Lake Placid: Legacy (2018) Movie Script

JADE: So if I'm gonna write
an article about this,
I need the background.
JADE: Sometimes you
gotta stick your hand
in the hornet's nest
to get a reaction.
Sounds like you're asking
to get stung.
No. We're smart and quick.
Wenoco Corp, a Fortune 500.
Their marketing slogan is,
"making life better."
Then why did they just
buy themselves
out of a multi-billion dollar
Assholes dumped
30 metric tons of toxic waste
into the Indian Ocean.
Thought nobody would notice.
Then all those dead whales
start washing up,
and instant PR nightmare.
JADE: Yeah, until they
made the story disappear.
So, what are you
gonna do about it?
We're gonna
make the world notice.
I thought this was
all about urban exploration.
Discovering places
you weren't supposed to go.
Shit! Oh, shit.
You trying to give
a dude a heart attack?
Billy, we good to go?
Yeah, I'm through
the firewall.
Two minutes to bust
the encryption.
Sam the rebel.
Well, till I brought him
a social conscience.
So that makes
break-and-enter okay?
It's not B and E
if we don't steal
and nobody gets hurt.
Yeah, and if they
leave the door open.
All right, three minutes,
in and out. Let's go.
Jade, the only people
who could get hurt are you.
Is exposing the truth
worth that or jail?
Well, there's only one way
to find out.
What now? It's locked.
- How are we gonna...?
- Access card.
Where did you get that?
Wenoco Corp junior analyst
with a taste for tequila.
JADE: Love 'em and
leave 'em, Sam, right?
Hey, that was the old me.
I'm a changed man now.
Mm-hm. Okay.
Help me!
Okay, tie it off to the edge.
BILLY: We got a minute,
20 till we book.
Then the alarm resets after.
All this just to put a banner
on the side of a building?
What does that even get you?
It makes the evening news.
You feel that rush?
- Billy, you said...
- Yeah, well, shit happens.
- Come on.
- Okay, ready?
Whoo! Ha, ha!
Come on. Let's go, let's go.
- BILLY: Yeah.
Whoo! Hey, way too close.
Mm, but we're here,
aren't we?
They're calling it an act
of ecoterrorism.
Mom would be pissed.
JADE: What? Because
she raised us better?
She wanted women
who were strong and opinionated.
- Who broke the law?
- Who defied authority.
Come on. Tell me you don't think
this is justified.
Oh, and one hell of a rush.
I've gotta call my editor.
Tell him I've got
the inside track on this.
Hey, no names
in your BuzzFeed story,
okay, Alice?
Much as I'd like
to be infamous,
I'll settle for
"unknown Robin Hood rock star."
Your secret's safe with me.
I protect all my sources.
- Even the arrogant ones.
- Oh.
Oh, man. I'm gonna miss
the hell out of this.
Miss it? Why?
Ask your sister, Jade.
Or should I call her "Yoko"?
Okay, I'm not
breaking up the band.
It's just... It's time, okay?
Sooner or later, we're gonna
face the consequences.
If we are planning on
hanging it up,
at least we're gonna
go out on top.
On top of what?
There's a ranking system.
Each new place we get to first,
we get to drop a pin.
- Wenoco is 32.
- Boom.
So I guess this
really is the end.
So that's why you called.
You wanted me
to write your final chapter.
- Our obituary.
- Okay, we're not dead, Spencer.
I want us to shift
into legitimate advocacies.
Yes. Petitions and rallies.
It's edgy.
Oh, come on.
You're forgetting one thing.
Going legit,
it ain't free.
Hey, guys,
you're gonna wanna see this.
Who is that?
SPENCER: Dane, Sam's old
partner and grade-A asshole.
We don't have
to watch this.
You know what, it's okay.
I wanna see it. Play it, Billy.
Sammy, I just saw the news.
Wenoco tower.
That's a nice get.
I guess it's your last stab
at claiming real territory.
Seriously, come on.
Are the rumors true?
You're punking out
of urban crusades.
Look, I know love is blind
and all that crap.
But are you gonna let
Jade change you like that?
Okay, you know what,
turn it off.
No, let him finish.
I mean, it's who you are, man.
It's in the blood.
I mean, I know that
and so do you.
That's why I'm gonna
lay down one last challenge.
Let's settle who's really
king of this mountain.
I've sent you a geotag.
It's a place we both missed.
Until now.
Trust me, this could be
a hell of a place.
More to the point, this one's
coming with a bounty.
A private donor
is offering 100 grand
to whoever gets there first.
So the question is:
"You got the stones
for one last quest?"
A real jackpot.
Or are you
gonna call it a day?
Your call, buddy.
Yo, hey, gauntlet thrown.
He just went all in.
A hundred grand.
Shut up. We don't even know
if this is legit or where he is.
Just let it go. He's trying
to get a rise out of you.
Okay, but the money.
- Dude, seriously?
- We're done, right? Right?
PENNIE: You people are
out of your minds.
The place you wanna go?
It's off-limits.
Everybody knows that.
It's not even on the map.
You sure you know
what you're getting into?
- They took it off Google Earth.
- "They"?
Government, secret business
cabals, who knows?
There's like 28 sites
in the world blacked out.
Area 51, Szzhalombatta.
Places people aren't
supposed to know too much about.
Places with dirty,
little secrets.
All I know is
the lake's poison.
Some big toxic spill
20-something years back.
Radiation or some shit.
Big fences, warning signs.
Unless you believe
it isn't true.
You're crazy
to wanna go in there.
We received some information
from a friend.
Sam, the more I look at it,
the more it doesn't seem like
there's a mine at all.
It seems like this place
never existed.
Maybe, if this friend
isn't exactly a friend anymore.
That's because he ain't
nobody's friend. Traitor.
He found something
that suggests
that you locals...
You've been lied to.
Could be you're the one
chasing a lie.
Like I said, some people
can't be trusted.
- "Some"?
- I've known this guy forever.
He wouldn't have challenged us
if there wasn't something.
Yeah, like 100 grand.
- It's not on the map.
- PENNIE: Here's what I know.
Me and Travis aren't
getting paid enough
to walk into a hot zone.
Yeah, that's right.
I don't care if this friend
got his intel
from God himself.
This thing picks up
even a tiny bit
of radiation, we're out.
- Well?
- Decoys.
There's no service coming from
those cameras,
not even an energy source.
SAM: Somebody put them
up to scare people.
Maybe for good reason.
Or, heh, somebody just
got here before us.
You think?
I don't know.
Give it a goddamn second,
would you?
See? I told you.
No radiation.
The story's bullshit.
One part.
But something in here
is dangerous.
Otherwise, why all this?
I need video
for the online article.
Hey. Whoa, whoa. Come on. No.
Hey, it's okay. You're gonna
blur our faces,
- alter our voices, right?
- Sure, whatever you want.
I get it.
Band of anonymous rebels.
All right, go for it.
Okay, we're here.
Twenty-five years ago, this
place was poisoned by chemicals.
So they say,
but there's been no EPA cleanup
and no public record
of any activity here.
So something doesn't add up,
and we're gonna figure out
what it is.
- Cool?
- Cool.
My editor's
gonna love this.
Look, maybe she's right.
This place could still be
It isn't. I got a feeling.
What, because Dane said?
He uncovered this place.
Didn't he? He dared us...
Yeah, exactly, a dare.
What if this place
and the bounty is another hoax?
One more way for Dane
to get back at you.
- Who's Dane?
- Long story.
Let's just say they had
a falling out.
- My sister.
- Dane wasn't a fan?
Oh, he was a little more
than her fan.
Well there's only one way
to find out.
- You bring the bolt cutters?
- SPENCER: Yeah.
Hey, whoa, isn't that illegal?
You okay with this, Penny?
We're hired hands. If they wanna
be rebels and break the law,
it's on them.
Hey, watch out, man.
Watch out.
The fence is dangerous.
- JADE: No!
No! Help him!
- No, no! Help him!
- No!
Oh, boy.
The look on your face
was priceless.
He thought you were dying.
Chill, Furiosa.
There's no current.
You can feel that up close.
It's not my first rodeo,
Doesn't add up. Found
a dead deer here a month back.
It burned to a crisp
touching that.
Yeah, well, it's the fence
that's dead now. I'm telling you
this whole place is a lie.
No contamination here.
Somebody went through
a hell of a lot of trouble
to make this
look like ground zero.
It's gotta be something else,
Something bigger. Come on.
Tell me you're not
just a little curious.
She was never cut out
for this.
Thinks it's juvenile,
not noble enough.
Nothing wrong with having
a higher purpose.
You and I could have
a purpose.
Get a little high,
see where it leads.
Really, Spence?
After all these years,
you figured I'd give up
my self-respect
for a shot at you?
You don't know
what you're missing.
Pretty sure I do.
Come... Really?
Come on.
All right, easy, easy.
Let's go.
All right.
Guys, would you look at that?
Yeah, it's stunning.
Yeah, and this thing's heavy.
Easy, snowflake. Wouldn't want
you breaking a nail.
Okay, here's good.
Drop our banner and get out.
Hey, careful with that.
That gear's sensitive.
Okay. Okay.
We're losing signal,
so we should get moving.
Satellite phone's
still working.
I should be able
to triangulate the geotag
to within a few feet.
We're good.
Look, it's the last time,
I promise.
Hey, this water's warm.
It's like a hot tub.
Okay, so we got
EPIRB sat link,
rations and camping supplies
for three days.
Well, we might not even
have to spend the night,
depending on what we find.
Row, row, row your boat
Gently up the lake
Who knows what we're gonna find
Your old friend Dane's a snake
Shut up, Spencer.
SPENCER: Whatever you
say, little man.
- Did you guys see...?
- Land ho!
There we go.
For a tiny Podunk lake,
it's not messing around.
All that machinery?
Maybe it's used to move cargo
to a bigger facility.
Maybe inland.
- Yeah, but what kind of facility?
- PENNIE: Hey.
You're breaking the law.
If it's all the same,
we're gonna unload your gear
and get the hell out.
Um, you can't take off.
We were only paid to guide
you in and pick you up later.
Will you give us at least
an hour to look around. Cool?
You got 30 minutes.
I'm not getting paid enough
to risk jail for trespassing.
What went so wrong
they abandoned the thing?
I mean, the signs, the fences?
Well, Dane said he found
something incredible, didn't he?
- Think he beat us to the pin?
- Only one way to find out.
- JADE: Let's go!
- All right. Okay.
guess that answers that.
That sure as hell looks like
Dane's shit.
Yeah. Sam, we just got suckered.
Dane beat us to it.
We've been set up.
What an asshole.
JADE: Okay, Dane. Where
the hell are you?
What now?
I don't know.
BILLY: Hey, guys, you
should see this.
Guys. This is Dane's camera.
We need to find out
what happened.
Billy, can you access
what's on here?
Yeah. I've got an app
on my phone.
I can access it
via Bluetooth.
There's only a couple
of files.
That thing on, Gomez?
All right, let's go.
We're here.
According to our guide,
the entrance isn't far.
About 200 yards
up this hill.
He went up ahead,
make sure everything's safe.
Man, if he's telling
the truth,
this is gonna be
one hell of a find...
and one hell of a payday.
Ha, ha.
That name mean anything to you?
No. I know Gomez.
He was part of the crew
Dane acquired after we parted.
- I never heard of Henderson.
- Telling the truth about what?
Is there anything else
on here, man?
Only one other file.
It wasn't supposed to be here.
Not alive, anyway. We got...
[GRUNTS] We got attacked
while we were sleeping.
I think Bonita is dead.
Gomez... Gomez ran off.
- I'm pretty sure it got him too.
Henderson said there was
weapons inside this place.
I hope he finds them.
Oh, God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my...
I don't think I'm gonna
make it off this island.
If anyone finds this,
please tell my family that I...
That I am sorry,
that I love them.
Dude, what was that?
Maybe this island
isn't abandoned.
What if someone's still here?
Some hillbilly psycho
with an ax to grind, literally.
Okay, guys, the video said
"something," not "someone."
Not a person. Something
that shouldn't be alive.
What does that mean?
I have no idea.
Shit. Wait, is that...?
SAM: It looks like something
has been ripped apart.
Don't you get it?
What this thing is?
- Apparently, you do.
- Yeah, Dane and his crew.
Look, they cooked this up.
We're being punked.
- What are you talking about?
- Think about it, brains.
The torn-up camp, the blood,
the terrifying video?
It's a setup, man.
Jade called it. He's out to make
you look like a fool.
There ain't no 100 grand.
He's probably out there
filming us right now.
Hey, Dane! Come on out, bro!
Jig's up. I'm not your bitch!
He's right.
It's gotta be a hoax. Right?
- You know what he's like.
- Dane!
All right. I'm wandering off
into the woods
after your scary blood trail.
- What's gonna happen? No.
- JADE: Spencer!
- SAM: Spencer, wait, man!
- SPENCER: No, man!
- Spence!
- No.
And nice homage
to classic horror, bro.
The whole shaky
handheld-camera thing.
Hey, the flaring nostrils
of fear.
Yo, come on out, Dane!
I'm not getting played
by you.
What makes tracks like that?
A bear?
No, a bear doesn't
have feet that big.
Oh, come on, people.
It's obvious. Dane.
I don't know.
- Billy?
- Looks pretty real to me.
Some sort of quadruped
with a tail.
- What?
- They look reptilian.
Well, maybe they're
yeti tracks.
Or the Loch Ness monster?
Hold me, Billy, I'm frightened.
Could you be
a bigger asshole?
- Touch me again.
- Get your hands off.
They should film me ripping
your head off. That'll go viral.
Spence! Easy.
- Just...
- Enough.
Hey, Spencer.
You're bleeding.
It's that damn fake blood!
Oh, God!
- Okay.
- It's Gomez.
No, it's not real.
- No. No, it's not real.
Look, this is Gomez
messing with our head.
Right? That's all this is!
We need to get out of here.
Everybody back to the boat!
- SPENCER: Hey! Hey!
- PENNIE: What's going on?
Start the boat!
Start the boat!
Start the damn boat!
What's going on?
ALICE: What about
Dane and the others?
To hell with Dane. You wanna get
killed by what got Gomez?
- What are you talking about?
- Get to safety.
- We'll call police...
- They could be alive.
Tell me what's going on
or nobody's setting foot on...
The boat. It just moved.
- Oh, my God!
- Shit. Pennie!
I'm coming to get you!
It's on my leg!
- My leg. Oh, my leg.
- TRAVIS: Pennie!
- I'm coming to get you!
- Wait, Pennie. Wait.
- I can't start it!
- JADE: Sam!
Come on.
Come on.
- Travis, jump out.
- Travis, come on.
- Travis, jump!
- I got you.
- PENNIE: Travis!
- Shit.
Swim, swim!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Where did he go?
Where did he go?
- Where did he go?
- PENNIE: Travis!
- Get back here!
- Swim! Swim!
- Swim! Swim!
- Travis!
Get back here, Sam!
Pennie's okay.
- Sam!
- Swim, swim!
- Spence! Help me.
- All right.
- JADE: Careful.
- I know, I know.
Oh, shit.
Travis, did you see him?
- I don't think he's...
- Oh, God!
It's all right.
It's all right.
- Sit her down.
- Shit.
- PENNIE: Oh, my God.
- Look at me.
You're gonna be okay.
We'll wrap it up.
- Don't look at it. Look at me.
- I'm okay.
What happened to Travis?
Did you see him?
- He's gone, Pennie. He's gone.
- Oh, God, no. Oh, God.
Hey, hey, hey.
He is dead. You saw that.
Look, something pulled
that whole boat under.
What was that? A shark?
- Not in a freshwater lake.
- Then tell me what that was!
We need to get off this dock.
What happened to Travis?
Go, search for him.
Sam, we got nothing now.
No supplies.
No beacon to get off
this island.
We got no way out of here.
You can help me lift her.
Help me lift her!
- Just keep it...
- Oh, okay.
- Watch your head. One, two...
- BILLY: Careful, guys.
- Stay with me now.
- Okay.
Come on, guys. Quick.
All right. I got her, I got her.
Okay. Shh.
- Okay.
- What was that?
This is bad. We lost all
our medical supplies.
We gotta find something.
We gotta stop the bleeding,
- or she's gonna go into shock.
- Okay.
- You guys find anything?
- BILLY: I got nothing.
- Flashlight.
- Ropes and whiskey.
Yeah, well,
bring it all here.
You have to pour this
on the wound.
- It's gonna hurt.
- You're okay.
- It's starting to get dark.
We've got maybe an hour or two
before sundown. What then?
Dane said something
about an entrance.
What if we get in,
get weapons?
- A radio, medical supplies.
- It's worth a try.
Look, if we build you a
stretcher, can we move you?
Just splint my leg.
I can move on my own!
Sam, are you nuts?
- She's gonna slow us down.
- What did you say?
So you just wanna leave her?
You saw what happened.
Gomez in that tree, the tracks.
Whatever that thing is,
it can come on land.
We gotta get out of here now.
Nobody is getting left behind!
Help me build a splint.
She's not even one of us.
You're a coldhearted
son of a bitch.
- You know I'm right!
- [GUN COCKS] Hey, hey!
Whoa! Whoa!
Whatever that thing was...
if it needs a body to feed on,
I vote for yours.
Hey, let's not get crazy.
Four years in the Marines.
A tour of Afghanistan.
You wanna see how crazy
I can get?!
Travis is dead
because of you.
You couldn't
mind your own business,
had to go
where you didn't belong.
Hey, look.
We are all in this together,
all right?
You gotta put the gun down.
I just wanna help you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about Travis.
I am sorry about all of this.
But none of us
are getting out of here...
if we kill each other first.
You gotta trust me.
- Okay. Okay. There it is.
- Okay.
ALICE: You sure there's
a way out of this?
JADE: Sam and I have been in
rough spots before, okay?
- We're gonna figure it out.
- "Exciting adventures," you said.
"It'll make a great story.
Raise your profile
with your editor."
The only place my name's
getting published
is in the obituaries.
Alice, you're not gonna die.
I'm not gonna let that
happen to you.
Don't try
and "big sister" me.
I know a dead end
when I see one.
Hey. Hell, no. No.
- I'm not going in there.
- Okay.
You stay here. Good luck.
This is some bullshit.
What is this place?
I heard it was a mine
a hundred years ago.
But it got shut down
and everyone in town
thought that was
the end of that.
But my daddy talked
about these mysterious boats...
coming and going
from the islands at night.
Strange corporate types
passing through town.
They sure were
up to something.
But then it all
got shut down.
Yeah, now we know why.
Some kind of man-eating
creature wandering around.
It doesn't make sense.
If they knew that,
why wouldn't they kill it first?
Hey, hey.
Hey, come on, man.
We don't wanna go further in.
Do you wanna go back there?
End up like Gomez?
We need to find
a more secure space, man.
This is bullshit!
SAM: Hey, there's a
light down there.
- Spencer?
- SPENCER: Yeah.
Bring the rope.
ALICE: We're not going
down there, are we?
All right.
That was easy.
Whoo. Okay.
Higher. Go on in.
Easy. Easy. All right.
I got you.
You got this. You got this.
It's all clear.
Who's next?
Okay, Alice.
It's your turn.
Come on.
I can't do this.
You know I'm scared of heights.
Yes, you can. You can.
You did the roller coaster
at Coney Island.
I threw up in Mom's purse.
Yeah, but, uh...
But you did it, okay? Twice.
- So...
- Easy for you to say.
You've always been
the brave one.
Alice, I'm claustrophobic
as shit, okay?
- You used to have to sing to me.
- No singing, please.
Can we leave
the sister bullshit till later?
Okay, fine. I'll go first.
Then you're right behind me.
You promise?
I got you. I got you. Oh...
I got you.
Okay, Alice!
You got this!
Just take it slow.
Okay. Hey.
You either climb down the rope
or I'm throwing you down.
Hey, take it easy, Spencer.
It's okay, Alice.
You got this.
You take it slow
and don't look down, okay?
You can do it.
All right, come on, come on.
- Slowly.
- BILLY: You good, Spencer?
All right.
Doing great!
Okay. There you go!
Don't look down, Alice!
- BILLY: Spencer, help us!
- SPENCER: Come on!
- Come on!
- BILLY: Shit!
- Wait!
- SPENCER: Come on!
I can't go anymore!
Come on!
Oh... oh, shit.
What happened?
- What happened?
- Alice?
Come on, come on.
- Come on, come on.
- SPENCER: Oh, shit!
Spencer! Billy!
- BILLY: It's okay.
- Shit. It's a dead end.
- Shh. Listen.
- SAM: Spencer!
Hey, Sam!
Sam, it's Billy!
Can you hear me?
- SAM: Are you okay?
- Hey! Hey!
We're okay!
Did you guys see that thing?
It was like 50 feet long!
We gotta get off this island,
Hey! We gotta stay calm.
Don't tell me to stay calm!
You saw the size of that thing.
Will you two shut up?
Hey, Sam! Sam, we're here!
Find a way to boost
your cell phone signal.
There was a radio antenna
at the dock.
If I can somehow connect
to that, then maybe.
I don't know!
Okay, you three head there!
We're gonna continue.
See if we can find supplies
or another way out.
I'm not going.
That's gonna get us killed.
We need to get back to the dock.
You stick together!
Any sign of that thing,
you make a run for it.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, that worked
out real well for Gomez!
We're not dead yet.
Come on, come on. Let's go.
- BILLY: Come on, I got you.
- God. Oh!
Come on, Spencer.
What are we doing?
Now what?
Now we find out
what secret this place has.
You wanna go deeper inside?
Okay. Okay. Follow Sam.
Follow Sam.
Come on. We're close.
SAM: Maybe that thing was a
big croc or an alligator.
No, i-it's not.
How do you know?
Senior year of high school.
Tour guide said
the biggest crocs
and gators
top out at 20 feet.
But that thing
was way bigger than that.
The teeth,
the size of the head...
So, what is it, then?
How the hell would I know?
This way.
What the hell are you doing?
Open the cans.
Dump out the contents.
You're gonna mad scientist?
Make what?
With luck,
a 90-megahertz signal booster.
- What?
- Secret of the wireless industry.
They know the reception sucks
in most places.
All cell phones have
a little port
in the bottom, right here,
for an external antenna.
We build a funnel to condense
the faint signal
into a stronger one.
- Hello, outside world.
- From tin cans and duct tape?
You wanna swim
across the lake?
- Go for it.
- No, thanks.
- I'll stick with you, Poindexter.
- Shut up!
Just hurry up.
Get this thing done.
- Anything useful?
- JADE: No.
Whoever was here must have left
in a big hurry.
Yeah, so they
wouldn't get killed.
Pharmetta Corp.
They're one of the biggest,
most notorious conglomerates.
They make everything,
from baby food to rocket fuel.
And sued hundreds of times.
Environmental disasters,
ethical violations.
They scoped out
the abandoned mine
and built underneath to keep
whatever the hell
they were doing here
a secret.
That makes sense.
Yet they stay in business,
earning more and more money.
Sure is profit
when you're raping the planet.
But what were they
doing here?
Hey, there could be
something down here.
I don't know.
We can't lose hope, okay?
It's all we got now.
Don't go down the stairs.
Horror Movie 101.
Damn it.
How is it possible
this place still has power?
It's probably tied
into some geothermal source.
The same thing making
the lake water warm.
Yeah, but 20 years later?
Maybe we aren't alone.
JADE: What the hell were
they doing in here?
Hard drives are gone,
but the equipment is here.
Like Jade said,
they got out fast.
Maybe not everything.
SAM: Like the cattle
pens back in Missouri.
Except flooded.
Not flooded accidentally.
Looks like they were
designed that way.
Maybe that's
what Pharmetta Corp was doing.
Breeding these giant amphibians
like that thing out there.
Okay, but why?
They spliced arctic fish DNA
with corn
to make it frost-resistant.
They had an facility
where they were
growing human organs
inside of pigs.
It's not like ethics or morality
were ever in their playbook.
But why make huge crocodiles?
And how?
Why did Frankenstein make
a monster out of dead people?
To play God.
Okay, but if they
made that thing,
why leave it alive?
When they walked out,
why not destroy everything?
We may never know why, Sam.
But that thing is out there.
And if we can't find a way
off this island,
it's gonna hunt
and kill all of us.
Spencer, are you coming?
What? No,
I'm not going out there.
I've got a few rounds.
You sure?
Our best chance
at a stray signal
is at the end of the dock,
by the mast.
All I need is enough signal
to get a 911 call.
Okay. All right.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, I never really
liked you, Billy...
but you hacked the school's
computer system that time.
Changed my grades so I got
my baseball scholarship.
- Yeah.
- You know,
- well, that's when I knew.
- What?
God made geeks for a reason.
- Would you shut up?
- Sorry.
Hey, I was kidding.
- Shut up.
- Shit.
I was kidding.
I'm scared.
- Would you hurry up?
- Okay.
Oh, my God.
I got it.
Shh. Shh, shh.
Thought I heard something.
Hey. Can some...?
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my... Where is he?
Oh, my God.
Get away from the edge.
- Let's go. Come on!
- Did you get through?
No, I lost the signal!
This way. This way.
- Which way?
- PENNIE: I... I don't know.
Okay. Oh, my God.
Looks like a comm tower.
- Looks like a shortwave...
- Oh, God.
God, it hurts
like a son of a bitch.
You should go on without me.
- No way.
- Listen.
Go to that comm tower,
get help for you and the others.
- Pennie, I'm not leaving you.
- God. Oh, God.
Which way?
There's movement down there.
Oh, my God.
- What the hell?
- Okay.
It's hunting us.
Like game.
Oh, my God.
We gotta get out of here.
We gotta go.
Come on.
JADE: A facility of this
size must have a radio room.
Some means of contacting
the outside world.
We'll have to go further in
to find it.
Like Theseus and the maze
of the Minotaur.
She majored in journalism,
but she minored in:
Greek mythology.
The Minotaur was
a creature trapped in a lair
that killed everyone
foolish enough to enter.
We don't know
that croc can get in.
We don't know that it can't.
It probably started in one
of these things.
Oh, yeah, they sure as hell
had crocs in here. Look.
They were feeding them
Look at the size
of this thing.
ALICE: Crocodiles and alligators
can regrow lost teeth
but not like that one.
Okay, we gotta keep moving.
What do we do?
Like I said, you gotta leave me
and reach that tower.
No. I can't.
Look, it's got my scent.
The blood.
So you got only one chance
to live.
Or I'll shoot you myself.
Come and get me,
you son of a bitch!
Come on!
Come on!
Come and get me, I'm here!
Come on!
Come and get me,
you son of a bitch! Come on!
- Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on. Come on.
- Pennie.
- Not too far from here.
It's inside!
What are we gonna do?
Let's go. Let's go.
SAM: We need to figure out
how to kill that thing
before it kills us.
What is it?
Oh, man.
Am I glad to see you.
DANE: You shouldn't have
taken the bait, Sam.
Oh, really?
You set us up just so you could
beat us one more time?
You always
had the advantage.
JADE: Yeah, you really thought
he was gonna ignore your video?
Look, all I wanted was
to hook Sam back in.
Keep him
in the game.
At least I thought
this was a game.
People are dead
because of you.
You think
I don't know that?
Gomez, Bonita, Jones.
You think I don't know?
Look, I barely even made it
in here alive.
Henderson left me
out there to die.
Who the hell
is Henderson?
He's the reason
I found out about this place.
But why?
He used me
to get in and out.
Did he know that thing
was loose here?
Did you?
You son of a bitch.
You brought us here,
and you knew?
I didn't.
- Did you?
- I didn't!
I didn't.
Neither did he.
At least,
that's what he told me.
I've been trying
to get the truth
out of him
since I came here.
What does that mean?
We were just
a cover story for him.
This was
all a big lie.
This way.
Come on.
We'll be safe here.
A radio.
Maybe we can reroute
this emergency lighting,
try and get that thing
working again.
That was the idea.
Took a while to get
the generator working.
Fortunately, it's diesel,
or else we'd be out of luck.
At least I got
these lights to work.
what about this radio?
It's dead.
The radio
will never work.
You won't be calling for help
any time soon.
Jesus, Dane. What the hell
is going on here, man?
That's Henderson.
He lied to me.
He promised he was gonna
document everything.
This was gonna be
our greatest achievement,
our flag here.
But that wasn't the truth,
was it, Henderson?
None of it was.
So much for
my Twitter followers.
He knew exactly
what he was getting into.
See this?
Does this even look like
a standard issue
for a reporter?
Someone who was gonna make
our triumph go viral?
A tranq gun.
Just for safety.
A big-ass needle.
I mean, what's it for?
And these vacu-tubes?
Is this gun strong enough
to kill our friend?
But in the right spot,
it would knock her out for
a hell of a nap.
Wait, so you used us
as a cover to,
harvest DNA samples?
No, no.
No, I brought him.
Y-y-you were his idea.
Tell them. Go on.
- What?
- Tell them!
The bastard used to work
for Pharmetta Corp.
HENDERSON: Yes, yes. That's
true, and I'm proud of it.
I'm proud of the work
we did here.
We were on the cutting edge
of DNA stem-cell research.
No, don't split hairs!
Tell them
about the damn project!
if I untie you,
are you gonna
tell us everything?
Yes, yes. Of course.
What, trust him?
You're not gonna
trust him.
I am gonna
let you out of here.
And you're gonna
tell us everything.
From the beginning.
Then you're gonna lead us
out of here, understand?
- Yes.
- DANE: No, no.
He lied to us
to get us to sneak
him in here and get him out.
I'm sure as hell he lied
about the 100 grand, as well.
Yeah, well,
it is not up to you,
because there
was never any race.
You always had the advantage
from the start,
and you knew
you'd get here first.
So you?
You can't be trusted either.
Don't get all sanctimonious
on me, Sammy.
This was
a stupid game.
Don't trust him.
Thank you.
You wanna
blow us all up?
These tunnels
are probably full of gas.
I'm afraid
we'll all be dead soon enough.
Retirement gift?
Now tell us everything.
We broke the genetic code
in discovering the key
to splicing inherited DNA.
You were breeding giant,
You make it sound trivial.
This is batshit crazy,
is what it is.
It was important work.
You don't understand.
Why don't you try
explaining it to us, then?
We needed to study them
to derive a vaccine
using their DNA.
I ain't no reptile expert,
but that animal
is not like anything
that I have ever seen
before in my life.
sh-she's a hybrid.
Part modern-day creature,
part Purussaurus brasiliensis...
In English.
From the Miocene era.
Eight million years ago.
So let me get
this straight.
Pharmetta Corp
was crossing the DNA
of some prehistoric creature
with a modern-day crocodile?
You made a monster.
No, no.
We were trying to save lives,
help humanity.
Well, that didn't work out
so well, did it?
My question is: Why?
- Why now?
- I'd always been suspicious
that there were a line of crocs
here, still alive somehow.
Oh, yeah?
And why was that?
A Pharmetta Corp
in charge of caring
for the animals.
When we got
the order to shut down,
he left with
a live specimen,
went back home
to Lake Placid, Maine.
But his stolen pet grew up,
grew hungry,
and I'm fairly certain,
made a nice meal out of him.
Before he left,
when the order came down
to euthanize
all of the animals
our good vet
devised a plan
to give the rest of the crocs
a chance to survive.
And that croc out there
is the sole survivor.
Nobody from the company
came to check?
They rendered
the complex quarantined
and washed their hands
of the whole thing.
But I needed viable DNA,
and that-that's
where you came in.
With the techniques
we have today,
from stem cells
from that-that croc,
I could...
I could change medicine.
You could
make billions.
Save millions,
making billions, yes.
That's a good business.
Stem-cell research, a whole new
series of antibiotics, it...
It would be enormous!
Listen to me.
You are gonna
show us a way out.
Yes, yes, yes, uh...
Um. Emergency inflatables
at the s-service bay.
They may still work.
If not, it's still a way out.
I-I could
take you there.
you're gonna take us there.
- Hello?
Oh, my God.
Are you guys okay?
Billy. Billy, how did you...?
I managed to get
the intercom working.
No connection
to the outside world yet.
I'm working on that.
Billy, we heard...
We heard gunshots.
It was Pennie. She...
She-she sacrificed herself
for me.
He's gone, Jade.
It got him too.
Billy, we gotta get help, okay?
We gotta get out of here.
I know.
I used the radio antenna
as a giant boost for my cell.
The signal's still weak,
but I got a call out
to 911 before it cut out.
If I can do it again,
maybe they can
geolocate the source.
- I th... I th...
Billy, we lost you.
Are you still there?
It's here, Jade.
It's hunting him.
listen to me.
- You've gotta stay still.
Just stay put
until you're really sure.
what's happening?
Shut off
that noise now!
Billy! Billy!
We're never
getting out of h...
Alice, Alice,
okay, look at me.
I need you, okay?
I am so sorry
for everything.
I wanna go home.
I want this nightmare
to be over.
Where's Henderson?
I told you!
I goddamn told you!
Come on!
DANE: He knows this
place inside and out.
He's probably
long gone now.
SAM: He must've gotten
here by a boat.
Think he's headed
back there?
Do you think
he went that way?
No, it sunk.
That thing
broke it apart.
Yeah, same as ours.
So where
do you think he went?
It's him.
He's probably heading
to the service bay
he told us about.
I hope you're right.
Oh, shit.
SAM: Are you saying this
wasn't flooded already?
Now what do we do?
We gotta
get to the other end.
We gotta swim for it.
the whole thing's flooded.
How do we know that creature
isn't down there?
We don't.
But it's the only way.
You and Alice stay here
while I check it out.
don't be a cowboy.
You know, this never
would have happened
if we'd still been
one crew.
Hey. You're the one
who walked away, remember?
You set this whole thing
in motion.
You proposed.
What happened to
the old Sam?
I grew up.
You should
try it sometime.
That's it.
That's a long swim.
I know.
Sam? You good?
He's fine.
Hey, come on down!
If it's a choice between
being eaten and getting wet,
I'll take
door number two.
Jade, it's okay!
Come on!
Jade, move! Now!
What the hell
is that?
Time to go.
Come on.
go quickly. Go!
I can't do it, Sam.
- Jade, you have to go.
- JADE: No.
Sam, I can't!
I can't!
Hold your breath,
and you're gonna have to swim.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Jade, go!
You gotta swim!
You can! You can!
Hey, look,
you're gonna have to swim.
No, no.
Just look at me.
You're gonna count to three.
- Okay.
- You can do this. Okay?
- Okay.
- You can do this.
- Okay.
- One, two, three.
Hold your breath.
I saw something, Sam.
Right there.
You're almost there.
You're almost there.
Keep going. Keep going.
Keep going.
Something's coming!
It's in the water.
Come on!
Come on!
Sam! Sam!
- Sam!
- DANE: Did you get it?
SAM [PANTING]: I can't... I can't see.
I can't see.
Alice, run!
Come on!
We're going in circles.
We're never gonna
get out of here.
just shut up, man.
Shit, it's locked.
Now we gotta go back!
Jade, help me.
Wanna lift?
One, two...
Okay. Alice,
you go down first.
Okay? I'm right behind
you. Come on.
Down you go.
There you go.
Dane. Dane.
Come on, man.
Dane! Dane!
This isn't a service bay.
It's a dead end.
Henderson lied.
Big surprise.
It knows our every move.
There is only one way
we're getting out of here,
and that's if
we kill that thing.
There's flares!
Let's go. Let's go!
Sam. What are you doing?
There's still gas
in these tanks.
We vent the gas
in the room,
we lure that thing in here
and use those flares.
Instant napalm.
Just one problem:
we burn up with it.
One of us is gonna
have to lure it in,
and get out
before the gas ignites.
It's a stupid plan.
Alice, it's our only plan!
We are gonna
blow that thing to hell.
For Dane,
for Spencer,
for Billy,
for everyone else!
Except you're not
gonna be the bait.
I am.
Sam. Sam!
No! No. No. No.
Listen, if we all stay here,
we all die.
And somebody needs
to tell the world
about what Pharmetta Corp
has done here.
Go! Go!
Sam, wait, no.
I need you, please.
I love you.
No! No!
Jade, come on!
Come on,
you son of a bitch!
Come on,
you son of a bitch!
Come here,
you asshole.
That's it.
I'll see you in hell.
Oh, shit.
- Sam!
- Where's the explosion?
It didn't work.
That thing
is still alive.
It's Pennie! Oh, shit.
Okay, Alice. Alice!
Alice, don't look.
Don't lose it on me now,
just don't look. Okay?
Run. Run!
JADE: Alice! You gotta get up!
You gotta get up!
Lean on me.
You're okay.
Okay. Okay.
Okay, easy.
You're good?
Okay, wait here,
all right?
Are you serious?
I promise,
I will be back.
Wait, please
don't leave me here alone.
That thing is coming.
I need you to trust me.
Have we ever
let each other down?
I am not gonna start now.
Okay? Okay.
Where are you going?
Stay there!
Jade! Jade, help!
No! Help!
This is for Sam.
World's biggest barbecue.
What now?
How are we gonna get home?
Well, I guess there's
only one way out of here.