Lady Psycho Killer (2015) Movie Script

- [Ella Voiceover] A small
town cop who thinks he's tough
is about to bust into this
hallway and arrest me.
Because I killed 17 men.
(siren blaring)
I know what you're all thinking.
I don't sound like the nicest
person, but you're wrong.
I'm as nice as peach pie.
My name's Ella.
It means goddess.
(club music)
It wasn't that long ago
when this all started.
Like all people growing up.
I thought the new
feelings inside me
were about sex.
I wanted to feel
desired like strippers.
(club music)
I had never been with a guy.
I thought what better place
than her to explore my urges.
- With paint brushes
up their asses.
What do I got?
You call this dancing?
- [Ella Voiceover] Look at that
picture. She looks just like me.
- These are the action.
You know what take out
your tits and show me
how you do it.
- [Ella Voiceover] I was tired
of being a little innocent girl.
My whole life has been
teddy bears and unicorns.
- You gave him two black
eyes and two blue balls.
- At least his gonna
remember his lap dance.
- [Sal] I've had enough
you can go, go, leave.
Go, Go. - [Ella Voiceover]
But, then I saw the stripper.
Are those even real? Where's the
appeal? - And that little sexy
accent with you.
Bye. - [Ella Voiceover] Men
just sit and watch this?
If this was what it meant to be
wanted, - [Sal] Your'e watching
the same
I didn't stand a chance. - [Sal]
glass and not washing your
wiping it.
Just get out, join
her, the two of yous.
Janitor, you're wiping 30 years
of dirt back into the floor.
Join the guys, get out!
You suck!
All you guys just get out.
I've had enough. Not you. Hold
on a second, wait. - [Ella
Voiceover] Who was I kidding?
- Whoa, where you
going, blondie?
I just got us some alone time.
Isn't that what you
wanted, alone time?
- I was just curious.
- A little lady
lost her way, huh?
What'd you think goes
on here kung fu classes,
modern dance, ballet, Swan Lake?
- I think I should go.
- But, you haven't
auditioned yet.
- I don't think I want to.
- I know why you came here.
You came here to be watched.
- Maybe.
Come on.
- [Ella Voiceover] The
urge started flowing back.
- Come on!
It's okay, I'm not gonna bite.
Get in. - [Ella Voiceover]
I needed to leave.
- That's more like it.
There you go, a little more.
Find your light on that
cute face of yours.
I can't.
- [Sal] Go on.
- I don't know how.
- [Ella Voiceover] At first
I thought this was it.
This is what I came here for
to be that girl.
- What's that?
- I'm trying to dance.
Can you please
just let me leave?
- Look I can make you a
lot of money, little lady.
You just gotta
deliver the goods.
- What are the goods?
- You gotta flaunt your pussy,
your tits, and your ass.
Are you a virgin or something?
- Yeah.
You are?
Oh, we can get rich!
Guys'll pay top dollar
to pop a cherry.
- The girls they
sleep with the guys?
- So will you.
The dancing is just an
appetizer, a sampler, a taste.
- [Ella Voiceover] A taste?
I remember my feeling
at that very moment
like it was yesterday.
- Okay, yeah okay.
Good, good, good. That's nice. -
[Ella Voiceover] I could taste
He was so horrible, so
disgusting that I had - [Sal]
You can do better.
to be near him. I had to
kill him. - [Sal] Thank you.
It was death.
No, not death.
- I was just scared.
- [Ella Voiceover] Murder.
- Of the feelings I
felt stirring inside.
No, wait not yet.
I need some inspiration.
- Really inspiration?
Are you hungry?
Cause I like to eat before
I do it for the energy.
- I'm okay thanks.
- You sure?
does your daddy know
that you're here?
- I don't know my father.
I think he's dead.
- Good.
- Okay so where is
the inspiration?
- Costumes.
So what kind of girl are you?
Touchy feely?
Pain and gain?
Or just playing
another character?
- I don't know what I'm into. -
[Ella Voiceover] The urges were
so close to the surface I
could've exploded. - Browse.
- [Ella Voiceover] I
needed to be useful.
I needed to put these men
out of their misery.
- I knew it.
You like it rough, huh?
- My mind always seems to
wander in that direction.
- Now we're talking.
So I'll ask you do you
prefer to give the pain
or receive the pain?
- I don't know I haven't tried.
- [Sal] Now's your chance to try
'cause your with an expert.
- In pain?
No, in sex.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
I've been with over 3,000 women,
and I'm totally
prepared for 3,001.
- You are such a creep.
- No, just a man with a vision.
- So you're a creep
with a vision?
- I'll accept that.
- These aren't very sharp.
- It's a costume.
Hey easy, easy.
- But, they're not sharp.
- Ow!
Go easy will ya?
Are you enjoying this?
- [Ella Voiceover]
More than my birthday.
- This is playful, come on.
You're kinkier than I thought.
Take something off or something.
You're really getting
into this , aren't ya?
- [Ella Voiceover] I
wasn't getting into it.
- Sal?
- [Ella Voiceover] The
urge was getting into me.
- What?
- Do you want to pop my cherry?
- Does a wild bear
shit in the woods?
- Thank you.
(ominous music)
- [Sal] Are you crazy?
- Pop.
Aren't you gonna
teach me how to dance?
- [Ella Voiceover] It felt real.
- Get away from me. Look at my
- My Face.
- [Ella Voiceover] It felt good.
Isn't that the face of a
man who deserves to die?
(happy rock music)
- [Ella Voiceover The thing
about small towns is that they
people like me.
We may fear the deviant,
but we crave it.
We crave the story of
the quiet girl gone mad.
"She had good
grades," they'd say,
"She wouldn't hurt a fly."
We say this to convince
ourselves that we are innocent
and cannot be blamed for
letting the deviants run free,
for letting me run free.
But, we are all to blame.
We in our quiet houses with
our quiet lives.
Without me we'd have
nothing to talk about.
But, I wasn't always
this wise or this brave.
I needed a trigger.
Who would've thought I
would be set free at school?
It was an assignment that
unleashed the killer inside of
After all, I love homework.
(bell ringing)
- [Teacher] Good morning.
- [Students] Good morning.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
(student talking)
- Welcome to, hey, hey, hey.
- [Student] Sorry.Yes, sir.
- Pay attention.
Welcome to psychology 101.
My name is professor Douglas.
For those of you
who don't know me,
I'm not really into all
this regimented bullshit
assignments, and
announcements, and lectures,
and things like that.
The only thing I'm
interested in is
your ability to recognize
the innate positions that
we humans find ourselves in.
And, this whole notion that
we're supposed to be civilized,
well I kinda wonder
about that myself
because I don't think we are
at all. (Dr. Douglas laughing)
As I was saying
about civilization,
what are you doing there?
- Me?
- [Dr. Douglas] Yeah.
- I'm taking notes. - [Dr.
Douglas] What's your name?
- Ella.
- You know what I haven't really
said anything that's note
- But, I need them.
- I'll let you know when it's
time to take notes, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay kiddos, here is your one
and only assignment for the
coming weeks,
I know it's gonna sound
bizarre, but I'd like each one
of you to go out and
break a sexual norm.
Now wait a second.
It doesn't mean you
should go home and put on
your sister's dress.
And, for the girls, that
doesn't mean I want you
to walk down the street
looking for clients.
I don't wanna read about you in
the paper or anything bad on the
But, be creative.
And, by the end of
the term, I expect
a presentation accompanied
by a 3,000 word report
about society's reaction
to your breaking the mold.
If you don't like that,
it won't hurt my feelings
if anyone wants to leave.
You can start taking
notes now by the way.
(rock music)
- [Ella Voiceover] At first,
I went about it the wrong way.
How could I break a sexual
norm without being sexual?
What was normal?
I tried picturing
myself with a man
touching him, touching
me, but it always ended up
with me ripping off his
dick and stabbing him
in the eye with it. - Exactly,
there's buying your time
and being a fucking loser.
- [Daniel] She's here.
- Oh no, he's actually chasing
her. - Hey you, what's up?
- Nothing much.
- Oh wow, you've already
done the readings huh?
Man, that's dedication.
- I think I'm just
gonna fart a lot
in front of people
and write about that.
- That's not a sexual norm.
- Expecting a four-O
this semester?
- The way I figure it the
first is the most important.
I mean if you calculate it
the longer you're in college,
the less important your
average GPA score gets
with each passing semester. So I
figure I'd just get cracking on
- Sounds like you got everything
working out for you then.
- [Chuck] That's not a
sexual norm dumb ass.
That's just nasty.
- She's just breaking
ridiculous norms
that chauvinistic males
like you put into place
for her to follow in society.
- Hey, have you been
to any of the Psi Eta
pre-fresh parties yet?
- What, no.
- Okay definitely the best
thing about college, hands down.
You should come
with me sometime.
- [Ella Voiceover] Holy shit.
Did he just ask me out?
Blood started rushing
through my body.
- [Daniel]
Come sit at our table.
- You don't think Douglass wants
us to fuck other chicks do you?
- I don't know.
Either way it's not exactly
a deal breaker in your book.
You know I think that's
exactly what he wants us to do.
You should totally do that.
- Really?
- So you've already started
in on the readings.
What do you think?
- Ella.
- Ella.
- The readings keep on
referencing some of Douglas's
old papers.
They're pretty
random to be honest.
One of 'em is a
conspiracy theory linking
a woman's political inhibitions
to society's interpretation
of our genitalia.
- I definitely need that one.
Do you have it?
- Yeah sure.
- Seriously who gives a shit?
This is psych 101.
Douglass doesn't
even have tenure.
- Chucky, shut the fuck up, man.
She takes this stuff seriously.
- I'm sorry I have to go.
- No Ella, stay.
Ella, let me walk you home.
(ominous music)
- Ella?
- [Ella Voiceover] I hate them!
- [Gerald] Ella.
- [Ella Voiceover] Fuck, Gerald.
- How was first
day of class today.
- It was great. I think it's
gonna be a really great year.
- Good, good.
What's the matter
you been crying?
- Oh it's just allergies.
- Oh yeah, they've been
really bad this year.
I'm working the garden,
I'm sneezing all morning.
I mean you gotta take
one of those little pills
those, you know, those
antihistamine things.
You want one?
- No, no.
- Are you sure?
- I'm fine. I'm really fine.
Have a great night though.
- Okay.
Listen you tell your mother
I've got those roses for her.
- Yeah I'll let her know.
- Okay, don't forget.
You tell her!
Wow, love your mom.
- [Ella Voiceover]
What a creepy fuck.
Guys like Gerald should
never make it to old age!
- Hey mom.
- Hey honey, how was school?
Did you like your classes?
Any keepers?
- Yep, all of them were good.
I even went to The Nest with
a few people afterwards.
- Really?
- I'm gonna go wash
up before dinner.
- Dinner will be ready in 20.
(sad music)
- [Ella Voiceover] My mother and
I were close because she made us
that way.
She made it so that we were
each other's only friend.
No wonder no guy ever
wanted to be with me.
It was like they were
dating their little sister,
their little, childish,
stupid, naive, immature,
goody two shoes, bitchy sister!
I have so much potential, right?
I have class, don't I?
Why do I care so
much about my grades?
I had to stop thinking! I
started to see rivers of blood
fill my house.
I tried to think of Daniel.
Think of him kissing me.
I tried to think of him,
but the rivers of blood
continued to flood my head.
(sad music)
- [Ella's Mom]
Hun, are you okay in there?
- Yeah mom.
- [Ella's Mom] Okay well
dinner's ready. Will you be down
in a minute?
- Yeah.
No mom, I'm doing my homework.
- Okay well, I'll leave a plate
for you to heat up in the
I'll eat and then go see Gerald.
- Okay.
- [Ella's Mom] Love you, Ella.
- Love you too, mom.
(sad music)
- [Dr. Douglas] Many fears are
born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the
universe no less than the trees
and the stars.
You have a right to be here.
- [Ella Voiceover] I do
have a right to be here.
Dr. Douglass, you are my hero.
- [Dr. Douglas] I know it's
gonna sound bizarre, but I'd
each one of you to go ou and
break a sexual norm.
- [Ella Voiceover] And,
I knew in that moment
how I would start my assignment.
- Ella, where are you going?
- [Ella] I'm going to the
library, mom. I'll be back soon
don't worry.
- [Ella Voiceover] It may
not have been at the library,
but it was definitely
for research.
- Are you winking at me?
- I'll do anything you want,
anything. - Get in the cage.
- [Sal] Are you crazy?
- Get in the fucking cage!
- Okay, okay.
(ominous music)
- Perfect.
You're a monkey in a cage.
- Stay back! - This is what you
wanted, right?
- I like pleasure
not hurting people.
- Am I fucking aggressive
enough for you?
- You're a fucking monster!
- I'm a fucking monster?
What did we say about
judging books by covers?
What did we say?
- I'm gonna kill you!
- You're gonna kill me?
You're out of your element, Sal.
- Just go away.
Please just go away.
I just wanted to see
you get undressed.
I was gonna get off on it that's
all. I didn't mean to hurt
I wasn't gonna hurt you.
- You shouldn't have
made me stay, Sal.
- Look I said I'm sorry. Is
it money? Do you want money?
You want some money?
- Do you hear yourself?
- No, my hearing isn't so good.
I'm sorry.
- Sal, Sal, I'm having a
really good time, aren't you?
- No, no, no!
Maybe a little.
- Thanks for today, Sal.
(sad jazzy music)
(sad jazzy music)
- [Ella Voiceover] Heaven.
I needed to know if there
were others like me.
I can't be the only one
liberated by murder.
- [Librarian] Anything I
can help you with dear?
- Do you have any books on
contemporary serial killers?
- Oh my, give me
a minute to look.
- [Ella Voiceover]
Serial killer.
Saying it out loud
was thrilling.
Is that what I wanted to be?
Perhaps one day there'll
be a book on me.
I will leave my
own legacy behind.
I'll make this town famous.
That's the sign of a true killer
when the victims are forgotten
and the myth of the murder
is all that lives on.
Is there ever even a
book on the victims?
Does anyone except
their mothers even care?
This is my calling.
- Excuse me deary, the
library's going to be closing
in a few minutes, so you need
to wrap up what you're doing.
This seems like a
pretty graphic movie.
- I wouldn't know.
- And violent too,
certainly no Hoosiers.
- Well it looks like you
made it back after all.
- I think the fact
that I'm in college
gives me the opportunity
to stay out after dark.
- Ella?
Hey, I'm sorry honey.
It's just sometimes I
don't know what to do.
It just gets so lonely here.
- I'm sorry.
Listen I just picked up
a movie from the library
for my assignment kind of
like a Silence of the Lambs
from the wolf's point of view.
Why don't we watch it together?
It's really messed up.
- Messed up as in what?
- Violence, sex.
- Oh God, I get it.
(ominous music)
(metallic shrieking)
- What did I miss?
- Things are getting intense.
- Alright well, you enjoy
your blood, murders,
and people stabbing, dear.
Whatever you have
to watch for class.
I have to get my beauty sleep.
Goodnight cupcake, (yelling
from the TV) I love you.
- Love you too, mom.
(ominous music)
- [Man] we got to
get our of here.
Why are you doing this?
- [Murderer] Because I can.
- Hey Betty Crocker,
where's my food?
- Hey keep it up ass clown, and
you're making your own damn
- Dude, get in here man?
You gotta check this out.
Fucking'ey hurry up man.
This is amazing.
- [Daniel] Yeah,
yeah I'm coming.
- You will not believe
your eyes. (moaning)
- Chuckie Oh that's sick.
Dude, look at that.
- There's no way that I'm
watching porn with you in the
living room.
Listen man, seriously what
the fuck is wrong with you?
I've known you since
we were in diapers.
- You've known me
since I was in diapers,
you were babysitting, and
now we're both sophomores
at Talmont together.
- Harsh. - Seriously what do you
want from me, man?
- You need to get laid.
You never come out and
party anymore, man.
It's embarrassing.
- I go to every single party.
Come on man, how do you think
you get to these parties?
I drive you.
- Yeah you drive there.
You stay for 30 minutes,
leave, come home,
fucking banana slay by yourself.
Come on dude, that's no way to
live a life.
- Banana slay man? Seriously
where do you get this shit man?
- Definitely not
from shit like this.
What is this, Proust?
Fucking Proust, man?
- Yeah.
- I've never seen
you read that once.
- That was a gift from Cathy.
And yes, I have read it.
I've tried to read it.
- See that's my point.
You could have any girl
on campus, but you don't.
You always go for the
same nice, sensitive
I knit cardigan types
that never put out, ever.
- Chuck, seriously stop man.
I'm not even listening
to you anymore.
- I'm just trying to help you.
I've got your back.
I know what you're thinking.
Don't push it with this girl.
- What? Who?
- Ella!
How many weird girls do you
want to strike out with, man?
- Well I'm gonna ask her
out, and we're gonna go out,
and it's gonna be really nice.
And, I'm gonna treat
her like a lady
just the way I treat
you by driving your ass
around everywhere and
making you fucking dinner.
- Fine.
- Fine.
- [Chuck] Good luck with that.
- Thank you.
- You know what I'm
gonna go in there,
I'm gonna watch my
adult entertainment,
eat my oatmeal, and be a man.
- Well that's good.
Is that what men do?
- [Chuck] Fuck you.
- [Daniel] Have fun.
- [Ella] Bye mom, I'm gonna be
later for work. Have a good day.
- [Ella's Mom] Okay sweetie.
- Hey Ella, hey, hey.
I haven't seen you
around in awhile.
How's it going? How's it going
at the college and everything?
- It's been great. I've just
actually have to go. I'm late
for work.
- Oh yeah, are you still
working at that toy store
whatever it is? - Yeah I'm
actually helping my mom out a
and using my time
productively, so
yeah I still work there.
- Sure you are.
Yeah great, you've got time
for, you know, a little.
- Well I've gotta get going.
Iced tea?
- Oh my, okay I've gotta go. -
Listen I'm sorry. That's on a
You wanna put your clothes
in the drier for a couple
of minutes?
Bitch. - [Ella Voiceover] I
realized he was watching me.
He was like Sal.
They all are.
I had to stay focused
and keep up the charade.
A nervous Ella
was a caught Ella.
(rock music)
- Miss, I think
you're gonna hurt him.
- What's going on here?
Do we think we just
build stuffed puppies?
We don't.
We build dreams.
If you don't understand
that, let me know!
Cause unless you want to be
fired right here, right--
- It exploded in my hands.
- [Ella Voiceover] Men were like
puppies all innocent and
but all they really want
is to hump your leg,
sniff your crotch, and
piss ont the floor
- Maybe you should just
go home for the day.
- [Ella Voiceover] I wanted
to twist his head off
and paint this place
with his arterial spray.
I was no longer a pushover.
- [Kid] Mommy, Fred's dead!
- What the fuck?
(rock music)
- Hey?
Whoa, relax.
Cute job, stuffing
puppies all day.
At least there's worse
ways to make minimum wage.
- You done? Can I go now?
- Look I'm sorry.
I was kind of a
dick at The Nest,
but I mean you're kinda
weird as shit. Come on.
Wait, I'm sorry for real.
- What do you want?
- Okay look my friend
is kind of an idiot.
But, he likes you, alright?
He's a nice guy.
He's a lot nicer than me.
And, I think that you
should give him a chance.
- Are we talking about Daniel?
- Of course we're talking
about Daniel, who else?
Okay so I'm gonna
give you his number,
and maybe you should
give him a call.
Okay, 555-1957.
- No fucking way.
- Got that?
Hey and maybe put out, yeah?
- I'm gonna kill him.
Chuck, do me a favor.
Please tell me that wasn't
you talking to Ella.
- Hell yes it was. I gave her my
number. - Done.
you fucked me.
Damn it, Chucky!
How is it that
you're always the one
to fuck this shit
up for me, man?
- Relax man, I gave
her your number.
Just chill, wait
for her to call you.
We both know that you're too
pussy'ed to ask her out
- You're an asshole.
- You're welcome.
- Fuck you.
(ominous music)
- [Ella Voiceover]
Are they mocking me?
They thought they could
get the upper hand?
No way I was going
to fuck them up.
(ominous music)
- [Gerald] Ella hey.
- [Ella Voiceover]
Perfect, Gerald.
- Ella listen I just want to
apologize about this morning.
I do, I'm so sorry.
The sprinklers are on timers.
- I'm fine.
- [Gerald] Are you sure?
- Yeah it's fine.
- Did you get wet or anything?
- I'm okay.
- Oh okay.
I mean if it wasn't so
tragic, it was actually funny.
Listen how is your mother?
She's a little,
How can I be kind here.
She's a moody
woman because I was
looking out of my window,
I mean, just by chance.
I wasn't being nosy or anything.
I just happened passed,
and when I looked out,
you know, I could've sworn
she gave me the finger.
- Yeah well, Mr. Porterson
can I talk to you
for a minute?
- Let me check my diary.
Whoa, I think you can
talk with me for a minute.
Listen why don't
you call me Gerry?
- Okay.
- Say that, Gerry.
- Gerry.
- Well hi there.
(ominous music)
- Gerry.
- I expect you'd like an
iced tea wouldn't you?
- Sounds good.
- Yeah, come on inside.
(ominous music)
It's only instant
I'm afraid, but I put
a little bit of sugar in it for
you like you're not sweet - It's
enough, hey?
Well here down the hatch.
So, how is everything?
What's on your mind?
- We were given this
assignment in psychology class.
I'm just not sure how I'm
gonna go about doing it.
- Really?
- Yeah I mean I have an idea.
It just calls out
to me at every turn.
Even a few days ago I
tried just in a small way,
but it upset me.
I'm thinking that maybe it
wasn't with the right person,
and if it was with
the right person then,
it'd be different.
- What kind of assignment
are we talking here?
- I'm supposed to do something
I wouldn't normally do.
- Really? Do something you
wouldn't normally do,
I like the sound of that, I do.
I mean that opens up a whole
can of worms right there,
It's just like your
mom says, "You can do
"anything you want as long
as you make up your mind."
- Mr. Porterson.
- Gerry, Gerry.
- Right, Gerry.
(ominous music)
- Thanks.
- [Ella Voiceover] I
almost felt sorry for him.
- Hey baby, how was work?
I hope that jerk
Randolph didn't ask
for you number again.
Oh my God what happened?
I'm fine, mom.
Really I'm fine.
Listen mom,
I'm gonna go get cleaned
up, and then we'll eat.
Sound good?
- Okay.
(peaceful music)
- [Ella Voiceover] I wished
she were more proud of me.
I wished she understood
how big this was.
Her little girl was becoming
a woman before her eyes.
It was exhilarating.
With Sal, it was just a shock.
This time I got to enjoy it.
I felt my whole body quiver.
Lust, excitement.
- Good advice.
- [Gerald] I can teach you.
You can learn from me.
(tense music)
That wasn't very nice.
That's not funny.
- [Ella Voiceover] This is
what people talk about.
This was pleasure.
(tense music)
This was my coming of age.
(tense music)
(tense music)
(tense music) - Gerry
- Gerry
What happened with Gerald
changed everything.
I felt prepared to
go out with Daniel,
a woman ready to
take on the world.
(ominous music)
- [Chuck] You're wasting your
time reading that Proust, dude.
Nothing I've heard
has helped me get laid
except for instructions
on a box of condoms.
Trust me.
(phone ringing)
Are you even listening to me?
Daniel, bro are you
even listening to me?
- Hey dude.
- What?
What's going on, bro?
- She text, buddy.
Ella text, man.
- Wicked.
I can't wait to hear
about your Mormon date.
- Jack ass. - [Chuck] You're
still pregaming with me.
I already called
a bunch of people.
- That's nice.
- Yo, send the bitch a smiley.
Bitches love smileys.
- Thanks, bro.
- [Ella Voiceover] He
texted me a smiley face.
Nobody has able texted me a
smiley face except my mom.
I think I'm in love.
- Hey mom, I've been thinking.
I think it's time I quit
that ridiculous place.
I mean the work doesn't
really do much for me, and
everyone's still in high
school except for Randy.
Plus, I've got a full
time course load going on
with Talmont University.
I've outgrown it.
- Well you do have
a lot going on.
You want to watch a movie
tonight, but this time I get to
- Actually I was
planning on going out
with a few friends from class.
- Really, friends make a--
- Well rounded life.
- When I met your father--
- Mom, don't talk about him.
It only upsets you.
- You know me too well.
- I guess I do.
- [Ella Voiceover] I pitied her
at that moment more than ever
- So do you know what
you're gonna wear.
- [Ella Voiceover] It was for
her. - Remember that really cute
outfit I got
for my birthday last year?
I think I'm just gonna go with
that? - [Ella Voiceover] I was
her strength now.
- Oh honey, is there someone
there you're trying to impress?
- No, it's not even like that.
It's not even that intense.
- Okay Miss Fashionista, well
you have to go and get ready.
I'll clean up down here.
I've got all of this.
- You're the best, and I promise
one day soon, it'll be Hoosiers.
(sad music)
(ominous music)
- You know, I'm always going to
be with you no matter what
I believe in us.
I love you I always will.
We can still raise
this child together.
I'm thinking of Ella.
How far in you wanna go?
(ominous music)
- [Ella Voiceover] I felt
more beautiful than ever.
My first real date, and I
had a chance at happiness,
Of being normal.
And, then the urge came over me.
I needed the blood.
I needed to see it, and
smell it, and touch it.
I bet dad would've understood.
(sad music)
Mom knew and was
hiding it from me.
I didn't know why.
I was afraid to know.
- [Daniel] Chucky, where
the hell are my keys, man?
- I have no idea.
I don't drive.
You drive remember?
That's our thing.
- Fuck dude, you drink too much.
(dance music)
Oh my fucking God, are
you kidding me right now?
(dance music)
Anybody seen my fucking keys?
No, no keys?
Excuse me.
Chuck, I'm not fucking around.
I'm 45 minutes late.
She's gonna freak.
- Dan, I set you
up on this date.
Why would I take your keys?
(dance music)
- [Ella Voiceover]
Again, I was a fool.
I waited almost an
hour hoping he'd come.
I wanted to kill
every guy in the room,
and I held back for
him, for Danny.
That selfish asshole!
I was done holding back.
I needed to come out and play.
- [Man In T-Shirt] Yo man,
you see that hot piece of ass
staring at us?
- Bro, I need me to get a
piece of that right now, bro.
- Just fine, here
she comes, be cool.
- I know, man.
I've got dibs, she's mine.
- I think she's coming. I hope
you haven't brought no dibs.
Flap your wings, bro.
(club music)
- I can show you
exactly what you've been
- Oh my God, really?
Cool, cool.
- Do you have a
car or something?
- Yeah, I've got a car.
You lead the way.
(club music)
Baby, you are getting to
be the hottest rebound
that I have ever had.
- Guess, I am.
- Come on in.
Baby, how 'bout some music?
- Yeah whatever you want.
- Really?
(rock music)
Alright. Yeah, you sure?
- Yeah turn it up.
- Hey what was that?
- Protection.
Good thinking,
baby, good thinking.
(rock music)
(bloody squishing)
(rock music)
- [Ella Voiceover] I didn't even
give him a chance to get hard.
I wanted to ensure
that as much blood
as possible would
spill from his neck
before it blindly
rushed to his dick.
(rock music)
- Damn, that was fast.
What happened?
(club music)
- I hope you last longer.
(club music)
(club music)
- Ella?
Do you know what
time it is already?
And, you're covered
in blood again.
I have been waiting up
half the night for you
just to make sure
you get home safe
and to see how your night was.
What happened?
- It's a long story.
I got to the frat house,
and Daniel met me outside.
We head on inside
and grab a beer.
So we're just
having a good time.
And, some guy comes up to
Daniel, starts accusing him
of sleeping with
his ex or something.
Then Daniel flips out
and takes a swing at him.
So one of the Psi Eta guys
had a pocket knife on him
and stabs the guy and slashed
him right in the shoulder.
There was blood everywhere.
He should be fine though.
- Did you call the police?
- I'm sure Courtney
took care of it.
I just wanted to come home.
- Okay.
- All I want to do is just
get out of these clothes,
take a bath, and get to bed.
It's been a crazy night.
- [Ella's Mom] Baby?
- Yeah mom.
- You did everything right.
- [Ella Voiceover] My mother
told me that night what really
She loved my father, and
when he started to bring home
bodies, she did whatever
she could to protect him.
But, he got strange
when she got pregnant
as if terrified that his
urges would get transferred
to the baby, to me.
- [Ella's Mom] How far
in do you want to go.
- [Ella Voiceover] He took
her deep into the woods
to dispose of the bodies,
but what he really wanted
to dispose of was her.
- [Ella's Mom] A little
help here wouldn't hurt.
(ominous music)
(Thud) (Splashing)
- [Ella Voiceover] She
survived, and so did I.
That smack on the
head sure explains
a lot about her though
now that I think about it.
- You were perfect.
- [Ella Voiceover]
But more than that,
knowing about my dad
explains a lot about me.
That I was meant to be.
(sad music)
Best of all, she thinks
that he's still out there.
I had no choice but to embrace
what I have always been.
(tense music)
- [Dr. Douglas] I would imagine
the American Psychiatric
just wants to create as many
disorders as they possibly can.
With so many new and
improved mental disorders,
I couldn't help wondering
how many I might have.
Professor Douglas (chuckling)
has a few disorders.
(bell ringing)
Here's the handouts for
those who need them.
You know my hours.
- [Ella Voiceover]
All of them, idiots.
Daniel was pitiful.
Too weak to admit his
own douchebaggery.
If only they knew what I was.
Soon enough they would.
I was getting ready
to tell my story
and blow this assignment
out of the water.
- I'm gonna get an
A in your class.
- Really?
- [Ella Voiceover] Dr. Douglas
was going to be very proud.
- I guess we'll see about that.
(rock music)
- [Ella Voiceover] I was
thinking I'd start a guidebook
like a How-to which
knives are best,
which cuts bled out the most.
This was the most fun
assignment I'd ever gotten.
- Hey.
Do you mind if I sit down?
- I guess not.
- [Ella Voiceover] I
couldn't believe that Daniel
had the guts to confront
me after standing me up.
I didn't know what
it was about him.
Anyone else, I'd
have gutted by now.
- What are you working on?
- The assignment,
our psychology class.
- Yeah, I meant
we still have quite a bit of
time to finish that.
Why're you working
on it already?
- Because I just
want to get it done.
- Makes sense.
- Listen Ella, I'm really sorry
about-- - I don't really care.
(rock music)
- [Daniel] Okay, I'd really
like to make it up to you.
- How?
- I'd like to take
you for drinks.
Nobody's really doing anything.
- Alright but the drinks
are on you, Daniel.
- Yeah of course absolutely.
- Pick me up around
eight o'clock.
- Eight's good, absolutely.
- [Ella Voiceover] I didn't know
what I wanted to do with him
He's the only one I
couldn't figure out,
not like the other boys.
- Wear something nice.
- I've got it covered.
- That's yours.
(sad music)
- [Ella Voiceover] If my dad's
out there, I hope he's proud of
I wonder'd how many he's killed.
I wonder if he has his legacy
that will one day be discovered.
(tense music)
I couldn't wait for the day I no
longer had to hide any of this.
(tense music)
- Mom?
- Ella are you all right?
- I can't get the stains out.
- From the blood?
Were you using hot water?
- Yeah.
- You can't use hot
water on blood, honey.
Also this one is dry clean only.
- Shit.
- What did you want it
cleaned up so quickly for?
- I have another
date with Daniel.
It's my only nice dress,
and now it's ruined.
- Another date huh?
I hope this time it doesn't
end in a blood bath.
Why don't you borrow
one of my dresses.
I've got a couple of cool ones
from awhile ago when I was your
It may be a little retro though.
- From the '80s?
- Yeah retro is cool now, right?
It's not that bad, is it?
Here at least give me
a chance to show you
what I have maybe you can
make some of this work.
Believe me honey
I can put you something
that shows just as much.
The one thing that's timeless
is a man's response to curves.
- I guess it's worth a shot.
- I used to knock
'em dead in my day.
- That makes two of us.
(tense music)
- Wow.
Ella you look amazing.
- Thanks Daniel, you clean
up pretty nice yourself.
- Thanks.
- Oh my God, Daniel
are you all right?
- Excuse me, mam?
- Ella told me what
happened the other night.
That must've been terrible.
- Yeah, it was terrible.
It was really bad.
- But, you seem to be a quick
healer so thank God for that,
- Well look at the time. Thanks
mom, but we really need to get
- Ella, can we just have a quick
word with you privately please?
(tense music)
Believe in yourself honey.
- I know.
- You can be the very best.
Your father never
believed in me,
never believed in either of us.
- Mom, I really gotta go.
- And, I would appreciate
it if you were home
a little earlier tonight yes?
- Don't worry I promise.
Daniel will make sure.
- Yes.
Your daughter's in safe hands.
- [Ella Voiceover] I was
in safe hands, my own.
I wondered who was watching
out for Daniel tonight.
She knew that the only
one in danger was him.
- [Daniel] So what was your
mom talking about back there?
- [Ella] Don't worry about it.
- [Daniel] Well I mean
it involved me didn't it?
- Yeah well I got home super
late and wasted the other night.
I had to give her an excuse so.
- There first thing that
came to mind was me?
- You got beat up in the story.
- At least I know you're
thinking about me.
- I have been. You don't
have to worry about that.
- [Ella Voiceover]
Let the fun begin.
- Though I'm not
crazy about the whole
coming home really
late, plastered thing,
and I hate to preach.
So you live with your mom
still, huh? That's cool.
- Yeah, well I
actually grew up here.
- Really?
No way I grew up here.
You didn't go to
Talmont High, did you?
I don't remember
seeing you there.
- Did you keep your eye out
for all the younger girls?
- No, no, no
thankfully Chucky does enough of
that for everyone.
- Yeah well I was
actually home schooled.
Living at home isn't
actually the hard part.
It's having to deal with
everyone who's moved on
and think I can't.
- Yeah that's fair.
Our school offered me
a lacrosse scholarship.
- [Ella Voiceover] What
was happening to me?
- But, I don't see myself
staying here forever.
- So where we headed.
- There's a really
nice hotel bar.
You know what you probably know
it. It's called the Well View.
- Nice I'm excited.
- Oh and the best part, my
brother's old roommate's
the bartender, so we're
not getting ID'ed.
- Better still.
- [Ella Voiceover] As we pulled
up, another sensation came over
The desire to
actually go on a date.
The date I have been yearning
for, a chance to be normal.
(tense music)
- Gen. Ed's leaving
absolutely no breathing room
and all the extra classes
and trying to keep the GPA up
and staying focused on the team.
Did you play any
sports in high school?
- No, advanced couch potato.
- Nice.
Any hobbies or
extra curriculars?
- One, I don't really
like to talk about it
at least not yet.
It gets me out of the house.
- You look really great.
I used to fantasize
about meeting a girl
like that in college.
- Okay.
- I mean unintentionally creepy.
I'm sorry about that.
What I meant was
they inspired me.
- Inspired you to jerk off?
- What?
No, no.
They reminded me, you
remind me of them.
- So you're gonna jerk
off thinking of me?
- So your mom she's
pretty cool, eh?
She's a bit on the eccentric
side. I mean cool though.
Where's your dad?
- He's not a part of this.
- This?
What is this?
- [Ella Voiceover] Part of
me wanted to open up to him,
another part thought it'd
be simpler to filet him.
- Look
I'm just trying to learn a
little bit more about you.
I think you're a really,
really interesting girl,
and I really want to
get to know you better.
No, hidden agendas, no
mixed messages, honest.
I really like you.
- I think it's about time you
take me back to your place.
- Right.
- [Chuck] Hey what
are you doing here?
- [Ella Voiceover] Just hearing
his voice made me want to take
out the knife.
- Chucky,what the fuck man?
- Yo man, nice!
- Awesome, listen Chuck,
we're gonna take off, okay?
- Yeah we should go.
- Hey you're looking
pretty nice tonight.
The girls and me are thinking
about checking out the lake.
You coming?
- Uh-uh, no. We're on our
way out, right Ella?
- You know what it doesn't
really matter to me.
- Your're awesome.
These are on you.
- So not many people
here at night.
- No, it probably
wouldn't be so romantic
if it was as packed
as Fenway, right?
- It's not like come
here all the time.
I thought you came here
all the time. - Me?
- What Chuck is trying to say is
you're really pretty.
I bet you get asked out a lot.
- Smooth Daniel.
No seriously, Astroglide smooth.
- Would you two shutup!
I've got yoga in the morning. -
[Ella Voiceover] I admit that I
was confused.
- [Chuck] I got a slow dance
chubby just looking at you.
- - [Ella Voiceover] This
would've been perfect.
All four of them slaughtered
like the pigs they were.
But, I couldn't do it.
I just liked him.
- Holy shit.
(sad music)
What are you thinking about?
- I most definitely know
what you're thinking about.
- Ella no, it's not like that.
We're having a good time.
Fuck me.
- [Chuck] Fuck her Daniel.
It's all the same in back.
- What the fuck is
wrong with you, man?
- She's just a weird
bitch, take Courtney.
- Chucky, I gotta,
I'm going after her.
- Take Courtney.
- [Courtney] You dick.
- I'm going after her.
(ominous music)
- One sec. baby, I'm just
gonna go for a quick pee.
- No problem.
I'll be right here.
(ominous music)
(metallic sliding)
(ominous music)
- Holy shit!
What are you doing?
- Don't come any closer, Daniel.
- Ella, what's going on?
Why the fuck do
you have a knife?
Are you okay?
Did somebody try and hurt you?
- Yes, no, I don't know.
I've done some things.
- Ella, please I just
need you to understand.
I would never to anything
that you didn't want to do.
It wasn't my intention.
I'm not good at this stuff.
- You don't understand, Daniel!
- Oh my God, I can't believe it!
Gerald's dead.
That's the last of the
pruned roses I'll ever get.
- What are you staring at?
- He's gone forever.
(siren blaring)
Poor Gerald.
- What?
Just like on TV.
He must've gone awhile ago.
I haven't noticed him eyeing me
recently pretending to prune his
Still poor guy.
No one to notice him dying.
(squishing) All alone in
this cruel, cruel world.
Are you okay, sweetheart?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- [Ella Voiceover] For a moment,
I thought I felt remorse.
Someone real
is gone because of me, a person
with a life and a past.
But, then I realized
that the feeling
wasn't remorse at all.
It was excitement.
I had purpose.
I never felt better, and I
wanted to feel it again and
(electronic music)
(electronic music)
(electronic music)
(electronic music)
(electronic music)
But, something was missing.
(phone ringing)
(ominous music)
- Hey what's up, babe?
- [Ella] Daniel,
are you at home?
- Yeah, I'm home.
- [Ella] Is it all
right if I come over?
- Yeah, what time
were you thinking?
I'm just finishing up my paper.
One sec!
Shit, no, not you.
I got, somebody's at the,
I'm coming just
give me one second.
(sloow rock music)
Hey how'd you get here so fast?
Come in.
Are you okay?
Do you want some water?
Ella, everybody's done something
that they're not proud of.
It's human nature.
Nobody's perfect.
- I've been going out at night.
It started with Dr. Douglas.
He sent me.
So I did it to this
creep at the club
and my neighbor Gerald,
and then there were
these two guys I met at a club,
and it just got out
of control from there.
- Do you like the things
that you've been doing?
- [Ella] I did at first.
Sometimes it just
makes me so happy.
I always end it
feeling empty inside.
- [Daniel] Ella. - No, Daniel
you don't understand.
- [Daniel] I know I don't
understand, but I'm trying.
I'm really trying to understand.
- [Ella Voiceover] I can't stand
being in my head anymore, I'm
- I think I have to just have
to try something more normal.
(rock music)
- [Ella Voiceover] Fine
so a good, solid dry hump
wasn't technically
a loss of virginity,
but it was close.
(rock music)
(heavy breathing)
(rock music)
(rock music)
- Wow.
Do you feel anymore normal now?
- I don't think I'll
ever feel normal.
But, I'm okay with that.
(rock music)
- You know I don't always
feel normal either.
- Really?
- Yeah.
My dad left us almost
10 years ago now.
Yeah he moved more than 30
miles away, never saw him again.
He's got a new family and all.
- Do you ever think about
doing anything about that?
- Yeah, the guy's a
class act asshole.
What are you gonna do, right?
Yell at him, hit him?
- I can think of a few things.
- [Ella Voiceover] I realized
then that I was never going to
but at least, I can
kill with a purpose.
Daniel and I were a team now.
And, I would do
anything for him.
- You know I was just
making my Christmas list
and psycho bitch with
a knife wasn't on it.
You don't have to be here.
You can turn around
and walk away.
- Whoa, Whoa, whoa
You're not gonna say that
shit in my classroom,
in this university,
not gonna happen.
You understand?
You're taking it too far.
- [Ella] Excuse me?
- Excuse you? There is no
excuse for what you're saying!
- I followed your
instructions to the letter.
Sir, I deserve an A.
- An A?
Guess what you deserve
to fail for the semester.
You just shut up.
Shut up!
We got a very serious
situation here obviously.
I need everybody to clear out.
Let's go.
Let's make it fast.
Don't you move.
Come here.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Let me wrap my head around this.
I'm supposed to believe that
this is all true, is that it?
What is this your workbook?
- It isn't fiction.
- Oh my God.
You think I'm gonna let you
bring this university down to
its knees?
You know the wreckage that
you've caused in people's lives
if this is even possibly true?
- So you called me to talk.
What to tell me
I've been deviant?
- Deviant?
Give me that fucking thing?
What is this the murder weapon?
Baby, you're done!
You want me to believe
you killed 17 people?
- One by one.
- I'm done with this
whole stinking mess.
Take your little toy.
Enjoy your freedom
while you have it, baby.
(ominous music)
- [Ella Voiceover] And, here we
are back to where we started.
I will not walk out
of here ashamed.
I am a hero.
I'm the lady psycho killer
of everyone's dreams.
- [Detective]
Freeze, do not move.
Put the weapon down now.
- [Ella Voiceover] My name's
Ella. It means goddess.
- [Policeman] Sir,
please stand back, sir.
Sir, stand back sir.
Sir, please stand back.
- [Ella Voiceover] Poor Daniel.
I should've told him.
- I gotta get to her!
- [Ella Voiceover] But, now he
has to share me and my legacy
with the world.
- Ella.
Ella, what's going on?
Ella, where are they taking you?
Ella, what's going on?
Where are they taking you?
- [Ella] Of course I do haven't
you seen what I left around
I mean the first one
was an accident.
- Stop
- And, then I needed again.
And, then there was Gerald who
I practically served to you
although it took you guys
forever to find him. - Enough.
Cause I've had it.
I have no time to waste with
you and your fantasy bullshit.
While we've been
babysitting you,
whoever is killing people,
got another one yesterday.
- Same MO, male victim,
multiple stab wounds.
- You're free to go.
I tell you you need
professional help.
- [Ella Voiceover] Daddy?
Could it be?
I never thought I'd say this,
but I can feel him out there.
- You don't understand, Daniel.
- [Ella Voiceover]
Looking out for me.
He always tried to
protect me, and now he is.
(ominous music)
Don't worry this is for real.
I don't want to hurt Daniel.
The only thing I want to
stab him with is my tongue.
I think I'm in love.
- Where do you want to go?
- Let me drive.
(ominous music)
- Hi sweetheart, ready to go?
- So where are we going?
- It's time for
us to find my dad.
(country rock music)
- I'm still a virgin.
(country rock music)