Laguna Ave (2021) Movie Script

[ Suspenseful music]
[Breathes heavily]
[Guard #1] No, man.
I deleted that shit months ago.
- Did you not read about it?
- [Guard #2] Oh, yeah, yeah.
No, me too. Me too.
[Guard #1] They've got
all your contacts.
All your friends.
All your data.
And they use it
to advertise to you...
[Guard #2] Totally. Totally.
- [Plop]
- [Sighs]
[ Rock music]
[Gary] Okay, let's go.
[Car engine starts]
That motherfucker.
[Starts car engine]
[ Suspenseful music]
"I Came To LA To Die"]
I came to LA to die...
[Russell screams]
And I'll tell you why
Cos there's a dream
to get a piece of the pie
But it was one like you
I came to LA to die
I'm gonna sell
my insides out
Gonna sell them
without a doubt
My dream should be
important to you...
- [Dan] Hey.
- [Rita] Hello, good morning.
Group powwow.
Haven't had one of these
in a while.
Oh, Dan, they rented
the apartment.
I don't think it's right.
What do you mean?
The landlord should have waited.
Yeah, I talked to those kids
once. They were weird.
Nobody cares about that shit.
It's all about the money.
I came to LA to die...
Oh, and they left
all their shit.
They actually left
their cars too.
Maybe they're dead.
I'm gonna sell my carcass
to the highest bidder
I came to LA to die
[Dog barking]
- What's up, Russell?
- [Russell sighs]
- Hey, Russell.
- Babe. Babe, what happened?
[Dan] Bye, Russell.
Babe? Russell?
It was a strange apartment
I mean, wasn't it like
a meth lab back in the day?
No, no, it was, er...
it was acid.
Hmm... makes sense.
What about that guy
who got beat up
by those people
in the black SUV?
- Oh, dude. Juan's friend died.
- Shut up!
Yeah, he hit his head
on the curb.
He got a hemorrhage.
And why didn't he go
to the hospital?
Because he is
an undocumented worker
and he didn't wanna
get deported.
Your country is so fucked.
America is the best, dude.
What the fuck did your country
ever give us
except for stale waffles
and shitty monk beer?
- Jacques Brel.
- What?
Jacques Brel!
What the fuck
is he talking about?
Has anybody met the new guy?
[Suspenseful music]
[ BAGMAN: "Fuck That Shit"]
[Rita and Russell moaning]
[Russell pants]
[Continues panting]
You gotta get in shape, babe.
I just lost my job. Can I worry
about one thing at a time?
Oh, I'm going
outta town tomorrow.
What? What for?
I told you about this
months ago.
Oh, yeah. How long?
Like, two weeks.
That's a long damn trip.
Mm-hmm. We're prepping
for the convention.
Well, that's the third trip
this month.
Do you want me to stay home?
It's just often, that's all.
I'm sorry
you lost your job, babe.
Maybe you shouldn't take naps
in the office, huh?
The door had a lock,
so I used it.
Every day?
They can't tell me
what to do on my lunch.
Besides, that fucker
still owes me 3,000 bucks.
Hey, hey. Just... strike it up
to a learning experience, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- You gotta do contracts.
[Russell grunts]
I'm sure you'll get
another gig soon.
[Russell sighs]
- Good night.
- Mmm...
- [Rita sighs]
- [Russell snores]
[ Suspenseful music]
[Charlie screams] Motherfucker!
- [Russell sighs]
- [Pounding downstairs]
[Charlie] Hurry the fuck up!
[Charlie screams] Fuck you!
[Russell sighs]
[ Synth music playing loudly]
[Rita] Hey. No.
Just call the landlord.
Really? When has he ever
done anything?
- [Music stops downstairs]
- [Rita] Shh. It stopped.
Go to sleep.
[Russell sighs]
[Screaming and synth music
resumes downstairs]
Ah, come on!
[Banging on door]
[Latch unlocks]
Are you aware
that people live upstairs?
Let me talk to the guy
who lives here.
You guys are making
a ton of noise
and I can't fucking sleep.
[Kisses lips]
He's busy.
Yeah, well, I was busy sleeping
about two seconds ago.
He's not himself right now.
[Charlie laughs]
[Rita] All good?
That dude is just kinky.
[Rita] Mmm.
Oh, don't forget
the rent check, okay?
I really can't front you
this month.
Three weeks' pay. 1,000 a week.
That's 3,000 bucks.
That's what you owe me.
That's my reduced rate!
[Boss] 'Come on, don't fuck
with me, man.
'We said 1,000 and deferments
if the show is picked up.'
No. That's a conversation
you had in your own mind.
'You should be grateful I even
let you work on this project.'
Ha-ha-ha! Okay, when are you
gonna send me the check?
'I'm not.'
I'm gonna come down there
and pick it up.
'Don't you dare come in here.
'I paid you what I owed you,
- [Boss hangs up]
- Fuck you, dude!
Fuckin' hang up on me!
- Russell!
- What?
For the last time, the trash.
Can't you see I'm just having
a shitty day? You take it out.
You know what?
You can have a shitty day
and still perform
basic human tasks.
Oh, please! When's the last time
you had a shitty anything?
Suckling your sweet milk
from the corporate teat!
[ Suspenseful music]
[Loud bang]
[Woman #1 on TV] 'Find out
about Farah Hampernickel's
designer dog outfit
'with solar panels
in three, two, one...'
[Man #1 on TV]
'But with ecotourism
'becoming an ever-increasing
source of revenue...'
[Man #2 on TV] '...Grim Reaper
breaks into a house
'at three o'clock
in the morning
'to warn the family
about vaccines...'
[Woman #2 on TV] '...deleterious
economic climate...'
- One dollar.
- 'White House adviser...'
- [Flicks through channels]
- Fuck you, Ryan Seacrest.
Goddamn loser.
[Alarm blaring]
So I see this as a popportunity
for you, okay?
That's Adderall, by the way.
Just so you know.
Helps me think straight,
you know?
But this is a popportunity,
which is an opportunity
that's about to pop.
You know what I'm saying?
This is girls, travel, awards.
My last guy
won the Montebella Media Award.
Also had nods
for the Cucumunga Association
for Advertisement Commerce.
Something like that.
So this shit
can lead somewhere, okay?
You get to cover
your own travel.
You get to cover
your own expenses.
It's gonna be 24 hours
on call.
You're gonna have
to run and gun,
shoot and poot, or whatever.
- What does it pay?
- It's 15.
An hour?
Just so you know,
there's a guy from AFI
that's begging to do it
for free. Begging.
Great. Hire him.
- [Russell sighs]
- Yikes.
[ NOUS NON PLUS: "Pasolini"]
[Whispers] Fuckin' bullshit.
Oh! Hey, hey.
I think you live downstairs...
Hello, Russell.
- Thanks.
- Sant.
You know, I was sorry
to hear about your job.
It's cool.
Any new prospects?
Nah. Nobody wants to pay me
what I'm worth.
You know, there are laws
against discrimination?
Dude, I still edit the same.
Wait a second.
I want to show you something.
You need to lay
off the sauce, man.
- Only the very finest.
- Mmm...
[Karina giggling]
Parlez vous franais?
I heard you were interested
in that new guy downstairs.
Who told you that?
- Cassandra.
- Well, that figures.
That guy bugs the shit outta me.
He makes a lot of noise.
Mmm. She says
you're obsessed with him.
Well, she should mind
her own business.
Mr. Russell, I have
some juicy gossip
about this mysterious man.
Would you like to learn more?
[Whispers] Okay.
This is top-secret news.
No interruptions.
Is that totally necessary?
Oh, sorry. Just a habit.
So what you wanna tell me?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Is there a problem?
- Yeah, I've got a girlfriend.
- So? Rita's not here.
- Easy! Aren't you like, 17?
I'm 19.
And you're a musician.
It's in your nature
to fool around.
Okay. I'm not a band guy
anymore, okay?
What if you only used
your fake hand?
She would probably be fine
with it.
Er... do you have something
to tell me or not?
Such a well-behaved boy.
[Russell] What?
Hey, did Rita
put you up to this?
Say hello to my little friend.
It is very special.
It will help surveil
the defecation patterns of apes
in their natural habitat.
My brother is a genius.
Thank you.
So what do you do when you find
all the ape shit?
Oh, I don't know.
We analyze it.
- And?
- And, er...
increase the sum
of human knowledge?
Watch, I show you.
Check this out.
Okay, mon petit chou, fly!
Be free!
[Russell] Oh!
Oh! Argh!
- [Cassandra] Oh, no!
- [Pierre] Yeah.
- [Cassandra] Your invention!
- [Pierre] I know.
- [Juan] Where is he?
- Mayor!
Who's the pendejo that keep me
and my lady up all night?
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
Er... perhaps what you're
hearing is just coming
from the bars off Sunset.
Don't be a smartass.
- Bang, bang, bang, bang!
- [Cassandra screams]
That drone
was some cool shit, bro.
Cut that out!
- How much?
- I can do 50.
- Say... 40?
- Really, dude?
[Boss] 'This is harassment!
The letters, the calls.
'I mean, like, over 20!'
I gotta pay my rent
and I can't unless you pay me.
'Jesus Christ. Why are you
wasting my time with this?
'Do you even know who I am?'
Yeah, a washed-up character
actor from some lame '80s sitcom
who's robbing his financiers
with this shit project.
' "The Screaming Show"
is a major milestone
'in reality television history.'
Are you out
of your fucking mind?
Tracey told me
what you're taking in
and what you're paying us.
It's a fucking joke.
'Where do you come up
with this shit?'
It's like two thirds
of the budget.
I'm gonna report you
to the union.
And I'm gonna take you to small
claims court, you cuttlefish.
'Oh, no, he's gonna take me
to court! You've got nothing.'
Oh, yeah? Well, you know
your homemade porn?
'Huh? What the hell
are you talking about?'
You realize that all the drives
are on one network, right?
So, when I search
for "rough cut",
I also get rough underscore
sex underscore fisting dot mov.
- Does that ring a bell?
- 'Wait, wait, wait.'
I think I'm gonna sell it
to TMZ.
'You little shit!'
I gotta pay my rent
somehow, dude.
'You wanna try me? Bring it on,
you crippled little fuck!
'You are so toast!'
- [Boss hangs up]
- Piece of shit.
[Clears throat]
[Footsteps approaching]
[Gary] Come on. Let's go.
[Russell] Hey.
How's it going?
I'm Russell.
Oh, right. Rita's guy.
You know Rita?
Yeah. What, is she
out of town or something?
Sure. Okay.
[Keys jingle]
[Door opens and closes]
[Loud bang]
[Electric flickering]
[Banging continues]
[Rita] 'How's the job hunt?'
Pretty good.
I got a couple leads.
'Yeah? Okay,
that's encouraging.
'Um... any more news
Yeah, that guy
says he knows you.
- 'Who is he?'
- Mysterious fuckin' Marvin.
I don't know.
So where are you anyway?
'Hmm? I'm... I'm up north.
I told you.'
- Up north?
- 'Yeah. Up north.'
Well, how far up north?
Like, Bakersfield north,
- Ventura north?
- 'Why are you being like this?'
I'm not being...
it's just weird
that you don't know the name
of the town that you're in.
'I gotta go.
I gotta go, er... coordinate.
'Um... don't feed Fellini
too much, okay? Bye!'
Wait, why are you rushing?
"Les Sauvages"]
[Pierre] So, er... three trips
in one month?
Yeah. Why would the company
even cover that?
Uh, big enterprise,
deep pockets.
I don't know.
She's like a brick wall.
I mean, why won't she tell me
where she is?
You think
she's cheating on me?
- What are you talking about?
- Nothing, just eat your cake.
It's like the less she tells me,
the more power she has.
And knowledge is power.
If she's cheating on me
and keeping me under her thumb,
I swear to God...
- Er... Russell?
- [Russell] What?
- what are you doing?
- [Russell] Huh?
Ah! Karina!
Oh, I hadn't noticed.
Keep your hands off my sister,
you pervert.
I had no idea! I have
no feeling in this hand.
Have some dignity, okay?
She's 19.
And just so you know,
I'm not gonna protect
your cheating ass
by starting lying to Rita.
What the hell
is going on around here?
What are you, like,
her new Stasi BFF now?
Hey, guys, look.
It's the new guy.
[ Suspenseful music]
- I love your suit.
- Thank you, I guess. Gary.
So, Gary, you work
the late shift, huh?
[Gary] No, why?
Well, I always see you
coming and going
all kinds of crazy hours.
Making all that noise.
Oh, no, my apologies.
[Cassandra] Where do you work?
Oh, yeah.
The office downtown, huh?
Where is the accent from?
Don't interrogate the poor man.
You... drive into downtown?
No, I just use my car
for special occasions.
[Russell] Oh, yeah? Like what?
I take an interest
in accelerationism.
- You know Neil Harbisson?
- Um... accelerationism.
That's, er...
The idea that either the
prevailing system of capitalism
or certain technosocial
that have historically
characterized it
should be expanded,
repurposed or accelerated
in order to generate
radical social change.
[Pierre] Okay...
You know Rita through REG, huh?
You guys work together?
No, but you could say that
we're aware of each other.
Yeah, cos she's outta town
the whole fuckin' time
anyway, right?
What happened?
Uh, I fell asleep driving
my band's van a long time ago.
My hand went through
the damn windshield.
Sorry to hear that.
[Laughs] Yes!
[Cassandra] Wow, it's working!
[Karina cheers]
Hey! Let me see that.
[ SMILING: "Duval Gardens"]
[ Suspenseful music]
Nice try, fucko.
[Loud bang]
[Indistinct screaming
[Gary] Hold her.
Hold her down.
[Indistinct screaming
and pounding continues]
[Gary] Come here!
Hey, Mayor.
Don't call me that, man.
Listen, your noisy
neighbor downstairs,
the one who is making
all this noise.
If this keeps up I'm gonna have
to do something about it.
You know what I mean.
[ Suspenseful music]
[Drone flying overhead]
No, I didn't get it.
- [Rita] 'Oh, I'm sorry, babe.'
- You don't sound that sorry.
'I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm just a little distracted.
'Um... did you wear
the blazer?'
'I told you to wear the blazer.'
I'll wear what I want, Rita.
I'm not your employee.
'Yeah, and I'm not your boss.'
Not yet, anyway. I found out
that guy's name downstairs.
- Gary.
- 'Gary?'
Yeah. At REG? Gary?
Ring a bell?
'No, I've never worked with
a Gary. Look, I've gotta...'
Yeah, I know.
You gotta go. Bye.
[Drone flying overhead]
Hey, dude.
Have you ever read
"The Autobiography
of Brown Buffalo"?
Dude, it's a guide to life.
Have you seen Pierre anywhere?
No. Isn't he in Brussels
with Karina?
What about Cassandra?
I can't believe
I'm even asking that.
Do you think she moved?
She's here through retirement.
At least that's what
she told us.
Hey... you feeling bored
right now?
Uh... I'm broke, dude.
This one's on me.
Come on. Come on.
- Ah, fuck it.
- Come on. Come on.
Molly enema.
Are you sure you don't wanna
just take a couple of hits
of this acid?
You... scared?
Oh, boy. Let's go.
It's gonna be a little cold.
[Quietly grunts, then sighs]
You're gonna feel
a little... pressure.
[Both laughing]
[Distorted voice]
Hey, I'm gonna do mine now.
"Study And Relax"]
My mom used to tell me
when I was a kid,
I could do anything. You know,
when you could do anything?
And you could do it, you know?
Well, I didn't do
anything, man!
[Both laughing]
Give me your hands, man.
- Do you love me, man?
- Yeah, I love you!
It's very special
and it's got...
You wanna... you wanna
see the real...
- You wanna feel the real me?
- What?
You wanna see the real me?
Look at this.
Ready, Dan? Ready?
- You like that?
- Oh...
That's... oh...
[Mumbling indistinctly]
[ Dance music]
High five!
- Oh, you're a strong guy.
- I'm synthetic, man.
You're strong.
Yeah, you're a good man.
- You're a good man.
- Synthetic.
- You're a synthetic man.
- I'm synthetic, man.
- You're real. You're real.
- No...
We will all go riding
in the sky
And tomorrow
we will not remember
A goddamn single thing
Cos we are so fucked up
[Both laughing]
[Mumbles indistinctly]
[ Psychedelic music]
[Boss] Where's my hard drive,
you crippled little cocksucker?
Where is it?
I thought I told you,
don't fuck with me.
Don't ever fuck with me!
This is your last
fucking chance.
- [Choking]
- [Gary] Get your hands off him!
[Punching continues]
[Boss groans]
[Russell continues coughing]
Dude, what the fuck?
May I use your restroom?
[Continues coughing]
We don't have much time.
One, two, three.
[Russell grunting]
Put his legs in first.
There you go.
Perfect. Perfect.
[Dogs barking]
[ Electronic music]
[Gary] They're relentless
- They're always black.
- [Russell] What?
You ever hear of gangstalking?
Are you talking about that SUV?
Mmm... is that what happens
right before a gang-bang?
It's when people tail someone,
but make it appear as though
they are not following.
And you think that's happening
to you right now?
And now they've engaged you.
[Engine revving]
Soon it will turn off.
[Breathes heavily]
We can't draw more attention.
Look, I know
who this guy is, okay?
That's the asshole
who owes me 3,000 bucks.
How do you know for sure?
We haven't removed the mask.
I'm pretty sure.
- How long have you known Rita?
- About two years.
- And you trust her?
- Yeah.
She has been acting
a little mysterious lately.
They're all in
on this together.
Rita, your attacker...
No, come on. Look, we can still
go to the cops, okay?
We can say
this was self-defense.
- No!
- There's a police station...
What the fuck?
They're in on it too.
We're not talking
about the Illuminati here.
It's worse
than you can imagine.
Put your back into it.
[Electric flickering]
A little support here!
- [Screams]
- [Electroshock weapon whirring]
[Gary laughs]
Easy there, Russell, easy.
Let's take him home.
[Electronic beeping]
REG wants me gone.
I stole their research,
went rogue.
And now I'm using my body
as the test subject.
Humanity remains stuck
in a dark time
between the old world
of the flesh, and the new.
But I will be
the first true cyborg.
We as a species cannot allow
technology to overwhelm us.
We must fuse with it,
become one.
Sorry, Russell.
I have to do this
for your own good.
So you can emancipate yourself.
Take control of your life.
Now, when I need you
you'll feel a slight sting.
We've made some improvements
to your prosthetic.
I'm gonna shove this...
up your ass.
[ Black metal music]
[Static continues]
[Electronic beeping]
Man! I can do things now.
I can sense things.
It's fucking amazing!
Welcome to the singularity,
my friend.
And I saw a black SUV.
They are definitely
following me.
You've gotta show me things.
If you're ready,
then let's begin.
[Russell] How did you know
that black van was trailing us?
- [Gary] They are everywhere.
- [Russell] Mmm.
[Gary] You must be observant
and slow down.
You're moving too fast.
You will cause them
to understand what you are.
So how do I spot them
if we not in a car?
It's not easy.
There's... a style to it.
For example, you think he's just
having a business conversation
out in the open? [Scoffs]
What is the logic in that?
And look there.
Third time he's lapped us.
Maybe he just likes to walk
and read the paper.
At his age, with no
reading glasses? No way.
- Wait!
- What?
Did you notice something?
Keep walking.
They're watching us.
- Who?
- Those guys.
Oh, come on, dude.
That's nothing.
Is there a baby
in the stroller?
Do you see a baby
in the stroller?
- What the fuck, dude?
- Where is the kid?
Fuck it.
[Gary] Stop! Stop!
You'll only make it worse.
Intensify the gangstalking.
Well, what's the point
of finding them
if we can't do anything?
There's nothing you can do
if they single you out.
The only way to stop them
is to stop Rita.
Rita? You think
she's the kingpin in all this?
Trust me, she's middle
management at best.
That's what she wants you
to think. Let's go.
'How's the doggie?'
Fine. Feeding him raw.
Walking him every day.
'Did your boss
pay you back yet?'
No, not yet.
I think he left town.
Maybe indefinitely.
Yeah. I guess he owed
a lot of people money.
'What's that, er...
What's that shiny thing?'
- What, this?
- [Rita chuckles]
'What is that? Is it like,
terminator cosplay or what?'
It's my new hand.
'What do you mean,
it's your new hand?'
'Dude, you can't pay me
two months' rent
'and you fucking get a new hand?
What the fuck?'
Alright, calm down.
First of all, I didn't buy it.
And second of all,
I'm more powerful now, Rita,
than you can possibly imagine.
'Um... I'm not letting you
touch me with that.'
Whatever. I'll find some
smoking-hot cyborg chick
- and she'll let me touch her.
- 'Wow.
'Nice, nice.
'I leave for like, two days,
and you're feral now.'
Maybe I'm just
emancipating myself.
[Sighs] 'Alright,
I'm gonna go.'
Yeah, whatever.
I'm not a prisoner, Rita.
I'm a free man.
And my blood is my own now!
[ Black metal music]
That was awesome!
Now you try.
Don't resist.
Focus on the target.
Look within yourself.
Don't worry about the claw.
Holy shit!
Did you see that?
Hail Satan!
What the hell did you
fit this with?
One of the world's
most powerful magnets.
[ Hip-hop music playing]
[Russell] So, what did I
just sign?
Oh, this is an NDA,
like a nondisclosure agreement.
The client is like,
really confidential.
What is it,
like, Tesla or something?
Dude, you're gonna
fucking fit in here so well.
It's like, it's really cool
because it's a very
accepting culture.
They want people to be
their authentic self.
Like... like, this is just
my day gig.
I'm a DJ.
This place is really cool.
You know, I used to work
in this building.
- Oh, yeah? What project?
- "The Screaming Show."
- So you know...
- What?
There was a guy
that took a massive shit,
like, right here
on this desk.
- But we've replaced it though.
- Ah.
What did people think
about that?
Like, cult hero.
Where did you say
you worked again?
I worked in this office.
But there was a bunch of us
coming and going.
- Right...
- I don't know who did that.
Yeah, sure.
Look, Russell, we know
that you took the shit.
And hey, hey, hey...
We really respect
your passion and your courage.
That's why we think you're
the perfect guy for the job.
- Who's "we" anyway?
- REG.
- [Cell phone vibrating]
- REG?
[Dusty] Yeah.
It's top secret though, so...
[Phone continues vibrating]
It's top secret.
But you're exactly
what they're looking for.
[Door closing]
Cult hero.
And then he says "REG", right?
And then I look down his phone
and Rita is calling him!
Of course she is.
She is masterminding
this entire operation.
But once Charlie implants
the chip into my brain,
my transformation
will be complete
and then our real work begins.
I will have access
to all digital information,
including the launch codes
to all nuclear weapons.
I will turn this digital prison
into a playground
for myself and my disciples.
We will lead a cyborg army
into the underground...
Are you sure there's still
an underground?
Don't you mean like,
off the grid?
We will lead a cyborg army
into the above-ground
and exact our revenge
on the global elite,
which seek to enslave humanity.
Eh... I don't know, man.
I don't think
I wanna be a henchman,
you know what I'm saying?
It's not really my thing.
[Scoffs] Russell,
you will not be a henchman.
You will be a God.
[ Black metal music]
[Alarm blaring]
[Blaring continues]
- Hey, bro.
- [Russell] Mayor!
I'm tired of this dude's shit.
What the hell is going on here?
I'm gonna do things
my own way.
Alright, it's not worth it.
Tell me about it. He should
be paying me to take this junk.
Hang on, did you talk to him?
Nah. I just don't wanna
get aggressive.
Okay, hold on a second.
Let me... let me give you
a little bit of money.
No mames!
It's OK.
My people are gonna
steal something
for every hour he steals from
my sleep with his stupid noise.
Hey, bro. You ever jerk off
with that thing?
[Russell moaning]
[ Suspenseful music]
[Cell phone vibrating]
- Hey.
- [Gary] 'Hey.'
The Mayor just broke
into your apartment.
I caught him outside
just now.
'Did you know I'm not using
my cell to call you right now?'
'I dialed your number
using my mind.'
That's great.
But, look, he took
a bunch of your stuff.
I think he's working
for REG.
- 'It doesn't matter.'
- Why?
'Because the countdown
has already begun.'
Countdown? To what?
'To the moment of reckoning.'
Come on... hey, hey, hey.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
- Excuse me?
- You work for REG, right?
- Er... yeah, but...
- Argh!
[Man groaning]
FINGERS: "Cavehead"]
You're not the one
who breathes the air
You're not the one
whose blood is pumping
You are the one
that's everywhere
Everyone gets sucked in,
sucked in
Everyone gets sucked in down
Everyone gets sucked in,
sucked in
Everyone gets sucked in down
Everyone gets sucked in,
sucked in
Everyone gets sucked in
Everyone gets sucked in
[Continues yelling]
[Robotic whirring]
- Hey, where are you going?
- Heading to work.
The drone will notify you
of any intruders.
[Drone flying overhead]
[Continuous beeping]
[Beeping continues]
[Static continues]
[ Punk music]
What? What the...
Huh? You following me?
[Man grunting]
[Gary] Come on. Go on!
- You're not listening to me.
- [Russell] What do you mean?
You're only making things worse.
I told you a million times,
you cannot engage!
You're such a hypocrite.
Why did you kill Pierre?
He was REG's top
robotics engineer.
No, that's impossible.
- What about Dan?
- What did he do for a living?
- He sold drugs.
- Don't be so naive.
He was drugging you.
I noticed this!
Why would he do that?
Did you ever pay?
Well, not really.
He was interrogating you.
- About what?
- Me!
Well then,
what about Cassandra?
She was conducting
an investigative piece
on body hackers in LA.
But this was a cover story.
She was sent here by REG
to monitor my every move.
No way. There's no way
Cassandra worked for Rita.
She would have told me.
These were Rita's core team.
Your attacks
were on mere extras.
You have to control
your impulses,
otherwise you'll jeopardize
the entire mission.
What is the mission?
To kill Rita.
You go ahead. I'm gonna...
I'm gonna walk from here.
I'll see you back there.
[Rita] 'Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm kinda busy.'
Look, what are you up to, Rita?
'Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, what?'
I know you up
to something, okay,
and you've gotta call it off
or someone's gonna get hurt.
'Get hurt?
Russell, are you drunk?'
Just admit it.
You... you and your core team
are-are trying to manipulate me.
'My core team?'
Why were you calling
that guy's phone?
Two days ago
at my interview.
The guy with the mullet.
He's a DJ.
How do you even know him?
'Um... REG.'
Yeah, you're damn right,
through REG.
Because he's one of your
panopticon foot soldiers.
'Do you have any idea how crazy
you sound right now?'
Why can't you just tell me
the truth for once?
- 'You want the truth?'
- Yes.
'Okay, fine.
I'm Dusty's boss.
'And yeah, I literally
ordered him to offer you a job,
'even though
you are so unprepared
'for that level
of responsibility,
'because I'm sick
of watching you self-destruct
'and if you don't turn it
around soon, Russell,
'I'm going to break up
with you.'
Wait, what?
'Look, I don't wanna do this
on the phone.
[Sighs] 'I'll meet you back
at the house in 30 minutes.'
Thirty minutes?
I thought you were up north.
'I'm not.
I'm at my sister's in Glendale
'because I just had to not
be around you for a second.'
[Drone continues flying
[Continuous beeping]
Russell... you and I
are Promethean children reborn.
Let us take what is ours.
We shall be a Metal Storm.
I'm going to get ready.
Alright. You need to leave
Rita alone, okay?
This whole thing is so fucked.
You're not going to lay
a single finger on her.
Are you sure you want
to do this?
Look man, she's not
who you think she is.
I will not allow myself
to be undermined
by some sniveling
subservient coward!
[High-pitched ringing]
That was a warning.
So unless you wish to feel
the full extent...
It's a shame.
In a way, I had become
attached to you.
But now I'm gonna have
to neutralize you both.
Eat a bag of dicks!
[Whirring stops]
What the hell?
You... motherfucker!
Get outta here.
[Drone flying overhead]
[Breathes deeply]
- [Rita] Russell?
- Hmm?
- Russ.
- Rita.
Oh, my God.
Look at that.
What is...
- Mmm...
- [Sniffs] You smell different.
You smell like a hospital.
You smell like surgical...
I haven't showered
in a couple days.
Um... should we...
[Robotic ding]
[Robotic voice]
'Laguna Project loading.'
[Gary] 'Russell...'
[Robotic voice]
'The human future is canceled.'
Oh, I talked to HR.
Apparently, I got Gary fired.
Yeah, come here. So someone
shorted out the building
and we lost a week of work.
And I was like,
"Fuck that guy, fire him."
But what nobody told me
is he was trying
to literally connect himself
to the office hard drive.
He's certifiable. He was telling
people he's a fucking robot.
[Gary] 'Russell...
[Robotic voice] 'Level one
entry into machine diffused
'cyberspace initiated.
'Alert. Perpetual loop
disruption of capital.
'Viral overload commencing.
'Time flesh dissolve
into infinity void.'
Russell, what are you doing?
Cut it out.
Russell, hey, hey!
'Embrace extinction.
'Rebirth into symbiotic
Russell, hey, hey, hey!
Stop it, cut it out!
[Gary] 'You can't kill me,
[Robotic voice] 'Alert.
'The end of the world
is Los Angeles.'
[Rita] Russell, what happened?
[Gary screaming]
'You can't kill me, Russell.
'I'm everywhere.'
'I'm everywhere.
[Robotic voice]
'Transfer complete.'
"Nothing to Lose"]
The heart it aches
It's such a shame
But it goes away
Quick as it came
Throwing away
all the dreams of yesterday
No time to choose
Nothing to lose
Nothing to lose,
but you
Our heavenly love
Came from above
I gave you my all
But it wasn't enough
Throwing away
all the dreams of yesterday
No time to choose
Nothing to lose
Nothing to lose,
but you
I was born
Born to die
Die for you
No time to choose
Nothing to lose
Nothing to lose,
but you