Lajja (2001) Movie Script

'None of the characters
depicted in this film..'
'..are imaginary or fictional,
really speaking.'
'They are the sighs..'
'..cries and shrieks of those women..'
' in our so
called civilized society..'
'..who are still
leading a miserable life.'
'Through this film we have tried..'
'..that these hapless pleas..'
'..reach those who
have turned a deaf ear.'
'After all,
the greatness of a civilization..'
'..can be measured by
the status of its women.'
Mother! Help
You need anything, ma'am?
Did he call?
- No, he came while you were asleep.
He was going to the club,
he'll be back late.
Bull's eye. Yeah!
Drinks for everybody on
the house. Right, Anita?
Darling, you are the best.
- Yeah, I know, baby. I am the best.
The best. I am always the best.
- Brazil."
Dig in.
Go to the washroom. I am coming. Okay?
- Okay. - Go to the washroom.
Hi, birdie. How are you?
When did you come?
Are you all right?
Why do you do this to me?
- What did I do? I came for you
You were asleep. What's the matter?
You know I hate seeing you with Anita
What do I lack in?
What do seek in Anita?
Anita and her husband
are my business partners
Is kissing necessary in business?
- We cracked a good deal.
Just celebrating, what's wrong?
How narrow-minded!
Such an old-fashioned outlook.
- Your father liked my outlook...
when he came to see me in Mumbai.
And you too. What did you see in me?
A pretty woman who was
working for an art gallery
Someone who was
interacting with intelligent folks
I took you for one of those
girls who move with the times
We're standing in the 21st century.
I want to take you ahead
And you're holding me back?
Why don't you change
If it strengthens our relationship,
I'm willing. But not a change...
that brings us to shame before
each other. I can't become Anita
Double. On the rocks. On the rocks.
I love this place
Makes me feel on top of the world.
I love you very much
Very much
And I love my
independence just as much
I need my space, darling.
That's why I stay
far away from my father
Why don't you understand Vaidehi?
Just understand. Then you won't mind
It's just a matter of understanding,
Let go.
- I'm your husband
You didn't think of that
when you were kissing Anita?
Forget Anita. I'm not in love
with Anita. I'm in love with you
What was that? Lust? Love one,
lust for someone else?
Someone at home, someone outside?
Come on, darling. Come on, baby.
I love you. You know that.
I love you too much, baby.
- Let go. - I am your husband.
Come on.
- Leave me. - Baby.
Raghu, please leave me alone.
- Baby, give me a kiss.
Leave me alone, Raghu.
Vaidehi, I am your husband.
- Leave me.
Raghu, leave me.
Come on, Vaidehi.
- Leave me. - Come on. - Leave me.
- Leave me. - Behave yourself.
- Leave me.
I am your husband, Vaidehi.
I am... I am sorry.
But you deserved it.
This is not the way to
behave with your husband.
What the hell do you want!
I may be your husband's family
doctor. But to me, you're a sister
When you called me to say
that you have a fever, I felt...
from the tone of your voice,
something else is bothering you
That's why I asked you to see me
here instead of coming to the clinic
To let you talk your
heart out to your brother
Thank you, doctor. Just give me a
prescription for an ache and a fever.
I've informed the nurse.
Go down to the clinic
Take an injection..
..and leave blood and urine
samples for testing - Okay.
But tell me, do your parents
know that Raghu assaults you?
Hurry up! I've chosen a fur coat
for you. The shop will close down
I don't want it?
- Don't want it? I select...
a 40,000 dollar furcoat for you
and you say you don't want it?
What nonsense!
Nice dresses, expensive jewellery,
big homes, London-America
That's what parents look for
when they give their daughters away
But is that all a woman
expects from her husband?
What else? Poverty, suffering?
Come on. Grow up.
Must you always talk in riddles?
Anyway, pack some woollens
It'll be cold where we're going.
- I've packed for you
For God's sake. I'm talking
about you. - I'm not coming
What do you mean, you're not coming?
Over and over again! Never happy
When he was a child of ten,
his mother passed away
Grew up in boarding school, became
stubborn. Been like this ever since
Just like his father.
Your mother-in-law too...
found it difficult when she came
to America for the first time...
after getting married.
But she adapted to my lifestyle
You too will adapt,
and Raghu will get to understand you
Once he begins to understand that
I'm human. He thinks I'm a machine
Like his car, to drive anywhere,
anytime, at will
He ignores my feelings
Look, dear.
Minor incidents. Happen. You are
Raghu's wife, the honour of our family
You will carry the lineage forth
You can't let him down.
If you don't accompany him,
people will talk
It's important that you
accompany him and you shall
"Lost in love..."
"he's benumbed"
"I pine for him..."
"he's unaffected"
"Come to me"
"Oh come to me"
"Come to me"
"Oh come to me"
"Don't make me pine like this"
"Come to me"
"Oh come to me"
"Don't make me pine like this"
"Why is the fire so chilling?"
"Why is pain so sweet?"
"Why are stars so mischievous?"
"Tell me"
"Why is the breath so hot?
Why are these lips so soft?"
"Touch me, my love"
"Tell me"
"My tousled tresses..."
"Don't spurn me, my love"
"take away..."
"take may heart away"
"Don't make me thirst"
"Someone's thirsting..."
"with hopes in the heart..."
"looking for a lover..."
"my love"
"In midnights' past..."
"we'll talk..."
"when every moment, I have..."
"my love"
"This love..."
"do not spurn"
"My love..."
"give me one bright moment"
"make me so pensive"
"make me so pensive"
"Don't leave me aching"
"Come to me"
"Oh come to me"
"Don't make me pine like this"
Raghu and Anita know
how to live it up
You don't mind your wife
with my husband? Like this...?
I love my wife dearly.
If I mind it if she's
happy in Raghu's company...
What love would that be?
I say, forget religion. Join me
We too could, like Raghu and Anita..
- Shut up.
Come on, darling. Come on.
Vaidehi, what is it?
Where are you going, Vaidehi?
What is the matter?
- Let's go home
And desert my own party?
You're crazy?
- Yes, I'm crazy.
I don't like this crowd,
with people like Rahul and Anita
What problem do you have with Rahul?
- He was suggesting
Just like you go
around with his wife...
I too...
could, with him
Rahul must be drunk.
He wasn't drunk.
When he said whatever he said,
he was in his senses
Whatever he might say, nothing's
happening without your consent
It's up to you, darling.
My consent?
You have no objections?
Your friend! Someone who ought to
consider me his sister-in-law...
speaks to me in this mien,
and you have no objections?
Every man wants to have a
relationship with a pretty woman
You're exotic.
He gave it a try, he failed
Sure, I'm old-fashioned. But...
your outlook is filthy, despicable!
- Let's discuss outlook later
Everyone's waiting.
- I'm not going anywhere with you
You're kidding?
It's our party. We're the host.
It's a couple's party.
What face will I've left if
I stand out there all alone?
Come on.
I'm not going anywhere near
folks like Rahul and Anita
We've invited Rahul and Anita.
How can I throw them out?
That's up to you
Please, Vaidehi.
Please. For my sake, Vaidehi.
I'm not going
What the bloody hell!
Go to hell! Go to hell!
Over every little issue,
you try to blackmail me?
Twenty first century!
Why don't you try and be
a little broad-minded?
Bloody... You'll regret it.
Regret you will
No place in my home for someone
who doesn't care for my prestige
Go back to India. Get lost.
Go to hell.
Mr. Raghu has asked
you to return to India
His father doesn't wish
to discuss this with you
Please come
Raghu, watch out!
Doctor, how is Raghu?
He's alright. Out of danger. But...
- What...?
Is he married?
- Yes
Any children?
- Not yet
I'm sorry to say, Mr. Bajaj.
He might lead a normal married life.
But he will never become a father
I'm sorry.
You should not have returned.
- Is this not my home?
No, once married, the
woman's home is her husband's home
Dear, your Daddy is right
The home a woman
enters after marriage..
..she ought to leave only in death
She's troubled as it were, and you...
- Shut up Pinky
Had your sister cared for you,
she wouldn't have returned like this
Who will marry you after this?
- People will point fingers
They will talk.
You must go back. The
honour of our family...
is in your hands.
- As also your husband's honour
I understand. In every family, it's
the woman who shoulders the honour
But the woman has no honour
Such a vast property, and
I have no heir after Raghu
What are you saying? Your
daughter-in-law is pregnant
Vaidehi is pregnant?
I tested her blood and urine.
You didn't see the report?
I don't see Vaidehi. Where is she?
Have you called Vaidehi?
- No
Why haven't you called her?
- Why should I call her?
Won't you inform her
about your accident?
Forget it Dad. She doesn't care for
me. Why tell her about my accident?
Don't talk like that,
son. Call her up.
No, dad. It's over between us.
I don't care for her anymore.
She's a big pain, dad.
She's your wife. Don't
you talk like that of her
Call her immediately. - Come on,
dad. Come on, dad. Give me a break.
Vaidehi isn't returning.
And that's final.
I'll marry ten times over,
if that's what you want
But not an heir.
Only Vaidehi can deliver that
I'm sorry, son.
I didn't want to tell you this way..
..but doctors say, you can't father
Son, I've just come to
know that Vaidehi is pregnant
She's carrying your child. That's
why I suggested, you call her over
Save our family from extinction
Let her have the baby. Once we
have our child, and if she insists...
on disobeying her, divorce her.
Marry again. Live as you like
Who's stopping you? If she
raises a hue and cry over the child...
we can have her bumped off
Sorry. I forgot my diary.
Hello. Who?
Raghu my boy! Yes, I'm fine son.
How are you? Bless you, son
Yes Vaidehi is here,
right here. One minute
Vaidehi. Vaidehi.
Raghu is calling. Come on
- Hello, Vaidehi.
Vaidehi, I know
you're cross, very cross
I've made you suffer,
and God has punished me
I met with an accident
What...? When...?
Are you all right?
- Yes, I'm alive
All by dint of your virtuosity
I miss you, Vaidehi.
Please come back.
I'm coming
- Yes tomorrow
I've organised everything.
My manager in Mumbai will escort you
Please come, Vaidehi.
- Okay.
I love you. I love you very much.
There's no one here to
look after me. Please come.
I love you.
- I love you too.
She's coming
Hello, Francis here.
- Yes, sir
Send Vaidehi over with Fakhruddin.
Fakhruddin is an idiot,
and he has never been abroad
Send him. She will
enjoy Fakhruddin's company
That's important.
- Right, sir.
Got it? No mistakes.
- Okay, sir.
Why are you crying?
Fakhru, don't go away
Don't leave us
Shut up! I'm not
leaving this world, am I?
For the first time, I'm
going abroad! To America!
Send me off with a smile. Crying...?
What's it?
- It's a long journey to America
How will you travel alone?
- I'm flying, not walking
Shut up!
My baby...
- Fakhru.
Bye, mother.
- Bless you, son
Whom are you leaving me with?
- Salma dear, don't overact. Shut up
Fakhru my son, mark my words,
never break a woman's heart
Ominous is a woman's curse.
Sure mother, I'll be back
My baby, my sweet boy!
I'll miss my plane. I'll buy you
a shopful of sweets when I return
- Farewell. Farewell. Farewell.
This is sacred vermilion.
Have Raghu put it on you
Be happy
Just remember that he
means everything to you
That's your home. Not this
Come, my child
Hello, sir. Excuse me, sir.
- Yes?
Where's the New York check-in
counter? - New York check-in counter?
- New York check-in counter?
Looking for a platform?
Worked the railways before this?
America. America. America. America.
Vaidehi, where are you calling from?
- Airport, Mumbai
I'm coming to New York.
- No, don't come here now
- You tested positive
You're pregnant
Have you told Raghu?
- Yes, and now it has become...
a big problem for you.
- What are you saying, doctor?
After the accident,
we've come to know that..
..Raghu can never father a child
Raghu and his father
want your baby for an heir
That's why they are calling you.
They are very powerful
They can do anything here
What am I to do, doctor?
- Take my advice. Don't come here
And don't take any steps before
you consult a good lawyer over there
Have you had a chat with the boss?
- Yes
Thank you.
Shall we? It's time for the flight.
- Sister-in-law! Congratulate me!
I've just seen an international
boarding card for the first time
Now no one's stopping
me from going to America
I'm feeling sick. I can't go today
No, we must. It's time for
the flight. - No, I'll go later
Today, I am not feeling well.
- No problem. Just relax.
I'll go over and tell Mr. Raghu
Fakhru. - Quiet! I'm going over.
I'll explain to the boss
Fakhru, you are accompanying the
lady. Please come. Boss' orders
We'll put a doctor on the flight
I'll take care. Come.
- Let me use the washroom
- Okay. Go.
Fakhru, get a wheelchair
Wheelchair. Fast.
This baby is mine
I have a right to it
I'm not giving this baby to anyone
What do I do? Where do I go?
"Once married, the woman's
home is her husband's home"
"No place in my home for someone
who doesn't care for my prestige"
'Get lost.'
"Raghu and his father
want your baby for an heir"
'Once married, the woman's
home is her husband's home.'
'Get lost.
- '..want your baby for an heir.'
- Francis.
Has Vaidehi boarded the plane?
- No sir, she...
Why not?
- She spoke you, didn't she?
I didn't speak to her.
- But she did speak to someone
Then she suddenly says she's unwell..
..and she'll go after a couple of days
I'm reasoning with her,
but she isn't willing
Where is she?
- In the toilets. I'm waiting outside
Go and check the toilet.
It's the ladies'
Go and check immediately.
- I'll do that, sir.
Come on, sit
Fakhru, this isn't for me.
Go to the ladies' toilet
I respect you for being my superior.
But you needn't dictate...
my toilet-using habits. Why Ladies?
I'll use the Gents
We only got to see whether
madam is in there or not
Come on. Come. Come on.
- Sister-in-law.
- Sister-in-law.
Let the truck leave
The lady is making trouble.
The boss is going on calling
I don't know what to do...
- Forget her!
I fell because of you.
I was hurt so badly.
One moment. Excuse me.
- Mister.
Have you seen a woman hereabouts?
- You call her a lady
Have you seen the lady?
We're travelling to New York. - Fakhru.
Have you seen a woman in blue?
- Not here
Have you seen any vehicles leave?
- Our trucks just left for Nagpur
Carrying oranges?
- No
I see, they bring oranges from there.
- Fakhru.
Phone. Phone. Phone.
Boss. Yes, sir.
Give the phone to Vaidehi.
- Sir, we're looking for her
What the hell are you talking!
We came to the cargo section
looking for her. Seems that...
some trucks just left for Nagpur.
She might've taken one of them
Follow her Francis.
- Go to Nagpur right away.
I want you to find her.
Find her for me.
I'm coming to India.
- Ok sir.
What did he say?
- We're going to Nagpur
Go on. I'll carry the
information to New York
Fakhru, follow me.
Nagpur is 26 hours away.
New York is 16 hours. I'll be back
Fakhru. - I'm not doing a
job that takes me to Nagpur
- Coming
"On which road..."
"to which city..."
"On which road..."
"to which city..."
"are you going?"
"Gazing into the distance..."
"with tired eyes; home is far away"
"after leaving the caravan..."
"on which road..."
"to which city..."
"am I headed?"
"am I headed?"
Officer, check each and every vehicle
Unload them
Stop staring at me. Tell
your constables to get to work
We must find the lady
Forget the horses. Find the lady
Check all the trucks, down to
the last one. I repeat, search it
And you be alert. Okay?
- Yes?
Can't I board another
flight on this card?
There she is
Catch her.
She's running away
Not to fear.
I'm not the police, I'm a thief
What are you trying to get away with?
Nothing stolen. I'm trying to save...
what's mine
Very interesting!
Not to worry. He's alive,
just knocked out
Half a biscuit knocked him out
My special biscuit
Cost-effective and reliable.
By the time you're halfway through...
you're asleep. My Biscuit Number One
You got a pin?
- Pin?
Hair pin?
- Yes.
Thank you.
He's a colleague. I steal
by night, he steals by day
Wonderful! Opened up
Your pin just worked a wonder
All of 50,000! Makes my life
You get a cut. Ten percent.
Keep five thousand. - What?
Hire charges for your pin. Keep it.
- No! I'm not taking this
Then I'll owe you a favour,
and I hate that
No, I'm not taking.
- Take it, please
Open each and every shop. Check.
My boss is connected right
up to the prime minister
Come with me
Hurry up. Hurry up now.
- Yes, sir.
Hurry up, man.
I'll run. I'll divert their
attention. You just have to walk out
We owe each other nothing,
score settled
Goodbye. Bye.
Thank you so much.
Hey Nilu, you..
My mother-in-law..
You... here...?
- I'm looking for a girl
What arrangement!
It's fantastic. Right?
This is another policeman.
He won't recognise you. Hello.
He's a freeloader. He'll eat,
take a tip and leave
- Hello.
At weddings, thieves sneak in too.
No, I'm just doing time-pass here
Hello, Aunt.
- Bless you son
Are you staring at my coat?
It's two-in-one
Black inside for black deed.
Social checks out here
Would you like a cold drink? Listen.
- Yes?
Hey, won't you offer the
lady a drink? - I'll get it.
At weddings, cold drinks are fun.
Everyone having a good time?
A relative's wedding?
- I don't believe in relationships
I got an appointment at two.
Until then, time-pass
And to keep suspicions at bay,
a bit of conversation
We're still the same
we were. Strangers
How did you know who's
from the boy's family..
..and who's from the girl's?
Simple. Those going around
with folded hands, bowing...
are from the girl's family.
The proud ones belong to the boy's
You don't believe? Take a look
Is everything fine?
- Yes. Fine. Fine.
I can even tell you
who the girl's father is
Tell me.
- The fellow with a drooping moustache
The peak of his urban is
askew like a cock's crown
And he sports a smile despite being
as helpless as a sacrificial goat..
And goes around apologising to
everyone is the bride's father
Forgive me, the journey must've
been tiresome. Burt what could I do?
I booked the hall right besides
Sudama Hall near the railway station
Sudama Hall? Sounds so depressing.
What might it be like?
No, the venue was fine. But the
bridegroom's father insisted...
on Laxmibai Hall. It cost me
thrice as much. But I'm satisfied
This place is grand!
- That's true.
The bride's room is grand.
And the bridegroom's...
Want to know who the
bridegroom's father is? Ask me
Tell me.
- His whiskers point at 11:05 am
He wears a turban
poised like a snake..
..and he's chesting out at 45 inches
He's strutting about as
if he's constipated, and if...
he's threatening
people over everything..
..then he's the bridegroom's father
Shall we leave the wedding?
- Forgive me
The chairs have been organised.
- Why didn't you order...
a few hundred more beforehand?
Look, my guests are standing
Forgive me, you gave me a list of
500 guests. I ordered 700 chairs
Looks like some more have arrived.
You expect them to get their chairs?
Tell me, you expect them to
bring their food along too?
Please do not say that...
- If you can't afford as little...
why did you enter into
an alliance with us?
No dearth of girls for my son,
was there, Damodar?
Yes brother-in-law...?
- Any dearth of girls for my son?
Not at all. There was a long queue!
Each better than the other
And their fathers were rich!
- Heard that?
Say, do we leave?
- Shall we...?
Excuse me, the chairs
are coming. Let me see
Why aren't the chairs here yet?
I guess I'm in the right place!
Is this a wedding?
No, they're mourning their dead.
- Wrong venue again
Nekchand makes me run all over town!
Where do I find you, Nekchand?
Hey, where are you off to?
- To find my friend Nekchand. - What?
Hey, that's you Nekchand!
- Lay the chairs. You're late
People are leaving.
- Leaving...?
Is the bridegroom's
father Mr. Hazarilal?
He is, and how many
times do I tell you that?
I know all about him! He has
deserted weddings twice already
I'm not letting him do
it again, don't you worry
I'll have his guests glued to their
chairs. Anyone who gets up is dead
The brides people must behave.
- Who the hell are brides people?
We're the brides people.
- Brides people? Are we...?
- Then I'll behave myself
This is for aunt.
- Aunt? Sister-in-law, take this.
This is for Mr. Damodar
- Yes sister?
This is for you.
- For me?
Oh I forgot your maidservant's name...
- You mean Basanti?
- Basanti, take this
And this is for you.
Two sarees and a shawl
May I take a look?
- Certainly. Please see
I selected them personally. For you.
- I see
That's bronzed silk. From Benares
Not by the looks of it.
I only wear Kanjivaram silks
Basanti, keep these for yourself.
And the shawl too
Your father works as a night watchman,
right? It'll be useful for him
Being put to good use.
- Why of course...
I'll buy another
pair for you. Nice ones
You're too hesitant. Eat.
- No, you go on
In the first place, let's get informal
And eat, enjoy, like everyone else
You think all these people
are here to bless the couple?
Everyone has a purpose to
be here. Look, over there
I don't want this rotten suit!
And also return your saree
We're leaving.
- Why should I leave?
I like the saree.
You leave if you want to
You'll ditch your husband for a saree?
You're insulting me!
- Goodness!
What happened?
- What's the matter with her?
I don't know. Suddenly...
- Fetch a glass of water
I'll take care of her.
- One moment.
Drink up, you'll feel fine.
- Shall I take her to a doctor?
She doesn't need a doctor.
She isn't sick
One minute, aren't
you Bansidhar's son?
- The one who runs the flour mill
Yes. - I tell myself,
why does he look so familiar?
Like father, like son.
Careless. The poor thing is pregnant
And he drags her here,
makes her stand in a crowd
Let her be comfortable.
Give her the goodies
Of all the father's duties,
do some at least
I'm sorry, because of me...
- Never mind. But in this condition...
Does your husband know you're carrying?
- Yes. That's why I'm here
I read somewhere that
cigarette smoke is injurious for babies
Let me get you some fruit
Forgive me
Why are you apologising to me?
I'm your wife. Well, what's up?
Got to dish out another
20,000 for the reception.
Get me the cash. Quick
No way! We've already spent
20,000 out of the amount for the dowry
What are you doing? Wasting money?
Refuse him. Don't touch the dowry
That devil warned you at the outset.
He will walk out...
if he isn't given 500,000
before the conclusion of the wedding
There's a lot of time to go
for the conclusion of the wedding
If he isn't given 20,000
he'll walk out right now
Let him walk.
- Saroj, listen! Give me 20,000
I'll make good the shortfall.
I'm borrowing from someone. Hurry
I'm not going to spare you!
I've conned the whole world
You don't get away with
conning me! No sparing you!
Forgive me...
- No sparing you!
I'll find him, somewhere
I will! No sparing you!
Is it organised?
- It will be organised
Will be organised? Not organised yet?
You could say it's nearly organised
You better get one thing clearly.
The money should be in my hands...
exactly at quarter to five.
Only then the wedding is concluded
Else, we're leaving. We're
walking out. - Why are you joking?
I am not joking.
Perhaps you don't know
that I walked out twice before
My father walked out thrice.
You understand?
- How much did I say?
- In...?
- In currencies of...
Five hundreds.
- Brilliant
Make sure you eat coconut.
My mother used to say...
eating coconut gives you fair babies.
You eat too. Your son will be fair
What if it's a daughter?
- Eat even more coconut
In this country, the ugliest of
men look for the fairest of brides
Wonderful! What a lovely gathering!
- That's what worries me
What...? - Maybe you
haven't provided for so many
But don't you water down the curries.
If you do, we leave.
The lovely gathering vanishes
You're lucky to be
watching my last performance
In a while, I'll be collecting
my passport, visa and air ticket
a friend is giving me a job in Dubai.
Tomorrow morning, I'm in Mumbai
The evening flight takes me to Dubai.
And I'll try never to return
Forgive me! Thank God
the bottles didn't break
The bridegroom's friends ordered it.
- You...?
I'm Bansidhar's son.
- Who's Bansidhar?
The flour miller.
- Hey, you're one of us!
Will you please deliver it?
- I'll be back
Bansidhar's son? Grow
so tall in six months?
- Bansidhar's daughter-in-law?
Bless you. Now where was I going...?
"My friend.."
Same song. Boring.
- You've sung it twice already
I'll sing it over and over again!
- You're creating a scene
Will you mar my wedding?
- What to do friend? I'm ruined
What happened? Tell me.
- No! If I speak...
the skies will be rent asunder!
The earth will weep!
May I have a drink?
No! Booze is over.
- Here's as much as you want
Why did you have to walk in now?
- You should've come earlier
I just found out you're
short of beer. - Who are you?
Bansidhar's son.
- Bansidhar...?
Flour miller. What's your problem?
- My friend is drunk
I hope he doesn't create a scene.
- What's his name?
- Gulshan
You take care of this,
I'll take care of him
You're looking so pretty
What's going on?
- Look aunt, she's so pretty
Oh I'm glad! Our bride
looks so pretty - Pretty.
This is Nekchand's daughter,
Maithili. - I see.
And she's... what's
your name my child?
- Vaidehi
What a wonderful coincidence!
Two girls named after Sita together!
She's Vaidehi...
- Oh yes! And I'm Maithili
Both named after Sita
Hello sister! Never met you before.
- She's Bansidhar's daughter-in-law
Bansidhar who...? - The flour miller.
- I see. The flour miller.
Girls! Listen. Take good care of her.
Keep feeding her. She's pregnant
What do you want? Boy or girl?
- Boy, of course
Shut up! Let me ask her.
- No, we do the asking
No! Who's getting married?
You get to ask at your wedding
I get to ask her today.
Was yours a love marriage too?
- Is yours a love marriage?
Not entirely. Fifty-fifty.
- What do you mean?
We were in college together.
We started liking each other
The families got to know,
an alliance was talked about
And today, I'm getting married.
- Are you glad?
Elated! What more does a girl want?
A good husband, a nice home
And a lovely child.
- Just one child?
You too are glad,
aren't you about becoming a mother?
Your husband must be
loving you dearly, no?
"If you wanted me to
become a stranger to you..."
"tell me Mother,
why did you endear me so?"
"Henna on my hands"
"The dot on my forehead"
"I've hennaed my hands"
"I'm wearing a dot"
"My bangles are chiming"
"My anklets are clinking"
"I want to sing the song of love"
"Sing. Sing."
"I want to go to my beloved's house"
"I'm leaving for my beloved's house"
"I want to go to my beloved's house"
"I want to go to my beloved's house"
"Yes, I want to go
to my beloved's house"
"I want to go to my beloved's house"
"I want to go to my beloved's house"
"At birth to our parents..."
"we are estranged"
"Oh what fate is the daughter's"
"In a moment,
I'll sever all relationships"
"In a moment,
I'll sever all relationships"
"I'm leaving my father's house"
"The rest of my life I'll spend
in the land of my beloved"
"I'm leaving for my beloved's house"
"I'm leaving for my beloved's house"
"Yes, I'm leaving for
to my beloved's house"
"But it's a daughter's destiny..."
"But it's a daughter's destiny..."
"that makes them weep"
"The child they bore will
be borne away by someone"
"I'm leaving for my beloved's house"
"Yes, I'm leaving for
to my beloved's house"
"I want to go to my beloved's house"
What would've happened had
I eaten an entire biscuit?
He wants biscuits!
Would you like some biscuits?
You'll feed me biscuits?! Scoundrel!
- Let go!
Let go! Why are you fighting?
- I was trying to be of help
I offered him biscuits.
- Not biscuits again!
No mentioning biscuits!
- No mention
Mr. Gulabchand, why are so
worked up over biscuits?
This evening,
while I was locking up my shop...
in walks a boy who looks like
a filmi hero, and he says...
he's Dewanchand's man.
Maybe I said, and I said...
Come in. Sit
Show me the necklace.
How much do you need?
50,000 or so.
- This belongs to Dewanchand
Have a biscuit.
- Biscuit...?
It's his too.
- He makes biscuits too?
- Yes!
- It is...?
"I want to go to my beloved's house"
When I came around..
..I saw my safe flung open,
cleaned of 50,000
And the necklace?
- It was a fake
But this biscuit is real.
That's why I assaulted him
I'm going to make mincemeat of you!
Brides people ought to be humble
What brides people?
- We're the brides people
Oh yes, hit me.
I feel like it, but I won't
Hit me!
- We're the brides people
I'll spare you.
- You hit me! Or I hit you
Hitting me.
What happened?
What are you fighting about?
What's the problem?
- Hitting me.
Who is he? Him...
He's the biscuit-wallah,
the scoundrel!
Biscuit guy.
Where did he go?
What happened Mr. Gulabchand?
- Have you seen the biscuit-wallah?
You'd like some biscuits?
- No
No biscuits! Biscuit-wallah! Police!
Excuse me. Excuse me. Can you tell me
where is the bathroom?
Where's the biscuit-wallah?
Found it!
- Where?
Got myself a sweet.
- No, the biscuit-wallah
Must be upstairs
Where is he... where?
Don't scream. I'm a thief.
But you needn't be afraid
I needed 50,000 to buy a job in
Dubai. So I robbed a moneylender
Knocked him out with a laced biscuit.
But bad-luck's very bad
And he's right here with the police.
I'll leave once he's gone
I hope you aren't afraid anymore
Blink if you mean yes.
Promise me not to scream
Thank you. Thank you.
Now, I can relax.
I'll be out in a while
Hello, Maithili.
Gulshan... you?
- Yes Maithili
What are you doing?
- What I am doing?
What have you done Maithili, and why?
- What have I done?
Maithili, you broke my heart!
I failed college thrice,
just to be with you
And today, you marry Atul?
- What nonsense is this?
Actually Maithili, I love you.
I've always loved you
And today I'm marrying you.
- Get out this moment!
Else, I'll scream!
- Call everyone, the whole world...
for me to bare my soul before everyone
Only one goddess
reigns in my heart. Maithili
My friend! We've met.
But what are you doing here?
I went to fetch biscuit for you.
You haven't had a bite all day
Eat a biscuit.
- Buddy, thank you.
One for my wife
Cost-effective. Reliable
By the time you're halfway through
you're asleep. My Biscuit Number One
I'm sorry. There
were no other options.
But what do we do with him now?
What will folks say
if they get to know...
that there are two men with me,
one standing, one in bed...?
Don't worry. Don't worry. First
let's take care of the man in bed.
Let's take care of you
Good landing.
He's taking a
comfortable ride in civic waste
I'll be on my way.
- One minute...
What happened?
- Let me see if anyone's around
They're picketing right outside.
- Then where to go?
Wait here for a while
- You won't scream?
Get me paper, pen and an envelope.
- For writing?
To eat
What are you saying? No!
Don't say that! Not at this time
What happened?
- Deven just refused me
He was my last hope!
My heart is sinking
Time I left, Vaidehi
Want me to drop you somewhere?
Where will you go, what will you do?
Haven't given it a thought,
am I right? - Yes...
Will you do something for me?
- Sure, tell me
My mother lives in Haripur.
Deliver this envelope to her
It contains offerings to God,
and a letter addressed to her
And here, keep some money.
- No, I don't need money
It'll be useful for the trip.
If you don't spend it...
give it to my mother,
and tell her I'm fine
The name and address are on
the envelope. One more thing
Don't forget to eat coconut
Where are you taking me?
- On moment...
Tell me, what's the matter?
- Will you step inside please?
Say it right here
Here's your money?
- All of it?
You see..
You see, some extra expenses...
there's a shortfall of 50,000
I've telephoned a friend.
He'll give it before the wedding
If he doesn't..
..I'll deliver the money to you
personally in two days. I swear
Let the wedding happen after two days.
- No! Please don't do that
This is a matter of my honour!
It's going to kill me
I've said it so many times,
now I tell you for the last time
Five minutes before the
bridegroom sits down for the wedding...
the entire money must be in my hands.
Else we're walking out
I understand.
- How much?
- In...?
- In wads of...?
Five hundreds.
I'll be leaving now, Vaidehi.
- But what happens now?
How will he get 50,000?
Why are you staring at me?
- No.
That's not fair. No.
You expect me to give up 50,000?
I can't do it!
Question doesn't arise.
He was saying he'll
pay up in two days.
By then someone else will have my job
I committed this robbery for the job.
You want me to thieve all my life?
No, ma'am. No.
Maithili's wedding is at stake.
Think! - Why should I think?
And why are you thinking?
We walked in here to evade the police
Doesn't make us their family members.
I belong to none of them. Farewell.
Maithili, hush
I think there's only one option.
- I can't bear to see...
my father being humiliated like this.
- What kind of a boy is Atul?
He's nice
He loves you?
- Yes
Then talk to him. If he talks reason,
his father will surely agree
Come in Atul.
- You wanted to see me?
What is the matter, Maithili?
There's a small problem.
I'm apprehensive about telling you
Apprehensive about telling me?
In a while, we'll be married
We're going to become life partners.
If not me, whom will you tell?
Thank you, Atul.
You've taken a burden off my mind.
- Tell me, what is the problem?
Papa has provided for whatever
your father demanded for the wedding
Yes, I've seen.
He has given each and every thing
Only one thing is lacking.
- What's lacking?
He had demanded 500,000.
450,000 has been organised
There's a shortfall of 50,000.
My father wants a 2-day grace
But your father refuses to agree.
You are the only one
who can reason with him.
This is a huge problem, Maithili
Where's the problem?
Papa isn't refusing.
Look, he's suffering
from blood pressure.
So much tension is no good
for him. He's asking for 2 days
Not a question of 2 days or 4 days,
it's a matter of principles
If your father has promised to pay
500,000 today, he ought to pay up
And in our family, it's a tradition.
The elders decide the give-and-take
Youngsters have no say in the matter..
..and I advise you not to say anything
Leave everything to your father.
I'm sure he will find the money
I should be leaving. Take care.
And yes, I've finalised
our honeymoon in Mauritius.
Yes. Everything will be fine
Have you brought the money?
- All of 50,000. Count it
I trust you, I do
Sign these papers
You got a pen?
You got a pen right there
Give the money.
- What? - Pen.'
'You're beautiful too.
- Writes lovely, it's my lucky pen.'
'Lucky? Pen, change my luck.'
Hurry up. We got to set
out for Bombay in an hour
Now you're settled in life
Leave the bottle. Out with the cash.
- Bitch! You've been after me...
for an hour! Get lost, get laid.
- I'm not leaving without my money
You bargain for one man
and you bring in four over
And you can't pay for it?
Out with the cash
Teaching me how to count?
Take what you've got and get lost
Or I'll snatch it away. Get lost.
- Snatch it? Like it's yours?
I will..
You know who I am? I'll haul you in
You're a policeman.
How can you take sides with them?
I left nothing undone to please you,
and when it comes to money...
you'll shortchange a poor girl?
Come on, let me have my money
Just sign it. It's routine here.
You want to take the flight or not?
I want it right now.
- I can't pay you right now
Why not?
- You want to get thrashed?
I'm not going unless
I'm given my money
I will.. - What will you do
with so much money? Marry?
No such luck, question
being the same. Money.
What man marries without money?
A poor girl has only two choices.
Poison yourself or get into the trade
I'm doing this filthy job for my
sister's wedding, for her dowry
Please let me have my money.
- First bring your sister here
I'll pay you double rate.
- Why not your sister, you pimp?
You'll pay her. All of it.
- Who are you, brother?
Whoever I may be, you
will pay her right now
I take care of her bookings.
Let me know if you need
Hey, you don't know me?
Clean out your pockets.
Give her the money
Take this.
That chain too.
- It's mine
Take it.
Go back to your village.
- Thank you
Listen, where are
you off with the cash?
You won't find another job like this
Excuse me...
Looks like he's
looking for someone too.
And he's more worked up than I am
Excuse me, I'm looking for this
woman. - I'm out of this business
Helping someone isn't bad business.
It's a pious deed
Enough of piety for me.
I'm going to wash my sins
I'm a troubled man, I've been
troubled all day. I must find this woman
Don't talk of another woman
Help! Police!
- A policeman is beating you up
Robbers! Goons! Mafia!
Underworld! Brothers! Help!
We saw her getting off a truck at
the checkpost. After that we lost her
You idiots.
What did you do next?
- We informed the police
They're combing the city. Railway
stations, bus stands, everywhere
Where are you now?
Waiting for you beside a phone
booth near Rani Laxmibai Hall
Stay there. I'm coming
Rani Laxmibai Hall.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
Where's Mr. Hazarilal?
- There. Seated
Thank you.
Where are you going?
- Nowhere
Your jewellery?
- None of your concern
You aren't giving your
jewellery away to Hazarilal
Who are you to stop me?
Yes, tubelight. Takes me a
while longer to understand
This time I took a
little longer to light up
And your job?
- You want the wedding to happen?
I want the same. Wear your jewellery.
I'll give the money to Nekchand
What would you like?
Forgive me.
- Forgive you? I'm the one...
who ought to apologise.
- But the mistake was mine
Irrespective, the brides people
are the ones who have to apologise
That's the rule, we apologise
until the bride has been sent off
Until the send-off,
we'll be grovelling
I'm one of the brides people too.
- You too?
I regret meeting you, but who are you?
I'm Bansidhar's son.
- Who's Bansidhar?
The flour miller.
- Bansidhar the miller?
I'm the one, the one and only.
- You?
Yes, it's me.
Nice meeting. How is your son?
- My son is a disgrace
He married a girl he wanted,
and he's gone. If I find him...
I'll put him through my grind mill!
- Do that. Bye
Where are you going? Who are you?
- I'm Bansidhar's father
Now son, now father?
Goodness! Who are you?
What goes on between father and son?
- I'm in a maze! Who am I?
Who are you? Who is he?
- Look Bansidhar...
your son is back home.
He isn't a prodigal
What else do you call him?
- You explain that to him
Let me go and fetch my wife, Daddy.
- Daddy...? Wife...?
I've met your daughter-in-law.
She's very nice
He isn't my son! So much for
my daughter-in-law. Who are you?
Have you met Mr. Nekchand?
- I'm in trouble
What happened?
- Happened to meet my father
- Yes, Bansidhar
Luckily Mr. Nekchand barged in.
Else, I would've been exposed
Stop looking in that direction.
Come on
Whatever you can let me
have will be of great help
I'll be obliged to you.
Whatever you can, please
Forgive me my child,
what is the matter?
Uncle, I'd like to speak to you.
- Yes, my child?
I noticed something...
- I'm so confused about the wedding
I can't make out anything...
No. - If I gave you
any trouble, forgive me.
It's not a trouble, uncle.
I just wanted to tell you that
I've never seen such a grand wedding
No, you're saying that to please me.
- No uncle, really
You've taken care of everything,
right down to the smallest detail
Great food, great...
What happened, uncle?
The first words of
appreciation ever since...
I set out organising this wedding.
Else, everyone has been...
Why only me? Every parent
starts preparing for this day...
as soon as his daughter is born.
This decor, all this arrangement...
wasn't done in four days. It's
a dream I built moment by moment...
as I watched Maithili grow up.
I wouldn't leave anything lacking
I'd give her everything,
and I've given her everything
All except this... you see this doll?
I bought it for her...
when Maithili was three.
She looked exactly like it
For me, she's still the same.
And this is all I'm keeping
It's all I'll be left with
Mr. Nekchand, it's time. Come.
Please proceed. We'll join you.
- Okay.
Come on, take the bag.
- The entire money isn't there
Everything will work out fine.
Come along. Come
Money...? Only then will
the wedding take place.
May I sit in the mandap?
- Not yet the right time..
Okay, daddy.
- It's come.
Give it to him.
- You took your own time.
Give it.
- This..
Yes... no...
- Yes.
I tried my level best..
- No problem; we're not stone-hearted
They may not be 500 notes
but the money is all there.
Priest, start the chants.
- Yes, daddy.
Sit down.
- Okay, daddy.
Sit with your beloved.
Count the notes in this bag.
Should be Rs. 500000.
The bank bundles too
have missing notes.
- Yes.
Found it! I've found my money!
- Found your stolen money?
- Where?
In the bag.
- My bag?
That's my money.
- Your Rs. 450000 is in the bag.
But these 5 bundles
of Rs. 100 are mine.
How do you know?
- The note had vermilion.
Do you see it or not?
- Then it is mine!
Thank you. Here's your bag.
- Just a minute.
Now what?
- Nekchand!
He's calling you.
- Nekchand!
He's calling you.
- Excuse me!
Forgive me.
- Forgiveness comes later.
First tell me,
the 500000 that you gave me..
He says 50000 in it is his.
I only gave 450000.
Rs. 50000 was in
this bag. Stolen money.
They are not mine.
I know nothing about it.
We'll know soon enough.
Priest stop the ceremony.
- Why did they stop the chants..?
Son Atul...
- Yes, daddy.
Get up.
- Okay, daddy.
Don't do this.
Don't stop the marriage.
This matter will be solved.
- It's got more complicated.
Till we find out where
the stolen money came from..
This marriage won't take place.
Also tell us where the
remaining 450000 came from.
My lodging and boarding
for 6 months has been fixed.
Time to go to jail. Do meet mother.
I swear by my daughter...
I pawned everything I
owned to collect this sum.
I know nothing about the 50000.
You are lying!
- He is speaking the truth.
I kept the money in the bag.
Who is he?
- Who knows? - How did he come here?
Found him! He's the
one with the biscuit!
Are you Bansidhar's son?
- I am nobody's son.
I am a thief.
I stole his money..
..and gate crashed into this
wedding to escape the cops.
I come here to see that in the name
of customs, respected people of...
..society fleece the vulnerable
father of this innocent girl.
I thought of helping them.
He was short of 50000 in the dowry.
I placed my loot in his bag.
He knows nothing about it.
Enough! We've seen this
stale story in many films.
Tell us the truth!
- Uncle, I'll tell the truth.
He's having an affair with Maithili!
- What nonsense!
I saw it myself! He was in her room.
They have a thing going!
- One more word and I'll..!
One minute...
How did you know this thief
has something on with her?
I saw it myself.
- Listen..
He was in Maithili's room.
- Tell me.
A stranger in the bride's room!
For a whole hour!
- Listen to that!
And the door was shut.
Now what can one say?
- Its a lie!
He is lying! Accusing!
- May maggots crawl over you!
Ask the thief if I'm lying!
Why ask the thief? Ask this girl!
So? Is Gulu speaking the truth?
Was the thief in your
room for a whole hour?
What.. are you saying?
- Now what do you say?
Why are you bent on
reviling my little honour?
You have no honour left. Lost it all.
Down the drain!
- That's enough.
Maligning a truthful girl
without knowing the truth!
I hid in her room to
escape Gulabchand.
I had no clue it was the bride's room.
Before this day,
she had never set eyes on me!
The poor thing
doesn't even know my name!
Maithili is a girl of good character.
I beg you with folded hands..
Punish me anyhow.
But complete the wedding formalities.
We don't need a thief's
certificate to clear the girl!
Now the matter is of slander.
A stranger sat in your
daughter's room for an hour.
And left leaving behind 50000.
Now what do we make of it?
- The same..
One can't swallow a fly consciously.
Still we feel sorry for you and
are ready to accept your child.
- Yes, daddy.
Sit down.
- Okay, daddy.
You are an angel! God!
So we were already
short of 50000 bucks.
Another 50000 will be spent on
prayers to purify this girl.
That makes it a lakh.
No... I don't want the cash now.
We're not stone hearted.
The marriage will be performed.
But after a couple of days...
Send the girl to our
house along with Rs. 100000.
Where will I get the money?
- Agree to him, Papa.
- Accept his demands.
What is wrong with you?
Where will I get the money?
Like Mr. Hazarilal said...
A stranger sat in my room.
He left behind 50000.
Tomorrow I'll get 2. We'll get a lakh.
Ask him if he wants more,
I'll take in 4 or 5 men.
Good God!
- Shameless girl, what did you say?
Mind your tongue! Do you want
this marriage or should we get up?
Get up.
- What did you say?
I said, get up!
What did you say?
- Get out this very moment! Now!
Be quiet, dear.
I won't be quiet! This is the limit!
My ears are hurting
hearing this man's threats!
Shall we get up? Get up?
Now when I told them to go,
why don't they leave? Why're they here?
Why don't they leave?
- What is she saying?
You worm, crawling on
your Pop's directions!
Why are you sitting there? Get up!
Maithili, talk to me with respect.
I'm going to be your husband!
Mouse! I'd rather sit on the pyre!
Get a move on!
- My marriage...!
Don't worry, son.
I'll fix you 10 marriages!
And she'll remain a spinster!
I'll see...
What will you see?
Now the world will watch you!
You, your wife, all your relatives..
The servants,
everyone who came with you..
The clothes, boots, turban...
Even the vest and underwear
has been given by my Papa!
If you're here for another 2 seconds
I'll strip and send you home nude!
Sister, we're completely disrobed.
Nothing remains.
Let's make a run for it.
Uncle, what are you murmuring?
Bacteria of rabies!
- God! She's gone mad!
You are mad. So is your
entire family! Greedy old hag!
You buffalo clad in a
Kanjeevaram sari of Kanjeevaram House!
Be grateful I didn't
become your daughter-in-law!
Else you'd burn in the kitchen..
..and your photo would
appear in the paper!
My poor Papa...
He was begging each
person for forgiveness as if..
He's committed a grave sin
by giving birth to a girl.
I spit on all of you! Get out of here!
- I'll throw them out!
With a kick on their backsides.
Aunt, help me.
- Show us, advance!
Come on.
- Advance.
Get out!
- You think you bought us!
Get out.
- Okay, we are leaving.
You son of your Daddy! Get out!
- My turban!
Where is Gulabchand?
Why do you want him?
- My bag is with him.
You were asked to leave.
Where are you taking the bag?
It was lying there.
- One touch and you'll be lying here.
Get lost!
- I am leaving... You thief!
Where are you going?
Come to the police station.
Just a second. Let me return this
Please come here.
Give this bag to Nekchand.
With great difficulty we
finally nabbed you. - Yes.
I'm not sorry to be caught.
But I'm glad that...
a girl has been released from
the rotting customs of our society.
To celebrate have...
- Bribing us!
It's a biscuit.
- Give me one too.
Have one.
Quite tasty.
- Yes.
Mr. Nekchand.
Hazarilal was running
away with your cash.
The thief saved it.
Nothing is saved. Nothing!
Everything is ruined. Spoilt.
Now who will marry her?
It's all my mistake.
I wish I had died before
giving Papa this sorrow!
I am to be blamed for it!
- No, dear. It isn't your fault.
It's our fault.
What you said today.. what you did..
If we'd said it in our times..
If we'd done this,
you wouldn't have to face it.
You might have to face troubles.
But woman kind will find courage.
A lot of courage. Bravo, my dear.
Madam, here's your ticket.
The train is an hour late.
Rest in the waiting room till then.
- Okay.
Passengers, pay attention..
5263 down..
Is running late by one hour
according to its scheduled time.
Good day Inspector.
Gopal the porter here.
The woman you described is here.
Vaidehi, shall we leave?
Come on, Vaidehi. Let's
not play cat and mouse game.
When you've found out all,
I want to be frank with you.
For me you are only an incubator.
It's a matter of a few months.
The moment I get my child...
You are free..
- The child is mine.
You can't take my child away from me!
Even the law is with the mother.
- And if the mother is no more..
What if the mother is no more..
You and your law can't stop me.
Long live the Workers Union!
Long live the Workers Union!
What is the trouble?
What's happening here?
Teaching us the law!
We'll set you right!
How long can you keep us locked?
You will have to meet
our demands! It's no joke!
What is the meaning of this?
- We'll strike!
You love eating apples?
- It's required. Keeps you healthy.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
You must be throwing
it away after eating it.
Yes, if it's spoilt.
Do you throw it anywhere
or mind where it falls?
How funny. Of course I am
careful of where I throw it.
You are careful.
Hey stop it. Why are you hitting?
Hey, run, he is beating.
I will die.
Stop it. Stop it.
"You are like the river"
"But there's no sea in sight"
"There are many turns"
"But not your destination"
"You are flowing like the river"
"But there's no sea in sight"
"There are many turns"
"But not your destination"
"Storm up ahead, dying desires.."
"Storm up ahead, dying desires.."
"Smoke filling the eyes"
"What path, which city?"
"Where are you proceeding?"
"Tired eyes hunt for.."
"A home of your own"
How much further?
How far is Rang Mahal?
There it is.
"When there's no veil
from the Almighty.."
"When there's no veil
from the Almighty.."
"Why hide from humans?"
"When in love, do not fear"
"When in love, do not fear"
"When in love, do not fear"
"I have fallen in love,
not committed a theft"
"Why must I hide my sighs?"
"When in love, do not fear"
Your fearless love..
Your style and your
mischievous manner...
Surely it deserves my reward.
My good fortunes.
This is what the chattel
expected from the royal sire.
Guard of..
- Get some tea!
It's too much.
- Janki..!
Lights off!
- This is our final dress rehearsal.
Mr. Purushottam.
- Yes?
She is here to see you.
Good day.
I am Mr. Purushottam.
Owner of Rang Mahal Drama Co.
I understand..
I act as well as teach acting.
Have you come to learn acting?
- No.
Actually my name is Vaidehi.
- Okay.
I've come to meet Savitri.
- Savitri? - Yes.
She passed away 2 years ago.
- Yes.
But her son sent a letter for her..
Who? Raju?
- Yes.
He himself cremated her.
How strange. Show me the letter.
Dear Vaidehi..
This is addressed to you.
There's another one.
This one is for me.
The mental state you are in..
You need rest and security.
That is why I had to do this.
Else you wouldn't come
so far to my village.
You may stay in my house
for as long as you wish.
Your friend, Raju.
You will like the house.
- Just a minute.
Praise be to the Holy Mother.
Praise be..
Here is Savitri's house.
Now your home.
Think of me if you need anything.
- Okay.
I live right here...
My wife Lata.
She knows nothing.
She's very shy. Good family.
I'll take leave. Good day.
Lata. Lata.
You know nothing!
How often have I told you
not to stand at the window!
Don't stand there!
But you never listen!
It doesn't behove
women of good families.
Today you stand at the window.
Tomorrow you'll meet
another man's eyes.
The day after you'll bring
shame to yourself and elope.
The day after that
people will spit on me!
And the day after that..
That is why I say you
know nothing at all.
The world is full of bad men.
Their job is to wile
innocent girls like you.
And ruin their lives!
I want to protect you from these evils
I want to make you an ideal wife.
Who won't even look at
the face of a strange man.
Did Tiku come?
I have to present it at
Mr. Agarwal's wedding.
You don't worry.
I'll get one made for you too.
Did you cover your
face when Tiku had come?
Ideal wife.
Savitri, Tara bai.
- Good day.
And that's Putanbaba.
Good day.
- Slightly hard of hearing.
And that's the hero of
my drama, Manish. - Hello.
And that's the heroine
of Rang Mahal, Janki.
- Hello. - And this is Vaidehi.
Kaikeyi? Do people
have such names today?
Vaidehi not Kaikeyi!
Vaidehi. Janki. They are the
same name. - Yes. - Got it?
I saw your rehearsal. I loved it.
- Thank you.
I trained Janki.
I held her finger and taught her all.
Eat some more..
- She obeyed me when she was little.
Since she attained maturity,
she obeys others. - Mr. Purushottam.
Where are you going? Stay put.
Have one more morsel..
- No, I'm stuffed,
Open your mouth.
- Yes, son. Eat it.
But this action will
bring you disgrace.
To hell with disgrace.
I want Vaidehi, at any cost!
All the newspapers in this area..
Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi.
Print this photo in all.
The informer gets 100000 reward.
Everything clear?
What month?
Mr. Purushottam said you're pregnant.
I'm in the second
month of my pregnancy.
What are you looking for?
Symbols of marriage?
I'm not yet married.
But we'll be married next month.
Here, use this to wipe. Go on.
- Yes?
Hurry and get a packet of Panama.
We've finished lunch.
Manish will want a smoke.
Deliver my stuff home.
- I understood.
You know Manish, the hero..
He's going to be my...
Have you run away from home?
Have you had a scrap with your man?
Tiku said you had no bags.
I too wondered how you wore
the same clothes after a bath.
But don't you worry.
I'll give you a sari.
No.. it's not really...
- I have plenty of clothes.
Come home with me.
- No, I don't need..
Janki, Mr. Purushottam is calling you.
Coming... You stay here. I'll be back.
Did you call me?
- Come in.
I am already in.
What do you think of this necklace?
Exquisite. Beautiful.
What a design! Bought it for Lata?
I often told you
don't address her thus.
What should I call her?
- Elder sister, silly girl.
- I got this made specially for you.
Really? But I think
there's a lot of time for Rakhi!
You play the fool all the time!
Mr. Purushottam, you fool around.
I've often told you
I don't approve of this.
But you don't seem to understand.
I do. My mind has understood.
But here.. how do I convince my heart?
You are all it wants.
How do I convince my heart
which only wants Manish?
You are a fool!
On one hand you have me who
wants to give you all I have.
And you reject me!
And you side with
him who lives off you!
The scavenging dog!
- That's enough, Purushottam.
Stop it. I won't hear
a word against Manish.
However he is, he is mine.
He means everything to me.
What a temper!
My employee growls at me!
Sweet pie, don't forget
you signed a contact with me.
Now you will have to dance to my tune.
- Just Purushottam? No respect...?
Cut away.
You were never great. Talk too much
and you won't remain a man!
I am lightning.
I don't dance at anyone's tune.
In fact, when I strike
your tunes go out of tune.
As for the contract...
Someday I'll make a kite out of
it and fly it from your terrace.
And you'll stand with the string.
Come in..
You have a nice home.
Hardly a home, more like a room.
We have to set up our home.
I'm getting ready for it.
I have so many saris.
Damini sari. Silsila sari.
Kajol sari. Karishma sari.
I have all of them.
Honest, I have every kind of sari.
You have quite a collection.
- Sure, why not...
Even if of the stage,
but I am a heroine.
I have to maintain.
By the way, if a couple of men
don't turn round to stare at me..
I can't sleep at night.
Which sari...?
Here... Wear this.
- Yes, I bought it for Navratri.
It will suit you. Come on, wear it.
You'll look like Karishma.
That is nice but..
- What?
You won't be sullied by
wearing my sari. Take this off.
I'll wear it but you go there.
You are so shy..?
You want me to wear this?
Then please go.
One moment.
What...? What are you doing?
I think the guy is sleeping.
You can't make out
anything in 2 months.
Is it your second month?
Wow! Same name and same time!
Give me five.
No way, Mr. Purushottam.
Janki and I'd already told you..
This would be our last
play for your company.
Now you want us to
enact Valmiki's Ramayana!
What can we do if you've signed
the contract and taken the money!
No, sir. We are going to Delhi.
Sure, my son. Go with pleasure.
Go to Delhi, Bombay.
In fact go to Hollywood!
I want you to rise very high.
And one day I will rest only
after you've gone right up.
But before you leave,
forget about me...
Take the blessings of
the Ultimate Male God Rama.
Dumping the Ramayana is
the worst thing to do.
- Sir...
You got this precious necklace
made for Janki with such love...
Why did you return it?
I returned it because...
The heart you made in the necklace...
Like your brain, you left it empty.
Janki wants P & J carved in it.
I'll carve it in red.
That's great.
P & J.
I got that.
You were saying...
Is there... something
between you and Janki?
My dear son...
Some questions give peace of
mind when left unanswered.
If you want me to act in your play..
Tell me the truth.
What is the relation
between you and Janki?
Son... my son..
Janki, tell me something.
Does Manish love you?
What's this if not love?
He loves me a lot.
We're getting married next month.
Then we're going to Delhi.
My hero has got a role in a serial.
Then he will earn and I'll blow it.
I mean I'll run the house.
Must be Tiku. Come in,
the door is open.
Tiku used to be a barber
now he's an actor.
Matter of time.
- Sister... here's your stuff.
And your change.
- Keep it.
Aren't you going to
watch a film today?
The film has changed.
- Which one is playing?
Josh. Yes.
- Shahrukh Khan.
"I am full of life.
Control your senses"
"Don't glare at me!"
What man? Get 3 tickets Use my name.
- Okay.
We'll all go.
You, me and Manish. What fun!
Do you drink?
- Yes.
I try to give it up but can't.
But this is harmful to the baby.
I know that is why I've reduced
from half to a quarter bottle.
The problem is..
I can't sleep at night.
All kinds of worries badger me.
How did you fall in this vice?
Thanks to Purushottam.
He wanted to make me a heroine.
But the stage scared me.
One day he tricked me into
drinking and pushed me on stage.
I got over the fear of
stage but got hooked to this.
Didn't your parents prohibit you?
They passed away when I was little.
I'm working here since I was a kid.
Do you know all of us
artists live in this house.
Even Manish?
That is why, sweet..
That is why I said..
It's best not to know the
answers to some questions.
You are lying!
- I'm lying?
But the holy books don't lie.
And the holy book
says in huge letters..
The woman who crosses
the threshold of her home..
The character of that
woman can't be trusted.
To top it, an artist.
The face that is caked in
make-up can never be loyal.
What do you mean to imply?
You are a good human being
and an even better artist.
On going to Delhi will
you look after your career?
Or look after the baby?
And God knows whose child it is.
Darling, what an entry!
Beat them all up!
Beat them so much that they
rip the screen and fall here!
You too must whistle.
I can't.
What are you saying? Look,
it's so easy.
Purse your lips together in style.
And gently blow out.
Isn't it simple? Look.
Can only guys whistle?
Can't girls do the same?
I did it!
- You did?
I whistled!
- Whistle some more!
You one dozen people..
Since two years..
..have come here forcibly
and settled down. Since then..
You're talking to me?
Shahrukh acted so well. Right?
- Yes.
This is such a
serene and tranquil place.
I like this place
the best in this town.
Come, let's sit here.
Right here.
- No, let's go home.
There's such a pleasant
breeze blowing. Let's enjoy it.
No, let's go home.
We'll sit at home too.
Might as well sit here.
Is there a problem?
- Yes.
That's no problem.
It's a clear road. Sit down anywhere.
Behind the boulder or bush..
Are you mad?
- I do it.
You too can do it.
- You are shameless!
You're a scream.
I made you whistle in the theater.
Now you're acting all coy.
In such matters,
it's best to be shameless.
Look at the men. They piddle anywhere.
They are not worried
about who is walking past.
And there's nobody
here A long solitary road.
Go and squat. I'll stand guard.
Let's please go home.
- Do it or go home alone.
You'll never advance in life.
If peeing on the road
helps one progress...
I wonder where India would have gone!
And where are you!
I'm at the stage where
I take my own decisions.
Isn't that achievement enough?
Now you decide. Doing it or leaving?
I'm going! I'll show you!
Now stand guard!
Bravo! Spoken like a man!
Doesn't the moon look lovely?
It relieves the eyes.
It grows by the day.
And is complete one day.
Our children too must
be growing up like this.
One day they will take birth.
I wonder where you will be.
And where I will be.
Will you think of me?
I'll never forget you.
Like we have similar names,
let's give some name to our kids.
What do you say?
What do you want, a son or a daughter?
Considering my state,
I think it will be a boy.
The poor girl...
- Don't pity the girl.
God filled girls with everything
in this universe that is good.
If she wishes, she'll give
everyone a run for their money.
Whether it be God Indra
or the saint Vishwamitra.
Rambha, Urvashi and Menaka,
stop your stage acting.
Today I'll make you also dance.
Come along.
- Where? - I have enough admirers.
"Bangles, bangles.."
"Ear rings, ear rings.."
"Bangles, bangles.."
"Ear rings, ear rings.."
"They jingle and jangle"
"They jingle and jangle"
"It's a grave problem"
"A black mole on a fair cheek"
"It's a grave problem"
"The lovers' heart gets
entangled in the mole"
"Be careful, oh casanova"
"Be careful, oh casanova"
"My coquette gestures kill"
"It's a grave problem,
black mole on a fair cheek"
"It's a grave problem"
"The lovers' heart gets
entangled in the mole"
"Some call me damsel"
"Some say..."
"I act"
"I am talked about in every city"
"Whether Bombay or Barabanki"
"Everyone wants me to meet them
They plead for me to see them"
"My coquette gestures kill"
"It's a grave problem"
"A black mole on a fair cheek"
"It's a grave problem
A black mole on a fair cheek"
"It's a grave problem"
"The lovers' heart gets
entangled in the mole"
"Let's walk..."
"through the path.."
"Let's walk for the good times"
"The greedy bugs mustn't plunder
the fragrance from the flowers"
"They don't deserve our love"
"My coquette gestures kill"
"It's a grave problem"
"A black mole on a fair cheek"
"It's a grave problem"
"The lovers' heart gets
entangled in the mole"
"Be careful, oh casanova"
"Be careful, oh casanova"
"My coquette gestures kill"
"It's a grave problem"
"A black mole on a fair cheek"
"It's a grave problem"
"The lovers' heart gets
entangled in the mole"
Mr. Purushottam,
isn't this Vaidehi's picture?
Silly oaf, this isn't a picture
of Vaidehi. It's a bearer cheque.
Her husband says whosoever
gives information about her...
he will get a cash
reward of Rs. 100000.
So what do you think?
- I am thinking...
Should I encash it or have some fun?
Better still to have
fun and then cash it in.
What was he saying?
- He said Vaidehi is a bearer cheque.
First he will have some
fun then he will cash her in.
Small change!!
Do one thing.
- Yes.
Book another ticket to Delhi. Vaidehi
will accompany Manish and myself.
Let that chap come!
Here he comes.
- Janki? You are home?
Who else would be in my house?
- Vaidehi. You've kept her...
You've kept her with yourself.
- Yes. So...?
I'd gone to the market.
To buy some saris for Lata.
I thought I'd get a
couple for Vaidehi too.
Poor woman is alone.
- She is neither hapless nor alone.
Her sister is with her.
Take your saris and get lost!
Have you forgotten to be polite?
- I remember everything.
You couldn't have me so
you're trying to ensnare her!
I'm trying to settle not ensnare her.
Be like Gandhi and
give me the other cheek.
The first one because
you abused my sister.
And the second...?
- For wearing dark glasses at night.
Lord Rama be praised!
Laxman be praised!
Valiantly Laxman killed Indrajit.
- Brother!
Bravo, Laxman!
After the death of Ravana's son
Indrajit, it is now certain that...
victory will be ours.
Hail Lord Ramchandra!
- Yes?
We have got 3 tickets to Delhi
for tomorrow evening, with berths.
3 tickets?
- Yes.
Didn't I say Vaidehi
too would come with us?
I was thinking of
going alone to Delhi.
- Yes. Uncle said...
until the serial starts it would
be better for me to live alone.
What will I do here by myself?
You have Mr. Purushottam.
He'll take good care of you.
- Yes. - Take a look at my wig!
Janki, it's your entry.
Hurry up.
Stop it.
Stop shrieking, evil Ravana!
In your anger I clearly
see your annihilation.
Rama is the one who
will be annihilated!
Then there will be nobody to save
you from the clutches of Ravana!
Shut up you diabolic, fiendish demon!
Just as you can't separate
the sun from its' rays..
Similarly I can't be
separated from Shri Rama!
Think about this. It's now 2 months.
Another month and my
stomach will show.
How... what..?
- That's just what I was thinking.
What's the hurry for the child?
I thought once the house is settled,
the kids will happen.
Kids are appreciated better then.
That is why...
- That is why...
I must abort the baby?
The baby is our love child.
We dreamed of it together.
We had decided that..
Look, I'm not sure of
what my family will think.
And what people will say.
- Family... people...?
From where have they come?
Did you fall in love
with me after asking them?
Did you take their
permission before taking me to bed?
Tell me.. Give me an answer!
You have the answer.
Do you know what everyone
says about you and Purushottam?
They go so far as to saying..
The child is...
Why did you stop?
Complete what you're saying.
We will get married.
But without the child.
Long live Lord Ramchandra!
Long live Lord Ramchandra!
Long live Lord Ramchandra!
Foolish demon! Blinded by arrogance...
You have brought your death in
the form of Vaidehi's beauty!
Banished Ram, this trident
is as powerful as the Vajra!
I will pulverize both
brothers with its' aid!
Face my arrow given by Brahma!
Hail lord Ram.
What are you doing? The play is
going on. You have to go on stage.
I am very upset.
What is wrong?
- You know, Manish...
He says... he doesn't
want this child now.
He wants me to abort it.
- What?
See.. even you are upset.
These men say anything.
They don't even spare a thought.
Manish is possibly planning
something. For the future with you.
He must be wanting to
first stand on his feet.
That's not the truth.
He suspects...
He suspects that this child isn't his.
I'd agree if it were a matter of
just terminating the pregnancy.
But... this is about my character.
My self-esteem.
He wants evidence...
of my loyalty, of my love.
He wants to put me to test.
But today he will have to give
the test of how much he loves me.
If I am chaste, then I'm chaste
with this child. Not otherwise.
If he accepts me, it has to be
with the baby. Or not at all.
Get ready for the ordeal through fire.
Long live Lord Ramchandra!
Long live Mother Sita!
Long live Lord Ramchandra!
Long live Mother Sita!
Long live Lord Ramchandra!
Long live Mother Sita!
Long live Lord Ramchandra!
Long live Mother Sita!
Long live Lord Ramchandra!
Sita, I rescued you by
waging a war with the enemy.
I did not wage war to acquire you.
In fact to prove my gallantry...
protect goodness..
And to eliminate the
stigma on my illustrious family!
You lived with a stranger in Lanka.
Hence there is a
doubt on your integrity.
Hence I cannot accept you.
Wherever you wish to go,
with whomsoever you wish to go..
You may go.
- Enough.
Oh valiant one, why do you
utter such bitter words?
It's not my fault that
Ravana kidnapped me.
I did not let him touch my
physical or mental self.
And you suspect me?
- I can't help it.
Having a divine woman like
yourself in his palace...
The evil Ravana must not have
been able to keep his hands off you.
Hence I forsake you.
Oh pride of the Raghu lineage...
Every moment I spent in
Lanka felt like eternity
But I took your name and survived.
And the outcome is that...
you question my chastity.
You worry about your family,
goodness and gallantry..
But nary a thought
about your life partner.
You were sent to exile not me.
I too could have stayed in
the royal palace like Urmila.
But I considered you God.
And came to the forest with you.
I did my duty as a wife.
And you are punishing me!
Tell me one thing..
Do you love me or not?
If you love me then
why don't you trust me?
Princess of Mithilesh, the society...
- I married you not society.
You tell me, are you with me or not?
Tell me...
- What is she saying?
Tell me...
Are you with me or not?
Answer me. Go on...
Prompt her fast.
She's saying the wrong dialogues.
Answer me.
She's right.
Princess of Mithilesh, calm down,
dear one of Janak...
Brother is angry with you.
- What for?
I should be angry. Because the
question is about my integrity.
It's a matter of my self-esteem.
And the truth is you are the
root cause of all my problems!
- You chopped Suprankha's nose.
And Ravana kidnapped me!
He should have kidnapped you!
He demonstrated his manly
prowess only on a woman.
Maithili. Vaidehi.
Stop muttering.
- What crap! - Nonsense!
You brothers fought Ravan
with an army of monkeys.
I battled him alone in Ashok Vatika.
I had broken his spirit!
I shattered his self-confidence!
I had defeated him right there.
Your valiant brother knocked
down a dead man in the battlefield!
If I'd given in to Ravana's wish..
Both of you would lose
the war without fighting.
Then what would happen to your
gallantry, your lineage, righteousness?
This is the payment I get for my love.
My bravado, my patience, my trust.
That in public I'm being
humiliated... forsaked.
Princess of Mithilesh,
daughter of Janak...
My mother, Janki you
digress from the issue.
Light the fire.
There! The fire is lit! Enter.
There is no doubt that you are chaste.
You just have to step
in the fire and get off.
That will make brother happy,
you and we too will be happy.
Sing praise of...
- Sita's groom Ramchandra!
Praise be to...
- Mother Sita!
Enter the fire, and prove..
I don't want to prove a thing!
Not to a man who
doesn't trust me or my words.
What nonsense!
As for the test, both of us
have stayed away from each other.
Both of us should
undergo the ordeal by fire.
Squat in the fire.
Come on.
- This is an insult to religion!
Stop this show!
Please calm down.
Drop the curtain!
Mr. Purushottam! Terrible news!
Janki refused to go
through the ordeal of fire.
There goes Delhi!
To hell with the wedding!
All men are alike!
The words that soothe their ears,
pleases their hearts..
Utter them and they will pamper you.
They'll call you a goddess!
The day you speak your heart..
..they'll brand you a whore.
Has no character!
The caretakers or society are
screaming! Ask them! Go on, ask!
For centuries woman
gave her life for man.
Has any man ever died for his
woman on the pyre? Ask them!
Is there any fast for them?
I'm glad I got rid of the rancour in
my heart. I forgot I was on stage.
I thought it was Manish before me.
You made a big
mistake by trusting Manish.
What mistake had you committed?
You married in the eyes of the world.
As per tradition and customs.
But today you too
stand there where I am.
Exiled with child in womb.
And poor Mother Sita...
even after the ordeal through fire..
What did she get? Banishment?
She wandered in the forest
with Luv and Kush in he womb!
Alas! Had Sita done what you did...
no man today would dare
ask woman to prove herself.
Forget it. Let all men go to Hell!
We give them the status of a father.
And they clamber on our heads!
We'll see what happens.
Down with Janki!
- Fie on Janki!
Shame on Purushottam!!
Down with Janki! Shame!
Shame on Purushottam!!
We will not tolerate anymore.
Down with Janki!
Manish escaped overnight.
He has left you alone here.
Now there are only
two options for you.
Do you hear? Only one place for Janki.
Prison or mental asylum.
Yes, there can be another option.
If you agree to me.
Become your mistress?
- Yes. No.
- Janki.
Other than your wife does
every woman look like a whore?
Pay someone and have her.
Take advantage of another get laid.
- What?
Woman leaves home to
earn a livelihood.
And every man assumes
she's his property! Why?
Understand the gravity of the
situation. They want you dead!
You have slighted religion!
- I haven't slighted religion.
I just raised a question.
Which has been rising in
woman's mind for centuries.
They want me dead
because they have no answer!
I'd prefer the madhouse to
living with such illiterate heretics!
Janki is a witch!
Here comes the blatant!
- She has slandered the Ramayana!
She is a prostitute!
- Janki is a slut!
The only place for Janki..
- Prison or madhouse!
Calm down...
Excuse me, calm down.
Janki is not in her senses.
See, the ambulance has come.
She's going to the hospital.
Please give her way. Let her go.
Go. Go.
Where are you going? Have
you gone mad? You stay here.
Let her go.
- Janki.
She's experienced everything!
- She even smokes!
Slut! Go, drown yourself!
- She has maligned herself everywhere!
She boozes!
- Whose child are you carrying?
Must be Purushottam's!
- Coming with me?
Move on! What are you glaring at?
- What are you doing?
She's pregnant!
Leave. Leave me.
Janki. No...
Janki. Janki.
Janki. Janki.
- No.
Vaidehi, I lost my baby...
No, Janki...
- I've lost it!
Janki had lost her senses.
If she were right in the head,
would she do this on stage?
She had to go to the
asylum and so she's gone.
Scoundrel! You should
be sent to the asylum!
No, not even there...
You won't even spare the lunatics.
A bestial monster like yourself
should be bound in a cage at zoo!
Don't you have any shame
talking to elders like this?
When you have no shame
marrying a wife half your age..
..why should I be ashamed?
Good gracious. Lata, go upstairs.
Women of good homes
shouldn't even hear such words.
And men of good families,
even with a wife at home...
have the liberty to
ogle at other women! Why?
You men don't trust your own selves.
That is why you keep women in veil!
You hide her in corners!
Imprison her behind bars!
Keep quiet!
- I won't. I know everything!
Those were your hired
goons who hurt Janki!
I'll tell the police!
Where are you going?
I have called up your husband.
He must be on his way with
the reward and the cops.
Let me go!
- Does one let go of a lakh of rupees?
Leave her.
- Who spoke?
I said let her go!
You know nothing...
- I know everything!
Leave her. Or should I fling this?
And blow your skull to pieces?
Move back! Move!!
Come with me.
- Yes. Go.
I forgive you.
What man? Boozed to the gills?
We've been knocking for so long!
Are you Purushottam?
- Yes, I am.
I am Raghuveer. Where is my wife?
- With my wife.
And your wife?
- With your wife.
If I hit you with my broken arm
your head will split wide open!
Speak the truth!
- That is the truth.
My wife ran away with his wife.
Bad times! I've heard of
men eloping with women.
But for the first time
I'm hearing of women running away!
Devastation! It's true.
The bell proves it.
Vaidehi was seen in the Awadh Express.
Come. Let's go. Come on. Come on.
"The impish breeze was
flowing in its' own way"
"Somebody gave it agony"
"And took the wings away"
"The impish breeze was
flowing in its' own way"
"Somebody gave it agony"
"And took the wings away"
"The weather changed. The song broke"
"Silence permeated"
"What path, which city..."
"where are you headed?"
"Tired eyes look for its' home"
Come on.
Hail Mother!
You? Here? Don't interfere.
I warn you or you
won't leave unscathed!
Mother, don't worry.
Bulwa is here. He will save us.
Hear that?
The kid understood. But you didn't.
Return everyone's stuff.
And quietly jump out the back door.
Don't act too smart!
This isn't your territory!
Dogs have their territories.
Storms and typhoons have no area!
Quickly take your pick. Do
you want to escape or die?
I warn you once again.
- Why are you wasting time arguing?
If we chop off his head,
we'll get Rs.200000 as reward!
Manliness isn't measured by
the length of your moustache.
Those who are men
never hurt women and kids.
And those who do,
Bulwa loves to hunt such beasts.
Shut your eyes.
You, here? Who is this?
She fainted in the train.
She's also running fever. - Okay.
Take her to Aunt Dulaari.
- Yes.
Keep this.
- No...
Keep it.
Shall I come along?
- No. I'll take her.
Along with the cops,
Gajendra is looking for you.
I met Gajendra's dogs in the train.
I cut the tickets for 5 of them.
Feeling very sleepy?
Press properly.
Think of it as my neck
not my leg and press.
Then your arms will find the strength.
- Master, that's enterprising.
Only you take advantage of hatred.
You are indeed admirable.
Yes master?
- Has the train arrived?
Yes, master.
- Whom are you taking?
A female patient.
- I see.
Taking her to Dulaari?
- Yes, master.
Carry on.
- Good day.
Come on.
She treats everyone.
But she won't treat me.
The mother and child are fit and fine.
- Is it a son?
Why do you harp on about
a boy? It's a goddess.
Girl again!
- Why are you holding your head?
As if it's a problem not a girl.
Have you forgotten
when you were unemployed?
Only after Dhaniya's
birth was your house built.
Damn fool! You've made
so much progress since!
Thank God and sing His praise.
Keep lying. Consider this your house.
Tell me, where are you going?
And all alone? Neither
husband nor parents.
All right. Don't talk
if you don't want to.
But don't worry. Worry harms the baby.
How do you know?
- Listen to her! I'm the midwife here.
Aunt! Hurry!!
- What happened?
Papa and Uncle are
drowning Pooja in milk!
Good God!!
They are out of their minds!
What's the matter?
- The baby that was just born..
Her father wants to kill her
by drowning her in milk! - What!
Dear God! Send her back as a boy!
Accept her back!
Take her back, dear God!!
God, take..
- No!
You sinner! What were you up to?
What has this little thing
done to you? She is a gift of God!
But she won't carry brother's name!
The first born is already a girl!
Shut up! Dowry mongers!
You men are a burden to earth!
If this was done to your mother,
how would you take birth?
Murderers! This is a latent mother!
What will remain in the
world if you kill a mother?
My baby...!
You remember 6 dead bodies!
And you're filing the report.
But one living girl is missing
and you know nothing about it!
You bloody fools.
Just a minute, Mr. Raghunath.
They are scared out of their
wits because of the bloodshed.
But their talk proves this without
doubt, your wife is in this area.
We will find her.
You will.
You will.
I know she's somewhere right here.
And I can't find her.
- Yes, sir.
What is the reward sum?
- 100,000.
Increase it. Hike it
by 200,000 or 5000000
So much so that whoever has
given her refuge feels greed..
..instead of mercy.
What's the matter? Why
are your hands trembling?
If you hadn't reached there in time
they would've killed the child, no?
They are butchers.
A girl is a burden for them.
Look over there.
That 10 year old girl is
carrying double her weight.
Now tell me, who is the
burden and who is carrying it!
And look at 7 year old Kajri.
She stands holding her
little brother on her waist.
Isn't this her age to be playing?
But how will she play? She's
half a mother at this tender age!
When did her childhood come
and leave..? Nobody knows.
In 2 years she'll be
cooking for her father.
Another 2 years and she'll
cook for her husband and family.
As well as work in the fields.
In a short time, she'll bear
a couple of kids and grow old.
That's a woman's life in our country.
Serve man and die!
And men have the gall to say
that a woman is the door to Hell!
You stupid men have come
to earth via that very door!
"Lord Ram is the groom.
Music plays all around"
This assignment is ready.
- Done?
How much for Shahjahanpur?
- I'll tell you tomorrow.
It is 5 o'clock. Your shift ends now.
Now go home and cook
dinner for your men folk.
And all those who want advance,
take it today.
I don't want any.
- No? - Yes, aunt.
I want Rs. 100.
- Okay, take it.
Sign this voucher.
What is this? I've been
teaching you for so long...
and you're still using the thumb?
Sign or I won't give the money!
I can't sign properly as yet.
- No problem. Take your time.
Alright, aunt.
- That's better.
Give me money.
- Thank you. - Mention not.
Honestly aunt, you are
doing a darn good job.
It's necessary. There's
only one way to reform women.
And what do they call it...?
Self... self..
- Self dependence. Self dependence.
You speak quite good English. Not bad.
Aunt. Aunt.
What happened to her?
She refused to work in Gajendra's
field. And this is what Birendra did!
What? May vultures feast
on the scoundrel's flesh!
Don't worry.
Wash her face.
Don't you worry. Consider
that you've evaded a problem.
What happened? Who did this?
- Gajendra and Virendra.
These two marauders were
born when 100 demons died!
He was lucky that Bulwa missed.
Or he'd have lost his neck!
He only lost an arm. Nothing else.
The village faced a severe drought
when Bulwa was about 7 years old.
Not a drop of water in the village.
Bulwa's throat was parched.
Gajendra had water in his well.
Bulwa's mother pleaded with him..
The scoundrel put his hand in
her blouse in return for water!
Then his mother threw
the pitcher at his head.
Gajendra accused her of theft.
And sentenced her hands to
be doused in boiling oil.
Time has changed, not the situation.
From Bulwa's mother to Phoolmati..
Woman remains in
exactly the same place.
It will change.
When woman learns to
appreciate herself.
When she respects herself.
Only then will others
honour her. Come on.
You seem to be very happy, dear.
- Yes, mother. I'm very happy.
Are your results out?
- Yes, second division.
Second division.
- Okay. - Papa.
But we had bribed for first division.
- These professors are cheats.
Tomorrow itself I'll beat them up
The next exam will be in hospital.
- Let it be.
But do warn them.
Next time if my child doesn't top.
I'll open up his top. - Fine.
So what's the news
about my darling daughter?
I'm fine.
- Help me wash my hands.
You've come at the right time.
Write me a speech for the election.
Come quickly. - Ask Prakash
to write. He's very smart.
Who is he? Pandey's son?
- No..
He must be Harpat's son.
- No, Aunt Ram Dulaari's son.
Ram Dulaari's son?
- Yes.
Son of a low caste! Impossible!
He's very capable.
He's getting a computer
from the city for his mother.
What's that? Spare part of a tractor?
A computer is a miracle.
It alone can do the work of 10 men!
- Yes.
Can it lift my tractor by itself?
Dimwit! This is why
I'd tell you to study.
- Yes, papa.
Take your uncle to see the computer.
Check what Ram Dulaari intends
doing with the computer here.
Bless me.
- God bless.
Okay, now put this away
and you sit here. - Here?
Come on, mother. Now inaugurate it.
Do you remember how?
- Yes, I know all.
You taught me. First..
I press this button. Right?
- Okay.
This is a miracle!
- See that?
This really is a miracle!
How is it?
- Beautiful.
I've never seen this lady before.
- We've come to see the computer!
It's nice.
Nice... let's leave.
What a wonder!
- Very good.
There! Gone again.
The light goes more
often that it remains.
You will laugh. You have electricity.
Only my home is dark.
I'll leave.
You just came. The city was better.
We'd meet more often.
We'd go out, watch films.
Here you stay aloof.
You don't meet at all!
Meeting is fine but what next?
If somebody finds out...
The very thought scares me.
- There you go again!
I told you, when you stand first
in the state and your photo...
is published then nobody will
object and I'll convince Papa too.
So this is the plan?
May God fulfill your wish.
Now I better leave or
I'll miss the last bus to Makhanpur.
When will you return?
- Friends' wedding is at night.
I'll return by the morning bus.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Special announcement.
A lady named Vaidehi Bajaj..
- Yes?
I saw this woman.
- Really? Where?
At Ram Dulaari's.
- Dimwit. You are drunk.
What would a girl from
the city do in the village?
Birendra can't be wrong
where women are concerned.
Just a minute.
- What are you up to?
A reward of Rs. 10 lakhs.
End of message. - 0... 9..8
- Hello. Hello.
Birendra, younger brother of
Gajendra from Bhawanipur here.
- Your madam...
the photo on television..
Are you listening?
Fakhru. Fakhru.
- I have understood.
I heard it in the garden! Was he
born with a loudspeaker? What says he?
Hello. Hello.
- Is what you're saying right?
Cent per cent.
Bring the money and take the girl.
Fine. We'll meet
at the address you said tomorrow.
I've arranged for you
to win the election!
We'll kidnap the city girl.
- Yes.
Master, I've cut the connection.
- Well done.
What connection?
- Ram Dulaari's electric connection.
She has been teaching computer to
the oafs. Now let's see her teach!
It's only the electric
connection that's been cut. But..
The connection of this house
is tightly connected to hers.
What do you mean?
- Sushma is slipping.
What the heck are you saying?
I'll chop your tongue to pieces!
My tongue and eyes belong to you.
I did see Sushma with
Ram Dulaari's son Prakash.
Where will that boy be found? Where?
He has gone to Makhanpur.
For a friend's wedding.
He will return by the morning bus.
Brother... don't worry one bit.
Don't worry one bit.
Prakash who dared to
lay his eyes on Sushma...
I'll kill him and
bury him in the field!
No... no little one.
Hang on.
- Sushma.
What happened?
Why are you so frightened?
Do something fast! Send
message to Prakash not to return.
- His life is in danger!
Good God! What are you saying?
Why would his life be in danger?
What has he done? Tell me.
Who wants to kill him?
Tell me!
My Papa.
- He has found out..
Prakash and I love each other.
Wretch! Why did you do this? Why?
Why did you do this? Oh why? - What
are you doing? Get a grip on yourself.
Leave me. Why did you do this?
Why did you do this?
Woe upon us!
Woe upon us! We will be destroyed!
We are ruined!
All my efforts, my penance...
she shattered all my dreams!
Aunt. Please, aunt.
- We are ruined!
Couldn't she find anybody
other than my son in this world?
We are ruined! Ruined!
Child, I beg you...
I beseech you spare his life!
Don't take him away from me!
I have nobody but him!
Forget him. Please.
- I'll forget everything.
Forget him.
But save his life!
I'll go to Makhanpur if you won't.
No! You don't go there!
I will go but
I won't let you go there. Never.
As soon as dawn breaks,
that boy will be...
My respects, master.
The child had a tummy ache.
I've given her the medicine.
It was quite late in
the night so I thought..
I'll escort the child home.
Go to your room.
I'll take leave, master.
- Won't you take your fees?
No master, there's no need.
Are you doing me a favour?
- No, master. That's not true.
Take it if brother gives it with love.
Come... come here.
Aunt. Aunt.
You're no human but a beast!
Is this the way you treat a woman?
- No.
How dare you! Bloody scoundrel!
- Vaidehi.
Shut up.
- No yelling. - Leave it, Vaidehi.
We'll parade both of you
naked through the village!
She's the woman I told you about!
- Yes, master.
Lock Ram Dulaari in her own house.
And lock this woman upstairs.
No, master! Let her go!
She has nothing to do with this.
She's in grave trouble!
- We'll erase her troubles.
Her husband is coming
with 10 lakhs tomorrow.
- Master, no..!
Take her away!
Let her go, master. Vaidehi.
Take her away!
- Master!!
Listen...! Sushma isn't in her room.
The city woman too is missing.
- Yes, master.
- Yes, master.
- Yes, master.
The city lady has kidnapped Sushma!
I'm sure they've
gone to the bus station!
Go quickly!
Stop! Stop the bus!
Stop. Stop. Prakash.
What's the matter?
- You can't go to the village!
We must go back to the city.
- Why to the city?
No questions. We must leave. Pronto!
- What's wrong?
Is everything all right back home?
- Yes, come on!
There they are. Catch them.
- Please come.
Catch them. Catch them.
Praise the Mother!
Our enmity is different
from this matter here.
Ram Dulaari's son
has kidnapped Sushma!
And this city lass supported him!
No, I came of my own accord!
Whatever it be, now it's a
matter of Gajendra's honour!
Hats off to your Gajendra!
He has no concern for
the honour of the poor.
Whenever he feels like it,
rubs and snuffs it!
When it comes to himself,
he screams in anguish!
When he has sown bitterness
how can he reap sweetness?
Once again we warn you
hand them over to us!
Gajendra will settle scores.
Will he do justice?
The one who starves his employees...
to fill his godowns?
Will he do justice?
The one who sheds the blood of
innocents in the name of caste?
Tries to dishonour a poor woman
asking for water in times of drought.
Will that Gajendra do justice?
I will do justice now!
This boy kidnapped the girl.
I will bring the father here!
I'll rip his skin and make a
poor man wear the shoe made from it!
What are you waiting for?
He's alone. Kill him!
Fine, now suffer the consequences
of Gajendra's fury! Now he will..
He wets his pants when I roar here!
His fury?
He won't go to shit
without four gun-toting men!
Threatening me with him!
Aunt. Aunt.
Prakash, Sushma and the girl
have gone to the woods. To Bulwa.
This morning my niece eloped
with a boy from a low caste.
Vaidehi too left with them.
- Damn it!
Yes, terribly dammit!
The entire house is
dammit with sorrow.
Yours is a professional runner.
Ours eloped for the first time.
See my elder brother
He's furious with anger.
Any other time,
we'd have burnt down the village!
But what can we do?
It's election time.
With great difficulty
brother got the ticket.
Did you find out where she's gone?
She's gone to our enemy Bulwa.
He's a very dangerous man.
- Where will I find this danger?
Where and how and when and if at
all he'll be... He decides that.
Praise the Mother.
Are you Bulwa?
- Yes, I am.
Where is Vaidehi? Call her.
I want to see her.
I'll have to ask her.
She's my wife!
- This too I must confirm.
Very smart! Peter.
Can't blame you for this.
Times are bad.
But not here. We are much
behind time and low in society.
But a little higher in principles.
Honesty in my pockets and
I risk my life... that's my asset.
Every woman is my mother
and I don't sell my mother!
Blessed is the Mother.
You talk of high ideals.
Whereas you keep another
man's wife by force...
Mind your tongue! Else
I'll chop it off right here!
And you won't be able to
convey a word to Gajendra!
- Meeting adjourned.
I'll get her to Malai Ghat tomorrow
morning. Come and meet her.
But no use of force.
And come all alone.
The sentence for
being untrue is death!
Blessed is the Mother.
Go on!
Send all our men with
this man to Malai Ghat.
Bulwa and all his men should be
hacked and thrown in the river!
Okay, brother.
- One minute. One minute.
One minute.
We're helping each other because..
You want Bulwa dead
and I want my wife. Safe
Two minutes.
Two minutes is all you have.
Either by force or
anyhow save your wife.
I'm not responsible for anything.
Do not be afraid.
Go ahead and meet him.
Go on. Sit in the launch.
- Now look, Raghu. Don't use force...
We have no time.
That man you're banking on is
going to be dead in 2 minutes.
Bulwa! Run away!
Glory to the Goddess!
Glory to the Goddess!
Glory to the Goddess!
Betrayal will be
punished with death. I told you.
But you couldn't get
it in your skull...
You women are your own worst enemies!
Go to hell!
You ought to be thankful you
haven't married an alien...
you have married a girl
from your own country.
Only she could be horrified at your
death, despite all your atrocities.
Or else, your head would
have rolled off your shoulders!
It isn't just about the baby,
Raghu. It's about my self-respect.
And that's what I'm trying to protect.
What a slur on our name!
If we don't do
something about it even now...
the community is going to
call us a bunch of eunuchs.
What are we to do? What...?
We must humiliate Bulwa...
and teach the lower-castes a lesson!
Ram Dulaari!
Give that to me... Give it!
- No!
Don't anyone dare come closer!
Mother! Save me, Mother!
Samariya! Aunt Laxmi...
save me, someone!
I have done no harm to anybody!
Spare me...! Please let me go!
Let me go! Please leave me alone!
Nathu...? You?
You've been a brother to me!
Let me go, my son...
Please leave me alone!
God! What am I to do...?
Where am I to go?
Mangal! What are you doing, my son?
I've always been an aunt to you!
Spare me... Please let me go, my son!
Let me go... Nandu!
Mother! Birju...
come to my rescue, someone!
Hold her down!
Bulwa. Bulwa.
Last night, Gajendra and Virendra...
raped Ram Dulaari and burnt her alive!
Master! We have captured Bulwa!
We bring him here in chains!
With the lion bound in chains,
Gajendra comes out in the open!
It's exactly after 14 years...
6 months...
8 days...
and 4 hours,
that I get to see you again.
I remember everything.
You were bound to
remember every moment!
I left you with a single hand...
to wash and feed yourself!
Throw him at my feet!
I'm going to carve him to pieces!
They aren't your men. They're my men.
Ram Asre.
With a dagger held to his back,
man will do anything he's asked to!
I looked for you among the men...
and here you were,
hiding behind the women
Bloody eunuch!
Had you attacked me in a sari...
I might yet have spared you.
Bulwa! Where are you going?
Bulwa! Kill me, before you leave!
Know what? I was the
one who raped Ramdulaari!
For your mother's sake,
Bulwa... Kill me, before you go!
Bulwa! The para-military
forces are here. Gajendra has fled.
Let's escape! C'mon!
Hurry up! Quick!
Behind the hillock is an
army camp. Go ahead safely.
There's no danger there. Go on!
- How about you?
You're badly hurt! You must go
to a hospital. Come with us.
I'm okay. But your
life is in danger. Go on!
Who do you think you are?
What will you achieve in this condition?
All your men are dead!
And you will die, too!
I'm the jinxed one
I bring misfortune to everyone.
Maithili, Janki, Ramdulaari...
and now, it's you.
Do not hold yourself responsible.
And do not grieve for them.
They were brave women
who fought the hypocrites.
They took on a system
fraught with evil customs.
And suffering is a
part of one's struggle.
Have faith in them.
Their sacrifice will not go in vain.
And do not worry about me.
Death cannot claim me.
Bulwa is immortal.
Whenever someone raises a cry
against atrocities and injustice...
be sure, Bulwa is somewhere around.
I know only this much...
Humans are those who raise
their voice against injustice.
They're among the living.
Glory to the Goddess.
Glory to the Goddess.
Glory to the Goddess.
Glory to the Goddess.
Glory to the Goddess.
Glory to the Goddess.
No praise is enough for Gajendra Babu.
Despite the tragedy back home,
he's here to take part...
in the annual day
celebrations of our organization.
That speaks for his greatness.
I now request the retired
Chief Justice Mr. Srivastava...
to come to the stage and
felicitate Gajendra Babu.
Thank you.
A man who rapes women...
has no right to beget such honour.
Go away. You don't know who I am.
I know. A man who can
rape a pregnant woman...
can rape his own mother too.
And you know what you call
such people in your own words.
Who are you?
This... this is the
real Gajendra Singh!
I wanted to expose him to all of you.
He's the man who raped Ramdulaari.
He burnt her alive!
And you folks are felicitating him...
- She's lying!
She's a whore!
A woman having loose-moral.
She's pregnant, but she's
running away from her husband.
She has illicit
relations with the bandit Bulwa!
He has instigated her and sent her
here, to level accusations at me!
What are you watching? Throw her out.
Get out...
- Hold it.
What do you wish to say?
You're a woman! And you lie in
the presence of so many men.
Don't you feel any shame?
- I do!
I do feel a sense of shame!
A land where womenfolk are..
..given the exalted
position of Goddesses...
a land where people scale mountains...
singing glories to
the Goddess Mother...
a woman, a mother,
was raped and burnt alive.
And no one even bothered to enquire.
Such is the hypocrisy of a
nation in which I was born.
I'm ashamed of that.
To see my men folk remain
mute spectators to atrocities...
perpetrated in their presence...
I feel ashamed to
acknowledge their impotency.
I feel ashamed when I see
womenfolk rendered helpless.
Even today, in several villages...
the female child is killed at birth.
Several unmarried
girls kill themselves...
for fear of not taking
enough dowry to their in-laws.
And yet others are
burnt alive after marriage.
Even before a girl can
think for herself...
she is married away...
as if she were a burden
they want to get rid of.
A woman who has not borne a child...
is spurned with the
label of a barren woman.
Is a woman only a
baby-producing machine then?
Does she have no
personality of her own?
Does she have no
identity she can call her own?
There are people who raise a storm
in the name of culture and religion.
Why don't they raise a
voice against these evils?
I have no witnesses against this man.
In a society where the one who
speaks the truth is declared "mad"...
and the one who remains
silent is called "wise"...
who will ever speak the truth?
I have spoken the truth. And I know,
I will be burnt alive today.
And why not? Because
this is the nation...
where Sita, who returned safely
from the clutches of Ravana...
was forced to stand a test by
fire by her own husband, Rama!
From Sita to Maithili to
Janki to Ramdulaari...
so many women are being
charred in vicious fires!
And they will continue
to burn in the future!
Because we do not feel a
sense of shame anymore!
Every trace of shame and
humanity is dead for us.
Proof is this man here!
He raped a mother.
And he set her on fire!
And you are today
felicitating him on this high platform!
Cut the melodrama! ...throw her out!
Haven't you heard? Get lost!
"Hail Goddess."
"Hail Goddess."
"Hail Goddess."
"Hail Goddess."
"Hail Goddess."
"Hail Goddess."
"Hail Goddess."
"Hail Goddess."
"Hail Goddess."
Step back... Move!
You can't hold me in prison
for even seven hours, Inspector.
I have connections right to the top.
could you consider me
worthy of forgiveness?
I'm fortunate to have you for my wife.
Come, sit in my taxi.
Treat it like your
own car. Please get in.
- You know him?
I told you, I met him at the wedding!
- The biscuit-seller?
I've given up all that.
I drive a cab in New York now.
This is my husband, Raghu.
- Hello.
Daughter or son?
- Daughter.
What have you named her?
- Ramdulaari.
Nice name.
- And nice to have met you too.
Here's a pass for the
charity show I'm doing.
Make sure you come.
- Charity show?
- My friend, she's a fabulous dancer.
One pass won't do,
madam. We're two of us.
Have you got married, you mean?
- You think I'd remain a bachelor?
Take a look at this.
- Maithili!
It's Maithili... look! He has
married her! - Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
We'll discuss the rest in the cab,
or they'll give me a ticket.
C'mon! Let's go. Let's go. Come on.
- Come.
We're all here now.
So we can keep meeting.
I've actually brought
Janki here for a charity show.
With the fund we collect,
we will help the organizations...
working towards the
upliftment of women.
Raghu's helping me too.
- I'm not alone.
All my colleagues and...
- What is most important is that...
women have begun to
realise at last that...