Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012) Movie Script

You again?
You really want to do this?
DENNIS: This research is
very important, Sheriff.
TERESA: Don't worry,
Dennis, we'll catch you one.
There's a good feeding spot up
here where the currents meet.
Sounds good.
Why does this always seem like
a better idea on dry land?
Why did the crocodile
cross the road?
To eat the chicken.
You have a way of taking
the fun out of things.
You sound like
my daughter.
Remember, we're here to
capture, not kill, not injure.
As far as we know,
there are only half a dozen
of these crocodile creatures
on all of planet Earth.
There's more two-headed cats
born every year.
Oh, now we know
that's not true.
The point is, we kill
one of them, even one,
we're making the world
a lonelier place.
Are you buying
this craziness?
It's tree-hugging bullshit!
All right, get to it.
normal crocodiles,
they couldn't survive
in these conditions.
Yeah, yeah, we get it.
They're a damn miracle!
You know, the miracle is that we
haven't napalmed this place yet.
My previous job used to be on the
anti-preservation side of things.
Fish and Game shanghaied me
into this for one reason.
Yeah, to make sure you didn't
go to prison for poaching.
Because I know how to blow
these bastards to high hell
if things go all ape-shit.
Reba, I've got one.
What the hell
was in those?
Elephant roofies.
Seems like it did the trick.
Jump into croc-infested
waters, that's smart.
Smart, no.
Fun? Fuck, yeah!
You got what you came for?
Should do.
Then let's get
the hell out of here.
Spotted the footprints of
something bigger down the shore.
TERESA: How much bigger?
RYAN: A lot.
Work fast.
Eat me.
Let's get the hell
out of here.
We gotta get
the hell out of here.
Oh, for fuck's sakes.
Damn it!
Open the gate.
Come on, Max, open the gate!
Watch this shit.
You're gonna love it!
That one had to be
20 feet long.
You told me
the biggest one was six feet,
maybe seven feet at the most.
Listen, lady, the first
time I saw that thing
is when it tried to
bite our asses off.
It's your job
to keep tabs on them!
It's a big damn lake!
Look, none of my people
saw anything that big
while building the fence.
What, your boyfriend
gets a pass but I don't?
Max, wait
by my truck.
If I can stick my head into this
lovely argument for a second...
Let me guess, the Godzilla wannabe
up there is even more miraculous
and life-affirming than the rest of
them, and we can't kill it either.
No! But something
important is happening here.
Crocodile, a normal croc?
No way it gets even 10 feet.
He's right. I mean,
the growth rate on these crocs
is mathematically impossible.
You want to contain
this problem, Sheriff?
You gotta find out the cause,
mutation, environmental factor, what?
Think about that before
you start shooting guns.
There's no need for shooting.
That's what the fence is for.
Keep crocs in,
people out.
Who has access to the lake?
The four of us, a few more Army
Corps people, EPA, Fish and Game.
From now on, no one goes
in or out without my say-so.
I'm gonna call your boss, see if I
can get him to take your leash off.
RYAN: Hey.
Look, she's not my...
The Sheriff, she is
nobody's girlfriend.
Sounds like your problem.
Can we, uh, short circuit this whole
rebellious teen, authoritarian
dad thing, please?
I'm good.
Now can I get
back to work?
Look at me.
When this place was
a glorified petting zoo,
I was okay with
you being here.
Now, with what
we just saw...
You gonna tell
those other guys
that it's too dangerous
for me to work out there,
but not too dangerous
for them?
Finish your work and
I'll see you at home.
Hi, Mom.
Give it.
Ah, give it back!
Oh, don't tell me
you're studying again.
If you saw the reading list I
just got from my Lit professor...
The ink isn't even dry
on your diploma yet.
Ease off the throttle
a little.
What do you have against
having a good time?
I slept in today.
No, you didn't. I heard
you typing on your computer
when I left this morning.
I'm a little obsessive.
(LAUGHS) A little?
(LAUGHS) A lot.
Come with me on a walk.
I want some coffee.
TERESA: The EPA director
won't even submit it
to his subcommittee,
which means...
Cut out the boring parts.
My hands are tied.
MAN: Bitch!
What's his problem?
Why does everybody
think this is our fault?
We've been here six months. Black
Lake was lousy with the reptiles
before I ever heard of the place. Mmm.
Hey! What can I get you?
Hey, Barbara, the usual.
Yeah, sure.
Me, too. Thanks.
TERESA: So, I have
a really great idea.
CHLOE: Yeah?
Why don't you read for a
couple of hours, you know,
then we'll rent a movie,
a foreign film, so you can
still feel like you're reading.
Yes to what you said.
So what's the first
book on your list?
Uh, Heart of Darkness.
Heart of Dark...
Oh, that's an
even better idea.
We can rent Apocalypse Now. Mmm-hmm.
Here you go, ladies.
He's cute.
(GIGGLES) Oh, my God.
Mom, we're not
talking about boys.
I don't want to
talk about boys.
I don't even have
a boy to talk about.
(LAUGHS) Really?
Whatever you say.
ELAINE: Chloe!
Uh, this is
my cousin, Tina.
Hi, Sheriff.
Hey. Oh, wait a second,
isn't this your senior
camping trip this weekend?
Yeah, we're tagging along with Dillon
High because our class was so small.
I thought you were going.
I'm not going.
I thought I was making you go.
Please, make her go.
Okay, I gotta go, all right?
I order you to have fun whether
it's with me or your friends.
Yes, ma'am. Love you.
TERESA: Make her
have some fun.
You really should come, Chloe.
There's still room on the bus.
Is Drew coming?
JIM: Let's get Dennis
his croc DNA
so we can make us
some money.
Camp all set up?
Yeah. Just like
you said. This way.
JIM: How about the boat?
DENNIS: Ready to go.
Now, look! We need you
all to just calm down.
See, we all want
the same thing.
SHARKEY: No, we don't.
We want those
damn things dead.
And you want to...
To make the town safe.
You swore up and
down it was safe,
but now we hear there's
one of them 40-foot long.
That, sir,
was a gross exaggeration!
This wouldn't have happened
under Sheriff Willinger's watch.
It did happen
under his watch.
That's why I'm here.
We also have
the Army Corps of Engineers
here to build a fence
to contain them.
We're trusting the same Army Corps
that built the levees in New Orleans.
In the time I've been here,
I've come to know a lot of you.
The last thing that I would want
is to put any of you in danger.
The fence will hold.
You have my word.
I'm gonna turn this over to
our Fish and Game rep, Reba.
Reba, can you enlighten us
as to why we have to
protect these creatures
who've killed
dozens of people?
Well, when you put it that
way, I'm gonna get going.
Reba, please.
Look, I'd rather be harpooning
them myself than babysitting them,
but, uh, they are the
only ones of their kind.
I mean, we kill one
of them, even one,
we're making the world a...
What's the word
I'm looking for?
A lonelier place.
If you need anything else,
I'll be in my office.
Hey, hey!
Calm down!
Calm down. We have
everything under control.
Thank you.
(SIGHS) It's a late lunch.
You almost won
'em over in there.
I do my best.
If they only knew you were
lying through your teeth.
You know what, Loflin?
I like you, I really do.
I think you're trying
to build a 10-foot levee
around a 100-foot swell,
You got a nice ass.
That goes a long way
in my book.
Oh, don't worry, Barbie, I won't
play with your Ken doll too long.
I mean, you made your
claim on him perfectly clear.
Might as well
have peed on him.
TERESA: You're
a class act, Reba.
I know.
Enjoy your drink.
We plan on it.
Right, Loff? Loff!
Sheriff! Wait up.
Loflin, (SCOFFS)
I can't do this.
Have dinner
with me tonight.
I have plans with Chloe.
No one would
think less of you.
Actually, they might.
Come on.
The whole town already
thinks we're together.
The fence is
almost finished.
There is no
conflict of interest.
I'm an elected official, and as you've
pointed out, you're leaving town.
If you don't like me,
just tell me.
(SIGHS) It's not that.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, have a good night.
This is the Sheriff.
Heart of Darkness.
It's a great book.
I mean, so I hear.
I just started it.
Who reads?
Elaine says you
might come with us.
She did?
She did?
If you do, I'll give you
the CliffsNotes version.
Come on, Chloe, it's the last
trip before the snow comes.
DREW: No pressure.
If you want to come along,
we're leaving at 7:00.
Oh, my God.
Please come.
Sounds like showtime, boys.
Do you see anything,
Nothing yet.
Here, kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty, kitty.
Here, kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty.
Come to daddy,
you fucking bitch.
JIM: Get out of here!
Let's go!
Hey, honey! They didn't
have Apocalypse Now,
but I got the
Gilmore Girls.
Which is really the
same thing, isn't it?
I take it you're going.
It looks like you
packed for college.
Yeah, I brought a couple of
books in case I get bored.
And there are chaperones?
And you're camping
at Clear Lake, right?
And Elaine and her cousin
know these friends of theirs?
Yeah. They all met in juvie.
You're not going.
Okay, you can go.
Probably the last time
you'll ever sign one of these.
Don't say that.
Want to stay and have
some food with me?
No, I've got to get going.
Bus leaves in like 10 minutes.
So, I'll be going, I love you.
I love you, I love you.
See ya later.
This is great! Have fun!
Oh, God.
Do you like, um, red wine
and Kung Pao chicken?
Hey! Who's out there?
Who's there?
DREW: You guys didn't
go on a class trip?
We barely have
a senior class.
Small school.
Do you have sports?
We have a math team.
(SCOFFS) Cool.
GUS: Phew. Ooh, baby.
What's up with you?
Nasty girl.
(GRUNTS) What was that?
Sorry, Coach.
I almost hit a deer.
Keep your eyes on the road.
CHLOE: Are you sure
we're going the right way?
Lighten up, Chloe.
We got everything
under control up here.
Look, it's not my
first barbecue, okay?
Just back on your seat.
It's okay.
Come in.
The Sheriff,
in the living room,
with a wine bottle.
Arrest me.
Polished that off, huh?
(LAUGHS) Oh, my God.
We're professionals, Ryan.
So you pointed out earlier.
Well, I'm glad you
changed your mind.
I didn't change my mind.
We're just having some food.
You know what this says?
It says you're gonna fall
madly in love with me.
We're gonna get married, and
we're gonna have 10 children.
It does not say that.
It does. It does.
It also says,
"Have some more wine. "
Mmm! Back that ass up.
I feel like we should
be there by now.
I don't know.
I've never been.
Us, either.
Most people stay away
from the lakes around here.
No one cares. Quit being
such a buzz-kill, Zoe.
Her name's Chloe.
(SCOFFS) Whatever.
Hey, kids!
We're not animals!
Come on, Coach, live a
little. Let's do this.
Hey, Coach.
Are you sure we're
at the right beach?
Everything's all right, Chloe. Come
on, I'll be here the whole time.
Try and have some fun.
Are you sure Max isn't
waiting up for you?
No, we stay out of
each other's business.
Uh, it used to be that I couldn't
even go to the bathroom without
him wanting to follow,
but then he spent 15 years listening to
his mother tell horror stories about me, so.
No, we're not exactly the type
that waits up for each other.
And I'm guessing that you did
the same thing with your kid.
It goes with the territory.
No. You'll leave
in a few weeks.
I will.
I can't do this.
Yes, you can.
Oh, screw it,
I'll be me tomorrow.
GUS: So, they're
laying there kissing
and he pulls his face
away from hers,
Stares deeply
into her eyes.
And that's when
he ate her face.
But don't worry, honey, the
Skin-Eater only eats virgins.
Phew. I'm good.
I've got a story,
a true story.
GUS: Hey, Blondie,
mine was real.
There was this old lady,
Mrs. Bickerman.
She lived on a lake
not far from this one.
She and her husband,
they had a farm,
loved animals,
probably too much.
So when a crocodile swam up
the river from the ocean,
she started feeding it.
It got big,
like, dinosaur big.
Let me guess. He ate her.
My story was much better.
first it ate her husband.
It was years before
anybody found out,
but when they did,
more people started to die.
Bickerman, her sister,
a dozen others.
Can we, uh, talk
about something else?
This story is
totally freaking me out.
Okay, let me tell you
a really nice story.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Why?
I don't know, you just
seem a little nervous.
I'm sorry.
It's just...
Being on the lake kind
of creeps me out a little.
Your mom's
the Sheriff, huh?
My grandpa was
a homicide detective.
Is that what
you want to do?
No way!
I don't know what
I want to do yet.
I like books.
I was thinking journalist.
I'm gonna get an MBA,
start a business.
I want to retire
by the time I'm 35.
I mean, I know
it sounds cocky...
No, no, no,
ambition is good.
None of the guys at my school have any
drive besides get high and get laid.
ELAINE: Chloe, do you want me
to leave the flashlight on?
I'll be right there.
I better go.
You got to go?
Good night, Chloe.
Good night.
Hey, you.
For old time's sake?
What about Chloe?
She's asleep.
What if somebody sees us?
Let them watch.
Hi, ladies.
Hey! This is not a toilet.
We're swimming here.
The whole world's a toilet. The
sooner you realize that, the better.
Perv! (SCOFFS)
GUS: Ah, honey,
our first fight.
Bite me!
This is the Sheriff.
Has anybody seen Gus?
You mean creepy
bus driver guy?
Maybe he went for a hike.
DREW: Whoo!
BOY: Fuck!
Oh, jet skis!
It's go-time, bro.
DREW: Whoo-hoo!
Who wants to be
my co-pilot?
Not me. I have serious
plans to do nothing.
What about you, Chloe?
I'll ride, bitch.
I am sure you will.
She does have
a great ass, though.
Hey, Sheriff.
What do you got?
Well, I made a loop last
night around (STUTTERS) 7:00.
The gates were closed then
and Max was still working.
Now when I came by at 8:00
this morning, wide open.
Who was the last one
to see Max last night?
Well, that was
Jake Forester.
He's one of
the local contractors.
He said that when
he drove out of here,
he saw that Max was
(STUTTERS) filling up his car.
Well, he must have
seen someone inside.
Why else would he
open the gate?
Hey, I got your call.
What's going on?
RYAN: Max is missing and the
gate's been left open all night.
It's a few hours old.
The trail leads this way
towards the water. Let's go.
Hey, hey, guys!
What the hell?
What happened to you?
No time to explain.
We gotta go.
Chloe, look!
We're inside the fence.
This is the wrong lake.
Yeah. We have to
get out of here.
Wait. I'm with
a bunch of friends.
there they are.
BRITTANY: Hey, guys.
Where's Chloe?
Oh, she's gone for a walk.
Who cares?
Ooh, what happened to Joey?
He got schooled.
Hey, throw me
one of those.
Open the door!
Run! Come on!
Hey, you're not gonna
want to see this.
It's not him.
RYAN: Thank God.
That's gonna be
a lot of paperwork.
You're a sick fuck,
you know that, Loflin?
It's not the weirdest thing I've
ever seen, but it's on the list.
TERESA: What is it?
It's the spinal column
of another croc.
They really are
eating each other.
No, the little one
crawled up the big one's ass.
We knew that putting up the fence
would limit their food supply,
but we didn't think
it would get this bad.
They must have
run out of deer.
Gotta find Max.
Oh, Elaine,
thank God you're okay.
I can't find Tina. I
don't know where she is.
What the hell just happened?
CHLOE: We're at the wrong
lake. Understatement.
Does anyone have their cell?
DREW: Everything I had
is back at the camp.
Me, too.
This is crazy!
This is crazy!
We have to get
back to the gate.
It'll be faster to go back to
the camp, get the bus from there.
Back to the camp
they just tore apart?
I got away from
them once already.
No! Absolutely not!
ELAINE: I'm not
going back there.
Fine, then we follow
the fence, head south.
Wait, there's a fence?
Can we climb it?
The fence is electrified and
it surrounds the entire lake.
There are only,
what, three gates?
Two, north and south.
I'll get us back to the gate.
That ain't great.
CHLOE: How many do you
think are out here?
When we started work on the
fence, we'd barely see any.
Maybe one every three weeks.
Recently, a lot.
If this is some kind of nature
preserve crap, how did we end up here?
The gate was left open.
Our parents have got to be
looking for us already.
They'll find us.
Before we walk
another mile.
What is it?
Does anyone else smell that?
Someone's cooking.
Last night, I opened the gate because
I heard someone inside the fence.
Poachers maybe.
Poachers have guns.
A gun sounds good to me
right about now.
You okay?
Hey, we should go.
Who's there?
You okay?
I'm okay.
Hang on. I'll get you out of there.
We gotta cut the power
on the fence.
Uh, bad idea.
Unless you want to use the entire
population of Lake Placid as bait.
She's right.
Without the voltage
running through the fence,
it's not gonna hold up long
to something that big.
We cut the power. The kids can climb
out. Then we can put it back on.
Yeah? Well, the kids
won't know the power's off.
There's no way they'd
climb over the fence.
I'm with the Lieutenant
on this one.
I've seen what happens when these
things go all psycho reptile.
We need more
eyes out here.
And guns.
What's the name of that
bartender friend of yours?
You ever go
hunting with him?
Yeah, sure.
He even shoots decent.
For a dude.
Deputy Glass.
GLASS: Copy, Sheriff.
Get Seth and Sharkey
on the horn,
tell them that crocodile
season has officially opened.
You got it, Sheriff.
I'm all over it.
Drew. I need your help.
Chloe needs you.
Yeah. Brittany
needs her head.
Snap out of it, bro.
I need your help.
Nermal, tie up the back of the
boat. We need first aid here.
I'm on it.
You're gonna be okay.
Thank you. I couldn't move.
I just waited.
Was Max with you?
You know what?
I don't understand
how half the damn universe
ended up inside the fence.
Why don't you build
a bigger sign, Loflin?
Yeah, I'll get
right on that.
DENNIS: You weren't
gonna let me back in.
I didn't have a choice.
What did you do?
I had some loose ends
to tie up on my project.
What kind of loose ends?
Just samples.
By the old Bickerman cabin.
What were you thinking?
After what you saw yesterday.
It was worth the risk.
You tell yourself that the next
time you try and sign your name.
Yeah, and jacking off's
gonna be a bitch.
RYAN: Look,
he's gonna bleed out.
We gotta get him help.
All right, let's get you to the fence.
Sheriff Giove.
CHLOE: Hi, Mom.
Chloe, thank God.
Where are you?
I'm inside the fence.
Where inside the fence?
I don't know.
Max said we must have come in
through the north gate.
Max is with you?
Yeah. Mom?
You gotta get us out of here.
Chloe, stay by the fence.
We're coming to get you.
Chloe, I love you.
We're gonna find her.
Yeah. Okay.
Chloe, we found a rope. Grab
on and we'll pull you out.
It's getting all twitchy.
I got it.
are you okay?
Yeah, just peachy.
Never better.
Come on out to the lake,
have a few laughs
and play World War llI
with some man-eating crocs.
I'm having a fabulous time.
Ain't that
a shit sandwich.
TERESA: Dennis,
don't let go!
Let him go.
Dennis, stay with me.
Let him go.
(SOBBING) Oh, no.
This is not gonna
look good on my resume.
So help is on the way?
Help is here.
They just have to find us.
Find anything?
It's a boat key.
It's gotta be nearby.
ELAINE: Or it's parked
in his driveway.
We've already
wasted enough time.
Let's get back
to the fence.
We'll be easier to
find from the lake.
I'm not going
back on the water.
I say we go
for the boat.
That's a bitch.
Now what, genius?
Well there.
Howdy, girls.
Come get us.
I lost the goddamned key.
We found a key
back at the camp.
Can you swim back
here and get it?
Well, I don't think I could make
it back... Back to the boat here.
(GRUNTS) Tore up my leg
here pretty nasty.
One of us has to go.
Are you kidding?
According to your shirt,
you're a fast swimmer.
DREW: No way.
We can't just leave him.
Of course we can.
Hey, hey.
Girls, I got guns.
Dennis. Is he okay?
Tell you what.
You come out here
and I'll tell you
all about it on our
way out of this dump.
Come on in.
Water's just fine.
Screw it.
I got you covered.
Come on now.
Look out!
Look out!
Come on, boy.
You can do it.
MAX: Thanks.
Listen, I'm the one
that should be thanking you.
You just saved
all our lives.
This is a mistake.
We should go
back to the fence.
Can't you get any closer?
No, no, no.
Not unless you want to
carve a hole in the hull.
Besides, I'm not too keen
on being croc chow.
We'll cover you.
Come on.
It's our only chance.
Fuck this!
ELAINE: Chloe?
Just come on.
Elaine, don't.
MAX: Come on!
Come on. Please.
I can't go in the water.
Come on!
The place is
crawling with crocs.
Don't leave me.
Chloe, come on.
I'm so sorry.
ELAINE: Come on, Chloe!
MAX: Come on.
You can do it.
Quickly. Quickly.
Chloe, grab my hand, grab my hand. Help.
I can't get a clear shot.
Hey, now.
You like a little nip,
huh, sweet cheeks?
You sure? Hmm?
Made it myself.
Well, let's motor this
boat out of here, huh?
All right,
you got your search areas.
Spread out and give them hell.
Go find your kids. We'll
take care of these crocs.
Got one.
Starboard side.
At least
somebody's having fun.
You did what you could.
Didn't even want to go
on this stupid trip.
Now they're never gonna let me
check books out of the library again.
I left the library books
back in the bus.
(CHUCKLES) I think
they'll understand.
(SIGHS) The librarian
is such a bitch.
What were you reading?
Heart of Darkness.
You didn't like it?
Nothing happens in it.
It's too bad you lost it.
You could've read it
to the crocs.
Bored them to death.
Hey, Jim, where
are you taking us?
(CHUCKLES) Heading for
the gate. What do you mean?
No, you're not.
I haven't got
what I come for yet.
Need a little more
line here, Max.
Wouldn't it be faster
to tie up at the dock?
Trust me. You don't want
to go near that dock.
You said you were
gonna get us out of here.
And I will.
But you're not the only one
I made a promise to today.
No shit, Sherlock.
Oh... (SCOFFS)
Either you drive us
to the gate, or I will.
Drew, put the gun down.
Shut up, Chloe.
Son, as if you got the stones
to pull that trigger, boy.
There's a cabin
up the road.
The Bickerman place?
My rendezvous with
your buddy Dennis.
No way you're a scientist.
Only other reason for you
to be here is as a poacher.
And Dennis
wouldn't allow that.
Well, sometimes money's a lot more
powerful than integrity, honey.
You paid him
to let you in?
Ah. Bingo.
You're a smuggler.
Crocodiles are rare.
The only ones of their kind.
Rare means expensive.
JIM: All right,
you got me.
I'm a greedy old fart.
But right now,
I'm just trying to save
Dennis' sorry,
tree-hugging ass.
It'd be a hell of a lot easier
if I had a little help, kids.
So what do I
need to do, huh?
Pay you?
Because I'm about
to become a rich boy.
Yes, siree,
I'm gonna hit the jackpot.
You with me?
Come on.
Yo, Dennis!
It's me, Jimmy.
Don't make me regret
paying you in advance.
Mrs. Bickerman wasn't
a very good housekeeper.
That's no way to talk
about the dead, son.
You hear me, boy? Huh?
Get inside.
All of you.
Everybody inside.
Not so fast.
Listen, if I...
If I hit the jackpot,
maybe I'll come back for you.
How's that sound?
I thought
you needed our help.
No, not with
this part, son.
Sorry. You, too.
Come on.
DREW: Guy's a whack-job.
You think now's the time
to curl up around the fire?
That man just
pulled a gun on me.
In fairness, you pulled
a gun on him first.
CHLOE: Our parents
are out there.
They just don't know
where to look.
Chloe, you're a genius.
GLASS: Sheriff Giove, over.
A trucker just picked up
the missing kids.
Repeat, the missing teens
are outside the fence.
You've got them?
Yes, ma'am.
The teens are at the south
gate. On my way there now.
Get a room.
Where are you,
Come on.
Where's my big-ass bitch?
Damn foot.
There's my babies. Yeah.
My little golden eggs.
Now I just need me
one of those brats
to get me out
of this shithole.
TERESA: Chloe?
RYAN: Max?
Has anybody seen Chloe?
Tina, where's Chloe?
I don't know where
Elaine is, or Chloe.
you've got to find them.
Yeah. We're doing
the best we can, okay?
I'm sorry, Sheriff.
Call came in
there was only survivors.
We've been up and down
the perimeter twice.
If Chloe's still inside,
she's not by the fence.
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, don't lose it.
I'm not
fucking losing it!
Uh, it looks like
you're losing it.
I don't know
what the hell to do.
I take it that's
an unusual feeling for you.
You know what I think?
I think you gotta
quit your navel gazing
and your soulful eye-banging
with G.I. Joe over there
and do your damn job.
You are the most by-the-book,
stick-in-the-mud bitch I know.
The kind who wouldn't let emotions
get in the way of what she had to do.
That is who is
gonna find Chloe.
So be her again.
Let's go check
Bickerman's cabin.
I hate that rat box.
MAX: I hope
they see the smoke.
DREW: We should go.
If he's telling the truth,
if Dennis is meeting him here,
we can't leave him.
DREW: Listen, Max, sometimes
we can leave people behind.
If it means
saving our own asses.
Not everybody has
abandonment issues.
Do you think this place has a bathroom?
It smells like it does.
Hey, guys?
DREW: Come on!
Elaine. Come on. I need you.
I need you.
We're gonna find
another way out of here.
Elaine, we're gonna
get you some help, honey.
You had me
worried there, kid.
MAX: Hey.
You find Dennis?
Dennis is dead, kid.
Who's this?
He's a poacher.
Jim Bickerman.
I saw the picture of you
with your mother,
"Delores and Jimmy, 1960."
Oh, you're
the nut-bag cousin.
With all due respect,
Miss Fish and Game,
I'm the son of a bitch
that saved these brats.
Is that what they're
calling me back in town now?
No. That's what
I'm calling you.
Nathan Bickerman
owned this cabin,
and before he skipped town, he told me
that his cousin was suing him for it.
You're not honestly pissed because
you didn't inherit this shit house.
Can I call you Jimmy?
Jimmy, the way I see it,
not leaving you this place
is about the nicest thing
anybody could ever do
for your crazy ass.
You tied that thing up?
Uh, Dennis did.
I just sort of helped.
What'd you do that for?
Let's just get out of here.
You don't want a full confession?
Maybe you have changed.
Well, well, well.
Now, that was some
kind of fun, huh, folks?
Listen, I'd love to just hang
out here and chat with you all,
but, Max...
You're coming with me.
You let him...
Excuse me, Daddy.
I'm not gonna get very far
with just one wheel here.
I need this tough guy
to help me along the way.
Wouldn't do that.
He'll be dead before
you pull that trigger.
I'll be okay, Dad.
You're a dead man.
This would be
a good time to run.
Go! Go! Move!
Hey, hey, hey.
Slow down, there, sport.
I only got
one gear left here.
Drew, no!
Get out of the water!
Drew, get out!
Drew! Drew, get out!
Drew! Drew!
Stupid asshole, get back!
Let him go, Max.
He's dead anyway.
Max, come on.
Get out of the water, Drew!
Get out!
Drew, get out!
Max! Get out of the water!
Max! Get out of the water now!
Come on!
Whatever you do,
don't look up.
Well, damn it.
I always miss it when
they kill the big ones.
Too late, big daddy.
Your babies are omelets now.
What's the matter?
Eat shit.
TERESA: I'm going to follow
you to the hospital, honey.
RYAN: Is she okay?
Yeah, I'm gonna
get her checked out.
Mom, I'm fine.
God, I just need
a month-long nap.
Chloe, I really love you.
I'm never, ever
taking your advice again.
That's probably a good idea.
We've spent most
of our life apart...
I don't need this
feelings speech.
No feelings.
I'm just glad
you're not dead.
Okay, I'm gonna be
right back, okay?
Thinking the fence thing
was a bad idea.
I can definitely confirm that
it was hard to escape from.
Don't let that librarian
give you a hard time.
I won't. I'm going there
tomorrow to beg forgiveness.
Speaking of...
People don't change, Ryan.
And I don't really think
that they need to change,
I don't want you...
I don't want you to
stay here because of me.
If you are happy
building levees and fences,
then you should
go do that, and...
Just come back here
once in a while.
I was thinking of
getting a library card.
Maybe I'll see you there.
I'd like that.
Welcome home,
you handsome prick.
Rise and shine, Lake Placid.
Hey, how you doing,
and good morning.
It's 86 degrees on the water with blue
skies for as far as the eye can see.
And guess what?
The Army Corps of Engineers
has assured us
that we are now croc free on
Clear Lake. How about that?
100% croc free.
So put on your bikinis,
slather on that sunscreen,
pack a cooler
and come on out for a dip.
We'll see you in the water.
# It's a long road
# And any which way you go
# You take a long walk
off a short dock
# And at the Lost Lake
Woods Club anything goes
# But everything goes
when anything goes
# Don't it, though?
# You take a long walk
off a short dock
# And at the Lost Lake
Woods Club anything goes
# But playing jacks in a busy
street, it don't get you far
# Do it, though?
# I can feel
the restless life
# I'll give it one more go
with the restless life
# I hope it takes me out
on the open road
# Singing, one more time,
dance with me, brothers
# Circling the wagons
to keep back the trouble
# It's a long road
# And any which way you go
# You take a long walk
off a short dock
# And at the Lost Lake
Woods Club anything goes
# But everything goes
when anything goes
# Don't it, though?
# I can feel
the restless life
# I'll give it one more go
with the restless life
# I hope it takes me out
on the open road
# Singing, one more time,
dance with me, brothers
# Circling the wagons
to keep back the trouble #