
And... leave me alone.
I'll never forget the night
he had it installed.
You were out there,
and he was in here,
and you couldn't see him,
but he could see you.
[Glass Breaking]
Temper, temper!
[Man Muttering]
[Glass Crunching]
Want a light?
Miss Martin,
you don't know me.
That's right, I don't.
And you don't know
what I'm doing here.
What are you doing here?
In fact,
you've never seen me
before in your life.
We covered that.
Now we're getting
Miss Martin, what did
that sign mean,
Closing tonight"?
It means I'm getting
out of here tomorrow.
But you're
getting out now.
I wouldn't throw away
the picture of a man...
who just left me
a million dollars.
Who told you
how much I was left?
Who told you?
Say, you, uh,
better stick around.
I'd like to have you
meet some friends of mine.
Why, I'd be glad to.
Just make yourself
at home.
Sit down
and take it easy.
Thank you.
Oh, it's a mirror.
You see, Miss Martin, I know
a lot of things about you
that you don't know...
Know that I know.
For instance, I know...
Look, kid, I've got
a show to do now.
I've got to change.
Miss Martin?
Oh, hello.
Why didn't you tell me
you were closing tonight?
I had to hear you.
Thank you,
Mr. Waring.
Not Mr. Waring. Arnold.
Well, I'II, uh,
I'll see you out there.
Later on we'll have
a drink together and...
a nice little chat.
And you'll tell us
all you know...
and we'll tell you
all we know,
and everything
will be fine.
Where'd you get those?
Oh, um, these are just
some flowers for you.
Who from?
Oh, uh,
l... I guess the card
is in the box.
Look, kid, if you don't mind,
I'd like to open my own flowers.
Hey, open up.!
What is this?
Hey, open up.!
Let me out.!
Well, do you
forgive me?
This is wonderful.
Let's quarrel again
next Friday night.
I'm dying to go
to the Stork club.
Well, do you
forgive me?
You said that.
Oh, did I?
I'd better call mother
and let her know where we are.
Be a dear
and get a table.
[Orchestra Playing
Dance Music]
Waiter, when does
Miss Margo Martin go on?
Oh. Never mind.
Miss Collins.
Please get out of here.
You'll spoil everything.
Why didn't you tell me
you were Margo?
I'm not Margo.
Please go.
I've got bus...
I've got business here
and I'm staying.
You're staying?
You won't go?
Yes. No.
[Music Stops,
Audience Applauds]
All right.
[Applause Continues]
[Sultry Tune]
Gimme a little kiss
Will ya, huh
What are you gonna miss
Will ya, huh
Gosh, oh, gee
Why do you refuse
I can't see
What you got to lose
a little squeeze
Will ya, huh
Why do you wanna
make me blue
I wouldn't say a word
If I were askin'
for the world
But what's
a little kiss
Between a fella
and his girl
Oh, gimme a little kiss
Will ya, huh
And I'll give it
right back
To you
Gimme a little kiss
will ya, huh?
What are ya gonna miss
will ya, huh
Gosh, oh, gee
why do you refuse
I can't see
what you got to lose
Oh, gimme a little squeeze
will ya, huh
Why do you wanna
make me blue
I wouldn't
say a word
If I were askin'
for the world
But what's
a little kiss
Between a fella
and his girl
Oh, gimme
a little kiss
Will ya, huh
And I'll give it
right back
To you
Now, Miss Martin, if you're
going to play games
with the customers,
remember, I sent you
the flowers.
Sit down. I feel
kind of Ionely here.
So I say, "Miss Martin,
Aunt Charlotte is here
to apologize." Is that it?
"Aunt Charlotte is here
to explain." I'll not
apologize to that woman.
Well, then, what
are we here for?
I'll not apologize.
Well, then I'll say,
"Miss Martin,
Aunt Charlotte is here
because she thinks she
acted a bit hastily."
That's better.
Aunt Charlotte.
Haven't you
forgotten something?
Uh, Mr. Wiggam.
Will it be all right
if I take in a movie
for about an hour?
Why, certainly.
Thank you, sir.
But, darling,
I assure you,
I can explain!
I know. You never saw her
before in your life!
Oh, Joyce, please!
Please let me explain.
Whatsa matter?
You blind?
Oh, all right,
I'm sorry, but there's
nothing to explain.
Your taxi, madame.
Oh, you men!
Hello, Danny.
Merry Christmas.
[Danny] A couple
of sandwiches on rye
and a cup of coffee.
I'll be down after
I've seen the boss.
Right, Danny.
I didn't want to get in
on this in the first place.!
It was your idea.
Everything was your idea.!
Sure. 'Don't worry.
Everything's going
to be all right. '
That's fine for you to say.
[Saunders] You'll do
as you're told.
But I tell you,
he's outside.
I'm not going to.
I don't want
any part of it!
Hey, boss.
If you get scared,
lock yourself up again.
Well? Have you
got them? Good.
And whenever he was in town,
your uncle would always take me
to that little Italian place.
You know how he was
about spaghetti.
But he
hated spaghetti.
Oh, well, uh...
He'd be furious
after we got there.
Miss Martin.
As a matter of fact, he...
You're wanted
in your dressing room.
Excuse me.
Say, wait a minute.
Keep moving, sister.
You know
I'm not Margo.
Tell it to the manager.
[Clears Throat]
Good evening,
Miss Collins.
Sit down.
Go on. Sit down!
Since you've started
meddling you've found out
quite a lot.
You know that
Josiah Waring's death
was no accident, eh?
You know he was murdered.
You're a very clever
young woman.
But you should be
more careful.
If you were to meet
with an accident, no one...
I'm not afraid of you,
Mr. Saunders,
and do you know why...
Why I'm not
afraid of you?
No, Miss Collins,
Because right now,
at this very minute,
a pair of slippers are
on their way to the police.
A pair of bloodstained slippers
which will proveJosiah Waring
was murdered.
You seem frightened,
Mr. Saunders.
You're saying to yourself,
"The jig is up!
I've got to get away!"
You're right.
There's only one thing
for you to do.
Give yourself up.
Tell everything.
Or else...
make a run for it.
No, you don't.
I'll take that coat.
The slippers.!
This way,
Mr. Morgan!
We can get out
through here.
I'm a little
mixed up.
What about?
Aren't you
on their side?
I'm on your side.
But you're Margo.
No. I just took her place.
You took my place,
and you can keep it.
And good luck.
That's Margo.
I knew you'd understand.
These slippers
are the only proof that
Josiah Waring was murdered.
I'm going to take them
to the police.
Oh, I hope I haven't
caused you too much trouble.
Miss Collins, we first met at
10:00 this morning, didn't we?
Since that time,
you've had me thrown out
of a newsreel theater,
chasing around Manhattan
in my pajamas
on Christmas eve,
conked on the head
by a total stranger,
robbed of
my favorite overcoat,
and my fiance, whom I've
begged to forgive me...
twice a day
for the last three years,
will undoubtedly never...
let me beg her
to forgive me again.
But the evening's young.
You probably haven't
even got rolling yet.
So I think
I'll stick around.
That's very sweet of you,
but I can handle this alone.
all right now.
I'll take those slippers.
Oh, no, you don't!
Stick 'em up.
That's a pipe.
Psst! Psst!
Miss Martin!
Come here.
I can't.
I have to go.
Hello. I've been looking
all over for you.
Oh, hello.
I wanted to find you
before you joined the clan.
Mmm. I always thought
a circus was kid stuff.
But I really...
Shall we take the shortcut?
Miss Martin, Aunt Charlotte
is here tonight to apologize.
She feels she acted a bit,
uh, a bit absentmindedly.
She forgot that you'd
been left all the money.
Now, Arnold has
an excellent memory.
He didn't forget.
Oh. Oh, oh. I see.
And, uh, are you
after my money too?
After you,
I'm after your money.
You wouldn't think his uncle
had just passed away.
Another martini,
And put
a black olive in it.
Yes, sir.
You know, Aunt Charlotte
doesn't like this.
I don't like
Aunt Charlotte.
Not liking Aunt Charlotte
could become a national pastime.
But I think
we'd better face it.
I don't like it.
That guy really
worked on me.
come here.
Look where she is.
Right under his nose.
Lucky we got
the slippers.
We haven't.
Where are they?
Right under
his nose.
What Aunt Charlotte
really means...
Never mind!
You see,
since the Long Island
estate has been ours...
At least sentimentally...
Of course, legally,
we could contest.
Mr. Wiggam, it is not
our wish to go to court.
No, we might lose.
Uh, you see, we,
we thought...
That is, we felt that,
under the circumstances,
you might allow it
to remain in the family.
Someone wishes
to speak with you.
Excuse me, please.
Miss Collins,
this is Wayne Morgan.
I'm calling from the phone booth
near the bandstand.
Can you see me?
- Oh, yes, I can see...
- Shh! Be careful.
I'm... I'm your girlfriend.
Oh. Oh, yes.
Oh, uh, hello, Emily.
Now, listen.
Don't let anyone at your table
see those slippers. Anyone!
But... But, Emily...
But, Emily, l...
Don't talk. The murderer
is one of the men at your table.
At my table?
Uh, oh, uh...
Oh, no, Myrtle.
Emily. Uh...
Uh, no, Emily.
You, um, you didn't
leave your purse
at my table.
I've got to see you.
Don't worry about the chauffeur.
I knocked him out
and took his revolver.
Hello? Hello?
Take him downstairs.
Oh, well, l...
I think I'd better...
Really, Miss Martin,
if the Willows were allowed
to remain in the family,
we should all
be deeply grateful.
Oh, you can
keep the house.
Better get back, Margo.
It's time for your next number.
Oh, uh, I'm afraid
that l...
Miss Martin,
you're very generous.
You've no idea
what this means.
Oh, well, that's all right.
If there's anything else you
want, why, you just ask for it.
You don't have
to thank me.
Well, see you later.
There's something very strange
about that young woman.
Did you have to
dance with her?
Yes, and I
liked it.
Aunt Charlotte?
Miss Collins.!
Give me
those slippers!
[Danny] When you
come to, you can help
yourself to the brandy.
Mr. Morgan?
Mr. Morgan?
Mr. Morgan,
are you all right?
Ooh. Why does
my head hurt?
That's where he hit you.
But I
knocked him out.
Then he knocked you out.
Oh, you shouldn't
have come back here.
I had to.
I couldn't leave you...
[Door Opening]
Danny? Danny,
have you got him?
[Mimicking Danny]
Right here, boss.
Don't worry about
the slippers. I hid them.
Get out of here.
I'll meet you out front.
Take it easy,
Just make yourself at home.
I'll be back in a minute.
Margo.! Margo.!
Where's Margo? She's on.!
[Cat Meowing]
It's no use.
[Buzzer Buzzing]
'Night and Day'next.
'Night and Day. '
Like the beat, beat, beat
of the tom-tom
When the jungle shadows
Like the tick, tick, tock
of the stately clock
As it stands
against the wall
Like the drip, drip, drip
of the raindrops
When the summer shower
is through
So a voice within me
keeps repeating
You, you
Night and day
You are the one
Only you
Beneath the moon
and under the sun
Whether near to me
or far
It's no matter, darling
where you are
I think of you
Night and day
Day and night
Why is it so
That this longing
for you
Follows wherever I go
In the roaring
traffic's boom
In the silence
Of my Ionely room
I think of you
Night and day
Night and day
Under the hide of me
There's an, oh, such
a hungry yearning
Burning inside of me
And its torment
won't be through
'Til you let me
spend my life
Making love to you
Day and night
Night and day
[Woman Screaming]
[People Murmuring]
He's dead.!
Who is it?
The manager.
You can't go back
to your hotel.
It won't be safe.
We're going to your place.
I have to get the slippers.
Cover the place, boys.
Oh, uh, my slippers.
I forgot them.
Hey, lady.
My, my.
Good morning,
Miss Fletcher.
Hello, Maxwell.
I just came up,
and there he was.
Oh. Hello.
Good morning,
Miss Collins.
It's all right,
Everything's fine.
"Everything's fine."
W-We're working on
a murder together.
Yeah, I stayed here
all night.
Yes, it, uh... it was
safer than going home.
I don't doubt it.
Does he always
snore like that?
I am his secretary.
It's his fiancee.
No, not that way.
Mr. Morgan.
Oh, Mr. Morgan.
Please wake up.
Oh, but you've
got to wake up!
Mr. Morgan ain't homejust now.
I'm sorry. I can't let you in.
I ain't supposed
to let anyone in without
Mr. Morgan's permission.
Young man, I don't care
to argue with you.
I am Haskell
of the New York office.
I demand admission!
Mr. Morgan?
Mr. Morgan?
Oh, there you are.
Why, you... You...
Where is she?
Where is she?
Snoring won't get you
Come, come, come!
Where is she?
Where's who?
Where's Miss Collins?
Oh, Miss Collins.
Oh, she's...
What makes you think
she's here?
She's not at her hotel.
She's not at
her Aunt Martha's,
and you are...
I said, "Ah-hah."
Mr. Morgan, why did you
spend the night
on this couch, unless...
Wait a minute. I can
explain everything.
That's a bedroom,
isn't it?
Yes, but...
You expect me
to believe that
she's not in there?
No. I mean...
Look. I might as well
tell you everything.
I was...
Good morning, darling.
My secretary,
Miss Fletcher.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Your secretary?
Uh, we worked late.
Oh. Mm-hmm. Yes. Well,
I'll be running along.
Oh! Your secretary.
Oh, of course.
I understand, yes.
That's how I met
Mrs. Haskell.
I was her secretary.
Well, good-bye.
Mr. Morgan
ain't in.
Step aside.
I ain't supposed
to let anybody in without
Mr. Morgan's permission.
Hey, you. Do you
recognize this?
It was found
in the Circus Club
last night.
Yes, that's
my coat.
That's the man!
Why, you're...
For what?
You're under arrest.
Suspicion of murder.
- That's ridiculous.
- Good morning, Miss Collins.
Mr. Morgan
did not kill Mr. Saunders,
and I can prove it.
I'll show you
the slippers.
You just
dropped one.
Oh, not those. Josiah Waring's
bloodstained slippers
that'll prove...
Where are they?
Looking for a pair
of dirty old slippers, sir?
Yes, Maxwell.
Notice anything different?
Sure took a lot
of elbow grease.
Very good.
What's very good?
That we're in jail.
That's good?
Of course. At last,
the police are interested.
I'll say they're interested.
"The state of New York
versus Wayne Morgan."
Do you realize that I'm
under arrest for murder?
Part of my plan.
Part of your...
Aren't you gonna ask,
"What plan?"
I'm afraid to.
It's very simple.
All you have to do
is tell the police
that you murdered Saunders.
They'll let me go.
That'll put
the real murderer off guard,
and I'll be able to trap him
before they convict you.
No, I couldn't let you
take that chance.
Oh, but, Mr. Morgan,
it would solve
the whole case.
Trade you. It's like
one of your books.
You know,
the last chapter.
I like that.
You do?
The last chapter.
The end. The finish.
Roger smiled grimly,
for he knew he must die.
Die bravely.
Die for a murder
which he never committed.
That's wonderful.
Then, suddenly,
he thought of her.
Of her?
- What's your name?
- Nicki.
And suddenly
he thought of Nicki.
Of the beautiful girl
who had, all unconsciously,
lured him to his death.
And then he knew.
He knew that,
in spite of everything,
In spite of all
she had done...
[Keys Rattling]
There you are, Miss Collins.
Oh, I can't believe it.
I simply can't believe it.
To think that a daughter
of H.G. Would wind up
in the big house!
Oh, this isn't
the big house,
Mr. Haskell.
It's more like their,
uh, New York office.
Miss Collins.
Must be
one of these.
Oh, here it is.
No, that isn't it.
Goodness knows
what your Aunt Martha
is going to think of me.
Now you won't
have to confess.
Oh, please don't worry.
I'll get...
Miss Collins.!
H.G.'s daughter,
chatting with a killer!
Now, I'm going to post
your bail, so you
follow me very closely.
Here she comes now.
[Haskell] Now, Miss Collins,
if you'll just stay by me,
everything will be all right.
There, you see?
They're all gone.
You remain here for a moment.
I'll get you out so fast,
they'll never see you.
I'll use the old Haskell
"T" formation.
Grab it, Ted!
Now, gentlemen,
you're just wasting your time.
Miss Collins refuses...
Big smile, Mr. Haskell!
Big smile!
No! No pictures!
Now look, Mr. Haskell.
We gotta have a statement.
Thank you, Miss Collins.
The crime pinup girl
of the year!
Gentlemen, no!
You, in the gray coat!
Put that camera away.
I must insist on no publicity,
or H.G. Would be horrified.
You in the gray camera,
put that coat away.
[Indistinct Shouting]
Miss Collins.!
Thank you.
Gentlemen, I must insist
upon the return of those
exposed negatives immediately.
Come. Thank you.
And you...
[Indistinct Chatter]
How would you like to get
outta here, Miss Collins?
I'd love to,
but l...
I've already
bailed you out.
Had a pretty tough session
with the family last night.
They'd like to
see you right away,
that is, if you'd like
to see the family.
Let's go.
Reporters Talking]
[Haskell] Good-bye.
[Reporter] Thank you
very much, Mr. Haskell.
where's Miss Collins?
Why, she's gone.
Gone? I came
to bail her out.
She's been bailed out.
That's impossible!
Miss Collins! Come back
to jail immediately!
Hey, Jim, come in here.
Uh, I'd like to post bail
for Miss Nicki Collins.
so would everybody
in New York.
She was
just bailed out.
Really? By whom?
Arnold Waring.
Anything wrong?
I hope not.
May I ask you a question,
Miss Collins?
Of course.
How did you find out that
my late lamented uncle
was... murdered?
You know that?
Oh, yes.
That's what l... the family...
want to talk to you about.
Read all about it.!
Read all about
the big nightclub murder!
Didn't you know?
She was found strangled
in her apartment.
You didn't answer me.
How did you find out that
my uncle was murdered?
I, um, I saw it.
You saw it?
Well. We'll be
at the office
in a few minutes.
It's closed.
There's no one here.
That's funny.
I know.
Let's drive around
through the alley.
By the way,
Miss Collins,
did you see who
killed my uncle?
Not his face.
It was dark,
and he was turned away.
But I think it was
a younger...
You were about
to say something.
No, I wasn't.
You were about to say you
thought it was a younger man,
and you stopped talking because
it suddenly occurred to you...
that I might be
that younger man.
- Yes.
- Who told you
I hated my uncle?
No one.
Well, I did
hate him.
But so did Jonathan
and Wiggam,
and especially Saunders.
You know, Saunders
had the most to gain.
You see,
he was in...
Come back here.
Oh, come now.
Let's not play games.
Miss Collins!
You little fool!
I just want
to talk to you!
Don't run away.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Miss Collins.
Don't go out there.
It's your brother.
He's upstairs.
He did it.
He killed your uncle.
He'll kill me!
Not if you keep quiet.
Come with me.
[Door Slamming Shut,
Elevator Humming]
Quick, we can
make it.
Miss Collins?
Miss Collins!
[Elevator Humming]
He's gone.
Yes, but he's still in the building,
so maybe we oughta...
Why, that's strange.
You know, in a room
something like this one...
[Train Bell Ringing]
In a room something
like this one, I saw
your uncle murdered.
Exactly like this one.
Then... you're...
Yes, Miss Collins.
The same man you saw
doing this...
once before.
Now, no one on that train
can see your silhouette.
In a moment, the train
will have moved on.
But the police.
What about
the police?
They're bound to investigate.
They'll find out
you killed your uncle.
Why should I have
killed my uncle?
For his money.
Margo got his money.
They'll find out
you were Margo's boss.
Saunders was
Margo's boss.
They'll find out
you were Saunders's boss.
Not from Saunders
they won't.
- You'll never get away with it.
- But I will get away with it!
You... You will?
In a little while,
I'm sending
for the police.
You see, they already know
how worried I am about you.
And when they arrive,
they'll find...
a very beautiful young woman,
the victim of a rather
affectionate maniac.
My brother Arnold.
And Arnold destroyed
by his own brother,
the protector
of the Waring honor,
But they'll know
you killed him.
Of course.
But they'll find this
in Arnold's hand,
and they'll thank me
for killing him.
I wouldn't try
to run away, Miss Collins.
UncleJosiah, Saunders,
Margo, Arnold,
and you.
Then I'll have to start
on the other hand.
- With Aunt Charlotte?
- Oh, no.
I like Aunt Charlotte,
and she likes me.
I've always been
her favorite nephew.
And she's been more
than an aunt to me.
Even when I was
a little boy,
every night
she used to...
[Train Wheels Squealing]
The train's pulling away.
You know, it's too bad
you don't like me.
Oh, but l...
B-But I do like you.
You... You remember,
we, we danced together.
Yes, I remember.
Come here,
Miss Collins.
[Door Opening]
I'm sorry.
That's a closet,
Miss Collins.
Yes, I remember
dancing with you.
And I remember thinking
how lovely you looked,
and how someday
you and I...
would be
in this room, alone.
You see.
[Glass Rattling]
Don't worry,
Mr. Waring.
I'm not.
I always hoped something
like this would happen.
You see,
I never liked you.
This will be
a very great pleasure.
Arnold, you mustn't.
I'm your brother.
Here. Keep him covered.
It's all right, darling.
You're safe now.
Turn around.
You heard him.
Turn around!
He's talking
to you.
Then he's...
You'd better have
another chapter, Mr. Morgan.
I don't like
sad endings.
Mr. Waring.
What would you say
if I told you that I
didn't come here alone?
I'd say you had
a wonderful imagination.
What would you say
if I told you...
that I was followed here
by the police?
I'd say you were
a detective-story writer.
What would you say
if I told you that...
now, at this minute,
three heavily armed policemen
stand outside that door?
I'd say, "Come in, gentlemen."
[Nicki Gasps]
Oh, get some water,
Oh, darling,
you're wonderful.
['Here Comes The Bride'
On Soundtrack]
Come in.
Would you folks like
your berths made up now?
Come back later, please.
Yes, ma'am.
Do you know what, darling?
This is
your finest book.
- The man
with the green hat did it.
- Of course. That's why he...
Oh, Wayne. Now you've
just spoiled the whole book.
I could've looked in the back if
I wanted to peek. Why did you...