Lair (2021) Movie Script

CAROL: Please...
Please, stop.
Sean. Sean. Sean! [SCREAMS]
Fuck it.
What do you want from me?
Tell me Carol
was bangin' the mailman.
You came home drunk
and lost your shit.
Things got outta control.
Somethin', man.
You never...
We never believed that bullshit.
It was always a paycheck, man!
It was always about a paycheck!
Come on.
- Fine. Fuck it. I'm goin'.
- BEN: John, 9:25.
"Whereas I was blind,
now I see."
STEVEN: Are you f... Really?
That fuckin' comic book?
The Bible?
I was cooking.
Carol was at the table.
She was working.
Sean was right there playing.
I was a passenger.
I could see everything, but...
no stopping. No...
no, no control.
Wh... what does that even mean?
I could taste...
the sulfur from her open veins
in the back of my mouth.
- Ben.
- BEN: It means killing.
Even someone as... as small...
as lithe as Carol. It...
it's exhausting.
You have to know, I fought it.
Whatever it was.
- Okay.
- BEN: The disbelief in her eyes.
She watched me, Steven.
She saw me brutalize...
murder her.
But it wasn't me.
She died thinking it was me,
- Christ, man. You can't...
- No, listen!
I tried to stop her suffering.
I became brutal for her...
to end her pain.
But it wouldn't let me.
It slowed me down.
Made me watch.
And when it...
When we stood...
I knew we were going for Sean.
All right,
foot off the gas, seriously.
He was six years old, my boy.
My son, Steven.
I slaughtered my son.
I don't wanna hear this.
- You need to hear it!
- []
BEN: You brought that thing
into my house!
Into my fucking life!
What did we do?
- Wait, what? We? Nothin'.
- BEN: All those years.
All those cases.
They were real.
The supernatural or whatever
you wanna call that shit...
it really exists.
Innocent men are where I am now
because of our bullshit!
Because of your fabricated
fucking adventures.
We being filmed? What the fuck?
- Huh?
- People trusted us, Steven.
Okay. Fine. That's it. I'm out.
BEN: No. I... I couldn't do
what they're saying I did.
- You know that, right?
- I don't know shit.
Look, I can't promise anything,
but I'll do what I can.
- BEN: I was the only one there.
- Caramore.
- Just what I need, Ben's hack.
- Hack? My skill set does suffer
when called upon to do things
I am ill-qualified for.
Really? Open up.
Such as being courteous
to snake oil salesmen,
and egotistical carnival barkers
such as yourself.
You got real problems, lady,
and I am not talkin'
about your hair.
How is my client? Your friend.
Maybe you've read about them
in books. Seen them in films.
You should talk to me, Caramore.
I am the closest thing
you have to a friend right now,
and I can't stand
the sight of you.
Givin' a fuck doesn't really go
with my outfit.
Come on, buddy open this door!
This whole thing is a joke.
Like something'
on Saturday Night Live.
Ben's trying
to say a... a demon, some spook
made him pound his wife
and son's skulls into Play-Doh.
- A monster.
- It's unorthodox, but valid.
Fucking valid?
It shows he was not
in a clear state of mind
when he killed them, at least.
You ever met Carol? Sean?
Cute kid. Beautiful lady.
- It's terrible, I know, it's...
- ...awful.
But be it madness,
or an unseen menace...
You mean like fuckin' Bluetooth?
Dollarhyde was not in control.
What part
of "he fucking murdered them"
- are you not getting?
- Well, technically, yes.
[STAMMERS] Fucking technically?
You think I don't know
- you inspired these murders?
- []
- Say... say again?
- Engineered them, in fact.
Believing the best way
to research an item
you thought Satanic, possessed,
cursed, was to place it
in my client's home,
sit back and wait
for the paramedics,
and the press to come calling.
STEVEN: It's a chunk of tree!
I was using it as a door stop,
for Christ's sake.
WENDY: So a pillar
of the community snaps.
And with an item
linked to various deaths,
and bizarre rituals
going back hundreds of years
that you gave him,
he clubs his wife
and child to death...
Did you really think
I wouldn't see the connection?
That's right, I remember
I was caddying for him
when he teed her skull up,
and chipped it onto
the putting green.
- Open the door, please.
- I believe you did the equivalent.
Lady, your case
has more holes in it
than a block of Swiss cheese
at a hooker convention.
Can you let me outta here?
WENDY: Dollarhyde needs help.
Not prison. And as someone
who identifies as a Christian...
Christian? Yeah, Bale or Slater?
You have a problem
with my faith?
has over a billion followers.
Yeah, so does
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
- Open the fuckin' door!
You, know, you must go
to the gym a lot
to be luggin' around that grudge
you're carryin' for me.
WENDY: No grudge,
but I'd unplug your life support
to charge my phone.
Eat a dick, lady!
- []
WENDY: You think I don't know
you inspired these murders?
Engineered them, in fact.
Believing the best way
to research an item
you thought Satanic,
possessed, cursed
was to place it
in my client's home,
sit back and wait
for the paramedics,
and the press to come calling.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, Jesus H. Christ.
- Hello?
Coulson's trying to fuck me.
Dollarhyde's mouth-piece?
STEVEN: His douchebag lawyer.
She's tryna' slam me, man.
[SIGHS] You let fuckers
like her slide once,
and they end up
treatin' you like a snowboard.
I went and saw Ben.
It's 5 a.m. in the morning,
He's lost it.
He's a fuckin' wackjob now.
You can't know that for sure.
Not until I'd seen him.
He may be playing them
- for the plea deal.
- Look, shut up. Listen.
You remember
my dad's place in London?
I thought that place
was condemned.
STEVEN: I'm there now.
I want you
to throw some clothes in a bag
get on a plane
and get over here.
I got an idea about how
we might be able to help him.
What are you thinking now?
STEVEN: We've been fakin'
this ghost-hunting shit
for years.
Ben says something
possessed his ass.
Fuck it, let's find out.
Yeah, I'm gonna use
that shithole across the hall.
The building's empty.
We can monitor this place
from one of
the other apartments.
We catch some spooky shit
on camera,
it could spring
his demented butt from jail.
And, you know, there might be
some scratch in it for us.
OLA: I thought you went
to your papa's funeral.
And now this has become
a business trip.
STEVEN: We got expenses.
When you get in,
hit the storage facility.
Grab a few of those bullshit
artifacts we've been storing.
OLA: Anything in particular?
A specific case, maybe?
STEVEN: Murder trials we've
given testimony at will be goo.
Anything that creeps you out
or gives you pause for thought.
The weirder the better.
It's all horseshit, anyway.
Oh, the box at the back marked
"Keep out"
with the magazines in it,
that's not mine, they're...
I'm keepin' it for a friend.
Hey, uh,
does this shit-box of a country
have an extradition treaty
with the US?
I miss the days when you used
to just hide in a tree.
STEVEN: And now
we're playing with dolls.
Why don't you just put a sign
on it?
"Beware of the demon doll."
In a chair? Spooky, no?
This and all the other
supposedly Satanic, cursed,
knicknack, paddywhack bullshit
that goes in the apartment
has got to look like it came
from vacationing, antiquing.
Folks have gotta be oblivious.
So, they don't see the demons
when they come?
You don't believe,
but me tell you.
- Demons, I've seen them.
- I married them.
All a joke.
Till they come for you.
STEVEN: The only thing comin'
for me are debt collectors,
and a bad case of the clap.
So, why don't we just pack
this place with all those things
in your box of tricks? Hmm?
- We is done.
- It's an experiment, dumbass.
We dump one item
in the apartment,
take another one out.
You know,
maybe it's like ephedrine,
the spooky shit
takes time to kick in.
Who the fuck knows?
We gotta track what item
causes a reaction.
Jesus, I sound as crazy
as Dollarhyde,
and I'm not even high yet.
The shit I've seen in Haiti
would blow your tiny mind.
You can go if you want.
I'm gonna stay and do this.
For me and for Ben.
I would rather be
anywhere else than here.
I been with you ten years, now.
I owe you.
So I stay, watch over you.
You set up my cot,
you get me coffee,
and you back up my bullshit
when I'm trying to get laid.
- [CHUCKLES] You, laid?
- STEVEN: Whatever.
On the off-chance
Beelzebub does rock up,
at least we can lock
this playhouse down.
- MARIA: Come on, guys!
- I'll carry that for you, okay?
Nearly there! [GASPS]
Wait till you see this TV.
It's the biggest TV
in the world!
Well, what do you know?
How the hell you get
that thing back?
Yeah, what?
Hiya. Mr. Caramore?
Uh, we booked
through the website?
"We"? We who?
"We" being the Cortezes?
Well, one Cortez,
a couple of Engelsf'.
Sorry, we couldn't get
a taxi so...
- STEVEN: Great. Fifth floor.
- STEVEN: Come on up.
- Sweet.
CARLY: Do you want me
to get that for you, darling?
- JOEY: We're good.
- Okay.
- CARLY: Come on.
- JOEY: You got it? Not too heavy?
LILLY: I can do it.
- MARIA: Pick up your feet,
girls. Come on.
Come on, pumpkin. [CHUCKLES]
Tell me you have a kettle!
- We have a kettle.
- Tell me you have teabags.
- We have a kettle.
- It's like a princess castle!
- This is insane!
- CARLY: Amazing.
- Lill, wait!
- This is amazing.
I know!
- CARLY: How much...
- This is my bed.
- And I'll take this one, then.
LILLY: Bouncy.
- JOEY: Nice.
- And there's a view.
- Oh, my God, it's like a novel.
- Not too shabby at all.
We'll try
to keep the noise down.
Oh, you scream your lungs out.
We're the only ones
in the building.
Oh, perks of off-season
- travel, I suppose.
Careful, Lill, if you break it,
we'll be in big trouble.
- You okay in here?
- JOEY: Uh, yeah.
LILLY: I get a window!
There's another room.
It's kinda' small.
But, uh, it's right down there
- if you wanted to see it.
- We're good. She gets scared.
No, I don't. You get scared.
Aw, you gonna look after me?
- Save me from the evil dolly!
MARIA: Josephine,
are you upsetting your sister?
We're just playing, Mom.
- I can't get a break.
- STEVEN: What can you do?
My mom was an alcoholic,
socialist sex worker.
Kinda' did the opposite
of stickin' it to the man.
I'm not sure we need
Marilyn Manson's backup dancer
in here.
- I'll call her Amy.
- Or maybe you do.
- Thanks,
- Amy's a pretty name.
- Hmm. Yeah.
STEVEN: You guys need anything,
I am right across the hall.
- CARLY: Good to know.
- [MARIA CHUCKLES] Thank you!
- Yeah.
- Let's check out the view.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Oh, come on.
I'm watchin' you.
Watchin' you.
Watchin' you.
I wish
you wouldn't smoke this stuff.
- It relaxes me.
- Hmm.
You can't let it get to you.
- What?
- This.
It's only been four weeks.
It's new to them too.
- I want them to like me.
- I know.
Come in. It's cold.
- You know I, uh...
- I saw the book.
- []
- I'm an idiot.
- It's sweet.
Although, I don't think you'll
find the answers to my kids
in a book
called Practical Parenting.
- Well, it was either that
- or Lamaze classes.
Look, these things just
take time.
Joey's Joey,
she'll come round eventually.
And Lilly, Lilly loves everyone.
You just gotta buy her stuff.
Now this, I like.
You know,
when I wear matching underwear,
I really feel like
I've got my shit together.
But this feels more like a trap
than a casual buttoning
gone awry.
A trained mom wouldn't let
a misbuttoned shirt pass.
Hmm, it does kind of draw
the attention, doesn't it?
What kind of attention
are you after?
Hmm, who knows?
What am I gonna do with you?
Whatever you want.
You know,
actually I'm a bigger fan of
the German and Dutch, but, uh...
you know, whatever.
STEVEN: Okay, go to bed.
- Go to bed, Lilly.
Lilly, bedtime.
- Devil doll, my ass.
And we're back.
Day two
in the Big Brother household,
and the guests have headed out.
Devil Doll was a dud.
Had no effect
on the tenants whatsoever.
It's just an unsettling piece
of plastic in a dress.
Or as I like to call it,
my ex-wife.
STEVEN: You gotta be kidding me.
Four women and they're peein'
all over the floor.
Where is it?
Come on, Lilly. Hell.
Take this thing.
Put it somewhere.
Where's your doll?
Where's your doll?
What is this?
Where's the doll, Lill?
Come on. I know this place.
- []
Look at all the colors, Lilly.
Aren't they gorgeous?
- Wow!
Now, Lilly, the parade goes
all the way
through the center of London.
Do you remember, uh,
Trafalgar Square?
- Uh, I know Buckingham Palace.
- How you doin'?
- Hey! You enjoying the parade?
- MARIA: Hey.
- Yeah, good.
- Yeah, it's great.
Can I grab you for a minute?
- Just a quick word over here?
- Yeah, sure.
The doll.
- Sorry?
- My niece needs it back. Sorry.
Oh, well, Lill's become really
attached to the ugly thing.
You don't really want her
playin' with that.
- MARIA: Your niece can wait a couple of days.
- STEVE: Not really.
MARIA: Well, she's
gonna have to. Come on, girls.
- Wait, wait, it's a copy...
- Come on.
...of a... a doll
that became known
as the Devil Doll, you know it?
Is that supposed
to mean something?
No, there was
a movie made about it.
- Some girl murdered all her housemates.
- STEVE: Bingo.
- CARLY: It was all over the news.
- She jumped off the roof.
Took the doll with her.
You really want her playing
with that?
Look, you wanna hear
a horror story?
- I'll tell you about my ex-husband sometime.
- The doll fell 12 stories.
It's made of China.
Not a crack in it.
Doesn't that unnerve you?
Well, hang on.
You said it was a replica?
You... Oh, okay. O...
You got me.
It's the actual doll.
The real killer kid's
killer doll.
You broke me, Scully.
Now, can I have it back, please?
You put a dead girl's doll
- in our flat.
- STEVE: It's a collectible.
MARIA: Bollocks!
It's a dead child's toy!
Well, you put it like that,
it sounds kinda' bad.
I'll give you bad, you prick!
- Hey! I was up till five...
- Maria! The kids, man!
- STEVEN:... in the mornin'
I was stoned cleanin'
- up for you guys.
- Amy!
You, no, no, oh! No, no, no!
Oh, my God!
- What is wrong with you?
- STEVEN: This is expensive merch
- it's a gore collectible!
- Oh, you pervert!
CARLY: Any more things
in the apartment
- we need to be worried about?
- Demonic Care Bears? Evil Beanie Babies?
- MARIA: Look, just
- leave it. He's not worth it.
- STEVEN: It was a mistake, okay?
- Where's Lilly?
- What?
- Lill?
- Is she gone?
- MARIA: Lilly?
- JOEY: Peanut?
- Lill?
- MARIA: Lilly?
- Peanut?
- Lilly?
- Thanks a bunch, arsehole.
- Lilly?
JOEY: Lilly? Lilly?
Lilly? Lilly! Lilly? Lilly?
- Where are you?
- Lilly, where are you, my love?
Stop it, please.
- Lilly! Help!
- Lilly! Lilly!
Lilly! Lilly, darling,
where are you, Lilly?
- [SOBS] Please, Lilly? Lilly?
- Mommy?
Lilly! Lilly! Lilly! Damn it!
LILLY: Joey?
- LILLY: Mommy!
- MARIA: Lilly!
Mommy? Mama?
- [SCREAMS] Joey!
- I got you. It's okay.
- Don't leave me! Where did you go?
- I'm not going to leave you.
I... I'm sorry. I was behind you.
I got you, I got you. It's okay.
It's okay... [WHIMPERS]'s okay.
- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, my God, girls.
[SOBS] Oh, thank you.
You can't do that.
You can't wander off
like that, baby. Come on.
MARIA: Mr. Caramore.
- What a treat.
- STEVEN: Look, I wanna apologize.
See if the kid's okay.
What happened was terrible.
I can't help but feel,
in some small way,
- I was partly responsible.
- Partly?
You're serious?
If you hadn't started
with your bullshit...
No, you know what?
She's here. She's safe.
It's fine. Forget it.
Do you need something?
I'd like to make it up to Lilly.
So... [INHALES DEEPLY] ...Ta-da!
What poor child
did you snatch that from?
STEVEN: She's working on an
assembly line for smartphones.
She won't miss it.
I bought it. A replacement for
the doll. Can I give it to her?
She's getting ready for bed.
Look, it was a kick in the nuts
what happened.
I feel like shit about it.
Christ. Please?
Lill, come here, sweetheart.
Did you bring Amy back?
I didn't, honey, but, uh, I got
you this. Super-cool teddy bear.
I can have him? Really?
You gotta take care
of him, though.
- Keep him with you always.
- I will, I will, I promise.
- Joey, come see.
- This is bullshit.
Babe. Carly.
Great. Now she's pissed.
- Hey, wait.
- MARIA: Goodnight.
I'm just
spinnin' my wheels here.
I have seen nada, zippo,
nothing that would
back up Dollarhyde's claim
of anything supernatural.
Sad bastard.
Maybe she was bangin'
the mailman.
- MARIA: Carly?
This is lovely.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about earlier.
And what happened today
with Lilly.
I didn't know what to do.
- MARIA: Hey.
- All those people.
Hey, it's not your fault.
You didn't do anything wrong.
- But, I could have done something...
- MARIA: No, look,
This helps.
You help.
You know that, don't you?
- Sometimes.
Look, I'm the one
that needs to try harder.
I need to make
you feel more needed.
- CARLY: It's fine.
- You're part of the family.
It's fine.
MARIA: Look, I know I can be
a pain in the ass sometimes.
[CHUCKLES] I really do.
But recently, the kids
- and the divorce.
- I know.
It's tough. It's a lot.
I'm trying.
But I really need you
to be there for me
when I pull myself out
of this slump. [INHALES DEEPLY]
I'm going to call you Dora,
- because you're an explorer, aren't you?
Who's this, Lill?
I found her on the balcony.
Isn't she cute?
JOEY: You know
we can't keep her, right?
LILLY: But Dora likes it here.
Mom would kill me.
I love you.
CARLY: Enjoy your bath.
Take your time.
I'll look after
the kids, all right?
MARIA: Thank you, okay.
- []
- JOEY: There we go.
- []
JOEY: Hey, Dora.
How did you get in here?
What the...
Oh, God, I look so old.
I need fillers or Botox
or something.
You're beautiful.
This, on the other hand.
This'll give Lilly nightmares.
- Was this always out there?
- MARIA: Out where?
LILLY: Look Teddy,
this is my room.
- Oh, what you doing?
- Nothing, showing Teddy around.
CARLY: Okay. Hey, Teddy.
- JOEY: Mom, where's the hairdryer?
- That's my bed.
MARIA: Second drawer down.
- Oh.
- MARIA: It is broken, though.
Five minutes and we will leave,
with or without you, Jo.
- Should we leave her?
- LILLY: Yeah.
Oh, look at me.
Why do I even bother?
Again with the self-pity, Ria.
Stop. Come on.
- [LILLY CHUCKLES] Come on, Teddy.
MARIA: As long as I get it,
we're okay.
- We are okay, aren't we?
- CARLY: Better than okay.
- Someone's fuckin' with the rug?
- MARIA: Thank you for this.
For making me feel special.
CARLY: Any time.
- []
- Mother of dragons! [GASPS]
All right,
are you ready then, miss?
- Come on, then.
- What the fuck was that?
- Have you nicked yourself?
- Hmm?
- I don't think so.
- Hmm.
Oh. It's just a little cut.
Does it hurt?
- No. I'm fine.
- [CARLY GRUNTS] Come on, then.
Let's get that sister of yours.
See if she's out of the shower.
Jo? You out the shower?
You... It's... You know,
fuck it. Fuck this.
I know what you...
There's no fuckin' way.
There's no fuckin' way.
There is no fuckin' way.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Let me have a word. Listen.
Look, I'm not doin'...
- I'm not doin' anything.
- What are you doing here?
- Don't worry about it, look.
- Don't touch me.
- I wanna have a chat with you.
- Mr. Caramore.
it's Doctor. Dr. Caramore.
- WENDY: You're bloody lucky I didn't punch you.
- STEVEN: I've been doin' this
a long time.
And all I can tell you
is somethin' happened
in that house.
- Now you're seeing things too?
- No, maybe. Look,
you're defending Ben.
Maybe I can help.
You got access to his papers?
His logs?
- And?
- And, let me have a look.
Maybe it'll refresh somethin'.
We worked
on those things for years.
Ben told me you've not seen
his personal papers.
He also said
he was possessed by a demon.
Ben's saying a lot of crazy shit
right now. Are those them?
- No.
- Just give me an hour with him.
- Please.
- You're scared.
- Bullshit!
- Something's got you spooked.
- No.
Or is it you're worried
what my client might've confided
in me?
Listen, lady,
I don't have the time,
or the crayons
to explain this to you.
You gonna let me look
at his worksheets or not?
I'll make a deal with you.
I'll show you mine,
you show me yours.
Let's do that, shall we?
- Now you're talking.
- In court.
Goodbye, Mr. Caramore.
It's... it's Doctor.
Dr. Caramore.
- [SIGHS] Right, sorted.
Hey, where's Joey?
Um, she's outside talking
to those boys, babe.
Wait, the ones
that got kicked out?
Maria, she's fine.
They got asked to leave, Carly.
- Mommy.
- Come on. Let's get your coat on.
- CHRIS: Maybe try the US first...
- No, yeah.
- Yeah.
- CHRIS: Take that.
- Oh, thanks.
Carly said you'd be out here.
- Of course she did.
- We were talking, Mrs. Engels.
Ms. Engels.
And was I talking to you?
- Mom!
- Is this really necessary, Maria?
- Come on, we're going.
- JOEY: Mom, please.
Joey, now.
What did you say to her?
- Fuckin' hell.
- MARIA: Come on. What sort of
example would you think you're
setting for your younger sister?
Is it not enough
that your mother
had a child at 17?
Whatever it is
you think you saw,
this should keep
them things at bay.
No, Dollarhyde's journal
is useless.
I gotta get a hold
of those papers Coulson had.
Maybe there's somethin'
in there.
Again with the Coulson.
You are obsessed
with this woman.
- I showed you the footage.
- You showed me the wind, Boss.
Static. Nothin' there.
Maybe it's like vampires
and mirrors. [BREATHES DEEPLY]
I saw it, though.
And I'll record the fucker.
This could be my...
Our payday. We...
Oprah, The Late Show,
a book deal.
We'll make out like bandits.
I thought this was
about bailing out our boy.
It is, but if we can get a
little scratch in the meantime,
- where's the harm?
- What about them people, huh?
That voodoo thing.
The salt and shit works...
- right? So they're covered!
- Should be?
This is not a science, hmm?
It's over a millennium old.
But I hope,
I pray it protects them.
Shit gets crazy, we'll bust in
and save their asses.
It could be good for the book.
- But still...
- Look, I got this!
- []
I'm not too sure
about you, okay?
Trust me.
- What the hell are you doing?
- That should fix the squeak.
Salt? To stop a squeak?
No, in the summer,
we get roaches.
You said it was for a squeak.
Salt messes up slugs,
not cockroaches.
Well, it's workin'
'cause no roaches here.
Okay, what exactly
are you playin' at here?
Squeak, salt, slug, roaches.
Whatever. Fixed.
Slugs? On the fifth floor?
You ever seen a Cockney slug?
[CHUCKLES] Oh, they climb.
Take down a pitbull, man.
Seriously, they are
some scary mother-funsters.
Do you have a problem,
Mr. Caramore?
Oh, where do I start?
My shrink thinks...
- Oh, for God's sake!
- STEVEN: ...I got a guy workin' in there!
- You've gotta be shitting me?
- OLA: No shit.
- I was just about over.
- Get out, now!
Outrageous. You shouldn't
even be in here. Go!
Come on, come on, come on.
Unless there's
a gas leak, a fire,
or an impending fucking tornado,
stay out.
You lot, in.
- Come on, girls. Let's go.
- Come on.
- Don't.
I can't believe
you defended her.
Joey, at the restaurant earlier.
- Talking to those boys.
- Oh, God.
You're choosing now
to take a pop at me
about some pointless shit
that happened over an hour ago?
You saw those boys!
You're like a dog
- with a fucking bone.
- Carly, she's a teenager!
CARLY: Talking to boys
is what teenage girls do, Ria.
They were smoking!
I'm sure that's all right for
you with your disgusting habit,
but not me.
[SIGHS] Carly, you saw them.
What I'm seeing is a very
ugly side to you, right now.
So now I'm ugly.
- Didn't say that.
- That's exactly what you said.
That went well.
- []
A peace offering.
I won't tell anyone.
It's not a trap.
Just don't tell your mom
I gave you that, all right?
- []
LILLY: Hey, Teddy.
Do you think
you'll be good at flying?
Do you wanna be a pilot?
Shall we try? [CLEARS THROAT]
That was good.
Do you wanna do it again?
Okay. [GRUNTS]
[SIGHS] Teddy?
[GRUNTS] Don't hide.
Where are you?
- MARIA: Hi.
- Hey.
Whatcha doing, Lill?
Hide and seek with Teddy.
He's really good.
Time to get ready for bed.
Hey. Is she asleep?
Yeah, I read her that book.
Went out like a light.
Aw, well done. Thank you.
- For tomorrow, as well.
- You guys deserve some time.
I'll take Lill to the park
or something.
- Appreciate it, Jo. Thanks.
- No, but the park? What park?
We'll find one.
Find one? [CHUCKLES]
What, are you local now?
Joey, it's London.
She's eight-years-old.
Fine. We'll stay here. Watch TV.
- Joey.
- What?
[SIGHS] Look...
I don't mean to be hard on you.
I really... [CHUCKLES] ...don't.
But I worry about you and Lill.
You're all I've got.
- I'm gonna crash.
- Joey...
Come on, please. [CHUCKLES]
Hmm. I love you.
- I know.
- Hmm.
Sleep tight, pumpkin.
- CARLY: Finally, some adult time.
- MARIA: Perfect.
Okay, so we'll spend
the day with Sally.
Then we'll get ready at hers
for tonight.
You are gonna love her
and her couch.
Wait, couch, I thought you said
she has a spare room.
We're not gonna
be doing much sleeping.
- Don't worry about that.
- CARLY: Come on.
- MARIA: You are absolute filth...
- ...and I love it! [CHUCKLES]
Hey, uh, Chris, it's Joey.
London's a bear, innit?
Mate, you wanna try the hostels
in Amsterdam.
- Oh, yeah?
- It's mental.
I did three weeks there.
It's nuts.
Did you go to
the Van Gogh Museum?
No! There's a museum there?
- Babes and blunts is Amsterdam.
- You're both pricks.
- [SCOFFS] You're both pricks.
The Van Gogh Museum is amazing.
But you have
to try the Rijksmuseum.
Like, it blew my mind.
CHRIS: You had a nice time here?
JOEY: Yeah, we almost lost my sister...
...which was intense,
but we found her.
- Where was she?
- JOEY: She was just running around.
- JOEY: That old child. She's...
- How old is she?
- JOEY: She's eight.
- That's a fun age.
- JOEY: No yeah,
I love her to pieces.
- CHRIS: Is she here with you?
- JOEY: Yeah, she is.
She's sleeping.
- I'm kind of protective of her.
- SAM: That's sweet.
- So the folks are away?
Yeah, just tonight.
Um... [INHALES DEEPLY]'s really cool,
you coming over.
No, when it's this
or the backpackers
where people
take a shit in the shower...
- ...believe me, this is a win.
Who's this? We've a visitor.
JOEY: Lilly! Why are you up?
- She's so cute.
- Don't be scared, cutie.
I don't bite.
Unless I'm asked nicely.
Mommy won't be happy
with your friends.
She's gonna snitch on us.
You don't tell her and I
won't mention the pizza.
- Deal?
- Like a secret?
Our secret.
We won't tell anybody.
- I could be quiet.
Quiet like a mouse.
- Even quieter.
- Come on, you. Bed.
I'll be back in a minute.
Right, you.
- You good?
- LILLY: Yeah..
- JOEY: I'm just through there, okay?
- LILLY: Mm-hmm.
CHRIS: Joey's got a tin of weed.
JOEY: Oh, no, guys,
it's not... it's not mine.
CHRIS: Yeah, sure.
- We've all heard that one.
- JOEY: Stop it, please. It really isn't.
- SAM: Oh, it's lit!
Too late!
Ah, Fuck it. I'll take a hit.
JOEY: I thought my family were
so close and then...
- CHRIS: Hmm.
- JOEY: know... [INHALES DEEPLY] ...Dad goes.
Mom is now into girls.
Which I'm okay with...
- [CHRIS CHUCKLING] Yeah, it must be weird.
- JOEY: ...but I just... I just,
- uh...
- [CHUCKLES] Wanna take a tour?
You are way too drunk
to do anything right now.
- []
- TOWNY: Might be a while, guys.
- They're gonna screw on your parents' bed.
They're not my parents.
Well, not really.
- SAM: You got something planned?
- Maybe in here? Oh, score.
CARLY: No, I've just got back
to the apartment now.
Yeah, you told me.
And there are things you do
that I'm not a fan of,
either, Ria.
- Like what, exactly?
- []
Abandoning you at a party
full of strangers,
and sneaking off
back to the flat?
Oh, no, wait.
That's you, isn't it?
And for what?
So you can get stoned, again?
Have you ever thought moaning
about my weed
makes me need my weed?
I'll be back in five.
What the fuck am I doing?
- CHRIS: Do you like me?
- I'm not sure yet.
- CHRIS: Oh?
My mom thinks all men
are the same.
Lucky for me,
you're still a boy.
CHRIS: A boy, huh?
- I need the loo. I'll be quick.
- Really? Now?
I could cut glass
with this thing, I'm so hard.
[GROANS] Ouch!
You ever heard of a nail file?
- Baby I thought you were taking...
- []
Hey, babe.
- Did you hear that?
they're just playin' around.
If they break the bed,
I'll be dead meat.
- I'll be back in five minutes.
- Okay.
Maybe two. [CHUCKLES]
- Guys?
- Guys?
- Towny?
- Shit.
[GASPS] I heard a glass smash.
We have to pay for anything...
Chris, your feet. Are you okay?
Your feet are bleeding!
What are you doing?
How can you not feel that?
Stop moving!
What's wrong with you?
Sam! Towny!
Help me!
Chris has lost his mind!
This isn't fucking funny!
You're... you're scaring me!
Please, stop! No, no, no!
God! [SOBS]
Ben, Ben, Ben.
- Dollarhyde, I owe you an apology.
- STEVEN: Oh, fuck!
- STEVEN: Oh, Christ Almighty!
STEVEN: You're not gonna get me.
- Come on. Come on.
Come on! You fucking piece of...
Oh, fuck! Son of a bitch!
Towny! He jumped!
He fucking jumped! [GRUNTS]
Lilly? [SOBS] Lilly!
- Lilly, oh God! Please! Come on! Get out of bed!
- Please! There's no time! Please, come on.
- Teddy! Teddy!
STEVEN: Oh, bitch!
- Yes.
- Lill, wait there.
- JOEY: Caramore!
- LILLY: Joey, why are we running?
Caramore, open the fucking door.
Oh, God,
Lilly, I don't know what to do.
Why are you banging
the door?
JOEY: Dr. Caramore!
Please, open the fucking door!
I know you're in there,
you dick!
Please, please.
Please, open the fucking...
- [SNIFFLES] Okay.
- Where's Mommy? [SOBS]
Come on, come on, come on.
- Lilly, come on.
- LILLY: Where are we going?
- We're leaving.
- No... [SQUEALS]... Teddy!
- JOEY: Leave it!
- LILLY: No!
Ola, the kid
brought people over.
And that thing, that creature
went through 'em like a knife
through fuckin' butter.
Okay, we're nearly there.
Come on.
- STEVEN: Don't you lay all this on me!
- Keep going.
The cops are gonna think
we're makin'
- fuckin' snuff movies in here.
- []
And I'm the star
of the fuckin' film.
- JOEY: Come on!
STEVEN: No one
believed Dollarhyde.
- STEVEN: I didn't.
- Lilly, Come on! We need to go.
- LILLY: No!
I didn't open the door, no.
It's raining
and you've got blood on you!
STEVEN: Oh, fuck you!
- I don't like it.
- JOEY: It's going.
STEVEN: Toxic waste!
Uh... uh, Global warming!
Open carry states.
What's the average
life expectancy
- of a 16-year-old now, huh?
STEVEN: I think that's life!
Nobody gets out alive, right?
Wait a minute.
The camera.
The camera's our alibi.
Look, see? It's going!
- It's going!
- STEVEN: We're all in this.
We're all in. This fucker's
all over our media.
It's okay. It's fine.
STEVEN: We do that,
we're going to jail, dumbass!
- Where are we going?
- JOEY: Come on, just run, Lill.
- Please, for me.
- LILLY: What?
STEVEN: Fuck you! Fuck morality!
Somebody catches a car crash
on... on their phone camera,
you don't prosecute
the guy with the phone!
It's too late. We got no choice!
All right. All right.
I'm not goin' anywhere
until you get here.
Just get over here.
And bring a mop.
MARIA: It's bullshit.
Carly came back last night
for her cigarettes,
and she didn't mention
any dead bodies.
JOEY: What?
You came to spy on me?
I forgot something! Sorry if
it blows a hole in your story.
- KAITLYN: Can everyone please calm down.
- JOEY: Fuck you! Hey!
Ms. Engels.
Your daughter said
that somebody had been murdered.
There's no blood.
She's just tryna' get attention.
- You said you fell in blood.
- Do these look like our clothes?
Joey took them from a shop.
JOEY: It was a launderette.
Fantastic, so now you're a thief
as well as liar?
There'd be blood.
In your hair, on your clothes.
There was a fucking monsoon!
Come on! Is this really you
now, Jo? Stealing? Swearing?
Scaring your little sister
half to death.
Tell them, Lill.
- I was in my room.
- Oh, for God's sake, Joey!
she loves attention, this one.
- Like her stepdad did.
- Maria.
- You're always attacking Dad.
- He's not even your real father.
He's not even your real father.
That's so you, Mom.
You think parenting's
all about DNA.
Oh, my God! It's not
a bloody soap opera, Joey.
- Get in and then you show us...
- I'm so done.
- MARIA: ...this so called imaginary bloody apartment.
- I'm so done
with this bullshit!
JOEY: Mom, it's right in here,
just follow me, please.
It's right here. I just...
What? Where's the blood, then?
- Everything looks normal.
I fell over. I fell right over.
There was blood
all over me and...
- Jesus, Joey, you brought the police here for this?
- He was dead! He was dead!
- He died!
- Do you know how embarrassing this is?
- I'm sick of it.
- Mom, please!
- MARIA: Sick of it!
- Mom!
Go on. [SIGHS]
- I don't know. Everything...
- MARIA: Oh, my God!
- DOUGLAS: Mrs. Engels?
- MARIA: One night.
One night we leave her alone
and this is what happens.
- DOUGLAS: Well, this could explain a few things.
- Shit.
MARIA: Well, now we know why
you were going on about
bodies and blood,
and all that nonsense.
- You were stoned, Joey!
- Look, we can leave this.
- It's not worth giving the kid a record for it.
- Caramore...
Thank you so much. Uh...
Joey? Joey!
- JOEY: I heard you, you bastard!
- DOUGLAS: Sorry to disturb you, sir.
- You were home! You were here!
- Hey, hey!
- You high on drugs, kid?
- JOEY: And he knows something!
- She's got to calm down.
- Take your hands off her!
- DOUGLAS: If she calms down!
- You don't get it!
Do you wanna be arrested?
- JOEY: No.
- DOUGLAS: Just let us deal with this, okay?
MARIA: Great.
Sir, did you hear
anything unusual last night
between 10:00
and 11:00 in the evening?
about four in the mornin'.
- What's going on?
- That's bullshit!
- Hey...
- Joey!
So you saw
and heard nothing, sir?
Like I said, I got in late.
- There was blood everywhere.
- There better not be!
- He was poncey as fuck. Just as when we arrived.
- Can we mind
- the language?
- Hey, suck a cow's ass, bean-flicker.
- Did you hear what I said? Look!
I don't know what's going on
between you people.
But it's not a police matter.
Not yet, anyway.
So, sir, if you'd just go back
into your flat
and shut the door.
- Absolutely.
- But the prick is lying to you!
DOUGLAS: Can you please
control your child?
- MARIA: Yeah, I wish I could. Come on!
- CARLY: Girls, in.
Go back into your flat.
We're done here.
- MARIA: Come on.
- CARLY: In, now!
MARIA: We're gonna have
a conversation about this later.
You've been nothing but trouble.
- []
CARLY: One more night
and we're gone.
- Chill the fuck out.
- I won't stay.
- We've got nowhere else to go.
And thank you,
by the way, Carly,
for turning my daughter
into a drug addict.
She stole my stash, all right?
- MARIA: We'll talk about this later.
- JOEY: You can't keep us here!
- CARLY: Don't test me, kid.
- Not tonight.
- JOEY: Test you?
If your IQ's double digits,
I'll be surprised.
CARLY: Joey!
Where do you get off
treatin' people like shit, eh?
You think actin' like an ass,
getting the cops here,
makes you look tough?
Makes you look cool?
Makes you look
like an attention-seekin' brat.
LILLY: You're scaring Teddy.
Joey. Come on, please.
For me, for your sister.
- We're not safe here!
- Enough with that!
- MARIA: Please, Joey.
MARIA: She's terrified.
Joey. Come on, darling, please.
- It's one night. Come on.
- LILLY: I'll read you a story.
Don't go.
Okay. Come on, peanut.
I don't like it when you fight.
JOEY: I know. I'm sorry.
LILLY: Don't leave me, Joey.
Don't ever leave me.
Everything's okay.
I won't leave you, I promise.
Cross your heart
and hope to die?
Come on.
- []
- What do we know?
- Some fella was stopped
with a bin liner full
of body parts.
He jumped a red light.
Patrol pulls him over.
- Not even his car.
- Vehicle registered to?
A Carmine Caramore. American.
Detective, I, um...
- Well, I say, I... We...
- Caramore?
Ryan and I were called out
to this very address yesterday.
Kid, 16, she's completely lost
her shit. Her mom calls us.
But it was nothing.
It was just a...
a kid playin' up.
- And it was this apartment?
- This flat. Yes, sir.
the survivor's in the back room.
when a kid's just acting up,
you don't have conversations
about fucking survivors.
Jesus Christ!
- How is she?
- Not good, sir.
Just a minute, darling.
Social services are
on their way. [SIGHS]
She's not much good to us in this state.
She's traumatized.
She's our best chance
of finding out what happened.
Look, sir, I know,
this isn't my place to say
- but I really...
- I'm not gonna debate this with you.
- Has she said anything?
- No.
- Anything at all?
- Nothing.
Come here, darling.
- It's okay
- Hey, uh...
- Lilly.
- Hey, Lilly.
- I'm Mark.
- [SOBS]
You're safe now.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Look. I just need to ask you
a few questions, okay?
MARK: Can you tell me
what happened, Lilly?
In the flat?
- MARK: Where's your mom?
Your dad?
There's no dad.
There's an elder sister, but...
- ...there's no sign of her.
Where's your sister, Lilly?
- [SOBS]
- RON: Mark.
Pardon the intrusion,
but you're gonna wanna see this.
It's all right, darling.
You're safe now.
It's okay.
- Sheen settling the kid?
- She's not in a good way.
Who can blame her?
Look at this place.
Next door's all wired up,
and the feed comes
through to this room.
Hacked directly into the mains.
I mean, this place
could've burned to the ground.
Yeah, that's a good job
no one else was here
then, wasn't it?
Entire block of flats was bought
by a development company.
The tenant of this place
is like
the last man standing, I guess.
And you think
the development company
had a hand in this?
No, I don't.
The offers were fair,
and the company seems legit.
And more than that, Mark...
there's this.
So what do we know about him?
I'm tryna' confirm ID.
But what we do know
is the car
and flat are registered
to a Carmine Caramore.
He died a few months ago.
He was 96.
Survived by his son,
uh, Steven, 47.
Daughter, Jane, 28. American.
- The old man was a professor of some kind.
He lived alone.
Caramore? Why the hell
do I know that name?
There's a stack of files here.
MARK: Any thoughts
on what were they recording?
Porn, sex cams,
fucking snuff movie?
They were tourists.
Mother worked
at the Post Office. Ordinary.
the latest craze has ordinary people
signing up to be locked up
in escape rooms.
Caramore. That bloody name.
RON: People are fucked.
They do weird things.
Got secrets.
- Maybe this one bit them in the ass.
- This is something different.
The big trial a few months back.
The Dollarhyde case.
The wife's body found
in the hall. She was desecrated.
What are you thinking?
Steven Caramore, 47,
worked with Dollarhyde.
He testified
at the original trial.
And he's meant to appear
at the retrial on the 18th.
RON: Well, I'm not sure
he's gonna make it.
But if it is him,
- what the hell's he into?
- BRIGHTMAN: Mark...
There's a lot of shit comin' up.
CARLY: Do it again. Again.
One, two, three!
Apple on a stick
It makes me sick. It makes...
Oh, no! [CHUCKLES] Again, again!
One, two, three.
Apple on a stick
It makes me sick
- It makes me...
- Oh, I can never do that bit!
But I can do hearts.
Shall we stick
to drawing hearts?
- LILLY: Okay.
- Okay.
- CARLY: Right. Can you do them?
- LILLY: I don't think so.
Okay, so it's quite easy,
so just start
at the top like this.
Make your way down
and then you just...
- And then you join it here, too.
- LILLY: Okay.
And then can color it,
I did this for you, Mommy.
Mommy's busy, darling.
- We'll show her in a minute, okay?
- Okay.
Let's keep on
drawing our hearts.
- You wanna draw one here?
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna be back in a second.
Are you gonna be okay
with those hearts?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Be back
in one minute, darling.
- Oh, fuck sake, let me do that.
- MARIA: I can do it.
What was all that about
in there?
MARIA: What?
CARLY: In there,
a moment ago, with Lilly.
Don't know
what you're talking about.
CARLY: You say you want me
to be part
of your dysfunctional
fucking family,
and then you look
at me like I'm taking
a shit in your drink if I try.
- I was just clearing the table.
- You barged straight through
it's like you were
in a Black Friday sale
- or something.
Oh, my God.
- You were jealous?
- No.
You need to get
your shit together, Ria.
I've got my shit together.
And that girl of yours,
She needs attention,
professional fucking attention.
She barely speaks,
and when she does,
it's to moan her tits off.
And God knows,
I have tried to be her friend.
She's at that age.
Confused. She... she...
CARLY: Confused?
Of course she's confused.
Her dad's moved out
and her mom is eating pussy
to get back at him.
Is that what you think?
CARLY: What?
Joey, I'm coloring. Wanna see?
- Please, Dad.
- Shit!
CARLY: And all I'm thinking,
why the hell do I even bother?
You said you loved me.
CARLY: What if I've had enough?
You, your attitude,
your spoilt fucking kids.
- My babies.
- CARLY: Oh, please, Ria!
They're spoilt as shit.
You indulge them.
- Lill, we're gonna play a game.
We've gotta sneak past Mommy
and Carly
- without being seen, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
CARLY: You spend the first
few years of their lives
teaching them to walk and talk.
The next you tell them
to sit down
- and shut the fuck up.
- LILLY: I can be super quiet.
Why you bother, to be honest?
CARLY: The fuck are you doing?
Are you serious?
What's wrong with you?
MARIA: I... I don't know. I...
Sit down! What the fuck, Maria?
You had a knife!
- Where are you goin'?
- Lilly.
- Were you goin' out there?
- Come on, Lilly!
Maria, your little shits
are trying to get out.
JOEY: Stop shouting at her.
- Where are you taking her?
- I need to get Lilly away from here.
Away from you, you bitch!
You little shit.
Get the fuck down there, now!
- Stop pushing me!
- You've raised a pack of fucking wolves!
You're mental!
You're actually mental!
Look at what you're doing
to your little sister!
JOEY: Stop shouting at her!
She didn't do anything.
If you don't do
something about this, I will.
- What the f...
- Get in there, you little shit!
- [LILLY SOBS] Mommy.
- What the fuck?
- What happened to my mom?
- CARLY: You're a twisted kid!
- Do you know that?
- We have to get out of here!
All of us! There's something
bad in here! Something bad!
You're looking right at it!
Do you have any idea
- what kind of people are in this city, Joey?
- You're a kid. You wanna take...
I'd rather take
whatever's out there
than whatever's in here any day!
Mommy? Are you okay?
- Mommy, what's wrong?
- []
Joey! There's something wrong
with Mommy! [WHIMPERS]
Stay! Where are you going?
Mommy? Stop!
What are you doing? Mommy!
Stop. [SOBS] Mommy!
- We have to leave, now!
- Get back!
I can't do this anymore.
Your brats.
Your drama.
You acting the victim
the whole time. [CHUCKLES]
'Cause that's what it is,
an act.
I see it now.
You expect the whole world
to bow down...
and worship at your feet.
Not me. Not anymore.
I am done with playing
happy fucking families!
I don't even know how
that ex of yours
stayed around for so long.
You're pathetic.
- I'm done. I'm out.
- You fuckin' son of a bitch!
You fuck...
Oh, fuck!
Right, like I'm gonna save
the fucking day?
Gonna save the fucking day,
right? Shit, of course I am.
LILLY: Mommy!
Why is there blood?
- Joey! Help me, please!
LILLY: Joey! Help! [SOBS] Mommy!
- []
- Mom?
- JOEY: Mom?
- MARIA: Joey?
- Mom?
- Kill me. Kill me!
- []
- The bear.
- Give us a moment, please.
- I'm meant to stay with her.
- We'll be fine.
- I'm... I'm getting her to talk.
- Not much, but some. I don't think...
- Get out.
- But, sir, I'm just...
- I said get out!
- Lady, don't go.
Will you go?
Lilly, if you need me,
I'll be outside.
Why is the lady going?
Lilly, I need to ask you
some more questions.
Look, I really need your help,
okay? But... [SIGHS]
Hey, I know.
You want some gum?
It's yummy.
Okay, can I see your bear?
- He's a teddy, not a bear.
- I'm sorry.
Can I see your teddy?
Just for a minute.
We're friends, right?
Thank you.
You're hurting him.
No, no, I'm not.
I promise he's okay.
Holy shit.
MARK: Fuck! No! No!
Lilly. Lilly?
Lilly? Lilly... [SCREAMS, GROANS]
MAN: Where is the artifact?
I have it.
And the girl?
Her, too.
And with no other family,
there's no one to ask question.
I studied Caramore for years.
Knew that with his dad's
apartment empty,
a few key phrases
would set in motion
- what eventually took place.
- Sheen!
- WENDY: So I planted the idea at the prison.
- Sheen! Sheen!
We weren't sure
how it would play out,
but the outcome is workable.
You'll head back to New York?
WENDY: I will.
Ladies and gentlemen,
shall we start the bidding
at, say,
twenty million?