Lake Fear 2: The Swamp (2016) Movie Script

- [Radio Weatherman]
Sea surface temperature
was 85 degrees.
A few weak tornadoes
possible this afternoon.
Scattered to numerous
thunderstorms expected.
[tense rock music]
The devil's garden
Known only to
the lands of old
Stacks of gold lie
among the legends told
Beware of the
lair of the beast
To the west, the abyss
The green expanse
upon the east
Where mighty dragons
take lives of men
Outlaws and rangers
for generation
I live in the land
of never remorse
Till it recourses and
swallows the globe
But gladesmen survive
And psychobillies rise
[heavy breathing]
[dramatic, dark music]
- [Kneeling Girl]
Please don't die.
Oh my god
Please, please!
[wet retching]
[crickets chirping]
- Alright let's do it.
Three, Two.
- Good evening Miami,
I am Diane Dennings
reporting from Sawgrass
Recreational Park,
the site of this years annual
python capturing contest.
Where hundreds of
people will gather
to earn up to $500 and
to help bring balance
to an ecosystem ravaged
by the introduction
of invasive Burmese Pythons.
It is also the last
known where abouts
of several missing persons.
Most recently, two spring
breakers from Vermont,
who just went missing
here three weeks ago.
The Everglades Sheriff's office
has now officially
called off the search
for these two young
college students.
[upbeat electronic music]
- Anna my love.
- Yes?
- Can you lather me?
- Of course.
- Oh, ha ha ha.
- Why you passing it?
- [Anna] So why isn't
Derek at the beach?
- He just, he'll go
to that bar himself.
- We could go to Orlando?
- I love roller coasters.
- Were gonna--
- [Tanya] Disneyland?
- We came all the
way from California
to go to Disney over here.
- Yeah, really.
- What the fuck?
[upbeat electronic music]
- [Patrick] Nicole's so sexy.
- Aw, so you want it though?
- [Patrick] Yeah, I wish
I knew how to talk to her.
- If you want it, you
gotta take it brother.
It ain't about talking,
look, look at me man.
She just wants some
of that Patrick D,
alright brother?
- I have something to tell you.
- What?
- You can't say
anything though, okay?
I kind of think
that Patrick's cute.
- Really?
You guys would be
so cute together.
- I don't know.
I think I'm just gonna make
him sweat a little bit,
but don't say anything.
- [Jocelyn] Okay.
- What about like sky diving?
- [All] Skydiving?
- Yeah, let's go wild.
- [Leah] That'd be fun.
- You gotta make the
first move though man.
Now don't be a pussy,
don't hold back.
None of this, I'm writing
poetry and some shit.
If your gonna write poetry,
write poetry with your dick.
- When we got here and I was
like freaking out that, that,
I got this like little
slutty bikini and I thought
I was going to be on my period.
But then it, it just like
didn't come, when we got here.
- You're late?
- Yeah, it's been like
a couple of months.
- What the fuck, Toni?
A couple months?
Have you even told him?
- He's a sweet heart.
You're lucky.
[phone rings]
- [Toni] Hey babe.
- [Derek] Hey babe what's up?
You guys are at the beach?
- Yeah, no, were still here.
- Is Tyler There?
- [Toni] Yo, Tyler, phone.
- Derek, yeah he
wants to talk to you.
- Hey Derek, what's up man?
- You gotta get down here.
There's a hot body contest.
Bro, it's about to go down.
Get over here.
- Yo, we'll be right there.
Alright man, see ya in a second.
Hey yo guys, we're here
on spring break right?
Let's go get some
drinks next door.
Were going next door
real quick, to the bar.
Come on, hurry up.
Fuck them model bitches
Them go full
throttle bitches
Chicks I follow,
watch 'em swallow
Taking lots of pictures
[siren blaring]
- Spring break,
spring break, 2015,
Hunter's bar here on the beach.
If you came to get
fucked up today,
let me hear you make some noise!
[crowd cheers]
- Ladies, ladies, ladies
leave your self respect
at home, get your ass on the
god damn stage right now.
- Yo, you should go up there.
- [Ivan] Ladies, let's
go, one, two, three.
- [Tanya] What?
No way.
[upbeat hip hop]
- [Marcus] Come on.
- [Tanya] I'm not
going up there.
I can't do that.
- [Marcus] Yes, yes you can.
- [Ivan] It's spring break 2015.
Come on bitches,
make some noise.
Come on, give us
some excitement.
Come on.
- Let's go, let's move it.
Get on your horses..
- Hey!
- What's up?
[people chattering]
[upbeat hip hop music]
- Four, three, two, one.
Yeah, make some noise,
make some noise.
[crowd cheers]
- Now we are just getting
warmed up right now,
just about to get the
wet t-shirt contest going
but first something's
wrong here.
[crowd cheers]
Come on people,
come on, come on.
- [Crowd] Take it off!
Take it off!
Take it off!
[crowd cheers]
- Whoa whoa, hold up.
What are you doing here?
- [Ivan] Come on and
let me hear some noise.
- [Crowd] Leah, Leah, Leah.
- [Ivan] Spring break 2015.
If you want to see
some ass and titties,
come on, let me hear
you make some noise.
We've got a new contestant.
Hello there, blondie,
what's your name?
- Leah.
- We got the sexy Leah,
everybody make some noise.
- [Crowd] Leah, Leah,
Leah, Leah, Leah!
- Come on, come on!
[crowd cheers]
- [Crowd] Leah, Leah,
Leah, Leah, Leah!
- If you like my very
sexy latin lady here,
go on make some noise.
[crowd cheers]
Wah, wah, wah.
Go ahead baby, you
ain't got to go home,
but you got to get
the hell out of here.
If you like my other sexy latin
lady then make some noise.
Make some noise!
[crowd cheers
If you like my California
dream babe, blondie over here,
Leah, then make some
noise, make some noise.
- [Crowd] Leah,
Leah, Leah, Leah!
[crowd cheers]
[upbeat hip hop music]
- I don't think we
need to keep on going.
Sorry ladies, we got our
two winners right here.
[crowd cheers]
Get off the stage.
Alright y'all.
You win a $100 bar tab.
Hey yo Hunter, go ahead and
hook up my sexy girl here.
Go on girl.
[crowd cheers]
- [Tyler] Buy me some drinks.
- Oh look, here we go.
I picked this up for you.
- Yo.
- On the way over.
- You guys look fuckin' wasted.
- [Derek] Yeah we are.
- What are you guys doing here?
- [Derek] We're on spring break.
- Spring Break!
All the way down the line.
Spring break.
- So what have you been doing?
- Just hanging out at the beach.
- How often do you come here?
- We come here every year.
We do the same thing every time.
- I don't know, I don't
know how to work this.
- You take off the
little top thing,
- This is a first.
- You sit, and you pee on it.
- On this thing right here?
- And we'll wait like two
minutes, it will all be over.
- So?
- Every year we come down here.
We do the same thing, we
go to the same beaches,
we see the same girls.
We do the same thing.
I'm looking for something new.
- Oh my god, you can't
do the same thing
every time you come here.
- Hold up, this is like
the holy fucking mecca
of sluts up in her.
Did you not see the
stage over there?
- What? What about
your girlfriend?
- No offense, no
fucking offense.
- What about your girlfriend?
- [Tyler] What about my?
- What does it say, what does
it say, what does it say?
- Wow.
- Have you ever been
to the Everglades?
- No.
- I don't think so.
- No, I don't think so.
- I've not been.
- It's pretty cool.
- I want to hear what she says.
- My friend Henry, he's
got an establishment.
It's an airboat ride place.
He would give you a killer deal.
- Wow, I fucked up.
- Now what you gotta do, is go
out there, you catch snakes.
It's like quick, quick money.
- Catch one, five
hundred dollars.
- Let's go outside.
Breathe, and figure it out.
- Yeah, Yeah,
- Yeah, let's, let's
throw that away.
Throw that deep,
deep in the trash.
- It's like.
- And let's go.
- Dude, we should go.
- He'll show you.
He knows where all
the snakes are.
He knows where all
the snakes are.
- Let's go, we're going.
- [Hunter] If I had these two.
- Alright fuck it, let's go.
- Yes!
[group cheering]
- Alright, alright, alright.
You know what fuck it, Derek.
Take it down bro.
This is your thing,
this your deal.
- So we were talking
to the bartender,
they told us this great idea,
why not go out to
the Everglades.
We can take an airboat tour,
we can see the Everglades,
we can see some
gators, some snakes.
- Yes.
- [Derek] Do something new.
Come on.
- Tell them the best
part about going there.
- If we get one snake.
We catch it, five
hundred dollars.
It could basically pay
for the whole trip.
- Five hundred dollars.
- Alright, hey, hey, hey,
listen up, listen up, listen up.
Hey hey alright, alright,
I'm gonna make a fucking
ruling here, alright.
You know what, nature boy over
here wants to take a hike.
It can't be so bad for
an afternoon, alright.
Let's go get fucked
up in the Everglades.
Oh, and your paying
for this by the way.
- [Derek] Alright,
dude I got this.
Let's go.
[foreboding electronic music]
- Well hello.
Everyone say hi.
- Hey!
Finding it so hard
To trace the memories
[group yelling]
[car horn honking]
- Spring break for ever.
- [Tanya] That's why we're
sitting next to the titty queen.
- Oh my god.
- [Marcus] Tit queen!
Oohh, with the free drinks.
And then this
motherfucker had to come
with the worst idea ever.
Why the fuck are we going
to the Everglades, you guys?
- Yeah, why are we going?
- [Marcus] For some, for
some god damn snakes?
- And five hundred dollars.
- We can go to
the beach at home.
- What do I look like in the
Everglades catching snakes?
- [Patrick] How many snakes
do you want to catch?
- At least five.
- Al Capone put all
his bodies here.
- [Derek] Really?
- Yes.
- [Derek] But nobody ever found
them, cause gators ate 'em.
- I haven't even thought
about the gators,
'cause I was stuck
on the snakes.
- [Nicole] Are you gonna
catch some snakes with us?
- I got my snake.
- [Nicole] You two
hold hands, aww.
- [Girls] Aww!
- [Anna] Oh oh, look
at these cuties.
- Stop!
- I think you guys look cute
together I'm not gonna lie.
- We are just friends.
- [Tyler] Patrick, are you a
pussy or are you a bro, dog?
- [Patrick] A bro!
- [Tyler] You're a bro?
- [Patrick] I'm a bro.
- Tell me!
- I'm a bro!
- Yeah! We're bro's!
- [Patrick] Yeah!
- Wasted in the wild.
- Well, we're here.
Might as well have some fun.
- Right.
- Until somebody
gets eaten, whoo!
- Until a snake
bites me in the ass.
- Yes, and Derek sucks it out.
- [Marcus] If he doesn't,
I know you got me, right?
- [Tanya ] Yeah whatever.
- [Derek] I'm surprised
we found this place.
- [Marcus] Yeah.
- [Jocelyn] Yes, hey.
- [Nicole] Oh my god.
Let me out of this car.
You guys are sweaty.
- [Jocelyn] I know right?
- [Tyler] God damn.
- [Patrick] Check it out.
- [Nicole] Be careful boys.
- [Marcus] Shit.
- We're here, boy.
- [Derek] Yeah, yeah.
- Alright, who wants
to grab my bags.
You know what, Patrick
can grab my bag.
- [Jocelyn] I'm ready
to have some snakes.
I want to see some titties.
- [Derek] Hey, you
stoked we came?
- [Jocelyn] This
is not a good idea.
- [Tyler] It doesn't look
like a good idea right now.
- [Derek] This is the best
idea we've had all trip.
- [Jocelyn] There's
sand going everywhere.
- [Tyler] Hey yo, Henry.
Henry, ho!
- Hey.
- [Tyler] Hey how you doing.
You Henry?
- Ah no.
Hold on for a second.
Henry Gerald.
- [Henry] Yeah.
- [Ticket Man] Come over here,
we got some kids for you.
- [Henry] Some kids?
- [Ticket Man] Yeah.
- Yes sir, what can we do
for you this afternoon?
- [Tyler] Hey, how you doing?
Yeah, you're Henry right?
Cus, cousin, cousin Henry?
- Yeah, Henry Gerald,
I've got aliases you know.
- You know we just
wanted to come out here
and have a good time.
We're looking to get a,
you know, rowdy, a little,
have a little more fun
then we were having.
We want to do
something different.
It was this kids idea.
Your cousin sent us down
here to see about some,
some Everglade tour, some,
some boat action or what not.
- [Derek] We want to
see some some snakes.
- [Tanya] And the sights.
- This man wants
to see some snakes.
- [Derek] Yeah, I want
to see some snakes.
- Yeah, well you know, we
do have snakes and gators
out here, but I, I, but hate
to tell you all guys this,
but you know but because
of the bad weather,
we've shut down for
the day, you know.
- Yeah we came.
- [Derek] We came all
the way from the beach.
- We drove, fuckin'
like, thirty minutes.
- Let me take a look at some
of the girls you got with you,
well, we might be able
to work something out.
Oh yeah, I like that.
- Oh yeah, I bet, not this one.
- So if it was to get a little
bit of water in us out here,
it would really
look better, huh?
- It would, it would.
- A lot better.
- [Tyler] Uh oh.
- I tell ya, are
you students okay?
- A hundred and fifty cash and
the best time of your life.
- Yeah.
- Will you?
- We came to party.
- Alright.
- [Nicole] Promise me
their won't be a lot
of snakes there, right?
- There won't be more
then we can handle now,
I'll promise you that.
- [Derek] What else
are we going to see?
- [Henry] Well, there's
some wild people.
- For real?
- Wild people?
We the wildest yo, we the,
we the, we the gorillas!
- [Anna] We're the wild ones.
- The gorillas, the gorillas!
- Yeah, you're a great group,
I'd be glad to take you
out for a little bit.
- [Derek] You'll take us out?
- Yeah, well thank you
captain Henry, my man.
- [Derek] Let's do it.
You really came through.
- Alright, let's do it, yo.
- [Derek Yeah, let's do it.
Let's go!
- Watch your step now down here.
- Be some gators.
- Let's go.
- Sounds good to me.
- [Anna] Everybody butts
heads, we're going.
- Watch you're step getting in.
Don't fall in face first,
you'll get all scarred up,
and nobody want to
look at ya anymore.
[foreboding music]
- Let's go!
- Let's do it.
[propeller roaring]
[upbeat jazz music]
- Well, these cuts like this
is where the alligators
build their nest.
The fact is a nest right
back down in there,
kinda of a hollow
spot, they like this,
because the big open are
like this right here,
and they can see any
predators coming.
You don't very often see them
out there in that thick stuff
because they can't
see what's coming on.
- [Nicole] What's that smell?
- [Henry] Well you might not
want to know, that, that,
well two things.
It's not an aligator okay,
the truth of the matter is
this is decaying
vegetation out here
that's causing this smell.
- [Tyler] Hey, my man?
- [Henry] Yes sir.
- [Tyler] Hey, when
a, these snakes
where they hiding out at?
- Well, we're gonna
go on over here.
By the ridge of grass over
here, and I've seen a few
of them over there, so
we gonna go look for 'em,
on that side over there.
[propeller engine roaring]
Look down there in the grass.
It's a cat tail, what
they call a cat tail.
If you look real close you'll
see one of those snakes
coiled up right there.
It's about six feet from
us, big old snake coiled up,
right there.
A little bit further,
little further out,
you're looking a little
bit to close to the boat,
little further out.
Yep, curled up
there, kind of green
with some black stripes in it,
that's called an
Everglades green snake.
They get pretty big out here.
- [Anna] Are they venomous?
- Yes they are.
If they bite you on the ass
I'll suck the venom out for you.
[group laughs]
- [Tyler] I like this guy.
I like this fucking guy.
- [Anna] I still don't see him.
- Well, you could just
walk out there I guess,
find it that way.
Just pretend that your going
in there for a skinny dipping,
just take your clothes off,
run right on up in there.
Yeah, we do it out
here all the time.
- [Tanya] How deep does it go?
[Nicole screaming]
- [Tyler] Yeah, Derek my man.
Derek you a pussy or you a bro?
- [Derek] Come on Tyler.
- You and me, let's go.
- You a pussy or you a,
you, I know I'm a bro.
Oh yo, step right up,
this is your plan,
this is your idea, brother.
- It's not like their even
gonna catch it anyways.
I don't know what
the big deal is.
- [Henry] It's
about six foot out.
- Oh, you're so sweet.
- They're not gonna
catch any snakes.
Oh, there's a small one, I'm
scared, where's the big ones.
- [Henry] About a foot
and a half out here.
- Whatever, the boat ride's
kind of fun but this is dumb.
- [Leah] The boat
ride is more then fun.
- [Henry] Let's move on,
there's gotta be more out here.
[upbeat jazz music]
[propeller roaring]
- Here's something of interest.
An old camp out in
here in the Everglades.
It goes back many, many years.
It was actually
started back in 1953.
There's a lot of history behind
it, and it's not all good.
It was actually it was started
by hunters that used to
live out here and make
their living out here
and a lot of people have
been injured out here,
and it's been said
that a few have died.
At least one man
tried to burn it down.
But not too many people
want to go in there,
because you just don't know.
It's just one of them places
that I've kind of shunned
and stayed away from
because it's just bad karma.
- Does anyone live there?
- Oh no, nobody lives there.
I mean, no, nobody in their
right mind lives there.
It hasn't been well taken
care of, so I just tend
to stay away from it myself
cause you just don't never know
what's gonna happen next out
here next in the Everglades.
A lot of people
carry guns with them
because they've had
some real bad stories.
- It's a fucking tourist
story alright, calm down.
- [Toni] It sounds like
a secret party that
no one knows about
except for us.
- [Henry] Yeah, that'd be an
awesome party right there.
- [Nicole] I think I'll
just stay in the boat.
- [Tanya] I'm with
her on that one.
- [Nicole] I'll be fine.
- Well.
- [Nicole] Head home, you know.
- Yeah, we got some
weather moving in,
so it'd probably be
a good time for us
to start working
our way back in.
- Yeah guys, I mean,
my drunk is faded,
let' go get some booze.
- Yes.
- Derek, good idea
but I think you know.
- Don't want to be
out here after dark.
- [Derek] Hell no,
definitely not.
- [Tanya] We can all
agree, we don't want that.
- [Marcus] Oh no, fuck that.
- [Derek] Even I don't
want to be here at dark.
- [Tyler] Yeah fuck your snakes.
[propeller sputtering]
- [Jocelyn] You're so funny.
- [Derek] Is everything good?
- [Marcus] Oh that's awesome.
- [Derek] What happened?
- [Tyler] Yo, quit
dicking around.
- The break jams out
of the way, now so.
- [Anna] Oh, he's
fucking with us.
- No big deal.
- [Toni] Come on Gerald.
- [Anna] What?
- [Tyler] I swear to God,
if this fucking
boat doesn't start.
- [Derek] Is everything okay?
- [Toni] Has this
happened before?
Like is it normal
for you boat to die?
- [Marcus] Fuck that,
what's wrong with the boat?
- [Tyler] Come on, my man.
- [Nicole] Are you
sure you're okay?
[kids talking over each other]
- Junk Japanese shit.
Raggedy ass boat, this
thing always been,
one damn damn problem
after the other.
- Henry my man, I mean, oh come
on it's cool, it was funny,
but, like, let's go, brother.
- He doesn't look okay.
- [Henry] Damn it!
Ah shit.
- [Marcus] We're in the
middle of bum fuck nowhere.
- [Tankya] What can we do like.
- [Jocelyn] Oh my god.
- [Toni] Maybe,
don't, don't stand.
- [Nicole] Tyler, be
careful, just sit down.
- [Tyler] Hey man, you alright?
Yeah we gotta get back,
can drive this thing?
- [Anna] Does anybody have
water in their backpack?
- Somebody got some water.
Get it, hurry up.
Give him the fucking
water bottle.
[kids talking over each over]
What you got?
What do you need in here?
You sick or some shit?
You need a [stutters].
- [Tanya] Just open it
and maybe we can guess.
- [Tyler] I can't
fucking open it.
[Henry groans]
- [Tanya] Just try it.
- [Tyler] Shit!
Hey, hey, Henry, Henry, Henry.
Henry, Henry!
- [Jocelyn] Get him
up on his, get him up,
make sure he can breathe!
- [Tyler] Fucking Christ, Henry!
Look in the box, the
fucking box, look
for a pill bottle or some shit.
Yo Henry!
- [Nicole] Henry,
are you okay? !
[kids yelling over one another]
- [Anna] Pills probably!
- [Marcus] A fucking flashlight.
- [Nicole] Does
anybody know CPR?
- [Jocelyn] Why
is this happening?
- [Marcus] Fuck!
- [Nicole] I can't
get his pulse.
- [Jocelyn] Oh my god.
- [Anna] Give him CPR,
somebody give him CPR.
Tyler do something.
- What? Stop yelling at
me it's not my fault.
- [Anna] Tyler do something.
- What do want me to do.
- [Marcus] Dude,
calm the fuck down.
We gotta get the
fuck outta here.
- [Jocelyn] This is
all your fucking fault.
- [Tyler] I know we do!
[kids yelling]
- Hey, hey.
- Hey, calm down!
- [Tyler] Alright. Fuck.
- [Marcus] Try and
start the fucking boat.
- [Tanya] Give him CPR!
Does anybody have service?
- [Marcus] My phone's dead.
- [Nicole] Oh my god.
- [Jocelyn] There's no signal.
- [Anna] Does anyone
else have a signal?
[kids talking over each other]
- [Patrick] Did you
check for a radio?
- [Marcus] Check this shit!
- [Tanya] Radio, flare,
flashlights, anything?
- [Marcus] We got
a flashlight, guys.
Okay worst case scenario
we got a flashlight.
- Hey!
- [Jocelyn] It's already gone.
- [Anna] No flares.
- Hey come on, can you hear me?
- [Nicole] There's
literally nothing in here.
- I can't even open this.
Tyler, look a medical kit.
- [Nicole] He has fucking
head phones, that's it.
- I don't know what
the fuck to do with it.
- We're running out of daylight,
let's at least make
it to the cabin,
so we have shelter at least.
We're in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
- [Derek] Dude, we can't
stay here all night.
- [Anna] I don't want
to get off the boat.
- [Toni] Did you not
hear what he said though?
- [Marcus] We're in a boat
in the middle of nowhere.
We need to do something!
Okay let's go.
- We're gonna get in this water?
- [Derek] Let's do it,
we only have one option.
- [Toni] Which is?
- [Derek] We gotta
make it to there!
- [Toni] How?
- [Derek] It's right there.
We can make it.
- [Tanya] Oh, oh my
gosh, don't get in there.
Oh my god.
Be careful.
- [Anna] Don't you
hop in there, too.
- [Tanya] Oh my god, ah!
[dark music]
- [Jocelyn] My shoe's stuck!
- [Marcus] Let's go, one foot
in front of the other, guys,
let's go, let's go.
[girls screaming]
- [Jocelyn] I lost my shoe!
[dark music]
- [Tanya] Oh my God.
I lost it, it's gone.
- [Jocelyn] This
isn't funny, guys,
this isn't funny,
this isn't funny.
- [Tyler] Just
give me your hand,
give me your fucking hand.
- [Jocelyn] I can't.
- [Tyler] Give me your
hand, let's just go.
- [Jocelyn] Oh my god!
- [Anna] We're almost
there, we're almost there.
- [Derek] Keep moving!
- [Nicole] It's just grass.
- [Derek] Keep moving!
- [Nicole] It's just grass.
[girls screaming]
- [Tanya] Almost,
almost, almost.
- [Jocelyn] Oh my God!
- [Marcus] This fucking sucks.
Fuck you Derek!
[creepy music]
- [Derek] Is everyone here?
- [Anna] There's
water in everything.
- [Leah] Are you alright?
- [Jocelyn] My leg.
- [Tyler] You stupid idiot!
[kids yelling]
- Stop!
- [Tyler] I'll kill you!
I'll fucking kill you!
- [Derek] Get the
fuck away from me!
- [Anna] Stop, stop, stop, no.
- [Nicole] This is not the time!
- [Patrick] Chill, chill, chill.
- [Marcus] Chill,
chill the fuck out.
- [Tyler] Well keep that
mother fucker away from me!
It's all your goddamn fault!
- [Derek] How the fuck
am I supposed to know
this was gonna happen?
- [Marcus] Just
stay there, chill.
- [Anna] We're here,
let's go inside.
- [Nicole] We have to find
somebody who can help us.
I don't have cell phone service,
so everybody else needs to
check their phones for service.
- [Marcus] Come on
let's get in the house.
- [Anna] Come on let's go,
everybody take their phones out.
- [Marcus] Sit, sit, sit.
- [Nicole] Who has their phone?
My phones gonna die.
I don't have service.
- [Patrick Does
anyone have service?
- [Marcus] Let me get
the camera, Leah, camera.
- [Jocelyn] Oh, this
stings and burns.
- [Nicole] I think
it's just a scratch.
- [Tanya] Is it alright though?
- [Derek] I got like
no battery, fuck.
- [Tanya] Does this place
even have electricity?
- [Marcus] Let's check inside.
- [Anna] Be careful.
- [Marcus] Obviously.
- [Nicole] Hey, we
can not go in there!
- [Anna] Shh. We
have to find help.
- [Nicole] But this
place is abandoned,
we can not go in there.
Didn't you hear what he said?
- Would you shut the fuck up!
Dude, there's a fucking
confederate flag hanging there,
two of us aren't invited.
- [Nicole] That's
more the reason for us
not to go in that house.
- [Marcus] That's
more the reason for
us to shut the fuck up
and not get found.
- [Anna] Let's just
try to open the door.
- [Derek] Check the door.
Can we get in?
- [Marcus] No,
the door's locked.
- [Anna] No.
- [Derek] I can't see shit.
- [Anna] There's gotta
be a side door somewhere.
- [Marcus] Check the
other ones, obviously.
- [Derek] Let's go around.
- [Nicole] I want to
go away from here.
- [Marcus] Just relax.
- [Derek] Hello!
- [Marcus] Shut the fuck up.
- [Anna] Quiet.
- [Tanya] It's abandoned.
- [Marcus] We don't know
that, we don't know that.
- [Anna] That's
what the guy said.
- [Nicole] Yeah, that's why
we need to leave though.
- [Tanya] That
guy's fucking dead.
- [Derek] What the hell is that?
- [Marcus] Shows
how much he knows.
- [Nicole] I don't
want to be here.
I do not want to be here!
- [Tanya] And now he's dead.
- [Nicole] Call somebody.
- [Marcus] Yo, we can't wait
the fuck out here you guys.
Just give me a second,
I'm going to check it out.
- [Tanya] Dude, just stop.
- [Nicole] I don't
want to be here,
I do not want to be here.
- [Tanya] Well what
are we supposed to do?
Stay there with him?
- [Marcus] So fucking
stupid, I'm gonna die
because of you guys.
- [Derek] Check the door.
- [Nicole] Oh my god.
- Careful, careful.
Everyone come inside.
- [Nicole] Everyone inside.
- [Marcus] Just hold on
guys, I'm gonna check it out.
Whoa whoa.
- [Anna] Hello.
- [Patrick] Where
the hell are we?
- [Marcus] Nowhere I wanna be.
- [Nicole] I'm not
going in there.
- [Tanya] Are we
gonna stand around
and wait to get eaten alive?
- [Anna] Wait,
wait, everything's--
- [Derek] Hello?
- [Nicole] Hello?
- [Marcus] Would you
guys shut the fuck up?
It's abandoned.
- [Anna] What, we
might find somebody.
- [Marcus] It's
- Shit.
- Hello?
- [Leah] Are you okay?
- [Toni] Yeah I'm
fine, I'm just dizzy.
- [Tanya] Hello!
- [Derek] Marcus!
- [Marcus] I'm checking, I'm
checking, they don't work.
Like none of the
lights work here.
- [Anna] Excuse me, hello!
- [Derek] There's no power.
- [Marcus] There's nothing.
- [Jocelyn] Oh my God.
It hurts!
- [Nicole] Excuse
me, we need help.
- [Marcus] What the
fuck is all this shit?
- [Nicole] Find like
a light or something.
- [Marcus] I found one, hold on.
- [Nicole] It smells
horrible inside here.
- Yo, Derek.
- Is that a lamp?
- [Derek] Any lights?
- [Nicole] It smells
like my grandma's house
before she died.
- [Patrick] Hello?
- [Anna] Are you okay?
- [Leah] Don't be such a douche.
- [Marcus] We got
light, we got light.
- [Derek] At least
we got a light.
- [Tanya] Can you
bring that over here?
- [Derek] Check her out.
- [Tanya] I think
it's just a bite, huh?
- [Marcus] Hold the camera.
- [Patrick] You'll be okay.
- [Marcus] We got bigger
problems you guys,
let's get some lights
in here, how about that?
- [Anna] Something, yeah.
- [Derek] Let's
find some lights.
- [Tanya] Be careful.
- [Marcus] We'll be fine.
- [Anna] Be careful
guys, be careful.
- [Marcus] Just wait and
let us check it out first.
- [Derek] Let us check it
out, we'll come get you.
- [Nicole] You can't
go by yourselves.
- [Derek] We'll be back.
- [Tanya] What, you
want to go with them?
- [Nicole] No, but I feel like
we shouldn't let them leave.
- [Tanya] Be careful.
- [Marcus] Guys stay here.
- [Nicole] Be careful.
- [Derek] We'll be fine.
- [Marcus] Dude, this
is not cool at all.
This is fucking sketch as fuck.
Thanks for this dude, like
really thanks for this.
[water splashing]
[tense music]
[sinister laughing]
- [Henry] Well this
is truly the chance
of a lifetime right here boys.
- [Hank] Help daddy,
Otis, help daddy.
You think them college
girls are going to like me?
[Henry laughs]
You think them college
girls are going to like me?
- Yeah, they gonna get
a kick out of you, son.
- [Hank] They probably ain't
met no boy like me, huh?
- [Henry] I don't think
we'll ever outdo this one.
How can you have ten?
- [Hank] Daddy, I've got
to say, I'm quite excited.
- [Henry] They was
sure I was dead.
They even felt me you
know and everything.
I got them good, good.
- [Hank] Daddy, you
got 'em real good.
You need to teach me that
one these days, daddy.
I want to be able to
fake a heart attack.
- [Henry] Experience son,
experience, you'll learn,
you'll learn.
- [Hank] Yes sir, yes
sir, I figure, I figure.
We can slice 'em and
dice 'em real nice.
- [Henry] All that
begging and pleading.
- You think they're gonna
be begging and pleading?
- [Henry] Oh yeah, they're
gonna be trying to buy us off.
- Dude, all of all the places
we could have got stuck,
the fucking Everglades.
This is nice.
- [Derek] What the fuck is that?
- What?
[clicks tongue]
Don't to that to me.
- [Nicole] Yes, we should
have stayed at the beach.
- [Tanya] No shit.
- [Tyler] Yeah, no fucking shit.
- Who's gonna help us
with that boat back there?
- [Tanya] It was
your idea Tyler.
- [Tyler] Fuck you.
- [Toni] You were all about it.
- [Anna] Leave him alone.
[yelling over each other]
- [Nicole] Guys
stop, stop fighting!
- [Marcus] Don't need this
shit in my life right now.
- [Derek] What the fuck
is Tyler's problem?
I thought he was
going to kill me.
- [Marcus] I wanted to do it,
but I love you too much, bro.
- [Derek] He's a prick.
- [Marcus] It's whatever, dude.
- [Derek] What is
he, on steroids?
- [Marcus] I mean
somebody did just die.
I'm sure he's just
a little ticked off,
that's all, you know him.
Should have got a free shot in
while I was holding
him back though.
It's probably the last shot
you would have got on him.
- [Derek] If I wasn't held down.
- [Marcus] Weren't the
females holding you down?
Dude, what the fuck is this?
- [Derek] You see that?
- Yeah.
I'm hoping it's
what I think it is.
Oh shit dude, a
fucking generator.
- [Derek] Fuck yes,
let's crank it up.
- [Marcus] Shit.
Here, hold this.
- [Derek] Let me put this down.
- [Marcus] Let me
get a light up here.
This is bone dry, dude.
- Does it work?
- [Marcus] There's
nothing in it.
- Fuck.
- [Marcus] Let's
just keep looking.
- [Derek] Dude,
there's one over here.
- [Marcus] I'm gonna be
honest, I don't even know
what the fuck I'm
looking at right now.
I don't know.
- [Derek] I don't know.
- [Marcus] There's
gotta be something else.
Fuck that shit.
- [Derek] Dude, there's a
wire that goes in there.
It's got a lock.
- [Marcus] On the handle.
- [Derek] Hell yeah.
- [Marcus] Ha, ha, check it.
- [Derek] Anything in here?
- [Marcus] Oh dude, another one.
This one's electric.
What the?
[metal clanking]
- Does it work?
- Oh my God.
- Jesus.
- I hope they come back soon.
- [Leah] Are you okay?
- [Tanya] They've
been gone for so long.
- [Jocelyn] I hurt really bad.
- [Nicole] Do you think we
should go check on them?
I don't know.
- [Anna] Shit yes!
- [Group] Yes!
[group groans]
- [Anna] Wait.
- [Group] Yes!
- [Anna] Derek!
- [Toni] What?
- [Tanya] Marcus?
- [Nicole] Oh my god.
That had it.
- [Anna] That was them right?
- [Marcus] Shit.
- [Derek] Does it work?
[generator humming]
- [Derek] Oh, we got light.
- [Marcus] Yes,
something's going right.
Come on, let's go check
on everybody else.
- [Anna] No, no, okay.
[group cheers]
[group applauds]
- [Tanya] Marcus
- [Nicole] Alright, maybe
there is a generator.
- [Tyler] Alright, can you stop.
Can everybody stop losing
their fucking shit now.
- [Nicole] Shut up Tyler.
- [Tyler] Fuck off.
- [Nicole] I'm over you.
- [Marcus] Yo, you
should go in without me.
Just be like, I don't know
what happened to Marcus.
- I don't know what
happened to him, I lost him.
- [Marcus] He fell off
the bridge or some shit,
I don't know.
- [Henry] Yeah, well
it looks like they got
that generator cranked, yes.
- [Hank] They found
that generator.
I didn't think
those city slickers
knew what a generator was.
- [Henry] It's work
once you get everything
the way you want, you
know, you have your fun,
why you come get me
a little bit later
and we'll finish it up, okay?
- [Hank] I'm a leave one
real special for you daddy.
- [Henry] Son, I've
always appreciated that.
- [Hank] Yeah daddy.
- [Henry] I taught you
well, now don't fuck it up.
- [Hank] I won't
fuck it up daddy.
- [Henry] Okay.
- [Hank] So it's a bunch
of college kids, huh?
- [Henry] Yep, sure
is, well they were.
- [Hank] I've never
done experienced no
spring break, but.
- [Otis] I don't
understand why they think
they need a break
from spring, daddy.
That's the best season
ever and they think
they need a break from it.
I don't understand all that
- [Henry] Well, it's called
education, educated idiots,
is what I call them.
Educated idiots!
- [Hank] You ain't
lying about that, daddy.
- [Otis] Amen.
- [Marcus] Whoa.
- [Derek] Whoa.
- Derek, we are in
probably the last place
we are ever gonna
see because I doubt
that busted ass boat
got a GPS on it.
- [Derek] Someone will
come for us tomorrow,
all we gotta do
is last the night.
- Yeah, let's hope.
- [Derek] We'll figure
it out tomorrow.
- Find some flares,
set this bitch on fire,
and hope that they see the fire.
That's my vote.
- [Derek] That'd work.
- [Nicole] I don't know, I
still am worried about them.
- [Tanya] Yeah.
- [Jocelyn] Did you
guys get it all?
- [Toni] I know.
- [Tyler] They'll
be back in a second.
- [Tanya] Marcus.
- [Jocelyn] This is sickening.
- Hey are we taking
our clothes off now?
- It's too gross.
- [Nicole] Ugh, I know I
am really wet, I need like.
- [Toni] Oh my god.
- [Marcus] What do
we have here Senor.
- Best thing I ever did.
- [Marcus] Did you
just save our lives?
- I put this in a
water proof container.
- [Marcus] Medication you are.
- Everybody needs this.
- [Tyler] You gonna
let Tyler smoke too?
- I don't know
dude, at this point,
I think it might help.
He's such a bro.
- Like are you a pussy
or are you a bro.
- I know, I can't believe
he said that shit.
It's like he has 'roid rage.
- [Marcus] I think,
maybe he is, like I just.
- [Derek] I don't know,
he's fucking jacked now.
He wasn't like that
when I first met him.
- He's a big ass white dude.
- The jeans are the
worst, oh my god.
Oh my god, I'm so happy
that there's lights though.
- [Tanya] It's not his
fault, I really didn't know.
- [Toni] You think there's
like a, like a, like a hose
or a shower, shower here?
- [Tyler] Oh man.
- [Nicole] What is it,
I would not sniff things
that you don't
know what they are.
Don't sniff it, if you
don't know what it is.
- Oh, I know what
exactly what this is.
- Oh shit.
- [Marcus] Why are they
even allowed to be this big?
- [Derek] Why are we,
look how big it is.
- [Marcus] Dude, why
the fuck is that even,
how the fuck does
that shit even fly?
Dude, fuck that mosquito.
- [Derek] Oh my god.
- [Marcus] I hope that
son of a bitch dies.
We should kill him now.
- [Derek] We need to.
- [Marcus] You got
a lighter on you?
Let's burn this motherfucker.
- [Derek] We need to get inside.
- [Marcus] This shit needs
to get exorcized and killed.
- [Derek] Dude there's
bugs everywhere.
- [Marcus] It's not cool at all.
So much, woo, woo, woo.
- [Derek] Whoa.
- [Marcus] Why'd you do that?
- [Tanya] There they are.
There's my baby!
- [Anna] Hey guys.
- [Toni] What is that?
- [Tyler] White lightning baby.
- [Toni] Are you serious?
- [Anna] Thank you for
putting on the power.
- [Marcus] Who are
the fucking champs?
- [Tanya] You are.
- [Tyler] Oh, I'm serious.
- [Toni] Oh fuck.
- [Derek] Power's on.
- [Nicole] We were like
yelling because you guys
were stressing us out.
- [Marcus] Hey Patrick man.
- [Derek] Where'd you get that?
- [Patrick] Right there.
- [Derek] That's something,
I need some of this.
- [Marcus] Be
careful, be careful.
Give it here, give it
here, give it here.
- [Nicole] What's
all back there?
What's back there? What does
it look like back there?
- [Toni] That smells
like potent, that smells
like, like strong.
- [Derek] Oh what is this?
It's like gasoline.
- [Patrick] It's better.
- [Nicole] Ew, no.
- [Tyler] For men only.
- [Nicole] No, that's
moonshine, that is disgusting.
- [Tanya] Wait guys, are
we sure nobody lives here?
That's a shit ton of moonshine.
- I know.
- Holy shit.
- [Tyler] Oh shit.
- [Marcus] It looks like
we're living here for now.
- [Nicole] Very
true, I don't know.
- [Tyler] There's a shit
ton more down here too.
- There's a lot of things.
- Babe, slow down.
- [Tyler] Spring break 2015!
- [Marcus] I don't want
this shit right now.
- [Toni] I mean, I
don't want this shit.
You take the rest of this.
- [Hank] Turn off your light.
Turn your light off.
They can see.
Turn your light off.
- [Otis] I'm getting
it, I'm getting it.
- [Hank] Turn your light off!!
- [Otis] I'm getting it.
- [Hank] Come on.
- [Otis] It's got
like three switches.
- [Toni] Does anyone else
feel like a rinse off?
- [Nicole] I know.
How can we, okay wait, if
there's moonshine here though,
how do we know someone
doesn't live out here?
- [Toni] I mean,
if there's power,
there's probably running water.
So I feel like you know,
it can't hurt to look.
- Watch somebody crashes here,
it's a fucking hunting
camp or some shit.
- Hey everybody, I know
I kind a fucked up today.
- [Tyler] Yeah, no fucking shit.
- But at least I
did one thing right.
- [Tanya] Yeah!
- [Anna] Now it's a party.
- Waterproof.
- Well where did you get that?
- [Tanya] Oh my
God yes, you win!
I still hate you.
- Let's roll one up,
anyone got papers?
- No.
- Ah no.
- All our shit's here.
- [Marcus] I was just
ass deep in water, so.
- [Patrick] Anybody
have them in their bag?
- [Tanya] Do we have apples?
Do we have foil?
Do we have anything?
[menacing music]
- [Nicole] You're gonna
have enough for the buzz.
- I'll take one if you take one.
- Oh shit I have the
papers, wait, wait,
I forgot, I forgot, yeah.
I forgot I had them.
- Ewww, it was horrible.
- I hope their not
soaking wet and ruined.
- [Tanya] Everyone, make
their prayers to the gods.
- Hey, can we go outside
and get fresh air?
- No they're good, they're
good, they're good.
We got it, I got it.
- [Tanya] Yes!
- Aw yeah, a little
janky, but it will work.
- [Toni] Oh yeah you
can make it work.
- I usually complain
about dollar store papers,
but since were in the
middle of nowhere,
I'll just be happy.
- I really want to smoke.
- I feel really sick right now.
- You do?
[group talking over each other]
- [Derek] Oh, we got 'em?
- I really need some fresh air.
- [Anna] Wait the
girls don't feel well.
I think they should
go outside for a bit.
- [Patrick] You guys okay?
- Yeah, I have a
really bad headache.
- [Nicole] Yeah,
maybe you should.
- I feel really light headed.
- [Nicole] That's
fine, get some air.
- [Jocelyn] Is that okay?
- [Nicole] There's like a swing.
- [Anna] I mean don't, don't
go far go right out here.
- [Toni] Just stay in the front.
Just stay where we can see you.
- Yeah, you guys walked around,
it was fine out
there, wasn't it?
- [Toni] Yeah it's safe.
- [Patrick] Just don't go far.
- [Anna] Look together,
and don't go too far out.
Right out the door.
- [Derek] As long as we
can see you, you're fine.
- [Jocelyn] Yo, chill on
the moonshine, really.
- [Tyler] Chill on the
fucking moonshine, go inside.
[group talking over each other]
- [Marcus] Go get
your fresh air.
- [Tyler] Get outside.
- [Tanya] We all did
what we had to do.
- [Nicole] Holler if you
need us okay, just yell,
we won't be far.
Don't go far
- [Leah] We won't.
[haunting music]
- [Jocelyn] I feel so sick.
- [Leah] I'm sorry.
How does it feel?
- I just really want to go home.
I didn't even want to come
here in the first place.
- I know, it's
kinda of my fault.
I thought it was a good idea.
- I've been begging
this whole time,
like this whole snake thing
is so dumb, now look at them.
- How did you do that?
- [Marcus] Drink it.
- [Derek] Isn't it beautiful?
- [Tanya] Hey!
- [Toni] How did you fit
all of that in there?
- [Nicole] I don't even
smoke, but after today,
I think I might.
- [Anna] Yeah, you
have to try it.
- [Nicole] I think I'm going to.
I don't really though.
- [Tyler] Hey yo, so who
brought the tunes by the way?
Who brought those off the boat?
Anybody have that idea?
- [Anna] Yes, who has music?
- [Marcus] I'd rather not use
my last three percent battery,
you know seriously.
- Yeah I have a music library,
but I'm not using my last.
- [Tyler] Fuck it dude, we'll
be rescued tomorrow, alright.
Who's got the music?
- [Marcus] We
weren't even supposed
to be out here in
the first place.
- [Tanya] My phone's in
that disgusting water, so.
- [Anna] You lost your phone?
- [Tanya] No music for y'all.
- [Toni] Oh wow!
- [Marcus] Oh boy!
- [Anna] Where'd Toni go?
- [Toni] Oh my god.
- [Anna] Oh hey, look at Toni.
- [Marcus] Yeah!
- So badass right now.
- [Tanya] Is that a blast
from the past or what?
Is that ghetto blaster
gonna play us some tunes?
- [Marcus] Seriously.
- [Toni] It's for satellite.
- [Tyler] Come on man,
spark that up, brother.
- [Marcus] Oh.
- [Derek] Alright, alright.
- [Marcus] This shit,
are you fucking serious?
What the fuck is this?
[tuning between
fuzzy radio channels]
- [Anna] Whoa.
- [Marcus] Someone's
got the O's.
[upbeat pop music]
- Oh, hey.
- [Anna] What is that?
- Yes, yes.
- [Tanya] I'll live with it.
- No, I think that's perfect.
- [Tanya] You know what,
everything sounds good.
- [Nicole] Are you
gonna steal it?
- [Marcus] Oh shit.
- We got white lightning.
- [Anna] Look at the stray cat.
- [Marcus] Shotgun.
- [Nicole And Tanya] Shotgun!
- We have a volunteer.
- [Derek] Shotgun.
- [Nicole] I don't know
what I'm letting happen.
- [Toni] Just inhale,
open your mouth.
[group whoops suggestively]
- I can't deal with
them being like that.
They're getting drunk
and being so dumb.
I just can't handle it.
This is literally the
worst spring break ever.
- I'm sorry.
It'll be fine, we have this
whole place to ourselves.
It'll be fun.
- Like I really just
want to go home already.
- We can go home,
we'll get help soon.
It'll be good, we'll be fine,
we'll come to enjoy
it, we'll be fine.
- [Jocelyn] Oh my god!
[Jocelyn screaming]
- [Leah] What the fuck, fuck!
[girls screaming]
[tense music]
[Leah coughing]
[foreboding music]
- I'm so disgusting after
walking in that swamp.
Did you guys find like
a shower or anything?
- [Marcus] Yeah, the
door across the back,
- Right around the corner.
- [Nicole] Okay, and everything
looked good out there, right?
- [Anna] I mean it's
a hose, it's a hose.
- [Marcus] It'll look like
were in the fucking Everglades.
- I know.
- It's not a shower.
- [Toni] You understand
what your working with, yes?
- [Marcus] Like we just
walked through swamp water
to get here, I mean.
- [Tanya] Just don't go alone.
- [Anna] Yeah, bring someone.
- [Tyler] This moonshine.
- [Toni] Patrick, why
don't go with her?
- [Nicole] Whatever.
- [Toni] Holler...
if you need anything.
- [Toni] I'm getting like
secondhand high right now.
I don't wanna be high.
- [Nicole] Where'd
they say that hose was?
- [Patrick] I think
it was over here.
- Where?
Oh. It's gonna be so cold.
Well wait hold on.
This kinda looks like a shower.
- [Patrick] That
looks like it works.
Look at this.
- Oh, yeah.
- That works.
- [Nicole] Yeah I'm gonna,
yeah, okay cool, well.
I brought you out here,
but you can't watch me.
- I'll turn around.
- Okay, and stay turned around.
[foreboding music]
I'm covered in mud.
I can't believe we did this.
It's such a bad idea.
Fuck, this is a bad idea too.
Oh my god.
It's so cold.
I wish I had soap.
Stay turned around.
I can barely hear you
with all this water.
- So I've never been
outside in the shower
next to a pretty
girl as yourself.
- [Nicole] Oh yeah?
Well I guess that's interesting.
[upbeat pop music]
- [Tanya] Okay,
I'm a little tired.
- Well, we love you guys.
- Yeah, we're tired.
- [Derek] Yeah tired.
- We should sleep.
- [Anna] Yeah, you
look, so tired, wow.
- [Toni] You look yeah,
exhausted, beyond belief.
- [Tanya] Do you know
where we could sleep?
- [Marcus] I know exactly
where we can sleep.
- [Toni] Never heard
that one before.
- [Anna] So tired.
- [Tanya] Let's go to sleep.
- [Marcus] Good idea.
Tomorrow, morning.
- [Anna] Well goodbye.
- [Toni] Okay, just stay
within earshot please.
- [Tanya] I'm gonna
catch so many z's, mm.
Alright, we get it, we
know what you're gonna do.
- [Anna] There's
a snake alright.
- [Derek] A trouser snake.
- [Nicole] Are you
gonna get in next?
- [Patrick] Yeah,
I'll, I'll get in next.
- [Nicole] Alright.
- [Tanya] Boo!
- [screams] Fuck you guys!
- [Marcus] You're
such a chicken shit.
- [Nicole] Stop!
- [Tanya] Come on, you're
showering out in the open.
What do you expect?
- [Marcus] That was priceless.
- [Nicole] Stop guys, I'm
literally am naked, why are you,
get away from us.
[tense music]
- [Tanya] Is this it?
- [Marcus] This is it.
This is so it.
- [Marcus] Get in there.
- [Tanya] Oh!
[lips smacking]
- [Marcus] Get some light.
Ha, it works.
[lips smacking]
- [Tanya] What is with
all the fucking plastic?
It looks like a crime scene.
Mm, it's everywhere.
- [Marcus] I don't know about
crime scene, but I mean.
We can make one.
[lips smacking]
It's kinda hot though right?
- [Tanya] How 'bout this one?
- [Marcus] What?
Take that one.
- [Tanya] Let's
fuck in this one.
- [Marcus] Better?
- [Tanya] Much better.
[Tanya moaning]
- Oh, this was the best idea.
You better not be looking at me.
- [Patrick] I'm not.
- [Nicole] Alright, stay
turned around, I'm almost done.
It's so hard to hear
you over the shower.
You better not be looking at me.
- [Patrick] I'm not.
- [Nicole] Alright.
I'm almost done.
You can get in here next.
[muffled shouting]
- What did you say?
I seriously can't hear anything
over the frogs and the shower.
Alright, you can
turn around now.
Patrick where are you?
I need a towel.
[engine rumbling]
- [Tanya] I wish I could go pee.
- Do what you got to do.
Oh shit.
[loud thudding]
The fuck?
[foreboding music]
- [Hank] Take a
nice deep breath.
Take a nice deep breath.
Now swim, fishy.
Here fishy, fishy .
Here fishy, fishy.
Now, swim, fishy, fishy,.
Swim, fishy, fishy.
Here fishy, fishy,
here fishy, fishy.
Here fishy, fishy,
Here fishy, fishy,
Here fishy, fishy,
Ooh fishy.
[dark music]
- Marcus?
Hey I can't see anything.
I swear to god, if you plan
on jumping out and scaring me,
you're not getting round two.
[Nicole and Tanya scream]
- Oh my god, you freaked me out.
- [Tanya] I'm sorry,
I thought Marcus was
trying to scare me.
- I can't find Patrick anywhere.
- [Tanya] Did you see Marcus?
- No, but I was in the shower,
and Patrick left me
and I'm soaking wet.
- What a dick.
I think there's a towel in the
bathroom, you want a towel?
- [Nicole] Oh yeah, yes please,
you're like saving my life.
- [Tanya] I saw it
somewhere, yeah here it is.
- [Nicole] Oh my god, you're
saving my life right now.
I had to walk outside naked.
I can't believe--
- You should have been in
the wet T- shirt contest,
your boobs look great.
- Oh, shut up, I can't
believe he left me though.
It's so.
- You know what?
I bet Marcus found him and
they're trying to scare us.
- Oh, they're assholes.
- Because he thinks it's funny.
- I don't like this place.
- [Tanya] I don't either.
- I don't understand why
plastic is everywhere.
- It's weird, right?
- Did you hear that?
- I heard that.
- Stop guys, you're not funny.
- I'm gonna kill him, I'm
gonna fucking kill him.
This isn't funny.
Stay right here.
- Patrick!
- I'm not coming out there!
- Why are they such assholes?
- Because they have wieners.
[Nicole squeals]
- Marcus!
- [Nicole] Patrick!
I don't, I don't
know if that's them.
- Marcus, you're not funny!
- Patrick.
[Tanya and Nicole screaming]
- [Tanya] Get off of her!
- [Otis] Get off my brother.
Get her brother, get her,
get her, get her, tie her up.
[Nicole screaming
Don't you move, don't
you move, don't you move.
- [Hank] Looks like we
got us a good one, Otis.
- [Otis] Yeah!
- [Hank] We got ourselves
a live one, buddy.
[Nicole screaming]
[Otis laughing]
- [Nicole] Let me go! [cries]
[Nicole screaming]
- [Hank] You broke my necklace.
[Otis laughing]
- We've got ourselves
a live one, brother.
[haunting music]
- [Toni] [laughs] Twenty
four seven non stop.
They just keep going.
- [Anna] Shit, the
batteries almost gone.
- [Toni] You didn't
bring a charger?
- [Anna] Say goodbye.
- [Tyler] Shit, you've
been using that thing
all fucking day.
- Um, byee!
- Let's end on a
good note, blah.
- Bye, yeah this thing is out.
- [Toni] Oh.
- [Derek] Oh, there you go.
[Anna coughs]
- [Toni] I know me
too, I'm just, ugh.
- [Derek] Glad I brought that.
Holy shit.
- That moonshine is serious.
I mean, I'm actually
feeling really nauseous.
- Yeah, I think I'm
probably cutting off
the circulation of your legs.
- Yeah, I need a breather.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you
can't handle all this booty.
- I just wanna go home.
Can we um, do you guys mind
if I called it a night?
I'm gonna get some sleep,
I mean, you don't have to,
you can keep
smoking if you want.
- I don't want you
to leave, please no.
- I just want to go to bed.
- Let's go lay down.
- Alright.
- Alright you two.
- So goodbye guys, I
will leave my stuff here.
Keep an eye on it please.
- Trust me, nobody in the swamp
is after your designer clutch.
- Seriously.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- [Toni] Mmm.
- [Anna] I think this is good.
Everything's covered in plastic.
Can you take that off for me?
- [Tyler] Fuck this stuff.
What a fucking day, huh?
- [Anna] I know, I
feel so nauseous.
I feel like I might,
like throw up.
- Hey, no, hey,
it was a long day.
- [Anna] I know.
- You just got to
relax, alright.
[tense music]
[Tanya groaning]
- [Nicole] Ah, oh my god, Tanya!
- [Hank] Got you
tied up real nice.
[Tanya screaming]
[Otis laughing]
- Look at this one brother.
Look at this one.
She's got birds on here.
Fly little birdie, fly
little birdie! [laughs]
[girls screaming]
- [Hank] Looks like
there's more than one way
to skin a cat, huh brother?
[Otis and Tanya screaming]
[Otis laughing]
- [Otis] What you doing brother?
You gonna kiss her like
the last one? [laughs]
[girls screaming]
[Otis laughing]
- Give me my hammer,
give me my hammer!
[Otis laughing]
[loud thudding]
[Otis laughing]
- [Hank] I got you
a present in there,
tied up with a bow on top.
- Did you?
- [Hank] Let's go
find out what it is.
[tense music]
- [Otis] What you
got for me brother?
- [Hank] Be patient Otis.
- [Otis] What you got?
- [Hank] Go into the red room.
Your present's all tied up.
[haunting, childish music]
- Hey wake up.
Wake up, wake the fuck up.
Put this in there,
put this in there,
I said put this
fucking in there.
It's alright, it's
alright, it's alright.
I know you're scared.
I know, I know you're scared.
But guess what?
It's all gonna be okay.
I know you're not scared
of a little corn holing.
Oh, no sirree bob, you're scared
because you just
might like this.
Yeah, that's right honey,
you just might like it
'cause your one of them
boys that watch them pornos
and maybe you looked
at that crotch
a little too many times
in your life, huh?
Maybe you had that
pretty little girl
that's walking down the
street and you were looking
at her long beautiful
hair and she turned around
and it was a man and it freaked
you the hell out, didn't it?
Don't you worry darling, no
don't you worry one little bit,
'cause guess what?
I ain't gonna make you like it.
I'm gonna make you hate it.
Honey, honey, you
just relax, alright.
I hope you gave
your heart to Jesus,
'cause your asshole
is fucking mine.
Get down!
[muffled screaming]
Yeah that's right.
That's right, you
fight me, that's right,
you fucking fight me.
That's the way I
fucking like it.
That's right, you fucking do it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
get your panties down,
get your panties down.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
[Otis grunting]
[Patrick screaming]
- [Otis] Fucking scream!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Otis laughing]
[haunting, childish music]
- Yeah.
There we go.
Maybe you should
take that outside.
- [Derek] Maybe I will.
Take it out somewhere.
- Probably get your
secondhand high,
and I start acting as
retarded as you do.
- Yeah let's just go to bed.
Can we do that please?
- [Tyler] What, we're
in bed right now.
- [Anna] I know.
No Tyler please, please, please.
- [Tyler] Babe, babe, I am
relaxed, why don't you relax.
- [Anna] No honestly Tyler,
if I told I don't feel well,
I don't feel well.
- [Tyler] Babe, it's
been a long fucking day.
- [Anna] Exactly look
at the day we've had.
I just want to go to sleep,
wake up tomorrow, and go home.
- [Tyler] Why don't
we make it better?
- [Anna] No Tyler!
- [Tyler] Fucking
Christ alright.
- [Anna] If you're
gonna be like that, go!
- [Tyler] Alright, fuck
you then I will go.
You can take your
fucking plastic to.
- [Anna] You're
such a fucking jerk.
- [Toni] You okay?
- [Tyler] Yeah,
everything's fine.
- It doesn't sound like it.
- Don't worry about it.
- I'm not.
- I just want to apologize,
you know for earlier.
- Don't worry about it.
It's, we all--
- I was just, just, heated.
- Just listen to
me, we all agreed,
we all agreed to come here.
You know.
- We did, we did.
- You know, everyone's
just a little bit.
- Everyone's a little bit what?
- You know, shit
happens in the swamp,
you know what I mean?
- Shit happens in the
swamp, it sure does.
[tense music]
[heavy breathing]
- What are you thinking?
- I don't, I don't
know, I don't know, why?
Wait. [laughs nervously]
- [Tyler] Come on,
what are you afraid of?
- Huh?
- I said come on.
- Okay.
Not, no.
- [Tyler] She's passed out.
Just come here.
- Just, alright, get,
you, are you insane?
Stop it, stop, stop, no.
- [Tyler] Stop, what, fuck?
- Are you insane,
are you insane?
- Calm down. Calm down.
You're with Tyler now, come on.
- [Toni] I need to talk to you.
I need to tell you something.
Stop, stop, stop, stop,
stop I need to talk to you.
- We don't need to
fucking fight, what?
- I need to talk to you.
- What?
- I'm pregnant!
- Get the fuck out of
here, you're full of shit.
- I'm pregnant!
[creepy music]
- Babe, I'm sorry
I yelled at you.
[Anna screaming]
[Hank grunting]
[Hank laughing]
- Huh, I mean,
Derek you've been.
No, how do you.
- We haven't had sex.
- What, umm.
- It's not his.
- Uh.
- Do you understand?
It's not his.
- Bitch, she's the
reason I smoke so much.
God, fuck this place.
[haunting music]
[phone ringing]
Oh fuck, oh my god, oh my god.
I don't want to
get back in here.
Come on, where is it?
Fuck, joint, fuck.
Fucking Everglades sucks!
[heavy breathing]
[Otis laughing]
- Hey brother, you
gotta check this out.
The snakes got him!
The snakes got him!
- Surprise!
- Brother, get her,
she's with child!
- [Hank] Pretty boy!
- [Otis] Don't you move, don't
you move, don't you move.
- [Otis] Don't you move, don't
you move, don't you move.
- [Hank] Otis!
- [Tyler] Fucking
die, you motherfucker!
- [Toni] Tyler!
No! [cries]
[Anna screaming]
[dark piano music]
[heavy breathing]
[muffled screaming]
[heavy breathing]
[muffled sobbing]
[upbeat blues rock music]
I been running all night
Til I couldn't stand still
Got bodies on my knives
And I got no
one left to kill
I can see it in the sky
In the field ahead
See the buzzards
are approaching
They gather up when
blood get spills
Don't look me, go back
from whence you came
Them woods are burning down
and I got murder by my name
Billy Joe Brown,
Boston is the same
Me, I use a seatbelt, most
of them use ropes and chains
And he's come to
take another soul
He won't stop
until he's through
Holy one, forgive him
For he knows not what he do
No telling now
Where I beat my freight
Freed up all to hell
And I've had all
that I can take
Well I know they
run their mouths
Close behind the chains
But almost at that Cessna
And I'm 'bout to
flee the stage
I got a mile or so to go
With the Rangers
close behind
See the weather
casting shadows
That old plane
is hard to fine
'Cause the sung goes down
On Billy Joe Brown
On sunup with that seatbelt
He was hanging
when they found him
And he's come to
take another soul
He won't stop
until he's through
Holy one forgive him
For he know not what he do