Lake Consequence (1993) Movie Script

Jim began Saturday cut
Street trees say.
Saturday began cutting down trees.
Stops you!
Did you hear me?
Stop it !
We have the primary understanding ass.
I know movies have to trim your trees Saturday.
Do you hear?
I said Saturday Thi-stop!
I Only Authorized VAD.
Do you have one ?
Do you have one ?
Christopher , do not hit
down the table.
Christopher , your mother told you
do not you come down on the table.
Christopher , all children go .
And you have to go .
- Do not go.
- Chris , do not start again.
Okay, enough ! Courage young
it is time to go.
I do not want to go to kindergarten .
I do not want to go to kindergarten .
I want to stay with you.
It's not fair .
I wanna take you , Mom .
Give me a kiss .
One large .
Of course I give you ,
my treasure .
- Take me to you !
- No, I 'm busy.
Stop Christopher , enter the car.
Tomorrow I'll take you .
Why do not you go today?
Do me goodbye!
- Goodbye, Irene !
- Goodbye , Jim !
I wanted to apologize
what I told you .
I know it 's not your fault . I understand
I had clean trees .
We are in dispute with the administration
And will to win .
When I heard the noise
this morning ...
I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.
Cut trees are always
At this time of year.
If voiai to Cut tree
ncepeai no top, bottom ncepeai .
I was a child , your son .
How you say?
I did not want to argue with my father ,
but I loved my mother .
- Are you tired?
- Yes .
Who is this?
Do I look cute ?
I wanted to know if it's pretty.
Good night !
What time ?
It's late.
Are you okay ?
- Is something bothering you ?
- No.
There never know what to do
so when you're a
What do you mean ?
Sometimes it 's great ...
But sometimes park
're on another planet ...
I can not understand you when
compori you so a ..
How would you like to be?
If you could be more coherent ... !
- Why can not you come , Mom ?
- It's a boys camping .
The fishing fish, are hunted .
I want to wear blouse
the frog estoas .
You'll wear.
I woke up ?
- No.
- Are you still mad ?
No. Trying to quit smoking.
The first rule is to not smoke in the house .
I thought it was the second rule .
What's the first ?
Do not smoke in bed.
Want a beer?
No, thanks !
And i am frumose
Not you?
To them we bought this house.
Last summer was infestai
of some white bugs you .
Gardeners that I have called ,
they said they can not do anything.
They decided that I should get .
I wrote a petition and I put
neighbors to sign .
I took her to the primary and I. ..
Who won ?
I won.
Sometimes it is good to you win .
Usually defeat ?
I do not know how to lose .
How so ?
I think we need to go home .
Wait a moment!
I have something for you.
The larvae .
You have to put them under the trees,
so they eat all the insects .
I'm sure.
There's no danger.
Perfect !
- Thank you !
- You're welcome ?
Good night !
- You will have fun .
- I'll catch big fish , big !
How many you catch ?
- Many , until tired .
- Give me a kiss.
Have fun !
- Bye , mommy !
- Goodbye, my love !
See you on Monday .
- My phone!
- As soon as we arrive .
- See you, my dear !
- Bye !
Careful driving ...
Wait, Jim .
estoas frog blouse .
Jim !
Wait, Jim !
Blouse ! Jim !
Jim !
No one ?
We remained locked inside.
Hey !
Hey !
Are you okay ?
Sleep more time .
I think you feel in another world .
- Where am I ?
- Lake Consequence .
I never imagined that you can be in the trailer .
Otherwise I would have stopped.
Is there a phone around here?
No phone , no electricity .
No nothing.
What do Billy 's trailer ?
I wanted a piece of information about something
you gave me and the door was locked.
- He's not here ?
- Be right back .
- How far is the first town ?
- Mails ...
- Did you take me into town ?
- Next I will going ...
- When you go into town?
- Tonight is a big good party
- It's Chinese New Year.
- You not going in town tonight ?
Come on ! Come to noi !
It's summer .
Excuse me ! Dry ...
Come on, do not be shy !
I do not know how to swim .
- Water is great. You'll see.
- But it is cool !
I was swimming instructor .
There's no problem.
- No, no, no ...
- Trust me ...
Stretch arms !
I fixed it myself.
Not bad for a girl , is not it?
Yes , Not bad at all.
The old pier was destroyed
of a storm. It was built by my grandfather.
Surrounding land was his.
Did not I say my name.
My name is Irene !
- Hi Irene , I'm Grace !
- Hey, Grace !
Scotland should have your dress,
otherwise you should cools you .
I 'd rather get it out .
My grandfather taught me to
to swim . Even here in the lake.
And I so wanted to learn.
Why , you grew up in the desert ?
-No , My mother was very protective .
- My mom , not interested in me .
One day I left arms
My father and left.
He was a missionary in Taiwan.
And now there.
- Sawing trees ...
- Billy !
- Billy !
- You know Irene , me and Billy ...
We see only when coming here.
We're friends.
And you 're welcome here .
Grace !
Grace !
Hey !
Hi !
We have a guest !
He remained locked in the trailer .
Help , do not know how to swim.
And I see you !
The smoker !
You came here for air?
Do you like the fish ?
Tell me !
What were you doing in my trailer ?
I told you .
There was a locked door
Funny , I
not happened to me ever.
The thought that she was locked inside,
you 're freaking death.
Especially in a place unknown.
- Well , I ...
- You ? ....
- I sought to thank you .
- For what?
For larvae that you gave me .
You came into my trailer to get my
hickory you for larvae ?
You remained locked inside.
Did not think it was so !
I wanna go up in the city,
If you do not mind .
Like to take a bus.
I'll give you something to change.
Hold on !
You know the trees in front of the house ?
He could fix shortly.
But I did it !
Want to know why?
I love being there.
I was watching when I greet
the husband and your son .
Watching you when you get back
home with groceries.
I thought you should know that.
I thank you for that
tell me the truth !
Come on !
In what year were you born?
- In 1960 .
- Year rats .
Year rat ?
It says you're curious
And rational .
That led to decreased senzualitii .
The date and time !
October 24 ... 7:15 in the morning . My mother has
brought to the world time for breakfast.
It's time for the dragon .
A large force conjunction ...
You've never had a fixed work ?
Lets say I want to do a job
50,000 per year.
15,000 immediately go for taxes .
Have a house where you live , you need
1,000 for insurance and rent.
And I need a car .
Althea 400-500 dollars!
Gas , electricity, food !
Clothes, a stereo system.
What do I have left after all this?
- Not much.
- That's not much !
It's good to go.
- You know where you going?
- Yes .
Ciao !
Good Luck !
Ciao !
Urcai or not?
- Have you been to Yellowstone ?
- No.
- Have you been to Jellystone ?
- No.
- In Darkness attire ? In Hong Kong?
- No.
- On a planted Chinese ?
- No!
Have you got
a Chinese laundry ?
- Where is everybody?
- Out.
The parade !
Are you sure ?
I'm glad you're here .
Just look at me !
No one will judge you !
I saw perfectly .
It was all black .
I was scared .
Bye , Mom !
Bye, my treasure !
'll Call you !
We must be careful .
Mystery married woman .
Christmas trees breakfast in bed !
The grass is always greener
the neighbors ...
You think you could pretend
that not happened anything ?
Did appears from the face.
Will you tell her husband where were you?
He was not home.
You have to tell him?
- I do not want to lie.
- You will need to lie .
I have to say something.
Can you get him out ?
- No.
- Get it !
I want to see him .
I do not know if it comes out.
How are you without it ?
I feel empty ?
His name Shnaw !
Shnaw .....
Want to know me ?
He's a friend of mine .
It's very sexy .
I think you 'll like it .
You can not have everything you want .
You're locked in Billy 's trailer .
Things do not happen simply .
All have a reason.
Maybe we should understand
that was the reason.
Hi !
What say ?
Say that your hair is fire
days of summer and the sea is in your eyes .
Thank you !
Always exaggerate slightly .
Did Relieve tensions .
Breathe in, breathe !
You get rid of all tensions .
What are you doing ?
Are you crazy ?
What 's the matter ?
- No big deal , a curtain , cushions ...
- Move!
Do not move out of here .
I know it 's not my ...
were you I would turn home.
You know where to find me .
Say something! Want to talk
this? Let's talk !
I hear tell !
Did not I ask you to stay ,
You stayed because so you wanted.
Say something!
Want to know what happened
last night?
You think you want her more
than you want on?
I want you so much ,
that makes me afraid .
With you I did what I always do .
Stay away from me.
That did not have a relationship
to arrive here .
- Take me with you!
- Where do I go ?
- Take me with you!
- Honestly . Where do I go ?
I'm finished.
Fucking broke.
I'm the one who lost . I can not
I come back , I can not pretend .
Do not stop. I have nowhere
I go , take me with you.
Can you you live like me?
Good ! Fantastic .
You'll see how I live .
I 'll sleep when I sleep.
You eat when I want,
I 'll make love they want .
To eat , I'm hungry !
Fuck you !
God protect you !
Turns out, please!
Damn !
Stop it Now!
I told you to stop doing that !
Pull over!
Turns out !
- Down!
- The lady does not want to come down.
I do not care what he says.
Get out because I say so .
- Fuck you !
- Get out !
- Where are you going ?
- Get out !
- Get out !
- I want to go with you .
This is between us.
Is that clear?
- Is your wife , your girlfriend ?
- No.
Then go here ...
What the hell do you want?
I wanted to know why run?
I was neither I nor your husband .
Why are you afraid ?
Of your home?
What are you ? You want me to love you?
You want me to love you?
And I Love you !
Come , and you love me !
What is the reason ?
I bet that morning
when you wake up , cry !
And I do not know why .
That was not it?
When you're young , you have strange ideas about
the most important things in life.
Me and my best friend ,
We not only think that boy .
I was 15 years old when he came
in the city.
In the evening ones we went
to see .
I joined the crowd and we pushed
until we reached the scene .
She looked at me ...
... then I went on stage .
I only remember that I was
the band bus .
I wanted to kiss him .
I deserve whatever happened .
I deserve all the events ...
They're my parents .
The next day, the whole city
about me.
My parents pulled me
from school .
The following week we moved .
Try to pretend that all
this never happened.
I talked about this
Please take me with you!
Would you come with me,
but you have to go home.
You have to go home .
You think you will not succeed, do not you?
That's not true .
It's very simple .
When you enter,
You just need to tell him :
Hi, my treasure ! It was well
fishing? Just that.
Now repeat with me .
Hi, my treasure !
Did you catch the fish ?
Try it !
Hi, my treasure !
Your turn !
After entering your husband in the house ,
everything will come to normal .
Your son will be happy to see you .
You 'll hug him a
You feel that perfume that
we were just kids.
You understand that your decision
the best .
I know you do not believe it.
But so it is .
I am sure that my mother and
it has left my father .
I know it is not so,
there is passion .
Everyday life and romance
And do not always match .
Important family is .
The family is all you have.
Is to have someone next to you .
Loving you ...
Wed I miss all this ...
It is the second time
When you call , Irene !
Started raining , and Chris has little fever,
back home tonight.
They return early. You
to get ahead of them.
Let's make a plan.
If they are already home when you arrive ,
into the bathroom and lock a door
No questions asked , no " my treasure " !
Not yet. Flushing the toilet ...
Scotland open water and shampoo in the shower .
If they ask , say you do not feel well .
Turn on your shower and flush the toilet .
It will be very confusing ,
last thing , get in the shower ....
It's a bad plan .
Say something!
We must try . You gotta
train your vocal cords.
Good !
Plan B!
If you are home when you arrive ,
go home with a friend .
All women have a girlfriend .
Go to it and you're set.
You makeup , do you give shoes
And of course , clothes.
You will be like new .
To try your line !
Hello my dear , how was the fish?
Courage, Irene ! Try it !
Must be prepared .
May the feeling.
Try it. Hi, my treasure ,
How was the fishing?
Talk ! Hey , how was
fishing in that crap ?
I know this is silly ,
but talk !
Say it! Hi, my treasure ,
How was the fishing?
Say something!
Hi, my treasure ,
How was the fishing?
Hi, my treasure !
How was the fishing?
Quit !
- What's the code ?
- 1223 .
- Leave your message after the beep !
- We did it!
Hi Irene , are you there?
Now come out on the highway .
Get home in ten minutes.
Where are you ?
I've been looking all day ...
- I will succeed !
- You will succeed i Let's go !
I have not told anyone my story.
Nobody falls in love with you
what happened to you , just as you are.
Remember ! Hi, my treasure !
How was the fish?
I arrived .
I'll wash my face.
Do not you move !
Stay there.
Courage ! Delete on your face.
I dress .
Spring or fall ?
Well , autumn !
Do not forget .
A beautiful smile . Hey , baby !
How was the fishing?
I can not !
Sure you can , it's simple .
Easily .
I'm done with this.
Need underwear .
Hey !
Many people become tense in a
situation that is beyond their control .
I think people leave
comprehensive and of tension .
You must learn to know me .
We have to have strength
to face reality .
And courage to bear
consequences .
You have something precious , which
You must be careful .
Something very precious .
You have a duty to protect him .
- You can do it!
- Take me with you!
You have to do everything step by step!
With calm.
Maybe you should tell him immediately ... But you,
go down and kiss him on the man .
And I have to tell ... Hey, babe ,
How was the fishing?
Why did you do that?
Irene !
Irene !
Irene !
Bun, iubitule !
Te-ai distrat ?
Da !
Dragostea mea !
- Ai prins pete ?
- Nu...
- De ce nu aduci lucrurile din main ?
- Bine, noapte bun, Chris !
Jim !