Ladyworld (2018) Movie Script

Did anything fall on you?
Shouldn't we call our parents?
Just to let them know
we're okay.
We were only shaking a minute.
Where is everyone else?
Did they leave?
Hey, what was your name again?
Some call me Dolly.
Everybody calls me that,
and I hat... I hate that.
You bring your doll to school?
It's an antique.
It's not like it's a toy
or anything.
- Dolly...
- No, don't.
Don't tell the other girls,
Wasn't so long ago
we were all playing with dolls.
Oh, shit.
Hey, come on, clean up.
No way.
Up to you.
I don't wanna get my dress wet.
Take your dress off.
I don't even know you.
What do you think you have
that I haven't seen?
I'm not getting naked.
What, are you on your period
or something?
Okay, well, sorry.
I mean,
it's not like I'm afraid
of water or anything.
I mean, I shower every night.
I'm pretty sure that's
what my aunt taught me.
My step-dad taught me.
He teaches me everything,
he taught me how to dive.
And if he's okay, I bet he's gonna come
after us, 'cause he's basically a fireman.
I saw a house on fire once.
In Malibu.
The whole mountain was burning.
And there was a house on top
of that mountain and...
It was burning too.
I watched it burn down
to nothing.
I'm-I'm sure there was
nobody inside.
I'm sure your stepdad will come.
I mean,
everyone knows we're here.
- Of course they do, they dropped us off.
- Right, of course.
Do you hear sirens though?
Like in the distance?
I don't hear anything but you.
Right, but...
I mean,
shouldn't we hear sirens?
We should at least
hear something.
I mean, my aunt lives in the valley
and she hears sirens all night,
and helicopters
at four in the morning.
You know, it's good
that we don't hear anything.
Like... nothing too terrible
has happened.
But what if he isn't okay?
Your stepfather, I mean
we were shaking for a while...
- He's fine.
- And what if our parents
aren't coming to rescue us because
they need someone to rescue them.
I mean,
I don't wanna be dramatic,
but it looks like we're trapped.
Can we even find a way out?
We're still shaking
a little bit, aren't we?
We'll find a way out, yeah.
What if...
What about the roads?
I mean, what if...
what if we don't hear
the sirens because
all the policemen are dead.
I mean, is that possible?
That everyone out there
is in so much trouble,
but we-we're in the worst
trouble because we're in here...
I don't even know you.
It's the reflection
from the chandelier.
Whoa! It's wrecked in here.
We know that.
How do you guys feel?
Not hurt.
Oh, no, I don't mean physically.
This is stressful.
Do either of you smoke?
No, it's disgusting.
You were gonna let me
suffocate in here, I know it.
Where'd you get that?
The chandelier.
Why are you all just
hanging around?
What do you think?
Do you know where your mom is?
Do you know when
she's gonna be back?
We know about the front door, we know about
the cellar door. Are there any other doors?
That's a stupid question.
Of course, there's another way out,
and we're finding it, so everyone up.
- Right?
- No.
The house
isn't exactly stable, right
because we're literally
We don't have running water.
We shouldn't split up.
I don't see anything.
Okay, well, some of us
will go look in the bedroom,
and some of us will stay here.
What are we looking for?
This is all just to keep us
from panicking.
Happy Birthday, Annie.
I used to have a cat like this.
Oh, yeah? Cats steal your
breathe while you're sleeping.
Stop. Stop it.
You bitches scared it away.
Oh, my God.
This is not an exit.
It's broken.
It's broken. It's broken.
It's broken. It's broken.
I told her not to.
Well, I'm independent.
Forget about the bedrooms,
or trying to squeeze through
any of the windows...
We can't get out.
- We even saw...
- We're gonna be here a lot longer than an hour?
We're gonna be here for a while.
Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
You can't talk without
the crystal.
'Cause otherwise then
everybody talks once
- and then nobody listens.
- This is just like school.
This is just as oppressive
as school.
Take it.
Take charge.
I'll do it.
No one wants to.
- Democracy.
- Like that even works.
I honestly don't trust
any of you.
We can vote.
We don't need a leader,
we can all be equal.
I-I nominate Olivia.
I nominate me.
Who votes for Piper?
Now, who votes for Olivia?
We're her friend.
Just for a couple of hours.
Looks like we're pretty solid
though the weekend.
- Na-uh.
- I'm not wasting the whole weekend here.
Just don't touch anything
or don't do anything.
Don't use anything
until you have to.
Or we can just...
manifest a rescue.
Turn the phones off.
- Why?
- To save battery.
Who cares? They don't work.
Yes, they do. It's just that
we don't have any bars.
Mine's no different.
We turn the phones on
for a second and see
if anyone has called, or texted,
or check the bars.
But then we have to
turn them off.
But turning them on an off
wastes the power.
Just don't let the phones die.
Do you know anything
about electricity?
I know the lights weren't on.
Duh, if the light were...
I have the crystal,
so it's my turn.
And I know the lights aren't on,
but I did see the box where you...
- You flip the...
- You... You...
Me, Amanda, and Mallory
are the eldest,
so we will take care
of the phones,
and go through all the bedrooms
to make sure they're empty.
We'll keep everyone safe.
I agree with "safe."
We're not safe.
I saw someone.
I saw them.
No, you didn't.
We were in every room.
Were we?
Eden, there's no one here
but us.
They were coming at me
when everything's still shaking.
- A boy?
- A man.
They were making these sounds.
They were saying something.
Not my name, but these sounds.
how do we get outside?
He's inside.
It's a blackout.
We need power.
We need to try the breakers
like we tried the phones.
- Yeah.
- I-I promise.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
Happy Birthday, Eden.
Let's divide the piece up.
There's crackers.
And diet soda.
I saw chardonnay.
It's an aftershock.
Ohh, meteorites!
What's that?
It's fine, look. It's fine.
We're fine.
We're fine.
- Let her go.
- What? I mean, come...
What's your problem?
Someone go check the phones
and the box.
Eden already did that.
Eden already did that, trust me.
- Eden?
- Look out.
Whoa. What is this?
it feels funny.
It smells sweet.
Let's just not let
any negative energy intervene.
I mean...
This could mean that
Eden got outside.
Eden's never been outside.
Has anyone ever seen
Eden outside?
She knew a secret door
or some shit,
and she left us here.
You hear that?
It attacked me.
I thought we only had to worry
about the man. But...
looks like
there's an animal too.
There is no man.
There is a man.
Eden saw him, and...
he knows there are girls here.
Some of us still have a "V"
to lose.
Oh, don't say shit like that!
Do you want them to think
that a man's gonna come in here?
Dolly can barely hold
a pair of scissors.
That's not my problem.
All of our problem.
Do you really think
Eden saw someone?
A man?
Yes, Piper, a man.
We can't ask her
because she's gone, isn't she?
So Olivia...
thinks I'm scaring you...
by talking about the man.
But we're not little girls.
We're women.
So ugly.
I mean, I know you're not supposed
to say that about art, but...
But it's really ugly.
Yeah, but...
Don't you think you need
a little ugliness?
Some beauty's empty,
it's like oppressive.
People think that everything
needs to be beautiful, but
beauty is our baggage.
Like pink, how pink is pretty
but not when it's in my hair.
I never really liked pink.
My favorite color's green.
Then you should
dye your hair green.
Yeah, well...
my other favorite color's grey.
No one's favorite color is grey.
Grey's the ugliest color
that there is.
Unless if you see
beauty in the ugly.
I never really thought about it.
They've never tell you
about what this is?
It's from German mythology.
Frauenwelt means
"the lady world."
A beautiful woman from the front
and her back is covered
in puss and maggots.
Personally I don't appreciate
the metaphor.
What time did you get in?
You were kicking all night.
I had a bad dream.
About what?
I don't remember.
But I'm thirsty.
I'm really, really thirsty.
Morning and wake.
Two words to describe
the beginning of the day...
and the end of our lives.
What'd you dream about?
I squeezed my eyes
and tried to dream about Eden.
What are we supposed to do?
I don't know.
What are we supposed to do?
This is pretty boring, huh?
Boring's fine.
Boring is the worst.
The worst.
I wonder if the man can hear us.
I'm not playing that game.
What game?
Whatever it is you're doing.
I'm just saying.
This party would be a
lot more fun if boys were here.
This party would be
a lot more fun if it were over.
You don't like me.
It's cool, you don't have to.
You know my mom says that girls
never really like each other
because we're too competitive.
Who? You and your mom?
My stepfather...
always says that
pretty girls just want
to be told that they're smart,
and smart girls just want to
be told that they're pretty.
And that's why
we're never happy.
That's why
we never like each other
because we just want
boys approval.
Well, I hope he's not
a guidance counselor.
He's a volunteer fireman.
I think it's fine to be mean
if you're smart,
and obviously I think it's
fine to mean if you're pretty.
You could just be nice.
You could be anything to anyone.
Brr-ing, brr-ing.
Brr-ing, brr-ing.
I'm just calling to let you know
I'm not coming in to work today.
It isn't because
I'm being irresponsible.
It isn't because I'm sick...
and it isn't because
I couldn't get a ride.
It's because
something horrible has happened.
Which you probably already know
because you're dead.
Do you think it's war?
Anyway, sorry.
Thank you.
Piper wants you
to stay in the living room.
I'm allowed to go anywhere.
What are you talking about?
Is it the man?
You think you could escape him?
He... He doesn't want me.
I'm just a little girl.
You said it.
Help. Help. Help. Help.
Help! Help! Help!
Here we are. Help! Help!
Help! Help! Help! Help!
Help! Please!
Please! Help!
Help. Help.
Help. Help.
They'll come back around.
Where is everyone?
You all stink.
And whoever...
peed in the toilet...
is a stinky pig.
It's dead.
It's dead.
- Dead.
- Stinky pig.
Dead. Dead.
- It's dead.
- Dead.
- Dead.
- Stinky pig.
- Dead.
- Dead. Dead. Dead.
I don't mean to upset anyone
but we're stranded.
And I don't mean to blame anyone
but you let the phones die.
The electricity
hasn't come back.
We're hungry and we're thirsty,
the phones suck,
the toilets suck,
we ate birthday cake
for breakfast.
Party's over.
The party?
We had only a few jobs.
Check the boxes,
check the phones, stay close.
Like how Eden stayed close.
Why would you say that?
That's offensive.
Eden could be lost out there.
Or she could be hurt or even...
Eden could have been killed.
Oh, so now you believe
in the man?
Yes, I believe in the man.
I believe in everything
you're saying.
And so if you say that
there's something worse than us
or our parents being so hurt
where that they can't come
rescue us, okay.
Then I believe you,
and if you say
that there's a man here
who wants to have sex with us,
- then I believe you, okay?
- We're trapped!
So if a helicopter comes by,
you can't just be playing okay!
We're women,
and we need you act like it!
Why is that funny?
Why is this funny?
Why is that funny!
Why is this funny!
Why is this...
You know what you're being?
- A mean...
- Pathetic.
I was gonna say pathetic.
You're being a little brat.
I'm sorry.
Brat... Pathetic...
I said I'm sorry.
You're being a
brat, being pathetic.
I said I'm being sorry!
I said... I said I'm sorry.
They chose me, Piper.
Can you deal with it?
Maybe another helicopter
will come.
We could make a signal.
We could all scream
at the same time.
- It's never coming back.
- Every 15 minutes.
- It's never coming back.
- Shh!
Hear that?
That's our stomachs growling.
Dining room. Now.
- I am sick of the crystal. It's done.
- No. It isn't.
- Then let's vote.
- No.
No, we're not voting. Put your hands down.
We need the crystal
and we need the meetings and we need the
rules or else we're not going to survive.
How long do you
think you can go without water?
We're dirty. We're so dirty.
- Everything is so dirty.
- We're in trouble.
We were in trouble anyways.
The man stalking us.
New rule.
No one mentions the man.
There is no man.
- You don't make the rules.
- I do.
We're all scared of him.
We should only
be scared of each other.
We aren't
the ones who killed Eden.
No one killed Eden.
She probably just wandered off.
And if she wandered off,
where did she go?
If she got out of the house,
this should be over.
Eden said he was moaning...
with pleasure. He's perverted.
And he wants us
because we are young
and we're helpless
and he can keep
thinking that all he wants.
Please, please, please, please,
please, please, please...
She's brainwashing them.
No, she's hypnotizing them.
Friendship is propaganda.
Complete cold, total trance.
But, dude, Dolly...
Dolly would swallow
a turd for you.
I don't want Dolly
to swallow a turd.
I know.
- You don't wanna see Dolly swallow a turd.
- I know.
That's why you're our hero.
Don't say a hero.
You kind of want
there to be a man.
Anybody who's older than us.
If my stepdad were here
he would ground every one of us.
Okay. Well, the world
beat him to it.
Get it?
I know Eden made it
and is looking for help.
- Yeah.
- She's actually really athletic, you know?
She's also
a really good swimmer.
She can hold her breath,
do a hand stand underwater
for, like, five minutes.
- That's crazy.
- Yeah.
I bought her a bathing suit
for her birthday.
The presents.
I don't know, not tonight.
Yeah, another night.
I just...
Hold on.
Kill me.
I just wanted to say.
I'm sorry.
Because I'm never
gonna see you again.
I thought that we
were gonna make up.
We were supposed to make up
but then we didn't.
You know, time passes
and now
it's like we never
knew each other.
It's like...
we were...
never even close
but we were,
I remember.
And I did
terrible things to you.
I did every terrible thing
I could think of to do.
And at the time
I wanted to do worse.
I wanted to spit in your face.
I had this...
I had this really clear
image of me
spitting in your face.
And I regret that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I saw him! I saw him!
What did you see?
I saw him.
I saw the man.
Where was he?
He was under the tarp.
Blake and I were in the
cellar and we didn't see anything.
So where in the cellar was he?
I don't know.
I saw him under the tarp.
Fine, then let's go down there
and if he is there
then we'll see him.
We want him to come to us.
Why would we want that?
Because in the cellar
we're in his territory.
But in here,
we're pretty kitties.
Knives, scissors,
things to bash him with.
He's a pervert who
wants a peep show.
we'll give him one.
And then we squeeze, squeeze.
We're gonna get him.
We're gonna get him.
Did you hear that, Olivia?
We're gonna get you.
Eden's dress.
Eden's dress...
He's... He's killed her.
He's killed her. He's killed her.
He's killed her!
He's killed her!
He's killed her!
- He's killed her. He's killed her.
- I don't want this.
- I said everyone gets one.
- What? Sword.
Be bold ladies. Be fearless.
- Cut him like you cut meat.
- I remember meat.
Who thinks
we shouldn't listen to Olivia.
Hands up.
Bedrooms are for ladies only.
Living room
is for chicken shit girls
if you aren't
in the bedroom now!
Who can sleep?
If you're closing your eyes and you're
lying down then you're sleeping.
He didn't mean to split us up.
Que sera, sera.
What's that?
It means
we were always split up.
We're always fucked.
Keep your focus.
Sense him.
I already do.
I know what he's thinking.
I know what he wants.
What does he want?
I'm the man.
Where are your knives?
Where are your knives?
Stand up.
Okay, Piper. God.
Now stop.
Amanda is the man.
Who wants to push me.
I will kill you.
I'm gonna kill you.
Bury us.
Bury us.
Bury us.
Bury us.
Bury us. Bury us. Bury us.
Bury us. Bury us.
Bury us. Bury us.
Bury us. Bury us.
He's come.
I'm listening.
She's dying.
Listen to me, she's dying!
I understand,
now can you listen to me?
What did you do?
What did they do?
We hate you.
We hate you. We hate you.
We hate you.
We hate you. We hate you.
We hate you.
We hate you. We hate you!
We hate you! We hate you!
Let me out.
Let me out.
Let me out.
- She's okay.
- Please.
She's okay. She's just...
She's just locked in there.
My name is not Dolly.
Read my mind, can you?
Please, help!
You're still in charge.
You are over me.
Please, help.
She-She shouldn't
have gone in there.
She shouldn't have
gone in the bedroom.
We don't have to.
She shouldn't
have gone in and we don't have to.
I mean we
can just stay out here.
We have
everything we need out here.
I think it's their misfortune actually
because we've got the kitchen.
We didn't do anything wrong.
We haven't done anything wrong
this entire time.
We didn't stop them.
Piper will let her out.
She'll feel guilty
and then she'll have to...
We're not boys.
We aren't brutal.
We'll look back
on this as... dumb.
When we're home...
In our room...
We'll look back on this
as just the dumbest thing.
Please, help!
Let me out.
I can't hold any longer.
Don't say her name again.
Ladies, gather.
We have to defend the bedroom.
So that no one sneaks in.
They wouldn't dare come in here.
Oh, of course they would.
They want what we have.
Each other.
First, offence...
before defense.
Go check.
We're going crazy.
I don't know why they took it.
I don't know why they would...
I don't know what they would
need it for but they took it.
Need what for?
They took it.
The doll?
I don't know... I don't
understand why they would take it.
They took everything.
There's nothing left.
You can stop looking.
It has been mine...
It has been mine
from when I was born.
I don't... I don't know anyone.
Cause you own it?
I do.
Let's get cleaned up.
Look like we used to.
There's towels
in the linen closet.
Let's just get
cleaned up a little bit
- and talk to them.
- No.
They're gonna laugh.
They'll... They're gonna laugh.
Not if we act like adults.
They would never act like this
if their parents were here.
Maybe we should just wait
for the parents to come.
There's no waiting anymore.
Don't make me look at them.
I'm not making you do anything.
You want the doll back.
I do. I do. I do.
I do but
I don't wanna fight more.
We're not gonna fight.
Adults. Remember.
There's towels in the linen closet.
Let's just get cleaned.
You first.
We're friends.
Even though,
you are stuck with me.
Even though,
you would rather have
any of them in here with you.
We're friends.
We're friends.
Piper said they'd come.
We don't want you.
Keep your calm.
We came to speak to Piper.
I'm Piper. Talk to me.
We came for a meeting.
You can call it if you want to.
Where is my doll?
She's up my ass.
You go away.
You stay in the dining room.
Give me the doll.
Cause I asked you to.
Where is it?
Is it under here?
How did you get clean?
You can't take the spit
from our mouths.
Oh, you think you're clean?
You're not clean.
And you think we're dirty
but we're not dirty.
We're ladies.
You smell like bad breath.
Like puke.
Like pus.
Like rot.
Like pus.
Like rot.
We want the doll.
- Pus.
- And I want the key to that closet.
Give it to me.
I am the only one looking out
for anyone else in this house.
Like flipping
a switch on and off.
Cause you're just sitting here,
sucking your thumb, waiting for your
daddy, the fireman, to come save us.
Come pull the kitties
out of the tree?
Well, I don't need saving.
Save yourself.
Save me.
I'm not afraid
to ask you for help.
We're not supposed
to be against each other.
It was cruel of you to come in there
and steal everything like you did.
What's the point
in being cruel?
I would have
given you everything.
Have it. Here.
Ask and I'll give.
Take it. Take it.
You can stay in this house forever.
I don't give a shit.
We want the doll.
And we want the key.
And then we'll go.
Save yourself.
They do what I tell them.
Hey, Hey.
Dolly, you want a dolly?
Okay then.
Please, please, please, please!
Dolly is the the dolly.
Oh, please...
Oh, please, give it to me.
Please. No!
Please, stop it.
No. Please, no.
Please, stop.
Open the door.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You are a bad leader, Olivia.
And we were never friends.
You will only let
people think we were friends
because you are
obsessed with being liked.
I don't know why anyone
cares about being liked
when everyone else is so awful.
But, also,
I told you that we
didn't need a leader.
No one needs to be in charge
when everyone has a knife.
A knife to stop the man
who can't just stop himself.
I'm gonna find a way out.
Come with me.
You and me. Come on.
I just wanted us to get rescued.
What are they gonna do?
- Piper!
- No! No!