Lady Vengeance (2005) Movie Script

They say she's a real live angel
Everyone in there calls her
' Kind-hearted' Geum-ja
One, two, three, four!
My path is ridden with...
high walls and deep pitfalls
Who will aid me across
these dark obstacles?
The Lord's breathe lifts me
over these walls
The Lord's hands bridge my steps
safely over these pitfalls
safely over these pitfalls
What about the winter clothes
I sent you?
It's been hard, hasn't it?
13 and a half years
I'm so proud of you
Won-mo and I were playing marbles
here that day, and I lost
Won-mo won the biggest marble
Then he ran off to go home
The investigating authorities...
confirmed the detai Is with a woman
who confessed to the crime
Lee Geum-ja was first introduced
to the public
as the criminal who abducted and killed
Park Won-mo, a little boy...
She was nineteen at the time
The whole nation was shocked by
her youth, her ruthless methods...
and by her unabashed naivete
My state of mind...
This is where the alleged perpetrator
had confined young Park Won-mo
She claims she only wanted to
stop his crying with a pillow...
But what shocked us more
were her beautiful looks
Clamoring tabloids compared her
to Olivia Hussey...
A tactless director announced
plans for a Lee Geum-ja movie...
creating a backlash from the press
That fall, polka-dot dresses
became the trend
I saw you on TV
Behind that wicked
witch's face of yours,
I saw the presence of an angel
An angel...
Could that be true?
Do you really think
an angel resides in me?
If so, where was that angel...
when I was commiting
such an evil act?
I always wondered about this
after hearing what the preacher said
And then, I realized...
that the angel inside me only
reveals itself when I invoke it
Where are you?
Please, come out
I'm right here
This act of invoking an angel...
This is what we call prayer
Actually, prison is an ideal place
to learn to pray
we know that we are
all sinners in here
Thank you
Testimonials of Faith Day
for Inmates, 1997
It's tradition to eat tofu on release...
so that you'll live white
and never sin again
Why don't you go screw yourself?
Lee Geum-ja
Time served 1991-2004
Kim Yang-hee
Time served 1998-2002
Meet your new cellmate
I'm Kim Yang-hee.
I got 5 years
They said there was someone
at Kyoungju Women's Prison...
... whose face would shine
You were a whore, weren' t you?
I heard her nickname was
' the Witch'
You don't usually wear ties
It's mandatory here
We have lots of VlPs visiting
Shit, it's too tight.
Loosen it up a bit
He was my pimp
It felt so good
when I was strangling him
- I should' ve killed myself instead
- Then, die
And be born again.
Over and over if you need to
Prayer is like a scrubbing towel
Scrub off all your sins
Then your skin will become
as new as a baby's ass. Right?
Geum-ja taught me how to
lament my past lives
It's a little noisy,
being under the stairs...
But this place brings good luck
Look at me. Three years of
giving unlicensed haircuts...
And now I have a real shop of my own
So set your hopes high
These were mine, but
they'll have to do for now
You know I wanted to
get you better things, right?
Don't you have any high heels?
You never really loved me, did you?
You were just pretending, right?
You' ve changed a lot
You used to be so sweet
and talk so kindly
Are you starting the plan already?
No. The plan was already started
13 years ago...
so Geum-ja murmured to herself
What is it you want from us?
Please forgive me. Please...
She was going to beg
Won-mo's parents
until she had no fingers left
This is 802/9 Han Apartments...
We' ve had a finger cut off here!
Every penny Geum-ja earned
from laboring in prison...
had to go to pay for
her finger operation
Then 6 days later...
For now, just work till noon
The dawn hours are tough for me
with my low blood pressure
Geun-shik, say hello
I told you about Lee Geum-ja, right?
I told you she was pretty
Can I call you elder sister?
Just call me Geum-ja
Lee Geum-ja...
When she first came, she cried
non-stop, like a newborn baby
Man, it was so depressing
Damn bitch!
It brings bad luck.
Stop crying!
As a man once taught her,
whenever she was having
a hard time...
Iapse on the floor like this
She'd bend over and
take five deep breaths
Woo So-young
Time served 1990 ~ 1996
What are you looking at?
You damn bitches!
Down on the floor and
keep your damn hands up!
I felt like I was dying because
I couldn't be with my love...
Turned out I was suffering from
chronic kidney failure
But it felt like I was dying anyway
Then this bitch suddenly says
she'll give me one of her kidneys
It's not as if a kidney's
a bit of fluff
you give away so easily
Damn bitch
It brings me bad luck.
Stop crying!
Honey, Geum-ja's here
You' ve sure changed a lot
You heard my wife-stay down!
That's when I realized
I'm married to a goddess
With this man by my side,
I was never afraid
Right, honey?
Yeah, but we couldn't go in together
They should have couples prisons
But then that would be paradise,
not jail
I don't know how to thank you
Honey, Geum-ja is readying
a magnificent plan
You can help her, right?
The Way of Dhamma
Where did you get this?
It's real old
Comrade Geum-ja, it's no use
- Go save yourself
- Okay, right after I finish this
Finish the chicken later
And be careful. Don't let dogs
have the chicken bones
Pass me that yellowing book
Ko Sun-sook
Time served 1967 ~ 1997
A spy from North Korea,
Ko Sun-sook had Alzheimer's...
... and was a problem for the prison
So when Geum-ja volunteered
to look after her...
Even the prison warden was relieved
They were stepping around me
whispering, 'The woman spy is dead'
But the pride in my heart...
wouldn't let me die
You said living is a struggle, too.
A struggle not to die
I give you this flower...
for you have vengeance
to take, comrade
My goodness!
You shouldn't be out so late!
I asked for you at Naruse
What were you thinking?
I don't want every Tom
Dick and Harry dropping by
Fine. I'll see you tomorrow
How could you have changed
so much?
This isn't like you!
Could we start over again?
Come to church. Please?
I've converted to Buddhism!
I bet you're in for adultery
- How did you know?
- It's all over your face, bitch!
Please crawl over here
Please take them off
Oh Soo-hee
Time served 1993 ~ 1994
Can you see it well?
Say hello to each other
Soo-hee Hello?
This damn bitch
is that infamous "Witch"
She killed her husband and
his mistress, then ate them
I guess I'm not the unluckiest
I'll suck on her for five minutes
and cry it off
I hate them skinny bitches
So go tell Geum-ja to start eating
some more, okay?
Your style has changed
What's with the blood-red eye shadow?
People are always saying
I look kind-hearted
People order them from me,
modelled on their guys' photos
They' re very popular.
Want me to make you one?
Can you make it in silver?
Did you find that bastard yet?
I did
Did you kill him?
Not yet
Why not?
I' ve been busy
' Saving the best for last, '
is that it?
- I'll take this one
- Excellent choice
Is it true the owner
studied confection in Japan?
The lady made this one
You' ve changed so much,
I hardly recognized you
- Who was she?
- Who was he?
She's pretty
The detective that was
in charge of my case
When I was exactly your age...
That is, when I was nineteen,
and you were five...
I... Kidnapped and killed
a five year-old boy
My goodness!
Don't worry.
I didn't eat him up
We can't eat this!
It was made by hands
that have killed!
I'm telling you I killed him
How many times
do I have to tell you?
Then tell me what
that marble looked like
That marble you said you saw
but didn't know where it went...
It was Won-mo's favorite marble
What color was it?
Light green
Come on! Why would anyone confess
to a murder they didn't commit?
Why won't you believe me?
Is it because I'm a murderer?
- Believe in Jesus, go to heaven
- Believe in Jesus, go to heaven
- Without faith, there's only hell
- Without faith, there's only hell
Devil, begone!
On top of that, I killed again
in prison
Geum-ja wondered if Geun-shik
wasn't a fool
I understand what you' re saying...
But it's against regulations
to give out that information
There is a counseling
service I can refer you to...
Could you at least tell me
whether she was adopted or not?
Didn't you receive the notice?
I was in jail, you see
I'd like to show you
the 1 8-year-old Lee Geum-ja...
A pretty girl who would turn
any head...
But who wasn't
the least bit particular
But this poor girl
was on the verge of going mad
She tried to comfort herself...
with the thought that it happens
to every woman sooner or later
Teacher? Mr. Baek?
This is Geum-ja, Lee Geum-ja
I used to polish your shoes when
you were our student teacher last year
You didn't know it was me?
You told me I was sexy
Yes. You remember me, right?
Well, it's nothing much...
You see, teacher, I'm pregnant
No, pregnant!
Yes, I am
Could I go live with you?
I can't go to my mom's
and it's even worse
at my dad's
Him? He's just a big kid,
not ready for fatherhood
Don't worry, baby.
Your mama's right here
The poor girl murmured to herself
There's a drug called 'Timing. '
It suppresses sleep
When I was just back from Tokyo,
managing a confectionery factory...
And we had a lot of work, I used to
take it first, in front of the staff
They all hated me
You have to be careful when
riding a bike after taking it though
- Have you eaten?
- Yes, ma' am
Geum-ja, what brings you here
at this hour?
I need an advance
No advances
I went to Kyoungju,
where my parents lived...
I volunteered to teach
at the women' s prison there...
Because my folks worried I couldn't
get married with my lame leg
But in my third year there,
I was shocked almost to death...
... after tasting a strawberry mousse
made by a kidnapper
The ingredients given to the
inmates were miserable...
But she'd used them to create
a cake fit for a king
Three months' advance
You know, you' ve changed?
In the end, I packed up
and moved to Seoul
Because I was motivated to
open up my own bakery
What are you doing?
Writing my account number
I want to start a family young...
And hope to marry
someone I can respect
So, you did something wrong...
You make penance and promise
never to do it again, right?
That's just how life goes.
That's life!
It's just another experience gained
Isn't that right, Geum-ja?
I'm planning to kill another person
Do you think I'm sexy?
Yes... No
Well... Yes
I was hoping we could talk some more
Maybe later?
You' re trying to scare me,
aren't you?
You' re trying to put me off?
Does it put you off
when a girl does this?
Please go ahead
It was alright for me.
Was it good for you?
I' ve been told it was so-so
No way
Mr. Baek said there
are good kidnappings
and bad kidnappings
He said it was a good kidnapping
if the child is returned safely
And since they' re rich, a little
ransom wouldn't make much difference...
And although they'd have to worry
a few days...
The emotional reunion would
make the family bond more closely
That's what he said, but then he went
and killed Won-mo
The boy kept crying...
And Mr. Baek said he'd kill him
if he didn't stop in 5 minutes
But then he really did kill him
If he were alive, he'd be
your age now, but he's dead
Then the police found a witness
Someone saw me taking Won-mo
to a bath-house
Then one day, when I came back from
the market, my daughter was gone
I got a call from Mr. Baek
He said to confess
and take all the blame
or my girl would die, too
So the kidnapper had kidnapped
a kidnapper's kid
Isn't that funny?
I thought it was
The house key is the middle one
Make sure these candles don't go out
Touch anything else and
I'll give you a hole in the head
Going somewhere?
Hello. I'm Lee Geum-ja,
from Korea
I had a baby thirteen years ago
I think it's your daughter now
I came here only to see her
once and for all
I need to smoke
once and for all
I'm Lee Geum-ja
- I'm Lee Geum... I had a baby...
- Oh, I' m so jealous of you
You had such a beautiful daughter
She is now our life
We love her very much
She's got such a beautiful soul
What would we do without our Jenny
What do you, call, 'mom' in Korea?
What, is, 'mom', in Korean?
Can you take me to Seoul,
- No!
- Yes...
- Your mother, your father.. no!
- Why? Please..
- No!
- Come on. Why not?
- No!
- Yes
- No!
- Yes!
- No. No!
- Why?
- No!
- Yes!
- No!
- No, Come on
- No!
- Seoul, Korea!
Geum... Geum-ja...
Geum... ja
Geum... Geum-ja...
It'll sound like a cannon,
with lots of smoke, too
The design' s so primitive
What's the use of all this fanciness?
Better to have a strong solid shot
It has to be pretty.
Everything should be pretty
It has a very short range.
So get up close when you shoot
If you can hear his heart beating...
And see the sweat on his forehead,
even better
It'slike playing golf.
You get good hits with good form
Got a place to practice?
Why'd you dump me?
let's go on a picnic, okay?
Why'd you dump me?
That's right. A picnic...
I mean why? Why?
Do you speak English?
For the longest time, Geum-ja
has wanted to meet with Won-mo...
And ask for his forgiveness
She'd be very unhappy if she found
out he appeared before Jenny
Weekends with the family,
and the dog... Right?
Oppa! (Elder brother)
Appa! (Dad)
- Jenny
- Stupid
How are you this morning?
Very well thank you.
Run away, run away
Where is mother...
I'm meeting with friends
later today
I'll have your dinner ready
before I leave
Would you mind?
Don't you be the one to pay for dinner
Park Yi-jeong
Time served 1993 ~ 1999
Hey, harlot
You parasite,living off of men's blood
I' ve got just the job
for a slut like you
You know how itchy it is when
you get bit on the sole of your foot?
What did I tell you?
What did I say!
It tickles when you scratch...
and it itches when you don't scratch
Itches if you don't scratch, and
tickles when you do. Right?
You slut! Itches if you don't scratch,
and tickles when you do....
I used to have a strong stomach
I don't know what the problem is...
Sorry. Nasty, huh?
That' s quite al right.
I enjoy helping you
Thanks, Geum-ja.
You really are kind-hearted
You understand that I only like
plump girls, right?
Of course. I'll eat a lot, too,
and plump up for you
So, you just keep taking lots
of food and medicine...
And hurry up and die
- She fed her bleach?
- Really?
- For how long?
- Three years
What a clean stomach she must' ve had
- Geum-ja the Kind-hearted
- Well done, her!
After that, Geum-ja inherited
the ' Witch' nickname...
But was also still referred to
as ' Kind-hearted Geum-ja'
Everyone wanted to help
Kindhearted Geum-ja...
And no one could refuse the Witch
any favors
It has to be tonight
I can't take it any more.
Not even for you
Soo-kyoung, a thief released before me,
found out where Baek was working
Seong-eun, a smart college grad
was later released
and got a job at the same place
She then informed me of Baek's
intention of getting a new car
Later, Baek was visited by a
pretty car dealer, Park Yi-jeong
It'll be used wisely
for the Lord's work
Have you had dinner?
I'll wait and have it with you
You can go ahead without me
I'll wait for you,
so hurry back
He hasn't eaten yet
I'll go and make him eat first
It's okay. Don't worry
At that moment, Geum-ja held her
breath and struggled to break free
Even in this desperate situation,
she never forgot
the gun's firing range
Got an English-Korean dictionary?
Don't think that I'll forgive you
I think all moms who
desert their kids belong in jail
When I was younger, I often
thought of taking revenge out on you
But I couldn't imagine
the thought of killing you
Reason being that, I didn't know
what your face looked like
Anyway, since we' re
on better terms now,
give me your reasons at least
A simple 'sorry' won't do
You have to say it at least 3 times
Your not so generous daughter,
Left turn
I remember when I first had you, Jenny
As you grew in me, I felt like
my wallet was getting fatter
But even before your first birthday,
I had to go to jail...
And I had to give you up
You were such a sweet child that would
smile at even complete strangers...
I knew that any family
would have to fallin love with you
Once I'm done with this man...
I'm planning to return you to Australia
My sins are too big and deep...
I don't deserve to have
a sweet daughter I ike you
You' re innocent, but you had to
grow up without a mother...
But, that's also part of
the punishment I must take
Listen carefully
Everyone makes mistakes
But if you sin, you have to
make atonement for it
Atonement, understand?
That's right, you have to
make atonement
Big atonement for big sins...
Small atonement for small sins
You got it?
What are you going to do
with him?
Kill him?
Because he made a sinner out of me
What is your sin?
This man kidnapped and killed
a little boy...
I helped him
Do you want me to go and
apology his mother?
Will you? Were you happy with me?
I was happy...
Too happy for a sinner
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm truly sorry
Good bye
Get up, teacher!
Time to go to work!
Get up, teacher!
Time to go to work!
Get up...
Geum-ja, what's with
that eye shadow?
Do you know why those kids...
Hey! Here's another one!
If you'd found
the real killer back then
These children wouldn't have died,
You know how this feels
There were four!
I told you I can't come
to work today
It's not that...
- Someone's here looking For you
- Who?
- Well, the thing is...
- They won' t say Who They are?
I don't know what they' re saying
Can you speak Japanese?
Please hurry and come get me...
Mommy... please hurry
Mommy, I wanna go home.
Please hurry, mommy
There, there. Don' t cry.
Don' t cry...
Mommy, where are you?
I know it' s difficult but
take a good look at this man
Next is Se-hyun, killed in 1 995
This is Eun-joo, in ' 96
- I can't breathe...
- Wait just a minute
I' m scared.
Please don't kill me, sir
Wait just a minute
This is Yoo Jae-kyoung, 2000
Baby... My baby...
He was a teacher at English schools
in affluent neighborhoods
He'd pick his victim, kidnap and
kill them,
then move on to another school
He'd never pick a child
from one of his own classes
Which is why he was never
under any suspicion
Children annoyed him,
so he would tape them
right after kidnapping them
and killed them straight away
The voices you heard on the line
while negotiating the ransom...
were taped off the videos,
after the kids were al ready dead
Now, you have two options
If you want lawful punishment...
We will hand him over to
Chief Choi here
But if you want a speedier, more
personalized death for him...
You can have it right here and now
Does he have a child of his own?
He is supposed to be sterile
Then what did he need
all that money for?
He put it in the bank
Of course, the money will
all be returned to you...
With no kid, what did he
need all that money for?
He was going to buy a yacht
The police have big sticks but
they don't know how to use them
If we leave it to them, there'd be
nothing but never-ending trials...
And all those bloody reporters...
How about we leave it
to Geum-ja?
It'd be easier since
she's been to jail and all
That's cowardly!
They' re our kids
Then, let each person choose
if they want to be in or not
I'm for individual choice
Why don't you just let him choose
his own death or trial, then...
' Individually?'
Little while ago, you wanted to
hand him over to the police
Then you wanted to leave it
up to Geum-ja...
Now you want to be left out alone?
What the hell do you want?
Won-mo's family has to follow
the majority, too
You know that, right?
She has a weak heart...
Hey, mine's weak, too
Then Won-mo's father
can represent the family
One person per family
should be enough
Al right?
What if Won-mo's mom
informs on us later?
She couldn't.
Her husband's in on it, too
They could always get divorced
We can leave some evidence, then
How about we all take a picture?
So that even if we feel guilty later...
Guilt for killing that bastard?
We'd feel guilty if we didn't kill him
when we had him. That's guilt!
Let me say a word
I killed when I was in prison...
I'm also the one who caught Baek
after 1 3 years of planning...
If anyone here
informs the police...
I won' t say any more
Shall we go in one at a time?
Or all together at once?
One at a time for what?
Let's just go finish him off
There's no need to share such
a personal matter with other families
Isn't that right, dad?
Won't it be scary going in alone?
And it could be dangerous
Just think of it as using the toilet
In any case, it's a private affair
Each to his own.
A la carte...
We don't all have to get
the same set menu
Please, honey...
We ' re divorced.
This isn't a couples thing!
We don't have to go in together
Excuse me, I think...
It'd be too easy
if we did it all together
I brought along a sedative
You couldn't even touch
that finger, remember?
Al right, then...
Won-mo's father is out,
and his mother will go in alone...
Jae-kyoung ' s and Dong-hwa' s
are going in together...
- Is that right?
- Yes!
Let' s do it then!
Wait! Just a second!
Shouldn't we decide
what order you go in?
Will that be enough for you?
I can lend you mine after
I think I'll be okay
Everyone pay attention
If you grip it like this,
the tip of the knife
will slip and not penetrate deeply
You could also cut your hand
So grip it like
this at all times, please
Or you could just...
stab him like this
Why did you do it?
You look like a normal person
Ma' am, there's no such thing
as a perfect person
isn't gonna bring our son back,
is it, honey?
You all look very well off.
Take a look at that
She took her boots off, so
not to get blood on the suede
Does that make any sense
to you here?
My mom had to scrub hotel floors
to send my brother to that school
We ran around like dogs
to come up with the ransom
Now we ' ve lost our house and
our relatives won't see us
My daughter-in-law killed herself
and my son left the country
We all have our own stories to tell
We' re not the last, dad
Eun-joo's grandma's
still waiting her turn
Come on, give me a hand!
Mister, get up
Please. Get a hold of yourself!
I'm sorry, but...
Could you step aside a moment?
Thank you
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear...
I'm sorry
It felt like a birthday to me...
We can say it is, then
Happy birthday to you!
Will you wire the money
into our accounts?
My account number
In France...
when there's a break
in the conversation like this...
they say an angel is passing
It's snowing!
The traffic...
What time Is it now?
- When did it all pile up so much?
- The roads will freeze soon
I have...
Along the path on green grass...
A lady in red heels goes...
Click, click, click with her heels
Where might she be going?
Won't she look back...
Are you really going to
send Jenny back?
back my way for a glance?
Are you?
One step, two...
The lady in red heels takes
another step away, alone...
Lee Geum-ja made a great mistake
in her youth...
And used other people
to achieve her own goals...
But she still couldn't find the
redemption she so desired
In spite of this...
Actually, because of this...
I liked Geum-ja
Be white
Live white
Like this
You, too