Lady Usher (2021) Movie Script

Another afternoon
with Roderick?
Did you tell him?
You have to tell him.
I think I'm falling for him.
This is a college crush.
Well, what if it isn't?
You have to tell him.
This isn't something
can wait until the
last minute with.
I know.
He has a right to know Morgan.
I think I actually have
like serious,
serious feelings for him.
Then he absolutely
has a right to know.
Plans have to be made.
This is going to affect him too.
You're right.
Going to Paris next
semester is the right choice.
Yeah, golly-jeepers,
I've never been to Europe,
I can hardly wait.
Just tell him, okay?
Paris isn't going anywhere.
I'm just saying, what if...
Don't you fucking say it!
Ahh, you are not gonna postpone
Paris for this nerd.
Like I said, Paris isn't going
You are not going to give up
your scholarship for this
goofball mama's boy.
Don't call him that.
He's a rich mama's boy who
studies literature.
He-he's studying to be a
Of literature. It's boring.
Okay, this is a college crush!
You guys are going to graduate
and go your separate ways.
It's inevitable.
What if I really love him?
Get over it!
Get over it and go to Paris?
Who knows, you might want
to have a French
boyfriend for a while.
Yeah, and then what?
Live your fucking life.
I don't know.
It's fun, college is supposed
to be fun and games.
You know?
Yeah, and studying, and degrees.
Okay, you know what I mean.
Besides, what are
you gonna do
follow him around while he
tries to find a teaching job?
I might.
And what are you going to do?
Fuck, I don't know.
Holy shit Morgan!
How many times have you
told me about your dad baking
pastries his
whole life-
- Liz -
- so that you could go to school?
Liz, do not guilt trip
me like that.
You were handed a scholarship to
go to Paris for Christ's sake.
Fuck. I don't know
what I'm gonna do.
Well, first of all...'re going
to take a shower.
Cuz I say this with peace and
love, you have serious B.O.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
...damn, I am sorry.
It's okay.
Second...'re going to
study and get through finals.
Like you said, Paris
isn't going anywhere
and neither is
You're gonna enjoy the rest of
your semester.
Spend the break with your boy
and then jet off to Europe.
You know I'm right.
C'est la vie! Eh eh eh.
I know, you're right.
One thing at a time.
But you have to tell him.
I'll tell him.
Yeah! Yeah, I'll-I'm uh, I'm
gonna tell him.
I'll just tell him.
You know what though?
You're the best roomie ever.
Eh, that's true. Okay...
Okay, yeah you know, you reek.
Oh yeah, sorry.
- Kay...
- I'm going to take a shower now.
Yeah, good.
Hey, while you're at it...
...mnage... mnage moi.
No. No, no you did
not just say that.
I did.
- I did.
- Okay, well I'm gonna go now.
Concentrate on yourself.
Self love!
- Mmm-hmm. Mmm-Kay.
- A lot of it.
Self love. Self love.
I des...
I deserve self love.
Hey Babe, you're late.
What's wrong?
I, um...
I have some bad news.
What is it?
Is everything okay?
My father... is sick.
That's terrible.
He hasn't been well for,
for quite a while now.
I had no idea.
I mean, you never really
talk about your father.
I suppose combinations
of simple bits
of information can create
emotional responses.
I really do not care
much for father.
He's always been
sickly and more of
a patient in a hospital ward we
call his room.
He can only eat certain foods.
I was always too
loud as a child.
He's prone to shy
away from the light.
He would always flinch when
I tried to touch him.
I... don't want to bother you
with the particulars.
Nevertheless, he has an acute
bodily illness, of which I'm
sure is more
mental than physical.
So, is he really sick or is
he a hypochondriac?
This time, he is near death,
so my mother tells me.
I'm so sorry.
What are you going to do?
Mother needs me.
I have to leave and go back
home for a little while.
- When?
- Now.
This evening, actually.
But what about school?
What about finals?
I've spent the day
speaking with professors.
Some will let me use homework
assignments and quizzes for
class grades.
But that's gonna
affect your GPA.
Ah well, what can I do?
But you've been working so hard.
It's not the end of the world.
I'll re-take some
courses if I must.
Are you sure you have to go?
Mother insists.
She's really not allowing for
any hesitation.
How long will you be gone?
Probably through the semester
break I should imagine.
It's hard to say really.
Roderick... I... um...
I have something-
It's alright sweetheart, um... don't have
to say anything.
I'll be alright.
I'll call you when I get
there tonight, okay?
I couldn't
fucking tell him, Liz!
His father is literally dying!
What was I supposed to say?
Hey, I'm breaking up with you?
Don't look at as breaking up.
And now he's going home!
He's going home, all alone,
and he's going there to... his father die!
That's a little dramatic.
By the time...
...his dad is dead and buried
he's going
to be coming back next
and I'm going to be in, in
fucking Paris!
Or in Paris fucking.
You'll be okay.
That's not what you said!
You'll be in Paris!
I said you'll be in Paris.
Listen he said he'd call
you, just tell him then.
Over the phone?
I can't tell him over the phone.
Like, how messed up is that?
Sorry your dad's dying,
but I'm gonna be
going to fucking France!
You should have told him sooner.
No shit Liz!
I'm sorry.
No...'s my fault. I should
have told him sooner.
I was just scared he was gonna
like breakup with
me or something.
You don't know that.
He's not going to be able to
handle this Liz.
You don't know that either.
He seems like a strong person.
You just think he's some
goofball, geeky,
nerdy guy. You don't know him.
Geeky nerdy guys
can handle a lot...
...can't they?
He's reserved, ya know?
He comes from
like some ancient family,
who has like a certain
temperament, and...
like they're the kind of family
that donates to charity.
into the arts.
He's not really a strong man...
you know? He's...
...he's sensitive.
I have an idea.
I know you're upset...
...but just hear me out.
I'm your friend, right?
I think you need a break
tonight, okay?
And starting fresh in the
morning, hit the books.
Concentrate on
your studies, the finals.
I say this with peace and love,
you need to get through this.
This is a hiccup.
Everything's going
to be fine, right?
Then, after finals, go see him.
Go see him?
Yeah. Go out there.
Be there for him.
Meet his family.
Meet his mother.
Lord knows you need to get along
with his mom if you're actually
falling for this goofball.
No, but it'll be good for the
both of you.
You can tell him about Paris and
you guys can make a plan for
when you get back from Europe.
It's okay, everything is fine.
Yeah, I think I did pretty well.
I mean, I'm you know,
just trying to stay positive.
I mean, I studied as hard as I
could and now we just wait for
the grades to be posted.
How's your dad?
When I called you
a couple of days ago,
I said he was up but very weak.
I think he's gotten worse.
The doctor is here and plans
to stay until the end.
This might sound
a little morbid, but...
Does the doctor know
when the end might be?
No, not really.
I suppose it could be days,
weeks, or hours.
Who knows when
the bell will toll?
I miss you.
I miss you too babe.
How 'bout I come up there?
Up here?
Cause I wanna be there for you?
I don't need you here.
Mmm, I think you do,
you just don't know it.
I don't think it's a good idea.
I can meet your family.
You don't want to introduce me
to your family?
No, no, I-I-I do.
I just...
I just don't think
now is the best time.
It's the perfect time actually.
I can be there for you,
support you, you know?
That's... really kind of you...
And there's something
else we need to talk about.
I'd rather not say
over the phone.
Is everything alright?
Of course. I'd just rather
talk about it in person.
About what?
Next semester...
...just wanna plan some things.
Can it wait?
Look, my last final's tomorrow,
classes end next week.
There's nothing here for me.
May as well make my way up
there so I can spend
more time with you.
I just... I don't
think it's a good idea.
Well, will you at
least think about it?
I'll think about it.
So he said he misses you but he
doesn't think that it's a good
idea for you to come out?
But he didn't say no,
don't come out?
Okay, just that he
doesn't think that it's
a good idea, but that
he'd think about it?
Yeah, you should definitely go.
- Right?
- Yeah.
You should go today!
We think so much alike!
I already bought a ticket.
Can you take me
to the train station?
- Absolutely!
- Let's go.
- How's this one?
- Mmm, yeah.
- Yeah?
- It's good.
Thanks so much for everything.
Of course.
I'm probably not going to see
you before you leave for France.
I wanted to give you this.
Oh, what is this?
It's a wallet silly.
It's just for some euros for
taxis, airports, whatever.
You don't wanna carry
too much cash around.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, of course. You're welcome.
Well, keep in touch okay.
And let me know if there are any
cute guys cause I'll fly
over and join you.
Oh yeah, definitely.
You can have a mad tryst!
Yes, You know it.
Okay. Well...
I gotta go.
Awe, I'm gonna cry.
No, seriously don't. It's not
like you're never going
to see me again.
I better see you again!
We're hanging out big
time when you get back.
I want juicy stories.
Take care of yourself.
Say hi to the mama's boy for me.
Oh, I will.
Be safe!
Track 23. Now boarding.
Track 23.
No thanks.
I'm good.
I didn't think I could get a
lift out here, do you get a lot
of business?
Yeah sure.
Make plenty drivin'
folks around the city.
So there's a lot to
do out here then?
Not really.
Are you from here?
Born and bred.
Do you know the Ushers?
Know of them.
You here on account of
Mister Usher fallin' ill?
I'm dating his son.
His son?
Thought the
boy went off to college.
Yeah. That's where we met.
Good thing he
got out of that house.
Ushers have owned
most of the land around here.
Have for several generations.
- Here we are.
- Um.
Can't you just drive me all the
way up to the house?
This is as far as I go.
You never answered my question.
Why is it good that
Roderick left the house?
Kids should grow up,
get out on their own.
Don't you agree?
I suppose so.
May I help you?
Hi! I'm Morgan Segal.
I'm Roderick's girlfriend.
Is he at home?
Roderick's girlfriend?
You must mean from college.
Yeah, that's right.
Of course... Uh...
I wasn't told to expect anyone.
It's kind of a surprise.
Roderick wasn't expecting me.
I see.
Well, you've come
at an awkward time.
I know. I know,
Roderick's father is sick.
Which is exactly
why I wanted to come.
I wanted to come to
support him, you know?
During this
really difficult time.
Yes, of course.
Come in.
Are you an Usher?
No. I'm the butler, Vincent.
Vincent Ellerbe.
Very nice to meet you
Mister Ellerbe.
Um, it's really dark in here,
I'm kind of afraid to move
around. I don't want
to bump into anything.
Mister Usher is
very sensitive to the light.
We must keep the drapes closed.
...we must allow our eyes to
get used to the dark.
But I assure you, there is...
nothing to be afraid of.
If you'll wait here, I'll let
Master Roderick
know you've arrived.
Master Roderick.
Master Roderick...
Miss Segal.
Master Roderick.
Thank you Vincent. You may
dispense with the protocol.
She's a personal friend.
Very good sir.
Have a seat.
What are you doing here?
Well, it's good to see you too,
Master Roderick.
Don't call me that.
Don't worry.
Master anything hasn't been used
in my family for generations.
It's not like that.
It's a prefix for a young
gentleman of the better class
who is not yet enough
to be called mister.
And there you go mansplainin'
again. I'm just teasing you.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm... kind of on edge.
I know.
That's exactly why I'm here.
To help calm you
down, center you.
It's very thoughtful of you to
come all this way but I told you
it wasn't a good idea.
Do you think I
want you here with my... father being sick?
Listen babe...
...whether you realize it or
you need me here.
If we're going to be in a
serious relationship,
it's exactly times like this
that we need to be there for one
It's very thoughtful of you.
But I have to warn you,
your stay might be a bit...
How so?
I didn't know
we were expecting visitors.
Mother, I would like to
introduce you to a friend
from school, Morgan Segal.
Morgan... mother, Lady Usher.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Never be the first to offer your
hand to be shaken when being
introduced to
the lady of the house.
Instead, you must
wait for the hostess to
offer her hand to you.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
I'm just fooling with you.
Ahh, one thing's for sure,
you'll have to get used to the
Usher sense of humor.
For sure.
Well...'s always nice to meet a
friend of Roderick's.
Girl-friend, actually.
Girl-friend? Really?
I didn't know.
Maybe you just slipped his mind.
I was going to tell you.
Of course you were.
I know you wouldn't keep
something as important as a
girl-friend from your mother.
With everything going on
I'm sure it...
It... you said, it must've
just slipped his mind.
Don't make excuses for him.
No, of course not. I-
Of course not.
Now then...
...did you take the train?
I did.
Well, you must be
tired from your trip.
I am a little.
Dinner will be
served in an hour and a half.
Vincent will show you to your
room where you can freshen up.
Bath and shower are down the
hall, do dress for dinner
and we'll see you back down here
in an hour for cocktails.
You're not a teetotaler,
are you?
No ma'am.
Good. If there's one thing I
detest; it is the practice and
promotion of complete personal
abstinence from alcohol.
No ma'am. I drink.
Well, you're not a lush are you?
No. No ma'am.
She's a very
responsible drinker mother.
Vincent, please show our
guest to her room.
Yes madam.
There are cocktail dresses in
the closet, do help yourself.
I'm sure you have wonderful
taste and won't disappoint.
I can show her to her room.
Vincent knows
his place in this house.
Please respect his title.
Of course.
This way please.
When were you going to tell me
about this
little girl-friend of yours?
I, I, I... How long have
you been seeing her?
A few months.
And you haven't said a word?!
As madam said, cocktails in one
hour, dinner
thirty minutes after.
Dresses in the closet.
I believe they are
in the right size.
Um, Vincent...
Roderick didn't
know I was coming.
How is it you already have
dresses for me?
You're not the first guest in
the House of Usher.
I see.
Roderick's had other
girl-friends here.
No miss.
You are Master
Roderick's first guest...
Oh my God, you scared me.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
You look amazing.
Thank you.
Who is the artist?
That would be my
very talented son.
I'm impressed.
- You should be.
- Thank you.
There is a darkness to them.
Don't get me wrong,
I do love the art. But...
...they just seem
a little dark to me.
Well, if you knew my son,
you'd know how dark he can be.
I guess I only know the happy,
light side of Roderick.
We all have two sides...
Don't we Miss Segal?
I suppose.
Will your father be joining us?
No, he's too sick.
You'll get to meet
my brother Gordon.
You have a brother?
What else don't
I know about you?
Good evening all.
Ah, Doctor Phillips,
Miss Morgan... Segal.
Miss... Segal.
Doctor Phillips has been our
family physician for many years.
And his father before him.
Isn't that right Doctor?
Our families do indeed have
a long history together.
Miss Segal, on the other hand,
has been Roderick's girl-friend
for only a few months.
Apparently they met in college.
Met my first wife in college.
Married ten years. Decade.
And she disappeared.
Left one day
without saying a word.
How is our patient
this evening Doctor?
As well as can be expected.
He's resting comfortably.
Resting comfortably.
I hope we can all expect to rest
comfortably on our death bed.
To resting comfortably.
Mother, that's a rather
ghastly thing to say.
On the contrary,
I'm completely sincere.
And why not? He deserves to rest
comfortably before he passes on!
To... resting comfortably.
It's so sad your father has to
go through all this at such
a young age.
Oh, he's not that young.
I guess I just assumed he was
because your mother is so young.
Uh, Father is one
hundred years old.
Your father is a hundred?
And your mother is?
She's forty-five.
It... it's weird, I know.
And you're...
Do the math.
So. Your father was
when you were born?
- And your mother was...
- Twenty-four.
Dinner is served.
This looks delicious Vincent.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Morgan, this is my
older brother Gordon.
Can you say hello Gordon?
Gordon got new gloves today.
He keeps the grounds.
Actually, he grew those flowers
over there.
They're very pretty.
Yes, thank you.
So. Miss Segal-
Morgan, you can call me Morgan.
As our special guest this
evening, perhaps you'd like to
say grace.
A blessing before dinner.
Pick something from the Bible.
Please don't put Morgan
on the spot like this.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize I was putting
someone on the spot. I...
...simply thought she might
like to say grace.
Maybe she's religious.
I wouldn't know because you
haven't told me
anything about her.
It's okay Roderick.
I can say grace.
No, Mother is teasing again.
Aren't you... Mother?
I am not teasing.
Pick something from the Bible.
Anytime dear.
"And when he had opened the
seventh seal, there was silence
in heaven about the space of
half an hour-"
Good lord, not Revelations!
Pick something else.
"And when he learned that Jesus
was to be crucified...
Judas attempted to return the
money he had been paid for
his betrayal and...
...attempted suicide by
And we're done!
You sure know how to pick 'em.
Aaaaaa mennnnnnn.
I'm sorry, I'm really
not very religious.
No it's... it's okay.
It's okay.
Roderick used to be.
You should have
seen him as a little boy...
his little hands pressed
...his head bowed in prayer.
Come on!
Let me hear it!
Let me hear you say it!
Let me hear you say you
love the baby Jesus!
But not anymore.
I tried to raise
him as a good Catholic.
Tried to instill
all the holy sacraments.
The Ushers have been good
Catholics for generations.
Isn't that right Mother?
When was the last time you
went to confession?
That's between me and God.
I believe religion is a matter
that should be personal.
Between the person and their...
god... of... choice.
What about you Doctor Phillips?
I don't believe
you're a man of faith.
I'm a man of science Lady Usher.
Here! Here!
To science!
That dress needs a shawl.
Too much skin.
Yes madam.
And pass the asparagus.
So, Morgan...
Since my son has failed to
tell us anything about you...
...perhaps you could tell
us about yourself.
Well, I'm from Indiana
Ah, the Hoosier state.
Yes sir, home of James Dean.
And Michael Jackson.
Yes ma'am.
Both my parents
were born and raised.
My mother was a maid.
My father's a baker.
Good hard-working people.
I knew it.
Yes ma'am.
Your father's a baker.
He specializes in pastries
Does he? Is he any good?
Oh, the best in Muncie.
Well then, I'm sure you'll give
Vincent here an honest opinion
of your desserts.
Oh, yes ma'am.
Your mother was a maid you said,
what does she do now?
She's passed.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
So you've experienced
the death of a parent then?
Yes, ma'am, I have.
I'm sure, that's why you felt
the need to be here for my son.
I suppose so.
I just thought he could use
a friend at a time like this.
A girl-friend you mean.
You made it clear earlier that
you are here as his girl-friend.
- Mother.
- What son?
Are you teasing
again Mrs. Usher?
No, Morgan. I'm not teasing.
I'd simply like a little
information about my son
and his girlfriend's
I'd like you to
clarify the question.
You came here
tonight as his girl-friend...
It's okay.
Yes Roderick. It's okay.
I came here, Mrs. Usher...
to be of comfort and solace
for my boy-friend during this
difficult time.
You see.
She's more than capable of
answering the question herself.
She's a very capable woman.
To capable women.
She's too good for you.
How did you two meet?
We met at a party.
A party?
And here I thought I sent
you off to college to study.
Did you go home with him?
No ma'am.
He was quite charming though.
Weren't you?
He walked me back to my dorm
to make sure I was safe.
Very charming.
Very chivalrous.
I taught you well.
You having sex?
You okay?
Yes. Thank you.
- Well?
- Mother! That's enough!
I would like some information
about my son and his
girl-friend's relationship!
Then ask me!
Are you having
sex with this girl?
It's none of your business!
And even if it was it certainly
isn't a conversation to have at
the dinner table!
You'll do well to mind your
place in this house, son.
I will decide what is and is not
appropriate to discuss at my
dinner table!
Perhaps a different topic of
conversation would suit you
better, hmmm?
Do I make myself clear?
Yes ma'am.
...judging by the
response to my query,
I will assume the affirmative.
Are you using protection?
- Yes, Mrs. Usher.
- Morgan -
It's okay.
We don't need
any heirs to this house.
We are using protection.
If not, perhaps Doctor Philips
here can give you an exam and
prescribe something.
He's done well
by me for many years.
I have two sons and...
Well. and a half.
Pass the salt dear.
You're welcome
to stay the night
but I think it would
be best for all,
if you left first thing in
the morning.
Have I offended you?
- Morgan...
- No.
I think I'm owed an explanation.
You came here unannounced.
Uninvited, I might add.
Roderick told you it
wasn't a good time to come
and yet you came anyway.
Now, I understand you feel that
by being here you're doing him
I can take care of my son.
I think you came here for
selfish reasons-
- I only-
- Ahhh!
You asked for an
explanation Miss Segal,
I'm giving it to you.
You came to this house of your
own accord,
knowing that this was an
extremely difficult time and
yet you gave no thought as to
how your presence would
affect our household!
My husband, Mister Usher,
Roderick's father,
lies in his bed dying.
Frankly, Miss Segal, you have
shown poor judgement,
your timing is simply dreadful,
and I will not mention your
lack of social etiquette!
Frankly, you are not
welcome in my house...
At this time.
I'm sure if things were
...under different
circumstances... would be fine.
I, I heard yelling!
Roderick, give me a hand!
You see Miss Segal?!
I'm sure you'd agree, that
it would be best if you left...
...first thing in the morning.
Ahhhh... Ahhhh.
Fuck that bitch.
You okay?
How's your father?
He's resting now.
Poor thing.
I really didn't think we
were being that loud.
He's very susceptible to noise.
To anything really. It's his...
...morbid acuteness of the
It's part of his illness...
...his mental illness.
What about Gordon?
He'll be fine.
I told you it would be
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
Your mother does
not like me, does she?
My mother is...
What does that mean?
It means she can be a little...
A little?
I'm sorry she embarrassed you.
I think she embarrassed
you more than me.
Ah, no. I'm used to it.
Has it always been that way?
Uh. In a way.
I think it has become more
concentrated due to my father's
Sorry you had to meet my father
that way. Kind of a...
...grand entrance.
Scared the shit out of me.
I just wish I
could take it all back.
This whole evening. I wouldn't
want you to only have a sick old
man as your image of him.
I won't.
Maybe, you could show
me pictures or something.
That's a good idea.
In the morning.
But your mother wants
me gone in the morning.
First thing she said.
I'll speak to her.
That's the last thing I want to
do is get in-between you and
your mother.
My mother can
be very strong willed.
We've been
through a lot together.
I've got an idea.
Read me something.
Read me one of your books.
Any of them. Just pick one.
When our two souls
stand up erect and strong...
Face to face, silent...
...drawing nigh and nigher.
Until the lengthening wings
break into fire at either curved
What bitter wrong can the earth
do to us, that we should not
long be here contented?
In mounting higher, the angels
would press on us and aspire to
drop some golden orb
of perfect song into our deep,
dear silence.
Let us stay
rather on earth, beloved...
where the unfit contrarious
moods of men recoil away and
isolate pure spirits...
and permit a place to
stand and love in for a day...
...with darkness and the
death-hour rounding it.
- What?
- Did?
- What?
- Did you just call me... mother?
I, no...
I- I-I... didn't.
Did I?
No, I, I said Morgan.
I'm pretty sure just you called
me mother.
No. I don... I don't think I did.
No, I... I... I didn't.
Okay boo.
I'm just gonna chalk this up
to, it's been a really long
fucking day...
...I'm just gonna
go back to my room.
Morgan, please...
No, no, no it's,
it's okay. Just...
I'll see you in the morning.
Morgan... I, I...
What the fuck?
Lady Usher?
Welcome to my house.
Have you seen her?
Are you alright Mr. Usher?
You haven't seen her then?
She's there!
Come, come!
See, see for yourself!
I'm sorry Mister Usher,
I don't see anyone there.
Let's just get you back to bed.
I'm Morgan.
Don't worry,
you've had a long day.
Let's just get you back to bed.
Get you resting.
Oh, please... don't let the
blankets touch my skin.
I'm so sorry.
Is that okay?
I must see my daughter.
I must speak to her.
I don't think I've
met her yet, Mr. Usher.
Can I... call the
doctor or your wife?
Ah. No. I've suffered enough.
I want to see Madeline.
Well. Everyone's asleep.
It's really late, Mister Usher.
I'll see what I can do first
thing in the morning but for
now you need to rest.
I dread...
...the events of the future.
Not the future themselves but...
...rather the results.
Should I get call doctor?
No, I shudder at the thought
of any incident... matter how trivial.
All of this...
agitation to my soul.
I believe that
the period will arrive...
...when I must abandon...
...this life...
...and reason
with the grim phantasm.
You'll be fine Mister Usher.
That won't happen anytime soon.
The gloom...
...that has inflicted my
heart... more natural...
...and more
palpa-palpable of origin.
My decease will be welcome...
...with a bitterness...
...that the
last of the Ushers... near.
You're not the
last of the Ushers.
There's Roderick.
Well, perhaps...
...when he's grown... adult...
...he will carry on
the House of Usher.
...I fear...
...that the disease...
...and the evil of the family...
...shall follow him.
What disease?
A host of unnatural
...of which I've long suffered.
Morbid acuteness of senses.
Even of food alone is endurable.
I must wear certain
garments of fabric.
Odors oppress me.
My eyes are tormented...
...with even the faintest light.
Res-ponding sounds... me...
...with horror.
What this family needs... new blood.
Or this un-godly disease...
...will pass on and pass down.
I'm afraid my daughter...
...has already
passed it down to her son.
This apathy...
...the gradual waste...
...and the decay of this house.
In the greenest of our valleys,
By good angels tenanted,
Once a fair and stately palace-
Radiant palace-
...reared its head.
In the monarch's
thought's dominion-
Never seraph spread a pinion,
Over fabric...
...half so fair.
This Haunted palace.
Let us mourn...
...for never morrow.
Did you write that?
...are what...
...the House of Usher needs.
What happened?!
What did you do?!
Help me lay him.
Morgan, what is going on?
I can't.
Shut the door.
Dear husband.
Time to sleep.
Travelers now in the valley,
Through red-litten windows, See
many forms moving fantastically
to a discordant melody;
Like a rapid ghastly river,
Through a pale door, the hideous
throngs rush out forever,
And laugh...
...but smile no more.
I have to go.
Would you like some breakfast?
You were right I
shouldn't have come.
This has been a huge mistake.
It hasn't been a huge mistake.
Just let me finish.
It has been a mistake.
Your mother can't stand me,
you're father is dying.
- And I have to-
- My father is dead.
My father is dead.
He died last night of...
...natural causes.
Roderick, I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to say.
There's nothing to say really.
Well, what happened?
After you left his
room, he just...
...closed his eyes
and stopped breathing.
Well, you were all by his side
when he passed.
Guess that's a
good thing, right?
Yes... a good thing.
This isn't the best timing...
...but I don't know when I'll
get a chance to say this again.
There's something I've been
meaning to tell you.
I'm going to Paris
next semester.
Wow. Um.
How long have you
been planning this?
For awhile.
And I'm so sorry I didn't tell
you sooner.
I've wanted to tell you, but
I-just couldn't bring myself to.
Why Paris?
I got a scholarship.
When do you leave?
In a few weeks.
And um, I wanted to spend those
weeks with you, but...
...after last night,
I don't see that happening.
Neither do I.
Especially after last night.
Mrs. Usher, I'm so
sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I see you're all packed.
Are you leaving then?
As you said,
I think it's best that I leave.
...we're entombing my husband
later this afternoon.
If you'd like to stay...
...for Roderick's sake...
I suppose that would be alright.
Would you like me to stay,
Thank you, Mother.
Of course you'll
have to change that dress's absolutely appalling.
Of course.
Our dear departed.
He gave us all so much.
Rest now.
Hello Gordon.
I'm sorry we didn't really get
to know each other at dinner.
I'll be leaving soon.
...well I just wanted to say
it was really nice to meet you.
F-F-For you...
That's right.
I'm Morgan.
You're Gordan...
...I'm Morgan.
Yoooo haaaavvvvvv a pretty
Thank you.
Is everything alright in here?
Gordon was just giving
me this lovely flower.
And pretty f-f-faaaaace.
Oh, and he says
I have a pretty face.
That's very nice of you Gordon.
Very nice.
I hope to see you again soon.
It was a nice service.
Very fashionable, but nice.
I appreciate you staying,
especially after last night.
I've got an idea.
Come with me.
Back to school?
No, to Paris. Come on.
To Paris.
What better place
to read, paint? Write?
I-I-I can't leave now.
My mother needs me here.
I'm pretty sure
she'll be just fine.
Look, I'm concerned about you!
About us!
There's nothing wrong with us.
There won't be if we leave.
Look, I've been thinking,
really thinking so just listen.
If we want to have a
I know we can have...
...we have to leave.
We have to leave this house.
We need each other.
So, please don't let pride
or ego or your mother...
...keep you from - Keep us...!
from being together.
Roderick, I love you.
Your father said something
to me last night.
He said...
There needs to be new blood
in the House of Usher.
He said that?
I think he wanted
us to be together.
Those were
his words, new blood?
Yes. I think he could sense how
strong my feelings are for you.
Roderick, I need you.
Please, I need you now.
I need you now.
I'll be right in.
I'll meet you there, in France.
No. Roderick, you need
to come with me now.
I can't right now. As I said,
she needs me here.
I'll come in a week or so.
Your mother is one of the
strongest women I know.
She'll be fine.
You have to leave with me today.
I promise I'll come to Paris.
...if you don't leave with me
today, you won't come.
She won't let you come.
You have to leave with me today.
Please, come with me.
I'll leave with you tonight.
You're already packed...
...wait in the woods near the
main gate.
I'll pack and then
sneak out tonight.
We'll go together.
Do you promise?
I promise.
...let's get you
changed, get your things,
pretend you're leaving...
...and I'll see you tonight.
Put it on!
No, Mother.
Do it!
You can't make
me, I won't do this anymore.
You know how this goes.
You're a fool.
Why are you packing?
I'm going back to school-
Liar! Schools out.
Do not stand
there and lie to me!
Morgan's going to
Paris and I'm going with her.
leaving me to be with her?
You disgust me.
You're a child!
Did you think I wouldn't know
what you were planning to do
with that little whore?
Why didn't you
tell me about her?
Are you ashamed of me?
I asked you a question!
Are you ashamed of me?!
I sent you to college
to get an education.
You promised me
you'd be a good boy.
But you weren't a
good boy, were you?
No. No, you were bad.
How you found a girl to have sex
with you, I'll never know.
Did she touch it?
How'd you convince her to
touch that ugly thing?
You hurt me.
You know that?
You hurt me by
not telling me about her.
You hurt me by
having sex with her.
Why did you do that to me?
Don't you love me?
Shhh. Shhh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You make me so angry sometimes.
You don't want
momma to be angry, do you?
No, you want mommy to feel good.
Do you wanna make
mommy feel good?
Do you see my breasts?
Hm? Do you see my nipples?
You can kiss them.
Do you want to kiss my nipples?
You can be my special boy.
I'll let you put it in me.
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it! You disgusting bitch!
Roderick, come on,
we're leaving.
Come get your stuff.
Come on.
He's not going anywhere.
He's coming with me.
He belongs here,
in this house, with me.
It's his legacy.
Tell her.
I belong here.
With Mother.
No, you don't!
She's sick!
She's sick!
She's touched,
you said so yourself.
Please just come finish packing
with me and then we'll leave,
I can't leave, she needs me.
Well at least go to your
sister's place.
Mister Usher said he wanted to
see his daughter, Madeline.
I'm Madeline.
I'm Mister Usher's daughter.
You're his wife.
In a manner of speaking, yes.
I'm his daughter and his wife.
...tell her.
Tell her your
dirty little secret.
Tell her why you
can never be with her.
Miss Segal...
...I would like you
to meet my older sister...
Madeline Usher.
- No...
- I would like you to meet my mother...
...the Lady Usher.
It's a mad house.
I couldn't find her sir.
You're all insane!
...perhaps you could show
Miss Segal the door.
Is this true?
I'm afraid so.
You're all sick.
It's been this way for
generations Miss.
It's the House of Usher.
You scared me.
Pretty f-f-face...
Thank you.
What are you doing in here?
Get out.
What do you want?
He's with me.
I guess I'm more
than just a pretty face.
Welcome to my house bitch!
Oh, it was just a dream.
Let me out!
It's been like,
what seven months?
You honestly love
it there that much?
I honestly do.
I didn't think I would.
But you know...?
I've got to say, as long as
you know the language...'s great here.
Well maybe I'll just have to
come out and join you next
You totally should.
I could show you all the sights.
And the clubs?
Oh, for sure... the clubs.
Though I did get kinda burned
out after the first few months I
was here.
Well, you are
there to study, after all.
But...'s been good to get away
and have a change of scenery.
Yeah, I feel ya.
Have you heard
from the mama's boy at all?
That is...
Definitely done.
You were right, it was a...
college crush.
Well it's his loss. Fuck'm.
So when do you think
you'll be coming home?
I honestly don't know if
I'll ever go back to the states.
I think I might just live here.
Like, in Paris?
I love, love, love it here.
I mean it's the city of lights
for Christ's sake.
The history, the art,
the Louvre,
...the architecture.
Everything is just so... beautiful.
And the food. God, I fucking
love the pastries.
And who knows...
...maybe I'll meet a guy...
...fall in love...
...start a family.
I think I'd make a great mommy.
I thought I loved him
More than words could say
I thought I knew him
Better than night and day
I've got this baby
What do I do now?
I want him with me
God tell me how
Why didn't I figure this out
Why did I wait
until it was too late?
How did I fuck this up so
I really needed to communicate
You wanted a lady
That wasn't me
You demanded mother
You desired someone
In this day it's a crime
You needed a woman
She's got a fucked up mind
Why didn't you figure
this out sooner?
Why did you wait
until it was too late?
How did you
fuck this up so badly?
You really needed to
I smile, but I don't
mean it now
This hurts
We both need time to heal
This hurts, yeah this hurts
Why didn't we figure
this out sooner?
Why did we wait
until it was too late?
How did we fuck
his up so badly?
We really needed to